My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 867

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 867

Out of so many people here, why is Sandra the one who’s involved in this? The situation would be much simpler if we were dealing with other parents instead. Sigh, this won’t be easy to resolve.

It was Sophia and Michael who had sent Carmen to the kindergarten this morning, and they went home after that. When they reached home, the Cereberus were still making a mess in the house. It is true that we couldn’t pay attention to them for the whole time, but how did they manage to go to the kindergarten to bite children? The kindergarten is located miles away from our house—even if one were to take a subway here from home, they would have to pass by three or four stations. Therefore, who brought the Cereberus over here?

However, this was not a good time for her to contemplate this when Sandra was crying her eyes out while yelling to take revenge for her younger brother. She demanded for the dogs to be beaten to death and the kids to be handed over to her for punishment.

Currently, her men were trying to snatch the kids and dogs, but they were stopped by the kindergarten administrators. The security guards were confronting the people of the Mitchell Family.

“Sophia!” Upon noticing her presence, Sandra called her name so loudly that everyone in the hall could hear it clearly, which made them subconsciously look in the direction of Sophia and Michael.

The rumors that Scarlett is actually Sophia is surprisingly true, but didn’t she die three years ago?

When Sophia and Cooper hurriedly arrived at the scene, Cooper and Michael’s subordinates had already rushed into the kindergarten. At that moment, the kindergarten was full of people. The other parents were taken aback by the situation and moved to the side.

Sandra confidently strode over to Sophia, her face filled with anger with a hint of pleasure. After all, she finally had something on Sophia and her daughter!

“You should come at me if you want anything, but why did you stoop so low by targeting a child? What’s the point in doing that? You can’t inherit the Mitchell Family even if your dogs had bitten my brother to death!”

The more she yelled, the louder her voice became, which made her sound more intimidating and aggressive. With just a few sentences, her accusations turned Sophia into a person who would harm a child to gain power. After all, Albert was the eldest young master of the Mitchell Family and Alex’s only legitimate son, so there were many people who wanted him dead.

Sophia glanced at the little boy sobbing at the side. His thighs were bitten a few times and were now bandaged.

She frowned. “Your younger brother was so badly bitten—why are you keeping him here? You should send him to the hospital now.”

Sandra scoffed, “Haha, I’m keeping him here to question you, of course! What if you guys shift the blame after I send him away?”

Sophia did not bother to talk to her and asked the kindergarten teacher instead, “What happened with the dogs? How did they run in and bite a child?”

As she was speaking, she hurriedly went into the kindergarten. The teacher, who had no idea how it happened as well, replied, “There were no dogs in the kindergarten, and we had security guards stationed at the main entrance. Therefore, it was impossible for three large dogs to come in. However, during recess time today, I heard children crying and then saw the three large dogs biting Al.”

Al was Albert’s nickname.

Sophia seemed to have heard Carmen saying that she hated Albert. She wondered if she had sneaked the dogs into the kindergarten and asked them to bite him because she hated him. Since Judge and its two sons did not know how to take the subway, they couldn’t have entered the kindergarten without the help from someone inside. The question now was—how did they get in? On top of that, this situation seemed complicated as it involved the internal conflicts of the Mitchell Family. Judge had also been accused of eating humans before this. Why do they keep raising issues using dogs?

Michael approached the teacher and asked, “Where’s my daughter?”

Harry chimed in anxiously, “How about Hope and Ashton?”

Hale and Gwen arrived in a hurry as well. The three pairs of parents dashed into the kindergarten.

The teacher seemed to be put on the spot. “After the incident, the three kids were afraid that we would hit her dogs, so they took the dogs and hid in the sports equipment room. They are still inside now, and we dare not break the door for fear that we may injure the kids. Mr. Fletcher, please go and take a look. The dogs had just bitten a kid, so we are worried that they will bite again.”

Hearing that, Michael’s expression turned stern. The few of them then quickly rushed to the sports equipment room mentioned by the teacher.

Sophia immediately went after them. Sandra quickly brought her brother and went along as well, for fear that Sophia and Michael would refuse to bear responsibility after taking away the kids and the dogs. She even brought along a few nosy parents so that everyone could witness how Michael and Sophia condoned the dogs that bit a child after biting a person to death.

A large group of people arrived at the sports equipment room on the ground floor. The bodyguards blocked the crowd to avoid them from getting too close and only allowed the three fathers to knock on the door.

The kids, who had been hiding inside, were probably terrified. When the three anxious fathers reached the door, Michael first tried to call out to them gently.

“Carmen, my baby, I’m here. Are you inside?”

After a while, there was some movement inside. He heard the sound of footsteps as Carmen walked to the door. She did not immediately open the door but worriedly said, “Daddy, Judgey bit someone again. They are going to beat Judgey to death.”

Michael consoled her. “Don’t worry. I’ve brought many people here. I won’t allow them to beat Judgey. Can you open the door?”

She was vigilant. “Let’s make a pinky promise, then. You cannot hit Judgey.”

He promised. “Okay, but you have to open the door for us to make a pinky promise.”

The door was finally opened. He saw six pairs of eyes staring intently at him when the door was opened.

She reached out her little hand. “Daddy, pinky promise.”

Seeing that his baby was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Judge might lose control and bite them.

He reached out his hand and made a pinky promise with the pink, little hand. After that, he pushed open the door widely and saw the scene inside.

The three kids and the Cereberus were inside. Judge and its two kids seemed to have realized that they had made a mistake. Their ears lay flat while they kept quiet, but when they saw Michael coming in, they wagged their tails at him.

This was the third time.

He did not know what happened, but this was the third time Judge had gotten itself into trouble under Michael’s care. Although the cause for this incident had yet to be known, Michael was a little tired from dealing with all the troubles caused by a mere dog. Therefore, he decided to send it away after this incident to prevent having to deal with future trouble. After Judge was beaten at that time, its hair was shaved off to treat its injuries, but it actually got itself into another trouble even before its hair had fully grown…

“Come on. Let’s go home first.”

The three fathers found their respective child. Looking at the three children, Sophia felt relieved that they were fine.

Judge, who knew that it seemed to have landed itself in trouble, approached Sophia with its ears laying flat while shaking its head and wagging its tail. It then bowed its head, waiting for Sophia to pet it.

“Silly dog, how much more trouble are you going to give me?” She gently patted its head, determined to send Judge to Stanley since the latter lived in a villa by the beach, which had plenty of space for Judge to run wild.

“Someone please come over and beat these three dogs to death!” Sandra roared, and the bodyguards of the Mitchell Family surrounded them.

Judge barked at them. Sophia asked someone to grab on the dogs’ leashes before saying to her, “I won’t let you do as you please. This is my dog. I’ll pay for Al’s medical fees!”

Upon hearing that Sophia would pay for the fees, Sandra knew that the former was afraid of escalating the matter, so she barked, “Pay? How are you going to pay? My brother is the eldest young master of the Mitchell Family; your child and dogs are insignificant compared to him. Hand over your child and dogs to me! Otherwise, I won’t let this matter slide!”

Though Sandra was spewing nonsense, Sophia, who was at a disadvantage, did not bother to find fault in what she said since it was her dogs who were in the wrong in the first place for biting another person.

However, Ashton suddenly chimed in, “But Judgey bit Al because he tried to take off Carmen’s pants…”

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