My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 866

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 866

After reading the booklet, Sophia said, “Michael, do you have any time lately? If you do, can you come along with me to send the cats away? I would like to visit all the adopters.”

Michael instantly understood what she meant—she had forgiven him!

He would be going away for a few months for filming soon, so she would like him to spend his last few days here with her!

Therefore, he replied, “Sure. I’ll take you out to meet your old schoolmates and friends too. The network you built during your time in Bayside University can be useful to you now, so it’s time for you to regain them.”

It was indeed easier to talk to someone with high emotional intelligence. In fact, to Sophia, sending away the cats was just an excuse. More importantly, she would like to take this opportunity to visit her acquaintances from the past since she had been lacking the opportunity to do so.

Michael had been helping her to maintain her network while she was away. He had been protecting all of her belongings on her behalf, and now, it was time for her to take over.

When Sophia returned home from Michael’s place, she noticed that she had a guest.

“Sophia, you are back!” Sitting in the living room was a young man with a childish yet handsome face in his twenties. She knew him as Derek, who was Sandra’s younger brother and Alex’s illegitimate son. He had recently graduated from Bayside University this year and had been interning in Stanley’s office.

“Derek, why are you here?” Sophia asked in surprise.

He seemed shy. “Sophia, you hadn’t come to the company lately. Our company is collaborating with Mr. Cooper for a case, so I’m here to discuss the case with him.”

“Okay.” Come to think of it, it had been a long time since she last went to Plum Technology. With Stanley and Sean managing the company, as well as Sarah in the marketing department, not only was the company in order during her absence, it had been listed too. Now, she had become a major shareholder who was excused from all management duties, so she was now focusing on her career in luxury brands.

“It’s late. You don’t have to go home tonight; you can stay over.”

Derek scratched his head, feeling a little shy. “Alright!”

However, he still drove home that night since he had to go for work the next day.

Derek was taken in by Sophia. He could be considered an orphan as he had no home to return to, and both his mother and uncle had passed away. His sister refused to acknowledge his identity, while his father, Alex, might have even forgotten about his existence. Sophia took him in and gave him the opportunity to study in Bayside University. Therefore, he had been studying while working in Plum Technology all these years. Although he had just graduated, he was quite capable.

After Derek had left, Cooper even praised him. “Derek is a talented young man. His head is filled with creative ideas, and he has inherited his father’s strengths. Unfortunately, he is very loyal to Stan, so I can’t get him to work for me. I am planning to take him back into the Mitchell Family so that he can take our last name.”

Now that Cooper had returned, he claimed himself as the Head of Mitchell Family. Although the elders refused to acknowledge him, he was certain that they would have to get on their knees and acknowledge him someday in the future. Therefore, his decision to allow Derek to return to the Mitchell Family was not a joke.

“But Dad, Derek is an illegitimate son. Isn’t this against the Mitchell Family’s rule?”

Cooper was dismissive of the rule. “The Mitchell Family has no such silly rules. We will accept any talent.”

Nevertheless, he is still Alex’s son… but since dad wants to take Derek back into the family, why not?

The next day, after Carmen went to the kindergarten, Michael came over in his car to pick Sophia up to send away the cats. Although Cooper was still disgruntled about the incident of the kindergarten interview, he did not stop her.

She got in the car and saw seven or eight cats in it.

Only Chrysanthemum and a few older cats were neutered and left at home; all the other kittens would be given away, except for one, which would be kept for breeding. On the other hand, she had decided not to give away any of the dogs for the moment since she did not have many of them to begin with. She only had the Cerebrus—Judge and its two sons, Bubbles and Snowball, which were all kept as models.

Michael took Sophia to go and visit the adopters. He had selected a few adopters together with Sophia years ago when they intended to give away the kittens once they were born, but the adoption matter had to be put on hold when the incident that involved Sophia unexpectedly happened.

A whole day went by, and they managed to visit seven or eight houses in total. They hung out in each house to look around and get to know the people or recover their lost relationships.

Words had started to spread in Bayside City that Scarlett was actually Sophia. After she spilled the beans, she had long expected that it would only be a matter of time before the truth was exposed. She was also slowly preparing herself to accept her past and make contact with her past acquaintance as Sophia.

Michael stayed together with Sophia for the whole day to accompany her to give away the cats. After a few days, the cats were all given away; only a few ‘retired’ old cats that lacked the energy to make a mess were left at home to bask in the sun.

It felt like the house had suddenly become spacious.

After giving the cats away, Michael and Sophia’s relationship again returned to the stage where they could only hold each other’s hands, which was still quite a distance away from kissing. Although she had let that incident slide, it must have left a deep impression on her.

As someone who was good at managing his relationship, Michael knew that it would only be a matter of time before she got sick of him if he kept appearing before her every day. Therefore, the better choice would be to maintain a little distance between them since absence made the heart grow fonder.

Just when he was making preparations to go to the film studio, which was located thousands of miles away from here in the south, something happened.

Plans could never keep up with the changes in life. Michael suddenly received a call from the kindergarten teacher when he was packing his stuff.

“Mr. Fletcher, please come over to the kindergarten now. Carmen brought her dogs to the kindergarten in secret, and the dogs bit one of the kids. This is a serious matter!”

At the same time, Sophia received a call about the incident as well. What’s going on? Carmen brought the dogs to the kindergarten, and the dogs bit her classmate?

She turned and looked around. As expected, Judge and its two sons—the Cereberus—were nowhere to be found! Crap! Carmen really brought Judge to the kindergarten, and the latter actually bit someone? Judge had a history of biting, and on top of that, it had titanium fangs implants. The child would sustain serious injuries if they were bitten!

Harry and Sarah received similar calls as well, so they called Michael to understand the situation. Both of them said that they were told that Carmen had been leading Hope and Ashton, and together, they behaved in an overbearing and intractable manner—they bullied other students and even ordered the dog to bite others!

Sophia and Michael immediately drove to the kindergarten. When Cooper found out about this, he rushed over to check out the situation as well.

Upon arriving at the kindergarten, a lot of parents had arrived at the entrance. They blocked the entrance as they discussed the matter; they even pointed at Michael and the others when they arrived.

Looks like this matter is a little serious…

The first thing that Sophia saw the moment they entered the kindergarten was a bunch of bodyguards wearing Alex’s lineage’s family crest.

Why are Alex’s people here?

His bodyguards were confronting the workers of the kindergarten. The scene was quite intense.

A child’s cries and a woman’s angry shrill echoed throughout the hall of the kindergarten. “The Mitchell Family is one of the shareholders of the company behind the kindergarten. Now that my younger brother was bitten, you need to hand us the culprit behind this! Otherwise, I will do it by force!”

As expected, it was Sandra again, and the person who was bitten was her brother, Albert.

The situation gave Sophia a tingling sensation on her scalp. Why is Sandra involved again?

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