My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 865

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 865

She has a child with her. Is that her and Michael’s daughter? Although all of this seems uncanny, I will figure it all out one day.

The entrance ceremony went on smoothly. After the ceremony, the parents had to leave their children to attend the Parent Association meeting organized by the kindergarten at another place. They had to select a president for the association and form a chat group with all the parents in it. On the other hand, the kids had to follow the teacher to the classroom to familiarize themselves with the environment and begin their first class.

Sophia and Michael arrived at the place where the parents gathered and began their first Parent Association meeting. Sophia glanced around and found that the kindergarten was quite high-end while the parents were all wealthy and powerful with extraordinary backgrounds. There were also plenty of celebrities and politicians. In other words, the children studying here could be described as accompanying the royalties.

The meeting started off by playing the security recordings of the classroom. There were 15 children in the class. As it was their first-time attending kindergarten away from their parents, the children were crying their eyes out, filling the classroom with their cries.

Those who were initially not crying were almost affected by their companions’ cries.

Luckily, the kindergarten teachers were all very experienced. They managed to stop the children from continuing to cry by coaxing them one by one.

The parents repetitively nodded upon seeing the teachers’ professional skills.

Michael spotted his baby at first glance—she was the most beautiful child. As soon as she entered the classroom, she put down her Husky backpack and took a sip of water while she watched other children crying.

“Look, our baby is not crying.” He sounded proud.

Sophia felt proud for her as well. Even Hope and Ashton were crying, but Carmen sat meekly in a corner by herself and drank water.

Finally, the children stopped crying, and the classroom became quiet. When the teachers were going to start the class, Carmen suddenly blurted out, “I want to be the class representative!”

Seeing that, the parents were speechless.

The teachers were taken aback by her proactiveness as well because it was extremely rare for a kid to be so brave and not cry. One of them smiled and said gently, “Sure, Carmen. You will be the class representative, then!”

Therefore, Carmen became the class representative on her first day at kindergarten.

After school, Sophia rushed from her office to pick Carmen up from the kindergarten.

“Baby, how was your first day at kindergarten?”

Carmen was confident. “I’m the most beautiful girl in the whole class!”

Such a narcissist… She must have inherited it from her father!

As a celebrity, as well as a star who had made a successful comeback, Michael could not simply appear in front of the kindergarten to pick up his child, so he sat in the car and waited for her instead. He embraced Carmen and said, “I’m going away to shoot for a movie some time later. You need to be a good girl. Stay at home and listen to your Mommy!”

“Sure, Daddy, I will behave myself.” She nodded.

Carmen, who had just spent her first day in school, was excited; she kept sharing about the new friends she made in the kindergarten with her parents along the journey.

“Hope is so handsome, and all the girls in the class like him! Mel’s dress is the most pretty! Flo cried for the whole day. I hate Al the most. I don’t like him!”

Carmen entering kindergarten probably put Sophia in a good mood today, so she finally treated Michael slightly better. When they arrived home together, he entered her house under Cooper’s cold eyes and dark expression; he even managed to have dinner together with them. I have to be thick-skinned in whatever I do… If I don’t have skin as thick as a wall, it would be impossible to make my lady come to me!

Michael went home after dinner.

After Sophia took a shower and changed her clothes, she thought for a while and decided to go look for Michael. When Cooper saw her heading in that direction, he coldly asked, “Darling, where are you going?”

Sophia answered, “I am going to find Michael to discuss something. I can’t just let this matter slide easily.”

Hearing that, he had no choice but to let her go.

Sophia reached Michael’s house, and the latter warmly invited her in although her visit was sudden and unexpected. “Come on in and have a seat.”

As it was the cats’ dinner time, over twenty cats gathered up at a place in the house to eat together. It was so packed that there was almost no room to place their feet. Besides, cats would shed a lot of fur, so rearing cats and dogs was no different from planting dandelions—it might be easier to relate by imagining planting over twenty pots of dandelions in a house…

“Why are there so many cats at home?”

Sophia took a seat and saw that there was cat fur everywhere—on the couch, floor, and even on Michael’s trousers. Having a couple of robotic vacuum cleaners was totally insufficient, and Nicholas nearly broke down from excessively sweeping the cat fur. On top of that, the orange cats had strong destructive power. The couch at home was replaced weekly. In fact, the one that Sophia was sitting on had been replaced yesterday although it was now already covered with scratches.

Michael replied, “These are all your cats. You didn’t tell me what to do with them, so I didn’t put them up for adoption or send them for neutering. Therefore, they kept breeding.”

Sophia felt a tingling sensation on her scalp. She found the cats adorable when a few of them occasionally went to her house. However, when she saw that the house was full of orange cats today, she was a little shocked at the imposing view. No wonder Carmen keeps complaining that her house is full of cat fur. Come to think of it, Michael may be stressed out as well. But since they are my cats, he was unwilling to put them up for adoption and so he continued keeping them. After some time, the cats filled his house.

She uttered, “Let’s put the cats up for adoption.”

Since she had said so, Michael would definitely listen to her. He had long been wanting to put this bunch of orange cats for adoption. Now that his wife gave the orders, it would only be natural for him to do so willingly.

The two of them discussed the adoption matter and Carmen’s performance in school today. Without them noticing, it was already 10.00PM. It was only when Cooper came over to urge her to go home that she finally left reluctantly.

She walked all the way home but suddenly realized something. What was I going to talk to Michael about? Forget it; I’ll just let that matter slide!

In fact, after asking the parents of other children, she was told that all the parents who went for the interview had to kiss each other in public. Refusing to do so would show that the parents were not getting along well, and an inharmonious relationship between family members would cause the child’s assessment score to be deducted.

On top of that, if Michael were to use his identity as the major shareholder and force the school to make an exception for Carmen, it would have been simply an insult to her.

It would not be nice if words got out that her daughter had to make use of her father’s influence to be accepted into a mere kindergarten.

Due to time constraints as Michael was going away to shoot for a movie soon, he asked the bodyguards to send Carmen to kindergarten the next day while he brought a booklet with him to Sophia’s house to discuss with her about the matter of putting the cats up for adoption.

“This is the booklet I had asked people to prepare over the night. The names listed on it belong to people who are interested in adopting our cats. You can have a look.”

The freshly prepared booklet, which Michael had had someone to prepare over the night, was sent to Sophia just like that. She glanced at the names listed on it. Every single adopter had their respective resumes attached, which clearly displayed their identities and backgrounds. They were all people from reliable backgrounds; many of Sophia’s old classmates and friends were included in it too.

The adopters were introduced in a concise manner. Everything about them was stated in the booklet, including their phone numbers and Messenger account.

It made her wonder if his high efficiency was due to his eagerness to get rid of the cats, or if he cared too much about this matter which was related to her that he managed to gather so much information in just one night.

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