My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 864

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 864

After the two of them had a quarrel through the paper plane and small note, Sophia did not leave home for two days because she refused to meet Michael.

Whenever Michael had free time, he would sit under the balcony of her room and patiently wait for her. He would write notes on a small notebook, tear out the paper, and have Leapy send it up to her.

In contrast, the bunch of fat cats were absolutely useless. “It’s a waste of effort rearing all of you. All my efforts had gone down the drain! All you do is eat, and you even shed fur! You guys keep shedding fur!” Michael complained while pinching the fats on Chrysanthemum. He grabbed a handful of its fur and blew it away like dandelion seeds. “I will put you up for adoption in a few days.”

When Harry was walking his dog, he passed by and saw Michael sitting under Sophia’s balcony with the hope of meeting Sophia but to no avail. It was quite sad, but he could only blame himself for being too greedy. Cooper had acquiesced in him holding her hand, but he wished to take another step further by kissing her, which then caused all his earlier efforts to go in vain.

He basically dug his own grave! The kindergarten interview was real, but the questions were altered because he had someone to intervene with the interview through the kindergarten board meeting after he became the major shareholder. The reason he did all that was for the kiss at the final part of the interview! Serves him right!

Michael regretted plotting this as well. Regardless of how perfect his plan was, it unexpectedly completely crumbled with Carmen’s one sentence—‘Daddy is the kindergarten’s major hairholder’.

He petted the cat twice and growled, “All you do is eat. Look at yourself—do you know how fat you are right now?”

Hold on… Eat? An idea came to him in a flash of inspiration.

The weather was very cool in one fine evening after a downpour. Michael set up a barbeque pit at Cooper’s front yard, and the aroma of the food spread into Cooper’s house.

A soft mat was spread out on the lawn, and sitting on it was Carmen, who was drinking milk while talking to Michael. “Daddy, will Mommy really come out?”

Michael was busy grilling food with a chef when he replied, “She will come out. Your mommy used to love barbequing on the rooftop.”

Harry came with his wife as well. As it was a weekend, Nathan was back home, while Stanley, who had come to visit his cats and dogs, brought Sean along with him too. The few of them were having a great time at the barbeque party in front of Cooper’s house, making a lot of noise.

Sophia was reading documents in her study when she found out that Michael was having a barbeque party in front of their house. The fragrance was so strong that it seemed to be able to penetrate through walls—she could still smell the aroma everywhere even though she had shut all the doors and windows.

On top of that, the smell became more fragrant as time passed—so fragrant that it made her drool. I wonder what delicacies they are grilling…

She peeked at the security recordings and saw that all the cats and dogs in their neighborhood were there, watching them as they enjoyed their barbeque party. Even the two alpacas were there.

It smells wonderful… There is seafood, lamb and chicken wings. It’s so fragrant, and I think I can hear the sound of oil sizzling.

A couple of chefs were diligently grilling the food, while the few people took the food to the tables on the yard and enjoyed them with relish.

Leapy went over, took a piece of ham, and ate it in front of Sophia. It enjoyed the food very much, which caused Sophia to be unable to concentrate on reading her documents.

Stanley yelled at her from downstairs, “Sophia, come on down. We are having a barbecue! You used to love barbecue! Come down now. Your favorite chicken wings grilled with a secret recipe is ready. If you are not going to eat them, I’ll feed them all to Judge!”

As expected, Sophia was seen coming down in her pyjamas. She sat down and immediately started eating without greeting anyone.

Stanley admonished her. “Why are you so shy? It was only a kiss with my uncle! You used to kiss him in front of me every day. It made me cringe…”

Sophia continued eating with her head bowed without saying anything. Michael slowly nudged himself toward her with intention to please her. “Dear, here. Eat this. It’s your favorite.”

He had prepared her favorite food—she might not have her past memories, but her taste preference would never change.

She treated him coldly without giving him any response; she even moved away from him but accepted the food.

He inched closer to her and kept trying to please her.

She said, “Stay away from me.”

He replied, “Alright, I’ll stay further away.” And by staying further away, he meant to have a dog sitting between them.

With a dog between them, Michael handed her some beverages while uttering, “Tomorrow is Carmen’s first day at the kindergarten. Other kids will have both parents accompanying them to school…” He implied that Sophia should go as well.

Sophia coldly refuted, “Is this the kindergarten’s major hairholder’s new rule?”

The thick-skinned Michael smiled without any hint of awkwardness. “They’d had this rule before the major hairholder joined the board.”

Hearing that, she did not reply to him as she was aware that even African kids would have both parents sending them to school during their first day at kindergarten.

He took her silence as an acquiesce to his request. Delighted, he announced, “I’ll come to pick you up at 7.00AM tomorrow.”

She just remained quiet without either agreeing or disagreeing.

The delicious barbecued food probably made her happy and caused her to be willing to talk to the people around.

Michael grabbed the opportunity and approached her again. “Dear, I’m going away to shoot for a movie with Harry. Carmen will be in your care for the time being.”

Although Sophia did not reply, her ears were kept open. He is going away to shoot for a movie? That’s not a surprise at all since he is an actor. He tends to spend more time at the filming set than at home. Carmen is going to be fatherless for some time again.

After the barbecue, Sophia went home after filling her stomach. She did not talk much to Michael, which indicated that she was still mad.

The next day, Michael came over to pick Sophia and Carmen up early in the morning.

Carmen was well-prepared today. Carrying a bag, she was wearing a new dress with a water bottle strapped across her shoulder. She happily got into the car after Sophia with the intention to behave like a good girl in the kindergarten.

As her grandfather, Cooper took her kindergarten’s entrance ceremony seriously, so he tagged along as well.

Sophia had always thought that Cooper doted on Carmen more since her own existence as his daughter came too suddenly to him. When he thought that he was a bachelor, a grown-up daughter in her twenties suddenly appeared out of nowhere and completely caught him off guard. He was still stuck in the impression that a daughter, if he had one, should be small and adorable like Carmen. Therefore, he doted on and pampered Carmen to no end.

Upon arriving at the kindergarten, they encountered a few familiar faces. Harry and Sarah brought their son, Hope, while Hale and Gwen brought their son, Ashton. Besides, there was also… Sandra.

Unexpectedly, Sandra and Ian were here as well. They brought along a two or three-year-old child, who was about the same age as Carmen.

Seeing that Sophia seemed to be puzzled, Michael explained, “That’s Albert, Alex’s second son and Sandra’s younger brother.”

Albert… This name kind of matches the chubby little kid.

Sandra naturally spotted Sophia as well. She let out a scoff, as if she was confident that she had something on her.

It turns out that she really is Sophia. Sophia’s face had become a model for the girls who wished to undergo plastic surgery, which resulted in plenty of online influencers having similar faces. Therefore, when she previously had plastic surgeries on her whole face, Sandra had a preconceived thought that Scarlett had undergone plastic surgeries to look like Sophia, but it turned out that she was actually Sophia herself. How did she survive years ago? And how did she become Cooper’s daughter?

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