My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 863

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 863

Michael followed Sophia to her house but was locked outside. The two alpacas, which seemed to have received certain orders from Cooper, spat saliva at his face when they saw him. Ptooey!

Ugh, it stinks! Michael nearly passed out from that stench. He stood under her room and yelled, “Sophia, dear… I was wrong! Please hear me out…”

Since the truth had been revealed, any sophistry would be useless—the most important thing to do now was to admit his mistake and apologize.

However, no matter how hard he shouted or called, the person upstairs refused to respond to him. Only three silly dogs appeared on the first-floor balcony, sticking their heads out to look at him, as if he was a clown.

Michael currently regretted his actions a lot. I shouldn’t have done that this time. I’m screwed. All my efforts have gone in vain, and I’ll have to start all over again…

Not only did the flustered Michael not receive any response from Sophia, Cooper even forbade him from entering the house and ordered Shae to wallop him if he barged in, so he had no choice but to go home.

At night, Carmen reached home. Michael wrote an official apology letter and asked her to pass it to her mother in secret.

Carmen was put on a spot. “Daddy, Grandpa said that he wanted to teach you a lesson. Otherwise, you won’t remember it and won’t learn to appreciate Mommy. Therefore, I can’t help you!”

Since Carmen refused to help him, Michael came up with another plan, which was to have Sarah pass Sophia the letter. However, she dared not help him as well. “Taylor, you know how grim Mr. Cooper’s expression can be. He dislikes me because my father and step-mother have offended him, so I cannot help you with this…”

Nevertheless, Michael still had plenty of opportunities.

“Come, Snowball, my darling, come here. I’m giving you this treasure. Give it to your Mommy.”

“Bubbles, you are my good baby. You must send this to your Mommy!”

“Silly dog, I’ll give you 5 bucks if you give this to Sophia! Huh? You think that it’s not enough? How about 50? That’s the most I can offer! Alright, alright, 500! 500!

Looking at the few dogs—which he had been taking care of with blood, sweat, and tears on behalf of Sophia—carrying his gifts to her in their mouths, he inwardly exclaimed, All my hard work has finally paid off!

However, what he did not expect was that the few silly dogs were stopped by Cooper in the living room as soon as they entered the house—the large bags in their mouths exposed their ‘mission’.

Everything that they brought was confiscated, so was the 500 that Judge had just earned!

Disgruntled, Judge bared its sharp teeth and started to carry out its ‘5-million renovation plan’ in Cooper’s house on the spot. It chewed on the couch, table, carpet, and even its own bed, refusing to stop unless it destroyed enough furniture that amounted to 5 million.

Cooper gave in and returned the 500 to it, but Judge was dissatisfied. Only when Cooper gave it another 500 as compensation for its mental anguish that it finally stopped destroying his furniture. There was chaos in the house while Michael was outside feeling anxious.

“Tsk…” Knowing that the few silly dogs might be unreliable, Michael took the opportunity to use his old trick when Cooper was busy dealing with Judge—he took out his drone and controller. Nonetheless, the drone was unexpectedly mercilessly shot down after flying for only 2 seconds.

Unwilling to give up, Michael carried Chrysanthemum over to Cooper’s house and pointed at the balcony. “Chrysanthemum, you are a cat, so you can climb up to the first floor, right? Go, climb up there! I know you can do this. I have faith in you!”

Entrusted with this mission in such a critical moment, Chrysanthemum tried its best to climb up to the first floor while carrying Michael’s gift for Sophia in its mouth, only to realize that… it had failed—its fat body was simply a burden!

After trying different cats, none of them managed to climb up because they were too chubby—there were more than twenty orange cats, but one was fatter than the other.

Sitting amidst the pile of fat cats, Michael had run out of ideas. All he could do was to pet the cats while he waited for Sophia to come out to meet him. He refused to believe that she would not leave the house.

As a matter of fact, Sophia found out what happened outside by watching the security recordings from her room. She started watching when Judge was making a commotion by destroying the furniture downstairs and kept watching as Michael tried his luck with the bunch of fat cats. He looked like a helpless little kid or like a regretful teenager who had had a quarrel with his girlfriend.

Looking at him, Sophia could no longer hold back her smiles, but it did not mean that she was not mad—Michael had gone overboard this time.

Downstairs, Michael tried to use another orange cat, attempting to initiate the next wave of attack. However, he then realized that the outcome was still the same—the cats just could not climb up to the first floor. When he was in despair, he saw the grassland cat that was recently bought by Sophia. The cat silently picked up the gift and nimbly climbed up a tree. It sat on a branch before leaping into the air with the force from its hips, drawing a swift arc through the air. It then made a perfect landing on the balcony with a light and agile movement before disappearing into Sophia’s room.

Michael almost gave the cat a standing ovation. The grassland cat named ‘Leapy’ was a crossbreed between a serval and a domestic cat. It had the ability to jump 2 meters high from the ground and was an excellent climber.

As expected from Leapy—it can jump up to 8 feet high.

Sophia was frustrated. When she was feeling mad and embarrassed in her room, she saw Leapy coming into her room through the cat door from the balcony. It then jumped onto Sophia’s table, put down the thing in its mouth, and left.

“What’s this?”

Leapy brought her a small pouch. She opened it and found a tiny MP3 inside.

She found her earphone and plugged it into the earphone jack before turning on the MP3. She could hear a clear male voice from the device.

“Sophia, I’m sorry. I just hope for us to spend more time together. I didn’t mean to lie to you, and I didn’t want Carmen to be accepted into the kindergarten using my influence. I just wished to prove to everyone that we are good parents. Let me sing you a song.”

She could hear the guitar playing and Michael’s sexy, charming voice singing.

“You are the light in my life. Not only did you dispel the gloom of my life, you’ve also alleviated the melancholy of my mundane life. Your warm light blends into my blood and flesh, your gentleness coursing through my veins with my blood. You’ve immersed into my whole body, like an invisible hand caressing my bones and flesh…”

It was a simple tune coupled with cliché lyrics—it gave her the vibes of a young teenage girl in school uniform secretly writing childish verses in the textbook during class under the noisy electric fan.

Michael anxiously waited for a long time downstairs without any idea if Sophia saw the thing that he gave.

After some time, he saw a paper plane flying down from the balcony, which Chrysanthemum obediently brought to him. He unfolded the paper plane and saw a few words on it. ‘Who wrote the lyrics? It made me cringe.’

Seeing that, he was overjoyed. Sophia is finally willing to talk to me—this means that she is not that mad anymore. He quickly took a pen to reply to her message and asked Leapy to send it upstairs.

She soon saw his reply, which was only one sentence. ‘It was from the love letter you wrote to me back then.’

The message made her feel abashed. I can’t believe that I actually wrote that before, but Michael composing music for it and singing it is something even more unexpected. How embarrassing! However, I can’t believe that he still remembers the love letter I wrote. Wasn’t that something from ages ago?

The paper plane flew out from the first floor again. Michael caught the paper plane and unfolded it—on it was her beautiful and bold handwriting. ‘You lied to me.’

The paper plane flew out from the room, and a while later, Michael asked Leapy to send it back upstairs, and the process repeated. One of them was in the room while the other was downstairs outside the house, and just like that, they communicated via the paper plane.

Michael replied, ‘Please hear me out. I just hope for us to spend more time together.”

Sophia replied, ‘I’m not going to listen to you!’

He was speechless for a moment, but he then wrote, ‘I was wrong. I promise you that I won’t do this next time.’

She asked, ‘You’re saying that there will be a next time?’

He was rendered speechless again.

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