My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 862

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 862

The interviewer’s request was totally out of Sophia’s expectation. She wants me to kiss Michael in public?! How could she make such an embarrassing request? Sophia’s face instantly flushed as red as an apple.

Her requests aroused Cooper’s suspicion as well. Could it be that this kindergarten is run by Michael, and he is using this opportunity to take advantage of Sophia?

Seeing that Sophia and Michael did not respond after a while, the interviewer darted them a look in suspicion before asking, “When was the last time both of you had sex?”

S-Sex? Sophia was dumbfounded. The kindergarten’s interview nowadays asks about this sort of topic? “H-How is this related to my baby attending kindergarten?”

Upon seeing Sophia behaving like an ignorant bumpkin, the interviewer explained, “The family environment is one of our assessment criteria for the child’s quality. A good family environment and education is crucial to raise an excellent individual. If the parents have a bad relationship, this will affect the child’s growth. Therefore, are both of you not getting along well and have been living separately for a long time? So is Carmen currently living in a single-parent family?”

As Sophia was afraid that this would affect Carmen’s admission into the kindergarten, she immediately denied. “No, no.”

Michael frankly replied, “That’s not true. The last time we had sex was this morning, and we have a strong relationship.”

Hearing that, Sophia’s face turned redder. I don’t even have a sex life, let alone had sex this morning. Did he mean that we had sex as morning workout before coming over to attend the interview? However, all she could do now was to swallow up the embarrassment. “Yes, this morning, several positions in fact…” In her mind, she was still a virgin, though she somehow had a daughter.

Michael placed his arm over Sophia’s shoulder and turned her face over to him. “Dear, come on. Relax, although this is the first time we’re doing this outside. Don’t worry.” After he said that, he leaned his body forward and kissed her. His lips lightly wrapped around her pink, soft lips, gently taking in her taste.

Sophia gave in for the sake of Carmen’s future as well. She closed her eyes while experiencing his kiss. It felt gentle and real, like flakes of rainbow falling onto her lips from the sky. It was soft and sweet. But… aren’t we only acting? Why is he sticking his tongue into my mouth?

However, Sophia could not push him away when they were under the interviewer’s watchful eyes. Hence, she had no choice but to allow Michael to embrace her and kiss for 30 seconds until the interviewer felt shy to continue watching. The interviewer then ticked the last item—whether the student had loving parents—with a red pen.

They kissed each other so affectionately in public, as if they were alone. Anyone could tell with one glance that they were a loving couple. Only families with harmonious relationships between the family members and loving parents would be able to raise children into optimistic and hardworking individuals.

“Cough!” As Cooper could no longer continue to watch them being affectionate with each other, he coldly coughed, which made the couple, who were immersed in the kiss, return to their senses.

Sophia lowered her head and dared not say anything, her face as red as blood. Michael looked radiant—even the breath he exhaled was filled with content and bliss. He asked, “Are there any other questions?”

The interviewer beamed at them. “Please wait for our notice. We will notify you of the results in 3 days’ time.”

Michael replied, “Thank you.”

After the interview, Cooper wore a dark expression while Michael held Sophia’s little hand when they waited for Carmen to be done with her interview. Although Cooper’s expression was dark, he did not voice out and stop Michael, which made the latter feel that he had made some progress and was getting closer to having their second child. He felt that he had been testing Cooper’s limits every day.

When they were waiting outside, they bumped into some familiar faces—for instance, Harry and Sarah. Their child, Hope, was younger than Carmen by only a couple of days. They applied for him to attend this kindergarten as well, and they were here today to attend the interview. Besides, Hale and Gwen were here as well. They had been married for a few years and had given birth to a chubby son. They, too, had gotten the notice to attend the interview, and they were now waiting for their son to come out after the interview. Everyone was very nervous. Cold sweat appeared on their palms as they wondered if their children could impress the interviewer.

Soon, Carmen came out after she was done with her interview. Upon seeing her parents and grandfather from afar, she dashed at them like a little butterfly. She was even dolled up to ensure that the interview today could go smoothly. “Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa!”

Sophia embraced Carmen and asked, “Darling, how was your interview?”

Carmen was brimming with confidence. “I’ve passed!”

Sophia asked her the details, “How did you pass? What questions did the interviewer ask? Quickly tell me.”

Carmen seemed delighted. “I showed them the Bear Dance. The lady interviewer praised that I can dance well and I have acted in movies before. Daddy is also the major hairholder of the kindergarten! So they allowed me to pass.”

Upon hearing Carmen’s words from the side, the smile that the high-spirited Michael had on his face instantly froze.

“Major hairholder? What’s that?” Sophia contemplated the word and understood the meaning in three seconds—Michael was the major shareholder of this kindergarten! Why do we need to attend the interview if he is the major shareholder?! She understood the whole situation in that instant. She looked at Michael, feeling mad yet embarrassed. “Michael, y-you… jerk!”

After saying that, she turned around and left in rage and embarrassment, while Cooper’s expression instantly became dark as well. I can’t believe that my daughter was taken advantage of right under my nose! He held her hands and kissed her! I even made an exception and allowed Sophia to go to Michael’s house by herself to memorize the interview questions! Cooper left in a huff as well.

Michael rose to his feet and glanced at the innocent Carmen before going after Sophia. “Sophia… dear! Let me explain…” He left to chase after Sophia just like that. After he left, the two women, Sarah and Gwen, could not hold back themselves and burst into laughter. Even Hale, who was usually taciturn, could not suppress his smile.

Harry covered his face with his hand, unsure of whether he should be laughing or not right now. He lived in the same neighborhood as Michael. When he saw Michael went to look for Sophia with a stack of questions, he knew that the latter was plotting something. As expected, he was indeed trying to pull something off. Using the kindergarten interview as an excuse, he had plenty of chances to spend time alone with her—it was the golden period to develop their relationship! However, Carmen’s words unexpectedly made his efforts go in vain.

Looking at her parents leaving, Carmen gazed innocently at Harry with her little hands on the latter’s knees while childishly asking, “Godfather, why did Daddy and Mommy run away?”

Harry replied, “It’s nothing important. They had a little disagreement. They will make peace again in a while.”

Sophia, who had fallen into Michael’s trap, felt enraged yet mortified. She locked herself in her room when she reached home. I’m utterly furious! Utterly embarrassed! He actually kissed me! In public!

She could feel her face burning in embarrassment, but her heart was pounding wildly. The kiss made her heart skip a beat and caused her to feel as sweet as honey whenever she recalled the feeling. I’m absolutely mortified!

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