My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 860

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 860

To have Sophia by his side was like an exceptionally beautiful dream for Michael, one that he didn’t have the courage to wake up from.

The atmosphere was just right, and the love in the air was intensifying. Michael thought about it and felt it was time for a deeper exchange between the two of them, but unexpectedly, Cooper called Sophia’s phone. In a cold voice, he said, “Darling, come out. I’ll teach you a new lesson.”

Michael felt annoyed in his heart, deeply suspecting that Cooper had installed a camera on him. Otherwise, how could he know so quickly?

Sophia hung up Cooper’s phone, only to realize that she had acted a bit unmannerly just now toward Michael. Her face was slightly red as she said, “I’m going back first. Dad is looking for me for something.”

Hurriedly, Michael followed her. “I will send you off.”

Just after leaving the house, Sophia saw that Cooper’s car was parked at the gate of Villa No. 8, so she got into the car and followed him out. Michael was also very curious and wanted to know what kind of lesson Cooper would give Sophia later, so he went along.

The car arrived at Cooper’s current office building, which was where Pourl was located. Sam had gifted Sophia a few floors of the building. Cooper saw that the location was good and that his daughter’s office was downstairs, so he bought the whole building and turned it into his base.

After the reorganization of the energy company, the staff rapidly expanded, and the company became larger. While entering the company’s conference room, Sophia saw many important people.

Sam, Lucy, and Ian were the three important figures of the Edwards Family. They were already waiting before she even arrived. The lawyers for both parties were there, and there were many people standing in the conference room, which made it all look like a very important occasion.

Faced with the entourage, Sophia felt a little surprised. The Edwards Family had previously joined forces with Alex to deal with Cooper because of Faye’s death. Their hatred had seemed so extreme then. Sophia had thought that a violent storm had been brewing for the past few months and that a bloody war would break out. Therefore, she did not expect that the Edwards would appear on Cooper’s territory today.

“Sorry for making everyone wait for a long time.” Cooper appeared and sat down in his place, while Sophia and Michael also found their seats and sat down.

It seemed that Sam and the others had been waiting for a long time. All the tea on the table had been drunk, and the waiter was refilling the cups.

It appeared that Cooper was late, but after he came back from the airport, he ate a meal at home and spent a long time stroking the alpacas in an unhurried manner before leaving. Did he perhaps forget that there was a meeting today?

Cooper explained to Sophia, “Today is the day when I sign the energy development partnership project with the Edwards Family. So, I deliberately let them wait for a long time.”

Everyone was speechless, including Sophia.

This was such a big project, yet he had deliberately left them waiting for a long time. Wasn’t this a bit too much? He even purposely said it in front of them!

But although those from the Edwards Family looked displeased, they just acted as if they heard nothing.

Taking over the contract, Cooper looked at it, then said to Sophia, “My darling, have you learned anything?”

Sophia felt that she was a smart woman, but when it came to Cooper’s actions, she was rather dazed by it all. She whispered, “Dad, I don’t seem to understand anything…”

Cooper held the signature pen. The contract was opened before him, and the signature part was just under his fingers, but he was still holding the pen and would not sign.

The Edwards looked at him nervously, fearing that he would not sign.

Cooper held the pen but did not put it down. He said to Sophia, “My darling, remember, if you have the ability, you can make those who hate you to their guts kneel down and beg you!”

As realization dawned on Sophia, she quickly nodded.

Michael nodded as well.

Cooper was indeed great. A lesson well learned!

Before, the Edwards Family and Alex held onto Faye’s death and wanted to punish Cooper for it. Even the public wished for him to be put to death, but after just casually announcing the card in his hand, the Edwards Family immediately turned into a wuss and almost knelt down to beg Cooper.

After all, there were so many people around the world who wanted to cooperate with Cooper. He didn’t need the Edwards Family at all, but they would benefit from collaborating with him. How could the Edwards Family miss out on such a good opportunity over Faye’s death? That was obviously not in line with the creed of the Edwards Family.

Relying on Sam’s childhood relationship with Cooper, the Edwards Family finally won the collaboration project with Cooper.

Despite being humiliated on the spot, they did not dare to say anything.

After the signing of the contract, the Edwards Family left with it.

This was Cooper’s true strength.

Even if one hated him, one still had to beg him!

Despite having a falling-out with him, the Edwards Family was aware of the current affairs, and so they had to force themselves to abruptly reconcile with him. They had no choice but to lick his boots and put on a smiling face while asking to partner up with Cooper on the project.

After signing the partnership project, Sophia turned around and saw that the company had many fresh faces. For example, she remembered that the former person in charge of the security department was very handsome, but she hadn’t seen him recently. She heard that Michael had taken him away and intended to groom him into an actor. So, there was a new person in charge called Dimon Mitchell.

Dimon was originally one of Alex’s men who was almost killed on the island. Now, he came to work for Cooper. Not only did he take away all the men under his charge, but he also used his connections to bring over many talented men from the Mitchell Family.

Since Cooper’s announcement about the formal establishment of an energy company, many talented people had been coming to Alex one after another.

In terms of employing people and winning people’s hearts, Cooper’s methods could be considered perfect.

After understanding everything, Sophia felt very shocked, but also very frustrated.

Dad and Uncle are both so powerful. One is in charge of the Michel Group, while the other is leading the Mitchell Group back to glory. But I only have one store that sells dog chains. I’ve just established a foothold in the international market. I seem very weak compared to them.

As the Edwards Family left Mitchell Group, Sam held the contract in his hands, feeling despondent yet very thankful for his luck.

Before the battle between the Edwards Family and Cooper had even begun, Cooper had made such a big move, and the Edwards Family surrendered so pathetically. This was a true disgrace for the Edwards Family!

That small island was bought by the Edwards Family and the Mitchell Family. Now, it had been bombed and sunk, and nothing from it could be taken away. People from the Edwards side had died and gotten beaten up. Their loss of assets was huge, not to mention the overnight loss of their reputation. Jordan was so upset he became very ill and was only discharged from the hospital recently.

Even if the Edwards Family hated Cooper deeply, there was no way they could harm him. They had only themselves to blame for picking the wrong side.

From the very beginning, the Edwards Family shouldn’t have supported Alex!

Sam was leaning toward Cooper from the start, but most of the other family members leaned toward Alex and even set up political marriages with him.

But the political marriage seemed to be a complete disaster. It was organized with such pomp and grandeur, yet it ended with them looking like a grand fool instead. Faye was dead, and the situation between Ian and Sandra was rocky as well…

Sam felt that he had not suffered much as a whole. After all, he grew up with Cooper and was used to the latter’s unexpected ways of defeating him all the time. The more Cooper crushed him, the more excited he became. But for Lucy and Ian, today was simply the worst shame they had experienced!

After all, they were young and hot-blooded.

Lucy turned her head and looked at the magnificent Mitchell International Energy and Technology.

One day, I will surpass Cooper and make him lower himself before me, just as he did to me today!

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