My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 859

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 859

Sophia was holding the reins of a pair of furry creatures. The creatures looked graceful and noble as they walked down steadily with their necks raised high. With their presence, even the ambiance around them felt aristocratic and not to mention the flashy bourgeois-looking bow ties around their necks.

Michael’s face suddenly drained of color.

A pair of alpacas!

Seeing the creatures, Carmen exclaimed cheerfully, “Fluffy camels!”

Sophia immediately corrected her.”No, they are alpacas, not camels.”

Quickly, Carmen said, “Yeah, fluffy alpacas!”

Michael’s excited smile gradually froze and turned into an extremely panicked look.

Sophia actually took advantage of my attention being elsewhere and found more beasts!

Last time, she had caught him by surprise when she brought back a two-meter-tall orange cat. This time, she brought back a pair of alpacas!

But Sophia liked the new alpacas she brought back very much. She touched one of them and said, “This is the alpaca that Carmen fell in love with when I took her to America. The alpaca is suitable for domestication. This dark brown one is called Chow, while this light brown one is called Eggplant. They’re both noble alpacas!”

Carmen added, “Grandpa was the one who gave those names!”

At that moment, Michael’s horror deepened even further.

In his opinion, these were two goats that could do nothing but slobber. One of them looked like dark yellow poop and the other light yellow poop. They appeared just like two lumps of walking poops and seemed more disgusting than Bubbles!

At the thought of walking feces, Michael frowned. Getting off the plane with Judge, Cooper said coldly, “Mr. Fletcher, do you have any opinions about me having pets in my home?”

Michael hurriedly said, “No, no.”

It was too rude for him to dislike other people’s pets before he even became a part of the family. That’s just insolent!

Regardless, Michael was irritated by the existence of the creatures.

I’m certain I’ll have to be the one to take care of these beasts obtained by Sophia in the future!

Moreover, this pair of alpacas would probably give birth to offspring soon enough, just like when there used to be only a pair of orange cats in the house. In the blink of an eye, the number ballooned into twenty or thirty big orange cats before they knew it.

If the pair of alpacas came to their household, in just a few years, the house would be full of thundering alpacas.

This will really be the death of me!

Linus and Cooper had personally come to pick Sophia up at the airport. At this time, Linus got off the plane, carrying a pet carrier with a new cat inside.

Another cat?

It was a wild cat, and Michael’s frown was deeper than the depths of the ocean when he saw the color of its fur.

Sophia explained, “This is a precious African prairie cat. It is a hybrid offspring of an African domestic cat and a wild cat. This cat has a strong jumping ability and can jump up to eight feet high. Judge is the one who has adopted this kitten!”

Michael plastered a smile on his face, but his heart was pounding with aggravation. You silly dog, not only do you live off me, but you also got yourself a pet cat? How can I be convinced that Judge is the one that wants to raise it, not Sophia?

There are now twenty to thirty cats, not to mention those eight dogs. Does she even have time to pet them all?

Seeing Michael’s awkward smile, Sophia mumbled, “Do you not like my alpacas?”

Michael hurriedly said, “I like them! How could I not like them?”

If Sophia wants to raise two lumps of discharge at home, I have no choice but to like it.

After all, she’s the goddess in my heart.

The family returned home. Stanley also came to look at Judge but then left Judge at Sophia’s house again. During the time when Judge was seriously injured, Stanley was greatly depressed and had turned into a workaholic. Right now, he had no time to take care of Judge in his own home.

When Judge reached, he brought the wild kitten to see its villa. Sophia mysteriously took Michael to Villa No. 8 and closed the doors before quietly saying to him, “I need to tell you about something important, but you can’t talk about it before Judge.”

Michael frowned and listened.

What’s so important that I can’t say in front of that stupid dog?

In a very soft voice, Sophia said, “Judge used to be our top contract dog model of Pourl, but it is now disfigured…”

Michael agreed very much with that. Now that silly dog ​​is really disfigured. Its fur has been shaved, and it looks terrible. I’m sure it will take a long while for it to restore its original appearance.

Sophia whispered like she was committing a crime, “So I bought Chow and Eggplant to be our models for Pourl’s new products. Please don’t tell Judge though. It will feel sad.”

Solemnly, Michael nodded in agreement.

But he still didn’t understand, so he subconsciously lowered his voice and asked, “Then why are you talking so softly?”

Sophia lowered her voice even more. “My dad installed a high-tech fake ear for Judge, so he can hear if we talk bad things about him behind his back from a distance.”

At that, Michael became nervous. He hurriedly pulled Sophia to hide in the cloakroom to talk, making sure that Judge could not hear them bad-mouth about it.

It was rare that the two of them could get together in a small, confined space and whisper to each other. Michael quickly seized the opportunity.

The two of them hid in the cloakroom and kept their voices very low.

“Sophia, look at this.” Michael took out his tablet, clicked on the webpage, and pulled out many kindergarten profiles. “I have been paying attention to kindergartens recently. These kindergartens have good teaching quality and great reviews in all aspects. Come and have a look.”

Sophia also paid great attention to the first kindergarten in Carmen’s life, so she quickly checked through the profiles seriously.

Michael introduced the characteristics of each kindergarten. It was as if he had opened them all by himself. Clearly, he had done his research.

In the end, the two settled on an international upper-class kindergarten, which was very close to home and had a good environment. But the threshold for admission seemed a bit high. The parents and the child all had to attend an interview.

This was one of the best private kindergartens in Bayside City. The level was high, and the competition was great. The parents and child had to be examined before admission.

When Sophia saw that the mother had to go for an interview, she became anxious. “If I go for the interview, what will they ask me?”

Michael was also a little nervous. After all, he didn’t know what stupid questions this kindergarten would ask.

This was also his first time.

“It’s okay. Let the chips fall where they may. I will go and ask around. Let’s do some research in advance.”

Michael’s hand curved around and embraced Sophia’s shoulder. She wasn’t upset about it but instead gently leaned her head on his shoulder.

It had been two or three months since she went to Africa. Michael did visit her twice, but each time he didn’t stay long.

For the first time, she knew how lovesickness felt.

Without him around, her heart seemed to be covered by a heavy layer of yarn, and that yarn seemed to be infused with bitterness that seeped into her blood. She felt that she was slowly regaining the love she had for him.

Sophia leaned her head on his shoulder and looked at his chiseled side profile with joy in her eyes.

A man like Michael had a sort of aura that attracted women.

Michael squeezed her hand and gently embraced her in his arms.

“Sophia,” he whispered in her ear, “you and Carmen are the most beautiful gifts God has given me.”

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