My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 858

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 858

At the same time, Cooper announced that he had officially shifted from the electronic technology field to the energy field. He wished to research and develop cleaner energy, and so ‘Mitchell International Energy and Technology’ was officially established.

This invention that was about to change the world overwhelmed the news about Faye. It became a hot sensation that was being discussed all over the world.

Cooper had already thought about the future when he returned to Cethos.

Engaging in arms was not feasible in Cethos as all of that was run by the state. On the other hand, he knew that he was no match for Linus when it came to high-tech electronic technology. Linus’ achievements in this area had already surpassed his, so Michel Tech would surely crush the high-tech electronic technology companies belonging to the Mitchell Family.

He himself was involved in the mining industry in Africa. However, it was impossible to continue mining. After mining for so many years, he had long been tired of it. It was better to change direction and engage in the clean energy industry instead.

Clean energy was the future development trend and the direction for humanity to move forward. Cooper had already started learning more about this field a few years ago.

The news of the establishment of Mitchell International Energy and Technology soon spread worldwide. Cooper had already applied for a patent, and the equipment was about to go on the market. Therefore, numerous oil giants started holding out olive branches to him.

At this time, the Edwards Family, who was also engaged in the oil industry, was placed in an awkward position. They wanted to partner up with Cooper, but they were now at odds with each other.

But of course, in the face of huge profits, any torn relationship could be mended again.

Cooper’s plane hadn’t even arrived in Africa yet when the Edwards Family had already dispatched Sam to wait there and ask for a peaceful reconciliation.

Alex knew about the situation, so he didn’t dare to make any rash moves. After Cooper announced the new invention, the negative news about him on the Internet had disappeared overnight as if it never occurred. In fact, Faye Edwards had vanished completely as well as if she had never existed in the world.

The efficiency was so great that Alex couldn’t imagine the mastermind behind it.

Not only were the major oil giants proactively making contact with Cooper, but the Cethosian military and political forces were also taking the initiative to curry favor with him.

In the face of such interests, Faye was nothing!

Cooper would not fall for amateur tricks; Alex deeply understood this even from before.

This matter seemed to just end like this. Alex instructed people to attack Barney and Judge, and so Cooper retaliated by bombing his island. That was all.

But the grievances between Jordan and Cooper and the internal conflict of the Mitchell Family had just begun.

As for Faye… Who was Faye?

When the plane arrived in Africa, Sophia returned to Michel Town. This was Michael’s second visit, and he was still amazed by how spectacular it was.

How remarkable! It’s just like a city!

Harry and Sarah were worried about Stanley, so they had followed as well, taking a tour around the African base of the Michel Family along the way.

Judge’s surgery was successful, and its life was eventually saved, but it lost half of its teeth, one ear, and one claw.

Because Judge was implicated in the Mitchell Family’s internal conflict this time and suffered for no reason, Cooper promised to make a full set of prostheses for it to ensure that it could move the same as before.

But Barney would live in Africa in the future. Cooper had a large private grassland here. He made the decision to keep Barney on the grassland and gradually teach it to hunt. Later, it would be released into the wild. If it couldn’t survive on its own, then he would raise it over its lifetime.

Sophia went to see Barney. She couldn’t touch its head anymore and could only look through a layer of glass. Barney looked at Sophia from the other side of the glass. It was as meek as ever as it tried to push at the glass with its big head, appearing to headbutt Sophia’s hand, which made her very sad.

“Don’t be sad. To it, Africa is its home.” Michael comforted Sophia, who smiled reluctantly.

Yes, here, Africa is its home…

This big orange cat shouldn’t have gone to Cethos in the first place. It should just go home!

Michael was actually secretly joyful in his heart.

Sophia had never returned to Africa ever since she followed Cooper to Cethos to get her face treated. This time, it was just right for her to come back. She could wait it out here for a period of time while the whole matter in Cethos blew over before going back there.

Carmen was also brought here. It was just in time for her to spend a summer vacation in Africa and go to kindergarten after the vacation. Soon, Carmen came with two little orange cats, both of them Garfield’s offspring.

“See, these are your favorite kittens. I’ve brought them over for you. You can lick them. You’ll feel better by then.”

Carmen was still the one who knew Judge best. She even knew which cat it liked most recently. She brought the kittens close to Judge. Since Judge was still recuperating, it was inconvenient for it to move about. However, when it saw its beloved kittens, it still tried to stretch its tongue out in an attempt to lick them. But it couldn’t quite manage to lick the kittens, which made it whine in distress.

Carmen kindly moved the kitten to its mouth. Judge licked the kitten greedily, making the cat meow loudly.

“Lick its belly.”

“Now, lick its butt.”

“Okay, today’s kitty has been fully licked. We’ll lick it again tomorrow.”

Carmen took the kitten back, then considerately helped Judge push back the tongue that it couldn’t put back. Gently touching Judge’s head, she wiped away its saliva and whispered, “You have to get better soon, okay? Let’s go to kindergarten together when we go home!”

Judge yelped in agreement.

Cooper was very busy during this period. He had returned to the country early, as did Michael, who had also had something to do. Harry and Sarah had also left while Linus was busy traveling to and fro between the countries. Sophia spent the summer vacation in Africa with Carmen and helped Stanley, who had left, take care of the dog.

Judge recovered quickly, and the Michel Family built an artificial prosthesis for it. After wearing it, it could walk normally again after adapting to it over a period of time. It also got a super-sensitive artificial ear. It was the kind where Judge lying on the first floor could clearly hear Sophia secretly eating snacks on the third floor.

They couldn’t find the broken teeth, so a full set of titanium alloy dog ​​teeth was specially made, which made it easier for Judge to wreck the house.

At the same time, Michael’s new movie ‘The National Treasury Action’ was also a great success. In just one month since its release, it easily broke the box office record for Cethosian-language movies he himself had set.

As an actor who had made a surprise comeback after dropping out of the limelight for a long time, he truly shocked those attending the film festival with his malleable acting ability. Moreover, he brought his acting to an even higher level and became the latest sensation in the country.

In ‘The National Treasury Action’, Michael alone played four roles. He was the street performer, the slimy warlord, the zealous imperial court guard, and the modern Taylor Murray himself. His intense and precise proper acting skills lifted his acting career to its second peak and returned him to the throne of the national hunk despite him having retired from acting for many years.

This movie had also made quite a number of actors popular. Michael’s movies often included new actors with a flair for acting. This time, he was successful in making Carmen popular. But even though Carmen’s popularity shot up the charts in Cethos, no one could guess her true identity.

Africa also brought ‘The National Treasury Action’ to its theaters. There was a movie theater erected for employees in Michel Town, but Sophia felt that it was not good enough for her to watch it there. She wanted to go back to Cethos to watch it. As the box office results were good and the summer releases were postponed for one month, she was still able to catch the movie when she returned to Cethos at the end of August.

When Sophia and Carmen arrived in Cethos, Michael went to the airport to pick them up. With excitement in his heart, he arrived an hour earlier. After waiting for an hour, he finally saw the private plane land. Sophia and Carmen then came down from the exit.

Next to Sophia, there was a graceful, noble, and completely orange…

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