My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 857

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 857

They had escaped, so there was no need to cause unnecessary trouble to Cooper.

Sean drank some beer with them and said, “It’s okay. Everything is within Cooper’s expectations.”

No matter whether Cooper or Alex was to blame for Faye’s death, it was all the Mitchell Family’s fault anyway. The Edwards Family and Cooper had already turned against each other. So, it was nothing much for the latter to be blamed for one more death.

At the thought of the future held, an intense feeling rose in Dimon’s heart. They knew that if they went back now, they would probably die at the hands of Alex.

Since they had left the Mitchell Family, they were now considered traitors. Therefore, being found by Alex would mean certain death.

Not only would they die, but their families would also suffer.

This was Alex’s reign of terror! If one didn’t obey him, he would kill one’s parents, wives, and children!

Sean patted Dimon on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay. Your men’s families are safe now. You can rest assured to follow Uncle Cooper in the future. It will benefit all of you.”

Dimon nodded, his gaze more determined than ever.

They were members of the Mitchell Family and were forever loyal to the Mitchell Family! Moreover, Cooper was also the former patriarch of the Mitchell Family!

Since Alex did not show us mercy, we’re not to blame!

Although Dimon was only a minor leader, he still had a group of confidants. In addition to these two dozen men, there were dozens of others who were notified right then to follow Cooper!

Sophia took two sleeping pills and slept soundly all night. When she woke up, the ship was almost in Demarca.

“There really was an explosion?”

Sophia thought it was a joke when she learned that Cooper had blown up the island.

Faced with her question, Michael confidently replied, “Yes, and the whole island sank. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Sophia still found it incredulous. But when she thought about it, it was Cooper after all.

I guess that’s a natural thing for him to do. After all, Cooper is the founder of dictators. If he wants to bomb it, it will get bombed! He’s simply a lunatic.

That was why Michael had always stayed servile before Cooper and tried to be as modest as possible. Since he wanted to win over the latter’s daughter, he had no choice but to make an effort, as Cooper was not a foolish man.

Bubbles came near Sophia’s bed. Yesterday, those from the Mitchell Family had rushed into the room and taken Judge and Barney, but they didn’t take Bubbles and Corrado. Perhaps it was because Corrado was Master Sam’s dog. If they touched Corrado, Master Sam would be upset. They probably also thought that Bubbles looked too cute and wouldn’t bite, so they let the two of them go.

But Bubbles was still frightened. Pitifully, it looked at everyone and kept whining for a hug.

Stroking Bubbles, Sophia remembered Judge and asked, “How are Judge and Barney?”

When Judge and Barney were mentioned, Michael felt his heart constricted. “Barney is fine; it was just a superficial wound. But Judge…”

Sophia’s heart sank. Her mind was filled with scenes of Judge being hit with a stick and blood spurting from its head.

Whenever these scenes appeared, her head would suffer terrible pain, as if she had experienced such beating before.

Her brain had no memory, but her body still retained the memory…

“It’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll be in Demarca soon, and the best veterinarian in the country is on standby at the pier.” Michael massaged Sophia’s temples for her.

The ship finally arrived at the pier, and as expected, there was a veterinarian waiting at the pier. Before Sophia had a chance to see Judge, she saw it being carried into the car, which drove away with Stanley as well.

Sean and his party had already arrived by plane. When they saw the ship docked at the pier, they came to greet them. Cooper noticed Dimon and the others but did not say anything, for he knew that they never had a choice to begin with.

Soon, Dimon and his men wore Cooper’s family crest and officially became Cooper’s followers. Their parents, wives, and children were also moved to a safer place.

Judge was sent to the veterinary hospital for surgery, and Barney was also sent in for treatment.

After a night of treatment, Barney’s condition had improved a lot, but it was still frail. Locked in a cage, it cried with pain and attempted to bite anyone who came near. As it was still fearful, it almost bit the vet as well.

It still didn’t know what it did wrong, nor why those people hit it for no reason.

However, Barney had already eaten a human. It remembered the taste of human flesh and even enjoyed the pleasure of hunting and killing people. This was the first time it had killed and eaten a human, but it wouldn’t be the last.

As a pet lion, once it killed a human, it would either be executed or released into the wild.

If it continued to be kept in a household, there was no guarantee that it would not continue to kill people.

But if it was released into the wild, it had no hunting skills, so it would be dead sooner or later.

Sophia sat outside the cage where Barney was locked up in and kept a watch on the IV infusion bag. Barney was still whining and looking like a two-meter-tall orange cat.

“It’s okay, Barney. We will go home soon to the African savannah. That’s your real home!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have brought Barney to Cethos. Africa is still its real home.

After the surgery, Judge’s condition was brought under control, but it was not out of danger yet. Barney also needed to continue its treatment. Sophia decided to take Barney back to Africa. Judge would come along for treatment as well, since there was a better veterinarian in Africa.

Sophia saw Judge when it was brought onto the plane. Covered with tubes and gauze, it also wore an Elizabethan collar. The dog appeared at the brink of death as it lay there in a coma, breathing weakly.

Stanley sat paralyzed to one side as if he had lost the whole world.

Sophia, too, couldn’t accept it. How can a healthy dog turn out this way?

The atmosphere was gloomy all the way to Africa. Stanley kept staring at Judge without eating nor drinking. Michael had to persuade him for a long time before he would drink some milk.

Sophia glanced at Judge and Stanley, then took out her phone and checked the news about Bayside City.

Bayside City was in turmoil. Faye Edwards, an A-list celebrity, had died under suspicious circumstances, while Alex came out to place all the blame on Cooper.

The Edwards Family also cooperated with Alex well. They jointly accused Sophia’s lion and dog of mauling and eating humans, causing any voice of reason to be drowned out.

The public became angry overnight and wanted the lion killed to avenge Faye’s death.

A day ago, they had branded Faye as a shameless btch and a whre who had messed around since she was a child. Now, they had suddenly all become her diehard fans, even going so far as to threaten to smash Sophia and Cooper’s properties if Faye’s death was not brought to justice.

Sophia was a little worried, so she went to the conference room to find Cooper. He was discussing something with Linus.

“Dad, have you watched the news?”

Her tone was a little anxious. This was the first time she had encountered such a big event, and she felt that her young shoulders could not bear such weight.

Putting down the wine glass in his hand, Cooper glanced at the news and patted Sophia’s young shoulders. He said with a smile, “Come, darling. I will teach you something new. Remember, there is no enmity that lasts forever, nor friendship. Only benefits are eternal!”

In order to help Sophia understand more intuitively, Cooper gave a live demonstration on the spot.

Just as the news of Faye’s death raged on the internet and the public demanded Cooper and Scarlett to pay for it with their lives, Cooper’s spokesperson in Bayside City held a press conference. The spokesperson announced that Cooper’s team had developed an efficient method to increase gasoline usage. In fact, the method could increase the utilization rate of gasoline by one-fifth!

It was common knowledge that gasoline was a scarce resource and could not be regenerated. Countries all over the world had been racking their brains to come up with ways to increase the utilization rate of gasoline as much as possible. Thus, it came as a bombshell revelation that Cooper’s team had developed a method to do this.

An increase of the utilization rate by one-fifth! By extrapolating the data, it was obvious that this method could save a staggering amount of gasoline and resources every year!

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