My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 856

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 856

Half an hour before the island was blown up, Cooper left very coolly, leaving the guests only half an hour to escape.

Time was indeed tight. There were thousands of people on the island, not including a thousand or so staff. With this bit of time, it was too late to pack any luggage. It was only enough for people to go back to their rooms to pick up a bag and run toward the planes and boats.

For the guests, there was nothing to lose.

But for the Mitchell Family and the Edwards Family, this loss was huge. They weren’t able to take away the properties on the island nor this luxurious wedding. There was not one bit of this scenic island they could take with them.

The warship’s missiles had been prepared. The bombs would not give them any time to argue and theorize.

“Cooper!” As Jordan roared, he was dragged away by Lucy and Ian, while Sam had already slipped away much earlier.

If Cooper ordered the explosion, it would definitely happen. He was Fass Michel, the second-largest arms dealer in the world.

There was nothing Alex could do now, even if he hated Cooper to the core. The warship was not fake either. I didn’t expect that Cooper would really use a warship!

All of the guests got on their own means of transportation one after another. With their own ships and planes, they disappeared as fast as they could, and after a short while, the pier and airport were both devoid of people.

For this wedding, the Mitchell Family had also dispatched a luxury cruise ship, which brought the Mitchell family members and some guests away.

“Dimon, take your men around the island to check if there are any stragglers,” Alex suddenly said to a young man in a black suit.

The young man, Dimon Mitchell, was taken aback. But at that very moment, the cruise ship had sailed away. Dimon and his two dozen men were just left on the island like that.

There were no boats at the pier and probably no planes at the airport. The two dozen of them who were left there were just waiting to die by the explosion.

Those twenty young faces were filled with despair and anger, but they knew why they were left behind.

They were the group of people who had taken on the task of injuring the lion and the dog.

Besides, they also killed Faye Edwards.

But what choice did they have? Those who were born in the Mitchell Family would either be servants or masters.

For them, they were only thugs raised by the Mitchell Family. Even their ancestors had been thugs for generations. Their parents and brothers were members of the Mitchell Family, so they couldn’t leave, let alone resist the orders issued by the Mitchell Family. Loyalty was their creed.

Now that their mission had failed, they were destined to die together with Faye in order to quell the anger of the Edwards Family and also to end this horrifying lion mauling case. There would be no evidence after their deaths!

Ha, my little brother was killed on the spot just now by that lion while trying to get it to submit to him. I also lost several brothers, and now, this is how I end! But what can we do? There will always be a sacrifice in family conflicts. We’re the first sacrifices of the Mitchell Family’s internal conflict, and there will be more in the future.

“Dimon, what should we do?” asked a young man beside him with blood still on his face.

Dimon looked back at the group of men who had been with him for many years. His eyes were full of apology, but he still said, “There is still some time, so let’s first look for any ships nearby.”

There were two piers on the island; one was in front of them and was without any boats, not even a small one. They had no idea what the situation was like at the other pier, but they had no time to go over there now.

As Dimon despaired, he received an unexpected call.

Caller ID: Sean Mitchell.

Although Sean and Dimon were supporting two different sides, they were still playmates when they were young after all. However, they hadn’t spoken to each other for more than ten years. All they had between them was a saved number that was never used.

Until now.

Dimon decided to answer the phone.

The voice of the person on the opposite side was loud and clear. “There is a truck at the pier, and the key is under the sun visor. Drive to the airport; I will wait for you there.”

I will wait for you there…

When Dimon heard these six words, the faith that he had held in his heart collapsed instantly.

After hanging up the phone, he took a second to express his anger and conflicting emotions.

A second later, he yelled, “Come with me if you want to survive!”

He took the lead in pulling off the Mitchell Family crest from his shoulder.

The Mitchell Family crest originally had a dragon on it, which was the symbol of the Mitchell Family and had been passed down for hundreds of years. After Alex seized power, he changed the family crest. As for Cooper, he still used the old crest after his return.

What Dimon and his men wore was the transformed family crest that Alex had changed.

Driven by Dimon’s action, all of his men threw the family crest on the ground and stepped on it. Then, they hurriedly got into a large truck next to the pier. It was originally used for transporting goods, but there was no time to drive it onto the ship just now, so it was still parked at the pier. The two dozen or so men just barely fit into the truck.

After retrieving the key, Dimon drove the truck carrying his two dozen men to the airport at the fastest speed.

They had no other thoughts. At this moment, they just wanted to save their skins!

What is loyalty even? We are loyal to the Mitchell Family, not to Alex alone!

The airport was empty, saved for a luxurious private passenger plane parked there. The old Mitchell Family crest was painted on the plane.

Sean was waiting for them at the door of the plane.

Dimon and his twenty men swarmed up to the plane as fast as they could…

Not long after the plane took off, there was a loud bang in the island’s direction, which caused the plane to shake violently. As everyone looked back at the island, they saw that the entire island, along with its properties, had exploded, and its pieces sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Dimon had noticed just now that it was a very special bomb. The bomb divided itself into dozens of bombs over the island and blasted it with such precision that every area was wiped out without mercy. There was absolutely no hope of survival on the island.

This small island and the wedding that was held on it were worth hundreds of millions. Yet, they were just blown up like that, along with countless treasures that could not be taken away in time.

The plane flew away, but Cooper himself was not on the plane. It was Sean who assisted them and told them to call home to inform their family members to make preparations so as to prevent Alex’s men from causing trouble for them.

After making the phone calls and talking to the families, a dead silence enveloped the cabin, for no one dared to speak.

They had only injured Cooper’s lion, and Cooper had become so furious that he bombed the entire island for it.

Even if they escaped from the island, they were about to suffer Cooper’s wrath. Wouldn’t it be better to die on the island instead?

Many of these young men had never experienced Cooper’s power, but now they had a chance to see it. For a lion and a dog, he was fine with offending the entire Bayside City.

Sean distributed cans of beer to them to calm them down. He even comforted them by explaining, “My fellow comrades, there’s nowhere for you to go after leaving the Mitchell Family, so you should just work under Uncle Cooper!”

Dimon drank his cold beer and smiled bitterly. “We’ve offended Cooper, so how could he accept us?”

Rationally, Sean smiled and said, “Uncle Cooper knew that you were going to be left to fend for yourselves, so he asked me to wait for you! He also specifically ordered us to wait until you got on the plane before dropping the bomb.”

Dimon was shocked, but after a long pause, he still refused the suggestion to go to Cooper. “Oh… Forget it, we will just cause him trouble.”

Thousands of distinguished guests had watched the video and saw them killing Faye and making Cooper the scapegoat.

If they took refuge in Cooper now, Alex might use this to make a fuss. He could say that they were originally the spies Cooper had placed next to him. With that, he could then smoothly blame all of this on Cooper.

In that way, Cooper would be the one having to pay for Faye’s death.

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