My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 855

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 855

“Stan!” Sean ran toward Stanley. He had never seen Stanley in such a state before. At this moment, Stanley looked like a razor-sharp blade that had been unsheathed, tainted with dried blood.

Walking along Stanley was Michael, who, unlike his usual calm self, was now burning with rage.

With the dog chain in his hand, Stanley never looked at the scattered body parts or Vincent, who was pretending to be sorrowful on his knees. After sweeping a look over the Edwards and Mitchells, he held out the blood-soaked dog chain at all of them.

“I am Stanley Fletcher, the owner of the husky accused of killing someone. Previously, after my dog was blamed for biting someone, I installed a hidden camera on its dog chain in order to find out why my obedient dog would attack humans all of a sudden.”

As soon as he finished his words, the expressions of some of the Edwards changed drastically. While the guests were stupefied, Jordan and Alex were terrified that their wrongdoing might have been captured by the camera.

Despite the fact that his eyes had turned bloodshot, Stanley tried his best to hold back his tears.

The sky had darkened, and only a few street lamps lit up the beach. Harry told some people to set up a projector screen, after which Stanley inserted a chip into one of the ports of Nicholas, which then projected the video taken by the camera at the screen.

The video on the screen was crystal clear. Harry had set up a home entertainment system on the beach complete with loudspeakers.

The crowd fixed their eyes on the screen, which showed the viewing angle from the dog chain. Sometimes, the dog would sit up, and when it lay on the floor, its fur would cover the camera. A while later, it was sent to the guest room, in which two more dogs, the lion and the animal trainers were taking a rest.

The lion wanted to play with Judge, but Judge was terrified and went to hide in one corner. Seeing this, the animal trainer lugged the lion away. The other dogs didn’t seem to be afraid of the lion as they were lying on the floor together and licking each other.

After the two animal trainers got some tap water to quench their thirst, to everyone’s surprise, they fell to the ground. At that time, no beer bottles were seen, and the animal trainers never consumed any alcohol.

After the animal trainers passed out, the lion walked over and patted them with its claw. Seeing as the humans never responded, the lion lay down beside them and wagged its tail, seemingly waiting for them to awaken. The lion just looked like a bigger cat and didn’t seem like it was about to kill any humans soon.

Judge immediately opened the door in an attempt to flee from the room. Unexpectedly, more than ten men in black were already outside the room. They stormed into the room and captured the lion and the husky. If the animals resisted, they would strike them with rods. Although the lion was groaning in pain, it didn’t seem to have the intention of harming humans. The most it did was to claw at the men lightly.

While the dog was growling in pain, the lion extended its head in an attempt to save the dog. One of the men immediately hit the lion’s head with a harpoon, which caused the animal to howl as blood streamed out from its head.

The men seemed to have a particular plan. While some of them were standing guard, the others lugged the dog and the lion toward the beach. At that moment, all the guests and staff members were still at the party. On the beach, some men in black were killing a woman with harpoons and then dismembering the body.

After the animals were brought to the corpse, they were howling in fright, but they were then mercilessly beaten up.

The woman who was killed with harpoons was Faye Edwards. At the sight of that, all the guests were shaken to the core.

The following scene was even more horrifying. Those men surrounded the lion and tortured the animal. The harpoons that were used to kill the woman were now deployed to harm the lion. Even the rods were split into two in the process. However, the lion seemed to have forgotten how to resist as it was only growling in response.

A while later, the wild nature within the king of the forest seemed to have been reignited. It became incensed and killed some men in black on the spot. Although the image was shaking now, the guests could see that the lion was truly infuriated. After attacking those men, the lion went on to dig its teeth in Faye’s flesh.

The dog turned mad as well. After gnawing at the corpse, it then held the head in its mouth and fled from the scene.

Then, the image turned black suddenly. After Stanley turned off the video, Harry hurriedly told his people to pack up the entertainment system. Otherwise, his system would be smashed if the others went into a scuffle.

At that instant, no one had the guts to utter a word. The Edwards and the Mitchells were left flabbergasted. The guests felt that their world view had been shattered.

“Oh, God! Did you see that? Faye was pierced to death!”

“Yes. The woman was still moving initially. Oh my goodness! That was cruel!”

While the expressions of Jordan and Sam had darkened, the look on the faces of Alex and Vincent was even gloomier, because those men in black worked for the Mitchells.

Stanley was so enraged to the point that his expression was eerily calm. By now, he had memorized all the faces of those men who had harmed Judge. Still, they were just executing the order of the Mitchells, who were Stanley’s real enemy.

Pointing at them, Stanley sneered. “The Fletchers are not as rich as the Mitchells, nor are we as powerful as you are, but that doesn’t mean you can harm us as you please! That is my dog! Since you’ve hurt my pet, it means that you have no regard for my family whatsoever. I, Stanley Mitchell, will never let you off!” Upon finishing his words, he turned to leave.

The crowd fell silent; no one even dared to let out an audible breath.

The Mitchells had killed Faye, who had just married Vincent, in the cruelest way possible, and even shifted the blame to Cooper in an attempt to sow discord between Cooper and the Edwards. However, they didn’t expect that they had offended the Fletchers along the way.

What a magnificent show! those people in the crowd thought.

After Stanley left, Cooper stared at the silent crowd with a glacial expression. Meanwhile, a naval ship appeared at the port that was some distance away. Cooper shot a look at the Edwards and the Mitchells. Rather than feeling angry, he was just utterly disappointed.

Although he was ruthless, he was an intelligent man. On the other hand, these people were cold-hearted, but somehow, they were also foolish.

“Do you see that naval ship? In half an hour, it will launch a missile and destroy this island. Whoever wants to live, flee now.” As soon as Cooper finished his words, he turned around and left.

Trembling in anger, Jordan snarled, “Cooper Mitchell, you’ve crossed the line!”

Without stopping, Cooper replied, “So what?”

While Jordan’s chest was heaving in a fury, Sam had run off. After packing up his stuff, Sam took Corrado away and boarded his private jet to flee from the island. All the guests went into a panic. Without even retrieving their belongings, they boarded the ship and the plane to run for their lives.

No matter how much the Edwards and the Mitchells were resentful of Cooper, they did not have the courage to stay on the island. In half an hour, the island had been deserted. Faye’s corpse was left on the beach, serving as the food for the seagulls.

Thirty minutes later, a missile was launched from the sea within the territory of Demarca. The wedding venue that took hundreds of millions to build vanished in an instant. When a mushroom cloud sprouted on the island, it signaled the start of the war between the Fletchers, the Edwards and the Mitchells.

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