My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 854

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 854

“Sophia! Sophia!” Michael called out to her in a hushed voice as he held her face with his hands to make her face him. Like a string of pearls that had snapped, her tears were streaming down the back of his hands.

Staring at him, Sophia wailed, “I seem to have recalled a sad memory, but I cannot remember what it is. I don’t know what the event is about…”

When Judge was being assaulted by those men in black, a fragment of her forgotten memory sprang back to her mind. It seemed that she had witnessed a similar sight before, in which she was left helpless, crying in despair.

She was sorrowful, but she couldn’t remember the reason behind that. She had forgotten what she had gone through!

On the other hand, Michael knew that bit of her memory. There was once when her dog was trying to protect her, but it was later beaten to death.

That was a trauma she had suffered from when she was a child. Even if she had forgotten about it, it had left a mark in her heart. So, when she witnessed a similar scene again, she was gripped by the same negative emotion.

Hugging her gently, Michael said, “You’re safe. Let’s go to the bedroom and take a rest.”

He wanted to help Sophia get to the room, but she couldn’t even stand on her own. In a decisive manner, he lifted her off her feet and said, “Let us take a rest and go home later. Do you wanna go home on a plane or a ship?” He was trying to distract her so that she wouldn’t fall back into her wild thoughts.

In a low voice, Sophia replied, “I wanna go home on a ship.”

Michael said, “Alright. Your wish shall be granted.”

He could never believe that the lion and the dog, which were inside the room, would suddenly go berserk and start attacking humans. Having no trust for the Edwards and the Mitchells now, he helped Sophia get into the car and drove to the port. After that, he carried her into his small naval ship. This place is one hundred percent safe.

After entering a bedroom, he placed Sophia on the bed and gave her some sleeping pills so that she could have a proper rest. When he was certain that she was asleep, he went to the infirmary to check on Judge and Barney.

Barney was still asleep. At that moment, the veterinarian was shaving all its fur to get its wounds treated. The wounds on its body were a frightening sight to behold, and its blood was splashed across the floor.

Meanwhile, Cooper, the Edwards, the Mitchells and some guests were reaching for the crime scene. Linus boarded the ship to check on Barney and said, “It’s fine. These are all flesh wounds.”

However, Judge was badly injured. Its skull was broken, and there were wounds all over its body. Fortunately, the animal had stopped bleeding.

While Stanley was sobbing on the side, Sarah was patting his back, trying to comfort him. Although Judge was paralyzed by the tranquilizer, it hadn’t passed out. As a living animal with emotions, it was tearing up in fright. With its mouth open, it was whimpering.

Holding its paws, Stanley said gently, “Judge, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you…” My dog has never bitten anyone before. What happened to it today?

As Barney was a huge animal with thick skin, it only suffered from some flesh wounds. However, Judge’s organs were severely injured, so they were racing against time to save its life.

It is just a dog. Why do those people want to make it suffer? Stanley thought as he brushed off his tears. By now, his clothes were soaked in Judge’s blood.

After patting Stanley’s shoulder, Michael told Shae to go into Sophia’s room to accompany her.

As the sky was darkerning, the sun disappeared into the horizon, and the smell of the breeze was tinged with a metallic tang. At this point, the Edwards, the Mitchells and some bold guests were going from the wedding venue to the beach, where the crime happened.

According to some witnesses, Faye didn’t attend the party because she was feeling unwell, and she went to the beach with her assistant, who was bitten to death by Barney at the venue.

For some reason, Faye was attacked, so the assistant fled the scene to ask for help. Although the bodyguards of the Edwards Family had stepped in to help, they failed in their attempt to stop the lion from running away. Subsequently, the animal jumped into the venue and killed the assistant.

Firstly, they went to the room where the lion stayed. Inside the room, there were two more dogs, which were a giant poodle and a black Labrador.

The dogs seemed to have been frightened as they started barking at the guests. Meanwhile, the two animal trainers, who were responsible for keeping watch on Barney, were lying on the ground, clearly intoxicated. The door had been broken with the animals’ claws.

One of the guests made a rash guess. “It seems that these animal trainers fed some wine to the lion, so the animals became drunk and started attacking humans!”

The others nodded in agreement.

With a dark expression, Cooper told some people to keep an eye on the dogs and wake those trainers up before he headed for the crime scene.

Reaching the beach, they once again witnessed another horrifying sight. Countless footprints of humans and the lion were left on the sand, and human organs were spread across the beach.

It was probably the cruelest way a human could lose her life. With her body dismembered, she couldn’t die with an intact corpse.

It was apparent to everyone by now that these body parts belonged to Faye, who was the hottest actress currently as well as the protagonist of those scandalous videos. Just a few hours ago, she appeared before the crowd in an exquisite dress, but she was now dead with her organs splashed across the beach.

Some people surrounded the corpse, which was full of claw marks that resulted from the attack of a beast. Smelling the blood, some seagulls were hovering above the body.

“Oh, God. She’s dismembered!”

“What a miserable way to die.”

As the guests were gossiping, the Mitchells and the Edwards put on face masks and started picking up the body parts.

Walking over, Justin took a look at the scene and whispered in Cooper’s ear, “Most of the wounds were caused by humans rather than by an animal. Her body seems to be torn apart by something like a harpoon.”

Over the years, in order to hunt Phantom Wolf down, Justin taught himself forensic science because those who knew Phantom Wolf’s whereabouts were all killed. Now, his expertise was on par with those forensic specialists. That was why he could easily figure out what was wrong with the corpse.

Upon hearing that, Cooper remained impassive.

Firmly believing that it was Barney who killed Faye, Jordan growled, “Cooper, you allowed your lion to attack humans. You must be held responsible today!”

Not willing to appear weak, Cooper said in a glum voice, “I will not accept this accusation before we find out the truth. I want to check the security footage and have a post-mortem performed on the corpse!”

“No way!” Right after Jordan yelled, dozens of men in black immediately surrounded Cooper. “If you don’t hand over the lion to me, I will never let you go!”

Oh wow, are they trying to compare firepower with me? With his armed helicopters ready to strike, Cooper was unafraid of the threat he was facing. He would never believe that his lion would harm humans for no reason.

Just then, Sam voiced his opinion. “Cooper, it isn’t entirely your fault that your lion went berserk. You shouldn’t damage the friendship between our families for the sake of an animal. Please pass the lion to us.”

There was no way Cooper would let them have Barney. Otherwise, the accusation against him could never be proven wrong.

If he wanted to kill, all of these people would lose their lives on this day. However, he would never tolerate any false accusations against him. Furthermore, he had returned to Cethos to expand his business. Unlike some war-torn countries, there was the law in Cethos, hence he had to protect his own reputation.

The sea level was rising. Just when they were in a stalemate, a figure was coming over from the other side of the beach. His expensive black leather shoes were submerged in the sea, and his socks were soaked wet, but he didn’t seem to mind.

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, the person was shuffling toward the crime scene with a bloodied dog chain in his hand. “Let me tell all of you what really happened!”

They turned around and saw a young man, whose white shirt was dyed crimson. His face, his hands and the dog chain were all caked in dried blood.

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