My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 852

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 852

During the freshers’ week at Bayside University, Faye fell into an argument with someone. Amidst the chaos, that person broke her nose with a punch.

But it has been four years since that person passed away! Suddenly, Faye widened her eyes and stared at the woman before her, whose face had become an online sensation and a sample for people who planned to undergo plastic surgeries. Even Faye used the woman’s face as a reference when she had her face modified at the clinic.

However, a modified face could never be as perfect and natural as the original. That person was Scarlett Mitchell, who was also Sophia Edwards!

No way! Sophia Edwards was dead! How did she come back to life and even become Cooper’s daughter? Faye thought.

Upon finishing her words, Sophia turned around and met with Michael, who was gazing at her in a loving manner.

On the other side, Faye returned to her room in a dazed state. At this moment, she had lost her ability to think. Sitting on the bed, she started spacing out. She’s back.

The Mitchells had been trying to figure out Cooper’s whereabouts for years, but their attempts always failed. Hence, they didn’t have the foggiest idea about Scarlett Mitchell’s background. The father and daughter simply returned to the family one day out of nowhere.

However, Faye couldn’t have imagined that Scarlett Mitchell and Sophia Edwards were the same person. She had witnessed her ruthlessness before. Back then, Sophia alone was enough to bring down the entire Harper Family. Because of her, Mr. Harper jumped off from a building; Xyla was killed with a disease; Richard’s life was destroyed. Ever since Sophia agreed to give them 50 million, it had always been a trap.

Faye almost forgot that Sophia had the proof of her salacious activities. Her goal is to destroy the political marriage between the Mitchells and the Edwards through me. Now, she’s done it!

The dinner party would commence soon. No matter how disdainful Vincent felt about Faye, he had to pretend that they were still a loving couple. When the wedding was over, he would do all he could to divorce her.

Seeing that Faye’s make-up was ruined from all the crying, Vincent mocked coldly, “What are you doing here? Get changed and go to the dinner party now. Also, fix your make-up. It’s revolting!”

Oblivious to him, Faye was still sobbing. Since last night, she had been gripped by fear and sorrow. She knew that her life was ruined. For the past two days, she didn’t even have the courage to watch the news. While the Edwards wanted to kick her out of the family, the Mitchells were eager to kill her. The moment her scandalous videos were exposed, her marriage with Vincent was over, and she could never go back to showbiz.

My life is over… It’s all Sophia’s trap. She has the ability to keep a person’s hopes high and then ruin their life completely. Hugging her own knees on the bed, Faye sobbed as she mumbled, “She’s back… She’s back…”

Meantime, Vincent had changed into new clothes, ready for the party. Seeing as Faye was still murmuring like a mad woman, he felt irritated. Suddenly, he recalled that Sophia had mentioned about the freshers’ week.

So, they knew each other a long time ago. It means that Faye should know about Scarlett’s background! Holding his irritation in, Vincent asked in a soft voice, “Faye, did you know Scarlett before this? Can you tell me her background?”

Faye’s eyes were soaked in tears. Having gone through an emotional roller coaster for the past two days, she was on the brink of going mad. The moment she found out that Sophia and Scarlett were the same person, the strings in her mind snapped. After all, she had witnessed how ruthless Sophia could be.

Aside from the downfall of the Harper Family, the Edwards Family was also Sophia’s target for revenge. A few years ago, Judy suddenly went missing for no reason. After Victoria offended Scarlett, who was also Sophia, she was forced to go bankrupt. Also, Sarah’s father’s life was ruined because of Sophia. Additionally, Joe went missing after Scarlett and Mitchell returned to the family.

Now, everything had fallen into place. It was no wonder that Sophia didn’t look like Joe at all. It was because she was Cooper’s daughter, and Annabel was his woman! The father and daughter had returned to the family to take revenge!

“My life is over… My life is over… Both the Mitchell Family and the Edwards Family want to dump me… My dad’s dead… I’m going to die as well… She’s back! Sophia Edwards is back!”

Seeing as she had gone mad, Vincent stared at her in a derisive manner. However, he had managed to get a piece of useful information from her—she mentioned Sophia Edwards. He had been pursuing his doctorate degree for the past few years in a foreign country. Having returned to the country just two years ago, he didn’t know who Sophia was.

When he stepped out of the bedroom, he came across Sandra, who was going to check on Faye.

“Vincent, how’s Faye?” Sandra asked.

With a contemptuous expression, Vincent replied, “She’s gone mad. Don’t worry. She’s still alive.”

Sandra let out a sigh, thinking that it was a shame that Faye was destroyed. She’s no match for Scarlett after all! It seems that Scarlett is cleverer than I expected. In one easy move, she managed to ruin the political marriage between the Edwards and the Mitchells. I guess I have to come up with a better plan.

With a frown, Vincent continued, “Just now, she kept mumbling that Sophia’s back. Who on earth is Sophia? What a crazy woman!” He then turned to leave, failing to notice Sandra’s expression that had turned dark in an instant.

What did I hear? Sophia is back?! In that instant, Sandra immediately figured out that Scarlett and Sophia were the same person. With her eyes widened, she gasped in disbelief. Remembering how she had gotten her position within the Mitchell Family, she couldn’t believe that not only was Sophia alive, but the latter also returned as Cooper’s daughter.

She didn’t think Sophia had any proof of her wrongdoing. Even if anything happened to her, the Mitchells would protect her. However, she had offended Sophia earlier. Moreover, the reason for Sophia’s return was that she wanted to get back the title as the young lady of the Mitchell Family from Sandra. Of course, she would never allow her hard work over the years to be destroyed just like this. I have to come up with a solution! No one can snatch my position from me!

Here on this island, a typical luxurious dinner party was going on pretty smoothly. Clad in a formal dress, Sophia walked into the venue arm-in-arm with Michael, which was a rare permission from Cooper, who was trying to be inconspicuous in one corner.

On this night, Michael was a gentleman who would fend off all the trouble for Sophia.

“This party looks great,” Sophia said. “The Mitchells must have spent lots of money to get this done.”

Michael replied, “Our wedding will be grander than this.”

Without refuting him, Sophia held his hands and they walked toward the dance floor before dancing to the music in the background. They looked like a loving couple.

Holding her hands, Michael asked in a gentle voice, “How do you want our wedding to look like? A traditional one? Or an exotic one? However you want it to be, I’ll get it done for you.”

Chuckling, Sophia was about to speak when a woman covered in blood rushed into the venue and shouted, “Help! There’s an attacking lion! Help! Miss Faye was bitten to death!”

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