My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 850

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 850

The wedding would last for three days. On the first day, the ceremony and the dinner party would take place. On the second day, there would be more exciting performances and other social gatherings. On the final day, all of them would board the cruise ship and return to Cethos.

Although the most climactic and sacred part of the wedding was over, Sophia didn’t think she was late. The show has just begun. After showing the security guards her invitation card, she got into the place easily. Also, she was accompanied by some people.

Meantime, Harry and Michael had gotten their invitation cards as well. After all, they were the only two Cethosian winners of the Academy Award. Even if they were not as popular as previously, they were still influential figures in the country.

Furthermore, Cooper had brought with him Sean and other Mitchell Family members. Since this was Vincent’s wedding, of course they had to come.

As the second most powerful person in the Michel Family, Linus was also invited to the wedding.

Additionally, Stanley arrived at the venue as the representative of the Fletcher Family.

Since the return of Cooper, he had always kept a low profile. He especially tried to keep some distance from Linus and the Michel Family because he intended to get back what was rightfully his on his own. He had to prove to everyone that even if he had left the Mitchell Family for more than twenty years, he was still the king of the family.

So, Linus came to this island in Michael’s small naval ship, while Cooper, Sophia, and her huge orange cat flew over in a private jet. When they met up on the island, a cocktail party was taking place. Sophia decided to attend the party.

In fact, this cocktail party was a prelude to the wedding dinner. With no designated seats, the guests could pick up glasses of wine and chat with each other freely. As a pleasant aroma permeated across the venue, the atmosphere was wonderful.

However, after a long time, the bride and the groom still hadn’t reached the venue. Even the most important family members on both sides hadn’t appeared, so the suspicion of the guests had been aroused as they talked about a particular topic.

There were many promiscuous people within the wealthy families. Nevertheless, as privileged members of the society, they tried to keep a low profile when engaging in salacious activities. However, Faye was the exception. The extent of her immoral behavior stunned the general public.

“The latest video was taken just two months ago, right? Her leg was still bandaged because of a dog bite.”

“I can’t believe that when she was still injured, she hooked up with the staff member when she was trying out a wedding dress. Perhaps Vincent was just waiting outside.”

“They decided to wed on a whim. The wedding dress was ready-made and then modified. It was two months ago when they tried out the dress. At that time, Vincent had just bought a luxurious car that was worth a hundred million for her.”

“Taking the monetary gift, the wedding, the diamond ring, the car and the new house into account, Vincent had to spend more than a few hundred million to marry her, but he was still cheated on.”

After a momentary silence, one of the guests went on to say, “I think the person exposed the video at this point intentionally. With evidence in his hand, he never uploaded the video at moments like the confirmation of their relationship, the engagement party or when they were getting their marriage certificate. Right before the wedding, he decided to expose the video for maximum effect. It is an unfortunate moment as all the guests have arrived.”

“Even I feel embarrassed for Faye and Vincent. If I were in their place, I would have jumped into the sea.”

“Even if they’re not embarrassed, I feel utterly awkward being here. Did you see those performers who just left? They also hooked up with Faye before.”

The atmosphere on the island was rather sullen. Even outsiders like them felt uneasy, let alone the family members of the couple who was about to wed. However, they couldn’t leave early. No matter how unsettled they felt, they had to go through this wedding that they would never be able to forget. There’s one more day to the wedding itself…

One of the sensitive guests took a look at a group of people at the other end of the venue and said in a lowered voice, “Who do you think is the culprit who messed with Faye?”

Another person raised his chin at the same group of people. “Isn’t it obvious by now?”

The group of people they were talking about were Cooper and Sophia, who came from one of the branches of the Edwards Family.

Since Sophia had said that she would destroy Faye’s wedding, she would definitely do it. Not only did she want to humiliate Faye on her wedding day, but she also had to stop the political marriage between the Edwards Family and the Mitchell Family.

It was like when someone she hated was about to eat some poo, she had to wait until the person was done having it before she would remind the person about it.

This wedding was the poo the Edwards and Vincent had eaten. Now that the whole world had found out about this scandal, Sophia eagerly awaited their response. Would they go on with the wedding? Or would they fall out on the spot?

Didn’t Vincent marry Faye because of her influence as a famous actress? She was touted as the most beautiful and desirable woman in the country, but after this scandal, could she still stay in showbiz? Could Vincent tolerate the fact that Faye had cheated on him, since the whole world had learned about this scandal?

On this day, Sophia was clad in her usual simple outfit. Looking at her fair skin, it was hard to tell that there was a scar on her face before. While Barney was snoozing by her feet, Sophia was clinking her glass with Cooper.

At the same time, Michael was having a chat with Harry and Linus in a nearby spot. Seeing her, he raised his glass at her.

Knowing that Cooper had arrived, Sam rushed over to the venue. Having been out of the public’s sight for some time, he seemed to have grown older. Perhaps it was because he was infuriated by what happened with Faye.

“Why would you still dare to come here?!” That was the first thing Sam said to Cooper and Sophia when he saw them.

At this point, the Edwards and the Mitchells were scrambling to come up with a solution. Whether or not they would continue with the wedding, it was already shameful enough for them. Hence, they decided to send Sam to calm the guests down.

Basically everyone believed that it was Cooper’s doing, and they thought that his move was extremely ruthless. Also, no one could have imagined that Cooper and Sophia would swagger into the venue.

In reality, this wasn’t Cooper’s doing, as he didn’t like to use dirty tricks. He was an upright man who would fight with his opponents head-on. Even if the political marriage between the Edwards and the Mitchells were successful, they would still be no match for him. However, since Sophia had done such a thing, he was blamed as well.

In a confident manner, Cooper replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare to come here? It’s not like you can do anything to me.”

In fact, the Edwards were in a mess now. While Jordan was close to Alex, Sam was on Cooper’s side. In spite of that, Sam had to protect the reputation of the Edwards. Torn between laughter and exasperation, he decided to give up and leave the problem to Alex and Lucy.

“If Alex finds out you’re here, he’ll kill you.” He wasn’t joking, as Alex had countless ways to kill a person without anyone’s knowledge.

In a calm manner, Cooper said, “My own troops have surrounded this island. I’ve brought with me a naval ship, two submarines and five armed helicopters. As soon as I give the order, they will destroy this island. None of you will survive.”

Sam was drinking a glass of wine to calm himself down at that moment. Upon hearing that, he sprayed out the liquid from his mouth. Horrified, he was thinking if he should beg Cooper to think twice.

The Michel Group was the second largest arms manufacturer in the world, so it was just a piece of cake for them to destroy the island, even if they had to suffer as well in the process.

“W-Why are you even thinking of doing that? This place is packed with the elites of Cethos! If anything happens to them, you’ll be dead!” Sam stammered.

Cooper replied, “Well, this island isn’t within the territory of Cethos. We’re now in the territory of Demarca, which is currently troubled by some rebel troops. After all of you are killed, the rebel troops of Demarca will be held responsible instead of me.”

Sam was soaked in sweat upon hearing that. Previously, he had persuaded his family members against getting involved in the internal strife of the Mitchell Family. Unfortunately, things had come to a point where they could not stay out of this mess anymore. F*ck it! I’m not gonna care anymore!

After meeting with other members of the Edwards Family, Sam proceeded to greet other guests, leaving the problem to his other siblings.

“Corrado, do you miss me?” Sam was stroking the dog’s head. Corrado had come to this island with Cooper. Since Cooper had taken Corrado away, Sam hadn’t seen the dog for a long time.

With its tongue stuck out, Corrado was taking a rest under the umbrella with Judge.

All of a sudden, the crowd broke into a commotion because the bride and the groom had arrived.

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