My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 846

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 846

Meanwhile, Vincent listened in silence, opting not to expose Faye’s lie. The truth was that Lucile did not show up when they went to sign the contract, as Linus acted as proxy throughout the process, so Faye actually missed out on Lucile. However, her vanity seemed cute at the moment, while the lie served to show Cooper and Scarlett the connections that the Mitchells possessed, as not everyone got to meet Linus and Lucile.

Through buying the car, Vincent got to meet and exchange contacts with Linus, which meant that they had established some sort of connection in the least. Spending a billion in exchange for a chance to meet the vice president of the Michel Family was—to him—a fair deal.

On the other hand, Sophia was rendered speechless by Faye’s vain attitude, more so when the latter dragged Sophia over to check out the car which Sophia was in fact tired of. Meanwhile, the car was being treated as the hottest luxury item, with celebrities taking selfies in front of it before posting a heavily edited version of the picture onto their social media.

Faye dragged Scarlett over to inspect the car. “Scarlett, try running your hands over it! The car was produced according to military standards! Look at the color, the shimmer, as well as the fully automated system embedded in it! I bet you’ve never laid eyes on such an advanced car before!”

However, Sophia maintained a blank expression while she recalled that the car was in fact one of the more plain ones she owned. The reason she sold it was because it was too small to comfortably fit her 2.5 meter cat. In the meantime, both Michael and Harry put on a look of adoration.

Michael ran his hands over the car in awe while lamenting, “This is such a superb car! It’s a shame that I don’t get to own it!”

With a look of envy, Harry cried, “Oh, even laying eyes on it is a pleasure!”

The two best actors put on their best act to portray themselves as poor sods who could only begrudgingly behold the car of their dreams but couldn’t own it. Their flawless acting not only managed to satisfy both Faye and Vincent’s vanity, but also put on show the Mitchells’ sturdy financial foothold.

In the meantime, Cooper was on the verge of nodding off while on the sidelines. Although the elders of the Mitchell Family were discontent about his defiant attitude, they refused to approach him actively, thus resigned to cursing him mentally. Cooper had always stuck out like a sore thumb ever since young, so the elders—despite being not much older than Cooper—were rejoicing in the fact that not only was he met with his downfall, but her daughter was also being publicly humiliated.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s face was devoid of expression when Faye was showing her wealth off. In fact, she wouldn’t even have attended Faye’s birthday party if it wasn’t for the upcoming incident that she’d planned.

Eventually, during the climax of the occasion, a few cars pulled over, from within emerged a group of people in uniforms. Their leader sought out Faye before inquiring placidly, “Greetings, Miss Faye Edwards. We’re from the Inspection Division of the Local Tax Bureau. Miss Scarlett Mitchell reported that you had been committing tax fraud, so we will need you to come with us for investigation purposes.”

The fact that Scarlett reported Faye came as a huge shock to everyone present on the occasion. It was public knowledge that tax fraud was illegal. Having set up her own studio that was independent from its shareholders, Faye would be faced with charges if she was found guilty of tax fraud.

The crowd fell into silence while closing in on Faye to check out the situation. Upon knowing who was after her, Faye shot Sophia, who was watching from the sidelines, a menacing glance before feigning surprise. “Oh, why would you accuse me of that? How is that possible? I have always paid my taxes accordingly!”

In fact, she was aware that she had broken the law, but she was confident that even the bureau had to bend to the combined will of both the Mitchells and Edwardses due to how powerful both families were. Even if they managed to uncover anything, she had both families behind her back, so Faye didn’t believe for a second that Scarlett could topple her. There was just no f*cking way that she could.

In the meantime, Vincent explained cordially, “There must be some misunderstanding behind this. Seeing that we’re already this late into the night, why don’t we proceed with the investigation tomorrow?”

The people from the bureau agreed to his proposition, so were soon on their way, allowing them to go on with the party. However, the atmosphere in the mansion during the latter half of the occasion went through a drastic shift. The guests were beginning to whisper among themselves regarding Faye’s supposed crime, as well as the fact that Scarlett Mitchell opted to do so without even trying to cover up for herself.

The amount that Faye declared last year was a little more than two hundred million. However, she requested a compensation of fifty million just that year after being bitten by a dog, which forced her to recuperate for a month. Only a small sum was dedicated to Faye’s mental anguish and medical bills, as the majority of the compensation was determined based on the loss of income when Faye was recuperating.

According to the available data, it was apparent that Faye was able to earn approximately fifty million within the span of a month, which meant that she could earn approximately five hundred million in a year. However, she only declared a total of two hundred million, so it meant that the remaining three million was untaxed. It became apparent to the public now that Scarlett had been waiting all this while to get back at Faye after being subjected to an unreasonable compensation of fifty million.

Sophia left the mansion for her car in the nearby parking lot after the men from the bureau left. While on her way out, she made a call to administer a quick order. “You can now spread the news around.” Upon ending the call, Sophia turned to observe the glorious mansion behind her while wearing a menacing smile. You won’t be getting away easily, Faye!

The incident became a hot topic overnight. There were already various conjectures and contesting opinions going around on the Internet regarding the matter when news broke of the astronomical amount of money being compensated to Faye after she was bitten. The fact that an actress who had no skills and having undergone extensive plastic surgery could earn fifty million per month made Faye the object of people’s envy.

Aside from the peasants in the lower ranks of society, even Faye’s colleagues wished to be in her position. As soon as a hatred toward the rich was triggered, it ignited a blaze that managed to destroy the foundations of lies that Faye’s riches were built upon.

With the aforementioned incident being the preamble of the situation, the fact that Faye was being investigated by the Local Tax Bureau became the critical point that kickstarted a series of gossips that trended the Internet. It was soon discovered that Faye’s wedding ring cost tens of millions, while the new mansion Vincent bought for their wedding spanned across a few hundred square meters, equipped with an elevator no less. On the other hand, someone else uncovered that her car was worth a hundred million.

Every single amount spent on the items were getting on people’s nerves, as they could hardly earn fifty million even if they worked for life, so it was extremely unfair that she could earn fifty million within a month. Her movie saw one of the lowest-grossing box offices, as she had no skills in acting. Other than that, her beauty was artificially constructed, and all she knew was to latch herself to globally-acclaimed award-winning actors, so it was incongruous that she could earn so much more than the other actors who worked hard.

Meanwhile, her envious colleagues were all lashing out at her now that they finally found fault with Faye, direly hoping that the incident would be her downfall that would subsequently end her career. The incident was blown out of proportion during the next few days, so much so that it gave the Mitchells and Edwardses a headache, as they couldn’t possibly come out unscathed.

In the meantime, because Sophia reported Faye publicly, her brand and Michael’s new movie were both gaining attention due to the incident. As things went south, Faye was beginning to panic, all the while regretting lying about her income. Thus, she quickly agreed to cooperate with the tax bureau with their investigation.

After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that although Faye did commit tax fraud, the amount wasn’t huge, so things began calming down after she paid both the required taxes and the fine, as well as finding herself a scapegoat to serve her jail sentence in her stead. It was also revealed that she didn’t earn as much as she’d declared, as the true sum was merely two-fifths of it.

Faye’s studio quickly announced the truth to the public, admitting that Faye didn’t earn as much as she’d claimed. As soon as the statement was issued, it seemed that the incident would resolve itself after a few more moves to soothe the public. But without warning, Pourl filed a high-profile police report at that critical moment to sue Faye for scamming.

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