My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 845

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 845

Sophia too saw the complacent look in Faye’s eyes, but she drove off without making any comments. Arriving at Crimson House, she booked two private rooms, which was soon populated by a crowd. Among them were Michael, Linus, Harry and his partner, as well as Sean and Stanley. Even the filthy rich prince from the Middle East who fought with Vincent, as well as that heir to an European conglomerate were present.

Upon entering the room, Sophia announced, “I appreciate your support, so tonight’s meal is on me.”

If there were no worthy opponents present for the occasion, it would be hard to prompt Vincent into action, which would make it hard to raise the price of the car. A thirty million car being sold at the price of a hundred million was quite the deal in itself, more so when it could benefit from Faye’s popularity.

Faye’s birthday soon arrived. As the Mitchell Family’s future daughter-in-law, the Mitchells honored her by inviting a lot of celebrities, as well as members of the Edwards Family. The birthday party was held in the riverside mansion that Vincent bought for Faye. The four-storeyed mansion spanned across more than 700 square meters, whereas its interior was not only lavishly decorated, but equipped with an elevator. Vincent personally drove the burgundy car to the venue before parking it in the garden of the mansion, which quickly garnered a lot of attention and praise.


While the crowd watched on in awe, Vincent got out of the car to hand the keys to Faye as if it were a solemn affair. His actions seemed to touch Faye so much that she threw herself into his embrace in elation, with the subsequent round of applause seemingly having fulfilled Faye’s vanity.

However, other than the sports car, the other highlight of the day was Scarlett’s apology. Sandra brought along with her a few of the elders from the Mitchell Family, as she wanted them to witness Scarlett’s humiliating public apology. They spent a long time waiting before Scarlett finally arrived. Upon glancing at Cooper’s daughter, whom they had yet to meet till then, the elders determined that she was but another celebrity with a plastic face, her appearance a splitting image with many among the crowd.

On the other hand, Cooper came alongside Sophia, only to be irked upon seeing people walking around with faces similar to Sophia’s. In fact, Sophia’s appearance was somehow being hailed as the latest beauty standard, so a lot of people had been tweaking their faces to look like her, which was something that Cooper was unhappy about.

Aside from Cooper, Michael, Sean, and Stanley came along as well. To add to their already grandiose line-up, they brought with them the 2.5m cat, Barney. Judge came along with Stanley as well, but it cowered at the entrance upon noticing the enormous cat.

All eyes on them, the crowd fell silent for a moment upon their entry. Although it was outrageous of them to have brought a lion to someone else’s birthday party, to be fair, the lion was docile, sitting down upon finding itself a spot where it could rest.

That was the elders’ third encounter with Cooper after his return. The first time was when Woody Mitchell passed away, the second being during Woody’s funeral, while the third being this birthday party. Instead of returning to the Mitchells, Cooper had been going solo ever since his return without heeding the elders’ summons. His actions made the elders felt their statuses challenged, so they always gave Cooper the cold shoulder whenever they met him.

However, Cooper also ignored their presence. For all he cared, the elders were only superior to him in age, as some of them were still among the servants when he took over the Mitchell Family.

On the other hand, Sophia kept a low profile by dressing up plainly today, as she didn’t intend to steal the limelight. Aside from applying some of Carmen’s baby powder, she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. Due to its ritualistic significance, she only ever put on makeup when she had to meet someone important, but not when she was merely gracing someone inconsequential with her presence.

As soon as she arrived at the venue, she went to Faye and apologized, “Miss Faye Edwards, I hereby offer you my deepest apologies regarding the hurt I caused you during Pourl’s product launching ceremony. Please accept my apology.” She gave Faye a sincere bow after saying so.

Chuckling complacently, Faye scanned the crowd before she responded, “It’s alright. You don’t need to take it so seriously. Let’s consider this settled now that you already paid the fines. Vincent and I will soon be married, so we will become family soon.” While she spoke, Faye deliberately combed her hair using her slender fingers to show off the huge diamond ring she wore, whereas a similar one resided on Vincent’s ring finger.

Seemingly unaffected, Sophia said, “Oh, so I see you are registered.”

Faye was so proud of herself, her face was flushed from all the emotions. “Yeah, we did. Because it’s my birthday as well as an auspicious day, we got registered in the morning, while the ceremony will be held next month.” In fact, news regarding their marriage was the trending topic on the Internet ever since a week ago, which helped to promote her upcoming movie.

Sandra chimed in, “Miss Faye will be a member of the Mitchells from now on, while Vincent is the youngest member among the board of directors with a firm hold on the shares of Mitchell Group, so I bet they have a bright future ahead of them! With how compatible they are, this sure is a match made in heaven!” Getting ahead of herself, Sandra was starting to show off unabashedly. “The Edwards Group provided Faye with a huge amount of dowry, which indicates how important her wedding is. And we Mitchells also offered a huge sum as a betrothal gift, seeing the significance of the wedding for both families. My wedding with Ian will be happening next year, which would deepen the bond between the Mitchells and Edwards as we’re now in-laws. This is surely the strong banding together to form an even stronger union!”

However, Sandra wasn’t referring to Cooper and Scarlett’s family. Although the Edwards and Mitchells would be coming into union, Cooper had nothing to gain from it. With nothing under his name, the fact that Cooper had Mark’s assistance meant nothing, more so when Mark would kick the bucket any moment.

Even by arranging for Scarlett to marry Michael, it was naive of Cooper to think that they were secure. Not so long ago, Michael wasn’t even regarded as a member of the Fletcher Family. They only inserted him into the family tree after the poor sod lost his wife. Cooper was therefore being regarded as a senile fool who misjudged the situation in Bayside City after being a castout for more than twenty years.

Despite catching on to the fact that Sandra was trying to show off, Sophia seemed unaffected when she replied nonchalantly, “Yeah, that sounds great.” Without further words, she turned to reunite with her father and the lion.

Exchanging a smile, Faye and Sandra assumed that Sophia’s nonchalance was but a facade to the dejection she felt deep down, as a public apology should be extremely humiliating. However, Faye wasn’t about to let Sophia off the hook, so she dragged the latter with her to check on her new car. “Look, Scarlett, this is my new car that Vincent bought for me! It was used by Lucile Michel! I bet you have no idea who she is! She is one of the top socialites in the world! Her father is Fass Michel, the president of Michel Group, whose net worth could easily rival that of a country! Vincent and I had an audience with her when we went to sign the contract for purchasing the car! We became friends very quickly, and she even invited us to visit her manor! It was a shame that she left for Africa for an errand, or else you might even get to meet her today!”

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