My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 844

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 844

The starting price of this luxury car belonging to Lucile was 30 million with an increment of a million for every bid. Vincent hiked up the price to 40 million in a single go, while Taylor merely increased the price by a million. The implication of this was rather obvious.

Vincent cast a glance in Michael’s direction. He’d been long since aware of Michael’s identity as Mark’s biological grandson and a descendant of the Fletcher Family. However, he’d never cared a whit about him. After all, Mark’s influence was limited to the military, and Michael wasn’t in the military, so he wasn’t worth a damn.

Seemingly sensing his gaze on him, Michael looked in his direction. His eyes were gleaming as though he was resolute to win, and beside him, Scarlett seemed to be harboring some kind of expectation as well.

Just after he’d called out his bid, another person raised his bidder card. “42 million.” The person who bid was the heir of a particular European conglomerate, a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes.

“43 million.”

“44 million.”

There were successive bids, all by people who boasted an impressive background. Besides, all of them were men. While this car might be contrary to men’s tastes, all who bid on it were men. At a single glance, one could tell that some were bidding for their female companions, such as Vincent and Michael, while some had their sights on the car’s former owner.

Rumor had it that Fass’ daughter, Lucile, was breathtakingly beautiful and was only in her early 20s, yet to be married. Regretfully, she kept an extremely low profile and wore a mask during all her appearances. If one could make the acquaintance of this superbly fair, wealthy, and stunning lady and start a relationship with her, one’s entire family would be spared several years of struggle. Thus, many European celebrities and royalty flew over from Europe and America just to attend this auction. This auction was destined to be a bloodbath, for it wasn’t only a car, but also a chance to make the acquaintance of the eldest young lady of the Michel Family!

Vincent had known that it’d be a financial battle from the beginning itself, so he again whipped out his bidder card. “50 million!”

The crowd went into an uproar. It’s just been a mere few rounds, yet the bid has gone up by more than ten million!

However, there were still people who continued bidding despite it being 50 million. “51 million.” Michael raised his bidder card.

“53 million!” It was a European royal prince who called out the bid.

“55 million!” This time, it was a prince from a country rich with oil in the Middle East.

Harry hurriedly joined in the fun. “57 million.” He definitely wasn’t buying it since he’d save the middlemen fee if he got it from Sophia directly. Thus, he was merely playing the game now and driving the price up.

Emanating a cold air, Vincent swept a disdainful gaze over the crowd. With his utmost confidence as the Young Master of the Mitchell Family, he squeezed the slightly anxious Faye’s petite hand before loudly proclaiming, “60 million!”

Faye was over the moon. After all, who wouldn’t be moved in her shoes? Is there a woman who won’t be envious of me to have a fiancé who’s throwing away money recklessly for my sake? She glanced at Sandra out of the corner of her eye, only to see that her eyes were blazing with jealousy. However, Ian knew that Vincent was determined to win the bid for the car today, so he’d long since given up bidding. Since Cooper Mitchell is here today, the opportunity to stand out naturally has to be given to Mitchell from Alex’s line. Thus, she was set on showing off before Cooper. While she was inwardly ecstatic, she still needed to keep up appearances. “Why don’t we just call it a day, Vincent?”

Gazing at her, Vincent flashed her a gentle smile. “It’s fine. It’s just a drop in the bucket.” This amount was actually quite taxing to him, but he was dead set on getting the car.

When the price had gone up to 60 million, a group of bidders gave up, but still, some persevered. Of those, some were merely hiking up the price, while others were truly wealthy. “61 million.” This was from Michael who was driving up the price.

“62 million.” This was Sean who was likewise driving up the price.

“65 million.” This was the truly wealthy heir to the European conglomerate.

“68 million.” Similarly, this was the truly wealthy oil prince from the Middle East.

With his own woman and another member of the Mitchell Family looking on, not to mention Michael whom he looked down upon bidding on it, Vincent definitely wouldn’t give up, so he sneered and called out, “80 million!”

It’s an increase of more than ten million at a single go! Everyone sucked in a breath. The Mitchell Family is truly rich! And this time, Vincent Mitchell is hell-bent on winning the bid!

“81 million.” Michael promptly countered without even having to consider it. Every time Vincent called out his bid, he always followed with an increase of one million. It was an even figure of one million, no more no less as though his goal was to provoke him.

The heir to the European conglomerate stopped bidding, but the oil prince with deep pockets instantly called out, “85 million!”

In the next moment, Harry shouted, “89 million!”

Vincent had finally realized the cruelty of bidding, but he had no retreat since it was him who’d authoritatively started bidding, and his fiancée was even looking on beside him. Hence, after Harry, he declared, “90 million!”

All at once, Michael spoke up and said, “91 million.” Again, it was one million more, no more no less.

This time, no one made a bid. The oil prince frowned as he scrutinized the laptop in his assistant’s hand beside him. Harry had also gone silent, appearing very much defeated, even pulling Sarah who was beside him for a consoling hug as aggrieve manifested on his face.

Only two people present continued to persist—Michael and Vincent. Now that the price had more than doubled, many were pulling out. Gritting his teeth, Vincent slammed his hands on the table and sprang to his feet. “I offer 100 million!”

The auction hall plunged into pin-drop silence. This time, everyone’s gaze swung to Michael, only to see that his brows were deeply creased as though he was hesitating. Several times, he made to raise his bidder card, and his mouth was even twitching in preparation of calling out ‘101 million,’ but he seemed to be holding back the words that were right on the tip of his tongue, dithering a handful of times. It was apparent that he was exceedingly hesitant; he wanted to buy it, but at the thought of the price, he swallowed his words again.

In the end, the auctioneer hammered the nail in the coffin with the gavel. “Congratulations to Mr. Vincent Mitchell for winning the bid for this one and only exclusively-customized luxury car in the world at 100 million!”

Thunderous applause broke out in the hall. Meanwhile, Faye was so touched that she threw herself into Vincent’s arms and sobbed quietly. Despite his heart twisting in agony, Vincent forcefully stifled it amidst the applause of numerous celebrities, leaving smug satisfaction on his face. Then, he even instinctively glanced at those few people who’d countered his bid.

Michael had a distressed expression, seemingly talking to Cooper about something, and it looked very much like he was apologizing or mollifying him. In short, he looked despondent, making it plain as day that Cooper was enraged. Therefore, this had Vincent feeling all the more conceited as though he’d done something exceptional.

When the curtains fell on the auction, everyone slowly left. Reporters were waiting outside the door for the celebrities to make an appearance so that they could interview them. The news that Vincent had bought a luxury car at 100 million for his fiancée, Faye, had quickly spread throughout the entertainment industry, making headlines. Thus, the reporters caught wind of it and rushed over for some hot interviews.

Harry was the first person to exit. When he accepted the interview, he expressed his deep regret, saying, “I was actually planning to buy my wife a new car, but it looks like this car isn’t meant for her.”

Then, it was Michael who was interviewed next. Forcing a smile, he lamented, “I initially wanted to buy this car just to put a smile on Miss Scarlett Mitchell’s face, but regretfully…”

Finally, Vincent was interviewed. As he held on to Faye, who was so touched that she was crying, he declared smugly, “Faye likes it, so I got it for her birthday present.”

Faye dashed off her tears of gratitude, but still, she was keeping a triumphant eye on others around her out of her peripheral vision, such as Scarlett whom she hated to the bone. She’s bound to be extremely frustrated now!

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