My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 843

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 843

After Faye had gotten the money, she boasted to Sandra with no holds barred. Seizing the opportunity, Sandra suggested, “Demand that she apologize to you in person!”

Engrossed in her victory, Faye agreed at once. It so happened that her birthday was just around the corner, so she was hosting a small birthday party and had invited quite a number of people. Many from the Mitchell and Edwards Familywould be in attendance, as would business partners in abundance; all attendees were either rich or aristocratic. Besides, Sandra had even specially invited many of the Mitchell Family’s elders.

I want Scarlett to apologize to me publically during my birthday party! I want the Mitchell Family to see how Cooper Mitchell’s daughter lowers herself and apologizes to someone else! I just want to utterly humiliate her and have them realize who should be the rightful lady of the Mitchell Family! Faye then contacted Sophia, and Sophia agreed right away.

It was going to be Faye’s birthday soon, so her fiancé, Vincent Mitchell, definitely had to prepare her a gift. Vincent was Alex’s biological nephew, a direct descendant of the Mitchell Family. Alex’s son was still young, so he groomed Vincent as though he was his biological son and entrusted him with important tasks. Faye had long since had her eye on him, finally becoming his fiancée after playing all sorts of tricks, and unsurprisingly, they were going to get married within the year.

When they were married, she’d then retreat behind the scenes and become a producer. At the same time, she’d have stocks from both the Edwards and Mitchell families. It’d be much more enjoyable than filming. Thus, she was now at the pinnacle of her life, being the center of attention in the Edwards Family and soon-to-be young mistress of the Mitchell Family in addition to procuring 50 million in compensation. In short, it was smooth sailing for her.

With her impending birthday, Vincent once indirectly asked her what birthday gift she wanted, but she naturally feigned hesitance since she couldn’t really speak her mind. In reality, however, she was already hankering after a car. It was a burgundy ladies’ sports car manufactured by the global industrial giant, Michel Group. In fact, it was a customized sports car commissioned by the mysterious director of Michel Group, Fass Michel, for his daughter, Lucile Michel.

This was the world’s first sports car to be specially customized for ladies with a gorgeous burgundy coat and car seats as well as windows designed especially for ladies. Furthermore, it was brand new. It’d be auctioned by Bayside Golden Age Auction House with a starting price of 30 million, the sports car going to the highest bidder. Not only was the car superb, but the former owner of the car was also extraordinary, so it’d be doubly prestigious to drive it. However, she couldn’t just admit it bluntly, so she merely said that she fancied a piece of jewelry that would be auctioned at the same time to avoid appearing crass and invited him to attend the auction with her.

The appearance of that burgundy sports car at an auction house in Bayside City in Cethos attracted widespread attention from celebrities. Fass was indeed a mysterious figure whose origins were unknown to everyone, and this was even the first time they were hearing that he had a daughter. It was rumored that he pampered his daughter greatly and had tailored many exclusive sports cars for her. Only one of those was auctioned this time, but still, it caused a stir. Many people were even dubious, but the auctioneer this time was Linus Michel himself, so it seemed credible. Many celebrities came from abroad just for a look at how advanced the car belonging to the eldest young lady of Michel Group was. It was even said that it exceeded the current standard for at least ten years.

Therefore, an invitation to the auction was truly difficult to procure. Nonetheless, Faye managed to finagle an invitation and attended with Vincent.

On the day of the auction, a huge crowd thronged the venue. Dressed in a stunning burgundy dress with her arm hooked around Vincent who was young and handsome, Faye attracted much attention. Just after she’d sat down, she caught sight of many acquaintances, such as Nicole, Bethany, and of course, Sandra. Sandra wore a white sheath dress, appearing elegant and stately as she made her appearance with her arm hooked around her fiancé, Ian.

Very quickly, Ethan who seldom made public appearances showed up with his wife, Sarah.

Finally, the actor past his prime who was the current talk of the town, Taylor, made his appearance amidst a torrent of exclamations. After his dog, Judge, had bitten Faye, he was once again thrust into the limelight while riding on the coattails of her fame and was recently at the height of popularity.

Michael had deliberately brought Judge along. Judge was wearing a muzzle, but it was richly bedecked in gold and silver, looking as dazzling as ever with an imposing bearing. It’d just bitten Faye a while ago, yet he’d brought it out now, and to the same event in which Faye was in attendance to boot. Hence, the media swarmed him for an interview as though they’d discovered something huge.

After Michael, Sophia appeared with her hand hooked around Cooper. She was dressed extremely plainly today in a dress and a pair of leather shoes. As someone who was involved in pet luxury goods, she needed to bring a pet, so she had Corrado on a leash. Naturally, Corrado was bespangled in accessories, simultaneously showcasing her products.

When the auction was about to begin, the guests from all walks of life sought out their seats and sat down. Everything to be auctioned today was women’s favorites such as jewelry, accessories, and also that sports car exclusively for ladies.

Sophia sat beside Cooper, and on her other side was naturally Michael. Faye stole several glances at her, noticing that she and Sarah who was sitting behind her were gesturing at the sports car’s promotional brochure. So, she’s also here for the sports car! But well, with me, Faye Edwards, here today, that sports car can only be mine! I want to use the compensation she paid me to buy the sports car she fancies!

However, never had she imagined that Sophia and Sarah’s conversation was actually thus: “Why are you selling off such a good car for no good reason? Are you broke from compensating Faye that you’ve got to sell your car to recoup your losses?”

“Huh? Nah, that’s not it. I’ve got too many cars that this garage in Bayside City has run out of space. So, why not exchange it for some pocket money? I’ve still got several more cars like this. Come over to my house and have your pick one day. I’ll give you one as a gift!”

“How affluent!”

Today, it wasn’t just the ladies who had their eyes on the car, but also many of the male guests. Michel Group had subsidiaries in the military industry and also the hi-tech industry, so this car boasted a combination of both industries’ advantages. The military material ensured that it was bulletproof, while the hi-tech components made it fully intelligent; it was a perfect combination of the two. Besides, it was specially designed by Fass for his daughter, so the quality and significance were extraordinary.

There wasn’t much suspense during the first two rounds of auction. At long last, the final round of auction began. The supercar rose automatically, slowly ascending before manifesting in the crowd’s line of sight. As the lights hit it, it appeared magnificently stunning as though an aristocratic lady in a burgundy dress, its perfect body reflecting a breathtaking countenance. As the auctioneer introduced the main item in the auction today, his voice steeped in enthusiasm, exclamations rang out from the guests below.

“I think this car matches you well.” At a single glance, Vincent could tell that the color of Faye’s dress today truly matched the supercar.

Covering her mouth with a hand, Faye giggled in embarrassment. “Indeed.”

Vincent understood her meaning without her pointing it out. Her birthday is right around the corner, so it’s time for me to prepare her an insightful gift. She didn’t fancy any of the jewelry earlier, so why don’t I just buy her this sports car? Thus, he emphatically called out a bid as soon as the auction began. “40 million!”

This price instantly shocked everyone, including Ian who wanted to buy the car for his fiancée. After mulling it over, he decided to give up. It’s obvious that Vincent is determined to win the bid, so I won’t fight him for it.

It was extraordinarily intimidating when Young Master Vincent spoke out, so many people were discouraged. However, someone called out a higher bid in no time. “41 million!” Everyone’s gaze swung over, only to be greeted by the sight of Taylor with his bidder card raised.

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