My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 842

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 842

“That’s Stan!” Upon taking two steps forward, Sophia glimpsed Stanley’s picture hanging on the wall, looking all formidable with his trademark crew cut while holding Judge’s leash in his hand, Judge appearing very impressive as well. With the illumination provided, she could clearly see that his introduction included the founder of Plum Technology, a renowned esports player, and a multi-time singles champion of Esports World Championship. Beside him were Sean and Sarah, both listed as the founders of Plum Technology. Regretfully, she wasn’t there. She pouted. “I’m not there…” Even Faye, Sandra, Irene, and Lucy were there, but not her.

“Back then, the pictures of you four were hung up concurrently, but the accident then befell you, and Plum Technology increased in scale, so they changed things up,” Michael explained. “It’s fine. You’ll also be there in a few days.”

As they both walked along the alumni corridor, Sophia asked him some strange questions, such as, “Are Stan and Sean dating?” and “Are they planning to go abroad to get married soon?”

Michael’s brows furrowed. Never had I expected her intuition to be so spot on. He gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s a long story. It all began when Sean was young…” When Sean was young, he often visited Fletcher Residence to play with Stanley. Since he had long, black hair and wore a pink tutu, everyone thought that he was Stanley’s little girlfriend. Even Michael thought that he was a girl and treated him exceptionally well, but unexpectedly, he turned out to be a boy.

They chatted while walking, the two of them blending into the dark sky in Bayside City after walking through the alumni corridor… At long last, the bodyguards found Sophia. Upon seeing that their fingers were interlocked, they were driven by the urge to commit murder, but since Sophia was there, they couldn’t really do so. Thus, they maintained a dark expression throughout the drive home, feeling that their lady had been defiled.

When they arrived back at The Imperial, Michael saw Sophia to the door, only to be greeted by the sight of the 2.5m cat blocking the door. Cooper was treating the cat like a guard dog, tying it to the door to keep him out. Sophia could only get in by stepping over it, and Michael followed behind her. He was on cloud nine today, so the enormous orange cat seemed much more pleasing to him, and he couldn’t help stroking it.

Upon entering the house, the lights in the living room were turned on. The three members of the Mitchell Family were sitting in the living room, watching television. Again, Cooper wore a long face, dourness and displeasure written all over his face.

The moment they stepped foot into the house, Carmen flew over like a butterfly. “Mommy! Daddy!”

Hugging her, Sophia couldn’t help giving her a kiss. How adorable! She’s grown a lot. It’s just been half a day since I last saw her, but she seems to have become cuter by 100 times! When she was done with her cutie pie, she then walked over to Cooper and said, “I’m home, Dad.”

“Hmm…” There was a sense of resentment within Cooper, but he couldn’t vent at his precious daughter, so he shot daggers at Michael. He knew that his daughter would have her own life now that she was all grown up and would date sooner or later. Mark phoned him today, saying that he’d seen the live broadcast, thus inquiring about their progress since they seemed to be getting on very well. Cooper then proposed that Michael marry into the Mitchell Family, to which Mark instantly agreed, all gung ho to have him married away immediately. However, at the sight of them both coming into the house with fingers intertwined, he was still very much irritated.

“Mr. Cooper, I’ve brought Sophia home safely, so I’ll be taking my leave.” After hugging Carmen and giving her some instructions, Michael then went home. His steps were airy when he left, and he felt as though he was walking on air. I’ve already held her hand, so I’ll surely get to kiss her on the cheek next time! Today, Great-Grandpa even called to ask whether I was willing to marry into the Mitchell Family. Of course, I’m willing! I’m extremely willing. It’ll be great to be a live-in son-in-law!

Sophia scrolled through the news, only to see that she and Michael had become the talk of town. Fans were all offering their blessings to the actor who was past his prime yet made a comeback now for finding his love for the second time. Carmen’s identity had also been brought up since she’d become popular thanks to a video. The fans indeed had a keen eye, for they managed to surmise the identity of Carmen’s father from her cute countenance. Some reckoned that she was Taylor’s daughter, while some guessed that she was Scarlett’s daughter. In short, a myriad of speculations abound. Michael didn’t reply, knowing that it’d then all die down after they’d had their fill of gossip.

When they were in bed at night, Carmen burrowed into Sophia’s embrace and whined pitifully, “Mommy, I miss Judgey. It won’t be coming back after moving, will it?” Judge had been with her since young, so she truly missed it now that it had moved away.

“Judgey has its own home, but we can go over to its home to visit in the future,” Sophia comforted.

Carmen nestled into her arms, yet not falling asleep at once. Sophia, on the other hand, was still scrolling through her cell phone when Michael sent a few videos to her. Playing one, she then saw herself. Michael’s voice sounded in the video though he didn’t come into view. “12 weeks pregnant. Mommy is healthy, and pregnancy is progressing normally. She even gained weight.” That was Sophia a little over three years ago. She was lying on the sofa with a nightgown, watching television when Michael walked in with his cell phone, filming her. Judge was sprawled beside her, and she stuck her tongue out at the camera while stroking the dog’s head.

“11 weeks pregnant. Baby and mommy are both healthy. Pregnancy is progressing well.”

“10 weeks pregnant. Mommy is healthy and even has a bit of morning sickness.”

And so it went on.

When she was pregnant, he filmed her every week to keep a journal. As she watched her stomach grow increasingly bigger in the video, her heart filled with happiness and warmth. Alas, I’ve forgotten everything! I’ve forgotten how I gave birth to Carmen and how satisfied and blissful I was when she was in my stomach. While I’ve forgotten the past, I can still cherish the present! Putting down her cell phone, she pecked Carmen on the cheek before turning off the lights and going to sleep.

The next day, Faye’s studio issued a statement, accepting Scarlett’s apology. The day after, Calvin, the lawyer Michael retained, went over to negotiate the compensation with Faye. Faye’s lawyer made a list of numerous damages, to which the compensation totaled up to over 50 million. Faye revealed to the public that she merely makes one to two billion a year when she made it to the top five highest-paid actresses in Cethos, and it has only been a few days since she was bitten by the dog. As she’s injured on her thigh, it’s true that she can’t film any action flicks, but she can still film sedate movies. Furthermore, her shampoo, perfume, and jewelry advertisements are all the more unaffected. A flesh wound only takes a month at most to heal, so how could her damages amount to 50 million? However, her lawyer swore that this was her unvarnished income, claiming that she made 50 million a month.

Calvin brought the list back to Sophia. After looking at it, Sophia signed the agreement, and the compensation was swiftly wired over.

When Faye received the exorbitant compensation of 50 million, she counted the money happily, never once expecting that before she’d finished counting it, the subsequent events had developed beyond her imagination.

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