My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 839

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 839

Sophia was thirsty from answering all the questions bombarded by the reporters. When she was about to reply, Michael, who was beside her, handed her an opened bottle of mineral water. He then took the initiative to answer the question with a smile. “I feel that this question shouldn’t be answered publicly. I’d like Miss Mitchell to answer me when we’re alone.”

The reporters were left speechless.

But giving it a thought, Scarlett was single, and Taylor had also been widowed for years. It wasn’t anything shameful if he wanted to remarry.

They had the freedom to fall in love and were a good match. They looked good together, like a picture from a fairy tale, and had nothing people could complain about.

But some reporters liked to make a fuss. Snatching over the microphone, the reporter started asking some pointed questions. “Mr. Murray, is the reason you are courting Miss Mitchell because she looks similar to your late wife, Miss Edwards?”

“Did you choose to court Miss Mitchell because of her wealth, and because she can bring you resources?”

That was an extremely pointed question.

It was so pointed that some of the reporters felt awkward and looked at Michael.

Michael went silent for a moment. Sophia, who was drinking water, couldn’t help but perk up her ears.

That question was really inappropriate. For the time being, she didn’t want to admit that she was Sophia Edwards because she wasn’t ready to accept everything she used to have and be. But if the situation was critical, she could only bite the bullet.

Michael remained silent for a few seconds, but he still answered with the microphone. “My wife was the only interesting soul in this whole world. A lot of people tried to imitate her appearance, but no one could ever imitate her soul. I love her forever.”

Love her forever…

Sophia, who just finished drinking water, felt tears well up in her eyes, but she didn’t show any obvious reaction and maintained her dignified manner.

Michael maintained his warm smile, but everyone could see how sorrowful his smile was.

His voice travelled to everyone’s ears on the scene. “Three years ago, because of that incident which everyone knows, I lost the love of my life. These three years, I shut myself out from the world. I had even wanted to follow after her, but I pushed through.”

“Three years later, I met Miss Scarlett. She was like a gift from the heavens because she gave me the hope and motivation to live. The reason I love her has nothing to do with her appearance.”

“We make a great pair, and money was never part of the equation.”

It was a touching confession.

After hearing Michael’s answer, those reporters who wanted to ask why he faked his death and didn’t appear for three years were left speechless, while the reporter who mentioned his late wife was ashamed of himself.

A few years back, when Sophia became famous as the prettiest girl in Bayside University, her face was used as the reference for plastic surgery, and a lot of stars used her face as a template when they themselves went under the knife. With so many people wearing a similar face, Taylor had chosen Scarlett. That was probably true love!

Taylor was not a poor man either—he was a major shareholder of Asco International and was an Academy Award winner. Even if he had retired, he was still filthy rich, so the rumor of him being a sugar baby was indeed groundless.

The press conference ended successfully in peace.

After the press conference, ‘The National Treasury Action’ and Pourl’s popularity increased rather than waned. Three years ago, Michael’s whereabouts were exposed and he was harmed from being mobbed by his fans. His fans regretted their actions and were filled with remorse, and him resigning from being an actor was more than understandable.

Now, he had made a comeback and found a person to rely on. His fans were all happy for him.

In the ward, after Faye finished watching the live stream, she quickly took out her laptop and googled Pourl. Although they were criticized badly on all social media platforms in Cethos, their branches were spreading quietly abroad. The business of their headquarters in Bayside City was also booming. She didn’t know the actual turnover, but it didn’t seem like they were going to go bankrupt anytime soon.

Taylor and his new movie were also criticized badly, but the search index had also risen sharply, becoming one of the most anticipated blockbusters this year.

At the same time, Taylor admitting that he was chasing after Scarlett had also become the nation’s second hottest topic following the incident of Faye being bitten by a dog.

Sure enough, announcing a relationship was the best way to build hype. The popularity of Pourl and Michael’s new film didn’t decline because of Faye’s incident, but instead reached new highs.


Faye was so mad she threw her laptop onto the ground.

How could this be?

She had hired ghostwriters online to spread rumors, engaged in sadfishing, and even turned down a lot of jobs just so she could pretend to be sick in the hospital, but what she did had helped them instead.

Sandra was looking at all the information on the Internet too. The more she looked, the more ugly her expression grew.

They played us. They gave ground so that they could advance.

Faye was really popular now, so anyone who had a connection with her would become popular. She didn’t expect them to be so shameless to throw away their pride and ride on her coattails.

Faye didn’t know what to do.

Ring! Ring!

Faye’s phone rang. It was an unknown number.

She answered the call, and the first thing she heard was the voice in the live stream.

The person on the other end sounded excited.

“Thank you, Miss Edwards, for faking your injury and aligning it with Pourl’s new product marketing schedule this year.”

“Also, thank you for sacrificing your precious time and turning down jobs worth tens of millions to help Pourl achieve our goals.”

“I also want to thank you on Michael’s behalf. A first rate actress like you taking the initiative to create buzz for an obsolete actor who faked his death was really nice, and it has allowed him to regain his popularity and restart his career.”

“Later, my lawyer will go over to discuss compensation matters with you, taking into consideration your injuries and missed work opportunities.”

Not waiting for Faye to react, she hung up the phone.

“Damn you, Scarlett!!!”

Faye was so mad she smashed her phone. A bulging vein throbbed on her face, and even the implant in her chin protruded.

“Btch! Btch!”

Faye was so furious that she started smashing things.

To put on this show, she had turned down a few endorsements which paid handsomely! Hiring ghostwriters had also cost her a lot too!

She had spent all that money but it ended up helping others. Not only did they ride on her wave of popularity, but they also humiliated her!

How could Faye accept all these?

Compared to Faye who was going crazy, Sandra was calm. She was not the one who suffered all these losses anyways.

She carried on scheming, planning to let Faye continue to shine and be in the front line, and have her crush Scarlett on her behalf. Besides, Faye was the one who needed to take responsibility if anything happened.

Now, there was no point for Faye to continue acting like a victim. They had already apologized and promised to compensate her. It would definitely be inappropriate to continue to criticize them.

Asking Faye to accept their apology was impossible too, as this was harder than having her swallow dog sh*t.

Not only was she unable to fight back, but she was also incriminated of cooperating with the other party on hyping up their new product and new movie.

After much deliberation, Sandra thought of a safe way to deal with this. She suggested to Faye, “Apologising through a press conference can’t be considered a proper apology. You can raise the issue to the media and request for Scarlett to apologise to you personally! She’s too proud to do that so she will never agree. Then, you can make an issue out of it!”

“Also, didn’t she mention compensation? Just take the opportunity to bleed her dry. The higher the price, the better. She must have a limit, right? When that happens, it’s your turn to put on a show.”

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