My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 838

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 838

“Scarlett really… apologized?”

Faye thought she had heard it wrong. She had always known about the fight between Sandra and Scarlett, so she knew that Scarlett was a very difficult person.

She had suffered such a big loss this time, so she was most likely going to fight back. However, after a few days of silence, she actually apologized directly?

Sandra was also at a loss as to what was happening. She silently turned on the phone and searched for the live video of Scarlett’s press conference.

The ‘Faye was bitten by a dog’ incident had caused a lot of uproar on the Internet. It had been several days since the incident, but it was still trending. Now that the owner of the dog that caused the accident had come forward to apologize, the popularity of the incident naturally reached a climax. Immediately, it was followed up and reported by many media outlets.

Faye immediately turned on her phone, and she didn’t even need to search for it because the entertainment channel had vacated the homepage cover to promote Scarlett’s apology press conference on a large scale.

Faye was now in the A-plus list. Even if she squatted casually on the side of the street, her fans would storm the place. Plus, anyone who had any relations with her was guaranteed a boost in popularity.

This time round, she was bitten by a dog, so the dog and the owner were also pushed into the limelight.

In the live broadcast, Sophia wore a white skirt. She looked capable and elegant, and she had a serious expression as she said to the live broadcast camera very sincerely, “I am here to formally apologize to Miss Faye for everything that happened at the Pourl new product launch a few days ago.”

She got up and faced the camera before lowering her noble head and bowing deeply, full of sincerity.

After the apology, she raised her head and took all the blame on herself. “I am mainly responsible for the occurrence of such an incident, and I blame my mismanagement, which caused the scene to be chaotic. I am extremely sorry for the harm caused to Miss Faye. Pourl will bear all subsequent treatment costs and the costs of her work lost. I apologize again to Miss Faye. I will definitely strengthen my management in the future, and this will never happen again.”

Sandra felt that she must be imagining things. A proud person like Scarlett had suffered such ninjustice, yet she chose to apologize directly instead of fighting back?

Was it because she knew that Faye had evidence and footage of the incident, so she gave up fighting back?

However, she had gone to great lengths to tear apart Sandra and King. Why did she get scared when the matter involved Faye?

Faye was biting her lower lip as she watched the live broadcast with a complicated expression.

At the press conference, after Sophia apologized, Michael also apologized. Although the matter had nothing to do with him, he still took the initiative to do so.

“As one of Pourl’s shareholders and executives, I am also responsible for this incident. I am extremely sorry for what happened to Miss Faye. I’m sorry.”

Michael also bowed and apologized. He then fell silent for a few seconds, waiting for the media to finish taking pictures of him.

After the apology, the two instantly occupied the moral high ground.

They had apologized and would compensate her. What else did Faye want? Kill the dog? Gang rape the dog?

If this was the case, the animal protection organization and fans of Judge would not stand idly by.

Did she want Sophia to kneel down and kowtow? To be paraded in public? Or confiscate her household registry to make up for Faye’s injuries?

The police probably would not agree.

The reporters looked at each other as they had never seen such a straightforward apology.

After the apology was over, the reporter could voice out their questions.

Some reporters began to ask tricky questions.

A reporter asked, “Miss Mitchell, what are your thoughts on the Internet rumors that you allowed your dog to bite Miss Faye because you are jealous of Miss Faye’s fame?”

Sophia replied clearly, “Ms. Faye was indeed injured because of my negligence in management, but the rumor that I allowed the dog to bite her is pure nonsense. On the day of Pourl’s product launch ceremony, there were many international superstars among the guests. There were five or six Oscar winners, and if I allowed my dog to bite her because I was jealous of famous people, then I definitely would not have targeted Miss Faye.”

After the reporter heard this answer, they nodded one after another, feeling that her answer was reasonable.

It was said that there were also European royals and international superstars present that day. Pourl’s slogan was to become an international brand and have global influence, so their clients were all international big shots and celebrities. Although Faye was popular in Cethos, this was not the case overseas…

There had been so many celebrities on the scene, so Sophia wouldn’t have targeted her just because of her fame.

Michael had a solemn expression, but he was secretly laughing.

While Sophia was clarifying, she roasted Faye as well. Well done.

The reporter went on to ask the next tricky question, “Miss Mitchell, is this a marketing ploy jointly planned by you and Miss Faye? I understand that Pourl’s sales have skyrocketed since the launch. Even Mr. Murray’s new movie ‘The National Treasury Action’ has continued to rise in popularity. Miss Mitchell, I hope you can answer this question.”

Sophia replied very solemnly, “This was an accident caused by my mismanagement. It was definitely not a premeditated marketing ploy. We will take responsibility and compensate Miss Faye, but please refrain from any conspiracy theories. This is disrespectful for Pourl, and even more disrespectful to Miss Faye. She is the victim, and the victim should not be subjected to such speculation.”

The reporter nodded and agreed again. It was an impeccable answer. It showed full sincerity while protecting Faye, showing Scarlett’s responsibility and courage.

She was indeed Cooper’s daughter!

Another reporter asked another question, “Miss Scarlett, can you comment on the unexpected consequence of Pourl’s soaring sales due to this incident? Did you secretly cheer, or even gloat for having caused such a misfortune?”

Sophia remained calm and answered impeccably, “It is definitely not a fluke that Pourl can have such high sales. We focus on quality and craftsmanship, and with great sincerity, we strive to create a big pet luxury brand belonging to Cethos. Although Pourl’s new product launch event was regrettable, it was generally very successful. The whole world knows Pourl now, which has always been a part of my plan. Pourl deserves our current sales and popularity, and we definitely did not take pleasure in Miss Faye’s misfortune.”

The reporters had nothing more to ask, so they turned to other topics.

“Miss Scarlett, what do you think of the Internet rumors that you had plastic surgery?”

Sophia said, “I indeed had plastic surgery.”

The reporters were all speechless.

They had never seen such a frank person before.

The reporter asked again, “Someone revealed that Mr. Taylor Murray is your sugar baby in an anonymous online post. Can you please give a comment? You had plastic surgery to look like Mr. Murray’s dead wife. Does it mean that you are also interested in Taylor?”

Sophia said, “Mr. Murray is pursuing me. Our relationship is fair and equal, and he’s not my sugar baby. As for why I look like this, my answer is: it’s because I like it.”

The reporters fell silent again.

They felt that they had reached new heights in their careers.

Striking while the iron was hot, the reporters asked, “Miss Mitchell, what do you think of Mr. Taylor Murray? Would you consider dating Mr. Taylor Murray?”

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