My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 837

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 837

Michael watched Sophia and Barney leave with a warm and content smile on his lips.

It felt good to be able to talk to her all night. He was so happy that he felt as if he was in a dream.

However, Michael was a greedy man and was definitely not satisfied with their present relationship. He still wanted to remarry Sophia and have a second child with her.

In addition, he could feel that Cooper’s attitude toward him seemed to be a little better recently.

This might be a sign.

He had even figured out the name of their second child.

After talking with Michael all afternoon, Sophia felt a lot better.

She truly got along well with Michael. He was really a person who knew what was appropriate and what was not.

Sophia knew that he was pursuing herself, but his pursuit did not make her disgusted and annoyed. He was neither fanatical nor humble, and he treated her as an equal in his quest. This made her feel very comfortable.

He never used reasons such as ‘Mark hopes’ and ‘Carmen can’t live without her mother’ to give her pressure and guilt. Instead, he expressed his feelings for Sophia calmly. Although he wanted very eagerly for her to return to him, he never forced her. He just waited for her in such a calm and quiet manner.

Sophia felt very relaxed and satisfied with him.

The news of ‘Faye was bitten by a dog’ quickly caused an uproar on the Internet. Fans of Faye kept hurling insults at everyone. They cursed and scolded both humans and dogs, and even crowdfunded to hire people to steal Judge and cook it into soup. They even wanted to find a few strong, lustful dogs to gang rape it, making Stanley furious.

Those f*cking fans of Faye. If anything happens to my precious Judge, I’ll kill Faye for sure!

Ever since a 2.5-meter orange cat moved into Sophia’s house, Judge, who had been freeloading in Michael’s house for many years, finally proposed to go home. It barked at Sophia to call Stanley to pick it up.

When Stanley came to pick up Judge and saw a 2.5-meter long orange cat lying across the door and blocking the door, he was too afraid to enter.

Damn, it’s scary.

He thought it was scary enough for Sophia to raise a large poodle. Unexpectedly, she even raised a lion at home.

He should definitely not offend her!

Cooper shook his head when he saw him being so cowardly.

He was even more of a scaredy-cat than Carmen!

Carmen was not afraid of Barney at all, probably because she was an ignorant child.

“Stanley, why are you standing outside?”

Michael came from behind Stanley and saw him waiting at the door of Villa No. 2, frowning at the lion that was blocking the entrance.

Michael, who was in a suit and leather shoes, was obviously heading somewhere. With a gentlemanly smile, he walked to the door of Villa No. 2 and stepped over the lion.

Stanley was so scared that he almost peed himself. Still standing at the door, he said to Michael, “Uncle, please bring Judge to me. I-I don’t want to go in.”

The difference between the uncle-nephew duo was so obvious. Cooper shook his head while he looked at Stanley, but his knitted brows slightly loosened when he saw Michael step over the lion without fear.

Stanley didn’t know that he had been completely abandoned by Cooper and became a stepping stone for his uncle’s show of bravery. He waited anxiously for Judge outside the door.

“Mr. Cooper, I’m here to pick up Sophia.”

They had a press conference today, so Michael had hurried over to pick up Sophia.

Although Cooper had on a cold face, he didn’t stop him and said, “End the conference early and send her back for dinner.”

Michael took it that he could also come to their house for dinner, so he quickly replied respectfully, “Okay.”

Sophia went downstairs soon after and asked the servants to pack up all the daily necessities of Judge. Even its bed was taken away by Stanley.

Michael calmly helped her carry the things in her hand and said, “Let’s go to the press conference first. We are almost late.”

He also complimented her smoothly. “I like the earrings you’re wearing today.”

Sophia fiddled with her new earrings shyly and replied, “Thank you.”

These were the diamond earrings from Africa that she received yesterday. She didn’t expect Michael to notice it when he walked in. He’s really observant.

The two went out talking and laughing. They stepped over the big orange cat calmly at the entrance and drove away.

Although Cooper was expressionless, he saw everything that happened.

Although he didn’t particularly like his old son-in-law who was only a few years younger than himself, he had to admit that older men were better at loving their partners. He was much better than Stanley, that stupid young man.

Comparison was the thief of joy.

Stanley was afraid of even a cat. How could he marry his daughter to such a person!?

At this time, in the VIP ward of a private hospital in Bayside City, Faye was sitting among flowers in the room, happily and excitedly sharing her recent ‘feat’ with Sandra.

“Now, Scarlett and her store are going to collapse. Taylor’s new film is also crushed by my news, and the new film is destined to be a failure!”

Looking at the proud and confident Faye, Sandra smiled. However, she was actually gloating in her heart.

Faye had indeed achieved a great feat. However, the pitiful girl didn’t know that she had offended the Fletcher Family and the Winston Family at the same time. She also had to be held accountable if her plan went wrong, but the person who would suffer the most was Scarlett.

Now, Scarlett must be utterly exhausted…

It was a pity that King had announced that they would completely withdraw from the pet luxury goods market. Otherwise, she could take this opportunity to gain publicity.

“You did a great job this time round. Lucy hates Scarlett because she ruined King that she worked so hard to create. Lucy will definitely thank you for all the trouble you caused Scarlett!” Sandra said pretentiously.

Speaking of Lucy, Faye was both fearful and disdainful of her.

Lucy was nothing. She was the goddess of the nation after all!

Sooner or later, she would surpass Lucy!

But now, she had to please Lucy as beggars couldn’t be choosers. She had done such a good job this time round, so she would definitely be able to leave a good impression on Lucy.

Sandra said confidently to Faye, “From my judgment, Scarlett has suffered a big loss and will never let you off the hook easily. You have a tough battle to fight next, but don’t worry! You will always be backed by me and Lucy!”

Of course, this was just lip service. If she really provoked the Fletcher Family and the Winston Family, they would abandon Faye.

Faye took it seriously. Full of confidence, she said, “Don’t worry, she can come at me! I’m waiting for her to do just that. I even have a video of her dog biting me! They can come to check the wounds if they like. I made this wound very realistic, and I’ve bribed the people in the hospital.”

The more they talked, the more excited they became. Sandra vigorously instigated Faye to continue to frame Scarlett and asked her to go to Lucy to take credit.

Just then, Sandra’s phone rang so she went out to answer it. When she came back, she looked weird. With a frown, she said to Faye, “Scarlett and Taylor jointly held a press conference and apologized to you publicly.”

In the battles between Sandra and Scarlett, Sandra was the one who was defeated all the time. Although she had not known Scarlett for long, Sandra already had a certain understanding of Scarlett’s personality and methods. How could she possibly apologize after suffering such a big loss?

However, Scarlett’s apology press conference had already gone live…

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