My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 836

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 836

It was useless to say anything now.

The assistant was angry because Sophia hung up on her. In a very short period of time, the fact that Faye was bitten by a dog became headline news. The news pointed out that Pourl was not able to control the situation and the person in charge of supervising the venue was incompetent, which led to Faye, a famous celerity, being bitten.

Faye’s angry fans were furiously criticizing them on the Internet.

They first rushed to the Twitter accounts of Taylor and Ethan to curse at them. They were Pourl’s shareholder and model after all.

The fans of the two male stars, who were long past their prime, were much more peaceful. They reacted calmly and didn’t fight back. Plus, the two had retired for many years, so they had much less fans now.

This was nothing compared to the time when he was accused of being a scamming transvestite and teaching his dogs how to attack people.

Fans of Faye and her ghostwriters went around looking for their next targets like headless flies. After scolding the founders of Pourl, Harry and Michael, they finally went to Judge’s Twitter page. It was the one who bit Faye after all.

To bury the news of Taylor’s comeback, Faye frantically pushed the news of her being bitten by a dog everywhere and made it a trending topic. In the end, it really overshadowed the news of his comeback and the announcement of his new movie.

She wanted to see how he was going to make a comeback without any publicity. He would have a hard time promoting his new film!

After Sophia handled the hotel’s affairs, the founders gathered together for a meeting.

It was clear that Faye wanted to smear their reputation with this incident.

If she had truly been bitten by a dog, she would have called for help immediately, but she had hid herself in the bathroom instead and called 911!

“We should have found someone to follow her to the hospital and expose her true colors on the spot!”

Stanley was filled with righteous indignation.

However, Sophia disagreed with him. “Just let her continue acting as she wishes! I’ll take care of this matter.”

Everyone had full trust in Sophia. She seemed to be very good at this kind of thing. It just so happened that there were many matters that needed to be handled in Plum Technology, so Pourl could only rely on Sophia to handle this matter.

After the meeting, Sophia went out. Cooper was waiting for her in a car parked outside. Linus, Carmen, and Michael, who wanted to come sit in this car although he also had a car himself, were also in the car.

“Mommy, did I do well just now?” Carmen asked immediately when she saw Sophia.

Seeing the cute Carmen, all the frustration in Sophia disappeared. As she hugged her little baby, her worries vanished.

“My dear baby, you did very well!”

Sophia got into the car, and the bodyguard climbed in with her ‘big orange cat’ next.

Barney had only been in Bayside City for a few days, so it was still not used to this place. It kept dozing off, and it put its head on Michael’s shoulder to sleep.

With the lion head on his shoulder, Michael calmly chatted and laughed with Cooper who was sitting opposite him while silently chanting to himself, This is just a big orange cat. This is just a big orange cat.

Even though Michael was scared of the 2.5-meter big orange cat, he absolutely refused to show his weakness in front of Cooper.

After Sophia went home, took a shower and ate dinner, she took another look at the online news. The headlines had changed from Faye being bitten by a dog, to Faye being bitten by Scarlett’s lion. Then, it was rumored that Scarlett and her lion had been caught. It was also said that she didn’t go through the procedures of applying for a permit, and the lion had been confiscated and was now locked in a zoo, etc.

The opponent was really aggressive this time, going to great lengths to force Sophia to give up. However, Sophia didn’t respond. No matter how much the fans or ghostwriters on the Internet scolded her, she would not respond.

Despite the scolding on the Internet, in reality, Pourl’s orders had skyrocketed. It was probably because the more they were being criticized, the more popular it became. After all, Pourl had nothing to do with it as the fault lay in the poor supervision of the site. Who would’ve known that Faye would get bitten by a dog in the bathroom?

There were no issues with Pourl’s own products, and because of the appearance of Sophia’s big orange cat, she had become a legendary figure in the pet world of Bayside City. The pet lovers in the city were very interested in her orange cat and started to pay attention to Pourl. They finally attracted the celebrities of Bayside City, which made Pourl’s popularity shoot up.

This was simply free advertising for them!

Therefore, Sophia decided to shut up and wait for a few days. She decided to take advantage of the increased publicity for now, but when she saw the haters on the Internet cursing at Michael and Harry, she felt uneasy.

On this day, she made a special trip to Villa No. 8 to apologize to Michael.

Before departing, as soon as Cooper learned that she was going to Villa No. 8, he immediately said, “Barney is also bored at home. You should take it out to play by the way.”

As soon as Barney heard that it was going out for a walk, it immediately came over and rubbed itself against Sophia’s belly docilely.

Sophia was speechless and had no choice but to take Barney. Cooper was relieved when he saw Barney and Sophia enter Villa No. 8.

When Michael returned to Villa No. 8, he received a call from Sophia saying that she would come and talk to him about work. Overjoyed, he hurriedly dressed up. Unexpectedly, he saw Sophia’s 2.5-meter orange cat as soon as the door opened, and he couldn’t help feeling queasy.

When the 2.5m cat came in, all the orange cats at home hid under the sofa. As for Barney, she immediately sat down on a rug and watched Michael and Sophia discuss work matters.

After the two sat down on the sofa in the living room, Sophia asked first, “How are you doing these days…”

Michael wiped his hair that he had just washed and said nonchalantly, “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

When he said this, Sophia felt even more embarrassed. She bit the bullet and said, “It’s all my fault. This happened because of me.”

Michael took the opportunity to say, “You really don’t have to take it to heart. News like this is already commonplace to me. If you remember, the news about me a few years ago was even more outrageous! They said that I was a woman disguised as a man!”

Sophia was taken aback. “Did they really say that?!”

Michael leaned toward her strategically. He took out his tablet and searched for a few keywords casually, and then gossip about him appeared.

Because he had recently returned to the public eye, some of the gossip posts from that year also resurfaced.

Sophia glanced at it casually. Michael indeed had many scandals—having sex with male actors, cheating a gay into marrying him, lifecasting, fighting in nightclubs, and that he was a woman disguised as a man… So there was really such crazy news?

Sophia initially came here to talk about work matters with Michael, but she ended up talking about gossip with him all night. She only left hesitatingly in the evening when Cooper called again and again to urge her to go home.

She initially felt sorry for Michael, but after chatting with him today, she felt a lot better.

Before leaving, she said to him, “Michael, don’t worry. I won’t let you be scolded in vain!”

Michael’s unconditional support for her made her feel touched, so she would never let him be scolded in vain!

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