My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 833

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 833

The man on the platform walked down the runway while holding a mighty husky under everyone’s gaze. He was chic and cool, and his walk was professional and handsome. He walked to the place where the spotlight was, stopped, and looked around the venue for a few seconds. A smile that was both righteous and evil appeared on his lips, and his whole body was full of the domineering aura and the elegance of an Eastern gentleman, which was in harmony with his outfit today and the temperament of a dog.

It wasn’t until he walked up the runway that everyone regained their senses, and there was sparse applause. In the blink of an eye, it was as if a stone was dropped into the lake water, arousing a thousand waves. Then, thunderous applause could be heard.

That was Taylor!

Taylor did not die, and he was not fat either!

Many of Taylor’s fans in the room were extremely excited!

They all stretched out hands which were holding their mobile phones, frantically capturing every frame of his smile and every movement.

The atmosphere of today’s conference reached a climax.

Taylor walked once around the stage and walked backstage. However, within three seconds, he reappeared. This time, he was not holding a dog, but a fair and beautiful hand.

Taylor was holding a woman’s hand and slowly entered everyone’s sights again.

The woman wore a yellow dress with a high-necked design. The skirt was ingeniously matched with a hollowed out design. It was tailored to fit her body, and it outlined her beautiful curves. A fair and smooth arm was exposed, while the other arm was wrapped in cloth. The exposed arm integrated with the whole outfit under the ingenious design, so it did not stick out like a sore thumb.

The woman had long black, wavy hair. A few strands of hair were hanging by her ear, and a few fell on her forehead, hanging over her eyebrows. It covered her imperfections without obstructing her facial features. Her hairstyle and makeup were perfect.

When these two appeared together, it immediately caused a big commotion.

That woman was…

When the woman appeared, everyone looked at Faye in the audience, and saw that Faye herself was stunned as well.

After the two of them walked down the T-shaped platform, Michael bowed gracefully to the beautiful black-haired woman, then retreated gracefully, giving her the stage.

The woman adjusted her microphone, and she said with a British English accent with her elegant and mysterious voice, “Hello everyone, I’m Scarlett. You can also call me Lucile.”

Scarlett… She was Scarlett!

Scarlett, the daughter of the resurrected former family head of the Mitchell Family, Cooper!

Rumor had it that Cooper’s daughter was ugly and hideous, but the woman in front of them had a very beautiful face, a face that everyone knew previously as Sophia!

Sophia, Taylor’s original wife and Faye’s sister, had died in a fan stampede three years ago. She had died with her unborn baby!

But how could Cooper’s daughter be Sophia? !

Cooper had been in exile abroad all these years. His daughter was born abroad, so it was impossible that Sophia was his daughter!

Under the surprised gaze of everyone, Sophia had already started giving her speech. She was the newly appointed person-in-charge, and not long after she joined, she had grown Pourl into a major international brand. Today, she had also invited many foreign journalists from fashion magazines to come over to watch the show. Thus, she spoke fluently and with a English accent, which was a special accent for the royal family and nobles.

Everyone was attracted by her beautiful and elegant accent and her grasp of the English language.

No, this was not Sophia.

She did not sound the same as her, and their temperament seemed to be a little different.

Scarlett should be the third generation of mixed race, and her appearance looked more like a foreigner. Even her eyes were blue, and she didn’t look like she was wearing circle lenses at all.

Sandra and Faye exchanged glances in shock. They thought that she was Sophia, but they didn’t feel like the woman was similar to Sophia. Except for their similar facial features, they weren’t alike at all. Sophia couldn’t speak English fluently, what more with a British accent.

Plus, didn’t she die three years ago? Her father was the fat man, Joe, whom she had confirmed her blood relations by the practice of dripping blood. How could she appear here as Cooper’s daughter?

They were probably just similar in terms of look. Perhaps she deliberately had plastic surgery to look like this!

As the original wife of Best Actor Taylor Murray, Sophia’s face had long been used as the standard for cosmetic surgery. There were a lot of internet celebrities who looked like her in Bayside. Sandra had also seen her hospitalized after having plastic surgery.

Everyone looked at Scarlett on the stage, and now they finally understood why Taylor would come back suddenly and was rumored to be taken care of by Scarlett, the wealthy woman.

It turned out it was because Scarlett and his dead wife were so similar.

This man must have been crazy in love…

Sophia’s face had not completely recovered. There were still some fine marks on her forehead, and there were very obvious scars on her arms and neck, all of which were cleverly covered by Michael’s stylist. Today, she looked extremely delicate and elegant, and she was also very satisfied with today’s look.

She was like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and like a phoenix reborn from the ashes.

Backstage, Michael silently stared at the woman who seemed to be illuminated by all the lights in the world, her eyes full of tenderness and admiration.

His little chica was no longer a little chica, but a phoenix that had soared into the sky…

Sophia explained Pourl’s design concept today in English and won another round of applause.

Sure enough, this was Cooper’s daughter. She had her father’s demeanor.

Amidst the applause, Pourl’s product launch this summer ended. Everyone started to interact with each other at will with free flowing wine and champagne. The men were holding dogs, while the women were holding cats. Through the interactions of their pets, they could get to know the people they wanted to.

Sophia and Michael appeared together. Michael was so fair that his skin seemed to shine, and he looked like a loyal kept man as he followed behind Sophia while flattering her.

With an elegant and domineering expression, Sophia walked freely among celebrities from various countries, and greeted different people proficiently in several languages.

She had truly undergone a transformation. Virs-18 had destroyed her body and appearance, and although she was recovering well now, her appearance had changed under the influence of time and surgery.

An amnesia had caused her to completely change from what she used to be. Now, she was a brand new person. During the two years in Africa, she lived in a bookstore under Quinton’s arrangement, thus she read books everyday. Moreover, she could read ten lines at a glance, and she remembered everything she read. At one point, there were not enough books in the bookstore for her to read. Reading not only allowed her to regain the language she once learned, but also gave her a completely different temperament from before.

Although some people still suspected that she was Sophia, no one dared to express their thoughts under the current circumstances. After all, the two had very different identities, and they might invite trouble by talking about it at will.

Sophia walked up to Cooper, clinked her wine glass with his and said, “Dad.”

She looked excited, waiting for Cooper to praise herself.

Cooper was also very pleased as his daughter lived up to his expectations.

He didn’t skimp on his compliments and said, “You performed well today.”

Sophia smiled contentedly.

In order to take care of his daughter’s business, Cooper had specially ordered several outfits for Corrado. He had snatched Corrado from Sam, so he was his now. When Corrado was free, Cooped would ask him to go to Sophia and Sarah’s dog food stores and dog chain stores to shop around to increase their sales.

Sophia clinked her glass with Linus’, and then she walked away to receive others.

Cooper glared at Michael, but did not stop him from following Sophia.

In Michael’s view, this meant that his father-in-law had begun to relax his attitude toward him. If he worked hard, he would be able to have a second child next year.

Michael followed behind Sophia with light steps.

Irene’s eyes were filled with hatred when she saw the two of them being so lovey-dovey.

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