My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 831

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 831

Sophia was at the side, taking videos of the father-daughter duo using her phone.

Occasionally, a model would excitedly come and ask Michael for a photo.

Harry secretly took a front shot of Michael, added mosaics over Carmen, and was about to make a surprise promotion on Twitter when suddenly, Sarah came barging in angrily to the backstage from the front. As soon as she stepped foot inside, she started swearing up a storm. “Those little shi*s! A female celebrity is shooting a shower gel commercial naked in the hotel next door. All of the reporters have headed over there.”

Sophia glanced at the surveillance footage in front of her. Sure enough, many reporters had gone next door. The media area was quickly becoming empty, and even some of their customers were attracted there as well.

But which celebrity would choose today of all days to shoot the shower gel advertisement? And why would they choose to shoot their commercial in the hotel next to their venue without any warning?

It seemed that the celebrity must be someone famous, else the reporters wouldn’t have rushed off so quickly.

Very soon, Stanley learned what was going on. When he came back, he was filled with indignation. “I have found out what the situation is about—it is Faye Edwards and Irene Weber!”

In the past, Stanley would respectfully call her Aunt Irene, but now, he didn’t use any honorifics when saying her name.

Irene knew that they were having a product launch today, but she still arranged for a shooting to take place next to them. This was obviously done intentionally!

Ever since Irene came back from abroad two years ago, her temperament had changed drastically. Without her military rank, she had released all her inhibitions and had also starred in large-scale erotic dramas, so her shooting a shower gel advertisement naked was not unexpected.

After making some more enquiries, they learned it was an advertisement for a bath product under a big international brand, whose agent in Cethos was Sandra Mitchell.

And so Sandra Mitchell, Faye Edwards and Irene Weber, the three women that Sophia had a grudge against, got together.

This was done deliberately to make her press conference a failure!

Sandra had also picked an appropriate time to give Sophia a call and lorded it over her. “Scarlett, I heard that today Pourl is launching a new product, right? How is it going? It must be jam packed with ​​people!”

Sophia’s face was icy cold. “Yes, there are so many people here,” she replied icily.

She hung up the phone unceremoniously and took a look at the front. Their customers were still there, but many reporters had left. However, the big-name reporters didn’t leave. After all, they were personally invited by her, and it would be rude to leave halfway through.

Sophia had also used her connection with the Michel Family and invited some ace reporters from major international fashion magazines. Naturally, these reporters would not be attracted by some vulgar shower gel advertisement.

All in all, it was just not as crowded as before.

Michael also learned of this news and sneered inside.

This was a trick he had used before.

Previously, at Richard Harper’s engagement banquet, he held a charity dinner next door and attracted all his guests.

He patted Sophia’s shoulder. “It’s okay,” he said. “The only ones who left are some two-bit reporters. To think that they would want to take nude pictures of someone else, they really have no standards. It’s fine even if they’re gone. I called a few friends to come over, and they’ll be here soon.”

Meanwhile, Cooper had half of the people from the Mitchell Family who were in the fashion industry to come.

Linus wanted to come himself, and since it was a slight effort, he brought a group of important VIPs from the fashion world here. No one would refuse Linus Michel’s invitation once he opened his mouth. The Michel Family also had members who were big shots in the fashion world and since this was their patriarch’s order, they needed to come.

This time, Pourl and L/K had collaborated to produce a series of new products, so people from L/K were also here. Hence,there really was no shortage of people at the scene. A few vulgar journalists from some tabloids being absent wouldn’t have any impact on the event.

The product launch proceeded as planned and was about to begin. Before it started, various big shots from the fashion world came as promised, and every single person who received an invitation attended the event.

Pourl’s customers were all pleasantly surprised. They never expected that a store selling dog collars would have so many celebrities from the fashion world come to their product launch. Many of them were internationally renowned fashionistas, and you couldn’t invite them to attend your events even if you paid them.

Of course, whether it be the customers or guests, today’s biggest surprise was still to come.

At the same time, at the hotel next door, Sandra came to supervise the shooting of the commercial. In truth, she was only here to see Scarlett and Pourl becoming a joke.

So what if they collaborated with L/K? If no one attended the event, they wouldn’t be able to proceed as they planned!

Irene and Faye, two A-list celebrities, were shooting a naked shower gel commercial, so obviously, many reporters wanted to take photos of them!

Of course, there was no way Faye would really strip down completely as she still had to marry into a wealthy family. She didn’t have to show too much to the cameras because it was just a gimmick, after all.

Even if it was just a gimmick, Faye and Irene’s fame couldn’t be underestimated. As she stood at the entrance of the hotel, she could see many reporters swarming over to where she was from next door. Many of the reporters who had learned of the commercial beforehand drove directly over and didn’t bother to go to Pourl’s product launch.

This is what you get for picking a fight with me!

When Sandra was about to return to the hotel, she suddenly saw a limousine passing by the entrance of the hotel. The crest of the Michel Family was printed on the car, and the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel that hosted Pourl’s product launch ceremony.

A few Caucasian bodyguards got out of the car and opened the door cautiously. Then, a blond, blue-eyed man who looked like an elven prince got out of the car. He looked up at the hotel, and his raised side profile almost overwhelmed everyone because he was extremely handsome.

When Sandra saw the man, her whole body went limp and she was in stunned disbelief for two seconds… Wasn’t that Linus Michel?

After Sandra won the world championship of the Universal Games, she once represented Cethos along with other outstanding youths to accompany the president to visit abroad and attended a grand banquet. Those who attended the banquet were the heads of the world’s major financial groups and members of royal families. However, the only person she remembered from the event was a blond, blue-eyed, handsome and prince-like man, whom she often thought about as well.

She had thought he was the prince of a European royal family, but she learned that he was the second-in-command in the Michel Family—Linus Michel was a man who was more important than any prince.

After glimpsing him back then, Sandra had been dreaming about him for all these years, but she didn’t expect that Linus would appear here!

And judging from where he was headed, he would be attending Pourl’s product launch ceremony!

How did that b*tch manage to invite the second-in-command of the Michel Family to her event?

Sandra watched as Linus was respectfully invited into the hotel by Pourl’s host, surrounded by his bodyguards. And with a crack, she broke the nail she had just got done.

She turned away sullenly and went into the hotel, but unexpectedly, when she entered the hotel, she heard the reporters madly spreading news amongst themselves.

“What? The fashion leader renowned in Europe and America is here?”

“The vice president of the Michel Group, Linus Michel, is here?”

“What?! Taylor Murray had also arrived?!”

“That’s right. And not only Taylor Murray, but also Ethan Winston. Take a look, Winston just tweeted! So Murray didn’t get fat after all!”


“Oh my god, this is big news! We need to hurry over and take a look!”

The reporters swarmed back to where they came from. Very soon, Sandra’s place became empty as everyone had gone next door to see if Taylor Murray was fat or thin.

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