My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 821-830

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 821

Michael was touched.
My little girl is all grown up and sensible now. She already understands how hard her father works.
However, Sophia was a little upset. She pursed her lips and purposely complained, “Then what about me? Aren’t you going to take care of me?”

Carmen glanced at Cooper, who still had a dark look on his face, and said, “I’ll take care of daddy, and daddy and grandpa will take care of you!”

Sophia was amused by Carmen’s words and the family of three walked together happily. At that moment, Cooper looked like an outsider.

They only needed a few shots in the film studio and they had finished filming in one day. There was another scene in the museum, and per the director’s order, they were going to film it at the Bayside City museum.

The shooting time there had been scheduled and they had two days of free time, so there was enough time for them to stay at the film studio for one night and travel around to see pandas.

After dinner, the lights in the studio were turned on, illuminating the night sky. When they were eating dinner just now, Carmen buried her face in the bowl halfway through the meal and she was so exhausted, she fell asleep. Sophia placed her in the hotel room and asked the nanny to watch over her before she got ready to head out.

Michael was a frequent visitor to the film studio so he said, “You’ve been to this film studio before, but let me show you around!”

Sophia naturally accepted his invitation. Michael knew that at this time, his father-in-law would definitely follow them so he could ruin Michael’s plans. However, Cooper was quiet. He was so quiet, Sophia thought that it was strange so she asked, “Dad, aren’t you going to join us?”

Cooper shook his head and replied, “You two go ahead and have fun. Remember to come back early.”

After he finished speaking, he put down his knife and fork and went out alone, his figure forlorn.

Watching Cooper leave alone, Sophia was still confused. “… What’s wrong with him?” Looking at Cooper’s figure, Michael suddenly felt a little sorry for his father-in-law.

This place was filled with Cooper’s memories. Back then, the film studio was not a film studio, but an old town. He and Annabel had eloped and came here but unexpectedly, as soon as they settled down, Sam had told the Mitchell family, and he was forced to go back.

Michael knew all about Cooper’s experiences, so he always cherished the people he loved— Cooper lost Annabel and he could never make up for it.

Michael also lost Sophia once, but God gave him a chance to make it up to her so he swore to never lose her a second time!

Cooper silently went to the place he and Annabel once lived. After they eloped and came here back then, he found a job at a bookstore and Annabel set up a stall nearby to sell some food she made.

They thought that they could live their lives like that forever.


He walked past the bookstore where he used to work, which had already been demolished and replaced with a souvenir shop. The small building they used to live in was completely demolished too and replaced with an antique small building for the crew to film.

The only thing that I can find is probably the masonry bridge where we once took a photo…

Late at night, Cooper stood on the masonry bridge like a stone statue. He looked in one direction, at a place he wouldn’t be able to go.

My beloved Annabel is right there…

Meanwhile, Michael took Sophia to the night market. Although Cooper wasn’t with them, he had ordered two bodyguards to follow Sophia. The night market was really lively and there were all kinds of delicious food on display.

“I want to eat barbecue!”

“I want to eat noodles!”

“I want to eat lobsters!”

“I want to eat fries!”

Sophia took off her mask and kept walking ahead, her mouth chewing non-stop. The visibility at night was not as good as the day, so her scars were not visible. Her face was smooth and her former appearance seemed to have been restored.

Michael wore his mask and didn’t eat much. Everything he bought was for Sophia to eat. After walking around for a short while, his hands were already filled with bags of food.

“Eat slowly. Come, drink some water. There is more delicious food over there!”

Michael took Sophia to search for more good food. As Sophia ate, she saw something floating in the sky in the distance. At that moment, the sky was brightly lit and the night was like a veil that shrouded the flames.

She was really surprised so she hurriedly asked Michael,“What’s that?”

Michael glanced at the sky and replied, “Those are sky lanterns.”

Sophia immediately saw a small stall on the street selling sky lanterns and she asked, “Can I get one?”

Michael replied, “No, this is an ancient city so there are many wooden buildings. You have to go out of the city to set it to the sky!”

Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly urged, “Then let’s go outside the city!”

With that, they drove out of the city and went to the riverside. There were many people selling sky lanterns by the riverside, so Michael asked Hale to buy some.

Soon, Hale brought over two sky lanterns, set them up, and quickly left.

There were a lot of people playing with sky lanterns that night, so Michael chose a place with fewer people to release their sky lanterns.

Hale sensibly persuaded the two foreign bodyguards that Cooper sent to give them some space, and they guarded them nearby, not allowing anyone to get close. After all, Michael just came back from the dead and was in the limelight. It would be chaotic if his fans saw him and swarmed over.

The two of them were about to launch their sky lanterns by the riverside when Sophia saw someone write something on their lanterns. Curious, she asked, “What are they writing on their lanterns?”

As Michael assembled the lanterns, he pulled out a marker pen from his pocket.

“Just write anything you want.”

Tonight, the riverbank was bright and the street lamps were dim. When the soft lights shone on Sophia, it was like a thin veil wrapping around her body, making it seem like she had a halo. She looked like a fairy falling from the sky in the moonlight, and she was so beautiful that Michael thought that he was dreaming.

There were two sky lanterns but only one pen, so Michael quickly wrote on his sky lantern first. Sophia leaned close to take a look and as expected, she saw her name.

Sophia, Carmen.

These two people were the only ones that mattered to Michael, and his life would be incomplete without any one of them. They were his flesh and bones—without bones, he would have no strength to live; without flesh, his life would be short of something fulfilling. Michael’s life would only be complete with the two of them in it.

After he finished writing, he handed the pen to Sophia.

Looking at his handwriting, Sophia said, “Your handwriting is beautiful!”

Michael smiled and lowered his eyes to look at her face closely, which was as smooth as a peeled hard-boiled egg under the soft light. It didn’t have any blemishes or a single visible scar. However, she had had surgery, so it was still different from what she looked like. But, objectively and subjectively, she looked more beautiful, more mature, and more intellectual.

When he came back to his senses, Sophia had written a string of words.

Naturally, she had written Carmen’s name, but his name was on there too.

Before Michael had the time to cheer, he saw her extend the list of names.

There was him, Carmen, Cooper, Linus, Nathan… and Judge, Snowball, Bubbles, Corrado, Chrysanthemum, Garfield, Sunset, and the other cats and dogs. She had filled every corner of the sky lantern until there was nowhere else to write.

Michael was rendered speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 822

Finally, Sophia and Michael released their sky lanterns into the night sky. All the surfaces of Sophia’s lantern were filled with her handwriting.
She was too kind-hearted, and she wished for peace for everyone she knew. On the other hand, Michael’s only wish was for his wife and daughter to be happy.
Staring at the lanterns which ascended into the sky, Sophia felt as if she was floating in the sky with them too. Though the metaphysics behind the releasing of sky lanterns were unknown, it must be somewhat efficacious since so many people did it. She hoped that the sky lantern would bring her wishes to heaven so that everyone she knew would be granted peace.

Her eyes were fixed on the sky lantern full of handwriting as it gradually faded out of her sight.

Each lantern represented a beautiful wish. The riverside was lively as many came to release sky lanterns as well—some with their family while others with their lovers. There were lanterns floating on the river too, and the river became radiant and colorful as it was full with lanterns flowing gently with the current, creating a magnificent spectacle.

Sophia found a spot to sit down and quietly admired the sight. Glancing toward Michael who sat beside her and was also staring at the river lanterns, she could see the reflection of the lights in his eyes, which were elegant yet mysterious.

All of a sudden, she asked, “Is there any grudge between you and Quinton? Dad asked me to stay away from Theo’s son, but who’s Theo?”

Michael showed a rueful smile as she finally asked the questions. Nevertheless, he told her the story of him and Quinton.

His narration started from thirty years ago where Theo was summoned to perform tasks at the Southwest border, and he talked about Tanya and Hope as well as her history with Quinton.

There was nothing that he could not say to her, and he didn’t conceal anything. He would tell her whatever that was appropriate, and hold back other less appropriate contents.

He should not have kept these from her, and it was good for her to know now.

“… That night, Justin plotted to kill Quinton, but Quinton managed to escape. On the same night, you were attacked by a gangster that the Harpers hired was forced to protect yourself by jumping into the river. You ended up being washed ashore to Salvador Island, and there you met Quinton, who was also injured. Something might have happened back then…”

Michael let out a rueful laugh as he came toward the end of the story.

“I once thought that he took you away because you’re my wife, and he wanted to snatch everything away from me. I thought that he would torture me by killing you and Carmen once he knew he could not have you.”

“But you’re back now, and he did not harm you nor Carmen at all during those years. He thinks that you belonged to him and I’m the one who stole you from him, so it was reasonable for him to take you away from me.”

Sophia smiled and shook her head as she listened to Michael. A glint shone in her eyes as she gazed at the floating river lanterns.

She said, “I actually owe my life to him, then. At that time, he might have been planning to come and find me the next day, but Joe took me away, unfortunately.”

Michael remained silent.

Back then, Quinton might have genuinely intended to take Sophia away after the incident had blown over. But alas, when he came back after everything had calmed down, Sophia had already left Duckburgs, and she had become Michael’s woman by the time they met again.

… Indeed, Quinton came across her first. The two sorrowful souls got together and kept each other warm against the piercing wind, sustaining each other throughout the long night.

Seemed like he was the latecomer. Nevertheless, order did not exist in love.

He believed that he was the one whom his chica loved, and Carmen was the proof of their intense love.

Even though Michael paid a price and bought Sophia over, he was still a responsible man—he had already made up his mind to love her and protect her for a lifetime ever since he took her away from Daniel.

Two of them remained silent for some time. Moments later, Sophia lifted her head and stared at the sky full of romantic sky lanterns. “Anyway, I’ve paid off the debt owed to him. From now onward, my life belongs to myself.”

Quinton treated her well back in those days, and she probably had some commitments toward him. However, after that, she left with Michael and thereafter fell in love with him.

If she had to trade her life for love, she had already done so!

Virs-18 had completely ruined her since the catastrophe—her appearance, her voice, her eyes, and even her life.

Since Quinton bloodlessly intended to exchange the favor of saving her life for her love, she poured out everything to repay his favor. However, her love toward him ceased too as she finished returning the favor to him.

From now on, she was the one to decide who to love.

Michael stared at her numbly, then suddenly broke into incessant laughter as he looked down. Sophia looked at him puzzledly and asked, “What’s gotten into you? Why are you laughing?”

Laughing until he cried, Michael waved his hand about. “It’s nothing.”

The eminent monk from Dragon Mountain was right—destined favors had to be returned, and destined separations could not be avoided. Right from the start, Sophia was bound to repay the favor to Quinton for saving her life, and she had already cleared her debt. And true enough, they were separated for three years before they met again.

Finally, everything had come back to the start.

Indeed, none of them were indebted to each other now. Standing on an equal footing, it seemed as if there were never any entanglements between them.

This was essentially coming back to the start, where everything restarted again, wasn’t it?

The wind was strong by the river. Though spring had come, the film studio had a higher altitude, and the temperature could decrease dramatically when the wind howled.

However, Sophia did not want to leave as she desired to watch the river lanterns.

Michael took off his jacket and laid it on her body as he gently cooed, “It’s cold here, so let’s get back earlier. We can come again some other day.”

It was not a smart approach given that he was courting her—he should have accompanied her until midnight. However, he could not bear to see her sitting in the wind and was worried that she would catch a cold.

Out of his expectation, his bodyguard flagrantly interfered before Sophia answered him. Turned out Cooper had called to urge them to go back.

Michael checked the time. It’s still early! We’ve only been out for less than two hours!

Michael could not have done anything to Cooper’s daughter in public within two hours. Even if he really wanted to do something to her, it was at most holding her hands.

Resigned, Michael had no choice but to quickly send Sophia home, in case his father-in-law got mad at him if they were late.

They arrived at the hotel, and Cooper was waiting in the lobby. When he saw Michael, he looked at him with a darkened face, then coldly threw Michael’s jacket back to him and walked away with Sophia.

Michael’s room was on the ground floor while Sophia’s room was on the top floor, and between the floors were a dozen bodyguards who kept watch over Sophia all day.

Carmen had finished shooting her scene in a day, and she went to Panda Foundation right after that to see the pandas. Following that, she wandered around the place before returning to Bayside City for the second scene.

The second scene was going to be shot at Bayside City Museum, and the actress would carry Carmen to see the national treasures and tell her the history of them.

The shooting would take place after the museum was closed. This time round, Michael did not follow along as he was occupied with other matters. Sophia wore a mask and accompanied Carmen to the museum together with Cooper.

Upon arriving at the scene, Sophia met the actress with whom Carmen would be acting with… and she looked exactly like her!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 823

Sophia and Cooper were both stunned when they saw the woman. The actress resembled Sophia very much in appearance. Though it was extravagant to say that they looked exactly the same, all her features, face shape and even her cheekbone were very similar to Sophia’s in the past.
Sophia felt a chill down her spine. Even Cooper thought it was unbelievable. Nevertheless, he could notice the difference as soon as he walked closer—they might look alike when they were immobile, but there were still dissimilarities between them once they started moving around, and they were two totally distinct individuals.
Moreover, the actress had a stiff face and heavy makeup on. Her skin was bad with large pores, and she had to touch up her makeup every half an hour to conceal the blackheads on her nose. Besides, the scar left from plastic surgery could be obviously seen on her face. There was no doubt his daughter was the prettier one!

The woman seemed to be a big shot as she had eight assistants following her around, all as busy as a beaver. Some served her drinks, while the others took care of her makeup and gave her massages.

“It’s Miss Faye!”

Carmen saw the woman and recognized her the moment she arrived at the shooting scene. Excitedly, Carmen tugged at Sophia’s arm and exclaimed, “Mommy, I’m going to ask for Miss Faye’s autograph!”

Feeling resigned, Sophia was led away by Carmen to ask for an autograph from the celebrity. Suddenly, she thought of something. Isn’t this Faye Edwards?

Lately, parent-child variety shows such as ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ were becoming popular in Cethos, and these shows had successfully helped some obsolete actors regain their popularity along with their children. Following that, many television programs that were similar like ‘Where Are We Going, Mom?’, ‘Where Are We Going, Sis? and ‘Where Are We Going, Bro?’ emerged, all of which had high ratings.

Meanwhile, Faye Edwards was exactly the famous sister starred in ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’. She was also one of the most popular A-list celebrities in Cethos currently. Carmen saw her on the television everyday, and she admired her extremely. Now that she had met Faye Edwards in person, she immediately got down to ask for an autograph and pictures with her. On the other hand, Sophia had no choice but to go along with her.

Sophia knew Faye and could barely remember her as Joe’s daughter. If nothing unexpected happened, Joe would have been gotten rid by Cooper already. Nevertheless, Cooper held on to his principle that women and kids should not be implicated by a man’s wrongdoing, so he did not go after Faye even when he sought revenge against Joe for Annabel.

Thus, Faye was still a popular A-list superstar, especially after starring in ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’, which further boosted her fame. She was no longer the insignificant actress who had to ride on other people’s coattails.

Without Joe, Faye merely lost a father who was a loser that constantly caused her trouble. She was indifferent to losing her father, and in fact, she was even kind of glad about it. Nevertheless, she was unaware of Joe’s whereabouts, and she thought he had fled overseas to escape from the creditors, as he always had.

She would rather him die and disappear forever. She had been castigated for having a father who was a troublemaker, and anti-fans would constantly dig out Joe’s unattractive pictures and compare them with Faye’s features whenever they criticized the fact that she had plastic surgery.

Carmen skipped buoyantly toward Faye and said in a syrupy tone, “Miss Faye, may I ask for your autograph?” Holding a pen and notebook in her hands, Carmen lifted her head hopefully with excitement in her eyes.

Though she had already shot one scene, Carmen’s identity remained a secret as Michael was extremely protective toward her. The staff were not allowed to reveal her identity either, hence Faye assumed she was just a random kid who came from nowhere.

Surely, Faye heard the request, but she quickly shifted her gaze away after glancing at Carmen, pretending as if she did not notice her. She hated children the most! They were nasty and dirty… She would have loved to shoved them away if it was not for the shoot.

Nevertheless, Carmen was not discouraged and she called out to her again. “Miss Faye…”

Faye was touching up her makeup with a compact powder in her hand. Suddenly, she snapped it shut and asked her assistant with her brows furrowed, “Go and check what time Taylor Murray is arriving.”

Putting on an awkward look, the assistant answered inferiorly, “Wait a minute, Ma’am. I’ll go and check right away.”

As much as the assistant was fawning over Faye, he immediately changed his attitude when he approached the director. Rudely, he barked, “Hey you, what time is Taylor Murray arriving?”

In the past, this director had produced a few popular films, but his production had been going downhill in recent years and he became infamous for producing box-office bombs. The current film was his only hope to repair his reputation. He was well aware that the obsolete actor starring in this film might not be able to guarantee the film’s popularity, and hence, he could only go around begging famous celebrities to play a cameo role in the film, and Faye was one of them.

Cursing in silence, the director unctuously approached Faye and asked respectfully, “How can I help you, Miss Faye?”

Faye was sitting down like an honorable queen with eight assistants attending to her. Arrogantly, she glared at the subservient, middle-aged director. Indeed, every dog had its day. Several years ago, she had to send these directors money and even sleep with them in order to get a good role. Now that she had built up her career and established her own company and resources, these directors became the ones who needed to beg for her appearance in their films.

Faye had on fabulous makeup, and an assistant was half-kneeling beside her holding a mirror which she was looking into at her gloriously made-up face. Sneering, she said, “Director Wall, you should be well aware of the grade of your film. There’s neither A-list celebrities in it nor does it have a conventional theme. You merely have a few obsolete actors who retired from acting a few years back, so I suppose it is indeed challenging to record a decent box-office performance…”

Director Wall looked humiliated but he agreed with her. “You’re right, of course. The popularity of this film will be boosted the moment we announce your cameo appearance, and it will guarantee a box office smash.”

Sniggering, Faye flared up all of a sudden and smashed the mirror into pieces. “Since you’re the one seeking my help, what about the conditions that you’ve promised me? Where’s Taylor Murray?! You’ve promised that you would get Taylor Murray to play second fiddle!”

Tears welled up in the director’s eyes as he pressed on and mumbled, “Uhmm… Something came up, so Taylor won’t be here today.” In fact, he did not even dare to ask Taylor about it.

Knowing that Taylor was not showing up anymore, Faye kept silent and stared fiercely at the director.

Meanwhile, her assistants sensibly put themselves to good use. One of them hissed in a surly voice, “Director Wall, you should know that given Miss Faye’s popularity, she is paid millions for showing up in a commercial shoot and tens of millions for starring in one season of reality shows. She declined other work opportunities to participate in your filming, so how could you not keep your promise?!”

Another assistant was even arrogant. “The lead is merely an obsolete actor. Miss Faye wouldn’t even show up if it wasn’t because they had worked together before. Call him right away! Miss Faye will not act in this film if he doesn’t show up!”

Director Wall tried to persuade Faye. “We can shoot your scene first. He is merely held back by some issues and can’t show up for now. It’s just a small hiccup and he’ll be here soon.”

Nevertheless, Faye was not appeased. “Director Wall, times have changed, and you should know who’s the big shot here. I’m saying this upfront—I want Taylor Murray to play the supporting role and accompany me to dinner, or else I won’t shoot any scenes. Make sure he shows up within half an hour!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 824

Taking on a ghastly expression, Director Wall mumbled servilely, “I’ll get him right away.”
He turned around to make the phone call, not knowing how he should bring this up to Michael.
At the moment, ‘The National Treasury Action’ desperately needed some eye-catching elements. If an A-list celebrity appeared in the show, it would instantly boost the popularity of the show and the director would not have to worry about the box office performance.

It was a daunting task to get an A-list celebrity onboard. Nevertheless, Faye had taken the initiative to request for a cameo role in the show, and her only condition was to have Taylor Murray play the supporting role.

Obviously, Faye’s intention was to flirt with Taylor!

Years back, she rode on the wave of Taylor’s fame. To attract his attention, she even underwent plastic surgery to look exactly like her sister, Sophia, who was Taylor’s wife.

However, times had changed and they were in totally opposite states now—the formerly infamous best actor had become an obsolete artist while the actress who was once insignificant had become an A-list celebrity.

That was the reality of showbiz, where people toadied the superiors and trampled over the inferior ones. One could do whatever he wanted toward others when he was highly sought-after. Conversely, he could only be at the disposal of others when his popularity faded.

Back then, Faye was the one begging favors from Taylor, but now, he would be the one begging favors from Faye!

Meanwhile, Carmen was frightened by the sudden smashing of the mirror. With tears welled up in her eyes, she pouted her lips.

Sophia, too, was startled at the scene, and she quickly cuddled Carmen.

Forget about it, we should pull out. Showbiz is f*cking toxic. And poor Michael, he has been dealing with these underlying rules all this while.

Meanwhile, Cooper pulled a long face.

Indeed, showbiz was a corrupted industry.

Director Wall made a call to Michael, who was busy dealing with issues regarding the release of the movie at that moment. Actually, the entire film had already been shot, but a few more scenes of Carmen were added later on, so it would be ready for release as soon as her shots were completed.

“Hi, Director Wall, how’s Carmen doing?”

The director stammered, “Uhmm… I…”

Thinking that Carmen was not cooperative, Michael said, “No worries, I’m coming over soon.”

He thought Carmen had thrown a tantrum because after all, she was just a three-year-old and was very attached to her father. Given that this was only the second scene and he was not around, it was normal that Carmen would feel uneasy, so he decided he should still go over to guide her.

After hanging up the call, Director Wall told Faye in a servile manner, “Miss Faye, Taylor will be here soon.”

Elated, Faye waited arrogantly.

She was wondering how Taylor would react upon seeing her after all these years.

She had become an A-list superstar in Cethos whereas Taylor was merely an obsolete actor who had been forgotten by people after retiring from the screen three years ago. He had to depend on Faye’s favor if he desired to re-establish his popularity.

In fact, she would not even be bothered about Taylor if it wasn’t because she could not reconcile herself to her failure to surpass him in the past.

She might still help him if he pleased her.

“Taylor is just an obsolete actor. How dare he be this arrogant? Is he still reminiscing about his good old days?”

“Miss Faye is the Queen of Cethos’ showbiz these days.”

All kinds of flattering came from her assistants as they gave her a massage and touched up her makeup. Taking selfies, Faye was extremely pleased by the adulation from them.

Meanwhile, Sophia frowned as she looked at the scene. She knew that given Michael’s status, he would not need to be at these people’s disposal if he really wanted to make his comeback. She reckoned that it was the director who was unconfident about his film’s performance and took it upon himself to invite A-list celebrities for cameo appearances.

Sophia was worried that Carmen would have to deal with these nasty people in the future if she really chose to become an actress.

Carmen, who had good hearing, could instantly hear that they were talking about her father. Pouting her lips, she turned to Sophia and asked, “Are they bad-mouthing Daddy?”

Thinking that kids should be pure and innocent, Sophia did not want Carmen to be exposed to the ugly side of the world at this young age. So, she answered, “Not at all! They are not bad-mouthing Daddy. We’re not going to film today and we’ll go home with Daddy. He’s coming to pick us up soon.”

Carmen did not want to film with someone who spoke ill of her father either. With a moue, she replied, “Okay.”

Following that, Sophia put Carmen down and went to the director to talk about the shooting.

Meanwhile, Cooper took Carmen’s hand as he led her to admire the Imperial Jade Seal, which was displayed in a bulletproof glass case.

Looking at the seal, Cooper was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

The Mitchell Family had participated in the search for this seal, but they were not featured in the movie as they did not contribute greatly. In addition, it was difficult to get approval for their contribution to be featured in the film.

He introduced the seal to Carmen. “Carmen, this is the national treasure of Cethos. It’s invaluable!”

At the same time, the entire crew was waiting for Faye to start shooting. However, none of them dared to complain because everyone would suffer if she was displeased. After all, she was the main celebrity there.

All of a sudden, one of Faye’s assistants squealed with surprise. “Look, Miss Faye! Isn’t that the lolita who became popular on the Internet recently?”

Putting down her phone, Faye glanced toward the lolita who was looking up to admire the Imperial Jade Seal.

Indeed, she was the lolita who became viral on the Internet recently!

This toddler was just some random kid, but she had become extremely popular through a short video. It was now the era of cute toddlers—in the past, attractive appearances were a must for celebrities to become popular but nowadays, cute toddlers had become the key.

Faye herself did not have a child, and she was envious of the obsolete actors who had regained their popularity through their adorable children in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Because of that, she invested in producing a similar show—‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’, of which she was the star. Now that the first season had finished airing, they were seeking actresses and cute kids to participate in the second season. While there were plenty of professional actresses out there, it was an arduous task to seek adorable children. In fact, besides Faye, many other companies were also seeking out celebrities’ children to participate in reality shows.

Now that this lolita had become famous, many production companies must want to get her on board for reality shows. How lucky Faye was to bump into her!

She secretly observed the lolita who was not too far away from her. This girl was even cuter than she was in the video with her sweet baby voice. Furthermore, she was now recognized and had fans all around the world, so she would be the perfect candidate to cast in the reality show.

Faye’s eyes lit up as she stood up and walked toward Carmen.

“Honey, didn’t you ask for my autograph just now? I can give it to you.”

Displaying her professional acting skills, Faye put on a friendly smile and intended to coax Carmen.

Lifting up her head to look at Faye, Carmen was frightened and immediately hid behind Cooper as she could still remember Faye’s vicious appearance when she smashed the mirror.

With her tiny hand holding onto Cooper’s sleeve, she purred, “Grandpa, I’m afraid…”

Carrying Carmen in his arms, Cooper stared at Faye, who had unkind intentions, and snapped coldly, “Stay away from my grandchild!”

Meanwhile, Sophia was negotiating with Director Wall. Director Wall was flurried knowing that they wanted to leave, and he insisted them to stay on and complete the shooting.

Just as they were arguing, Sophia noticed Faye walking toward Carmen. Worriedly, she strided over. “Hey, what are you doing?”

Faye glanced at Cooper and Carmen, then Sophia, who had her mask on. Suddenly, she came to a realization about their backgrounds.

“So, you’re Scarlett Mitchell!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 825

Scarlett Mitchell was the daughter of Cooper Mitchell. Faye had seen her before at King’s product launching ceremony, which Sandra had carefully planned but was ruined. Sandra had even spent a great deal of money to invite numerous celebrities to support the event, and Faye was one of the guests.
These days, not only was Faye an A-list celebrity who was in a few blockbuster film series and popular reality shows, but she was also a socialite in Bayside City given her identity as the young lady of the Edwards. Furthermore, she was close to Sandra, so she had delightfully attended the event when Sandra invited her.
However, she had left early on that day due to the chaotic scene, hence she did not get to meet Sophia.

Because of her identity as one of Sandra’s socialite intimate friends and the close relationship between the Edwards and the Mitchells, Faye had been paying close attention to the happenings of the Mitchells. In addition, she deemed herself as the future family head of the Edwards and had been seeking out potential candidates from the Mitchell Family for marriage. As such, she was aware of the internal situation of the Mitchells.

Never had she thought that she would bump into Scarlett and Cooper today, whom Sandra detested.

According to Sandra, Cooper and Scarlett were merely swindlers who came back to fleece them out of the inheritance and beguiled some of the witless members in the Mitchell Family. They were not even worth mentioning, and it would be a piece of cake for the Mitchells to destroy Cooper. However, they left him alone to lure him into exposing the location of Old Master Mitchell’s hidden inheritance.

Glancing at the child being carried by Scarlett, Faye smirked.

As far as she knew, only poor families would send their children into showbiz at such a young age, and the rich would never allow their toddlers to appear on the big screen.

“What a surprise! You already have a child!”

Sandra would be thrilled if she knew about this. Faye had heard through the grapevine that Scarlett was only twenty years old, yet this child seemed to be at least a couple years old. Cooper also didn’t seem to have a son-in-law, so it would be interesting to find out how Scarlett had this daughter.

Frowning, Sophia held Carmen in her arms and retorted impatiently, “This is my child, and it’s none of your business. I don’t even know you!”

Faye ran her fingers through her blonde, curly hair and remarked, “It’s normal that you don’t know me since you just returned to the country. You’ll know who I am after some time.”

She continued, “Your daughter has decent qualities, and she’s pretty smart. I intend to recruit her for my company and groom her into a child star. You’ve got a bargain!”

Faye spoke in an arrogant tone as if she was giving alms to them.

Of course, Sophia wasn’t going to agree to that. Carmen was just a child and she had allowed her to participate in this film merely for fun. It was a matter to be discussed in the future once Carmen was old enough, and that was if she still had the intention to be a celebrity. Besides, their family had sufficient money and resources to support Carmen and she did not have to go around begging people to make a debut. It was known that trainees of entertainment companies had a hard life and were ill-treated.

“No, thanks. My child came here just for fun, and we have no intention to make a debut.”

Holding Carmen in his hands, Cooper glared at Faye and decided to not give a damn about her.

She assumed herself as the conqueror of everything else upon accomplishing some achievements in her industry. How pathetic she was!

The Mitchells were determined to leave the place and even the director failed to persuade them to stay. Enraged at being ignored, Faye ordered her assistants to block Cooper and Sophia’s way.

“Hey, freak! Are you a mute?! Miss Faye was talking to you!”

“Your daughter is lucky to be to Miss Faye’s liking. Your kid will become popular instantly with Miss Faye’s help, and she’s going to make a fortune! Don’t you need the money?”

Carmen had left a favorable impression on Faye with her adorable and smart look. Faye was confident that the girl would instantly become famous with her debut, and she was determined to recruit her since she had met her today.

Pursing her cherry-red lips, Faye smiled and said, “It’s such a pity if your daughter doesn’t make a debut. What about this—name your price to sell your daughter. I’ll pay whatever price you demand.”

“After all, your daughter is only acting in this movie for the sake of money, isn’t it?”

She finally revealed her true colors.

Cooper had no desire to be bothered with this ridiculous woman.

Sophia, too, thought that it was a waste of time to engage in a conversation with her, and she quickly caught up to Cooper as they left.

Seeing how they had ignored her act of ‘kindness’, Faye glared coldly at the bodyguards standing beside her, and the four of them immediately dashed out to block the Mitchells’ way.

Aggravated, Cooper was about to beat them up but was immediately stopped by Sophia. “Forget about it, Dad. We’re in the national museum and there are cultural relics all around, so we might break something if we start fighting. Besides, Carmen is watching.”

Carmen stared at Cooper adorably with her eyes so clear and bright that it could melt one’s heart.

Cooper did not want to rough up someone in front of Carmen either, so he ordered his bodyguards to send off the trouble-seeking people.

Amidst the chaos, Cooper carried Carmen and left the scene first. Just as he took a few steps toward the exit, Michael walked in hastily. He was surprised to see Faye at the scene while Cooper and Faye’s bodyguards were pushing and shoving one another.

He knew what had happened the moment he saw Faye.

Upset, Carmen tenderly called out to Michael when she saw him. “Daddy…”

Before Cooper left hurriedly with Carmen in his arms, he coldly said, “We’re not going to shoot anymore. We’re leaving.”

Michael was distressed, and then saw Sophia walking out coldly. “Carmen is not in her best state today. We’ll continue the shooting some other day; hope that’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Director Wall and Faye caught up to Michael too.

Faye had seen Michael the moment he entered the place, and she was astounded by his charm and good looks, which did not change a single bit even after three years.

Three years ago, he was a stately prince who was high up there and could only be admired from afar, but now, he was merely an obsolete actor. Getting him to sleep with me will be easy this time round.

She then walked up to him in large strides, her eyes glinting.

On the other hand, Michael was questioning Director Wall, who had already reached him. “What’s going on?”

The last scene had been tailored for Carmen, and the original plan was to look for any actress to take Carmen around the museum.

However, it turned out that the actress was Faye Edwards.

Director Wall became even more embarrassed as he mumbled, “Uhmm… As you know, you’ve retired from the screen for three years, and I’m worried about the box office performance even with your comeback. I thought it would be desirable to have the cameo appearance of a few popular celebrities in this film.”

“Miss Edwards is your relative, and she offered to take the cameo role for free. All she wants is to meet you.”

Given Faye’s identity as Michael’s sister-in-law in addition to her physical resemblance to Michael’s wife, Director Wall thought he might as well matchmake them knowing that Faye was interested in Michael.

Meanwhile, swaying her body, Faye walked charmingly toward Michael. Even though she was excited, she contained herself as she knew that they were not in the same league anymore, and he should be the one riding on her coattails.


Gazing at him seductively, Faye accosted Michael in a delicate voice, her body almost leaning against Michael’s. She sized up Michael from head to toe as if what was standing in front of her was a delicious meal.

Avoiding Faye’s feverish glare, Michael frowned and turned to Director Wall. “Don’t worry about the box office performance. Also, we don’t need the cameo appearance of A-list celebrities in our film. Let’s call it a day for now. We shall schedule another time for today’s shooting.”

After he said that, he left in a hurry and didn’t even talk to Faye.

Sophia was waiting for him at the entrance, and they quickly left the scene.

Once he was gone, the atmosphere became increasingly awkward. Director Wall did not even dare to glance at Faye, who was now flaring up in contrast to her gentle demeanor just now.

Who do you think you are, Taylor Murray? You’re just an obsolete actor! How dare you be this arrogant?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 826

While storming off, Faye turned back and glared at Director Wall. At the same time, she cursed, “Director Wall, your movie will definitely fail!”
Weren’t they submitting the movie for a review?
She would definitely make it impossible for it to be screened!

“Miss Faye, Miss Faye!”

Burning with anxiety, Director Wall ran after her.

Outside the museum, there were only a handful of tourists and a few cars in the car park since the museum was closed today for maintenance. When Michael ran out, Cooper was lifting Carmen into the car. Hastily, Michael went up to them and asked, “Baby, what’s wrong? Are you upset? Tell me.”

Carmen raised her head to look at him and pouted her lips. “Faye is a bad person. She said nasty things about you so I got mad!”

So that was what happened.

Michael honestly didn’t anticipate that so many issues would arise from a movie. Hugging Carmen, he kissed her forehead and said, “It’s alright, Baby. You don’t have to be angry. Everyone has a mouth so you can’t control what they say.”

After that, Sophia got into the car and the whole family drove off.

Behind them, Faye spotted Michael and Sophia getting into the same car one after another. Witnessing that, she suddenly understood what had happened. “No wonder he’s so arrogant. It turns out that he has a thing with Scarlett!”

She had heard about Cooper and Scarlett’s background from Sandra. Although Scarlett was shrewd, she and Cooper were just nonentities that couldn’t even be registered in the genealogy record book of their family.

Poor Taylor. He thought that he had managed to ride on Young Lady Mitchell’s coattails and became the father of someone else’s son. Little did he know that she was just a fake Young Lady that had appeared out of nowhere!

She would definitely make him regret for rejecting her, the true princess, and going after a fake princess!

When they got home, Michael was still worried so he followed Carmen back to Villa No. 2.

Carmen was always fond of the young actors, fathers and older sisters in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ and ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’. Unexpectedly, the older sister in the show whom she loved had said nasty things about her father behind his back. That upset her so much that she didn’t even speak ever since she reached home.

The whole family was burning with anxiety, especially Michael, who hugged Carmen and tried to cheer her up for a long time. Yet, his efforts were fruitless. Judging from the situation, it seemed like she wouldn’t cheer up even if Judge performed a sexy dance.

With teary eyes, Carmen clenched her little fist tightly around Michael’s shit.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Can you tell me?” Michael asked softly.

Cooper’s panic rose to the peak as well. He even tried to cheer her up with her favorite panda plushie. “My sweet baby, were you shocked today? It’s actually acting and that’s how acting is.”

After humming and hawing for ages, Carmen finally replied in a low voice, “Grandpa, I want to be on the television.”

It turned out that she wasn’t shocked by Faye, but she was upset because she heard that Cooper wouldn’t allow her to be on the television again.

That made Cooper hesitate. After all, the entertainment industry wasn’t a safe place, so how would he feel at ease to let his darling appear in a place that was a hodgepodge of good and bad people?

Besides, what Faye said had triggered him.

She said that only poor *sses would send such a young kid to act in movies.

Acting was a profession that had a bad reputation since ancient times. As his granddaughter, Carmen had boundless prospects so she didn’t need to step foot in such a nasty industry and work with those disgusting people.

However, when Carmen’s soft, adorable eyes gazed at him, he started to waver.

He just couldn’t help it!

Taking Carmen from Michael’s arms, Sophia gently said, “Baby, you must’ve misheard Grandpa. He didn’t say that, and we’ll go shooting tomorrow. Why don’t you ask your father if you don’t believe me?”

Carmen looked at Michael and he immediately replied, “Yes, we’ll go shooting tomorrow!”

In such a situation, Cooper had no choice but to give in. Softly, he said, “Alright, alright. You can be on the television.”

Finally, Carmen cheered up and showed a faint smile. After that, Sophia brought her to the room to sleep because she was exhausted from such a tiring day.

In the living room, Michael took the initiative to admit his mistake to Cooper.

“It’s my fault for what happened today. I was too careless.”

He didn’t expect that a small movie would cause so many problems.

Pulling a long face, Cooper didn’t reply to him. Nevertheless, Michael continued, “Carmen will have to continue acting in the movie. Since we’ve promised her, we must fulfil it.”

After that, he stopped talking and waited for Cooper’s comment.

After staying silent for a long time, Cooper finally responded. “I’ll choose the actress she will be acting with.”

Michael was relieved that Cooper gave in. At the same time, he took the opportunity to ask, “May I check on Carmen upstairs before I leave?”

Cooper didn’t agree nor oppose that request, so Michael stood up and dashed up the stairs like a speeding bullet. Then, he went into Sophia’s room.

Lately, Carmen had been staying here.

Sophia’s room was all pink like a princess’s room as always, and it looked extremely girly. After traveling, Carmen was worn out so she had fallen asleep. Meanwhile, Sophia had changed her clothes and was lying on the bed to accompany Carmen while she slept. When Michael came in, Sophia got up from the bed.

“Why did you come?” she asked softly, afraid that she would wake Carmen up.

Tip-toeing, Michael came in while gazing affectionately at his daughter. Then, he asked in a low voice, “How is she? Has she cheered up?”

Sophia chuckled softly. “She’s overjoyed that her grandpa agreed to let her act.”

Michael knew that Cooper would come up and chase him out if he stayed here any longer so he quickly said, “I’ve discussed this with our dad just now and he agreed to let her act in the movie tomorrow with a condition of changing the actor. This time, no more unexpected incidents will happen.”

Shamelessly, he had grabbed the opportunity to use the phrase ‘our dad’, but Sophia couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss now.

Upon hearing that, Sophia was relieved so she said, “Thank you.”

After that, Michael left. The next morning, Carmen wouldn’t stop pestering them to go to the set. So, the whole family went there and when they arrived at the set, they realized that the actress, who was Carmen’s acting partner, had already arrived before them. She had even completed her makeup and was waiting for her call.

“Mr. Mitchell.”

As soon as Nicole spotted Cooper, she went up to them gleefully. It was like a dream when she suddenly received Cooper’s call last night where he invited her to be Carmen’s acting partner.

Although this was a job and Cooper paid for her appearance fee, she was still overjoyed.

Cooper nodded at Nicole and replied, “Thank you for coming, Ms. Walker.”

That was the only thing he said to her before giving all his attention to his granddaughter. However, Nicole was still over the moon. To her, being able to talk to him was the biggest honor she could have.

After coming back from overseas, Nicole had never met Cooper. Every time she went to Sophia’s house, he would stay in his office and seldom came out.

Therefore, she couldn’t be happier to meet him today.

When Michael knew that Cooper would be choosing the actor on his own, he had guessed that it would be Nicole because she was the only one he knew.

To be honest, he sympathised with Nicole too because whenever he saw her, he would think of his mother, Elizabeth. She, too, once went astray but fortunately, she got back on the right path and changed her own fate. Yet, finding true love was extremely difficult.

With the help of Nicole, the shooting went smoothly and it was completed at noon. Carmen loved Nicole so she insisted that Nicole have a meal in their house. Therefore, all of them went back happily.

Within a short time, the news reached Faye.

“What? They asked Nicole, that b*tch, to be the replacement?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 827

Speaking of Nicole, Faye couldn’t stop grinding her teeth in anger. To her, Nicole was a third-rate p*rnstar that didn’t have any fame nor any endorsement deals. Did she think she was someone just because she won the Oscar’s Award for Best Actress, which she only got after having sex with one of the judges?
To be honest, Faye knew that Nicole was a famous actress that could easily make billions of box office sales for a movie. On the contrary, she could only appear in television shows or reality shows, and she would be considered lucky if her movie exceeded a box office of 1 billion. Everyone in the industry knew which types of jobs were better. Yet, she always believed that she wasn’t inferior to Nicole. In fact, she started off better than Nicole, but Nicole was more prestigious than her now and she couldn’t get past that fact. Therefore, she must compete against Nicole for everything.
Since Nicole made a cameo in this movie, she definitely wouldn’t allow it to be aired!

Even if she was just a cameo in this movie, she wouldn’t let her enjoy the limelight!

Besides, this was Taylor’s movie and she wanted to prove to him that she owned the world now.

In the past when she was just a rookie, she ingratiated herself with those famous celebrities. Now, she wanted those famous celebrities who looked down upon her to have a taste of their own medicine.

Just when Faye was hatching a plan to destroy this movie, Nicole was having a meal in Sophia’s house.

Carmen had completed her shooting for her first movie and it was a huge event to celebrate. Therefore, Michael contacted the farm to bring some live salamander and finless porpoise over to cook it on the spot. This was the first time Sophia tasted a salamander and it was finger-licking good.

This was also the first time Nicole had a meal with Sophia and her family. Although she sat far away from Cooper, she was bursting with joy.

Quite a number of guests attended Carmen’s wrap party, including Harry and his family that lived next door. They even invited Daniel and when Sam received the news, he shamelessly came uninvited too.

Previously, Cooper killed Joe silently but since Joe was registered in the Edwards’ genealogy record book, even though he disappeared without a trace or a clue, and rumors had it that he fled overseas in order to escape from his creditor’s murder pursuit, Sam knew that he was actually dealt with by Cooper.

Once Cooper came back, Joe would definitely be the first one he took care of.

As an elder of the Edwards Family, who was also known as 9th Old Master Edwards, he should have interfered in this matter and managed it, but he had turned a blind eye to it and let it slide. Therefore, Joe disappeared just like that and no one knew where he went.

Today, it was Carmen’s wrap party, so Cooper gave her his respect and didn’t pull a long face during the party. Even though he saw Michael and Sam as well as Stanley’s huge stupid dog that came to eat for free, he tried his best to maintain his smile.

After the meal, everyone gathered in their own small groups and chatted about their topic of interest. Even Sophia, Nicole and Sarah had their own group so they hid in Sophia’s room to chat.

“Did Faye come from a powerful background? Everyone seems to be afraid of her.” Sophia asked about Faye.

Nicole snorted. “She’s just a buffoon. You don’t have to waste your time on her.”

In the past few years, Faye rose to fame quickly with the help of the Edwards Family. She acted in a few popular television series and gained high popularity, and after being hired several times to be the international ambassador of some products, she became arrogant. She even left her previous agency and established her own studio to work alone. On top of that, the Edwards Family had good prospects of her.

Nicole wasn’t in the same circle as these high-traffic celebrities. She didn’t accept endorsement deals from companies and rejected offers to participate in reality shows, preferring to keep a lower profile. She would produce a movie every year, and she trained hard on her acting skills in order to wow her audience. Other than that, she had taken over a managing role at Imperial Management Studio, so she had started to train the rookies and always gave them the priority when it came to allocating resources.

Even though she kept a low-profile, she was still the imaginary enemy of those famous television shows’ actresses, including Faye. Even if Nicole didn’t compete against them to be the ambassadors or for fame, the box office sales for her movies would drive the others crazy in jealousy. Therefore, all these years, Faye would frequently hire someone to spread rumors of Nicole’s dark past and it was as annoying and timely as the menstruation cycle.

As for Nicole, she had been keeping a low profile but apart from the good reputation, she had her fair share of bad reputations too. No matter how successful she was, she couldn’t escape from her disgraceful past.

However, she had gotten used to it.

The few of them took a sip of the peach blossom wine that was made from the peach blossom which Sophia picked from the farm a few days ago. Nicole’s face blushed slightly while she suddenly recalled something and said, “I heard from the people inside the circle that Faye is dating one of the young masters of the Mitchell Family.”

Faye and one of the Mitchells are engaged?

Nicole might just be gossiping casually but Sophia paid attention to it and put it in her mind. It so happened that Sean came and joined them for a meal today so she specifically yet discreetly asked him about it.

Sean replied, “Faye is now in the limelight and she’s the nation’s goddess. Besides, the Edwards Family plans to establish a closer relationship with the Mitchell Family too so Faye and one of Sandra’s cousins got very close to each other.”

News travelled at lightning’s speed to Sean’s ears and not a single information about the Mitchell Family could escape him.

So Faye would be Sandra’s cousin-in-law in the future?

At night, Sophia was checking something on her computer. Her laptop stored many interesting things, including information about Faye.

When she searched for ‘Faye’ in the data that she copied from her private laptop which she used in the past, she indeed found many interesting things.

The next day, Sophia went to Pourl’s designing studio to check on the new product’s progress. The product launching ceremony was just around the corner and the invitation cards were already sent out. In addition, Ivan’s new product was almost completed, so it was time for them to advertise heavily.

Other than publishing the necessary advertisement in the early-stage, they also printed many limited magazines that introduced the new product. Then, they strategically sent it to every customer’s doorstep.

In these few days, they consecutively received orders for high-end custom made products and the company was slowly getting on the right track.

After an exhausting day, Sophia went home before evening. When she reached home, Linus had gone to work in Michel Group while Cooper was working in his office with his golden hair tied up into two stalks of hair, pointing upward. Meanwhile, Carmen was putting little shoes on Judge’s feet.

After changing her clothes, Sophia decided to cook a delicious meal so she went to Villa No. 8 with a basket to get some of their loofah and tomatoes. Villa No. 8 had a huge garden and they had removed all the flowers a few years ago, then planted some vegetables. Hence, it was now a vegetable garden.

Michael said that Sophia was the one who planted the vegetables so since she was back now, she could harvest it as she pleased.

After she swiped her card, she entered the vegetable garden to pick some greens while thinking of what dishes to make tonight. When the basket was full of vegetables, she noticed that someone was standing in the yard of Villa No. 8. It was a man and he nodded at her politely, then proceeded to stare at her for quite some time. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Beside that man stood Nathan, so Sophia immediately called out to him. “Nathan, you’re home. Come over to my house and have a meal!”

Looking at her, Nathan seemed hesitant to speak as well. In the end, he introduced the man beside him. “This is my father, Justin.”

Once he mentioned Justin, Sophia immediately realized that he was Michael’s brother-in-law.

“So, you’re Justin. My father always talks about you. Do come over because he’s at home right now.”

Justin didn’t reply to her and remained expressionless. With an aloof attitude, he followed Sophia to Villa No. 2.

Sophia had forgotten everything, but Justin hadn’t.

He couldn’t forget the day when he rushed to the top floor only to see Sophia being brought into the airplane in despair by Phantom Wolf.

Sadly, all he could do was look at her while she was brought away. At that time, her eyes were filled with tears of despair and helplessness, and she didn’t know if she should go on living.

In the Mitchell Family, her rank was higher than his, but she had always seen him as her older brother. However, as an older brother, he couldn’t save her at that time.

From that day onward, he lived with double the amount of guilt and pain as well as the remorse for Celine and today, when he saw Sophia again, those negative emotions magnified instantly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 828

Justin didn’t even know how he got to Villa No. 2. It was only when Cooper stood in front of him that he finally came back to his senses.
“Cooper, it’s really you!”
Overwhelmed with emotions, Justin took a step forward and hugged Cooper.

He knew that Cooper was back long ago, but he didn’t know how to face him and only managed to muster up his courage to meet him today.

Seeing that both of them were finally reunited after so many years, Sophia didn’t want to interrupt them so she carried the vegetables that she harvested from Villa No. 8 into the kitchen. At the same time, she said, “Justin, please stay for dinner!”

In the living room, Nathan was playing with Carmen whereas Cooper and Justin sat down.

“I’ve heard about Celie’s issue and I’ll try my best to help you in every possible way.”

Celine had dissociative identity disorder after being hypnotised by Phantom Wolf. All these years, she had been locked up in the Fletcher Family’s research center while they tried to find a method to suppress her evil personality. However, Celine’s condition had gotten worse. In the past, they could use a certain method to get her to change from her first personality to the second, but now, both personalities were starting to blend into one another.

She was like a beast that was locked up in a cage. Once they let their guards down, she would break free from the cage and kill someone.

Every day, she would alternate between Celine the King of soldiers and Katrina the cold-blooded killer without warning. One second ago, she might be thinking of killing someone but the next second, she might break down because of the thought she had earlier.

Justin didn’t say anything and his eyes were indifferent. When one was suffering too much, they would become as numb as he was now.

Before this, Cooper, too, thought of catching Phantom Wolf and forcing her to tell them the method to recover Sophia’s memory. However, after weighing up the consequences, he gave that idea up.

His daughter had suffered too much and experienced too much darkness and despair. She even suffered from severe depression, but now, she had forgotten all that pain. The only memory left in her was Quinton and his kindness toward her, and that was all she needed to remember.

Losing her memory might actually be a great thing for her.

Besides, it would be difficult to catch Phantom Wolf now unless he showed up himself.

In the kitchen, Sophia hummed a song while cooking vegetables. Seemingly sensing that Cooper was thinking about her, she popped her head out from the kitchen. “Dad, I made your favourite minced meat eggplant.”

Cooper was speechless.

Unable to reject Sophia’s warm hospitality, Justin stayed for dinner. Sophia made simple yet pleasant home cooking dishes, such as shrimp loofah soup, minced meat eggplant, tomato fried egg and a few other dishes, and they were delicious. Even Michael rushed back just in time to drop by for dinner.

After dinner, Sophia sat beside Justin and stared at him mysteriously, to the point that Justin started to become embarrassed.

“Why are you staring at me?”

With her eyes shining brightly, Sophia requested, “Can I touch your face?”

Justin was lost for words.

Sophia touched every part of Justin’s face and she honestly couldn’t find a single scar. Not only that, but his skin was also tender. They had gone to the same hospital so she believed that her face would recover as well as his face!

Justin stayed at her house until it was late night. To be previous, he was forced to stay so that Sophia could touch his face. After she was done with touching his face, she even touched his chest and asked Cooper and Linus to touch it as well.

Cooper had seen Justin’s name in the list of successful cases of that plastic surgery hospital. He knew that Justin’s case was even more severe than Sophia, but both his face and the scars on his body had recovered completely.

Not only did his scar vanish completely, but his skin was also tender. Not bad. It seems like I chose the right hospital.

Even Sophia gained more confidence for her face.

Late at night, Justin finally left with mixed emotions.

After Sophia washed herself up and tucked Carmen into the bed, she lay on the bed and called Michael.

“Nathan talked to me today and even addressed me as his aunt! Did you hear that? Did you?”

Today, Nathan had talked to Sophia on his own initiative and that made her wild with happiness.

Michael was working out at home and he was jogging while chatting with her through the phone. “Nathan’s character is indifferent and it’s my fault. However, he’s extremely cordial to those he likes. In the past when you’re upset, he would even dance for you.”

“Really? I want to see it! Do you have any videos of it?” Sophia’s eyes lit up while she asked impatiently.

While she was happily chatting, Cooper’s voice rang again. “Alright. The call has reached ten minutes and it’s enough. I’m hanging up now.”

Beep, beep…

The call was cut off again.

Sophia was speechless. Why did Cooper hate Michael so much?

After applying the medicine, she went to sleep. On the other side, Michael was still working out at home.

He was training to build his chest muscle, abdominal muscle and Apollo’s belt.

After he finished working out, he looked at the mirror in satisfaction. The more he looked at himself, the more he felt that he was a juicy delicacy which Sophia would definitely love.

After that, he went to take a shower and took some vitamins as well as some beauty soup. Then, he massaged his skin with a beauty tool before applying body lotion. At last, he applied a sleeping mask for men and dozed off.

He clearly knew that Sophia was no longer attracted by wealth and power. Even worse, he was not young anymore so his only bonus point was his looks. If he lost his beauty, he would truly lose all his competitive strength.

The next day, Michael carried a bag of mask and makeup products to Sophia’s house and cordially exchanged his beauty tips with her.

“This face mask is effective. Justin uses it often, which is why his face could recover so well. This face massager is also great. I’ve been using it every day and it’s suitable for women too. Oh, don’t forget this face cream. I’ve been using this brand for many years and I strongly recommend it. Besides, this brand has always wanted me to be their ambassador!”

At the side, Cooper looked at him coldly.

With that character, Michael could become a sissy if he showed his orchid finger.

There was a small bottle of BB Cream in Michael’s huge pile of makeup products. Carmen had taken it and was applying BB Cream on herself, so Michael took some from Carmen and casually smudged it on the back of Sophia’s hand. “The BB Cream that Carmen is using has a marvellous moisturizing effect. Besides, it’s gentle on the skin and it’s developed specifically for babies. I’ve been using it secretly too. Look at how fast the skin absorbs it.”

While Sophia bowed her head to apply the BB Cream, she suddenly heard Carmen’s grumble. “No wonder the BB Cream is used up so fast.”

She thought that her face had grown larger.

Sophia couldn’t help but laugh while extending her hand to apply the BB Cream evenly on Carmen’s face.

As long as Michael was at home, he would find excuses to come over. He would invite Sophia to see the loofah that had borne fruit, and he would pick a few ripe tomatoes for her to eat. Once, he even came to recommend Sophia a new set of makeup products which had just arrived.

He was using every single opportunity to be with her.

In order to repay Michael for his face mask, Sophia gave a dozen of her handmade dog’s fur pillows to him. Lately, her cats and dogs had been shedding vigorously so she would gather them whenever she was free and clean it before making it into a pillow.

Because she accidentally mentioned that her pets were shedding, Michael immediately recommended a brand of dog food to Sophia, saying that dogs would shed less if they ate that.

After exchanging their thoughts on skin care, it was already lunch. Naturally, Michael stayed for lunch and while they were eating, Sophia turned on her phone to read the financial news. Unexpectedly, she stumbled upon a shocking piece of entertainment news that had blown up with the title of ‘He Was Once an Oscar Winner, but He Failed to Regain the Public’s Interest so He Is Now a Sugar Baby.’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 829

Upon seeing the title of the news, Sophia sank into deep thought. There were only two Oscar winners of Cethos, which were Michael and Harry.

Harry was now planning to have a second child with Sarah, and Michael didn’t seem to be someone who would be a sugar baby.

Therefore, this news must be about the Oscar winner overseas.

However, after she read the news, she grimaced.

The news was basically reporting that Taylor was a kept man of Scarlett, and the source of the news was from an online post.

The post said that an actor who had faked his death failed to regain his popularity after he made a comeback, and in order to find a sponsorship, he was even willing to be a kept man. On top of that, the wealthy woman had a child out of wedlock and the father of the child was unknown. Therefore, that actor had become the father of another man’s child as soon as he carried on with that wealthy woman.

Once they mentioned ‘the actor who faked his death’, everyone knew who it was.

The post also said that the actor’s fans had cried their eyes out for him three years ago, but he didn’t care. Now, he casually made a comeback without giving his fans a single explanation, so his haters gave him a title of ‘the actor who faked his death’.

Meanwhile, the wealthy woman was someone who came back from overseas and was the person in charge of a luxury brand for pets. She had a child, whose father was unknown, and the child was doted on by the actor who faked his death as if the child was his own. The family of three lived happily and lovingly.

The names of that actor and wealthy woman were dug out by the public, and even the name of the luxury brand for pets was exposed.

Since that actor got into such a scandal right after he made a comeback, the haters got excited like a fly that found a pile of trash. They hurled malicious remarks at him like a hyena that had found its prey, dying to rip his flesh out.

It was terrifying.

Looking at the post, Sophia averted her gaze to look at Carmen and Michael, who were having their meals. Suddenly, a bright smile bloomed on her face.

People in the entertainment industry were indeed talented in creating stories.

This news was also seen by Michael and Cooper later, which created an indescribable expression on their faces.

Cooper flew into a rage. “I’ll delete it right away and chop up the person behind this into minced meat eggplant! ”

What kind of outrageous news was that!

Chewing on the chopsticks, Sophia said, “Forget it and let it be. Anyway, Michael needs some popularity for his comeback. Look, this news even brought Pourl to fame.”

Michael said too, “Negative popularity is still popularity. I’m fine with it. In fact, this news can actually bring me back into the public’s eyes.”

Being kept by Sophia? That’s great news! Michael thought.

Since Sophia requested to leave it, Cooper couldn’t do anything.

After the meal, Michael went to the bathroom and deliberately left his phone in the living room for Sophia to look after it.

Michael had two phones—one for his work and one for his personal use. Their usage was separated clearly.

Sophia was in the living room collecting dog’s fur while Carmen took a nap in her room.

Suddenly, Michael’s business phone rang and it was from an unknown number. Glancing in the direction of the bathroom, she didn’t see Michael come out so she decided to answer the call.

Before she made a sound, the caller spoke.

“Mr. Murray, nice to meet you. I’m Miss Faye’s assistant. I believe that you’ve read the news and Miss Faye wants me to tell you that this is just the first step. Soon, you’ll receive the news that ‘The National Treasury Action’ has been banned. Miss Faye is willing to support you so if you change your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.”

After saying those words, the assistant arrogantly and coldly hung up the phone, not wanting to waste even a second of his time.

Really? Is ‘The National Treasury Action’ going to be stopped from airing? I’m so scared! It seems like Faye is powerful indeed. She can even ban the movie that is supported by the Winston and Fletcher Family. With that intelligence, I wonder how she got to where she was today.

After the call, she glanced at Michael’s phone screen. The wallpaper was a naked couple embracing and kissing each other. Most importantly, the man in the bold photo was Michael while the woman was Sophia.

No wonder Michael had asked her to watch his phone.

What an old b*stard!

Blushing, Sophia put the phone down and pretended that she didn’t see it. However, her heart was fluttering.

Judging from his prestige, looks and emotional intelligence, Michael was undeniably the cream of the crop. However, Sophie felt that she should remain reserved for a longer time and only make a decision after examining the situation.

After Michael came back from the bathroom, Sophia told him about the incident earlier.

Michael didn’t take it as a big deal. “Faye wants me to be her kept man but I rejected her. Just forget about her and let her be. Anyway, my popularity can be increased with her help.”

Since Michael had something to attend to that afternoon, he left. As expected, he didn’t receive the news that ‘The National Treasury Action’ would be banned. Truth was, he had received the screening license many days ago so no matter what Faye did, nothing would happen.

Faye didn’t expect that an actor that was no longer famous had such powerful tricks. He even successfully got the screening license, but so what if he did?

She continued to spread rumors that ‘The National Treasury Action’ had been banned. She related the rumors confidently and with a vivid description as if it was true. According to her, the state administration was going around banning actors and actresses who had a notorious attitude. Since the widespread news about the actor who faked his death was a kept man of a wealthy woman had brought negative impact, the state administration banned him and the movie together.

Even the fans thought that ‘The National Treasury Action’ was banned.

Faye worked hard on her plan and wouldn’t give up until she destroyed Taylor and the movie’s reputation. At the moment, the internet was flooded with their negative news, which actually caused their fame to sky-rocket. Even Sophia’s Pourl became famous.

Michael and Sophia didn’t care about the fake news which Faye spread.

Because of Faye, Pourl was under public scrutiny. While its fame rose, criticism came with it. However, Sophia wasn’t bothered by that. After all, Pourl had positioned themselves in a niche market so obviously, those people who cursed them weren’t their target customers.

Along with the flooding criticism on the internet, Pourl’s name became widely known, causing many people to place orders with them.

A day before Pourl’s product launching ceremony, Sophia saw a group photo of the crew from ‘The National Treasury Action’ online. In that photo, Michael had a beer belly and a face covered with stubbles. Apart from that, his face seemed bloated and he was bald. This image of him made her shudder in fear.

W-Was that Michael?

No matter how much negative news the actor had, his loyal fans remained loyal to him but when this crew photo was posted, their hearts instantly broke into pieces.

What had happened to their Lord in these three years?!

Time was indeed pig feed. Look at what it did to their Lord! It had turned him into a fat pig!

Holding her tablet, Sophia went to Villa No. 8. In the cloakroom, Michael was trying on his clothes for tomorrow’s runway during the launching ceremony.

He had called his styling team a day before and asked them to stay overnight at Villa No. 8 so that they wouldn’t be in a flurry the next morning.

In front of her, Michael was dazzling, looking extraordinarily elegant and gorgeous. He was completely different from the man in the photo!

When Michael saw that crew photo, he was styling his hair.

He had to be in his best state to attend his goddess’s launching ceremony, so he had to spend a longer time choosing his outfit.

When he saw that photo, he took it lightly and said, “Oh, this photo. When I shot this movie, I stuffed myself with food and gained more than 25kg. The fats on my belly are all real.”


Sophia was shocked. “You deliberately stuffed yourself to gain weight for a movie?”

Michael replied, “Yeah, I did. Hold on—”

He stood up, went to the study to retrieve a photo album, and took out a photo from it. In that photo, he had fat rolls on his body and his face was even distorted from being obese. In his hand was a fried chicken while a woman, who was as fat as him, sat beside him and devoured a pork trotter.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 830

“That’s me!” Sophia exclaimed.

With one look, Sophia could tell that she was the woman in the photo. She didn’t think that she would ever be this fat.

“This was when I was shooting ‘The National Treasury Action’,” Michael explained to her. “The character was a fat middle-aged man, so I made myself fat. Look, you accompanied me, and we grew fat together! However, you weren’t as fat as I was and lost weight in just a few days.”

Sophia felt this was very unusual. “You really worked hard for the sake of filming a movie!” she exclaimed. “Weren’t you worried you wouldn’t be able to lose weight after that?”

Generally, actors cherished their body shape very much. Other actors would not dare to do what Michael did. If they couldn’t lose weight and regain their figures, their acting careers would be ruined.

However, Michael didn’t think it was something to worry about. “I wanted to try being fat. If one couldn’t even control their eating habits, how would they control their own life?”

Sophia didn’t say anything, but respect for Michael grew from the bottom of her heart.

What a bold man he is.

This was why Michael could become an Oscar-winning actor, while other actors could only be movie stars.

When she just returned to Bayside City and saw Michael for the first time, he looked so old and worn out that she thought he was Carmen’s grandfather…

True beauty lied on the inside and not on the outside. If one was beautiful and elegant on the inside, they would become radiant by just fixing up their appearance.

After looking over the photos, Michael suddenly asked, “Tomorrow is your big day. Have you prepared your outfit?”

Sofia scratched her head. “I’ll be dressing casually.”

Michael immediately said, “I have prepared some clothes for you. Would you like to try them?”

After speaking, he opened the cloakroom Sophia used in the past which still contained all her things.

There was actually a secret door inside the cloakroom. The outside stored only items of daily use, but there was also another cloakroom behind the secret door.

When she walked through the secret door, Sophia’s eyes lit up. There was a wedding dress, a suit and a set of traditional Cethos wedding clothes inside.

The wedding dress had an affluent and elegant design, and every detail was very exquisite. Even if it was only worn on a plastic mannequin, it was still radiant and extraordinary. If it was worn on a real person, it would be even more glamorous.

As soon as she stepped inside the room, Sophia’s gaze was locked onto the wedding dress.

“This was a wedding dress we had commissioned,” Matthew explained to her. “You personally chose the design!”

Sophia approached the wedding dress and took a look. She really had a good eye for taste.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured.

Michael gave a bitter smile. After they had placed the order for the wedding dress, it took a year for them to receive it. By that time, Sophia was already pregnant and couldn’t wear it.

Sophia had thought that after she gave birth, she would quickly lose weight and recover her figure, then immediately take wedding photos of her in her wedding dress and hold a grand wedding ceremony.

Such a pity…

While Sophia was still admiring the wedding dress, Michael had already gone to find the custom-made clothes he had ordered for her.

The clothes Michael chose were naturally unique, and Sophia liked them very much. After choosing what she wanted to wear, Sophia made an appointment to come over to do the styling tomorrow morning, and then she went home.

After returning home, Sophia transferred the money for the clothes and the fee for the stylist to Michael, and Michael accepted it without any hesitation.

He didn’t like to be courteous with Sophia as doing so would alienate her from him.

Sophia liked straightforward men like this. Michael would be coming to the event tomorrow, and she was looking forward to it…

Meanwhile, late at night, Justin returned to the place where he had lived for three years. It was a secret research institute outside the city under heavy guard that belonged to the military.

There were many dangerous people locked inside here, such as Celine Fletcher.

Justin entered his room, which was no different from a normal room for 1 person. Although the room was small, it had all the necessary furnishings, but one of the walls was transparent.

On the other side of the transparent wall, there was another room. The furnishings in that room were simple—there was only one bed, one wardrobe, and a set of tables and chairs. It was as simple as a cell.

Justin turned on the light, took off his clothes, and hung them on the hangers. On the other side of the wall, a female voice said, “Justin, you’re back.”

Hearing that voice, Justin’s heart became heavier, but he put on a smile on his face, walked to the wall, and looked at the person standing on the other side before saying warmly, “I’m back.”

The person opposite him was Celine Fletcher. Three years had gone by. She had lost a lot of weight, there were wrinkles on her face, and she looked much older.

The two of them sat down, separated by a sheet of glass, and quietly looked at each other.

Celine had been detained here for three years. Justin had been accompanying her all this time, taking care of her while also monitoring her.

When she was normal, she was the same as before, but when she was abnormal, she would kill people indiscriminately. She was also extremely cunning and was always thinking of ways to escape.

However, no one knew why she would be normal in one instant and suddenly become abnormal in another.

Celine wanted to ask Justin something, but she felt she didn’t have the right to ask, so Justin spoke up first. “I saw Sophia and Mikey. They are currently doing well. Sophia has forgotten about the past, but I can see that she still has Mikey in her heart.”

“They’re doing good. Tomorrow, Sophia’s pet supply store is having a product launch ceremony, and Mikey is helping her prepare.”

Justin took out his phone and scrolled to a picture. The photo was taken by Justin during dinner, which showed Michael and his family sitting together for dinner.

Celine looked at the photo through the glass, especially at Carmen.

She remembered that day. She had accompanied Sophia to look at maternity clothes, but when she saw Quinton Clark, she suddenly lost control. She didn’t know why she reacted that way either.

She could feel that there was another malicious person hiding in her body. That person could control her at any time and was hidden in her own body, and whenever she came out, Celine could only watch helplessly as she hurt her loved ones.

She could even feel her child slowly leave her body with a stream of heat.

“If our daughter was born, she would also be around this age, wouldn’t she?”

Celine murmured while looking at the picture of Carmen.

When Celine spoke of their daughter, Justin was so sad that he couldn’t say anything. That day, when he ran up to the rooftop, Celine had blocked his way. In fact, it was Katrina as she had resurrected in her body. Not allowing anything to get in his way and in order to be able to take her down quickly, he hardened his heart and attacked her abdomen.

The place he struck was where their child was growing.

As a result, Celine suffered a miscarriage because of the injury to her abdomen. She was subdued by Justin in the end, but their second child, a daughter, was gone as well…

As the night went on, the couple leaned their backs against each other with a piece of cold bulletproof glass in between, trying to seek warmth from each other in the endless cold night.

Justin leaned against the glass, tears silently dripping down his face.

“Celie, we still have Nate! He’s doing very well. He’s now studying at Bayside University, and he works in Stanley’s company after school.”

“Stanley bought a new office building. His company is growing bigger day by day.”


The second day was the day Pourl unveiled their new products. Sarah, Stanley and Sean had all come. Maddie, representing their newspaper, had also come. Nicole had also turned down an event and made a special trip there to take a look.

Backstage, the two obsolete stars were ready to walk down the runway with their dogs.

Michael brought Judge along, while Harry brought his giant poodle. Carmen also enthusiastically wanted to do a catwalk too, and since they were the ones who organized the event, they let her have her fun. Carmen would be walking with Snowball.

Sarah, Stanley and Sean were acting as hosts at the front, whereas Sophia was busy with the stuff backstage. She would split her attention to the models, then the dogs, and then to Carmen and Michael.

Carmen, who was about to go on a catwalk for the first time in her life, was extremely excited. She had been practicing for several days and was now following behind her father backstage, learning how to strut on a catwalk.

Cooper was overseeing things on the side. He was extremely disgusted when he saw Michael, who was wearing makeup.

Ever since the media had written about Michael as a gigolo who was financially dependent on a rich woman, he seemed to have found his place in life, and was developing more and more into a gigolo.

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