My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 811-820

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 811

Maddie’s family background was not particularly good. She went to college before she dropped out and worked at a news company as a trainee journalist, where tasks were the most difficult. Plus, she did not look particularly outstanding. When Joel proposed, even Maddie was shocked to her core.
The situation at the disaster-stricken area was tough and they were running out of supplies. In fact, they had trouble looking for clean water. Joel had given her his Minute Maid Orange Drink that he had saved as a proposal gift.
Despite that, Maddie said yes. Without a second thought, she went to Bayside City with a man that she had known for less than a month.

In fact, she did not even know his real name or where he came from, or even cared that he was way older than she was, which was why her family strongly opposed their marriage.

Coming to the disaster relief, he did not look like he was from a good background. On top of that, he was so much older and rushed into marriage when they only met briefly. Clearly, he was just a lonely old soldier who could not find a wife.

As Joel told Sophia about this, he couldn’t help but laugh. “I was injured and had a broken leg. I was in a wheelchair when Maddie stole the household registry from her home and came to Bayside City with me. How silly! She did not stop to think that maybe I was a fraud.”

Sophia, on the other hand, was amazed. When she first saw Joel, she thought he was a cold-hearted person but when he spoke, she realized he was very gentle!

When they arrived at Bayside City, they immediately went to register their marriage without even meeting Mark. On top of that, it was a military marriage, as if he was afraid Maddie would turn tail.

“Maddie must have had the shock of her life when she found out about who you are!” Sophia murmured as she chuckled.

From Joel’s tone, it seemed like Maddie really thought he was just an old man who couldn’t get a wife.

On the other hand, Joel was very impulsive as well.

As they talked, a young lady came over. She looked younger than Sophia and was dressed plainly. In fact, she looked like she was still in school.

“I’m back, Joel!” a cheerful voice echoed.

Curiously, Sophia glanced at her. She looked ordinary, with an ordinary face and dressed ordinarily. She was not wearing makeup and was sweating like she had been running.

With her appearance and personality, she did not seem like she would be compatible with Joel. But if it was true love, then they would be the most perfect couple of all time.

As soon as Joel saw Maddie, his manner became gentle as he murmured, “You’re back. Mikey and Sophie came by and we had lunch at Grandpa’s.”

Turning back to Sophia, he introduced his wife, “This is the missus—Maddie Evans.”

Maddie Evans…

Sophia thought the name sounded familiar.

The two of them greeted each other. Maddie seemed eager to talk to Sophia but she did not want to be rude, which was why she sat beside Joel and stared at Sophia the whole time.

Then, Joel sheepishly made a request. “Mikey, Maddie recently joined a big media company. It’s extremely competitive there and it would be difficult for her to be promoted. As you know, her accounts have not been approved yet and her education background isn’t up to the mark. However, she refuses to depend on relationships too, so she was hoping to have an interview with you, which would help tremendously.”

The couple were hopeful as they waited for Michael’s response. Hence, Michael had no choice but to agree. “No problem. You can make an appointment through my assistant.”

If it was ten years ago, Michael would have never imagined that the high and mighty Joel Fletcher would set his pride aside and ask him for a favor.

Interviewing Taylor Murray had always been Maddie’s dream. In fact, she was a huge fan of Taylor!

After having dinner with Old Master Fletcher, Sophia decided to stay the night at the military compound. She went into the room and rested while Carmen went out to play with her friends.

As Sophia took a look at the furnishings of the room, it seemed like she had stayed here before. There was even a photo of her and Nathan.

It wasn’t long before Carmen returned with Corrado.

Corrado had a dark coat, which made Carmen afraid so she never played with it. However, she did not seem to be scared now.

“Baby, aren’t you afraid of Corrado? Why are you suddenly playing with him?” Sophia asked as she picked Carmen up.

Carmen chirped happily, “Drew’s mommy said she sealed Corrady with the windmill. He won’t bite anymore, so I can play with him now!”

It was only then did Sophia realize there was a hair band on the top of Corrado’s head. The hair band was holding up Carmen’s windmill toy, which spun everytime he walked.

Corrado seemed to have accepted his fate of being ‘sealed’ and did not resist.

Upon seeing this, Sophia couldn’t help but pet the dog as she looked at the windmill spinning on its head.

Anyone who could come up with a cute idea like this must be a total cutie too.

Joel did have good taste; he married such a cute girl!

At that moment, Michael and Cooper were chatting and drinking tea with Mark.

Cooper was talking about his experiences abroad when Mark sighed. He did not expect Cooper would engage in military overseas.

Speaking of the military, the Fletchers were experts. They were exporting firearms from Cethos and imported a small amount too. Not only that, they once cooperated with the Michel Group as well.

No one had expected Fass Michel to be Cooper!

How lucky of his godson to be someone powerful wherever he went!

After listening to Cooper, Mark suddenly asked, “Oh, where’s the other kid? What’s his name… Lionel?”

Upon hearing this, Cooper fell silent.

Back then, Linus had stolen information from the Fletcher Family for the Phantom Wolf through Nicholas and Nathan. Cooper’s heart stung at the thought.

“He’s busy so he couldn’t make it!” Cooper said.

Clearly, Old Master Fletcher was very fond of Linus. “I like that kid. When I first met him, I thought he’s a lot like you; turns out the both of you are related!”

At that moment, Michael fell silent too.

Sooner or later, they had to reveal Linus’ past. However, Michael had his own motives and wanted to negotiate the terms with Cooper.

Cooper, on the other hand, hated negotiating. It was the biggest provocation to him, not to mention Michael was trying to negotiate terms using his children.

Therefore, Michael felt this was a rather sticky situation.

Exhausted from playing, Carmen came back and fell asleep almost instantly. Not long after, Stanley came back too and he yelled from downstairs, “Sophie, come down and hang out with us!”

Upon hearing this, Sophia opened the window and saw Stanley holding Judge. Sean was with them too.

After the matchmaking incident, Sophia automatically deemed Stanley and Sean as a pair.

Glancing at Carmen who was asleep, she instructed the nanny to keep an eye on Carmen before she slipped out to see Stanley.

The three of them then wandered around mindlessly.

Taking this opportunity, Stanley babbled, “I’m telling you, Sophie. We were meant to be a pair, but Uncle Michael barged in and ruined what could have been!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 812

“If we get together again, I’m sure my uncle will give us his blessing.”
Sophia was wearing a mask so she rolled her eyes to show her disbelief. “Stanley, are you itching for a beating?”
Hearing this, Stanley didn’t dare to continue the conversation. After all, Michael might suddenly appear and beat him up. Pointing at his dog, Stanley said, “Sophia, look at Judge. Just look at his leg! Back then, your son broke Judge’s leg and I spent a lot of money to get it cured. Many years have passed but I still haven’t received the compensation you promised!”

Sophia immediately rebuked, “I’m taking care of Judge and his puppies for you right now. Isn’t that enough to compensate for those bills? Moreover, I made Judge an online superstar and he is even more famous than you now. What else do you want? Not to mention, your cat got Lucile pregnant and she gave birth to a few mixed breed kittens, and I’m taking care of all of them for you right now!”

As the two of them quarreled, Stanley recalled the good times they had. All of a sudden, Sophia heard a fierce quarrel taking place not far away from her. It sounded like two women were arguing about something.

“You did everything you could to marry Joel. So what? Do you think that you can make him stay by giving him a son? Maddie, don’t you know your place?”

“I didn’t…”

“You didn’t? Have you forgotten how you seduced Joel back then?”

“I didn’t! I really didn’t!”

“I’ve seen a lot of people like you who wish to have a Cinderella ending. Even though you look innocent, deep down, you’re just a b*tch who is greedy for money and power.”

It was obvious that one person’s voice was aggressive while the other’s had no confidence.

I think I hear Maddie’s voice.

Sophia took a step forward but Stanley stopped her. He seemed to understand what was going on when he said, “Forget it; don’t go. That’s their family’s private affairs.” If I guessed right, she’s back… It’s better to not let Sophia intervene.

Since it was their family matters, Sophia didn’t want to intervene either. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly heard the aggressive voice let out a weak and helpless scream. “Ah!”

Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly turned around to check on the situation. She and the others went around a corner and saw several people standing in front of them. By then, a few people had arrived at the scene and they saw a beautiful woman in high-heels sitting on the ground, looking pitiful. There was a wound on her knee and she was trying to stand up but everytime she tried, she fell down again. The woman was weeping helplessly and there were tears on her long eyelashes.

Meanwhile, Maddie was standing off to the side, panicking. Sophia looked at the poor woman and wanted to help her up, but a hand suddenly held her back. She turned around, only to find that it belonged to Michael. He was wearing a mask and he shook his head at her. Seeing this, Sophia had no choice but to stay still.

The woman in high heels sobbed as she said, “Maddie, why did you push me? I have no grievances or grudges against you!” Then, she looked up at Maddie with an aggrieved look on her face.

Facing the questioning glances from the crowd, Maddie waved her hands in panic and said, “I didn’t do anything!”

At that moment, Sophia also noticed that something wasn’t right. This woman was really aggressive a moment ago. In just a few seconds, her attitude had a drastic change.

At this time, Joel had also arrived and he had a cold expression on his face. A chubby toddler with the same cold expression followed closely behind. Joel looked at them blankly and Maddie tugged his arm and mumbled incoherently, “I didn’t… Joel, I didn’t…”

The woman on the ground hugged her knee with an aggrieved look on her face. She sobbed twice before she looked at Joel weakly and in a coquettish voice, she called out to him, “Joel…”

Seeing this, Sophia could guess what was going on. A great man like Joel married Maddie, who looks really ordinary, so naturally there were many people who were upset. The difference between Maddie, who dresses commonly, and the elegant woman in high heels is too big. A normal man would probably…

Sophia was just thinking about it when she saw Joel silently help the woman in high heels up. Meanwhile, the woman took the opportunity to hold onto his arm and leaned her head against it. With a blissful look on her face, she whispered, “Joel.”

Then, she glanced at Maddie out of the corner of her eyes with a triumphant grin. Seeing this, Maddie lowered her head and sobbed silently.

Sophia felt a little disappointed. She never thought that Joel was such a person!

However, unexpectedly, Joel pushed the woman away at the next second and simply pointed at a bystander who was watching the scene unfold. “Josh, please take Irene to the infirmary.”

After he threw the responsibility to someone else, Joel turned around and coaxed his wife. Maddie looked up at him and there were tears rolling down her cheeks. Seeing this, Joel whispered, “It’s over now. Don’t worry; I believe you.”

Then, Joel grabbed his wife and Drew, turning around to leave.

Unexpectedly, the elegant woman in high heels suddenly pushed away the person who was holding her and ran over frantically. She hugged Joel fiercely and cried hard as she yelled, “Joel, don’t leave! Don’t leave me. I’ll die without you!”

However, Joel’s attitude was resolute. He coldly pushed off the hands around his waist and said, “Irene Weber, I’ll say this again. I’m married and it’s a military marriage, so don’t use any of these tactics in front of me ever again.”

Hearing this, the woman called Irene Weber went completely hysterical and began to cry and curse at Joel, looking really agitated. “Ask yourself, Joel—do you think you’ve done right by me? How are you going to pay me back the years you owe me? I gave you the best years of my life and this is how you treat me? You secretly married that ugly woman! How is she better than me?”

Joel was still hugging Maddie and holding her hand tightly when he froze in place. Turning around, he stared at Irene and with an earnest gaze, he said slowly, “Irene, I’m the one who owes you a debt. If you want my life, you can come and take it anytime, but I can’t marry you! If you want revenge, just come at me. This is the second time and if you disturb Maddie again, I assure you that you’ll be facing the consequences!”

His words were clear and the fierce look on his face made Irene understand that if she did something like this again, there would be no doubt that he would take her life. After Joel finished speaking, he left and didn’t spare another glance at her.

Irene cried and cursed at him but it was to no avail. After watching this, Michael said to Sophia, “Let’s go; it’s time to head back. Carmen has already woken up and she’s searching everywhere for her mother!”

With that, Sophia followed Michael back to Old Master Fletcher’s house. On the way there, she couldn’t help but ask him, “About that woman just now… I think I heard her yell ‘nobody in the Fletcher family is good’ and ‘the Fletcher family ruined her life’. What does she mean? Who is she?”

Michael paused for a moment but chose to reply truthfully, “She’s my ex-girlfriend.”

He then told Sophia the stories about the past without concealing anything. Stanley, who was listening next to them, was shocked.

My uncle really is brave! I can’t believe that he dares to mention this kind of matter. He’s a true man!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 813

Michael calmly introduced who Irene Weber was, including how they knew each other since childhood, how they started dating, how they broke up and everything that happened after that. He even emphasized on how Irene harmed herself to frame Sophia but was caught.
After listening to Michael’s introduction, Sophia couldn’t help but sigh. “It seems that the Fletcher family really did ruin her life.”
Irene started dating Michael at the age of eighteen and dated him for over seven years. She didn’t expect Michael to retire from the army and enter the entertainment industry. At that time, Irene already had great achievements but she wanted more. She felt that Michael wasn’t able to take her up the social ladder. Furthermore, Michael’s sister and brother-in-law, who both had bright futures ahead of them, had passed away, which was why she quickly switched to rely on Joel and was with him for a few years. In the end, Joel abandoned her unexpectedly.

She wanted to return to Michael’s side but realized Michael was married, so she thought about Joel. However, Joel had gotten married too and he had married someone who Irene thought was a million times worse than herself. Now, Irene was almost forty years old and had wasted the best twenty years of her youth on these two men of the Fletcher family.

Michael didn’t refute Sophia. She’s right. Joel and I have done wrong by Irene. It’s a fact. However, this is not a unilateral fault, which is why when Irene hurt the people I love, I didn’t punish her. Instead, I sent her abroad and let her live. Even though she’s forty years old, she’s still a beauty and has a reputation. In this era of great information transmission, everyone has probably forgotten what happened four years ago. If she wants to make a comeback, the Fletcher family will help her. Although Joel abandoned her, if she really asks herself, apart from love, has Joel ever treated her badly? Can she be where she is today if she only depended on her own strength?

Even if she can’t marry Joel, she can still be a guest performer at the state banquet and a solo singer at the Spring Festival Gala. However, she doesn’t seem to cherish it. She’s never cherished what she has and always wants to climb the social ladder with the help of a man. It is naïve to want true love when she dates with a greed to become more successful.

The two walked into the courtyard and entered Mark’s house as Sophia silently listened to Michael’s introduction of Irene. It was really detailed and he explained everything clearly. In the end, Sophia couldn’t help but ask, “You’re being really honest. Aren’t you afraid that I might get angry?”

The current state of their relationship could be regarded as Michael pursuing her. It is rare for a man to talk about his ex-girlfriend honestly in front of a woman he is pursuing.

Michael put his hands in his pockets and looked really calm as he replied, “Why shouldn’t I be honest? It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong. Who doesn’t have a past?”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Then, they changed the topic and walked over to Mark together. Meanwhile, Stanley, who was walking alongside them, couldn’t help but feel amazed. My uncle really is charming. He wasn’t afraid that Sophia would get upset and run away.

After staying in the Fletcher residence for one night, the group left the next day. Unexpectedly, when they returned to The Imperial, Sophia saw a woman standing by the gates. Isn’t that Irene who pestered Joel yesterday?

At that moment, Sophia suddenly recalled that she had seen Irene at the community gates before. Back then, Sarah had told her that Irene was a rat poison seller.

Their car stopped at the gates and the guards verified their identities. As soon as Michael’s car stopped, Irene suddenly rushed over and stood in front of his car.

“Mikey, I know that you’ll always be by my side! I know it—”

It had been two years since Irene’s return, so she naturally knew Michael was still alive. For the past two years, she occasionally wandered around The Imperial but she never managed to bump into Michael. When she found out that Michael had returned to the Fletcher residence yesterday, she had been waiting for an opportunity and finally managed to meet him at the gates of his community.

She saw the car drive out of the military compound so she knew it was Michael’s car.

“Mikey, come out. Talk to me, please.”

Irene banged the door pitifully but the tinted windows never rolled down. Michael, who was inside the car, did not respond either.

In the car behind Michael’s, Sophia rolled down the window and saw Irene hitting the car over and over, refusing to leave. Before this, Sophia felt a little sympathy for Irene but at that moment, she didn’t pity her at all.

A person’s pitiful situation can always be attributed to her own fault. She harrasses two men at the same time. After she was done pestering Joel, she came to pester Michael. Is she trying to open a harem? With her current identity, she can live a glorious life. Why is she obsessed with the men of the Fletcher family?

The car was parked there for a long time and couldn’t move as Irene was standing in front of the car. It seemed as if her attitude was that if Michael didn’t get out of the car to speak with her, she would slam her head against the head of the car and die. The guards, on the other hand, didn’t dare to stop her and this situation went on and on.

In the end, Michael’s car door finally opened. However, it was not a person who stepped out but a three-headed dog from hell. Judge and his puppies rushed out with a growl, like hungry wolves that were set free. Upon seeing that, Irene was so afraid that she turned pale and immediately ran away.

Michael took the opportunity and drove into the residential area. Later, the guards caught the dogs and Irene was so scared that she left.

Sophia looked in the direction Irene was running away and sighed.

I’m sure Michael can’t deal with Irene right now. He doesn’t owe her anything. Back then, Irene pretended to have amnesia and broke up with him when he needed someone to comfort him most. When she lied about me pushing her, Michael let her go too. From how Michael introduced Irene, she grew up with the Fletcher family and saw the amount of power and influence the Fletcher family has so she probably can’t wait to marry one of them to be a real family member of the Fletcher family. Come to think of it, Irene and Sandra are the same kind of people. They pay too much attention to the family genealogy record book.

After Sophia returned home, she contacted Maddie often. After all, Pourl’s new year conference needed a lot of coverage from the media industry. The newspaper Maddie was working for was also a very influential print media in Bayside City and it was one of the media that Sophia had to keep contact with.

When Maddie heard that Michael was making a comeback, she was even more excited and looked forward to having an exclusive interview with him. Michael had also promised to let her conduct his comeback interview.

After making an appointment, Maddie was thrilled as she went to Michael’s house for the interview. Sophia took the opportunity and went to Villa No. 8 to meet Maddie and discuss the time of the publication, hoping to gain more publicity before Pourl’s conference. Then, Sophia suggested putting an advertisement in their magazine, effectively using Michael’s popularity to Pourl’s advantage.

After Maddie finished interviewing Michael, she returned to her office happily and Sophia followed her to discuss matters about the advertisement.

Maddie worked at a large newspaper which published a series of fashion magazines and it was one of the influential print media in Bayside City. Sophia had seen their job postings before so she knew that their interns were elite students from the best universities in Bayside City. However, Maddie was not from Bayside City and didn’t have great academic qualifications so it was hard for her to work in this newspaper.

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The members of the Fletcher family always kept a low profile in public. For instance, Stanley was already the president of a listed gaming company, but he stayed low-key and never revealed his family background. And even though Maddie was married to the man who was once the youngest major general of Cethos, she never mentioned a word about it to the public; she preferred to just be known as an intern at the newspaper company.
“It’s not easy for girls from other places to find a job in Bayside City now. I risked my life to write a few reports about the earthquake that attracted attention. Because of this experience, the editor-in-chief agreed to give me an internship. Moreover, I’ve already given birth to a child so they don’t have to worry that I’ll take maternity leave and waste the position. Because of these two reasons, I managed to defeat the elite students who competed at the same time.”
Maddie was a very talkative person. While leading Sophia to her office, she chatted endlessly.

Before this, Sophia always thought that Maddie got the job because of Joel’s connections!

Maddie’s desk was tucked away in a corner of the spacious office. It was a small desk and it was filled with materials. As Maddie talked about her desk, she looked really proud. “My seat is the best in the company. The pantry is on the left and the printing room is on the right, so it’s really convenient. Take a seat, the editor-in-chief is still in a meeting. Wait for a moment while I bring you a cup of coffee. It’s freshly ground coffee with the coffee beans I secretly brought from home.”

With a smile, Sophia replied, “Go ahead and do your work. I’ll go meet the editor-in-chief myself later.”

After sitting in the office for a few minutes, Sophia found out why Maddie’s desk was right between the pantry and the printing room. Maddie had just sat down for a few minutes and switched on her computer, but before she could click on a file, the office was filled with voices calling her name.

“Maddie, get me a cup of coffee.”

“Maddie, the materials I need are already in your mailbox. Please help me print them.”

“Maddie, I’ve sent my materials to the printer. Once they are printed, send it over.”

“This seat is not only close to the pantry and the printing room, but it’s also close to the washroom. It’s considered to be the best seat in the whole office!” Maddie was so content and optimistic that Sophia was speechless.

She was a girl from another state with low academic qualifications and didn’t have any powerful background. Because of luck, she was unhurt in the earthquake while other local reporters who were at the scene were either dead or injured. Reporters from other states were not allowed to enter the disaster area, so Maddie had exclusive coverage which she showed to the editor-in-chief. Because of this, she got to enter a company with elites with great academic backgrounds. Naturally, Maddie would be under pressure.

She hadn’t stopped since she entered her office. Wearing a pair of canvas shoes and a shirt, Maddie carried a cup of coffee and a stack of materials as she hurriedly shuttled among a group of well-dressed employees.

After she finally finished delivering the coffee and materials, an old woman with glasses came over and fiercely threw a pile of materials on her table. Then, she asked rudely, “Maddie, have you prepared the materials that I asked for this morning?”

Hearing this, Maddie hit her head and replied, “Oops! Sorry Miss Buckley, I forgot. I’ll do it right now.”

Miss Buckley muttered in dissatisfaction, “Hicks are hicks. People like you are not ambitious and do nothing in the office. A lazy person like you will never be a permanent employee even if they gave you a lifetime to prove yourself.”

Maddie was scolded so fiercely that she didn’t dare to say a word.

After Miss Buckley left, Maddie immediately turned on her computer and started working. Ever since she came back to the office, she had been running around the pantry and printing room so she didn’t have time to prepare the materials.

Seeing her being oppressed, Sophia couldn’t help but speak up. “Why do you choose to suffer? Ask Joel to use his connections and he’ll help you find an easier job. Joel is in charge of the military training in Bayside University so no graduate from Bayside University would dare to disrespect him! He’ll be able to find you an easy job effortlessly.”

Unexpectedly, Maddie was unbothered. “Suffer? I’m not suffering! Look at how good my life is. There is no mortgage pressure and there’s someone taking care of my child. I don’t have any pressure at all. My life is great!”

Compared to the other country girls who lived in basements and struggled with unemployment, Maddie was considered a very lucky girl. She was married to a man from a powerful family who could protect her and she didn’t have any mortgage or car loan to worry about. Moreover, there was someone who took care of her child so she had no worries at all. All she had to do was to work hard. It would be perfect if I can become a permanent employee with a good salary and get a foothold in the workplace.

Sophia could see content on Maddie’s face. This was the greatest difference between her and Irene. Irene would never be satisfied with what she had and she was extremely greedy and ambitious. Meanwhile, Maddie was already really happy with what she had. Even though she was bullied and suppressed by a group of colleagues, she was still very happy and carefree.

She really is a silly girl…

While working on the documents, Maddie said, “I’m already having a really happy life right now. I don’t have to worry about my child at all and I’m only earning some money for myself. Back then, I almost died in the disaster area but Joel flew down from the sky, lifted the prefabricated plate and fished me out of the rubble. Being married to him is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!”

Looking at Maddie’s blushing cheeks, Sophia thought that she looked like a little girl in love and couldn’t help but tease her. However, before she spoke, Maddie’s colleague who was sitting nearby already started giving bitter remarks.

“Why are you so happy to be married to a paratrooper?! Can’t you be a little more ambitious?!”

Maddie shrugged helplessly and muttered to herself, “To be able to marry Joel brings me great happiness. I want nothing else.”

Sophia shook her head and smiled. I heard Joel is already promoted to lieutenant general…

The colleague closest to Maddie suddenly remembered something and asked loudly, “Maddie, you went out this morning. Didn’t you say that you were going to do an ‘earth-shattering interview’ in the Messenger group? How did it go?”

Speaking of the ‘earth-shattering interview’, Maddie was filled with confidence and replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve promised the editor-in-chief that if it’s not earth-shattering, I’ll leave the company.”

Everyone in the office laughed, but their laughter was filled with ridicule. What kind of a big shot can Maddie, a shabby girl from the countryside, interview? An earth-shattering interview? What a joke!

Everyone naturally didn’t believe her and was sure that she would be kicked out by the company tomorrow.

While they were chatting, Miss Buckley who was talking to Maddie a while ago came over. “Maddie, the editor-in-chief is looking for you.”

Maddie thought that the editor-in-chief had finished his meeting so she said “Sophia, I think the editor-in-chief is done with his meeting. Come, I’ll introduce you to him.”

Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly grabbed her bag and followed her. She thought to herself, I should give Maddie a hand because she’s really hard working. She stayed calm during the earthquake, has written many reports and taken many photos, some of which she won awards for. Her work ability and resume makes it completely eligible for her to be a permanent employee. However, she is looked down upon because of her education background. I came here to put an advertisement in the paper and I’m the client. I can probably give them a little extra money and give some hints to the editor-in-chief to secretly make her a permanent employee…

Unexpectedly, Sophia met a person that she really did not want to meet.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 815

This time, not only did Maddie find a customer, she even wrote an exclusive interview with Michael.
The exclusive interview will definitely be a hit. Even if I don’t prompt the editor-in-chief, he’ll probably promote me.
Maddie had not told the editor-in-chief who she was interviewing because she was cautious and didn’t want to brag. It was only after she finished the interview and got the recording and video did she gave some hints in the Messenger group.

At that moment, she was about to show the exclusive interview to the editor-in-chief and discuss next week’s headlines. It was hard for print media to survive in the internet era, and the reach of newspapers were not as wide as they used to be. With this interview, Maddie was sure that it would push up sales of printed publication.

She strided down the hall happily in her canvas shoes. When they arrived, the door of the editor-in-chief’s office was open and the editor-in-chief was standing at the doorway. He was a middle-aged man and he had a serious expression.

When Maddie saw him, she said, “Chief, I have an earth-shattering interview…”

“Maddie, pack up your stuff and go to the finance department to get your salary. You don’t have to come tomorrow!”

The editor-in-chief spoke and mercilessly fired Maddie. At that instant, Maddie’s excited footsteps immediately came to a stop. She stood there, stunned, and it took her a few seconds to come back to her senses. In a trembling voice, she asked, “Why? Chief, I really have an earth-shattering interview. Please look at it first. If it doesn’t surprise you, I’ll leave.”

The editor-in-chief didn’t give her an opportunity to explain. “There’s no need to discuss anything. Leave! The company doesn’t need your services anymore!”

Maddie was completely dumbfounded. In the morning, she had happily interviewed Michael and was about to see the results soon. She obviously didn’t expect this to be the result. At that moment, Maddie asked herself whether she had been working hard conscientiously over the past few months she was in the company.

However, everyone else in the office didn’t seem to be surprised at all. They knew that it was only a matter of time before Maddie got fired.

What is the use of an earth-shattering interview?

Sophia also wanted to ask why they dismissed Maddie. After all, she was a diligent employee. Then, she saw a woman who was beautifully dressed in white walking out of the editor-in-chief’s office. The woman was wearing a limited edition one-piece dress from the latest collection of a luxury brand. She looked elegant and exquisite, as if she had a halo over her head.

“Maddie, don’t you have any idea why you’re fired?”

As soon as the woman opened her mouth, her sweet oriole-like voice traveled into the ears of everyone in the office. The people who worked in the company were reporters so as soon as they heard the woman’s voice, they knew that something was going on. Their ears perked up and they looked over.

Everyone saw the woman who came out from the editor-in-chief’s office. Her temperament was remarkable and she seemed to be a little old, but she still looked very beautiful and charming.

“Isn’t that Irene Weber?!”

“You’re right! Do you know that she’s really famous right now? It took a lot of effort for our company to invite her for an interview!”

“Tsk! She doesn’t seem to be on good terms with Maddie!”

Full of arrogance, Irene walked over to Maddie aggressively. Then, she raised her voice and yelled, “Weren’t you powerful enough to steal my man? Why are you pretending to be weak and innocent? I told you, it doesn’t matter that you’ve tricked Joel and gave him a son. Do you think you’re worthy of him? You’re just a mistress!”

As soon as she finished speaking, there were whispers around the office.

I didn’t expect Maddie, who usually looks so honest, to be a mistress! Once they heard that she was a mistress, they started speculating about the reason she was able to join the newspaper.

Maybe she’s secretly sleeping with the editor-in-chief. Back then, it was the editor-in-chief who made an exception and allowed her to become an intern. Tsk, tsk! You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Listening to everyone’s whispers, Maddie burst into tears. “I’m not a mistress! I’m not!”

“You’re not a mistress?”

Irene’s cruel words were like knives to Maddie’s heart. “Do you dare to tell everyone how you got close to Joel and married him? Who do you think you are? Do you know how powerful Joel is? Do you? If it weren’t for your methods, Joel would never have fallen for you!”

Maddie was not good at quarelling with others. She was the kind of person who cried when being shouted at, which imperceptibly made her look weak.

Seeing that Maddie wasn’t speaking, Irene yelled loudly in front of all of her colleagues. “My fiancé and I have known each other for many years and we were about to get married. Unexpectedly, while my fiancé was on a mission in the frontlines, this mistress tried to get close to him and did everything she could to sleep with him. Then, she got pregnant with his child and used it as an excuse to force him to marry her! If you’re not considered a mistress, what kind of person would be considered a mistress?!”

As Irene spoke, tears started rolling down her cheeks. It was as if she had been bravely trying to hold back her tears but failed, and they soaked her face. She looked like a pitiful woman who was abandoned by her fiancé.

The crowd started whispering and pointing fingers. However, Maddie couldn’t say anything. She was so panicked that she couldn’t even speak clearly, let alone quarrel with someone.

Maddie is no match for Irene…

At this critical moment, Sophia decided to fight back.

She calmly walked out from behind Maddie. Glaring at the aggressive Irene, she coldly said, “Hey! Miss Weber, may I ask who your fiancé is? Three years ago, didn’t you say that you would only marry Taylor Murray? So… is Taylor your fiancé ? If so, who is Joel? How many men are you planning to marry?”

When these words came out, everyone was dumbfounded and suddenly remembered the news about Irene three years ago. At that time, she did a lot of stupid things to get Taylor back and forced Taylor, the idol who never talked about personal relationships, to personally explain it to the media. Until this day, some people were still talking about it.

Although everybody forgot about it, once somebody mentioned it, they immediately remembered the past clearly. At that time, Irene really embarrassed herself a lot.

If Irene had a fiancé that she had known for many years that was stolen away by Maddie, why did she chase after Taylor?

Before Irene and the others could react, Sophia spoke in the same aggressive tone Irene used a while ago. She approached Irene step by step and mercilessly said, “Maddie has been married for almost three years, and you were chasing after Taylor around two years ago. Are you telling me that in just a year, you managed to get a fiancé who you’ve ‘dated for many years’ who was pried away by Maddie? Or do you have a fiancé who you’ve been dating for many years but you secretly pursued Taylor behind his back?”

This seemed to make sense to everyone.

Perhaps Irene and her fiancé had a fight back then, so she pursued Taylor but failed. She was really embarrassed about it so she went abroad, and when she came back, she saw that her fiancé had already married a woman who was inferior to her. She couldn’t figure out why, so she came here to trouble Maddie. Gee…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 816

Irene’s idol image was completely ruined.
When Sophia appeared, Irene was instantly vigilant. This woman wearing a mask gave her a great sense of familiarity and danger, but she couldn’t recognize her. She looks like a foreigner.
“Who are you? This is between Maddie and me and it has nothing to do with you!” Irene said rudely.

Sophia straightforwardly replied, “Since it is between you and Maddie, what does it have to do with the editor-in-chief and the newspaper? A mistress like you is allowed to use someone else’s job to threaten them, so why am I, the relative of the lawful wife, not allowed to say something?”

Without waiting for Irene’s response, Sophia continued, “By the way, go and ask your fiancé whether the name he entered in the spouse column of his household registration book is yours or Maddie’s! Oh wait! I forgot that you went to his house and caused trouble two days ago and was kicked out. Even if you went over to find him now, he won’t let you in! Have you forgotten your dear fiancé’s warning?! It seems that you still haven’t learned your lesson. Do you have to exhaust the last bit of kindness he has and force him to tear your life apart in person? Will you only feel relieved after you get sent abroad again?”

Sophia’s words were like barrel-fire that hit the key points. She had brought up the past and the present and every word was a direct attack to Irene’s weak points. After Irene heard this, she turned completely pale and couldn’t find the words to refute her.

Meanwhile, the reporters at the scene suddenly recalled the fight between Irene and Taylor three years ago.

At that time, Taylor constantly left room for her to back out but she didn’t retreat. Instead, she continued to push Taylor’s limits and caused trouble again and again. In the end, Taylor had to personally tear his ex-girlfriend’s life apart.

Tsk, tsk. It seems that even though years have passed, Irene still hasn’t changed and she’s doing the same thing again.

Reporters could always find the important points of an incident so they naturally found many important points in Sophia’s words. Then, they started to speculate the identity of Irene’s fiancé. Everybody knew about Irene’s background, so her fiancé must be a good match for her and have great wealth…

They didn’t dare to speculate any further.

Irene took a few steps forward angrily, as if she was about to hit someone. However, before she even got close, two blond bodyguards appeared from behind Sophia and blocked Irene’s way.

Looking at the foreign woman in front of her, Irene asked again, “Who are you?”

Sophia replied, “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Scarlett Mitchell and I’m the new person in charge of Pourl.”

When everyone heard Scarlett’s name and Pourl, they naturally knew who she was. Not long ago, Pourl fought with their competitor, King, so fiercely, King was forced to close down. The newspaper was still tracking and doing follow-up reports.

I didn’t expect this woman to be the person in charge of Pourl who vigorously demolished her competitor’s new product launch, which is the first in history! No wonder she has such a domineering aura.

Irene did not expect Maddie to have such a powerful relative, but she had her own connections too. She ignored Sophia and Maddie and directly spoke to the editor-in-chief. “Mr. Frazier, I’ll leave it to you. As long as this woman is in your company, I will never accept your interview!”

Mr. Frazier was in a sticky situation. Even though he liked that Maddie was hard working and enthusiastic, Irene was more powerful. Furthermore, the newspaper had been in a slump for a long time and they needed an explosive interview.

“Mr. Frazier,” Sophia said in a soft voice, “Maddie just interviewed a big shot. Take a look at her interview before you decide whether you want to have an exclusive interview with Miss Weber or not.”

At the same time, she turned around and said to Maddie, “Don’t be scared and show your interview to the editor.”

Hearing this, Maddie wiped away her tears, braced herself and handed Mr. Frazier the documents in her hands. Mr. Frazier glanced at it, then flipped through two pages in disbelief. He was flabbergasted and asked Maddie, “Is this genuine?”

At that moment, Maddie’s cowardice was gone and she confidently nodded. “Yes, it is. I went out this morning to interview him! I also have videos and our entire conversation was recorded with the camcorder. I’ve already emailed all of it to you.”

Mr. Frazier was overjoyed and he patted Maddie’s shoulder. “This really is earth-shattering news! Deputy chief editor, editors, and every department head, come to my office for a meeting in ten minutes! No one is allowed to miss it! Maddie, you have to come too! Someone please escort Miss Weber out of here! We really have earth-shattering news this time!”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. However, the editor-in-chief had spoken so they had to follow his instructions. In an instant, the whole office was a mess. In the past, Maddie wasn’t invited to official staff meetings but this time, she was called in for the first time.

Everyone started getting busy, except Sophia and Irene. Amongst the chaos, the two of them stood opposite each other, having a staredown. In the end, Irene was so furious, she turned around and left, full of hate for this woman called Scarlett.

Sophia chuckled and found a seat, waiting for them to finish their meeting so that she could discuss her advertisement placement. It seemed like Maddie’s ‘earth-shattering news’ had gotten the whole office excited. Later, a man from another department came to serve Sophia.

Maddie had a shocking exclusive interview this time so she instantly became a permanent employee and was even promoted two levels. Happily, she invited Sophia out for seafood.

Sophia invited Sarah and the two of them brought their children over. Maddie had interviewed Stanley in his company before, so she knew Sarah.

They reached the cafe one after another and got seated. They were a group of three ladies with three babies, who were the sweet and cute Carmen, the cold Drew and Sour Face. The three babies played at the side and there were nannies watching over them.

It was a special day so they had chosen a private room to specially accommodate them. Downstairs was a square at the end of one of the commercial streets in Bayside City center. Through the glass windows, they could see the large screen in the large square that was playing advertisements.

It was the weekend so there was a crowd and the square was extremely lively. This was one of the most crowded squares in Bayside City, so it was really expensive to place an advertisement here. Hence, the advertisements were mostly from international brands.

“Hey, look at this. I got the samples and the magazines will be shipped out all over the city this afternoon!”

Maddie pulled out the magazine samples excitedly and handed a copy each to Sophia and Sarah. The man on the cover was Michael, also known as Taylor Murray, and below him was the title, ‘A Phoenix Rises From the Ashes’.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 817

Michael’s picture on the cover was extremely handsome. He looked more mature and wiser than he used to be, and his eyes were filled with vicissitudes of life. It was as if he could see through you, and it was easy to lose yourself in those charming eyes.
His exclusive interview occupied several pages and it included what he had been doing after his retirement and an apology to his fans.
Michael’s words were printed in the magazine: ‘Three years ago, a catastrophic disaster caused me to lose everything. In despair, I chose to retire. Three years later, I found hope again so I chose to make a comeback because the one who likes me is always here.’

The sentence ‘the one who likes me’ seemed to refer to the fans who had been missing him. However, Sophia had a feeling that Michael was referring to her.

Sophia learned a lot about the details of the accident that happened three years ago. At that time, in order to hold Michael back, Quinton deliberately revealed Michael’s position in the shopping mall and caused his crazy fans to surround him. Michael was stuck in the stairwell and had to watch Sophia being taken away by Quinton.

Then, a killer who was lurking among the fanatics cut Michael with a knife laced with poison. Michael wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for his good health and was rushed to the hospital in time.

Until now, everytime the anniversary of the accident came round, a large number of fans would miss him more than usual and blamed themselves for their recklessness.

If Michael had quit the entertainment industry because of this, it was reasonable and fans would forgive him. Sophia was looking at the magazine when Carmen’s head poked out from under her arm and she asked urgently, “Is my name in there? Did daddy mention me?”

Sophia replied, “The main focus of this issue is your daddy so your name is not in here, but you’ll be in them next time.”

Carmen was a little disappointed. All of a sudden, Sarah said, “Hey, it’s time! Hurry up and take out the telescope!”

Hearing this, Sophia hurriedly put down the magazine in her hands and pulled out the telescope. Then, she turned to look at the big screen in the distance. In fact, they could see everything clearly without any tools but she didn’t want to miss a single detail.

The three children also leaned on the glass window and watched.

At twelve on a Sunday afternoon, the big screen, on which would cost tens of thousands to place a one-minute advertisement, suddenly turned black. A few seconds later, a cloud of flames rolled across the screen. It was a brand new advertisement that no one had ever seen before, and many people in the square stopped to watch.

The cloud of flames rolled and gradually formed a phoenix rising from the ashes. It hovered in the sky for a while and with a clear cry, it dived to the ground into a ball of flames again. Then, a man slowly walked out of the blazing fire.

Sparks of fire on the slender figure slowly dissipated. The man wore business clothing from L/K’s new summer collection, and he looked handsome and casual as he slowly stepped forward.

The man’s face gradually got clearer and his youthful look gradually faded away. He still had a handsome appearance but he looked more solemn due to the challenges he had experienced in life. However, there were a few things that stayed the same—his resolute gaze and the elegance that was in his bones.

At that moment, it was as if Taylor Murray was making an announcement to the world. I’m back.

Many people could be seen in the square. Even after the advertisement ended, they were still staring at the big screen. Taylor Murray was a man whose name was often associated with the word ‘regret’. He was the first actor in Cethos who won the Academy Award, the man who appeared in most of the greatest movies of Cethos, and the man who died three years ago for a well-known reason.

Many fans cried in despair and many filmmakers cried in regret over his death. Even though he had been gone for three years, nobody could break the box office record set by his film. He represented an era and he was a myth. But now, the man had silently made a return without any warning.

It was as if Imperial Entertainment, L/K, and several media outlets seemed to have made an agreement in advance. While the advertisement was playing, all of them announced the news of Taylor’s return. Furthermore, the movie that he didn’t finish filming three years ago was officially named ‘The National Treasury Action’, and it was scheduled to be released simultaneously worldwide.

The citizens of Cethos and the whole world were shocked! It turned out that he was not dead. Many fans in the square instantly burst into tears when they found out about Taylor’s return. After Sophia finished watching the advertisement, tears welled up in her eyes too.

He is so perfect. It’s like he was born to be admired.

After they watched the advertisement, everyone wanted more. They turned on their phones and saw that the advertisement had been posted on the Internet so they watched it again. After watching it, Maddie rested her chin on her hand and she looked obsessed. “Miss Taylor is amazing! To be honest with you, I grew up watching his movies!”

… Why does it feel strange to hear this sentence?

Sophia frowned and felt that this sentence was a little inappropriate.

Then, Maddie asked, “Miss Taylor is not short of money. Why do you think he’s making a comeback to the industry?”

Before Sarah could answer, Carmen, who was in Sophia’s arms, jumped and said, “My daddy said that if he doesn’t continue to make movies, mommy will have nothing to watch anymore!”

Sophia blushed and said, “Nonsense. The reason your daddy made a comeback is to earn your kindergarten tuition fee!”

However, everybody knew the real reason. Taylor returned to film because she had returned!

They were laughing and chatting happily when Sophia’s phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Michael. As soon as the call was connected, Michael’s raspy and sexy voice could be heard.

“Have you seen my advertisement and exclusive interview? What do you think?”

The corners of Sophia’s lips curled upward unconsciously and turned into a sweet smile. She was in a really good mood. Holding the phone in one hand, she poked the matcha cake in front of her with a fork with the other.

“What do you think? It’s been a long time since I’ve been on screen so I’m a little rusty. Did I do well?”

Sophia smiled and replied, “Well… from a fan’s perspective, you did pretty good. Keep up the good work.”

“By the way, the time for Carmen to meet the crew has been set. They arranged a few scenes for her for ‘The National Treasury Action’, and the filming process will be finished in two days. Let her try some shots and I will guide her personally…”

After finishing the seafood lunch that Maddie paid for, Sophia and Sarah went home together with their children. Not long after Sophia returned home, showered, changed and went downstairs to prepare for dinner, Michael came. He was wearing a white shirt that was clean and crisp and it made him look really young. Youth wasn’t defined by the skin on your face, but by the youthful feeling that came from the bones. For Michael, he was youthful inside out. He was holding the script and talking to Cooper about Carmen’s scenes.

“Carmen will only have a few shots. The first scene will be set in ancient times. Carmen will be acting as a civilian child living in the capital of one of the dynasties. She sees the enemy breaking into the city but is still too young to understand what is going on. Her innocence will be a contrast to the enemy’s guns and cannons. The second scene will be set in a modern museum. An actress will carry Carmen to the museum to see the ‘Imperial seal’ and tell its story to her, which symbolizes that the future generations will remember this period of history.”

While Cooper was reading the script, Michael winked at Sophia and Sophia winked back at him. It was as if they were secretly dating…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 818

After they finished reading the script, Carmen said, “Daddy, come join us for dinner.”
As soon as Cooper heard this, he was upset. However, before he said anything, Carmen put on an innocent look and said, “I want to eat dinner with daddy.”
Michael grabbed the chance and pulled Carmen into his arms as he dotingly replied, “Okay, I’ll eat dinner with you.”

After dinner, Michael went home but before he left, he gestured to Sophia to play computer games later.

After Carmen went to bed early to get her beauty sleep, Sophia grabbed her laptop and headed to the study. Then, she logged into ‘Swordsman Game’.

‘Swordsman Game’ was extremely lively that day because the number of players online was two to three times more than usual. Naturally, it was because of Taylor’s comeback. It was only then that they realized that it really was Taylor behind Scary Phoenix all along!

As soon as Sophia logged on, she saw Taylor’s name everywhere. It was obvious that his fans were really happy and excited for his new movie.

In just a day, the news of Taylor’s comeback seemed to have spread throughout the world, and even people who weren’t movie buffs knew about it.

Because the news of Taylor’s endorsement of L/K and the scheduled release of ‘The National Treasury Action’ was announced one after another today, not only did it make the stocks of L/K and ‘The National Treasury Action’ go up, even the stocks of the gaming company that owned the ‘Swordsman Game’ and Stanley’s Plum Technology soared.

As for the magazine issue that was published by Maddie’s company, it was sold out in half a day. Everyone welcomed Taylor’s return happily and nobody brought up his fake death.

After Sophia logged into the game, it was filled with fans calling out to Scary Phoenix.

Amidst their calls, Scary Phoenix appeared and swept across the sky like a rainbow, shocking thousands of fans and gamers.

When Sophia arrived at their usual gathering point, she realized everyone else had also arrived.

Naturally, Stanley and Sean were there. Sarah and Harry were also present. Cooper, Linus, and Sophia’s family of three had also arrived, and so had Michael and Nathan.

With Cooper there, nobody dared to speak except Michael. “Wow, father-in-law, good evening.”

From the beginning till the end, Cooper didn’t say anything. Everyone teamed up, entered the game, and played in complete silence.

However, they were sending voice messages in the Messenger group.

“Oh my god, Grandmaster is so awesome. I want to follow him everywhere. I don’t care! Grandmaster is mine!”

Stanley had changed from being his uncle’s die hard fan to being Cooper’s die hard fan.

“Sophia, your father is amazing, so why are you so bad at this? If only you were half as good as your father!”

Sophia didn’t say anything. She just stayed behind Cooper and easily passed through each challenge.

Meanwhile, Michael fought side by side with Cooper the whole time. However, Cooper would never have thought that at that moment, Michael and Sophia were talking on the phone. He kept an eye on Sophia online and offline all the time, and he even eavesdropped whenever they called each other. It was almost impossible for Michael to spend time alone with Sophia.

Even if he lured Cooper away, there were bodyguards watching them.

Which was why playing games was a great opportunity. In Michael’s study, Michael had connected Nicholas to his computer. At that moment, Nicholas was killing monsters with Michael’s gaming account while Michael was lying at the side and talking to Sophia on the phone.

It was the only time Cooper wouldn’t come to bother them. After all, calling Sophia under his nose was the safest solution. Holding the phone, Michael got up, pulled open the curtains, and looked at Villa No.2. He could see that the lights in Sophia’s study were on, and the soft light reflected in his eyes that were full of tenderness.

“Sophia, I don’t want to pressure you. You just need to follow your heart and slowly accept everything…”

Michael’s voice was like sweet spring water that flowed into Sophia’s heart and filled her soul. She was wearing headphones to talk with him on the phone while she played the game.

“Actually… You’re a nice guy and you’re honest, and you fit the image of a perfect partner in my mind. But… even though I can quickly accept the fact that I have a child, I really need time to accept a husband. The marriage of two people is not a simple thing.”

Michael knew this so he never pushed her. “Let’s just go with the flow…”

He suddenly thought of the eminent monk they met on Dragon Mountain.

He had perfectly predicted what would happen to them and guided Michael to his future.

A destined debt must always be paid.

A destined departure will always come.

Everything is fate. Let nature take its course. What belongs to you will be yours and no one else can take it away from you!

“You should go to bed early. I’ll be pretty busy for the next two days so you’ll have to take care of Carmen. I will make time to guide Carmen after lunch tomorrow.”

The next day, Michael came over in the afternoon and spent the whole afternoon teaching Carmen. Carmen studied hard. She was young and never received any official training, so she was a little obtuse. After all, she learned everything from watching television.

In the past, when Michael was at home, he would sing a little when he was in a good mood. Carmen would follow closely behind him and tried to sing like him, and she was pretty good at it.

Michael patiently taught her how to look at the camera, how to move around and how to angle herself, and she listened attentively.

After a few days of training, Carmen felt really confident and felt that she could make her debut. She started packing her bags for her trip to the set.

The night before the departure, the nanny packed up everything Carmen needed for her trip to the set. Even though she only had two scenes that were added in at the last minute, in the spirit of striving for perfection, they had to go to the film studio for the shoot, so there were a lot of things she needed. Aside from shooting, she planned to have some fun. She was about to meet a panda that she had been thinking about for a long time, so she would be gone for about four days.

Sophia naturally had to join Carmen’s first filming. Cooper was worried too and insisted on going to the studio personally. Michael also needed to guide her on site.

After Sophia packed up the daily necessities for Carmen, she turned around and saw Carmen carefully braiding the dogs’ fur. The heads of the shaggy Samoyed and Teddy were filled with braids, and even the short-haired huskies had small sections of braids.

Poor Judge. His head is filled with braids and there are even two small red flowers on his ears.

Sophia pulled out her phone and took a picture of Judge’s silly appearance. After that, she took pictures of her cute daughter.

While taking pictures, she asked, “Carmen, why did you braid the dogs’ fur?”

Carmen was so busy, she didn’t even have the time to look up. “I’m about to leave so I can’t braid the doggies anymore. I want to braid as much as I can tonight.”

Hearing this, Sophia frowned.

What kind of logic is this? How can I understand a two-year-old’s logic? Perhaps she thinks that braiding the dogs, her father and her grandfather’s hair is good for the body and mind? Now that she’s leaving, is she trying to enjoy all the fun in one night?

However, Carmen immediately added, “Once I leave, nobody will braid the doggies anymore. They will be sad.”

On the contrary, they get sad when someone’s braiding their fur!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 819

It was really cute to see a little girl sitting among the big dogs.
The dogs at home were always given baths. Other than making sure there weren’t any insects and mites on them, Carmen needed to wash her hands whenever she was done playing with them.
Carmen then brought out a pile of clothes to put on the dogs because she was afraid that the dogs would have no clothes to wear after she left, while Sophia recorded a video of her to show her in the future.

Perhaps braiding was a physical activity that wasted a lot of energy. After playing happily for a while, she started dozing off. Sitting on the ground, her tiny head bobbed for a while before she leaned against one of the dogs and fell asleep. Sophia couldn’t help but laugh. Then, she put down her phone and washed Carmen’s hands and face before she placed her on the bed.

Later, Sophia lay on the bed and scrolled on her phone, taking the time to post Judge’s silly picture onto the twitter account made for him. She also posted a series of professional shots of Judge wearing Pourl products to create buzz for Pourl’s new product launch.

Even though Judge usually looked silly, his photos from the studio looked great. After all, they were shot in a professional studio with good lighting, and they were heavily edited…

Early next morning, Carmen woke up at dawn. She jumped out of bed, went to find her mother and pestered her to bring her to the studio. Michael came over early to pick her up and also joined them for breakfast. After breakfast, the whole family got in the car and drove to the airport outside the city. Later, they took Michael’s plane to the film studio outside the city.

They were afraid that Carmen might feel lonely without a dog by her side, so they brought Bubbles with them. After they got off the plane, Sophia felt drowsy but Carmen was extremely energetic. Carrying her small doggy backpack, she walked around excitedly. Even though Michael really loved Carmen, he didn’t always spoil her. Ever since she was young, he already cultivated her independence and taught her to do everything she could, such as carrying her own bag.

“Daddy, where shall we go after we finish filming?”

“Let’s go and see pandas!”


Carmen walked happily ahead, her little hand holding onto Michael’s big hand as she chatted with him excitedly. Meanwhile, Sophia yawned and walked behind, holding Bubbles with a leash. Then, she freed one hand to turn on her phone and logged into Judge’s Twitter to check his status.

Tsk, tsk. It seems like this dog is getting famous.

In the past, Sophia only received at most one thousand replies in one tweet. However, the reshares, comments and likes for the video she posted yesterday were more than 60,000.

This dog is even more famous than most humans.

However, after she clicked into the comment section, she realized that the people seemed to have their attention elsewhere.

‘Judge still looks handsome even with pigtails!’

‘Oh my god! That little girl is so cute! Is her name Carmen?’

‘Is that the little owner of Judge and Corrado?’

‘She’s so pretty and cute!’

Sophia clicked on the video and found out that she forgot to cut Carmen out from the video she posted last night. The look of Carmen trying hard to braid the dogs while she slowly dozed off was recorded and her cute appearance immediately attracted a lot of people. She soon made the list of the weekly hot topics, and the popularity of ‘Cute Girl Braids Dogs’ was only second to ‘Taylor Murray Faked His Death’.


Many people had sent private messages to ask about Carmen, hoping that they could see more of her photos. There were even many verified agency accounts that asked for her contact number so that they could make Carmen a star.

Faced with the huge attention, Sophia felt a little panicked and she hurriedly discussed it with Michael.

Michael only found out about the video after getting off the plane. He didn’t expect that his daughter would get famous for saying a few words in a childish tone and braiding the dogs. Moreover, her popularity was still rising and she was about to overtake him.

He patted Sophia’s shoulder and said, “Just go with the flow. You don’t have to respond to any of the messages.”

However, Sophia was still at a loss. On one hand, it was inevitable that Carmen would be in the public eye because she wanted to be an actress. On the other hand, she thought that it wasn’t healthy to expose a child to the media at such an early age.

They soon arrived at the studio. Because Carmen’s scenes were supplementary shots, there weren’t many other actors, and most of the people on set were staff.

Carman ran into the set and greeted each staff member. Before we came, daddy told me that only sweet children are welcomed and I cannot offend the director. Otherwise, he won’t let me play the role. Furthermore, I can’t offend the makeup artists and the stylists, or else they will make me look ugly.

As soon as Carmen entered the set, she greeted every staff member politely and they really liked her. Some people even recognized her as the cute girl from the video that went viral today. Judge was the model for Pourl and the founder of Pourl was Taylor’s wife, Sophia, so naturally, the little girl that lived with Judge was related to Taylor.

They didn’t expect Taylor to have a daughter.

Soon, Carmen changed into her costume, put on makeup, and stood in front of the camera confidently, preparing for her first shoot.

Her scene today was really simple. The background of the scene was the enemy besieging the city as she stood at the side of the street, watching everything but not understanding what was going on.

It was like a scene from Cethos’s past. The gates of the country were blasted open by the enemy’s cannon, and at that moment, their dream of being the strongest country in the world shattered in one night. Everyone was at a loss and nobody knew what their future would be.

Michael had written the plot for Carmen: More than a hundred years ago in Bayside City, the people lived happily in their land, not knowing that a catastrophe was about to happen. On a stage along the streets of Bayside City, an opera singer was singing sonorously while a little girl dressed in plain clothes tried to sing along. The public surrounded them and were enjoying the show. All of a sudden, sounds of cannons could be heard and it shocked the city. Realizing that the enemy was besieging the city, the crowd scattered and the singer ran away. However, the little girl didn’t know what was happening so she turned to look at the gates. Among the smoke and fire, she saw that the enemy had entered the city center, but she didn’t know that a massacre was about to come.

The opera singer was naturally going to be played by Michael. In order to help his daughter debut, he went all out. Soon, the opera singer, the extras, and the little girl were in place. As soon as the director yelled action, everybody started acting their role. The opera singer took a deep breath and started singing. Seeing this, the little girl sang along with the opera singer and did a good job.

Carmen’s acting in this scene was great as she had practiced a lot with her father at home. Whenever her father sang, she would sing along, so her performance was perfect. Almost all of the shots passed with one take.

She sure is Taylor Murray’s daughter! The director was ecstatic. Her confidence and spirit is amazing. She was born to be in movies! Seeing that the scene was done in one take, the director excitedly yelled cut and watched the replay.

“Amazing! It’s perfect!” The director was elated and as he watched the replay, he couldn’t help but praise Carmen.

Michael carried Carmen over to watch the replay and he was really satisfied with how it turned out.

Not bad. If there weren’t so many family businesses for her to inherit, Carmen really can consider an acting career after she turns eighteen. However, with me, her mother, and her grandfather’s fortune, I don’t think she’ll have the time to act in movies.

Because the shooting of the first scene had gone smoothly, Carmen was really excited. She urged the director to start shooting the second scene before she skipped away to prepare for it. Seeing this, Michael hurriedly went to make preparations for the next scene too.

However, Cooper, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly stepped forward and placed his hand on the director’s shoulder. In a cold voice, he said, “For the second scene, get a few more takes.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 820

This was Cooper’s request. The director didn’t know who he was so he turned to look at Michael.
Cooper came with Michael and Michael seems to treat him with great respect…
Michael was helpless. It seems that Cooper is very opposed to letting Carmen act in movies. He definitely doesn’t want her to finish acting the second scene so smoothly. Moreover, Carmen needs to experience the hard work that goes into acting in order to make a better choice.

Michael had no choice but to agree. “Okay, Mr. Mitchell. Whatever you say.”

The director immediately started to find faults at the beginning of the second scene.

“Cut! The flower dropped! Let’s do this again!”

“Cut! Your gaze did not express the character’s feelings! Start over!”

“Where are your emotions? You have to show your emotions! Again!”

There was a series of cuts the whole morning and the director found fault with almost everything. Everyone on set was tired and listless, and it was not until the crew put out lunch at noon that everyone dispersed and had a rest.

Carmen was sad and emotional. She sat on Cooper’s laps and buried her head in his chest, not saying a word.

Holding her in his arms, Cooper coaxed her. “That’s how acting works. There will always be a lot of retakes. If the shot doesn’t look good, you have to start over again and again. It’s not fun at all. After you finish shooting in the afternoon, let’s go home and you can inherit my farm. It’s full of fluffy sheep and you can have as many of them as you want. Or, you can learn how to build robots from Uncle Linus!”

Carmen was too sad to speak. She pursed her lips and tears welled up in her eyes, but she held back her tears firmly. Cooper had scared her with words like ‘that’s how acting works’ and tried to lure her with words like ‘inherit my farm’ to persuade Carmen to leave. However, Carmen wouldn’t leave. At noon, she even stubbornly ate a big bowl of lunch and braced herself to prepare for the afternoon shoot.

Michael and Sophia stood at the side and both of them felt speechless. Sophia couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Cooper really doesn’t want Carmen to act in movies!

Sophia thought that whether or not Carmen inherited the family business was not important because all she wanted was for her to be happy. If she really likes acting, as her mother, I’ll naturally support her decision.

After Carmen finished eating, she drank some water and looked up at her father.

Michael looked like Mulan today, and he was even going to sing a verse from the movie itself. In order to accompany Carmen, he really did everything he could and was willing to be in the background for her.

With his female character’s makeup and clothing, Michael looked really beautiful. If he didn’t speak, Sophia wouldn’t be able to tell that he was a man.

“Daddy…” Carmen looked at him innocently. Seeing this, Michael squatted down and his face full of makeup was filled with tenderness as he said, “Darling, what’s the matter?”

Carmen buried her face in Michael’s arms. Looking shy, she stuttered for a long time before she finally came up with a full sentence. “I want to hear you sing opera…”

This was also the wish of everyone on set!

When Michael came out in a dress a moment ago and everyone heard the sound of his heightened voice and saw the way he swayed his body, they didn’t want to shoot the scene anymore. All they wanted to do was watch him sing opera.

In order to strive for perfection and for the scene to look realistic, Michael’s makeup was impeccable, a stage was set up, and they even hired a troupe to act with him. Everything was in place and all they needed was an opera singer.

There was also a glint of hope in Sophia’s eyes.

She had watched all of Michael’s movies and two of them had scenes of him singing opera, which was rumored that he sang them himself. He had also sung a little just now, but they were intermittent and not complete.

His fans always said that he was born with a great voice. They admired him because not only did he know how to act, but he was also good at singing opera.

Sohpia looked at Michael in anticipation.

Under everyone’s excited gaze, Michael stretched out his slender figure and poked Carmen’s adorable small cheeks as he softly said, “Okay. If my darling wants to see me sing, I’ll sing! However, once I finish singing, you can’t be sad anymore!”

Carmen nodded and looked excited.

Taylor Murray is about to sing opera!

Everyone immediately swarmed over. Because of Michael’s visit, they were under heavy security and fortunately, his whereabouts had not been leaked. Apart from a dozen extras and the crew members on set, there were no other people. Everyone soon gathered under the stage and waited for Michael to sing.

The set was set up according to the actual street corner from history using high quality props. Sophia sat among a group of extras and she felt as if she had travelled back in time to a hundred years ago, which was a strange feeling. She found the best seat and waited for Michael to sing.

The accompaniment began and Michael started singing live.

His singing was graceful and pleasant to the ears. Moreover, he sang professionally and was different from the countertenor singers who sang weirdly on the Internet. His voice was very imposing, and he sang high and low notes in one breath. Listening to him sing was like hearing the rain fall on the ground. It was beautiful and full of personality.

After singing the first paragraph of the song, there was already a round of applause and cheers from the audience. Sophia was also clapping happily and Carmen excitedly gave her father some flowers.

Only Cooper’s face was as dark as night.

This b*stard. Now that he knows his family background and power are not as great as mine and it’s useless to attract Sophia with money, he turns to seduction.

Ever since he was young, I already knew that this b*stard would be really good at seducing girls.

Now, as expected, Michael knows a lot of seducing methods. My cute and pure daughter won’t be a match for him!

Meanwhile, at that moment, Sophia’s eyes were focused on Michael.

The twinkle in his eyes and his charming smile is a piece of art. Every word he sings sounds beautiful… It would be great to listen to him sing for the rest of my life!

Michael continued to sing seriously, and coincidentally, this was Sophia’s favorite piece. In his eyes, everyone else didn’t exist and he could only see her. His singing was meant for her, and only her.

After having her father cheer her up, Carmen looked much more energetic in the afternoon. She braced herself and told herself that she needed to act well.

Even if it’s only a few shots, I want to give it my all.

However, the director continued yelling cut, pointing out little problems every time. He kept asking everyone to do everything over and over again, and in the end, Carmen was so tired that she started dozing off when standing.

Michael couldn’t bear to see her like this so he spoke to the director. “This is Carmen’s first shoot. Don’t go so hard on her.”

Since Michael already spoke up, the director naturally had to go easy on her. In fact, the front few shoots were done well. In the end, they shot one more time and ended the filming.

When Cooper saw that his granddaughter was not willing to give up even though she was exhausted, he felt distressed and angry. However, he finally compromised.

The first day ended perfectly. After Michael took off his makeup and changed his clothes, he took Carmen from Cooper’s arms, carried her into the car, and went to the hotel they were staying at to have dinner.

Sophia followed behind with Bubbles and asked, “Darling, filming is tiring. If you want to have an acting career, every day will be like this!”

Carmen was drowsy and she rubbed her eyes. She couldn’t open her eyes but she still pouted in response.

She wanted to be in movies but she was afraid of being tired. However, when she remembered that she didn’t have money for her kindergarten tuition fees, that Judge’s dog food for the next month had not been paid, and that the other dogs at home were waiting for her to feed them, she made a decision and determinedly said, “No, I want to continue acting! No matter how tiring it is, I want to continue! Daddy has been working hard for many years. I want to continue acting and earn a lot of money to take care of daddy!”

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