My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 801-810

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 801

Billy was horrified, but he remained calm on the surface. He came here well prepared so he didn’t fear her in the least.

He knew that they hadn’t made a finished product at all. Back then, he saw Ivan design ‘Starry Night’ with his own eyes. Then, something happened at his home and Billy took the opportunity to take away the design drawings and destroyed all his design traces.

Hence, he knew Sophia was just trying to trick him into confessing now.

He confidently countered, “Impossible! This is what I designed. How could there be a finished product a few years ago unless time and space travel exists? You’re just slandering me, Miss Mitchell.”

Sophia could not be bothered to argue with Billy. She snapped her fingers and the computer expert she brought instantly hacked into the projection equipment at the scene, successfully taking control of the big screen.

A photo appeared on the big screen, showcasing a handsome man holding a husky with a collar around the husky’s neck. The collar was exactly the same as the new product ‘Starry Night’ that was displayed today!

Holding the microphone, Sophia said to the audience, “This photo was a photo taken by Pourl’s designer, Ivan, eight years ago and it has been kept in the alumni corridor of Bayside University. Eight years ago, Starry Night was worn on Ivan’s pet dog’s neck! Does this mean Mr. Kim’s ‘Starry Night’ is plagiarized?”

The audience was in an uproar again.

Everyone stood up one after another and looked at the collar in that photo. It was exactly the same as Starry Night shown by Billy today!

This model already existed eight years ago, yet Billy’s design only took shape a year ago!

It was clear in just one glance who was the one plagiarizing.

There were also many alumni who graduated from Bayside University at the scene. Seeing Ivan’s photo, they all finally remembered.

“It’s true. I have seen it before. It turns out that Ivan is an alumni!”

“I’ve never noticed it. Apparently, Starry Night already existed eight years ago!”

“Billy had plagiarized it!”

After hearing everyone’s discussion, Sandra’s expression turned sour.

“Impossible!” Billy let out a shout which shocked everyone at the scene.

He paced up and down irritably, pointing at the photo of Ivan as he yelled, “Slander! This is pure slander! This photo is a fake; it’s been photoshopped! I’ve seen this photo and I personally saw them taking this picture. At that time, there was no Starry Night in the picture. The collar did not look like this at all!”

Billy saw Ivan take this picture, which was later hung on the alumni corridor of Bayside University.

When this photo was taken, Ivan hadn’t designed ‘Starry Night’ at all, so how could it be in the picture?

Sure enough, this was a trick to get Billy to confess!

Seeing everyone still whispering among each other, Billy hurriedly continued, “If you don’t believe me, please go to the alumni corridor of Bayside University to take a look. The collar on that photo is not like this at all!”

Facing Billy’s argument, Sophia sighed quietly. “Then what do you think it should look like?”

Billy almost replied but when he was about to say something, he suddenly decided not to.

Something had occurred to him, and he was so shaken that he couldn’t speak a word.

When he took this photo, Ivan’s dog was indeed wearing a collar. The collar was designed by Ivan for his beloved dog and it was not for commercial use. It was later lost and the design drawing was stolen by Billy and he in turn made the collar a hot item in the pet luxury industry…

There were many pet dogs on the scene wearing that exact collar!

Meanwhile, many had already started calling their contacts at Bayside University to take a photo of the picture to verify…

It was only then did Billy realize that he had fallen into a trap.

Sophia didn’t come for Starry Night today.

The comparison picture between the collar and his work would be published soon, and he could no longer escape the charge of plagiarism by then!

He stared Ivan down.

So what if he plagiarized? Did Ivan have proof that it was his design?

Billy squeezed his fists and planned to continue lying till the end. The Edwards Family and the Mitchell Family were the ones backing King and no one dared to provoke these two families!

Unexpectedly, Sophia spoke again. She no longer continued the topic of plagiarism, but instead started a new topic. “Just now, Mr. Billy said that in King’s design studio, there are security cameras which are turned on 24 hours per day. In addition to capturing the hard work of the designers, the cameras seem to have captured some other interesting things too! I have footage here and I’d like everyone to watch them together!”

With that said, the big screen behind her changed. Ivan’s photos were gone, replaced by the footage of the security camera of King’s design studio.

In the first footage, a customer sent his Shiba Inu to the design studio to tailor make some luxury goods.

As soon as the customer left, the assistant grabbed the Shiba Inu and approached Billy. Billy then took a measuring tape to measure it, but the disobedient dog twisted its neck and rear, refusing to cooperate. Billy slapped the dog, which in turn made the dog whimper in pain. Whenever the dog didn’t behave, he would give it another slap. And so, he slapped the dog again and again on its head, causing the dog to yelp pitifully.

The next footage was even more shocking. A naughty Samoyed lolled his tongue and licked the hand of King’s designer; unfortunately, it was also slapped on the head. Still feeling furious, the person even grabbed the dog’s ears and banged the dog’s head on the wall.

Next was a naughty husky running around, but King’s assistant designer held it down fiercely and pierced it with a needle. And so, the naughty husky collapsed instantly and was dragged away by its tail.

Then, when Sandra came to the studio to inspect, a client’s pug walked past her feet and she kicked it away in disgust. Her kick caused the dog to fall down and made its head bleed.

The scene turned silent and the guests were all stunned.

Unexpectedly, their beloved dogs which they sent to King to get luxury goods tailor made were abused to such an extent!

A major international brand that made pet luxury goods secretly abused its customers’ pets!

Upon seeing the footage, Sandra was also dumbfounded.

Those surveillance videos could only be obtained by high-level confidantes inside King. How could they fall into Scarlett’s hands?

At this moment, she thought of the employees who had been poached from Pourl. In order to provoke Pourl, she also specially selected a group of employees who were poached from Pourl and gave them high positions. They were promoted very quickly and were allowed to become the core employees of King.

Unexpectedly, Sophia actually planted a spy in King and got the footage!

“Turn it off. Turn off the video!” Sandra shouted hysterically as she rushed over, and the video on the big screen quickly disappeared.

Sophia then said into the microphone, “I have uploaded all the videos to King’s client base. If you need evidence, you can download the footage from the group.”

Upon hearing that, everyone took out their mobile phones and saw dozens of videos from King’s high-end client base, all of which were evidence that King designers abused their customers’ pets!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 802

There was chaos at the scene as King’s customers all grabbed the employees and asked for an explanation.

While the security guards were busy controlling the chaos, Ivan took the opportunity to escape and rushed to Billy before punching him.

He had been waiting to punch Billy for many years!

Billy, on the other hand, felt dizzy after Ivan punched him. Then, a group of ferocious dogs who had been abused by him rushed up, biting his hands and feet. No one could hold them back at all.

Today, King’s press conference was completely messed up. Not only was the press conference messed up, their brand was probably completely screwed as well.

King’s abuse of pets would forever tarnish their reputation, not to mention their act of plagiarism.

Sandra was busy maintaining order on the scene and she tried to stabilize the situation, but she also knew that today’s press conference was a complete botch up.

She did not expect that little b*tch, Scarlett, to use such a vicious method!

Meanwhile, Ian also hurriedly helped out.

In the chaos, he looked everywhere for Sophia, only to see the enchanting back of her cheongsam clad figure leaving him…

Since Sophia had succeeded, she left King’s press conference. Her purpose today was not to catch Billy red-handed for his plagiarism but to expose King’s abuse of client pets.

This was enough for her to teach them a lesson!

As for plagiarism, that hot model back then was Billy’s pride, so it was well-known in the industry. Plus, the photo of Ivan was still hung in the alumni corridor of Bayside University. Naturally, the nosy media would compare between them so they could no longer hide their plagiarism nor animal cruelty.

The extent of their embarrassment was correlated to the grandness of the conference.

Ivan, who was beside her, looked overjoyed. Although his fists were bleeding, he finally got to take his revenge after so many years.

Judge was also satisfied. Just now, he took advantage of the chaos and humped the female husky wearing Starry Night.

And so, the group went home triumphantly. Today, many guests came to their house, one of them being Derek.

He was about to graduate from Bayside University, but he had been working in Stanley’s company for a year. A few years ago, Sophia sent him back to school and he vowed to work for her for a lifetime.

Derek had known the news a long time ago. It only took a while before it went viral on the Internet.

He put down the tablet that he was watching the news with and asked, “Sophia, it’s obvious that you could’ve ruined her. Why did you take mercy on her…”

He was naturally asking about his sister Sandra Oak, who was now Sandra Mitchell. He did not have a good relationship with her since childhood as she rarely went home due to her swimming lessons, so the two of them barely spoke to each other. Thus, they didn’t have a bond at all.

Sophia walked in and put down her clutch. Petting the cat, she announced, “I want to embarrass her later on!”

Sandra embarrassed not only herself, but also her father during the last time she robbed the store and at this press conference!

Alex was already in his old age and he had a son who was only three years old. Meanwhile, Sandra was incompetent as well. To top it off, Alex’s influence in the family was getting weaker and weaker… If Sophia continued to expose Alex, the Mitchell Family would finally realize who the real master of the Mitchell Family was.

Today, Carmen was going to hold a home concert, so the nannies were busy setting up the stage. Meanwhile, Sarah helped Carmen to put on her clothes and was anxiously making preparations for the concert.

Thus, they had many guests in the house today. After all, it was Carmen’s New Year’s concert so naturally, many people came to watch.

Not long after Sophia sat down, she received a call from Sandra.

Sophia didn’t want to pick it up at first, but Sandra kept calling her. Tired of receiving her calls, Sophia picked up the phone lazily.

As soon as the call was connected, Sandra’s scream came from the other end of the line. “Scarlett, you b*tch! Go to hell!”

Judging from Sandra’s irrational and hysterical scream, it was evident how furious she was right now.

Fortunately, Sophia had moved the phone farther away from her ears in advance.

After Sandra said her piece, Sophia murmured, “Miss Mitchell, it seems like you’re already done settling the matter and calming down the angry customers?”

Sandra sounded as if she was on the brink of tears, but she managed to hold it back thanks to her overwhelming anger.

“Scarlett, let me tell you, I will take my revenge! Do you think that your Pourl will be able to make a comeback just because of this? Impossible! Who cares about those customers? I have warned them that I will destroy anyone who dares to spread the news about what happened today! King won’t fall as you wish. Just you wait!”

Sophia couldn’t help laughing before she hung up the phone.

Sandra had threatened the customers not to speak out about the matter… What a genius idea.

Perhaps that was possible, as those who could buy luxury goods for their pets were definitely not the average Joe. Although they were not as rich as the Mitchell Family, they were also bigwigs in the Bayside.

Sandra could threaten one family or two, but she wanted to threaten all customers?

Only someone like her would do such despicable things.

Sophia could easily spread information on the matter. She didn’t need the news to spread on a large scale, but she just wanted to let the Mitchell Family know about it.

She wanted to let the Mitchell Family see what their Young Lady did!

Today was Carmen’s concert, so Stanley and Sean were also here.

Upon their arrival, Sean immediately sat next to Sophia and said, “Today’s matters have spread all to all from the Mitchell Family and Sandra was majorly embarrassed again. Just this afternoon, many of Alex’s men came to us and surrendered.”

What Sandra did this time was really disappointing.

The Mitchell Family never cared about whether the process was right or wrong; they only cared about the results.

Sandra was in charge of a good brand that had major advantages. In the end, the competitor stole all confidential information and even controlled her customer base, sending confidential information to the customers.

After the accident, the method Sandra chose to resort to was to threaten all customers?

How disappointing.

She really wasn’t Scarlett’s opponent at all.

Sophia’s staff have long entered King, intercepted their customer base and obtained customer information. Now, these customers have become Pourl’s potential customers.

Hence, Pourl took the opportunity to announce their new year’s big move.

Next, they must map things out well.

Sophia was talking about work with Sean when Carmen, who had just got dressed up, came over. Wrapping herself in Sophia’s arms, she asked sweetly, “Mommy, look at me. Do I look beautiful today?”

Sophia petted her head gently. “Of course you are. My baby girl is the most beautiful!”

Carmen blinked and asked, “Then can I be on TV?”

Sophia nodded. “Sure.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen went away contentedly.

Today was Carmen’s concert, but in fact everyone was just taking advantage of this time to gather and use Carmen’s concert as the background music.

Guests came to the door one after another.

Ding dong.

Someone was at the door again.

Sophia was the nearest to the door, so she hurriedly got up to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, she raised her head and saw the person standing at the door. Her eyes lit up as she raised her shocked eyes, her sea-blue eyes brightening with amazement.

Standing at the door was Michael. His white hair was gone, replaced by a head of shiny, soft black hair. His handsome facial features were very defined and he was dressed in a black suit, perfectly tailored to fit his body and outlined his tall and fit figure. Every detail on him was of utmost perfection. He looked exactly the same as he looked in his films that Sophia had watched… Michael Fletcher was back.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 803

Michael was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand and he looked like the perfect gentleman.

When Sophia raised her eyes and looked at him, she was stunned for a moment.

Today, Michael’s face and skin were bright and radiant with no wrinkles visible at all.

“Carmen’s mommy, aren’t you going to welcome me?”

Upon seeing that Sophia was not responding, Michael finally spoke. His voice was sexy and deep while being strong and powerful, and it was very pleasant to the ears. Sophia blushed as she lowered her head. Stepping aside, she whispered, “Come in.”

She was still wearing a mask so fortunately for her, Michael couldn’t see the blush on her face.

Michael came in with a bouquet of flowers, while Sophia blushed and lowered her head before the both of them went into the living room together.

The moment he arrived, the whole house seemed to brighten.

Cooper’s face soured when he saw him but Carmen pounced on Michael like a butterfly, overjoyed. “Daddy!”

With flowers in his hand, Michael knelt down on one knee and hugged Carmen like a gentleman before he said, “Good luck for your concert!”

“Thanks, Daddy!”

After speaking with Carmen, Michael walked toward Cooper with a respectful smile. “Mr. Mitchell.”

Cooper harrumphed and ignored him, expression grim.

Michael deliberately sat next to Cooper. Putting the bunch of flowers aside, he took the script from Hale and handed it to Cooper. “Father-in-law, won’t you take a look at the script again?”

Cooper didn’t even bother to look at it before he announced, “You don’t need to show it to me. I won’t authorize it.”

“Dad!” Sophia muttered, dissatisfied. “It’s just a film so why don’t you just let Carmen’s Daddy direct it? Grandpa would definitely be happy too.”

Carmen’s Daddy looked a few dozen years younger, as if he had aged backward. If he acted in this movie, it would definitely be a hit. Sophia had watched Michael’s films many times. There was a shortage of films currently, so it would be great if they could release a movie now…

However, Cooper had a sarcastic expression as he said coldly, “You and Harry are already middle-aged. However, I was only fifteen years old back then. Do you think you are worthy?”

Sophia stared angrily at Cooper, unable to think of any rebuttal. When the incident happened, Woody and Mark were both in their teens. Meanwhile, Michael was almost forty this year, and Harry was around the same age as him. It was a bit too much for the two to play the role of handsome teenage boys…

But Michael was very confident about himself. “No worries. Fortunately, your son-in-law has age-defying acting skills. Mr. Mitchell, if you don’t believe it, I can make a short video for you to see before you make a decision.”

However, Cooper’s expression remained frosty. Sophia then took the script from Michael and put it in Cooper’s arms as she said, “Look at the script first. It might exceed your expectations!”

Cooper stayed mum. Then, Carmen ran over while holding her small face and said innocently, “Grandpa, Daddy agreed to give me a role! Grandpa, if you agree, I can be on TV!”

Michael ruffled her hair as he looked at her tenderly and said, “This will be my first film after I make a comeback, so I must give our little princess a role in it!”

Carmen grinned from ear-to-ear, revealing her small teeth.

Michael took out a book from his lap and gave it to Sophia. “Actually, I planned to shoot this story into a movie many years ago, but that idea had been set aside. My initial plan was to have a novel released first and then make it into a movie. This is a sample of the novel which has been completed but has yet to be released. As long as Mr. Mitchell authorizes it, the novel will be released immediately.”

Pleasantly surprised, Sophia took the novel and read it. Michael continued to talk to Cooper and Cooper had a sour expression the whole time, right until the start of the concert.

The so-called concert was actually just a stage set up with a family-style karaoke set. Carmen sang to her heart’s content while everyone pretended to listen to her.

In reality, Sophia listened very seriously to her own daughter’s concert. After Carmen sang a song, Michael even presented flowers to her; the both of them really went the extra mile.

After the concert, the nanny was busy cleaning and tidying up the stage. The adults were busy chatting while the children were running around off to one side. Nathan supervised Harry’s son and Carmen, doing his best to be a gentle elder brother.

Harry’s son’s name was Hope. His name showed Harry’s eagerness to have a daughter for his second child.

He ‘hoped’ to get a daughter…

Sarah, on the other hand, had given him the nickname Sour Face, as he always had a grim expression. She wondered who he inherited it from.

The two children ran around in front of Cooper. Meanwhile, Cooper was feeding the dogs the flowers that Michael had brought over while listening to Linus talk about some important affairs of the Michel Group. Throughout, he deliberately ignored Michael.

Then, Sophia went up to Cooper with her mobile phone in hand. “Dad, can you take a photo of me and Carmen’s daddy?”

Cooper’s face turned cold and he glanced at the handsome Michael before he muttered, “I’m busy.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia pouted and took a photo with Michael with her mobile phone herself.

Cooper saw the two of them sitting together while taking a selfie. Seeing their faces getting closer to each other, he exploded in rage and said coldly, “Michael, I thought you wanted to talk to me about the script?”

Michael was overjoyed and immediately went to him. And such, Cooper had to reluctantly look at the script.

Cooper really didn’t want Michael to make this movie, but Sophia urged Cooper to authorize it every day after she finished reading the novel that Michael gave to her.

Carmen was also very much looking forward to acting in this film as she could finally be on TV. She would definitely get a role in her daddy’s film.

In the face of eager anticipation from everyone, Cooper finally agreed. And so, Michael became busy again, actively preparing for his comeback.

On the other hand, after Sandra did such stupid things the last time, she offended a group of dignitaries in Bayside. Those dignitaries and celebrities might not be as powerful as the Mitchell Family, but the number of them was so large that King was completely ruined. Plus, a large number of customers had also come forward to ask for an explanation from King.

When Sandra tried to conduct business by force back then, she used the names of the Mitchell Family and the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. Now that things went wrong, people naturally came after them.

Although no media dared to report this matter and the influence from the outside world was minimized, this matter still spread like the wind throughout the circle of the celebrities in Bayside.

Hence, the Mitchell Family was embarrassed once again.

Compared to Sandra’s embarrassing methods, Lucy’s approach seemed very wise. Although King was only part of her investment, she did not take care of the company’s affairs directly. However, after the incident, she quickly apologized publicly. Acknowledging her mismanagement mistakes, she fired Billy who was suspected of plagiarism and permanently withdrew from the pet luxury industry. Thereafter, King only specialized in fashion luxury goods.

Lucy was forced to slowly clear up the mess Sandra had left behind.

Compared to Sandra, Lucy was smarter and much more powerful.

When Sophia saw Lucy who sincerely apologized to the camera on TV, she could feel that Lucy was a strong woman.

It was no wonder that she became King’s vice president at a young age. She definitely had her way with things.

Sophia had a hunch that she would have a head-on fight with Lucy sooner or later…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 804

The battle between King and Pourl ended with the former’s complete defeat. Sandra had learned her lesson and had started doing public welfare campaigns to get the public’s approval. Meanwhile, Sophia began to prepare for her new product launch event for Pourl this summer.
At the new product launch event, not only should the products have highlights, but the event must also have something eye-catching. It needed to attract attention and increase the attention on Pourl. Now that King had stepped back, the domestic market was now Pourl’s stage.
If they needed something eye-catching, Sophia had just the thing.

Taking the relevant materials with her, Sophia put on her face mask and went out.

Pushing the door open, she was greeted with the sight of a garden in full bloom. It had rained last night and the air was great this morning; spring was here and everything was growing anew. It felt fantastic!

Sophia had just exited the door when Cooper appeared right behind her. “Darling, where are you going?”

Sophia held the relevant work documents in her hand and replied, “I’m going to look for Carmen’s daddy to discuss some work matters.”

Cooper’s expression immediately grew cold but he didn’t stop her. “Come back early for dinner,” he muttered.

Sophia gave him a grunt in reply and left.

Michael was back for the past two days and whenever he had time, he would accompany Carmen at home. And so, Carmen commuted twice a day. She would eat at her own house during the day and sleep at Sophia’s place at night. She was free to go wherever she liked.

Sophia always had the key for Villa No. 8. She swiped the card and entered, only to find Carmen playing in the yard. After playing with her for a while, Sophia then entered the house to find Michael. They had made an appointment to meet up and wanted to discuss Michael working as a model for her new product launch event.

This summer, Pourl was going to undergo a transformation and rebirth, and begin to get involved in the high-end luxury goods industry. The first step was to cooperate with L/K to launch luxury goods for people and pets.

Michael also needed an opportunity to announce the news of his comeback, so the two hit it off and decided to cooperate.

He knew in his heart that if he wanted to come back he would have many opportunities, but he just wanted to pick Sophia’s event. Good things should be left for the family, after all.

The two of them sat in the living room and discussed the relevant details. It happened that Michael also signed an endorsement contract with L/K and would be able to fulfill the contract after he finished endorsing it.

Sophia read to him the specific details one by one while Michael listened, looking down at the side of her serious face from time to time.

Sophia was so beautiful that it was as if he seemed to be dreaming.

He was really afraid that he would suddenly wake up from this beautiful dream.

Finally, they came to the topic of Michael’s appearance fee.

Sophia was running a big business now and she wouldn’t skimp on Michael’s appearance fee. She wanted to pay him enough for the appearance of an international first-class movie star and also a little bit extra for their friendship, but Michael felt that it was inappropriate. “Let’s just forget about my appearance fee. After all, I’m also a shareholder of Pourl. If you really want to pay me, then you can just pay me in shares.”

Sophia was really pleased when she heard this. She could see that Michael was a really straightforward man; he didn’t dawdle at all.

After the two agreed on the relevant details for the event, Sophia took the materials and prepared to go home for dinner.

“Come on, Carmen. It’s time to go to Mommy’s place for dinner.”

“I’m coming!” Carmen happily followed Sophia. Before leaving, Sophia looked back at Michael, who was still reading the relevant information for the event in the living room. She thought for a while and offered, “Michael, since you haven’t eaten yet, how about you come to my place for a meal?”

Michael pretended to decline. “I have a kitchen in my own house so there’s no need. I already prepared a meal.”

Sophia, however, was insistent. “Come on; we’re having something delicious for dinner tonight.”

Carmen pouted. “Daddy, let’s go to Grandpa’s place to eat!”

Under the warm invitation of Carmen and Sophia, Michael followed them in the end and went to Villa No. 2 for dinner.

Meanwhile at Villa No. 2, when Cooper saw that Michael had come again, his expression became pitch black.

Carmen was holding onto Michael’s hand and when she saw Cooper’s long expression, she pouted. “Grandpa, is Daddy not welcome here for a meal?”

Cooper angrily turned around and denied, “Nope.”

Michael, on the other hand, had a gentle smile on his face. There was not a single hint of embarrassment about not being welcomed.

“Sorry for coming here and bothering you, Mr. Mitchell.”

When Michael came over, he had brought some home cooked food with him, including Sophia’s favorite free range chicken stew, tomato scrambled eggs, stir-fried shrimps and many more. Plus, he even brought over appetizers made from his own kimchi jar.

At the dinner table, Michael enthusiastically served Sophia some soup. “You used to like chicken soup the most. The chicken needs to be free range, because the meat will only be juicy if it was raised with coarse grains. You need to add wolfberries too, in order to bring out the flavor.”

Sophia drank the chicken soup happily. It was indeed soup made from free range chickens. The taste was so delicious that it was completely different from the chickens bought outside.

“Where did you buy the chicken from? It’s so fresh!”

It was as though Michael didn’t seem to notice Cooper’s darkening expression. “We have a farm in the suburbs,” Michael replied. “The chickens are raised on the farm. They have coarse grains for every meal and are free to wander around. That’s why the taste is so delicious.

Michael sat opposite Sophia and noticed the tiny scars that looked like centipedes under her facial skin. A burst of distress spread in his heart.

Sophia licked her lips, savoring the taste. “Then can I catch a few of them one day?”

“Of course. I’ll go with you when I have the time.”

Cooper was about to say something but Sophia quickly served him some soup. “Dad, you need to try it too. It’s very fresh!”

A bowl of soup blocked Cooper’s mouth, but his eyes were still staring at Michael fiercely.

As for Michael, he seemed to be a little smug and there was a bright light in his eyes as he smiled slightly.

After dinner, the sky had still not yet turned dark but Michael had already gone home. Sophia then secretly said to Linus, “Uncle, I’m going out to walk the dogs. Don’t tell my dad; I’ll be back soon.”

Then, she spoke to Carmen. “Baby, I’m going out for a walk. You need to stall your Grandpa, okay?”

Carmen agreed without a fuss.

After a while, Sophia could be seen wearing a tracksuit. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she went out with a mask. She brought Judge and its pair of puppies out for a walk, and used the chance to digest the meal she had.

She left and walked to the door of Villa No. 8. At that moment, Michael also came out wearing sportswear, taking his two big dogs out for a walk.

When the two met, they petted each other’s dogs before leaving happily.

Upon seeing that, Linus was rendered speechless. No wonder Sophia wanted Carmen to stall Cooper.

If Cooper knew about this, he would have chased after them like the wind.

Linus glanced at Cooper, who was holding a video conference in the study-cum-conference room, and silently turned off the surveillance.

In the conference room, Cooper was having a video conference with the elders of the Michel Family in northern Europe. This was the nth time they had urged him to take Sophia back to his hometown in northern Europe to pay respects to her roots.

Cooper had been recognized by the Michel Family and his descendants were automatically recognized by them as well. As long as Sophia returned now, she would be able to register with the Michel Family immediately.

Corrado lay quietly beside Cooper, wearing a fluorescent green vest to avoid being stepped on.

“Grandpa!” Carmen called out sweetly as she hugged her bear plushie and pushed open the door to the conference room.

She immediately attracted the attention of the elders of the Michel Family and they started pelting him with questions before he even had the chance to talk about Carmen. No one knew that Cooper had a grandchild.

Seeing that people were asking about herself, Carmen immediately switched to French and her kiddy accent immediately attracted the attention of the elders.

Carmen’s nannies were all nursery experts from different countries. She had been nurtured since she was a child and had learned multiple languages, so this situation was nothing to her.

Cooper held Carmen and smiled dotingly at her, formally introducing the existence of Carmen to the Michel Family.

Carmen, on the other hand, did her best to stall Cooper. She sat in his arms and chatted awkwardly with the elders of the Michel Family, while Sophia went out to walk the dogs with Michael…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 805

Walking Judge and its puppies was quite stressful for Sophia. These three would demolish the house every day and make a huge mess. Simply put, they were like a Cerberus from Hell.
Judge was Stanley’s dog and he had left it at Michael’s house, but for some unknown reason Judge tended to stick to Sophia.
Maybe in this silly dog’s eyes, Michael and her were family, so it was fine with staying with either of them. However, Sophia’s place obviously had better food and treatment, plus it had a villa there.

In comparison, Bubbles and Snowball that Michael was taking for a walk were more well behaved.

It seemed that Michael’s dogs were indeed much cuter.

These dogs were all ‘dog models’ who were under contract with Pourl. They were always sweet and well behaved, and everyone could see that Michael took good care of them.

Because they were Sophia’s dogs, Michael had been taking good care of them. He would take good care of everything that belonged to her. He had even hired someone to care for the sponge gourd she had planted in the garden.

The two walked their dogs out of the residential area and strolled around nearby before walking to a small park. Along the way, the two of them talked about their child and work, and handed the dogs to their bodyguards and had them walk the dogs.

Hale and Gary walked the dogs as they carried poop bags, silently following behind Sophia and Michael. The two walked in tandem to each other, trying to minimize their presence and the dogs as well.

“—When I brought Carmen back, she was in very bad shape. She weighed less than 2.5 kilos and was as thin as a stick. She would often fall ill and spent almost all of her time in the hospital before she was one year old.”

“I found her in an abandoned hospital in a country that was always embroiled in war. The hospital compound was full of dead people buried in the ground hastily. I held Carmen and looked everywhere for a hospital that had a spot for her, but there was war breaking out everywhere and the hospitals had no space left. So, I took her to a relatively stable country and she was taken to a hospital.”

“When she was at the hospital, she would cry every night but would stop crying whenever I went to see her. Hence, I had to go to the hospital every night to accompany her. That’s why she’s so close to me.”

“Nate was also raised by me but at the time, I was too busy and had no time to accompany him, so now he ignores me.”

“Ever since she was young, Carmen would stick to people and strive to improve. She’s like you.”

Michael recalled those hard and desperate years. They came from far away and were alone and helpless. Sophia had died and he held his weak daughter in his arms, begging for medical treatment everywhere for her.

At the time, all transportation had stopped and the country was in a mess from the war. His daughter cried hoarsely in his arms and his wife had been turned into a pot of stew. All of this tortured his nerves constantly at the time and he was on the verge of collapsing at any minute.

If it wasn’t for the strong bundle in his arms that still carried a slight warmth, Michael knew he would have lost it.

But now, everything was well. Carmen was alive and healthy, and Sophia had also returned. Although she had lost her memories of him, he would continue to wait, and would keep waiting until she returned to his side once more.

Sophia listened to Michael speak, not saying anything.

He was talking about their past again and the origin of Carmen’s name.

“After a discussion, we decided to name Carmen after the Roman goddess, Carmenta. Carmen is also the root name of the english word ‘charm’.”

Sophia still couldn’t accept that Quinton Clark was a notorious killer and an internationally wanted criminal. She also couldn’t believe that he actually did such a crazy thing back then.

Carmen was now very healthy and she was the apple of everyone’s eyes, but Sophia had never imagined that she had experienced so many hardships in her life.

As the two chatted with one another, they arrived at a convenience store. Michael stepped forward and took a look before he said, “Give us two red jujube ice creams.” He then spoke to Sophia, who was next to him. “This is your favorite.”

Sophia looked at the ice cream curiously. It wasn’t long before Michael handed a jujube ice cream to her. She was about to take a bite of her treat when the ice cream vendor suddenly spoke up. “Sir, you look very similar to someone.”

As Michael used his mobile phone to scan the QR code to make payment, he raised his eyes and smiled at the vendor. “Who do I look like?” he asked, a smile on his face.

The vendor had a worshipful look on his face. “Like Lord Taylor Murray!”

Sophia couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

It was because Michael was Taylor Murray!

But unexpectedly, when the man spoke about his idol Taylor Murray, his expression turned to one of sadness. “It’s a real pity; the heavens do envy talent. Lord Murray has been gone for so many years already. How great it would be if he was still around.”

After Michael finished paying, he picked up his ice cream and walked away. Sophia used the opportunity to tease, “Just look at how many people wish you would make a comeback!”

Michael just shook his head.

The two found a remote corner, took off their masks and ate their ice cream. As Michael ate his ice cream, he murmured, “In the past, you used to be in poor health and you kept taking care of your body in order to get pregnant. You rarely ate ice cream but when you wanted to eat it, you would eat jujube ice cream every time.”

Sophia had finished half of her ice cream. She enjoyed it immensely but her body was weak, so she didn’t dare to eat too much. After taking a few big bites of her ice cream, she gave the rest to Judge.

Wiping her mouth clean, she asked, “Why?”

Michael gave her a smile. “Because jujube is good for our health!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was startled… Eating too much cold food was not healthy, so after adding some healthy jujube, it would be fine?

This logic was…

Sophia lowered her head and pondered on the logic of this. Meanwhile, Michael stole glances at her as he ate his ice cream.

She was still the same.

After Judge finished eating the ice cream, it obediently placed its head on Sophia’s lap. Seeing that Judge was being so obedient, which was a rare occurrence, Michael told Sophia of its origins. “Judge was Stanley’s dog. He wanted to start a business and didn’t want to leave his dog at home by itself, so Stanley left it at our house. When it was a puppy, it had its leg broken by Nate. Look, you can see it walking with a little limp now.”

“Look at Bubbles. It’s a huge dog but is especially timid and usually doesn’t dare to leave the house.”

“Snowball is the most obedient of them all. At home, she calls the shots.”

Michael and Sophia talked about the dogs and the manor. He knew that she had forgotten about everything, but if he was patient enough and gave her enough time, she would accept him.

As Sophia petted the dogs, she listened to Micheal as he introduced to her various things in his warm, gentlemanly voice, which sounded much like a dream to her.

After they had finished their ice creams, the sky had already turned dark and Sophia was ready to go home. The two of them put on their face masks and prepared to head home.

This area was where the rich lived and it was relatively quiet. The two talked and laughed on the side of the road, walking their dogs under the dim light of the street lamps. It was as if they had gone back to how things were all those years ago.

As they walked past a mansion, they came across a man in a suit and leather shoes, curled up on a bench outside the mansion. He was carrying a work bag and was holding a stack of insurance leaflets. Judging from the cheap and wrinkled suit he wore, the man was probably an insurance agent peddling his company’s services.

At that moment, the man seemed to have fallen asleep from exhaustion. He looked approximately forty years old, the corners of his eyes weary and full of wrinkles.

As they walked past him, the mischievous Judge rushed forward to take a sniff at him. He then bit the insurance leaflet in the man’s hand and yanked it away, waking the man up.

Sophia raised her palm and made a gesture as if to hit the dog. “Don’t take other people’s things! Return it now or I’ll punish you!”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just an insurance flyer and it’s alright if he takes it,” Michael murmured.

And so, the two led their dogs and walked slowly away.

The man on the bench suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the group of people who had left. “Sophia?” he whispered.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 806

The man’s voice was hoarse from a whole day of pushing insurance sales, which was why he spoke softly. Despite that, Sophia could still hear him.
She turned around and took off her mask as she looked at him. What she saw was an unfamiliar, tired and dejected face. She had no recollection of this face in her memories.
Smiling at him, she asked, “Do I know you, sir?”

Taken aback, the man opened and closed his mouth a few times, but not a word left his pale lips.

There was no mistake; it really was her. Then why…

Before he could say anything, the man standing next to Sophia tugged at her as he spoke coldly. “That’s your ex-boyfriend, Richard Harper. Ignore him.”

“Really?” Sophia faintly remembered this person. However, no matter how unforgettable someone was, they were just another stranger to her now.

“He looks so old.”

Taking another look at him, Michael almost did not recognize Richard too.

Indeed, Richard looked extremely old. Standing before them was a man in his twenties, but he looked like he was past forty. His white hair and wrinkles made him look pale and dull. He must have been released from prison. On top of that, he was sick too.

Then, Michael led Sophia away and they left.

Standing still, Richard watched as Sophia slowly disappeared from his sight. He knew that he was forever gone in her memories, becoming complete strangers and would never interact with each other again. The past would stay in the past, buried forevermore.

It was only after a long time that he sat back down on the bench. Turning around, he looked at the house that was once his home.

Once upon a time, he was an incredibly powerful man. He was worth tens of billions and was a high-profiled and influential person.

But now, everything had changed.

Everything that he once had was now far out of his reach.

Not only did the Harper Group go bankrupt, the Harper Family was completely ruined. Mr. Harper had taken his own life while Mrs. Harper remarried, left the country and was unreachable. Meanwhile, Richard and Xyla were both sentenced to prison and had lost all their fame and fortune.

On top of that, Xyla had a miscarriage and passed away due to complications.

After four years, he was finally released.At this moment in time, he did not have a penny to his name. No one wanted to help him and none of his relatives could be reached. His birth mother had remarried and was now overseas, and he could not afford to go in search of her. Now, he could only run around doing sales and selling insurance just to make ends meet.

He was aware that this was karma brought on by Sophia. Finally, they were even.

As Michael and Sophia left, Michael turned back to look at a depressed Richard before looking at Sophia, who looked unbothered. At that moment, he felt relieved.

Forgetting was not a bad thing, after all. While the good memories were forgotten, the bad ones vanished too.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t that bad.

After walking her dogs, Sophia happily went home. As soon as she arrived, she saw Cooper, who was sitting in the living room, looking at her coldly.

“Where have you been, darling?”Sophia froze, knowing she was caught. She could only force out, “I went out to walk the dogs.”

“Who did you go with?” It seemed like he already knew, which was why Sophia did not try to hide it. “Carmen’s daddy!”

Upon hearing this, Cooper harrumphed.

I knew it… That man does not have good intentions! he thought to himself.

Unfortunately, his darling was too innocent to see through him!

Cooper sat on the couch frigidly, while Linus sat silently on the other side. From time to time, Linus would glance at Sophia sympathetically. Meanwhile, Carmen was on her toes, trying to reach up to Cooper’s hair and was attempting to braid it.

Not long after, Cooper’s blond hair was tied into two little pigtails that were way too short. After that, it was Linus’ turn.

Looking at the pair of messy pigtails, Sophia found it hard to take Cooper seriously.

At that moment, Carmen blew at Cooper’s annoyed face. “Grandpa’s mad. I’ll blow the anger away and Grandpa will be happy again.”

Cooper was indeed disgruntled. He knew things were not that simple when Michael let Carmen recognize Cooper as her grandfather.

He was actually wondering why Carmen was especially clingy today. It turned out she was creating an opportunity for her father!

As Carmen blew, Cooper’s resentment seemed to be blown away too. Taking this opportunity, she asked, “Grandpa, I’m going to pick strawberries with Daddy. Do you want to come?”

Speaking of this, Sophia suddenly remembered. “Michael is bringing Carmen and I to the farm outside the city tomorrow to pick strawberries and catch free range chickens. Would you like to join us?”

Upon hearing this, Cooper was set on declining the offer. Moreover, he would forbid Sophia from going too. However, Carmen insisted while Sophia looked eager as well. In the end, he had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

He had to join them on the trip and keep an eye on Michael, in case he tried to make a move on his darling.

The next day, Michael came to pick Carmen and Sophia up. Not only did Cooper join them, Linus came along too.

Carmen, Linus, and Sophia all went with Cooper, who was the driver. Meanwhile, Michael drove himself, with four dogs and two puppies with him.

At that time, Nathan was home too. When Sophia saw him wandering around, she hurriedly said, “Nathan, you should come with us!”

However, he coldly rejected, “No.”

Muttering under her breath, Sophia then got into the car.

After driving all morning, they finally arrived at Michael’s farmhouse. Thrilled, Sophia got down from the car, excited to see the free range chickens and to pick strawberries.

“Mr. Mitchell, this is my farm, which mainly grows vegetables that we use for cooking at home,” Michael proudly introduced.

However, Cooper had on his usual cold expression and did not respond. He only had his darling in his eyes. Thus, Michael stopped speaking to him.

Each of the men looked after their own darlings.

That being said, Michael understood Cooper. If Carmen was sold to someone for eighty thousand, he would have castrated them right away.

After thinking from Cooper’s point of view, he thought that Cooper was actually being kind to him. At least he did not castrate him.

On Michael’s private farm, there was a holiday villa, which was specifically for his occasional holiday use.

In the past, Sophia loved to come here for a stay once in a while.

At once, everyone went into the villa, which had been cleaned and prepared beforehand. The beddings were all freshly cleaned and smelled like sunshine.

Then, Michael opened the door to one of the bedrooms. “This is the room we used to stay in when we came over.”

Happily, Sophia took her things and went in but before Michael could enter, he was blocked by Cooper. “You’d better not go in.”

Cooper then picked the room right next to Sophia’s. Linus picked the room next door, leaving Michael with the last room on the furthest end.

The farm was a good distance from the city, almost in a different province. They had departed in the morning and arrived at noon. Here, the soil was fertile and the area was sparsely populated, so many wealthy people from Cethos had bought private farmhouses here.

During lunch, they all ate a very simple but healthy lunch at the villa. They were served vegetables that were freshly picked and chicken that was freshly prepared. On top of that,

When they were done with lunch, Sophia changed her clothes and went out. She had on a loose outfit and had tied up her hair, putting on a pair of boots before walking to the strawberry garden with a basket in hand.

The strawberries were grown in a greenhouse, where the temperature and humidity was well managed and the light was sufficient. Thus, the strawberries grew to be big and round. Sophia picked the strawberries happily while Carmen trailed behind.

The fruits here were all grown organically, free of pollution and pesticide. As Sophia picked the strawberries, she stole a few bites and her lips turned red from the juice.

Whenever Michael found any big and round strawberries, he would immediately place them in her basket too.It was indeed a peaceful atmosphere.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 807

Ever since Annabel’s passing, Cooper rarely took any photos. Now that he was reunited with his daughter, he picked up the camera again and took Sophia’s photos.
Just look at how beautiful his daughter was; she was absolutely adorable.
Holding his DSLR, Cooper snapped away at Sophia’s every move. He could even take a dozen shots of Sophia picking strawberries.

After snapping photos of his daughter, it was his granddaughter’s turn. He took close up shots of Carmen who was naturally photogenic and she effortlessly posed for the camera.

Meanwhile, Michael was also snapping pictures of his daughter.

She was truly the apple of his eye. To him, she was extremely lovable; everything she did was nothing but adorable.

After taking Carmen’s photos, Michael also secretly snapped a few photos of Sophia.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught by Cooper. Immediately, Cooper strode over and blocked the shot, turning around to viciously glare at Michael.

Upon seeing that, Michael grunted in disdain.

What a hypocrite Cooper was. He was allowed to snap photos of Michael’s daughter, but Michael was not allowed to take photos of Sophia?

Despite that, Michael still managed to sneak a few photos, all of which he was reluctant to delete.

Other than photos of Carmen, his photo album was filled with photos of his pets and Sophia.

He was unwilling to delete any of her photos. Not only did he get them printed and made an album, he also kept them on his phone.

At that moment, Sophia found an unusually good-looking strawberry and couldn’t bring herself to eat it, so she handed it to Cooper. “Here you go, Dad.”

Following her example, Carmen found a nice strawberry too and gave it to Michael. “Here you go, Daddy.”

And so, the two fathers ate the strawberries happily.

Then, Sophia found another one and gave it to Michael. “This is for you, Michael.”

Upon seeing this, Cooper was about to stop her when Carmen’s dirt covered hands tugged at his pants. She was holding a flattened piece of strawberry when she said, “Grandpa, this is for you.”

Being held back by Carmen, Cooper felt embarrassed to stop the couple. Reluctantly, he watched as Sophia handed a strawberry to Michael.

At that moment, Michael’s hands were full. His left hand was holding the basket while his phone was in his right hand. Hence, he opened his mouth and waited to be fed. Sophia did not think anything of it and fed him.

Michael finished the strawberry in one bite and smiled at her.

Embarrassed, Sophia looked away. Their fingers had accidentally touched earlier and everytime she thought about his unusually soft touch, she instantly felt warm.

While she picked the strawberries, she would occasionally glance at him. When their eyes met, they would smile at each other.

On the other hand, the more Cooper watched their interactions, the more riled up he got. The whole time, Carmen’s dirt covered hands were tugging at his pants, leaving two little dirty handprints on it. She pouted and asked, “Grandpa, were my strawberries no good?”

Cooper hurried to reply, “Of course they were! How could they not be?”

Looking at him, Carmen seemed unhappy. “So, why do you look unhappy?”

He immediately choked out a laugh. “I am happy! I’m laughing happily right now!”

Upon hearing this, Carmen smiled. She turned around and picked a strawberry that was not ripe, giving it to her grandfather and refused to let him leave unless he ate it. The whole while, her hands were tightly holding onto his pants.

Cooper grew more anxious as he watched Michael and Sophia flirt with each other. They were walking further and further away, while Carmen still refused to release him and insisted that Cooper ate the strawberry. Each strawberry tasted worse than the one before. Cooper did not look happy while he ate, which upset Carmen even more.

He felt awful.

Standing on the other side was Linus, who couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head.

Oh, Cooper…

After picking a strawberry and cleaning it, Linus cut it into smaller pieces with a knife and fed them to Carmen.

Pleased, Carmen chewed happily while she was still holding tightly onto Cooper.

After eating the strawberry, she looked up at Cooper excitedly. “Grandpa, let’s go see the piggies!”

Cooper panicked as he watched Sophia and Michael, who looked like they were done picking and were about to leave the strawberry garden. Trying to pry Carmen’s grip off his pants, he murmured, “Grandpa is busy right now. Why don’t you go with Grand-uncle Linus?”

At once, Carmen pouted her lips. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she choked out, “Do you not love me anymore?”

Upon seeing his teary-eyed granddaughter, Cooper hurriedly bent down. “That’s impossible. Of course I love you!”

Hanging her head, Carmen pouted as she sniffled quietly, her eyelashes wet from her tears.

“Then why won’t you see the piggies with me?”

Having no other choice, Cooper reluctantly agreed, “Fine. We’ll go see the piggies.”

It was only then did Carmen smile reluctantly.

What a grievance-filled little cutie!

As soon as she felt wronged, her tears would start flowing!

Carefully, Cooper led Carmen away, terrified that she would suddenly burst into tears.

Now that Cooper was distracted by Carmen, Michael was finally able to have some alone time with Sophia. However, they were still not alone as the bodyguard Cooper brought with him was still watching them.

Then, Michael tugged Sophia along and they ran toward the farmhouse.

As she ran, Sophia asked, “Michael, where are we going?”

Michael gave her a mysterious look. “You’ll know when we get there.”

There were many animals on the farm and as they ran, the animals were startled. Then, Michael entered a little hut that looked like it was where they kept the livestock. Meanwhile, Sophia waited at the door.


A loud and clear whine was heard. Just then, Michael walked out with a red-coated stallion; it looked magnificent.

“A horse!”

Instantly, Sophia’s eyes lit up and she rushed toward the horse. The horse lowered its head as she petted its soft coat.

Softly, Michael murmured, “She’s yours. Her name is Cherry. You’ve been keeping her at the ranch but I brought her here a few years ago. When you got her, she was just a pony but now, she’s all grown up.”

Upon hearing this, Sophia gently petted the horse. “Nice to meet you, Cherry.”

Cherry was extremely tame as it huffed at her.

Michael brought the protective gears and put them on for Sophia before helping her up Cherry. Then, Sophia spent the entire afternoon wandering everywhere with her horse.

With her memory lost, she had forgotten how to ride a horse. Despite that, she quickly got the hang of it with Michael’s guidance. He led the horse and they wandered around the farm.

They went to look at the fish pond that he commissioned for her, and then they went to see the greenhouse that was filled with vegetables. Next, they went to see the cornfield…

“Everything that is grown in this farm is intended to be consumed at home; they are all organic and free of pollution. When we can’t finish them, we’ll sell them to others. Under Asco International, the crops are branded as organic and we supply them to areas where the wealthy people live. There is another larger industrialized pollution-free farm in a more remote area. The land is bigger and we export agricultural produce abroad every year. We’ve also industrialized the Edwards Family’s traditional winemaking, pickled vegetables, and braised pork businesses. These were all your ideas and the yearly revenue is extraordinary. Not only that, we also own a holiday villa resort nearby.”

After talking about the business, he pointed to the cornfield as he casually added an interesting remark without batting an eyelid. “Also, that is where we conceived Carmen.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 808

Michael was probably right. If they traced back, they were on this farm during that time, so this was most probably where Sophia had conceived Carmen.
Flustered, Sophia bit her lip as her face turned red, not knowing what to say.
They wandered around the farm the entire afternoon. It was the first time they had spent time alone for so long.

As she listened to Michael talk about the things they used to do, Sophia felt a sense of warmth in her heart.

On the other hand, Carmen was dragging Cooper to see the pigs.

There were pigs of all sizes in the pen, all fed with a mixture of grass and grains that were grown on the farm.

Leaning on the fence, Carmen chirped, “Let’s count the piggies, Grandpa.”

Cooper counted it all with just a glance. “There are seven big ones and eight smaller ones.”

Pointing at the pigs, Carmen counted them one by one slowly. “You’re wrong, Grandpa. There are only four big piggies and six small piggies.”

Skeptical, Cooper pointed at the pigs. “Look—there are seven big piggies, four hairless piggies and three with long fur.”

“Grandpa, you’re mistaken.” Carmen giggled. “The long fur ones are doggies!”

As soon as she said that, the three long-furred ‘pigs’ came running wildly toward Cooper. They were completely covered in dirt, to the point of being unrecognizable.

It turned out to be the three dogs that they brought along!

After rolling around in the pen, they were filthy!

Frightened, Cooper took a couple steps back. Filled with enthusiasm, one of the dogs leaped over the fence and charged at him. Another dog stuck its tongue out, while the other shook off the dirt from its fur.

The dirt-covered dog was shaking off the dirt right before Cooper!

Carmen was so horrified that she screeched. Cooper, on the other hand, subconsciously held onto Carmen and shut his eyes while dirt sprayed all over him.

When the dog was done, she was still clean; not a single spot landed on her. However, poor Cooper was covered in smelly mud and dirt.

Pinching her nose, Carmen muttered, “Grandpa, you’re smelly.”

Looking at his dirt-covered body, Cooper almost fainted from the smell.

When Carmen had screamed earlier, Linus rushed over and witnessed this hilarious incident.

No one would expect the high and mighty Fass Michel to have an embarrassing moment like this.

Holding back his laughter, Linus chased away the dogs and picked Carmen up. He then turned toward a scowling Cooper and commented, “Why don’t you go and get yourself cleaned up?”

Without saying a word, Cooper went back to take a shower. He glowered while Carmen giggled happily.

By the time Cooper came out of the shower, it was late afternoon. He did not bother to dry his hair and went straight to look for Sophia.

Coincidentally, Michael was leading the horse and Sophia back. She looked like she had fun, her cheeks flushed while she giggled non-stop.

In the evening, they prepared pork and chicken and made a delicious dinner.

Sophia had picked a lot of strawberries and grapes. At night, she watched TV while eating the freshly picked fruits. Meanwhile, Linus, Michael, and the people at the farm spent hours cleaning the dogs.

Except for the well-behaved Corrado, the other dogs were filthy.

When it was time to go to bed, Carmen wanted to sleep next to Sophia. She must have used up all her energy at the farm as she fell asleep almost instantly in Sophia’s arms.

Gently pushing the door open, Michael saw Carmen sleeping soundly.

In a hushed voice, he whispered, “She fell asleep pretty early, huh?”

Sophia also kept her voice low as she gazed lovingly at her daughter. “She must have spent all her energy playing on the farm today. She fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed.”

Watching Carmen, Michael felt like he was admiring the most exotic and precious view. His gaze was filled with love.

She was the fruit of his and Sophia’s love!

Carmen was also the continuation of their legacy. If he could, he would stare at her forever until the world ended.

Quietly, they both watched their daughter happily.

“Look at our beautiful little Carmen Fletcher.” Michael softly nudged Carmen’s pink and round cheek.“She has your nose and your eyes, but she has my lips.”

Sophia thought her daughter looked like her too; she was beautiful even when she was asleep.

Michael softly kissed Carmen’s forehead. Carmen rolled over and opened her eyes blurrily. “Daddy…” she mumbled, as her tiny hands grabbed Michael’s hand and hugged it like it was a doll.

Instantly, his heart melted when her tiny hands grabbed his. He lovingly admired the little hands that were much smaller than his own.

“Look; even our daughter’s hands look beautiful.”

Sophia looked down at Carmen’s little hands. How adorable. She grabbed her phone, muted it and turned off the camera flash before secretly taking a photo.

She was just too cute!

After snapping the photo, Sophia reached down and kissed Carmen’s tiny cheek.

She reached her hand out and placed it in Michael’s palm, gently holding Carmen’s hand. Then, Michael’s hand turned and he held both Sophia’s and Carmen’s hands in his own.

At that moment, he gazed at Sophia before saying seriously, “The both of you suffered in the past because of me. From now on, I will not let that happen again. I promise to protect both of you.”

Gazing at him, Sophia did not know what to say, but she thought his hand was exceptionally warm and dependable.


Suddenly, a loud cough could be heard. Turning around, Michael saw Cooper standing by the door with a dark expression, staring coldly at them.

“Alright, it’s time for bed.”

Michael carefully placed Carmen’s hand under the covers before tucking them both in bed. He then dimmed the lights before quietly getting up and leaving the room.

A series of footsteps could be heard from the door as Michael and Cooper went back to their respective bedrooms.

The night was so quiet that the only thing she could hear was her own heartbeat.

While Carmen slept, Sophia had trouble sleeping. Michael was all she could think about.

She guessed that she had started to accept Michael and was prepared to give Carmen a perfect little family!

All her past memories were long gone. Despite that, she knew she had grown up without parents. Thus, she did not want her child to go through the same thing.

Carmen was still young so she had to give her a perfect home!

The next day, Carmen made a fuss as soon as she woke up. Even though they had brought along a nanny, Sophia still wanted to take care of Carmen herself, so she got her washed up and dressed.

Then, she proudly carried Carmen, whom she had tended to so well, to the dining hall for breakfast.

When breakfast was done, everyone prepared to go home. Sophia had packed up the berries she had picked yesterday while everyone packed their stuff. After that, they left and returned to Bayside City.

It was already noon when they arrived home. Meanwhile, Nathan was playing by himself at Villa No. 2. Recently, Nathan had started attending Bayside University and only came home during the weekends, sometimes not at all.

Besides Carmen and Hope, he barely paid any attention to anyone. He treated everyone coldly and naturally was cold to Sophia too.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 809

As soon as Sophia returned and saw Nathan, she happily exclaimed, “Nate, you’re here!”
“Yeah.” He glanced briefly at her before walking out the door.
“Nate, where are you going? It’s almost lunch time; why don’t you stay for lunch before you go?” Sophia desperately tried to make him stay.

“I don’t feel like eating,” he answered coldly before returning to Villa No. 8 and never came out again.

Compared to the indifferent Nathan, Michael was much more enthusiastic. He brought in the fowls that Sophia caught from the farm to their backyard. Then, he carried the freshly picked fruits and placed them in the kitchen. After that, he sat in the living room to rest, Carmen in his arms as he chatted with Linus.

On the other hand, Cooper was getting riled up and thought that Michael was thick-skinned when he did not leave. Even Carmen couldn’t bear it anymore and asked innocently, “Daddy, are you trying to dilly-dally at Grandpa’s house? Look; Grandpa’s getting mad!”

Michael rubbed her forehead as he cuddled her. “Silly girl. I’m Mommy’s husband; what’s wrong with having a meal at Mommy’s house?” Behind those words was a sense of smugness.

“Nonsense!” Sophia was flustered upon hearing that.

Meanwhile, Cooper was fuming while Linus couldn’t help but laugh. Cooper really was not fond of Michael!

Seeing that the meal was about to be served, Sophia glanced at Carmen and Michael, and then at Villa No. 8. Michael and Carmen were here, while Nathan wasn’t. He was eating at home alone and Sophia thought it seemed a little lonely. Despite that, she felt dejected as she recalled Nathan’s coldness toward her. Biting her lip, she asked, “Michael, did Nate hate me before this?”

Meanwhile, Michael was being held while Carmen forcefully braided his hair. He laughed and said, “No way; he loved you back then! He liked you more than he did me!”

However, Sophia did not seem to think so. Nathan had always been cold toward her and she was always taking the initiative to speak to him, but he would just ignore her. He rarely came to play or even come home. What a head-scratcher of a little teenager.

Sophia then made a phone call to Villa No. 8. When Nathan did not pick up, she hurried to the villa to check on him. She brought Carmen with her, in case Nathan rejected her offer.

Before this, Sophia had been there before so she knew where Nathan’s bedroom was. She went over, only to find Nathan’s bedroom door closed. Carmen knocked on it and yelled, “Nate, it’s time for lunch!”

“Why are you here?”

They could hear shuffling through the door before it was swung open. Not expecting to see Sophia at all, Nathan froze for a moment. Sophia enthusiastically chirped, “Nate, come over for lunch. Linus and Carmen will be there; you should join us!”

However, Nathan’s expression remained cold. “I don’t want to.”

Before he could shut his door, Carmen slipped into his room with Sophia. Nathan’s room looked a little more sophisticated compared to an average boy’s. The color palette of the room was a simple black and white, and it was a large area that was fully furnished. In addition to the basic study room and wardrobe, he had his own gym room, balcony, and a swimming pool. In his study, there was even a Bitcoin mining machine. Seeing them, Snowball came out of its kennel and wagged its tail at Sophia.

Snowball belonged to Nathan. After staying the night at the farm with the others, it came back to Nathan while the other dogs went back to Villa No. 2.

“You have a beautiful room, Nate!” Sophia exclaimed.

At that moment, Nathan scowled. “Please leave when you’re done.”

What a cold little teenager! Sophia thought maybe she shouldn’t have barged into his room like that. After all, Nathan had grown up and needed his own privacy. Despite that, her sharp eyes caught sight of the photos on Nathan’s desk. There were portraits of himself as well as pictures of him with Carmen, Michael, and his parents. On top of that, there were many pictures of him with Sophia.

“Nate, those are pictures of me!” Ecstatic, Sophia picked up one of the photos and looked at her past self. She was wearing Bayside University’s uniform and was carrying Nathan in her arms, who was wearing the school uniform too.

Not only that, there was also a photo of her and Nathan wearing matching pajamas. In the photo, Nathan was smiling happily. It was clear that they used to have a good relationship, so why was he being so cold to her now?

Frowning, Nathan tried to kick them out once again. “Please get out!”

“You’re so mean.” Carmen pouted disapprovingly.

Resentfully, Sophia placed the photos down and said to him once again, “Nate, come over for lunch. We’ve brought back a lot of delicious food from the farm!”

“I’m not interested.” Nathan looked away.

He really is a cold little teenager. And so, Sophia stopped pushing and turned to Carmen. “Darling, you can stay a little longer. Mommy will go now. Don’t forget to bring Nate along for lunch.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen instantly agreed, “Okay.”

With that, Sophia left. When she was gone, Nathan sat at his desk and stared at the photos Sophia looked at. For the past few years, he had been staying at the university and he rarely came home. This home reminded him of his guilt. He did not know how to face Michael, Carmen, and Sophia.

Back then, it was his mother, Celine’s, doing that the Phantom Wolf had kidnapped Sophia. On that day, he almost lost everything he held dear. He had lost two mothers and two sisters…

Despite that, Michael and Sophia still treated him like their own. However, the more they treated him well, the guiltier he felt. He matured overnight and he was no longer the oblivious little kid he once was.

“Nate…” Carmen pouted as she came over holding the dog. She held onto his shirt as she begged, “Mommy told me to take you home for lunch…”

Waking from his daydream, he felt a weight on his chest. He hugged Carmen before whispering, “Alright; you wait here while I change.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen smiled happily. “Okay!”

Not long after, Nathan and Carmen went over to Sophia’s. Compared to other kids his age, Nathan was much more mature. By now, Sophia roughly knew why he had been treating her so coldly. She did not blame anything for what happened back then. She did not blame Michael or Nathan, not even Quinton. She could only blame her cruel fate.

Despite that, she had gained back everything that she lost, and it was enough…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 810

Nathan came after all. Sophia was pleased, even though his attitude toward her was still unfriendly. When he came, she patted his shoulder.
Now, he was almost as tall as her.
Nathan attended Bayside University and was interning at Stanley’s company. Meanwhile, Michael was ready to let him travel around the world for his education. The boy would have a bright future ahead of him.

After they ate, Michael was still reluctant to leave.

The family was in the living room, watching TV and chatting. As they watched the movie, Michael was trying hard to engage Cooper in a conversation. He tried to find something they had in common so that they could have something to talk about, and they only went home in the afternoon.

The next day, Sophia and Cooper went to the military compound to visit Mark and to send him some of the food they brought back from the farm. Meanwhile, Michael tagged along and brought Carmen and Nathan with him.

Not long after, they arrived at the Fletcher Residence.

Old Master Fletcher was still in good spirits despite his age and he was thrilled to see his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Michael finally returned to the Fletcher Residence. With his great effort, not only did Elizabeth’s grave finally relocate to the Fletchers’ ancestral grave and was buried next to Theo, she was also listed in the Fletcher Family’s genealogy record book. However, her tomb was still there for fans to pay their respects.

Joining their visit to the Fletcher Residence, Judge disappeared as soon as he went into the military compound. After all, this was where it grew up. When Stanley moved out, he brought Judge with him.

At that moment, Carmen went to find her own little companions while Nathan trailed behind her.

The Imperial was not too far from the military compound. Back then, Michael would send Carmen to the Fletcher Residence whenever he would be away from home. Hence, she had made friends with the kids around there.

The news of Cooper’s return caused an uproar and many of the Fletchers came to see him.

Almost all of the Fletchers knew of Cooper, as Old Master Fletcher would always talk about him endlessly. He had hoped that they would follow in Cooper’s footsteps.

Cooper was a genius who had vanished for years. Now that he had returned out of the blue, everyone rushed to see him.

Sophia sat for a brief moment before they were surrounded by the Fletchers who came to see Cooper.

During lunch, she saw a man had carried Carmen over; it was hard to tell his age.

This man had sharp and bright eyes, and he looked confident and assertive. It was obvious he was a Fletcher too.

Despite that, he was gentle as he carried Carmen and played with her.

At that moment, Carmen was seen holding a little windmill toy. Her cheeks were puffy as she blew at the windmill; it seemed like she was having a lot of fun.

As soon as he saw Sophia, the man greeted in a low voice, “Sophie.”

Sophia nodded stiffly in response.

Once again, it looked like it was someone she knew back then.

Having already learned about her situation, the man did not dwell on it much. Instead, he introduced himself, “Nice to meet you. I’m Joel Fletcher.”

An unfamiliar name…

Michael had never introduced him to her.

Just then, Carmen exclaimed, “This is Uncle Joel!”

Fletcher… I’m guessing he’s Michael’s brother.

“Nice to meet you too,” Sophia replied.

As usual, Sophia was wearing her mask. The scar on her face was still prominent so she did not want it to be seen. Meanwhile, Joel placed Carmen in her arms. Sitting next to Sophia, Michael tickled Carmen’s little cheeks and asked, “Where did this little windmill come from?”

Carmen turned to look at Joel. “Uncle Joel gave it to me.”

“Did you say thank you?” Sophia chimed in.

Blinking, Carmen said shyly, “I did.”

Watching the beautiful family, Joel’s cold and stern lips curled ever so slightly as he smiled warmly.

Instantly, he picked up a child from Nathan’s arms. It was his own son, whose expression was as cool as him—there was no doubt that the child was his.

When Sophia saw the toddler, she was amazed. “How cute! What’s his name? How old is he? What baby formula do you feed him?”

Looking at his son, Joel answered, “This is Drew. He’s almost two and his mother breastfeeds him.”

Meanwhile, Michael leaned over to look at Joel’s son.

He looked bigger than he was the last time Michael saw him.

The two men then chatted and exchanged some parenting tips.

Ten years ago, Michael and Joel would never have imagined that they would get together and chat about boring things like this.

Time was indeed a wonderful thing that healed any wound.

Twenty years ago, they grew up together in the compound; they got along really well and had a good relationship.

Ten years ago, they had fallen out and would constantly fight.

Ten years later, they each carried their own children as they shared parenting tips.

“Where’s Maddie? Is she not here?” Michael asked when he realized Joel was alone.

Joel chuckled. “Reporters—they’re always on the job. She knew you were coming and she wanted to interview you, so she took the day off. She’ll be here soon.

Maddie was Joel’s wife.

Fate was a strange thing too. Back then, Joel was ambitious and very competitive. He had high standards for himself and his partner. When he dated Irene, who had fantastic qualifications, everyone thought they would get married. However, they still separated in the end.

Back when Joel stole Irene away from Michael, it was not because of love. Instead, it was just a game of pursuit that ended in Michael’s disastrous defeat.

Joel had intended to steal Sophia away too, but he knew it was not possible because she was not as gullible as Irene.

Back when he first heard about Sophia’s kidnapping by Phantom Wolf, Joel immediately dispatched military forces to search for her but in the end, he could not save her. Despite that, it could be regarded as him repaying Michael for all he had done.

From then on, they were no longer enemies; they were brothers once again.

Looking back, the fights between them seemed pointless.

After losing his supposed enemy, Joel was a little defeated. Even so, it did not last long. An earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude had hit a small remote country in the southwest, where thousands of civilians were injured and had died. That was when Joel took on the task of earthquake relief.

Back then, the situation was critical. Traffic and communications were cut off while external rescue forces could not find their way into the remote stricken region, and the survivors were not able to get out as well. The roads had to be repaired multiple times as it would collapse again and again due to the aftershocks.

Joel had signed the death waiver and led a commando unit, whereby they were all air-dropped into the disaster stricken area. They were the first military rescue force to arrive.

Dead bodies were strewn everywhere and many families were ruined. Joel could still remember that scene vividly. There was where he first met a reporter named Maddie Evans, who happened to be having an interview at the area when another earthquake happened.

In the middle of the rescue, there was a strong aftershock. Unfortunately, Joel and Maddie were buried under the rubble.

They encouraged each other and cheered each other on as they waited for help to arrive. Finally, they were rescued by reinforcements.

After that, Joel continued with his task and saved anyone that he came across. Meanwhile, Maddie did not leave and volunteered to assist in disaster relief.

Without missing a beat, Joel proposed to Maddie on the day they left the stricken area.

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