My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 781-790

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 781

Sophia paused for a moment before she continued, “Also, I own this entire row of shops and the row across where your store King is. We have signed a one-year contract with your store, which I won’t be renewing. When it expires, please move out immediately.”

When she took back her assets, she found out that this commercial area was developed six months ago. Not only that, it was developed by a company that was under Michael. When she learned of this, she bought two rows of shops through connections and now, they were all developed.

Not only did she get back her capital, the shops’ value had also increased a lot. As such, she was making a profit every day.

Michael discovered the assets in Kuwait a few years ago and opened up a company specifically to manage the money. When Sophia ‘died’, Michael had transferred all of her assets to this company for efficient management. In recent years, the money accumulated and Sophia got a handsome amount of money upon her return.

Upon hearing her statement, Bill became embarrassed beyond words. His bright smile vanished from his face before he said grimly, “You’re kicking us out? I’ll have you know our boss is—”

“Lucy Edwards, Miss Lucy, the vice president of Edwards Group. I know.”

In one breath, Sophia finished the rest of Bill’s sentence. After putting down the puppy, she stood up and a powerful aura radiated from her petite body, her blue eyes stormy.

In Cethosian language, she spoke each word clearly. “I’m not selling this shop and I’m not renewing your tenancy. When it expires, please move out; I don’t care if your boss is Lucy Edwards or the King himself. Also, Bill Winterford, it is embarrassing that a copycat like you could make a living in the Cethosian fashion industry. In Cethos, we have a name for people like you—foreign trash.”

As Sophia spoke, Bill became angry and embarrassed. His handsome face contorted in anger as he rudely pointed his finger at Sophia. In a tone that was more blunt and threatening than when he was on the phone earlier, he snarled, “Miss Lucile, I hope you won’t regret what you said today!”

Sophia, however, looked straight at him and retorted, “Don’t worry. I keep my promises, especially to copycats. I won’t go back on my word.”

Then, Bill stormed out of the store.

Everything became quiet in an instant.

Calmly, Sophia sat back down and continued reading the store’s work log and the operations over the years, on and off petting the Husky.

Feeling uneasy, Ivan came over. “You know, Lucy Edwards is the investor in King—”

He was worried about the consequences if Lucy found out about what went down today.

“Don’t worry. Even if the sky falls down, I’ll handle it,” Sophia reassured.

Still, Ivan was concerned. He did not know much but he knew that Michael used to be a superstar and had some power. However, now he had grown old and his popularity had declined. Moreover, although Sophia’s father was back, he was just the has-been head of the Mitchell Family.

Not only that, there were rumors saying that Cooper was abducted and forced into coal mining for twenty years and had been rescued just recently.

In the afternoon, Linus came to the store to pick Sophia up after work.

“How was work today, Sophia?”

Realizing Linus had arrived, Sophia shut down her computer. “Uncle Linus, you’re here! It was alright; I’m still getting myself familiar with the operations in the past years.”

Even though Sophia had been addressing Linus as ‘Uncle Linus’ for quite a while, Linus still felt a little strange. They were sworn siblings born on the same day in the same year, but now he was being referred to as an uncle.

Meanwhile, Judge—who was still under anaesthetics—was carried away by Linus, while Sophia followed behind with the two puppies and they left the store together. They got into Linus’ car that was parked downstairs and went home.

When they were back in the neighborhood, Sophia unconsciously glanced at Villa No. 8. Although the lights were on, it does not seem like Michael had returned.

If he had, he would have called her.

On second thought, why should he do that?

Back home, Villa No. 2 was warmly lit. Cooper had been home for a while and as soon as Sophia walked in, she saw him cuddling Carmen as they watched TV.

They were watching the hit variety show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Carmen loved this show and her biggest wish was to be on this show with Michael.

Lately, parent-child reality shows have been particularly popular in Cethos, with many celebrities and their families participating in them. Some would bring their babies, while others without a baby would go as far as to borrow one from someone else to participate.

Similar to ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, there was another show called ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’, featuring a few unmarried female celebrities and a group of babies.

In ‘Where Are We Going, Sis?’, the most popular female celebrity looked similar to Sophia. Her name was Lucy Edwards.

Cooper, who had been forced to watch ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ the entire afternoon, breathed a sigh of relief when Sophia came back. Upon seeing Sophia, Carmen dashed into her arms.

“Mommy, you’re home!”

At that moment, Sophia picked her up and took off her face mask before giving her a kiss.

What a good girl!

After only a day of not seeing each other, she felt like she had been separated from her for years.

With the anaesthetics still in effect, Judge was carried inside by Linus. Judge’s tongue hung out of its mouth, its eyes were hazy and there were even tears in the corner of its eyes. Judge’s chin hung from Linus’s shoulder as it whimpered.

Linus gently comforted Judge. “It’s alright, Judge. Don’t cry anymore. Look at this!”

As Sophia walked in, she saw a few large luxury dog kennels in the living room, all designed to look like a villa. Reaching into the kennel, Sophia realized it even came with an automatic massage function.


Then, Linus put the dog into the kennel. “Look, Judge. This is the villa that Sophia and your dad made for you. Aren’t you happy?”

In an instant, Judge was so excited that its grief of being neutered was gone in a flash. It rolled around in the kennel happily.

Leaving Judge in the kennel, Linus said to Sophia, “I heard your discussion with Stan about neutering Judge two days ago and preparing a villa as a compensation. So, I hired someone to make one that could be dismantled.”

Hearing this, Sophia felt touched yet embarrassed at the same time.

The whole thing about the villa was just a lie to make the dog feel better as it would not remember it anyway. Or, they could just bring home all the discounted collars from the store. She did not expect Linus to remember this and even make a dog villa for Judge.

Furthermore, Judge had been sleeping on the carpet for years at Michael’s house pitifully, without even having a bed. Judge also ate the other dog’s leftovers and played with old chewed up toys. On top of that, it had puppies too. All in all, it was relatively heartbreaking.

Uncle Linus is the best!

If I can’t find a husband in the future, I’ll just marry Linus, Sophia thought.

He was not Cooper’s blood-related brother anyway!

After admiring the kennel, Sophia held Carmen and sat next to Cooper.

As soon as she sat down, Cooper muttered, “Would you like me to chop off Bill Winterford’s hand?”

Obviously, he heard about what went down at the store today.

Upon hearing this, Sophia couldn’t help but scowl. “Dad, you need to stop with the violence. There’s a child here!”

Carmen also pouted in dissatisfaction. “Grandpa, you can’t talk about violence in front of me. It’s harmful to my health!”

At once, Cooper fell silent for a moment before rephrasing his question in a gentler tone.

“Would you like me to turn him into delicious roasted eggplant with minced pork?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 782

Sophia grimaced.

This old man seemed to love ‘roasted eggplant with minced pork’ and was constantly talking about it! How could she look at the actual roasted eggplant with minced pork after this?

“That’s enough, Dad. I can handle this and I’ll come to you if I need your help! Besides, I have to learn as I grow. I can’t be relying on you for everything!”

Upon hearing this, Cooper dropped the matter. He was relieved but also a little disappointed.

His baby was all grown up and would not need him anymore. As he thought about it, he became really depressed!

For the entire day, Sophia had been catching up with the business operations. Exhausted, she washed up and got ready for bed.

Michael had not been around for a few days. Thus, Carmen had been staying with Sophia and had been sleeping with her every night.

During the day, Carmen’s nannies played with her and took care of her. At night, one of them would stay over and sleep in the next room.

There were some changes to Sophia’s bed; a guard rail was installed on the side of her bed to prevent Carmen from falling off the bed when she slept.

Hugging her teddy bear, Carmen had her eyes wide open and was still wide awake as she talked to Sophia.

“Mommy, when can we go to the zoo? I want to see the lion!”

“When Daddy comes back in a few days, we’ll go to the zoo together,” Sophia murmured tenderly as she pinched Carmen’s tiny face.

A moment later, Carmen asked again, “When can we go see the panda?”

“When Daddy comes back!”

Upon hearing that, Carmen was pleased. Then, she went to sleep while hugging her teddy bear.

When Carmen was asleep, Sophia stared at her phone. Michael’s phone number had vanished from her phone and he had disappeared from Messenger too.

Sophia had no idea how to reach him.

In a daze, she stared at the list. Suddenly, a group chat named ‘Gay Swordsman Group’ appeared and someone named ‘stupid dog’ typed, ‘@group: Everyone, there’s an event tonight for the 15th anniversary of the Swordsman Game! There will be special sets, new maps, and new monsters! Who wants to join?’

‘Me,’ Sean replied.

‘Old Wolf and I too. He’s preparing milk right now,’ Sarah replied.

‘I want to join too,’ Imported Young Man wrote.

Sophia had just learned to use Messenger so she was still a little confused with group chats. After fumbling for a moment, she replied that she would join as well.

Sarah had downloaded the Swordsman Game for Sophia. Previously, Sophia had kept a record of all her accounts and passwords in a little notebook. Logging into one of the old accounts, she entered the game and into the game room that Stan mentioned.

It had been a few days since she retrieved the game and she was slowly getting familiar with it, already familiar with the basic functions. Even though she had forgotten, her instincts were still present as she played the game.

When she entered the game room, there were already a number of people in the team. One by one, she identified each gamer—Stan was ‘Snow Fox’, Harry was ‘Beast’, Sarah was ‘Little Kitten’, Sean was ‘Dragon Belle Warrior’, and the last one was ‘Moon Breeze’, which was obviously Linus.

Although Uncle Linus looked like a foreigner, in fact, he was a gentle and old-fashioned man.

Meanwhile, Sophia was ‘Sirius 233’, a male character.

‘Is everyone here yet? We’ll start right away,’ Stan wrote.

As soon as he said that, a magnificent golden light special effect shone from the sky in the game. A colorful light cascaded from the sky before a male character in golden armor descended from the sky and landed before Sophia.

Sophia examined this character, who was wearing a golden armored robe with a long sword hanging on his green silk waistband—the character design was very cool.

This character’s name was Scary Phoenix.

When he appeared, there was quite a reaction from everyone.

‘Crap. Daddy, why are you here?’

‘Holy sht! Where the fck did you come from?’

‘Sir Scary Phoenix, please accept my respect.’

Everyone seemed to be very familiar with him. Sophia, however, was totally confused. She clicked into Scary Phoenix’s information and found out that this gamer’s scores were through the roof.

Due to the time limit, the triple experience was only valid for an hour. When time was up, everyone rushed into the instance zones and started doing quests.

Sophia enjoyed playing the game. In the virtual world, she could be a virtual boss or a virtual warrior. It was simply amazing!

Her old self must have chosen to develop games because she loved it!

They had chosen the monster with the highest difficulty and the oncoming monsters were particularly fierce. Suddenly, a giant monster rushed straight at Sophia and unleashed strange attacks. However, Sophia did not defend herself, which resulted in the monster clawing her. Hence, she was poisoned and lost half of her life.

Once she was poisoned, her character’s actions were slowed down. The monster was right before the character, but Sirius’s speed was still extremely slow. At once, Sophia was intimidated.

Right at the critical moment, a bright golden light flashed and she could hear the sound of a sword being drawn out. The golden armor-clad warrior had appeared before her and rushed toward the monster, fighting it by himself.

It turned out to be Scary Phoenix!

Scary Phoenix’s gaming skills were unbelievable. A golden light flashed and in an instant, he unleashed a series of superb moves. A giant monster that could only be defeated by a team that cooperated closely and had strong gears was single handedly defeated by Scary Phoenix.

When the monster collapsed, everyone in the team was in awe.

‘God damn! The old man’s skill did not diminish at all! He is indeed old but vigorous!’

‘Good game! No wonder you’re known as the Swordsman’s Number One God of War!’

‘It would’ve been great if you had finished filming ‘Swordsman’ back then. It’s such a pity that you had to fake your death in the middle of filming! They had the heart throb Nicholas Yates replace you in playing Scary Phoenix and the film went to sh*t!’

‘It’s such a shame! It started off as a classic but it ended up being bullsh*t!’

‘They even cut your scenes and left you with only three episodes!’

Seeing what everyone was saying in the game, Sophia curiously opened the browser and typed ‘Swordsman’ TV series, and the results popped up.

The series was released two years ago and the lead actor was the has-been actor Nicholas Yates.

The plot was about the main character’s family being tragically murdered and he had changed his name to ‘Scary Phoenix’, wandering around the world as he sought revenge.

In the reviews section, the first three episodes were considered a classic; the ratings were so high that no TV series could beat it.

Despite that, the ratings rapidly declined after the third episode. It was disastrous, all because the lead actor had passed away. Hence, they replaced the actor with Nicholas Yates, whose acting skills were almost non-existent. The contrast was just tragic!

In the first three episodes, the lead actor who played Scary Phoenix was Taylor Murray and it was also his last film.

All at once, Sophia was shocked.

Scary Phoenix was Taylor Murray? In other words, he was Carmen’s Dad, Michael Fletcher?

She found a photo of the set of the film from that year. In the photo, Michael was dressed in gold amour. He had a powerful gaze and a handsome and cool expression, radiating a fierce aura. Comparing the photo and the character in the game, they looked exactly the same. The costumes were magnificent.

It was a complete opposite compared to his haggard and white-haired appearance now…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 783

When Sophia returned to the game, the triple experience event had ended.

‘How about we play a PvP match? We haven’t played that in a while!’

‘Sophia, you have to join!’

Without replying, Sophia followed the group and entered the PvP match, where players could duel with each other.

The group consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Winston, the Fletcher couple, Carmen’s parents, and the single Linus—seven of them in total. However, they needed another player for the teams to be equal. After entering the PvP match, they opened up invitations for one extra player and a character dressed in a black dragon suit while holding a machete entered. His gaming skills were fantastic too and his character name was Ranma.

Stanley had been playing this game for a decade, thus he was extremely active in the gaming world. If there were any masters, he would be the first to know. Now that there was an unfamiliar character named Ranma, he simply brushed it off, thinking he was just someone that filled an empty spot. Stanley would just kill him off immediately.

As the game leader, Stanley assigned the teams.

“Sophie, Sean, Uncle Michael, and myself will be in the blue team. Meanwhile, Little Kitten, Mr. Harry, and Linus will be in the red team with Ranma. I’ll get rid of Ranma in a second.”

Stanley knew he was no match for Michael, so he got him on his team to save himself from being killed. That would have been plain embarrassing.

With Michael here, Stanley could only try to save his remaining dignity instead of showing off.

When the match began, they fought four against four. The player’s attacks were ineffective to their own teammates and they could only fight the opposite team players.

As soon as the battle started, everyone had decided on their opponents.

At once, Scary Phoenix darted toward Linus. Despite looking unassuming, Linus was actually the strongest opponent. The Swordsman Game had long been popular outside of Cethos and it made an impact. Little did they know that Linus was a well-known player on foreign servers.

Sean was battling with Harry, which meant Sophia had to take on Sarah.

Meanwhile, Stanley charged at Ranma with a sword.

When the match started, Sophia ran around trying to dodge Sarah’s attacks while sneaking glances at Scary Phoenix and Linus’ battle. How cool they were!

In the game, Michael was the golden-armored God of War while Linus was the white-robed swordsman. Both had their own merits and had different types of attacks. They exchanged a few blows and it was dazzling to watch.

On the other hand, Harry and Sean were also equally matched. Truth was, it was difficult to tell one apart from the other.

As for Sarah and Sophia, they were not as intense as the other pairs. One of them had only just retrieved the game and had not been playing for years, while the other was never good in the first place. They were rookies fighting each other, chasing one another around like cats fighting.

It seemed everyone had found suitable opponents.

Meanwhile, Stanley raised his sword and charged lazily at Ranma, thinking he would be able to kill him with two strikes. Little did he know…


The scream came from the game and everyone was shocked to see that Snow Fox had collapsed and died. He was killed with just two attacks and Ranma stood next to his corpse, a long sword in hand.

Blood was dripping from the sword and the corpse looked like it was still warm.

However, the system showed that ‘Snow Fox’ was dead.

Everyone was stunned, including Stanley.

For crying out loud, he was a well-known e-sports expert, a ten-year veteran of the Swordsman Game!

Yet, he was killed by a nobody with only two strikes! Two attacks and he was killed!

Sadly, he was already dead and it was impossible for him to fight back.

Exasperated, Stanley started to curse in the gaming group. ‘Everyone, stop what you’re doing. Kill that Ranma and avenge me!’

All at once, everyone stopped fighting. Linus and Harry stepped back to watch the battle. Meanwhile, Sean raised his sword and charged at Ranma with an ultimate attack to avenge Stanley. He was extra careful as his opponent had killed Stanley with only two strikes. It was either because Stanley did not take him seriously or he was indeed skilful. However, no one would have expected…


After three strikes, Dragon Belle Warrior was dead.

Upon seeing that, everyone was dumbfounded.

What a master!

There were only Sophia and Michael left in the blue team. Suddenly, Michael silently dashed toward Ranma.

Sophia wanted to help but her skill sets were from three years ago and she could not keep up with the current developments. Moreover, she was still weak in general; she could not help even if she wanted to and could only watch as they fought.

And so, the Swordsman’s godly character went against a nobody.

This was a shocking battle that left everyone stunned behind their screens.

How powerful!

Time really made it inevitable to be replaced by younger and newer people. Who knew there was such a master in the Swordsman Game?

Three years ago, Taylor Murray died and the Swordsman game no longer had Scary Phoenix. Three years later, Scary Phoenix had reappeared in the game and as this was announced through the server, everyone rushed to watch this PvP match.

In the match, Scary Phoenix was battling against someone named Ranma. The fight was intense and fierce, which attracted many players to the scene.

The two fought mercilessly for thirty minutes before it was over.

A scream was heard and a player had died. The system prompted ‘Scary Phoenix killed’.

Upon seeing that, everyone could not believe their eyes.

Scary Phoenix had died…

Scary Phoenix, the godly and undefeated character, had actually died?

Where did Ranma come from?

Not long after, people were talking about this battle all over the world.

‘Oh my God! Scary Phoenix actually got killed!’

‘Since Taylor Murray died, his account was probably replaced by someone else! No wonder…’

‘But from what I saw, he was still powerful. The skills were fantastic, yet he still died. Who is this Ranma? He can’t be just a nobody!’

Meanwhile, the gaming group chat was quiet; it was as if everyone was so shocked that they forgot how to type and continue with the game.

In the game, all of the red team members were still alive while the blue team was left with Sophia.

Without any other choice, Sophia charged with her sword, her palms sweaty from nerves. She took on the Ranma that killed Scary Phoenix, drew her godly sword Turbo Tornado, and swung. However, the opponent was able to block the attack.

Most probably due to his previous battle with Scary Phoenix, Ranma was left with half a life. Not even a few moves later, he screamed and died.

At that moment, everyone was taken aback.

If they had seen correctly, Ranma did not resist at all when he fought Sophia. He even removed his gear and replaced his weapon with a knife and swung randomly before giving up.

The red team was left with three players, while Sophia was the only blue team player left. If they killed her, Scary Phoenix would definitely avenge her. Thus, they could only stand and wait for Sophia to kill them.

Meanwhile, Sophia did not understand why everyone did not make a move. Regardless, she charged toward them and killed them all.

The first match was over and unanimously, everyone agreed to start the second match.

This time, they would absolutely not take it lightly again.

As soon as the second match started, the three masters on the blue team—Sean, Stanley, and Michael—took their turns charging at Ranma.

The first one to charge was Stanley, who took a million precautions and carefully attacked with his best shot. He was so nervous, it felt like he was playing in a world e-sports competition.


One after another, three screams could be heard, signifying that three players were killed.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 784

All at once, the blue team lost three of its players—Scary Phoenix, Stanley, and Sean died in Ranma’s hands one after another. In the previous match, Scary Phoenix resisted for thirty minutes but this time, he was killed within ten minutes.

Again, only a dumbfounded Sophia was left.

The master, Ranma, silently removed his gear and stood motionless before Sophia.

Taken aback, Sophia nervously swung her sword and killed him. That being said, it took a while before she was able to kill Ranma.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

Then, Sophia killed the rest of the red team.

No one made a sound.

Who was this Black Dragon Warrior?

It was as if it was specifically designed to defeat Scary Phoenix.

He was merciless when he killed Stanley, Sean, and Scary Phoenix. Yet, he was willingly letting Sophia defeat him?

In front of her husband, Scary Phoenix?

Did he not know Scary Phoenix was showing off in front of his wife?

Even Linus knew this and he just showed off for a moment before giving the spotlight to Scary Phoenix.

Where did this Black Dragon Warrior come from?

The situation in the match was on the verge of a frenzy.

In the end, everyone had gone into spectator mode to watch the two masters battle one-on-one.

On this day in the Swordsman Game, thousands of people joined to watch Scary Phoenix in action, and also the battle between him and Ranma. They wanted to see how Scary Phoenix was defeated again and again.

Sirius233 and Scary Phoenix had resurfaced on this day and everyone knew these two accounts belonged to Taylor Murray and his wife. However, both of them died a tragic death three years ago and the media back then were all reporting on this incident. Therefore, the person behind this account could not be Taylor Murray.

Furthermore, it was impossible for this account to be sold. When the TV series was first released, everyone joined the game just to see the Scary Phoenix. Back then, the game developer said this account would be a permanent display and would never be sold.

Now, everyone was curious as to who took over the Scary Phoenix account. Could it be someone from the game development company?

On another note, the new Scary Phoenix’s skills were fantastic as well. How could he be defeated?

In the match, the two of them fought fiercely. Scary Phoenix was repeatedly killed and respawned. They fought until their weapons broke, yet they still fought.

It was almost midnight when Sophia glanced at the clock. It was eleven-thirty and Carmen was sleeping soundly. Meanwhile, Sophia had turned down the volume to avoid waking her up.

It was time to end the game…

In the game, Sirius233, who was watching the game, suddenly said, “Daddy, it’s late. You’d better go to bed.”


At once, everyone was shocked.

It was such a pity; it turned out the account really was replaced.

Sirius233 was beaten so badly that she called the opponent ‘Daddy’!

He would rather die than give in back then.

At once, the gaming group blew up.

‘Sophia, who are you calling Daddy? How could you be so shameless? You really did lose your memory and you’re not the Sophia that I know! You’ve changed!’ Stan wrote.

‘But this guy is really good and I’d like to call him Daddy too!’ Little Kitten added.

Upon reading this, Sophia replied with an eye roll GIF.

Meanwhile, Linus continued watching the battle. Scary Phoenix was once again cornered by Ranma and it was only a matter of time before he was killed again.

This Ranma…

For some reason, Linus was suddenly reminded of someone.

This person created the world’s first online game almost thirty years ago, when the internet was still not as advanced.

He was also the world’s first online gamer.

Now, the Cethosian gaming community worshipped him as the Grandmaster.

That person was none other than Cooper Mitchell.

Once this was speculated, Ranma’s behaviors made sense.

Mercilessly defeating Scary Phoenix, it seemed that every move carried a strong sense of mockery from a powerful father-in-law to his pretentious son-in-law. Ha! There goes your big moment to look cool!

Linus was at a loss for words.

Finally, a scream was heard and Scary Phoenix was defeated once again.

After being killed, Scary Phoenix stopped challenging him. Instead, he said, ‘Dad, it’s getting late. I will challenge you again another day.’

The audience who was watching this epic match were baffled and the silence became deafening.

Did they hear that right?

Did they see it correctly?

The Swordsman’s Number One Warrior—the godly Scary Phoenix—was beaten and had to call ‘Dad’ in surrender?

Unfortunately, Ranma did not appreciate Scary Phoenix’s words. Putting his sword back into the sheath, he retorted coldly, ‘I’m not your Dad.’

Then, he left the game and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Scary Phoenix had initially wanted to show off in front of his wife but now he was just disappointed. Without a word, he left the game as well.

One after another, everyone, including the audience, left the game.

It was a shock to everyone that Scary Phoenix was repeatedly defeated. Immediately, the news spread like wildfire.

Taylor Murray who had ‘died’ three years ago was suddenly making headlines again. Not only him, but also the gaming account ‘Scary Phoenix’ as well. The gaming account was popular too; after all, the TV series with the same name was still in existence.

Although everyone had left the game, the gaming group was still lively.

Stanley was the first to curse in the group. ‘Uncle Michael, you’ve become so unethical! You’ve changed; you’re not the Uncle Michael that I admired! You’ve all changed!’

Michael remained silent.

Meanwhile, Sophia looked through the chat list. There were seven people in this group so it was easy to search for someone. Soon, she found a Messenger user named ‘Eddie Fletcher’s Original Husband’.

This name…

Then, she glanced at her own username. ‘Taylor Murray’s Original Wife’.

These matching usernames…

His avatar was a picture of her facing the sky with her hair down, while her avatar was a picture of him yawning.

It was obvious that these avatars belonged to soulmates…

It was too bad that Sophia could not remember anything at all and did not recall these photos too. Sophia had completely forgotten everything.

For a moment, she stared at Michael’s Messenger and wanted to add him. However, she felt that she was coming on too strong if she added him now.

Shouldn’t a girl be more reserved and let the man make the move?

After staring at the avatar for some time, she decided not to add him.

On the other hand, Stanley was still cursing in the group when Sean finally spoke. ‘Stan, do you remember the Grandmaster of the gaming community?’

‘Of course! Wasn’t it Daddy Cooper Mitchell?’

He was the Grandmaster of the gaming community, so Stanley was willing to call him Daddy. Moreover, he was Sophia’s father.

‘Who does that Ranma look like to you?’ Sean added.

At once, Stanley went silent, as if he had just pieced everything together.

The group fell into a moment of unspeakable awkwardness.

Immediately, Stanley took back everything he said earlier.

Sophia was still staring at the group chat in a daze when Cooper sent her a message. ‘Go to sleep, Darling. We’ll continue the game tomorrow.’

At that moment, Sophia was speechless.

It was just a game, after all… Was it necessary to be so merciless?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 785

Sophia didn’t head to the store the next day because the construction team would be starting the construction process. However, the rest of Pourl’s branches were not affected so that morning, she continued to read her previous notes and work diary in the study. It also happened to be the weekend so Nathan came over.

Nathan had grown up to become a young teenager who was cold and moody. After he arrived, he sat off to one side and watched Sophia read her notes, not saying a word.

After being stared at for a while, Sophia started to feel embarrassed so she asked with a smile, “Nate, what’s the matter? Why are you staring at me like that?”

Hearing this, Nathan quickly turned his head to the other side and muttered coldly, “Nothing; I’m looking at Snowball.”

Snowball was a huge Samoyed with white fur and it stood next to Sophia obediently like a little girl.

After Sophia heard Nathan’s reply, she smiled and continued to read her notes. However, a moment later, she noticed that Nathan was still staring at her intently. What a cold and quiet child.

Sophia had learned about Nathan’s past from others. Nathan’s mother, Celine Fletcher, helped Phantom Wolf steal Sophia away but was injured by Justin who came after her, which ultimately led to her miscarriage.

Sophia was stolen away, Michael was almost killed, and Celine and Justin were so badly hurt that they nearly lost their lives. Even now, Celine was still being held in the Fletcher family house for psychiatric treatment. There is such an unbearable burden on this little boy’s shoulders.

Carmen liked Nathan very much. As soon as she saw him, she kept pestering him for hugs. The two siblings were very close to each other and in order to prevent Carmen from disturbing Sophia, Nathan carried her out of the study.

After lunch, Sophia laid on the sofa and watched television lazily. Just then, Carmen brought a new DVD from her house again. This time, she brought over a classic collection of a high-definition version of ‘Swordsman Game’ and played it in the home theater in the living room. Then, she lay on the sofa as she petted the dog with her left hand and ate fruits with her right.

Meanwhile, Cooper entered the study after lunch. He had been really busy for the past few days. Even though he had Linus to deal with the Michel Group’s development in Cethos, he was now in charge of the Mitchell family’s business. Since his return, the other two families had joined forces to defeat his family first. However, he was still laying low for the moment. After all, his attacks always brought a fatal blow. Before he was confident that he would win, he chose to save his strength.

He now had two identities—one as Fass Michel and another as Cooper Mitchell. Behind these two identities were two different families and he made sure that the two were differentiated clearly. For the time being, he didn’t want the two to merge, which was why he never used the Michel family’s power to deal with the Mitchell family’s problems. There were certain things that only his identity as Cooper Mitchell could accomplish.

“Darling, don’t forget that we have to head to the hospital for the second surgery tomorrow.”

At that moment, Sophia was watching television intently so she nodded and replied briefly, “Okay.”

Cooper glanced at the home theatre and saw Michael’s handsome face on the screen, which shockingly resembled his image of Scary Phoenix in the game.

The ‘Swordsman Game’ TV series was originally created for the fans. However, because of Sophia’s strong persuasion, it became a TV series tailored to the player ‘Scary Phoenix’. This was Taylor Murray’s first and last TV series. Back then, he got injured after shooting a few scenes so they changed the actor for the lead role.

Even though it was a TV series, the production standard was very high and the lead actor was really famous. For a popular movie actor—with extremely handsome looks that was very different from ordinary actors—to star in a TV series, the audience had high expectations. Back then, the ratings skyrocketed as soon as the TV series started airing.

Sitting at the side, Carmen said, “Daddy specifically starred in this TV series for you, Mummy.”

Sophia was watching excitedly and she reached over to ruffle Carmen’s hair. When she saw Nathan at the other side, she reached over to pat his head too.

There wasn’t a female lead in the first three episodes of this TV series, but it was still interesting to watch. The special effects were realistic and beautiful, the scenes were astounding, the male lead’s acting was amazing, and the fighting scenes were smooth. It was considered one of the classics.

A while later, Sophia finished watching three episodes. When the fourth episode started, the plot of the TV series suddenly changed, whereby the male lead’s family had a tragic event so he went for cosmetic surgery to get revenge. Using this scene, they changed the male lead actor.

This new lead’s acting skills were terrible; his acting was exaggerated and his facial features looked weird because of excessive plastic surgery. Furthermore, the fighting scenes fully relied on special effects, his aura didn’t match with the character, and his lines were all post dubbed so what he was mouthing didn’t match the lines.

What was even more disastrous was that in order to keep the whole TV series cohesive, they changed all of Taylor’s voice in the first three episodes to post production dubbing, so his lips didn’t match the lines either. It is completely ruined…

After watching it for ten minutes, Sophia turned it off. Seeing this, Carmen hurriedly switched to another DVD. “Let’s watch this. This movie is interesting.”

Carmen had brought plenty of DVDs from home that day and they were all Michael’s movies. Those were also DVDs that Michael personally collected so they were high-definition and suitable to be played in a home theater.

Although Cooper really hated to see Michael’s face in his house, his daughter liked it so there was nothing he could do. In fact, he had known that as soon as Sophia returned to Cethos, she would meet up with Michael again no matter what. He was also hesitant to move into the Imperial at first but what else could he do?

Even if he moved back to Africa, as long as Michael knew that Sophia was alive, he would still pester them no matter how far they moved.

Besides, my daughter is still young so she can’t stay hidden her whole life like me. In the future, once her face is cured, she’ll definitely have to go back into the outside world and see other people. She also needs to have her own social circle and her face will be exposed sooner or later. It’s all destiny… However, as long as I’m alive, I will use my methods to prove that if he wants my daughter, he won’t be able to have her with just 80,000 this time!

Later, Cooper returned to his office. He had already implemented a holographic video conference system in his office so he could work from home, and he was about to have a conference with several of the older department heads.

Perhaps he was used to hiding from the public. Even after he had returned to the Mitchell family, he still didn’t like to head out and socialize. Apart from going out with his daughter, he rarely left the house. Therefore, there were rumors going around that he was sold to the black coal mines in Africa and dug coal for twenty years before he was finally rescued. However, nobody knew that he was Fass Michel.

Before the meeting started, Linus suddenly entered the office and said, “Cooper, the Edwards family seems to be secretly investigating Sophia lately.”

Hearing this, Cooper frowned and asked, “Who in the Edwards family is investigating Sophia?”

“Lucy; Jordan’s daughter,” Linus replied. “Should we order people to cut her up into pieces?”

Even though Lucy was the young madam of the Edwards family, with Cooper’s strength, it was really easy for him to secretly kill her. He had only found out about this person lately. Just like Sophia, Lucy opened a store to sell dog collars and the two of them were competitors.

Perhaps she’s trying to find out about Sophia’s whereabouts so that she can destroy her shop.

In the end, Cooper ordered, “Don’t let her find any useful information.”

Linus nodded in response and went out to carry out the order.

At best, they would find out about Sophia’s identity in the Mitchell family. However, Cooper still felt uneasy and knew that the best solution was to kill them. If this happened in the past, he would definitely do so. However, at the moment, Cooper had become a kind father and for some reason, he started to believe in karma so he couldn’t simply kill anyone.

Well… It’s not too late to kill them after they do something wrong.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 786

The next day, Cooper accompanied Sophia to the plastic surgery hospital for her second operation. She had recovered well after the previous operation so now she could go for the second one.

After going through the second operation and undergoing some careful and scientific post-treatment, her face would fully recover. As the previous operation went successfully, Cooper gave every doctor that participated in the operation a luxurious three bedroom condominium in Third Avenue.

A three bedroom condominium in the Third Avenue of Bayside City cost at least a few million, which was why the doctors were extremely caring this time. Moreover, their boss had personally told them to cure Sophia, so nobody dared to neglect her.

If Sophia’s face could be fully cured, Cooper had promised the chief doctor that he would give a Bayside City villa that was not in the suburbs to every doctor. The more beautiful Sophia’s face turned out to be, the closer their villas would be to the city center and the larger the area. It would also be near school districts.

At the same time, the boss behind the scenes promised that once they cured her face, every doctor would have a luxury car and they wouldn’t have to go through the license plate lottery system. To top it off, it also came with a parking lot. The more beautiful Sophia’s face turned out to be, the more valuable the car would be.

However, if they couldn’t cure her… What happened to Sophia’s face would happen to them! Naturally, Cooper didn’t tell them about the consequences of not being able to cure Sophia. Nonetheless, they knew that they would probably be murdered if they failed, which was why the best doctors of the hospital specially changed all of their appointments and kept a whole day’s schedule free to treat Sophia.

While Sophia was undergoing the operation, Cooper, who was waiting outside, felt extremely anxious.

The operation was very painful because Sophia’s face was in a really bad shape. In addition to laser scar removal, they needed to use other methods to help cure her face, such as injections, post-treatment medications and skin grafts. Furthermore, they couldn’t do too many surgeries on her. Otherwise, her face would become stiff.

When it came to the face, no matter how small a problem was, it was still a big deal. A little mistake could cause a huge loss. And so, the operation lasted two hours. When Cooper saw his daughter being pushed out of the operating room, he almost burst into tears.

He saw his darling daughter lying on the hospital bed and her face was red and swollen, wrapped in medicated gauze.

“The operation was really successful,” the doctor announced. “Miss Scarlett needs to stay in the hospital for one night and be put on a drip, but she can be discharged tomorrow morning.”

Cooper stayed by Sophia’s side and entered the inpatient department. Her face was numb because the anaesthetic was still working and as soon as they put her on intravenous, she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Cooper worked silently at the side as he kept watch over his daughter.

It was afternoon when Sophia woke up. After having some liquid food, she went out for a walk.

There were very few people in the inpatient department of the hospital and the scenery was beautiful, with plenty of flowers and plants. At that moment, Sophia’s face was still swollen and her face was covered in gauze.

“My darling, how are you feeling? Does it hurt?” Cooper asked, feeling concerned.

Only Sophia’s eyes, mouth and nostrils could be seen and she was very careful as she whispered, “It’s like ants biting my skin; it doesn’t hurt.”

Hearing this, Cooper leaned close and said, “Come here. Let me blow on your wounds; you’ll feel better.”

Sophia couldn’t help but laugh. Cooper is treating me like a baby.

However, in Cooper’s eyes, Sophia was indeed just a baby and his only precious child.

After sitting for a while, Cooper received a call and left, leaving Shae and two bodyguards to guard Sophia.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the inpatient department and it seemed as if there were people quarreling. In order to treat Sophia today, many doctors canceled their original appointments to operate on her. Most of the customers of this plastic surgery hospital were well-known big shots and as their appointments were delayed for no reason there would definitely be problems, but the hospital staff were able to resolve them.

However, this time, it seemed that the hospital couldn’t resolve this customer.

The customer seemed to be really powerful. She rushed over to the inpatient department with a big group of bodyguards and her target was Sophia, who was sitting outside enjoying the breeze.

“Who here goes by the name Scarlett?”

A shrill female voice could be heard and it startled everyone in the inpatient department. When the bodyguards next to Sophia saw the woman approaching aggressively, they hurriedly made a call. Soon, a dozen bodyguards appeared to protect Sophia.

The person who walked over was a young woman. Judging by her outfit and attitude, it was obvious that she had a powerful background.

Sophia tried to lift her eyelids, but they were covered in medicine so she wasn’t able to see clearly. She didn’t seem to recognize the woman who was walking over. The woman, on the other hand, seemed to know her well, or one could say that she knew Sophia’s current identity.

Looking at Sophia’s face covered in gauze, the woman’s gaze was filled with disdain and her words were rude. “Scarlett, you really did a lot of plastic surgery. Let me guess what you did to your face. I’m guessing you went for double eyelid surgery, sharpened your jaw and changed the shape of your nose! After all, if you didn’t go for surgery, it’s embarrassing for you to meet people.”

Sophia struggled to look at the woman and asked, “Who are you?”

The woman replied angrily, “I’m the daughter of the Mitchell family, Sandra Mitchell. My father is Alex Mitchell.”

As soon as Sophia heard her name, she knew who it was and she murmured, “Oh—hello.”

Sandra looked at the woman in front of her from head to toe, feeling extremely contemptuous. She did plastic surgery to her whole face. She must’ve been born so ugly that she feels embarrassed to go out in public. What an ugly b*tch!

Sandra had a skin brightening appointment that day but it was unexpectedly pushed back for no reason. It had been several years since Sandra Oak became Sandra Mitchell and for the past few years, her identity had changed drastically. She had secured her position as a daughter of the Mitchell family with her efforts and managed to become the world champion, which made Alex proud. Furthermore, she was engaged to a son of the Edwards family. Right now, she was at the pinnacle of her life.

However, she herself knew how she got to this place and deep down, she felt inferior. When her inferiority reached the extreme and she gained power, she became extremely conceited.

Sandra wouldn’t allow anyone to challenge her authority as a daughter of the Mitchell family, and wanted to receive the best treatment wherever she went.

Even if it was just for a cosmetic treatment, she naturally couldn’t allow anyone to challenge her. Because of Scarlett, the b*tch that appeared out of nowhere, the doctors at this plastic surgery hospital specially changed their schedules.

In Sandra’s eyes, this was unacceptable. Scarlett is hideous and incomparable to me. Even if she did plastic surgery, she will still be ugly!

If this happened in the past, Sandra would have caused huge trouble in this plastic surgery hospital and directly tear apart the gauze that was covering Sophia’s face to see the hideous monster underneath. However, she had other things to deal with that day…

“Hey Scarlett, I heard that you have a few shops in a great location…” Sandra’s tone changed abruptly and it even sounded like she was praising Sophia.

Seeing that Sophia didn’t respond, she deliberately reminded her, “I’m talking about the two rows of shops near Xenia Square… I really like them. Why don’t we have an exchange?”

Sophia’s face remained expressionless. Then, Sandra took two steps forward and asked, “I’ll exchange a luxurious condo for your two rows of shops. How does that sound?”

Sophia struggled to look up and she glanced at Sandra, her face full of wounds so she couldn’t have too much expression. Then, she asked, “The shops that you mentioned indeed belong to me, but where is this condo that you’re talking about?”

Hearing this, Sandra hurriedly replied, “The condo I’m talking about is a two-bedroom condo on Third Avenue that is worth millions!”

Sophia’s shops were also on Third Avenue and they were in prime land, with a large flow of people passing by everyday.

There are a total of nine shops in those two rows but Sandra is asking for them in exchange for a two-bedroom ‘luxurious’ condo…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 787

Sophia would basically be exchanging her shops for almost nothing. Six month’s rental income of her shops was more than the house that Sandra was offering.

In Sandra’s mind, Sophia was just the ugly daughter of the ex-family head, while Sandra was Alex’s daughter and the current official family head. Furthermore, she won the world championship and had plenty of connections in the sports and business industry, not to mention she was also engaged to a young master of the Edwards family.

As Sandra thought about it, she was sure that Sophia would definitely give her the two rows of shops.

However, after pretending to consider it for a moment, Sophia replied, “No deal.”

At that moment, the veins on Sandra’s forehead seemed to pop and her delicate face was filled with an eerie aura. Deep down, she secretly scolded Sophia fiercely, I’m being nice but you seem to not appreciate it.

Sandra had tried her best to enter the real social circle of the young madams of the wealthy families and did everything she could to curry favor with them. For instance, Lucy Edwards had always been the target of her attention. If Lucy didn’t personally ask her for a favor, she wouldn’t ask this hideous monster for her shops.

Sandra chuckled before she took another two steps closer to Sophia and said in a soft voice, “Scarlett, you’re new here so you probably don’t know Bayside City’s market. Nowadays, shops are not valuable and the prices won’t rise much; only commercial lots have room for appreciation… Moreover, you have just returned to Bayside City and we’ve only just met. I like those two rows of shops a lot so why don’t you give it to me as a greeting gift? ”

Sandra was determined to get those shops today because she had already promised Lucy. She was the young madam of the Mitchell family and Scarlett was no one. If she couldn’t even get something from this hideous monster, she would be too embarrassed to face Lucy.

However, Sophia was still resolute. “I’m sorry, but I can’t give them to you.”

I’ve embarrassed myself by acting cute in front of Carmen’s father in exchange for money to buy those shops. After holding onto them for several years, their prices are finally starting to appreciate and I’ve just started to make some money. However, Sandra is asking me to give them to her as a greeting gift. I’m still reading my old notes and even though I don’t have the habit of writing diaries, I made accounts for my money. Every single penny I earned, even if I found a five dollar note by the roadside, I would write it down. When I married Carmen’s father at 18, he gave me allowance regularly. I’ve recorded all of it in my accounts and worked hard to save it. All of that is my hard-earned money and I’m not going to give it to her for nothing!

Seeing Sophia’s attitude, Sandra lost her patience. A moment ago, she had on a kind expression but at that instant, she was too impatient to treat her nicely. Sandra decided to get straight to the point and arrogantly threw a pile of contracts at Sophia. “Since you won’t listen to me when I asked nicely, don’t blame me for being rude. Here are the contracts. As long as you sign them and give the two rows of shops to me, I’ll let you and your father enter the Mitchell family genealogy record book!”

Sophia was completely dumbfounded. At that moment, Sandra seemed to be standing on high ground as she crossed her arms and announced, “Even though the Mitchell family is separated, the Mitchell family genealogy record book is still in my father’s hands. Whether or not you and your father’s names can enter the book and be buried in the ancestral grave is up to my father! I’ll only give you one minute to consider.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was at a loss. She had just returned not long ago and didn’t know much about the Cethos culture. Enter the genealogy book? Be buried in the ancestral grave? It seems if my name isn’t on the book and I can’t be buried in the ancestral grave, I’ll die miserably.

Coincidentally, Cooper had just returned so Sophia hurriedly asked, “Dad, what will happen to us if our names are not in the genealogy record book and we can’t be buried in the ancestral grave?”

Cooper didn’t know what had happened but when he saw the contracts in Sophia’s hands, he solemnly picked them up and glanced at them. Scanning through two pages, he deduced what had happened and looked even more upset, seeming to emit a cold and dark, terrifying aura.

The spring sunlight was burning bright but Sandra suddenly felt a chill down her spine. She rubbed her arms that suddenly had goosebumps all over them and silently cheered herself up.

Isn’t he just a man who returned after twenty years of absence? In the twenty years he had been gone, the Mitchell family has long nominated another family head and this place is no longer his territory. Other than his old department heads, who else does he have? Moreover, the elders of the Mitchell family don’t admit that he’s Cooper Mitchell. He’s just a liar who suddenly appeared to deceive us and wants to steal the old man Woody’s inheritance! However, he didn’t expect the old man to leave nothing after his passing so he didn’t get a single penny!

Thinking about this, Sandra felt a strong surge of courage and she even dared to be arrogant in front of Cooper. “Hey Cooper, if you want the elders of the Mitchell family to admit that you’re part of the family, sign these contracts. Right now, my father is still in control of the elders of the family. As long as you sign, I’ll ask my father to agree to write your names in the genealogy record book!”

Even though the Mitchell family was separated, the ancestral hall couldn’t be cut into half so the elders of the family still had power and were under Alex’s control. The other two families would also need to listen to Alex.

A wealthy family like the Mitchell family cared a lot about being in the genealogy record book. After all, if their names were not in the book, they couldn’t be buried in the ancestral grave, which meant that they weren’t part of the Mitchell family!

When Sandra saw that Cooper was still looking at the contracts, she triumphantly glanced at her wrist watch. Then, she purposely spoke in a pitiful tone, “Oops! Time’s up! Even if you sign the contract now, I can’t guarantee that your names will enter the genealogy record book! Now that I think about it, my decision was too rash. To have your names in the Mitchell family genealogy record book is not something that can be solved with two rows of shops. I was being extra kind today but I didn’t expect you to not appreciate it. Well, you can’t blame me now… However, if you don’t sign those contracts, I’ll make sure that you’ll never be buried in the Mitchell family’s ancestral grave!”

When Sophia heard Sandra’s terrifying threats, she felt a little afraid. It seemed as though if her name wasn’t on the record book and can’t be buried in the ancestral grave, she would be cursed with a great illness and would die immediately!

Will I receive some mysterious blessing once my name is in the genealogy record book? Is it a mysterious power from the East?

She couldn’t help but look at Cooper and saw that he had put down the contracts, politely returning them to Sandra. Then, he glanced at those standing next to him and said, “Send the guest off.”

Cooper didn’t feel like cutting up anyone that day.

At the same time, Sandra held onto the contracts in disbelief before she crumpled them up. With a cold expression, she asked, “What’s the meaning of this? Are you looking down on the Mitchell family? I’m giving you an opportunity to have your name in the genealogy record book so don’t waste it!”

Cooper didn’t want to talk to a powerless girl like Sandra. The car accident he was in back then was planned by Alex. If Cooper guessed right, Alex wasn’t the only one who planned it; Jordan was also an accomplice. Their evil plans were too clumsy but it was a chance for him to get out of his situation so he took it and left.

Unexpectedly, this gave Alex a few decades of false power.

The Mitchell family has truly fallen. A true child of a reputational family shouldn’t act like this. I can’t see any characteristics of a child from a reputational family in the girl in front of me. The children of the Mitchell family should be confident, but all I see on the face of this girl is an arrogant and domineering attitude. Whether or not one’s name is recorded in the genealogy record book should depend on personal merits, not on obedience. No wonder the Mitchell family is getting worse year by year…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 788

Cooper was in a good mood that day because Sophia’s operation went really successful. He sat down next to Sophia and coaxed her a little before he said, “I’ll talk to you about the genealogy record book later.”

Then, he patted her shoulder before he turned to Sandra and asked, “Your father Alex is still in charge of the group of elders right now, isn’t he? Judging from your tone, it seems that whether or not our names can be written in the book is entirely up to him.”

Cooper was sitting while Sandra was standing. At that moment, Sandra was so furious she lifted her chin and stared down at Cooper as she replied, “That’s right!”

“Then can you please tell me the names of the elders of the Mitchell family?” Cooper asked with interest. “Also, do tell me about the rules of the genealogy record book!”

Hearing this, Sandra was secretly delighted. Sure enough, he still cares about it but he’s just pretending not to.

And so, Sandra patiently told him the names of the elders of the Mitchell family and in the end, she even emphasized, “All of these people heed my father’s orders. Whether or not your name enters the genealogy record book is entirely up to him! If you want to have your name in the book, you’d better sign these contracts!”

However, after listening to Sandra, Cooper shook his head. He had heard of these elders before and they were all around the same age as him. According to his standards, these people were not suitable to be elders because they were not qualified! An elder of the Mitchell family should be highly respectful, virtuous, fair, and just. However, all of the elders were now Alex’s subordinates.

No wonder the children of the Mitchell family are getting worse. To top it off, they even managed to raise such an ungrateful offspring.

Cooper waved his hand and commented, “You can leave now. We won’t give you the shops.”

Hearing this, Sandra completely lost her temper and she gave an order to her bodyguards, “Men, hold that b*tch’s hand and force her to sign these contracts!”

I must have Scarlett’s shops today no matter what. Otherwise, how can I maintain my reputation of being the young madam of the Mitchell family in front of Lucy? The reason I can become friends with Lucy is because I’m part of the Mitchell family but if I can’t control this b*stard, I won’t be considered as a true young madam of the Mitchell family!

Sandra had bodyguards but Cooper had bodyguards too. In a blink of an eye, a dozen men rushed in front of Cooper to confront Sandra’s men. Cooper frowned and was considering whether he should cut all of these people into pieces. However, his daughter had just come out of an operation so he was afraid that the sight might frighten her. Never mind; I’ll just let them die in one piece…

However, he remembered that the young woman in front of him was a descendant of the Mitchell family who had only walked on the wrong path and learned from the wrong people. Perhaps she didn’t do things voluntarily. As such, he couldn’t bear to kill them either.

In that 0.001 second, countless thoughts flashed through Cooper’s mind but in the end, he came up with a more philosophical solution. He decided to numb them with anaesthetics and leave them on the road. If they were run over by a car, it would mean that they deserved it.

He was just about to give the order when he saw a group of people walking toward them. As soon as the leader of the group saw the situation, he frowned and asked loudly, “What’s going on?”

Sandra immediately turned around and realized they were members of the Edwards family. Moreover, the person leading the group was Master Sam himself. Sam strode over and repeated, “What’s the matter? Sandra, why are you here?”

Sandra’s expression instantly changed and with a respectful and humble attitude, she smiled softly. Her features looked delicate as she smiled elegantly and said, “I heard that Scarlett had an operation so I came over to see her and discuss matters about writing her name in the genealogy record book!”

Hearing this, Cooper snorted. This b*tch is really two-faced!

Sam obviously didn’t believe Sandra either. However, he didn’t say anything. After all, this was the Mitchell family’s affairs and it would not be suitable for him to interrupt. In an apologetic tone, he asked, “Am I interrupting?”

Sandra quickly replied, “No, you’re not.”

Then, she continued, “Master Sam, why are you here?”

“Cooper and I are childhood friends so I came over today to visit,” Sam murmured.

As Sam spoke, he didn’t dare to look at Cooper’s solemn expression. When Cooper saw that Sam had come over, he was really upset but he didn’t embarrass him in front of the youngsters.

Meanwhile, Sandra’s heart was beating fast. I didn’t expect Cooper to have a close relationship with Master Sam. No wonder he’s not afraid of me. It seems that I won’t be able to get those shops today, but I still have plenty of opportunities in the future!

With a smile, Sandra said, “In that case, I won’t be disturbing you both from catching up. Mr. Cooper, I’ll visit you to discuss the genealogy another day.” With that, she gestured to her men and left.

Sam watched as they left before he slowly walked up to Cooper. At the risk of being beaten up on the spot, he bowed and asked, “Cooper, do you need my help?”

Sam was not a fool so he could tell that Sandra was looking for trouble just now. However, he also knew that with Cooper’s fierce methods, there was no way Cooper would be bullied by a child.

Although it was widely rumored that Cooper was sold to Africa for coal mining, Sam knew that it was absolutely impossible. He had not been able to find out Cooper’s current identity but he knew Linus and Linus’ family background. Cooper was living with Linus and Linus treated him with respect, so his identity was really clear.

The poor Mitchell family actually thought that the family head of the dignified Michel family, the man who controlled the coal mines in Africa, Fass Michel, was a coal miner!

I can’t believe that they sent a child to threaten Cooper. Now that the Mitchell family has fallen, I’m sure Cooper feels upset too.

Cooper glared at Sam and said nothing. At the same time, Sophia tilted her head and glanced behind Sam before she asked, “Uncle Sam, why didn’t you bring Corrado along?”

Hearing this, Sam’s heart sank as he thought, I’m not as welcomed as the dog. Then, he snapped his fingers and Corrado rushed out with a swoosh.

Sophia was really happy and wanted to pet Corrado, but she had just had an operation and it was a little inconvenient for her to move around. However, she was still really happy that Corrado came to see her.

Meanwhile, Cooper had already silently got up and walked away, and Sam followed him.

Sophia didn’t know what happened but the last time Sam and Cooper met, they had a fight so she hurriedly said, “Dad, if there’s anything that needs resolving, talk it out. Please don’t fight. Both of you are too old to be fighting.”

Cooper looked sullen and he said nothing. Later, the two of them entered the inpatient department of the hospital and found a place that was out of Sophia’s sight to have a chat.

After a while, the two of them finished speaking and came out. Cooper still had an angry expression while Sam’s face was swollen and his nose was bleeding. When Sophia saw this, she was startled. “Dad, you hit him again!”

Cooper denied. “No, I didn’t.”

Holding his face, Sam said, “I fell and hurt myself…”

Sophia immediately pouted in anger.

Sam limped as he trailed behind Cooper and said, “Sophia and Lucy are fighting over the shops. As her uncle, I’m also responsible. Why don’t I teach Lucy a lesson on Sophia’s behalf?”

However, Cooper only said, “There’s no need.”

Sam tried again. “A few levels of offices above Sophia’s two rows of shops belongs to me. I’ll transfer all of it to Sophia; think of it as a greeting gift from me to her.”

Hearing this, Cooper said, “Transfer the offices and leave.”

“Okay…” Sam hurriedly agreed.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 789

With that, Sam limped away with Corrado in tow. Sophia still looked confused and could not figure out what happened between Cooper and Sam so she asked, “Dad, what happened? Why did you beat up Uncle Sam when you saw him?”

Cooper sat down next to Sophia and stayed silent for a long time, pain and regret in his eyes. After a while, he replied, “People make mistakes when they are young.”

The biggest mistake Cooper made when he was young was to fall in love with Annabel and be with her, without having the power to bear the consequences. As a result, he brought harm to everyone. He brought harm to Woody, who was the family head at the time. Because of this, Woody was threatened by the people who objected to Cooper’s relationship and even almost lost his position as family head. He also harmed Annabel and their daughter Sophia…

If they were a little more mature back then, none of the tragic events would happen. However, it was fate and there was no one to blame for them being young and immature.

Looking at Sophia who was sitting next to him, there was a hint of happiness in Cooper’s gaze as he thought, At least I still have her.

Because of the mistake he made back then, he harmed everyone. Looking back, there was nothing he could do to restore everything to what it once was. However, at the very least, a bright flower blossomed in his cruel fate and that flower was Sophia.

After hearing Cooper’s answer, Sophia asked, “Can’t you just forgive him?”

With a bitter smile, Cooper replied, “I can understand him but I will never be able to forgive him…” Staring at the floating clouds in the sky, Cooper muttered to himself, “Even if I can forgive him… who will forgive me?”

He wanted to ask Woody and Annabel for forgiveness but it was impossible. My sins can never be forgiven…

“Dad, didn’t you say that you’re going to tell me about the genealogy record book? Tell me now!” Sophia lightly tugged at Cooper’s sleeve and it was only then did Cooper come back to his senses. Then, he pulled out a thick booklet. When he opened it, Sophia realized it contained the history of the Mitchell family.

“This is the Mitchell family’s genealogy record book that records the glorious history of the Mitchell family.”

Looking at the booklet, Cooper’s gaze was filled with pride. He flipped through the booklet and slowly explained everything to Sophia. The Mitchell surname appeared more than 2,000 years ago and it was passed down from generation to generation, and now there were descendants with the Mitchell surname all over the world.

The Mitchell family in Bayside City was the most glorious bloodline among all the Mitchell families in the world. One of their ancestors was a king and others were so wealthy, they had power to control the world. That being said, there was also a group of notorious bandits. Especially in modern times, the family had an even more glorious history. Cooper flipped through the booklet page by page as he told Sophia about the modern history of the Mitchell family, which was also related to the modern history of Cethos.

The Mitchell family did business in past dynasties and became really rich. In modern times, they were the first to develop modern industries. During the turbulent times of a change of dynasty, they accumulated great wealth and made glorious history.

They protected the nation’s treasures, donated armory, and donated food and money during a national crisis. Some of their ancestors were at the forefront of the battle while others focused on doing business to accumulate food, money, and ammunition for the troops at the forefront. Their efforts helped to protect the country and it led to the stable and prosperous life they had today. Shadows of the Mitchell family were everywhere in modern history.

All of a sudden, Sophia saw a black and white photo of two teenagers in the snow. One of the teenagers was wearing clothes that were so tattered that the cotton of his coat could be seen. Meanwhile, the other teenager was wearing an exquisite and gorgeous fox fur coat.

“Dad, who is this?”

When Cooper saw the photo, he smiled and said, “The teenager in tattered clothes is my godfather. This photo was taken about 90 years ago. Foreign enemies invaded Cethos and my godfather was trapped somewhere in the mountains. It was a harsh winter and they didn’t have clothes, food, and ammunition; they almost died from the cold and starvation itself. Back then, my father Woody personally escorted winter supplies to the front line. After he found out about their situation, he asked his superiors to approve the rescue mission. In the end, my father and a group of reinforcements fought the enemies until they retreated and cooperated with my godfather to break through the—”

“Back then, my godfather was 19 years old and my father was… 15.”

Hearing Cooper describe the thrilling battle, Sophia was dumbfounded. At that time, Woody was only 15 but he took care of the family. He was even brave enough to personally escort winter supplies to the forefront under the rain of gunfire. After he found out his best friend was under siege, he asked for reinforcements to rescue him and in the end, he even personally led the troops to rescue them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Woody.

Cooper continued to flip through the genealogy booklet and Woody took up several pages alone. Then, they saw Cooper. After all, he also had a really glorious history.

They continued to look through it and Sophia saw that every name of the descendants of the Mitchell family was written. She even saw Sandra’s name there. However, Sophia’s name wasn’t in it and at that moment, she understood what it meant to not have her name in the genealogy and not be able to be buried in the ancestral grave.

After they finished flipping through the genealogy record book, Cooper commented lightly, “It’s just a name in a book so there’s no need to worry about it. A true descendant of the Mitchell family can’t be recognized by just a name.”

Then, Cooper threw the book to the side. Sophia had to be hospitalized for observation so Sandra came by again the next day. This time, Alex came with her. Sophia saw them talking in the garden from the second floor but she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

After Alex left, Sophia hurriedly walked up to Cooper and asked what happened. “I kept a few fortunes around the world twenty years ago and they want that money,” Copper replied.

Other than Kuwait, Cooper had kept a couple more fortunes at other places and they hadn’t been touched for twenty years. The Mitchell family found out about this but they couldn’t find a way to retrieve it.

Now that Cooper had returned, if he could retrieve that money and hand it to the Mitchell family, it would prove that he was Cooper Mitchell. In that case, he could be buried in the ancestral grave after his death.

But if he couldn’t get the funds, it would prove that he wasn’t Cooper Mitchell and they wouldn’t put his name in the genealogy record book, which resulted in him not being buried in the ancestral grave.

“Will you give them the money?”

Cooper shook his head. “I have to thank them for reminding me. Otherwise, I have completely forgotten that I have some money laying around.”

When Sophia was discharged from the hospital, Cooper already retrieved all the assets. It wasn’t much—they were just some gold and land deeds. Cooper gave them all to Sophia as presents and she then saved these presents, planning to give them to Carmen in the future…

As soon as Cooper retrieved the assets, the Mitchell family immediately found out about it and it wasn’t long before Sean came over to Cooper’s place to tell them about what was going on in the Mitchell family.

“I heard that Alex threw a fit in front of the elders and told them that you are a liar, that you stole the Mitchell family’s money!”

Hearing this, Cooper was expressionless. A film was playing in the home theatre in the living room, which not surprisingly, starred Michael.

Carmen is definitely doing this on purpose. She shows Sophia her father’s movies everyday.

Hearing what Sean had to say, Cooper coldy replied, “It seems that the Mitchell family has really fallen. It’s just some small assets and they are already so obsessed with it. I’d rather sell them all and use the money to buy dog food for the husky than hand it to them.”

All of a sudden, Judge appeared with a swoosh. Sticking its tongue out, it wagged its tail and looked at Cooper with anticipation.

Seeing this, Cooper frowned and said, “I’m just giving an example. Stop daydreaming.”

After Judge heard this, it got angry and immediately turned around and went back to its cage, not willing to bother with Cooper anymore. What kind of a person is he… How can he lie to a dog?

Sean smiled bitterly. However, as soon as Cooper was back, the Mitchell family would rise to glory again sooner or later. Later, he asked, “After you left that year, the Mitchell family invaded your property and took your money. Are you going to initiate the legal process to get all of that back?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 790

This was the thing that the other two families were most afraid of and also the thing that the old Mitchell family was most looking forward to. If they could use legal methods to retrieve Cooper’s money, they would immediately rise to glory again and quickly surpass the other two families, which was why the other two families didn’t admit the legitimacy of Cooper’s return. They wanted him to hand them his fortune but they were also afraid that he would ask them to return his personal assets.

However, Cooper didn’t mind at all and commented, “I have forgotten about that small amount of money.”

Sean was completely speechless. Well, in Cooper’s eyes, that amount of money is indeed peanuts. He kept money all around the world and the Mitchell family went crazy for them. However, those were just dispensable chump change to him.

Later, the two of them turned to look at the screen in the home theatre in silence. At that moment, the documentary film Michael starred in was playing, and he had acted as Mark in that film. Back then, this documentary film broke the box office record and the impact on the audience was huge. All of a sudden, Cooper murmured, “Sean, thank you so much for what you’ve done these years.”

Sean was watching the film attentively so when he heard these words, he was taken aback and didn’t know how to react. Cooper had already found out about what happened for the past few years. Fortunately, Sean remembered Woody and often visited him so Woody wasn’t too lonely. He even brought Sophia to Woody and let Woody meet his granddaughter.

“I have some chump change in the Middle East and I’ll give them to you as a small gift.”

Upon hearing that, Sean was startled. A small gift from Cooper…

On the other hand, after the film ended, Sophia stretched a little while Carmen took out the DVD and carefully put it back into the box, as if she was holding a treasure. “Mom, let’s continue watching after dinner!”

Sophia entered the kitchen and saw Linus cooking with an apron on, seemingly very busy.

Linus usually liked to cook when he had free time. Even though he was used to machines and technology and would let robots do almost anything, he preferred his food to be cooked by humans.

He hired a chef at home but when he wasn’t busy, he would cook a few dishes by himself. Sophia watched curiously as Linus cooked in the kitchen. Truth was, his cooking skills were amazing and after cooking a dish, he would even decorate the plates beautifully. Right now, Sophia wanted to have a taste so she reached over to grab some. Seeing this, Linus hurriedly snatched the plate away and gave her a bowl of porridge instead. “You can’t eat that. This is specially made for you and it’s good for your skin.”

Looking at the exquisite bowl of porridge, Sophia said in amazement, “Wow, Uncle Linus! You’re amazing! I hope I can marry you in the future.”

Linus was focused on the vegetables in the pot and did not take her words to heart. “Silly girl.”

Carmen was right next to Sophia and she yelled eagerly, “Me too! Me too! I want to marry Uncle Linus too!”

Then, Sophia carried Carmen out of the kitchen and said, “My darling, he’s your uncle… You’re still young so you can’t get married yet.”

After they left the kitchen, Sophia put Carmen down. Then, Carmen ran into Cooper’s arms and in a sweet voice, she said, “Grandpa, Mom says that she wants to marry Uncle Linus.”

“Nonsense. I didn’t say that.”

Sophia was lying on the ground, looking at the dog in the kennel. Since moving into the villa, Judge had been staying at home. Except for taking a dump and eating, Judge barely left his kennel. Come to think of it, he seemed to have come out just now but he ran back in again, seemingly angry and would not come out no matter how much Sophia coaxed.

Sophia reached out to pull the dog out as she said that to Carmen. Resting her chin on her hands, Carmen looked at Cooper innocently and asked, “Grandpa, can I marry Uncle Linus with Mom?”

Cooper smiled and picked Carmen up before he replied, “Silly girl, you’re still too young. Children can’t get married.”

Although the speaker wasn’t being intentional, the listener started to think about her words seriously.

Should I let Sophia marry Linus… Cooper fell into deep thought.

After dinner, Sean bid farewell and went home. As for Sophia, she watched movies for a little while before the nanny bathed Carmen and handed her into Sophia’s arms. After playing with Carmen for a moment, Sophia carried her upstairs to sleep.

All in all, Sophia’s schedule was pretty full as she had to go and handle the transfer process for the offices that Sam gave her. However, she couldn’t sleep and her mind was filled with Michael’s various appearances in the movie she watched during the day.

Since the last time Michael got badly beat up in a game by Cooper after trying to act cool, he had completely disappeared. He even stopped calling or sending flowers. Sophia didn’t know whether his calls were blocked by Cooper or he didn’t call at all. She stared at her phone, contemplating whether or not she should add his Messenger and ask him, when Carmen suddenly sat up and said, “Mommy, I want to call Daddy.”

Sophia was a little distressed. “But I don’t have your father’s number.”

Carmen hurriedly replied, “Nicholas knows! I call Daddy everyday!”

Nicholas moved when it heard the order and as it turned its head, light shot out from its eyes. The light shone on a wall and became a projection screen, showing them that it was dialing Michael’s number.

Sophia almost forgot that Nicholas could be used as a telephone. The call was soon answered and it turned out to be a video call. Michael appeared on the screen but the quality was pretty bad so they could only see a dark figure. It’s Michael!

For some reason, Sophia felt excited but her face was covered in gauze so nobody could see her expression.

“Hey, Carmen! Do you miss Daddy?”

Michael’s voice could be heard and it was extremely sexy and alluring. When Carmen saw her father, she was so happy that she rolled around the bed.

“Yes I do! Mommy and I miss you very much!”

Sophia was really embarrassed but it was too difficult to refute Carmen so in the end, she chose to stay silent. Michael saw Sophia too. Even though it was so dark Sophia couldn’t see his expression, she could tell that he was smiling.

“Is the cow outfit that I ordered for you pretty?”

Hearing this, Carmen stood up, showing him her new cow pajamas as she chirped happily, “Look! Mommy and I are both wearing cow pajamas.”

In a gentle tone, Michael replied, “I’m wearing it too.”

Sophia felt even more embarrassed. Carmen’s nanny suddenly gave her a set of new pajamas today so she merely chose to wear it. She never thought that it was part of a family pajamas set and didn’t know Michael had one too.

Michael’s voice sounded a little tired as he said, “Darling, can you perform a dance for me?”

When Carmen heard this, she immediately got up and replied, “I learned a cow dance today. How about I show you my cow dance?”

As she spoke, she already started dancing. She jumped off the bed and started dancing on the rug. Carmen shook and twisted her body this way and that. Her dancing was so lively and cute, Sophia couldn’t help but feel joy as she clapped along with her.

When Carmen finished dancing, Sophia reached over to pick Carmen up to kiss her. However, her face was still covered in gauze. My baby girl is so cute!

Michael’s gaze was full of happiness as he watched the mother and daughter hug each other. This happiness is mine and nobody can take it away from me.

Later, Carmen rolled on the bed and muttered, “Daddy, I want to be on TV.”

Upon hearing that, Michael instantly frowned. My darling’s obsession with getting on TV seems to be really deep!

With her belly facing up, Carmen kicked her small feet and said in dissatisfaction, “I want to be on TV. I want to act in movies just like Daddy. I want to play roles like heroes, villains, beautiful ladies…”

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