My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 771-780

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 771

Carmen came to visit with her toys, backpack, dogs, nanny and everything that she needed after breakfast the next morning. Michael had personally sent her over and it looked like she planned to stay in Cooper’s house.

Sophia had gone to bed late the night before and was still asleep. It was Linus who opened the door and Carmen sweetly greeted as she entered, “Uncle Linus!”

He was about to correct her that he was Sophia’s father’s younger brother and that he should be addressed as granduncle, but Carmen had dashed into the living room. “Grandpa!” She called in a sweet voice when she found Cooper sitting on the sofa.

Cooper was still a little upset to see Michael, but his heart melted when he heard Carmen’s voice. I’m a grandpa!

“Hey! Carmen, come to grandpa.”

Carmen happily pounced over like a little butterfly. “Grandpa!” She called again.

“Hey,” he responded. What a charming little one!

“Grandpa, where is Mommy?” Carmen asked.

She seemed to have happily accepted the fact that Sophia was her mom.

“Your mom is still sleeping!” Cooper answered gently as he lovingly carried Carmen.

Michael spoke, “Great. Carmen, you shall accompany your grandpa and I’ll look for your mom.”

Although Carmen happily agreed, Cooper objected and glared at Michael. “No way!”

Michael did not dare to move.

“Darling, go and see if your mom is awake.” Cooper had a chilly glare when he looked at Michael, but looked gentle while addressing Carmen.

Carmen ran upstairs to look for Sophia.

Michael sat down before Cooper. “Father-in-law, just say whatever you want to say. I’m listening!” He could tell that there was something Cooper wanted to say, so he broke the ice.

Michael seemed to have gotten younger by many years when he learned that his wife was alive. He looked like he was wilting yesterday but now looked like he was blooming today—in short, he was reborn.

“I do not agree with this marriage.” Cooper cut to the chase with his opinion.

He would never agree to the marriage. Michael doesn’t deserve my daughter! Him? Be my son-in-law? In his dreams!

Cooper left after that and told Linus to send Michael out.

“Please take good care of Carmen then,” Michael said as he looked at Cooper. “I’ll come and pick her up tonight.”

After he said those words, he also left. It’s not up to you whether you agree or not!

Sophia saw that Carmen was by her bedside in her room when she woke up.

“Mommy!” Carmen called when she saw Sophia waking up.

Sophia had a mixed feeling when she saw Carmen and immediately got up to hug the young child. “Carmen, my darling, my daughter. I’m here. Mommy’s here…” Carmen is my daughter! Carmen Sophia Fletcher. My name is in her christened name! This is the child that I never had the chance to meet after her birth!

“I’m here. Mommy’s here…”

Sophia tried to hold back her tears, but her face was still covered in them.

Carmen was mature for her age and a cutie pie while she innocently consoled, “Mommy, you are a fairy and fairies don’t cry!”

Sophia nodded and suppressed her tears as she excitedly looked at her daughter. No wonder I felt a strong connection toward her. She’s my daughter after all! My daughter… I have a daughter!

As Cooper stood outside, he was assured when he looked at the mother and daughter before quietly closing the door.

He saw the documents that Michael gave as well.

With everything that happened last night, Cooper did not have the chance to peruse all the documents in detail and he finally had the chance to do so today.

It was Annabel’s belongings in the folder.

Kept inside the folder was the diary that he made her write in the past, which he thought was lost when they eloped. He never expected her to keep it throughout the years.

There were also other things—including the amulet that he gave her—that she stored in the safety deposit box at Citibank. She had deposited the money that Woody gave her in the same bank and never withdrew it because she wanted to keep it for her child, but…

Cooper fell into a long silence after reading the diary.

Sophia was Cooper’s daughter, Lucile—and she was also known as Scarlett!

That news spread like wildfire within the night, bringing visitors to Villa No. 2 every single day.

Sarah and Harry came.

Derek and Ivan visited.

Sean and Stanley popped by as well.

When Stanley learned that Sophia was his blind date, he immediately regretted it and was close to kneeling down before Cooper. “Uncle! Uncle Cooper! You are the best! Please allow me to go on a date with your darling again! Pretty please!”

“In your dreams!” Cooper was cold in his answer.

He never expected Stanley to behave in that manner. No wonder he has been single all these years.

Even Old Master Fletcher—Mark Fletcher—came for a visit.

Mark saw Sophia sitting in the living room the moment he came in. Although she wore a mask and had medicine applied to her face, he still recognized her at first glance. “It’s Sophie! Sophie… Come to Grandpa!”

She walked toward him, knowing who it was—He was Michael’s grandfather and Cooper’s godfather. No matter which identity he had, he was her grandfather. “Grandpa.”

Although she could not accept the fact that she had a husband, she could accept Mark’s existence.

Mark was so happy to see that Sophia was alive that he cried.

He related events that happened after she left—Michael’s hair turned gray and Nate enrolled in university. On top of that, Claude had joined the African Peacekeeping Force and Joel was married.

She listened attentively, but it was a pity that she could not remember anyone. They were people whom she was acquainted with in the past anyway.

Mark shared more about Joel. The second year after Sophia’s alleged death, he was on a rescue mission when an earthquake struck an area in Cethos. An aftershock caused him to become buried under the debris with a local girl.

The rescue team had spent the entire day removing the debris and managed to save both Joel and the girl in the end.

They were married immediately after they returned.

Old Master Fletcher was their witness and it was a military marriage.

Everyone whom she knew seemed to find their place in life.

Michael and Carmen had been eavesdropping when Mark arrived. Michael had looked around for Sophia, but she was busy talking to her best friends in the past and never came down.

“I heard about Stan and Sophie’s blind date. Don’t worry, Stan is a dumb fellow. There are many other outstanding boys from my family! Come, I even brought a chart for you to see—look!” Michael overheard Mark having a chat with Cooper. “This is the booklet that I had prepared for Sophie in the past. Inside are the people whom I have selected. Some of them have left and there are newcomers to the list, so I had to amend it again yesterday.”

Cooper took it and seriously gave it a look. He was satisfied because he knew that the boys from the Fletcher Family were outstanding in their own right as a result of being born into a military family. Upon seeing that Old Master Fletcher was prepared, Cooper immediately started to discuss about blind dates for Sophia with him.

Michael was speechless. They are discussing blind dates for my wife right before my eyes. Did Cooper think that the marriage certificate was a joke?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 772

Mark had never approved of Michael being together with Sophia from the start. He had always been merely putting up with it in the past. Hence, it was only natural that he had his eyes set on a different path now that there was a better choice. On the other hand, Cooper had never considered Michael. He is too old, and he has a generation gap with my daughter. How could it possibly work out? It’s impossible! I believe Michael is merely a few years younger than I am.

Looking at Carmen, who was busy fooling around with the dog, Michael felt extremely anxious. Carmen must have sensed Michael’s anxiety because she took the initiative to approach them before asking Cooper and Mark, “Grandpa, forefather, are you guys looking for a new daddy for me?”

Cooper nodded. “Mm-hmm, I will find you a brilliant and handsome new daddy. I promise you’ll be happy with him.”

Carmen appeared especially happy. “I want to have a look too! I want to pick my new daddy!”

Michael was rendered speechless when he heard that. Traitor!

Upstairs, Sophia was in the bedroom, and she had a guest today too. Sarah did not expect that Lucile was actually Sophia. She was excited despite being in a confused state. Nevertheless, after learning that Sophia had lost her memories, Sarah brought out her photo album and started telling her stories from the past. Fortunately, Sarah had the habit of collecting photographs. In fact, she would print out all the important pictures to place them into a photo album.

“This is the company that we built together. Stanley, Sean, you, and I. Look, look! This is how it used to look like when our company was newly established. At that time, we rented an office space, and there were a little over ten people on our team. Besides, the majority were still students. This is the first time our first game showed results. This is our celebratory party. Look! Stanley was drunk, and you scrawled all over him.”

Sophia looked at Sarah’s photo album, but it seemed as if she had never seen any of these pictures. However, each photo felt deeply familiar, as though she had seen them in a past life.

Nathan was here too, and he was moved. However, he had not uttered a word all this while. Sophia had her arms around Sarah’s young son, who had a distant and unreadable expression.

Sophia started to familiarize herself with the people from her past all over again. After going through the pictures of Plum Technology, Sarah brought out pictures of Pourl, the pet luxury brand, while explaining to Sophia, “This is ours too. Currently, we have expanded to owning dozens of shops. They are located in different cities throughout Cethos. We even have a few branches in Bayside City, and the main branch is just opposite my cat café… Plus, this is our university’s military training. Look, just look! It’s the three of us—Sean, you and I! Stanley was in the Superb Company at that time, and so he didn’t hang out with us!”

After a series of introductions, Sophia seemed better-informed, but she still seemed confused. Hence, she spaced out while staring at the photo album. It turns out I’ve had such a brilliant entrepreneurial history. I had so many undertakings and so much… money.

The next day, Michael snuck in since he received news that Cooper wouldn’t be at home in the morning, and only Linus would be around. He brought some of Sophia’s stuff from the past, including her previous phone, bags, and things like that.

Cooper wasn’t at home, and so he instructed Linus to keep an eye on Sophia to prevent Michael from taking every chance he could get to harass his precious daughter. However, Cooper couldn’t have guessed that Linus was feeling guilty toward Michael, and so he let the latter in.

In the living room, Michael sat beside Sophia, handing over her things for her perusal, while Carmen was playing with the dog. Linus started retreating tactfully. Previously, Phantom Wolf kidnapped Sophia on the lower ground floor in the shopping mall. Later, they only managed to find her bag and phone.

Michael placed those things in front of her. “This is your mobile phone and wallet. Have a look at them. This is your driver’s license and various certificates that you’ve obtained.”

Sophia switched on the mobile phone and unlocked it using her fingerprint. The phone model was from three years ago, but it didn’t look especially out-of-date at present. She opened her phone records, but she just couldn’t recall anyone from the list. Therefore, she turned automatically to Michael, who was sitting beside her, to ask, “Who is Principal Jones from Riverdale High School?”

Michael answered her, “Well, that’s a long story. You were born in Riverdale, and Riverdale High School is the best high school in Riverdale. You lost your mother after she gave birth to you, and so your grandparents took you in. Later, both of them passed away too, and so your uncle took you in. You passed the exam and succeeded in securing a seat in Riverdale High School. You wanted to continue with your education, but your uncle wouldn’t let you. Therefore, you went to Principal Jones’ house to ask for his help…”

Michael scooted nearer to Sophia stealthily while chatting with her. He got closer and closer. At that moment, being able to chat with Sophia while sitting right beside her was almost as perfect as a dream-come-true from Michael’s perspective.

After listening to the story of Principal Jones, Sophia felt touched. One day, I have to meet this person. Then, she pointed at another person while asking Michael, “Who is Richard Harper?”

Michael explained without missing a beat, “He’s your ex-boyfriend. Once upon a time, you managed to enter Riverdale High School with Principal Jones’ help. You focused on your studies because you wanted to change your fate through education…”

Linus came out to check on them from his office intermittently. Each time, he would see the two of them chatting away happily, whereas Michael would be staring adoringly at Sophia. Michael knew everything about Sophia, down to the most mundane details. Hence, Linus knew that Michael must be truly in love with her. Not every man could have their hair turn white overnight over a woman.

After introducing Richard, Michael started talking about Kayla, Xyla, Natasha, and the rest of Sophia’s peers.

“You placed a few women with infectious diseases in the brothel that Richard patronized. Therefore, he was infected, and he passed on the disease to his wife, Xyla. That couple infected the entire household, and they are still in prison now. Furthermore, you substituted Natasha with an illegitimate daughter. That’s not all—we adopted two pandas from the Panda Foundation. If you are interested, we could drop by tomorrow to have a look at them.”

Michael knew everything about Sophia, and the wealth of information was always readily at his fingertips. He even knew the cup size of her bra and her favorite tampon brand. Michael knew all about it, and he would take the chance to visit her every day.

Whenever Cooper returned, Michael would leave, and when Cooper left, Michael would show up. He would always come looking for Sophia, as if he was adopting guerrilla tactics. Even when Cooper stayed home, Michael would still drop by to bring over Sophia’s belongings in batches.

The first day, he sent over an orange cat. “This is Sophia’s cat, named Chrysanthemum. It has a long meow.” The next day, he sent over another orange cat. “This is Simba; it is Chrysanthemum’s husband.” The third day, he sent over another orange cat while explaining, “This is Chrysanthemum and Simba’s baby, Tumba.”

It took him a few days just to send over all the cats. It was always a different cat every day, but the cats would run back to Michael after it had been passed over. Hence, Michael might send over the same cat after a few days. This went on until Cooper lost his cool. “How many cats exactly do you have at home?”

Michael chuckled in response. “Sophia especially adores cats. Initially, I had about a dozen of them at home. In the last few years, they gave birth to more kittens, and so there are more than twenty now.”

Cooper knew his goal—Michael wanted an excuse to visit Sophia. Therefore, Cooper stated, “You don’t have to send the cats over anymore. I’ll go over to your house to pick up all the cats.” I’ll take them altogether; I’d like to see what else he could possibly have left to send over.

Michael agreed straight away. “Sure. You are most welcome. You are welcome anytime.”

Cooper brought his subordinates to Michael’s house because he wanted to move Sophia’s belongings out to make a clean break. On the other hand, Sophia followed Cooper to Villa No. 8 as well because she wanted to have a look at her previous home from the past.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 773

Upon entering Villa No. 8, Sophia noticed that there were cats everywhere. There were many orange cats, and there were even two Persian cats and Ragdolls.

The cats started following her once she entered the house. She picked up a Ragdoll cat randomly to pat it, and it started nuzzling her hand obediently. It looked very pretty, and it went up to the second floor together with her and Cooper. They wanted to have a look at the place she used to live in, and Sophia wanted to take some things she fancied away.

Upon entering the master bedroom, she noticed that the walls were painted in pink color, and it appeared especially warm and adorable. When she opened the door to the adjacent space, she caught sight of a splendid and spacious walk-in closet. It was completely filled with women’s clothes, handbags, jewelry, and such.

A large ruby-red diamond in a see-through security safe caught her attention. Michael explained to her, “That’s the Eternal Love, and it was your favorite ring. Take it with you if you like it; you can unlock it with your fingerprint.”

Sophia stared at the Eternal Love for a very long time. Although she adored it, she didn’t take it away in the end.

After taking a tour in the closet, Sophia didn’t take anything with her; instead, she strolled leisurely to the study next door.

There was a table in the study, and a desktop computer was placed on top of it. There were two other laptops just beside the desktop too. There were a few post-it notes stuck onto the desktop monitor.

There were things like, ‘Go on a diet after delivering the baby to take our wedding photos’, and ‘Get the company listed in three years’ time’, scrawled over the notes.

Furthermore, there were quite a number of photos beside the desktop—some of Michael and Sophia, Sophia and Nathan, and the three of them together as a family. There was even one picture, where they had their photos taken with the pandas in the Panda Foundation.

Sophia picked up the panda photo excitedly. “Are these the pandas we adopted?”

Michael answered in a hurry, “Mm-hmm. Let’s visit them if time allows. They were still babies when we adopted them, but they have grown into adult pandas now.”

He did not have the courage to get closer to Sophia because Cooper had been watching him like a hawk.

Sophia stared at herself in the picture. In the photo, her eyes were twinkling with laughter, and it was obvious that she was truly happy at that moment.

After going through the photos, Sophia turned to look at the study table. There were piles of textbooks of university’s specialized subjects. Some of them included Computer Science, Economics, Finance, and Accounting.

Furthermore, she saw a few collectors’ CDs and DVDs too. Sophia even noticed the CD Carmen had shown her in secret.

Michael immediately stated, “These are all yours. Feel free to take them away if you like.”

Sophia glanced around at the study, where it seemed as if she had left it behind just yesterday, while regarding Michael, who still had a shock of white hair. Suddenly, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Carmen mentioned that the study was filled with her daddy’s precious items, and nobody was allowed to touch them.

Sophia looked up to observe the book racks that were neatly arranged. I think this area must have been cleaned regularly… I didn’t expect him to keep my things all this while, but I honestly don’t remember any of it.

In the end, Sophia did not take anything away; instead, she merely asked someone to copy everything from the computers to take away with her.

While they copied the data, Cooper stared at their group photo that was placed beside the computer because he thought that it was an eyesore. I can’t believe my daughter got married to an old man.

“You two should get a divorce first. I’ll shift Sophia’s household registry out,” instructed Cooper in a demanding manner while facing Michael. Sophia’s heart throbbed painfully, but she did not contradict him.

Michael was dumbstruck when he heard that. He hesitated for a few seconds before finally responding dejectedly, “Alright.”

The word ‘divorce’ weighed heavily on Michael because he had never thought of getting a divorce with Sophia.

However, if that’s what she wants, I’ll give her my blessings. Nothing can beat the fact that she is back and alive.

Nevertheless, upon hearing Michael’s answer, Carmen burst out crying unexpectedly. She started throwing a tantrum while rolling on the floor stubbornly. She wailed loudly, “Daddy and mommy are getting a divorce, and nobody wants me anymore! I’d need to go around begging for food soon!”

Cooper got a shock when he saw that. Hence, he wrapped his arms gently around Carmen, who was still throwing a tantrum, while reassuring her, “No, of course not. Who says that daddy and mommy don’t want you? They both want you! Good girl, please don’t cry. My heart is breaking.”

Carmen wouldn’t stop crying, and she kept struggling while shaking her head sadly. She wept so loudly that everybody on both floors could hear her clearly. “Sob… Daddy and mommy are getting divorced! They don’t want me anymore!”

Sophia held Carmen tightly in her arms hastily while coaxing her in a gentle tone, “Baby, you are a good girl. Don’t cry, please. We won’t get divorced. Daddy and mommy won’t get a divorce, alright?”

Carmen slumped against Sophia while crying her eyes out loudly, and it seemed as if she was inconsolable. Sophia uttered while shooting Cooper a disgruntled look, “Dad, Carmen is still young. Let’s drop the matter of divorce for now!”

Cooper blamed himself too, and so he put the matter of divorce on hold temporarily.

It was already late by the time they managed to console Carmen, so Michael took the chance to invite Cooper and Sophia to stay for dinner. Cooper barely said ‘no’ when Carmen started sobbing while her eyes started brimming with tears. Cooper was taken aback, and he uttered hastily, “Okay, okay. We aren’t leaving. I’m not going anywhere.”

Carmen pouted, and tears started streaming down her cheeks in silence.

In the end, Sophia and Cooper had no choice but to stay for dinner at Villa No. 8. After dinner, Sophia was getting ready to leave when Carmen, who seemed content just a second ago, burst out crying again.

“I want mommy!”

Sophia felt helpless, but she didn’t have a choice. Therefore, she requested the nanny to send over her toiletries and pajamas since she had decided to stay overnight in Villa No. 8 to accompany Carmen.

This time, Cooper was worried, and so he instructed Shae to keep an eye on the situation.

He instructed Shae to beat Michael up if he were to try something.

Upon learning that Sophia would be staying overnight at Villa No. 8, Michael was overjoyed. He sent over Sophia’s previous pajamas to Carmen’s room, and he even prepared her favorite mint-flavored toothpaste.

Sophia changed into a pink rabbit cartoon pajamas. It was her first time, and so it took some time for her to get used to it. Nevertheless, after wearing it for a while, she found it especially comfortable.

Carmen wore a set of smaller pink pajamas as well. Her clothes matched Sophia’s since they came as a parent-child set. In fact, she looked absolutely adorable.

Sophia held Carmen in her arms lovingly. Carmen was especially obedient today, but she wouldn’t sleep despite having the lights turned off. Instead, she stared at Sophia while blinking her eyes slowly. Intermittently, she’d glance at Nicholas and Shae, the two robots, at the side.

Previously, Nicholas used to belong to Nathan, but ever since he left for university, Nicholas was passed onto Carmen. “Baby, why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

This was Sophia’s first time sleeping with Carmen. She didn’t know how to coax a child, but since she saw that Carmen’s eyes were still wide open, she just had to ask her.

After a moment of hesitation, Carmen asked, “Mommy, when are you returning to heaven to be a fairy?”

Sophia paused for a while before chuckling. Then, she kissed Carmen’s cheek while reassuring her, “I won’t be going back anymore. I will accompany you from now on.”

However, Carmen was still worried as she asked again, “In that case, will you revert to a fairy secretly to fly away?”

It turns out she’s afraid I’d leave, and that is why she wouldn’t fall asleep.

Such an adorable but pitiful little thing!

Sophia explained straight away, “I won’t leave anymore. I promise you that I will leave when you’re asleep, baby; you are a good girl.”

Carmen was finally satisfied with her answer. However, just when she was about to fall asleep, she tightened her tiny hands around Sophia reflexively. It was as though she was afraid that Sophia might turn back into a fairy and leave her while she was sound asleep.

The small night lamp emitted a comfortable warm glow, and Sophia regarded Carmen under the dim lighting while her eyes shone with adoration and love.

This is my baby! She’s just like an angel. From now on, nobody will separate us ever again!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 774

The next day, Carmen woke up exceptionally early. After freshening up, Sophia helped Carmen wash up and brush her teeth under the nannies’ guidance. Sophia was anxious since this was her first time looking after her child. She was afraid that she wasn’t good enough. Fortunately, Carmen was extremely obedient, and so everything progressed swiftly.

Sophia was aware that there were three to four nannies with different ethnicities looking after Carmen. They conversed with her in different languages ever since she was a child, just so that Carmen would be fluent in languages from different countries.

Soon, the clean and obedient Carmen followed Sophia to head down for breakfast.

Breakfast was already served in the dining room by the time they arrived. There were steamed egg custard, bread, millet porridge, milk, and much more. Everything had been carefully prepared, and the colors were vibrant. In fact, the spread looked especially tantalizing.

“Sophia, come over for breakfast.” Michael was putting out the cutlery eagerly. Once he was done, he took Carmen from Sophia to place her onto a child seat.

Sophia sat down, whereas Michael started serving her with salad and a bowl of millet porridge. He then served her some pickled vegetables while explaining to her, “This was your favorite breakfast.”

She took two spoons of porridge with some crunchy pickled vegetables. It tasted delicious, and the vegetable salad complemented everything to perfection.

Michael’s eyes twinkled with a smile while he regarded her.

Sophia still had some medication over her face, so she had to be careful whenever she was having her meal or during her sleep, and she had to reapply her ointments constantly. She might not look perfect now, but from where I stand, she’s still the most beautiful woman in the world!

Cooper came knocking on the door early in the morning. He acted as if he was worried that Sophia might not be treated well here. However, when he arrived, he caught sight of the family of three having breakfast in the dining room.

Michael was also wearing a set of pink cartoon rabbit pajamas, and so he looked especially out of place.

On the other side, Carmen was having breakfast happily. Michael sat on her left, whereas Sophia sat on her right. Carmen was so overjoyed that she didn’t need anyone else to feed her; instead, she ate on her own. She had just finished her milk, and it left a white foam across her upper lip. When she saw Cooper, she exclaimed excitedly, “Grandpa, have you eaten?”

Cooper observed the situation with a frosty stare. He was upset, but he knew that he couldn’t show it blatantly. It’d be bad if I scare Carmen and she bursts into tears again.

“I have eaten.”

He merely waited until Sophia was done with her meal. After that, he brought her home right away. Sophia was still in her pajamas, and she left right after putting a coat on. She was reluctant to take off her pajamas since she felt especially comfortable in them.

Upon arriving home, Sophia wanted nothing more than to head back to her room to sleep since Carmen kept her awake most of the night for bedtime stories.

It’s quite exhausting to raise a child. It is no wonder that Judge would rather head out to work than to babysit.

Cooper had brought over all the cats in Villa No. 8. Nevertheless, these cats would come and go between these two locations as they pleased. They would head to wherever served the better food; nothing would hold them back.

Michael watched as they left. In fact, he didn’t try to stop them. They are always there; they won’t leave anyway.

Later, Sean showed up again to discuss with Michael about matters involving Linus.

“Uncle Michael, the matter regarding Linus as Sophia’s biological older brother…”

It seems like even Cooper is oblivious to that.

Michael frowned deeply, lost in his thoughts. After a while, he stated, “Let’s not bring that up temporarily. I want to use this as a bargaining chip to strike a deal with Cooper.”

In the morning, Sam showed up in a hurry. Somehow, he got hold of news stating that Sophia was actually Lucile. Therefore, he rushed over to meet her.

Unfortunately, Sophia was still asleep, so he didn’t get to meet her. Nevertheless, he was excited, and so he insisted on waiting in the living room to meet Sophia.

Similarly, that morning, Michael was clad in a suit and a pair of leather shoes when he came knocking on Cooper’s door. He brought along his assistant and a lawyer. However, he saw Sam chatting happily away with Cooper through the window from afar.

Tsk… that old fellow must have come running after getting wind of the rumors.

Damn it, that old man looks younger as he ages. He must be consuming some sort of forbidden concoction.

Michael did not enter immediately; instead, he stayed outside while phoning Cooper.

As soon as the call went through, Michael barked impolitely, “Father-in-law, haven’t you thought of who was the snitch when you were captured after eloping with my dearly departed mother-in-law to the Ancient Town of Scarlett?”


Cooper had never considered the possibility of a snitch all those years ago. He merely assumed that his plan was not airtight, and that was the reason the Mitchells found him. Who would have expected that someone might have exposed my secret?

If it’s true that someone was the snitch, there weren’t many who knew where I was headed to. It seems like Sam, who is sitting in front of me, is the only person. He is also Andrea Edwards from years ago…

All those years ago, after arriving at the ancient town, we sent Andrea a letter and a postcard once we were settled down. In fact, the Mitchells came knocking on our door a few days after.

I just assumed that the Mitchell Family was extremely powerful, and I’d never considered the possibility that someone exposed our secret!

Michael waited outside of the door for a while, but he soon heard people arguing and fighting inside the house. It sounded like an intense fight.

Linus and Sophia were shocked, and they rushed down the stairs in a hurry. They tried dissuading Cooper in the living room, whereas Sam, who had been beaten to a pulp by Cooper, did not fight back.

Sam knew that it was his fault, and so he deserved a beating from Cooper. If Sam hadn’t done what he did in the past, things wouldn’t have ended up in such a way today.

“Get lost! You had better get lost now!”

Cooper opened the door and kicked Sam out of the door.

Cooper would have chopped him into pieces if they hadn’t been childhood friends in the past.

After he was kicked out of the house, Sam struggled to steady himself on his feet. Then, he caught sight of Michael, who was observing the entire ordeal.

Michael commented coldly, “Oh, aren’t you the 9th Old Master Edwards? What happened to you?”

Sam covered his swollen face without replying to him; instead, he glared at Michael before leaving swiftly.

I knew that that old man was planning something! He was trying to rob the cradle! He should really reflect upon his despicable act!

After Sam left, Michael adjusted his clothes and ran his palm over his hair. After that, he entered the living room and noticed that Cooper was still fuming in the living room. On the other side, Sophia and Linus were both trying to console him.

“Cooper, I’m here.”

Michael was with his lawyer and assistant when they walked into the living room. Cooper was still furious from Sam’s betrayal. Therefore, Michael’s arrival at that moment was like adding fuel to the fire. “What are you here for?” spat Cooper unkindly.

Michael answered respectfully, “I’ve brought my lawyer, Calvin Fields, with me today. Previously, I’d been managing Sophia’s personal assets. Now that she’s back, it’s time she takes control of her own assets now.”

Cooper didn’t answer him, but Sophia sounded exhilarated. “I have assets? How much are they worth?”

Michael sat on the couch smoothly while answering her mysteriously, “A lot.”

Previously, Michael and Sophia’s assets were handled separately. Naturally, Michael was in charge of the daily expenses at home. He was the breadwinner for the family, whereas Sophia just had to make herself comfortable while staying beautiful.

Her money belongs to her, but my money is hers too. I am not interested in the small amount of money she has. I have never interfered with her finances; it wasn’t until she ‘passed away’ that I started handling her assets.

Cooper didn’t stop Michael since he was here to hand over money and assets. However, he stayed on to watch him like a hawk.

Calvin started listing out Sophia’s assets. Cooper was rather surprised while observing from the side. It turns out my baby is rather good at earning money.

She invested in a lot of real estate, shops, stocks, and such, and the profit had been great. This was especially true in the shops and real estate she invested in. The real estate prices in Bayside City were still quite low when she bought them many years ago. Currently, their prices had shot up more than tenfold.

Furthermore, Sophia was involved in a few projects. She collaborated with Daniel for the Remote Mountains’ Health Club Project; she was also involved with Sarah and a few others in setting up the luxury brand for pets. In addition to that, there was Plum Technology.

Michael smiled faintly while saying, “Last but not least, there’s the sum in Kuwait, which Cooper left for you. I have been managing it for you all these years, and the earnings have been promising so far.”

While speaking to Sophia, Michael had been moving closer to her too.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 775

Sophia’s eyes were shining brightly at that point. I already have some personal savings to begin with; coupled with different streams of investments and the stock dividends collected, it is a handsome sum of money! If I were to sum up my assets, I’m already a billionaire!

There are so many zeros that I don’t even know where to look.

Cooper was caught by surprise, and so he just had to ask, “What money in Kuwait? I left that money? Why don’t I know about it?”

At the mention of the money in Kuwait, Michael couldn’t help but smile with an evil expression while explaining to Cooper, “Well, about that money… All those years ago, we found out by chance that you had left a sum of money in Kuwait, which could only be retrieved by a keepsake and a thousand-digit password. Hence, I brought Sophia along to unlock the safety deposit box, and we got the money. Didn’t you know that?”

Cooper still looked confused. After all, he had a lot of money, and he had it scattered all over the world. With some over here, and some over there, how could he possibly remember all their locations?

Michael continued, “At that time, Sophia thought that she would be able to locate you once she retrieved the money, yet you had remained hidden throughout the time. Sophia was heartbroken for a long while back then.”

Cooper’s expression turned steely, and he shot daggers at Michael.

The two of them exchanged menacing glares.

On the other hand, Sophia seemed oblivious to that because she was distracted by money.

Since money played a role now, she approved of Michael more than before, and so she uttered, “Thank you.”

Michael answered while flashing her a smile, “Don’t worry about it; that’s the least I could do.” He paused. “By the way, this is the list of the expenditures for certain projects for the past few years. Apart from the usual expenditures in the companies, you have a periodic donation for the orphanage, and there’s also some monthly expenses for the pandas you adopted. Besides, you have been providing financial aid to a few poor students, including Derek Oak, your junior. You founded Hope Educational Charity in my name; you also provided the follow-up expenses for repairing the roads in the mountain village in my name. Furthermore, you had a great debt of gratitude toward the principal from Riverdale High School, and so I’ve been paying him a visit every month. Last year, I donated a block of infrastructure in Riverdale High School under your name…”

Michael was well-versed with every detail in Sophia’s life. In fact, he was much more informed about her matters than his own.

Sophia had no idea that she had accomplished so many things in the past. What threw her off was that after she left, Michael continued everything on her behalf.

At that moment, Cooper could only glare at Michael in silence.

When she was at the lowest point in her life, he was the one who took her in and gave her the warmth of a family. He gave her the chance to further her studies while enabling her to put her intelligence and wit to good use. Michael was also the one who protected her.

Throughout the five years, from when she entered university right until she graduated, he was the one taking care of her meticulously, whereas I had been busy mining in Africa. I didn’t know that I had a daughter, nor did I care about her fate.

Cooper was aware that he was in the wrong in that sense, but that did not mean that he would have a soft spot for Michael over his gratitude for him. He just couldn’t willingly betroth his daughter to Michael.

“That’s enough. You can go over the numbers later. Just place your signature here,” Cooper interjected Sophia and Michael while they were chatting happily away.

With that, Sophia placed her signature on the document handed over by the lawyer.

Michael added, “This lawyer is Mr. Fields. He used to be the lawyer you retained in the past. If you require any assistance legally in the future, feel free to consult him. He is the best in Bayside City’s legal profession. He’d won countless legal battles on your behalf once upon a time.”

Therefore, Sophia and Calvin exchanged pleasantries.

Soon, Michael sounded like an old and long-winded mother who was nagging his daughter that was about to embark on a long journey. “Previously, you always jotted down notes whenever you achieved a milestone. I already handed the notes to you, and you should have a look at them to familiarize yourself with the businesses. Besides, I’ve shifted all your work files from your company offices back here. You should familiarize yourself with those, and once the time is right, you should head back to work.”

Sophia nodded while thanking him. “Thank you.”

The exchange of Sophia’s assets and work folders took up the entire morning, and it was noon soon. After Michael sorted matters regarding her finances and her work folders, he chatted about Dragon Mountain Meditation Health Club Project and its developments; he also chatted about the conditions of the orphanage. He spent so much time chatting that he was already having hunger pangs, but Sophia didn’t hint at anything at all.

Sophia was too immersed in the discovery of her status as a billionaire, and she was too overwhelmed by the situation. On the other side of the room, Cooper wore a sour expression, and he wanted nothing more than to chase Michael out of the house, whereas Linus was shaking his head helplessly.

While chatting with Sophia about work, Michael kept signaling inconspicuously at Carmen, who was focusing on playing with the dog. Carmen, it’s time for you to repay me!

Carmen got Michael’s hint, and so she waddled in front of him while asking sweetly, “Daddy, it’s almost noontime. Why don’t we stay for lunch before heading home?”

Sophia snapped back to her senses when she heard that, and she said hastily, “You should have lunch before leaving.”

Michael pretended to reject her. “It’s alright; I shouldn’t. I have other matters to attend to.”

With that, he stood up to leave.

Sophia stood up abruptly to stop him. “Have lunch before you leave. The kitchen has prepared lunch anyway.”

Michael rejected her adamantly. “No, that’s not right. Mr. Cooper doesn’t seem pleased with my presence; it’s best that I head home for lunch.”Sophia grabbed Michael hastily. “Of course not! My dad is a very nice person! I’m sure he’d welcome you to have a meal with us! Lunch wouldn’t take long at all, and I’m sure we wouldn’t delay your time.”

Michael responded, “Forget it. It’s fine. I don’t want to trouble you. It’s best if I head home for lunch.”

Cooper was about to lose his cool.

Leave! Why don’t you leave?! You claim that you’re leaving, but why do I not see you taking a step forward?! How are you different from those b*tches claiming that they weren’t interested in bribes, but were yanking their pockets open to collect all the bribes coming their way!?

After declining a few times to no avail, Michael appeared as if he had no choice but to stay.

Sophia let out a sigh of relief since he agreed to have lunch with them. After that, she turned to the kitchen to check on the dishes for today.

Michael winked at Carmen the moment Sophia turned away.

Soon, Linus started putting away the folders in the living room, whereas Cooper and Michael glared at each other venomously.

Cooper: Who do you think you are to marry my daughter? Dream on!


Carmen sat between the two of them. After looking at Michael, she glanced at Cooper. Then, she pouted while asking Cooper in an unhappy tone, “Grandpa, do you dislike my daddy?”

Cooper’s face immediately smoothed over while he reassured her, “Why would I? You must be mistaken.” Suddenly, Cooper came up with a plan, and he asked Carmen an extremely tricky question. “Carmen, imagine that your daddy and I fell into the water one day, and you could only save one of us. Who would it be?”

Carmen didn’t seem perturbed by the question at all; instead, she answered sweetly, “Oh! Daddy knows how to swim. I will get daddy to rescue you, grandpa!”

Michael chuckled while caressing Carmen’s head. He praised her while smiling, “You are so obedient, Carmen. You are my understanding and considerate baby.”

Cooper, however, looked extremely gloomy.

Hence, he announced loudly and deliberately in front of Michael, “My wonderful granddaughter! I’ll pick a new daddy for you in two days’ time! I promise that you’ll like him!”

Carmen jumped with joy. “That’s great! That’s wonderful!”

Cooper looked especially pleased with himself, and he glared menacingly at Michael while thinking, It’s useless to use Carmen against me!

However, Carmen’s unexpected responses almost knocked Cooper off in anger.

“I’ll have two daddies on rotation in the future!”

Cooper explained hastily, “You can’t be greedy; you can only have one daddy! The new daddy can’t come if the old one stays. I promise you that your new daddy will definitely be better than your old daddy!”

Carmen blinked her eyes a few times at Cooper. Her large, black eyes reflected her concerns. In the end, she turned around to hug Michael tightly. “In that case, I think I prefer old daddy! Old daddy feels familiar!”

Cooper was rendered speechless by her response.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 776

Under a tense atmosphere, everybody had lunch together.

After lunch, Michael stayed back for a short while. He chatted with Sophia about the story of Garfield getting stolen, and the one about Judge eating sh*t. He chatted with her until about 3.00PM before finally leaving.

Just when he was about to leave, Michael suddenly said to Sophia, “Sophia, I will be away for a period. I’ll count on you to look after Carmen for the time being.”

Sophia asked him automatically, “Where are you going?”

She didn’t even realize that she sounded slightly panicked and disappointed.

Michael smiled at her. “I have some matters to attend to, and so I have to leave Bayside City for a while. Carmen would be bored alone at home, and so I’d like to put her under your care, if you don’t mind.”

He’s leaving?

Sophia answered, “Carmen is my child too. I’ll look after her well, naturally.”

Michael nodded in response, but his eyes were twinkling mischievously.

I knew that even after losing her memories, my chica would always have me buried deep in her heart.

She is fated to belong to me, and me alone, because I have debts to repay her.

Michael waved at Carmen. “Baby, I’m leaving now. You have to obey mommy at home, alright?”

Carmen was in the living room in Cooper’s arms as she was distracting him to make sure that Michael had the chance to bid Sophia goodbye while having some privacy. Upon hearing his voice, Carmen nodded while answering, “Don’t worry. Just go ahead. I will eat, sleep, and pee well.”

Cooper was just about to stand up to separate Sophia and Michael when Carmen stated hastily, “Grandpa, I need to pee.”

Why does she have to pee so frequently throughout the day…

Carmen succeeded in diverting Cooper’s attention, and so Sophia walked Michael out. She stared at his back view while he walked through the entrance of Villa No. 8.

That night, she saw Michael leaving in his car.

The next day, she didn’t see Michael.

The third day, Sophia had yet to see him return.

Michael had been dropping by consecutively for more than ten days, and so Sophia had gotten used to his presence. Now that he was absent suddenly, Sophia felt empty somehow, and she felt as if there was a gaping hole.

Since Michael had stopped coming over to harass Sophia, Cooper took the chance to urge her, “Darling, I’ll introduce a handsome guy to you. I promise you he’ll be more handsome than the last one.”

Nevertheless, after going through the failure of the first blind date, Sophia didn’t have any desire to go on blind dates anymore. Besides, her face had yet to fully recover, and so she didn’t want to head out to meet people. She would rather focus and go through her notes at home while revising her assignments from university.

“Forget it, dad. It’s best that I study for a few days at home to prepare myself to pick up my career.”

Since she was preoccupied with reading her notes, Cooper decided not to force her.

In the past, Sophia used to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She enjoyed jotting down new knowledge in her notebook. Previously, she learned from a person, named Kenny Blair, in order to establish the luxury brand for pets. Hence, she had a notebook filled with her reflections and thoughts.

Even a good memory can’t beat some lousy notes.

It’s a good thing I have this good habit, and so it’s not too hard to pick things up.

With that, based on the notes she had jotted down in the past, Sophia picked up her businesses from the past gradually. During the time she spent in Africa, there were similar kinds of books available in Quinton’s bookstore. She used to read them when she was bored. She didn’t have much to do for entertainment apart from reading in those two years, so she had read quite a number of books. It seemed that the knowledge she had accumulated during that time could finally be put to good use now.

Sarah dropped by to visit her on a daily basis as well. They’d exchange tips on raising children while petting the dog and caressing their kids. Sarah was now a strong, career-oriented woman, and so she left Harry to take care of their child while she headed out to attend to her career. It was apparent that she was extremely busy.

“You shouldn’t strain yourself too much. Getting your face to heal well is the priority now. You should not worry yourself too much with work for now. There’s no rush in these matters,” Sarah commented while munching on melon seeds. She had three cats in her arms, whereas her son was crawling freely on the floor.

Sophia was reading the notes she had written down in the past. She seemed extremely focused because she wanted to take over her businesses as soon as possible.

Michael was extremely tentative—not only did he send over her previous notes, he even sent over the work reports and work logs from the past four years. Therefore, she had been receiving a constant stream of work reports and statements in her email for the past few days.

After spending some time reading, Sophia took a break. She was having a gulp of water when she thought of something suddenly. Michael hasn’t visited Carmen… and me for an entire week.

Sophia felt a sudden sense of loss.

I don’t see him coming home at all. I wonder where he is.

Sophia wanted to ask Cooper, but she was sure that he wouldn’t tell her anything. She asked Carmen, but she seemed clueless too.

Sophia wanted to ask Sarah, but she was embarrassed to do so. Hence, after weighing her options, Sophia finally came up with an excuse in her mind. She pretended to read the notes while asking absentmindedly, “Carmen cried last night, claiming that she missed her daddy. She wouldn’t stop crying for the whole night, and I couldn’t sleep well either. I wonder where he is. He hasn’t been home for the whole week. In fact, he has already left Carmen here for a whole week.”

Sarah didn’t seem to get Sophia’s intentions, and so she replied, “Sigh, that’s the issue with men… Who knows which brothel he might be patronizing?! He might be seeing someone else!”

He might be… seeing someone else?

Sophia’s eyes, which were shining with anticipation just a moment ago, turned dull instantly.

That’s true… I’d been ‘dead’ for three years; he couldn’t have stayed single for the past three years. He’s wealthy and powerful, and so I’m sure plenty of women throw themselves at him…

Sophia lost her interest in reading her notes when she came to that conclusion. She propped her chin up against her fist while she thought about him.

I wonder which brothel he is in now.

Suddenly, Sarah patted Sophia’s shoulder from behind suddenly while cackling loudly. “Haha, I was just pulling your leg! He is busy with work! You should phone him if you miss him, or send him a text via Messenger if you are shy!”

Sophia blushed furiously, and she mumbled without meeting Sarah’s eyes, “I was just asking because Carmen misses her daddy.”

Sarah knew that being in love with someone required a sincere heart. One should love a person with their heart, not their memories.

Therefore, Sarah did not force Sophia.

If they are truly in love with each other, she would go back to him even if she has forgotten about the past.

Sarah went back home after a short visit, whereas Sophia took out her previous phone to launch her Messenger.

She hadn’t used her Messenger for three years, and she didn’t recognize any profile pictures in the list.

There were tens of thousands of unread messages, and so she opened them one after another to read through them.

Most of the chat histories were dated three years ago. However, those who received news of her return had been dropping her texts via Messenger every once in a while.

She found a person nicknamed ‘Dear’ in the list. Sophia knew instinctively that the person must be Michael because he was the only starred friend in her list, and so he was always at the top of her chat list.

Michael’s profile picture was Sophia, whereas her profile picture was him.

She opened their chat history, which was dated three years ago. She scrolled up casually, and their most recent chat history was the day she took her graduation photo. It was also the day Quinton kidnapped her.

Sophia: ‘Hubby, look at this photo of me in a graduation gown. Do I look good?

Dear: ‘You look beautiful.’

Sophia: ‘Hubby, I think the baby kicked me just now.’

Dear: ‘Tell her to let her mommy off the hook. She should deal with me if she’s unhappy with something!’

Sophia: ‘Hubby, I’m at the entrance of the school now. Where are you?’

Dear: ‘Turn around. I’m right behind you.’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 777

Even though it was a simple chat history, deep love was overflowing from it as she read through the chats between a loving couple.

While she looked at the chat history, Sophia suddenly felt a lump in her throat and a sinking feeling.

Looking at Michael’s profile picture, she typed many words on the keyboard, but she didn’t send it out in the end as she didn’t know what to say to him.

Suddenly, her phone rang, sending her into a shock. After all, this phone seldom rang nowadays since very few people knew she was back. Basically, no one would call this number anymore.

The caller ID showed Hale’s name.

After recalling, she realized that everything matched what Michael had told her. This was one of his bodyguards.

“Miss Sophia,” the man said in a low yet mysterious voice. “I’m in the bushes opposite your house. Boss asked me to bring you something.”

Michael brought something for me?

Feeling slightly jubilant, Sophia quickly put on a coat on top of her pyjamas before she walked outside.

After she got out of the door, she saw the bushes right opposite her front gate. Sure enough, a dark figure stood there—a man with sunglasses was holding a box in his hands. After seeing her, he walked to her.

“This is a present from our boss.”

Sophia wanted to ask him whether he could watch where he was going with the dark sunglasses at this late hour. However, after sending the gift to her, he left immediately, not wanting to say anything extra to her.

Hence, she was left with the box in her hands, having no way to return it even if she wanted to.

After standing there blankly for a moment, she opened the box as a thick fragrance wafted into her nose. It was actually a box of roses.

Sophia couldn’t stop smiling. After all, this was her first time receiving real roses. Back when she was living in Africa, Quinton also gifted her many roses. However, due to his limitations, he could only give her plastic roses to represent his feelings.

As soon as she returned home with the roses in her hands, she saw Cooper in the living room with a dark face, and he saw her roses immediately. Their entire house had been completely automated. With just a step out of the door, Sophia’s actions would be detected right away.

“Baby, who sent you the roses?”

“I picked them outside.” Sophia lied.

It’s still early spring. I don’t think there are roses at this time of year!

Cooper knew very well who had sent the roses to her, and he also knew that Sophia was deliberately lying. He was so triggered that he advised solemnly, “Don’t trust men’s sweet words. Most of them are liars. I’ve been through it, so you must trust me.”

“Alright,” Sophia replied before going upstairs with the roses in her hands.

Whether she had actually taken his advice was another story.

After she returned to her room, she took out the roses one by one, put them into a vase, and placed them in her bedroom. Apart from that, she even took a picture of it, wanting to send it to Michael.

However, she felt that it was a bad idea. He merely gave her a box of roses—she must not reveal that she was too happy about it.

Hence, Sophia deliberately sent many pictures of Carmen with a picture of the rose in between to avert the attention.

In just mere seconds after she sent them, Michael replied to her, as if he had been waiting by his phone all this while.

‘Has our baby been behaving well for the past few days?’

After lying on the bed, Sophia glanced at Carmen, who was fast asleep beside her. Then, she replied, ‘She’s very well-behaved. She is already sleeping now.’

Michael: ‘Alright. Sleep well. Goodnight.’

Their conversation ended just like that. Looking at the chat room that had no more new messages, Sophia felt empty.

She wanted to continue chatting, but she didn’t know what to send.

Little did she know that her Messenger chat history had been bugged by Cooper.

By just looking at Michael, he knew what the latter was up to immediately.

Around 30 years ago, Cooper already knew that Michael had many tricks up his sleeves. After 30 years, Michael’s tactics seemed to have flourished.

Clearly, he was a veteran at romance.

My sweet baby is still very innocent. How could she even resist him?

You are planning to play hard to get, aren’t you?

I’ll let you continue your games!

The next day, when Sophia woke up, she realized that her ‘dear’ wasn’t in her contact list on Messenger anymore.


Where did he go?

She looked at her phone in confusion for a while before realizing that Michael’s contact had completely disappeared from her phone book as well.

In no time, she guessed that it was all Cooper’s work.

To her, Michael didn’t seem to be a bad person, but Cooper seemed to be absolutely certain that he was an evil person.

Perhaps his persistence might be right after all…

Sophia put her disappointed feelings aside and continued to look at her notes to familiarize herself with past tasks. Taking advantage of her diverted attention, Cooper fed all the roses to the dogs.

Right now, there were three huskies in their house—Judge and his pair of puppies. The three of them looked like Cereberus, the three-headed hellhound. They ate everything in the house; they finished eating the box of roses in no time.

In the afternoon, Sophia’s new phone received a call from an unfamiliar number.

“Hi, may I speak to Miss Lucile?”

The caller had a nice male voice as he spoke fluently.

Sophia replied, “Speaking. You are?”

He chuckled affably before saying, “Nice to meet you. I’m Bill Winterford, the designer for King, the top brand for pet luxury goods.”

Sophia immediately became more alert and wary.

When she was reading her journals, she found out that in the beginning of her startup journey, she faced some difficulties and challenges, especially when she was setting up the chain for the pet luxury brand, Pourl. One of their greatest competitors was King.

Even at this point, both of the brands still existed in Cethos’ market, but King’s business was greater than Pourl’s. In fact, they had actually reached internationalization, but Pourl still remained in the local business, falling behind King.

Sophia replied calmly, “Okay. Why are you calling?”

Bill spoke gently. “I heard that you were planning to customize collars for your beloved dogs. They are two huskies, right? King is the best brand in Cethos for pet luxury items, and we are even better than Pourl. I wonder if you are interested in having some pet outfits customized here. I will personally design them…”

So they are here to take our business away!

It had not been long since she had gotten this number, and she had a small social circle. Only Cooper, Linus, and a few others knew about this number. She seemed to recall that she had only left her phone number when she made the collars for Judge’s puppies at Pourl.

Unexpectedly, Pourl’s competitor, King’s top designer, actually knew her name, her number, and even her dog’s breed. It was certainly thought-provoking.

Sophia replied, “It’s fine. My puppies are still very young. I’ll make some for them when they grow bigger.”

Bill probably knew that Sophia was a customer with great potential, so he didn’t give up. “Miss Lucile, your dogs only made a pair of custom-made collars. But apart from that, we also have full sets of pets luxury items, and we have a team of designers who are more mature and fashionable than Pourl’s. Our designs are internationalized, so I’m sure you’ll be satisfied—”

“I already told you that I don’t need them!” Sophia became harsher.

It seems like we didn’t lose to them because of marketing strategies or designer’s incapabilities. It’s because someone has been betraying us.

They actually sold customer information to our opponents behind our backs!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 778

Unexpectedly, the other party said distastefully, “King is directly sponsored and managed by Lucy Edwards, the Young Lady of the Edwards Family. We will provide you the best, so I believe you definitely would like to work with Miss Edwards. Otherwise, we know your name, address, and phone number. If you have any needs, we can also drop by and provide you with our services.”

Even though he sounded respectful, his words revealed a thinly veiled threat that sent chills down one’s spine.

They knew about her background, and they had a strong background themselves as well.

So if I don’t work with them, I’ll be offending the Edwards Family, and they would ‘pay me a visit’. Is that what they meant?

Even though the address was a fake one filled by Sarah, this doesn’t mean that I’m not angry about it.

Sophia snorted coldly and retorted with a local phrase she had just learned—“F*ck off!”

After she hung up, she was still quite furious about it.

Seems like I have to go to the office soon. After all, it’s my business.

Since I’m back now, I have to take care of my own business.

In the afternoon, Ivan came over.

Sophia had ordered a pair of collars for Judge’s babies that she adopted, and Ivan had come over earlier to take their measurements personally. At this moment, he was just sending the completed products personally.

Ivan’s nature attracted dogs; after he arrived, the pair of puppies surrounded him. With a gentle look on his face, he put the collars he had designed on the pair of them.

Then, Cooper held one of them in his arms. Sure enough, after they wore the collars, they looked very different. Unexpectedly, he was not disgusted by them anymore.

Stanley, who was well-dressed, also sneaked into the house after Ivan. Once he saw Cooper, he quickly pestered him.

“Uncle Cooper, please let me date Sophia again. I promise I’ll be serious this time!”

Cooper gave a three-worded reply. “In your dreams.”

Seeing that Cooper did not allow any second chances, Stanley pestered Sophia instead.

“My good Sophie, sweet Fifi, you must know that I’m the one you loved before—do you know that? Uncle Michael was the one who took you away from me. I couldn’t win against him after all… We had the same interests, and we loved each other. If you don’t believe me, I can show you this intimate picture of us!”Sophia was suspicious of Stanley’s words.

I fell in love with this guy, who looks like a husky?

Even Carmen didn’t believe him and tried to expose him. “Stanley, you are doomed! I already asked Nicholas to take a video! You’d better have some of your favorite food as your last dinner after you go back, because in two days, daddy will go over to deal with you!”


Stanley was shocked to hear that.

Even though many years had passed, genuine fear rose within him when he recalled Michael’s punches.

He would only dare to use his sneaky ways to trick Sophia when Michael wasn’t paying attention.

When Michael returns, I’m sure I won’t be able to escape his punches!

In the past, Cooper really liked Stanley. After all, he had his own listed company when he was still very young, and he had a bright future ahead of him. Apart from that, he graduated from a famous university, and he was borned in a military family. Both their families were as good as relatives, so they knew each other well. Apart from that, Stanley’s age was close to Sophia’s, and he was also good-looking.

However, this fool wasted the golden opportunity himself. Seeing that he was still pestering Sophia, Cooper started to chase him away. “Go, go, go!”

As Stanley refused to leave, Sophia suddenly remembered something and said, “Stan, I want to go to the pet shop and your company.”

Stanley agreed immediately as he couldn’t have hoped for anything better. “Sure! I’ll drive you there and show you around!”

Cooper didn’t object to this as he felt it would be good for Stanley to take the trouble and also for Sophia to experience being cared for by another man. It would be better for her to have more experience so that Michael wouldn’t be her only option.

After Sophia put on a face mask, she got into Stanley’s car. He also brought his dog out to walk around.

In the black sports car, Stanley turned the volume up.

Deep, booming bass blasted throughout the entire journey, making Sophia slightly annoyed.

When they finally reached the base of their company, Sophia lifted her head and realized that it was a tall, huge building.

“Sofie, look—this is what I’ve built for you!”

Stanley wrapped his arms around Sophia’s shoulders as he announced proudly.

However, Sophia quietly pulled his hands away before saying in a slightly annoyed tone, “Please lead the way.”

Stanley removed his hands in disappointment and led the way while the dog walked in front of him.

There were quite a lot people in the office even though it was the weekend. Many departments were still working overtime. Plum Technology wasn’t just making online games now—they also had many other business streams, such as making websites, movies, and softwares. Right now, they were a listed company and had made a lot of money, growing into a strong presence in their field that couldn’t be ignored.

Sophia walked forward to take a look at the company culture wall that had the picture of them when they first started the company. In the picture, Sophia was still quite young, and she was very different compared to her current looks.

She looked quite comfortable in her black hair and irises. Sophia suddenly regretted having a blond hair transplant, and she planned to change her hair color some time later.

When she raised her head as she looked at the pictures and the timeline of the company on the wall, the gaze from her blue iris deepened. The attractive sparkle in her eyes mesmerized Stanley, who was standing beside her.

He thought, This is a chance given by gods. I must grab hold of it tightly!

Now that Michael is not here, I have to make use of this opportunity!

After they walked out of the company, it was almost time for lunch. Stanley rubbed his fingers together while saying, “Hehe… Sofie, where do you want to have lunch?”

After thinking about it, she replied, “I’m going to meet Sarah first.”

Unhappy about it, Stanley deliberately said, “Sarah might be out with Mr. Harry. I’m afraid it’s just the both of us today…”

“But I’ve already made plans with her via Messenger just now.”

With that, Sophia got into the car.

“Fine…” Stanley accompanied Sophia to her shop in disappointment.

The main branch of Pourl was right next to Sarah’s cat cafe. It had a good location with many other branded stores next to it, while the workstation was just upstairs. Sarah was pretty influential among the socialites of Bayside City. However, they had no idea why their business had always been second to King, which was opposite to them.

Sarah had already heard from Sophia about the incident yesterday.

When they arrived at the store, they saw that Sarah and Sean were there as well. The four of them finally sat together once again.

Back then, they were just four young students of Bayside University; now, all of them had had a great change in their current identities.

They sat in a corner of the cat cafe as they discussed what happened yesterday.

Sophia was the first to speak. “Who can access our customer’s information now?”

Sarah replied, “The customer’s information is all recorded in the computer system, and many people have access to them. The store owner, customer service, and sales and design department all have access.”

Right now, Sarah was mainly in charge of the pets business while Stanley and Sean were in charge of Plum Technology. However, if there were anything important, the three of them would gather and discuss. Now that Sophia had returned, the four of them were finally all present.

After listening to Sarah’s explanation, Sean said, “There are many people who have access to the customer’s data. It’s going to be difficult to find out who betrayed us.”

Sophia took a sip of her coffee, revealing a faint scar on half of her face. She still wore a mask when she went out, but she took it off when she was drinking the coffee.

She remained silent while the four of them tried to come up with ways to solve this. At this moment, there weren’t many customers in the cafe. They could only hear the cats’ lazy purrs.

Judge looked like he was walking in a market, looking around for the cats it liked. Once it spotted one, it would scoot closer to lick it affectionately.

Suddenly, Sophia put down her mug and said, “Since we can’t find them, let’s fire everyone.”

Fire everyone?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 779

All at once, everyone was bewildered. This would involve a number of people! Were they all really going to be laid off?

Then, Sophia continued, “Our product sales aren’t doing well lately and the marketing department is responsible for many matters. Since that manager has access to the customer information, he is also a suspect. Lay him off and lay the other few people off as well; the company will compensate for the breach of contract.”

Upon hearing this, everyone frowned. Wasn’t it a little too harsh to lay off so many people at once? However, since Sophia said so, she must have had her reasons.

Then, Sophia and the rest went to the store and as usual, she wore a face mask and watched as Sarah gathered all the employees and announced the names on the layoff list. Those who were laid off were customer service agents, cashiers, and the manager of the marketing department. Even Ivan’s assistant was laid off!

The business had been running smoothly, hence the layoffs were a shock to everyone. In the blink of an eye, everyone in the company panicked.

After a long day at work, Sophia returned home. Meanwhile, Cooper was already aware about what had happened today. As soon as she arrived home, he came over and asked with great concern, “Darling, do you need my help with the business?”

As a matter of fact, Sophia was reluctant to accept Cooper’s help. If she could not handle this matter, she would be embarrassed to say that she was Cooper Mitchell’s daughter. Despite that, she suddenly thought of something and laughed. “Yes, Dad. I could use some recommendations for marketing talents. I just laid off the manager of the marketing department so I need to hire someone.”

Upon hearing this, Cooper nodded. He had always paid attention to his daughter’s career so he gave his suggestion. “I have a few in mind. However, if you would like to expand your dog collar store beyond Cethos, I have a few suitable international talents that I can recommend.”

Dog collar store? Um… It turned out that to Cooper, Sophia’s pet business was just a store that sold dog collars. That being said, even if it was a store selling dog collars, it was still his daughter’s business. Nevertheless, he was very attentive and he immediately recommended a few talents to Sophia and had them flown over straightaway for her to choose.

When Sophia arrived home, she saw Cooper had stolen the roses from her room and was picking them one after another to feed the puppies…

Judge’s puppies now belonged to Sophia, and they looked like carbon copies of Judge. They were chubby, tiny and looked like potatoes. In fact, Sophia had not given them names yet. Cooper named them Rover and Doug; Sophia named them Fortune and Richie. Carmen named them Tater and Tots, while Linus named them Windy and Moony.

Meanwhile, the bouquet of flowers sent by Michael last night were completely destroyed and the flowers were eaten by the puppies as if they were snacks. Earlier, Sophia was complaining that she rarely received flowers but now…

On another note, the talents recommended by Cooper were from overseas. In fact, the pets’ luxury goods industry was almost always developed abroad and it was rare to find one locally. However, while the talents were still on their way, many staff had resigned one after another. With the loss of staff, the entire company was on edge; it seemed like Pourl was not going to make it.

Sophia had seen Pourl’s financial statements and business operations, which had been deteriorating in the past two years. Especially when Plum Technology was first launched, everyone had no time to manage the business. Moreover, Ivan’s capabilities had its limits too. Frankly, many of their staff needed to survive so when the performance was declining, they thought it would be best to leave.

When Sophia returned, she resumed her career, starting with the dog collar store. As soon as she was back, she made a series of big moves, laying off staff and hiring new people. To the staff, she had been ‘dead’ for three or four years. Most of the staff at the store were new, while the long-time staff did not believe she was still alive. Sophia was wearing a mask when she came to the store and everyone thought the boss had hired a new manager named Lucile. Nobody knew she was actually Sophia, who had been ‘dead’ for three years.

Now, the business was losing their high-end customers and the customer base that was built by Sophia and Sarah were slowly disintegrating. Before this, they had no idea what happened but now, it seemed like there was a rat among them. As a matter of fact, this person was rather ruthless—they even used the Edward’s Family name as a threat.

In terms of backgrounds, Bill Winterford had connections to Faye, while Sarah had Harry—who won the Academy Award for Best Actor and was the head of the Winston Family, which was one of the Four Great Families!

On the other hand, the Winston Family had always kept a low profile. After all, they were part of the underworld and they could not simply announce it to everyone they met. Even in Cethos, many powerful forces did not know that Harry Winston himself was backing Sarah. Not only that, Sarah had also never told anyone about her identity. To the outside world, she was the wife of the once-popular actor, Harry Winston. As Harry’s popularity started to decline, the glory of being the wife of the famous actor also started to fade.

Furthermore, the traitor’s endless customer poaching tactics was the reason the business was doing worse than the year before. Meanwhile, Sarah’s hands were full with managing Plum Technology, so she had not been paying attention to this business. Plus, the pets’ design line was supposed to be a loving and gentle industry. She did not want to make it too intense, which eventually led to the business’ deterioration.

Every day, Sophia went to the store to observe the operation of the store. Sarah also took time out of her day to come over to work and at the same time, talk about what had happened after Sophia had left.

“Did you know? When you left, the Edwards Family tried to force Taylor into marriage!”

“Lucy Edwards is disgusting! Before you, she dated Taylor and disliked the fact that he was not as rich as her, so she dumped him. Now that Taylor became successful, she came back and tried to force him into marriage! Ha! She should take a good look in the mirror! Taylor would never marry someone like her!” Pointing at the King outlet across from their store, she continued, “Lucy also happens to be the boss of King!”

Another unfamiliar name… Lucy Edwards is Michael’s ex-girlfriend? Although Sophia had not met her yet, she felt an inexplicable rivalry toward Michael’s ex. Furthermore, Michael seemed to have never mentioned her. He had mentioned Sophia’s ex-boyfriend, the ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, and the lot so why did he not mention this ex-girlfriend of his? He might have deliberately withheld this information.

Based on this, Sophia had jumped to the conclusion that there must have been something fishy going on between Michael and his ex-girlfriend! And so, she asked Sarah, “Did we have any conflicts with them?”

Sarah furrowed her eyebrows. “Not really. You even invited her for a seafood meal once.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was even more confused. However, since they were competitors, she thought they should not let their guard down around Lucy.

On this day, Sophia came to the store along with the puppies. The house was packed with dogs. Judge and its two puppies were like a three-headed dog from hell and to top it off, there were Bubbles and Snowball. Hence, they had to hire someone to babysit the five dogs. Fortunately, the space was not too big so it was not overly stressful.

Two days ago, Stanley finally made the decision to neuter Judge. Despite that, he did not dare to bring Judge over himself. It was said that when neutering a pet, the owner had to put on an act. Otherwise, the pet would become vengeful.

As a result, Sophia brought Judge to a cat café and pretended to walk away. Then, the veterinarian from the pet hospital pretended to come and steal him away, playing the bad cop and putting an end to its sexual activities. After that, Sophia pretended to have found out what happened and fake-cried before promising Judge to make a new collar and villa kennel as compensation. Sigh… This is tiring.

At that moment, the neutered Judge was whining while lying motionless in the kennel beside Sophia.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 780

Recently, the studio did not have many orders and those they had were made by their acquaintances. They were Sophia’s classmates, the Winston Family, the Fletchers, Sean’s uncle, Stan and Judge and the like. Truth was, their customer base that was built up over the years were gone. Right away, Sophia stopped the business operations and decided to complete the orders at hand before anything else.

As for the remaining stock in the store that was not sold, Sophia would bring it home for her pets. She also had two dozen toys sent over for Judge as compensation for the sin of castrating it.

Now, the store was about to be renovated. The designer had come over to discuss the details with Sarah as Sophia listened while holding her two puppies.

Suddenly, the phone rang—it was still the new phone with an unfamiliar number.

There were not many unknown callers for this phone.

As soon as the call was connected, Bill’s voice came over the line.

“Hello, Miss Lucile. My name is Bill Winterford. May I know if you need any pet luxury goods service? The King team would be happy to serve you.”

Coldly, Sophia rejected, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Upon hearing that, Bill snickered. “It seems like you’re still a loyal customer of Pourl. You may not know this, but Pourl is about to close down and their employees are currently working with us at King. Are you sure you don’t want to come and experience our service?”

Sophia sneered nonchalantly. “King is nothing but a little shop that sells dog collars. Who gave you the courage to threaten customers?”

Obviously, the phrase ‘a little shop that sells dog collars’ made Bill very unhappy. All at once, his tone became unkind. “Who gave us the courage? The Edwards Family, of course!”

Without saying a word, Sophia hung up and continued supervising the designer with the renovation plans.

Meanwhile, Ivan came to the store too that day. Due to the fact that many of the staff had left, they were short on manpower so he had come to help clean up the store.

In the afternoon, Sarah went to Plum Technology while Sophia stayed back. She actively discussed with the designer about the details and walked around holding her puppy in her arms.

It was such a delight to cuddle a tiny Husky while it was still small and incapable of destroying everything in its path. The other puppy was in the kennel at the store, comforting its newly neutered father who was still under anesthetics.

After walking around for a while, Sophia sat down to take a break. At that moment, a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes came in.

When Ivan—who usually did not talk much—saw the man, he abruptly stormed up to him and snapped, “Please get out! You are not welcomed here!”

This man spoke in poor Cethosian language, but Sophia could still hear the heavy mockery and superiority in his incoherent pronunciation. “Not welcomed? This place will be mine soon so why can’t I come?”

All at once, Sophia recognized this voice. It was the same one that she spoke to on the phone—Bill Winterford, the collateral relative of the Edwards Family and the chief designer of King across the street.

Bill had disregarded Ivan and strode into the store. When he saw they were preparing for renovations, he commented loudly, “So you’re preparing for a renovation. That’s great. Once you’re done, we can just move in.”

Instantly, Ivan was furious. He walked toward Bill and shoved him. “Bill, I told you to never show up in front of me. Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding our past!”

Upon hearing this, Bill sneered. “Disregard our past? What are you going to do? Punch me? Come on then—”

Enraged, Ivan brought his fist up as he saw red. However, he still could not release his tightened fist.

He could not hit him!

If he did, Bill would just take advantage of the opportunity to cause more trouble.

After all, Ivan wasn’t stupid!

It seemed like Bill had come in just to provoke him and if he punched Bill, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

However, Bill continued to aggravate him. “Look at yourself, Ivan. Your designs and talent became the stepping stone to my success, while you have achieved nothing! Your precious Pourl is going out of business! To tell you the truth, I am currently in the midst of a discussion with your landlord to buy this store. When the deal is made, you will all have to move out!”

Meanwhile, Ivan’s face was flushed with rage and his chest rose and fell violently. His fists that were clenched tightly looked like it would swing any time, but he held himself back.

Looking at the quiet store, Bill couldn’t help but mock, “Pourl won’t be able to make it and you don’t even have customers anymore; why not just sell it to us so that we could reuse this waste? If you don’t take up our offer, you’ll be losing so much money that you won’t even have your capital. It would not be worth the loss. Ha!”

Upon hearing this, Ivan gritted his teeth in anger.

He had poured his soul into designing the collars for his pets, yet Bill had stolen his designs and used them to become an internationally renowned master.

“Bill, I’m warning you. Don’t get too cocky!”

However, Bill only laughed, as if he heard something hilarious. “Ha! I’m not being cocky. This is me being humble.”

Just as Ivan was about to retort, a cool voice echoed. “Ivan, don’t waste your time with him. Carry on with your work.”

Reluctantly, Ivan went back to work.

It was at that moment that Bill noticed the blonde woman with a face mask sitting in the corner. Judging from her hair and eye color, it seemed like she was not local. Bill approached her, smiling politely as he buttered up to her. “Hi, beautiful. Forgive me for not noticing you earlier. Are you a customer of Pourl? I am the chief designer of King, Bill—”

“I know who you are,” Sophia interrupted coldly. Wearing a face mask, only a pair of cold eyes watched Bill closely. After her plastic surgery, the doctors tried to preserve her original voice but her voice still changed. It sounded lower and better, as if it had matured by several years.

Bill looked at the Husky in her arms and the two other dogs by her feet, recognized her voice and instantly knew who she was. “So you’re Miss Lucile! Well? Are you interested in what I mentioned on the phone earlier?”

At Pourl and in the presence of Pourl’s chief designer, he was shamelessly trying to poach Pourl’s customer.

Sophia’s ocean blue eyes were emotionless as she refused his offer without any room for discussion. “No deal.”

Without waiting for Bill to speak, she continued, “I’m the new person in charge of Pourl and this store’s landlord.”

Upon hearing this, Bill’s expression changed. Just as he was about to say something, Sophia mercilessly interrupted him again, “Mr. Bill Winterford, regarding your offer to acquire this store, I hereby decline.”

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