My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 761-770

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 761

Cooper was busy dealing with Woody’s funeral in the hospital and surveying which property of the Mitchell Family that he could control. When he learned of the incident in the pet store, Linus had already handled the whole incident.

The West and Edwards Families…

Cooper was not familiar with the West Family as it was not an influential family when he left years ago.

However, he was acquainted with the Edwards Family, especially the family of those two brothers—Sam and Jordan Edwards.

Joe was also someone whom he knew well—the person who raped Annabel and sold Sophia for 80,000.

Cooper left the Mitchell Residence with a clenched fist and noticed Carmen singing and dancing in the living room when he returned to Villa No. 2..

Upon seeing his return, she innocently uttered, “Mr. Cooper, Lucile has fallen ill and she’s sleeping. I’m waiting for her to wake up to show her the Bear Dance and she will recover after that.”

Cooper stroked Carmen’s little head although the tiny bun on her little head was a little pricky. He then went upstairs and silently opened the door of the room to take a peek into the room through the tiny gap. Sophia was asleep in the room and Shae was guarding at the head of the bed.

Sophia was sound asleep—the corner of her lips were curved upstairs and her peaceful expression showed that she seemed to be dreaming about something interesting.

His heart melted at the sight, but the next second, his expression turned cold. My daughter was actually called ugly by others. This is unforgivable!Seeing that his daughter was soundly asleep, he did not want to disturb her and quietly closed the door before heading downstairs to the living room where Carmen was still singing and dancing.

She was learning the dance moves from the video that was being played on the television in the living room and imitated it well.

He could not help but to sit down and watch her dancing for a while. She was concentrating on her dance moves with rhythm, which showed that she had talent in dancing.

After she finished dancing, he could not resist the urge to ask her, “Darling, who taught you how to dance?”

Carmen skipped toward him as she replied, “The TV taught me.” However, she continued with her answer. “Daddy doesn’t want me to learn dancing, but I want to appear on TV! ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ is a TV show that I want to join!”

‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was a recent yet popular variety show that featured interactions between parent and child. It had been her dream to participate in the variety show together with Michael, but the latter forbade it.

Carmen reluctantly gave her favorite yoghurt to Cooper while sharing her ambitions and life plans with him—first of all, she wished to make a debut in the entertainment circle and act in movies, participate in variety shows because she wanted to earn plenty of money as a star while winning many awards such as the Flying Apsaras Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards, and Golden Globes Awards.

She wished to be the breadwinner of the family and rear dogs and cats so that her father would not need to worry about making a living.

However, he suddenly recalled the time when he once told Woody as a young child that he wished to catch an alien and rear it as a pet. Woody laughed at him at that time without saying anything. That incident is almost the same as the current situation… Yet, it is normal for a child to have weird and peculiar dreams.

Cooper consoled Carmen, “Be obedient and study well in school. You will achieve your dreams once you’ve graduated from school.”

Since Sophia was sound asleep without any signs of waking up soon, he chatted with Carmen in the living room.

Carmen was loquacious—and not shy whatsoever. After sharing her ambitions and aspirations, she started to share about her unrequited love.

“Daddy mentioned that Nicholas returned home for a blind date to get married and will leave me. I thought that Daddy was lying to me. However, I saw him sneaking out that day to play with Lucile’s Shae. It made me realize that he never liked me. Sigh.”

With furrowed brows, he contemplated for some time before understanding the logic behind her story. So, she thought that the person whom Nicholas is going to marry is Shae? This is such a complicated relationship…

She was filled with great worries. “Mr. Cooper, why do I have such a tough life?”

He remained quiet, but she continued to ask, “Mr. Cooper, will you attend my concert?”


Cooper was at a loss for words as Carmen’s questions made him feel like they were two completely different species with no way for them to communicate.

They waited until night time. Sophia was still asleep even after Carmen had dinner at his place, which meant that the former would not be waking up tonight. Carmen was yawning and wanted to head home, but she was worried about Sophia, who was still ill upstairs. Therefore, she suggested, “Mr. Cooper, I think I will record the Bear Dance for Lucile to watch.”

Cooper took out his phone and recorded her dance.

After that, she said to him, “Mr. Cooper, you must remember to show the video to Lucile. If it doesn’t work after you play it once, let her watch it again.”

He nodded as he watched the video of Carmen’s graceful dance.

Once it was recorded, he tapped on the camera icon on the phone. As a loving grandfather, he wanted to take a photo with her to use it as his phone screensaver.

When he took out his phone and focused the lens on Carmen, she immediately covered her face and asked, “Mr. Cooper, have you switched on the beauty mode?”

Cooper fell silent as he looked at his phone, which was a high-end business phone manufactured by Michel Group. With its powerful attribute with a military configuration, it could still function normally in extreme environments and even block bullets. It could also be claimed as the world’s most powerful phone in terms of its functionality on top of having a top-notch quality for its camera lens. However, it did not contain a beauty mode.

Carmen was dissatisfied with Cooper’s phone that lacked a beauty mode. “I’ll ask Nicholas to take a photo for us then.”

Nicholas had constantly been upgraded throughout the years—it was periodically sent to Michel Group’s branch for maintenance and to upgrade its functions. For instance, it now has the ability to take photos with beauty mode.

Click! After they posed, Nicholas took several photos of them together. Many camera filters were used—auto-focus, overlay filters, beauty mode and slimming effects were used— before dozens of warm photos were printed and dispensed from Nicholas’s mouth seconds later.

Cooper took a photo and looked at it—in the photo, his lips were red and his teeth were white, as if he was decades younger, and he even had a pair of cat’s ears. Maybe this is the legendary beauty effect. Hmmm, looks like I need to buy a phone with a beauty mode as soon as possible.

Carrying the dozens of photos in her hands, Carmen picked the ugliest photo and gave it to him. “Here, this is for you to keep as a souvenir.”

She then kept the rest of the photos in a hidden drawer located in Nicholas’s belly. Feeling curious about the hidden drawer, Cooper reached his hand inside and fished out plenty of candies, hair pins, and a stack of photos.

As expected, those were photos of Carmen taken by Nicholas. She really loved to have her photos taken all the time, no matter where she was—she had photos of herself eating, sleeping, and playing. As she was skillful in locating her good angles, she looked pretty in all her photos.

Carmen spread out all of the photos on the couch and introduced them, one by one, to Cooper. “This photo was taken during my performance last year whereas this was taken together with Judgey. This one here is Daddy and I.”

Chatting with her and listening to her childish voice, he felt that his ears were filled with honey—it was such a bliss. This is my granddaughter!

When Linus returned, he found Cooper and Carmen happily taking selfies in the living room and there was a large stack of photos displayed there.

He had never seen Cooper in such a casual and delightful mood. Cooper was always cold and distant, but seemed different today; perhaps it was because he really adored Carmen, but she was also a pleasant and likeable child herself.

The moment Linus arrived home, the selfie group of two turned into one of three.

All of a sudden, the housekeeping robot reported, “There is a guest at the door.”

Linus looked at the security camera and found a man with white hair standing at the door while pressing the doorbell.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 762

“Daddy’s here!” Carmen exclaimed in joy and quickly instructed Nicholas to pack her photos and prepare to head home.

On the other hand, Linus turned to Cooper. It was usually Michael’s nanny who came to pick Carmen up, but he came instead.

“Let me talk to him, ” Cooper replied and personally went to answer the door.

The door swung open. Outside was Michael, who finally saw the face that once filled his mind all day long—one that only existed in his memories. However, the sight of Cooper now failed to cause any ripples in his heart.

Nobody knew the despair Michael felt when he failed to contact Cooper at a time when he desperately needed to get hold of Sophia’s father to join forces to save her. After all, they were the mysterious Michel Family—the legendary Northern Europe Vampires.

Nobody knew where their lair was up until now. If they did not wish for anyone to search for them, nobody would be able to do so. Nevertheless, all of those were a thing in the past as if the ending had been predetermined.

From the incident when Sam exposed the secret until the end when they brushed past each other multiple times, all of those only served to prove that Sophia was destined not to meet her biological father in person.

Michael’s chica had endured repeated sufferings in the world for his sake and now, he finally found her father on her behalf. Her father was currently standing in front of him, but… she would not be able to see him anymore. At that moment, Michael’s eyes were filled with sorrow and desolation.

Cooper was also looking at him while Michael glanced at the former. His first impression of Michael was that he looked old. The second impression was that Michael looked even older than him. The third impression was that Michael was not a good match for his one and only darling.

“Daddy!” Carmen’s crisp voice interrupted the brief eye contact that the two men shared.

Upon seeing Carmen, Michael forced a smile and suppressed the sorrow in his eyes. He then held her little hand with a grin. “Good girl, let’s go home.”

“Yay!” She gladly waved her hand at Cooper. “Goodbye, Mr. Cooper, I’m going home with Daddy!”

Cooper waved goodbye to her as well.

Michael uttered, “Mr. Mitchell, thank you for taking care of Carmen.”

Without replying, Cooper watched as the father and daughter headed toward Villa No. 8. Michael seemed very old—he looked more like her grandfather than her father.

Upon looking at Michael’s back view, Linus sighed. His impression of Michael was that he was a handsome actor, but now…

The next day, as soon as Sophia woke up, she saw Nicholas projecting the video of Carmen’s dance on the screen for her to watch. Carmen looked meek yet lively in the video, making her look like an absolutely adorable child when she sang and danced.

Upon looking at her, a smile appeared on Sophia’s face and the gloom in her heart was washed away. Ugly… that’s right, I look hideous now. I can never escape this, so I guess this is my fate. Even if she remained ugly for the rest of her life, she was mentally prepared to let things be. At least I have a father and an uncle who loves me—that is more important than my beauty.

Sophia noticed that she used to live under Quinton’s protection and now that she was in Cooper’s sanctuary, her ability to protect herself was weakened. It seems like this is not who I was in the past. Although she now had her father’s love, she could not live under Cooper’s watch for the rest of her life. She needed to have her own life and there would be times when she would be in places that were away from his watch. By then, who would come to protect her?

Cooper came the moment he found that she was awake. “Sophia, how do you feel today?” Sophia wore a forceful smile and nodded.

Upon looking at Sophia, Cooper felt overwhelmed with mixed feelings. He knew that in fact, she was far stronger than he imagined. The repeated blows and injuries that she sustained made her stronger. Even if she had forgotten everything, she still had her strength within her. Nonetheless, anyone who hurt his daughter would have to pay a heavy price!

Soon, it was time to attend Woody’s funeral. As Cooper was his son, he had to show up and bring his daughter along. The funeral was held in a cemetery somewhere outside the city. Apart from the entire Mitchell Family turning up, people from all walks of life were also in attendance. It was the first time that Sophia knew that she had a grandfather, but unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet him.

The moment Cooper and Sophia arrived at Woody’s funeral, almost everyone present at the scene turned to look at them. She heard the quiet chatters among those who surrounded them everywhere she went.

“That’s really Cooper! Isn’t he dead for close to twenty years? How did he suddenly pop up out of nowhere?”

“Haha, Cooper? He’s just a fake, rushing to pretend to be a filial son so that he can inherit the Old Master’s assets!”

“Look, he even brought his daughter!”

Cooper was dressed up in black and impassive, as if he was covered in a thick ice that was the length of ten thousand miles. The girl next to him had blond hair and blue eyes. With a thick mask covering her face, she wore a black bowler hat with a draping black veil that covered her face. However, her pair of blue eyes were not the only thing visible under the translucent veil. Even her chapped complexion that spread across half of her face could also be seen.

Step by step, Sophia followed Cooper toward Woody’s grave where she watched her grandfather being buried. As today was Woody’s funeral, many people from various industries had shown up, crowding the cemetery. Among the crowd was a father dressed in black carrying his daughter in his arms.

Nobody noticed Michael showing up at the hectic funeral with his white hair and a mask. As Woody was Sophia’s grandfather, Michael needed to attend the funeral, no matter what. Since the scene was packed like sardines, Michael could not spot where Cooper was as he sat in the corner.

His expression revealed his indifference as he looked at the young lady next to Cooper. Is it my imagination? I somehow feel that the girl closely resembles Sophia. Perhaps it’s because they are both Cooper’s daughters…

Carmen suddenly asked, “Daddy, why is my forefather sleeping in that box?”

Michael replied, “He is becoming a star in the sky.”

She then asked, “Will he see Mommy when he is up there?”

The sunglasses he wore masked all of his emotions, but he choked when he answered. “Yes.”

Carmen pressed on. “Will I meet him in the future?”

He paused for a moment before responding, “He will turn into a star and watch over you—just like how Mommy does. From now on, you will be able to see him when you raise your head.”

Carmen then leaned her head on Michael’s shoulder in confusion and watched everything that was happening…

In the blink of an eye, two weeks flew past after the funeral. Cooper also started to officially take care of the Mitchell Family’s properties that he inherited. Sophia, who had also undergone the surgery to remove her scars, was also recuperating at home.

Medicine had been applied on her face as it was wrapped with gauze. A doctor would come to change her medication every few days. As she did not dare to leave the house, Carmen, who had yet to enroll in kindergarten, would swing by on a daily basis to play with her.

Judge would also obediently come over every day to bring Carmen to play on time while visiting its puppies at the same time. It made a mental calculation—it had helped Sophia to take care of her child, but she had returned the favor by taking care of its two babies. This is such a good deal.

Sophia’s entire face was wrapped under the gauze, which made her look like a mummy—it only revealed her pair of eyes to aid her vision, her mouth for her to eat, and her nostrils to breathe.

The first stage was to lighten the scars on her face and neck before moving onto the next stage, which would be carried out after she made a full recovery. It would be a long process, so they had expected to stay in Bayside City for a long time.

Cooper seemed to be rather busy lately, but he would still spend half a day at home to accompany Sophia. She had also fallen in love with local Cethosian dramas, which illustrated the cliché stories of the relationship between a mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law, and the ingrate son as well as the couple’s extra-marital affairs.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 763

The kinds of dramas that she watched were ‘Temptations of Home’, ‘The Woman Who Married Tom Davis’ and ‘Don’t Cry, Stepmother’. Although the titles were buzzwords, she still watched them with relish.

Those dramas, which were broadcasted in high-definition, were from the DVDs that Carmen brought from her home to lend to Sophia.

It had been produced many years ago, which explained why the videos obtained from online sources and its footages were of an extremely poor quality—to the point where the alphabets were blurry. In contrast, the DVDs in Carmen’s house were well-kept.

The DVDs were in an outdated format and required the use of a DVD player to play the videos. Therefore, Cooper specifically searched for a DVD player and connected it to the projector so that Sophia could watch it through a home theater system in their living room.

The DVDs could basically be referred to as antiques since each one only contained one episode. Those types of DVD were practically obsolete in the market, so it was unexpected that Carmen would have some well-kept ones in her house, let alone that sort of shows.

Carmen would bring a few episodes for Sophia on her daily visits and carefully kept it away at home. Once Sophia had watched them, Carmen would bring another set of episodes the next day.

When Sophia asked Carmen who the owner of the collections was, the latter replied, “These are mommy’s babies!”

Babies… Speaking of which, isn’t her father one half of the gay couple? She actually has a mother? Isn’t that a fraudulent marriage?

“Where is your mommy? Why haven’t I seen her coming over to play?”

After she had undergone vocal cord surgery, she had made a full recovery and her voice was much better than before. However, traces and charms of her old self would still be noticeable to those who listened to her carefully.

Carmen answered, “Daddy said that Mommy is a fairy. Fairies and mortals cannot fall in love with each other, so she has gone to heaven to be a fairy and will return in a few years.” She even proudly added. “Mommy turns into a star every night to secretly visit me.”

She turns into a star… Sophia seemed to have a sudden realization. She’s an abandoned child, so she doesn’t have a mother… This is such a beautiful white lie…

She involuntarily stroked Carmen’s head as she pulled the young child into her arms. “Darling, your mommy must be watching over you from the sky. You must listen to your daddy.”

Carmen brought Sophia a few DVDs every day, but that meant the latter could only watch three episodes daily. The drama would always stop at the most exciting part, which would leave her on edge.

On top of that, Carmen was still young, so she often brought the wrong DVD, which made Sophia even more anxious.

She took the opportunity and asked, “Carmen, can you bring the whole set to me? I’ll make a copy before returning them to you.”

Carmen agreed and returned home to carry an entire set of DVDs over to Sophia. As those cliché dramas usually had dozens of episodes, an entire set of DVDs could fill up a large box. Fortunately, Nicholas came with the function to move things after an upgrade and was able to help her to carry the box.

When the DVDs arrived, Cooper slowly copied its contents into the computer.

He initially refused to do so when he saw the drama titles.

Since those DVDS were manufactured years ago, it would blur when it was projected onto their home theatre—even in high definition. Therefore, he took the initiative to repair and restore them, attempting to maximize the clarity of those videos.

When it involved Sophia, Cooper would treat it seriously, no matter how insignificant the matter was. With his utmost seriousness, he tried his best to repair those old videos that had been kept for many years.

Tsk, Michael’s taste is damn vulgar! As expected, he is not a good match for my daughter! A man with a poor rating and negative score! He should just get lost!

Carmen was nervously watching Cooper from the side. Whenever he finished copying a DVD, she would quickly take it back and carefully keep them in the box. She even uttered, “Mr. Cooper, you need to be careful. These are Mommy’s favourite DVDs! She would be saddened if it breaks! If she is sad, she will not return from the heavens!”

He was stunned by her words. It turns out that these are Sophia’s taste. Hmm, elegance and vulgarity have traits to be admired by everyone. Great vulgarity is the same as great elegance! This is expected from my daughter—she’s really unique!

As Sophia watched him sitting in front of the computer to slowly repair the video quality of the DVDs, she felt curious. “Dad, please let me try!”

After watching for a while, she felt that she more or less understood how it worked, so she was tempted to give it a shot herself.

As a matter of fact, it was not particularly difficult since she only needed to use the software to repair the videos.

Cooper allowed her to take his seat so that she could sit down and repair the quality on her own while he stood beside her to teach. As expected from my daughter—she’s so intelligent that she can learn anything quickly.

Nicholas unexpectedly entered the room to notify them that they had a guest after they had repaired a few episodes.

Cooper glanced at the surveillance tape and noticed that Michael was standing at their door. Why is Michael here again?

He left Sophia to continue learning on her own before he went to open the door.

The moment he opened the door, Michael asked with a deadpan expression, “My DVDs are here with you, right?”

It turned out that he came for his DVDs.

Since they were done with copying the DVDs, Cooper returned them to him. Michael then returned home while carrying a box of DVDs in his arms.

It so happened that it was sunset, so it was time for Carmen to return home as well. After she said goodbye to Cooper, she returned home with Michael.

While they were enroute home, the father and daughter did not speak to each other. As Michael wore a cold expression, Carmen knew that her father was mad and did not dare to say a word.

Upon returning to Villa No. 8, Michael entered the study that no one had used for a long time before placing the box of DVDs into the cabinet. Inside, there were many treasured DVDs and CDs as well as small accessories, technical books, comic books, novels and so on—everything was placed in an organized manner.

After storing the DVDs, he sat in front of the study table and looked at the familiar items—bench, bookcase, and computer.

Sophia’s computer, phone and tablet were placed on the desk and the room was cleaned on a daily basis. Sticky notes with her short-term goals written on them were glued on her desktop’s monitor. When he saw that one of the notes—with the goal ‘regain my figure in one month after labor for a wedding photoshoot’—written on it, fell and landed on the table, he quietly used glue to stick it back and intentionally at the same angle as before.

Everything seemed like it was yesterday.

The room was maintained in the same way as she had left it back then, as if welcoming her home at any time.

Michael would come in to sit for a while every day to feel how it would have been to have her by his side.

It was already three years—she had left for three years.

Sophia’s name was still registered in Michael’s household registry—it had not been removed yet, so it meant that he would not be able to enter into another marriage.

It was as if he was waiting for her to return…

He sat in the study for a long time. When Carmen came to take a look many times, he finally called her in. “Carmen, come to Daddy.”

She silently approached him and seemed guilty as she pouted.

Without blaming her, he took her into his arms instead. Pointing at the orderly arranged book rack, he adjured in a serious yet earnest manner, “Carmen, these are Mommy’s babies. Don’t take them out and show it to others in the future, okay? If she returns someday and finds that her stuff is missing, she will be upset.”

Carmen seemed confused, but she nodded.

Caressing her little head, Michael smiled and whispered, “Darling… That is my Carmen. You are such a good girl…” Even as he beamed, there were tears in his eyes.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 764

Carmen used to steal three episodes each day. Therefore, when she stole the whole box at once, Michael immediately discovered her action.

She was afraid that her mother would be upset when she returned one day as well. Although Michael still allowed her to head to Sophia’s house to have fun, he forbade her from bringing anything over there.

Luckily, Sophia had an amazing father as he was able to find high-definition sources of the videos that she loved almost instantly. As for those videos that he really could not search, he would repair them based on the existing resources.

As expected, my father is the best person in the world.

Today, Sean arrived in the morning with Carmen and Stanley in tow.

“Uncle Cooper, we are really sorry. What happened that day was really unintentional! We didn’t know that Lucile is your daughter…”

Sean almost kneeled before Cooper. He eventually learned from his complicated network that Lucile, whom Stanley had a blind date with that day, was Cooper’s daughter.

Upon knowing that Sophia was being fooled on her first blind date, Cooper’s expression darkened.

Stanley, who was at one side, did not dare to say a word—he only had the courage to intermittently raise his head and glance at Cooper. Oh my God! He’s really Cooper Mitchell! Cooper, who has been dead for dozens of years, is actually back!

His looks seemed not to have changed much, but he still retained his bone-chilling temperament, which was more intimidating than Sophia’s. This is the person who caused the Edwards and West Family to be bankrupt overnight. I’m screwed.

Fortunately, Sean was the peacemaker and on top of that, Cooper still valued his relationship with the Fletcher Family, so he could not cause any trouble for Stanley.

Cooper had always known that Stanley became successful all those years. He had great potential and since Cooper had practically watched him grow up, he should have been a reliable person. That was why Cooper harbored the intention to allow his daughter to try and develop a relationship with Stanley, but it was unexpected that the young man was inconsiderate.

Carmen had gone upstairs on her own to look for Sopha while Judge quickly followed behind her.

Only three people were left in the living room to chat with each other. As they had not seen one another for many years, there was a lot to talk about, but could not avoid discussing Sophia.

Upon hearing her name being mentioned, Stanley immediately fell silent. He ventured together with Michael across the entire world, only to discover that…

“Uncle Cooper… Sophia, she…” He had a lump in his throat when he talked about Sophia.

He did not participate in the entire operation back then, but he had been waiting for updates in the country instead. However, all of the waiting only resulted in him receiving the news that she was dead.

Before Cooper managed to say anything, Shae came to report, “Another guest has arrived!”

It was a man who was about the same as Cooper this time, creating the impression that time and life experiences barely left any trace on him as he arrived in hasty footsteps. Upon entering the door and seeing the man sitting in the living room, a stunned Cooper was rooted to the ground.

It was Cooper who recognized him—he stood up and greeted, “Andrea, you are back.”

The person who came was Sam!


Sam felt that he was in a dream. Only when Cooper called that name did Sam regain his senses and strode toward him.

He was based abroad, so he was particularly not familiar with the matters back home. When he returned last night, someone had informed him before he could arrive home that Cooper was back and immediately rushed over at the break of dawn.

Corrado tagged along as well and started to sniff around the moment he entered the house before the scent led him upstairs to look for Sophia.

The few people in the living room were engrossed in their conversation. Upon seeing that Cooper was alive, Sam was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. He’s back, but Sophia’s dead… If I hadn’t revealed the secret, Sophia would have been safely born, Annabel would not have passed away and the father and daughter would not have been separated by death…

A noise was suddenly heard from outside as they talked with each other.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, Sophia wore the clothes that she wanted to wear today. They were headed to the hospital later for her bandage to be removed and she would be able to see how much her face had recovered too.

To Sophia, it was a big day and she was elated that she barely slept last night.

Just when she was about to head downstairs after a change of clothes, she saw Carmen and Judge coming upstairs.

“Lucile, I’m here to visit you again.”

Judge passionately pounced on her and attempted to give Sophia a sloppy kiss, but the quick-eyed and deft Linus carried the dog away.

“Carmen, I’m going to the hospital today, so I can’t play with you. You’ll have to play alone,” Sophia caressed Carmen’s chubby cheeks as she gently uttered.

Carmen meekly replied, “Lucile, leave without worries. I’ll play with my doggy then.”

As she spoke, a large black dog pushed the door open with its nose and entered the room.

Sophia instantaneously recognized who it was. “Corrado, it’s you! Why are you here?” Isn’t this the black dog whom I saw some time ago at the Crimson House? Why is he at our house so early in the morning?

Carmen recognized Corrado as well. When she saw him dashing toward them, she quickly stood in front of Sophia to protect the latter while fixing her gaze on the large, black dog. “Doggy bites. Lucile, don’t be scared. I’ll protect you!”

Upon looking at the tiny figure standing in front of her as she attempted to block the dog, Sophia felt warmth in her heart. She’s such a brave child.

She caught Corrado with one hand. Corrado, who was not as enthusiastic as Judge, sat quietly beside her the moment he entered the room. She petted his head and said, “Look, doggy doesn’t bite.”

Carmen hid beside her as she was a little scared and replied, “Daddy says that Corrady bites! He forbids me from playing with Corrady.”

Sophia could not resist the urge to embrace the young child in her arms. “Darling, I’m older than you. I’ll always protect you!” she coaxed gently. She is such a gentle little baby. If I have a darling like her, that would be lovely…

The initial plan was to visit the hospital after taking breakfast, but since Linus informed her that Cooper had a few visitors and they would only depart slightly later, she stayed in her room to play with Carmen. They put on little shoes for Judge and a little bib on Corrado.

It was especially noisy in their housing area today. Sophia looked out of the window and saw many people blocking the door of Villa No. 6, which was Sarah’s house. One of them was the lady who called her ugly half a month ago.

She had lost the arrogant and intractable attitude that she had 2 weeks ago; she now looked like a lowly dog as she bawled and shouted while knocking on the door of Villa No. 6—her cries filled with despair and helplessness.

However, no matter how desperate that woman’s tears were, Sophia would never pity her.

Everything that happened to her was a product of her own doing!

Thud! She shut the window to prevent the sound from disturbing her peace.

At the door of Villa No. 6, Victoria and Peter—together with the relatives of the Edwards and West Families—cried and yelled in front of the entrance.

In just one night, the West Family went bankrupt and so did their in-law, the Edwards Family.

Of course, the current Edwards Family was not the Edwards Family.

The Edwards Family of the Four Great Families in Bayside City was known as the main Edwards Family. Victoria’s family, on the other hand, was merely an insignificant lineage of the Edwards Family, which could only be recognized as the minor Edwards Family.

Although the West Family and minor Edwards Family were not as illustrious as the main Edwards Family, they were still wealthy families. It was like a nightmare when the two families were destroyed overnight—their stock price plummeted, factories were burnt down, their senior executives resigned, interruption in cash flow, and their senior managers were caught by the authorities.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 765

The West Family had built their family business from scratch—it had not been more than a dozen years that they led their luxurious lives and now had to become as poor as they once were. To them, it would be a fatal blow.

However, what terrified them was the fact that they did not know who was behind their bankruptcy.

In the blink of an eye, a hand emerged from the shadows and silently pushed them into despair. Using all of their connections, they tried to find out who the person was, but to no avail. One could only imagine how powerful the person in the shadows was.

Only then did the West and Edwards Families realize that they really messed with someone whom they were not supposed to. They did not even know who they had offended even after reflecting on their actions. However, they suddenly recalled that Harry seemed to have mentioned something. Believing that he could know something, they hurried to his house to ask him.

“My dear son-in-law, come out now! Only you can save the West Family. Please, I’m begging you!” Peter anxiously banged on the door, but he did not receive any response.

He knew that Harry was at home, so the latter must have known that they were at the door to beg for his help. After all, without the owner’s permission, that group of people would not have been granted entry into the housing area.

Victoria was flustered as well. If the Edwards Family fell, she would still have her family. Now, even her own family had fallen—she lost everything in two weeks. Sarah and Harry would have known who the person behind the chaos was, but they refused to open the door!

They initially came to ask for help, but when the occupants inside refused to open the door, their begs turned into yells and screaming in front of the door. They were so loud that the entire housing area could hear them.

Victoria and the Edwards Family’s bunch of middle-aged women blocked the door and cursed like shrews, “Sarah, are you partnering up with someone else to frame us? You b*tch, you should suffer a tormented death!”

“Come out now! You even harmed your father! Are you even a human?”

“It would have been better for the West Family to rear a dog than to raise you!”

“B*tch, come out now!”

After rebuking for half a day, Sarah poked her head out from the second floor window and viciously cursed, “F*ck you!”

Then, she slammed the window shut, refusing to appear no matter how loud they scolded her.

Harry, who knew that they were here, had intentionally allowed them into the housing area.

Nevertheless, after they arrived at the door, he refused to show up.

The reason he allowed them to enter was not because he intended to meet them—it was for someone else to watch.

At that moment, a stout, greasy middle-aged man blended into the crowd and sneaked in. After he managed to enter the housing area, he stood at the door of Villa No. 8 while snooping around in suspicion instead of following the rest of the entourage to curse at the door of Villa No. 6.

It’s Villa No. 8— the property in the Imperial that even the riches of the Bayside City would die for, Villa No. 8! It would be amazing if I get to stay in it for a day!

Unfortunately, the owner of Villa No. 8, Taylor and Sophia, had passed away years ago. If he remembered it correctly, the property was bequeathed to a kid—Taylor’s son.

Taylor’s relatives all passed away and it seemed like there were no other surviving relatives. After his passing, no one knew who would be living in Villa No. 8 and the beneficiary—a child—was still a minor who had no power to make any decisions.

As Taylor’s father-in-law, Joe was itching to take action as he had been coveting Villa No. 8. He heard that after Taylor’s passing, it seemed that the house was temporarily placed under Harry’s care. However, under the law, as his father-in-law, he had the right to inherit the property.

During the normal days, he lacked the opportunity to enter the housing area. Today, he was able to sneak in with the Edwards Family’s troop with the intention to check the condition of Villa No. 8.

After knocking on the door of Villa No. 8, a man with white hair and a mask came out before casting a cold glance at the suspicious Joe. “Who are you looking for?”

Joe grinned while replying, “I’m Taylor’s father-in-law and this is my daughter’s house. I’m here to c-c-check out—”

As he spoke, his fat figure tried to squeeze in, but the man inside came out before the latter managed to do so. Bang! The villa’s owner then shut the iron door outside.

The smart door lock only recognized fingerprints and key cards, which caused Joe to be stuck—he was unable to enter even if he wanted to; he would be locked outside even if his eyes burned a hole in it.

The man came out to walk a pair of dogs on leashes, locking Joe outside the house.

Joe was furious. “Who are you? I’m here to look for my son-in-law. Who are you to lock me outside! Y-You, stand right there!”

Nonetheless, the man, who had no intention to answer him, left with his dogs.

Michael initially prepared to stay at home for the whole day to accompany Carmen, but to his surprise, she sneaked out after taking her breakfast and seemed to have gone to Cooper’s house to play.

Therefore, Michael came out to walk the dogs and incidentally took Carmen out to have some fun.

Upon seeing that the man with white hair had walked away, Joe stood at the door and scolded for a while. When he noticed that he was not getting any attention from anyone, he leaned closer to the door to study it, attempting to enter the villa. However, no matter how hard he knocked on the door, nobody else came to answer him.

The housing area had been noisy and rowdy since early in the morning, disturbing the neighbors and causing them to come out to have a look.

In Villa No. 2, Cooper rose to his full height and addressed the crowd, “I have some business to attend to today. Let’s chat again some other day.”

Since he returned, it would not be difficult to get hold of him. The few people then stood up and prepared to leave, planning to pay a visit again some other day.

Cooper suddenly uttered, “Since all of you are here, I would like to introduce my daughter to you.”

The news that he had a daughter was widely spread in the Mitchell Family as she even appeared at Woody’s funeral. Rumors claimed that she was extremely hideous, so she only met people with her mask on.

As everyone was curious about his daughter, they turned their gaze toward the end of the spiral staircase.

“Dad, are we leaving now?” A pleasant voice was heard, attracting everyone’s gaze to her.

The voice was extremely similar to Sophia’s, but it seemed to have sounded a little different—perhaps it was because they were biological sisters.

Cooper gently replied, “Yes, we’re leaving.”

Sophia immediately went to get her purse. A while later, everyone saw a girl slowly walking down the spiral staircase in her camel-colored wool coat. She was quite slim with medium height. Carrying a Chanel’s handbag from the recent winter collection, she walked briskly toward the crowd.

She had dazzling gold hair cascading over her shoulder, but her face was wrapped with bandage and only revealed her eyes.

As expected, she was Lucile—the person whom Stanley met during the blind date.

All he had in his mind at that time during the blind date was to escape, so he did not really take a close look at her.

When he met her again today, he found that she was indeed Cooper’s daughter, Sophia’s half-sister from a different mother. She resembled Sophia in her demeanour and gait.

Upon looking at the figure, Stanley sank into deep thoughts.

As Sophia did not expect to see the visitors in the living room, she blinked at them with a hint of shyness, especially when she spotted Carmen’s pair of fathers and even seemed to feel a little awkward.

Cooper introduced them to her one by one. “This is your cousin, Sean. This is Stanley, the person whom you had a blind date with. This is my childhood friend, Sam.”

Upon looking at the few people, she held out her hand and greeted, “Hello.”

As she forgot to wear gloves, her hand was full of scars that most people would feel unbearable to look at. She had no choice but to awkwardly use her left hand to shake hands with them while subconsciously hiding her right hand under her sleeve.

Of course, the few people had noticed her injured hand, but did not ask any questions.

Suddenly, Carmen dashed out from behind Sophia and hugged Stanley’s leg. “Stan, hugs!”

Stan? Not ‘daddy’?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 766

Upon seeing the scene before her, Sophia frowned.

In embarrassment, Stanley hugged Carmen with an awkward smile. “Hehe… hehe… This is my uncle’s daughter.”

Sean felt embarrassed as well when Cooper explained the situation with a long face.

Sophia was stunned when she was told about the truth. Carmen is actually not their daughter which they picked up from the rubbish bin!

Although they had cleared up the misunderstanding, the image of Stanley and Sean as a gay couple had left a deep impression on her.

Of course, her blind date with Stanley would never progress further.

“Let’s go,” Cooper said to Sophia.

Since the host would be leaving soon, it would be inconvenient for the guests to stay. Cooper was back, so there would be more chances for them to meet again anyway.

Upon looking at Cooper’s daughter, who was treasured by him, Sean had a lump in his throat. If only Sophia is still alive…

On the other hand, Stanley kept staring at Lucile when he noticed that Judge and Corrado obediently followed her as if they had known her for a long time. “Hmm, these dogs are acting weird…”

Corrado, who had always been cold toward people, was never amiable to anyone. It was the first time today that he became close to someone whom he met for the first time.

Linus’ car was already parked outside as the group of people exited the house. When Linus saw Stanley and Sean leaving with Carmen, he finally poked his head out from the driver’s seat and greeted, “Long time no see.”

Upon noticing Linus, Stanley proudly turned his head away while Sean returned the greeting.

Linus had once partnered with Phantom Wolf. Years ago, when Michael tried to seek Linus’ cooperation to save Sophia, he was unable to contact the latter.

Stanley had suspected that Linus intentionally did that—up until now.

If they had been able to contact Linus at that time, perhaps they would have been able to find Cooper. Cooper would have been able to meet his daughter, Sophia, and she would not…

Knowing about Stanley’s resentment toward him, Linus did not press further.

When they exited their house, they saw the Edwards and West Families making a scene outside—they bawled, scolded and begged for forgiveness. However, if Sarah and Harry continued to refuse to come out, the situation could escalate even further.

As the 9th Old Master Edwards, Sam had long known about the incident that involved the West and minor Edwards Families. Although he did not know what happened in the middle, all he knew was that Cooper took action.

Since it was Cooper, he must have had his reasons for doing so. Although Sam did not ask or intervene, as the 9th Old Master Edwards, he needed to step forward and take a look at the commotion.

Upon seeing Sam, someone from the minor Edwards Family, who had gone bankrupt, swarmed around him as if they saw their savior.

Sophia knew what the commotion was all about—she had known earlier that Cooper attacked the Edwards and West Families during that period of time, but the face that was hidden underneath the bandage was cold and indifferent.

“Darling, let’s go,” Cooper reminded again.

However, she suddenly answered, “Dad, I would like to watch the commotion.”

Upon looking at her, he had a feeling that his obedient child was different from the child she had been a few days ago. Yet, he had no choice but to accompany her to watch the show.

They then headed in the direction of Villa No. 6. Sean and Stanley quickly followed behind them to see what all the fuss was about.

Meanwhile, Michael, who was outside walking the dog and looking for his daughter, immediately spotted Stanley, who carried Carmen in his arms. A smile instantly appeared on Michael’s cold face.

“Daddy!” Carmen called out to him in her crisp voice. Stanley then put her down before she dashed toward Michael.

Her voice attracted Sophia’s attention. Her gaze followed Carmen and landed on the man with white hair.

The man was wearing a mask and the pale color of his hair reflected his extreme sorrow. Upon hearing Carmen’s voice, he squatted with gentle eyes as he looked at her. Happiness filled his eyes when he watched his daughter pouncing at him like a little butterfly, which resembled Cooper’s happiness when he looked at Sophia.

This must be Carmen’s father… He doesn’t seem old. I wonder what sort of suffering he has endured to have caused his hair to turn white.

After her gaze was attracted by the man with white hair, she subconsciously slowed down in her pace and felt a sudden inexplicable grief growing within her.

“Darling, where did you go and play?” Michael’s voice was especially gentle.

Upon hearing his voice, Sophia suddenly came to a stop. That voice sounds extremely familiar—as if I have heard it in my dreams or from my past life.

Carmen turned her head to look at Sophia while replying in a sweet voice, “I went to play with Lucile. We wore clothes for Judge together and Corrado tried to bite her, but I bravely protected her!” She sounded particularly proud and excited.

As Michael raised his head, he saw Judge’s awkward gait as he wore two pairs of tiny shoes on his feet.

Sam and his dog were there as well.

Before he managed to notice the rest, the two dogs that he was walking suddenly dashed in a certain direction while struggling in excitement. The moment he released the leashes, the two dogs raced toward that direction.

It was March and the sun had finally peaked from the clouds. Michael raised his eyes and the dazzling sun momentarily blinded him. When the darkness dispersed, he saw a young lady gently squatting under the brilliant sunlight. He could not see her face, but her figure was stunning in such a way that it was enchanting.

“Bubbles, you are a girl. You need to be more reserved!”

He watched as the lady stooped down to pet Bubbles, the poodle. Her voice was tender to its core.

The voice pierced through his eardrums, which made him feel as if some solid ice had been smashed into pieces. Warm sunlight finally reached the most tender area, buried deep within his frozen heart.

Some past memories suddenly become incredibly vivid at that moment.

“Hubby, Bubbles is a girl. You need to treat her gentler!”

“Don’t be deceived by her strong appearance. She is a girl!”

Thump. Thump.

Michael’s heartbeat uncontrollably raced. Blood rushed into his brain and to his limbs, causing him to feel that all of his senses had suddenly heightened.

He could smell that there was a familiar scent in the air that sank deep in his soul.

The face of the lady before his eyes slowly overlapped with the face of the girl who would never appear again until they became one.

He fell into a fleeting daze before using his fastest speed to regain his usual composure.

His gaze landed again on the girl. She seemed to be happy as she petted the dogs, but Cooper, who was beside her, looked unhappy. Linus picked up the leashes and handed them to Michael.

Michael’s gaze then turned to Linus. From Linus’ expression, he seemed to have something to say while walking toward Michael, but did not have a chance to voice his thoughts. At that moment, Michael seemed to realize something as immense happiness bloomed in his heart before being replaced by a deep heartache.

His hands started to tremble to the point where he could not even hold onto the leashes. Cooper’s daughter, Lucile, fancied Carmen, their cats and dogs, and the dramas that only Sophia loved. I should have realized it earlier…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 767

Sophia initially attempted to address Carmen’s father, but Cooper interrupted,”Darling, didn’t you say that you wanted to watch the commotion? We are going to the hospital after that.”

She then turned to the other direction and headed to Villa No. 6 to watch the buzz.

Upon looking at her back view, Michael noticed the scars on her hand that were hidden under her sleeve. His mind went blank as he immersed himself in great joy and sorrow. The leashes in his hands were released again, allowing the two large dogs to gladly run toward her. Even the dogs know that their mother has returned. Why didn’t I realize it? What exactly has happened in the past three years?

“Uncle, uncle…” It was only when Stanley came over to give Michael a shake did the latter snap out of his reverie. He then realized that Sophia had gone to watch the show.

As a former actor, he was able to hide his emotions under the surface. Now that he had returned to his senses, he immediately uttered, “I’m fine.”

As he looked at the figure standing among the crowd while watching the commotion, his world had turned upside down—deep within his heart.

“Stan, take Carmen home first.”

Upon hearing Michael’s words, Stanley took Carmen home with Sean before returning to watch the show.

Sophia, who was standing among the crowd and focusing on the buzz of the group of people, suddenly seemed to hear that someone was calling her. “Sophia—”

With that feeling in mind, she subconsciously turned, but nobody was calling her. Only Carmen’s father was standing not far behind her.

In a state of puzzlement, she turned to continue watching the commotion.

What she did not notice was the trace of inconspicuous shiver lasting only for a split second that the man with white hair had at the moment she subconsciously looked behind.

Chica, have you returned? Why don’t you recognize me? Why… didn’t you come home?

After Stanley sent Carmen home, he even locked Judge inside so that she could play with him at home.

Upon seeing Michael standing among the crowd and spacing out, Stanley secretly pointed at the person next to Cooper before uttering, “Uncle, look over there—that person is called Lucile. She’s Cooper’s daughter and my aunt’s younger sister. She does look like Sophia from behind! Uncle Cooper said that Lucile’s face was injured, so she has undergone plastic surgery in Xavion Cosmetic Hospital and will have the bandage removed today.”

Michael did not budge as he gazed intently at the figure.

The show among the crowd was nearing the climax.

Upon seeing Sam’s appearance, the West and Edwards Families kneeled around him, as if they saw their savior.

“Master Sam, please save us! Our family is going to fall apart if you don’t save us!” The words were from Victoria’s father.

A lot of things happened in the minor Edwards Family in these two weeks. They went bankrupt, their debtors showed up at their doors, and they had a related department conducting investigations on them—the same of which had happened to the West Family. They could not leave, had their lives thrown into chaos, and were unable to die.

“9th Old Master, someone is targeting the Edwards Family. When they knew that I’m from the Edwards Family, they framed us and threw us in such a desperate situation. Their next target would definitely be the entire Edwards Family! Master Sam, you have to save us!”

Peter chimed in as well. “Master Sam, we are all relatives. You can’t just let us die!”

Upon looking at Peter and Victoria’s father on their knees, a stunning Victoria with tears streaming down her cheeks, and the cold, stoical Cooper standing amidst the crowd, Sam raised his brows as he announced in an indifferent tone, “This time, it isn’t because the Edwards Family refuses to save all of you. It’s because there’s nothing we can do…”

The crowd whined and wailed when Sam refused to help them. It was not easy for the West Family to be able to live a good life, so they absolutely refused to return to the life of poverty. The same could be said of the Edwards Family.

Victoria suddenly saw Sophia watching the commotion among the crowd. As soon as Victoria recognized her, she abruptly stood up and dashed toward the latter while pointing at her in fury. “It’s her! This is the ugly b*tch who landed us in this mess! Master Sam, it’s her! She’s the one who ruined the Edwards Family! Catch her! Catch her now!”

Sam’s gaze landed on Cooper, who stood beside the girl wrapped in bandage, and finally understood why the latter took action against them. Serves them right!

Upon seeing that Sam was unfazed, Victoria dashed up to Sophia in grimace like a gust of wind, as if she wanted to destroy the other person’s face.

An enraged Cooper was about to make a move when Sophia, who was beside him, suddenly uttered in a cold voice, “Dad, let me handle this matter myself.”

Under his watch, she took two steps forward and confronted Victoria, who was charging at her. Before everyone could understand what was happening, two crisp clicks were heard before it was followed by Victoria’s shriek that sounded more tragic than a pig in a slaughterhouse. “Ahhhhh—”

The screech lasted until she held her hand as she kneeled on the ground, screaming in a helpless yet terrifying manner, “My hand! It’s broken!”

Sophia had broken Victoria’s hand with only one move—an extremely skilled and professional technique.

Everyone looked at the lady with a cold expression and backed away in fear.

Michael, who squeezed into the crowd to watch the commotion, happened to witness her action and found it extremely familiar—it was the technique of the Phantom Wolf.

His eyes filled with horror as he recalled his sister, whom Phantom Wolf had trained into another person. My chica, what have you endured all these years?

Sophia’s sharp, ruthless technique stunned Cooper as well, causing him to have a sudden realization that his daughter was not a defenceless little girl—she was under the care of Quinton, the Phantom Wolf, for three years!

When she regained consciousness, she had told Cooper, “I’ve killed many people in order to survive.”

In order to survive, she escaped from the town in the desert in a car to seek help in big cities. During that period of time, everywhere in that place was in the midst of chaos. Once the war started, the world became an incredibly difficult place to live in since there were bandits everywhere taking advantage of the situation to commit crimes. It would not have been a smooth journey for her as a woman to drive and venture through many chaotic towns in her journey to an even more lawless city.

Countless people would have targeted her car, aiming for the last piece of fortune and food she had on her—or even targeting her body!

If Sophia did not have a method to protect herself, she would not have peacefully survived for the past three years. If it had not been because she contracted Virs-18, she would have boarded the warship that was evacuated from there and safely returned to Cethos.

Cooper did not dare to even think what she had endured in those three years!

At the same time, he felt content yet heartbroken to know that his daughter would be able to protect herself if he was no longer around one fine day.

Without even glancing at Victoria, who was crying on her knees, Sophia turned and smiled at him. “Dad, let’s go.”

Cooper had originally planned to leave, but when he saw a stout b*stard approaching the crowd before standing next to Sam to watch the scene, his usually indifferent eyes suddenly burst into flames at that moment. It’s him—the person who raped Annabel!

It felt like a grim storm had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 768

The reckless Joe, who did not know the situation, tried his best to ingratiate himself with Sam upon seeing him.

“Master Sam, do you recognize me? I’m Faye’s father and Sophia is my daughter too,” Joe said without noticing that a person was silently standing in front of him for some time.

Cooper’s appearance gave him a fright. The man before him was looking at him gloomily, sending shivers down his spine, as he reprimanded, “Who are you? Why are you standing here in a shady manner? What do you want with me?”

Sam let out a cold laugh as he took a step backward.

Now that Cooper returned and Sophia had passed away, Joe had completely lost his purpose.

Joe had been left unharmed because he was always Cooper’s target!

His layers of fat were trembling. He now had an influential identity since his daughter, Faye, was a top-level celebrity, which made his business become incredibly successful. As a result, he lived a particularly comfortable life, causing him to become so full of himself and thought that he was a bigshot. Upon seeing a man like Cooper in front of him, he reached out his hand and rudely pushed his shoulder. “I’m talking to you! Are you mute? Master Sam, look at this man—is he mute?”

After appraising the man before his eyes, Cooper was left with a pang of sadness. My Anna was raped by this person. She was tainted by him while carrying my child, causing her to live in suffering and despair, and she sacrificed her life in exchange for Sophia’s in the end.

With gritted teeth, he snarled, “Are you Joe? Do you still remember Annabel?”

Annabel? Joe thought for a moment before finally remembering her face and vigilantly glanced at Cooper. His tone dripped with caution as he questioned, “Who are you?”

Cooper inched closer to him. Using a voice only that the two of them could hear, his sinister voice rang by Joe’s ears. “I’m her husband… and Sophia’s biological father.”

Biological father? Joe’s narrow eyes widened in fury. Only then did he understand that he had been cheated for many years. He took three steps backward before pointing at Cooper’s nose and reprimanded, “It turns out that you are that b*tch lover… Y-You guys have been cheating me all these years!” It turns out that Sophia is not my biological child! She actually cheated me out of my shares!

Joe was enraged to the point where his layers of fat continued to tremble. In a fit of fury, he pointed at Cooper and mindlessly scolded him. “I will sue you guys in court! You guys—” Hang on, he thought. This might be a scheme. If this matter escalates to court and it’s proven that I’m not related to Sophia, how am I going to get Sophia’s inheritance? How am I going to get Villa No. 8? This man must be scheming for that property.

Upon having such thoughts, Joe swallowed his anger and laughed in a sinister manner. “Haha, you guys are using this opportunity to claim your relationship with her to lay your hands on my daughter and son-in-law’s house! Tsk, in your dreams!”

He had an arrogant attitude—as if the house was already his.

“As long as I am alive, this house and my daughter’s inheritance will be mine sooner or later. Don’t you even think about it!”

Cooper scoffed without saying anything. He would allow Joe to live for a couple more hours as he had to attend to other matters today.

He then turned to notice that Linus’ car had arrived, so he entered the car with Sophia and left.

Upon looking at the departing car, Sam patted Joe’s shoulder and uttered, “Mr. Edwards, be careful and good luck.”

However, Joe had nothing to fear. Now that my daughter is a top-tiered celebrity with a strong influence, not only in Cethos but in the whole world, I don’t have to be afraid of anyone!

Sam brought his dog and left too.

Stanley, who was standing next to Michael, was puzzled and asked, “What did Uncle Cooper say to that b*stard, Joe, earlier?”

Michael had an enigmatic smile on his face. “Perhaps it is something that fathers talk among themselves.”

Since Cooper, the biological father, had returned, it was time for Joe, the fake parent, to take his leave.

Michael suddenly strode away and soon left in his car.

Stanley and Sean, who had no idea what transpired, left one after another as well.

Harry came out to kick the West and Edwards Families out. Since it was still Sarah’s family, he would have felt slightly bad if he were to take action himself. Thankfully, Victoria had offended Cooper and as a result, Harry was able to get rid of the toxic family members from their lives.

Michael was heading toward the cosmetic hospital as well. On the way, he made a call. “Justin.”

The man on the other side of the phone remained silent for a moment before answering, “Yes.”

Three years ago, since Celine was sent to the military’s special facility for treatment, Justin had been by her side.

Unfortunately, the three years went by with little success. If they wanted to save Celine, they had to kill her. Otherwise, with both Katrina and Celine sharing the same body, the former would not be completely eliminated.

She was just like a time bomb—and the detonator was in Phantom Wolf’s hands. If the Phantom Wolf pressed on the detonator, the bomb—Celine—would explode, triggering immeasurable consequences.

Michael and Justin, who was on the other side of the phone, were silent for a long time before the former asked, “You were the one who conducted the comparison of chica’s DNA at that time. Tell me about the details back then.”

Justin, who had no idea why this question was being asked, answered, “The bones that we brought back were damaged due to the high temperature. Combined with the lack of an appropriate condition and equipment to properly store the evidence, it caused the DNA collected to be destroyed. The DNA that I used was collected from the clothes with blood stains. After conducting the comparison, it matched Sophia’s DNA perfectly.”

Everything happened at a fast rate at that time. Sophia became a pot of broth that was boiled at a high temperature, which caused the collected DNA to become unusable. Therefore, Justin had no choice but to use the one from the clothes with blood stains to conduct the test.

However, DNA verification was not foolproof and could often be wrong.

After Justin gave his answer, Michael did not give a response for an extremely long time.

After some time, Michael’s voice was finally heard from the other side with a sobbing yet surprised tone. “Chica, she… isn’t dead… She has returned. She was brainwashed by Phantom Wolf and has forgotten about everything!”

Upon hearing that, Justin fell into a shock that lasted for a long time.

The Xavion Cosmetic Hospital’s scar removal technique was one of the top 10 methods in the whole world—they had plenty of precedents and the hall was constantly packed with people who came from all over the world to seek help.

Displayed in the hall were all the successful cases performed by the doctors—including a case of a facial burn on the whole face that had perfectly recovered. The patient with burns on his whole face was called Justin Mitchell.

Currently, in the hospital’s director’s office, the director was slowly removing the bandage on the face of the woman before him, as if he was lifting precious treasure with full expectations.

The large group of doctors gathered around them as well, as if they faced extreme danger.

It had been a long time since the hospital accepted a patient with such severe injuries—the previous one was Justin.

A few years ago, they accepted Justin’s case and managed to repair his face, creating a miracle. However, he had to pay a price, which was that his facial muscles stiffened due to the large number of surgeries he had undergone, which looked similar to that of those celebrities who had excessive plastic surgeries.

After so many years, the scar removal technique had improved and everyone wondered whether they could create another miracle again.

Everyone including Cooper and Linus present at the scene focused their attention on Sophia’s face. Nobody noticed a doctor with white hair silently standing at one side while reading her case.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 769

His gray hair was hidden under the sterile cap and the surgical mask covered his face, exposing his eyes.

He wore a lab coat and had his back facing everyone else. As he read the patient information, he was stunned when he saw the photo of the girl named ‘Lucile Mitchel’.

Her face and half of her body had decayed. There were detailed photos that enabled the viewer to see the other half of her face, which was still intact. It was the same face that he remembered.

It was only after understanding her situation that the hospital was able to treat her scars and one of the photos was from a long time ago—when half of Sophia’s body was festering. She was drenched in blood and looked like a lump of decaying meat.

Blindness caused by corneal infection…

Huge surface of ulceration due to the strong germ erosion caused by Virs-18…

Michael closed the file, walked out from the office and leaned against the wall outside for a while.

He looked down, gritted his teeth and allowed his tears to drop like raindrops hitting the ground.

His tall figure was shaking in remorse, hatred, surprise and pain.

It’s not a dream!

My little chica is still alive…

Why? Why didn’t I search for her for a few more days? I might have found her if I did!

Why did I fall into such a stupid trap set by Phantom Wolf?


Michael returned to the ward after some time—he still wore the same white coat, spectacles and face mask and followed the other doctors to check on Sophia’s condition.

After the first stage of laser scar treatment, her face was recovering well with the help of different medications. Her scars had faded a lot and her skin was gradually becoming smoother.

However, there was still a large area of faint traces. Even so, Sophia was satisfied as she looked at her face in the mirror and seemed to be elated.

She could feel someone passionately looking at her and looked at the crowd, only to notice someone leaving with his back against her…

Cooper was happy with the result and immediately discussed the next stage of treatment where the hospital director would be the one treating Sophia’s face.

The scars on the face would be completely removed in the second stage and medication would be used to lighten the scars throughout the entire process. Sophia would also need to take some medicine to improve her health too.

Technologies nowadays were advanced with only time being the only issue for her to make a full recovery. The doctors could also reduce the stiffness that she felt to a great extent.

Cooper was elated. I really came to the right place.

He left after agreeing on the time of surgery and noting the things that he needed to look out for in between. He firmly kept the notes of the doctor’s advice in his pocket with the determination to strictly follow the instructions. I have to treat my daughter’s face!

The head of hospital watched as Cooper left before leaving his office right after that. He then took several turns before entering an office that was hidden from view. A man with gray hair was already sitting there.

The man was the boss of the cosmetic hospital, Michael Fletcher.

“Boss, since you called me to come, is there anything?”

Michael remained silent for a long time and finally spoke when the hospital director thought that the former had fallen asleep, “Make an appointment. I want to dye my hair black.”

He saw Michael looking at his own face in the mirror before touching his gray hair, looking at the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and his tanned, rough skin.

“Schedule an appointment for me as soon as possible. I want to get my face done—brightening, softening, and removing those wrinkles.”

He left the entertainment circle after Sophia’s death and never cared about his looks since then. His hair turned gray within a night and he seemed to have aged by dozens of years.



No wonder Cooper despised me when he saw me.

That old man is turning immortal. He is in his forties yet he still looks like a young lad in his twenties. I have to be the same no matter what.

The hospital director was shocked. Did I hear it wrong? Boss is planning to make himself look younger through plastic surgery?

This is such bizarre news!

Since his boss wanted to do it, the hospital director would definitely form the best team to plan a personalized effective age revitalizing package. He would paint a perfect green paint on the old pickle.

It was late when Michael left the cosmetic hospital. The hospital director and the best team had met him and spent some time finalizing his surgery procedure.

He wanted his hair dyed, wrinkles removed, and his face rejuvenated. It was fortunate that he maintained his habit of working out, which gave him a toned physique…

He received the news about Joe’s disappearance on his way back.

As expected, Cooper was quick.

Since he was the one who took action, Joe’s consequences would be horrible.

So… Cooper must have left home!

Michael immediately ordered the driver to rush home and called Cooper’s home upon realizing that Carmen was not home. As expected, Cooper and Linus were not home, but Sophia was and Carmen went over there again!

Michael styled his hair using hair wax, took some things and rushed to Villa No. 2 and knocked on the door.

When Carmen’s nanny opened the door, Michael took a deep breath and walked into the living room steadily, only to notice that Sophia and his daughter were playing with the dogs. They made Judge wear a pair of fancy shorts and the dog was covering its face, as if embarassed to meet people.

Sophia’s treatment was done, but she still wore a mask. There was medicine on her face and she was not allowed to touch it.

Michael removed his mask before Sophia for the first time, revealing his face. He even sprayed some perfume before he left his house in the hopes that it would work.

Her family’s home theater system was featuring a sad TV drama series and she was watching it attentively while playing with the dog. She jumped when she saw him entering. “Aren’t you Taylor Murray?” She looked at him for some time before asking in shock.

“Y-You… Are you Carmen’s dad? Aren’t you dead?” Carmen’s dad also has gray hair too. I definitely did not get it wrong. Am I seeing ghosts in broad daylight?

Michael walked forward with a grin. His eyes were filled with Sophia’s looks. It’s not a dream. It’s my chica, standing right before me. “It was an accident. The truth is I left the entertainment circle. My death was merely stories made up by the media,” he answered with a smile.

A doubtful Sophia still invited Michael into the living room. She then switched the movie to the TV channels, switched on the lights, and ordered the nanny to make some tea for her guest.

She looked at him in shock as she still found it weird. How can someone who died three years ago appear before my eyes? Didn’t he perish when he accompanied his pregnant mistress to shop for milk powder, ran into his wife and was later pushed down the stairs before being stepped to death by his fans? So, this jerk didn’t die, but his wife did?

Upon having that thought, Sophia’s attitude turned cold. If it had not been the fact that he was Carmen’s dad and she felt comfortable with him, she would have chased him out of the house.

Michael thought her attitude toward him was a little cold for some reason as she poured some tea and asked, “Mr. Murray, may I know if there’s anything you need help with?”

This attitude…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 770

Michael frowned as he could tell that she was distancing herself from him. Cooper, that old fellow, must have talked bad about me! Or, maybe I look bad and she despises me. “Taylor Murray is my stage name. My actual name is Michael Fletcher,” he answered.

“Oh… Mr. Fletcher,” Sophia responded indifferently.

Michael did not understand her cold attitude toward him, but it was more than enough to be able to talk to her.

He was content.

He paused a little and took out the things that he brought over for her. It was a sealed folder with some documents. “These are for Mr. Mitchel.” Another sealed folder was produced. “This is for you.”

“What is this?” Sophia was guarded as she took the folder.

However, Michael merely stood up and mysteriously replied, “You’ll know once you see it. I won’t disturb you and will take my leave.”

He strode out and said as he rubbed Carmen’s head before he left. “Darling, come back earlier.”

“Okay!” Carmen answered. She had already treated Sophia’s home as her own.

She had not planned to leave and wanted to have dinner before heading home. Judge took advantage of the opportunity and quickly ran with his two little pairs of shoes to follow Michael home.

As for Sophia, she opened the folder and saw a stack of photos and documents. The first thing she saw was an identification card. My identification card as Sophia?

The date of issuance was 8 years ago when she was 18. She should be currently 26 and the address on it showed Villa No. 8, the Imperial!

I’ve lived there?

She then took out the second document—it was actually a Cethosian marriage certificate…

Cooper and Linus returned home late at night.

There was the smell of blood on Cooper.

His shadow was hidden in the dark like a huge, black dragon resting after hunting its prey. He was exhaling breaths of death around him.

His cold, ruthless expression gradually softened when he arrived home, opened his eyes and saw the light coming out from his house. Anna, I’ve taken revenge for you. Leave Sophia to me from now on.

Cooper knocked on Sophia’s door and walked in when he saw that the light in Sophia’s room was still switched on. “Sophia, why are you still awake?”

Sophia, who was in the room, seemed to have cried. Her eyes were red and puffy as she sat in front of her dressing table. “Dad, is there something that you are not telling me? she asked as she turned to look at Cooper.

Cooper had a bad feeling. As expected, he saw the photos on the dressing table—those were pictures of Sophia and Michael that were taken in the past.

There were photos they took in Harper’s Mansion, in the film studio, in the restaurant, and a photo of them with Nate. There was also her identification card and her marriage certificate with Michael.

Cooper walked over and looked at their marriage certificate.

The Cethosian law allowed females aged 18 and males aged 20 to get married. She was only 18 when they were married. She looked horrible back then as her hair was in a mess and her face was pale, giving the impression that she was lost in life.

That was probably her worst time… She was sold at 80,000 and married to Michael.

However, in the second photo, Sophia seemed to have completely transformed. Her cheeks were red as she had light makeup on and looked classy in a gorgeous and exquisite evening gown. She had a maroon-colored ring on her finger too, looking like a princess as she turned at the spiral staircase.

The third photo was taken when they enjoyed the snow—the couple stood on the white ground as their footprints overlapped with each other.

Michael wore a costume and was singing opera as she attentively listened to it. There were also pictures of them holding hands while traveling around the world.

He had stored the memories between them with those photos and sent it over with her identification card and marriage certificate, giving her an opportunity to learn about her past.

“Dad… Am I Carmen’s mom? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Even though medicine had been applied on Sophia’s face, she had cried for such a long time that it was washed off by her tears. Cooper quickly wiped her tears off from her face.

“Darling, don’t cry. It’s my fault… It’s all my fault. Please don’t cry; it will be bad if you damage your eyes from crying.” Cooper was panicking. He could never forget her eyes, which were blinded from all the pain and suffering she endured. This pair of eyes were synthetic and were as equally fragile as her previous eyes.

However, Sophia could not stop sobbing. How am I supposed to accept all these? I am Michael’s wife and Carmen’s mom? I have a kid and a husband? “Dad… What happened back then? Why did you lie to me?”

She understood that Cooper could be protecting her from the truth, but she also had the right to know about it!

Didn’t the news report that three lives were killed?

How are Carmen and Michael still alive? I’m alive too, but have been living in Africa, which is far away. Gosh, I always thought that Quinton was my husband! What happened?

“Child, it’s better for you not to know,” Cooper said in a low voice. His eyes were filled with sadness as he held Sophia’s pale face.

She continued to cry. “Dad, I just want to know what happened.”

He knew that he could no longer keep the truth a secret, so he shared with her everything that he knew. “I was 17 when I met your mom. She was 17 too…”

“Joe found you after that and thought that you were his daughter. He sold you to Michael.”

“Quinton Clark was Michael’s illegitimate son and planned to take revenge on the Fletcher Family. He kidnapped you at a time when you were pregnant and convinced Michael to think that you were dead.”

Sophia was stunned after hearing all those and looked at Cooper with teary eyes as tears started to roll down her cheeks again.

Her emotions were unstable. She continued to cry and her recently recovered throat was sore again. He had to send her to the hospital in the middle of the night and only returned home hours later. She only managed to fall asleep after he lit some soothing fragrance.

Yet, she still had nightmares even with the incense. The faceless man in her dreams all those times finally had a face.

Michael was running on the beach with the dog and it was Judge whom he was holding.

She recalled the friend Sarah mentioned—the one who hurt his throat from crying too much because he was widowed—and the man with gray hair and face mask she saw in the hospital the other day… That must be Michael.

Among the photos that he gave, there was one where he wore his costume to perform opera.

He must be the one whom Sarah mentioned—her friend who damaged his vocal cords from crying…

Is his gray hair and ruined throat as a result of crying all caused by my departure?

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