My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 741-750

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 741

However, Quinton seemed to hear nothing. His eyes were glued onto Sophia.

How did my woman become like this?

He had forgotten how he left Michel’s Castle; all he could remember was Sophia’s vacant eyes.

Her eyes hadn’t been functioning well. However, after she contracted Virs-18, her condition deteriorated quickly, and she became blind.

Quinton knew very well how Sophia’s eyes ended up this way—it was all because of him.

Sophia was quite obstinate—she would rather die than follow him, but he had his own ways too. Since he could train Celine, who had undergone special training, to be a callous assassin, he naturally had his ways with Sophia.

He forced her to undergo his own brainwashing techniques and used equipment to disrupt her brainwaves to manually create nightmares for her.

In the nightmares, everything that she cared for was destroyed in front of her again and again.

She would watch her beloved child die in front of her numerous times.

She would witness Michael, whom she loved, die tragically in front of her countless times.

Her nightmare would continue endlessly, yet she couldn’t escape from any of them; it was torturing her endlessly.

Everything that she most feared would appear in her dreams. Apart from that, her fears would be enlarged until she couldn’t differentiate between reality and her nightmares.

She cried and howled in pain day and night until her traumatized brain became blank. All her memories had completely disappeared as a defense mechanism. Since she thought all the nightmares were real, in order to protect herself, her brain had erased all the memories that brought her pain.

It was also during that time when she cried so much that she almost turned blind. Then, Quinton brought her to various eye specialists to heal her.

Who would’ve thought…

Standing on the walls, Cooper was watching Quinton leaving with his fleet of cars, and he almost pressed the button to blast him to the skies. Nevertheless, he managed to hold his impulse back in the end.

Since Sophia had not completely healed, he didn’t want to kill anyone yet.

Meanwhile, in the ward, Sophia asked Linus expectantly, “Uncle Linus, where’s my present?”

Linus smiled at her dotingly as he wore a hat for her to cover up the unseenly scars on her scalp. “It’s going to arrive soon.”

Then, he shouted to the door, “Shae, come in.”

A contraption outside the door started moving and walked inside. It was actually a robot that was a meter tall.

After it walked in, it spoke to Sophia sweetly, “Mom, I’m Shae, your smart household robot.”

Delighted by its appearance, Sophia touched around. Then, Linus said, “This is a smart robot that Coop and I designed for you. It’s called Shae. Come touch it.”

With Linus’ guidance, Sophia finally touched Shae. After feeling the smooth and sleek outline of the robot, Sophia smiled delightedly. “Shae, Shae…” Then, she was confused. “Why do you call it Shae?”

Linus’ face fell slightly, but he still forced himself to smile. “Because… Shae means ‘three’ in ancient Mayan language. It represents the three of us—you, me and Fass!”

Sophia laughed upon hearing that, moving the scar on her face as well.

Of course, Linus couldn’t bring himself to tell her that there was Nicholas before Shae.

With that, Linus instructed Shae, “Shae, sing a song for us.”

Shae was much smarter than Nicholas. After all, it had been four years since Nicholas was invented. In the past four years, technology had advanced tremendously. Even though Nicholas couldn’t sing and dance, Shae could do that well.

Hence, it began to sing according to their conversation. “Moon river, wider than a mile… I’m crossing you in style some day…”

To Sophia, this song rang a bell. She was even familiar with the rhythm, but she couldn’t recall where she had heard it. After hearing Shae sing it once, she had had it memorized.

She knew that she had lost her memories and forgotten many past incidents, but her instincts were still there. She had lost the memories of how to cook, but after seeing the utensils and how others did it, she got the hang of it immediately.

Instincts and habits worked in mysterious ways.

After recuperating in the castle for a few months, Sophia had completely regained her health. She had been doing well, and she had also slowly gotten used to being blind. Shae was a responsible guiding robot—it brought her out everyday.

The residents in the town were all employees from the Michel Group. With the strong Michel Group backing them up, everything was flourishing and safe.

After Sophia had gotten better, Cooper brought her to Europe for a cornea transplant.

The operation was very successful. After that, when Sophia opened her eyes, light flooded into her vision. Beyond excited, she looked around curiously.

Ahh, it’s so great to be able to see again.

Of course, the first person she saw was a handsome young man with a profound look in his eyes.

She recognized him immediately. “Dad!”

Finally, she could see what her father looked like. She rushed to hug him, feeling so agitated that tears streamed down her face.

Finally, both the father and daughter saw each other for the first time. Hence, Cooper was also very excited as he carefully looked into Sophia’s eyes.

It was a pair of perfectly man-made eyes that cost a bomb; it wasn’t even in the market right now. As it was a technology from Europe, they only had blue iris. Sophia’s black iris had become blue right now.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she could see a pair of blue eyes staring back at her in the mirror.

Her eyes had never been in great shape before—tears often flowed out of her eyes. Sophia thought that as long as her eyes could be cured, nothing else mattered. However, now that her eyes were perfectly fine again—she could see clearly and all her old problems were gone—she felt that everything was wrong again.

Her scalp could no longer grow any hair, and half her face was also covered by hideous scars. Because of the rotten flesh, she was even short of two fingernails that could never grow back again.

She dared not look at herself in the mirror. In fact, she wasn’t even able to bring herself to look at her fingers, and she refused to go outside.

Cooper brought her around the entire Europe to carry out various operations to transplant her skin, hair and fingernails.

Sophia acted like someone from the countryside who had entered the city for the first time. During the consultation visitations, they also looked around the vibrant big cities and shopped a lot. Cooper agreed to every request she had, paying happily as he held the bags for her

After all, this was also his first time being a father, so he didn’t really know what to do either.

He could give in to all her requests. Even if Sophia wanted the entire world, he would buy it for her.

Sophia even got blond hair implants. Right now, she was a complete blondie with blue eyes.

When she was in the small town, Quinton forbade her to use her phone to surf the Internet. Hence, she hadn’t seen anyone else apart from herself. Since the only people she had seen were Caucasian and Blacks, she was influenced by western beauty standards. This was why she chose to implant a set of blond hair for herself.

Cooper had intentions to groom her in terms of career. Hence, while he brought her to several plastic surgeries, he also showed her around his business and taught her many things about it.

After her hair, eyes, and fingernails were done, Sophia was still unsatisfied because the scars on her face were still too ugly to be publicly seen.

However, unexpectedly, they faced some issues during the skin transplant surgery…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 742

As the diameter of Sophia’s scar was extremely large, they were unable to perform the traditional method of skin grafting as her face required a patch of healthy skin from her body. Even though her face was already healed, there would be another patch of scar. In short, the process involved the grafting of skin from other parts of her body, but they were unable to do so because there was no extra skin left.

It was obviously not what Cooper wanted. Sophia had bought many beautiful dresses, but she was unable to wear them because of her scars. As a father, he naturally wanted his daughter to be the prettiest. Since the traditional method of skin grafting was unable to meet his expectations, it was only viable to use other methods like laser surgery to reduce the appearance of the scars.

For that kind of treatment, only a private hospital in Cethos had that kind of expertise. Since Sophia was a local there, that hospital would be a better choice—since it was already specialized in surgeries for folks like her.

The few hospitals that Cooper asked around all recommended him to bring Sophia to the hospital in Cethos for her condition to be surveyed. “Cethos…” he murmured in a low voice. It was a place that seemed to wield magical powers, rendering him unable to sever all connections with the country. He had once hated Cethos with a vengeance, but now that the cruel truth was revealed, the topic was off-limits for him.

Cooper never wanted to return to that country. In fact, it could be said that he feared that place because he lacked the guts or the heart to see Woody again. The hatred Cooper bore toward Woody had now turned into guilt. He admitted that he was extremely reckless in the past until it was difficult for Woody to act in the interest as the family head. Hence, Woody had no choice but to ruin Cooper’s happiness. Cooper was unaware of Woody’s actual intentions, but now that the former knew about it, 20 years had already passed.

However, after he turned and saw his daughter, whose face could not be seen by others, all of his fear and guilt became insignificant. Half of Sophia’s face was covered in scars and she only had an eyebrow. She’s still young and will need to be married in the future. Of course she can’t look like this forever. However, if we return to Cethos, both of us will have to face our past…

His resolve hardened in the end. “Let’s return to Cethos!” Sophia’s happiness is more important than anything else. Right now, the most important thing is to fix her face.

With that, Cooper immediately made an appointment with the hospital at Cethos, which specialized in treating burn scars. On top of that, he also scheduled an appointment with another hospital in Bayside City that was famous for their otolaryngology department. Apart from Sophia’s face, even her vocal cords needed to be treated.

As soon as Sophia learned that they were returning to Cethos, she packed her luggage in excitement. However, Cooper did not feel good upon seeing her excitement.

Linus suddenly appeared again and reported to Cooper in a low voice, “Quinton is here again.”

Quinton, who was also known as Phantom Wolf, had been circling around Michel’s Castle once every few days, but Cooper had sent him off.

“Ask him whether he prefers minced meat or meatballs. I can grant his wishes.” In Cooper’s eyes, Quinton was as good as a plate of walking minced meat. If it hadn’t been for his good mood that he was finally reunited with his daughter, he would have already killed Quinton much earlier. If the Phantom Wolf was a deadly wolf waiting for an opportunity to attack in the African ranges, the Fletcher Family was an amateur that was not a match for him.

Using that analogy, Cooper resembled the ancient dragon who had been living on that piece of land for ages. No matter how sly the wolf could be, it was never his match! He wants to be my son-in-law? In his dreams! It’s not like he’s a virgin or someone complete, so how can I possibly give my daughter’s hand in marriage to him? I wish I could throw him into a barrel of pee and ask him to look at himself in the mirror! Sophia is being tormented like this because of the internal battle between Theo Fletcher’s two sons. I will never allow her to keep in touch with any of Theo’s descendants again!

“Dad, is Hope here again?” Sophia asked as soon as she saw Cooper entering the room. She seemed to know that something had happened.

Cooper’s face darkened. “No.”

“You’re still thinking of turning him into minced meat and meatballs.”


“Can I meet him?”

“No way.”

She pouted in unhappiness upon hearing that and begged Cooper as she grabbed his sleeves to vent her frustrations. “Dad, let me meet him for once. After all, he has taken good care of me all this while. If I leave like that, I’ll feel bad about it.”

Sure enough, he was someone who had a soft heart. After she gently asked for his permission, he softened his tone. “Fine, I’ll let you meet him for once.”

During that period, Cooper had been bad mouthing Quinton as soon as he saw the opportunity to do so, saying that the latter was a callous assassin who killed many people. Sophia had never developed any romantic feelings for him since the beginning and did not have any whatsoever, but since he had taken care of her for ages, she thought it would be better to meet up with him before she left.

As soon as Quinton knew that Cooper agreed to let Sophia meet him, he was ecstatic. After Quinton arrived at the designated spit, the wall in front of him immediately became a huge screen as soon as he sat down. Then, she appeared in front of him—the entire set-up was realistic to the point where he felt that she was sitting opposite him with a panel of glass in between them.

“Sophia!” he happily greeted as soon as he saw her.

She was in great spirits—on top of that, she had undergone hair and eye transplant. With her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, she looked completely different from before, but half of her face was ruined. When she saw him, she smiled. “Hope, you’re here.”

She never had any romantic feelings for Quinton from the beginning. However, after regaining consciousness in an unfamiliar place and feeling as if she was a stranger without any familiar face around her, he was the only person whom she knew. Naturally, he became her savior.

Quinton stretched his hand and pressed it on the wall to be closer to her, but unfortunately, it was merely a projection of her. Hass and Linus will never allow me to be near her since I’m the cause of her looking like this.

“Sophia, how are you doing?” Since they had been separated for almost half a year, he continuously thought about her and even dreamed of her. Yet, after waiting for six months, he was only able to see a projection of her.

Sophia, who was opposite him, nodded. “I have found my biological father and he treats me well.”

Quinton looked at Fass, who was standing behind her. He had already known about her father’s identity—as the head of the Michel Family who never revealed himself, Fass Michel. I can’t believe that he’s actually Sophia’s father!

At that moment, Cooper continued to stand behind her and glared at Quinton. If Quinton said the wrong thing, it would be moments before he became minced meat.

After some hesitation, she informed him, “Hope, please don’t look for me anymore. My dad will take care of me from now onward. You don’t have to worry about me. I know that you treat me well, but… I’m sorry, I only treat you as a family member and nothing more.”

A tragic feeling rose within Quinton, but he had already expected it. He had been selfish to keep her by his side as he wanted to start afresh with her. In fact, he would even use cruel methods to brainwash her by planting the orders ‘to love Quinton Clark’ in her head so that she was unable to resist him. With that, she would be loyal to him forever. However, he chose not to do that because he wanted a fresh start—he wanted her to love him for who he is and not as a result of his brainwashing techniques.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 743

Since things had turned out in that manner, there was nothing he could do about it but feel distressed. What rights do I have to love her?

Three years ago, Quinton secretly brought Sophia back and hid her from sight because she was pregnant. When she went into labor, the town was still at war and lacked doctors and medicine. In the deserted hospital that was bombed, she delivered to a girl in writhing pain and as a result, both mother and daughter almost died in the process. After that, he hid her in yet another dilapidated town. Sophia had always loved the city, but she was forced to wither away in a small place.

He wanted to give her the best, but still hurt her in the end.

Hence, it was only natural that she did not reciprocate his feelings.

Quinton remained silent as he helplessly pressed his hands on the wall with his head lowered in silence.

When Sophia was about to continue speaking, Cooper reached out and flipped the ‘off’ button while saying, “Okay, time’s up. We’re leaving now. You better leave soon. Otherwise, I’ll definitely turn you into minced meat!”

She grumbled, “Dad—”

However, the audio and visual immediately stopped. When Quinton raised his head again, only the bare wall was in front of him, creating a distance of thousands of miles between him and Sophia.

At that moment, she was still in Meyes and what he saw was a mere projection of her being in that place.

He finally left Michel’s Castle in low spirits while she prepared to leave for Cethos.

Cethos was a place that Sophia longed to return to as she was tired of eating mashed potatoes and bread in Europe and America. She much preferred to visit Chinatown there to have Cethosian dishes, but Linus once mentioned that those foods could not be compared to the authentic ones back home.

Once they landed in Cethos, he brought her to have an authentic hotpot.

As their car left the airport and passed by the city square, they saw many exhibitions of the Cethosian culture as it was their cultural week. Apart from that, there was an introductory video being screened on the large screens, elaborating on the country’s tasty food, beautiful sceneries and their folk cultures.

As Sophia leaned against the car windows, she observed everything in excitement. As they were caught in a traffic congestion where their car was bumper-to-bumper, she rolled down the windows to watch the video about Cethosian culture on the display screen.

In the video, she noticed the delicious food, the grand caste, Beijing Opera, shadow puppets, and various technologies. Her eyes flickered with hope as she looked forward to all that entertainment.

A man’s face suddenly appeared in the promotional video on the display screen.

He looked like he was in his thirties—even though he looked indifferent, he was handsome yet rugged from those men whom Sophia had met. He had the unfamiliar beauty of a local man yet the profound facial features of someone who lived abroad. Upon looking at his face, her mind suddenly went blank as her eyes widened in shock.

What a handsome man…

“Dad! Dad, look! This man is so good-looking! Who is he? Do you know him?” Sophia quickly asked as she tugged on Cooper’s sleeves. He must be pretty famous to be on the international promotional video along with the symbols of Cethosian culture, such as delicious food and shadow puppetry.

After Cooper raised his head, he was able to catch a glimpse of the person in question before it was replaced by one of fried spring rolls. Nevertheless, he had a good look at the man whom Sophia mentioned and immediately turned his head in disgust while coldly saying, “His name is Taylor Murray, an actor who has been dead for years. It seems like the video is outdated.”

He’s dead…

Sophia’s eagerness disappeared, as though she had wilted.

Upon seeing how disappointed Sophia was, Cooper felt sorry for her, but he did not want her to be related to that man anymore. Once her face was successfully repaired, they would immediately leave the place.

Michael Fletcher may not have been dead, but ‘Taylor Murray’ had ceased to exist in the world forever.

A disappointed Sophia asked again, “How did he die?”

Cooper replied coldly, “I heard that he brought his pregnant mistress to buy some baby formulas at the mall and ran into his wife, who was also with child, when she shopped for clothes there. In the midst of their argument, his wife accidentally pushed him down the stairs before they were trampled to death by his excited fans who had crowded around them.

Upon hearing that, Linus nearly burst out in laughter. Seems like Cooper really hates Michael! Since Michael had bought Sophia for 80,000, Cooper would forever hold a grudge against him on this. On top of that, Michael had dug into Cooper’s grave and stole his coffin.

When Sophia heard that, she was crestfallen and angered at the same time. “Indeed. You can’t judge a book by its cover! He deserves to die like that!”

Cooper replied, “You are right. It serves him right.”

Even after she knew that Taylor was a playboy, his handsome features in the introductory video had left an indelible impression on her. After they boarded their private jet, she secretly took out her laptop to search for any news relating to him.

As expected, there were a few related news articles. According to Taylor’s Wikipedia profile, he was the only actor who was the Academy Award for Best Actor winner twice. He was killed with his pregnant wife, Eddie Fletcher, after being trampled upon at the mall three years ago—three lives were lost on that day.

Apart from that news report, there was nothing new from a celebrity who had been dead for years. The news articles online about him were now old reports yet they were all negative.

Sophia gathered that he was a playboy who always frequented clubs from the news articles. Apart from that, he was often involved in fights and a bully who forced an actress to kneel before him. On top of that, he even pressured a young, good-looking actor to play by the hidden rules of the industry for his personal benefits! What a scumbag!

Even though he had a horrible personality and conducted himself in a terrible manner, he was the only person who won the Oscar twice, making him a legend.

The final piece of work from Taylor was a movie named ‘The National Treasury Action’, which had been adapted from a true event that described the history of the legendary Imperial Seal in the past century. However, before he could finish with the filming, he was killed and there were no updates from the blockbuster movie after that.

God must have hated talented people, but Taylor surely deserves this. He accompanied his pregnant mistress to buy baby formulas, but ignored his own pregnant wife—he deserves to die indeed.

Sophia could not help but search her own name after she was done reading up on Taylor.

After she entered ‘Sophia Edwards’ into the search engine, she saw various news reports—but none were on her and merely about people who shared the same name as her. Seems like I wasn’t a famous person in the past.

In fact, Linus has been secretly monitoring her—he saw that she searched for news on Michael and herself.

All the information about Sophia online had been blocked or deleted, so she could never stumble upon anything about herself—no matter how much she looked around.

Three years were enough for people to forget about many things.

As for news on Michael, as long as she used the electronic devices from the Michel Family, be it cell phones, laptops, and the like, she would only see the negative reports about Taylor.

Linus sighed and could not help but remind Cooper, “Fass, she has lost her memories. Now that she has returned to Cethos, she might remember something after meeting someone whom she used to know…”

As their shoulders brushed against each other, Cooper replied, “Even if she did so, she won’t remember a thing.”

She had completely lost all of her memories and would not be able to remember them anymore. At the current moment, she was now a brand new person. .

The past entanglements of her various relationships were completely unrelated to her—she was no longer Sophia Edwards, but rather the daughter of Cooper Mitchell. The only reason why she retained her old name was because her mother had christened her.

However, Cooper never fancied the name because it reminded him of Annabel.

Linus remained silent, but felt that Cooper was trying to deceive himself.

However, Cooper approached Sophia and gave her the new passport that he made for her. “Come here, baby. This is your passport. Keep it well.”

Meanwhile, Linus secretly smirked. He even calls her ‘darling’…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 744

When Sophia took the passport, there was an unfamiliar name on it—Scarlett Mitchell. “Dad, why is my name Scarlett?”

Upon seeing the name, Cooper had mixed feelings about it and explained after sitting next to her, “Back then, your mom and I eloped to a historical town known as Ancient Town of Scarlett, which was where she conceived you.”

“Oh, okay.” She kept her passport away before asking in an innocent manner. “Do I have to change my name in the future?”

He looked at her lovingly like how an old father would. “You don’t have to. It’s a name that your mother gave to you, so we will not change it all. The name ‘Scarlett Mitchell’ is a temporary identity as you had many enemies in Cethos in the past. I’m just scared that they might take their revenge on you, so if anyone asks for your name, just tell them that you are Scarlett or Lucile Michel. Got it?”


Even though she felt awkward, she still kept the passport safely in her bag and continued to watch her movie on the laptop.

An enthusiastic Cooper poked his head to have a look at the movie Sophia watched. “Darling, what movie are you watching? Can I join you?”

Sophia chuckled before turning the laptop in Cooper’s direction, thereafter he saw two lines—‘War Dragon’ and ‘Main actors: Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston’.

“This is not a good film to watch. The ratings are extremely low. Let me recommend another movie to you,” Cooper immediately said.

However, Sophia thought that it was decent. “I think it’s quite good. Look at this—it was an international box office with billions back then! It has remained as the highest in Cethos as no one has been able to break its record so far.”

He was still against it. “The main actor is a scumbag. Don’t watch.”

She pouted unhappily and frowned at him before she answered in a hoarse voice, “Dad, it’s just a movie…”

Ten minutes later, ‘War Dragon’ was being screened through the audio surround sound and 3D visual effects in the private jet’s family cinema. It had entertained Sophia so much that she forgot to eat her popcorn.

On the other hand, Cooper was forced to watch it with her, resulting in his face darkening throughout the entire film whereas Linus felt like laughing out loud.

The moment the powerful Cooper Mitchell, also known as the callous Fass Michel, became a loving father, his insensitivity melted into one of vulnerability. He could treat the entire world cruelly, but not his little princess.

Sophia felt a familiar sense of longing for her motherland when she alighted from the plane as soon as it landed in Cethos. Every inch of soil beneath her feet bore familiarity and she even found the air welcoming.

Since their hospital appointment was on the next day, they still had some free time on their hands. After settling down at the hotel, she immediately wanted to look around the town in excitement. Of course, Cooper had personally tagged along with her.

He would feel that he was about to lose his little princess even if she left him for a second.

It was already the snowy season in Bayside City with beautiful wintry scenery—lanterns hung everywhere, creating a festive aura for the new year. After she walked around the busiest spot and bought a lot of things, Linus brought her to have a hotpot.

She seemed to have discovered a brand new world as soon as she finished the hotpot—the taste was unforgettable and she wanted to have it for her daily meals.

Once she was satiated, she did not rush back to the hotel and walked around instead before stumbling upon a cafe. Then, she announced in surprise, “Dad, look at this cat cafe!”

Before Cooper could even react to Sophia’s words, she already ran toward it in excitement. Then, she looked at the cats which stood outside the shop window.

“Dad, look! There are so many beautiful cats!”

Next to the cat cafe was a pet shop and opposite was an animal luxury brand store with the

Standing outside the pet shop, she leaned against the glass to have a look inside.

At the shop window was a beautiful huge dog with its leash that looked like it was being exhibited—a purebred husky with an impressive collar around its neck.

The husky gave many idiotic expressions as it looked at Sophia from the other end of the glass. As it was her first time seeing such a beautiful dog, she was shocked.

Apart from that, two large poodles lay in the kitchen, giving off the aura of adult bulky men, while not too far away was a white Samoyed.

The dogs scratched on the glass panel in enthusiasm when they saw her outside the window.

An ecstatic Sophia turned and tugged on Cooper’s sleeves again. “Dad, I want a dog.”

Cooper frowned. “Uncle Linus has one.”

She pouted. “That is his dog. I want my own dog.”

He was both exasperated and helpless upon hearing that. As long as his little princess liked it, he would not have any issues even if she wanted to open a dog store.

Upon seeing that he had agreed to her request, she happily entered the pet shop and wanted to select a cat or a dog home. Her interest was instantly piqued by the four big dogs on the window display—each looking cooler than the other.

“Are these four dogs for sale?” she asked the salesperson.

However, the salesperson replied, “Miss, I’m sorry to tell you that these few dogs belong to our boss. Since they have nothing to do at home, we have decided to bring them here. They’re not for sale.”

Feeling slightly disappointed, Sophia removed her gloves and patted the beautiful husky’s head. It jumped and licked her hand in agitation, as if it saw someone whom it knew.

After stroking the dog, she looked around for other dogs, but she still felt that none of them matched the ones at the display. None of the ones for sale was up to her standard.

Meanwhile, Linus was still stroking the excited husky at the display.

Since Sophia could not find any dogs she liked, she wistfully left.

After she left, the husky barked from the glass panel and fervently scratched on the glass when it watched them walking further away.

Not long after they left, a tanned young man with a short haircut opened the door and walked into the store.

The young man wore a formal black suit with a coat, looking as if he just got off work. He had the air of a business elite around him.

Then, he walked forward to undo the leash of the husky and said happily, “My good son, I’m off work now. Let’s go home!”

No one knew that once the leash was undone, the husky quickly rushed out of the door and looked around. Amidst the snow, the people who entered earlier were nowhere to be seen. It lowered its muzzle to the ground and sniffed the snow to pick up their scent.

It saw in Sophia’s eyes that she was the person whom it had been looking for.

The man in the store ran outside and grabbed the husky back to his car while saying, “Judge, please stop running off!”

As the car was being driven off with two men at the front seat, the big four dogs were seated at the backseat. After the vehicle made a turn, the husky sitting by the window saw the few people who petted it earlier as they bought some sweet potatoes by the roadside.

Awooooo! Awoooooo!

It howled at the window.

The man in the passenger seat asked the driver, “What’s wrong with Judge today?”

The driver replied, “No idea. Maybe he wants to play in the snow since it’s his natural environment…”

Sophia, who was by the roadside, removed the mask that she wore and ate the sweet potato in a beautiful manner. Bayside City is the best since food is available everywhere and even the roast sweet potato looks tasty.

As she ate, she saw a car passing by with an excited dog.

When Sophia was about to take a second look, a few people walked past her and stared at her face. Cooper took a few steps forward to obscure their view of her as well as block her view of the dogs.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 745

Sophia headed to the cosmetic hospital to have the doctors there take a look at her. Sure enough, it was the best facility in the world for her to recover from her scars. After her appointment, they said that they would do their best, but there was a problem only which Cethos had—the new year was around the corner.

All the slots for surgeries were fully booked and the doctors had applied for their annual leaves to return home for their family reunion. The fastest that they could arrange for her was after the new year celebrations.

Once they agreed on a date for the surgery, Cooper left with Sophia.

When she passed by the waiting area, she heard a nurse calling out. “Sarah West. Is Sarah West here? You can have the treatment to remove your stretch marks now.”

Upon hearing the name ‘Sarah West’, Sophia turned, only to see a woman’s back as the latter walked to the operation room.

As Sophia’s operation was scheduled to be after the new year, she needed to stay in Cethos for another month. If they stayed in a hotel, she would be bored, so Linus offered his property in Bayside City that was conveniently located near amenities and tourist spots while being located next to the ancient Imperial Palace. On top of that, it was within a close distance to the hospital, so she could stay there with him and Cooper. Linus had already arranged for people to tidy the place up.

As soon as she heard that it was situated next to the ancient Imperial Palace, she was excited to head there.

Since the ancient Imperial Palace museum was about to close for the new year celebrations, she had to quickly make a visit.

Hence, they moved out from the hotel to the property that Linus owned—Villa No. 2 at the Imperial.

Even though he had left for many years, the mansion was always under his name. Throughout the years, the price of the properties in that area had significantly increased in value, especially since the Imperial was located right below the ancient Imperial Palace. Furthermore, it was close to the elite schools, which caused the property prices to skyrocket to the point where even he felt a chill down his spine.

Around five years ago, when Michael had bequeathed the villa to him, it only cost 120 million. However, its current value rose to billions due to the real estate transactions at the Imperial. You really can’t predict anything with the properties of Bayside City.

As the car spun around the ancient Imperial Palace, Sophia still acted like a countrywoman who came to the city for the first time. Impressed by what she saw, she exclaimed, “Wow! What beautiful architecture! Dad, uncle, look! It’s beautiful!”

Cooper remained indifferent throughout the entire journey as he felt that Linus deliberately offered to host them in his property. After all, Michael also lived at the Imperial.

However, after knowing that Linus had a mansion with convenient amenities, she insisted on staying there for a few days.

When the car arrived at the neighborhood and their identities were verified, they were able to enter the compound.

After Sophia looked at the other mansions through the car window, she was again shocked. Every mansion has a different style! There are styles of classical garden, hard rock, luxury, the local Cethos, and a countryside vibe, which was what Linus’ mansion is.

When they passed by Villa No. 8, she noticed that there was meat being hung in the garden of the castle-like villa. Hence, she quickly asked, “Dad, why are they hanging meat outside?”

After looking at it, Cooper replied, “That is called sausages. Cethosian folks make their own sausages for the new year and it has to be dried outside so that it tastes delicious.”

Upon looking at the sausages, she licked her lips. I’m sure it’s delicious…

Linus seemed to read her mind and smiled. “Since we are staying here for some time, I’ll make some too.”

After moving into his house, he started to prepare sausages, just as promised. Since they would spend the new year in Cethos, they should make the most out of their stay.

The next day, he went to purchase the ingredients to make the sausages.

Sophia visited the ancient Imperial Palace in the morning and saw Linus making the sausages himself when she returned home in the afternoon. Then, she quickly went over to have a look. Upon noticing his experienced hands as he made them, she could not help but ask, “Uncle Linus, where did you learn to make sausages?”

He lowered his head to look at the meat with melancholy. “A friend taught me.”

“I would like to learn! Uncle Linus, why don’t you teach me?”

Since she was enthusiastic about learning to make sausages, he taught her a bit. Even though she had lost her memories, she still had her instincts and quickly learned the techniques.

He decided to whip up something delicious after they finished making the sausages. The moment he arrived in Cethos, he had an unforgettable memory about the dishes. Since he was unable to sample Cethosian dishes when he returned home, he learned how to make them himself.

Linus found the kimchi barrel that he kept a few years ago and Sophia was the one who gave him the vinegar back then. After he took it, he realized that it had not expired since the temperature in the villa was regulated. Even though it was now winter, the vinegar still tasted good. On top of that, there were fresh cabbages that were recently left to soak in the liquid and the water had not completely dried. It seemed like there were people continuously visited to take care of everything in the villa.

A housekeeper arrived at Villa No. 8 at that moment. Even though there was no one living in Villa No. 2 anymore, she often came over to clean the place. Whenever the cleaning crew saw that the barrel of kimchi was empty, they often replenished it.

“Mr. Michel, my boss has been staying at home these days,” she said. “Feel free to come over from time to time.”

Linus replied, “Definitely.”

Once the housekeeper left, Sophia asked in curiosity. “Who lives in Villa No. 8? Is it your friend?”

He replied while cutting the vegetables, “Yup, he’s a friend.”

However, when he spoke, he could not bring himself to look into her eyes.

Even though Linus was cooking, he bought a lot of takeouts as well—roast duck, vegetables and pickles. WIth the few dishes that he prepared, the table was full of food.

Sophia happily cooked a dish and asked Cooper to give it a taste. “Dad, I made your favorite dish!”

Not only was he delighted to hear that, he was so moved that he almost cried. My daughter knows how to cook for me now! She even knows what dish I like! How thoughtful!

Hence, he sat down and picked up the prepared cutleries as he waited for her dish.

She brought a dish to the table while saying, “Dad, here’s your favorite minced meat with eggplant!”

Cooper was speechless upon hearing that.

Both Linus and Sophia prepared many dishes for the three of them to eat together.

However, Cooper did not have an appetite—partly due to the minced meat with eggplant. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the dish as he felt that it came from a suspicious source.

Meanwhile, she happily ate everything. To her, everything was delicious.

Upon looking at his daughter and younger brother, Cooper suddenly felt a surge of euphoria. Maybe this is what they call family ties. I’ve never experienced this up until now.

While they ate, the alarm outside was triggered. Shae then entered the dining room and reported, “Linus, there is an adult Siberian husky at the door.”

With the fork still in her mouth, Sophia asked, “Uncle Linus, what’s a Siberian husky?”

She could not remember anything when she regained consciousness. Quinton was the one who taught her everything—including eating and speaking. Hence, she could no longer recognize the different dog breeds.

Linus patiently replied, “It’s a type of husky, which is owned by my neighbor. It used to frequently visit for some food, so I’m sure that it was attracted by the smell of our dishes.”

He then asked Shae to open the door. Once it was opened, an enthusiastic husky charged into the room like a gust of wind with a howl as it ran toward Sophia and circled her with a wagging tail. It even wanted to stand up and give her a peck.

“Oh, it’s you! You’re off work now!” Sophia recognized it the moment she looked at the dog—it was the husky she petted in the pet store earlier. Then, she surveyed its beautiful collar with its name engraved on it. “So, your name is Judge! Hello, Judge the doggie!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 746

Linus looked like he knew Judge. He took out the dog bowl and placed it next to Sophia for her to put some meat in it.

Meanwhile, Judge had a voracious appetite and downed his food like a pig.

Sophia asked Cooper while eating, “Dad, can I have a husky too?”

Cooper was slightly disgusted by Judge’s behavior and thought that it would not be suitable for his special princess. However, since she fancied the husky, he figured that he would grant her wish. “Yes, you can. Once we return home, I’ll search for the best dog breed at its birthplace.”

After Judge finished eating, it did not leave, but lay on her feet for her to stroke it instead. She occasionally did so as she watched the television in the living room. Suddenly, she heard a young girl’s childlike voice slurring, “Judgey! Time to come home for ‘diwwer’!”

When the dog heard that, it ran over and opened the door to leave—maybe it was his owner looking for him.

Sophia went outside to take a look. Since it was already dark, she could only see Judge’s tail wagging and a little kid next to it while they were leaving.

The little shoes that the little girl wore squeaked each time she took a step, making a delightful sound.

Her little figure seemed to have left a magical effect on Sophia and attracted her gaze. Sophia watched as the tiny figure left while listening to her squeaky shoes until she completely vanished from her sight.

The next day, Sophia did not head anywhere as the weather was unbearable for her. She found a recipe book somewhere in the villa with many recipes written for making sausages, braised meat, and pickled vegetables. She wanted to learn to cook all those a while ago so that she would not have to worry much about getting delicious food once she returned to Africa.

Linus mentioned that the book was given to him by his friend.

Judge visited again, walking around Sophia the moment it entered. On top of that, it sat on the couch, as though it was her pet from the beginning.

Sophia felt that she could have been good at cooking before she lost her memories as she had picked up the skill rather quickly. Within a short time, she was familiar with the skill and successfully made a few dishes the entire morning. While making the braised meat, she addressed Judge, “Judge the doggie, didn’t you head to work today?”

Judge replied, “Woof!”

When it was almost time for lunch, a voice that sounded like wind chimes rang again. “Judgey!”

Judge, who sat on the couch watching the television, immediately left. Upon hearing that, Sophia walked out from the kitchen as she wiped her hands. “Judge, why don’t you have some lunch before leaving?”

She wanted to head outside and see who was calling for Judge. However, after she remembered that she looked awful, she only went outside after she wore a face mask. After she exited, she merely saw a series of cute footsteps in the snow with the dog’s paw print next to it. By that point, both Judge and its owner were nowhere to be seen.

Sophia lowered her head and surveyed the ground—the series of footsteps had little bears in them. There might be bears imprinted on the sole of her little shoes since it showed up in her shoe prints.

Sophia tilted her head to look at the ground in interest. Judge’s little owner must be a cute little girl!

At around three or four in the afternoon, Judge returned, but it wore a pink hoodie with a hairband of the same color on its head. Two pink circles were drawn around its eyes, making the dog look like a mess. It immediately removed the hoodie the moment it entered and rolled on the ground, as if protesting that it did not like how it was dressed.

While stroking its head, Sophia smiled. “No wonder you like going outside. You don’t like to take care of kids back home!”

Judge was angered and thought, Indeed! Otherwise, why would I be at the pet store at work? I just don’t want to babysit kids back home! Sophia, you are such a jerk! Take care of your own kid! I’m a good, pampered dog yet I’m now a babysitter. I would rather wake up earlier to head to work instead of taking care of kids! However, even the pet store is closed!

Aoooooo! Aooooo! Aoooooo!

Cooper and Linus were engaged in a video conference with the Michel Family for the entire day. Once the Michel Family were aware that Cooper had a daughter, they wanted her to be a part of the family.

However, since Sophia’s face had not made a full recovery, she did not want to meet anyone.

After Cooper was done with the meeting, he unexpectedly saw a husky rolling on the floor and howling. Disgusted by the dog’s behavior, he asked, “Where did this wild wolf come from? I’ll make you into minced meat if you stay a second longer!”

Judge refused to leave—when the dog saw Shae approaching to remove the dog fur on the carpet, it even liked her all over her body.

“Eeek! This is disgusting! Don’t lick me!”

Sophia excitedly brought out the braised meat that she made for Cooper to try. However, she heard that angelic voice once again after taking a few steps.

“Judgey, ‘wear’ are you now?”

As soon as Judge heard the voice, it immediately let out a soft yelp as it got up. Then, it took the hoodie in its mouth to Cooper and tugged on it with its paw before looking at him again, as if asking him to wear the apparel for it.

Even though Cooper was disgusted, he still helped Judge to wear the hoodie. The dog charged outside right after he wore the attire.

Sophia felt that the girl’s voice had a soothing tone to it. After she quickly covered her face with a scarf, she quickly walked outside and finally saw the girl.

Then, Sophia saw Judge in its pink hoodie wagging its tail as it headed off with a cute little girl who wore a pink sweater and cute cat ears on her head. Her pair of pink boots stepped on the snowy ground, leaving little bear prints with each step she took. With her back facing Sophia, the girl slowly walked to Villa No. 8 and opened the door herself.

Sophia was suddenly interested in the family who lived in Villa No. 8. With such a beautiful dog, they must be a loving family…

However, when she brought some gifts the next day, she heard that the entire family had left early in the morning. It was a futile attempt for her.

As she headed home with the presents that she prepared for them, she looked slightly disappointed.

However, a flurry of footsteps suddenly rushed behind her. After she turned, she saw a huge poodle running toward her before it stopped and sniffed at her in excitement. Upon seeing that, she happily patted its head.

The master of the huge poodle walked toward Sophia—she was a young woman with a baby face. When she stopped next to the dog, which was near Sophia, she could not recognize the latter. “Hey? Are you new here?”

Sophia quickly replied, “Hello, I-I’m Lucile. Lucile Michel.”

The young woman next to her replied, “Nice to meet you. I’m Sarah West and I live at Villa No. 6.”

She had already guessed who Sophia was. “You must be Linus’ relative. I heard that he returned yesterday.” Apart from that, she did not forget to praise Sophia. “You speak the local language well.”

Sophia smiled. “Linus is my uncle. My dad and I are here to see a doctor, so we are temporarily staying here.”

Sarah glanced at Sophia, who wore a cap and a mask that covered her entire face but for her blue eyes. The ugly scars next to Sophia’s eyes were still visible. I bet she came to Cethos to remove her scars!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 747

The cosmetic hospital in Cethos had the world’s best technology to remove scars. Many foreigners specially came to the hospital to remove their scars. Sarah herself had undergone the procedure two days ago to remove the stretch marks on her belly after she gave birth.

She had been merely walking her dog, but since Sophia was also returning to Villa No. 2, both of them walked together. Then, she took out her phone and commented, “I didn’t bring my business card out. Why don’t we exchange phone numbers? I will add you on Messenger.”

Sophia scratched her head as she looked slightly embarrassed. “I-I don’t have a phone number.”

After she had recovered, she had been living under Cooper’s watchful eye for the last six months, so she did not have her own circle of friends yet. Hence, she did not need to maintain a phone number.

Sarah also did not force Sophia. “I’m staying next door at Villa No. 4. Whenever you’re free, you can come over with Linus.”

Sophia nodded and returned to Villa No. 2 while Sarah also went back to her place.

After Sarah married Harry, she had officially moved in.

After around three to four years, Harry’s looks did not change much, but he matured even more after he became a father. Four years ago, when Taylor Murray ‘died’, Ethan Winston retired from his acting career and now only focused on his family and his business in the underworld.

When Sarah removed the leash from the dog, she started to share about her day. “I ran into Linus’ relative earlier today. Her name is Lucile. Her face is scarred and she seems to be having issues with her vocal card. I feel really sorry for her.”

Harry, who held his one-year-old son to make him burp, slightly frowned upon hearing it, but let the matter slide after a while.

Based on how he reacted in the past, he would definitely have clearly asked about everything after realizing that Linus had some relatives in his house. However, after Sophia’s fake death, Michael stopped investigating the Michel Family, so it no longer mattered whether Fass was Cooper.

After all, it made no sense to tell Cooper that he had a daughter and she died three years ago.

In the blink of an eye, Cooper and the rest of the entourage had already been in Bayside City for a few days. Sophia discovered that the residents of Villa No. 8 seemed to be on a vacation for the new year since they had not returned. Meanwhile, Judge continued to visit her on a daily basis for food. It was not the only canine visitor—it even brought a group of friends along, resulting in Villa No. 2 being full of dogs and cats that came for food everyday.

On New Year’s Eve, Sarah also came to visit when she walked her dog and was welcomed inside by Sophia. It feels good to make friends.

Once Sarah entered inside, she saw all the dogs and cats which belonged to Villa No. 8 coming to Villa No. 2 for food.

Sophia explained, “The people from Villa No. 8 seems to have left for a while, so their pets are all here to get some food from us.”

Sarah replied, “Yeah. The owner of Villa No. 8 brought his entire family for a vacation.”

In reality, they merely returned to the Fletcher Family to spend the new year.

Sophia took out a phone and said, “I bought a phone and got myself a phone number yesterday. Uncle Linus also downloaded Messenger for me, so let’s be friends online.”

When both of them happily scanned each other’s QR code, Sophia realized that Sarah’s profile picture was of a handsome man whom she had seen before—the male lead of the movie ‘War Dragon’, Ethan Winston.

“Oh, you like Ethan too? I have watched his movie. He has great acting skills.”

Sarah replied proudly, “He is the father of my child. Whenever you’re free, you should come over. I’ll ask him to sign something for you.”

Linus was also delighted to see Sarah. While Sophia busied herself by preparing dinner in the kitchen, he chatted with Sarah in the living room.

They had not met each other for close to two years, so they made small talk and casually chatted. While conversing with each other, they seemed to subconsciously avoid raising the topic of a certain person—someone who would make all of them tear up in regrets.

Sarah left after spending a while there, which made Linus wistful and emotional when he watched her leaving. I would never have thought that Sarah and Harry would be married. Heck, they even have a child together. It seems like yesterday when we were all at Bayside University, but now everything has changed in the blink of an eye. Stanley and Sean have since stopped contacting me whereas Sarah still texts me on Messenger from time to time. As for Sophia…

Linus glanced at Sophia, who was cooking in the kitchen, before he smiled bitterly.

It seemed to be her first time celebrating the new year, so she was over the moon and busied herself by preparing the dishes for the reunion dinner throughout the entire day. Just like that, the three of them spent their first year together in his villa.

Cooper was frustrated and disgusted with the sight of cats and dogs around the house, but Sophia was elated and even introduced Cooper to all of them—one by one. “Dad, this is Chrysanthemum, this is Simba and this is Garfield whereas this is Scorchy and this is Snowball. Last but not least, this is—” she held up a huge teddy that looked strong. “Bubbles!”

Isn’t this an actual gorilla lying on the ground? It looks like a big blob of sh*t to me.

Cooper’s face darkened.

He finally knew how Woody felt when he brought home a bunch of stray cats and dogs.

No wonder he forbade me to keep pets back then!

Sophia gently held the huge dog’s head before it obediently leaned on her shoulder. “Even though it looks strong, it’s actually a cute girl!”

Cooper chuckled. “Haha, I have never seen such a bulky-looking girl.”

Sophia carried another orange cat and introduced, “Dad, this is Chrysanthemum. It’s a cool garden cat with a huge lung capacity. It has a long ‘meow’!”

Cooper preferred cats and rubbed Chrysanthemum’s head while asking, “How is that so?”

Rubbing the cat’s head, Sophia ordered, “Chrysanthemum, give me a ‘meow’.”

Chrysanthemum deeply inhaled, as if to introduce more air into its lungs. Its fat body trembled as it flexed its inherited skills—it was that ability that enabled her to gain Sophia’s affection the most. “Meeeeeoooooooowwwwww—”

Upon hearing that, Cooper was indeed shocked. The cat really has a loud voice and a long breath. Its meow can easily last anywhere from ten to twenty seconds. People who didn’t know about this will definitely think that a siren had gone off. It’s a long ‘meow’ indeed.

Outside the door, a man with snowy white hair who returned home late seemed to have heard the long ‘meow’ and stopped in front of Villa No. 2. Is Chrysanthemum performing its legendary skills?

However, he merely paused for a few seconds before leaving.

In Villa No. 2, Cooper remembered that he used to have an orange cat two decades ago; it was as strong as Chrysanthemum and had an iron lung as it could ‘meow’ for a long time too.

However, the Fletchers had always taken care of that cat. I’m afraid it’s already dead from old age by now. Before I left, I went over to have a round of chess with Old Master Fletcher and even visited his cat.

Sophia brought the cat that she hugged closer toward her face and beamed from ear to ear. The scar on her face even looked much better and softened.

Cooper looked at her face in a daze while she started to watch the New Year Dinner Gala with the cat in her arms.

On that night, thousands of houses were brightly lit as many families in the entire nation celebrated the new year together.

How good would it be if this lasts forever?

On the first day of the new year, Sophia asked after breakfast, “Dad, what are we going to do today?”

Standing in front of the French windows, Cooper looked at the snowy scenery outside as he gravely replied, “Visit the grave.”

In the afternoon, a few cars left Villa No. 2 and headed to Riverdale.

When they entered Riverdale, they drove in the direction of the suburbs and followed the route to the south until they arrived at a deserted village.

Cooper remained silent throughout the entire journey as he walked forward with Sophia trailing behind. They climbed a tiny slope to the top of the hill where many graves were located and firecrackers could be heard everywhere, indicating that many people arrived for a visit.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 748

Cooper found a grave that contained a 19-year-old young person.

The name on the grave was ‘Annabel Johnson’.

Since she was unmarried when she died, her grave was situated next to that of her parents. As her death came as a surprise, it was a simple-looking grave that others erected for her after that.

Someone seemed to have visited the grave moments ago—the snow in front of the grave had been removed with remnants of firecrackers being left behind. The joss sticks in front of the tomb were still lit and there were footprints in the snow.

As it snowed last night, the footprints stood out in the midst of the snowy ground and it seemed to have appeared in the morning.

As Sophia squatted in front of the grave, she looked at the fresh footprints in a daze.

She saw a series of small footprints with the familiar bear symbol in the middle. Each step had the bear, revealing the shoe owner’s childlike innocence.

Next to the little bear footprints were a series of larger ones that seemed to belong to an adult male.

As Sophia tilted her head while observing the footsteps, she pressed her feet next to the little bear footprints in curiosity.

The larger footprints surrounded the little footprints with the bear in the middle looked as if it belonged to a family of three.

Sophia watched the footprints with a blank expression, but she suddenly felt a heavy feeling in her chest, making her want to burst into tears.

On the other hand, Cooper merely looked at Annabel’s grave as he sank into a stupor. That’s my Anna. I can’t believe I only arrived twenty years later.

He trailed the name on the grave with his fingers —every inch of it was like knives being stabbed in his heart.

Anna, I’m late…

After both Connor and Sophia paid their respects at the grave, each of them walked down the hill with a heavy feeling. Since it was a deserted hill, there was only one way up—those who wanted to visit the grave needed to take the same road down.

She had been in search of the large footprints and the bear footprints that she spotted earlier on their journey down.

However, amidst the other footprints, the little bear one could no longer be seen.

After that, they returned to Bayside City. He merely entered his study in silence and stayed there without leaving. When she returned, she realized that all of the dogs and cats that were at her place earlier were gone—maybe because their owner had returned.

Since Cooper felt heavy and solemn and Linus was busy tending to his business, Sophia was left alone at home with nothing to do. It was freezing outside and many stores were still closed. The huge city of Cethos was always deserted during the new year since everyone returned home to spend time with their families.

After Sarah added Sophia on her Messenger, they occasionally chatted. When Sarah learned that she was dying of boredom at home, she encouraged the latter to play online games to alleviate her boredom.

Hence, Sophia’s desktop contained many icons of different games.

Sarah also shared that she owned pet stores and cat cafes, but were closed due to the holidays and would only reopen on the seventh day. Otherwise, she would have invited Sophia over to have a look.

Occasionally, Sarah even visited her and taught her how to play online games and reload her account. Meanwhile, she was focused on selling the dogs and cats in her store as well as the animal luxury brand she founded—Pourl.

“The collars that Judge and the rest are wearing are from Pourl. The brand has kickstarted the trend of animal luxury brands. Since you’re feeling bored at home, you can choose two furry animals from the shop to take care of them. They are like your children, so you must treat them like a family member. Once you have decided to bring them home, you have to treat them well and give them the best. When you have a few pets, feel free to swing by to choose suitable accessories from Pourl. Mention my name and I’ll jump the line for you and ask the lead designer, Ivan, to design something specially for you.”

As Sarah stroked her cat, she was trying hard to sell her business. Sophia was Linus’ niece and bore the family name “Michel’. The moment she heard that Sophia was someone wealthy, it was a rare opportunity for her to stumble upon a valuable customer and wanted to forge a good relationship.

Sophia was envious upon hearing that. “Sarah, I envy you so much since you have many businesses.”

To her, Sarah was an incredible person—she was the founder of a listed game company, had her own pet business, and managed an animal luxury brand.

“Oh, I’m merely a business partner. The businesses do not fully belong to me!” Sarah humbly replied.

Sophia added, “Once I have undergone the surgery to repair my face, I want to learn to manage a business from my dad.”

The moment Sophia mentioned the scar, Sarah had more to comment about it. After ensuring that no one else was around them, she lifted her shirt to reveal her abdomen.

“Take a look—my stretch marks have completely disappeared. This was how I looked before. Isn’t it terrifying?”

When Sophia saw pictures of Sarah’s stretch marks, it was indeed serious, but she was delighted when she glanced at the latter’s smooth abdomen again. “Wow, it’s completely gone!” Since it had such an awesome result, Sophia was more confident about her facial scars.

Sarah was proud. “Of course! When I underwent a Caesaran section, it left an ugly scar. However, look at me now—it is completely gone. You can’t even see it!”

After speaking about the scar, Sarah asked again, “Has your voice been like this since birth?”

Sophia had always been wearing a mask in the house as she did not dare to reveal her face. Only her eyes could be seen and as a result of wearing a mask, her voice sounded weaker than it was and hoarse. Since it was difficult to recognize, she felt as if she was speaking in a raspy voice and those addressing her had to whisper to her instead.

After Sophia nodded, Sarah immediately added, “I have a friend who was also in a similar situation as you. However, he managed to look for a doctor who cured his condition. I’ll ask him to send the doctor’s contact via Messenger. You can consider scheduling an appointment since that doctor is amazing!” she described in detail. “That friend of mine was immensely upset for a while after he was widowed and cried so much until he damaged his vocal cord. He used to be an opera singer and could not even speak when his condition was at its worst. Now that the doctor cured him, he has recovered his voice and it is better than before. I mentioned before that my husband is an actor, right? He knows many singers and all have visited this doctor. He’s an otolaryngologist and one of the most famous in his field. It’s difficult to schedule an appointment with him, but if you tell him that you’re my husband’s friend, you can also jump the line. You have to make the appointment soon. If you are late, you’ll have to wait till next year!”

Sophia quickly added the doctor’s contact on Messenger and proceeded to secure an appointment with him. However, as he had returned to his hometown during the new year break, the earliest spot they could obtain was February.

When Cooper knew about it, he immediately asked his men to purchase the hospital without any further delay. Then, he asked the famous doctor to treat his daughter as soon as he returned from his vacation.

It was a pity that the cosmetic hospital could not be purchased as the owner was an anonymous person in Bayside City. Since that person was an influential local, Cooper did not want to land himself in any trouble since his daughter depended on them to remove her facial scars.

Hence, they could only wait for the hospital to reopen and quickly repair her face.

During that period of time, Sophia went outdoors on a daily basis with Cooper as her bodyguard.

The pets, especially Judge, that belonged to their neighbor still swung by everyday. The dog seemed like it could not wait to visit Sophia and Cooper because it had to babysit when it was home.

The child would ensure that the husky wore shoes and skirts. On top of that, she would paint its nails pink, put cat ears on its head and apply makeup on its face—it was obvious that she was a mischievous little kid!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 749

Judge decided to hide in Sophia’s house everyday after having a meal there.

Shae went out alone for a while that day and brought a new friend upon returning home.

“Hello, I’m Nicholas Fletcher. Who are you?” The robot that Shae brought home greeted Sophia as soon as it entered.

Linus brought Nicholas to his work studio and spoke, “This is Nicholas and is from the series of robots as Shae. He’s merely coming over for an upgrade.”

Sophia looked blankly at the direction in which Nicholas left.

Cooper noticed that she was often in a daze, looking as though something was missing from her life. After a pause, he quickly recommended, “Why don’t I recommend some handsome guys to you?”

She looked slightly crestfallen, but she continued to joke in reply. “How handsome is he? Is he as good-looking as Taylor Murray?”

His face immediately darkened. Taylor Murray again! She’s crushing on Taylor Murray!

Cooper gently smiled. “I promise that he’ll be much better-looking than Taylor! Why don’t you meet up with him? I guarantee that you’ll definitely like him.” It was rather obvious that he favored the mystery person since he couldn’t stop talking about him. “He is of the same age as you and from a decent, powerful family. He started his business at a young age. Right now, he’s the CEO of a listed gaming company. When he was a baby, I even held him in my arms before!”

Although he hoped that his little princess would always live with him, she would still have to marry someone in the future.

With the fear that she would meet another weird old man again, he thought it would be better if he selected a handful of men for her to choose from.

There was someone whom he coincidentally liked a lot, so he quickly asked Sophia to have a date with that person.

Sophia pouted in frustration. “But, Dad, my face and voice have not recovered yet. How can I go on dates?”He replied, “Don’t worry about that. Just meet him first and see whether he meets your standards. We can figure out the details later.”

Apart from that, he even emphasized, “He also has dogs and cats and doesn’t have a complicated history. I’m sure you’ll like him.”

Under Cooper’s persuasion, Sophia was experiencing her first blind date—she was curious about it and treated it as one of her life experiences.

Cooper had said many good things about the man to the point where she wanted to meet him.

Her father naturally accompanied her for the date.

Of course, he sat in the next room while Shae continuously transmitted the video to him.

The location of the blind date was in the VIP room of a random restaurant with dozens of guards outside the door.

Since it was Sophia’s first blind date, Cooper was also quite nervous.

Sophia finally met the man with her own eyes—he was rather good-looking and looked like he was around 28 years old. His tanned skin looked healthy and strong in a formal suit and contrasted with his unique short hair, which gave off a different vibe from other men in Cethos.

He also had a solid resume—he was born in a respected military family and graduated from Bayside University on top of being the director of a listed company.

The man opposite her had a solemn expression, creating a tense atmosphere where it felt like they were negotiating a business deal. “Hi, I’m Stanley Fletcher.”

With an indifferent expression, he shook hands with her.

Sophia stretched her scarred hands out and returned the handshake. “Hi, I am… Lucile.”

Stanley remained indifferent. “Oh, hello, Lucile. Please take a seat.”

Only the both of them were in the big room. As it was her first blind date, she was so nervous that she broke out in cold sweat until she was unsure of what to say. However, Stanley, who sat opposite her, was flipping the menu. “What would you like, Lucile?”

She suddenly regretted her decision to turn up for the blind date. Although he looked decent, he was definitely not her cup of tea at all. I wonder why, but he looks like… a husky!

She merely wanted to return home as soon as they were done with dinner. However, since Cooper liked Stanley a lot, she figured that she would regard it as completing a task.

After taking her copy of the menu, she casually ordered two dishes. Just as she simply scribbled it on the notepad, the door suddenly barged open.

“Daddy, why are you going on a blind date?”

A sobbing voice rang.

Sophia was so shocked that she dropped the pen. When she turned, she saw a handsome young man rushing into their room with a little girl—she seemed to be around three years old.

After the little girl was placed on the ground, she ran as fast as she could on her tiny legs. When her shoes touched the ground, it squeaked and she reached Stanley amidst the squeaks.

While Sophia was still confused by what had just happened, the girl had already hugged Stanley’s legs and cried out loud.

“Dad, why are you ditching me and Daddy? Even though you guys are unable to be married here, you did promise to take care of us forever! How can you go back on your words? You’re a gay, so why are you on a date with a woman? I’m going to hit on you on Daddy’s behalf!”

Stanley looked dumbfounded as well. Just as he crouched and held the girl in his arms, she laid a hand on his cheeks twice, shocking him even more.

Amidst her cries and smacks, the girl cried in desperation, “If you marry someone else, what will happen to me and Daddy? He can’t live without you! You can’t just leave him now that he’s a gay! You’re a gay who cheated us! I’ll hit you! I’m going to whack you!”

Sophia was so shocked that her eyes widened. So, he’s a gay who cheated on his family! How dare he do such a thing! He already has a handsome husband and a cute daughter yet he’s still on dates?


Sophia slammed her fists on the table as she stood up. Just when she was about to ask someone to teach this cheating gay a lesson, the little girl ran to her with her squeaking shoes and hugged her legs while she continued crying.

“Miss, please don’t blame my Daddy for going on a date with you. His hands are also tied! Since he’s a gay, his family has never agreed for him to marry my Dad. Both of them are pitiful! Please don’t blame him. If you want to blame someone, blame me instead! It’s my fault that he picked me up from the trash just to give me a complete home. Daddy’s family had threatened him that they would throw me into the trash if he did not attend this blind date with you…” she sobbed.

How pitiful!

Upon looking at how the little girl was crying, Sophia’s initial anger was replaced by infinite sympathy as she felt sorry for the three of them. “It’s alright. There, there. I’m not angry.”

Sophia crouched and carried the little girl. It felt nice to hold a little girl who smelled nice in her arms. Even though Sophia wanted to hold onto her longer, the situation did not allow her to do so. Instead, she took out a piece of tissue paper to wipe the little girl’s tears and snot. After that, the little girl’s innocent and beautiful face could be seen. What a beautiful little girl!

When Sophia saw the way the little girl sobbed, she felt sorry for her and spoke, “I’m not angry. Don’t worry, I won’t land your daddy and dad into any trouble.” How is it possible that such a cute girl was left in the trash? Gosh, who was so heartless to have dumped her? Why didn’t they dump her in my house trash instead?

The little girl choked on her tears, but it still continued to flow from her eyes. “Miss, you are such a nice person…”

Upon seeing the little girl’s miserable expression, Sophia almost cried with her. What a cute little girl…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 750

In the end, the little girl held the hands of both her ‘fathers’ and left. She took a few steps before she turned her head back with tears flowing down her cheeks and bade Sophia farewell. “We’re leaving now, Miss.”

Cooper decided to come over from the other room only after they had left. He frowned as Sophia stared at the empty seat whilst her mind wandered.

Cooper consoled his daughter as he said, “It’s okay, darling. Even though this didn’t work out for you, I will find a better one for you!”

This was Sophia’s first attempt at matchmaking. Although she did not feel good for having failed the first time, she replied to her father, “It’s okay, dad. Don’t get mad. I didn’t really expect much from this anyway. I was only trying to have a feel of what matchmaking is like. Come and sit down, dad. Let’s eat.”

Cooper still struggled to accept the fact that his daughter’s maiden attempt at matchmaking involved a gay conman who was trying to fake their marriage. He was fumed with anger throughout his meal.

In a shopping complex nearby at that very moment, Stanley, the so-called ‘gay conman’, was pacing along the complex with Sean carrying his clothes and bag. He had the little girl sitting on his shoulders with her legs around his neck.

The little girl was still in tears.

Stanley asked with a frown, “Why are you still crying?”

“I was too deep into my act…” she answered chokingly.

Sean wiped her tears and gently consoled her, “Alright, darling. Don’t cry. It was all a show just now! Aren’t we supposed to be getting your present ready for daddy? We won’t make it if you’re still crying.”

Stanley was invited to a matchmaking arrangement the day before by a peer in the industry. While he was reluctant to attend the matchmaking, he could not decline his business partner’s offer, so he got the little girl to put on a show to scare the match-making partner away.

She was only supposed to be acting as his daughter, but the little girl went far too deep into her character, and she turned him into a malicious gay man who was trying to con Sophia into marriage. She’s so dramatic!

With a little bit of coaxing from Sean, the little girl, who was initially pouting, finally chuckled. It was already midday by the time the three of them shared a meal and headed back home.

Their car soon arrived in front of The Imperial Villa No.8. Stanley got out with the girl in his arms before he swiped the door lock with his access card, while Sean parked the car.

The little girl was giggling and chuckling while she chatted with Stanley.

“Hello, pretty girl. What’s your daddy’s name?”

“Mackie Patcher!” she replied.

Stanley corrected her on the spot. “It’s Michael Fletcher!”

“Mackie Patcher!” she said again.

Stanley then asked her, “What about you? What’s your name?”

She answered, “Carmen Patcher!”

After they closed the door behind them, Stanley put her on the floor and rectified her pronunciation once again. “It’s Carmen Fletcher! Fletcher! Not Patcher!”

“Carmen Patcher!”

He was speechless. “Alright, then. Carmen, let’s get ready. Your daddy’s coming back very soon!”

Carmen hurried off to prepare her new year’s present for her beloved daddy. Stanley sighed as he observed her cheerfully skipping off into the room. She’s growing up so fast…

As a token of love and appreciation for her father, who spotted a crown of white hair from bringing her up, Carmen had specially prepared a play for him this new year, titled ‘Snow White’. The other actors would be arriving shortly—those included Sarah and Harry, who lived next door, Stanley and Sean, and not to forget, her brother, Nathan.

Nathan was no longer the little boy he used to be. He was already a thirteen-year-old with strong hints of puberty for his tall stature and hoarse voice evidently showed. After completing his junior year at Bayside University, he enrolled in a computer science course. During holidays, he would return to the Fletcher Residence for his military training. Nathan had grown up from a quiet little boy to a quiet teenager.

Carmen was coordinating the roles to be played later. “Godmother, you will be the evil queen.” Sarah nodded and skimmed through the script that was actually written by herself. “Godfather, you’re the huntsman.” Harry pulled a solemn face and tried to grasp his part of the script. He had to admit that, in his many years of acting experience, this had to be the most challenging script he had ever read. “Uncle Sean, you’ll be Snow White!” Sean nodded. He was already in his costume, which was bought by Sarah from Amazon. “Nate, you and Judgey will be the dwarves. I’ll be the prince. And Stan, you’ll be the white horse the prince rides on.” Stanley was lost for words.

When the night was still young at 9.00PM, the sky was filled with snowflakes as large as goose feathers. A car stopped in front of Villa No.8, and a man got out of it.

Outside the compound was a carpet of fresh, white snow. As the man made his way toward the door, he left a heavy trail of footprints on the immaculate snow behind him. Despite the darkness encapsulating his tall figure, his shiny white hair stood out so much it was almost brighter than the snow.

He opened the door and stepped right in. He then shook his coat to remove the snow before resting it on the coat hanger.

The hall was brightly lit with a warm and cozy ambiance. An excited little girl was standing there in anticipation.

“Daddy! You’re back!”

The sight of his daughter turned Michael’s cold, hard expression from earlier into a fuzzy smile. He noticed the stage set up in the middle of the hall, and the line up of cast members who were ready to perform. Michael asked his daughter, “If I may, what would be the title of tonight’s play?”

Carmen adored performing. She had always been working on her own plays, which Michael wondered from where or whom she picked it up, and made him watch every single one of them.

“I’ll be performing Snow White and the Prince! Sit here, daddy!”

Carmen led her one and only guest to the couch and hopped off to prepare for her show.

Harry, who was in his huntsman costume, locked eyes with Michael. Everyone could empathize with what the latter had to go through for his daughter. Who would have known she loved performing, like her father.

The play was about to start. No one was spared from being summoned to be part of the audience. Besides Michael, there were the chefs, the bodyguards, the chauffeur, and the robot. Even the magpie cat in the kitchen was brought in to fill up the seats before the stage. There was simply no way around it for the little master liked such activity.

A stage was set up in the middle of the hall, so Carmen could arrange for her performance any time she wished. Michael threw a handful of popcorn into his mouth and watched intently, despite the plot being nothing new to him.

The prince rode on the back of ‘his’ white horse and arrived upon Snow White and the dwarves. ‘He’ pulled out his sword, which in actual fact was a cucumber.

“My beautiful princess, what has happened to you? Oh, heavens! How could such cruel fate befall upon my beloved princess?”

When the play was finally over, everyone clapped with deliberate fervor. Carmen stood proud on the stage and curtsied as Maria diligently threw petals around her while Nicholas focused the spotlight on her.

Carmen was no stranger to such stage etiquette. Besides having someone to present her a bouquet of flowers at the end of her performance, she even had her speech prepared.

With the bouquet in her hands, she said with emotion, “It has been my lifelong dream to be an actress… To be able to stand here, I give my thanks to my beloved, adorable father! Ah! My dear old daddy, who has gone through so much to bring me up that even his hair turned white! Today, I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation to my daddy. Thank you! I will not let your hair grow any whiter!”

Michael buried his face in his palm.

She did that every single time at the end of all her performances. He wondered to himself if she could come up with a different speech for a change.

Everyone stared at Sarah, who was responsible for the script. She wasted no time explaining herself, “She specifically insisted that I include this part!”

All the actors scampered off right after Michael paid them for their services and hard work. None of them looked forward to another round of such awkward performance!

However, it would seem inevitable that Carmen would summon them over a few days later to discuss her upcoming play. After all, she was a rather productive actress.

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