My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 731-740

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 731

After a long time had passed, Sophia woke up and found herself trapped in a cramped space. She struggled desperately to climb out when she saw a flicker of light in front of her and finally freed herself out of it.

However, she soon realized that her house had collapsed and the town was ravaged by the burst of war.

She looked up with her poor eyesight and felt even more dizzy and lightheaded; there was also a long, bleeding wound on her arm. The peaceful town had become war-stricken as buildings were torn apart and almost all of her neighbors’ houses had been destroyed by something.

Cries of despair and roars of anger sounded throughout as the survivors ran desperately out of the town.

“The rebels are here to slaughter the town!”

She heard the locals running away frantically as their cars raced out of town.

Glancing back at the collapsed bookstore, she realized that she could no longer save all those people that had taken care of her; they were crushed inside forever. In a chaotic situation like this, it was best for her to save herself first and run as fast as she could. After all, she couldn’t find anyone to save.

Sophia crawled back into the wreckage and found some clothes, cash, and a car key.

She didn’t know where she was going to look for Quinton, but she would end up dead sooner or later if she waited around here. Since the rebels had chosen this town as their clashing point, Sophia needed to run away before the government forces and rebels started the war.

Sophia drove the car and followed the crowd as they headed toward a safer city.

She wanted to wait for Quinton’s return, but she had no idea where he had gone or where to look for him without his contact information. If she were to wait here, she would have ushered in the rebels instead of Quinton.

As of late, the entire African continent had been plagued by an epidemic and social unrest as despair spread among the people and burned off their last piece of sanity. With that, rebels were birthed and killings of the innocent started.

The land had gradually lost its sanity and last sense of peace; even this small town was finally affected by the ripple of disaster.

Sophia fled with the troops in the car as she didn’t know where to go. She had no passport or any form of identification on her, so she would just have to take one step at a time; it was better than waiting here for her death.

Three days later, Sophia came out of the desert and arrived at the largest city near the port. Although there were government troops around, the people were still unsettled and frightened about the situation.

The rebels were about to attack the city and no one knew what the outcome would be; the country had completely fallen into a state of chaos, and many of its people tried their best to flee the country.

Moreover, the deadly airborne plague had caused the city’s entire medical system to collapse—those who were infected by it would have their whole bodies festered while they died in pain, and there was still no cure for it.

Terror and despair spreaded throughout the city; it was not the safest as the rebels were already closing in. Not only that, the city’s army had turned against each other. It was only a matter of time before the city would crumble, so some of its people were trying to escape as fast as they could while others took advantage of the situation.

As Sophia walked through the crowd, she would get knocked down by the panicked crowd from time to time; the wound on her arm had been rubbed roughly so many times that it turned numb. Her car eventually ran out of gas, but she couldn’t find a place to refuel it and was running out of money. Still, Sophia didn’t know where to find Quinton.

Walking through the devastated city that was crumbling into pieces, most of the residents had left their homes as the army laid down defenses everywhere; they knew that their firepower was no match against the rebels. The capital had already fallen into the enemy’s hands, and it was only a matter of time before this city would end up in a terrible state too.

The rebels weren’t launching any attacks on the city at the moment because they were waiting for the evacuation process of other countries to be completed. Once all the other foreigners were successfully evacuated, the battle would begin.

As Sophia walked through the crowd, her face and lips had turned pale; every step she took felt like she was walking on cotton.

Despite being thirsty and hungry, she couldn’t find any food. The stores in the city had been looted as dead bodies were everywhere for various reasons in the city. No one was bothered by it as bloodshed and hunger could be seen everywhere with no hope in sight.

She was helpless and terrified as she walked aimlessly through the city.

Suddenly, someone came over and snatched her bag since she seemed like an easy target.

Sophia tried her best to protect her bag and used the self-defense skills she had learned from Quinton to fend him off. Sadly, her body was so weak that day; Sophia was no match for the thug, but she still used every last bit of her strength to hold onto her bag.

The thug grabbed her arm and forcefully tore off her sleeves, but he was horrified when he caught sight of her arm. As the thug turned around and fled instantly, it was as though he had just seen a devilish beast.

The fight to protect her bag had used up all of her strength. As soon as the thug left, Sophia collapsed to the ground weakly; she couldn’t even muster the energy to lift up a finger.

She looked up to the sky as the sunlight stung her eyes before looking down at the wound on her arm that was exposed from the torn sleeve. When her home was bombed three days ago, Sophia had a long cut on her arm when she crawled out of the rubble. She simply treated it with a simple spray and did not expect it to have festered so badly…

The festeration was so abnormal that her whole arm felt numb, and it was spreading rapidly throughout her body. Just then, she remembered that the thug had yelled something when he saw her wound. “Virs-18!” he screamed.

Virs-18 was the latest virus rampaging throughout the African continent. Patients with this virus had symptoms of festeration and pus, and they eventually died in extreme pain after a few days of being infected. There was no cure for it.

During such chaotic times, no organization had the ability to develop a viable medical solution. Virs-18 had brought upon despair and war; conflict had allowed the virus to run rampant on the African continent, forcing people into desperation which led to a full-blown war throughout the country. Simply speaking, it had turned into a deadly cycle. Now, all foreign forces had to move out of the country because no one would be bothered to rescue them.

Lying down on the side of the road beside the numerous dead bodies placed there, Sophia’s eyes were half-opened as she had no idea if she was dead or alive.

She closed her eyes and saw the silhouette of that man again.

He was faceless as he stood in front of her, but she could tell that he was looking at her with sorrow as tears had fallen first without a single word being uttered.


“The Cethosian Foreign Embassy is about to evacuate its last batch of residents. Cethosians who have yet to be evacuated, please bring your passport to the Cethosian Foreign Embassy at No. 28 East Street before 1.00PM today.”

As a car drove past the chaotic street, it was broadcasting an announcement in a language that Sophia was familiar with.

That’s right!

All of a sudden, Sophia remembered that Quinton and her were from Cethos. As a fellow Cethosian, she was eligible to go to the Cethosian Foreign Embassy for help. She had also heard along the way that there was a military naval ship parked at the port to pick up the Cethosians!

A glimmer of hope sparked inside of Sophia. She stood up with all her might and leaned slowly against the wall before walking toward East Street. She was so weak that she even lost the strength to carry her bag, so she threw it aside…

What was supposed to be an hour’s journey took Sophia two and a half hours, and she blacked out while her limbs lost all strength. As she leaned against the wall and looked up, she finally saw a familiar red flag waving in the distance.

The Cethosian Foreign Embassy was just across the street.

However, Sophia no longer had the strength to walk over as she slowly collapsed on the street opposite the Cethosian Foreign Embassy.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 732

Sophia could no longer keep her eyes open. She slowly closed her eyes and fainted at the side of the road. The passersby saw the fainted Sophia, and they knew she was infected when they saw her ulcerated skin. They all avoided her, as if she was some kind of monster…

It was 12.30PM. The Cethosian were done gathering, and several buses were already waiting by the door. The Cethosians got onto the bus excitedly, waiting to be evacuated.

In the midst of all the turmoil and chaos of war, the foreign nations’ ambassadors escaped before the people did. The traffic system was down, and there were battles everywhere. People couldn’t go far without planes or ships; they could only wait for death. Foreigners who didn’t have a strong nation helping to evacuate their own people would have the same destiny. There was only one foreign battleship still stopping for its people at the harbor nearby, waiting to bring their people back home. But no one realized that there was a young life slipping away at the roadside.

At the same time, a helicopter parked before the Cethosian Foreign Embassy. Around five to six people came out from the helicopter, both men and women. They were walking in a hurry, and they took out their Cethosian passport so that the embassy could verify and allow them to evacuate with the troop.

Among them was a posh woman. Her dress was simple, and she was wearing sunglasses. She stood out in the crowd with her dark, shiny hair and her curvy figure. She got out of the helicopter holding her passport, walked past the square, and was about to cross the road to the embassy on the other side, relieved to make it there in time.

She suddenly saw the young life that was dying by the roadside. Her exposed arm was ulcerated; it was a symptom of infecting the Virs-18. Everyone knew that the person was dying, and there was no point saving her. They were scared to even go near her.

She’d witnessed too many young lives dying by the side of the road like that on her way here, but she still couldn’t bear looking at them. Suddenly, the woman froze. She saw the face of the girl lying by the roadside. It was someone extremely familiar—someone she thought she would never see again!

The woman took off her sunglasses, and it was a face that often appeared on screens in cinemas. Her eyes were filled with joy and surprise. She quickly walked toward Sophia, turned her body around, and was elated to see her face.

“Sophia! It’s you!” She shook Sophia vigorously, and Sophia opened her eyes forcefully as she heard her name. She saw the face of a strange woman. It was difficult for her to even breathe, and her chapped lips, which were bleeding, finally moved after some moment. “W-Who are you?”

The woman didn’t expect her to ask that question. “It’s me! Nicole! Nicole Walker! Don’t you remember?” She had been in Africa for a film, but there was an armed rebellion, and the traffic was down. She just managed to get to the embassy, but she didn’t expect to see Sophia here. She looked at the wound on her arms. It was clearly a symptom of Virs-18!

“Sophia, what happened? How are you here? Gosh, what exactly happened?” She knew what contracting Virs-18 meant, but she couldn’t understand what happened to her. Didn’t she die three years ago? The newspapers were all reporting her death three years ago. Both Taylor and her were assassinated, and it caused an uproar. Yet, she showed up here after three years!

Sophia gasped for air with difficulty. She could feel her throat burning as she breathed, and it felt as if her throat was ripped open; it was difficult to speak. A person’s organs would start to ulcerate once they were infected by Virs-18, and it would start from the throat. Her mouth widened as she gasped for air, but she couldn’t breathe. All she felt was pain instead, as if she was breathing in lava or like chilli powder entering her respiratory system.

Nicole’s eyes reddened as Sophia remained silent. She immediately helped the latter up.

“Nicole, what are you doing?” Her assistant was shocked to see her helping an infected person and wanted to stop her, but she was scared to go near her. Scientists were still clueless about the method Virs-18 spread, and anyone in contact with the virus might be infected. Being infected was equivalent to inevitable death!

“She is my friend; I can’t watch her die. I have to help her!” Nicole was determined. She held Sophia and sought help from the embassy, but they were sorry to inform her that the disease couldn’t be controlled at the moment, and they couldn’t risk the lives of everyone in the bus. She had to be quarantined there, and she couldn’t leave with Sophia.

Quarantine… Nicole was stunned when she heard them, but she could understand. If she brought Sophia with her, the people in the bus might be infected too. But leaving her to quarantine here would be leaving her to die!

The embassy’s bus was leaving. They were the last batch of Cethosians, and the battleship would leave once they managed to get on. There wouldn’t be another chance if she missed this; she wouldn’t be able to leave this country that was caught in war.

This nation was having a civil war, and the rebel army was going to attack the city. They almost overthrew the current government, and all they needed was the international powers’ support. They needed superpowers like Cethos to recognize the legitimacy of their regime, so the rebels and the embassy had reached an agreement to attack the city once their people evacuated. These agreements were useless once war started. The embassy might be turned into ashes within seconds. How can she stay here and quarantine! It would mean death if she didn’t leave!

Sophia was feeling groggy, but she was aware of what was happening. She didn’t know who Nicole was, but she could tell that she seemed to know her and was trying to save her. However, she was infected by Virs-18 and was dying. The embassy couldn’t take her with them. If they did, she would infect everyone else in the bus.

“You s-should l-leave…” Her voice was soft.

Nicole looked at the bus that was leaving before looking at the dying Sophia. “How could I leave? What would happen to you if I left?” She was determined.

“Oh, dear. It’s not the time to be kind. This lady clearly won’t make it. You can’t do anything even if you managed to bring her back! Let’s go!” Her assistant was still trying to persuade her. She tried to go near Nicole, but when she saw the terrifying symptoms on Sophia, she retreated out of fear.

Nicole was panicking. She looked at Sophia and then at the soon-to-be leaving bus that was gradually filled with people. She was so panicked that tears were running down her face.

“Why don’t you leave her here in the embassy? It’s safe here. I know that the leader of the rebel army is negotiating with the pharmaceutical company of the Michel Group. The Michel Group has managed to develop a special cure for Virs-18,” the staff from the embassy spoke to her kindly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 733

Nicole’s eyes brightened.

Right! The Michel Group has control over Africa’s minerals, ammunition, and runs the largest bio-pharmaceutical company in Africa! They might have discovered the cure for Virs-18!

I just won the Academy Award for the Best Actress last year and have gained some fame internationally. They might help me!

“You can leave. I won’t leave her here,” Nicole told her team after she had made up her mind.

She then left with Sophia, ignoring her assistant and team’s anxious pleas.

The helicopter they rented was still parked on the square, and she knew how to fly it. It’s around a thousand miles from here to the Michel Group. It won’t take long…

Nicole helped Sophia onto the helicopter resolutely and helped fasten her seatbelt.

Sophia’s eyes were half closed, and tears fell from the corner of her eyes.

Nicole could hear her soft whispers between her lips. “Why bother…”She didn’t know Nicole, but she could figure out that they might have used to be best friends.

Why bother saving me and sacrificing yourself when you have the chance to leave?

Nicole didn’t answer her. People who were infected by Virs-18 would soon die in endless torture and pain, so time was precious. She had to make it to the Michel Group as soon as possible and find her the cure.

The helicopter took off soon. Nicole saw the evacuating bus leaving the town toward the harbor, and the battleship would leave real soon. Meanwhile, she could only stay in the midst of this turmoil…

But she didn’t regret it!

Sophia had saved her once, and it was time to pay her back.

She was the winner of the Best Actress of the Academy Award and had earned enough money. The orphanage and her sister’s life were guaranteed too. She had no regrets!

The journey to the Michel Group was dangerous. The war-ridden land was full of danger, and there were shots fired everywhere. A helicopter passing by might get shot down anytime.

Sophia was half awake on the way. Her throat and nose were burning so much that she couldn’t speak anymore. Her throat felt as if it was being cut when she tried to speak.

Her wounds were ulcerating, while pus and blood were flowing out from her wound. Her body was swelling up, and her entire body would soon ulcerate until she became a lump of rotten meat. She would then die in great torture and pain.

Her body had almost ulcerated completely by the time they were near the Michel Group’s building. Flies were flying around her, and she was holding onto her last breath. It felt as if she would collapse anytime.

How can I die when someone sacrificed herself to save me?

Nicole could see a huge castle when the helicopter was still flying in midair. The castle was tall with thick walls, and there was a small town surrounding it. It stood there like a mighty dragon that was lurking under the war in Africa. One could feel its majestic grandeur before walking in.

It was the Michel Group’s branch in Africa.

The Michel Group controlled almost half of the African economy. They had control over the minerals and ammunition, and they even ran the top bio-pharmaceutical company in the world.

There was a fierce fight near Michel Castle. Forces in Africa were tempted to get the Virs-18 cure as they learned that the Michel Group might have developed one. Getting the cure meant holding power in their hands, and it meant having control over all African countries.

All these overconfident powers were therefore trying to take over this major force lying in Africa. However, they forgot that the Michel Group was running the second largest ammunition dealership in the world.

There had been multiple forces that came attacking, but they were all defeated.

Nicole parked the helicopter nearby. They would probably be shot down before they reached the Michel Group if they just flew over without notice.

She stopped the helicopter in an empty town, found a car, and carried Sophia in.

It had just been a few hours, but Sophia’s appearance had changed completely—her entire body was swollen, and the area of ulceration had increased twofold. She looked like a decaying corpse.

Her temperature was shockingly low. Nicole carried her into the car and accidentally touched her open wounds. Her hands were covered in blood as she touched her; her fragile skin couldn’t handle any touches.

Looking at the blood in her hands, Nicole burst out into tears out of despair.

Time was ticking, and she had to find a cure as soon as possible.

Sophia woke up in pain. She had her last bit of consciousness and felt as if she was burning; even her soul was in pain.

“L-Leave m-me…” Sophia tried to speak, but her throat wouldn’t allow her to speak. She could feel the taste of iron in her mouth as she opened her mouth.

The Cethosian battleship shouldn’t be far. Nicole figured she could probably make it to them with the helicopter if she left alone.

“We’ll leave together!” Nicole wiped off her tears and looked for the car key.

She thought she was at the edge of breaking down, but her last bit of determination was keeping her rational.

Just then, Sophia, who was sitting on the passenger seat, took her amulet down from her neck forcefully. She then gave it to Nicole with her shaking hands.

Nicole took over the amulet, which was covered with her body temperature, pus, and blood.

The amulet was made up of obsidian stone and was carved into the shape of the God of Mercy. There were words carved on the back of it. Nicole recognized the amulet; Sophia always had it with her.

She could feel the words carved at the back—Cooper Mitchell.

Cooper Mitchell… It was the man who was in Nicole’s memory deep down. Although they had only met twice, she still couldn’t forget him even after over a decade.

“Keep your own belongings,” Nicole started the car as she said.

“No…” Sophia shook her head difficultly.

She couldn’t say anything else after the ‘no’.

She couldn’t remember who she was, and the amulet was the only thing left on her. She didn’t know who Cooper was and what relationship they had. All these didn’t seem to matter before death…

She had to give it to Nicole. Nicole must know where she was from, her family, and who Cooper Mitchell was.

Her family and Cooper might learn her situation after seeing this amulet.

She slowly closed her eyes as she felt as if she were in a sea of fire. Getting numb from the pain, she seemed to see that faceless man walking toward her from the fire.

Who is he? Quinton?

Nicole wiped off her tears, took Sophia’s amulet, and drove toward Michel Castle with the fastest speed.

A fight just ended right outside of the castle. Another force just came and tried to take down Michel Castle, but they forgot that their ammunition was bought from the Michel Group.

The result was a clear defeat.

It was scorched earth everywhere outside the castle—burnt marks, bullet cases, and burnt corpses were scattered everywhere.

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Nicole’s car ran over those burnt corpses, making some scalp-numbing crackling noise.

After a series of confrontations, Michel Castle opened its gate. The gate dropped on the moat, forming a bridge. Several cars drove out from the castle, and quite a number of men wearing chemical protection suits came down to clean the battlefield.

There had been outsiders coming to the castle recently. They were either desperate small forces or civilians infected by the Virs-18, asking for help with their last breath.

The people from the castle never showed mercy to those seeking help. They just left them to die. Layers and layers of rotten corpses were piling right outside of the castle, letting out a pungent smell. The bones of those who died from Virs-18 would be corroded by germs, and even stray dogs wouldn’t go near them.

The people from the castle would come out from time to time to clear up the corpses. They would burn those dead and living but infected people to death.

War required ammunition supply, and they were the supplier; a plague meant a need for a cure, and they were selling it.

They had no mercy nor compassion—they would sell the cure as long as people could afford it. Unfortunately, the leaders in Africa were too reserved and refused to pay the Michel Group the price they offered.

They were waiting for the international organizations to pressure them into providing the cure for free.

Monsters would never speak of mercy, and they had no idea what kindness was.

All they cared about was the benefit they would get.

Nicole’s car stopped nearby. She realized that there were many infected people who came with the same intention. They quickly went over to the people from the castle and sought help as the battlefire ceased.

Among the dozen of ulcerating infected people, Nicole was the only healthy one. Her sullen face, which was covered in blood and dirt, was full of determination. She piggybacked Sophia as she walked in between the group of zombie-like infected people. She felt as if she was walking to hell with a group of walking dead, and she was extremely afraid.

The air was filled with the nauseating stench of decay.

As expected, the infected people were blocked outside. The group of men in chemical protection suits formed a human wall to stop them and was pushing them violently. Some collapsed and never got up, while some were stepped to death by the others.

Nicole put Sophia on a rather flat ground as she whispered to her, “Wait for me.”

Sophia opened her eyes slightly. Her eyes were filled with blood, and her vision was blurred. There was a small scratch on her face, but such small scratch started ulcerting at lightning speed.

She leaned against a stone and saw a little girl next to her. The girl didn’t cry although she was infected just like Sophia, and they shared the same helplessness and despair.

Sophia looked at her, and her tears started falling.

There were male, female, elderly, and kids among the infected. They all dressed differently and all had different identities.

“I am a diplomatist and can speak five languages. Please save me! I will work for you for my entire life! I have been infected for two days! Please!”

“I’m a businessman. I’m rich, and you can have as much money as you want!”

“I am an Academic Award Best Actress winner. Please save my friend!”

However, no matter what kind of power, authority, or fame they had, they were just lumps of rotting meat in the eyes of the staff of the Michel Group. They would be cleared and turned into ashes within a day.

The people were crying and shouting in despair, but they couldn’t do anything!

Nicole was squeezed among the group of infected people. She thought they would at least take a look at her since she was an Academic Award winner, but they didn’t—no one cared.

At the same time, a car drove out from the castle. After it stopped, a man in a chemical protection suit came out of the car with a group of people protecting him. He was wearing a gas mask, only exposing his pair of eyes and blonde hair.

The wind blew, and the dust was flying around. The man stepped on the deadly land and stepped on the burnt corpses calmly. His ocean blue eyes showed no humanity. The desperate yell of the people didn’t move his heart a bit. He was cold-blooded, as if there was a layer of ice covering him, isolating him from the world completely.

He seemed to be here to check on the battlefield. He squatted down and observed the bombed land. He seemed to be observing the aftermath of the ammunition.

Everyone could tell that the man had status, and he must have the authority to speak, so they all shouted for help, but the man ignored them.

Nicole was shouting at the top of her lungs, but it was useless nevertheless.

The man got up and walked toward the car after collecting the data. The people’s screams were intensifying.

Nicole was anxious as she watched the man leaving. She stared at the man and kept shouting for help loudly.

The man took a glance in their direction before he stepped into the car. His blue eyes were cold as he scanned around mercilessly. He seemed to be used to seeing death, and there was no longer warmth or mercy in his eyes.

Nicole froze when she saw that pair of cold, heartless, blue eyes.

It was so familiar, as if she’d seen it in her dream—a dream she had several years ago, on the night she was in a film studio. He was the man she followed into darkness and to the masonry bridge.

It’s him!

It’s actually him!

Although it was just a short glance, Nicole still recognized him!

The man was already in the car. The door closed, and the noise of the engine starting overwhelmed the desperate calls of the infected people. Nicole was shouting something in the crowd too.

Suddenly, the man who was resting in the car opened his eyes. His blue eyes that were cold and heartless seemed to have moved.

He heard two words.

“Cooper Mitchell!”

In the crowd, among the millions of pleads in English, he heard a Cethosian voice yelling desperately.

“Cooper! Cooper!”

The man was stunned when he heard that name.

It had been twenty years, and he almost forgot that name he used to bear.

Cooper Mitchell…

Nicole saw the closed door open once again. The man walked out of the car and pointed toward her indifferently. She soon understood that he had heard her voice, and so she immediately burst into joyful tears.

There’s hope! There’s hope!

Someone brought Nicole to the man. Nicole rushed forward and finally confirmed that it was him!

The man named ‘Cooper Mitchell’!


Nicole called out that name.

The man named ‘Cooper’ was still emotionless, and his ocean blue eyes were still cold. “How do you know my name?” he asked in Cethosian language.

“I have a friend who said you are her relative. She is infected and is dying. Look, I have t-this…” Nicole quickly explained.

She took out Sophia’s amulet hastily and showed it to Cooper. It has his name, so he must recognize it.

The man reached out his hands covered in the chemical protection suit and took the amulet.

It was a small amulet of the God of Mercy carved in obsidian. It still looked so familiar even after twenty years, and he actually felt like it was just yesterday that he took it off.

He wouldn’t be mistaken. It was the amulet he had worn for twenty-nine years.

The name ‘Cooper Mitchell’, which he had used for twenty-nine years, was carved at the back of the amulet.

Cooper didn’t expect to see someone with his amulet appearing before him at such a moment.

Is it someone from the Mitchell family?

Too bad I’d bid farewell to my past.

Just as Nicole thought that Sophia would be saved, Cooper held the amulet and turned around to leave. “Leave,” he uttered indifferently.

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Nicole thought she had heard it wrongly.

Cooper must know about Sophia, but why is he not taking action after hearing that she is dying?

Is he cold-blooded?

Nicole was unwilling to give up. She ran after him and pleaded, “Please, save her! She is dying! Please! I’m begging you, Cooper!”

But Cooper ignored her, strode forward, and got into the car emotionlessly.

The engine started again.

Hearing the noise of the engine, Nicole fell into despair. She suddenly exploded and dashed toward Sophia like a gust of wind.

Sophia had lost her consciousness and was leaning against the rock. There was still slight breathing as her chest rose and fell, and there was a dead little girl lying next to her. Their hands were held together.

Nicole knew that Sophia would be the next to die if she didn’t get the cure.

She never knew she had such strength. She felt nothing as she carried Sophia and ran toward Cooper’s car before he left. She put Sophia on the ground and kneeled down, blocking the way.

Nicole looked up and stared at Cooper in the passenger seat. “Cooper! Her name is Sophia Edwards, from Cethos. Her dad is Joe Edwards, and her mom was Annabel Johnson. Her uncle’s name is Liam Johnson, and Taylor Murray is her husband. She said you were her relative, and she’d been looking for you. She always kept the amulet with her. You must know her!” Nicole shouted with her loudest voice. “She’s dying. Please, save her! Save her!”

Nicole’s voice was hoarse, and her throat was hurting as she spoke.

The paparazzis investigated Sophia’s family background when the news that she was sexually assaulted by her uncle leaked. Nicole learned about her mother’s name then.

Since Cooper was her relative, someone from her dad or mom’s side—or someone from her husband’s family—must know Cooper!

The cold-blooded man in the car was stunned when he heard a particular name.

Cooper soon got out of the car again and walked toward Nicole. His eyes were fixated on the deeply infected girl in her arms.

The girl’s face was starting to swell up and ulcerate, and her breathing was weak. She was at the edge of dying—she might die anytime. Her young, beautiful face was withering gradually, and her life was coming to an end.

Nicole finally saw emotions in Cooper’s cold eyes. There was shock, disbelief, and a slight doubt.

“What was her m-mother’s name?” he asked, his voice hoarse all of a sudden.

It turns out he was her mom’s distant relative.

“Her mom was Annabel Johnson! She had a brother named Liam Johnson, who used to be a primary school teacher.”

Nicole remembered the information those unscrupulous paparazzis posted. She didn’t dare to forget anything related to her.

Cooper slowly took down the gas mask and gloves, exposing his looks that hadn’t changed in over a decade; he still looked handsome as ever. Nevertheless, time did leave some marks on him, making him even colder and merciless.

He reached out his arms and slowly touched the fragile skin of that girl.

He could still see someone familiar through that swollen face of hers.

“W-When was she born?” Cooper’s voice seemed to be shaking a little. His eyes were flickering, for he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Nicole recalled the time when Sophia was playing a small role in the same production in the film studio. She mentioned visiting the pandas at the Panda Foundation on her birthday in September, and she soon learned about Taylor going live at the Panda Foundation!

“September! She will turn twenty-six this September!” she calculated Sophia’s birthday and answered quickly.

Twenty-six… Born in September!

Cooper’s hands were trembling, and the expression on his face changed from shock to grief.

“Sophia… Sophia Edwards… A-Annabel’s daughter?”

Cooper’s blue eyes were fixated on her as he murmured.

Nicole saw him being stunned, as if he was learning something he couldn’t accept. “Mr. Mitchell, she is dying. Please, save her!” she held onto him and begged eagerly.

Only then did Cooper pull himself back. Looking anxious, he said no more and carried Sophia into the car while Nicole followed right behind.

The car soon drove back into the castle.

Nicole realized that it was a completely different world behind the tall walls. It was the end of the world outside, but it was heaven in there. There was greenery, flowers, birds, mountains, lakes, and even an airport and a large garden.

Cooper carried Sophia to the medical center as soon as they got out of the car. It was the only place on earth with the cure for Virs-18.

The doctors from the medical center suited up and got the equipment ready as soon as they got the news. Cooper put Sophia on the operating table carefully. He was covered in her blood and was dumbfounded as he looked at Sophia, who was like a lump of rotten meat.

The doctors shook their heads when they saw Sophia.

It’s too late, too late…

“Save her.” Cooper’s voice was extraordinarily husky, and that was all he said.

Sophia was pushed into the emergency room, while Cooper stood outside for several hours without moving at all, as if he was rooted to the ground.

Soon, a stack of documents about Sophia’s background was passed into his hands. Cooper took off his gloves that were covered in her pus and blood, and his fair hands took the documents. He flipped through the first two pages.

‘Sophia Edwards, born on 18th September, 199X. Mother: Annabel Edwards, died from postpartum amniotic fluid embolism.’

A photo of a young lady was attached in the document. The photo was taken in a studio, and the young, pregnant lady was wearing an outdated dress. She was holding her baby bump and was smiling in contentment.

The photo was taken in June, 199X.

It was Annabel Edwards!

Cooper was eighteen when he saw her dying right before his eyes, watching as her body was burnt into ashes by the Mitchell family before they threw her ashes into the drain!

Yet it was now revealed that she was pregnant and had taken a photo in a studio five months after her death!

Cooper seemed to have understood the truth. The hatred that he had been holding for the past twenty years dissipated. He kneeled down slowly as he leaned against the wall, and the documents in his hands fell onto the ground.

The hatred and resentment were relinquished along with his tears.

“Dad, why did you lie to me… why… why?”

It was Woody Mitchell who captured them from elopement, fed her poison right before his eyes, and sent her into the incinerator. He even made him witness the scene of her being cremated.

He just watched his loved one cremated and vanished before him.

He was filled with great pain and hatred.

He never suspected anything. He never thought his dad might have played tricks to save Annabel, much less kept it from him for all these years.He didn’t even know that Annabel gave birth to a daughter for him!

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Cooper punched the wall hard repeatedly while sobbing in a guttural voice. He was inconsolable as he wept.

More than ten hours passed by as Nicole watched him guard the entrance of the operation theater. He did not rest, nor did he eat; instead, he stayed silent, facing the wall while tears rolled down his cheeks.

Finally, the light of the operation theater turned off, and the doctor walked out of the door. Cooper stood up immediately when he heard that, and he dashed to the front of the doctor. “What is the situation?”

The doctor appeared exhausted when he replied to him, “The patient has been severely infected by the Virs-18, and she has multiple organ failures. After urgent treatment, her organs have recovered their function. We have also used the cure on her. She will have a fighting chance if she is able to regain consciousness in the next two days. However, if she can’t…”

Cooper took a couple steps backward, and his tears started rolling down once again.

“Is it too late after all…”

If we had arrived earlier… would the chances have been better? Why didn’t I take her here earlier? God, did you do this deliberately?

Cooper looked up while staring at the sky through the window. Recently, there had been a fog over the sky in Africa. It looked so gloomy, as if everything might come bearing down at any moment.

Why is fate such a cruel thing? After twenty-seven years, I finally learned the truth, and now, I know that I have a daughter. However, I am helpless while I look on as she dies in front of me. In fact, she is dying due to my ruthlessness!

The strong always prey on the weak, and those who are weak would end up destroyed. Once upon a time, I used to be one of the weak ones, and I couldn’t even protect the person I love. I worked hard to become more powerful to ensure that I could control my own fate. Nevertheless, I end up not being able to even save my daughter.

When I was Cooper Mitchell, the power I possessed used to be incomparable. I had control of the Mitchell Family’s finances, but I wasn’t aware I had a surviving daughter. Her daily necessities weren’t even taken care of, and she had been bullied badly.

Why did fate make a fool out of us? Why did fate make us pass by each other in our lives…

A day had passed by, and it was already twenty-four hours, but Sophia was still in a coma.

The sky outside of the building went dark before the sun rose once again. However, the person lying in bed remained motionless. She was sound asleep, but her festering wounds were under control now. The cure was working, but she didn’t seem as if she might regain consciousness.

Her heartbeat was steady, but it was weak too. It sounded as if it might stop anytime now.

Most of her face was horribly festered. Her scalp was completely damaged, and her hair was all gone. Even if she were to survive this, she would be left with severe scars for the rest of her life.

Cooper sat by her bed all night long, and he didn’t dare close his eyes because he was afraid that he might wake up to a corpse if he were to fall asleep. I just want to keep her close to me, and I want to guard my own daughter. Having the chance to even look at her for a moment longer brings me joy, and I know that it is a luxury.

Sophia’s face was wrapped under layers of bandages. One of her arms had horribly festered, and even her bones were visible. Meanwhile, her other arm seemed alright, but it was icy-cold.

Cooper held onto her petite, pale hand while feeling the warmth and affection of his flesh and blood. However, it felt as if even her warmth was slipping away.

My palm is so warm, but why can’t I seem to impart warmth upon this frail life?

Is God punishing my ruthlessness and cruelty? Did God deliberately arrange for me to meet Sophia, just so that I could learn that I have a surviving daughter who would then die in front of me?

If someone has to die, why isn’t it me?

Nicole had been strolling around outside the ward. She was placed in Michel’s Castle while enjoying the protection of the Michel Group. They would charter a plane for her flight back to Cethos as soon as possible.

There were urgent footsteps suddenly from outside of the hospital room as a young man clad in a black suit came rushing over.

Linus came rushing over from somewhere else, and he learned about the situation here.

Cooper’s daughter is here, and her name is Sophia Edwards!

Previously, when I was in Cethos, Michael hinted at me by showing me a photograph of an influencer named Chester Gailman, who looked similar to Cooper.

I thought that Michael was just asking about the connection between Fass Michel and Cooper Mitchell. That was why I pretended to be oblivious to it while claiming that I hadn’t any idea what he was talking about. I didn’t know that he was actually asking about Fass and Cooper on behalf of Sophia.

I did not expect Sophia to be Cooper’s daughter!

“Fass!” Linus called for Cooper from the entrance of the hospital room.

Cooper was sitting by the bed while staring at the heavily bandaged person lying motionless on it. He remained motionless, but his eyes were bloodshot, and there were tears brimming in the corners of his eyes.

Linus had never seen this side of the ruthless Fass Michel.

Linus walked briskly to stand by the bedside while he looked at the complicated machines connected to Sophia’s body. Her eyes were shut, and half of her face was festered. She looked exceptionally pale, and she was breathing weakly. It sounded as if it might be her last breath anytime soon.

This is undoubtedly Sophia Edwards! Oh, my God! What happened? Didn’t she die three years ago?

“Sophia…” Linus called out to her softly, but the bedridden person did not respond to him.

“Linus.” Cooper looked up suddenly at him with yearning in his eyes. “Tell me about Sophia.”

Linus nodded while sitting down slowly, and he started speaking in a quiet voice about how he became acquainted with Sophia.

He mentioned how they got to know each other in the film studio, and how they had the same interests in Bayside University. He mentioned about the chilly night where they kept each other warm in the park. Besides, he also talked about Phantom Wolf…

Cooper wept his eyes out after listening to Linus. His tears came rolling down uncontrollably. The once strong and unshakable Cooper was now just a father who was about to lose his only child, and he was filled with desperation, pain and regret.

It turns out our paths have crossed so many times in the past.

A few years ago, I visited the ancient town Annabel and I eloped to to reminisce about the past, and I brushed shoulders with Sophia.

My photo was leaked, and it caused an uproar. I knew that someone was looking for me in secret. Therefore, I sent my substitute, Chester, to avoid trouble so I could put an end to the situation.

I just realized now that Sophia might be the person behind that situation. She must have known about my background, and she knew that her biological father had surfaced. She was trying to find me through that method.

That year, I even had direct contact with her. I was in the car, and she was sitting in the front passenger’s seat when she handed me her name card.

Why didn’t I look up at that time to have a good look at her?

She is the spitting image of Anna. I would have recognized her if I had looked up at her face!

The world has been cruel to me, and so I’ve treated it more cruelly. God wants to punish me, and that is why my offspring has been suffering so much. Will she end up dead after going through so much pain?

I am the one who has been ruthless and cruel!

By the end of it, there was a catch in Linus’ voice, and he just couldn’t go on…

Sophia did not regain consciousness for the whole day.

It meant that the chances of her waking up were now slim.

The next day, she was still motionless, and the machines were helping her breathe and stay alive.

Cooper stood beside the windows, and his back was facing his dying daughter, whom he had just reconnected less than thirty hours ago. He didn’t even have the chance to speak with her, yet he was already helplessly witnessing her slowly wasting away.

Through the window, Cooper saw the scorched earth outside of the walls. The inner part of the towering walls was an isolated bubble because there were flowers and grass—it looked like a prosperous town.

On the other hand, outside of the walls, the earth was scorched black. Desperate people were wailing for help outside of the city, but nobody took pity on them because from the perspective of the castle’s owner, they were just a bunch of nobodies.

Linus came rushing in once again.

Cooper had been keeping Sophia company in the hospital room for the past two days, so Linus was in charge of everything else. Nevertheless, he would drop by once in a while to check up on Sophia.

“Linus,” Cooper called out to him once he arrived.

“Fass, what is it?” Linus responded, but his gaze was focused on Sophia, who was lying on the bed.

It was already the second day, but she had yet to regain consciousness.

Cooper glanced outside of the walls, and he noticed that the people who were begging for help were like zombies besieging the city. It was almost like purgatory beyond the walls because people seemed like ghouls that had been sent to hell to be punished.

“Allow the infected ones in to receive treatment,” Cooper uttered, but his eyes remained cold and distant as usual.

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Linus was shocked, but he remained silent as he nodded.

Cooper added, “Contact the governments who phoned earlier asking to purchase the cure… Tell them that we will supply the cure free of charge. Besides, release the composition and formula of the cure to the public free of charge. Get the pharmaceutical factories to work over time and synthesize as many cures as possible to send them out to the main hospitals in large cities, where the infection has spread the worst.”

Cooper did not run a charity; in fact, the cure developed by his medical team shouldn’t be given out for free. This was his bargaining chip, which he wanted to use to take advantage of the horrible situation in exchange for the mining rights from governments of different countries. I was waiting for Africa to fall into chaos because once there was chaos, an arms dealer, like myself, would benefit from the situation the most.

The life and death of others had nothing to do with me! However, right now, I can’t help but look at everything differently.

Copper hesitated before continuing, “Saving a person’s life is the best karma I could possibly accumulate. If I were to salvage the entire Africa, wouldn’t I accumulate limitless virtue in life… With that, my daughter might…”

He turned to look at Sophia, who was lying in bed, but his eyes were brimming with tears, his gaze unfocused.

She was still deep in her coma, and it seemed as if she would never open her eyes again.

“Maybe God would witness this and allow my daughter to return to me.”

While staring at his flesh and blood going through so much pain, Cooper started crying again. For the past twenty years, he had never shed a single tear ever since Annabel’s death.

However, in the last two days, he finally understood that the suffering he had to endure now was the result of the accumulation of his ruthlessness over the last two decades. More than twenty years’ worth of tears now flowed freely in the past two days.

Linus could sense Cooper’s desperation, and so he left in silence.

After a while, news got out that a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles, which were loaded with the cures, flew off to large cities all over the world. The cure’s formula was sent to every country’s medical institutions too. Hence, any medical institutions had access to the Michel Group to obtain the cure.

The gates opened, and the infected people, who were begging for help outside of the walls, were sent into hospital rooms. Everybody was excited, and some were even crying tears of joy. Those who sought help received the cure and the necessary health care from the Michel Group free of charge.

The news spread throughout the entire Africa within a day. The land, which had once fallen into despair in the flames of war, appeared as if it had been reborned—there was good news everywhere.

Nicole stood behind Cooper. Sensing the despair and regret emitting from the man’s aura, she couldn’t help but feel down as well.

However, Cooper broke the silence suddenly. “Miss Walker.”

Nicole was stunned into silence because this was the first time Cooper spoke to her in the last two days. She responded hastily, “Yes, Mr. Mitchell.”

She already knew that he was the person in charge behind Michel Group, Fass Michel, but she also knew that his name was Cooper Mitchell. Therefore, she addressed him as ‘Mr. Mitchell’.

However, Cooper did not correct her; instead, he paused for a long time before saying, “Thank you very much.”

Nicole was at a loss for words now. She finally had a chance to speak with him after waiting for more than a decade. Nevertheless, the heavy and gloomy atmosphere crushed her joy and excitement.

Cooper continued, “Thank you for making sure that we were united as father and daughter.”

Nicole smiled bitterly while shaking her head.

She was perplexed. It’s too late after all. Everything seems to be fated.

It was night time soon.

Sophia had been in a coma for two days, and she would never regain consciousness again if she didn’t wake up now.

Cooper hadn’t had anything to eat nor drink the entire day. He had been gazing at Sophia while he sat beside her bed.

This is my daughter!

If I had been able to raise her since birth, she would have been enjoying life as a youthful and beautiful woman now. She would have been healthy and happy. In fact, with her intelligence, I’m sure she must be as talented as Linus. However, right now, she’s lying in bed while balancing at the brink of death.

Cooper stared at Sophia’s face, and the longer he did that, the prettier he found her to be. Anna gave birth to this daughter of mine!

She gave birth to her in despair, and I’m sure she must have hoped that we would be reunited as father and daughter one day. Who would have expected our first official reunion to be when she was on the brink of death?

She has suffered so much throughout her life, and so I must keep her company while she goes through the last part of the journey.

Cooper did not have the courage to look away—he did not even dare to blink. He was afraid that he might be staring at his own daughter’s corpse if he were to shut his eyes for a moment.

Nicole’s tears came streaming down silently while she stood by the bed.

Linus entered the hospital room quietly before he spoke to Cooper. “The infested victims from outside of the walls had been let in. They would be provided with free health care services upon registration. The cures have been placed into circulation in an orderly manner, and the formula and specialists have been sent to the largest pharmaceutical factories. The leaders of different countries have been phoning to thank you…”

The tears on Cooper’s cheeks dried quickly after his tears streamed down, but his cheeks would get wet again with tears. He stared at Sophia while responding to Linus in a quiet voice, “They don’t have to thank me. They should thank my daughter. She is the one who gave them their lives. She is the one…”

Linus glanced at Sophia, and his eyes turned red with tears too. His eyes were shining with tears, but this time, he did not leave the room. Instead, he sat by her bedside to keep her company while she went through the last moments of her life.

Cooper stared at Sophia’s face, as if in a trance. He then held onto her hand lightly to place it on his cheek.

His face was hot, and it was a stark contrast against her icy-cold hand. His tears were dripping constantly onto her palm.

Cooper sat closest to Sophia, and he was speaking to her in a quiet voice. Perhaps she’s able to hear my voice right now.

She had been searching for me for so many years, and so I’m sure she must have been looking forward to meeting me. I need to let her know that I, her father, am just by her side. In that case, she might move on to the afterlife while feeling at ease.

“Sophia, my name is Cooper Mitchell. I am your father… Cooper.” He choked with sobs. “I know everything now. I know that… I know that you have been searching for me all along. I have disappointed you, and I shouldn’t have avoided you. I shouldn’t have let you look for me all alone. This is entirely my fault. Will you please be my daughter if there is a next life? I promise that I will make it up to you… I will never let you or your mother suffer. Sophia, my dear daughter, open your eyes to look at me, please…”

Unfortunately, Sophia was still deep asleep.

Cooper nuzzled his face against her palm while he wailed in despair.

Linus looked away because he didn’t have the courage to face this moment of life and death. He was afraid that he might break down.

He turned away, but he realized that his face was streaked with tears.

The medical staff around were crying silently as well.

Cooper, who had lost all hope, knew that it was impossible to salvage anything. He reached out with a trembling hand to retrieve the amulet, which he had been wearing over two decades, to place it gently into Sophia’s hand.

He sobbed before continuing, “I’m giving you the amulet, which I have had with me for more than twenty years, and you’ll have to continue wearing it in your next life. With that… I’d be able to locate you straight away, alright?”

Unfortunately, she would never respond to him ever again.

Cooper kept his head bowed while he held onto Sophia’s hand tightly. He was trying to preserve the last bit of warmth.

God has been so cruel to me, and I’m sure that this is my punishment. That is why I’ve been punished to experience the pain and despair of watching my daughter dying slowly right before my eyes.

Is there a chance of redeeming myself if I were to admit to my mistakes?

Suddenly, he felt as if the cold and tiny hand in his grasp had moved slightly. He thought that he was imagining things, but he looked up abruptly. He stared at the person in bed, and her eyelashes fluttered a few times. Her eyelids started quivering, as though she was trying her best to open her eyes.

Sophia’s lips moved a couple of times with difficulty, and Cooper heard her frail and hoarse voice calling out weakly, “Dad…”

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Cooper was stunned into silence, and he thought he was dreaming.

On the other hand, Linus reacted swiftly by standing up. “She’s awake, she’s awake! Quick!”

The medical staff, who were on standby for the longest time, came rushing over. Cooper, who was rendered motionless by shock, was pushed to the side straight away.

Cooper was still in shock even after Sophia had been wheeled into the operation theater. When he saw that the light of the operation theater was turned on, he mumbled, “She’s awake… My daughter’s awake?”

After the rescue, Sophia finally made it through miraculously. Her vitals were normal, and everything indicated that she was on the path of recovery.

She woke up for real the next day.

Her eyelashes fluttered lightly like wings of a butterfly before she opened her eyes.

Cooper, who had been staring at her all the while, held onto her hands immediately. “Sophia, you’re awake,” he whispered.

Sophia was bleary-eyed, and her eyesight had not returned to normal yet. However, she knew who that person was because she had been listening to the person speaking to her for the past two days. She just didn’t have the strength to open her eyes to look at him.

This man’s name is Cooper Mitchell, and he is my father. He is the father I’ve spent years searching to no avail, but I’ve stumbled upon him under the most unimaginable circumstances. My father, who has been known for his ruthlessness and cruelty, has rescued all the infected victims to save me.

Holding onto her fixation toward her father, Sophia mustered all her strength to open her eyes and escape from the cold and dark world.

“Dad.” That was the first word she uttered when her lips parted. Her voice box was damaged, and so she sounded like she was exhaling as she spoke in a whisper. Nevertheless, Cooper heard what she said clearly and started crying tears of joy. To have my daughter address me as her dad feels so much more surreal and beautiful than a dream.

He nodded, and his tears came rolling down. He was about to say something, but his voice caught in his throat as he sobbed.

Sophia forced a smile with difficulty, and she called out again, “Dad.”

Her voice was still frail like before, as if she was merely breathing. Nevertheless, Cooper nodded happily, and his voice was trembling. “I’m here. I am right here…”

When Sophia called out for him, Cooper felt that it was the most melodious thing he had ever heard despite her hoarse and weak voice.

At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to announce to the world—I, Cooper Mitchell, have a daughter now!

Sophia’s recovery was encouraging. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much hair left, and her scalp was festered. Most of her face had undergone necrosis, and she was wrapped in bandages.

Nevertheless, those weren’t important because as long as she was still alive, other issues could be readily addressed.

The Michel Group took the initiative to release the cure for Virs-18 to the public. Therefore, they saved the entire African continent. Although it was a small-scale war, the cure gave people hope. This meant that there would be peace throughout the land soon enough.

The Michel Group suffered immense losses over this matter. They exhausted large amounts of human resources to research and develop the cure, but in the end, they gave it out for free, and so they did not reap any benefits at all.

Once the cure had been released, countries all over the world were in joy. The wars died down, and so the sales of firearms were severely affected.

Nevertheless, Cooper didn’t mind. Everything is worth it in exchange for my daughter’s life—even if it means that I need to pay with my own life.

Linus saw Cooper standing at the corner of the castle wall the day Sophia regained consciousness. Cooper was facing the wall while he cried in silence.

After receiving news that his daughter had survived the ordeal, Cooper learned about another cruel reality—Annabel, whom he watched pass away, did not die in reality. Instead, Woody let her leave discreetly.

After Anna left, a fat bastard, Joe Edwards, r*ped her, and she gave birth to my daughter in despair. During childbirth, she experienced amniotic fluid embolism syndrome. Since her family refused to consent to the hysterectomy procedure to save Anna’s life, she died in the delivery room after the delay of the optimum rescue window.

They were reluctant to allow her to undergo the hysterectomy procedure because Anna wouldn’t be able to give birth again without her womb. Hence, it would also mean that she wouldn’t fetch a good price if they were to put her up for sale.


If I had known all those years ago, my daughter and I wouldn’t have been separated for so many years, and Anna might not have died… Fate is toying with me…

I’d always thought that I had mastered the key of controlling my fate, and that I had my fate in my grasp. Hence, I assumed that I was the master in controlling the world. However, in the end, I realized that I am just a commoner, like I’ve always been. I am just a pitiful person who has been toyed around by fate.

My woman had been bullied, and she died after childbirth while feeling hopeless. She was merely 19 years old when she died.

My daughter had been mol*sted by her own uncle at a young age. After growing up, someone broke her leg, and she was chased out of her school. The nightmare she had to endure during her childhood spread like wildfire, and Sophia had been forced to face her pain and sufferings for the second time. Now that she has endured the attack of the virus, her looks have completely been destroyed. She was at the brink of death, and she went through hell for it.

Everything seemed to be destined in an invisible manner.

Cooper’s tears rolled down his cheeks silently. Suddenly, he sensed someone behind him, and so he turned around. He came face-to-face with Linus, and the once cruel and cold Cooper was reduced to nothing but a hopeless old man who was suffering in silence.

“Linus, is this retribution?”

Linus couldn’t answer him…

Ever since Sophia regained consciousness, she had been recovering well. Cooper handed all his affairs to Linus to handle because he just wanted to spend time with his daughter.

Soon, a week passed by since Sophia regained consciousness, and she was in much better spirits. She could even consume small amounts of food.

That day, after her first time having solid foods, Sophia smacked her lips, as if relishing the delicious food.

“Is it delicious?” Cooper asked.

He was worried that she might not be used to the food in a foreign country, and so he specially flew a Cethos chef over to prepare some Cethos cuisine in the form of a liquid diet for her.

Sophia nodded, and her lips curled into a smile. Although only half of her face was intact, she was still the prettiest daughter from Cooper’s point of view.

Nobody has anything on my daughter.

Sophia opened her cloudy eyes to look at the sunny and clear blue sky through the window. Then, she asked in a hoarse voice, “Dad, why are the lights off all along?”

Cooper was halfway scooping the liquid food up with a spoon when he heard that, and the smile on his face fell. After that, he reached out to wave a hand in front of her eyes.

Sophia’s cloudy eyes appeared lifeless like pools of stagnant water; she had no response at all. Nevertheless, she forced a smile while asking him, “Dad, why aren’t you saying anything?”

She has lost her eyesight.

Cooper’s heart throbbed in pain, and he choked back a sob. He kept his head bowed while he stirred the food in the bowl. Cooper blew against the hot steam before continuing feeding her one scoop after another.

“Your eyesight isn’t the best right now—in fact, it’s very weak. You won’t be able to see temporarily, but you will recover in a few days’ time.”

Sophia seemed to have sensed something, but it was impossible to make out her feelings through her murky eyes. However, she forced a smile anyway.

“Dad, I’ll recover with you by my side.”

Cooper did not respond to her.

After making sure that Sophia had finished her food, Cooper instructed someone to fly an ophthalmologist over.

After the doctor examined Sophia’s eyes, he shook his head at Cooper once he left the room. “Her eyes had been damaged continuously, and the Virs-18 had rendered her cornea necrotic. She would most probably never see again in the future.”

Cooper maintained an indifferent expression, and it appeared as though he was already numb to the situation. However, his heart was bleeding in pain.

My daughter has lost her eyesight…

Nevertheless, the doctor added, “However, the artificial cornea, which we have developed, has had ten years of clinical trials. We can try that while waiting for a suitable match for cornea transplant.”

Cooper flashed him a bleak smile.

Everything is worth it as long as she gets better.

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Soon, Sophia had been living in the castle for more than a month, and she had been recovering well. Most of her bandages were taken off, and it exposed the scars on her skin. The festering wounds had left her with scars, which would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Her scalp was hairless, and the skin over her head appeared grotesque. The scars looked like centipedes etched across her skin.

She was still unable to see with her eyes, but her body had not fully recovered. Therefore, she couldn’t undergo the stress of going through a cornea transplant surgery for the time being.

Cooper’s eyes started brimming with tears when he saw Sophia after her bandages were taken off. However, he couldn’t reveal his sadness in front of her.

“Dad, I’d like to head out for some fresh air and feel the sun. Can I do that?” Sophia broke the silence. Her voice box was damaged, and so her voice was gravelly and unpleasant.

Cooper answered, “Of course. I’ll take you out.”

The weather was wonderful today, and the breeze outside felt especially good. Cooper pushed the wheelchair with Sophia on it to enjoy the breeze while they took a stroll.

All those years ago, Cooper discovered this precious stretch of land in Africa with exceptional geomancy. Hence, he built the African branch of the Michel Group here, and he laid his roots. There were buried treasures underneath the impoverished lands, and so with his company built on top of it, the Group grew larger and stronger by relying on these treasures.

The Michel Family came looking for me a long time ago, and that was how I found out about the background of my mother’s family. It turned out I have another identity—Fass Michel.

At that point, I started arranging my affairs to leave the Mitchell Family.

I started building up my own forces abroad, where the Mitchells had no intel on. It was at that point when I found Linus.

I used a car crash as a front to leave my identity behind when I was 29 years old. I abandoned my identity as Cooper Mitchell to embrace my identity as Fass Michel.

This castle was the result of his accumulated efforts over the years. It had now developed into a rich town, and it was like an enormous, black dragon perched across the continent of Africa. The area was truly like an uncrowned king, and people trembled with fear at the mention of him.

They took a walk in the garden, and they were surrounded by flowers. Hence, the fragrance in the air was pleasant enough. Sophia enjoyed the sun while sniffing the fragrant flowers. She appreciated the wind while feeling content.

Cooper introduced her to the area in a gentle tone. “This town belongs to me, and so it will belong to you in the future. Once you are able to see after a few days, I’ll take you to have a look at the wider horizon.”

Sophia nodded. Her smile resembles her mom’s!

Cooper was walking leisurely when Sophia asked him all of a sudden, “Dad, where’s mom?”

The smile across Cooper’s face froze.

I’ve recently learned that my poor daughter had forgotten about everything.

I know what she had gone through. An assassin attacked her three years ago, and she reappeared three years after. She once had a husband named Quinton Clark when she lived in one of the small towns in the desert.

I know who Quinton Clark is, and I am also well aware of his methods.

He has a specific set of brainwashing techniques. He artificially controls the human’s brain waves using certain equipment to forcefully create some hallucinations. The person’s deepest fears would be magnified multiple times and in repetition. This is the worse mental torture for humans, and it would easily break anyone.

Even the most valiant special agents on earth would not be able to free themselves when subjected to such extreme and cruel mental tortures.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much my daughter had suffered. She’d been tortured so much that she ended up in such a state.

She had completely forgotten about the past after going through a breaking point. Therefore, her mind had become completely blank.

Sophia mentioned that her eyes hadn’t been the best even in the past. Tears would start streaming even at the slightest breeze. In fact, she would be in excruciating pain once she started crying.

Cooper knew that once upon a time, his daughter almost ended up blind from crying too much, so he had always known that her eyes were already weak. Hence, her eyesight deteriorated swiftly after the Virs-18 infection. Currently, she could no longer see.

Quinton Clark…

Cooper gritted his teeth in silence.

However, on the surface, he remained gentle when he answered, “Your mom passed away many years ago.”

Sophia looked crestfallen, and she didn’t say another word after that.

The two of them walked for quite some time before she asked again, “Dad, how was I like in the past? Why did I forget about everything?”

Cooper answered her, “Let the past stay in the past. You only have to remember that you are Cooper Mitchell’s daughter—my daughter—and that is more than enough.”

“Okay,” answered Sophia with a gravelly voice. After a while, she added, “Have you managed to contact Hope?”

Cooper’s voice turned harsh when he heard that. “He is not your husband. He is just a hooligan who has committed countless murders! Forget about him! He doesn’t deserve you!”

Sophia seemed to have gotten used to Cooper’s attitude, and so she stuck her tongue out playfully.

In reality, she felt that she didn’t harbor much feelings for Quinton. I just made do with him… I do not recall anything at all anyway. I was left with Quinton alone, and I couldn’t leave him, could I?

However, now that I have dad, I’m presented with another choice.

I do not want to idle away my youth by staying in a small town. I want to go to a bustling city to get to know more people. I want to experience life more. Once my eyesight has recovered, I will realize my dreams.

After strolling for a while, Cooper saw a person pacing outside of the garden. It turned out to be Nicole.

Nicole was in close contact with Sophia since she brought the latter over for treatment, so she was inevitably infected too. However, her conditions were mild, and so she recovered swiftly after using the cure.

Currently, order had been gradually restored in the African continent, and the traffic had recovered slightly too. The agency was already urging her to return as soon as possible, so she had to take the flight this afternoon. She plucked up her courage to bid Cooper farewell.

When Nicole saw Cooper walking toward her, her breath caught in her chest while she stared at the handsome face which had weathered through the years.

It has been over ten years; I still can’t believe that I can get to speak with him now. I was even able to stay in the same small town with him for such a long time. Everything feels like a dream.

“Mr. Mitchell,” she greeted Cooper politely.

“Ms. Walker,” replied Cooper flatly. He sounded cold and distant, as if he was putting up a barrier to keep everybody out, apart from his daughter. It was almost impossible to get a gentle and warm expression from this man.

Nicole suppressed the bitterness bubbling in her chest as she smiled at him. “I am here to bid you farewell. I have a flight to catch this afternoon because I’m returning to Cethos.”

Cooper paused for a while before he said, “You should see my daughter.”

Nicole nodded and thanked him gratefully. “Thank you very much, Mr. Mitchell.”

However, Cooper’s next statement sounded unexpectedly cold and cruel. “I hope that you will not mention her past in front of her. I will also not allow you to mention my daughter to anyone after you’ve returned to your country!”

Nicole was bewildered while she stared at his ruthless and distant expression. Nevertheless, she promised him anyway. “Alright.”

Only then did Cooper agree to let her bid Sophia goodbye.

Sophia died three years ago. She died in a stampede by a hoard of frenzied fans.

Since I’ve learned about her existence, she has to say goodbye to her miserable past. She is no longer anybody’s wife—she is just my daughter! My only daughter!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 740

Nicole bade Sophia goodbye too.

“Nicole, have a safe trip. I’ll visit you once I’ve recovered.” Sophia’s murky eyes were blind now, and so she could only locate Nicole’s position by listening to her voice. She reached out her hand, which was filled with scars, to hold onto Nicole’s.

Nicole replied, “Mm-hmm, I’ll be waiting for you.”

As they were about to part ways, Sophia asked her suddenly, “Nicole, what kind of person was I in the past?”

Nicole turned to look at Cooper, who was standing by the side, reflexively. He was shooting daggers at her, looking almost menacing. Therefore, Nicole smiled bitterly as she answered Sophia, “You were a good person. Once upon a time, I only worked some walk-on parts, and my younger sister was extremely ill. She needed urgent treatment, but I didn’t have the money to save her. You paid her medical bills for me. Besides, after finding out that my younger sister and I opened up an orphanage, you forked out money to build a new building for our orphanage.”

Sophia chuckled. I have no idea about my past right now, but at least I know that I was a good person. I think that’s not bad at all.

After Nicole left, Cooper was about to speak with Sophia when Linus came rushing toward him. He whispered into Cooper’s ear, and the latter’s expression soured immediately while his aura became intimidating straight away.

However, he switched swiftly into a gentle and happy expression when he turned to his daughter. He grabbed onto her hand when he said, “Sophia, I need to attend to some matters. I’ll get Linus to send you home.”

Sophia nodded. “Go ahead with your work, dad.”

Cooper glanced at Linus while nodding at him. Then, he said to Sophia, “Linus has a gift for you.”

Sophia broke into a happy grin at the mention of a gift. Therefore, she asked hastily, “Uncle Linus, what is it?”

Linus was still not used to Sophia addressing him as such. We were born on the exact same date. Previously, I used to be her older brother, but now, I have ended up as her uncle for no reason.

She pushed Sophia’s wheelchair while walking forward. “Hazard a guess,” he answered her.

Cooper watched the two of them leaving slowly, and the warm and gentle smile vanished from his face instantly as he now looked frosty and cruel.

Michel’s Castle welcomed a guest today—it was none other than Phantom Wolf, Quinton Clark.

Quinton was pacing in the hall anxiously. He had lost contact with those at home when the war broke out. After that, he took the risk to return to the small town, but he realized that it had become a war zone. The bookshop had been razed to the ground, and his subordinates were all dead—most importantly, he couldn’t find Sophia.

He searched along the way, asking around while looking for a helpless and weak girl in the midst of the messy war. He lost confidence over time, but he wouldn’t give up unless he found her body.

However, everywhere was a warzone, and some people didn’t even have a body to show for after death.

Quinton moved around for a month until he finally got hold of her news. It turned out she was infected by Virs-18, and so she came over to Michel Castle for treatment. It so happened that Michel Castle’s gates were opened to allow the infected victims to enter the castle for treatment. That was how he barged in excitedly.

Linus must have found her and saved her! She must be fine.

“Quinton Clark.” A deep and masculine voice rang. It was in native Cethos language, and there was even a hint of Bayside City accent.

Quinton was shocked, and so he turned around abruptly. He noticed that a man was already standing at the end of the corridor.

He couldn’t make out the man’s age. Superficially, he looked young, but his eyes were cruel, as if he had weathered through years of experience. He looked like a foreigner, but he was speaking in fluent Cethos, and so it didn’t seem to match.

Why didn’t Linus come out to meet me?

Previously, I had a falling out with Linus, and he even helped the Fletchers to dig up my past. Now that Linus knows I’m here, why isn’t there a response from him?

Despite not knowing the person in front of him, Quinton went forward to greet him politely anyway. “Good day to you. My name is Quinton Clark. I am here to—”

“Come with me.” The cruel man did not reply to his greeting; instead, he turned around to leave.

Quinton was confused, but he followed after him anyway. Along the way, Cooper did not utter another word. The two of them made multiple turns to arrive at a place which resembled a hospital of sorts.

On the other side, Quinton was also trying to figure out the man’s identity.

Upon arriving at the destination, Cooper stood in front of a wall to press a button lightly, and the wall turned into a see-through glass. Surprisingly, behind the glass wall was a ward.

Sophia was sitting on a wheelchair in the ward, and her eyes were dull. Her once bright eyes were now dull and lacked luster. Her bald scalp was filled with scars, which were ugly and terrifying. Layers of scars had covered most of her face, and her thick scars were like an utterly ugly shirt that was covering her delicate skin. It was a stark contrast in comparison to her previous look.

“Sophia!” Quinton was in shock, but he charged forward while ignoring everything else. He slammed against the wall with all he had while screaming for Sophia. Unfortunately, Sophia didn’t seem to hear him at all. Her dull eyes were wide open when she looked up, and she tried locating Linus’ position through hearing.

“Uncle Linus, will I be blind from now on?”

Linus kept his head bowed before looking up tenderly at her. He chuckled while he answered, “Silly, what nonsense is that? Technology is extremely advanced now. Is there still any incurable disease around?”

After saying that, Linus picked her up from her wheelchair to place her gently on her bed.

She was now as thin as a stick, and she looked as if she was made of skin and bones. The Virs-18 had almost sucked up all her energy and health; although she managed to survive, her physical body was almost destroyed. She would need quite a long time to recuperate; in fact, she was so weak that she didn’t even have the energy to walk.

Quinton’s eyes bulged in disbelief when he witnessed everything in front of him.

What happened to her when I wasn’t by her side? How did things take such a drastic turn…

The wall in front of them turned back to a normal wall, and Quinton couldn’t see what was inside anymore, nor could he hear anything else. Quinton was still stuck against the wall, and he wouldn’t leave.

The man behind him spoke in an exceptionally cold and ruthless voice. “She is my daughter. She has been reduced to her current state after being infected by Virs-18, and she is now blind. I’m sure you know best how she ended up being blind.”

Before arriving at Michel Castle, Sophia’s eyesight hadn’t been great.

Cooper glared cruelly at Quinton, who seemed as if he was hit hard by the earlier scene. “Quinton Clark, I am happy that we reunited as father and daughter, and so I do not wish to commit murder now. You should thank my daughter because she saved your life! You should leave and never appear in front of my daughter again. Otherwise… I will chop you up and make you into a pot of stewed meat!”

Cooper hissed the last few words through gritted teeth. It was obvious that he had found out what happened years ago.

Phantom Wolf did not kill Sophia; instead, he deliberately chopped up a woman to make a thick pot of stew to fool the pursuing troops; he even rescued Sophia’s daughter. If it weren’t for that, Quinton would have ended up as a pot of stew now!

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