My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 721-730

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 721

Who’s this? I’ve never heard of this name in Bayside City. By the sound of it, he seems to be related to the Fletcher Family.

Much to everyone’s surprise, they saw a few more sentences as they read on. His stage name is Taylor Murray; one of the grandsons of the Founding Father, Mark Fletcher. Father’s name is Theo Fletcher; mother’s name is Elizabeth Murray; sister’s name is Celine Fletcher. The anonymous person-in-charge behind Ascot International and Audistin. Two times winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Lucy and everyone else from the Edwards Family were taken by surprise.

Is this really who Taylor Murray is? We did previously find out about his mother being Elizabeth Murray and that she left him some inheritance. As such, he does have some power and money with him, although it belonged to his mother. I got rid of him because I couldn’t see any future being with him. But… his father is Theo Fletcher! Theo and Mark aren’t ordinary people. Had Theo not passed at a young age, he would’ve attained an unimaginable status by now. Also… how can Taylor be the anonymous person-in-charge behind the powerful corporation that emerged in the past couple of years in Bayside City?

Everyone, including Lucy, was impressed by Michael.

Is this really my cheap-looking ex who raises a dog that eats poops?

Had Lucy learned about this by word of mouth, she would not have bought it. But now that she got it from Sam, she had no choice but to believe it.

All of a sudden, everyone began seeing Taylor—no, Michael—in a new light.

Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined him having such impressive credentials. Why did he hide all his credentials this whole time?

Jordan was equally impressed by Michael’s credentials. Overall, Jordan reckoned that Michael was the perfect son-in-law for the Edwards Family—much better than Linus—not to mention he used to date Lucy.


Jordan’s eyebrows tangled in a frown. Based on the information, Michael was married.

Sam explained, “His marital status is temporary. As long as Lucy makes up her mind, he can easily be hers.”

Lucy gawked at the résumé in shock and was trembling. However, she knew well that if she decided to put in the effort, Michael would eventually be hers.

Based on all his credentials, be it his appearance, status, or power, he was truly the perfect husband candidate, ticking all the boxes of Lucy and the Edwards Family.

There were just two things that did not sit well with Lucy: Michael let his dog eat feces, and how she caught his dog in the act.

After giving it some thought, Lucy still agreed to it.

Since this is a marriage for political gains, what benefits we can get out of it are the priority. A feces-eating dog is insignificant compared to the huge benefits before us. If we really get what we want, I’m willing to eat feces myself. Ha. Marriage for political gains.

Most of the elders felt good about Michael. Unlike Michael, not many men in Bayside City could match up to Lucy.

Sam knew that once Lucy began her hunt, Michael would not have a way out. Although this would be cruel to Sophia, Sam nonetheless felt that Sophia deserved someone better than Michael, who was better off with someone like Lucy.

As for Sophia, she deserved a better husband—like himself.

While everyone thought that Sam had helped the Edwards Family find a wealthy man to be their son-in-law, Jordan sensed that Sam was up to something else.

As the 9th Old Master of the Edwards Family, his marriage was always a big concern for everyone in the family, including Jordan, because whether or not he got married influenced his standing in this family.

Having observed Sam’s recent whereabouts, Jordan knew that he had always spent time at Michael’s place; he knew that he was there for Sophia.

Now that he was giving all that he had to set Michael up with Lucy, he reckoned that his ultimate goal was perhaps not as simple as finding a husband for Lucy.

I’m afraid Sam has fallen for a woman—a woman who has a husband…

Soon enough, Lucy began to take action to approach Michael. As the daughter of the Edwards Family, she could easily find the opportunity to meet Michael.

Three days later, Michael showed up at a private cocktail party hosted by a tycoon.

It was not his choice to be there. He came here with some of the new designers. As Sophia was still sick at home, he took Ivan to this party to help broaden his exposure.

After seeing Michael, Lucy walked up.

Dressed gracefully and gorgeously, Lucy lovingly sauntered toward Michael. Upon noticing her, Michael raised his glass and greeted her.

The two began to converse normally with each other. Noticing that Michael did not suspect anything, Lucy seized the opportunity and said, “You gave me a bottle of red wine from Francisville Winery seven years ago. I’ve been saving it until today. I reckon that now is probably the best time to drink it. I was wondering if you were free tonight…”

Having made it as clear as possible, Michael understood what she was trying to say.

Lucy figured that he would most likely agree to her proposal as no man in this world could resist her and her money. Much to her surprise, Michael frowned before saying, “I’m truly sorry, but I have a doctor’s appointment today. Maybe next time.”

Upon hearing that, Lucy was frozen.

How ignorant of him!

However, given Michael’s background, she had to patiently play this game with him. She knew that he was no longer the same person she knew before, and she was also no longer the simple

She carried on the conversation with Michael, attempting to remind him of some of the memories from when they were madly in love with each other. However, shortly after that, he checked his watch and placed his glass down on the table, saying, “I’m sorry but I’m afraid I have to go now. It’s almost time for my doctor’s appointment.”

Anger raged within Lucy as she watched him hurry out of the party.

Michael, are you playing ‘hard to get’? Very well. You got my attention now.

After meeting the doctor, Michael went home with him.

He assumed that Sophia had an allergic reaction. As she would start throwing up whenever she saw an animal, he had temporarily prevented the animals from getting close to her. Even so, Sophia was still unable to eat anything without vomiting. She had been experiencing headaches and tightness in her chest, causing her entire body to feel weak. Having realized the direness of the situation, he made an appointment with the doctor for the doctor to come over and see Sophia.

On another day, Stanley received a phone call from Michael while he was at work.

Surprisingly, Michael sounded unusually affable today and carried a deep sense of affection in his voice. “Stan, come over for dinner after work today. I’ve prepared a feast. Remember to invite the rest.” Stanley was left in utter confusion after the line went dead.

Never in my life has Michael ever invited me over for a meal, and he even called me to extend the invitation! Something’s definitely wrong. Is this a trap? Is he trying to tell me that he’s going to cut off ties with me because Judge nauseated Sophia with his poop-eating habit?

Mired in anxiety and restlessness, Stanley showed up at Michael’s place and saw a spread of delicious food set out on the table. It was difficult for him to not be over the moon at the sight of that.

Upon seeing Stanley, Michael initiated the conversation, still in a friendly manner, “Stanley, you’re here! Go and wash your hands, then we can start eating.”

Michael’s attitude shook Stanley to the core. I’m dead. This is really a trap. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk out of this house today.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 722

Scared out of his wits, Stanley rushed toward Michael, hugged his leg, and implored, “Uncle Michael, I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me! I won’t talk badly about you to Aunt again! Sob! I’m your biological niece. Can you please not kill me?”


Without saying a word, Michael’s face dropped.

Since today was the day he learned about the first-ever big news in his life, he would not allow himself to lose his temper. He kicked Stanley before saying nicely, “Don’t worry. I’m having you over for a meal, not to kill you.”

Meanwhile, Stanley was already frozen with terror as he began sobbing.

An instant later, many turned up, including Harry and his little kitten, Sean, Celine and Justin, Ivan, as well as Sophia’s junior, Derek, who showed up amid his busy college entrance exam preparation schedule.

Even Daniel, who never got along with Sophia, showed up.

Once they walked through the door, they immediately saw Stanley’s sobbing face. They all came up and surrounded him. Upon finding out the reason why he was crying, Celine roared with laughter. “You stupid dog! Fifi is pregnant! Look at how happy your uncle looks today. He won’t choose today to kill you, and perhaps not anytime within the next couple of months. Relax!”

An epiphany dawned on Stanley, who turned around and looked incredulous.

Sophia’s pregnant! It’s no wonder that Sophia is all smiles while looking at me right now.

Sophia looked rather different today. It was as if she was glowing and emanating an aroma as she was experiencing an important turning point in her life. One could tell that she had a radically different aura today.

Sophia’s pregnant, and Michael’s going to become a father!

To celebrate this, Michael decided to host a feast, only inviting those who were close to him. Still keeping Sophia’s pregnancy on the down low, Michael only told some people about it.

What was even more surprising was that when Michael took Sophia for a checkup, Celine tagged along. Celine ended up also doing a checkup and finding out that she too was pregnant.

This was truly a double celebration!

When the news of the two pregnancies reached the Fletcher Family, Mark decided to visit them. While he looked happy as a clam when he showed up, Woody looked rather nonplussed.

“Justin, Celine’s pregnant?!”

As a father-to-be and a second-time father, Michael and Justin delightedly wrapped their arms around their wives as they beamed with happiness.

Nathan was over the moon as well. Although he would no longer be the only child in the family, the thought of having two baby sisters to carry around delighted him.

Sophia had not informed the Edwards Family about her pregnancy. At this point, Lucy was still trying to find ways to meet Michael. However, she gradually became aware that Michael was not as warm toward her as she had expected. The most he did whenever they met was to arduously greet her and nothing more than that.

As such, Lucy decided to let Jordan know about the current situation with Michael. Upon hearing it, Jordan immediately understood the situation. Michael has surely figured out what Lucy’s up to. He wouldn’t be the Michael I know if he didn’t understand Lucy’s obvious cues. A Bayside City anonymous and a character who chooses to hide behind the façade of Bayside City to manipulate things behind the scene—that’s Michael, the second-rate clown that the Edwards Family despises. But… what can I do? This problem belongs to the younger generation. I have to retreat. Having said that, I don’t believe that Michael doesn’t have any feelings whatsoever for Lucy. He will surely have a thing toward the woman who used to despise him but has now come back to him. I guess the key lies with his wife, Sophia.

Jordan had certainly looked into who Sophia was. She thinks she’s Cinderella, but she’s just the daughter of an illegitimate son of the Edwards Family. She doesn’t even come close to being included in the genealogy record book. It’s such a waste that Michael chose to be with her…

Recently, Sam had been finding reasons to visit Michael’s place now that Corrado was sent back. In the end, he thought he could use visiting her while she was sick as an excuse.

In fact, he had been worried about Sophia’s health condition. On the other hand, he reckoned that Lucy had started executing her plan to get close to Michael. I wonder how that’s going. So long as it’s Lucy, Michael isn’t going to have a way out.

Sam had been following Michael around recently, hoping to obtain some evidence of him being with Lucy to show Sophia. But his efforts had not been fruitful so far.

I can no longer sit back and wait. I’m going to their house to check it out.

A couple of days later, he showed up at Michael’s place. Since Sam was one of the investors in all of Sophia’s projects, Sophia had no reason not to let him into the house.

Upon entering the house, Sophia and Sam took a seat before Sophia instructed her helper to bring some hot tea for them.

While Sam was taking a few swigs of hot tea, he could not help taking a peek at her. Seeing Sophia’s glowing face, he reckoned that she had already recovered from her illness.

“Sophia, did you recover already?

Looking down, Sophia smirked rather shyly and responded, “Yes, after taking some medication.”

Sam asked, “You no longer throw up after seeing dogs, do you?’

Sophia replied, “Not anymore.”

There was a taboo among the artists—no pregnancies that were less than three months could be announced publicly. All this while, she had been occupied with work. Before she realized it, her pregnancy was almost three months.

However, she would not make any announcements even if it was only a couple of days shy of three months, and she would definitely not tell Sam about it.

She responded, “Thank you for your concern, Master Sam. I have always been healthy. It was my busy work schedule that lowered my immunity and caused me to fall sick.”

Nodding, Sam began glancing around.

It’s the weekend today. I wonder if Michael is home. But, he’s an actor. Actors work every day throughout the week, don’t they?

After looking around calmly for a good instant, Sam stated, “Where’s Taylor? Why isn’t he around while you are sick?”

Michael’s name made Sophia blush. She cradled her mouth and answered, “Who knows where that jerk went…”

Michael had been working on a new film recently. Fortunately, the set was in Bayside City, so he could come home every day after work. Apart from the new film, he even made an exception and became a spokesman for an advertisement.

He did all these for the baby.

Doubts arose in Sam’s heart. Sophia looks different from when I normally see her, but I can’t tell what’s different about her.

As they carried on their conversation, the security guard of the residential area called and informed her that she had visitors.

Sophia looked at the surveillance screen and saw Joe and Faye standing outside.

What are they doing here?

Although Sophia was loath to invite them, especially Joe, in, Joe was nonetheless her father on paper. Furthermore, he was part of the Edwards Family. Sam would definitely be suspicious if she refused to let her father in.

“Who are they?” Sam asked, to which Sophia replied, “It’s my dad and my sister.”

Her father… and her sister!

Right away, Sophia stood up and went to get Joe and Faye. As she turned around, Sam’s countenance became gloomy.

Joe… Sophia’s father on paper. Isn’t he the fat chap who raped Annabel?

When Sam found out about Joe, Sam resisted the urge to kill him numerous times. But, I’m going to hold it in for Sophia.

The amulet given by Cooper which Sophia wore showed that she had long known the identity of her biological father. However, she was nonetheless willing to treat Joe as her father.

I bet Sophia and Michael know the truth about the identity of her biological father. Regardless, it’s beneficial for Sophia to acknowledge Joe, the fat chap, as her father. She can ride on Joe’s standing in the Edwards Family to be included in the genealogy record book, and enjoy the protection of the Edwards Family. But, if Sophia’s identity as Cooper’s daughter came to light, it might invite revenge from the Mitchell Family. I’m sure they will try their best to kill her like how they killed her father…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 723

When Sophia went to greet Joe, Sam suddenly stood up and strode across. He looked at her coldly and said, “Since you have a guest, I will get going now.”

“Huh? Aren’t you going to stay a bit longer, Master Sam? At least have something to eat before you leave!”

Unfortunately, Sam left apathetically without eating anything.

He feared that he might want to kill Joe if he saw him.

When Sam exited the area, he saw the father-daughter pair make their way in. Joe had heavy jowls on his face and a large potbelly. Upon seeing Sam, his smiling face turned his eyes into slits. “Oh! Isn’t this Master Sam? Such a coincidence!”

However, Sam did not even spare him one look and continued to walk ahead.

Joe did not call him out for it, nor did he dare to continue talking to him. He simply headed to Villa No. 8 with Faye.

Sophia did not have any intention to meet Joe and Faye. Originally, she was going to act with filial piety in front of Sam. But, now that Sam was gone, she could not bring herself to put up the act any longer. When she saw Joe, she asked coldly, “What do you want?”

Joe’s eyes were barely visible on his smiling face now. All that could be seen was a dramatic set of gold teeth.

He snickered. “Sophia, my daughter. I have good news for you!”

Faye was also smiling with bright eyes. “It’s actually great news. I promise you won’t regret it after you hear it!”

Sophia stared at them coldly.

Even though they had not seen each other in a while, Joe was still fat. On the other hand, Faye seemed to have changed. She looked kinder and more like Sophia.

Faye thought Sophia had nice eyes the first time they met each other. Since she needed to get her nose fixed after she got punched in the face, she decided to also get her eyes done so they looked similar to Sophia’s.

This time, she even got her mouth done to look like Sophia.

Every time Sophia saw Faye, she felt goosebumps all over. “Get out. I don’t want to see either of you. Please get out of my sight in three seconds.”

Then, she turned around and left the two of them outside the big metal gate.

When Joe saw that she was leaving, he quickly shouted, “It’s the Edwards Family. They have their eyes on your husband, Taylor Murray. They want him as their son-in-law!”

Sophia stopped in her tracks abruptly.

At this point, Joe did not try to build suspense anymore. With a flushed face, he said, “You’re going to make it big. The Edwards have their eyes on Taylor! As long as you divorce him, you will automatically be put on their family registry and be set up with someone even better than Taylor!”

The way Joe saw it; Taylor might be rich but he still did not compare to the Edwards Family. He was only an actor. Being favored by the young lady of the Edwards Family was the result of the good fortune he had earned in his previous life.

“This is such a good opportunity. As long as you divorce Taylor, the Edwards Family will fulfill their promise! This is your only chance! The moment you agree, you will get everything other people can only dream of. Our whole family will be indebted to you!”

Joe could not wait for Taylor and Sophia to get divorced. That way, he could gain so much more from the Edwards Family. Moreover, he was also doing Taylor a tremendous favor. What man in this world would reject the chance of becoming the rich son-in-law of the Edwards Family? Perhaps once Taylor was happy, he would destroy the overdue materials Joe had left with him.

After listening to the whole thing, however, Sophia did not even look back as she said, “That’s such good news. You should go by yourself, Dad.”

Joe could not believe that Sophia had declined this great opportunity. Seeing that his chance to get into the Edwards Family was slowly slipping away, he berated, “Sophia! You have to think through this properly. Lucy Edwards, the young lady of the Edwards Family, is the one who has her eyes on your husband! You know just as well whether you can keep him or not! She is the Lucy Edwards. Do you think you can go up against her? If you give in now, you still have such a great opportunity waiting for you! If you still can’t think straight, then don’t say I didn’t warn you when you lose both Taylor and all your wealth on the day he divorces you!”


Sophia slammed the door shut and locked loudmouth Joe outside. She did not want to hear a single sound from him.

Because of Joe’s visit, Sophia spent the whole day in low spirits. She did not go out nor did she have much of an appetite.

She had been sleeping more lately. The weather was a bit stuffy and hot in the afternoon. After forcing herself to have something to eat, she went to lay on the bed while rubbing her belly.

She was quickly reaching the end of her first trimester. Oftentimes, she felt like she could feel a tiny worm wriggling around inside of her. It was a rather intriguing experience.

I’m going to be a mother soon!

Not a mother for cats or dogs, but for her own child!

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her. Getting up, she went to look for Annabel’s diary and started flipping through the pages, one by one.

When Annabel was pregnant with Sophia, the Johnson Family kept her inside the house like a money tree and did not let her go out or work. Because she did not have anything to do all day, she used the little education she had to write in her diary. Even though there were many incorrect words, Sophia was still able to understand them.

Now that she was going to be a mother herself, Sophia felt even more moved as she read through the diary.

She did not have any parents when she was born and had a hard life growing up. I’m never going to let my child follow in my footsteps. Never!

Michael was rather exhausted by the time he got home after work that night.

He had his hands full during this time with his company, his movie, and finding Phantom Wolf.

After the last incident, Phantom Wolf seemed to have disappeared from the human realm, but Michael knew that he was still alive.

Ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he felt another weight added onto his shoulders.

He had to fight in order to protect his family!

No matter how dangerous the future got, he had to forge on!

When he got home, a bunch of furry kids rushed toward him. Michael was under a lot of pressure, but he was also happy.

It won’t be long now before we have a furless kid in our house.

There was a heavy downpour in the middle of the night and drops of rain had covered Michael’s shoulders. He got in the house, hung his coat up, and put down the bags in his hands.

Sophia immediately got out of bed and went downstairs when he came home.

“Chica, come and see what I brought home for you!”

Sophia was as happy as a child. She opened the bags he brought home and found a bunch of toys for kids, maternity clothes, and even diapers.

He had been on a frenzy lately and wanted to bring home any baby items or maternity items that he saw.

Sophia was embarrassed. “I’m not that far into my pregnancy yet. You’re being too anxious!”

She was only two months pregnant, but he had already prepared a varied and good amount of maternity and childcare items.

“Come. Show daddy how our baby is doing today!”

Kneeling down, he placed his ear next to her belly and tried hard to listen. Even though he was unable to hear anything at this stage, the thought of him and his child only being separated by a thin layer of skin made him feel elated and boundlessly fortunate.

This is my child!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 724

He was about to rub her belly raw with his big hand.

Despite being pregnant, Sophia still played games for hours on end since Michael was not home. However, Justin was keeping an eye on her so there wouldn’t have been a big problem.

After dinner, the two of them changed into their pajamas and played their game of dictionary on the bed.

A thick dictionary was placed in front of Sophia. With her eyes closed, she flipped the pages and landed on one. Michael had to open it and circle his favorite word on that page, then record it in a notebook.

Based on Sophia’s estimated due date, every quarter of an hour corresponded with one name and they would go with the name at the time the child was born.

That was how Michael got his name.

In the future, his child would have to carry on the tradition. The child’s name would be a combination of both their parents’ last names plus a chosen first name. The chosen name would ultimately depend on the birth time of the child.

“Have you recorded it? I’m going to flip through it again!”

“Wait, there are a few good ones on this page. I’m going to write down two more.”

The raindrops continued to patter down on the rooftop outside. It felt like the autumn rain was going to clean off Bayside City tonight.

At the Edwards residence, Jordan heard about the setback they faced today from Joe.

Standing in front of Jordan, Joe was so nervous that he started sweating profusely. He stammered, “Jordan, don’t worry. She’s my daughter; I will find a way. Give me two… no, one day. I will convince her.”

Meanwhile, Jordan simply waved his hand weakly and said, “You can leave for now.”

Joe did not dare to say anything else and walked away with heavy steps.

Some time after he left, the door to Jordan’s office opened again and a young man walked in.

The man looked weary as if he had traveled a long distance. He was dressed in a solid black, classic British suit and wore a black top hat on his head. When he bowed deeply before Jordan, every move he made was carried out in a noble and dignified manner.

“I’ve arrived, Mr. Edwards.”

Jordan looked up at the man in front of him who was also wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that made him appear intellectual.

The frown on Jordan’s forehead eased. “You don’t look too bad. I happen to have a task for you now.”

He put down a name card in front of the man that had the name ‘Sophia Edwards’ printed on it.

“I want this woman to vanish from the world.”

Jordan knew that Sam harbored his own desires this time. If he got married, it would be extremely unfavorable for Jordan. When he almost became president in the past, Jordan made him acknowledge his mistake and resign. Now that he wanted to get married, Jordan was going to make the woman he loved disappear! If Sam did not have any legitimate descendants, then all his possessions would be distributed to the Edwards Family after he died.

Without Sophia, however, it seemed like the world would become more peaceful. Lucy and Michael would also get married.

The man took the name card. The natural smirk on his face made it hard to tell if he was really smiling or not.

“No problem. I’ll finish this task.”

In a blink of an eye, it was already June. Sophia’s belly was getting a bit more evident and her visible abdominal muscles had disappeared. Her body was slowly filling out, but fortunately, there was a limit.

She did not announce her pregnancy until now. When the time came, she would be able to announce it naturally. She was still working hard now to create a thriving family business for her child.

Because of her hectic schedule, she only remembered that June was also graduation season when Stanley reminded her. As a senior at Bayside University, she would be graduating this year.

Her graduation went smoothly; she managed to get her graduation certificate and Bachelor’s degree. At this point, she was not preparing to further her studies. The business world was the best school for her. Her career as a student had come to an end as she ventured into a bigger playing field.

On the day they took their graduation photos, she just so happened to have a doctor’s appointment. She was extra careful during the shoot and did not dare to make any large movements. Fortunately, her belly was not too big. Since she felt like she looked fat lately, she also wore more loose-fitting clothes. Everyone assumed that she had just gained weight from eating too much. After all, she was already a boss of a company.

Once they finished taking photos, Sophia immediately took a car to go to the hospital for her appointment while Michael was already waiting for her there.

Justin also followed Celine along to the hospital for her check-up.

After the check-up, the doctor looked at Michael and exhorted, “The fetus’ facial development looks good. Pregnant women have to rest more. Since she is going to be a mother soon, she can’t live as she used to anymore.”

Michael nodded like a chick pecking at food.

It was fine if he had to work more or be a bit worn out as long as Sophia was doing well.

Prior to this, being busy with work and writing her senior thesis must have worn her out. Since she received her graduation certificate today, she deserved to have a good rest now.

Coming out of the hospital, they passed by a big department store that sold daily necessities for mothers and infants. Celine could not walk past it without taking a trip inside. Hence, Sophia was also dragged in.

Then, Michael and Justin followed.

There was an endless array of products to look at in the store that the soon-to-be father, Michael, became dazed. He wanted to take the whole store home with him as he wanted to get everything in there.

Necessities like milk powder were also extremely important. Michael and Justin, the two men, knelt down by the milk powder aisle with serious expressions on their faces as they looked through the different kinds of milk powder.

Even though it could not be used now, there was no harm in learning about it.

After looking at the milk powder for a bit, Michael looked up to see Sophia and Celine, who were choosing maternity clothes not too far away.

Sophia was excitedly looking at several outfits. Pregnant women have different ideas every day. We better get more outfits ready for her.

These days, maternity clothes also went with the latest fashion. She had to pick several pretty and comfortable ones to wear.

Sophia looked captivating as a first-time soon-to-be mother. Her face was filled with a happy blush and the rest of her face was also glowing even more. In Michael’s eyes, she was an angel sent from above to exude her entrancing aroma and radiance.

Every word, action, smile, pout, and coy look from her was beautiful.

Meanwhile, Celine was slightly concerned about her second pregnancy and did not go out for the time being. Justin was also actively preparing to be a father for the second time.

Just then, a shop assistant came over and introduced the products to them eagerly. She was rather excited to see Taylor Murray in front of her.

Nonetheless, she remained professional. She definitely could not reveal such a big incident so simply. Furthermore, celebrities often came to the store so security was very tight.

These days, a post about ‘Eddie Fletcher’ being pregnant was circling around. Seems like that’s the truth.

Michael, who was still choosing milk powder, looked up for the umpteenth time but did not see Sophia. She probably went into the changing room to try on some clothes.

It was not that crowded inside the store so she would not get lost. Besides, Gemma, Maria, and Celine were there too.

But, when he lifted his head three more times after that, he still did not see Sophia or Celine.

“Where did they go?” Michael asked Justin.

Justin was holding a jar of milk powder and looking intently at the instructions. When he heard Michael’s question, he also looked up.

“I saw them going to the bathroom earlier.”

Feeling like something was wrong, Michael put down the milk powder and walked over to the other side. He asked Gemma, but she was also only aware that they had gone to the bathroom.

He was particularly on edge now and started thinking of the worst. Pacing over to the bathroom the shopkeeper pointed him to, he opened the door and saw that there was an additional exit in the women’s bathroom that led to the other shops in the mall. More importantly, Sophia and Celine were nowhere to be seen.

This is not good…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 725

Michael felt his heart start to race. Taking out his phone, he tried calling Sophia.

During this time, Sophia was going down to the basement with Celine. When she received his call, she answered, “Hubby, I’m in the basement with Cece. She says there are more things to look at here.”

While he was still on the phone, Michael rushed down to the basement. He could not bear losing Sophia from his sight for even a moment now.

Because the elevators were full, he ran down the stairs from the fifth floor.

Justin, Gary, and Hale were also following him at full speed.

“Where are you? Don’t move. I’ll be right there,” he exhorted.

On the other end of the call, Sophia replied, “Okay, I—”

She stopped talking all of a sudden, making Michael’s heart skip a beat. Before he could ask her what happened, he heard her terrified scream through the phone.


Then, the phone fell to the ground and her voice was cut off.

Michael stopped in his tracks for a moment as shock washed over him. When he and Justin looked at each other, they saw the grave look in each other’s eyes and they immediately ran to the basement.

“Hale, seal off the whole mall! Quick!” Justin shouted an order to Hale who was behind him. Hale also seemed to have caught on and quickly went to do as he was told. He had to close down the whole building in the shortest amount of time possible.

But, at that very moment, an unexpected announcement was made throughout the whole mall. “Academy Award winner, Taylor Murray, is at a maternity store with his wife!”

Tons of fans poured into the mall like tidal waves and occupied all the stairs, elevators, and escalators. They kept rushing in from the ground floor all the way to the fifth floor—it looked like a zombie apocalypse.

It also frightened the workers at the store. They were a chain store that sold top-grade maternity and childcare products. Normally, they also saw their fair share of celebrities. Their confidentiality measures were taken very seriously and celebrities always entered through a special entrance.

What was happening today?

Hale was on the phone dispatching more people. They had not expected to encounter that situation. Seeing the tightly cramped heads coming all the way up from the ground floor was truly chilling.

Amidst his terror, Hale spotted a bright display window in one of the stores. He kicked it and shattered the glass right away, triggering the security alarm.

The moment the alarm went off, the mall would automatically lock down. It only took thirty seconds for all the doors in the mall to seal off.

It was too late—the mall was completely saturated with fans.

Michael had run down from the fifth floor to the second floor and was going to reach the ground floor very soon. Suddenly, he saw numerous heads squeezed tightly together downstairs as they tried to get up. They were so close to each other that there was not even a small crack to move.

“Taylor! Ah! I see Taylor!”

“He’s over there!”

“I love you, Lord!”

The fans who were as tumultuous as waves quickly blocked off every path. The look on Michael’s face changed. Lowering his head, he started to head back upstairs but realized that there were more fans coming down.

In just a few seconds, an army of frenzied fans blocked off the staircase and surrounded Michael, Justin, and Gary.

Seeing the basement right before him, Michael’s red-rimmed eyes were filled with rage.

It was so close, yet so far away! If only I had gotten there sooner, it would all be fine.

Unfortunately, he was too late. The fans that kept pouring in pushed up against each other until Michael couldn’t move an inch. Justin and Gary were trying to block the fans off from in front of and behind him but it was all in vain. Multiple hands kept reaching out to touch him. Even when he yelled, it was masked by the fans’ screaming. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his waist. When he touched his waist, he felt something moist and warm.

In the parking lot of the basement, Sophia was stepping back and trembling in fear as if she had been greatly frightened. Her tears continued to fall, each drop quivering as they rolled off her cheek.

She was in so much fear that her legs had started to tremble. No matter how scared she was, though, she did not forget to protect her tummy.

In front of her, a man slowly emerged from the dark and walked toward her.

The outline of the man’s face was getting clearer and more familiar to her.

She had seen that face before. Theo Fletcher!

Michael’s father was also Quinton Clark’s biological father, Theo Fletcher.

The man in front of her only had a similar appearance and height as Theo. The look in his eyes, however, gave her a deep sense of familiarity. Whenever she went to sleep at night, she often saw those mournful eyes in her nightmare.

“It’s been a while, Sophia.”

The man was wearing gold-rimmed glasses that made him look very intellectual. His speech was refined and his handsome face carried a long-lost cheerfulness. Nonetheless, Sophia felt chilled to her bones the more she looked at him.

At that moment, she felt a chill down her spine and was plagued with the fear of death.

Quinton Clark was finally back, but he had a different face now. The face he used to have was very similar to Theo’s.

Meanwhile, Celine was standing with a blank expression beside him. With only apathy in her eyes, she was no longer the same person Sophia knew.

Sophia did not dare to speak. Her weak legs continued to back away until she heard a sound go off behind her. There’s an elevator.

Several of Phantom Wolf’s underlings came out and looked at Quinton. “The plane can take off anytime.”

Quinton nodded. “Okay.”

He kept his gaze fixed on Sophia the whole time—her kind, intelligent, and dignified face was flawless. When he took a step forward, Sophia jumped back two steps in shock.

She had to protect her child. Since she was alone with these cold-blooded murderers, if they decided to harm her, she would not be able to protect herself or her child.

She wanted her child to live. After her checkup today, she learned that it was growing healthily inside of her. If she were to give birth to it, it would definitely be a healthy and beautiful baby.

In a trembling voice, she looked over at Celine. “Cece—”

But Celine’s answer was indifferent and unconcerned. “You’re mistaken. I’m Katrina.”

Katrina? But, that’s clearly Celine! What in the world happened?

Quinton took a couple of steps forward and grabbed Sophia’s shoulders. They looked to be as familiar with each other as a couple who had long parted ways. “Let’s talk on the plane.”

Sophia was dragged into the elevator with the rest of them. After the elevator doors closed, they quickly reached the roof of the tall building. When they got out of the elevator, Sophia saw that a plane was already waiting for them.

Taking Sophia’s hand, Quinton led her toward the plane.

She was like a zombie without any strength to defend herself.

I don’t want to fall into his hands. I’d rather die!

But, I want my child to live…

“Don’t harm my child,” she choked through her sobs. Her tears and snot were dripping at the same time.

A cold hand touched her belly, making her freeze in place.

That thin layer of skin was not enough to provide any protection for her child. If Quinton simply exerted a bit more force, her child would die!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 726

Sophia stood stiffly in place and let the beads of tears roll down her cheeks. “No! Don’t hurt my child!” She was shaking in fear, but she did not have the strength to protect herself and her child. Despair, horror, and desperation. Those feelings manifested themselves into every single drop of tear that fell.

Fortunately, Quinton was only gently feeling her belly over the thin fabric. “Why would I hurt him? He’s my little nephew!” Grasping her hand, he said, “Let’s get going.”

Glancing at the hostile people around them, she realized that they were all fully equipped and had come with an intention while she had no means of defending herself. The only person Sophia could look to for help was Celine, but Celine was not the same person anymore.

Once Quinton escorted her into the plane, he ripped off her GPS watch and threw it onto the ground. Soon, the plane began to take off. Quinton looked at Celine, who remained on the rooftop landing pad, and said, “Thanks for all your help, Katrina.”

Without saying a word, she wielded a sharp sword in her hand as though she was about to enter a battlefield.

Inside the plane, Quinton spoke right next to Sophia’s ear. “Have you ever heard of dissociative identity disorder? Her name is Katrina. I single-handedly nurtured her into the phenomenal killer she is today. She is also one of the most successful killers in the world with a lot of blood on her hands. She’s also Celine’s second personality. Don’t you think she’s really pretty?”

The hand Sophia had over her belly was trembling and she could not bring herself to say a single word.

Just as the plane left the ground, Justin suddenly kicked open the rooftop door and rushed out. The sight that greeted him was a plane that had taken off and Celine who was wielding a knife. Because there was too much of a distance between them now, Sophia was unable to see his expression. He must be in despair too.

She watched Justin let everything go and run toward Celine, then saw as her blade pierced through him. Even when Justin fell on the ground, he still desperately put up a fight with her. A small red flower began to unfold in Sophia’s eyes, getting smaller the further away the plane flew.

A predestined debt must be paid sooner or later. A predestined end must come sooner or later.

A large number of security guards were dispatched inside the mall. They managed to keep the wild fans under control and find Michael, who had been stuck at the stairwell.

Michael had fallen into a pool of his own blood. There was a cut in his waist made by a dagger of several inches in length. Not only did he lose a massive amount of blood, but the dagger he was stabbed with also had poison on it. At this point, Michael slipped out of consciousness.

After the security and bodyguards dealt with one person, they ran over, lifted Michael, and rushed out recklessly. This was when the fans realized what was happening. They stared at Michael being carried and at his blood that was still on the ground.

Once Michael was taken out of the mall, he seemed to have opened his eyes a bit. Looking up at the sky, he saw a black shadow pass by. His heavy eyelids covered the world before him and brought him deeper into a darker world. In this world, there was no starlight, no warmth, no light, and no Sophia…

Meanwhile, Linus was sorting through documents while sipping on his coffee. All of a sudden, his hand trembled and he spilled the coffee everywhere. When he stood up, he noticed that his heart was beating unusually fast, his breathing felt urgent, and he was unable to control his trembling hands. Panic took over him as though something bad had happened at a place that he was not aware of.

After a long while, he still had no control over his feelings and was not able to focus on his work. His hands constantly trembled for no reason at all.

Two days later, he found out the reason behind his strange behavior on the news. The headlines for that day’s Cethos Entertainment News read: ‘A human stampede at XX Mall. Academy Award winner, Taylor Murray, and his beloved wife, Sophia Edwards, both perished. Three lives have been lost.’

The incident from that day eventually made its way onto the news. Taylor accompanied his beloved wife to the mall but was met with a frenzy of fans. Amid the chaos, both of them passed away. The day Sophia left this world, she was already three months pregnant.

After watching the news, Linus stood up and faced a wall. Lowering his head, he let his tears fall. “Why?” Sliding down against the wall and slumping down on the ground, he felt like someone was violently pinching his heart. It hurt so much that the pain seeped into his bones.

When the news broke, it shocked the whole Bayside City, Cethos, and the entire world. Sam hurried over to Villa No. 8 at The Imperial when the news came out. Nate was at home with Nicholas by his side. The boy and robot were waiting for their parents who were never coming home.

“Nate, where are your parents, uncle, and aunt?”

Sitting on the carpet, Nathan looked up with his tear-stained face and said, “They’re dead. They’re all dead.”

Sam looked at him in disbelief and fell into a daze. For a moment, he lost his ability to process anything…

Six months later, a task force team from Cethos appeared on the lands of Africa looking hostile and ready to fight. They were like a pack of wolves and a bunch of sharp knives—silent and obscure. Their presence broke the peace over there.

The convoy sped off in the desolated desert. Occasionally, they could see a couple of oases in the middle of the desert. In the car, a man with a mask over his face had his head lowered as he looked at the tablet in his hand. A video was being played on the tablet. In that video, a man who looked like Theo was going berserk.

“Michael, you chased me from Cethos all the way to Europe, then from Europe to Africa. I don’t mind it, but your wife won’t be able to handle it!”

“Listen to me. She’s mine. If you don’t want to go back then get lost for the sake of her and the child.”

The screen changed and revealed Sophia. Dressed in filthy rags, her face was pale and her eyes carried fear and desperation. She was cowering in a corner, desperately trying to protect her child. Her belly was big and swollen. It was harboring a small creature that was growing inside.

This video was sent by Phantom Wolf a month ago. A month had passed, which meant that Sophia had reached her due date and could be giving birth any time now. But, in order to escape from Michael, Quinton brought her to hide in different places; even walking across all the uncivilized lands of the world. How could her body be okay with that?

Michael’s eyelashes fluttered and he turned off the video. He did not have any expression on his face as he was probably devastated on the inside. He could not display any other expression. The person he loved was separated from him through a screen and they lived looking at each other from opposite ends of the world. Only he understood this kind of suffering and torment.

However, that was precisely Quinton’s goal. Quinton wanted to torment Michael and make him experience a gut-wrenching pain that made him want to pull his own heart out of his chest. Well, he succeeded. He really did.

After that incident, Michael managed to survive. The blood loss and poisoned dagger could not kill him. But, he did not think that he would wake up to face the cruel reality of his lover being abducted. Quinton had abducted Sophia and even sent him videos to provoke him.

He did not dare to rest or relax. When he closed his eyes, all he could hear were Sophia’s desperate cries and screams… as well as the baby’s cries.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 727

A hand reached over and patted his shoulder as the person comforted him, “He’s just giving you psychological pressure. Stop looking at it.” Michael looked over at Joel, who was sitting beside him. Indeed, Joel and a group of men from the Fletcher Family were accompanying him around the world to look for Sophia other than Michael’s own mercenaries.

The infamous international fugitive, Phantom Wolf, had resurrected and snatched away Sophia and her unborn baby; since they were the granddaughter-in-law and great granddaughter of Cethos’ Founding Father, it was simply an insult to the nation. Therefore, the military had specially approved a special task force led by Joel to rescue Sophia.

Michael glanced at Joel but remained silent; after suffering from so much torture, Michael became numb until he couldn’t be bothered by anything. However, he didn’t expect that Joel was the one stepping in this time.

In the face of real distress, the little grudge that was once there didn’t seem worth mentioning anymore. They traveled around the world and struck out several times for the sole purpose of getting Sophia and the child back. Nonetheless, Phantom Wolf wasn’t an easy catch. Even more so, this was a transnational operation with many inconveniences.

All of a sudden, Stanley turned around from the passenger seat and said, “Uncle Joel, I got in touch with Sam and his men; we’re expected to meet up in Mustka Town tonight.”

Joel mumbled an ‘OK’ as he was in deep thought.

In addition to their group, Sam had also formed a group of mercenaries to search for Sophia right then. Every once in a while, Phantom Wolf would send a video as a form of protest, and they would deduce his location from the video’s background and IP address.

Quinton was deliberately provoking and leading them to different locations, and they failed to find Sophia every single time. He deliberately gave them hope and left them with despair. The whole scenario seemed like a cat playing with some mice; he was the cat, and they were the mice.

While they were looking for Phantom Wolf in Africa during this period of time, Africa was in the midst of a civil war and an epidemic plague with war signals everywhere. Many small countries formed various forces as wars happened all over the place, and it was almost impossible to find an authoritative organization. Even when they found one, the organization had their own set of problems to deal with and could not provide any support to the group. Hence, they had to rely on themselves.

Under the relentless pursuit of Sam, Michael and Joel, Phantom Wolf still escaped with ease; it seemed as though he had acquired quite a number of support. If Phantom Wolf had been that easy to capture, the international community wouldn’t have suffered for decades.

This terrorist organization had been passed down for three generations, and each leader was crazier than the previous one. In particular, this generation’s Phantom Wolf was simply psychotic.

Meanwhile, the team was stationed in a small town at night. This nameless town had been through countless shootings and wars, leaving very few residents left in its empty houses. They were still a few hours away from Mustka, so they decided to rest and leave early in the morning to meet up with Sam’s team in the afternoon.

Everyone was silent as they gathered around the fire and ate field rations. Due to the ongoing war, the communication system here had been destroyed; it took a lot of effort for them to contact Cethos.

Sitting in silence, Justin watched a video sent from Cethos as Celine appeared on screen. That day, the vicious battle between him and Celine had almost cost his life. Katrina—the super assassin—was incomparably strong since she had Celine’s combat skills and a cold, ruthless mind. She was going to kill Justin without hesitation, but Justin couldn’t bear to kill her.

Katrina had almost succeeded in doing so, but she forgot that she was pregnant. Hence, the miscarriage saved Justin’s life. When she woke up in the hospital as Katrina’s original personality, Celine, she broke down when she learned about the cruel reality of her miscarriage and the fact that Sophia had been sent to Phantom Wolf by her own hands. Now, she was living in a cage specially prepared for her by the Fletcher Family as they tried to find a cure for her split personality disorder. Naturally, she couldn’t accept the fact that she was being trapped in a cage like a wild beast—she was human, after all.

Justin put the computer away as he couldn’t bear to watch the video again. He clenched his fists as he stared at the burning fire in front of him and held back the tears that were threatening to spill from his eyes. Since he had lost his second child, he vowed to get Sophia and her child back… to atone for Celine’s sins!

Michael knew that Justin was watching a video of Celine, but he remained indifferent; he still had no idea how to face his sister. Did she fall into the hands of Phantom Wolf on her own free will? Did she become Phantom Wolf’s assassin without knowing it, or did she do it voluntarily? Did she also let her child die willingly? No one would be willing to… However, Celine personally sent Sophia into Phantom Wolf’s hands! How can I possibly accept that?!

Michael bit into his rations as he glanced at the men who followed Joel from the Fletcher Family; all of them had volunteered to come on their own free will. As they relentlessly pursued Phantom Wolf over the last few days, the group had encountered countless deaths and injuries. Yet, these men had no complaints or regrets.

He thought to himself, If I get Sophia back this time, I’ll return to the Fletcher Family and live as one of the Fletchers…

Initially, Michael had thought about asking the Michel Family for help during this operation; the Michel Family had a huge influence in Africa, but it was limited to a few countries that were rich in minerals. Right then, they were in a piece of barbaric, barren land—even the Michel Family would not want to get themselves involved there. Africa was a big country, and it was impossible for them to be involved in all areas. Furthermore, Linus and Fass were not even in Africa at the moment.

As Michael ate his biscuits, he looked up and saw the battle fire burning at the end of the horizon; it was as though he could still hear the sound of guns firing in the distance. Where could she be right now? Is she feeling cold? Does she have any food to eat…

Every night, Sophia had to drink a glass of milk to help her sleep. Since she was so picky with her food, she had to have a plate of vegetables at every meal so that she could eat the meat dishes as well. Would there be someone to prepare a glass of milk and a plate of vegetables for her?

As he ate, Michael grasped his rations tightly in one hand while holding his forehead with the other. Shedding several tears in silence, he thought to himself, I’m supposed to be with her at the hospital—we’re expecting our child at any moment now…

Harry patted his shoulder and said comfortingly, “Hey there, old man. Finish your food and get some early rest. I’ll stand guard tonight.” They had been traveling without rest for several days, and Michael had not closed his eyes to sleep for the past two or three days. Harry had accompanied Michael in his search for Sophia all along. Each time, he watched as Michael set out with hope and returned with despair…

Michael kept quiet as he took a big gulp of water and ate the crumbled biscuit in his hand. I can’t give up! I need to get her and the baby out safely!

All of a sudden, Stanley, who was in charge of communications, exclaimed loudly, “Uncle Michael! Phantom Wolf has sent us another video!”

When Stanley left his company behind to follow Michael for the last six months, he was put in charge of their task force’s communications. Although he was a businessman, he was still a genuine veteran.

Michael moved in a flurry as he took the laptop from Stanley and opened the video sent by Phantom Wolf. As the video began to play, Michael saw a scene that crumbled his world…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 728

Quinton was holding a small baby girl who had just been born; she looked absolutely filthy, and her umbilical cord was still intact.

Quinton pinched the baby girl as though she was a toy and said smugly into the camera, “I have good news and bad news to tell you, Michael.”

Still in a daze, Michael watched the video and stared blankly at the baby girl who was still attached to the umbilical cord.

Is that my daughter?! Sophia has given birth to a daughter for me!

Unfortunately, the baby’s eyes were closed; she didn’t even cry or move as Quinton rocked her around like a hairless little monkey.

Quinton continued, “The good news is that your wife gave birth at 5.23PM tonight. Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

Shortly after that, he teased in a ghastly voice and said, “Unfortunately, she was not breathing when she was born. Your wife also died of amniotic fluid embolism. I’m currently at a hospital in the small town of Mustka; if you rush over now, you might still be able to see their remains for the last time.”

At that moment, the core of Michael’s heart ached so much that it closed off all his senses; he didn’t even know how he managed to get into the car. In his mind, the words ‘She was not breathing when she was born’ and ‘Your wife also died of amniotic fluid embolism’ played again and again.

Sophia is dead. My child is dead. They’re dead, all dead…

Joel roared in anger and hatred as they watched Phantom Wolf’s video. They got into the car with bloodshot eyes and drove as fast as they could, ignoring the feeling of exhaustion from their previous days and rushed to Mustka Town.

It was as though a part of Michael had died; he was oblivious to everything that was going on around him. While his entire body froze, he could only hear Stanley yelling at him as he cried, “Pull yourself together, Uncle!”

When Sam received the news, they had already rendezvoused at Mustka Town just after dawn. Meanwhile, Michael finally came back to his senses and followed the troops as they rushed over there.

The little town had been through so many rounds of war that there were no longer people walking on the streets; there were also more empty rooms than people. The group quickly discovered the hospital where Quinton had sent the video from and pushed open the barely held-together gate that had been bombarded by gunfire as the two-storey hospital stood in front of them.

During the war, many of the wounded had been treated and buried hastily at the entrance of the hospital; the air emitted a sickening smell of blood and even a strange meat aroma.

The hospital seemed deserted. As everyone walked cautiously inside, the smell of meat grew stronger as they went further into the hospital. In a place where food and clothing were a rare necessity, it was quite uncanny to smell the strong smell of meat!

Michael’s heart was numb from all the hurt, but at that moment, he held on to a faint glimmer of hope as he slowly walked inside the building. He knew what he was about to see as his palms turned sweaty. He even thought about turning around and leaving the place to avoid catching sight of it, but he had to go and see with his own eyes!

The strange aroma tempted everyone; like a trail of breadcrumbs, it led everyone the way to it.

Another team rushed to check on the other rooms of the hospital as they investigated the situation, while others followed the aroma into a small kitchen.

Instead of using gas tanks, the kitchen used coal to cook food. There was an iron pot on the stove. It was covered with a lid as the aroma of meat wafted through the edges, but no one knew what was cooking inside of it.

The coal was about to burn out, and only a small fire was left burning.

The kitchen looked like it had just experienced a massive massacre with blood all over the floor; there were still some bone scraps mixed in the blood, and there were pieces of bloody clothing with long, black hairs spread messily across the ground. Everything seemed to have been trampled on.

When Michael saw the bloody clothes, his breath choked as his eyes stared dully on the ground. At that moment, his mind had gone completely blank.

Those clothes… He remembered that Sophia was wearing it in one of Quinton’s videos.

Staring at the clothes stained with fresh blood, Michael froze in place as if there was some strange magic affecting him; an invisible force clutched onto his attention so that he couldn’t avert his eyes anywhere else.

With a thud, Michael fell to his knees as his hands dropped weakly to his sides; he couldn’t even hold his gun anymore.

When the rest of the men charged in, Hale noticed a bloody ring on the kitchen counter as the large diamond was glittering under the light.

At that moment, he knew that the wedding ring was from ‘The One’—Sophia had one exactly like this. It had been custom-made, and Sophia was the only one who owned this particular design. Now, the lone ring had been found sitting on a pile of minced flesh.

Joel was hesitant to step forward as he stared at the small pot of soup stewing slowly over the fire. Cold-blooded as he was, it was the first time he realized that he was capable of crying too.

“Go and take a look, Gary,” said Joel to a young man beside him.

Gary silently moved forward and stood in front of the pot. He fidgeted for a while before finally uncovering the lid of the pot.

Within the next few seconds, he slammed down the lid as he turned around and retched violently.

In that pot was human flesh—a pot of woman flesh. It was unclear how long the flesh had been stewing into a pot of thick soup, but the tiny skeleton frame inside could be vaguely identified as a woman. A long, empty silence filled the room as everyone looked at the pot of meat and sobbed uncontrollably. All the hot-blooded men in the room were found in tears.

The Phantom Wolf was incredibly cruel.

Justin looked at Michael, who was sitting on the ground and staring dazedly at the pot. Meanwhile, Sam had turned around to wipe away his tears. Justin quietly went forward and took the pot from the stove, pouring away the soup as he began to slowly pick out the bones from the pot.

We’ve finally found her. Even if she’s just a pot of soup, we should still bring her back home, right…

Suddenly, Stanley hurried over to the kitchen.

“Uncle Michael, Uncle Joel! Quick—come and take a look at this!”

As Stanley rushed in, he realized that everyone had gone silent and were wiping away tears from their faces. Michael was gawking at the bloody clothes and did not respond to anyone, whereas Joel stood in a corner and wiped his tears away. As the commander of this task force, he quickly wiped his tears and asked Stanley, “What happened?”

Stanley was mortified when he noticed that Justin was handling the pot and taking out several pieces of bones from it. Joel shook him several times before he answered, “S-Second… floor…”

He stammered the words out with difficulty; all he could see was that pot of disfigured human flesh that had been stewed.

Joel left in a hurry as Stanley stared at the pot of meat and slid down weakly against the wall.

Is that… Sophia?

Stanley grabbed his head as tears covered his face.

Phantom Wolf made her into a pot of stew!

On the other hand, Joel made his way to the second floor. Wanting to check on the situation, he found the other group as they gathered in front of a ward; it was as though something remarkable had happened.

As he entered the room in strides, Joel saw a black woman huddling in a corner fearfully. She seemed to be holding something in her arms…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 729

While Michael stared blankly at the bloody clothes, Hale placed a ring into his hand gently—it was Sophia and Michael’s wedding ring. The small ring lay helplessly in his palm, its diamond shining the same dreamy luster as when it was once worn quietly on Sophia’s delicate fingers. However, it was stained with blood right now and had been picked up from a pile of minced flesh.

Michael had previously prepared a grand wedding for Sophia; they had already ordered her wedding dress, but Sophia wanted to start her own business and was too busy to attend the wedding. After that, they agreed to wait until she graduated before they held the wedding…

Michael clutched the ring tightly in his hand, but he could feel his entire being breaking into a million pieces.

His wife and his child had turned into a pot of meat, so how could he possibly accept it?

Is this a nightmare? Why does it feel so real and so painful? Why is it such a long dream?

If he could, he would give anything in this world to end this endless dream.

He felt like his head was splitting apart as he ruthlessly banged his head against the wall; it seemed like it was the only way he could end this nightmare. When he could finally wake up, he’d be at his home in Bayside City with Sophia sleeping soundly by his side, just like how they used to be…

“You crazy b*stard—what are you doing?!” Harry rushed over and pulled him back with the help of several other people.

As Harry looked at Michael crying with a kind of desperation he had never seen before, he didn’t know if tears or blood would be running down from the latter’s bloodshot eyes the next moment.

It was the belief of finding Sophia and the child that kept Michael going for the last 100 days and nights. Now that Sophia and his child were both dead, all of the courage and faith within Michael collapsed within a single night; nothing else could support him anymore.

All of a sudden, a baby’s loud cry pierced through the dead silence of the room. Michael felt like a pair of invisible hands had suddenly grabbed hold of his heart, and his heart started to pump blood throughout his veins as he felt some warmth returning to his body again.

He jerked his head up as he saw Joel rushing toward him. Then, Joel placed the tiny moving mass of flesh into his arms.

When that tiny weight fell into his embrace, Michael’s eyes widened in shock as he realized that it was a tiny baby girl!

The sleeping baby in swaddling clothes had been born not long ago. With her wrinkly little face, her tiny limbs and body fell into Michael’s arms. Seemingly through some divine command, she stopped crying at once.

She opened her eyes and looked at Michael curiously.

This was a small town in Africa full of black people, yet there was actually a fair-skinned child right here!

His whole body shuddered when he came in contact with the tiny mass of flesh.

He knew that this was his child! This is my child! She’s not actually dead!

Michael held the child for a long time before he suddenly let out a hoarse cry, but nobody knew whether he was happy or sad about it.

This scene brought on a sense of deja vu; many years ago, Michael had also cried desperately as he held onto a small ball of flesh, but who would have thought that history would repeat itself after so many years?

It seemed like Michael was running around in circles and eventually returned to the original point of pain and suffering.

The black woman trailing behind Joel explained that a group of people had arrived a few days ago. There was a pregnant lady among them, but she died after delivering her child smoothly. After she died…

She didn’t mention where the woman had gone, but her eyes glanced toward the pot of soup unconsciously.

After that, Joel retrieved a laptop from the black woman’s room. As soon as he switched it on, he caught sight of a video file on the desktop. Quinton’s detestable face appeared again when he clicked on it.

“Hi, my dear brother. Do you like the present I left you? You’re welcome! It must have been a long and tiring journey for you, so please enjoy the soup that I’ve prepared for you. After all, it’s made out of your wife’s flesh. Are you surprised? Are you shocked? Your child is not actually dead! It’s my principle as the Phantom Wolf not to lay a hand on a child.”

In the video, Phantom Wolf commented on each incident in a very relaxed manner. It seemed like a mere joke to him, but their hearts were chilled to the bone.

On the other hand, Michael had gradually calmed down as he watched the video.

His bloodshot eyes were filled with pure hatred.


All of a sudden, Stanley rushed over and started to pack up his equipment as he gritted his teeth and bellowed, “I’m going to get my revenge on Phantom Wolf! I want to cut him into a thousand pieces!”

With that, everyone else started to yell about seeking revenge on Phantom Wolf.

If they did not avenge her death, they would have no right to be part of the Fletcher Family!

“Come back, Stan.”

Michael spoke up as he slowly rose from the ground. At that moment, his disheveled appearance seemed incredibly strong and resilient.

The desperate cries of the baby in his arms sounded soft and weak as it tugged at everyone’s heartstrings.

Stanley paused and turned back. As Michael’s daughter cried in his arms, he lowered his head to look at her and said, “Let’s go home first, go home…”

The baby had just been born, and the conditions out here weren’t sanitary at all. Moreover, the town wouldn’t have any milk supply since it was so chaotic. The baby’s cries were getting fainter, so they had to leave this place first.

Stanley was very reluctant upon hearing this, but they had to go back home first since a child had come into the picture. With that, the group left the run-down town by car and went to the nearest airport, getting themselves back to Cethos as quickly as possible.

Michael realized that it was already winter by the time they arrived back in Bayside City.

Time flies…

Michael ended up burying Sophia’s bones next to Elizabetth’s grave without a funeral. After all, her bones had been stewed for so long that only a few recognizable pieces were left.

Justin went back to the Fletcher Family and visited Celine while the rest of the Fletcher’s men resumed their duties; even Old Master Fletcher personally came over to visit that tiny bundle of life while he cried and laughed.

Right then, Michael sat in the living room of Villa No. 8 and felt that his house was surprisingly big and empty without her.

Meanwhile, Nathan found his new sister and squatted next to the cradle as he watched over her intently.

When Bubbles realized that Michael had come back, it wagged its tail excitedly and ran to the door in anticipation for its owner, but it was all in vain. Bubbles ran back and placed its paw on Michael’s knees, looking at him silently with a questioned look.

Michael reached out his hand and rubbed its head automatically.

The house was incredibly quiet. Judge, who was usually quite playful, sprawled out on the floor without a sound.

The butler brought over several kittens in a bag and said, “Boss, we’ve already found foster families for the kittens you ordered me to put up for adoption, so I’m going to send them over now.”

Glassy-eyed, Michael’s face looked shades darker; scruff was growing out of his chin, and his hair had turned white.

Unshed tears stung the butler’s eyes as he turned away from Michael’s snow white hair; he couldn’t bear to see his master in such a state.

After a while, Michael responded dully as he looked into the cat bag prepared by the butler and saw the three kittens inside. He had complained about having too many cats in the house, and when he realized the cats were about to have more kittens, he initially planned on giving them up for adoption. Michael had completely forgotten about the cats while he was busy traveling, so the butler took it upon himself to make the arrangements. Otherwise, the matter would continue to drag on.

The three chubby little kittens meowed at him as Michael held them in his arms. He looked at them with his soft, warm eyes and smiled bitterly. It was unclear whether he was talking to the butler or himself.

“Let’s… keep the cats. They belong to her; if she comes back, she’ll be mad at me when she sees that they’re missing.”

How does someone without an intact body find their way home, though?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 730

The butler left submissively.

Michael stroked the cat in his arms every once in a while. His hair had turned grey as his world descended thoroughly into the boundless darkness. He would spend the rest of his life year after year in endless suffering that he couldn’t free himself from… until a silvery voice spoke.

“Daddy, can you pat my head?”

He raised his eyes to see a cute little girl standing in front of him; she placed her hands on his knees while staring hopefully at him.

Only then did he feel that he was alive.

Meanwhile, a nameless town in Africa sat in the middle of a desert. It was very much out of the way; there weren’t any resources available, nor was it a place of strategic military importance. Miraculously, the war hadn’t spread to this town, so it remained peaceful and harmonious for the time being.

However, the violent atmosphere of its surroundings still affected this land with each passing day. The situation in this town became increasingly tense; drugs were rampant, and violence kept increasing day by day.

The owner of the only bookstore in town was a Caucasian lady.

Businesses that made the most money in such circumstances would always be hospitals, funeral homes, and shops that sold firearms. The bookstore barely had any customers, but it had been operating for many years; meanwhile, the beautiful Caucasian lady had been here for two years.

The light from the setting sun shone into the bookstore through its French windows, warming up several bookshelves that seemed to have existed for decades. The atmosphere was so comfortable that it made people sleepy.

The young lady was reading a book with great concentration in front of the French window. Wearing a white dress, she looked like a white butterfly that was about to spread its wings and fly away under the setting sun. Her soft, jet-black hair was as fluffy as the clouds, and it was so long that it touched the polished floor.

After reading the book for a while, she closed it. Staring blankly at her reflection in the French window, she pondered over a question. Who am I?

She knew that her name was Sophia and her husband was called Quinton, but she knew nothing else.

Based on what other people had told her, she and Quinton were a married couple from Cethos who came here because of a job transfer. However, they hadn’t expected to run into conflicts in a small country. Both of them had been injured; Quinton was rendered impotent, whereas she suffered a brain injury and could no longer remember who she was.

Leaning against a bookshelf, she took out the pendant she wore around her neck and stared blankly at it. This was the only thing that was linked to her past.

The pendant was a Goddess of Mercy figurine made of obsidian. It seemed to be an amulet with some alphabets engraved on it, but the alphabets were blurred using some unknown material. However, if one touched the engraving carefully, he or she could still make out the words carved on it—Cooper Mitchell.

One could see the whole town from a glance out of the French window, which looked peaceful and harmonious. Just then, several cars arrived and parked into the parking spaces in front of the small three-story building.

Sophia knew that Quinton had come home; he worked somewhere else and could only come back once every fortnight. She hastily went downstairs to greet him.

It’s strange; he is my husband, but I don’t seem to have any feelings for him. Perhaps it’s because of my brain injury, she thought to herself.

Quinton got out of the car. He was quite worn out by his journey, but he looked happy from head to toe when he saw the lady walking out of the bookstore.

She looked so beautiful in the white dress; her beauty stirred his heart and made him unable to avert his eyes.

At long last, she’s completely mine, he thought to himself.

“You’re back, Quinton.” Sophia walked up to him and grabbed her husband’s arm with a smile. Quinton held her hand and said, “I’m back.”

With that, they walked hand-in-hand into the bookstore. Dressed in a black suit, Quinton exuded the air of a noble intellectual. He often wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that made him seem out of place in this town. However, he and Sophia looked ideally suited as they stood together.

The bookstore barely had customers, so all their family expenses depended on the income Quinton received by working away from town. Sophia had nothing to do at home, so she spent most of her time reading. Quinton would bring many books back for her whenever he came home.

She didn’t know what Quinton’s job was, but he seemed to have many subordinates; he even left a few of them in the bookstore to protect Sophia.

That evening, Sophia prepared a tableful of delicious dishes. Quinton came out in a bathrobe after taking a bath. When he saw the mouth-watering spread on the table, his deep and tender eyes had a look of pleasant surprise.

“My wife’s cooking skills are so good.”

Sophia smiled shyly. “Stop talking—hurry up and come here to eat dinner.”

With that, they had dinner in a cozy mood. Quinton had a very good appetite that day, so he had two bowls of rice.

Since there were only a few ingredients available locally, Sophia planted most of their food herself. She had transformed the garden behind the bookstore into a vegetable plot by planting towel gourds, tomatoes, and other vegetables. How fortunate it is to have a bite of Cethosian dishes at this very moment! What’s more, my wife planted these vegetables herself.

Quinton stared at her beautiful and ruddy face with his eyes full of happiness and satisfaction. After having dinner, he said, “The situation in Africa is unstable right now, so I’m preparing to move out.”

“Where are we moving to?” asked Sophia as she cleared the dining table.

Quinton responded, “My job in Meyes is about to be confirmed soon, so we’ll be moving there.”

Sophia was overjoyed upon hearing that they would be moving to Meyes. “That sounds great! I’ve wanted to go to Meyes for a long time!”She had almost zero memory of her past. However, she disliked this town and had wanted to move away for the longest time!

After having dinner, they sat on the rooftop to look at the stars. The starry sky was always beautiful in this small town that was far away from industrial pollution.

Quinton wrapped his arm around her shoulders and let her rest in his arms as they stared at the starry sky, imagining what their future would be like.

“I’ll come back to pick you up after a few days. We’ll fly there directly, but we’ll travel to Europe for a few days before going to Meyes. That’s where we’ll be living in the future.”

He had been hiding Sophia away in this nameless town for two years to prevent Michael from finding her. This place was so desolate and backward, and its soil was infertile. I have really done her an injustice over the last two years. She won’t have to suffer that much when we move to Meyes, and we’ll be able to be together forever.

Sophia was also very excited as she listened to Quinton talking about how prosperous and bustling Meyes was, as well as the wonderful life they would be enjoying in the future.

He said that their house was located in the suburbs with a vast expanse of fertile land next to it. It was a detached double-story, classical-style villa built next to a garden where one could plant many flowers. In other words, there’d be enough vegetable plots at her disposal. Moreover, they would keep a pet dog. He would work in the town, and it would only take him an hour to commute between the town and their home.

He would also look for the best doctor in Meyes to have his injuries healed as soon as possible. They would have many, many kids in the future…

Resting in Quinton’s arms while listening to his deep and attractive voice, Sophia soon fell asleep before realizing it. Although she was asleep, she could feel him planting a kiss on her forehead; his lips were tender and wet.

She remembered Quinton putting her to bed afterward. Since he had been rendered impotent, he couldn’t have sex for the time being. Hence, he didn’t have to disturb her while she was having a sweet dream.

Sophia dreamed that she was leading a big dog while running on the beach. There seemed to be a man chasing her from behind and talking to her happily in her dream.

However, the man’s face was blurry; even the dog’s face was so blurry that she couldn’t remember the dog’s breed and who the man was when she woke up.

For some reason, she always dreamed of a faceless man. Quinton told her that this was normal because she suffered from a brain injury.

She had no idea when Quinton left. He always came and left in such a hurry, but she was already used to it. After the other half of the double bed was emptied, Sophia turned over and spread out her arms and legs before she continued to sleep soundly.

In the midst of her sleep, she heard an earth-shattering sound; her house seemed to have collapsed with a loud bang! Sophia woke up with a start before everything went black before her eyes, and she passed out instantly…

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