My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 711-720

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 711

Standing by the side, Sophia felt her blood run cold. Her back was wet with cold sweat, and she felt like the guillotine was hanging over her head. She didn’t dare to say a word nor move a muscle, and she didn’t dare to look at Corrado either. Every time she looked at it, the sight of it with a mouthful of sh*t automatically flashed across her mind.

Sam was vigorously licked by Corrado. Taking out his handkerchief, he wiped his face and noticed Sophia’s serious expression. Thus, he quickly asked, “Sophia, what’s wrong?”

Sophia hurriedly replied, “It’s nothing… It’s nothing.”

Meanwhile, Michael was grinning from ear to ear. He seemed unusually happy as he said, “Master Sam, rest assured. Corrado has been very happy these days. It even gained some weight.”

Sam could tell that it had gained weight too. “I can tell. I feel at ease when I leave Corrado with you.”

Corrado wagged its tail and followed behind Sam. It was very clingy.

Michael knew that Sam had rushed over right before dinnertime so that he could eat with them. Usually, Michael would get upset whenever Sam came over to eat with them. However, he seemed unnaturally happy today. He even went so far as to invite Sam to join him for a cup of tea, and they chatted away happily.

On the other hand, Sophia sat by the side, not daring to say a word.

Even Sam noticed that Sophia was acting strangely today. It looked like something was weighing on her conscience. Taking the opportunity when Michael left to the toilet, he quickly asked Sophia, “Sophia, are you alright?”

Sophia felt very guilty. “I’m fine.”

Recalling the hot topic these days, he deliberately dragged the conversation back to Irene. “I saw the news recently. Public opinion is very unfavorable to you. Do you want me to help? I have a lot of friends in the legal profession.”

She quickly shook her head in response. “No, that won’t be necessary.”

Whenever she looked at his face, her head was automatically filled with the image of Corrado with a mouthful of sht as well as the sight of him kissing the dog. Then, the two images overlapped and an automatic rendering effect was applied to them. In the end, the images became one of Sam with his mouth full of sht. Thus, she didn’t dare to look at him directly or face him at all.

He wanted to continue the conversation. However, she eagerly said, “Master Sam, Corrado looks a little homesick these days. Why don’t you bring it home for now?”

She didn’t dare to help take care of it anymore. Now that it had gone off astray under her watch, she had to send it back as soon as possible. Otherwise, she might not be able to withstand Master Sam’s fury when the conspiracy was revealed. I feel like I’m about to be torn apart! Should I get rid of the dog?

He frowned and looked very troubled. “To be honest, I came here to let you know that I’m going abroad again soon. It’s too inconvenient to bring Corrado with me. So, I hope you can continue to help take care of it for a while. Once I’m done with my work, I’ll come and take Corrado back. I promise I won’t trouble you for too long.”

She smiled with difficulty. “Sure, sure…”

He didn’t know what was going on today. She seemed dispirited today, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong either. Right now, the entire country was hoping that she would step aside and allow Michael and Irene to get back together again. Yet, all she wanted was for him to bring his dog home? I don’t believe that she isn’t affected by it at all.

After dinner, Sam left.

As soon as he left, Sophia threw away the chopsticks, bowls, and cups that he had used. This is bad! Whenever I see his face, my mind is filled with the image of Corrado with its mouthful of sht! I can’t help but feel like there’s a strong stench of sht coming from the utensils that he used. In fact, his entire being seemed to exude that inexplicable smell of sh*t… The amazing image that Master Sam had has been utterly destroyed!

On the second day of their return, Michael finally went to the military hospital to visit Irene. He also planned to visit the Old Master while he was at it. After visiting the Old Master, he went directly to the hospital ward to visit Irene.

Irene had been waiting for Michael over the past few days. I knew he would definitely come to see me. Lying on the bed, she looked extremely feminine as she closed her eyes and waited for him to arrive. As the sound of footsteps rang out, she silently counted down to the moment he would enter the room.

At last, the door opened. She opened her eyes and saw Michael—the person she had been thinking about all day and all night. In a weak voice, she softly said, “Mikey, you’re here…”

“Irene, we came to visit you!” A beautiful voice sounded suddenly. A girl in a rose-red outfit was following behind Michael. Isn’t that Sophia?!

Michael and Sophia appeared, hand in hand. Michael was holding a bag of nutritional supplements in one hand and Sophia’s hand in the other. Their fingers were entwined together and the wedding rings on their fingers flashed before Irene’s eyes. All of a sudden, Irene felt a pang of sadness in her heart. Staring at them blankly, she could not believe that she had waited in the hospital for so many days only to receive this result.

Sophia seemed ignorant about what had happened recently as she came over happily. Her face was glowing, and she seemed slightly chubby. Her delicate makeup was clear and translucent; her youthful face was incredibly lively and spirited. She was holding a bag of nutritional supplements in her hands. Behind them were Hale and Gary. Both of them were carrying a bag of presents. After putting them down, they created a small pile in the middle of the hospital ward.

In any case, they were gifts from the Fletchers. Besides, she couldn’t finish them all by herself. So, she reluctantly gave some to Irene.

After that, Sophia and Michael sat down beside Irene’s bed. Sophia seemed oblivious to what had happened during this period. She even warmly held Irene’s hand as she said, “Irene, you need to take care of your body! Don’t do anything stupid again. If something happens to you, Grandpa will be devastated!”

Irene felt as if her heart was partially frozen. I was waiting for Michael, not Sophia! After staying in the hospital for several days, she looked rather haggard and pale. Even so, she still looked extremely beautiful—it was a beauty that made one feel sad and poignant. Her looks made people want to cherish her. However, her carefully prepared looks were not meant for Sophia to see! I was waiting for Michael! She had carefully prepared to put on a good show. Unfortunately, an unexpected guest appeared, and she was unable to perform her act.

Michael looked at her, feeling rather sorry for her. He was acting like how a good ex-boyfriend should—he showed the appropriate concern. “Irene, leave the past in the past. Don’t get too distressed by the past. I have completely moved on from that relationship. Right now, I’m very happy. So, I hope that you can get over it quickly and find your happiness as soon as possible.”

He spoke sincerely and straightforwardly. He was completely open about Sophia’s standing in his life. At the same time, he did not try to conceal the past he had with Irene. He was very frank and honest because he had completely moved on from those feelings. The first step to moving on was to face it squarely, and those words were what he wanted to say with great sincerity.

Irene did not expect him to say those words. Thus, she stared at him blankly. Michael Fletcher, is your heart made of steel? Don’t tell me you don’t understand my feelings?! What I want is you!

Still, Irene couldn’t believe that they could completely disregard her existence. She firmly believed that her existence would forever be a thorn in their relationship—as long as she was alive! Crying, she lowered her head and said, “I know… I know… I shouldn’t keep thinking about the past now… But, I can’t do it! The past flashes before me whenever I close my eyes; my ears are filled with the words you said to me before. Mikey… I don’t understand why this happened to us. This clearly wasn’t what I wanted…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 712

As Irene spoke, she grabbed Michael’s hand and held it in front of Sophia. Even so, Michael did not evade her advances. Thus, the two of them spoke of the past while holding hands. Sobbing quietly, she reminisced about the years that had gone by like the flowing waters of a river. At the same time, she treated Sophia as if she were invisible.

He humored her and went along with the conversation. As the memories from back then slowly surfaced, their talks became more and more intimate. It felt like they had gone back in time—back to the time when they burned with a passionate love for each other.

I knew he would never be able to forget me, she thought to herself, secretly feeling triumphant. To her surprise, he frowned after they finished talking and said, “Irene, the past is in the past. Even if we reminisce about it, it changes nothing. In the end, we need to face forward.” Then, he turned to Sophia and said, “Sophia, bring some tissues.”

Sophia looked no different from usual. It was as if the man holding hands with his ex-girlfriend and reminiscing about their past was not her husband. She handed the tissues over, then Michael pulled his hand away from Irene to retrieve several tissues and hand them over to Irene. “You cried so much that you’ve become ugly, just like how you were when we were kids. Here; wipe your snot before you talk.”

Irene looked slightly unsettled before she came to a sudden realization—she had cried so hard that her face was covered in snot and tears. I must look horrible right now. No wonder I can’t move his heart! Thus, she hurriedly turned around and wiped away her snot. By the time she turned around again, her pretty smile had returned to her face. Like an edelweiss flower blooming determinedly despite the wind and the rain beating down on it, she looked so strong that it made one’s heart break for her. Any man would want to pick her up and protect her to the best of their ability.

Before she could say anything, Michael spoke up first with a bitter look of regret. His words were as sharp and merciless as knives. “Irene, we are not young anymore. We’re adults now and we have to be reasonable. Therefore, the past should stay in the past. You’re already in your mid-thirties. So, you should understand that we’re long past the age of living for the sake of love. Look at you; you cried so much that your wrinkles are showing!”

Those words stabbed into her heart, that beat only for the sake of love, like blades. Subconsciously, she touched the corner of her eyes. Sure enough; she could feel roughness against her once smooth skin. Knowing that he was coming today, she had secretly put on some light makeup in advance to sway his heart. However, her crying just now had washed away her makeup, causing her wrinkles to appear.

Michael’s cruel words had revealed a truth she did not wish to admit—she was in her mid-thirties. She was around the same age as him. Moreover, she had been hospitalized for several reasons recently. Hence, her facial care had been neglected, and her skin was in poor condition—so much so that her wrinkles had appeared.

On the other hand, Sophia, who had been sitting by the side without saying anything, was radiant—her face was supple and full of youthful vigor.

No matter how much Irene tried to prepare in advance, she was a hospitalized patient. Moreover, her makeup had smeared. It was comparable to using the front camera of a phone to take a picture—it was natural and without any post-editing. Meanwhile, Sophia looked like a photo that had undergone extensive beautification to smoothen the skin. The two of them were incomparable, to say the least.

Even while Michael had been talking to her, he constantly glanced over at Sophia. At that moment, Irene knew—she had made a mistake. She had wanted to show him her most pitiful and helpless side so that he would pity her and return to her side. Meanwhile, Sophia had used her prettiest and most considerate side to capture his heart and firmly keep him by her side.

Still, Irene couldn’t accept her loss. Michael is mine! He has always been mine! What right does Sophia have to come in between us?!

For the sake of making him look at her, she had not hesitated to put on a show by throwing herself down the stairs and hospitalizing herself. For the sake of getting the most realistic effect, her wounds were mostly real. She had truly harmed herself just to become hospitalized. Therefore, she looked unusually haggard and old. However, Michael, who was sitting opposite her, retained the same youthful looks he used to have. Sitting next to Sophia, they looked like a well-matched couple.

Irene could not accept it, but she knew that she had no means to sway his heart anymore. He had completely fallen for Sophia’s youth and beauty! Hence, she no longer insisted on making them stay and claimed that she was tired instead. Thus, Michael and Sophia took the opportunity to leave.

When they left the hospital, Sophia was in a good mood. Michael is so wicked! She was crying so hard and he asked her to wipe her snot! She was trying to make him pity her, yet he asked her to pay attention to her wrinkles. Every word he said was heartbreaking! Hence, she held onto Michael’s arm and returned home in high spirits.

In the meantime, Michael called the Old Master. “Yeah, I talked to Irene. I think it worked; she’s eating. So, don’t worry so much.”

After that, the press release came out quickly. Naturally, everything that was written there was the truth. Following that, the criticism online finally stopped. It turned out that they had reconciled a long time ago! All that nonsense about love and hate was made up by the fans themselves. Besides, Irene was such a pretentious b*tch! The married couple was so in love with each other. Why did she create so much drama over it?!

That day, Irene made a phone call after Michael and Sophia left. “Hey… Taylor is caught firmly in that girl’s palm. What should I do?”

The person on the other end of the phone swiftly replied, “Don’t push too hard. He still has feelings for you. So, you will have more chances in the future. Lay low for a few days; I’ll let you know once we set the next plan in motion.”

Hearing those words annoyed her. I worked so hard for so long; I even had help too! So, why can’t I drive Sophia away from Michael?! I can’t afford to wait any longer! I need to get him back! Then, she coldly said to the mysterious person on the other end of the phone, “I can’t wait any longer. What is the next step in the plan? I’m going to implement it immediately.”

Wait? Do I have the luxury to wait? Sophia could get pregnant at any moment. If she becomes pregnant, I will never stand a chance! Besides, I’m already in my mid-thirties! I can’t afford to wait anymore!

The other person sounded irritated. “The time isn’t right. Making a move right now won’t benefit us.”

However, she had lost her trust in the other party. She did not know the identity of the other party—that person had called her out of the blue and proposed that they cooperate. She wanted Michael while the other party wanted Sophia—their goals aligned, so they worked together in tacit understanding. She thought he would be exceptional. Truth be told, he did have the means to create a huge impact. Unfortunately, that seemed to be all he had.

“Go ahead and wait on your own then.” After saying that, she fiercely ended the call. If that person won’t help me, then I’ll just have to do it myself.

Afterward, Irene quickly contacted several internet advocates and asked them to create a sensation on the internet. She wanted them to claim that Sophia was the cause of her injuries, that Sophia pushed her down the stairs, that Sophia forced her to commit suicide, and that Sophia forced her to hold a press conference to lie about the facts! She planned to spark public outrage against Sophia! I can’t tell Michael about these matters myself. Right now, my character is supposed to be a weak, fragile lady bottling up all her grievances. Michael has to learn about all these grievances from other people. Compared to telling him myself, this method is far more effective!

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The internet advocates were specialized in this field. Therefore, they were very skilled in this area. Only one day had passed since they started their work, and Irene’s image of a strong, yet fragile lady was in full swing.

In addition, she posted words such as ‘No matter how painful life is, we need to stay strong’ and ‘Medicine may be bitter, but I still have to take it to live’ on Twitter. Occasionally, she also shared some tidbits on depression. Thus, her image of a tragic and pitiful woman came alive on paper.

With that, she successfully built an image of herself as a strong yet fragile lady, who had bottled up all her grievances. I’m sure Michael will look at me! After all, Old Master Fletcher believed it! Although Old Master Fletcher couldn’t meet her every day, he would call her daily. However, Michael never called…

In the end, she couldn’t stand it anymore and took the initiative to call Michael instead. “Mikey… Did I mess things up again? I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I never thought things would turn out like this… This is all my fault…”

She sounded as if she had all sorts of grievances hidden away in her heart. Even though she couldn’t talk about it, her words were laden with a strong sense of being wronged. Any man would pity her after listening to her. Even if the entire world accused Sophia of pushing her down the stairs, Michael would never hear it from her. How pitiful! How heartbreaking! Even if the grievances in her heart overwhelmed her, she refused to affirm it, for fear of causing conflict in their relationship. How kind! How magnanimous!

Contrary to her expectations, Michael feigned ignorance when she mentioned nothing about it. Smiling lightly, he responded, “It’s no big deal. Don’t blame yourself for it.”

After hanging up, Irene waited confidently for news of Michael and Sophia’s breakup. However, she turned on her phone and saw that her screen was filled with words such as ‘Don’t cry, Irene’ or ‘Taylor, you heartless scumbag; when will you finally figure out Sophia’s true nature’. The whole world thought that Sophia had tried to kill her.

I’m sure Michael has seen it too. He might be able to feign ignorance for a day or two, but what if the people around him keep bringing it up? There’s a saying that goes ‘lies turn into truths if enough people believe them’. Sooner or later, he will start to believe it and doubt Sophia instead!

Contrary to her expectations, Taylor’s personal Twitter account sent out lawyer letters to several rumor-mongering accounts the next day. The accounts that were the first to claim that Sophia had pushed Irene down the stairs, as well as a large number of ghostwriter accounts, had been blocked too. Moreover, in just a single day, all the posts about the rumors were deleted.

As a result, the public relations company suffered a huge loss, and Irene lost everything she invested in it. Thus, she was utterly dumbfounded. Michael Fletcher, do you really not know what I’m trying to imply?!

Still, things didn’t stop there. The day after that, a certain popular idol pair were seen publicly holding hands. Hence, it drew all attention away from the current issue again. All the rumors vanished without a trace within a few days. Meanwhile, the fans that had felt bad for Irene seemed to disappear collectively, and Irene’s popularity cooled rapidly. She couldn’t even compare to a poodle, which became viral because of its gigantic size!

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet. A poodle as large and strong as an adult suddenly became popular all over the internet. The netizens were stunned by it. They could not believe that a poodle could become so huge. When it sat down, it was taller than a child! It was practically a monster! This dog immediately overwhelmed Irene’s gossip enthusiasts with its monster-like size as it made the headlines.

Sophia, who had been watching the news recently, was constantly paying attention to what tricks Irene was up to. Naturally, she also came across the news about the giant poodle. Thus, her eyes were filled with amazement, and she vigorously shook Michael’s arm. “Wow! What a huge dog! It’s so cool! I want one!”

Michael was aware that somebody was up to something recently. All the criticisms and jabs were aimed directly at Sophia. Therefore, he hurriedly asked his men to hype up some other hot topic to bury the chaotic mess. He knew that somebody was trying to do something; he also knew the opponent’s objective.

Thus, he was not in a hurry to make his move. He wanted to observe his opponent’s upper limits and find a chance to deal a lethal blow to his opponent while he was at it.

However, the dog was accidentally popularized in the process. Watching the video, he was taken aback by it—the giant poodle in the video looked like a gorilla lying on its stomach! I can’t believe there’s such a huge dog! That’s practically a monster! No wonder it caught more attention than Irene!

Looking at Sophia, she looked like she wanted one. It’s such a huge dog. One of them is equivalent to 10 dogs. Besides, we already have more than 10 pets at home. If we get another dog as large as that, it would be equivalent to having 20 pets at home! I’m going to become so poor that I’ll have to sell my Academy Award for money! No way… I can’t afford it…

Therefore, he pretended not to notice her expectant gaze and gave her a scientific explanation instead. “That’s a type of poodle. Due to its size, it is known as a giant poodle.”

He believed that she was simply feeling a slight twinge of envy. After a few days, the dog’s popularity would subside, and she would naturally forget about it. Contrary to his expectations, Harry bought a giant poodle for Sarah the next day.

As a result, Sarah cockily brought the dog over to show off in front of Sophia. The dog was extremely beautiful. Despite being a puppy, it was still taller than a person’s knee when sitting. It truly was a gigantic poodle.

The giant poodle that came to the house was very well-received. Stanley even came over specifically to look at it after learning that it was coming over. Thus, a group of people surrounded the dog while petting it. Feeling absolutely jealous, Sophia turned her puppy eyes toward Michael after playing with the dog. Her gaze was full of longing that seemed to say: ‘I want one! I want one! I want a huge dog too!’

In response, Michael’s eyes shifted uneasily, desperately avoiding her wishful gaze. Giant poodles were known to come with an exorbitant price tag. Still, she could easily buy one no matter how costly the price tag was. However, she wanted Michael to buy one for her. Compared to buying one for herself, her husband buying one as a gift for her felt completely different. They were two different concepts altogether.

Despite knowing that she wanted to have one, he continued to pretend not to notice and feigned ignorance. They had more than enough pets at home—there were ten cats and three dogs. Moreover, they were large dog breeds to boot. If we add another giant poodle to the mix… I can’t afford to raise them… Besides, it’s just a passing curiosity.

If I hold firm for a few more days, she will lose interest in it. She simply wants to start over with a lovely new dog since all the dogs in the house have eaten sh*t before, and she now finds them repulsive. Women are all the same; they like having new things after getting bored of what they have.

Ever since Sarah acquired the giant poodle, Sophia would casually bring up Sarah’s giant poodle at any chance she got. “Sarah’s dog is so well-behaved. She is currently keeping it in the company, and everybody loves it! That dog is way more well-received than Judge ever was! Moreover, it’s super gentle.

I want one too… Not many people in Bayside City have a giant poodle and very few places sell this breed. There are many non-pedigree versions too. The giant poodles sold by XX dog kennel on XX street are authentic. They are gorgeous and come with certificates of authenticity too. Also, it’s not that expensive. It’s only a few thousand.”

Sophia had already calculated the cost needed for the kennel and the price of the dog. In Michael’s experience, she probably had already chosen the dog she wanted. Even the dog bed, toys, and room for the dog had been prepared already. All that was left was for him to go and pay for the dog and bring it home. I must never give in to her! Otherwise, the dogs are going to eat us out of house and home! I’m sure the only reason she wants to have so many pet dogs is that Irene is deathly afraid of dogs!

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Michael pretended not to understand her words. “Yeah. If you like it, you should play with it more.”

Upon hearing his reply, Sophia lost her temper and decided to ignore him. Over the next few days, she would also blow up from time to time without rhyme nor reason. “Michael Fletcher! You used to wear the belts from L/K. Why did you change to the belts from CK?!

Are you sick of what you have? Are you going to get sick of me soon? You used to be able to last for more than 45 minutes! Why did you only last 30 minutes today? Are you getting tired of me? Do I disgust you? Tell me clearly! Don’t you dare pretend to sleep! Stay away from me! You’re too handsome. It’s going to make me blind. I can’t stand looking at you!”

After squabbling for two days, Michael ended up at the dog kennel Sophia had mentioned. It was a shop Sarah owned.

As soon as he arrived, the shopkeeper said, “Mr. Taylor Murray, you’re finally here! Your dog is ready; you can bring it home immediately.”

He had a gloomy expression as he paid for the dog. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper enthusiastically brought out a giant poodle. It was a teddy bear poodle. Its fur was yellowish and incredibly fluffy. Although it was still a puppy, it was larger than most adult dogs.

The moment he saw the dog, his vision went black. Why a teddy bear poodle?! This size; this aura… It’s going to be humping everything!

When he brought the giant poodle home, Sophia was very nice to him; she heard the news a long time ago. Thus, she was preparing a party to welcome the new dog. Even the dog ownership certificate had been prepared—the new dog’s name was Bubbles. Upon hearing the name, he agreed that it looked like bubbles too—it was way too fluffy!

When Sam heard that Sophia had gotten a new dog, he found another reason to visit them again. Thus, he enthusiastically came to visit and brought many gifts with him. Even Linus, who was abroad, called to congratulate her.

Hugging their older dog, Snowball, Michael sat on the sofa and watched as everybody else surrounded Sophia and the new dog in a festive cheer. Then, he felt very lonely. The old man is hugging the old dog… Now that Snowball has fallen out of favor, will it be my turn soon? However, his loneliness was fleeting. Looking at the innocent and happy smile on her face, he thought to himself, Whatever; as long as she is happy.

Then, Sophia carried the dog, Bubbles, over to him. The new dog seemed a little scared of its new home. It was very timid, and it shrank back into her arms. “Bubbles, this is Daddy. Come here, Daddy. Come and hug Bubbles.”

Michael snorted. He didn’t want to hold it. However, she placed the dog directly in his arms. So, he was forced to hug it. The new dog was very timid. It looked at him with big, soft eyes like a shy maiden. Still, the imbalance between its attitude and its body size felt rather strange.

She happily petted its large head and said, “Don’t be fooled by Bubbles’ size. It’s a girl!”

In response, he thought to himself, Hmph. It’s so strong; of course, it’s female. All of a sudden, he saw an illusion depicting a muscular little girl with yellowish skin sitting in his arms and acting cute. As soon as the image popped into his head, he could not look the dogs in its eyes again…

Ever since Nathan’s biological mother returned, Sophia seemed to have ‘lost her beloved child’. Hence, she directed her desire for children on her pets instead. For that reason, he naïvely believed that she would no longer raise any pets if she had children of her own. What a pity…

During the welcome party for the new dog, she also announced a major piece of news—preparations for the pet luxury goods studio were completed! It would open for business soon!

Not long after getting the new dog, Sophia immediately buried herself in work. The Remote Mountains’ Health Club Project was about to begin, and the new product launch for pet luxury goods was also being prepared at the same time. Hence, she was extremely busy. This was the career she loved. Therefore, she was very into it and worked late into the night every day before going home.

In a blink of an eye, it was April. It was spring, and the flowers were blooming. Sophia’s new product launch for pet luxury goods was about to begin. Moreover, the end of the product launch would also indicate that they were officially opening for business.

Sophia’s Twitter account was full of photos of her pets recently. She was quietly showcasing the products they were going to market. Enough hype had been created for the products; all they could do now was to wait for the product launch.

Since all the rich ladies with pets in Bayside City had received an invitation, they gathered at her new product launch.

On that day, all the pets in the house were given a makeover—except for Chrysanthemum as it had just finished giving birth. Each of them was dressed lavishly in gold and silver, and their bodies were covered in jewels. They looked like nobles going out for a stroll. Even Simba, the local breed cat, was dressed like a prince. After that, they were transported by car to the scene of the product launch. They were there to act as models for their products.

Although Michael was busy filming a new movie, he cleared his schedule for the day. As Sophia’s husband, he made a special trip to her product launch, hoping to increase the publicity. Besides, he was going to walk the runway with Garfield. Garfield was the most beautifully dressed today. It was wearing a collar specially tailored for it, as well as a gorgeous outfit. Unfortunately, it looked like a traditional bodice to Michael.

Ivan was able to execute the outfit with style, using various fashion design concepts to turn the bodice into a flower. Still, it’s just a bodice, even if it is a stylish bodice. I don’t understand fashion.

Sam was naturally indispensable at such a huge event. He had some time on his hands recently due to his diligence. Although he was usually present at most opening ceremonies, he and his dog would most certainly attend whichever event Sophia appeared at. Unfortunately, he was too busy to take care of his own dog. Thus, it was constantly left in Sophia’s care.

Michael silently watched as Corrado polished off all the sh*t excreted by the pets in his house. Meanwhile, every time Sam came to visit, he would hug and kiss the dog…

Upon arriving at the product launch, Michael immediately saw Sam. Sam was wearing a black suit, which made him look cold and mysterious. It was in matching styles with Corrado’s outfit. Besides, Corrado’s collar was also designed by Sophia’s studio. As the dog had a dominating appearance, the collar’s design further enhanced its elegance. If they didn’t know the truth about its habit of eating sh*t, it would be very eye-catching.

Sam walked with Corrado. Their outfits matched each other very well. As soon as they appeared, they caught everybody’s attention. Thus, a group of ladies surrounded them and praised them. He had taken the initiative to help Sophia dominate the scene. Later, he also had to walk the runway with his dog.

Then, Michael appeared with Garfield in his arms. He specially wore an outfit with similar styles today; it was so that he could match Garfield’s elegance. Due to his complementing outfit, Garfield stood out even more—every single strand of its fur seemed to shine with a luxurious and noble air.

Naturally, Harry’s presence was required too. Walking with Sarah’s giant poodle, he was a humanoid accessory for the dog. For that reason, he was specially dressed up too. Other than that, Stanley appeared with Judge while Sean walked with Sunset.

The launch today was for insiders only, and only those invited could come. Hence, the guests were all carefully selected from among their clients.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Sarah were extremely busy making sure that everything went smoothly during the product launch. The highlight of the day was the fashion show later. Many models and pets were invited to come onto the stage. Among them, the main attraction was Harry and Michael, the two Academy Award winners.

Sam came uninvited while Stanley and Sean were the founding members of the company. Therefore, letting them walk the runway would reduce some of the costs of hiring models. As they were about to go on stage, they were gathered at the waiting area backstage. The waiting area backstage was filled with pets, models, and stylists. As the art director, Ivan was required to check through each and every person and animal before they could go on stage.

At the waiting area backstage, Michael held Garfield in his arms and petted it occasionally. At the same time, he sneaked a glance at Sam. Sam, who was comforting Corrado at that moment, was dressed like his dog. To think Master Sam—an existence akin to the deputy family head of the Edwards Family—was willing to attend a product launch as a model for free… It’s utterly unthinkable! I’m sure there’s a reason for this; he must have some ulterior motive…

It was extremely hectic backstage—the animals were walking all over the place. At the same time, it felt like something was simmering beneath the surface. Still, Michael would not try to do anything today. After all, it was an important day for Sophia. However, an unexpected guest appeared just before the fashion show officially started.

“Irene, why are you here?”

Sophia froze in shock for a moment when she saw Irene. Still, she smilingly invited Irene inside. She was not afraid of Irene acting up today as the place was crawling with dogs.

Irene’s appearance today made her seem like another person altogether when compared to how she looked back at the hospital. Like a patient dying of a critical illness, she looked pitiful and pale-faced back then—so much so that her wrinkles were showing. Now, she looked like a radiant beauty. Her face was exquisite, and her makeup was elegant. Her entire being seemed to radiate gracefulness. This version of Irene was the one Sophia was familiar with.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 715

Irene waltzed into the backstage area and smilingly said, “I heard that you were having a product launch today. So, I specially came by to have a look. Is there anything I can do to help?”

As soon as Sophia heard those words, she knew why Irene was here. What help can she give when she is so scared of dogs?!

She would never send an invitation to Irene to attend her new product launch. I knew Irene wanted to come—she knew Michael would be attending.

During this period, Irene had been trying to find an opportunity to meet with Michael. Unfortunately, her circles had nothing to do with his circles; there were no joint projects that they were working on together; he never returned to the Fletcher Residence; she didn’t know his daily schedule; and she couldn’t enter The Imperial even if she wanted to.

The person that had been helping her had severed all contact with her too and could no longer be contacted. Thus, she could only rely on herself now. I need to get back to Michael’s side. But, how am I going to achieve that if I can’t even meet with him? Previously, she had hired people to hype up the fact that she was Michael’s first love online.

She had two reasons for doing that. She wanted to remind him of their memories together. At the same time, she also wanted Sophia to exit the game on her own. Contrary to her expectations, he seemed to have completely let go of the past. Even Sophia seemed like she was unaffected by it. Despite reminiscing with Michael in front of her, she had not shown any reaction. She is so horrifyingly thick-skinned! Even though people all over the country are wishing for their breakup, she stubbornly continues to hold on! How shameless of her!

Still, Irene didn’t believe that the love between Michael and Sophia was really that strong. As long as I exist, there will be a chink in their armor! But first, I need to get closer to Michael. She might not have known his daily schedule, but he would definitely appear at Sophia’s new product launch for her brand. Sure enough; she learned that both Michael and Harry were present today.

Then, Sophia and Irene made small talk as they headed toward the backstage area. However, Sophia was cursing Irene in her heart, Came here to help? Yeah, right! You came here uninvited; why are you making it sound like you’re so noble?!

Having heard that Irene had arrived uninvited and was currently heading toward the backstage area, Sarah was frantic as she rushed about like a whirlwind. “Maria, bring Snowball here. Master Sam, can I borrow Corrado for a moment? Stan, remove Judge’s leash. Old Wolf, let Bubbles go. Unleash it.”

Irene was dressed glamorously today, and her makeup made her look very youthful. Over the years, she had carefully maintained her skin. So, she still looked as young and supple as she was when she was younger.

Unexpectedly, they were greeted by two gigantic dogs sitting side by side as soon as they entered the backstage area. They were two poodles as large as gorillas. Even while sitting, they were as tall as a young girl’s waist. Irene had a fear of dogs since she was young.

Knowing that many dogs would be present today, she had mentally prepared herself. Even so, she still turned pale with fright and subconsciously stepped back in fear when she saw the two monstrously huge giant poodles. “What a huge dog! Bring it away! Bring it away!”

Both the giant poodles were not on leashes. When they saw Sophia, they dashed over immediately. Meanwhile, Irene was so scared that her face became bloodlessly pale. I knew Sophia had a big dog, but I didn’t think it was this huge!

Sophia quickly grabbed both giant poodles by the collars and brought them over to Irene. “Irene, don’t be fooled by their size. These two puppies are very well-behaved. Why don’t you touch them and see?”

How could Irene possibly dare to touch them? She was so scared that she kept stepping backward, and her calves started trembling in fear. In the next moment, many other dogs ran over from the backstage area too, including the all-black Corrado, the all-white Snowball, the black-and-white Judge, as well as a group of Alaskan Malamutes, Golden Retrievers, and Saint Bernards. All of them were large dog breeds.

Irene was so scared that she blanked out. Why are there so many dogs?! All the dogs were not on their leashes as they surrounded her and sniffed at her. As a result, she was so scared that she couldn’t speak. Thus, Sophia hurriedly said to her, “Hey, Irene. We have many dogs here. Why don’t you go and have a seat at the VIP seating out front?”

After that, she asked Maria to lead Irene to the VIP seats in the main venue. By then, Irene was so scared that she barely had any strength left to walk.

Upon seeing Irene being led away, Sophia was overjoyed. Bringing the dogs with her to the backstage area, she handed Bubbles’ leash over to Michael. “I’m leaving Bubbles in your care today.”

No, I should say I’m leaving Michael in Bubbles’ care. Bubbles is going to protect him. If Irene dares to approach again, I’ll set Bubbles on her!

As instructed, Bubbles remained by Michael’s side all day long. Due to its monstrous size, it kept many women at bay. Everybody knew that Taylor had gotten a giant poodle, but nobody expected to see that it was such a large dog. It came up to Taylor’s waist when it sat down!

The product launch today progressed smoothly. In particular, the fashion show was amazing. The models they hired were very outstanding, and the pet models were chosen very well too. After the product launch, the orders flooded in, and Ivan was surrounded by a group of ladies.

Naturally, the ones that stood out the most were Michael and Harry. The two Academy Award winners had gone above and beyond in creating a stir.

Michael and Harry came out from the backstage area after everything was over. Harry was holding a giant poodle by the leash while Michael was walking with a giant poodle, a Husky, and a Samoyed. Although he was usually quite cold at home, the pets in the house seemed to like him a lot. It was probably due to his handsome looks. At that moment, he was surrounded by a group of dogs.

Irene plucked up her courage to walk over. When Judge noticed her, it became curious and tried to get a closer look at her. However, its fierce appearance scared Irene so much that she didn’t dare to get closer.

On the other hand, Michael quickly left, lest he was blocked by his fans once news got out of his whereabouts. Irene could only watch as he left; she didn’t even have the courage to go up and greet him. Similarly, he pretended not to notice her as he got into the car with a large group of dogs.

After he left, she glared furiously at Sophia, who was being surrounded by a group of ladies. It’s her! It’s all her fault! She deliberately arranged everything! She knows I am scared of dogs. That’s why she placed so many large dogs around Michael—she wanted to stop me from approaching him! Did she think that just because she stopped me from getting closer to him, she can have him all to herself? In her dreams! Making up her mind, she headed toward Sophia.

Most of the clients had left, and the remaining few were surrounding Ivan. In the meantime, Sophia was talking to Sam. Sam was leaving his dog in Sophia’s care again. He claimed that he had to go on a business trip for a while. Since he was worried about leaving the dog at home, he might as well leave it with Sophia. As the first major customer of the new brand, Pourl, he had signed the lifelong rights of Corrado’s outfits and accessories to her. Thus, she had no choice but to accept Corrado and allow it to continue living in her house.

After Sam left, Sophia asked Maria to take Corrado away while she drank a glass of water. She had worked hard the entire day—so much so that she didn’t even have the time for a water break. As she was drinking, Irene suddenly approached her and said, “Sophia, can I have a word with you? I have something important to say.”

Sophia said nothing as she left with Irene. Let’s see what trick she’s trying to pull now.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 716

The two of them took a short walk and came to an isolated corner where they were alone and away from everybody else’s sight. Sophia took a swig of water before saying, “Irene, what do you want to say?”

Irene hesitated to speak. She looked like she had to muster up her courage before she said, “Sophia, as you know, the Old Master wishes for Mikey and me to get back together…”

Sophia snorted loudly; it could be considered her response to Irene’s words. It was not the first time the Old Master had expressed that he wanted Michael to get back together with Irene. Following that, Sophia would be ‘freed’, and the platoon of young men he had prepared could finally be put to use…

When Irene saw that Sophia didn’t have much of a reaction to her words, she pretended to cry crocodile tears again. Biting on her lower lip, she looked like it was hard for her to speak. In the end, she said, “Sophia, the Old Master heard that you are infertile. And, that’s why Mikey still doesn’t have any children after so long. He is worried that if things go on as they are, it will become a burden to Mikey…”

Sophia continued to remain silent. It was true that the Old Master had secretly hinted to her about having children several times in the past. However, the meaning behind his words was vastly different from what Irene just said. His words had implied that the reason she couldn’t get pregnant could only be due to a problem with the ‘seeds’. But, that was okay, since he had already prepared an entire platoon of excellent ‘seeds’ for her…

“So, what are you trying to say, Irene?” she coolly asked while holding her cup.

The tears overflowed from Irene’s eyes as she said, “Sophia, the Old Master is getting older. Why don’t you go along with his wishes? Besides, you know it too—who Michael really belongs to.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Sophia decisively declared. Then, she sneered, “Whether we want to have children or not has nothing to do with you! I will go and explain that to the Old Master myself. As for who my husband loves… I know better than you do. So, don’t waste your time, Irene. The past is the past. Taylor has his own family now. There’s no point in trying to stubbornly hold on to the past. Besides, you’re not young anymore. If you’re in such a hurry to get married, I’m sure you have many excellent men willing to marry you. Why are you wasting your time and youth on a man who is already married?” After saying that, she lifted her cup to drink some more.

Irene had never expected Sophia to be shameless enough to say those words. Michael clearly still has feelings for me. Yet, he is being controlled by her—so much so that he doesn’t dare to come and meet me! Glaring at Sophia fiercely, a hint of darkness and determination crept into her eyes…

“Ah—” All of a sudden, a horrified scream pierced the quiet and peaceful venue. A group of clients and business partners that had yet to leave were still talking to Ivan and Stanley. A large number of workers were also present, busy handling the post-event cleanup. When they heard the piercing scream, everybody looked in the direction of the sound in unison.

They were greeted by the sight of Irene backing out of a dark corner. As she stepped into their field of view, they noticed that water was dripping from her head. She was in a terrible mess. At that moment, Sophia walked out of the corner with an empty cup in her hand as she looked at Irene expressionlessly.

Looking at the scene before them, everybody immediately had the same thought, Did Sophia pour water on Irene?!

On the other hand, Irene seemed to have experienced a great shock. She was crying and screaming hysterically, “What on earth do you want?! I pretended that it was nothing but an accident even when you pushed me down the stairs and tried to kill me! What else do you want?! Will you be satisfied only when I’m dead?! Just because Taylor still has feelings for me… must you kill me because of that?! Sophia Edwards, you’re so cruel! One day, Taylor will see through your true colors!”

The entire venue fell silent all of a sudden. Oh, my God! That’s huge news! They felt as if they were about to witness some sort of earth-shattering revelation. As a result, their inquisitive nature was lit from within, and they crowded around to watch.

Irene looked like she had gone completely mad as she continued to yell all sorts of nonsense. Then, Stanley hurriedly stepped forward to hold her and warningly said, “Aunt Irene, please mind yourself! There are so many people here. If you have something to say, we can discuss this later. Let’s go back and talk—”

She shoved him away. Pointing at Sophia, she looked at the crowd and yelled, “This vicious woman pushed me down the stairs hoping that I would die! After that, she threatened me. She refused to let me reveal the truth and even forced me to lie during the press conference! I did everything she asked, but she continues to harass me! It’s all because Taylor still has feelings for me! She hates me so much that she wants me dead! She wants to kill me!” She continued to point at Sophia as she scolded, “You two-faced woman! Taylor will see through your true colors, sooner or later! It’s just a matter of time! Contrary to what you want, I won’t die! I’m going to live my life to the fullest! I’m going to see what other insane things you’re going to come up with! And, I’m going to watch you expose your true colors to the world!”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd was shocked. Those rumors turned out to be true! Irene being pushed down the stairs and committing suicide… Sophia was behind it all! Irene was Taylor’s first love, and he still had feelings for her. Was that why Sophia was trying to get rid of Irene?!

According to general tragic fan fiction stories, when the plot progressed until this point, it basically meant that the weak, fragile lady that had been oppressed would finally lose her temper and become determined to expose the wife’s true colors. After that, the male lead would break up with his wife and reunite with the female lead.

Irene seemed to be suffering an emotional meltdown as Stanley hurriedly tried to drag her away while saying, “That’s enough, Aunt Irene. You must be drunk. Let’s go back home, okay? I’ll send you back.”

He was terrified and at a loss for how to handle the situation. Based on Sophia’s personality, she might have been the one that poured the water on Irene! At that moment, everybody started to point and whisper among themselves. Some even took out their phones to secretly record the scene.

On the other hand, Sophia, ‘the evil wife in question’, seemed calm and fearless. Rather, she had an arrogant air about her. Glancing at Irene, she coldly said, “Well, well. Since you accused me of pushing you down the stairs, forcing you to lie during your press conference, and forcing you to commit suicide, you should report it! Go ahead and report me for my crimes! I should be punished for attempted murder!”

Compared to her assertive and calm look, Irene appeared to be panicked and distraught. The difference in their attitudes made Sophia seem as if she was used to doing bad things—so much so that she was proficient at it. Therefore, she was naturally fearless. In contrast, Irene was the pitiful female lead whose imagination was limited by her kindness. She was so confused by the evilness that she couldn’t even speak clearly anymore. Wiping away her tears, she wept despairingly. Even so, her determination shone through as she said, “Just you wait; I will definitely expose your true colors!”

After saying that, Irene turned and left. Meanwhile, Stanley tried to smooth things over as he said to the crowd, “I’m sorry, she’s drunk and talking nonsense. Please don’t believe what she said.”

Watching as Stanley chased after Irene, who was leaving, everybody began discussing fervently among themselves…

Back at home, Michael learned about the incident today through the news. Soon, Irene posted on Twitter, protesting against Sophia. ‘One will always receive their just rewards, be it good or evil. It’s just a matter of time! I will expose your true colors! Did you think you could fool everybody with your lies forever?!’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 717

Irene’s latest post was all over the place. One could almost tell the extreme rage and helplessness she was in when she composed it.

At the same time, many video recordings of Irene being splashed with water and her yelling at Sophia in public were uploaded on the Internet.

Everyone knew before this that Irene had been wronged but she chose to keep quiet about it. Finally, she exploded with anger today. These incidents had enraged all her fans, who started criticizing Sophia on Twitter in exasperation. The ‘ignorant scumbag’ Taylor was also targeted.

Meanwhile, Irene called Michael, who was loath to answer the call. He instructed Gemma to keep tabs on the development of the news on the Internet. “Please remove all relevant news as quickly as possible. At the same time, please release the news of the two artists who have been secretly married for eight years and are now getting divorced.”

The public fight between Irene and Sophia became a media firestorm for just one day before the excitement died down. When something more shocking got out, everyone spontaneously shifted their attention.

The latest rumor was about a young female artist who allegedly divorced her husband whom she had been secretly married to for eight years. On top of that, her husband was also a famous artist. Before this, scandals were going around that these two were dating. In the face of these allegations, they both denied everything outrightly.

All the netizens were shocked. They did not expect so much to be going on behind the scenes. The news that they had been secretly married for eight years sent everyone reeling.

After this news broke out, the female artist raised the allegation that the male artist brought his mistress home and was later caught red-handed in bed. The male artist countered by stating that the female artist was a lesbian and that all the members in her female support group were her sexual partners. In retaliation, he even uploaded a video of a group of lesbians having an orgy.

Both the artists personally participated in this Internet whirlwind. This had instigated the fan groups from both sides to start fighting each other. Things became interesting as days went by, completely going beyond human imagination.

On the other side, Taylor and Eddie never responded to the several Twitter posts that Irene made. Besides, many posts were also removed. This had completely extinguished the excitement. They certainly did not come close to what was taking place between the other two artists and the rest of the things that were going around in the entertainment industry.

The little spark between Taylor, Eddie, and Irene completely vanished in the face of the turbulence of gossip and rumors.

Sophia could not be bothered by what happened. As such, she let Michael take care of it on her behalf.

Having read the news, Mark called, although he could almost figure out what happened. Sophia and Irene were both dear to his heart, so it was difficult for him to choose sides.

One was the daughter of his godson, another was a descendant of a fallen hero that he watched grow up and treated as his own granddaughter.

“Sophia, just let yourself go. If you don’t feel that you can continue to live with him, let me know and I’ll find you a better husband,” Mark patiently coaxed Sophia.

Mark no longer knew whose side he should be on. This will all depend on how Michael handles this incident. If he still wants to be with Sophia, then he should pick her. If he picks Irene, that goes to show that they were meant to be together. Some things just can’t be forced. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to find a better husband for Sophia as I never got along with Michael. He’s utter trash! It’s been so many years and he still can’t let Sophia conceive. I can’t wait any longer. All I want is for Cooper’s offspring to be born into the Fletcher Family before I die.

Sophia was rendered speechless by Mark’s suggestion. She responded, “Don’t worry, Old Master. We’ll make sure that we handle this well.”

Hanging up the phone, Sophia put her phone down and saw that Michael was watching TV in the living room.

In the living room was also Nathan, who was petting his dog after being left behind in the house by his parents. Meanwhile, many cats and dogs were taking a nap in the corner.

There were four dogs and more than ten cats in the house. Two of the cats were pregnant, so there would be more cats soon.

Michael felt like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown when he saw the group of ginger cats. This scene reminded him of his younger days living in the military compound where Old Master Fletcher raised a bunch of orange cats. To him, it was a painful memory…

Nothing can be more annoying than that giant poodle at home. It’s truly a monster.

At this moment, the giant poodle was sitting right in front of Michael, tilting its head and staring at him. Is it trying to act cute? Doesn’t it know how big it is? This is so creepy.

For this reason, Michael would, by all means, avoid any eye contact with it

Nicholas strolled over and said, “Daddy, Bubbles wants you to pet its head.”

Pretending to not hear it, Michael turned his head sideways to avoid having eye contact with the giant poodle.

Inching forward, the giant poodle sat right in front of Michael and looked him in the eye.

Feeling irritated, Michael turned his face away only for the giant poodle to move in the same direction. Again, it sat down right in front of Michael and looked him in the eye.

“Bubbles, come to Mommy!” Hearing Sophia’s voice, the giant poodle immediately swayed toward her. Michael remained in a state of shock even after the giant poodle had walked away.

When this giant teddy bear goes into heat, it’ll be the death of me…

Bubbles was extremely cooperative when Sophia put a new shirt on it. Even though it was huge, it was nonetheless a well-mannered puppy at heart.

After putting a shirt on Bubbles, Sophia put a hairband on its head and took some pictures of it. She then petted Bubbles on its head and said, “What a cutie pie. Go and let Daddy see it.”

Wagging its tail, the giant poodle strode over to Michael. It then sat down and stared at Michael wholeheartedly, hoping that he would pet its head.

Michael took a quick look at the giant poodle that was in a dog costume wearing a hairband in the form of cat ears. There’s nothing wrong with its looks. But look at how big and threatening it is… How can I refuse to pet its head?

Eventually, Michael reached out and petted Bubbles. Bubbles was over the moon as it wagged its sweeping tail.

Michael had finally compromised and petted its head! After that, the giant poodle swayed back to Sophia for her to brush its fur.

Snowball and Bubbles were both cute dog breeds. They both gave in and let Sophia brush their fur after some resistance. Even Corrado, the masculine one, was cooperative for Sophia to brush its fur knowing that it needed to maintain a good look after shedding. Judge was the only problematic one. It shed a lot but refused to let Sophia brush its fur. There was no way Sophia could hold it down…

Sitting in the corner, Michael saw the happy look on Sophia’s face as she sat among the animals. She gently talked to these animals as if they were her children.

Deep within Michael, he knew that apart from her career, the other reason she had so many animals was that Michael’s ex was afraid of dogs.

Undoubtedly, the main reason was the little desire she had in her heart—to have kids and be a mother.

Just be patient for a little while. You will be a mother soon…

While browsing the news, Irene realized that her news had already been replaced by other shocking news. She could no longer find herself under the trending topics on Twitter.

How did this happen? Isn’t that big news? I don’t believe Michael didn’t see it! Why does he refuse to answer my phone? Why hasn’t he taken any action? Can he bear seeing that woman bully me like that? Old Man Fletcher knows about what happened. How come he never said anything?

Irene could not accept it. After trying to call Michael multiple times and not being able to get through, rage razed her sanity to the ground. Since Sophia is suppressing my news, I’m going to create a ruckus!

Irene quickly made several long Twitter posts attaching pictures of her injuries and recounting how Sophia pushed her down the stairs as well as the severity of the injuries she sustained. Besides, she also talked about the time when she offered to help Sophia out at her product launch but ended up being splashed with water and insulted by Sophia.

I no longer want to be the poor thing who swallows all her grievances. I’m going to confront Sophia head-on!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 718

Even though no one saw her being splashed with water by Sophia, many were there back in the days when Sophia yelled at her. There were also video recordings of it.

After the Twitter post was made, the incident where Sophia pushed Irene down the stairs instantly made the headlines. In no time, many on the Internet started condemning Sophia.

This gave the two artists who were secretly married a break. The ball was now in Irene’s hand, and news began spreading like wildfire.

Sophia, who had been keeping quiet, finally responded. She responded by posting a few arrogant words on her Twitter: ‘Call the police if you dare then!’

These words were automatically interpreted by many as: ‘I wanted to kill you—so what? I have people backing me up. If you want, go ahead and call the police!’

She’s so arrogant and ferocious. How can she be so arrogant after hurting someone? This is absolute lawlessness!

Many fans became enraged by the post right away and could not take their eyes off this matter.

Irene never intended to go to the police about it as she was feeling guilty.

The discreet place where the incident happened was handpicked by her so that no third party would be able to testify against and for any of them.

There was nobody in that emergency passage, nor were there any surveillance cameras. However, many in the hospital hallway saw Sophia when she surreptitiously followed Irene.

If investigations were to be carried out, it would just be her words against Sophia’s; no one else could testify and prove anything.

Before this, Irene never dared to bring this matter up to the police for fear of being investigated. She merely wanted to create a ruckus out of the situation and cause a fight between Michael and Sophia. Little did she know that not only was Sophia unresponsive toward her allegations, but Michael was also suspicious about what happened.

Feeling nervous, Irene felt that her efforts had gone to waste as none of her goals were materialized. Under the instigation of public opinion and her confidence over the number of fans she had, she took the risk and went to make a police report.

Soon enough, reporters took and published pictures of Irene showing up at a police station with her assistant to make a police report. The police station accepted the statement, began the investigation, and updated the public on the progress of the investigation via their official website.

Public opinion appeared to be in support of Irene. Finally, Sophia, that heartless b*tch, is going to be arrested. Irene, the brave, fragile lady has finally sought revenge. Now that things are heated up, Sophia, the cruel supporting actress, will be put behind bars.

Some even took the opportunity to examine how many years Sophia would have to be in prison. Based on the injury assessment report, Sophia may either be sentenced to a maximum of three years of imprisonment or be placed under police surveillance.

Reading all the Twitter posts that seemed logical and well-founded, Irene was overjoyed.

As long as Sophia can be put behind bars, my opportunity will come. Even if she doesn’t end up in prison, Michael would still be utterly disappointed in her.

All of a sudden, an unfamiliar number called Irene. Upon answering it, Irene heard an angry voice yelling, “How dare you report it to the police? Do you want your life to end?”

Irene knew who this person was: it was the person who had been helping her out but decided to withdraw halfway through.

Irene responded conceitedly, “You useless pig. What else should I have done?”

Not saying anything, that person hung up.

Irene had been monitoring the news for the past couple of days. At the same time, she had also been waiting for Sophia to call. However, neither Sophia nor Michael called. Only Old Man Fletcher called several times to check on how things were while persuading her to withdraw the police report.

We’re family. Things shouldn’t get so ugly. But, Irene was still determined to make a ruckus.

While Irene was eagerly waiting for Sophia to be arrested, Michael posted a video clip on his various social media accounts. This was unlike Michael, who was never involved in any of these dramas.

The first scene of the video clip was the busy hospital hallway. It was the day Sophia allegedly pushed Irene down the stairs.

The back of a woman in a patient’s gown was facing the camera. As the woman turned around, Irene’s face appeared.

After turning around and sweeping a glance, she surreptitiously opened the door to the emergency passage and went in by herself.

A few minutes later, Sophia, in her patient’s gown, went in too. At this point, the camera zoomed in as if someone was controlling the camera. Sophia then opened the door and let the person holding the camera follow from behind.

Throughout the entire video clip, Sophia was in sight and would occasionally turn around.

Later in the recording, the person recording turned on the night mode on the video camera after realizing that they were in a dark and bleak stairway. As such, the video was still clear. After just a couple of seconds, Sophia heard a series of thuds and immediately began running toward it, followed by the person holding the camera. Shortly after that, the video displayed the scene where Irene was bleeding and lying on the ground in her patient’s gown.

“Oh my God!” Sophia yelped and ran out to look for help.

The next scene went back to the hospital hallway where Sophia was calling a doctor to come and rescue Irene. The last scene of the video clip was where Sophia nervously followed behind the crowd.

The video clip was of high resolution, so every face in that video clip was visible and discernible. In addition, the entire video clip was time-stamped, from the scene where Irene entered through the door to Sophia doing the same, and it was unedited.

After paying close attention to the video, one could notice in the surveillance clip of the hallway that there was a quick and energetic robot following Sophia.

That’s Nicholas! Sophia mentions him a lot in her Twitter posts. The robot followed Sophia around and recorded the entire process!

Based on the contents of the video clip, Sophia did not push Irene down the stairs; instead, Irene fell down the stairs herself. The truth finally came to light! Sophia was framed!

Irene’s jaw dropped when she finished watching the video clip.

I didn’t even notice that Sophia had a robot following her around. Alas, that robot can even record videos! What should I do now?

Desperate, Irene quickly deleted all her accusatory Twitter posts that could be used as evidence before she dialed her assistant with her trembling fingers. She wanted her assistant to post a Twitter post in her stead, saying: ‘Irene Webber fell and bumped her head, so she could not remember clearly what happened that time and thought that Sophia pushed her. We’re truly sorry, everyone.’

Good thing that I really bumped my head because of how dark it was. It’s sensible to say that I couldn’t clearly remember if I fell off the stairs myself or someone pushed me. I suppose there’s still room for maneuver.

Following that, Irene quickly withdrew her police report and sent out some Twitter posts begging for sympathy, stating how severe her condition was after bumping her head and that no one cared about her. She continued by saying that she had mistakenly accused Sophia and she was sorry.

Perhaps, as time goes by, people will forget this incident.

Much to her surprise, Taylor posted another video clip on Twitter after a couple of hours. The video clip was recorded on the day of the product launch for Sophia’s pet luxury goods brand. In a quiet and empty corner, Sophia and Irene were seen talking to each other. The content of their conversation was not made available, but Irene looked sorrowful as she begged Sophia, who was sitting right opposite her drinking a glass of water. Throughout the whole conversation, Sophia looked composed and calm.

All of a sudden, the sorrowful Irene snatched the glass from Sophia and splashed the water in the glass onto her face. When she did it, the camera clearly captured the ferocious yet happy grin on her face…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 719

All of a sudden, the audio of the video clip sounded out.

Following that, Irene’s horrific scream was immediately heard before she took a few steps back, looking enraged yet frightened. The next scene was from a different video clip that was seamlessly incorporated into the first one—it was the video clip of Sophia and Irene trying to rip each other apart in public…

In that video clip, Irene was crying hysterically while yelling at Sophia. Throughout the entire process, Sophia did nothing but unemotionally stare at her.

“This vicious woman pushed me down the stairs hoping that I would die! You two-faced woman! Taylor will see through your true colors, sooner or later! It’s just a matter of time! Contrary to what you want, I won’t die! I’m going to live my life to the fullest! I’m going to see what other insane things you’re going to come up with! And, I’m going to watch you expose your true colors to the world!”

“Well, well. Since you accused me of pushing you down the stairs, forcing you to lie during your press conference, and forcing you to commit suicide, you should report it! Go ahead and report me for my crimes! I should be punished for attempted murder!”

Seeing this, everyone instantly understood what a real plot twist meant. This was a completely unexpected turn of events.

In the same Twitter post, Taylor wrote in a sarcastic tone for the first time: ‘It seems like Miss Weber had a pretty serious head injury!’

If her falling down the stairs was an accident that caused her to bump her head and become confused as to what happened, how does she explain this incident? How could she still take Sophia’s glass and splash water onto herself to frame her if she had a head injury? She’s incredibly sick! Just moments ago, she was still an innocent and aggrieved lady. In the next second, she splashed water on herself without batting an eye and pretended to be framed and frightened. Her malicious acting skills and perfect pretense truly made one’s blood run cold. It was no wonder that she was able to deceive so many for such a long time. At that point, the video clip came to an end.

After processing the order of events, many realized that it was Irene acting up by herself all along, one drama after another. As for Taylor and Sophia, they had been refraining from responding. At first, many assumed that it was because they were guilty as charged, but looking at the evidence right now, their reluctance to respond was the last bit of mercy Taylor showed Irene, his first love.

He knew about the truth from the beginning. Possessing those video clips the whole time, he had been loath to post them on the Internet. He chose to wait patiently until Irene made a ruckus out of it by going to the police. That was the breaking point for Taylor.

This whole time, Irene had been digging a hole for herself.

The discussion on the Internet began to get heated up. After watching that video clip, Irene sat on the floor in a daze.

It’s all over… I didn’t know that Michael knew the truth the whole time and had those videos with him! How could I still act up pretentiously in front of him when he knew about what happened this entire time? I still thought I could change his mind. Little did I know that he had been looking at me like a fool! This is ridiculous. Truly ridiculous. Michael Fletcher, you are evil. Truly evil!

The entertainment industry could never be short of rumors and shocking news. After a couple of days, the public sentiment toward this news died down.

Meanwhile, Irene still made the headlines from time to time. For example: ‘Army Singer Irene Weber Undergoing Mental Treatment Abroad’.

Regardless of whether or not she had a mental illness, treating herself as a mental patient was the only way out if she wanted to save the last bit of her dignity.

People who are mentally ill get away with murder. I’m definitely safe since all I did was accuse and frame Sophia.

However, she nonetheless had to pay the price by using mental illness as an excuse to get away with everything she did. For instance, she had to change her career right away as a mentally ill person was not allowed in the army.

Without her military status, she lost everything, including her military rank and other benefits.

Besides, a mentally ill person could no longer be in the art and literature industry. Also, it did not help that the entertainment industry was Michael’s territory; there was no way she could remain there.

It saddened Old Man Fletcher to see how Irene turned out. Ever since then, he never saw Irene again, and Irene never had the audacity to return to the Fletcher Residence.

Fearing that this might have been a huge blow to Old Man Fletcher, Sophia took Nathan to visit him. When they arrived there, they saw that Old Man Fletcher was in good shape.

“Sigh. What can I do? I don’t understand young people’s affairs anymore.”

Old Master is right. He’s been through so much. Look how well he is even after establishing a career for himself at a young age and facing the death of a number of his children and grandchildren. While Sophia was lost in thought, Old Master Fletcher cornered her in that round of chess.

After that, Sophia learned about what happened to Irene. Claiming to have changed her career, Irene was actually fired from the army. Since she did not dare to return to the Fletcher Residence, she had to start making her own living. Word had it that she left the country to receive medical treatment, but she was actually using that as an excuse to avoid the consequences of everything she did.

Although Sophia did not dig further into this matter, she nonetheless kept herself updated on Irene’s news.

Since the beginning, Michael had had those video clips with him. Nevertheless, he chose not to release all the evidence so that he could allow Irene to continue with her plans and test his limits. It wasn’t until Irene made a ruckus out of the situation that he released the video clips to deal her a blow.

Michael had been a gentleman in showing his last bit of mercy to his ex. Although he had the evidence all along, he chose not to release it until he had to.

Then again, this could be interpreted as extreme coldness.

Irene began executing her plan by carefully testing the waters. She did not make any public statement herself but spread rumors everywhere behind the scenes. Whenever she faced Michael, she seemed cooperative while acting in self-pity.

As such, Michael was unable to bring himself to release the proof right away.

Had he done that then, Irene would have had room for maneuver by saying that she had never accused Sophia of pushing her down the stairs in the first place. She was even trying her best to defend Sophia to make herself look good.

Though, she never succeeded in defending Sophia. Conversely, Sophia always ended up being criticized heavily. However, Irene never got hold of any leverage. The hospital video clip did not hurt her; it was merely one less opportunity to cause a provocation.

Michael withheld the truth and let Irene perform all her acts. The devastating suicide attempt and the press conferences were all tests set up by Michael.

Knowing that Irene wanted to make a fuss out of everything, he never allowed that to happen. Every time she made a scene, he minimized its impact to slowly agitate her, leading her to a head-on confrontation with Sophia.

As long as she accused Sophia of pushing her down the stairs, every single word that she said would be a nail that could not be removed.

When he released the evidence then, Irene would have no way of escaping. Everyone would then know that she had falsely accused Sophia. In that way, she would be forced into an impasse!

Sophia never got along with Irene. If it were not for Irene’s own act of testing Michael’s limit, none of these would have happened.

Now, she lost everything, including the Fletcher Family’s protection. It was a stark contrast with her life before this.

Though appearing merciful, Michael was extremely cruel.

Had he still had any hopes of getting Irene back, he could have shown her the video clips, in the beginning, to persuade her to stop. But, he did not do that. Step by step, he led her on until she walked into the trap that he set up…

After finishing another round of chess, Sophia went home.

Michael prepared many good dishes for Sophia that day. Meanwhile, Stanley and the others showed up after being invited.

So did Sam, who came because of the dogs.

After the meal, everyone gathered in the living room and chatted.

Michael was sitting on the couch. Looking at Sam, who was petting and cuddling Corrado who had just eaten poop half an hour before Sam arrived, he smiled happily.

“Look at how gorgeous and smart Corrado is. Master Sam, you have such good taste!” Michael complimented.

Looking proud, Sam responded, “Of course. Corrado is such a good dog.”

Sitting in the corner, Sophia dared not speak or move an inch.

The first thing she saw when she came home today was Corrado eating sh*t in the backyard. She quickly dragged it into the bathroom to wash its mouth. Much to her surprise, before she could finish washing its mouth, Sam showed up, then…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 720

Sam said to Sophia, “You’ve had a hard time recently.”

As she peered at his face, the image of Corrado eating sh*t flashed across her eyes. She then started recalling the scene of Sam kissing Corrado earlier. Putting these two images together… Sophia instantly felt nauseous.

Even though Sam had a high social status, Sophia only had one thought at this moment…


Staring at Sam’s face, a wave of nausea swept over Sophia. The food that she ate earlier began churning in her stomach. Before she realized it, the taste of vomit had filled her throat. She immediately cradled her mouth, ran into the bathroom, and vomited out everything that she ate today.

After that, she turned around and saw Corrado sitting on the toilet with a deep yearning in his eyes. It was as if he was waiting to start digging into the pile of mashed-up food beneath her. The sight of that made her queasy again…

Sam came over and asked, “Sophia, what’s going on?”

While Michael was getting some water and tissue for Sophia, he overheard Sam’s question. He stuck out his neck and cracked, “Perhaps your gorgeous face made her nauseous, Master Sam.”

Sam thought that these words had deeper implications and were full of hatred, but he did not know why Michael said these to him.

The rest of the people who were there knew that it had something to do with the dogs, as Judge made Sophia throw up once before.

Trying to soothe the awkwardness, Stanley piped in, “Ha! Uncle Michael loves to joke!”

Sophia threw up so hard that she almost emptied her gastric acids. After coming out of the bathroom, she saw Sam’s face and immediately felt queasy again.

Knowing that Sam was the reason that she threw up, Michael quickly stated, “Master Sam, Sophia doesn’t seem to be well today. I’ll bring her to her room upstairs to get some rest.”

Hearing that, Sam did a double-take. He felt something but could not tell what exactly it was. He then said, “Take care. I’ll be off now.”

Sam’s voice instantly reminded Sophia of his face. As such, she started retching again.

I guess I can never look Master Sam in the eye again…

Michael quickly took her back to the bedroom and gave her something to drink before putting her to sleep.

The next day, Sophia still felt unwell. I think it’s serious this time. It seems like every time I try eating something, Sam’s face will appear. His face will then remind me of Corrado and his mouthful of poop…


Having just eaten breakfast, Sophia puked out all the food again. After that, she lay on her bed and was having difficulty breathing; her head was also starting to hurt.

Michael patted her head before tucking her under the blanket. Meanwhile, he cast a quick glance at Corrado in the corner and said, “Is it because of this dog? Let me send him away.”

I only planned to let Corrado eat some sh*t to make Sam feel sick, and perhaps through that, Sophia would stop liking him. I guess I succeeded—Sophia can’t stop feeling queasy every time she sees Sam now. I didn’t expect it to get so bad.

“Maybe it’s work-related stress. I’ll just take two days off work,” Sophia responded weakly as she lay in bed.

The sight of her ashen face made Michael feel bad. He never meant to overdo it. Alas, what he did backfired and now Sophia got sick.

“That sounds like a good idea. Take two days off work and get some good rest.”

Recently, Sophia had been working long hours as her business progressed. Plum Technology had been doing well to the extent that Stanley had started preparing for its listing.

Her luxury pet brand ‘Pourl’ received positive public feedback and response after it made its debut. At the same time, all her other projects had kick-started. She reckoned she might have overworked recently, causing her to be constantly stressed. It was no wonder that she fell ill.

Since she insisted on working, Michael could not possibly lock her at home with the dogs, regardless of how bad he felt.

Eventually, Michael decided to inform Stanley to come and pick up Judge. “Bring that sh*tty dog away! Look at what he did to your aunt!”

Eyes widening, Stanley was enraged when he heard that. “It’s all your fault! How can you possibly blame him? Weren’t you happy when you taught him to eat sh*t? Do you regret it now because Sophia got sick?”

He continued swearing as he led Judge away. However, Stanley had been incredibly busy with work recently that he kept neglecting Judge. After a day or two, Judge went back to Michael’s place. Perhaps even dogs could tell the difference between good and bad hospitality.

After successfully sending Judge away, Michael turned to Corrado. This dog is truly hideous. I have to send him away.

Sophia’s health condition did not seem to improve. Whenever she ate something or saw an animal, Chrysanthemum and Bubbles included, she would immediately start throwing up.

After studying the situation, Michael noticed that Chrysanthemum and Bubbles had a common feature—they were both yellowish.

He then glanced around and saw the few orange cats at home, realizing that they all resembled a clump of poop whenever they were grouped together. It was indeed disgusting.

There are way too many animals in the house. Some of them have to go. I have to find someone to adopt those newly born kittens. If I can’t find anyone to take them, I’m just going to send them to Sarah’s cat café. I don’t want these animals to nauseate Sophia anymore, especially that giant poodle that looks like walking feces. She’s so disgusting!

Michael decided to call Sam to come and pick up his dog.

“Master Sam, I’m truly sorry for calling you over. As you know, Sophia hasn’t been feeling well recently. The doctor says it’s a sudden allergic reaction to dogs. She throws up every time she sees one. I’m afraid we can’t take care of Corrado temporarily. You might have to bring him home,” Michael said apologetically.

Sam began cursing him in his heart, Dog allergy, my *ss! I know you’re trying to get rid of me, Michael. But… Sophia did indeed throw up after seeing Corrado that day. Perhaps she’s really sick. Leaving Corrado there might really be inconvenient for them. As such, he smilingly went to pick up Corrado and left.

Once he left The Imperial, he began to look ferocious.

He tried using Irene to split Michael and Sophia up, but he did not expect Michael to outsmart him. Irene’s too dumb and rash. She jumped right into his trap. She’s no longer usable. If it weren’t because of Irene’s stupidity, I would’ve been able to use her for something bigger. Now that she’s completely useless, I’ll have to come up with another plan…

The Edwards Family had another elders’ meeting.

During the annual elders’ meeting, things pertaining to the Edwards Family would be brought up for discussion.

The discussion today was on Lucy’s wedding.

Previously, the Edwards Family had decided for Lucy to marry Linus of the Michel Family. However, the arrangement fell through. Even though Lucy was young, to maximize the benefits Lucy’s marriage could bring, they had to come up with a perfect candidate for Lucy to approach.

Firstly, the elders came up with a list of people who could match up to Lucy.

The list contained the successor of a certain foreign financial group, the son of a certain local wealthy and highly respectable family, and so on. They were determined to pick a husband for Lucy.

Sitting in the corner, Lucy remained silent as she watched the elders of the Edwards Family pick the perfect man for her.

As far as she was concerned, marriage was merely a way to integrate resources. As such, the person she married depended entirely on how powerful that person was.

Soon enough, a decision as to the most eligible bachelor for Lucy was made. At the same time, Sam threw out a résumé and said, “Personally, this is by far the best and most suitable man for Lucy.”

Everyone turned to the information on that résumé and became aghast at what they saw.

Curious, Lucy peeked at the name on the résumé: Michael Fletcher.

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