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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 71

Richard patted Kayla’s shoulder, asking her to leave. “Let’s go.”

Kayla stared at Sophia fiercely before she yelled, “Just wait for it—this isn’t over yet!”

With that, Kayla dashed out of the room hastily while Richard and Xyla left along with her.

Just as they reached the door, Richard suddenly turned around. He looked dearly at Sophia, who was busy tidying up her belongings. In a sincere voice, he said to her, “Sophia, it isn’t necessary for you to do such a thing. You should know that we’re to the point of no return.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Richard left while holding Xyla’s hand in his.

Sophia had been busy tidying her stuff that had been scattered all over the place; she did not even take a glance at him. It was only until Richard had left when she finally cussed in silence. “Are you crazy?”

On the other hand, Nathan did not utter a single word. Nonetheless, he was clearly upset with the dull-looking expression he had put on.

Sophia gently touched his head as she comforted him. “Everything’s alright now; I’m sure that they will be punished!”

Michael once told her that there were cameras everywhere in the barracks, including the female’s dorms; there would be a female instructor monitoring the situations at any given time. Therefore, they knew best about everything that happened in the barracks. Despite that, they never spread a single word about it since it was classified as a military training secret; the Fletchers were probably the only ones who knew about it.

For instance, the instructors were clearly aware of who had placed nails into Sophia’s shoes, as well as who had hidden the necklace in Sophia’s backpack.

However, everyone would not agree to installing surveillance cameras in the women’s dormitories.

Regarding the matter of Sophia stealing the necklace, everyone seemed to have guessed what had actually taken place.

It was absolutely impossible for Nathan to steal Kayla’s necklace, Sophia probably would not do so as well. After all, she was in control of the most important resource at the barracks—iced watermelon.

Even if the other companies were willing to offer her luxury watches and diamonds in exchange for her watermelon, she would not accept their offers. Thus, she would definitely not steal her necklace!

Thinking about the grudges between Sophia and the Harpers, it was not that hard to figure out what had actually happened.

Everyone was taking their own guesses, but none of them dared to point it out in public.

Nonetheless, Kayla was hoping to make an issue out of this matter in order to drive Sophia out of the barracks; she would definitely not give up easily. During their training drills at night, she had asked the drill instructor of the 23rd Company to punish Sophia regarding the necklace incident again.

As expected, the instructor refused to do so.

Kayla completely ignored Richard’s dissuasion as she went over the company commander and brought up the matter directly to the battalion commanders.

The battalion commander pretended to investigate the matter and responded to Kayla’s request. “We’ll talk about it after the military training!”

Kayla nearly went mad. She became unreasonable and went straight to the regimental commanders!

She had been causing trouble since that night until the next day; Kayla had even skipped training that morning. She continued to annoy the regimental commander in hopes that he would punish Sophia. Nonetheless the regimental commander’s answer was the same—he had asked her to wait until the military training ended.

As a result, Kayla was not able to achieve what she had wanted. Additionally, she was punished by the instructor and had to complete a 3000-meter running drill together with 200 sit-ups because she had been absent from training.

“She’s the one who stole my necklace, so why is everyone taking sides with her?”

The commanders were passing the buck for the matter Kayla had brought up to them. She was even punished for it, which put a chip on her shoulder as she started to make a scene during training.

Sophia had been caught red-handed for stealing her necklace, but why wasn’t anyone punishing her? On the contrary, she ended up being the one getting punished instead!

The morning session of military training was taking place at that moment. Everyone underwent training obediently except for Kayla, who kept yelling and crying at the instructor. “I’m not convinced! She was the one who had stolen the necklace, so why have you punished me?”

The drill instructor of the 23rd Company remained expressionless as he said, “It is the duty of a soldier to obey orders. You’ve only got two choices—it is either you follow as I say or leave!”

Kayla felt wronged and started weeping tearfully. She immediately turned into a shrew right on the spot. “I won’t run! It’s not my fault!”

Richard immediately urged her right after seeing Kayla’s erratic behavior. “Calm down, Kayla. Just follow the instructor’s orders and don’t fight back!”

He was someone who had gone through military training. Therefore, he knew the dark side of military training; he had taken the initiative to lead this team just to supervise Kayla. Richard knew without doubt that she had an extremely stubborn personality, and no one could stop her once she was strong-willed about doing something.

Kayla was not willing to accept the outcome. In order to set this all up, she had missed last night’s dinner and starved the entire night. She had to find someone to place the necklace in Sophia’s backpack, and even had to bribe a couple of students to become witnesses. She was initially confident that she would be able to drive Sophia out, but what had gone wrong?

Sophia was just an ordinary civilian; she did not have any background either. Why was everyone protecting her?

She didn’t even manage to get rid of her after having put nails in her shoes. She was a tough one to knock down indeed!

Richard kept on persuading her before he had finally gotten Kayla to start running her 3000-meter drill.

Everyone was training while they watched over Kayla as she ran around the synthetic-rubber sports track in circles. The weather was scorching hot because the sun was hanging in mid-air, and she started to totter as if she was on the verge of collapsing.

Contrarily, the 49th Company was under the shade. They were taking a break as they enjoyed the iced watermelons Sophia had offered them. At the same time, they watched as Kayla passed by right in front of them. Quite a number of them were pointing fingers at her before they started mocking at her. Kayla felt like she was running naked, and both her eyes reddened in an instant—especially when she had embarrassed herself in front of Sophia, who was just sitting there while enjoying her watermelon.

Sophia, I promise to ruin your reputation one day!

Kayla ruthlessly cursed Sophia in mind.

Sophia was eating her watermelon as she watched Kayla complete her rounds on the track expressionlessly. No one knew what she was pondering about.

All she wanted was to get a high score in military training. Don’t blame her if you get in her way of achieving her goals!

Since Kayla was a young mistress, she lacked physical strength. All of a sudden, she dropped to the ground while running. Richard then hastily picked her up before sending her to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, Kayla had woken up to find herself on the receiving end of an intravenous drip. She laid down still and did not bother to budge an inch the whole day. She only wanted to go home and did not want to stay back at the barracks for a second longer.

However, if she left the barracks, she would lose a huge amount of credit.

Nonetheless, whenever she shut her eyes, she would see Sophia mocking her with a piece of watermelon in her hands. She was anxious to shred the latter into pieces!

At noon, Xyla came over to take care of Kayla during lunchtime.

She happened to see her best friend, Kayla, weeping in tears as she hugged her. “What went wrong? She was the one who stole my necklace, but why is everyone blaming me instead?”

Xyla did not know what the problem was as well. Although Kayla was not very smart, a plan as such was quite foolproof.

The parents of the students who had pointed Nathan out as the thief all worked under the company of the Harpers and the Huffs, which meant that those students would definitely obey Kayla’s orders. Moreover, no one else was there when the incident had taken place; their accusation of Sophia instructing Nathan to steal was definite.

Why had her plans not succeeded?

It must’ve been because of Kayla’s poor acting skills; the instructor must have seen her through. In that case, she deserved to be punished!

Xyla comforted Kayla and said, “Kayla, you have to stay strong. If you aren’t able to persist, you’ll embarrass yourself in front of everybody!”

Kayla sobbed twice, and her tears trickled down unwillingly. She became extremely upset whenever she recalled the smirk on Sophia’s face.

She had to get rid of her from the barracks at all costs!

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No matter what, Kayla could not give up. She still had to train in the barracks and receive a high score as well; she even wanted to see Sophia get driven out from the barracks!

Kayla decided to stay strong after she had made up her mind; she certainly did not want to make a fool out of herself in front of Sophia again.

Kayla held herself as she sat up straight before she followed Xyla back to their dormitory and got ready for that night’s training.

However, she didn’t think that she would run into a crowd of people when she arrived at her room. Commander Ford from the 49th Company, Sophia, the only child in the barracks—Nathan, and the girls from the 23rd Company were all present. Apart from these people, the company commander of the 23rd Company and Richard were also at the scene.

“What’s going on?”

Kayla caught sight of Sophia as soon as she entered the room, and she gritted her teeth instantly.

Commander Ford was expressionless as he said, “My student, Nate, suspects that someone from the 23rd Company has stolen his watermelon. He requests to search the 23rd Company’s dorm.”

Commander Ford must have been holding back his laughter when he said that. The edges of his lips could not help but twitch slightly as the commander glanced at Nathan, who was in deep hatred.

Nathan stood beside Commander Ford. He had an expressionless face while he stared coldly at the students from the 23rd Company.

Kayla was standing among the crowd when she mocked silently. “Did someone from the 23rd Company steal his watermelons? What a joke! As if we’ve never eaten watermelons before!”

Xyla and Kayla stayed in the same dorm. Their eyes twitched as soon as they saw Nathan entering their dorm, and it felt as though something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough, after getting permission from both commanders, Nathan easily made his way toward one of the beds. Then, he crouched down and crawled under the bed before retrieving a huge iced watermelon.

All the girls in the entire dorm were startled. Someone had really stolen his watermelon!

Moreover, wasn’t it Kayla’s bed?!

Nathan walked away with a cold-shoulder after he had found his watermelon.

Silence reigned through the entire dorm, and Kayla seemed to have finally realized what was going on. She had been punished for no particular reason, so she would’ve been at the track or in the infirmary the entire day. How could she possibly have stolen Nathan’s watermelon?

She was being slandered!

An out-and-out slander!

Kayla immediately yelled, “I didn’t do it! I did not steal his watermelon! They must have framed me!”

Unfortunately, no one was willing to listen to her explanation. The company commander of the 23rd Company had even looked at her with disappointment and said, “You’ve disappointed me! You’d even steal a watermelon!”

After he finished speaking, both of the company commanders left the room indifferently, and Sophia went along with them as well.

Even Richard was looking at Kayla with disappointment.

That night, the incident of Kayla stealing a watermelon had spread throughout the entire training ground. Not only was she despised by the crowd, she even received a moderate punishment for it. Although her punishment was not heavy, it would be a challenge for Kayla to even pass her military training.

How could a young mistress from the Harper Family steal a watermelon?!

No one believed it when the news first broke out. On the second day, everyone finally believed it when they saw the notice on the bulletin board at the training ground, informing students about the decision to punish Kayla from 23rd Company because of her watermelon theft.

After the incident, everyone took turns guessing what had happened to the Harpers; it was as though someone had been framing them on purpose. Previously, Kayla had been punished even though her necklace had been stolen. Just a day later, she was once again punished for stealing a watermelon.

Her reasons for getting punished were extremely embarrassing!

“I want to see the commanding general! I refuse to comply with this! I want to see the commanding general!”

“I didn’t steal anything! It was that bitch who framed me! I won’t accept it! I will never give up! I want to see the commanding general!”

Early the next morning, everyone watched as Kayla yelled wildly on the training ground. Nonetheless, it was not that easy for someone to see the commanding general. Everyone ignored her completely before two drill instructors put her into confinement for 24 hours.

Kayla had really gotten herself into huge trouble this time. Not only was she being punished for her previous mistakes, she was put into confinement after making a huge ruckus at the training ground. Now, it seemed like she couldn’t even score 60 points.

As she watched Kayla suffer from her consequences, Sophia did not feel strange about it at all. As for Kayla, she probably did not think that her every action was being recorded by the surveillance cameras. Even if she was not punished now, her military training grades would reflect her behavior. In the end, she would not be able to pass as well.

The reason why she had been punished was not because of Nathan’s stolen watermelon—it was because she had framed Nathan for stealing her necklace.

You get what you deserve for having offended the Fletchers in the barracks!

Richard did not expect Kayla to get into so much trouble even though he had personally supervised her. To one’s surprise, Kayla still ended up getting confined!

During his class, someone had gotten confined after getting into a fight as well. Once they were punished or put in confinement, all their previous efforts were in vain; even if the person had scored full marks for his or her assessment afterward, it did not mean that they were able to pass.

Richard was very worried; he clearly knew the consequences for not passing military training. Kayla needed to work especially hard for the coming three to four years and had to rank top of her class every year. Moreover, she also had to achieve the national scholarship in order to make up for the points she had lost during military training. Otherwise, she would have to repeat a year or start afresh in the next military training.

Richard pleaded with the company commanders, the battalion commanders and the regimental commander for mercy. Nonetheless, they did not even want to hear what he had to say.

His means of communication had been confiscated when he entered the barracks. Therefore, Richard was unable to contact his family members to pull a few strings, and could only rely on the connections he had inside the barracks.

There were a lot of students at Bayside University who were born into noble military families, and they had exceptional influence in the barracks.

Unfortunately, all these connections were useless here; Bayside University was known for having the strictest military training. Moreover, Joel himself was personally responsible for overseeing them this year.

Who was Joel? He was the eldest young master of the Fletcher Family, and the youngest senior colonel of the entire Cethos! He could make the whole Bayside City shiver in fear just by stomping his feet, let alone this tiny barrack.

The Fletcher Family was far from Richard’s reach; wealthy families like his could only be thrown under the shade of the Four Great Families.

After running about for the entire day, his efforts had resulted in nothing. The application of punishment was issued by the company commanders; the battalion commanders were then in charge of submitting the application to the regimental commanders to check before it was reviewed and signed by the commanding general. Hence, it was nearly impossible for Joel to take back his words as he was firm with his decisions.

That night, Richard went over to the confinement room and delivered some food to Kayla. When he saw his sister, she was drenched in tears. There was only a chair and a dirty toilet in the room; there was a skylight situated high above as the room was filled with an unusual scent. It was suffocating being in the room since one could not hear anything. As a man, Richard felt immensely uncomfortable staying in here, let alone Kayla—a young mistress who had never been through any hardships.

Richard handed over Kayla’s dinner through a customized window. Kayla started wailing through the little window on the metal door as though she had finally met her savior. “Help me, Richard. I’m going crazy. I don’t want to stay here! It’s scary here! Quick, get me out of here!”

“I didn’t steal anything, Richard. You’ve got to trust me—it was Sophia! That b*tch framed me!”

Richard was upset when he saw Kayla getting punished. He quickly comforted her, “It’s alright. These 24 hours will end soon, and I believe in you!”

Kayla was crying and cursing at the same time. She was nearly at the verge of collapsing. “It’s all because of her! She has always wanted to get me into trouble! It’s all her fault!”

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Richard watched as his own sister got tortured in such a way, loosening his fists that were tightly clenched just moments ago. He did not expect Sophia to do something as cruel as this; she had stolen her necklace and even slandered Kayla for stealing Nathan’s watermelon!

All of a sudden, a thought popped into Kayla’s mind. She rubbed off the tears on her cheeks before she held onto Richard’s hand tightly through the little window on the door.

“Richard, I know that b*tch still has feelings for you. Why don’t you look for her and get her to plead the company commanders for mercy? If she admits that she slandered me, they will let me out. That would make up for my grades as well!”

“But…” Richard seemed hesitant. He wanted her to recede from the complaints, but would she agree to it though?

Noticing her brother’s hesitant look on his face, Kayla hastily held onto his hands. “Richard, she’s doing all of this just to attract your attention—she’s even thinking about getting married to the Harpers. You only have to pretend to get back together with her. Eventually, she will listen to everything you say! She will listen to your orders!”

Getting back together with Sophia…

Richard hesitated for a bit. Even though he was dying to get back together with Sophia, he was currently in a relationship with Xyla and could not simply betray his girlfriend like that.

Kayla did not care about Xyla at all; she held onto Richard tightly as though she was holding on to her final hope. “You’d just have to pretend to promise her and get along with Sophia for some time; once the military training is over, you can dump her. Xyla is a kind and sensible person, so I’m sure she’ll give you her full support!”

Richard kept quiet for one minute before he finally agreed to it. “Alright, I’ll give it a try.”

Kayla turned her tears of sadness into tears of joy, looking as though she had finally found hope.

Didn’t Sophia cause so many troubles just to get her brother to change his mind about her? As long as Richard was willing to return to her side, she would become as humble as a dog and give Kayla the chance to do whatever she wanted!

Kayla believed that Sophia would soon admit everything she had done. By then, the commanders would release her as well.

It was nine o’clock at night when training finally ended. The dorms had a lights-out policy at 11 o’clock. Between those hours, everyone would rush to get showered and have their laundry done; some of the couples would even go for a tryst hand in hand.

Half of the girls were absent in their dorm rooms, for they would usually gather around in their own social circles right after washing up.

Sophia was getting ready to sleep after she had washed her face and rinsed her mouth. At that moment, someone informed her from outside that a person was waiting for her at the main entrance of the dorm. When she made her way out, she noticed Richard standing under one of the street lamps situated just outside their dorm. He was handsome and well-dressed in his military uniform, looking just like a scholar who had joined the army. His gentle-looking eyebrows reflected his unchanged gentleness and affection from Sophia’s memories.

“Sophia, can we go for a walk together?”

Richard put on a pleasant smile as he sincerely invited Sophia out. He was completely prepared to get rejected, but little did he think that Sophia would accept his invitation.

“Alright, give me a minute. Let me go back and have my shoes changed.” Sophia, who was wearing slippers, quickly ran back to her dorm room.

Richard was slightly startled as he stared at her from the back; it seemed like he had caught sight of her anticipation. It looked like she had probably guessed his reason for coming over today, so she must be really happy about it, right?

She was no longer the kind and simple Sophia she used to be. Now, she had become scheming and cynical. In order to get back together with Richard, she had even done things to hurt Kayla…

Nonetheless, why did he feel his heart throbbing the moment he saw her?

It was especially her hearty smile; Sophia’s smile looked just the same as he pictured in his mind. She was the girl who stood under the shades of the tree with a simple and pleasant smile. The reason why she had done everything she did was just to get back together with him. What a stubborn girl she was!

Then, what about Xyla?

While Sophia was getting changed, Richard pondered about it as he stared at the street lamp.

Soon, Sophia returned not long after. She had changed into a pair of shoes, and there was a little doll in her arms.

Nathan seemed to be upset about it, and he stared coldly at Richard.

Before coming to the barracks, Michael had urged him to be aware of whoever got close to Sophia. If anyone were to make a move, Michael had even instructed Nathan to take matters into his own hands.

Although Nathan felt like Michael—the man who Sophia was married to—was a violent man, the unusual person standing in front of his eyes looked even worse than Michael!

Richard did not expect Sophia to bring the kid along; he was slightly astonished by it. On the other hand, Sophia was very happy as she held on to Nathan’s hand. “Good boy. We’re going outside for a breath of fresh air—let’s look at the beautiful scenery and feed the mosquitoes.”

Nathan did not say a word, but his right hand held onto Sophia while his left hand grabbed onto the little frog toy that Sophia had won for him at a funfair. He pinched it and the frog made a squeaking noise which was harsh on the ears.

The three of them walked out from the dorm area. The barrack was huge, and a bunch of students would come out to take a breath of fresh air at night. Apart from that, they would play basketball on the training grounds while couples would be spending time alone under the shades of the trees. Hence, there was not anything special about the two of them walking together.

The scenery in the barrack was not that bad; there was a man-made pond, and the three of them were circling round it.

Nathan had purposely stood between Sophia and Richard.

Richard organized his speech before he started speaking to Sophia in a cool and bright manner, “This place looks just like our high school—it had the same man-made pond as well. I remember that we would always learn new vocabularies by heart every morning near the pond back then; I would stand on one side while you stood on the other. We wouldn’t disturb each other, but I could always see you whenever I raised my head…”

Sophia had indulged herself in their past memories as well. “You’re right. All of it seems like it was just yesterday,” she said.

Unfortunately, it was all in the past now. She no longer had feelings for Richard as she stood beside him at that moment. In fact, she wanted to laugh upon thinking about it.

The atmosphere was filled with affection when Nathan immediately squeezed his little frog upon realizing it. A huge squeaking sound broke through the subtle atmosphere, ruining the moment for Richard.

Richard stood by the pond and looked at the clear reflection of the full moon on the surface of it. He suddenly realized that it was mid-autumn day, and the round moon in the sky made him think back to the mid-autumn day two years ago. He then subconsciously put on a smile and asked, “Do you remember what happened two years ago? I brought you to the Snow Garden on my bicycle to have some mooncakes. The taste of it was…”

“Squeak!” Nathan squeezed his little frog toy once.

Richard, who had been interrupted, continued saying, “I liked the sweet ones but you preferred…”

“Squeak!” Nathan squeezed his little frog toy discontentedly once again. He raised his head to look at Richard, who was about to say something again. He quickly squeezed his frog toy consecutively. “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

Sophia touched Nathan on his head and asked, “What’s the matter, Nate?”

Nathan put on a straight face. “I want to eat a popsicle.”

Sophia replied, “Okay. Lucky for you, I still have a few bucks in my pocket. Let’s go have some popsicles!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Sophia immediately left along with Nathan. Richard quickly caught up to them. “Sophia, I…”

Sophia politely interrupted her. “I’m sorry, senior. I’m going to get Nate some popsicles. You can take a walk around here yourself!”

With that, Sophia ignored whatever expression Richard had on his face before she brought Nathan to the military service center.

After buying two popsicles, Sophia and Nathan each had a popsicle dangling from their mouths as they continued to walk around the place. Sophia found a stone stool and took a seat when the both of them arrived at a quiet corner. After they were done with the popsicles, Sophia touched Nathan on the head and said, “Oh Nate, why are you so cute? Come here, let me kiss you.”

Nathan refused to let her kiss him. He turned away to avoid Sophia’s affectionate attack, but Sophia insisted on lifting him up for a kiss. The both of them were messing around when a deep voice was suddenly heard coming from the dark. “Chica!”

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The sound was as loud as thunder, making Sophia jump reflexively. She had almost lost her soul!

It was Michael’s voice!

That pervert was the only person in the world who would give her such an erotic name!

Sophia looked around in fright. There were quite a lot of people nearby, but none of them seemed to be calling her. Furthermore, it was impossible for Michael to show up here since he was supposed to be working on the other side of the globe at the moment.

She sat down and tapped her head. “I must be too tired; I’m starting to hallucinate.”

However, Nathan seemed to have noticed something and stared at a small alley nearby.

The yellow, dim light cast a shadow in the alley, and a man dressed in an army uniform emerged slowly from it. His figure was stretched in the light; since the brim of his cap had blocked away the light, it was hard to see his face clearly. Nonetheless, one could tell that he had handsome facial features.

Under the combination of the moonlight and the streetlight, his high nose bridge cast a long shadow and created a silhouette out of a fantasy world. It seemed like he came from another world and had broken through different dimensions, looking mysterious yet cold at the same time.

Even without looking at his face, one could tell that this person was definitely the best of the best!

Sophia hid behind the bushes and peaked at him, wanting to know who this man was. Judging from his attire, he was wearing the same uniform as the students; a drill instructor wouldn’t wear that. Unless, was there such an exquisite man among the students?

There were several thousand new students this year. Sophia didn’t know every single one of them, but with a casual glance across the training field, there were not many who could present that vibe.

Just by looking at the way he walked, he had an aura that was different from the other students. If there was really anyone who dressed up that way, Sophia would have noticed it at first glance.

The man walked toward her direction, and the sound of his steady footsteps seemed to suggest that he was extraordinary. Stopping not far away from Sophia, his face was hidden in the shadows as his cap was blocking the moonlight and the streetlight.

Sophia stretched her neck to look at him; she noticed there was a mysterious and a seductive smile on the man’s lips, and the pair of eyes hidden in the dark were projecting light rays directly on her.

The man paused for two seconds and continued to walk forward with a clear goal, which was toward Sophia’s direction.

Sophia, who was hiding behind the bushes, didn’t move. She stayed where she was in hopes of finding out who that man was.

He’s close! He’s close!

In the blink of an eye, the man was already less than a few meters away from her. His huge body blocked the light from the street lamp that was nearby, forming a shadow on Sophia’s face.

She was stunned as she raised her head and saw his face that was slowly appearing under the moonlight. The impassive expression on his face added a hint of solemnness and his eyes gleamed like an obsidian before he looked at her with a smile.

“Hubby!” Sophia was dumbstruck as she swallowed the words ‘pervert’ just in time.

It’s really Michael!

He’s actually here at the camp!

Sophia thought that she had mistaken him for someone else. She rubbed her eyes, but Michael was still there, looking exactly like the man on her marriage certificate.

She pushed Nathan’s shoulder lightly and stared at Michael in disbelief. “Son, I think I’m looking at your dad! Am I hallucinating?”

Nathan raised his head and looked at the man who had travelled through night and day. He pouted his lips and didn’t seem to be surprised at all; thinking his surname was Fletcher as well, there was nothing unusual about his father showing up in the barracks at all.

In order to avoid seeing their affection later on, Nathan turned around and ran off.

Suddenly, there was only Michael and Sophia left.

Michael was smiling as he took two steps forward and hugged Sophia. He gave her a kiss on the lips so strong that he almost bit her. Then, he asked, “Are you surprised? Was it unexpected?”

Sophia was finally certain that he was Michael. Since his appearance was completely out of her expectations, she was startled more than she was surprised.

She forced a smile. “S-Surprised.”

What is he doing here at the camp? Wait a minute—how did he manage to get in? This old guy, shouldn’t he be working abroad right now?!

Sophia had a lot of questions, but Michael did not give her the chance to speak. Suddenly, he picked her up and carried her into the pavilion, insisting on kissing her.

Sophia was almost breathless when he kissed her vigorously, so she could only pretend to be shy and resisted him stubbornly.

“Hubby, don’t…”

Michael had only been away from her for a short time, but he seemed to have missed her more than he thought he would. Although he could see her through the surveillance cameras everyday and watched her every single move, it was still only a surveillance video at the end of the day; the more he watched it, the harder it was for him to control his strong urge of wanting to see her.

It seemed weird; it was as if she was slowly becoming a part of his body. If he did not see her for a day, he would feel uncomfortable. He frantically wanted to feel her breath; he wanted to touch her warm body; and he wanted to listen to her talk, even if it was only several notes of her voice.

Michael hugged Sophia’s small and soft body. The unique scent of the young lady wafted into his nose like a drug, seducing him to the point where he couldn’t control himself. His huge palm glided across the curve of her body, and his warm breath landed on her; he really wanted to f*ck her right away.

Although this was a military camp, it still wouldn’t get in his way.

However, he knew that Sophia wasn’t ready at that moment, so he had to wait until the day his ‘chica’ was ready to accept him.

Sophia continued to get kissed until she was in a daze, yet Michael had no intention of letting her go. He started to touch Sophia all over her body; she was hot and flushed as he pinned her down on his lap. The two were tightly enclasped with one another, and it was as if her whole world was surrounded by his strong aura to the point where even her breathing was derived.


All of her words and breath were once again stripped away by Michael.

Michael buried his head between her neck. As he slowly unzipped her military uniform, he planted a hot kiss on her snow-white chest; it was as if he wanted his scent to stay on this appealing young body forever and drive those who had inappropriate desires away from her. He wanted to use this method to prove his ownership over Sophia aggressively.

As the couple hid in the pavilion and continued to show their affection for one another, a figure dressed in a military uniform stood by the shade of the trees, feeling exasperated.

Xyla looked at the two people in the pavilion coldly, and her anger had already burnt through her sanity and dignity.

In the past, Richard and Xyla would go out for a 30-minute walk every night after military training, getting into a lovers’ prattle before going back.

However, when she went to look for Richard today, she was told that he had already left the room. She felt extremely uneasy, so she went to the 49th Company and asked about his whereabouts. As it turned out, Richard had indeed gone to look for Sophia, and they even came out for a tryst behind her back!

What a hungry douchebag and b*tch!

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Despite being a distance away from them, the poor lighting, and the fact that she couldn’t hear what the two were saying, Xyla knew that they were Sophia and Richard! Indeed, how could Sophia possibly let Richard go that easily?! After everything she’s done, she’s managed to attract Richard’s attention!

In order to save Kayla, it seemed like Richard had indeed gone to make peace with Sophia.

They’re back together now, so what am I? Am I the third wheel?

Flames of fury burned in Xyla’s eyes. Ever since she was a young girl, she had always gotten everything she wanted—including men! Richard was the man she had her eyes on, so no one could even dream about taking him away!

Sophia, do you think you can use this method to snatch my Richard away?!

Impossible! I was able to snatch him away back then, so I’ll be able to do it again now!

Xyla threw away the pulpy Wisteria flower that was crushed in her hand. With that, she turned around and disappeared into the dark quietly.

At the pavilion, Sophia was finally released out of Michael’s embrace. Her chest was flushed but slightly cold at the same time. While she was still in Michael’s arms, her body stiffened as she leaned on his shoulder and panted slightly. “Hubby, this is the military camp. How did you manage to get in?”

Michael held her hand and caressed it gently, feeling that it was rougher than he imagined it to be. For the sake of getting a high score, she had indeed suffered quite a bit.

He kissed her face indiscriminately and whispered in her ear. “I jumped over the wall.”

Sophia chuckled and didn’t ask again. He is one of the Fletchers, so how else would he be able to get in? He’d just have to swipe his card and walk in!

Michael patted her shoulder and was surprisingly gentle when he said, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your grades are very good now, and as long as you don’t make any huge mistakes, getting a high score shouldn’t be a problem.”

Sophia nodded. She didn’t ask how Michael found out about her scores in the military.

The wind was gentle and it was cloudless tonight. The moon was shining bright in the clear night sky, as if it was casting a faint layer of silver frosts on the ground. However, Sophia was not happy at all when she gazed at the beautiful night sky.

Tomorrow is going to be another hot day!

Sophia leaned on Michael’s shoulder and looked weakly at the calm and clear sky. Suddenly, she felt that his shoulder was rather firm, and she could rest on it for a moment.

Sophia was no longer the naive, young lady that she used to be. She had gone through everything her peers wouldn’t have expected, so she was already at peace with herself.

She had once fallen deeply in love with Richard, but in the end, he pushed her away without any sorrow.

If she regarded Michael as the person whom she could rely on for the rest of her life, who would be able to make sure that he wouldn’t push her away in the future too?

Relying on myself is the right way!

After an entire day of training, Sophia was feeling tired already as she was overwhelmed with sleepiness. Her eyelids were drooping, and everything Michael said to her became blurry; she was so tired that all of her senses were shut down.

Michael wanted to talk to Sophia and catch up with her. However, before he could even get two sentences out, she started to yawn already.

He watched as she was nodding off. Her whole body was leaning in his arms, sleeping soundly like a kitten.

Michael held her up straight so she could lean on his shoulder. He let her sleep quietly and looked at her as she slept. She looked really calm and as beautiful as a painting, but he still liked the noisy Sophia more.

He looked at her, and the light in his eyes seemed to fade away gradually…

Sophia almost forgot how she had made her way to the room. When she woke up the next day, Michael was already gone. She had been sleeping on the infirmary bed for the whole night in an air-conditioned room. Strangely enough, it didn’t seem like Michael had touched her. Was it because she was in military camp, so it was hard for him to do whatever he wanted?

Juliette had brought her breakfast as she asked in a concerned tone, “How’s your fever, Sophia? Nate said you had a high fever all of a sudden last night, so you’ve been receiving an intravenous infusion in the infirmary. I was so worried about you.”

A high fever and an intravenous infusion?

She touched her head. Clearly, there was no fever nor any pain. Did she have a high fever last night to the point of hallucinating Michael?

She glanced toward the bedside and noticed there was a plastic bag of her favourite snacks. The convenient store in the barracks only sold some daily necessities; and other than some popsicles, there was nothing else. It was obvious that the snacks weren’t from the barracks.

When she opened the plastic bag, she saw a handwritten note that said, ‘There is more in the fridge. Nate will show you where it is.’

The writing was bold and sturdy, looking as if they were standing straight like a soldier. Sophia looked at the note and after a three-second pause, she realized that it had been written by Michael.

Her lips curled up in a smile.

However, she immediately restrained herself.

Juliette seemed to have discovered something huge as she smiled wickedly. “This is from your boyfriend!”

She sounded confident.

Sophia looked at the bag of snacks and felt nothing but warmth.

My boyfriend?

“I guess so!”

That’s my husband!

Juliette looked envious. “It must be nice having a boyfriend who would stay with you all night and not return to the dormitory. He even got you snacks! It is almost impossible to find any snacks here in the barracks!”

No wonder there were rumors about Richard not returning to the dormitory last night. Turns out he was here with Sophia the entire time!

Sophia shared some of her snacks with Juliette as she reminded her, “Don’t tell anybody about this; they might get upset about it.”

Everybody else wasn’t able to enjoy the snacks as she ate it alone. If anybody else found out about it, they definitely wouldn’t be happy about it; they might tell her off, which would even result in a fall out should the commander start an investigation.

Therefore, it would be best if only the two of them knew about it.

Juliette nodded and promised, “I swear I won’t tell.”

After all, Xyla is still Richard’s girlfriend in public. The fact that Sophia secretly got back together with Richard and had even spent the whole night together means that she is the mistress…

Therefore, it’d be better if fewer people knew about the matter.

The two reached a ‘consensus’ and happily shared the snacks.

Sophia returned to the dormitory and simply washed up as she prepared herself for a new day of training. Yesterday, she fell asleep in Michael’s arms in a daze; Michael had probably carried her directly to the infirmary so she could sleep there. If he was to carry her back to the dormitory, it would be too obvious.

Fortunately, Nathan came back to report in time and the infirmary gave her a medical certificate. This way, her scores would not be deducted for not returning to the dormitory at night.

While she washed up, Juliette sneaked to a remote corner in the barracks. There was someone waiting for her already.

Juliette was fearful when she saw the person. She lowered her head and reported timidly, “I’ve asked her earlier. She admitted herself that she had indeed been with Zane, and they stayed at the infirmary the whole night. Zane even got her a lot of snacks that are not allowed in the camp.”

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Before Juliette could even finish her sentence, she felt a chill go down her spine as she experienced goosebumps.

Xyla had a frosty look on her face. She clenched her fists as hard as possible, and she didn’t even realize that her nails were already piercing through her flesh.

The scene of Sophia and Richard kissing each other at the pavilion last night kept replaying in her mind; she really wanted to slash Sophia into pieces every time she thought about the latter lying in Richard’s arms and calling him ‘hubby.’

After a while, she turned around and looked at Juliette impassively. Juliette was afraid to look up into her hawk-like eyes.

From an outsider’s point of view, who would have thought that someone as adorable as Young Lady Harper was actually a woman with a wicked heart.

“Are you sure that’s what she said?” Xyla looked at Juliette coldly, looking as though she was about to kick Juliette if she said anything wrongly.

Juliette nodded immediately. “Yes, I’m sure of it—she said it herself. She even gave me a pocket-full of snacks so I wouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

She was sweating all over her back as she finished her sentence.

Xyla did not reply. The atmosphere became unusually dead and after about a minute, she finally said coldly, “Ha! It seems like the nails were not enough to teach her a lesson last time. You should head to your training first; don’t give her any trouble just so you don’t let the cat out of the bag. Meet me here after training at ten o’clock tonight.”

Juliette felt a sense of relief as she turned around and left.

She didn’t want to be Xyla’s accomplice, but her mother suffered from several heart attacks and required surgery. On the other hand, her father was working in Huff Technology; they were relying on the company’s sponsorship to fund her mother’s surgery. If she offended Xyla in any way, her whole family would be ruined.

Richard had stayed out all night thinking of ways to get Kayla out. Since Sophia refused to help, Kayla couldn’t clear off her allegations. In other words, his sister would definitely fail military training because of it and have a hard time graduating.

He kept thinking about it and came up with countless solutions, but all of his ideas were soon discarded by himself immediately.

The Fletchers! The Fletchers! If only he had a wider network of connections and knew someone from the Fletcher Family, the situation could be resolved. Unfortunately, he could only admire their presence from afar.

Since he was too engrossed with his own thoughts, he missed the time when the lights went off in the dormitory. Once the lights were off, the doors would be closed.

He didn’t make it in time to return to the dormitory, but Richard did not have to worry about getting his scores deducted because he was the student leader. Instead, he went to the infirmary and reported his ‘sickness’ in order to get a bed and slept through the night.

However, he did not expect to see Xyla crying as she came to get treated when he was about to leave the infirmary the next morning.

He felt bad when he looked at the way she cried and immediately went to comfort her. “What’s wrong, Xyla?”

When Xyla saw Richard coming out of the infirmary, her eyes dimmed for a split second, but it was quickly replaced with her pitiful tears. She showed him the wound on her hand and said aggrievedly, “I accidentally injured myself this morning.”

Richard accompanied Xyla as she got her wound treated before sending her off to the training ground. Xyla was so aggrieved that she kept holding onto his hand, unwilling to let go of him.

The two were acting lovey-dovey as they went to the field.

When it came to the couple’s mushy behavior, everyone was already accustomed to it. The marriage between the Harper Family and the Huff Family was bound to happen, and they had already released the news of their engagement to the public; it would probably be held after Kayla’s birthday dinner party.

There were many well-informed people in the camp. Last night, some students saw Richard going into the dormitory to look for Sophia before they went out together.

Richard and Sophia were both gone all night, and someone else saw a man dressed in his army uniform carrying Sophia into the infirmary; the man in his army uniform was a hundred percent Richard.

Because the two of them were old lovers, rumors about Sophia and Richard getting back together and spending the entire night in the infirmary started to spread.

It turned out that everything Sophia did was all because of Richard.

Since it was almost training time, Sophia held Nathan’s little hands and deliberately hopped their way into the field. She had initially wanted Nathan to learn a bit of childishness from her, but she didn’t expect Nathan to remain impassive the whole journey—he even looked at her as if she was a crazy person.

A woman in love would always become crazy; with the help of some snacks, she had become even crazier!

If it were up to Nathan, he would need at least twice the amount!

As she skipped along, Sophia asked, “Darling, why are you not as lively and cute as other kids your age?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “I am not a three year old anymore.”

Sophia seemed to look different from yesterday. She was in a very good mood, and she felt that her body was as light as a bird—she could probably almost fly.

It must’ve been the snacks Michael had given to her. The thought of having so many snacks that she could eat in secret made her extremely happy, so she hopped into the training field unknowingly.

The atmosphere in the training field seemed to be different today, and everyone looked toward her direction as if nothing had happened.

Sophia looked extremely unusual today; it was obvious from her look of her face, which beamed and blushed madly. Upon closer inspection, there was a faint hickey on her neck and a tooth mark at the corner of her lips that was less obvious. One could tell at first glance that she had definitely been kissed aggressively last night.

She was even skipping around when she walked—these were all typical signs when someone crazy in love got back with her ex-boyfriend.

Although everyone had heard about the rumor, they chose not to believe it. After all, Sophia’s relationship with the Harper Family had become incredibly awkward. But now, it seemed like Sophia was indeed a devious woman who would go out of her way for love.

Sophia seemed to have not noticed the unusual atmosphere as she greeted everyone like usual and started to prepare for training. Several full-length mirrors were placed at the side of the field so the students could check their outfits anytime. After all, tidiness and cleanliness of their uniforms were included in the scope of the assessment.

Sophia looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her cap and belt. She pulled down the brim of the cap slightly, blocking half her eyes and leaving her high-bridge nose out as it reflected in the mirror. She suddenly realized that she looked quite ‘handsome’ in her military uniform.

She didn’t know why, but the moment she thought of ‘handsomeness’, the first person who appeared in her mind was actually Michael. Dressed in his military uniform last night, he stood under the moonlight and was covered in a layer of silver frost. That look was incredibly handsome!

Sophia blushed as she thought about Michael. While holding her face in front of the mirror, she smiled inexplicably.

As Nathan watched her actions from the side, he rolled his eyes again.

He thought he was about to get a sister very soon.

Several nosy girls kept staring at Sophia, and when they noticed her smiling at the mirror inexplicably, they knew that what happened between Richard and her must be true. As they surrounded Nathan, they asked him teasingly, “Good boy, Nate. Is your mom in love?”

They were always under the impression that Sophia had taken money from Nathan’s family to take care of him, so she was considered his nanny. Furthermore, they always played computer games together. Sophia was Nathan’s father in the game, so whenever they brought up the question to Sophia, she would say she was Nathan’s ‘father.’

Nathan told them the truth and said, “A woman in love has an IQ equivalent to a crazy person.”

Even Nathan had admitted to it. In that case, it must be real! Sophia and Richard were really back together!

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By the time Sophia came back to her senses, she suddenly noticed a faint hickey on her neck, and her face went red in an instant.

That old pervert!

Why did he give me such a massive hickey? Does he want someone to see it?!

However, Madison didn’t have makeup foundation with her at the moment, so she was unable to cover the hickey up and had no choice but to walk around with it in clear sight.

It’s probably better this way—at the very least, everyone will know that I have a hickey too. The next time Richard and Xyla act lovey-dovey in front of me, I can show them my hickey to fight back!

The atmosphere on the training ground was awkward. Everyone was busy gossiping about Richard and Sophia, but when they looked up all of a sudden, they saw Richard and Xyla walking toward them hand-in-hand.

Everyone wore an army green military uniform that consisted of a green shirt, green pants, green shoes and a green hat. However, the hat on Xyla seemed particularly green at that moment.

They’re here!

Everyone perked up all of a sudden as countless eyes glanced toward that direction.

Xyla noticed Sophia looking at the mirror on the training ground, so she deliberately pulled Richard over to the mirror. “I want to check my clothing in the mirror, Richard.”

The two proceeded to walk hand-in-hand toward the mirror beside Sophia, standing really close to the latter on purpose.

Xyla greeted Sophia as usual and chirped, “Good morning, Sophia!”

“Morning.” Sophia replied concisely, seeming as though she had not realized that the couple was standing next to her. Sophia continued to look into the mirror, and her eyes widened when she realized that there was a faint bite mark at the corner of her lips.

That’s such a deep bite! Is he a dog?!

Xyla noticed Sophia squeezing the hickey on her neck and the bite mark on her lips in the mirror; she was obviously showing it off in front of her!

When she thought about everything that had happened in the pavilion and the infirmary last night, she was so angry that her eyes were burning with rage.

However, she was afraid to show it in front of Richard. She knew that if she were to cause any trouble now, it would be a matter of time before she ended up like Sophia—it would only break her relationship with Richard.

I am not Sophia, and I am not that dumb to expose everything. I want Sophia to beat a hasty retreat; I will show her that I am the woman Richard cares about the most.

Sophia is nothing but Richard’s mistress, his paramour, and an underground lover. I am the one who will be engaged to Richard soon! In the future, I’ll even get married to him!

She purposely fell into Richard’s arms and coughed weakly. Richard immediately asked, “Are you okay, Xyla?”

Xyla felt aggrieved as she displayed an innocent look on her delicate face. “It’s all because of you—I couldn’t find you all night yesterday, so I shouted until I lost my voice.”

Richard’s eyes dimmed, and he subconsciously glanced toward Sophia. He would always go out for a walk with Xyla every night, but he didn’t tell her that he went to look for Sophia yesterday, let alone the fact that he wanted to get back with her secretly…

He replied guiltily, “I won’t do it again.”

Xyla was very pleased and overjoyed. She showed it off to Sophia silently, looking as though she wanted to let the latter know that what happened last night was simply a one-sided romance, and Richard didn’t care about her at all!

This disgusting couple is going to act all lovey-dovey in front of me again! Sophia thought to herself.

She was not interested in their affection at all, and she was definitely uninterested in Richard. She only wanted to give the couple her blessings and hoped that they would stay away from her!

Not wanting to feel overwhelmed with their public display of affection, Sophia deliberately pulled down the zipper on her uniform slightly. Since the collar was covering her neck, it prevented her from showing off the hickey that would suggest she had a sex life too. Who would’ve known that by flapping her collar and revealing a little bit of skin, Sophia realized from the mirror that her chest was covered in hickeys under her uniform!

All of a sudden, she remembered what had happened last night. She thought about the hands that unzipped her aggressively, as well as the hot lips that steamed her soft skin; it was as if he had attempted to imprint his exclusive signature on her body with the heat from his own, wanting to let everyone know that this woman belonged to him!

She covered her chest in surprise and immediately zipped up her shirt before running away in embarrassment.

How embarrassing!

From Xyla’s perspective, it was a whole other story. That woman has so many hickeys! How dare she show it off in front of me!

Xyla was so angry that she would’ve chased after Sophia and shredded her into pieces on the spot, but she knew that she couldn’t; it’d be stupid to do that. As a smart woman, she must learn how to endure it!

She would endure, endure, and endure!

Hence, she swallowed the gushing flame that was rising from her throat!

The brief ‘exchange of fire’ ended with Sophia revealing her hickeys and running away from them, showing off her victory. Although there were only two to three moves, the group of people watching the scene felt that it was way more interesting than any other TV show.

Sophia seemed to have won this round.

However, what could she do about that? She was only the paramour and the mistress. The person in Richard’s arms was Xyla, and the Harper Family would certainly not allow a commoner like Sophia to become their daughter-in-law.

Richard was completely unaware of Sophia’s abnormality, and he didn’t notice the hickeys on her snowwhite chest. His gaze was fixated on Xyla, looking as though he wanted to redeem himself from the guilt he felt for her last night.

Undoubtedly, everything in the camp spreaded like wildfire. By noon, the fact that Sophia’s chest was full of hickeys had become the headline in the barracks during lunchtime—several drill instructors had even caught wind about it.

Nonetheless, they would usually turn a blind eye to the students’ private affairs. Unless it went overboard, they weren’t bothered by it too much and did not intervene.

Sophia was completely in the dark about what was going on, and she didn’t know that the incident last night had been twisted to that point. It was not only until lunchtime did she hear something about the rumor.


Sophia was having lunch when she heard someone calling her name. She turned her head around and realized that it was Sarah and Mitchell, whom she had just met the other day. The two sat down beside her.

Mitchell greeted Sophia flamboyantly and said, “Hey, girl! You’ve become the talk of the town today! I’m so jealous of you since you’re always the hot topic. You make the headlines so easily!”

Sophia did not admire guys like Mitchell, so she buried her unpleasantness and asked, “What headline? Why do I not know this?”

Was it because of the hickey on her neck and the bite mark on her lips?

There were so many new students this year who would go out to the woods at night to make out; she was not the only one with hickeys, so why was she the only one who made the headlines?!

While having her lunch, Sarah asked in a puzzled manner, “Richard and Young Mistress Huff are getting engaged soon. Why did you choose to get back together with him now? If you get back together now, you’ll be the mi…”

The word ‘mistress’ was immediately swallowed back down before it was uttered.

Sophia was puzzled. “Since when have I gotten back together with Richard? Why am I not aware about this?”

Was it because she had gone out with him for a while last night? She felt that she no longer had any feelings for Richard, so going for a walk with him was nothing—she would’ve kept it a secret if she was really guilty. However, Sophia did plan on bringing Nathan out for a walk last night and get him a popsicle along the way.

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Since when have I reconciled with Richard? Although it’s possible for me to jump back into a previous relationship, I’m also clear that there’s no use crying over spilled milk—I feel disgusted just by thinking about our past relationship.

Sean winked and held the bowl with his thumb and middle finger, feigning grace. “You don’t have to pretend anymore; the entire barrack already knows that you and Richard stayed over at the infirmary last night.

Not only do we know that the two of you have spent a night together, somebody even spotted him bringing you to the infirmary!”

Hmm? Was Richard at the infirmary last night too? Sophia had no idea about this because she had been sound asleep at that time. Moreover, the barracks’ infirmary was not just a single room; it was an independent building.

The infirmary was almost equivalent to a hospital as the building had five floors with dozens of wards. Last night, Sophia had even stayed at the finest single ward which came with air-conditioning. However, she really had no idea about the rumors between her and Richard.

Michael must’ve been the one who brought me to the infirmary. Heck, Michael and Richard don’t even resemble each other—one of them is a complete gentleman who I can’t even bring myself to bully, whereas the other one is just a useless piece of trash. Whoever mistook them for one another should get their eyes checked.

Sophia tried to explain herself and said, “Nothing happened between me and him. Last night, I was admitted to the infirmary because I was sick. I can prove this with my medical leave certificate.”

However, Sarah simply arched her brow; her eyes longed for more gossip. “Stop making up more excuses. Everyone knows that Zane brought you to the infirmary last night. If it wasn’t him, who else would it be?”

Sophia was unwilling to back down. “I can’t remember who it was. Last night, I did not have a clear head because I got sick all of a sudden. It must’ve been a good Samaritan who took me to the infirmary, and my son followed me all the way. Am I right, Nate?”

Nathan nodded with a long face. He had asked for Sophia to be put in a first-class ward last night; he was planning to stay there overnight because it came with air-conditioning, a television, and a computer.

However, Michael shut the door and locked him out of the room in the end. He then accompanied Sophia Edwards the entire night and only left early the next morning.

He’s forgotten about me after getting himself a wife. Nathan was extremely unhappy because of this.

Sarah tilted her head and laughed. “Stop pretending—I can even see your hickeys from here. Can you explain to me where you got them from?”

Sophia covered the hickeys on her chest calmly and said, “It’s just your illusion.”

Sean was shaking with laughter as he covered his mouth with his hands. With that, Sophia gave up explaining the situation to them because she knew that there was no use.

Just as Sarah was about to say something else, she saw Richard and Xyla approaching them. The couple looked as though they were heading to their table. With their trays of food, they intentionally sat at the table next to Sophia.

Not only were they sitting together intimately, but Xyla even laughed shyly as she played with Richard. Her actions and blushed face made her look like a well-protected fairy, and she emanated a blissful aura that only a woman in a relationship would have.

She greeted Sophia, “What a coincidence, Sophia!”

Sophia nodded drily and said with zero emotion, “Mm, what a coincidence.”

Richard also learned about the rumors in the barracks, but he didn’t know why it had escalated into the current situation. Although he did look for Sophia last night, the latter had rejected him even before he could mention a reconciliation.

How did the rumors spread out then? Sophia must be the one behind this! What exactly does she mean by this? Is she trying to get everyone’s pity? Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure—she’s still trying to gain my attention.

He realized that he could no longer understand Sophia’s mind. Is this what people call ‘love well, whip well’? In his mind, Richard let his imagination run wild and portrayed himself as the male lead of a soap opera.

Even though he had explained it to Xyla multiple times, he knew that this was definitely still a thorn in her heart despite telling him that she believed his words. Hence, he tried his best to cooperate with her in order to clear her suspicions.

The couple was now talking and eating in such an intimate and exaggerated way, making it obvious that they were putting on a show in front of Sophia. Sophia finally understood why Xyla had been grabbing at every opportunity to display her affection with Richard in front of her today.

She must have heard about my ‘reconciliation’ with Richard and thinks that I’m the third party now. She’s now showing off her status as his girlfriend in front of me—the ‘third party’!

Hence, Sophia rolled her eyes and regarded the couple as animals in a rutting season. How many times do I need to explain that I have no feelings for Richard anymore?

Even though Michael is a pervert, he’s much better than Richard. As she lowered her head, Sophia gobbled her meal up and told everyone, “Let’s go.”

Everyone left after finishing their meals, leaving the flaunting couple behind. Watching as Sophia ‘scurried off’ out of the corner of her eyes, there was a glint of complacency in Xyla’s eyes. Hmph, she’s nothing but an embarrassing third party!

However, Sophia was not even bothered by Xyla’s opinion about her. Rather, she was more concerned with the philosophy behind life in the barracks; there were so many rules to learn here. For instance, they could only get their food after scanning their IDs.

After finishing up their meals, they had to scan their IDs once more before leaving the canteen. As a result, their time spent in the canteen would be clearly recorded too. Although exceeding their ten-minute dining time would not cause many issues, these records were eventually reflected in their final assessment.

According to the rules, they only had ten minutes to eat and another ten minutes to shower; students had to scan their IDs before showering with hot water as well, and the time used to complete these activities were then compiled into statistics. Since procrastination was a big taboo in the barracks, those who did things swiftly usually got better grades.

Xyla and Richard had been displaying their affection for each other in public the entire day, and everyone regarded Sophia as an absurd joke now. Of course, Sophia did not tell them who the real joke was.

The weather was as clear as last night the next day; the sun was scorching, the sky was cloudless, and the temperature rose to over 39 degrees. Everyone was getting uncomfortable under the hot weather.

During their morning training, Commander Ford allowed Sophia to rest early because she had been admitted into the hospital due to a ‘sudden high fever’ before fully recovering from her ‘previous sickness’. Moreover, her performance during today’s training was stellar. Hence, Sophia watched as everyone else continued their training while resting in the shady area.

When it was break time, everyone gathered under the shady area below the trees. Meanwhile, Xyla chose to sit beside the 49th Company despite being a member of the 23rd Company. Undoubtedly, Richard followed suit and sat with her.

“I want to drink some water, Richard!” Xyla grumbled flirtatiously as she fidgeted on the ground.

Richard looked at her affectionately and said, “Here, let me feed you some.” Regardless of everyone’s presence, he started feeding her water with his mouth passionately. As they watched the show, the crowd knew who Xyla and Richard’s target was.

Meanwhile, Sophia frowned after looking at the disgusting scene. F*ck. Why can’t they get themselves a room? Not everyone enjoys watching people consume each other’s saliva! As her expression seemed to be the clear evidence of her jealousy and envy, everyone became even more excited and were curious about the ending of this fight between the girlfriend and the third party.

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At that moment, Nathan—who was nowhere to be seen in the morning—returned with a few male students behind him. They were helping him to carry a few boxes over.

As they opened the boxes before Sophia, she realized that there were popsicles and snacks such as jellies, popsicles, and iced watermelons inside.

Holding a popsicle in one hand and an ice-cream in the other, Sophia said in a loud voice, “Come over, everyone! Get yourself a popsicle after such a tough round of training.”

This made all the second battalion’s troops cheer with joy before they rushed to queue up for the popsicles.

Meanwhile, the drill instructors did not stop them from doing so too. Although they were in the midst of training, they were unable to stop them from having a popsicle at break time as long as they had means to bring them in.

It was obvious that there was an influential person among this batch of students since stuff like popsicles and watermelons could even be found.

On the other hand, those troops who needed to fight for a bottle of iced water looked at them enviously. Although popsicles were sold at the commissary, they couldn’t get their hands on it every single time because the demand for popsicles exceeded their supply. Since their drinking water was supplied by Bayside University, they only had mineral water; all they could do was to chill it. However, it was sometimes a wild wish for them to chill it because they were not allowed to use the barracks’ fridge either.

Under such circumstances, how were the second battalion able to eat popsicles?!

Greatly envious of them, everyone asked the battalion commander about it. As the battalion commander did not dare to expose the existence of the influential person behind all of it, he could only fool them by saying, “The second battalion has been performing well recently, so the commanding general gave them a reward.”

As soon as everyone heard that Joel was behind this, they stopped pursuing it any further. Indeed, the second battalion had been doing great because their internal affairs were handled nicely, nobody was absent from training, and they even finished their meals swiftly—these were what the other troops could not achieve.

Everyone from the second battalion was now sitting with Sophia. They were all eating iced watermelon, popsicles, and ice creams together as they watched Richard and Xyla displaying their affection with a bottle of water—that bottle of cheap mineral water was not even chilled!

After going on for a while, Xyla scurried away because she could no longer stand the sight of Sophia eating popsicles while she could only drink mineral water.

After the second battalion finished the popsicles and watermelon given by ‘Joel’, they became energetic once more and were determined to get good results in order to thank their commanding general!

Except for the battalion commander, little did everyone know that those popsicles had been brought inside by Nathan himself.

The battalion commander did not dare to investigate Nathan’s identity, so he could only help the boy to keep a low profile.

In the afternoon, Sophia returned to the troops despite her ‘illness’ and gave a stellar performance. As a result, Commander Ford could not stop praising her.

During their afternoon break, Sophia finally saw Kayla as she showed up in the training field.

After 24 hours of lockdown, she should be out by now.

Kayla must have been crying miserably because her eyes were all swollen. Moreover, she was behaving herself as she had not said a word after coming back. However, Sophia was even more wary of her. Was it possible for her to admit defeat so easily?

She must be plotting something against me.

After having lunch that day, Juliette returned to the dormitory by herself and sneakily closed the door after checking to see that nobody was around. Then, she took out a box from the wallet under her military attire.

It was a common accessories box used by the girls, but there were a few dead insects inside of it.

They were called rove beetles, and they had a potent toxin inside their bodies. When people came into contact with them, they could not just hit them with their hands. This was because the rove beetles’ toxins would cause dermatitis and eventually leave permanent scars on the body.

If these insects were on one’s face…

Juliette gulped and took a deep breath. Then, she covered her fingers with tissues and took the rove beetles out carefully, putting them on Sophia’s towel which she had left on the hanger. Juliette even used the head of a toothbrush to push them further into the towel, leaving several marks with disgusting colors behind.

When Sophia rushed back to the dormitory, the first thing she would do was to wipe the sweat off her face with a towel. By then…

Although Juliette had no wish to harm people, her father’s future and her mother’s surgery expenses were now controlled by Xyla. If she did not do this, she would be the unfortunate one instead.

As soon as Juliette hung the towel back to its original place, somebody knocked on the door. Feeling guilty, she shuddered and quickly threw the tissues in her hands away before walking over to open the door. Much to her surprise, Sophia stood outside with a faint smile on her face.

“You’re back, Sophia…” With a smile plastered on her face, Juliette greeted Sophia awkwardly, not daring to look into the latter’s eyes.

After a brief conversation, she pretended to tidy her stuff up.

Sophia entered the room and asked curiously, “It’s not even night yet. Why did you lock the door?”

Juliette made up an excuse and said casually, “I was changing my clothes!”

However, she couldn’t stop herself from looking at Sophia out of the corner of her eyes. As expected, the first thing Sophia did after coming back was to wipe her face with the towel.

As Sophia walked toward the hanger for her towel, Juliette felt her heart almost jumping out of her throat.

As she watched Sophia taking the towel, Juliette opened her mouth and nearly shouted out loud. However, her body stiffened instantly and she did not dare to speak a single word. If I don’t accomplish this task, I won’t be able to explain it to Xyla.

Meanwhile, she tried to console herself and said, People don’t really feel anything when they first come into contact with these insects’ toxins. It’ll be too late by the time she discovers it, and no one will know who the culprit is.

However, Sophia did not wipe her face after taking the towel. Instead, she just stood there and suddenly turned her gaze to Juliette before she said with a smile, “Why are you looking at me?!”

Hurriedly, Juliette averted her gaze and said, “Nothing, nothing…”

In the end, her flustered appearance had betrayed her.

Sophia calmly fetched a basin of water and slowly rubbed some soap in it. After making a basin of soap water, she soaked the towel in it and said, “The barracks still use soaps that have been produced years ago. When you make soap water out of them, it is the best tool to saturate strong acid, am I right…”

A shudder ran through Juliette Sanders’s body. How did she know?!

The alkaline in the soap could saturate the toxin of the rove beetles.

This must be a coincidence. How can she possibly find out?!

Much to her horror, Sophia continued to wash her towel while saying nonchalantly, “The nails in my shoes, the diamond necklace in my bag, and the rove beetles in my towel are all your doings.”

She was not asking a question, but was stating a fact as though she already knew this long ago.

Juliette did not admit to it and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about now.”

Sophia poured the water away and left the towel aside. Then, she took up another towel and washed her face slowly before she said, “There’s no need for you to argue with me because you’re aware of your doings. In the future, just let me know whenever you receive their orders. Don’t be doubtful of me; what I have in mind is definitely more ruthless than theirs.”

Juliette did not say anything and bit her lip instead. Meanwhile, Sophia went for a shower with her towel and basin.

As she watched her leaving figure, Juliette became lost in her thoughts; an inner conflict stirred in her mind. The Sanders Family had been an influential family too, but its wealth and status declined as time went by. Soon enough, they disappeared from Bayside City’s upper social class in the end. Otherwise, she would not have been threatened by Xyla at all.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 80

However, Juliette was not a fool too. Since Sophia immediately found out that she was the culprit and even knew about the nails and the diamond necklace, her previous confrontations with the Harper Family popped into Juliette’s mind.

Although Sophia seemed like an absurd joke at Bayside University, she had actually won every single time if one looked closely into it. Moreover, she had never been bullied since coming to the barracks and had even managed to get Richard back.

Her words might be true—she’s even more ruthless than Kayla and Xyla.

The kid named Nathan seems to have a powerful backing too.

‘Fletcher’ is most certainly a terrifying last name…

Since the barracks had surveillance cameras everywhere, Sophia knew about Juliette’s wrongdoings a long time ago. After all, nobody was able to hide their actions from the cameras, and Sophie was merely holding herself back from getting revenge. Now that they were in military training, her main objective was to get a high score and had no wish to waste her time with those people.

Nonetheless, this did not mean that she could tolerate their bullying time after time.

It seems like the Harper Family is loaded with money; five hundred million is still insufficient for them to remember their lessons.

Juliette went to look for Kayla after failing her task.

“How did it go? Have you done it? Is that b*tch disfigured now?” Kayla asked expectantly while holding Juliette firmly.

Juliette lowered her head and said softly, “I did it, but the insects were on her body instead of her face. So, we can’t really see it…”

“What?” Kayla exclaimed and pushed Juliette to the ground, giving her a few hard kicks.

Juliette remained silent and did not dare to fight back.

“You’re a piece of trash! Why can’t you even settle such a minor issue?” Kayla was boiling with anger. She was not going to give up until Sophia was disfigured.

After she calmed herself down, she stopped venting her anger on Juliette because she was still useful to her. It’s better to keep her first since Sophia still thinks of her as her best friend, Kayla thought to herself. She then said, “You may go back now. I’ll look for you next time.”

Juliette scurried away.

Not daring to offend both the Harper and the Huff Family, Juliette could not stop her tears from falling on her way back. Nonetheless, Sophia looks more threatening than them…

In the blink of an eye, it was already the twelfth day of their training. Sophia was more or less clear about every rule in the barracks, so she was even stricter on herself and grabbed every opportunity to gain extra points. Additionally, she had high expectations for her company as she could not let her team points fall behind too. Based on Nathan’s information about the internal situation, her company seemed to remain in the first place and their points far exceeded the other companies; Nathan had been reporting every drill instructor’s conversation he’d eavesdropped on to Sophia.

Nathan was undoubtedly her best helper!

When everyone returned to the dormitory after a day of training, they were either sleeping, talking, or visiting other people’s rooms. At this moment, Nathan had just finished taking a shower at the male bath and was all wet. Since Sophia was not back from the showers, he took a towel and wiped his hair by himself.

All of a sudden, a girl beside the windows screamed, “Ah! A snake!”

A black figure made its way in from the windows. A long black-tail snake slithered in and moved around the dormitory upon coming inside, which frightened all the girls in the dormitory and Nathan as well. Although he behaved as though a young man, he was still afraid of the snake and started crying upon seeing it, not daring to move an inch.

Everyone in the room freaked out, and they rushed outside while screaming and crying. Soon, Nathan was the only one left in the room and the black-tail snake slithered toward him.

“Nate!” All of a sudden, Sophia appeared and screamed when she saw that snake.

Nathan turned his head around and saw Sophia. With her hair still wet, she came into the room with a basin and ran toward him. She threw the basin at the snake with a thud, crushing the reptile who was going for Nathan.


Terrified for his life, Nathan ran toward Sophia and held onto her leg.

Sophia was startled. Apart from using his charm in front of Michael, this was Nathan’s first time calling her mommy voluntarily.

“It’s okay, Darling. Mommy’s here, so you don’t have to cry anymore.” Sophia quickly hugged Nathan and consoled him.

That creature scared her too, and she had no idea where she got the courage to protect Nathan by crushing it with the basin.

Nathan seemed to have been completely freaked out by it. He continued to howl even after Sophia had been consoling him for a long time.

Soon enough, the management of the dormitory learned about the news and sent someone over to bring the snake away. When the girls who had escaped earlier came back and saw a pool of blood with the snake’s head on the floor, they were so scared that they went to sleep in other rooms.

Naturally, Nathan was brought away too.

When Sophia saw Nathan being brought away and his howls could no longer be heard, she felt worried and guilty.

Since Nathan was from the Fletcher Family and was also Michael’s son, it was unlikely that Michael would let her take care of Nathan in the future after what happened today.

Although they had only stayed together for a few days, Sophia seemed to be very fond of her ‘darling’.

Feeling distressed, Sophia was unable to fall asleep the entire night. Not only was she sad and felt that she was responsible for this, but she was also scared that she could no longer meet Nathan anymore.

A lot of dormitories had been spotting snakes recently, but it was quite a common phenomenon since the barracks was located in a mountainous area.

The next day during training, Sophia did not see Nathan anywhere. I don’t think he’ll be at training anymore…

Upon thinking about this, she was in low spirits and felt distracted the entire morning.

The pest control company came over and sprayed pesticides everywhere that day, filling the barracks with an unpleasant smell.

At night, Juliette sneakily told Sophia that the snake had actually been released by Kayla.

As Juliette was too timid to touch the snake, Kayla found another guy to release it in the 49th Company’s dormitory.

Ha. It really is Kayla!

On the fifteenth day of their training, Nathan was still nowhere to be seen. Sophia felt that her life was boring without Nathan’s companion.

When the training ended at night, Kayla walked around the barracks and found a secluded place to meet a tall, strong guy.

Two days ago, she found a guy and got him to release the snake through the windows of the 49th Company’s dormitory. However, she did not dare to meet up with that guy until now since their trick had escalated and gained the commanders’ attention.

After being placed in confinement and receiving punishment, it was impossible for her to pass military training now. Hence, she decided to act recklessly and planned to do something more straightforward after the release of the snake failed.

“Go and find several men to break that b*tch’s legs when she’s alone! Then, strip all her clothes off and bring her to the crowd at the training field!” Kayla ordered ferociously.

The guy in front of her was probably from the sports department as he looked fit and strong. He seemed to be in a dilemma after hearing her orders. “Isn’t this… a bit too obvious? We’re in military training now. If the drill instructors know about this…”

She wanted him to strip Sophia’s clothes off now. If he really did this, the commanders would probably not let them off. By then, was he not the perfect scapegoat?

“Do you still want to bail your father out?!” Kayla scolded mercilessly, “If the Harpers don’t help you this time, your father will never be free from prison!”

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