My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 691-700

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 691

Halfway through dinner, Sophia brought out a bottle of homemade peach blossom wine to share with everyone. “This is our homemade peach blossom wine. It might not be as good as those collector wines, but it has its own unique flavor. Do give it a try!”

Everyone in the room got some, including Sam.

Holding the small glass of peach blossom wine in his hand, a familiar scent suddenly wafted past him and he couldn’t resist drinking the small glass of wine in one go.

The wine was fragrant. It was supposed to taste sweet, but Sam seemed to have tasted something bitter instead.

The bitterness was making him tear up. Covering the smell of the wine, he closed his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks.

It was the Johnson Family’s secret peach blossom wine. Sam drank it once a long time ago.

At the time, his name was still Andrea Edwards. He remembered that there was also a small glass of homemade peach blossom wine in front of him. Annabel had opened it, and Cooper had poured it for him.

“Andrea, you’re not an adult yet, so you can’t drink. But, since it’s a happy day today, you can drink some in secret. I won’t tell your parents.”

He remembered tearing up from having tasted the burn of alcohol for the first time.

He did not think that he would get to drink it again over twenty years later.

Seeing Sam finish the drink in one go, Sophia hastily poured him more. “You’re good at holding your alcohol, Master Sam!”

She poured another full glass for him.

Sam wiped his tears away and said in a rather choked-up voice, “The wine is too strong; it’s making me tear up.”

She smiled. “This is our family’s secret recipe. You have to savor it slowly. It will definitely be too strong if you drink it at once.”

He lifted the glass again, and this time, he let the taste sink in.

Somehow, it was different each time he took a sip. It seemed like the wine he drank twenty years ago, but there was also a new flavor to it.

After he finished the second glass, he lifted the empty glass and Sophia automatically brought the bottle of wine to him and poured another full glass for him.

With the glass in his hand, he asked, “This is pretty good wine. Did you make it yourself?”

Sophia also took a sip herself. “Yeah, I made it myself.”

She grew up in her uncle’s house. Her uncle was a teacher, and her aunt sold pot-stewed dishes and their homemade wine at the market for a living.

It went without saying that Sophia also had to help out. On some occasions, she had to wake up very early in the morning to set up the stall and finish selling everything off before she could go to school. There was a small wine-making workshop at their house. In middle school, she was dragged home from school and forced to work for half a year. Luckily, she was able to complete her studies. The principal of her school could not bear to see a young person like her work tirelessly, so he let her return to school to continue her studies.

According to her aunt, Annabel was still the best at making wine.

Her aunt had always cursed Annabel in front of her and said that Annabel secretly possessed the Johnson Family’s wine formula. Hence, their wine was unfavorable to people and caused their business to go bad. In the end, they had to close their workshop.

Sam was in a good mood today. He drank several glasses in a row. By the end of the night, he even wanted a bottle to take home.

Michael, who was drinking, cursed at him on the inside, This old geezer. He eats and drinks our food, and now he wants to take our alcohol home too. Go to hell!

Sophia came back out with various wines like peach blossom wine and apricot blossom wine. They seemed to be popular with everyone. Lucy also asserted that she wanted one for herself.

The pet club that Sophia set up on the island had received a lot of attention—so much so that Lucy had heard of the pet luxury goods brand that Sophia wanted to come up with, but she chose not to bring it up.

That was because she was confident that Sophia was not her rival. She did not have a reason to fear her existence!

The seafood barbecue turned out to be a success; everyone ate and drank to their hearts’ content. Michael brought out a premium red wine from his collection at home. On top of Sophia’s wine, everyone was already drunk before they even finished eating.

Sam, in particular, was not walking straight anymore. In all these years, it was the first time he had gotten that drunk.

When he was drunk, all he could see was Annabel in front of him.

Sophia looked like Annabel, and even Linus was slowly starting to look like her.

Fearing that Sam would cause a scene, Lucy quickly brought him back to his room. Once the Edwards were gone, Sophia let herself loose. Not only did she start to drink more peach blossom wine, but she also started to talk gibberish.

Michael held her and said, “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s not drink anymore. You’re drunk.”

Hiccuping with a red face, she said, “I’m not drunk! Who said I’m drunk?”

He looked at her in annoyance. “I saw you hugging and kissing Judge earlier. You still don’t think you’re drunk?”

She was definitely drunk after kissing a dog that ate excrement.

However, Sophia firmly believed that she was not drunk and shook Michael off. She hugged Judge and kissed him again. Laughing and slurring away, she grabbed a tuft of Judge’s hair and put it on top of Garfield’s head.

Michael looked at her from behind disapprovingly.

Look at how drunk she is…

After Sophia left Judge befuddled, she held a bowl of wine and arrived next to Linus. She drank the wine in two mouthfuls and started talking nonsense again.

“Linus… why are you a bad person?”

He was rendered speechless by her question. He let out a scoff, then downed some wine himself.

He was also feeling a bit tipsy. Am I a bad person?

In this world, the line between good and bad was getting harder to determine. A majority of people were doing things to help themselves live a better life.

Just then, Michael lifted Sophia and went back to their hotel room.

“Linus, I’ll take her back first.”

Once they went back to their room, Sophia started to have a drunken fit. She whined about wanting to kiss Judge and make love to Michael. Michael bathed her in the bathtub, then wiped her dry and put her on the bed.

After her bath, she whined about wanting to wear her racy bikini pajamas.

Those pajamas were too suggestive and she did not want to get caught in them, so she never got a chance to wear them at home. She had only worn them several times since she bought them. This time, she purposely brought them back so she could wear them every day.

She only stopped making a fuss when Michael let her wear them.

Because she had several gatherings in a row during the day, she was already exhausted. Her drunken fit came to an end as she hugged the blanket and looked at Michael with her round eyes on her small flushed face.

“Hubby…” Her soft voice tingled like a little kitten.

She deliberately hooked a long and slender leg around his waist, bit her bottom lip, and looked at him seductively.

With some effort, he pulled her leg off and put it under the blanket. Touching her red cheeks, he said, “You’re drunk. Go to sleep first. I will go and clean up. I’ll be back soon.”

She nodded obediently. Michael put Garfield in her arms, and she fell asleep while hugging the cat.

After that, he picked up his phone and prepared to go out again. Before he left, he put Nicholas next to the bed and turned on the security system.

He still had some things to discuss with Linus and wanted to tell him about his encounter with Sam.

Meanwhile, Sam did not return to his room right away after Lucy escorted him out. With a bottle of wine in his hand, he walked along the coast and ended up at an isolated place. He drank, bit by bit, as he watched the glistening waves under the moonlight.

There was a different bitterness to the sweet peach blossom wine each time he drank it. It did not fail to trigger the most beautiful and tormenting memories in his mind.

Once he was done drinking, he let go of everything and lay down on the secluded beach. Being away from all the commotion and bustling activity was lonely but blissful.

He looked at the sky of stars that seemed unchanged. It did not seem any different from the night sky twenty years ago. Sadly, though, his relationships with those people were history now.

How nice would it be if I could turn back time?

He wanted to return to that moment and change everything.

He wanted to witness Cooper and Annabel’s successful struggle. They would get married in the end and Annabel would give birth to Sophia.

He would adore Sophia and treasure her as she grew up. He would watch her beautiful transformation into a woman.

Finally, Sam went back to his room in the middle of the night. The room was pitch black, but he did not bother to turn on the lights. He searched for his bed in the dark and lay on it. However, he did not expect to feel something warm at his fingertips.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 692

“Corrado?” Sam called for his dog in a dazed state, assuming that Corrado had got on the bed.

Thud, thud, thud. In the corner, a dark figure moved upon hearing the sound. It arrived at the side of the bed and was looking at Sam intently as though it had already accepted the name it was given.

Looking at the dark figure, Sam’s eyes suddenly widened. Reaching out to the warm object beside him, he suddenly felt skin that was as smooth as butter and he heard a coquettish murmur.

A woman?

His body stiffened, and he immediately felt his anger rise as though something had clicked in his mind.

The Edwards Family is trying to set me up with another woman!

Over the years, they had sent countless women to him with the hope that he would carry on his lineage.

Who was it this time?

In the past, there had been several shallow tramps who had tried to sleep with him, and it never ended well.

He turned on the lights hastily to see who it was that had the nerve to climb onto his bed.

When the lights turned on, the room became bright as day, and the woman on the bed was revealed.

His eyes lit up when he saw her.

She was dressed in suggestive clothing and looked like she was drunk. Her body exuded an intoxicating aroma and her long legs were exposed. The hemline of her lace skirt only covered a small portion of her skin while the rest of her beautiful, pale body was exposed as she lay on the bed. She looked as perfect as an oil painting.

His eyes continued to fill with bewilderment when he saw the woman’s face.

It’s Sophia.

He knew that something was wrong. Sophia would not be lying in his bed dead drunk for no reason.

He had to say something, but when he saw the young and beautiful body in front of him, he was unable to make a sound. He was completely captivated by her.

During the day, he had already seen her in a swimsuit on the beach, but it was not as astonishing as the racy bikini pajamas she was wearing now.

He could not help himself from getting closer to her. He wanted to touch her, kiss her, hold her in his arms, and become one with her.

He had no control over himself. Despite knowing that it was not right, those thoughts were leading him to a point of no return. I want her!

One of his hands went to her chest. He only had to move slightly and she would be his.

At that moment, Corrado jumped on the bed and started to lick Sophia’s face which seemed to have woken her up. Letting out a soft moan, she waved her hands around and eventually found Corrado’s head.

“Judge, quiet now.”

Her eyes remained closed. Then, she turned on her side and continued to sleep.

Sam pulled his hand back in shock. Jumping a few steps behind, he remained staring at her in a dumbfounded state.

Just then, he noticed that he was sweating all over. When he sobered up from the alcohol and rationality took over his desires, he finally realized what he had almost done.

No, I can’t do this! She is Cooper and Annabel’s daughter. I can’t hurt her! She wouldn’t be lying here for no reason either.

A plausible explanation occurred to him and that set his eyes ablaze. He pulled the blanket over Sophia to cover her suggestive body before giving his assistant a call.

When his assistant picked up the phone, he got straight to the point. “What is this?”

It was silent for a few seconds—enough to let Sam know what was happening.

He acted on his own accord again!

The assistant muttered, “I’m sorry, Master Sam.”

Sam did not ask what he was trying to do, but instead asked, “Whose idea was it?”

“A woman called Judy.”

His assistant did not dare to conceal anything.

Judy had revealed some information to Sam’s assistant, then instigated and helped him to do this.

The main culprit was Judy and his assistant simply closed an eye to it. After all, his assistant had always hoped that Sam would find a woman to his liking whenever they had sent those women to him over the years.

She may be Taylor’s wife, but Taylor is still incomparable to Sam. Moreover, the assistant could tell that Sam had feelings for Sophia.

Because she was Annabel’s daughter!

Sam had remained single for over twenty years because of Annabel. Now that Sophia was here, it was definitely meant to be.

However, things didn’t go as planned. Sam’s low and aloof voice was heard over the phone. “Judy? Tsk. I have a task for you now. You can leave once it’s done.”

The assistant exclaimed, “Master Sam…”

Am I getting fired? I’ve worked by your side for a decade! Are you going to get rid of me just because of this?

Unfortunately, Sam’s words were never up for debate.

Everything had happened in less than twenty seconds, but the assistant had already accepted the fact that he was getting fired. “Tell me what I have to do, Master Sam.”

Michael and Linus spent quite a while talking about something and only returned to their rooms late at night.

When Michael got back, he saw Sophia asleep on the bed with Garfield snoring away in her arms. With both hands, he carried Judge into the room and put him on the carpet, covering himself with dog fur in the process. He went into the bathroom to take a quick shower before coming back out again.

After his shower, he blow-dried his hair and went to sit on the bed. Looking around the room, he felt like something was not right but could not seem to put his finger on what it was. Since he had had a bit to drink, his mind was not as alert. Thus, he decided to just go to sleep.

The next day, Sophia started making a fuss as soon as she woke up.

“Ah! Why didn’t you stop me? Why?”

She immediately recalled all the dumb things she did the night before.

She could not believe that she actually kissed Judge!

Scratching his bedhead, Michael said, “You wanted to kiss Judge so badly that I couldn’t even stop you. What could I have done?”

She was infuriated. I must’ve embarrassed myself so much last night! Lucy must have seen everything.

The fact that her husband’s ex saw her kissing a dog that once ate excrement was even worse than death to her.

In a burst of anger, she pushed Michael down and bit onto his lip. “I don’t care. I’ve already kissed a dog. I’m not clean anymore. You shouldn’t think about staying clean and pure either!”

They wrestled and laughed on the bed for a bit, then a set of consistent thumping sounds were heard.

After they were done with their first session of the day, Sophia went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. No matter how much she brushed, however, she could still smell the stench of dung in her mouth.

Later, Judge woke up feeling a bit thirsty. He went into the restroom, lifted the toilet seat skillfully, and put his mouth in to drink some water. Sophia immediately became furious when she saw him. She could not help but feel like he had seduced her last night into kissing him. Enraged by the sight of him drinking out of the toilet bowl, she picked up the cucumber she brought back last night to use as a face mask and hit him with it.

Judge started barking at her angrily.

Michael had gotten out of bed and was putting on his clothes in front of the mirror. When he heard Judge barking, he felt like something was not right. Then, it dawned on him that Nicholas had not said a word since last night.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 693

Before Michael left last night, he put Nicholas on security mode. If anyone tried to break in, Nicholas would launch an attack on them right away. If it was someone he knew, he would come out to greet them.

When Michael came home last night, however, Nicholas did not come out to greet him. Moreover, he was still nowhere in sight today.

“Nicholas?” Michael called. When there was no response, he went and found Nicholas in a corner. Nicholas had been powered off and was standing there silently.

Michael turned his power back on, but there was no response. He tried charging him but it was to no avail.

He’s broken again! Why does he keep breaking down?

When Sophia learned that Nicholas had broken down, she quickly grabbed some tools and began repairing him. Her efforts were in vain, however, as Nicholas did not power back on. Fortunately, Linus was still around. She quickly pushed Nicholas along with her to look for him.

Linus took a careful look at Nicholas. Because he did not have his equipment with him, he could only tear Nicholas apart and observe with his naked eyes. After inspecting Nicholas for a while, Linus finally found out what was wrong with him. There was a lot of powdered graphite in his system and in the room as well!

This substance could damage electronic equipment the moment it came into contact with it. It would cause a short circuit which would result in the equipment going out of order.

Linus tinkered around a bit and finally managed to repair Nicholas. He opened Nicholas’ daily work record but found that the footage from that period was missing.

Sophia also could not remember what happened last night. All she remembered was Michael leaving the room and coming back again.

Because she had drunk a lot, she ended up sleeping like a log.

She pondered for a while then said, “After you left last night, hubby, I remember Judge coming up to me and licking my face! Could he have ruined Nicholas?”Michael immediately froze and felt his hair stand on the back of his neck.

Last night, Judge had gotten drunk and passed out on the beach. Michael was the one that carried it back. Judge did not move an inch throughout the night!

It was even a bit hungover this morning. After drinking some toilet water and having a few bites of cucumber, it simply went back to sleep.

How could it have licked Sophia’s face last night?

Michael felt mortified the more he thought about it. He looked over at Sophia frantically, but she seemed indifferent. When he came back last night, she was sound asleep. She was also full of energy this morning and wanted to be on top.

What on earth happened last night? I’m positive someone came in!

There were around forty minutes when Michael put her to sleep and went back to the beach to talk to Linus, then came back again. Anything could have happened during that time!

He suddenly felt a sense of terror and quickly went to hug Sophia.

He was too careless last night to have left her alone in the room. If someone had gone in and taken her, then it would have been a disaster.

Thank goodness, she’s still here! This is all that I can ask for.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s focus was on something else. Touching the part of her face where Judge licked her last night, she fearfully asked, “Judge didn’t eat feces last night, right?’

Michael canceled all his plans and wanted to leave the small island as soon as possible. The incident from last night still gave him goosebumps. He did not want to stay there another moment longer.

Since it was the Edwards Family’s annual meeting, he assumed that all those malicious people would hide themselves. Who knew they would still try to harm Sophia?

He had no idea what happened in the forty minutes that he was gone, and he did not dare to think of the possibilities either. It was fine as long as nothing happened to her.

When Harry found out that they were leaving, he quickly packed his things and followed along, not forgetting to take Sarah with him. Sarah decided to leave with him because she did not want to travel with the West Family.

Unexpectedly, Sam also followed them. “Are you guys leaving? Please excuse me, but my boat broke down. I noticed that you have quite a big boat. If you don’t mind, can I hop on as well?”

Even though Michael was a bit reluctant, he still agreed to let him on. Sam went on the boat with a few suitcases and his bodyguards.

Then, the small naval ship departed Edwards Island.

Michael kept paying attention to Sophia, but she seemed normal today. There was not much of a change in her. Nonetheless, he was still very worried.

After Sam got on the boat, he kept looking through his telescope. A moment later, he seemed to have discovered something as he looked at Sophia and said joyously, “I see it!”

She hurriedly asked, “What is it?”

He gave her a dubious smile. “This area is called Shark Bay. There are a lot of sharks here.”


Sophia looked into the telescope excitedly and saw shark fins gliding through the water a distance away.

She was excited to see a real shark for the first time in her life. Grabbing Michael, she said, “Hubby, quick, look over there. There are sharks!”

Michael looked over and was able to spot the sharks swimming in the water. “There really are a lot of sharks here.”

It was hard for her to suppress her excitement when she was seeing sharks for the first time. She kept looking into the telescope, but the sharks remained a distance away from them.

All of a sudden, Sam said, “I brought some pork to feed the sharks. They will come if we throw some meat in.”


Sophia was jumping with joy. She watched Sam’s men open one suitcase filled with cut-up meat and saw the water turn red when they threw it into the water. The sharks smelled the blood and started to swim closer to them. Michael had them stop the boat so that Sophia could look at the sharks.

Sam threw quite a bit of meat in to feed the sharks, giving Sophia more than enough sharks to look at.

Sophia was ecstatic to see sharks for the first time. When the sharks finished eating and swam away, the boat also started to leave.

Both Sophia and Sarah were looking at the sharks intently while Michael and Harry were staring at Sam who was feeding the sharks.

Perhaps he had been to the market often and was experienced with the smell of blood, but Michael kept having this feeling that it was not pork.

Harry had a frown on his forehead as it was also obvious to him.

Although he did not see it clearly, he also had a feeling that it was not pork. It did not smell right.

However, Michael did not dare to think about the kind of meat it actually was.

After he dropped Sam off at the nearest dock, the rest of them made their way back to Bayside City.

Less than two days after their return, Sophia had to return to the hectic workforce. On the third day after returning, she left for work on time and even brought some gifts for the people at the office.

At lunchtime, the four founding members of the company ate lunch with Sophia in her office. She was lucky because she was sent food at lunch every day. They all enjoyed joining her for lunch.

They gossiped while they ate.

Sarah had heard more gossip today and was sharing it with everyone else.

“After the Edwards’ annual meeting ended, one family left the island on a boat. When the boat reached deeper waters, they apparently encountered a whirlpool or something. The boat sank and everyone on board died!”

They felt sympathy for the family when they heard the story.

Once they were done talking about other people, Sarah winked and began talking about her own story. It was a shocking revelation.

“My stepmother ran off with her lover!”

When they heard the news, everyone stopped eating and urged Sarah for more details.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 694

Sarah started to bring the details of her story to life. “Apparently, after we left, my stepmother secretly ran off with her lover. My dad got really furious and went to look for her. I heard that he found her last night, but she’s refusing to come back!”

Sophia felt like the story was not very convincing. For a gold-digger like Judy who was able to marry a man twenty years older than her, how could she run away before even getting her hands on the company shares and the money?

She blurted, “Who is that man?”

Shaking her head, Sarah ate some food then said, “My dad is about to lose his mind. They didn’t reveal too much so I don’t know either. They only told me that Judy ran away and is refusing to come back. She’s no longer part of our family now. To make up to my dad, the Edwards Family wants to send Victoria over as his new wife.”

After listening to this story, Sophia lost her appetite completely.

She couldn’t help but feel like there were a lot of loopholes in this story.

On the island, she even saw Judy going around and flaunting her rich husband. How could she walk away with another lover that easily? Money was more important to her than anything else.

Unless the man she ran off with is richer than Mr. West? Or, unbelievably handsome?

But, Sophia had taken a close look when they were on the island. Except for Michael, there was no other man who was that good-looking.

It made even less sense that the Edwards Family was marrying Victoria off to Peter as compensation.

Wouldn’t the family’s top priority be to bring their daughter home and hand her over to their son-in-law?

Still, that was their personal matter. Who knew what was really going on? Perhaps Judy did find herself an incredibly rich and handsome man who had better backing than Peter. Hence, he had to let her go. To make up to him, the Edwards Family wanted to marry Victoria off to him.

While they were eating, Sophia glanced over at Judge who was sitting and waiting for dropped food with a deep yearning in his eyes. She was reminded of how he got taken away on the island a few days ago because he ate feces and how she had kissed him in a completely drunken state. Suddenly, she felt a stench in her mouth and was overwhelmed with feelings of nausea. Putting down her utensils, she rushed to the restroom and started throwing up.

When she returned, Stanley winked at her and asked, “Aunt, are you pregnant?”

“Get out! You’re the one who’s pregnant!”

Even though Sophia said that, she felt a bit hopeful.

Could I actually be pregnant? Am I going to have a baby? Am I going to be a mother?

After work, she rushed to a nearby hospital to check, but as it turned out, she only had an upset stomach from all the seafood that she ate.

Walking out with some digestive medicine the doctor prescribed to her, she felt immensely defeated. She rubbed her flat stomach and remembered the name Natasha used to call her—a female rooster.

A d*mn female rooster!

The doctor was not happy to see her with her head hung low. He comforted her. “You’re still young. You’re only 23. It’s still early! Take good care of your body and you will conceive sooner or later.”

When Sophia got home, she was even more upset. Even with an array of delicious food before her, she did not have an appetite. Stanley had called Michael earlier to inform him that Sophia threw up during lunch. Everyone assumed that she was pregnant, so she rushed to the hospital in high spirits right after work.

Since she had come home with her head hung low, the results must not have been satisfactory.

Michael also wanted children, but he decided to leave it up to fate. Getting shots at the hospital was going to be painful. They were still young, so it was still easy for them to conceive as long as they kept their bodies healthy.

If they could not have their own children, they could always adopt.

By dinner time, Sophia pulled herself together and had something to eat. In addition, she also drank a nourishing medicinal dish as she told Michael about the story she heard today.

“Judy, Sarah’s stepmother abandoned her current husband to run off with her lover! They can’t bring her back anymore, so the Edwards are marrying Victoria off to Sarah’s dad!”

Sophia was not quite in the mood, but Michael had perked his ears up.

For some reason, the first thought that popped up in his mind after he heard this story was the bright red ‘pork’ that Sam fed the sharks with.

Once they were done with dinner, Michael sent someone out to investigate. Indeed, there was a problem in the West Family. Judy had run off right after the Edwards Family annual meeting ended, and Sarah’s father was going to marry his little sister-in-law, Victoria.

This is unusual. It’s definitely not as simple as it seems.

At the Edwards residence, Faye also learned that Judy had run off with her lover on the second day after they came back from the annual meeting.

Her body turned ice-cold, and she started to tremble in fear.

I can’t believe this happened!

Judy did not run away in secret. Just a couple of days ago, she was flaunting off the fact that she married a wealthy husband. Why would she run off the next day?

There could only be one possibility—she was dead.

Eloping with a lover was just an excuse. Judy had long since vanished off the face of the earth.

The scary part in all of this was that Judy, the wife of the West Family, disappeared without a trace. Instead of looking for her, however, the Edwards Family let Victoria marry her brother-in-law.

The West Family was incomparable to those older affluent families, but they had risen up fairly quickly over the past few years. Their power was not to be looked down upon, but in front of the Edwards Family, they were still not able to stand up to them. They listened to everything the Edwards Family said instead of having discussions. In fact, they were too afraid to make a sound.

The West Family told outsiders that Judy had run off with her lover, but Faye knew the truth. How could Judy run off with a lover that easily? She had failed that ‘plan’, angered Sam, and got taken care of.

Faye was lucky that nothing happened to her at the time, but still, she was not going to give up.

Everything Sophia possessed agitated her. Faye still had some cards up her sleeves. They were like bombs that could explode at any time. She had to start taking action now; otherwise, she would always be trapped behind her opponent and never be able to rise.

If she did not succeed this time, there was going to be another chance sooner or later.

Just like that, Judy was gone. The Edwards Family canceled her residency and declared her dead. Not long after, Victoria and Mr. West had a low-key wedding. After she received all of Judy’s belongings, Victoria became Sarah’s second stepmother.

However, all of that had nothing to do with Sophia. She had too much on her plate now. It was going to be New Year’s soon, so things were getting hectic at work with year-end and winter holiday sale promotions; there would be a new mobile game they were going to sell in the new year, and much more. Her pet luxury goods studio was also in the middle of preparations. For now, Ivan had to suppress his feelings and deal with the bigger matters.

She started a new project with Dragon Mountain that was set to start work next year and also had final exams to take. She was working round the clock. Michael had also gone overseas for his own business. At some point, she could not be bothered to return to the Fletcher Residence anymore and slept in her office most of the time.

Today, Stanley suddenly brought in a homeless person. The person had entered Sophia’s office full of filth.

After staring at the filthy face for a while, she finally recognized who it was. “Derek? What happened to you? Didn’t you go on to study? Did you go off the rails again?”

Derek was Alex’s son. His sister had become the young lady of the Mitchell Family. He shouldn’t have ended up that way!

Derek was starving. He hastily ate all the leftover food from Sophia’s lunch that the secretary brought over. “Sophia, don’t bring it up. My whole family is dead.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 695

Derek told Sophia about everything that had happened.

After Sandra’s career took off, she was put in the Mitchell Family’s registry and became the young lady in place of Natasha. Her life changed in an instant.

But a lot of people knew about her hidden identity. She was not Alex’s biological daughter who was kidnapped twenty years ago, but his illegitimate daughter. Sandra’s mother and Alex came to an agreement to hand her over to the Mitchells.

Sandra’s biological mother received monies in exchange for cutting off all ties with her while the Mitchell Family found a new young lady in their family. Everything was supposed to be perfect.

It all went wrong when Derek’s uncle, Ben, was sent to the police station after being beaten up by Celine and forced to undergo rehabilitation for a period before he was released again. However, he started to idle around after that. When he heard about his successful niece, he thought of ways to get money from her.

To him, Sandra was like an ATM. He visited Sandra’s biological mother twice in three days for money. If she did not give him any, he would go and bother Sandra instead.

The brother and sister pair were more or less cut from the same cloth. Both of them saw Sandra as an inexhaustible ATM. They often visited her to ask for money and threatened to expose her as a good-for-nothing to the media if she did not comply.

Since Sandra was being threatened, she could only hand the money over to them obediently each time. The last few times they asked for money, it really exposed their greed. They lived a luxurious life and spent money like water. According to Derek, the last time they visited Sandra to ask for money again was actually the final time. The next day, the police contacted Derek, who was still in school, and told him to identify some bodies. Both his mother and uncle were lying still in the mortuary after having died from a car crash.

When they found out that Derek’s mother and uncle had passed away, Derek’s greedy relatives came over and tricked him into giving up his house and family fortune. Moreover, some rascals who were bullied by Ben got to know about Ben’s situation and came looking for Derek for trouble. They came and went constantly. Derek became afraid of going to school and of going home, so he ended up in the state that he was in now.

“Didn’t you think to look for a job?” Sophia asked with disappointment in her voice as she looked at a miserable Derek.

With an anguished look, he said, “What can I do? It’s not like you don’t know how immoral my uncle was. People who want to kill him are everywhere. Now that he’s dead, it’s so hard for me to find a job or even go back to school. I have two more uncles. They took my mom’s house away and chased me out of it.”

When Sophia looked at him, she felt like she was looking at herself from many years ago. At the time, she had also felt dejected. However, Derek still had other family members. “Didn’t you go look for your sister and dad?”

Speaking of his sister, Derek became even more sensitive. “I’m not going. She would rather see me dead!”

Sandra was already secured as the young lady of the Mitchell Family. Unless Alex had another son, her current position was unshakable.

Letting Sandra stabilize like now was nothing more than a way for Alex to stall time. He still had to have a successor that he could raise and nurture again. Some rumors claimed that Alex was starting in-vitro fertilization treatments again. He was trying so hard to have another child. If he had another son, he would still receive the attention of an athletic star. It would not end too badly.

The present Sandra was very appalled by her past. She feared that if people found out about her past and how she was willing to harm her biological uncle and mother, the car crash would not be seen as just an accident.

Indeed, she was a spiteful woman.

“Okay, you can make do with some odd jobs for now. I will be responsible for your food and accommodation. I’ll find a way to get you a new student status too. You should start going to school when school starts next year.

But, Derek’s misfortune served as a cautionary reminder for Sophia. She was the one that made Sandra Oak into Sandra Mitchell. She held the reins on Sandra now, but Sandra might grow independent and bite back at her one day.

Stanley and Sean recently moved into a four-bedroom, two-sitting-room house that they bought. They were getting ready to bring the dogs over. Each of them stayed in one room, the dogs were in one room, and the last room was for Derek. He was able to move in right after Sophia paid the rent.

Just as she finished settling Derek’s matters, an unexpected person showed up at the company.

“Master Sam? What are you doing here? Please come in!”

Sam had also brought Corrado along with him.

He wore an extremely simple outfit today—all black with a fur coat and high boots. He looked younger, and despite being forty, his hair was full and black. When he walked amidst balding young people, it made him seem a lot more handsome and dignified.

“I came to take a look at your company. It’s not bad; it’s quite big.”

As Sam looked around Sophia’s company, he saw a lot of people and a rather aggressive interior. It did not seem like there was a flaw anywhere.

She was truly Cooper Mitchell’s daughter. It was hard to come by someone who could produce visible results while they were still studying.

On the other hand, Sophia felt embarrassed and did not dare to act up in front of him. “It’s nothing much. I must seem like a joke to you.”

Nonetheless, she still hurried to take Sam on a tour around her company.

Word that a handsome man was at the company spread like wildfire and Stanley ended up bringing Sean out to see.

“Look at that person over there! Where did he come from? Look at my aunt; she looks so happy.” Stanley caressed his own crew cut while he admired Sam’s thick black hair as he spoke. He had lost a lot of hair from staying up late and playing games. Hence, he had gotten his current haircut.

He was green with envy just by looking at Sam’s thick hair.

Sean looked at that person and fell into deep thought for a moment. “He’s the 9th Old Master of the Edwards Family. He used to be in politics, but now he is in business. I’ve seen him on Aunt’s IG stories before.”

A couple of days ago, Sophia posted a photo with Sam on her IG stories and Sean remembered it.

After walking one round, Sophia brought Sam to meet Stanley and Sean. “These are the other two founders of our company. This is Stanley Fletcher, my husband’s nephew, and Judge’s owner.”

“This is Sean Mitchell. We’re students at Bayside University.”

Sam shook hands with Stanley and Sean. “Hello, I’m Sam Edwards.”

Stanley was praising him silently. I’ve heard of this man before. They say that he’s in his forties now. I didn’t think he would look so young. He looks even younger than Michael!

When the introductions were over, Sophia looked at Stanley and said, “Master Sam wants to invest some money in our company.”

Wow, he truly is a big shot!

His smile became even more sincere.

Even though he was still wary on the inside.

With confidence, Sam said, “Even though you’re a startup, you have good prospects. I see potential in you. Why don’t I invite all of you for dinner tonight at Crimson House?”

Stanley was stunned. “It’s really hard to book a place at Crimson House. I’m afraid we won’t be able to get a table at this hour. It’s also very expensive…”

“No problem. I’m paying. I’ll be glad to.”

Sam hoped that Sophia would enter Crimson House, as Annabel’s things were there.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 696

Stanley did not know what to say now. The Crimson House was the most luxurious and well-known food and beverage outlet in Bayside City. He often heard of people spending up to a million in one sitting there, and seats were especially hard to book. He had only eaten there once for Judge and Sunset’s birthday. He did not think that his own birthday was worthy enough either.

Sophia assumed that the people being invited out for dinner were just the few founding members of the company, so she gathered them together after work. To her surprise, Sam asked, “Oh? Just the four of you? Get the others to come along as well!”

She blinked at him, unsure of who he meant by the others. He quickly said, “The whole company, of course. I love chatting with younger people.”

Sophia froze. There are over two hundred people at the company. The restaurant might not even have enough seats to accommodate everyone. I heard the food is also very expensive there. With two hundred hungry people, he’s going to go broke!

She had a troubled expression on her face. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. We have so many people at the company.”

Sam did not think much of it. “It’s fine. I’ve already booked the place. There’s a Crimson House a few hundred meters away from the company. We can walk there.”

While Sophia and the other founding members exchanged glances with each other, the other employees were already jumping for joy upon hearing that Sam was inviting them out for a big meal. Before Sophia could greet them, they swarmed right past her and headed toward the nearest Crimson House.

A while later, apart from those who needed to keep track of data, all the other employees had gone off. Sam looked at those who stayed behind and said to Sophia, “Count the number of employees on guard too. I’ll have the restaurant deliver some food to them.”

The staff cheered. Everyone was waiting eagerly for dinner. Sophia did not want to spoil their excitement so she also followed along.

Crimson House was one of the tallest buildings in Bayside City. They had restaurants that served diverse cuisines, and those tailored for the rich. Today, it was taken over by Plum Technology employees. The hall and booths were filled with young people in identical work attire. One of the booths was occupied by only five people—Sophia, Sean, Stanley, Sarah, and Sam. When the waiter brought them the menu, Sophia was shocked to see the prices of each dish. D*mn! You’re kidding me. This is so expensive! A single fish cost tens of thousands. Is this a robbery? Oh, no. With over two hundred employees, one being a bigger eater than the other, Sam is going to be broke! Can I give up my family fortune and sell my husband in exchange for money?

However, Sam was very relaxed. “Pick anything you want. It’s my treat.”

Sophia ordered the cheapest option on the menu, stir-fried vegetables. Still, it was more expensive than average. Once she picked hers, she put down the menu and forced a smile. “I’m on a diet lately. I don’t want to eat too much.”

Sam took the menu and brushed his finger over more than ten dishes. Sophia was so shocked that she turned pale in an instant. Putting down the menu, Sam looked at the waiter and said, “Prepare a takeaway order for 18 people and send it to Plum Technology, please.”

The waiter nodded and noted it down. Seeing this, Sophia was close to being frightened out of her wits. If Sam tries to take off on his own later, it’s over for us. But, as the 9th Old Master of the great Edwards Family, he wouldn’t just eat and take off, right? At the thought of that, she started to feel more at ease.

The restaurant needed some time to prepare the dishes, so the five people ate some snacks and talked while they waited. Sam said, “Crimson House was my first restaurant. I’ve been running it for over ten years now and successfully made it into a global high-end food and beverage outlet.”

It was very high-end, indeed. They never imagined that Sam was the owner of the famous Crimson House from overseas.

While waiting for the dishes to arrive, Sophia went to use the bathroom and also calm herself down.

When she came back out again, she saw how enthusiastic they looked and decided to treat this as a corporate team-building activity. Every one of them was busy taking and sharing pictures on various social networking platforms. After all, not every company had the means to invite all their employees to dine at Crimson House.

Sophia had never been there before either. She admired the place as she strolled around looking at the décor when she noticed a wall full of pictures in the hall. Most restaurants had pictures of the restaurant’s history on the walls or pictures of awards that they received. She noticed both old and new pictures on the wall which recorded heaps of historical moments at Crimson House. For example, the President having a meal there, a celebrity visiting the restaurant, being listed on the stock market, and so on. They also had pictures of several outstanding employees.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sophia found an old and yellowish photo in a pile of photos. The woman in the photo was wearing a waitress outfit, and she had a beautiful face with fair and smooth skin. The old photo was not photoshopped, but the woman glowed like a lily flower in full bloom.

Beside the woman was a young man who looked to be around the same age as her. The young man had a handsome smile, and his features seemed rather familiar to Sophia. Sophia was taken aback. Isn’t this woman my mother, Annabel Johnson?

Looking at the background in the photo, it was taken in this restaurant. She remembered Annabel talking about a restaurant she worked at in her diary. Cooper had also dined at that restaurant and the two fell for each other after several encounters. Does that mean Annabel once worked at this restaurant?

“It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?” Sam’s voice suddenly crept up from behind her. He pointed to Annabel’s picture. “That is a friend of mine from my younger days. She worked at this Crimson House back then. But at the time, this place was just a regular restaurant close to the university. See; that’s me beside her. I never thought another person who looks so much like you could exist in this world.”

The young man next to Annabel in the photo was Sam. He never had a two-shot with just Annabel. Cooper was also in that photo, but he was cut out. Sam always kept this photo on his desk. It had only been a few days since he put it up in this restaurant.

Sophia smiled, but there was a bitterness behind it. I never imagined my mother knew Sam in her youth. Surely, this is fate…

However, she did not tell Sam about her relationship with Annabel and asked instead, “Where is your friend now?”

Sam was slightly disappointed to hear that. He knew that Sophia was well-aware of the identity of the person in the photo, but she did not want to admit it. Though it made him sad, he also knew there were a multitude of reasons she did not want to admit to it so he did not impose on her.

“I went abroad after that. When I came back many years later, I found out that she had gotten married in her hometown and I didn’t contact her again.” He was looking at Sophia with desire and longing in his eyes as he stood next to her. She looks exactly like her mother…

Sophia murmured, “A twist of fate.” Sam might not know that Annabel passed away more than two decades ago.

Lowering his head, he forced a smile. “Right, a twist of fate.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 697

As they talked on their way to the booth, Sam said, “After that, I bought this place where she used to work at and expanded it to what it is today while keeping its original name, hoping that she would see it one day and drop by for a bit.”

Sadly, that person will never show up. Sophia felt heavy-hearted but also grateful that, apart from Cooper, there was someone else in this world who remembered Annabel.

To mask her low spirits, she joked, “That doesn’t seem very likely. She might not be able to afford this high-end restaurant!”

They laughed and eventually returned to their booth to eat.

That meal was a burden to everyone. Stanley couldn’t help but feel like Sam had an ulterior motive. First, he comes to our company and invests in us, then he even treats us to an expensive meal. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world!

As expected, when everyone was close to finishing their food, Sam revealed his true intentions. “Sophia, it’s going to be New Year’s soon and I’m getting ready to go on a trip. I usually live alone so there isn’t anyone to look after Corrado while I’m away. I was wondering if you could help me look after him for a while.”

Once he said that, everyone showed mixed reactions.

Sarah’s eyes lit up. Another dog to play with!

Sean frowned. He’s hiding something!

Stanley’s eyebrows shot up. That was it!

Back then, Stanley also treated Sophia to a meal before asking her to look after Judge for him. He took the opportunity to bring it up once she was done eating so she did not have a choice. After that, Judge began living under Sophia’s care at no cost. She could not get out of it even if she wanted to!

Who knew Sam would use the same tactic?

But Sam was such a big businessman; where wouldn’t he be allowed to have a dog? Was there even a lack of people to look after his dog?

Did he invest millions and treat everyone to a meal just to trick Sophia into looking after his dog?

Sophia also thought it was questionable, but since finding out about Sam’s friendship with Annabel, she somehow felt closer to him. “Sure, no problem!”

After all, it was just a dog. She already had two of her own at home and did not mind looking after another one.

Sam was delighted when she agreed. “It’s settled then. I will wire the costs to your bank account!”

Sophia immediately waved her hands. “Gosh, there’s no need to talk about money between us!”

Annabel had suffered throughout her life. She quit school at a young age and started working to support her brother’s education. She was only eighteen when she returned home pregnant which would have only brought her disdain and slander from people. In the end, she gave birth to Sophia and died in despair.

She had just turned nineteen when she died. Before even living a fifth of her life, she experienced all the despair and pain life had to give. Who would have thought that there was someone out there who still missed her? It was rather comforting, and it also let Sophia know that her mother was once cared for so dearly.

On the other hand, Stanley was unhappy now.

As her nephew, he had not heard those words come out of her mouth before. Who is this Sam guy? When did they get so close?

Sean, however, saw through the whole thing.

Sarah did not understand what was happening between them and was only thinking about playing with the dog.

The weekend rolled around the following day. Sam brought Corrado to Sophia’s house along with its dog bed, small pillow, bone, toys, potty, and other belongings that filled up two whole trunks.

The care requirements for Corrado were very different from those for Judge. Judge could sleep on the carpet and eat leftovers from Snowball. But for Corrado, Sophia even cleared out a whole room!

It took half a day just to move all his daily necessities in and Sam had done it on his own. It was obvious how well he treated Corrado.

While he was carrying Corrado’s food through the door with a head full of sweat, Sophia quickly came over with a towel and wiped his sweat for him. He let out a breath and said, “I’ve lived alone all these years with only Corrado by my side. He is family to me. I personally oversee all his matters.”

Seeing Sam move the things in on his own, Sophia decided to help move some things as well. When it was noon, he also stayed at her place for lunch.

After lunch, Sam bid a reluctant farewell to Corrado and went on his way.

Corrado was not very lively as he was a bit frightened in the new environment. He did not know anyone except for Sophia, and only stuck by her side when she came home every day.

In the past, Sophia did not allow pets to sleep in her room, but she started doing so by putting Corrado’s dog bed right next to hers. She even made two outfits, one in neon pink and the other in neon green, for him to wear, so they would not accidentally step on him at night.

On the other side of the globe, Michael was watching the surveillance footage of Sam bringing Corrado to their house.

It was the middle of winter but Sam was wearing a thin T-shirt as he went in and out of the house to move things. By the time he was done, sweat had soaked through his shirt and made it stick to his sturdy chest and abdomen, revealing his muscles and veins. Occasionally, he would lift the side of his shirt slightly to fan himself in front of Sophia.

His messy hair had stuck to his sweat-covered head. Seeing Sophia tiptoe to wipe him off with a towel made Michael green with envy in an instant.

That b*stard!

However, there were some things that Michael had to deal with in Europe before he could leave. On top of that, he was also walking the red carpet at the Oscars. He was completely tied up.

Whatever. Besides, he only sent his dog over and left. There’s nothing he can do now. Michael wanted to finish up everything in Europe before the year ended so he could head home to celebrate the new year. Thus, he did not have the time to watch the surveillance footage at home for a few days.

When he finally finished work and was able to watch the footage, he was furious.

Sam did leave after dropping his dog off that day, but the dog was completely spoiled. Sarah would come over whenever she wanted to pet the dog. Apart from coddling and cuddling the dog every day, Sophia also let it into their room to sleep.

The more infuriating part was when Sam came over again just after a few days to visit the dog. He left some more things at their place, had dinner, and left without taking the dog with him.

The next day, he was at their place once more. As usual, he checked up on the dog, ate dinner, and left on his own.

It looks like leaving the dog there was the first step. Now, he’s using the dog as an excuse to meet up with Sophia all the time!

While Michael was looking at the surveillance footage that day, the sun was high up in the country he was in. He was dressed in a new outfit and getting his hair done by the stylist. In a few moments, he was going to attend the Academy Awards ceremony.

It was already ten at night in Bayside City, but Sam had dropped by once again. Dressed in pajamas, both he and Sophia were cracking sunflower seeds in the living room and waiting to watch the live stream of the Oscars.

Those were new pajamas that Michael had never worn before. I couldn’t even bear to wear them myself! What right does Sam have to wear them? What is he doing at my house in the middle of the night wearing matching pajamas and watching television with my wife?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 698

Even though Stanley, Sean, Sarah, Nathan, and several nannies and bodyguards were also gathered around the television, Michael could only see Sophia and Sam.

Heaps of awards would be presented at the awards ceremony today. Last year, an arthouse film that Michael starred in received multiple nominations. Michael was also nominated for the Best Actor award. The film informed the public of and criticized drug trafficking. Michael took on the role of a perverse murderer that was also a gambling-addict. With his refined acting skills, he led the whole film as the main actor in portraying the progression of a righteous policeman who turned into a despondent murderer due to drugs. The film garnered massive global attention and influence.

It also won countless awards. This time, Michael was once again nominated for multiple awards. With this film, he might get his second Best Actor award.

Hence, Sophia came home early today to watch the live broadcast. Sam had come over to see Corrado again when he ended up staying for dinner and watching the Oscars live broadcast with them.

He was wearing a pair of new pajamas that Michael had never worn before. It was part of a matching set with Sophia and Nathan, making the three of them look like a family.

Sam was even chatting and laughing away with Sophia.

Moreover, he was sitting in Michael’s favorite spot!

He was blatantly stepping over his boundaries.

Michael could not help but feel bothered by it.

He wanted more than anything to fly home this instant and grab hold of Sam.

But, Sophia was still eagerly watching the live broadcast; he could not leave just yet. In the meantime, he could only suppress his jealousy.

Just you wait, you b*stard!

Suppressing his anger, he made a phone call and said, “Go home right now.”

It was very noisy on the other end of the phone—there was a disorderly and chaotic clamor. It was evident that this person had a very enriching nightlife.

“There are a lot of young, handsome men at home,” Michael added, then ended the call.

Shortly after, his face appeared in the surveillance footage at home.

Sam was shocked to see Michael come home, but soon realized when he did not see an Adam’s apple that it was Celine Fletcher, Michael’s sister.

She was dressed in shabby clothes. Her hair had grown out and was styled in layers on her forehead, making her look rather youthful.

Hearing that there were many young, handsome men at home, she quickly headed home and found that it was true.

Not only were Stanley and Sean there, Derek had also come over and so did Sam, an older handsome man.

“Cece, you’re back,” Sophia greeted her. Celine hugged Sophia’s shoulders and brushed over her tender cheeks before she replied, “I’m back.”

When Celine came home, she started acting flirty as she hugged Sophia all the way into the house and sat between her and Sam.

As expected, Sam looked slightly annoyed.

He knew about Celine and that Michael had such an eccentric sister.

For some time, Taylor kept getting caught on camera for going in and out of nightclubs, and even hitting people. People assumed that the great Best Actor had been destroyed and his reputation was ruined. But, several tabloids reported earlier on that Taylor had a twin sister, and that the person at those nightclubs was his sister.

Nonetheless, Taylor remained low-key on the matter and did not speak up on it. Later, various rumors started to spread and further complicate the issue. Sam, however, figured that perhaps it was all a smoke screen and that Taylor was actually the one who went out and messed around. His sister was simply a scapegoat and an excuse for him to clear his name.

That dirtbag Taylor is not good enough for Cooper Mitchell’s daughter. Cooper and Annabel’s daughter has to be with a man who is unrivaled and flawless, not a tainted sc*m like Taylor with numerous sex scandals! If Lucy disapproved of him, how could he be a good fit for Sophia? He’s not good enough for her.

Currently, in the living room, Celine was taking a very subtle stance. The spot that originally belonged to Michael where Sam was sitting in before had now been forcefully taken over by Celine. After Sam got pushed aside, Celine sat down and started flirting with him.

She presumptuously pinched his face and praised, “Oh, who is this hunk? I haven’t seen him before. Is he here just for me?”

The atmosphere in the room changed when she pinched him. Justin, who had tagged along with her, almost grabbed for a knife while Sam’s face clouded over.

After Justin silently pulled Celine’s frolicking hand back, Sophia quickly said, “This is a friend of mine. A friend.”

On the inside, she was quietly hoping that Celine would behave herself.

However, Celine was very interested in Sam. She reached out again to lift his chin and teased, “Oh, he’s a sight for sore eyes! I like him!”

Sam was very unhappy now. With a straight face, he flicked Celine’s hand away and said, “I’m Sam Edwards, the 9th Old Master of the Edwards Family.”

Celine should have understood right away when he made himself clear, but that did not seem to be the case as she inched closer and made eyes at him. “Oh! Are you angry? Wow. You look really good when you’re angry too! I love this side of you.”

Astonished, Sophia quickly pulled her back. “Cece, the live broadcast is about to start soon. Let’s watch it!”

If Celine irritates him further, we will lose our investment.

Finally, the live broadcast started. Celine behaved herself and focused on watching the broadcast. After all, it was another pinnacle in Michael’s life.

When the awards ceremony began, filmmakers and movie actors from all around the world started walking in on the red carpet. Michael and Harry also showed up on the scene.

Michael reached a whole new level of attractiveness with his new hairstyle. He looked like a prince as he stood tall and handsome on the red carpet. Just by subtly lifting his hand, raising his eyebrows, and pursing his lips, he exuded an unparalleled manner and elegance.

As the hot topic at this year’s Oscars, he stood in the limelight and was the most dazzling figure present, gaining the attention of everyone who was watching.

Sophia was almost intoxicated by the sight of him. While she looked at him intently, she was also playing with Judge’s ear excitedly.

My idol is too handsome!

Meanwhile, Sam had been unhappy ever since Celine flirted with him, but seeing Michael put Sophia in a daze during the live broadcast made him even unhappier.

He always thought that Michael and Sophia did not truly love each other, and that Sophia had gotten fooled by him. That dirtbag does not have any pure intentions. He took advantage of Sophia’s young and naïve nature and fooled her. When she grows up in a few years, she will regret marrying someone like him.

On television, Michael was so dazzling that it was a bit difficult to look at him.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 699

The awards ceremony had begun. They were now announcing the award categories along with the winners in succession.

Sophia’s nervous hands subconsciously pulled on Judge’s fur as the results were being revealed.

As expected, Michael’s movie won the awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Screenplay which immediately became a trending topic.

When Sophia saw the announcement, she immediately looked down at her phone to send out a tweet. Fortunately, she had already made a draft of her tweet and only had to make a few adjustments before sending it out. She wanted to deliver the good news as early as possible.

Shortly after, they announced the Best Actor for this year’s Academy Awards, and Taylor, without falling short of expectations, won the award for the second time!

He was the second Best Actor winner from Cethos and also the only Cethos celebrity to win the title for the second time.

No, he might even be the first in all of Asia!

Feeling overjoyed, Sophia started to send out tweets with her fur-covered and trembling hands.

Michael reached the ultimate achievement as an actor and had even surpassed Elizabeth Murray. Standing at a new peak in the industry, he was now a superstar at the center of the world’s attention.

With the Oscar in his hands, Taylor looked at the camera and began his acceptance speech in a fluent British accent.

“I’m a man of film. I don’t hope for my movies to only be a source of entertainment for the mass audience, but also for them to be able to relive the glorious days of the past, to contemplate the darkness within human nature, and to make a change in this world. For being able to stand here today, I want to first thank my mother, Elizabeth Murray, who gave me the gift of performing. I would also like to thank my father, a soldier who had lost his life when I was very young. He was the one who taught me determination and to never give up in times of failure. I also want to thank my wife for being by my side and supporting me all these years.”

He looked into the camera with a profound gaze as if he was talking to Sophia.

Listening to his speech, Sophia suddenly burst into tears and buried her face in Celine’s embrace as she continued to cry.

Meanwhile, Celine was munching on some seeds. When his speech ended, she complained, “He didn’t mention my name! Why didn’t he mention me?”

Stanley, who was watching the live broadcast, thought, Why didn’t he mention you? Can’t you see why?

But he did not say anything out of fear that he might get beaten.

Once the live broadcast ended, everyone prepared to leave. Celine put down the sunflower seeds and went up to Sam with a coy look. “Young man, which room are you staying in tonight?”

Sam felt chills all over. “Work came up at the office. I have to go now.”

He quickly went back to the guest room to change, then proceeded to make his way out in a hurry. Initially, he wanted to take the chance to stay for the night, but Celine had terrified him. Thus, he quickly left, leaving the dog behind as usual.

Before he left, he deliberately said, “I’ll be going overseas for a few days. Please look after Corrado for me.”

Sophia nodded. “Of course, no problem. It’s not a big deal.”

These days, if Sam was not on a business trip overseas, he was on his way to a business trip. Whenever he did return to Bayside City, he was always buried in work. Therefore, Corrado continued to stay at Sophia’s place. Every time Sam came back from a business trip or before he went on one, he would drop by to see Corrado and have a meal. Because it was late that night, and Sophia had invited him over to watch the Oscars, she was willing to let him stay for the night and even let him wear a new pair of pajamas that Michael had never worn before. Since she prepared heaps of pajamas for Michael, he was unable to wear all of them anyway.

By the time the awards ceremony ended, it was already eleven at night. A few others chose to stay at her place instead of going home, so it was not a big deal if Sam stayed as well.

Moreover, from Sophia’s standpoint, Sam was a generation older than her. It was not convenient for him to drive home in the middle of the night. He was better off sleeping in her living room.

Sam also wanted to stay, but unfortunately, he was frightened off by Celine who came home all of a sudden.

From the back, Celine and Justin silently watched Sophia send Sam off.

Isn’t Sam the 9th Old Master of the Edwards Family?

How did he and Sophia get to know each other?

On the other side of the world, Michael took his golden statuette trophy and was ready to go home. Right after the awards ceremony ended, he got on the private plane his wife sent for him and headed back. While he was watching the surveillance footage during his flight, he was astonished to see what happened when Celine came home.

If you ever come again, Sam, don’t get mad at me for locking you up with Celine!

Because Michael was coming home soon, Sophia eagerly made herself extra clean and put on some face cream, then happily waited for him to get home.

Michael’s flight landed in Bayside City the next day. He dropped by Sophia’s company to visit and ‘rested’ in her office for a bit. After work, he brought her out for a celebratory meal.

Indeed, Michael was extremely happy to win the Oscar again. In the past, Elizabeth used to love performing. She wanted to act in movies and appear on the big screen. Unfortunately, after making her debut as a teenager, her naïvete led her to a fall out with her family and eventually took her on the wrong path. Even though she managed to find her way back again later on, for various reasons such as racial bias and her dark history, she never got a chance to receive an Oscar. It was her dream to win that trophy; a dream that Michael had fulfilled for her twice now.

The day after they had their celebratory meal, Michael set off to a cemetery on the outskirts of the city to pay homage to Elizabeth.

Sophia also set aside her multimillion business and followed along happily so they could pay their respects together.Perhaps his fans found out that it was his rule to visit his mother’s grave whenever he received an award. Hence, the next day, Elizabeth’s grave was surrounded by fans.

Michael was extremely unhappy to see the large number of fans there, but he had already made the trip and he was going to pay his respects regardless.

Michael shocked the whole world with his revelation that he was Elizabeth Murray’s son. Many of Elizabeth’s fans also came to her grave.

At that moment, the two groups of fans with an age gap of a few decades between them stood before the grave. The occurrence startled the guards at the cemetery. The police were also called to come and maintain order.

Taylor’s car arrived under the eyes of many. Sophia was the first one to get out, then Taylor followed after.

Dressed in all black, Taylor walked with heavy steps with a pair of black sunglasses that hid his expression from people.

The fans started to cry when they saw him. “Oh, he’s really not fat at all!”

Not fat at all!

Our idol’s beauty is still unrivaled!

On the other hand, Elizabeth’s fans also teared up from being gratified. “Elizabeth’s son definitely did not disappoint!”

Suddenly, a second Taylor in a suit and leather shoes came out of the car. He was also dressed in all black and was walking with heavy steps.

The fans grew silent.

There really were two of them!

The mystery was solved. The times when Taylor was caught at a nightclub, fighting with people and ruining his reputation—those cases were finally solved now.

As it turned out, Taylor did have an identical twin sister and that sister was the one who did all those foolish things.

Michael kept it hidden and low-key to protect his family.

The image of his subtle and caring attitude toward his family built itself back up again!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 700

In just a split second, all the attention shifted from the two Taylor Murrays to what Sophia brought with her.

While the two Taylor Murrays set off firecrackers next to the tombstone, Sophia was burning some joss money.

As usual, she was burning an SK2 suit and lipstick. This time around, she added a USB drive that contained the clip of Michael receiving the award, and a paper Academy Award trophy that looked hideous.

Michael frowned and he wanted to tell her to not burn the paper trophy that was hideous enough to terrify Elizabeth. Having thought about how she sacrificed her sleep last night to put that paper trophy together, he decided not to say anything.

It’s the thought that counts.

They were in a hurry to visit the cemetery. Since the funeral supply store did not sell any paper Academy Award trophies, she figured she had to create one herself.

After finishing the rituals at Elizabeth’s tombstone, they managed to bypass all the sea of fans who were there and left in their car to the plot of land in the Memorial Garden that belonged to the Fletchers Family. After finding Theo’s tombstone, they began paying their respects.

Standing in front of the grave, Michael looked somber. He glanced at the empty spot next to Theo’s tombstone—that spot used to be where Justin and Celine lay, but it was now empty.

Perhaps, it’s time to move Elizabeth’s tombstone… Michael felt that it was time to speak to the Fletchers Family about this.

After all, he was part of the Fletchers Family, and Old Master Fletcher wanted him to come home. I can’t possibly refuse to recognize my roots for the rest of my life. I think I’m ready to face it.

While burning the USB drive, Sophia burnt another paper trophy that looked even more hideous than the previous one.

Standing in the corner, Nathan silently watched the earnest look on Sophia’s face as she burnt the USB drive.

He was eager to ask, Can you really burn a USB drive?

After paying their respects, they were getting ready to go. At this moment, Nathan picked up a stick and poked at the pile of ashes until he found the undamaged USB drive. I knew it!

On their way home, Sophia was happily reading the news on her phone.

This time around, the two siblings had finally made the headlines together. Lord’s finally getting his name cleared off the misunderstanding. Now that he won the Best Actor award for the second time and clarified the rumors surrounding his weight, his popularity will surely skyrocket.

Sophia was right. The hashtags #TaylorMurrayPayingRespects and #TaylorMurrayRealOrFake were already trending on Twitter. Michael had finally restored his public image. However, two other hashtags that had recently emerged quickly took over.

EddieFletcherAndPaperTrophy #EddieFletcherBurningUSB

Sophia was rendered speechless when she saw that.

Public opinion is really interesting. It’s so easy for everyone’s attention to sidetrack. Just seconds ago, everyone was still talking about Michael’s weight and his twin sister. Now, their focus is on the hideous paper trophy that I burnt.

By the time they arrived home for dinner, news attention was totally diverted.

‘Breaking News: Taylor Murray’s Female Roles Were Played by His Sister!’

‘Classic Scenes of the Reserved Taylor Murray’s Female Roles Were Played by His Sister. Warning: Excessive Pictures’

‘Insider Tip-Off: Taylor Murray Is a Trash Actor as Sister Did Everything’

While having dinner, Sophia put down the chopsticks on the table and started cursing, “Son of a b*tch!”

Michael’s tactics were right, after all. Everything would be fine if one ignored the public opinion on the Internet; once one made a public statement, all sorts of strange things would take place.

On the first day, the discussion revolved around the incident when Taylor was found at a nightclub. This completely ruined his reputation. After clarification was made that it was actually his sister who went there, rumors about how all his female roles were played by his sister emerged. There were even discussions going around that Taylor should split the award with his sister. On the third day, the news would probably zoom in on Sophia.

Unfortunately, certain media reporters managed to get their hands on some trivial information on Celine such as her past as a special operation officer in the army. After getting hold of this, the reporters immediately came up with many rumors.

The greatest gossip in the entertainment industry of Cethos came about: the twins worked together and entered the entertainment industry as one person! Taylor was not by himself. It was the collaboration of the two. All his female roles were played by his sister, including the fighting scenes, while he played the normal roles. She was now recognized as the top unknown actor in Cethos!

These siblings were seamless in playing their overlapping roles. This was why he managed to present a wide array of styles and characteristics in all his different roles, especially the female roles that he played impeccably. Those were actually played by his sister!

Thereafter, the public dug out all of Taylor’s films and analyzed every scene. They differentiated the ones that were played by his sister and the ones that were played by him. Some even proposed to lodge a complaint with the Academy Award Committee…

The development of things was beyond Sophia’s imagination.

Sometimes, she felt that it would be better if she stopped reading the news.

The more she read, the more she doubted the world and her life. Being utterly confused, she quickly reached out to Michael’s crotch and let out a sigh of relief after making sure that his manhood was still there.

While everyone was watching the replay of the Academy Award ceremony, Sophia had her head down all the time, staring at her phone. All sorts of emotions flashed across her face: fright, rage, gratification, and disgust. She could not help fidgeting about, alternating between touching Michael’s crotch and thigh. I can’t bear looking at all this anymore.

Michael was intrigued by what Sophia was reading on her phone. He leaned in and saw a huge title on an Internet article that read: ‘Breaking News: Taylor Murray Is Intersexual! The Alleged Sister Is Just a Mask! Pictures as Proof’.

Michael did not know how to react to that.

He quickly took her phone away, and this caused her to pout. “Didn’t you have something prepared for me as a surprise?” His words threw her fury back in her face.

After hearing that, she quickly got up and said secretively, “Just wait here.” Meanwhile, Michael waited in anticipation of that surprise from Sophia. The more erotic, the better! Hopefully, it’s some role play costumes that we can use for an entire night of sex!

She turned on the computer, entered ‘Soul of Sniper’, and logged in using his username. Before him loomed an entire set of customized equipment that no one had seen before.

“This is your personalized equipment goodie bag that I made for you!”The smile of excitement on Michael’s face froze.

He looked at Sophia and asked, “Is there anything else?

Sophia responded joyfully, “Of course! Give me a minute!”

She left and came back in just a few seconds with the fat Chrysanthemum in her arms. “Chrysanthemum is pregnant. The kittens will come out after the new year! Isn’t that a wonderful surprise?”

The expectant smile on Michael’s face completely froze up.

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