My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 681-690

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 681

However, those that could become friends with Cooper were surely influential. Since he had the surname ‘Edwards’, then he was most probably part of the Edwards Family. Besides, the Edwards Family’s genealogy record book changed every year. If they could add new people into it, then they could remove some of the people they were displeased with too.

Moreover, Andrea was a person from over 20 years ago. Perhaps, he died a long time ago. Or, he failed to enter the genealogy record book in the first place. I’m sure many unpredictable things occurred in these 20 years…

Even so, Michael did not give up and skimmed through the book again. In particular, he paid attention to the bigshots that took up an entire page within the genealogy record book. Some of them even had an exclusive page just to introduce them. Among those people, Sam took up two pages all by himself. It could be seen that his position within the Edwards Family was just beneath the family head.

While looking through Sam’s information, one sentence caught Michael’s attention: ‘Sam Edwards, formerly known as Andrea Edwards. He changed his name in 199X.’ So, Andrea was Sam all along! Moreover, the year he changed his name coincided with the year Sophia was born…

No wonder I kept feeling that the way Sam looked at Sophia today seemed a little odd. His relationship with Cooper should be pretty close, and he must have met Annabel before. I wonder if he keeps tabs on Cooper. Or, was he the person who snitched on them back then? So-phea… An-drea… They sound so similar! Oh, deputy family head of the Edwards Family… Master Sam…

The people Michael had to bow down to and respectfully address as ‘Master’ were not many. However, he was sure of one thing—this 9th Old Master surely knew Cooper very well!

After mulling over it, Michael stood up to take a shower. Along the way, he groped Sophia’s fleshy butt while she was trying out her swimsuit. Then, he squatted down and opened up the luggage bag that contained his clothes. Who could have expected… As soon as his luggage bag was opened, a large dog’s head emerged from his bag and stared at him affectionately. His pajamas were completely covered in dog saliva…

The room fell silent for five seconds.

“You sh*tty dog! Get out of there! I’m going to kill you!” he yelled as he searched for the feather duster to hit the dog. Alas, he found a belt!

Yelp! Judge, who was hiding in the suitcase, was so frightened that it let out a loud yelp. Jumping out of the suitcase, it ran toward the door, used its paws to press down on the doorknob, bit on the lock to release it, then opened the door and ran out of the room.

The sight of its escape left Michael feeling completely speechless. He nearly forgot that during the time Celine had trained it, in addition to eating feces, it had also learned to open doors! Otherwise, how could it open the door to the bathroom to find food?!

When the door flew open, Sophia let out a shriek—she was butt naked while trying out her swimsuit. At first, Michael wanted to run after the dog. However, his wife was exposed to the public. Closing the door quickly, he covered his wife up before leaving to find the dog. That damn mutt! Luckily, there was nobody outside and Sophia was not exposed to anybody. Otherwise, I’ll skin that dog alive!

In the end, he sent somebody to look for the dog. Unfortunately, the search was in vain. Still, they were on an island surrounded by the sea. There was no need to worry about the dog escaping by swimming away. Besides, it was hot outside.

Returning to the room, he discovered that not only had Judge returned on its own, but it also brought a huge, black dog with it. At that moment, Sophia was letting Judge drink some mineral water.

Judge had hidden in the suitcase while Sophia had been busy packing. Fortunately, the journey here had been fairly smooth. They left the house and went directly to the pier by car before boarding the boat to the island. Even so, it had taken them several hours by boat to reach the island. During that time, Judge had been hiding inside the luggage without food or water. It was rather pitiful.

Sophia poured the mineral water into her footbath. Then, Judge lapped at it hungrily. It seemed that the dog was very thirsty. When it noticed that Michael was back, it was so scared that it hid behind Sophia. Although Michael was extremely livid, he couldn’t be bothered to stoop to the level of a silly dog.

Thus, he unpacked his pajamas from the luggage bag—it was soaked in dog saliva. It stinks of shit! He was utterly disgusted. Fortunately, the room also came with a washer-dryer.

On the other hand, Sophia was petting the dog. Judge had decided to bring a huge, black dog home with it. The two dogs seemed to be on good terms with each other as they sniffed at each other’s butts.

The huge, black dog seemed to be a Labrador. It was completely covered in black fur, with not a stray strand of fur out of place. It was very large and looked very healthy. Its body was full of very firm muscles, and the color of its fur was also very beautiful. Since it was not wearing a collar, they didn’t know its name. However, it was probably raised by one of the Edwards Family’s members living on the island.

As a result, Sophia decided to name it. “Corrado! Corrado!”

Although Corrado looked very fierce, it was relatively docile and allowed Sophia to squeeze its paws. She was sitting on the carpet. Sitting opposite her, it was taller than her.

Judge had been hiding in the luggage for a long time. When it escaped outside just now, it took the opportunity to clear out its bowels. Now that its stomach was empty, it was getting hungry. Hence, Sophia fed it some cat food. Corrado ate some too.

Watching the two dogs scarfing down the food with relish, she couldn’t help tasting the cat food baked with a secret recipe. It tasted surprisingly good! Following that, the two dogs and one human polished off two bags of cat food together.

After playing for a while, Corrado wagged its tail in satisfaction and left. Due to Judge’s accidental ‘surprise’, Michael’s mood had turned sour. He felt as if he was surrounded by the smell of shit—so much so that he dreamed that he fell into a dung pit…

Late at night, Sam was having nightmares too. He dreamed that he met Cooper, then he dreamed about Annabel. Throughout these 20 or so years, he had been plagued by nightmares. Tossing and turning, he could never sleep peacefully. Hence, he needed sleeping pills to help him sleep.

The nightmare that came to him tonight was extremely vivid. The voices and smiles of Cooper and Annabel were so alive in his mind that it felt like it had just happened yesterday.

“Andrea, Anna and I have decided to elope. I hope you can keep this secret for us. I’m going to bring Anna to a place where the Mitchell Family can never find us.”

“Andrea, if I have a child with Coop in the future, I’m going to name her ‘Sophia’. So-phea… It’s a name that sounds similar to yours. I will never forget you. However, I have not discussed this with Coop. I’m sure he will agree to it, but you have to keep it a secret for the time being.”

Those scenes were torn apart by Annabel’s helpless screams before she died, and Cooper’s furious yet sorrowful roar. Then, Sam woke up from his nightmare and discovered that he was still lying on the ground in the hotel’s study; alcohol bottles were scattered around him. Lifting his head, he glanced at the clock on the wall—it was 3 AM.

Last night, he had destroyed the entire office in a fit of frenzy. Familiar with his temper, his assistant had not dared to enter the office, lest she disturbed him. After that, he drank a lot last night. However, he still couldn’t escape from those pervasive nightmares despite drinking until he was completely drunk.

At some point, his dog, Blackie, had returned to the office. The black dog was sleeping in the doghouse by the corner. When it saw that Sam was awake, it lifted its head and glanced at him before going back to sleep.

Sam’s head felt like it was going to break from the splitting headache he had. Lying on the ground, he didn’t feel like moving. Rather, he felt like crying and laughing. He was consumed by loathing…

He had preserved the photo of him and Annabel for more than 20 years. At this moment, the picture frame had been broken to pieces by his own hands. As a result, the picture fell out of the frame, only to reveal that it was actually a group photo of three.

The three people in the photo looked to be of similar age. They looked lively and happy. Annabel was standing in the middle, holding hands with Cooper and smiling. It was clear that she only had eyes for Cooper.

Meanwhile, Sam, who was known as Andrea back then, stood on the other side of Annabel. He had deceived everybody, including himself, by folding the part with Cooper in it to the back and pretending that he and Annabel were the only ones in the photo. However, even that could not erase the cruel truth.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 682

The truth was that they were mutually in love with each other. For the sake of marrying Annabel, Cooper went so far as to abandon the entire Mitchell Family and eloped with her. His plans were very thorough. Although he was only 18 at the time, he had considered everything—he brought enough money from home, planned their escape route, and chose the safest place for them to settle down.

If everything went well, the Mitchell Family would never be able to find them. And, he succeeded. Woody did everything in his power to find them but failed to locate them.

Not long after that, Cooper sent a letter and a photo to his most trusted friend, Andrea. It was a photo of him and Annabel in an ancient town. In his letter, he claimed that the two of them were living a blissful life after settling down in a quiet, ancient town. He had opened up a bookstore, and Annabel was running a stall selling pre-cooked snacks beside the bookstore. They were very happy together.

Sam could never forget the words Annabel and Cooper had said to him before they left. “Andrea, if I have a child with Coop in the future, I’m going to name her ‘Sophia’. So-phea… It’s a name that sounds similar to yours. We will never forget you.”

What I wanted isn’t this! What I want is you, Annabel Johnson! Staring at their blissful faces in the photo, jealousy razed his sanity to the ground. Then, his 16-year-old self did the one thing he regretted most in his life—he handed the photo over to the Mitchell Family. Afterward, the Mitchell Family found Cooper and Annabel through the background in the photo.

He had only done what he did in a fit of rage—he simply wanted to tear them apart. However, he had not expected that his actions would lead to Annabel’s death and Cooper’s drastic personality change. Upon learning the tragedy that unfolded, he realized how wrong he had been.

Only then did he understand just how great a mistake he had made! Unable to accept the disaster he had created with his own hands, he changed his name and went abroad. Twenty years later, he finally learned the cruel truth that had occurred back then.

Fate is conspiring against me… It was late at night, yet Sam continued to pour the alcohol down his throat while reading the information on Annabel. Looking at the information, he suddenly covered his face with his hands and wept bitterly.

I never thought that things would unfold in this manner! I just wanted to separate the two of them! I never imagined that the Mitchell Family would kill her just to make Cooper give up! Cooper and I both thought that she was dead! We thought everything was over! To think that Annabel was still alive! In a place neither Cooper nor I knew about, she was raped by a fat b*stard and gave birth to his child! I can’t believe it! She wasn’t killed by the Mitchell Family. Instead, she died while giving birth! Her child, Sophia, was born without parents. Moreover, she suffered through so much pain too! Everything—all of this—is my fault! It’s all my fault!

“Anna… It’s all my fault… It’s all my fault…” Sam muttered repeatedly, his soul plunging into endless darkness.

On the first day the Edwards Family annual meeting officially began, a banquet would be held at night. However, everybody was generally free to spend their time during the day as they wished—they could use this time to meet the people they wanted to meet. Hence, Sophia hurriedly brought her cat and entered the ladies’ social circle. The group of ladies was sunbathing by the seaside while their assistants were playing with their pets.

Similarly, Ivan brought Judge and Garfield out on a leash. Judge had invited himself to the party and occupied a large space too. It took up an entire beach chair and refused to allow Garfield to encroach in its territory.

There were many cats and dogs on the island, and Judge stepped away to play on its own. After a while, it brought its new friend with it to Sophia to be petted.

“Oh, it’s you again, Corrado!” Sophia petted Corrado’s head. It had followed Judge back. This time around, it was wearing a collar. It turned out that it had a name—it was called ‘Blackie’. However, she felt that the name ‘Corrado’ suited it much better.

After playing together for a while, Judge and Corrado disappeared off somewhere. To prevent Judge from eating feces again, she borrowed a muzzle from one of the other ladies and fitted Judge with it. After conversing with the ladies, she noticed Michael beckoning her from afar. Thus, she hurried over.

Michael was only wearing a pair of beach pants as he sat under the beach umbrella, drinking tea and admiring the sea with a group of bigshots surrounding him.

It was the annual meeting after all—it was meant to be a relaxing occasion. Under the guise of spending a vacation together, the members of the Edwards Family would get the chance to mingle and get to know one another. Relaxing was not the main purpose—the main purpose was to foster a relationship with the bigshots.

Michael’s half-naked, athletic figure looked absolutely delectable. Having successfully lost the weight he put on, his figure was at the peak of its perfection. It was well-proportioned and stunningly attractive—so much so that it seemed to glow. For that reason, the attention of all the women around him was focused on his body.

Sophia walked over and saw the circle of big shots. She recognized a few of them, including Lucy, Sam, Harry, and some others.

Lucy was wearing a dark blue one-piece swimsuit that showed off her fair skin and slender figure. Similarly, Sophia was also wearing a dark blue one-piece swimsuit with a light jacket thrown over her shoulders. Her long, slender legs were vaguely revealed under the jacket. Our outfits clash! This is so embarrassing!

Lucy was wearing sunglasses, so her expression was hidden behind them. However, the frown on her face was still noticeable. It was clear that she was not happy. Hence, Sophia felt very nervous as she walked over to Michael’s side.

Then, Michael introduced her to all the big shots present. Sure enough, every one of them was influential! Except for the family head, Jordan Edwards, all the bigwigs in the Edwards Family were practically gathered here. Therefore, Joe took advantage and joined the rest of the bigwigs. If it weren’t for Michael, he would never be able to step into their social circle.

Laughing out loud, Joe claimed, “This is my daughter! She takes after her mother, doesn’t she? She’s very outstanding!”

Everybody glanced at Joe, who was very fat, then they glanced at Sophia in surprise. Did the wife of this fat b*stard cheat on him? How could he have such a pretty daughter with those looks of his? Or, did she undergo plastic surgery?

Faye was sitting next to Joe as she diligently tried to enter the social circles of the upper ranks within the Edwards Family. The three of them might be of one family, but their appearances differed greatly.

Sam was wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide his exhaustion from not sleeping all night. Even so, his eyes brightened the moment he saw Sophia. I’m right! I wasn’t mistaken! Sophia Edwards is Cooper’s daughter!

Sophia’s birthday was in October, and everybody claimed that she was Joe’s daughter. However, he immediately realized that she was Cooper and Annabel’s daughter as soon as he learned that she was Annabel’s daughter. She had her mother’s looks and her father’s personality, inheriting her mother’s good looks and her father’s way of doing things. After reading the information he had on her, he was certain that she was 100% Cooper’s daughter!

Back then, Cooper ran away for another reason—he wanted to have a child with Annabel. Then, the two of them would raise their child with care and love. As long as the child was outstanding enough that the Mitchell Family had to accept the child, then they had no choice but to accept the child’s mother too.

Oh, how far-sighted the 18-year-old Cooper had been! If it wasn’t for Andrea’s foolishness back then, they would have given birth to their child. Then, the Mitchell Family could not cause trouble for them since a child was involved, even if they were discovered in the future.

Sam observed Sophia, who stood before him. She should have been born as the Mitchell Family’s precious young lady. Then, she would not have needed to go through so much pain; she would not have had to wait until she was nine before she had the opportunity to go to school. She would not have been molested by her uncle and she would not have needed to escape the Johnson Family, after being beaten up badly during her high school entrance examination, just to survive; she wouldn’t… Sam blinked. His eyes were wet with tears. Lifting his sunglasses, he tried to hide his tears… and his guilt.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 683

Meanwhile, Sophia had started to integrate herself into the world of the bigwigs. She was chatting with them about topics on real estate, stocks, company management, and so on.

Sam remained quiet as he watched her. This is Cooper and Annabel’s child! Unfortunately, Cooper didn’t know of the existence of this child even when he died. At the peak of his career, he stood above all others as the president of the Mitchell Group and the family head of the Mitchell Family. However, he didn’t know that his own child didn’t even have the chance to go to school at the time. What a cruel fate to have befallen Cooper and Annabel!

Sophia sat beside Michael while listening to the people around her. She learned a lot from listening to them. Once in a while, she would participate in their discussions too. She didn’t try to blow her own trumpet. Rather, she appropriately emphasized her existence. She was very subtle and clever about it, and it showcased her high emotional intelligence.

In the first place, Cooper’s child would be very intelligent even if their brilliance were buried. However, if they were allowed to shine, their brilliance would be dazzling.

Sitting while sipping on her juice, Sophia suddenly noticed a large, black dog sneaking over. Its black fur glimmered under the sunlight as it sat down beside Sam like a shadow. Delighted, she reached out to pet the dog’s head. “Corrado! Why are you alone?” Where did Judge, that sh*tty dog, go?!

Corrado stuck out its tongue and raised its head, allowing her to pat its head.

Unable to stand it, Lucy put the glass of juice in her hand down and called out to Corrado, “Blackie, come here.” Who is she calling Corrado?! This is Blackie! How could this dog have such a distasteful and tacky name?!

Sophia withdrew her hand awkwardly, thinking that it was Lucy’s dog. “I just thought… the name ‘Corrado’ would suit a black dog like it…”

Unfortunately, Corrado was not familiar with Lucy. Even though she called out to it, it did not budge an inch and remained between Sophia and Sam.

All of a sudden, a hand reached out to rest on Corrado’s head while stroking it. Sam, who was wearing sunglasses, petted Corrado and said to Sophia warmly, “It is called Corrado. The name ‘Blackie’ was simply derived from the word ‘black’ because of its black fur.”

At that moment, Sophia came to realize that the dog belonged to Sam. Thus, she hurriedly responded by laughing awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Lucy didn’t seem happy either. After all, being put down by her uncle in front of so many people was not a nice feeling.

Afterward, Sophia continued listening to the bigshots’ conversation whilst learning many things from them. In the process, she also got to know several other bigshots—her mission was a huge success.

While chatting happily, somebody came up to Lucy suddenly and whispered something in her ear. Lucy listened and a disgusted expression showed on her face. She was in charge of managing the annual meeting this year. That meant that all matters, big or small, had to go through her. Naturally, her subordinates only came to her when something important came up. After listening to her subordinate’s report, Lucy replied, “Keep it under wraps for now and lock it up. Somebody will come looking for it sooner or later.”

With that, her subordinate left. The people around her rushed to ask about the incident as it seemed like something huge had happened.

Lucy looked repulsed. “There’s a Husky trying to eat feces in the bathroom and my people are unable to stop it. Since it is unregistered, we don’t know whose dog is it.”

After hearing those words, everybody was rendered speechless. However, a few people were shocked by those words! Sophia lowered her head and sipped her juice. Her body was stiff, and she didn’t dare to say anything. Similarly, the corner of Michael’s mouth twitched while Harry’s gaze wavered slightly.

This truly was a huge deal, and everybody was shocked to the core.

“What? How uncultured… How can it—”

In their eyes, a dog eating feces was unimaginably vulgar! How shameful!

Something like this could not be publicized. Thus, Lucy did not instruct her people to openly search for the owner of the dog. What was I supposed to do? Ask my staff to go around questioning, “There’s a dog eating feces in the bathroom. Does it belong to you?” If somebody admitted to it, the news that XX’s dog ate feces would immediately spread across Bayside City’s well-known circles. How would the owner, their family, and the dog hold their head up after that? They wouldn’t be able to continue living in Bayside City!

At that moment, nobody would dare to admit that that was their dog, especially a public figure like Michael. If he went to claim the dog, the whole world would soon know that Taylor Murray’s dog ate feces before the afternoon was up. How will I continue working in the film industry?!

Similarly, Sophia stubbornly refused to say a word too.

Sam’s eyes were covered by his sunglasses. However, he seemed to have noticed something. Not many Huskies could be found on the island. Moreover, Sophia had been talking to one earlier. Hence, he smilingly said, “Dog’s can’t change their nature of eating feces. It’s not a big deal.”

The 9th Old Master had personally spoken up. No matter how uncultured or vulgar the joke, everybody else had no choice but to accept it. Therefore, they laughed with him. Only Sophia looked like she was crying through her laughter.

Lucy felt extremely frustrated. She was in charge of hosting the annual meeting this year. It was such an important task, and she did not want any mishaps happening during the annual meeting. More importantly, she did not want something like somebody’s dog eating feces in the bathroom happening during the annual meeting she presided over! She snapped, “I asked my staff to lock the dog up in the utility room. Its name is ‘Judge’. If anybody knows whose dog it is, please inform its owner to come and claim it.”

When Sophia heard the name ‘Judge’, she shuddered slightly. Meanwhile, Sam secretly laughed. He remembered seeing Blackie playing with a Husky that went by the name ‘Judge’ earlier.

After the conversation with the bigshots ended, Sophia and Michael excused themselves and hid in an isolated corner to talk.

“Go and get Judge back!” Sophia ordered Michael.

Glaring at her, Michael answered without even thinking about it, “I’m not going. If anything, you should go! I’m a public figure!”

She angrily said, “Who will go if not you?! Are you asking me to go?! Do you want Lucy to know that my dog eats feces?! Do you know how huge a deal it is to let my husband’s ex-girlfriend know that my dog eats feces?! Do you?! I don’t care; you have to go!”

They yelled at each other by the beach, transferring the blame between one another. None of them wanted to back down to go and claim Judge back from Lucy. However, they accidentally became touchy and flirtatious instead, touching each other’s hips, chest, crotch… For a moment, they forgot about the matter of getting Judge back.

Michael felt that he was an international celebrity. No matter what he did, it would be magnified several times over. Therefore, he couldn’t show himself carelessly for the sake of preserving his reputation. It would be bad if things got out of hand. On the other hand, Sophia believed that if she had to claim the dog that had been caught eating feces from her husband’s ex-girlfriend, she might as well kill herself!

The two of them couldn’t reach a consensus, and their fight lasted the entire afternoon. After playing at the beach the entire morning, Sophia lay in her room, tossing and turning. She wanted to rest, but she couldn’t fall asleep. This is all because of Judge! Argh! How embarrassing!

Michael had gone out, claiming that he was going to meet with Jordan.

She knew that she was overdoing it a little by asking such a famous man to go and do something like this. However, she felt that her pride was valid too! After sending Ivan to ask about it, it seemed like the other party wanted the dog’s owner to go and claim it themselves. Moreover, they had to bring the invitation from the Edwards Family to take a photo and register the dog. The check-in procedures were very stringent—everybody staying there, including their pets, had to be registered.

Sophia tossed and turned; she was at a loss for how to proceed. Then, a knock sounded on the door. Standing up, she looked out of the door through the peephole and saw a face she never expected to see—it was Sam!

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Why is Sam here?! Sophia hesitated for several seconds without opening the door. Then, an agitated scratching sound came from outside the door. It sounded like an animal was desperately clawing at the door.

Straightening out her hair and her clothes, she opened the door only to see Sam holding a Husky on a leash. As she was slow to open the door, the excited Husky had scratched the door until the paint peeled. Her eyes spun in confusion at the sight, and she pretended not to know the dog as she asked, “Master Sam, w-what brings you here?”

As usual, Sam was wearing a pair of sunglasses. He seemed to be smiling, and it made his 40-year-old self look very young. As the corners of his mouth curved upward, he said, “Judge is your dog, right?”

She smiled in response, but it looked terrible. Then, she resolutely answered, “Nope; I’ve never seen this dog before.”

Judge had smuggled itself in through the luggage. So, nobody knew that it belonged to her. Besides, it really isn’t mine! The name registered on the dog ownership certificate is Stanley Fletcher! Thus, she firmly believed that she had not lied. Even so, she didn’t dare to meet the dog’s fierce gaze.

Seeming to realize that she was refusing to acknowledge it, Judge lifted its paws to jump on her. However, Sam pulled on the dog leash and held it back. He seemed to be smiling as he said, “Oh, is it not yours? I thought I saw you petting its head on the beach a while back…”

Sophia replied, “Yeah. I thought it looked pretty, so I petted it.”

The oversized sunglasses hid all the emotions behind his eyes. Still, he seemed to believe her. “Well, I’ll take care of it for the time being. When its owner turns up, I’ll return it to them.”

She hurriedly complimented him, “Master Sam, you’re such a warm-hearted person.”

Playing along with her, he said, “Of course. It’s the Edwards Family annual meeting. As one of the elders in the family, I should not overlook these tiny matters too.”

She smiled in reply, feeling extremely embarrassed.

However, he did not leave. Holding Judge by its leash, he stood at the door and asked her, “I heard that you plan to start a pet luxury goods brand. Is that true?”

Receiving favor from a bigwig all of a sudden left Sophia feeling very nervous. Besides, Judge was glaring at her with a fierce expression. “Yes, I am.”

Sam looked very interested. “Most of the talents in this field are abroad. It won’t be easy to start this venture.”

At that moment, Judge went crazy. It kept trying to leap forward and bite Sophia. Thus, she took a step back and said, “I invited Ivan, a renowned designer from overseas, to join my team…”

“I see. That’s good.” He was holding two dog leashes in his hand. One belonged to Corrado, and the other belonged to Judge. As Judge was going crazy trying to bite her, he was having trouble holding it back. It looked like it could escape his hold at any moment as he said, “I was just thinking of making a new collar for Corrado. Once we return to Bayside City, I will contact you and your designer.”

She glanced at Corrado. “Isn’t it called Blackie?”

With a natural expression, he replied, “Its name has always been Corrado. It’s also written as so on its dog ownership certificate. We used to live overseas, so I changed its name to something simpler. Isn’t that right, Corrado?”

Corrado wagged its tail as if saying, ‘This is the first time I’m learning that my name was registered as Corrado on my dog ownership certificate.’

Meanwhile, Judge was acting as fierce as a wolf. Feeling very guilty, Sophia pretended to be scared. “That dog looks so scary. Has it been vaccinated against rabies? I-I’m a little scared…”

Finally, Sam led Judge away while saying, “I’ll take my leave then. See you at dinner.”

After that, Judge was led away, barking pitifully as it left.

Upon closing the door, Sophia let out a deep breath in relief. She had decided, I’m never going to admit that it’s my dog! When I get back, I’ll just ask Stanley to claim Judge back from Sam. We can just claim that it had gotten lost and accidentally sneaked onto the boat with Michael. And, that’s how it arrived on the island. In any case, I, Sophia Edwards, have never seen that dog before. I don’t know anything.

She planned to cut all ties with Judge in the future. After all, she was going to start a business in the pet luxury goods line. If people learned that the dog she raised had a habit of eating feces, who would buy her luxury goods? Moreover, if the news of Judge eating feces got out it would negatively impact the reputation of her other pets, including Snowball, Garfield, Scorchy, and Sunset!

At the thought of Garfield, she suddenly remembered that she had not seen Ivan nor Garfield since this morning. Thus, she changed her clothes and went to Ivan’s room to look for Garfield. After all, Garfield had been left in his care for this trip. However, nobody answered the door when she knocked, and nobody answered her phone calls either. She didn’t know where Ivan and the cat had gone.

Hence, she instructed Hale, Gemma, and Maria to look for them. Even so, their search came up empty. The island is not that big, and the places where one can go are limited. Where did Ivan go? What about Garfield?

Sophia had a feeling that something was greatly amiss. Standing at the door, she hammered the door and yelled for Ivan with all her might. She couldn’t hear Ivan’s voice from inside the room. However, she could hear a cat’s meow. Garfield was yowling at the top of its voice and scratching at the door with its claws. This is bad; something happened to Ivan!

At the same time, Sam was walking the two dogs nearby. He had not gone far—he was simply walking by the beach. While he was walking, he thought about the short conversation he had with Sophia just now. Then, he recalled what happened back then and couldn’t help chuckling. Sophia’s nervous and guilty expression looks exactly like her mother’s! I can’t believe Annabel gave birth to her alone. What shocks me more is that she did not forget about her promise from back then. Sophia… This is the first time I’ve ever regretted changing my name…

Throughout their walk, Judge seemed rather indignant. It kept barking non-stop as if it were cursing at somebody. If it were translated into the human language, it would probably be something like: “Sophia, you b*stard! How dare you refuse to acknowledge your family! I’m still a baby! How can you treat me like that?!”

It wailed in grief and indignation—so much so that it hurt its throat. When they passed by a freshwater swimming pool, it stuck its head into the pool to drink. Sam waited for it to finish drinking. In the meantime, he took the opportunity to squat down and pat its head. “Why did you have to act so shamefully? If I were her, I wouldn’t admit to knowing you either!”

Judge didn’t reply as it concentrated on drinking. On the other side of the swimming pool, several ladies of the Edwards Family had gathered around to talk. They seemed to be discussing something excitedly.

Sam had no interest in what the women were talking about. However, he perked his ears up when he heard the name ‘Sophia Edwards’.

“I heard Sophia was raped by her uncle when she was just a child!”

“Her photos are all over the internet! She was raped by her uncle and her cousin. They even took pictures of her. Look; I saved those pictures on my phone. She is completely naked. Moreover, she had not even hit puberty at the time!”

“Her uncle raped her before she even hit puberty?! What a strange taste in women! If he really wanted a woman, he could have paid a few hundred dollars and gotten himself a prostitute! Maybe she volunteered herself!”

“Tsk. Did Taylor really marry her willingly? A woman like her… She has such a bad reputation. Taylor can get any woman he wants. Why did he have to choose such a filthy woman?”

“Perhaps, her skills in bed are amazing since she was trained from a young age.”

“Haha; that might be it… Perhaps, Taylor only acts like he loves her on the surface. He might actually secretly hate her. But, if he left her right now, he would be in deep trouble. After all, he has portrayed himself as somebody who loves his wife to death, spoiling her and pampering her every single day. If he divorced her, his character setting would collapse. His fans won’t buy that story!”

Sam heard the entire vulgar conversation between those ladies clearly. At that moment, he felt as if his entire body had frozen over—his bones, blood, and soul were ravaged by icy winds. Clenching his fists, he trembled slightly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 685

At this moment, Sophia’s innocent face and the picture that was circulating on the Internet flashed across his mind, occupying his every thought…

Meanwhile, after taking a bath, Judge came back and walked toward Sam. He was frightened when he sensed the murderous vibe coming from Sam.

After asking his assistant to come over, Sam whispered, “I don’t want to ever see those blabbermouths ever again!”

His assistant nodded and went on to take care of it.

After the annual meeting, one of the ships would go missing on its way back. The ship would sink and everyone on board would drown…

After a while, the assistant asked, “I believe Miss Edwards is in some sort of trouble. Would you like to go and have a look?”

Sam quietly handed the dog lead to the bodyguard next to him and hurried to the scene.

At this moment, Sophia was anxiously looking for someone from the Edwards Family to unlock a door for her. When the waiter came with a set of keys and tried unlocking it, he realized that they were locked out. Just as they were about to break down the door, Sam showed up with his dog.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked as he saw the worried look on Sophia’s face.

Sophia responded anxiously, “Something happened to my cat and the assistant who takes care of my cat. They are both in the room, and we’re trying to open this door.”

Since the key did not work, they planned to break down the door. The waiter, however, did not allow them to do so but insisted on first asking his superior for permission. This place was, after all, owned by the Edwards Family. It would not be proper to break their door down without their permission.

Thankfully, Sam showed up at the perfect time. Since he was here, they no longer had to get permission from anyone else. Together with Hale, Sam slammed his shoulder against the door. After breaking down the door, they found Ivan lying unconscious in the bathroom while Garfield was hiding underneath the bed, looking terrified.

They immediately admitted Ivan into the hospital that was on the island. This time around, the Edwards Family was fully prepared for this annual meeting. They even set up a hospital on this island. As such, they were able to send Ivan to the hospital for a check-up without delay.

Eventually, they found out the reason Ivan passed out—it was an allergic reaction. Had they arrived at the room slightly later, he would have died.

After a couple of hours, Ivan finally woke up.

After waking up, he quickly glanced about the surroundings and said, “Where’s Garfield? Where’s Garfield?”

Why on earth is he still worried about the cat?

Ivan finally calmed down when Sophia placed Garfield in his arms. Carrying Garfield in his arms, he let out a contented look.

Realizing that Ivan had regained his consciousness, Sam decided to retreat. “I’m afraid I have to go and prepare for dinner tonight. I’ll see you all later!”

If it weren’t because of Sam, Ivan would’ve died. At this moment, Sophia bustled up to Sam to express her gratitude.

In the bed, even though Ivan could hardly move, he would not let go of Garfield.

To him, as long as he had animals around him, nothing was too big of a deal for him. As he recalled the allergy incident today…

The thought of that sent an unexpected chill through him.

Since Ivan was allergic to shrimps, he had to be extra cautious with his diet whilst on the island. He had specially requested the restaurant on the island to not include shrimps in all his meals. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he still had it.

He believed that this was not because of his oversight, but that someone had intentionally tried to hurt him.

Apart from Bill, his ex-student, who knew about his shrimp allergy, no one else on this island knew about it…

Bill, did you start taking action against me already?

“Master Sam, thank you for today,” Sophia thanked Sam, who let out a smile on his ageless face even though he was forty. The thin T-shirt on him outlined his muscular body figure; he looked more youthful than Michael.

“It’s not a problem at all. Feel free to come to me if you run into any problems in the future.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia quickly nodded with gratitude. “Thanks so much, Master Sam. You are truly a good man.” Sophia felt that she was obliged to at least send him off after what he had done for her. Little did she know that Sam actually intended to spend more time conversing with her.

Mysteriously, ever since he, while being immature and ignorant, caused the death of Annabel when he was sixteen, he had shut himself off, never again experiencing the joy of chatting with someone.

However, Sophia was the first person that made him feel this way again.

However, much to his dismay, they ran out of topics after just a few exchanges. Right at this point, he saw Michael, who hurriedly came over after hearing about what happened to Ivan.

When he received the news, he was already wrapping things up in his meeting with Jordan. After the meeting, he rushed over right away.

“How’s he? Ivan and Garfield are fine, right?” Michael came in such a rush that his forehead was covered with sweat.

Upon seeing Michael, Sophia threw herself into his arms. Just seconds ago, she still looked calm and composed. However, she collapsed the moment she saw Michael. She could not help pouting as she stated, “Ivan’s still in the hospital and Garfield’s paw bled again.”

A frown creased Michael’s forehead.

How did this happen?

Michael tended to think the worst of everything.

Last night, Sophia discreetly told him about the studio of pet luxury goods that Lucy was starting and that Bill was her chief designer. Since Bill used to be Ivan’s student, they had a complicated relationship, and it wasn’t an amicable one. Just after that conversation, this incident happened today… Did Bill do this? Or did Lucy suggest it?

No. That’s not possible. My instinct tells me that Lucy isn’t such a person.

Even though she’s dominant and would never allow anyone to challenge her authority, she isn’t as dumb as Natasha, who wouldn’t hesitate to play dirty tricks to discredit her opponents. Lucy isn’t like that; she confronts her opponents head-on!

Holding her hand, Michael lovingly patted her on her shoulder and said, “Alright. Alright. They’re both fine, aren’t they?”

Hearing that, Sophia nodded pitifully without realizing that Sam had taken it all in.

It was as if what happened twenty years ago had just repeated itself.

Sam was the person who knew Annabel first!

Back in those days, Annabel worked part-time at a restaurant close to Bayside University. At that time, Sam visited the restaurant daily just so he could catch a glimpse of Annabel.

Sam still remembered that he was only sixteen while Annabel was seventeen.

Being the immature and ignorant teenager that Sam was, he felt that she came into his heart like a rainbow and stayed there ever since. She was the first person who had ever made his heart skip. Everything was so pure and wonderful. Since then, he had carefully placed that feeling in his heart and never once told anyone.

One day, he took his best friend, Cooper, to that restaurant to share his deepest secret with him. Much to his surprise, before he could say it, he found out that Cooper was actually dating Annabel.

Each time they went on a date, they asked Sam to keep watch for them. When they secretly went on a date in the park on the weekend, they would ask Sam to help take pictures for them. Sam hated himself for not expressing his feelings for Annabel earlier, and he hated Cooper for taking his love from him.

What happened in front of him right now reminded him of how lovey-dovey Cooper and Annabel were back in the days—they were deeply attached, and every look they gave each other was so compassionate. Michael and Sophia were equally an eyesore!

As this scene unfolded before his eyes, he began to feel conflicted.

Even Annabel’s daughter is married…

“Master Sam, thank you for today. We’ll make a move now. See you tonight at dinner.” After thanking Sam, Michael departed with Sophia, leaving Sam by himself as he walked away in a daze.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 686

The incident that took place during the day did not affect the banquet that night. Sophia and Michael turned up on time. Sophia was seen in a brand new dress named ‘Ten Thousand Miles of Mist’ that was designed by Kenny of the L/K Group.

This dress was all white, looking as if it was surrounded by faint clouds and mist; it was truly a piece of art, emanating a mysterious and fairy-like aura. Furthermore, her white-based makeup and the white heels with diamond ornaments made her look dignified and graceful.

As Taylor’s wife, Sophia showed up with Michael tonight. Gently wrapping her arms around his, Sophia’s cheeks were beet-red as she felt butterflies in her stomach. After all, this was the first time she attended a social event with Michael as husband and wife. It was no surprise that she felt slightly nervous and emotional.

Even though Michael had smartened himself up, he did not overdo it so that he did not overshadow Sophia. I’m here tonight only to complement Sophia, he thought to himself.

Regardless, they could not help being in the limelight, even at the dinner hosted by the Edwards Family. In the sea of famous and stunning ladies, Sophia nevertheless stood out with her beauty. The moment she showed up, she was immediately surrounded by people who wanted to talk to her. She then began engaging in conversation with different people. As she spoke confidently and with people, she looked like sparkling jewelry. It was impossible to not notice her.

Standing afar, Sam looked at the dazzling Sophia with admiration. He noticed her right away the moment she appeared at the dinner. She’s truly stunning, just like Annabel in my memory. But, Annabel is more stunning.

Annabel was a delicate and gentle lady. She was submissive and meek like an unknown wildflower silently blossoming by the roadside. On the other hand, Sophia was like an enchanting and gorgeous white peony. Her looks came from Annabel while her body figure came from Cooper. It was Cooper who gave life to the stunning looks that she inherited from Annabel. She was truly the combination of the characteristics of her parents. Moreover, she was also as ambitious as Cooper—perhaps it was a little too much.

He had reviewed her résumé. The way she carried out her revenge is identical to her father. She’s truly Cooper’s daughter! Gazing at her from afar, it was as if he was appreciating a piece of exquisite artwork. In his eyes, she was God’s best creation. No one had expected that through the twists and turns of life such a special girl was brought into the world.

Holding a glass of wine, Sam slowly strode toward Sophia, who was in the midst of a huge crowd. Everyone who saw Sam slowly and reverently backed away.

“Master Sam, lovely to see you,” Sophia humbly and politely greeted Sam.

Sam returned the greeting by offering a toast to Sophia and Michael. The three of them proceeded to take a swig of the wine. At the same time, Sam could not take his eyes off Sophia’s flushed cheeks. His eyes reflected her stunning looks. The sight of her caused ripples in his heart.

Sam asked, “How’s it going? You must have had an eventful day.”

Sophia nodded and responded, “Not bad at all. It’s just the first day; I look forward to the next two days.”

Within one day, Sophia added almost every wealthy woman on the island on Messenger and had played with all their pets. All of these wealthy laddies will be my clients from today onward!

Tomorrow, she would be having tea with some bigshots from the fashion and online game industries. The day after tomorrow, there would be a conference specifically for those wealthy ladies with their pets. Her schedule was packed.

“By the way, Master Sam, are you by any chance available tomorrow night?” Hearing this, Sam knew that she was up to something. He responded, “I am.” Deep within him, he was jumping for joy and full of anticipation… It was a feeling that he had never experienced before.

Sophia continued, “I’m going to have a barbeque with some friends at the beach tomorrow night. Would you like to join us?”

Underneath his composed look, his heart was leaping with joy. “Now that you mention it, I’ve been wanting to try the seafood that this island offers. I’m sure it would be nice to try them grilled. I’ll be sure to make it tomorrow night.” Between attending the head of families meeting tomorrow night and eating seafood, of course I’d choose the latter.

Upon hearing that, Sophia was elated. “That’s settled then! I’ll create a group chat later and add you into it.”

Now that he had accepted the invitation to join the barbeque tomorrow night, Sam was strangely over the moon. Having no intention of leaving, Sam carried on the conversation with Sophia after they talked about the barbecue. Wherever she is, the air around her seems to be filled with her scent.

“Ah, I just remembered something.” Sam asked his assistant to bring over a book. He held that book with a pen in his hand and said, “Could you sign this for me, please?”

Isn’t that the book that I wrote? Sophia was surprised yet delighted. Did Master Sam really read my book? I thought only fangirls and housewives read it!

“Isn’t this my book? Master Sam, I didn’t know you read my book too.”

Sam responded, “I came across it by chance. I thought it was a meaningful read so I’ve been keeping it. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that it was written by you.” He had actually instructed someone to fly to the nearest bookstore on the mainland to buy it for him today.

He only managed to finish one-third of the book as he could not muster up the courage to finish the rest.

In her book, she talked about her childhood, the leftovers, where and how she got the scars on her body, her experience of being bullied in middle school, and her fangirling stories. She was upfront about her past with the hope that it could be a warning to everyone who read her book. However, Sam did not have the courage to finish it because the more he understood the misery that she went through, the more he blamed himself.

Rather shyly, Sophia took the book and pen over and signed it for Sam. It’s a lot of pressure signing my book for Sam… I have no idea how many people are watching me right now.

As the second most important person in the Edwards Family, Sam was not in any way inferior to his predecessors. As such, all his moves were under public scrutiny. Among all the people who would love to strike up a conversation with him, he nevertheless chose to speak to Sophia, Michael’s wife. Was that not somewhat bizarre?

Standing next to Sophia, Michael sensed the strange look in Sam’s eyes as he looked at Sophia, but he had no way of describing what he saw. Nevertheless, he was certain of one thing: Sam knew Annabel!

Since Ivan was not around, it was Maria’s turn to look after the cat carrier bag where Garfield slept. Sam carried Garfield in his arms and later patted Nicholas on his head. He talked to Sophia about computer games, fashion, pets, and technology. It was as if he had endless topics to discuss with her. Occasionally, his words made Sophia laugh. They had a pleasant time conversing with each other.

Knowing that he had many eyes on him, Sam decided to not cause her any trouble. As such, after a while, he left. At this moment, as Michael took Sophia away, he began to have his guard up against Sam. Is that my imagination? Why do I keep sensing that there’s something wrong with the way Sam looks at Sophia… But, he’s Master Sam! No woman is out of his reach. It seems improbable that he would be into Sophia. However, I have such a strong gut feeling about it!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 687

After the conversation with Sam, Sophia took Sarah with her to go around and meet people. Sarah was an introvert and would not normally take the initiative to speak to anyone. As such, she barely knew any wealthy people in Bayside City.

Even though taking one’s own daughter to meet people should be something normal, it was nonetheless not something Judy was willing to do. All that Judy hoped for was that Sarah never existed in those circles.

However, connections were important in today’s society. It was better to make friends than to make enemies.

These two ladies believed that they could easily get to know all the bigshots they wanted to know with the help of the two washed-up male celebrities. Meanwhile, Sarah was endeavoring to get used to her identity. Since she wanted to get involved in bigger business, she needed connections. Right now, she was not only the Internet-famous illustrator, Little Kitten, but she was also the daughter of the Third West Family!

No matter what, she had to adapt to this status upgrade.

The dinner banquet tonight was a success so far. Halfway through the dinner, Sophia began to feel her stomach churning, perhaps because of all the sashimi that she consumed. As such, she had to use the bathroom multiple times. Each time she went to the bathroom, she was met with long lines. In the end, she decided to use the bathroom that was located outside the banquet hall.

After using the bathroom, she went to the mirror to fix her lipstick. At this juncture, she saw two figures in the mirror as they strode into the men’s bathroom one after another.

On a second glance, she realized that they were two dogs—one was a husky and the other a Labrador. It was Judge and Corrado. The two dogs stopped outside of the men’s bathroom as if they were talking to one another. Corrado then lay down in a watchman position at the entrance of the bathroom and began looking around. Upon entering the bathroom, Judge began sniffing around looking for something.

“What the f*ck!” Sophia exploded with anger.

Why did Judge bring along Corrado to come and eat sh*t?

“You sh*tty dog! Stay where you are! I’m going to hit you!”

After making sure that the men’s bathroom was empty, Sophia stormed into it and started dragging Judge by his collar. Flattening himself to the ground, Judge held down and desperately resisted Sophia’s pull. While being dragged around along the floor, he barked incessantly.

Woof, woof, woof, woof!

Sophia pulled him so hard that she began sweating profusely. “Stupid dog! Go back to your own room! I’m going to send you home tomorrow. Don’t you ever think of staying at my place any longer. I’ll let Stanley bring you home tomorrow!”

Woof, woof, woof, woof! Judge became increasingly aggressive as he continued barking while struggling to resist Sophia’s pull.

Seeing this, Corrado began turning in circles, not knowing what to do and which side to be on.

It seemed like Judge was adamant about eating feces today, but all the bathrooms on this island were squeaky clean. In each toilet was also a bidet and a dryer with a flush sensor. There was no way that Judge could scavenge anything to eat.

“Do you believe that I’m going to hit you? I’m going to do it now!” Sophia lifted her palm, pretending to get ready to hit him.

Judge looked up fearlessly and continued barking. Woof, woof, woof—

It was as if he was protesting, ‘Do it then! I dare you!’

Still in her dress and heels, Sophia accidentally stepped on the corner of her dress and fell prostrate.

Realizing that her face was about to land on the ground, Sophia immediately covered her face with her hands. All of a sudden, a pair of strong and powerful hands caught her by her waist, saving her from that fall.

I’m safe now!

Sophia was drenched in a cold sweat. After regaining her footing, the hands on her waist retreated right away.

Sophia was startled when she saw the person who saved her life. “Master Sam? Why are you here?”

Sam was always impeccably dressed like a prince. His clothes looked untouched even after that brief commotion. He ruffled Corrado’s head and responded, “I was just about to ask you what you were doing in the men’s bathroom.”

Now, that’s awkward…

Rolling her eyes, Sophia calmly gave a glance at Judge who was beside her, and came up with an idea. She pretended to look terrified and said, “Earlier on, I was just walking out of the ladies’ bathroom next door when this big dog showed up and wanted to bite me. On a whim, I decided to come in and hide in the men’s bathroom.”

Upon hearing that, Judge became upset. He jumped on her and wanted to bite her. Woof, woof, woof!

Rather pretentiously, Sophia looked terrified and hid behind Sam. “Look at that! He’s a mad dog!”

Sam frowned and shot Judge a cold look. The sight of the look on Sam’s face terrified the angry Judge. Judge pulled back his ears and retreated in fear.

After that, Sam turned around and looked at Sophia who looked petrified. Seeing this, he could not help softening his voice. “Alright. Everything’s fine now. You can go back to the banquet hall now while I take care of this dog. It wouldn’t do your reputation any good if you are seen in the men’s bathroom.”

As such, Sophia quickly thanked him and left.

After seeing that she left, Sam turned around and glanced at Judge who had already shrunk into a corner.

This dog is such a troublemaker!

Looking upset, Sam called someone to take Judge away.

Judge has been under strict supervision. How did he get out?

As Sophia bustled back to the banquet hall, she tried to get rid of the dog fur on her dress while cursing, “Stupid dog. Sh*tty dog. I hope you get what you deserve!”

Looking at the amount of fur on her dress, she reckoned that Judge must have eaten something recently that had caused him to shed so badly. How on earth can there be so much dog fur on me after such a brief moment with that dog? She stood at the entrance of the banquet hall for a while as she tried to get rid of all the fur before going in.

A few moments later, she saw a few cars that came from the airport. Someone must have just arrived on the island. I wonder who it is.

After pulling up by the roadside, a group of people came down from the cars. Being led by the bodyguards hired by the Edwards Family, seven or eight Caucasians rushed toward the banquet hall.

Standing at the entrance, Sophia curiously looked at that group of people. Much to her surprise, she saw a familiar face.


After seeing Linus, Sophia almost lost control of her feet as she dashed toward Linus.

It’s really Linus. I haven’t seen him in such a long time. He still looks the same.

Linus stopped in his tracks and stared at Sophia. There was a distance between the two as they stood there.

Linus seemingly knew that Sophia would be here. He asked, “What a coincidence. I was invited by Lucy to be here.”

It would appear that Lucy had some feelings for Linus but not the other way round. This time around, Linus had surprisingly accepted her invitation to attend the annual meeting of the Edwards Family.

Perhaps it was because he knew that Sophia would be here.

Rushing over to attend an event that he was loath to attend would be made worthwhile by the prospect of being able to see Sophia.

Ever since the previous incident, Sophia found it awkward to be with Linus. However, she did want to speak to him. She contemplated before saying, “Your place is still well-maintained. I send someone to clean it monthly.”

Linus responded, “That’s great. If you can’t find a tenant, just leave it be. I have a relative who visits Bayside City from time to time. It may be good to let him stay there whenever he’s in town.”

Sophia added, “Garfield’s doing well too.”

Linus grinned and said, “I know. I see all the pictures of Garfield on Twitter you post every now and then.”

He knew everything. He knew how well she had been…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 688

Sophia smiled, face lighting up as she looked at Linus.

“Mr. Fass, what a pleasure to finally meet you!” After sending Judge away, Sam ran into Linus after coming out of the bathroom.

Before this encounter, Sam had long heard about Linus, and he also knew that Lucy had invited him to the annual meeting. What he did not know was that Linus and Sophia knew each other.

As Sam’s reputation preceded him, Linus inched forward and shook his hand. “Master Sam, I’ve heard a lot about you.” The two had a friendly encounter.

For reasons unbeknownst to him, Sam felt that there was something strangely familiar about Linus although they had never met. He had only ever seen him featured on the covers of certain business magazines.

“Mr. Fass, do you know Sophia?” Sam asked, eyebrows raising in surprise.

Sophia jumped in proudly, “Linus and I went to the same school!”

Linus added, “And we share the exact same birth date.”

We probably shouldn’t mention the fact that we are sworn siblings.

Same birth date…

Sam frowned and said, “Let’s head inside.”

Linus’ appearance had attracted a lot of attention. Since this was the Edwards Family’s annual meeting, everyone that showed up was related to the Edwards Family in one way or the other. There were hardly any outsiders invited.

However, when people heard that he was invited by Lucy, people seemingly understood why he was here.

Upon entering the banquet hall, Linus met with Lucy. At the same time, Sophia finally returned and walked up to Michael.

Linus’ appearance piqued his interest. Linus? Why is he here? Did he marry into the Edwards Family?

Meanwhile, Sophia looked excited as she carried Garfield in her arms; she was looking forward to letting Linus see Garfield and Nicholas.

Much to her dismay, she did not have the opportunity to do that tonight. Lucy was busy bringing Linus around for him to meet different members of the Edwards Family. It was as if she was introducing her boyfriend to her relatives for the first time.

The news about the wedding between the Michel Family and the Edwards Family quickly spread like wildfire; the public had great expectations toward this marriage. On a side note, Lucy was older than Linus by three years… he was going to marry an older woman!

After hearing this news, Michael was incredibly perplexed.

Harry leaned over and joked, “Your ex is going to marry your brother-in-law! Are you terrified?”

Is the Edwards Family really going forward with the Michel Family on this?

While carrying Garfield in her arms, Sophia lingered close to Lucy and Linus. Naturally, Sophia also heard the news.

Linus is going to marry Lucy? Why do I have the feeling that Linus isn’t too happy about it… Since he turned up at the annual meeting, doesn’t this mean he’s agreed to this arrangement? Is this a wedding for political gains?

Sophia was in a daze as she stood at the sidelines of the huge crowd. Before she realized it, the dinner banquet had come to an end.

After returning to her room that night, Sophia removed her makeup and took a shower. She then changed into cartoon-themed pajamas, applied a face mask, lay on her bed, and started swiping her phone.

Firstly, she created a group chat for the barbecue and added whoever needed to be added to it: Harry, Sarah, Michael, Sam, and even Linus.

Michael lay next to her, also applying a face mask to take care of his aged face. When he clicked into the group chat, he received a notification that Sophia had just added Linus to the group chat.

Tsk! Can’t Linus give us a break? But, as long as she’s happy, there’s nothing I can do.

Later on, she began exchanging voice messages with Linus.

Linus stated, “I brought you a little something. I’ll pass it to you tomorrow.”

Tsk! Look at that… I’m getting jealous again.

After putting her phone away, Sophia went to wash her face. When she got back, she started talking to Michael about what happened today.

“Judge is totally out of control! He was trying to bring Corrado with him to eat poop! We need to quickly get our dog back. Otherwise, we might get ourselves into trouble one day! What if Master Sam found out that Judge had taught Corrado to eat poop? We’ll be in deep sh*t. You have to go and pick him up tomorrow!”

Upon hearing that, Michael frowned so hard that his face mask dropped from his face. Trying to put it back, he said, “That’s embarrassing. I’m not going.”

Sophia responded, “You have to show up tomorrow! That dog belongs to your nephew, not mine!” Michael clicked his tongue in disapproval without saying a word. He then washed his face and went to bed.

That night, the two kept pushing each other in bed.

“You go.”

“No. I’m not going. You go.”

“You’re an actor. You have thicker skin.”

“I’m a public figure. I need to save my face.”

“Anyway, I won’t be going. I leave the decision to you.” Still pushing each other in bed, they were equally loath to pick up Judge the next day.

In Sam’s room, he had just finished reading the book written by Sophia. He then took out his phone and watched all her IG Stories, going back as far as the ones posted last year and the year before that.

Watching her at work, working out, or at school, Sam felt that she did live a wonderful life.

When it came to her picture with Michael, Sam was annoyed.

They don’t match each other! They don’t even look like a couple at all. Michael’s love for her is not true love! Since he knows that the poop-eating husky belongs to Sophia, why wouldn’t he show up to take him away? To him, his face is surely worth more than his wife!

Much to his surprise, just shortly after breakfast the next morning, Lucy showed up with Michael to pick up the dog.

“Sam, the husky that you took with you last time belongs to Taylor. He’s here to take him back.”

Looking apologetic, Michael said, “I’m terribly sorry for the inconveniences caused. This dog is mine. I accidentally packed him into my luggage and brought him here.”

Not saying a word, Sam took the dog out by its leash and passed it to Michael, who in turn passed it to Hale.

Lucy frowned and let out a disgusted look as she saw Judge.

Why is Taylor’s dog eating poop? Oh, dear…

Sam did not know how to respond as he watched Michael leave with the dog.

He really showed up! But, lowering himself and coming to take the dog doesn’t mean anything. It merely shows that the dog means a lot to him.

Prior to this, Sam had never paid any attention to Taylor. All that he knew was that this movie star used to date Lucy. After Lucy’s car accident, Jordan decided to call off the wedding, perhaps because Taylor was an actor and he felt that he could not match up to Lucy.

This time around, he had instructed someone to dig into Taylor’s identity and provide every detail to him.

This investigation did indeed unearth some surprising information.

Taylor was a secretive person. No one really knew his background and upbringing except that he had strong support backing him up. His mother was Elizabeth Murray while the identity of her father was unknown. Notwithstanding, there was information suggesting some connection between his father, who died decades ago, and the Fletcher Family. Having made his debut as an artist in his teenage years, Taylor later went into the army. After that, he returned to the movie industry. He truly had a lot of different experiences under his belt.

Sam tried to nit-pick his problems as he went over the information. Eventually, he came to a conclusion: He’s not good enough for Sophia! He’s not worthy of her. The daughter of Cooper and Annabel deserves someone better!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 689

The following morning, after having breakfast, Sophia was about to head out to meet some bigshots for morning tea. At that moment, she thought about inviting Lucy to the barbecue tonight before she came up with a perfect excuse to get Judge back without losing her face. Now that Judge was with Sam, it was just a matter of time before Judge became a negative influence on Corrado.

If Sam found out that Judge took Corrado to eat poop, I’d be really embarrassed.

Who knew that the moment she put on her lipstick, Michael showed up with Judge.

Sophia was surprised yet elated. “You brought the dog back!”

Michael responded blandly, “I did. From Lucy.”

Sophia incredulously looked at him and squinted in suspicion. “Didn’t you want to save your face? What changed your mind?”

Michael felt equally helpless. If I could, I’d rather throw this sh*tty dog into the sea. But this dog is Stanley’s dog, and Sophia seems to like it a lot. I can’t possibly get rid of it.

Michael responded seriously, “Nothing much. I’m an actor, so I have thick skin. After all, if I didn’t go, were you going to show your face and look for Lucy?” Michael’s words sounded flattering.

Sophia jumped out of her seat and kissed him. She said, “Hubby, you’re the best.”

I’m sure going to his ex to find the poop-eating dog must have been embarrassing for Michael. But, if he didn’t go, I would have to go. That would’ve been a real conundrum. I never liked Lucy, so if I were to really go up to her to ask for my dog, it would be a real embarrassment. It’d be a lot better for Michael to do it.

Between embarrassing Sophia and himself, Michael ultimately chose the latter. Saving Sophia’s face is more important than saving mine.

Since Judge had caused such a huge embarrassment this time around, Sophia held Judge to teach him a lesson.

“Sh*tty dog! You’re such an embarrassment! You’re so embarrassing! Do you believe I’m going to beat you up? I’m so going to beat you up!”

Not admitting his fault, Judge lay down, reached out his paws, and refused to move as it resisted Sophia’s drag.

In the end, Sophia decided to pass the dog to Hale for him to look after. If Judge still manages to eat poop under Hale’s watch, I’m going to make Hale do the same.

Ivan had been targeted the moment he arrived at the island. Since he was still in the hospital, the job of looking after his pets fell on Hale, who felt helpless and annoyed.

After dealing with the dog, Michael and Sophia split up—Michael went to meet a few people from the film industry while Sophia went for her appointment with the bigwigs with Sarah.

This morning, Sarah had an appointment scheduled with the bigshots from the gaming industry. In the afternoon, she had arranged a meeting with some of her seniors in the fashion industry. When Sophia and Sarah arrived at the first appointment, they found Sam there.

“Eh? Master Sam? What brought you here?”

It seemed like Sam had been here for a while. Meanwhile, Corrado was taking a nap next to him.

“I’ve been wanting to focus on the online gaming industry. Since we have the rare opportunity of having so many talents in this field here today, I thought I should come by.” Half believing what he said, Sophia placed her handbag on the table and sat down.

This morning, they picked a café to have morning tea for the appointment. There were not only cafes on this island, but there were also pubs, discos, gyms, and so on—the island had all kinds of facilities. The café was bustling with the members of the Edwards Family. They were in groups of three to five, discussing matters of their respective fields.

Plum Technology had been in the limelight recently because of the two hot-selling games they created—’The Traveling Snail’ and ‘Soul of Sniper’—as well as many other apps. Sophia’s company was truly the rising star that had attracted a lot of attention. Being her eloquent and talkative self, Sophia engaged in many pleasant discussions with the bigshots.

Sitting in the booth next to the café were several people from the film industry, including a producer, some actors, and a director. They were all part of the Edwards Family or the relatives of some family members of the Edwards Family. Inevitably, Michael and Harry were part of the group.

Michael could not help throwing glances in the direction where the gaming group was, alternating between the talkative Sophia and the awkward-looking Sam who was trying to fit in.

That’s strange. This old chap knows nothing about games. What’s he doing there?

After finishing the discussion with the gaming circle, Sophia joined the fashion industry circle and began chatting with several bigshots in that industry. To no one’s surprise, Sam was there too.

By noon, some of the bigshots from the digital fashion circle decided to have their lunch at that café. After having their lunch, they went their own ways, and of course, Sam took the opportunity to have lunch with Sophia.

In the afternoon, Michael made an appointment to meet with some bigshots from the finance industry. Since a number of his business partners attended this annual meeting, he took advantage of this occasion to gather all of them to play mahjong on the beach. As such, he set up a huge beach umbrella for them to play mahjong. Right next to them was the pet club organized by Sophia, who managed to gather all the wealthy women on the island who brought their pets along. There were all sorts of pets—cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and even fawns. Those wealthy ladies were having a good time exchanging ideas with each other about their pets.

Sitting underneath the beach umbrella, Michael looked over toward the group of wealthy ladies and spotted Sam with his huge Labrador.

This old chap… What is he doing there at a ladies club?

On the flip side, Sophia was honored to be able to get Sam to join them. Having the presence of Sam, the 9th Old Master, she did not even have to try to gather those wealthy ladies, who showed up automatically after finding out that he was there.

Oh, Master Sam, the popular and eligible bachelor! Everyone who had any unmarried and single daughters came up and tried introducing their daughters to him.

Even Victoria and Faye were there, but Sam did not seem to show any interest in them.

Having Sam at the pet club made it a success. Sophia managed to smoothly expand her client base to include all these wealthy ladies.

After the pet club ended, Sophia instructed her workers to pack up. Sam was still there, deliberately pacing around the sidelines with Corrado.

Seeing the gorgeous and sturdy Corrado, which looked way better than Judge, Sophia could not help patting him. The moment she started patting Corrado, Sam immediately found common ground. The two eventually sat down and played with the dog, chatting with each other and even patting Garfield after.

Perhaps it was his imagination, but Michael kept getting a lecherous vibe from Sam. After patting the dog, his hand almost touched Sophia’s hand.

Something’s wrong. Something’s clearly wrong… Is this old cow trying to nibble on tender grass?

Even Harry noticed that something was not right. He nudged Michael and pointed toward their direction with his mouth.

“Look at that! Is Sam trying to seduce your wife?”

Michael frowned while looking at them. Sophia had her head down as she ruffled Corrado’s head while conversing with Sam, perhaps asking about the dog.

Sam responded gently with an occasional smile on his face. He even sneaked glances at Sophia with his gentle eyes when she was unaware.

Something’s definitely wrong! Sam, you dirty old man…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 690

Michael clenched his teeth then deliberately brought Judge along as he went forward.

After being put on a leash upon returning home, Judge was unable to secretly run off and eat his feces anymore. He could only follow Michael to where Sophia was and sniff Corrado’s butt.

“What are you guys talking about?” Michael asked.

He naturally placed a hand on Sophia’s shoulders then let it slide down and rest on her waist.

“Oh, Master Sam was just telling me about this beautiful Persian cat. We can potentially introduce the cat as a mating partner for Garfield.”

Sam even added, “I also know a female husky. She’s a pedigree from the strongest of the pack. She will be a good match for Judge.”

Michael forced an awkward smile. How dare he try to curry favor with me?

“Okay then, we can arrange for them to meet.”

A frown appeared on Sam’s forehead. He had heard the annoyance and displeasure in Michael’s words.

When he looked up, he saw Michael looking down at him with an insincere gaze as though he was sneering at him. Either way, he did not look kind.

The two men made eye contact briefly and caught the ominous look in each other’s eyes before looking away again quickly.

Sophia, who had bent over to pat the dog, did not notice the animosity that was exchanged between them, and continued to talk with an eager look on her face.

“Oh, it’s my husband’s nephew’s dog. I thought it looked familiar! Unfortunately, I can’t tell huskies apart so I didn’t recognize it. No wonder he keeps coming up to me. It’s because he recognizes me. Hubby, why did you secretly bring the dog with you?” She was talking about Judge.

She wanted to sever all ties with the dog, but Michael had brought the dog back. For now, she could only come up with excuses.

Judge had a muzzle over his face so he could not bark even though he wanted to.

Sam seemed to believe her. “Yes, Judge does have a very typical husky appearance.”

After the afternoon pet club ended, it was time for their seafood barbecue in the evening. Sophia was working round the clock and did not have a moment to rest.

They did not invite a lot of people to the barbecue. It was Sophia, Michael, Harry, Sarah, Linus, and Sam. After pondering for a bit, she decided to invite Lucy as well.

In the past, she was always wary of Lucy. Because Lucy was her husband’s past lover, she kept having this feeling that Lucy wanted to seduce her husband. But after Michael went to Lucy to ask for his dog, it dismissed all her concerns.

After finding out that Michael’s dog ate its feces, Lucy probably would not have a good impression of him anymore.

She was the young lady of the Edwards Family. Her standards were high. She probably could not accept the fact that Michael, her ex-boyfriend, was raising a dog that ate excrement.

Before the barbecue began, Linus personally handed over the gifts he had prepared for Sophia to Michael.

Linus looked like he was moving houses with all the bags in his hands. One by one, he handed them to Michael.

“I lived in Africa over the past few years, so I brought back a few local African goods.”

“This is for you, Mike—a diamond belt.”

“This is for Sophia. It’s a jewelry set with a diamond necklace, bracelet, anklet, and two pairs of earrings.”

“This is for Nate.”

“This is for Chrysanthemum, Simba, Snowball, Sunset, Judge, and Garfield…”

“And these are for Stan, Sarah, and Sean.”

Michael took all the presents from him but still had a troubled expression on his face. “You spent quite a lot. They’re all so valuable.”

The pet collars that he gave were covered in diamonds. It was clearly expensive just by the looks of it.

Linus let out a genuine smile. “They’re not expensive. They’re just local goods we got from the ground.”

The Michel Family did mining in Africa. Not only did they have several valuable metal mines, but they also had a few open-pit mines. To Linus, those really were just goods that he excavated from the ground.

After Michael received all the gifts, he felt extremely uneasy.

It looked like Linus had prepared those gifts very early on.

“Why don’t you give them the gifts yourself?” Michael asked.

Linus looked at the ground and chuckled. “Mike, I don’t feel too comfortable doing that. Could you do it for me?”

There were many reasons he did not feel comfortable, but Michael did not ask any further.

Everyone knew what Linus had done, so asking any more would have been awkward.

Michael accepted the gifts on behalf of Sophia and the rest. Then, he handed them to Gary to store away safely inside the room. Midway, Michael looked at the four pieces of jewelry that Linus gave Sophia. The size and quality of the diamonds were phenomenal. It would be a top-notch luxury item in the market.

Even though he was giving Sarah four pieces of jewelry with the same specifications, Michael still felt like the diamonds on Sophia’s jewelry were a lot bigger.

Was he just overthinking it?

He kept feeling like the whole world was trying to take his wife away from him.

When he got to the venue, he spotted Sophia busily making preparations, so he hurried over to help.

Because they were at someone else’s place, everything seemed inconvenient. Fortunately, Sophia came well-equipped. She even hired a barbecue expert specifically to come and help them out.

When Michael arrived, he saw Lucy right away and the diamond necklace that she was wearing. It was clearly a gift from Linus as it was similar to the one Linus gave Sophia earlier. Nonetheless, the one Sophia received was bigger and nicer.

No wonder Linus wanted to give the gifts in private—it would not have turned out well if Lucy saw it.

Michael also heard a rumor that Linus was going to be engaged to Lucy soon, but he was still not fond of her.

From the way the Michel Family talked, however, it was a sealed deal.

Michael knew that Linus did not have to have a marriage arrangement with the Edwards Family. There was still a bit of a gap between the Edwards Family and the Michel Family.

Why did he come to the Edwards Family’s annual meeting?

Even though he did not understand, Michael knew that Lucy was about to be dumped. Karma will get back at anyone!

The seafood barbecue was going really well. Lucy was sitting beside Linus and talking to him. She was constantly laughing at his words. It was clear that Lucy was looking forward to their engagement.

It had also been a while since Sarah last saw Linus. Every now and then, she would start up a conversation with him.

Linus was content with holding Garfield in his arms and patting Judge who was next to him.

Judge still remembered Linus and had snuggled up next to him just waiting to be patted.

Michael was busy with the barbecue but he liked what he was doing. Harry and Sam were talking to each other with Sophia sitting on the other side of Sam. She was eating seafood and getting along well with Sam.

While Michael was cooking, he would look over at Sam from time to time.

This b*stard… He’s been talking to Sophia all day, but his eyes keep drifting off to Linus.

Linus Michel… Sam had never seen this person before, but there was a faint sense of familiarity.

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