My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 661-670

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 661

Michael never maintained a good relationship with Jordan, who was the head of the Edwards Family. Not to mention, Lucy had dumped Michael a few years ago. Later, when Jordan wanted to buy Villa No. 1 from him, he was rejected, causing them to have a tense relationship.

What is he implying by sending the invitation to us?

Jordan was also one of the suspects to have sponsored Phantom Wolf. Hence, Michael felt that he needed to attend the event…

After chatting with the West Family, Harry saw them off after the scrumptious meal. Before they left, he even gave a salamander to Mr. West, making him delighted.

Harry changed clothes and threw all the cup noodles away after the West Family left.

He finally realized that he could not live a life like that any more. After all, he also wanted to settle down and have kids. I can’t go on like this anymore! I have to learn to live like Michael.

When Michael went home, Harry sent his neighbors away and replaced all the antique vases with the pink rug, returning the entire place to its initial decor.

Once he was done with everything, Sarah suddenly hugged him from behind as she was moved by his actions. “Old Wolf, you are the best!” He looked incredibly handsome when he stood up to my stepmother earlier! If only I can be as assertive as him, she won’t be able to bully me anymore!

Upon looking at Sarah today, Harry thought she was incredibly beautiful.

She had always been a hermit who usually never left the house and would not participate in any upper-class society gatherings. The dress that she wore earlier was even borrowed from Sophia.

Sophia’s clothes were usually purchased from the factory, resulting in her wardrobe containing many new clothes that she hadn’t worn. She lent one of them to Sarah today and was surprised to know that it perfectly fitted her.

As Sarah wore the red dress, it gave her style a different aura from her usual attire. Even her young face had a different flair to it.

She curiously asked, “How did you know about my familial matters?”

Harry gave her a mysterious look. “It’s a secret.”

She scratched her head and mumbled to herself as she went upstairs to change.

Upon looking at her heading up the stairs in her red gown, his eyes were full of affection.

He had always known about her.

Harry had been doing well in his circle nine years ago.

Even though he was a businessman in the underworld, he needed to have a proper public identity. When Michael started his acting career, he felt that he also had such talents and joined the former to act in a movie, earning him a job title as an actor.

As the Internet gained popularity, more kids knew how to use technology. Harry realized that he often received tweets from a user called ‘Little Kitten’ on Twitter. Hers was just one of the many few million messages and did not stand out.

Sometimes, Sarah would show her drawings to him, knowing that he would never read anything that she sent and reply to her. So, she treated his Twitter as a place for her to vent her frustrations. Whenever she ran into something that made her sad, she would send him messages—something about the divorce of her parents and her fierce stepmother.

She had messaged everything about herself to him. Even though he seemed as though he never read any of her messages, he had actually been reading them—her first time participating in a drawing competition, her first time receiving a love letter, being alone abroad for the first time, her first time signing her works… When she failed her college entrance exam, she was so desperate that she even contemplated suicide. However, someone told her she still could save her marks, so she quickly prepared for the materials to prove herself and rely on her connections for help. In the end, she managed to successfully enroll in Bayside University. He was aware of everything that she endured.

He also knew about everything she had been through—her love and hatred on top of her troubles and worries as well as her dreams and goals.

Even though Sarah was a bit silly, it was still cute for Harry.

After he finished packing his items, he changed into his pink bunny outfit. In fact, he became so adept at wearing it that he became comfortable, even though he felt awkward when he first tried it.

Harry felt that he should also thank Michael for today’s arrangements. If it hadn’t been for him, it wouldn’t have looked as good as it did. Meanwhile, he also felt that he had disappointed Sarah.

After all, he was from the underworld, so living a quality life wasn’t his strong suit.

On the other hand, Michael was very good at living a fruitful life—he nurtured Sophia until she looked healthy and plump. Nathan was also chubby with a lot of baby fat on his face under his care.

When Harry arrived at Michael’s house, he saw Stanley on the rug hugging his uncle’s thighs.

“Uncle Michael, why don’t you invest a bit more money? Just a little will do.” When Michael was disgusted and annoyed, Stanley continued to plead. “It’s not much! Just a little—100 million would do.”

“Get your hands off me. I don’t have money. Go and ask someone else.”

However, Stanley continued to grab Michael’s thigh and pretended to be pitiful. “Uncle Michael, just invest in us. Our game is about to be launched on an international stage to make our country proud. I have a huge event lined up, but it needs a lot of money. Sophia has invested money into this. You’re the one left!”

If Michael refused to give Stanley money, he would throw tantrums and roll on the ground.

After being annoyed by Stanley, Michael responded, “Gosh, you are embarrassing yourself! Get up on your feet! I’ll give you some money, alright?”

Stanley immediately rose to his full height and bowed. “Thank you, Uncle Michael! You are a good person!”

With that, both of them sat down to discuss the details of the investment and were soon joined by Sean.

Upon seeing that, Harry also quickly participated in their discussion.

Now that the Internet was booming, even the rural places and temples used QR codes to solicit for donations. It was clear how popular smartphones and the Internet was becoming.

Hence, it was a necessity to develop a gaming app on the phone. Stanley planned to develop a mobile game called ‘The Soul of Snipers’. With plans to develop another game, he would require lots of money to be invested.

Sophia had invested a lot in his new project.

With the amount of money from Cooper, it was useless to keep it in the bank. Hence, she quickly withdrew it for investments—she bought stocks, timely purchases of the trending properties, and invested in many other businesses.

As Harry approached them, Stanley quickly grabbed him to talk about investments. Once the four of them had finished their discussion, they signed an investment agreement. With that, Stanley packed his things in contentment and happily left with Sean. Not only did Stanley leave his dog in Michael’s place, he had also brought his cats over. At the current moment, it seemed like the entire place was inundated with cats.

Before Stanely left, he carefully reminded, “Sophia, take good care of Sunset and Judge’s collars, yeah? They are branded and expensive.”

While hugging Sunset, who had soft fur, Sophia hummed in agreement and shot a good look at the cat’s collar.

Harry finally sat down and talked business with Michael.

After all, they were buddies for many years—to thank Michael formally would be too awkward.

Harry spoke, “Sarah’s dad has asked me and Sarah to join the Edwards Family’s Annual Meeting.”

Even though both Sarah and Harry were not a part of the Edwards Family and Judy was merely their stepmother without any blood relations, Mr. West had still asked them to join the annual dinner to boost his wife’s reputation.

Joe’s generation had descended from the illegitimate side of the Edwards Family. He initially could not be listed in the genealogy record book. However, since his name was recently included, it was a piece of good news to him, so he fervently hoped that he would be able to show good results to the family—bringing along two handsome and privileged son-in-laws was a good choice.

After thinking about it, Michael replied, “Alright. Let’s go together then.”

He also wanted to meet Jordan.

Michael sent Harry home after their discussion. By that stage, Sophia had also showered and changed into her pajamas before approaching Michael with Sunset in her arms.

Stanley recently hadn’t gone home as he was worried that his old caretakers would mistreat his sons and daughters. Hence, he quickly sent Sunset and her family of three cats over to her.

Sunset had a beautiful collar full of diamonds around its neck, matching its personality and boosting her elegance. Whenever it was in the same picture as Sophia and the other orange cats, it looked like a rich young lady posing with other people from the countryside.

“Dear, look at Sunset’s collar—it’s so beautiful!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 662

While glancing at Sunset’s collar, Michael responded, “This is a famous luxury brand for pets abroad. It’s rather expensive. Stan’s quite generous with his cats since this collar costs at least tens of thousands. Its price could set its owner back by even hundreds of thousands.” I’m guessing that Stanley must have spent all of his earnings from the past year on his pets. No matter he keeps saying that he’s broke every day. F*ck me! If I give him another penny, I’m an idiot.

Upon looking at Judge and the Persian cat, he added, “Judge and Garfield’s collars are also from the same brand. It costs at least 5 to 6 digits. Garfield’s collar is specially designed, so it’s even more expensive.”

Garfield was the Persian cat that Linus gave as a present and the collar came together with the cat.

When he brought it over, he had already gifted two collars—one of which was already around Chrysanthemum’s neck.

Sophia thought, This must be the reason why Chrysanthemum recently has a hint of elegance, even though he’s a fat cat. He is fat, but it’s a different kind of chubbiness from other cats. It’s because of the luxury collar that Linus gave. She said with excitement, “I’ll buy a few for the other cats tomorrow to ensure equal treatment. We can’t be biased.”

While petting the cat, Michael concurred. “Sure, I’ll ask a couple of designers abroad to order a few for us.”

However, Sophia was unhappy to hear that. “Can’t you buy that locally? You are so unpatriotic, always buying items from abroad!”

He shook his head. “Selling luxury items for animals is a new industry. There aren’t any stores catering for that market locally. None of the local brands are good enough to even be listed in that category. Everything is old-fashioned that even a Ragdoll will resemble a stray cat after wearing them!”

There aren’t any stores locally… Sophia suddenly sank into deep thoughts as she caressed the cat before a grandiose idea popped up in her mind. Since there’s no market to cater for that industry locally, why don’t I… give it a go?

As Taylor Murray’s wife, she was acquainted with the socialities of Bayside City. Nowadays, whenever the rich wives went out, they cared a lot about how they looked. Luxury items had always been a must and pets were also considered essential. In the earlier years, even the royalties reared a few royal cats. Pets were now considered as a luxury brand too. This has a huge market potential!

Previously, she also wanted to invest in a jewelry brand, but since that market was saturated, she kept delaying it. Why don’t I start a luxury brand for pets? Cooper has loads of money. Even if it’s in the bank, it’s not going to do anything. Why don’t I withdraw it and invest?

Once Sophia made up her mind, she started to write her business proposal.

Meanwhile, Michael returned to the filming crew to settle the issues that Celine caused and to finish filming her scenes. It was almost time to attend the annual dinner when he returned home.

At the same time, she was also engrossed with her own matters—in no time, she wrote the proposal and emailed it to Michael, who was still at the filming crew, to peruse. After all, he was older and more experienced than her.

He read through it with all of his concentration. Upon seeing his beloved wife coming out of her depressive episode and strove hard to earn money, he was relieved and happy as it was a good sign.

He had to give her the credit for having bold ideas and being observant. He had merely been talking about it, but she started to survey the market after that.

In the few days after their conversation, she never returned to work and instead traveled to various places including heading abroad to conduct research on the local market.

Her plans had included something else—apart from developing a luxury brand for pets, she wanted to take over the tourism in Dragon Mountain.

As Michael read the proposal, she explained with excitement, “Meditation retreats will be the trend for the next few years. Many wealthy people will fancy it as they have been inhaling too much hazy air in the city and doing many things that make them feel guilty. So, they like to visit temples in the mountains to make donations in exchange for that peaceful feeling. Meanwhile, they take a few days’ worth of rest. In fact, there are many people who like to head up to the mountains to do so. My classmates have villas in the mountains specially for them to rejuvenate themselves and breathe in fresh air. They would head there for one to two months to rest on an annual basis. I’m planning to make it a one-stop service for them. Once we have renovated and fixed the Dragon Temple, we can develop the surrounding areas to encourage more people to visit. Then, we can build a series of rest villas, holiday villas, and old folks homes in the mountains. We can also build many restaurants and farms there to help the local economy. The air is fresh there with snow in the winter. Maybe we can build a skiing resort too. I’ve been there and I know people there who want to develop the area as well. However, they are unable to secure enough investors—and there isn’t another place to bring such plans to life. The old monk told me that his temple only has two monks. Even though there are no roads leading to their temple, both of them are able to make seven figures annually! Right now, meditation retreats are very profitable with a few successful cases in Cethos. Take Reverie Mountain as an example.”

Sophia’s proposal was very detailed—it was obvious that she had done a lot of research. While Michael was in a video call with her, he thought that her voice was melodious and she looked pretty. My wife has matured a lot.

After he finished reading the proposal, he ate two hamburgers for supper to gain weight as he portrayed someone fat in the movie, so the entire filming crew were waiting for him to become fatter.

Then, Michael added, “With regards to the luxury brand for pets, you can ask Stan’s godson, Kenny, to teach you about it. For meditation retreats and developing Dragon Temple, you can ask Mr. Eighty Thousand about it as he’s most experienced.”

It was difficult to change Daniel’s rare nickname after he was used to calling him like that.

Both of them often discussed the topic in their video calls. Michael fully supported Sophia’s career while she was also eager to start something great on her own.

She was unable to finish many things at once as she did not have any experience, so she had to search for business partners.

Firstly, she reached out to Daniel. Even though she didn’t want to do so, she couldn’t deny that he was undeniably experienced in that field.

After he learned about Dragon Mountain, a rich piece of land, he was rather interested in the investment. He even personally went there a few times to have a look for himself. After he was sure that he wanted to be Sophia’s business partner, both of them were engaged in discussions and decided to kickstart their plan after the New Year.

She was also looking for an investor for the pets’ luxury brand—and the first person whom she thought of was Sarah as the latter loved cats with all her heart.

Sarah also owned a few animal-related stores. Her cat cafe was a famous cafe and right next to it was her pet store.

Whenever customers like any of her cats in the restaurant, they could immediately purchase it. The pet store, which was next door, would send cats to ‘work’ in the cafe on shifts, making the entire process a cycle.

After Sophia described her plan, Sarah wanted to be part of it in that instant. This is a great idea! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!

In Sarah’s cat cafe, Sophia showed her the proposal. Even though Sarah was petite and quiet, she was blessed with a business acumen—her stores were doing well, especially the cat cafe. Based on her fame as ‘Little Kitten’, it became a popular store online that all cat lovers would frequent whenever they visited the area. After perusing the proposal, she was interested. “The pet industry has been gaining traction recently. The need for pet photography, gadgets and luxury items is also growing. I mean, look at my cafe and pet store—the vaccination, food, toys, hair care for the dozens of cats that I own have caused me to spend a lot of money. If we don’t do so, the cats won’t look beautiful and energetic.”

The cats in Sarah’s cat cafe were cute, healthy, and playful. While petting one of them, Sophia ordered a cup of coffee and commented, “It should be fine, shouldn’t it? At least I think it’s working out well since the customers are gentle and kind.” Since the customers like cats, I don’t think they will be that fierce.

When Sophia brought the topic, Sarah had numerous complaints. “When you have many customers, you’ll encounter all kinds of weird people.”

She pointed at a corner with many mattresses for cats and a clean rug. However, an unhygienic man lay on top of the futon with his long hair covering his face while a few cats slept next to him.

His body radiated a stinking odor, causing the cats to stink as well!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 663

Sarah complained in a soft voice, “Did you see that? That homeless man comes to my cafe everyday and sleeps on the floor all day long after ordering a cup of coffee. No matter what I do, he won’t leave.”

As she spoke, the unhygienic homeless man hugged the cats next to him and blissfully rubbed his face on their fur, revealing a sinister smile. He smelled their fur as if he was on drugs before lying on the ground like a dead dog. However, the cats seemed to fancy him and gathered around him.

“Ugh…” Sophia responded. “How disgusting. You should call the police.”

Sarah shook her head. “I’ve called them a few times, but they can’t do anything about him as he’s suffering from a mental illness.” Sure enough, there’s something wrong with his mind. One of the cats is sitting on his face with its butthole on his nostrils yet he has no reaction.

Sophia suggested, “Why don’t you hire a security guard to throw him out? What if he starts laying his hand on the cats when he’s insane?”

Sarah sighed. “Forget it. He’s actually quite pitiful.”

“The police informed me that his parents died in an accident when he was just a student and his relatives had absconded all of their assets. Three years ago, his wife died in a difficult labor and his child only survived in the incubator for two days in the hospital before passing away as well. Two years ago, his younger sister committed suicide by jumping from a building after she fell out of love. While he was busy dealing with her funeral, his cat, which he reared for eight years, ate three of his hamsters that had been around for three years. The cat even choked to death! The dog, which he had for around ten years, was taken away by someone else after it ran outside. When he asked for it, the person ignored him and threw it down from ten floors in front of him. Since then, he was completely traumatized. Geez…”

A dumbfounded Sophia paused before replying, “What a miserable life that he has!”

Everyone suffered in the world—and there were many reasons for the pain everyone experienced.

However, his entire family died, causing him to be alone—no one could handle such a trauma.

“However, it’s not the way out for him to be like that everyday.” Sophia frowned. “It’s affecting your business!”

Sarah also looked troubled. “I don’t have any other way. He’s obsessed with the cats and here on a daily basis for close to a month. No matter what I do, he won’t budge.”

Even though she lacked any ideas to solve the matter at hand, Sophia did. She merely walked over and talked to the homeless guy. In no time, he panicked and left after placing the cats down.

Sarah was amazed by what she saw. The police can’t do anything about it, so how did the man leave after a few words from Sophia?

Sophia replied vindictively, “Didn’t you say that he loves cats? I merely told him that he’s unhygienic, so he might cause the cats to suffer from illnesses. He immediately left.”

Sarah was speechless upon hearing that.

Plum Technology was finally on track. Since Michael was not at home, Sophia had a lot of time on her hands to deal with her business. She often visited Sarah’s cat cafe to discuss their idea of luxury brands for pets.

What she did not expect was to see the homeless man again the next time she visited the store, but his appearance had changed—he washed and tied his long hair while keeping his beard, looking like an educated man. He did not look old; he resembled someone in his thirties.

He had a clean face and he wore different clothes—he was in the cafe staff’s uniform as he delivered orders, moved the items around, and cleaned the floor.

“Hey.” Sophia was shocked. “Did you hire him?”

Sarah explained, “After he left the last time, he returned the next day with a clean look. He even said that by being clean, he won’t spread any disease to the cats anymore. Since he’s rather tall and muscular with nowhere else to go to, I hired him as the cafe’s security guard. After all, everyone else in the cafe is a girl, so he will be responsible for the duties that require more strength. On top of that, he still knows how to take care of the cats. Once we close for the day, he’ll remain to look after them and sleep in the storage room.”

Sophia was still shocked upon hearing that. So, he’s really a homeless man who loves cats.

However, he was not in good spirits—he’ll be stroking the cats in a daze most of the time, but no matter what, he still looked better than before.

“Hey, you guys are here!”

While Sophia chatted with Sarah, Stanley entered the cafe with Judge in tow.

As a person who loved both cats and dogs, he was interested in their business proposal, so he quickly joined the partnership. The minute he arrived, Sean would definitely come as well.

“Quickly come over. We were waiting for you guys,” Sophia said.

Judge was left to roam about in the cafe to search for the cats whom he was familiar with.

He liked cats as well and often came over to play with them.

When Stanley and Judge were in the military compound before, the dog could only play with the same compatriots over and over again, which it was tired of doing. The cat cafe was better because there were new cats everyday. In just a short while that he was here, Judge had already liked a few cats that he liked until their furs were drenched.

He trotted around the room like an emperor visiting his concubines. From the cafe all the way to the outside, he would give the cats he liked two licks. Fortunately for him, the cats were rather docile, so they did not retaliate.

Upon seeing that there was another person in the cafe today, Judge curiously walked toward him. The homeless man was stroking the cats with a gentle and affectionate look in his eyes and petted Judge’s head after seeing him arriving.

He seemed to have the ability to attract both cats and dogs as the animals surrounded. Judge also rested his head on the man’s thigh to take a nap.

While stroking the dog’s head, the man saw the collar on the animal’s neck. After using his fingers to take a closer look at it, his eyes widened in shock—as if he couldn’t believe what he saw.

The four people who were in the midst of a discussion suddenly heard a wail. After looking around, they noticed that the homeless man tightly hugged Judge as he sobbed.

A shocked Judge struggled to free himself.

“Ivan, what’s wrong?” Sarah hurried over to give Ivan a hug.

The homeless man did not utter a word as he continued to cry while tightly grabbing the dog collar.

Upon knowing that the collar did not come at a cheap price, she quickly added, “Ivan, please let go of that. This collar is a luxury brand abroad, which was designed by a famous designer. You can’t afford to replace it if you break it!”

Ivan sobbed. “Which designer?”

Because they were preparing to be involved in the same business and Sarah had been paying attention to the industry, she knew more about the business. Hence, she immediately gave the name of the designer. “This is designed by the famous designer for animal luxury brands, Bill Winterford.”

As soon as he heard that, he wept bitterly and continued to tightly hug the dog. Fortunately, it was quite late, so there weren’t many customers. Otherwise, his behavior would have affected her business.

Finally, they managed to rescue Judge from Ivan’s embrace. Stanley quickly brought his shocked ‘son’ aside while she coaxed Ivan to return and rest.

The moment Sophia arrived home, she gave Michael a video call to update him about her latest progress and gossip that she heard. They often chatted until midnight before one party fell asleep.

Without a doubt, she told him about the homeless man whom she met in the cat cafe.

“That homeless man is pitiful. I heard that he used to be wealthy and handsome, but he’s now in this state. After his parents died, his relatives took advantage of him being young and squandered his family assets. His wife died in the midst of a difficult labor whereas his child only survived for two days. The cat that he reared for many years ate his hamsters and choked to death as a result. The dog whom he took care of for ten years also died, which is the really tragic part. Sarah said the pet was thrown down by others from the tenth floor. That’s horrible!”

Sophia was not someone who particularly liked animals, but she was devastated when Snowball died. The homeless man looked like he loved animals a lot. It must be traumatic for him to see his own dog die in front of him.

Perhaps it was because the tragic story was extremely unique and it was a small world, Michael frowned as soon as he heard the story. Thinking that it was familiar, he quickly asked, “Is the man called Ivan?”


My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 664

Sophia was so shocked that she spurted out the milk in her mouth. “Do you know him?”

Michael sighed and whispered, “Yes. Back then, when I was still a drill instructor for the Bayside University freshmen, he was one of my students. After that, I heard that he went abroad to further his studies in designing. Unexpectedly, in the end…”

He couldn’t bear to elaborate further. After all, the said person was a talented student when he was in university. No one knew that fate would have dealt such a cruel blow in such a way on him.

“After his parents died, his relatives bullied him and his sister’s naivety before cheating them of their house at a low price. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to have their house and their assets back, both of them studied abroad with the money. I heard that their business was initially doing rather well. It’s such a pity…”

He’s actually our senior from Bayside University! All those who graduate from Bayside University are talents! I can’t believe that he would actually reach this stage! Sophia felt sorry for Ivan and sighed uncontrollably.

A while ago, Michael actually meant it when he said that he was about to purchase a few expensive high-end collars from abroad. He really placed the order after he talked about it.

During these few days, his orders had finally arrived from abroad one after another. Their service was perfect.

It was evident that the way one carries themselves depended on their clothes and accessories, regardless if they were humans or animals. After their collars were changed, the few cats looked absolutely different.

They were previously fat, but they were now wealthy!

It had further strengthened Sophia’s determination to kickstart a luxury brand for pets.

Even though everyone had founded their own companies, they were still students of Bayside University, so they still needed to spare some time to return to campus for their lectures.

That noon, when Sophia returned to campus, Stanley dragged her to the alumni corridor on campus.

“Some new pictures are being hung in the corridor. Let’s take a look!”

As they approached the corridor, a few new faces were spotted. A surprised Sophia also realized that the four of them were also in one of the pictures.

It was a pity that it was a group photograph as they were represented as a quartet. Of course, their achievement was their ability to kickstart Plum Technology. Using some of Michael’s connections and persuaded by his vehement request, the vice chancellor relented and framed their picture as a team on the wall.

Even though Sophia did not have any individual photo on the wall, she still felt content. In the future, I’ll make sure that my photo is on this wall!

After everyone grinned and joked at their picture, they walked along the entire corridor

She suddenly found a name that shocked her after they trod for a while. “Look, Sarah, isn’t this the homeless man?”

As she pointed at the wall, a young man dressed in suits appeared in front of everyone. His handsome face carried a creative flair that only belonged to artists and his name—Ivan Snowden.

A few days earlier, Sophia heard Michael mentioning that Ivan was a talented man. However, she didn’t expect that Ivan was talented to such an extent that his picture was hung on the corridor’s wall.

Stanley also pointed at the picture in surprise. “Guys, look at his dog!”

There was a husky in Ivan’s photo that looked similar to the one that Stanley reared, although the former’s one was more handsome. It should be the dog that was thrown from the tenth floor.

However, the main point wasn’t the dog—it was the collar.

Stanley exclaimed, “His dog’s collar is exactly the same as Judge’s!”

After everyone scooted closer to have a look, they concluded that it was exactly the same as the one he bought. The picture was hung five years ago, but as everyone’s attention was focused on the newer alumni, they completely missed out on Ivan’s portrait.

As the picture was taken five years ago, he still looked handsome and in high spirits—a complete opposite of his current look. However, the collar was the latest release of the luxury brand for pets.

If the latest version of the collar could appear in a five-year-old picture, it was a scary matter for someone to think about.

Sophia looked at his designation—‘renowned designer for luxury brands’ and ‘one of the founders for a pet luxury brand’.

After perusing the picture of Ivan and his dog as well as his resume, they recalled the way he broke down when he held Judge’s dog collar. Perhaps Ivan designed the collar? He designed it for his dog and seeing it on Judge reminded him of his dead pet? However, the official designer is the luxury brand designer, Bill Winterford…

No matter what had transpired, everyone was convinced that Ivan was a talented person in the design industry. Otherwise, his portrait would not be hung at the alumni corridor.

Without waiting for their lectures to be concluded with, Sophia and Sarah rushed to the cat cafe and grabbed hold of him.

“Ivan? You are Ivan Snowden from Bayside University, right?”

“We are planning to start a luxury brand for pets. Can you please be our designer?”

On their way over, Sophia had already read Ivan’s resume. What a talent! What a f*cking talent!

An average designer would not have the capabilities to appear on Bayside University’s alumni corridor. He was an all-rounded designer who dabbled in fashion, jewelry, bags, shoes, and even luxury brands for pets!

There were many internationally renowned designers with Ivan being the most famous with his design of luxury brands for pets because he himself loved cats and dogs.

Both he and his wife were the best in their field as they both loved animals. They were only initially designing for their own pets, but soon caught the attention of the fashion industry with many people from the upper-class society asking them to design luxury items for their pets. Slowly but surely, it created the trend of luxury brands for pets.

Most of Ivan’s information online were pictures of him with dogs and cats.

Regretfully, after the incident three years ago, he had completely disappeared. No one would have thought that he would appear in Sarah’s cat cafe as a homeless man who loved cats

If they could hire him as their designer, they wouldn’t need to worry about their business failing.

Ivan had a cold and amused expression on his face. Upon looking at both of Sarah and Sophia’s agitated expressions, he was completely unmoved and replied in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry. You have the wrong person.”

“Impossible! It’s definitely you!”

Sarah took out the picture that she took at the alumni corridor—even though Ivan looked slightly different, as if he was a tad bit older in real life, it was undeniably him.

Sophia knew what he had experienced—the deaths of his parents, sister, his wife, child, and his beloved pets. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, the only collar which he designed for his dog was stolen by others. Such an experience would have been enough to cause a mental breakdown.

He continued to deny it. When the girls continued to ask further, he pretended to be asleep on the floor.

Judge had recently been staying in the cafe—he would come over on a daily basis to visit Ivan since the dog really liked him. Even if Stanley did not bring him, he would sneak out of the company to see Ivan. In the past, it was Celine who always brought the dog over whenever she bought a cup of Joe from Sarah, which explained why Judge was familiar with the route.

Once he arrived, he would use his tongue—the same one that he used to eat his own poop—to lick the cats whom he fancied.

Judge had followed suit when he saw Ivan lying on the ground. With that, he hugged the dog and continued pretending to sleep.

Sarah was flustered upon seeing that. If only we can get his help!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 665

However, Ivan would not budge and would rather feign dead on the ground everyday. Even after Sarah threatened to chase him away, he still pretended to sleep on the ground.

Hence, she could only try to bribe him. “I’ll give you this cat. I’ll give you Judge! I’ll give you Judge’s collar too!”

However, Ivan still wasn’t moved, looking like a pile of mash potatoes that could be moulded into any shape.

Meanwhile, Sophia went to LK to learn from them and had many chats over coffee with Kenny. On top of that, she also visited a few big shots of luxury brands who were in her cohort in Bayside University. She could find many well-performing teams for production and marketing in Cethos; what she lacked was merely the designing team.

Luxury brands for pet-related goods were scarce in the local market, while the few brands that were into this were unstable. Many people wanted to earn money off this, but they simply didn’t have the talent, so it was difficult to start.

There was a lack of designers in the local market. Apart from that, the designing requirements for humans and animals were very different. The few products done by local brands elicited the same response—they were ‘very old-fashioned’. Their products made the animals look like stray animals after wearing them.

Of course, there were locals who were talented in design; however, all of them had pursued their careers overseas. It was too difficult to make a career out of this in Cethos. There was a talented person in front of them, yet they could not utilize him.

Initially, Ivan designed luxury items for humans, but he had intense love for animals and thought of them as his family. Using his technical abilities, he created a unique luxury brand for his cats and dogs, but unintentionally, he became the pioneer of the pets luxury fashion, and so Ivan’s focus shifted from creating luxurious goods for humans to that for animals. His creations had been very popular.

However, it was a pity that his sister, wife, and child had passed away. Even his final mental support—his cats, dog, and hamsters—died as well. Since then, his life had completely fallen apart, never to see the light again.

Sophia scoured around for designers. In fact, she managed to find a few who were creative enough, but their skills were simply not up to par. What they lacked was someone who could mentor them. Ivan was an experienced designer, but he was simply too stubborn and troublesome. No one could stand him.

Meanwhile, other candidates were either too far away or too incapable, and Sophia couldn’t find anyone else. Even though Ivan was stubborn and troublesome, she would have to make do with him. Hence, she decided to pester Ivan until he obliged to her requests. She went to the cat cafe everyday to persuade him, almost in a flirty manner sometimes.

“Ivan, help me out—I’m your junior in university! If you work for me, I’ll give you Villa No. 1! By the way, Garfield’s mom is the Queen’s cat. I’ll hook it up with a date next year and give you all the kittens!”

Nevertheless, Ivan remained unfazed. I will never design anything anymore! Never!

However, Sophia stuck around him like a pesky fly. Finally, Ivan flipped out and proposed a humongously difficult request to her.

“Unless you can make Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston—the two Oscar award recipients—perform a sexy dance in front of me, everything is off the table!”

Sophia was shocked by his request. Sure enough, she was scared away by his rude, lecherous, and difficult request, and so she steered clear of the cat cafe for a while. However, not long later, Sarah suddenly pushed Ivan into a car that was full of cats and fetched him away.

After a short drive, the car stopped. With a few cats in his arms, Ivan was led into a house by Sarah in a daze. After the door of the house was opened, Ivan saw a few cats in it, so he bent down to stroke them subconsciously. He had completely given up on himself. With cats and dogs, at least he thought that the world was warmer.

Without caring what occasion this was, he lay down on the ground while hugging a few cats. Among the litter of cats, there was a white Samoyed, which he also pulled into his arms. He was surrounded by animals, feeling delirious and high. Amidst the daze, a cold, irate voice suddenly rang.

“That rascal from the third row, eighth column—what the hell are you doing? Attention!”

A memory of his army days that had been locked in his subconscious was suddenly resurrected. He immediately jumped up and gave a salute. “Yes, sir!” After opening his eyes, he realized that he was standing in a wide hall with a row of humans and animals in front of him.

Among the humans, two people were familiar to him—one of them looked handsome, while the other looked arrogant. They had immediately brought back Ivan’s memories, leaving him dumbfounded as he stammered, “C-C-Company Commander!” He paused. “Harry from the other company! Why are you guys here?”

Back then, when Michael was the drill instructor for that batch of first years, the group of students ignored him, seeing that he was almost at the same age as they were. However, in less than a day, they had completely lost to Michael, and everyone was fearful of him, like how mice were afraid of cats.

Back then, Ivan didn’t belong to that company, but since Michael’s company was short of one member and his company had one in surplus, he was shifted over. In order to train them, Michael specially brought them to run around in a natural forest. Ivan even accidentally stepped on a snake and yelled in shock, whereupon Michael rushed to him and saved him by killing the snake. He had a deep impression of his drill instructor, who was as fierce as a tiger, even though the latter was at the same age as they were.

After Michael finally returned home from the film set, he received an embarrassing task. At this moment, he revealed a cold smile. “What are we doing here? Performing a sexy dance for you, of course! Didn’t you request a sexy dance from both of us?”

Looking at Michael and Harry, and then at Sophia and Sarah next to them, Ivan’s cheeks were flushed red. Previously, he was still abroad. After finishing arranging his sister’s funeral, he came back two years ago, so he wasn’t very familiar with the news in Cethos. Apart from that, he had been living the life of a walking-dead, so he didn’t take note of the news of the entertainment industry. Hence, he didn’t know that Taylor Murray had gotten married. Seeing that Sophia was seated next to him at this moment, Ivan seemed to have understood something. In fact, he was so shocked that his soul almost left his body.

Michael introduced Sophia. “This is my wife. I heard from her that you would work for her after Ethan and I perform a sexy dance in front of you.”

Sweat trickled down Ivan’s forehead as he stuttered, “I-I… N-No! That’s not what I meant!”

With a lollipop in his mouth, Michael said darkly, “Pick a background music. I’ll dance in front of you right now.”

Ivan stammered, “H-H-How would I dare—”

Michael interrupted, “Find a spot to sit down. I’m about to start stripping.”

Ivan was at the brink of tears. “Sir, please let me go!”

Michael slammed his fist on the table and barked in a loud voice, “Then what do you want?” Immediately, his tough, irate voice had gained control of the entire situation, even scaring Sophia, who had been secretly smirking. He’s much fiercer than Commander Ford!

Ivan was so scared that he almost burst into tears. “S-Sir, I-I don’t want anything. I just simply said that.”

Michael clicked his tongue before saying, “I’ve already practiced my sexy moves last night just for you. Come here. Sit down and enjoy the performance.” With that, he dragged Ivan to sit on the couch, looking like he was indeed going to start his performance.

However, Ivan didn’t dare to ask his Company Commander to perform a sexy dance in front of him at all!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 666

Hearing that, Ivan almost peed his pants and resisted Michael’s tug. “There’s no need for that, really. Sir… I-I just said that out of annoyance. You don’t have to do this… You know what? I’ll do it! I’ll do a sexy dance in front of you! You just have to sit down to watch it!”

Michael continued to drag him as he said politely, “Come here. Don’t be shy! I’ve already practised all the dance moves. Come take a seat!”

Ivan replied, “No, no, no. Sir, you should take a seat. I’ll stand.”

Michael’s smile was too cunning and terrifying. It made Ivan’s heartbeat speed up.

After continuous rejections from Ivan, Michael’s patience was slowly running out. In an instant, his face darkened.

After all, he was a professional actor.

Taking back his old vigor while training first-years, he asked firmly, “So what do you want? Do you still want to watch the sexy dance? Are you going to work for my wife and sign the contract?”

Stammering, Ivan answered, “S-S-Sir, I-I’ll sign it…”

With that, Michael pushed the contract to him, along with the stamp and a pen. Ivan didn’t even dare to look at the contract as he signed it with trembling fingers.

After that, he slumped to the ground in a daze.

Meanwhile, Sophia took the contract away happily. “Give me a moment to stamp on it. I’ll send your copy to you later.”

After Sophia walked over, Michael sat down with Ivan while Sarah quickly prepared tea for them.

Patting Ivan’s shoulders, Harry felt sorry for him.

“How did you become like this? You’ve fallen from grace! Back then, you were a famous talent at Bayside University. At least in our batch, everyone knew your name. How did you reach such a low point to watch men perform sexy dance? What a disgusting hobby!”

To be honest, Ivan didn’t have any intentions to watch any sexy dances. He was just annoyed by Sophia, so he wanted to scare her off so that she would know it wasn’t going to be easy. Unexpectedly, Sophia actually managed to invite Taylor Murray.

Ivan’s cheeks flushed red immediately. Taking this opportunity, Michael quickly treated him to a meal and some beer. After all, it would be better to talk to him about this if he was drunk.

Michael was quite devoted to his beloved wife’s business. Right after he returned, she asked him to perform a sexy dance, and he even practised it. At the final juncture, if Ivan really wanted to see it, he was already prepared to dance.

Of course, it would be the best if he didn’t have to do that.

Finally, he understood how Nathan felt when he forced him to dance to ‘Three Little Bears’ the other time.

Nate must have been cursing in his heart the entire time.

Soon enough, Ivan was drunk after being served some beers by them. Then, Michael and Harry dragged him to a secluded rooftop to continue drinking.

After so long of not seeing his old friends, Ivan couldn’t help remembering his younger days, crying as he drank on.

He probably cried out all the contents that he drank.

Sobbing, he began to tell them his experience for the past few years.

“Back then, I went abroad before I could even finish studying at Bayside University. I had no choice—my house was cheated away by my relatives who only gave my sister and I some money. Taking the money, I went abroad because I might be tricked by my relatives more if I had stayed. They were even thinking of marrying my sister off to get some money as dowry. After I went abroad, I studied design while working part time to support my sister. My career had been doing well, so she came to work with me after graduating. The first time I met Lavender was at a cinema. She loved your movies, Commander. I even promised to bring her to meet you after we came back here. However, everything was so unpredictable… After my sister came back here to continue her career, I didn’t know that she was already so fragile… When I was busy with her funeral, I forgot to care for my cat, Raindrops, which ate my sister’s hamsters. When I found out, it was already too late. My hamster, my sister, Raindrops, Lav, and the baby—they were all dead. But I still had Tiger. After I came back here, I started an office and lived together with Tiger. When I was drawing, it would always lay by my side. With it around, I thought, At least Tiger’s still here with me. However, one fateful day, after I had a meeting with some clients, I found out that thieves had broken into my house and left the door open. Because of that, Tiger ran outside. After searching around for it, I found out that it had been picked up by others. When I asked for it back, they disagreed and threw it out of the tenth floor in front of me. I-I…”

Sobbing, he couldn’t continue anymore as tears streamed down his face.

Michael had already known about his story from others, but it was completely different from hearing him telling it himself.

Who would have expected that he’s living such a miserable life? His parents, sister, wife, and child are all dead. Even his pets are dead. I wonder how he has lived through all these years…

Harry brought an unwilling Judge over and threw it into Ivan’s arms.

“Tonight, it belongs to you! Be more gentle to it! It’s your Tiger for the night. You can tell it anything you want.”

Hugging Judge, Ivan completely broke down, talking to it about his misfortunes throughout these years.

Michael consoled him, “There, there. Buck up. Those who are dead can’t come back to live. You just have to work hard. In the future, you will have your own wife and kids, and your dogs and cats. This is a good job. Since we know each other way back, I won’t lie to you. Do your job well, alright? We wouldn’t want your talents to be hidden. The pets luxury brands industry in Cethos needs you to save it. After Judge and Sunset mate next year, we’ll send their puppy to you. I will also give you Garfield’s kittens!”

When it was midnight, Sophia went to the third floor to take a peek at them, only to find three drunk men and a dog.

Being hugged tightly by Ivan, Judge looked sorry for itself.

Sophia brought her husband away and left the others there. After a while, Sarah also came to bring Harry away.

However, Ivan was a big shot they had finally convinced to sign on, so he couldn’t be left sleeping alone on the rooftop as well. Hence, Sophia quickly sent him to the guest room and even put Judge and Chrysanthemum in his room to accompany him.

After she finished settling them down and went back to her room, she saw that Michael had woken up, even though he was still drunk. He just lay in his bed and looked at her with his eyes wide open.

Probably because he was happy to see his old friends, he had drunk a lot tonight.

Back then, they were still a bunch of young men. In the blink of an eye, they had all become bald middle-aged men.

Michael still remembered the group of students back then—Ivan, Harry, Quinton…

Back then, Ivan was still a bespectacled nerd who scored well in exams, and Harry was a brat who only knew how to fight, while Joel was the drilling instructor of another company. Both companies secretly competed with each other, while Quinton was still a quiet sissy who was slightly ladylike.


Ten years of time was like a sculpting knife, moulding the similar people back then into different shapes and structures.

The nerd had become a lunatic; the sissy became a notorious assassin, Phantom Wolf; Harry became the lord of the underworld; while Michael was still competing with Joel.

Sophia lay down on Michael’s arm after seeing that he was lying on the bed spread eagle, slightly drunk.

He had gained some weight at the film set, so it was soft and comfortable to sleep on him.

Taking his arm as a pillow, Sophia looked at his slightly plump face with his double chin showing.

He looks pretty cute this way too!

A middle-aged man should look like how they should look. With his age, it was about time for him to gain some weight.

Sophia stretched her hands into his shirt to gently rub on his belly fat.

Michael was indeed drunk tonight. He turned around to hug Sophia and murmured drunkenly, “Chica, do you want to see a sexy dance…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 667

Sophia looked at him in disgust. “You’ve gained weight. You won’t look good dancing sexily anymore. I don’t want to see it.”

Her words had triggered Michael, who quickly took off his clothes to dance in front of her.

Sophia quickly covered her eyes with her hands. “My God! Stop dancing! It hurts my eyes!”

Even though she said she didn’t want to watch him, she allowed herself to peek from her fingers through the slits.

It’s rare to see a drunk Michael dancing…

For his acting career, Michael had really put in all effort. All the fat around his belly was real. When he performed the sexy dance, his belly fat was wiggling as he was just wearing shorts, making Sophia giggle out loud.

My, my. His image as a male idol is completely ruined.

Sophia even took Michael’s phone to record him dancing half-nakedly so that he could see this himself after waking up the next day.

Early morning the next day, Michael was deep in his sleep when Danny called. “Sir, New Year is almost here. Have you recorded the congratulatory video for the agency to use for the promotion of ‘The National Treasury Action’? The tribute film has finally been approved, and they need a video too. Quickly record them and send them over.”

Still dazed, Michael vaguely remembered he had recorded it before. “I only recorded one video. You guys have to edit it before sending it in.”

Seeing that there was already a video on his phone, he sent it to Danny.

When Danny received the video, he was actually slightly revolted.

He knew that his boss didn’t care about his image, but he didn’t expect that he had totally let himself go.

Forget it, forget it. He’s not young anymore, and he’s grown so fat for the sake of box office. Poor guy.

Danny edited a shirt on him and adjusted the lighting of the video before sending it to the agency, who sent it out as a bonus for the fans.

Hence, in less than a day, #TaylorMurrayDancing was trending.

When Michael realized about this, it was already too late—his dancing video had spread all over the Internet.

When the fans saw Taylor acting this way, they realized that he had indeed given up on his image.

Some time ago, he visited night clubs, flirted around with other chicks, and even got into fights. Now that he had gained so much weight, the fans were thoroughly disappointed. They finally accepted the cruel reality that their idol was not the handsome actor anymore. Instead, he had become a fat middle-aged man.

It’s enough to take note of his works.

Sophia was also bewildered upon seeing that. I merely recorded the dancing video to show it to him. Why did he send it out himself?

Ah, forget it. Michael was supposed to change his style anyway. He can’t possibly be acting like a handsome man forever. It’s time for him to star as some middle-aged characters. This is just to prepare the fans for that inevitable day.

Sophia had already accepted the fact that her idol simply could not help getting out of shape because of his age. After all, he was already in his thirties. In fact, she even felt he looked cute in his plump figure.

When they were making out, she could even play with his belly fat.

However, Michael refused to concede defeat!

He started going to the gym. When Sophia went out to look at different projects, he also tagged along to try to lose all his belly fat.

The video had become a tainted history of Michael’s. Triggered by that, he refused to see anyone during this period.

“I won’t look down on you, so you don’t have to work so hard. Eat while you can; don’t starve yourself,” while hiking, Sophia panted as she spoke to Michael, who remained silent while wearing a face mask with a cold look in his eyes.

They were hiking up Dragon Mountain. This was Michael’s second time here, though Sophia had been here numerous times. This time around, they also brought Daniel along.

When they reached the peak, Sophia pointed to a piece of land and said, “There’s the spot to build our ski resort, while the holiday resort and old folks’ home will go there. The air here is very fresh and sweet. If we succeed in this, we will earn a lot of money! And when we are old, we’ll retire here.”

The mountain was still snow-capped and foggy. Hence, it was easy to lose one’s way. When Sophia couldn’t find the temple, she would let Judge find it, and it had never failed her.

This time around, they saw the old monk who was in charge of the Dragon Temple. There were three new monks, who came here after knowing that a rich boss was about to develop this area.

As soon as the old monk saw Michael, he said, “Dear sir, you’ve gained weight.”

Michael’s face immediately darkened.

After they walked into the meditation room, the old monk made tea for everyone as usual.

He also knew about the imminent development of Dragon Mountain, but he neither agreed nor protested. “Let’s take it easy. Nature will take its course.”

To him, whether Dragon Mountain would be successful or not depended on God’s will.

Because of the blatant comment about his figure just now, Michael was angry at the monk. Hence, he walked out of the room without another word to say his prayers outside, leaving Sophia to speak to the monk alone.

Looking at Sophia, the monk said after some hesitation, “Dear madam, the destined departure will come sooner or later. You’ll have to be mentally prepared.”

Confused, Sophia put down her teacup and asked, “Master, what are you talking about?”

He replied, “You should know what I’m talking about. Some words can’t be easily retracted or changed after you say them out loud. You have to pay some karma back, be it good or bad.”

Sophia’s smile froze briefly before she changed the topic with a smile. “Master, your level is too high for a commoner like me to understand.”

After the joke, she continued drinking her tea.

Then, he added, “Everything will return back to the beginning.”

In fact, Sophia had roughly guessed what the old monk was talking about.

She had been betrayed, and she had received help from others.

Some people tried to hurt her for their benefits, while others had helped her out selflessly.

Hence, Sophia had always been quick to take revenge and return the favors she received.

She had been returning the favor of the principal of Riverdale High School by providing many scholarships to the school, and she even donated for the construction of a few buildings.

Derek had helped her, so she helped his sister set up the Mitchell Sisters so that they would lead a better life. However, this was actually part of Sophia’s plans.

Michael loved her, so she always loved him back.

Despite all that, there was a person whom she could never return the favor.

He held her, who was barely alive, in his arms on Salvador Island in the middle of that night to protect her.

She had promised him to be his slave if he saved her, but she didn’t fulfil that promise. Instead, she killed him…

As the weather was nice that day with the sun out, Sophia planned to stay at the temple for a night. When she walked around in the snow, enjoying the view, Michael took a bowl to collect the holy water from the cliff. The drips of the holy water formed a crystal-clear pool with Judge taking a bath in it.

No one knew where this water came from. Even though everything had been frozen on the peak, this pool of water was an exception. In the cold winter, there were even white fumes coming from it.

Upon seeing Michael, Sophia quickly walked to him joyfully. “What are you doing, dear?”

Raising his head to look at the holy water, Michael replied, “Drinking water.”

He collected another bowl of water for Sophia, who took a sip happily.

Sure enough, water that’s collected by my idol is sweet.

After Sophia finished drinking, Michael also took a few sips before asking, “What did you and the old monk discuss?”

Sophia wiped her lips and smiled. “Nothing much. We just went through some details of the development.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 668

Michael felt extremely suspicious as he realized how different Sophia was behaving after speaking to the old monk. She seemed to be keeping something to herself, so much so that the smile on her face looked contrived.

He waited for an opportunity where Sophia was not within ear’s reach to ask the old monk what happened. The old monk simply answered ambiguously, “Let nature take its course.”

The monk had this aura of all-knowing wisdom around him—Michael could tell. Something he told Sophia then that must have caused her to act so reservedly.

A few more days after they returned from the mountains would be the annual gathering of the Edwards Family. Michael had only these few days to lose the weight he gained. He was determined not to cause any embarrassment to Sophia.

The moment his sexy dance hit the Internet, it had caused a huge stir among the public. Everyone was commenting about how the international superstar, Taylor Murray, had gained weight, lost his charm, faded out, and lost his grace. Coincidentally, the annual event of the ‘Light of Cethos’ awards was around the corner. Taylor’s votes barely made it to the top ten even without any sabotage from rivals. His ranking remained volatile compared to some of those up-and-coming celebrities.

If it were in the past, Sophia would have been extremely busy. However, this time around, she had no intention of spending any time on such irrelevant events. Right this moment, making money was her top priority.

Michael shared similar sentiments with Sophia when it came to such popularity rankings. After all, he had been topping the charts for years. Such pursuits had begun to wear him out, and he couldn’t care less. He would be focusing on getting back in shape.

The news of a heavier Taylor had everyone in the nation talking. Everyone—even those in universities and offices—had expressed their disappointment on witnessing their idol, who was once so stunning, losing his charm and was now merely a pudgy, middle-aged man.

Sophia was now in her third year of university. Although she hardly needed to return to the faculty for classes, she had to keep abreast with the syllabus and modules. Needless to say, her schedule had never been busier.

The moment she went back to campus, everyone swarmed her in the spot she sat with tons of questions. “Hey, I heard your hubby gained weight. Is it true that Taylor has put on some pounds? It’s so hard to believe! How could he? He’s my idol! This is unacceptable! Sob!”

Sophia replied nonchalantly, “Yeah, it’s true. Well, isn’t this normal? It happens to most men his age.” The crowd seemed to be dumbfounded with what they had learned. This was almost as serious as the world learning that Leonardo DiCaprio got out of shape.

When Sophia dropped by at the office, the staff hounded her with equal curiosity, “Is it true that our boss has put on weight? Oh, my God. How could this happen to a superstar like him?”

The entire nation seemed to be quite invested in her husband’s expanding waistline.

There was no shortage of Michael’s fans who worked in the company. Sophia felt the intense pressure of having to fend off their piercing stares as they gave her the stink eye.

She immediately explained, “Yes, he did gain weight. But let me assure you that it had nothing to do with me! He did it to himself!”

It was true that Michael’s weight gain had nothing to do with Sophia. He did it for the sake of his career! He could have achieved the same effect had he used prosthetics and make-up in his filming. However, this could come across as an insult to his professionalism, for he was a strong believer in method acting, so he had to actually be fat.

Yet, the death stares from the others surrounding her suggested that they were not convinced. His wife must have failed to take care of his health and body figure! Look at how she ruined a man who used to own a figure many would envy! Such blasphemy!

Once they lamented Taylor’s weight gain, everyone shifted their attention to Sarah. They held her tight and reminded her profusely, “Now that Taylor’s lost his figure, you must take good care of Ethan. Don’t let him get out of shape too!”

Winter had arrived. Sarah’s pet store welcomed a few gorgeous pedigree felines and canines, which were here for breeding. Sophia secretly brought Stanley’s cat and dog, Sunset and Judge, to the store for breeding too. These two pets belonged to Stanley, who requested Sophia to take care of them for the time being.

Sunset and Judge descended from a pure line of pedigree. Their predecessors were well known in the industry. Sunset mated with a few of Sophia’s cats previously and gave birth to two kittens. Its cats were mere mongrels, so the kittens, although good-looking, were mongrels nonetheless. They lacked the air of elegance that a pure-bred like Sunset exuded. Sophia felt wasteful of Sunset’s pure-bred ancestry, and so she decided to bring Sunset and Judge over to find a mate, in hope that they would find someone worth mating and perhaps conceive a half-breed Mutt.

At the same time, Sophia brought Garfield, which was still too young for breeding, over for a grooming session. Meanwhile, the few other mongrel cats at home would not require any specific breeding.

Sarah found Judge a pure-bred female Siberian Husky for a mate, but Judge did not seem to show any affinity; it showed interest in a Norsk Skogkatt instead. Despite the Skogkatt being a male cat, Judge seemed to have fallen in love with it at first sight and was compelled to make a move on it. The owner of the Skogkatt had to step in to put a stern stop to such an unnatural union and introduced their very own Siberian Husky to Judge.

Sarah sent out invitations to her pet store clients and organized a cats and dogs mating party. Her cafe and pet store had been in operation for some time; she had also built up a clientele for both establishments and intended to introduce her new products to them.

There were a decent number of visitors to her store that day. They were mostly wealthy women, holding their pedigree pets with one hand, and some luxurious accessories in the other.

The necklaces, clothing, and handbags they donned were merely the basics. It was the pets they held with them that made up the social hierarchy among them. Since the pets represented their social statuses, these wealthy women made sure they were well-groomed. As they gathered, they impressed each other not only with what they fed their beloved pets or the accessories they wore on them; they also displayed the apparel of their cats and dogs. Such a large market with so much potential!

Not many could resist the charms of an elegant pedigree canine. As soon as Judge came around, it was swarmed by the women, all wanting to carry it and give it kisses. Some even offered to matchmake Judge with their very own Siberian Huskies.

Sunset’s popularity was no less than Judge’s. When the visitors caught sight of it, they could not help stroking it fervently and asking for plans to mate in coming years.

For the sake of her business, Sophia worked hard to establish a spot for herself in the circle of these ladies to further study the market.

Garfield had her share of fans. Pure-bred with good looks, everyone loved it. But they stopped inquiring about it for breeding after Sophia explicitly stated that it was too young for breeding.

The party was going well until someone decided that it was a good day to ruin everyone’s mood.

Judy walked over with her pure-bred Persian cat in her arms. She noticed Garfield perching in Sophia’s arms and suggested, “What a gorgeous Persian cat you have. Let’s have yours to mate with mine.”

Sophia glanced at her cat and declined. “Nah. Garfield’s still too young. Perhaps a few years later.”

Victoria joined in the conversation with her cat. “It’s more than one year old. That’s not young; it’s good enough for breeding.” Even if Garfield were ready, over my dead body!

She was fully aware that they were at Sarah’s party and would want to avoid creating a scene. She then decided to take the high road and replied, “One year old is still too young. If you breed them too young, they won’t grow well.”

Judy locked her eyes on Garfield. “It’s just a cat. You’re overthinking.” Not wanting to argue, Sophia remained silent and stroked Garfield’s petite little head.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 669

It was a grand day for Garfield. Everything it donned at the party was nothing less than extravagant. Its collar was given by Linus, while its clothes were custom ordered from overseas by Michael. Armed to its teeth best described its choice of apparel that turned many heads that day.

Sophia used to not pay that much attention to dressing up her pets. She thought that keeping them well fed would suffice. However, to fit in with the ladies from the social elite circle, she too felt the pressure to invest in her pet’s wardrobe.

Judy was not impressed when Sophia ignored her. She’s nothing but a nouveau riche!

Judy thought of Sophia’s plump, disgusting father and her sister, whose face had gone under the knife countless times. She could not help but imagine how Sophia emanated the greasy stench from her father and the whiff of disinfectant from her sister.

Judy knew Joe better than anyone else. Sophia’s sister, Faye, who used to own a face so hideous, could pass for a different person after she returned from overseas, having gone through numerous intensive plastic surgeries.

They used to beg around for help when they were down in their luck. But now that things have turned around for them, they are acting all superior. Look at these upstarts—even their cats behave like them…

Judy glanced at Garfield’s clothing and felt a pang of bitterness in her.

Bah! Daughter of an upstart, nouveau riche, social-climber, who married a middle-aged, out-of-shape, has-been superstar, acting like she’s all that! Her pudgy husband still dares to frequent the clubs every night. God knows how many women he’s slept with! I feel sorry for her!

Once the ladies ran out of topics to flaunt their pets and accessories, they naturally moved on to gloating about their husbands. And when it came to the topic of husbands, everyone would instantly think of Sophia and her celebrity spouse, who was recently infamous for his expanding waistline.

“I heard your husband has put on quite some weight, huh?”

Sophia knew she could no longer hold off such an inquisition. As of late, whenever she went out, whomever she met—neighbors, classmates, or business associates—they all probed on her husband’s weight.

Sophia responded with a simper, “Yes, yes, he’s gotten heavier. It’s inevitable for men his age. That’s pretty common.”

Everyone shook their heads in lamentation. Indeed, he, who used to be the man of every woman’s dream, could not escape from the harsh reality of aging. Such is life!

Sophia was bemused by how much concern these women had for her husband, even more so than herself. It was as if they were grieving for their own husbands.

Amidst the sighing, the ladies knew better not to rub it in for Sophia, so they merely afforded some consolation.

“Some would say that gaining weight is a sign of a good life.”

“He actually looks healthier this way.”

“It must have been tough being a celebrity, being unable to choose what he liked to eat. Well, now he can.”

Among the voices of concern, there was bound to be that sarcastic one, this time in the form of Victoria. Her voice, almost on par with the sound of nails on a chalkboard, pierced through the chatter. “You shouldn’t spoil your man. Look at him, hitting the clubs night after night. It’s no surprise he got out of shape with a flamboyant lifestyle like that.”

Her comments reminded everyone of Taylor’s news on the tabloids. It appeared that his beer gut had much to do with his vivacious nightlife. Partying every night would eventually take its toll on the body.

At this moment, everyone gazed at Sophia with pity. They might look like the power couple on the outside, but who knows what she has to go through behind closed doors? It’s all but a show! While Taylor is having the time of his life out there, she could do nothing but to put up with his antics. I feel sorry for her.

Sophia kept silent with a smile. Everyone knew how bad she must have felt at that moment. While most steered away from this topic, there was someone who just never knew when to stop.

Judy uttered maliciously, “Sophie, I heard your dear Taylor is getting quite chummy with the wife of some director, and they even got caught on camera hitting the clubs together! Aren’t you worried…”

Sophia stroked Garfield as she stared at Judy’s taunting expression. She raised her voice in retaliation. “I’ve never known a mistress who ends up getting what she wants. Take a look at Natasha—she’s a good example! I have nothing to fear because I’m the legitimate wife! Last I checked, I didn’t even budge when some mistress who got herself pregnant tried to force me to divorce my husband. What’s there to be worried about?”

Those scathing lines took the words out of Judy’s mouth, leaving her in a grimace. Sophia curled her lips at that. You asked for it!

Both the Edwards sisters were lost for words as they glared at Sophia with seething anger.

They were all a part of the Edwards Family. Back when Joe hit rock bottom, he sought help from Judy’s father. She would never forget that pathetic look on his face at that time. But who would have thought that after all these years, not only did Joe get back on his feet, both his daughters did pretty well themselves too? One was a rising star in show business, while the other married Taylor Murray to become Mrs. Superstar. What did they do to deserve this? Judy and Victoria struggled to accept the fact that while both their families started somewhere along at the same level, even Sophia, an illegitimate daughter, was living a better life than theirs.

While Victoria was still sulking from her humiliation, she noticed a mutt cat gently rubbing its body around her ankle. It was chubby with a yellowish-brown coat—nothing close to the elegant pedigrees she was used to. It irked her to have her ankle rubbed by a mutt like that. Without hesitation, she gave the cat a vigorous kick, as its pointed heels landed on its belly. The cat flew off and landed with an excruciating ‘meow’, its mouth spitting blood.

The ladies at the store gathered around the bloodied mutt cat, and some cried, “Oh, my God! Look at the cat; how could you do this?! It’s bleeding!”

Victoria remained unnerved, and she scoffed condescendingly, “This is a high-class pet shop. How did this half-bred get in here?”

Sarah’s pet shop only had pedigree cats for sale. Mutts were definitely not offered in the shop due to its target market. The majority of the elites would not even consider mutts, but for some reason, three to four identical mutt cats, with the same color and shape, showed up at the pet shop that day. Who could the owner be? While everyone was wondering how the cat sneaked into the shop, they saw Sophia squat down next to the cat to have a closer look.

“Simba…” Of course, Simba belonged to Sophia, for it was one of the offspring of Cooper’s cat. Old Master Fletcher mated Cooper’s cat with Chrysanthemum. Due to its yellowish-brown coat that resembled a lion’s, it was named Simba.

Simba looked at Sophia weakly. With its blood-stained mouth, it purred incessantly as it laid on the floor.

Sophia, with a stern look on her face, carefully carried her cat up. Sarah most certainly did not see this coming, for Sophia happily brought her cats here for grooming.

“Victoria, it’s you again! Apologize to Sophia at once!” Sarah darted toward Victoria, who ignored her while examining her pointed heel shoes.

“Gee, where did that damn mutt come from? I gotta say it’s quite tough. Even the rhinestones on my shoe came off after knocking into it.” She let out a couple of sighs. “Tsk-tsk, I can’t believe that anyone would want to adopt mutts like these. Low class is what I’d call it!”

Sophia threw her a cold stare before she turned away to send Simba to the veterinary. As she walked off, she reminded Maria to gather their cats and dog to be brought back home. At the veterinarian, Simba was inspected and had its wound scanned. It took Sophia nearly half a day to get the health check report.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 670

Victoria’s kick was brutal. That kick with her pointed heel shoe was enough to send Simba flying and lose one of its teeth. On top of that, its mouth was injured, and it suffered from a mild concussion.

Had it been an average cat, its organs might have gotten hurt as well. It was a good thing that Simba was plump and rounded. Its fat provided the protection it needed to absorb the impact and shielded its vital organs. Despite that, the veterinarian insisted that it remain at the facility for an additional two days of monitoring.

What a scare… Sophia found herself drenched in sweat from the frightening experience. It was the offspring of Cooper’s cat, and Old Master Fletcher personally entrusted it to her. If it was harmed in any way, she would have failed both Cooper and Old Master Fletcher.

“Simba, you stay here. I’ll come to see you tomorrow,” said Sophia, to which Simba knowingly replied with a ‘meow’. Due to its missing front tooth, it did not look as charming as before. In fact, a cat with a missing front tooth was a comical sight.

She caressed Simba’s head and, at the same time, received a call from Maria back home. “Madam, bad news! Someone swapped Garfield away!” Maria was about to burst out crying. “Calm down. I’m on my way home now,” replied Sophia.

Upon returning home from the veterinary, Sophia took a look at Maria’s cat bag. An unfamiliar Persian cat stuck its little head out. The cat bag belonged to Garfield, but the collar and the cat did not match.

Maria knew how much this cat meant to Sophia, so the former was exasperated. “I personally made sure all seven cat bags were packed before coming home. But I was careless, and someone swapped Garfield away when I wasn’t looking.”

Sophia brought all her cats to the pet shop today. She brought four ginger cats, Garfield, Sunset, and her two kittens, which was eight cats in total. Simba was at the veterinary, so seven cat bags were brought home.

Sophia gazed at the stranger Persian cat and felt she had seen it somewhere. Upon further study, she confirmed it belonged to Judy; she remembered it clearly because of the black mark on its bottom.

Maria bit her lower lip. “I’m not sure if I should bring this up to Ms. Sarah…”

Sophia was close with Sarah. Given the incident that happened at the event earlier on, Maria felt it was not her place to ask Sarah about it, so it would be best for Sophia to ask instead. Sophia gave the cat a rub in the head and commented, “It’s quite good looking too. We’ll keep it.” She then turned around and went out the door with her phone on the dial before driving off in the middle of the night. When Sarah found out about this, she was vexed. They’ve gone too far. Stealing someone’s cat? Have they no shame at all? I don’t care if they’d lose face or if they’d pull the family card on me. To hell with that!

Before long, Sarah joined Sophia. Stanley, who got the news, came to help as well. Together, they headed off to the Edwards Residence.

Sophia’s luxury design workshop was located in an office building opposite Sarah’s cat cafe. Ivan, who was living in the cafe’s hostel, arrived at the cafe after work and noticed Sophia’s group coming and leaving in a haste. Upon asking what they were up to, Sophia told him what happened to her cat and that she was going to get it back.

Ivan was stunned, for he was reminded of his dog. Back then when his dog ran out and got taken away by someone else, he attempted to get his dog back. The other party asked for money, which he offered, but they turned back on their words and humiliated him. When the negotiation went south, they threw his dog off the building from the tenth floor, right in front of him… Hence, Ivan decided to follow Sophia, offering any help he could.

At the West Residence.

Today was Judy’s birthday. Being the third daughter-in-law of the West Family, she threw a lavish party and invited members from the West and Edwards Families. The relatives from the West Family were mostly from the middle class, so they found it hard to mingle with the Edwards Family; both groups could hardly get along well.

At this moment, Judy was carrying a Persian cat in her arms as she chatted with her family. The Edwards family who came included Judy’s parents, Victoria, Joe, and Faye. By now, Faye had made a name for herself in show business. She had acted on the silver screen and was involved in some online productions. Although she was not as mainstream as heavyweight stars like Harry, Taylor, or Nicole, she still had some fame within the industry.

Some of the ladies from the West Family gathered to gossip. “Tsk-tsk, Judy’s done pretty well for herself. Having famous celebrities as relatives—not bad at all! Why would they even bother to hang out with lowly people like us? For all we know, even their cat is more worth their time than we are! I heard that the Persian cat she’s carrying costs 10,000 a month to maintain! What kind of cat needs that much maintenance? Does she feed it caviar?” Though the Edwards Family seemed harmonious, it was pretty evident that they still compared themselves to each other relentlessly.

Faye scrutinized the Persian cat in Judy’s arms, noticing the extravagant apparel it was wearing. She mocked under her breath, What a pretentious woman who married an upstart.

Faye then noticed the scratch marks on Judy’s forearms and asked, “Oh, my. What happened to your arm?”

“Got it from the cat. Guess I wasn’t careful enough,” answered Judy.

“Well, you should really watch out. You won’t want to get scratches on your face next, would you?” teased Faye. “Hang on. Don’t you have a pair of them? Where’s the other one?” Faye added.

“That one’s gone a little feisty today. It kept scratching me, so I had to lock her up,” replied Judy while her eyes scanned Faye with a smirk. “Where’s Sophia? She didn’t come?”

Hearing Sophia’s name, one could see an intense blend of fear, hatred, and jealousy in Faye’s eyes as she answered, “Everyone knows she’s not an Edwards, so why should she be here? No one was going to give her the time of the day if she even showed up.”

Naturally, she would not dare to be in the same room with Sophia, for the latter was holding on to her darkest secrets. Having first-hand experience of what her sister was capable of, Faye would not even think of getting in her way.

Because of Sophia, Richard, and Xyla were suffering in prison, having to serve their sentence even when they were infected. They lost their family; their company changed its name, and they had numerous people who were out to take their lives. During that period, Faye was living in such constant fear that she could hardly sleep until she finally confirmed that she was free from the infection. Meanwhile, Natasha had it worse…

Although she could not tell how much Sophia was involved in all that had happened to them, Faye knew for sure that anyone who tried to mess with Sophia would either suffer or die. Hence, she was not ready to meddle with that woman.

Nonetheless, Faye would not pass up the chance to defend her dignity in front of Judy, so she replied arrogantly, “We wouldn’t let her come even if she wanted to. Who does she think she is?! Look at her husband. In our industry, if you get out of shape, you get out of jobs. Who’s gonna get him to act in their films?! Her husband’s career is done for. She was strutting around because she had her husband backing her! Her glory days are numbered! I saw the invitation list that the Edwards Family sent to us. Everyone’s on it, except for hers. She’s nothing!” At Faye’s speech, Judy could barely hold her elation. She could not tell whether she was excited to hear how Sophia’s glory days were numbered or to witness such scandalous news within Faye’s family.

Faye caught Judy hiding her smirk and was less than impressed. I can’t possibly just let her laugh at our family’s expense. I have to air out some of their dirty laundry too; it’s only fair. Faye then deliberately raised her voice. “By the way, Judy, where’s that cheap daughter and son-in-law of yours? Why aren’t they here yet?”

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