My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 651-660

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 651

Michael believed that the Cethos government would never buy Phantom Wolf’s services. Cethos was not a small country and it had a strong military force, so it did not need to borrow Phantom Wolf’s power. So that just left a few consortiums and aristocratic families as the suspects.

Cethos was a country with a long history and had many aristocratic families. Although there had been wars in recent years and many aristocratic families had disappeared as a result, there were still some tenacious families that had survived and were very powerful.

For example, the Fletchers, the Winstons, the Mitchells and the Edwards.

The Fletchers were a military family and were all loyal to the country. They had produced many great heroes and generals but bore a grudge with Phantom Wolf, so obviously, the Fletchers weren’t the ones who used Phantom Wolf.

The Mitchells were once enrolled in politics and also had a hand in the oil industry before they switched to high-tech electronics. They had influence in both the business and political world, and although Phantom Wolf had also killed a few of their members before, it was still possible that the Mitchells had used Phantom Wolf. It was impossible during Cooper’s reign, but there was a high chance that Alex would have done so.

As for the Winstons, they had always mingled with people from the underground world… If it was the former family head, it was highly possible that they had used Phantom Wolf because he was merciless and cruel. Unfortunately, more than ten years ago, an illegitimate son of the head of the Winston Family suddenly killed him to seize power. Using bloody means, he ruthlessly suppressed the Winstons and killed almost all of his siblings.

The mother of that illegitimate son was an insignificant stripper who accidentally got pregnant with the head of the Winston Family’s child. The child was named Harry Winston after he was born.

Things were always unpredictable in life. The head of the Winston Family had so many legitimate and illegitimate children, and it was publicly known that he had three or four mistresses. But only Harry, the illegitimate son of an inconspicuous stripper, completely inherited his father’s mind and cruelty, who then fought his way up to the top while eliminating his brothers and sisters along the way.

Harry Winston… It was impossible as well. He and Michael had known each other since college and had worked together ever since. Michael had faith in him, so it was impossible that the Winstons would buy Phantom Wolf’s services.

So the only one left was the Edwards Family.

The head of the Edwards Family, Jordan Edwards, who was also the father of Lucy Edwards, was a true equal of Cooper Mitchell. He was very likely the patron behind Phantom Wolf because he had both the means and motive to buy Phantom Wolf’s services!

After Michael analyzed the situation, he came up with a few people based on his judgement, then finally narrowed down the list to a few suspects and focused on investigating them. Linus had a list of suspects as well.

After he was finished with everything, Michael felt mentally and physically tired. He massaged his temples and went back to his room to sleep. He set the alarm to ring at five thirty in the morning because he wanted to do it before going out.

Because it was a sudden decision to visit the temple in the mountains, they only began to pack their luggage the next morning.

Sophia packed her own luggage. Because there was snow on the mountain and it would be cold, Sophia packed the sweaters Nicholas had knitted. While she packed her travel kit , hygiene kit and some snacks, she asked Michael, “Are we bringing Nate along?”

Michael was in the middle of a shave and replied, “No, it will be a long hike up to the mountain, so he might get lost. Besides, he has to go to school.”

“Then are we bringing the dogs with us?” Sophia asked another question.

“It would be troublesome, so no,” Michael replied.

Sophia gave it a thought. It really did seem troublesome.

After having breakfast and seeing Nate off to school, Michael started putting their luggage into the car. He was just done putting in the luggage and Sophia had just gotten in the car when something suddenly jumped into the car and refused to get out. Michael frowned and pulled the leash to drag Judge out. “Stupid dog, get out!”

Judge didn’t move and refused to get out. It then curled up beside Sophia, and there was a bag of biscuits in its mouth. It probably knew they were going to travel, so it had prepared its own food.

Sophia patted its head and laughed. “Let’s just bring the dog along… Judge would be bored being alone at home.”

Judge barked softly to agree with her but when it looked toward Michael, there was a little bit of fear in its eyes.

Michael was left speechless. He put Nicholas into the car as well then started the engine, and the four of them set off for the outskirts.

They would be gone for a few days as Michael had planned for a pilgrimage. If the spirit in the first mountain was not efficacious, then they would go visit a few more mountains. There was bound to be a Saint Mary that was efficacious.

If worshiping Saint Mary wasn’t enough, then they would worship the Daoist Three Pure Ones, Jesus and God too.

They would treat it as a trip to relax and be inspired. Sophia had said she was going to write her second book, so she could use this opportunity to collect some material.

The first stop was the Reverie Mountain which was not far from Bayside City.

There was a Daoist temple that was famous in the Reverie Mountain, which was also an important holy land for the Cethos Daoist. Daniel had trained there, and the rest of the Levine Family received their training there as well.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, it was already jam-packed with cars. The parking lot was full even though it wasn’t peak tourist season because many people visited the temple, most of them being high officials and important V.I.Ps from Bayside City.

Sophia looked out the window from inside the car and saw the majestic mountain top. A Daosist temple loomed in the sea of fog, swarmed by a crowd of people.

So this is Mr. Eighty Thousand’s lair…

Daniel spent one third of his time conning people in Bayside City, another one third conning people at this mountain top and the remaining one third conning people around the world.

From what she knew, he had attended a forum abroad as a well-known metaphysical master recently and had just returned. The smog in Bayside City was quite heavy these few days, so he came to Reverie Mountain for fresh air and to con people at the same time.

There was no snow at the Reverie Mountain, and everyone walked up the mountain after getting out of the car. Sophia came with great sincerity and walked up the mountain step by step obediently. She looked up to the mountain top with every step she took, thinking that if she reached the top, she would fulfil her merits and that the trip would not be in vain.

But after she took two steps, Michael said, “Chica, you’re going the wrong way. The cable car is this way.”

So there are cable cars now. It makes sense because who would want to walk up there? Of course they would choose to ride the cable cars to get up the mountain.

Sophia looked at the cable cars then looked at the stairs. She got on a cable car at the end.

Standing in the cable car, she found it boring, feeling that they weren’t sincere enough for this trip.

But the scenery at the mountain top was really beautiful. The celestial mountain was surrounded by fog all year round and it loomed in the distance, obstructed by the rolling mist. When the cable car passed through the thick clouds, there was an illusion of them ascending to immortality.

But Sophia still didn’t seem interested and was looking at the clouds outside the window in a daze.

When they reached the mountain top and got out of the cable car, they saw villagers selling roasted sweet potatoes and roasted corn. The potatoes and corn were all organically grown by the farmers without using any chemicals. Seeing Sophia glancing at them, Michael quickly went and bought a few. The group then ate their roasted sweet potatoes while waiting for Daniel to welcome them.

Daniel arrived very quickly dressed in a Daoist robe. He already looked handsome in the robe to begin with, and with his long hair, he seemed more stunning. However, from very early on, Sophia had already identified him as a liar.

Daniel then chuckled and walked toward them, looking like a liar indeed. “It’s a busy day. A few moneybags came this morning and I’ve already earned tens of millions.”

Ha! As expected from a liar!

They then entered the temple, which was huge and filled with people. After a few twists and turns, Daniel led them into the heart of the temple.

“I requested my master to give you guys a slot. Hurry up. There are plenty of people lining up waiting to see him,” Daniel said.

They increased their pace.

Sophia finally met Daniel’s master—he was a sage-looking old liar.

As soon as she entered the door, the old liar said, “You have a high forehead and bright light in your eyes. You are either a reincarnated immortal or a descended immortal. Come here quickly and let me have a look.”

Sophia was left speechless and thought, This liar is really unprofessional. He doesn’t even bother to make up his own lines and just steal lines from movies!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 652

Looking at how excited Michael was, Sophia took a seat for his sake and stretched out her hand for the old fraudster to have a look. The old fraudster grabbed her hand, looked at her palm and even touched her face to feel her facial bones. He pressed his rough fingers against her cheek and studied the veins, all while shaking his head.

“You have a good fate. Look at your palm, the more complex the lines on the palms, the better one’s fate is! Your palm lines are complex, extremely complex!”

“Your facial features and the structure of your face indicate good fortune. Everything is good!”

“With your fate, you will either be an emperor or a prince in the future!”

Sophia couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

It was already the 21st century and this fraudster was still using the same lines used for deceiving people in the past and not changing them. Who would still believe this crap in this era?

The next line would definitely be that she would be involved in some bloodshed, so she had to spend money to avoid it.

To avoid being scammed, she quickly said, “Thank you, sir. Please take a look at my husband’s palm instead!”

With that said, she quickly left.

Michael, Daniel and the old fraudster were the only ones left in the room.

Michael had been here many times before, so they skipped the part of reading his fate through looks.

The old fraudster stopped looking duplicitous and said seriously, “She is bound to have a rough life. Although she has good fate, of the 100 pains that humans have to suffer, she will have to endure 99 of them in order to break free.”

Not waiting for Michael to respond, he continued, “Of the 99 pains she has to go through, 45 of them are related to you.”

“Back then when I took a reading on your future, I saw that you would have an ominous fate, so I asked Daniel to find you a woman that could resolve your fate.”

“That is because that woman could take away half of your bad luck!”

“The 45 pains of hers that are related to you initially belonged to you!”

Michael was shocked. “Master, you—”

Back when he wanted to find a mother for Nate, Daniel learned of the news and had taken the initiative to choose a suitable girl for him. He had said he wanted to find a girl that would complement his fate!

But Michael didn’t expect that by ‘complement’, Daniel meant to find someone to bear his bad luck for him!!

Daniel rubbed his nose and remained silent, afraid of being beaten.

When the old fraudster saw that Michael, who was badly shaken, seemed like he would raise his fist to hit Daniel at any time, he quickly added, “It’s too late to regret it. Your bad luck has already been passed to her. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change it. That is her fate, and she has to atone for her sins in this life. She has to endure the bad luck of the one she loves and suffer 99 times in order to fulfil her merits.”

Michael sneered, but his heart despaired.


Fulfilling merits?!

This is bullsh*t!

She did nothing wrong, so why would she need to atone for others?

He clenched his teeth, holding back the urge to hit someone and asked while gritting his teeth, “Master, is there any solution to this?”

The old fraudster stroked his beard and said enigmatically, “Well, you can get a divorce with her immediately.”

“After the divorce, you can pretend you can’t see her suffering. Out of sight, out of mind. She will continue to bear your suffering for you, and you will have a bright future. If you feel sorry about it, you can give her more money. Don’t hit me. If you hit someone, she will be the one to get punished!”

Michael gritted his teeth in anger, wishing he could burn the old fraudster’s goatee! But he couldn’t do anything…

Not far away from the door, Sophia was playing with Judge. She ate the sweet potato while Judge ate the skin of the sweet potato. Judge seemed to enjoy it.

After she finished eating the sweet potato, she tugged on Judge’s ears, playing with them. “Oh, you cute little doggie! If you had never eaten your own feces, I would definitely kiss you.”

Judge didn’t know anything about eating its own feces and was looking at Sophia with wide eyes, waiting for her to feed it some sweet potato skin.

Suddenly, Sophia saw Michael walk out angrily.

She quickly rushed up to him. “What’s the matter? Did the old fraudster scam your money?”

Michael looked very angry. When he saw Sophia, there was a hint of shame and a trace of red in his eyes.

Sophia hadn’t been in a good condition recently. Her depression was getting worse, she was overeating and her face was breaking out. And all of this turned out to be because…

He clenched his teeth and nodded. “Yes. He tried to scam me for money.”

Sophia had that ‘I knew it!’ look and became livid. “I knew it! I knew he wanted to scam us!”

When she saw Daniel walk out, she said loudly, “Fraudster! You bunch of fraudsters! You’ll get what you deserve sooner or later!”

Daniel didn’t dare to reply as he was indeed a fraudster. He walked over with a straight face and said, “It’s getting dark. You guys have been walking the whole day and are probably tired. You can take a rest at the guest room.”

Sophia taunted in a huff, “Do you have hidden charges for the guest room too? Is it because you think we’re gullible?”

“I dare not,” Daniel said humbly.

While he spoke, he led Michael and Sophia to a guest room.

Their guest room had the best scenery. Looking out from the window was a bold cliff, and the clouds and mist could be seen twirling in the sky. It looked like a fairyland. There was even a tearoom inside their room, and they could sip tea there while enjoying the view; anyone would feel like they were on top of the world.

Sophia brought Judge to the bathroom and bathed it as soon as she entered the guest room. The air was humid up in the mountain and there was mud everywhere, causing Judge to be dirty and wet. Since Judge had a lot of hair, it would take a long time for it to dry so she had to clean it up now. If the dog fell sick, Stan would come after her.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Michael sipped tea in the tearoom.

Daniel poured a cup of tea for Michael, who had been quiet ever since he found out what Daniel had done.

Daniel knew he couldn’t accept it, so he tried to advise Michael. “Take it easy. The two of you were destined to be together. Even if I didn’t matchmake the two of you, you would still have found each other in the end.”

Although Daniel said this, he knew that he was being selfish.

Back then, Michael’s parents had died, and his sister had died early too. His love life and career was at a standstill, and he couldn’t walk out of the shadows of his sister’s death. Moreover, the murderer was still at large. He was angry, depressed and unable to get back on his feet.

So, Daniel had tried to change his fate.

Finding someone to bear everything for Michael was a good idea. It was convenient, fast and environmentally friendly.

He and Sophia were not related in any way and weren’t friends, but Michael had been his close friends for years, so he knew what he had to do.

Michael still didn’t say anything, so Daniel comforted him again. “Actually, I was just making up things. No one can have a say about stuff like this! You know my master and I make up most of the things we say to deceive people, so take it easy.”

“We don’t have a solution, but you can still go to other Daoists to see if they have one.”

Michael took a sip of tea in silence. It tasted extremely bitter.

Meanwhile, Sophia was already done cleaning Judge and was blow drying it with a hair dryer.

Michael turned his head to look at her, but the more he looked at her, the sadder he felt.

Why would someone be born just to bear the sufferings of the one they loved?

She was so kind and always tried her best to live.

He took a big gulp and finished the whole cup of tea. His body trembled because of the bitterness.

No matter how hard it gets in the future, I will be with her to the end!

At night, both of them slept on an ancient canopy bed in the guest room while Judge slept on the floor beside the bed with Sophia’s scarf on. She had reluctantly given it to Judge as a sweater to wear, afraid that it would catch a cold.

Michael looked at Judge and thought that the red scarf looked weird on it.

The dog was snoring loudly while sleeping.

Sophia was next to Michael and she couldn’t sleep because of Judge’s snoring. She suddenly sat up and lay on her stomach with her hands under her chin. She looked at Michael, wanting to have a discussion with him on a profound metaphysics topic.

“Say, if someone who has undergone plastic surgery comes to have their fortunes read, will it still be accurate?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 653

“… Well, I don’t know about that,” Michael answered.

That question was really too deep, and he couldn’t answer it. Sophia started muttering to herself, “So if a star like Nicholas Yates who has undergone malarplasty, rhinoplasty, and had some work done on his forehead went to have his fortune read, would it still be accurate? I personally don’t think so.”

“Technology is pretty advanced these days, so it’s easy to change your looks and body structure. All those ways to tell your future through reading your palms or bone structure are all lies! Lies, I say!”

Sophia continued to mutter for a while before finally falling asleep.

Michael laid her head on his chest and occasionally stroked her hair gently, the sadness and guilt in his eyes gradually piling up.

Feeling her gentle breaths on his chest, he gave her a deep kiss.

He then looked at her face and studied her brows and lips, not willing to miss any details.

Let me take care of everything for you in this life!

On the next day, Sophia wanted to leave after they had breakfast. She felt that if they stayed even a minute longer, they would find themselves scammed.

Daniel saw them off at the cable cars and waved to them from afar. “Please come again soon!”


Their second stop was to a mountain that wasn’t well known. They initially hadn’t planned on coming, but it was on the way they needed to pass through so they came to have a look.

Although this mountain was big, it only had a small Buddha statue in a small temple on the mountain. The temple was not developed to the fullest and there weren’t many pilgrims. The mountain road was especially rugged and was frozen near the top of the mountain. Luckily, Michael and Sophia were prepared. They changed into an off-road vehicle with tires made to drive in snow, but even so, the engine of their vehicle died a few times on their way up.

Sophia sat in the car, watching as the car traversed the mountain road, crushing the frozen ice beneath them. The sound of the ice being crushed was really frightening.

Some of the mountain roads only had one lane and there was no guardrail, and beyond that was a cliff dropping down thousands of metres. Sophia was terrified. “Let’s get off the car and walk instead,” she suggested.

Michael was a bit reluctant to walk up the mountain because he needed to be back for filming in a few days. The fat he had been accumulating might be burned off if they hiked up the mountain.

However, the car was having a hard time making its way up. Even an experienced driver would be terrified of the dangerous road. Plus, it had snowed recently so it was white everywhere, and they were quickly running out of a visible path.

Judge was also petrified. The dog’s huge body was curled up in Michael’s arms and trembling, leaning its head pitifully on his shoulder.

Judge was frightened and wanted to be comforted.

Also, the dog had motion sickness and had vomited a few times.

Without a choice, everyone could only get down from their cars and walk the rest of the way up the mountain. They left Nicholas and a few others to watch over the cars, then followed the trail.

Because the mountain was located in the south, there wasn’t only snow there, but also some green plants tenaciously surviving in the cold mountain.

Sophia seemed very happy. Wearing her snow boots, she took big steps as she hiked.

Some pilgrims had pooled their money to build a pathway to the mountain. It was just some stone steps, which were in disrepair for a long time and were pitted. Everyone walked up the stairs cautiously, carrying bundles, both big and small, up the mountain with them.

Judge, who had been suffering from motion sickness, recovered right after getting out of the car. It was indeed the descendant of a sled dog and the snow was its playground. It ran in front of them with its tail wagging happily, then let out a howl as he rushed into the white forest and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Sophia became anxious, but Michael grew a little happy. He said to Sophia, “It’s alright. Dogs have a very good sense of smell and I’m sure Judge will be back soon. There are no wild animals in this mountain, so he’s safe.”

Stupid dog. Just stay here forever and become a wild animal!

The group continued hiking up the mountain. It was very cold because it had snowed last night. Everyone left deep footprints in the snow with each step they took while making twists and turns.

Michael was in front, holding Sophia’s hand. “Just step on my footprints and follow,” Michael said gently.

Sophia lowered her head and walked carefully, stepping on Michael’s big footprints as she walked. She left her small footprints within his big footprints on purpose, finding it fun.

It was so cold in the mountain that Sophia’s brows were frozen. Michael turned around from time to time, adjusting her hat and sweeping off the frost on her brows.

They were acting like lovebirds, causing the rest to be jealous of how lovey-dovey they were.

Halfway up the mountain, Michael received a phone call from the director of the film crew.

The signal on the mountain was poor so the call would break off intermittently, but Michael still learned what had happened to the crew from the director’s roar.

Celine had made a mess again. This time, she did something even more brain-dead than instructing the boss’s dog to eat its own feces—she had seduced the director’s wife!

Now, the director was running around everywhere hunting for Celine and out for her blood. The whole film crew was in chaos.

Upon hearing the news, Michael really wanted to wring Celine’s neck!

Although something unpleasant had happened, their pilgrimage to the temple was more important at the moment.

The place they were heading to was called Dragon Mountain. There was almost no one living on the mountain as it was a difficult place to develop. Cars could only drive halfway up to the mountain, and subsequently took around an hour to reach the mountain top by walking.

After a long walk, they finally reached the parking lot located halfway up the mountain. It was already noon and they were starving, so they cooked their meal in the empty parking lot.

The so-called parking lot was just a relatively flat surface of ground. In this weather, no car could reach there, which was why there wasn’t a single car. Their group was made up of eight people, and they had brought along pots and charcoal with them. Luckily, there was a stream which was not frozen nearby, so they collected some mountain spring water and started cooking.

There was a pond named Free Life Pond in Dragon Mountain where one could free captive animals, and Sophia had reluctantly brought two salamanders from home to be released.

But when they were preparing their meal in the afternoon, she couldn’t help but kill one of the salamanders to satisfy her hunger.

When it was time to eat, she felt like her merits had halved…

Judge didn’t come back after a long time and Sophia didn’t know where it had gone. The mountain was completely covered in snow, so she was worried.

“Don’t worry. If we can’t find Judge, I’ll just buy another similar dog for Stan,” Michael comforted her.

“I’ll definitely find one that has not eaten any feces!” he emphasized.

Michael was acting as if compensating Stanley with a Husky that had never eaten its own feces was a blessing!

But Sophia frowned. “What if Stan doesn’t agree?”

“Then I’ll beat him up until he agrees,” Michael replied.

Sophia was speechless.

After their meal, everyone packed up and continued their way up the mountain. After walking for an hour, they still saw nothing but snow and mist in front of them. They couldn’t see anything in the vast expanse of whiteness, and they didn’t know where the road or the temple was.

When they looked back, they couldn’t even see the path they came from.

Just when they were about to panic, a shadow rushed over from the front and came up to Sophia. She had thought it was a wolf, but when she looked closer, it turned out to be Judge who had gone missing.

“Ah, it’s Judge!” Sophia happily stepped forward and tried to grab it, but the dog agilely turned around and ran away.

They had finally found the dog, so they hurriedly followed the dog’s footprints closely and chased after it. Unexpectedly, after chasing the dog for a few minutes, they saw a temple loom in the distance.

The group walked into the temple and saw an old monk standing at the entrance of the temple’s meditation room, smiling at them. Judge was next to a fire in the room. It seemed like it had been waiting for them for a long time.

Everyone looked at each other but they still entered the temple. After they exchanged greetings with the old monk, they started to burn some incense.

There were only two monks in the temple, which was in bad shape. Even the statue of the Buddha was old and dirty.

Michael burnt some incense for Buddha, praying sincerely. Sophia was carrying a bag of money, and she donated some after saying a short prayer. Even after she finished donating all of her money, she wanted to donate more, which could be done by scanning a QR code.

It was quite advanced despite the fact that they were in the middle of nowhere.

However, after scanning the QR code, she couldn’t donate any money because she couldn’t connect to the internet with the poor signal in the mountain.

“Hm, I don’t have any more cash and there is no signal. I guess that’s it,” Sophia said.

“Miss, the Wi-Fi password is on the wall,” the monk said quickly.

Sophia was rendered speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 654

After connecting to the Wi-Fi, Sophia found that the signal there was extremely strong. She hurriedly scanned all the QR codes to donate some money so that this trip wouldn’t be a waste.

After everyone had donated money and burned incense, the old monk led them to drink the holy water under the cliff.

The so-called holy water was a stream of clear spring water that poured from the top of a cliff. It was crystal clear and wasn’t frozen, and each of them scooped a little bit of the water to drink. Regardless of whether the water was holy or not, the mountain spring water tasted pretty sweet and they drank the water to quench their thirst.

Sophia took a big gulp and tasted the sweetness of the water. Just when she was about to take a second scoop with the gourd ladle, she saw Judge running over happily wagging its tail. With a howl, it dipped its muzzle into the holy water and started taking big gulps of the water while also blowing bubbles into it. Everyone instantly didn’t want to drink the holy water anymore.

“The holy water is spiritual. Before you all drank the water, this dog had already dipped its muzzle in the water and drank a lot of it,” the old monk informed them.

Everyone started retching.

After drinking the holy water, Sophia felt that her mouth tasted like feces. Although the holy water was a stream of flowing water, the water that Judge had drank had probably already flowed away.

Next, the old monk invited them into a room to have tea by the fire. The room had a coal stove lit up. Judge was rubbing itself on the side of the coal stove, covering its body with soot.

Just when Sophia and Michael sat down, the monk looked at Michael and said, “Sir, you look familiar.”

“Maybe we were fated to meet,” Michael said.

“Because I’ve seen your movie,” the monk added.

Michael was speechless at that.

After the tea was brewed, the monk poured everyone some and chatted with them casually.

It got dark early in the mountains. After they sat around for a while, the sky outside grew dark and it started to snow lightly. The monk invited them to stay the night at the temple.

At night, after having a vegan meal, the sky wasn’t completely dark yet. Sophia led the dog outside to play near the temple and Michael followed her, stomping heavily on Judge’s pawprints in the snow.

The temple was very small and was built on the mountains. There were also a few dilapidated houses built along the mountain, and only two or three rooms for guests. The monks had to carry their provisions up the mountain using manual labor, so it was definitely hard to live on the mountain.

As the snow fluttered in the wind, Sophia held a small umbrella to keep them from falling onto her. The sky was gradually getting darker and it was becoming misty, and visibility was decreasing. Sophia seemed to spot something dark at the top of the opposite mountain. After taking a closer look, she discovered that it was a pagoda.

The pagoda had seven floors and seemed to be very run down. It had sunk into the mountain with no way up, and there were cliffs on top, below and around the pagoda. She couldn’t figure out how it was built and why they would build that pagoda in the first place.

It was almost impossible to repair anything in the mountains as manpower was needed to carry all the materials. That pagoda looked valuable, but it had been built in such an awkward location. It looked like there was no one living there, and there was no way up to it either.

“Master, why is the pagoda built halfway up the mountain? And why isn’t there any road leading up to it?” Sophia asked the monk.

Michael also took a look with his binoculars. There was indeed a black pagoda, which seemed like it had been pushed directly into the steep mountain by something divine. It would definitely be difficult to build a road to it as there were no flat surfaces around it.

The monk shook his head while smiling and began to talk about the origin of the pagoda. That mountain was called Dragon Mountain and Dragon Temple was built on top of it, in which a respected master who was famous lived. The temple used to be popular and had a lot of pilgrims, who had raised funds to build the road up the mountain and a seven-storey pagoda. That seven-storey pagoda wasn’t there initially, but in the Dragon Temple.

One day, Buddha had wandered here and found the master meditating in the temple. To test the master to see whether he had compassion, Buddha hatched a plan.

A panicked little deer suddenly ran past the master. Not long after, a hunter came chasing after it but didn’t see the deer, so he asked the master where the deer went.

The master pointed in the direction the deer had escaped to and the hunter chased after it, killing it with an arrow. Hence, the master failed Buddha’s test because he had been involved in the killing.

When the deer died, the world shook and the road to the mountain collapsed. Since the road had crumbled, the way to the temple was blocked, making it difficult for pilgrims to hike up the mountain. So, the number of pilgrims slowly decreased.

Somehow, the seven-story pagoda moved from its original site to the opposite mountain and was embedded within that mountain with no way up or down. The master looked at the tower and sighed every day as he was no longer able to use the pagoda. He regretted his choice and passed away soon after.

Since then, the whole Dragon Temple withered. The monks left, there were no pilgrims who came to visit and it slowly became dilapidated like how it was now.

No wonder the road up the mountain is in such bad condition and was not repaired! Sophia murmured to herself. She asked another question, “This place has a great scenery and has a lot of potential. The road can be repaired, and you can build a suspension bridge or cable car connecting to the pagoda.”

The monk shook his head. “Everything has a cause and an effect. You need to go with the flow and let everything follow its course. Since that’s how the way things are, why should you force any demands on them?”

The monk soon left because of the cold, but Sophia looked at the shadowy pagoda opposite her, thinking about the words of the monk. Go with… the flow? Let everything follow its course. She repeated the words again and again, then suddenly laughed.

There was nothing on the mountain and it was very cold. There was no convenient transportation and the temple’s roof leaked, but still, the monk had stayed here for more than twenty years. He really was enlightened. If only everyone had this mindset of going with the flow, how nice it would be. There was a reason for everything and it was best to let things run their course. There was no point in demanding it otherwise.

Suddenly, the suffocating feeling in her chest was lifted by a lot. Just relax and let things run their course…

Michael also looked at the snow and the pagoda. He unpursed his lips suddenly and he seemed to let out a smile. He would let things take their course… She had already borne his pain for him, and there was no way he would ever divorce her.

He wanted to be with her forever and ever, and he would go through the 99 sufferings in this world with her. If there was any suffering, he would endure the bulk of it for her! He would ensure that she would never need to suffer again and live a happy life.

Michael held Sophia’s hand, and the two shared an umbrella, looking at the snow in silence. Neither of them said a word. The snow would occasionally fall on their heads, and, without them noticing, turned their hair white…

They stayed overnight in the mountains. The roof leaked, Judge’s snores filled the room and the bed was freezing cold, but none of them could stop Sophia from falling asleep. She slept on the bed like a log.

That night, she slept peacefully. Even without Nicholas by her side, she didn’t have a nightmare and no ghosts came to haunt her dreams. The sky finally had some color, and even Judge’s snoring sounded like the rhythm of a song.

The next day, Sophia went to Free Life Pond to free captive animals again. The pond was connected to a stream which wasn’t frozen.

They released the eels, mud fish and the salamander they kept at home for game. Although Michael didn’t know what good releasing the animals would bring, he was fine with it as long as Sophia was happy.

The salamander was released too, and it fled along the stream. Judge suddenly started running along the stream and jumped into the water, then bit the salamander with a growl.

Sophia stopped it hurriedly. “You can’t bite it! Let go of it!”

However, Judge didn’t let go.

“Once the salamander we raised is released, it is a wild salamander!” Sophia said sternly.

“It’s a wild salamander, do you understand? It’s an animal under International Class 2 protection! If you eat an animal under that protection, your dad will be sentenced to jail!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 655

Arf? A frightened Judge quickly spit out the salamander, who then took the opportunity to escape and it disappeared in no time.

When Sophia turned, everyone was looking at her as if they saw a ghost. They suddenly realized that their boss’ wife was a meticulous person. Her logic is flawless! It’s just like that time when she copied the contents of the pendrive.

After they freed the animals stranded on the mountain top, they left. There was a layer of thick snow on the peak, which made it look extremely beautiful. When Sophia took a few more steps out of the temple, she turned and saw the clouds and mist covering the entire mountain and house of worship until nothing could be seen anymore…

Everything is like a dream…

Michael remained for a little while longer as he had promised the monk to use the donation to repair the roads leading to the mountain. After the new year, Michael would arrange for a bridge to the mountain to be built, trying to improve the condition of the temple, however little his efforts would be.

After they arrived at the base of Dragon Mountain, Michael then dragged Sophia to the other mountains to pray at the temple as well as donate clothes and stationeries to children in the poor, mountainous areas. Throughout their journey, they were on the lookout for schools that did not have enough money and did good deeds to earn merits. After all, Sophia lacked everything but money and a husband.

After making the round, she felt much happier and her guilt had been diminished by a lot. Hence, she returned to Bayside City in happiness. However, Michael was unhappy as Celine landed herself into trouble with the filming crew, so he had to quickly replace her. At the current moment, the director’s wife was throwing tantrums about divorcing her husband and marrying Celine abroad.

However, Celine was nowhere to be seen. If it was possible, he wanted to slap her with a stick of cucumber. What made him even more irritated was that the belly fat he tried to accumulate was gone since they were hiking the mountains on a daily basis to visit the temples. While touching his flat stomach, Michael felt disappointed, as if he suffered a miscarriage. Nothing is going according to plan.

On the other hand, Sophia looked happy as she ran around for the past few days. When she arrived home, her acne had disappeared, making her prettier as her face glowed in a pink hue. She even brought some presents for Nathan. The family pajamas that they previously ordered had also arrived. After being washed and dried, they were neatly placed in the wardrobe with fragrance. When Sophia returned home, she immediately wore her pair, feeling warm and comfortable as if her life was full of radiance.

After she tidied the place, she threw a bag of trash outside. Just as she was in the midst of doing so, she saw her next door neighbor, Harry, who was yawning while taking out the garbage. He was in a pair of pink jumpsuits with the hoodie covering his blond hair while two bunny ears hung on the attire, making him look different from his position as the head of Bayside City’s underworld. It was such a stark difference from what she was used to seeing that it was both disgusting and cute at the same time.

It was because of his outfit that she burst into laughter. “Haha! Haha! Haha! Mr. Blond, look at your outfit—haha! Haha! Haha!”

A slightly annoyed Harry scoffed. “What the f*ck are you laughing at?” With that, he turned to return to his own place.

She laughed all the way home and even informed Michael of what she saw. “By wearing that outfit, Mr. Blond is really… trying to look young! Haha! Haha!”

Michael, who was wearing a husky family outfit, lowered his head to look at himself and wanted to retaliate but eventually allowed it to slide in the end.

It wasn’t long until everyone knew that Sophia and Michael had returned from their adventure. Since they knew that the couple would prepare a lot of delicious food, they quickly scooted over and waited for the meal. Initially, he planned to prepare a scrumptious meal, but Harry suddenly said, “In all our times of coming over for a free meal, we feel bad that you’re preparing yet another meal for us. Let us prepare a meal and invite you over tonight.”

As soon as Michael heard that, he was shocked. “Y-Your house… actually has a kitchen?!”

Both middle-aged men stared at each other for a moment before finally realizing what they wore. Michael always wore the family pajamas whenever he was home, following whatever Sophia and Nathan had. Hence, it was common for him to wear a peculiar outfit.

No matter from which angle of observation, Harry looked wretched, as if he was a young gangster being chased by the police and escaping into a kindergarten after committing some crime. Then, he stole a kindergartner’s attire to pretend that he was a young child to escape the pursuit.

I’m finding it hard to look at his outfit. Michael commented, “Before you try to act like a young boy, can you at least color your hair to its original color? It’s disgusting for a man in his thirties to wear something like this—”

Harry had a huge reaction. “Do you think I want to do this? If I don’t wear this attire, Sarah won’t let me f*ck her!”

Michael dragged his entire family to Harry’s house for dinner in the evening. As soon as they entered, they discovered something weirder—for example, there was a pink rug in the heavy-metal, funky living room whereas the minimalist-looking couch in black and white contained Hello Kitty on top of it.

Harry seemed to be a fan of antiques and weird items—there were a few huge vases and samurai swords in the living room, but a pink piggy bank stood out in the middle. It was obvious that he fell head over heels in love.

Meanwhile, the ‘scrumptious meal’ that Henry and Sarah prepared was already on the dining table—pizzas for eight, lobster takeaways for ten, fried chicken buckets from Kentucky Fried Chicken for five. As if those weren’t enough, there were also ten cup noodles. Immediately, Michael felt that the wine he brought was not suitable for the occasion.

As Harry was involved in various violent fights over the years and Sarah was a complete hermit, it was difficult to imagine how the couple spent their day together. However, since Michael and his family were already here, they couldn’t leave just like that. Hence, everyone graciously still sat around the dining table for dinner. After all, it was Harry’s first time inviting everyone for dinner at his house, so Michael wanted to show respect for his feelings and opened his wine to compliment the cup noodles.

Sean and Stanley came over after knocking off work, so they were in their work clothes of formal suit and ties since they coincidentally had a business meeting earlier. Right after they entered, they saw Harry and Sarah all dressed in pink and seated to the left of the hall. Although it was normal for her to dress in that manner, it was painful to look at him in his attire. On the right was Sophie and her family of three dressed in husky pajamas. As such, both Stanley and Sean stood out in their striking attire, unable to blend in.

Despite the difference in attire, everyone sat down for dinner. While peeling the lobster for Sophie, Michael asked Harry, “When are you guys getting married?” Harry’s birthday was a few days away from Michael’s, so it was also time for the former to be anxious about the particular topic.

Sarah blushed and lowered her head to eat. While slurping on his cup noodles, Harry replied, “Her dad opposes it by saying that I’m a gangster.”

After Sarah returned home and informed her father that she was in a relationship with someone part of the underworld, he was so angered that he snatched a feather duster and threatened to break her leg off with it. Hence, she fled and stayed with Harry for a while, never returning home even once.

Michael clicked his tongue without saying another word. Harry is not just ‘someone from the underworld’; he’s the head of Bayside City’s underworld, the uncrowned king of the underworld. He has bought life insurance for all his subordinates and submitted his taxes on time. In addition, he even accepts interviews from leaders all around the country. Can he even be called a ‘gangster’?

He advised, “You should find a time to visit Sarah’s parents and explain everything to Mr. West. It’s best to be done with the wedding quickly.”

However, not too long after Michael spoke, the security guard at the front door called—Sarah’s father had arrived with a feather duster in his hands!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 656

Harry immediately looked at the surveillance tape—sure enough, there were a handful of people from the West Family blocking the entrance to Harry’s house. Sarah’s father, Mr. West, and her stepmother, Judy Edwards, stood in front of the house—he held a feather duster with a furious expression while she pretended to sob. In addition, Sarah’s brother, sister-in-law, uncles and aunts were present as well.

Mr. West thought that Sarah was staying on her own because of her busy work schedule, but never expected her to be living with someone from the underworld.

He was now well-prepared with ropes to bring her home. I also want to take a good look at who this leader of the underworld is!

When Sarah looked at the surveillance tape, she freaked out when she saw her father in front of the door with a feather duster in his hand. Holding the bunny tail of Harry’s cute pink bunny costume, she asked fearfully, “What should we do, Old Wolf?”

Harry consoled, “Calm down. Let’s lure him in and talk it out with him.”

However, Michael frowned while looking at Harry’s messy house. For two people who did not know how to manage their lives to stay together, it only brought disaster to them.

If Michael was Sarah’s father, he would have beaten Harry to death with the feather duster after seeing his daughter eating cup noodles all day along.

“Let’s calm down and tidy the entire place while changing the dishes.” Michael pointed at Harry’s striking costume. “Change your costume too, you indecent old fellow.”

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Mr. West’s face darkened when the guards still refused to allow him in. His group of family members behind him started to give snide remarks.

One of the women in heavy makeup led the conversation. “Oh dear, why aren’t they opening the gates? Is it because Sarah is doing something unspeakable?”

The group of women started to gossip among themselves. “How shameless! She has even locked her own father outside the gates!”

“What’s wrong with Sarah? How can she be associated with those from the underworld?”

“She’s a good child, but the older she becomes, the more useless she is. She’s a disgrace to the West Family!”

“The underworld is merely a bunch of gangsters who collect protection fees, especially when anyone can call themselves a member.”

“I heard that she suddenly took a few million from the family a while ago, supposedly to start her own business. Hmmph, I wonder what business she’s doing!”

“I bet she’s using the money to fool around with the gangsters!”

The more they discussed, the harsher the criticisms became and Mr. West was unable to retain his dignity any longer.

As a businessman himself, he had his fair share of dealing with people from the underworld. He even had a few friends—both from the underworld and from the lawful side. Many people of the underworld were also rather loyal to him, so he could close eye one if his future son-in-law was a decent man. As long as Harry was able to handle most scenarios, everything was doable.

However, Mr. West never expected the entire incident to be known by everyone in both the West Family and Judy’s family. Since both families gossiped about Sarah’s boyfriend who was allegedly from the underworld, Mr. West could not risk his pride being made fun of. I need to take a good look at him today! I’ll see whether he is really someone prominent from the underworld or merely a gangster. If he’s the latter, I’ll definitely bundle Sarah up and kidnap her home if I have to!

A few brothers from the West Family had started their business in the retail industry and learned from the Mitchell Family to stay together. It was obvious that nothing could be hidden from anyone when many people lived together under one roof. As a result, the incident surrounding Sarah was known by every member of the household.

Her stepmother, Judy, wiped her fake tears away. “It’s all my fault. If I cared more for Sarah, maybe she wouldn’t be that rebellious.”

The woman with thick makeup on her face next to Judy quickly added, “Judy, don’t be sad. This already happened when you married Peter, so let’s think of possible solutions to bring Sarah home!”

She was none other than Judy’s sister, Victoria Edwards.

Both sisters agreed with each other, making themselves look kind. However, deep down in their hearts, they couldn’t wait for Sarah to be estranged from her father. The worse their estrangement is, the better.

Back then, when Mr. West succeeded in his business, he divorced his first wife and married someone from the Edwards Family—Judy Edwards.

In the second year of their marriage, Judy gave birth to a daughter. With that, problems surfaced—company stocks were limited and the children from Mr. West’s first wife all received their fair share of it, but not his second wife’s daughter. Of course Judy would have needed to plan something beneficial for her daughter.

Sarah’s elder brother was now Mr. West’s capable assistant, so Judy could not afford to offend the young man for the time being. However, she could definitely cause problems for Sarah.

Hence, over the years, she had sowed discord among Sarah and her father. To make matters worse, Sarah also became more rebellious—during the new year, she went to another man’s house to spend the festivities with him. She hadn’t even returned home recently and started a relationship with a gangster instead.

He’s from the underworld? My *ss! He’s merely a gangster. People nowadays have the courage to claim that they are part of the underworld. Based on what Sarah has achieved, the best person whom she looked for ends up to be a good-for-nothing gangster!

The entire West Family was aware of what Sarah did—the high and mighty young lady of the West Family was actually in a relationship with a good-for-nothing!

Let’s see how Mr. West is going to defend her this time! If only he’s able to chase that b*tch from the family and take her shares away, it’ll be for the best!

Both Victoria and Judy had their own schemes in their minds, but the former was rather confused when she saw the area. What kind of a good-for-nothing will stay at such a strategic spot? It’s The Imperial after all!

Rumors had it that those who lived in the neighborhood descended from the aristocrats. The head of the Edwards Clan—Jordan Edwards—originally thought of purchasing a house in The Imperial, but failed to do so. No matter what, Sarah is still in love with a gangster. It doesn’t matter how well his life is; he is still a gangster.

To them, Sarah was always a rebellious kid—she never maintained a proper job, didn’t help out in their family business and even after she enrolled into Bayside University, she never worked hard in her studies. What she did instead was isolate herself in her room with her computer while she drew.

Be an artist? Will toying around with her computer pay her bills? Sure enough, when one is wealthy enough, they won’t appreciate what they have. No one in the West Family is not involved with anything associated with the arts. I don’t believe that she can f*cking draw! On top of that, after having drawn for many years, she hasn’t even made a name for herself. Other artists often appear on magazine covers and the news, but I haven’t seen her anywhere!

Those folks in the West Family even tried to ask around the circle of artists in Bayside City, but Sarah was never a part of them. Hence, to the West Family, she was merely a good-for-nothing herself and only befitting for them to think that they thought she was entangled with a gangster. She has embarrassed the entire West Family!

Just as everyone was still in the midst of their discussion, the security finally announced, “The owner of Villa No. 4 welcomes everyone.”

With that, the door was opened. They finally opened the door!

As they chatted among themselves, they entered the compound with Mr. West leading the way, holding a feather duster in his hand.

Sarah’s elder brother was slightly nervous as he tried to calm his father. “Dad, calm down and put the feather duster down first. Don’t give Sarah a hard time. After all, this is the first time that you’re visiting her boyfriend’s place.”

Victoria immediately added, “That’s right. Even though he is a good-for-nothing gangster, he’s someone whom Sarah loves. We have to behave ourselves and not embarrass him.”

Judy also chimed in. “Dear, this is our first time here. We shouldn’t give them a long face.”

Initially, when Mr. West heard his son’s advice, he was not going to make a scene since it was his first time meeting Harry. However, after hearing Victoria and Julia’s comments, he suddenly remembered that his daughter had fallen heads over heels for a gangster. I have to knock some sense into her today!

Hence, the group of people stormed into Villa No. 4.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 657

Upon arriving at The Imperial, everyone behaved as if they were in a museum. Wow, this is indeed the best residential area in Bayside City! It’s exceptionally luxurious!

As soon as everyone entered, they seemed to reduce the speed of their footsteps. The ladies who were furiously gossiping earlier forgot their primary intention upon seeing such a luxurious area.

“Wow! That’s Villa No.8! I heard that Taylor Murray lives there!”

“Quickly take a picture for me!”

“One, two, three. Say cheese.”

In front of the entrance of Villa No.8, the group of middle-aged women quickly removed their scarves and posed for selfies with various poses, looking like a bunch of monkeys in a circus.

After waiting for them to finish taking pictures, Judy quickly reminded, “I saw Villa No. 4!”

The moment she pointed to the building opposite Villa No. 8, Mr. West rushed over in anger with a stick in his hand followed by the group of middle-aged women.

Shortly after they took a few steps, Judy said hastily, “Calm down, dear. Even though Sarah is rebellious, she’s still your daughter. You shouldn’t beat her harshly just because she is still dating a gangster. Once we educate her well, I’m sure she’ll return to our side.”

Her words undeniably added fuel to the fire. Mr. West, who was furious beyond belief, rushed to the gate of Villa No. 4 with the group of middle-aged women from the West Family in tow.

Once he pushed the door open, he yelled for Sarah with her nickname. “Sally, immediately get your *ss here! I want to break your legs!”

The group of middle-aged women behaved as if they were afraid of skipping the perfect opportunity to watch a perfect episode unfolding. However, they were stunned as soon as they saw the room.

Upon entering, they saw the elegant room decor while a violinist performed a graceful melody at the corner. A few well-dressed people, who looked like they were influential, were tasting wine on the clean and simple-looking yet expensive rug while chatting with each other under the warm ambience. The environment made the room as warm as spring while maintaining a sense of elegance and peace.

The sound of the people barging in had caught the attention of the few well-dressed people, who looked at them.

On one side of the room were elegantly dressed people whereas on the other side stood women in casual attires with Mr. West holding the feather duster in his hands.

Both groups of people were stunned.

Mr. West and everyone behind him were shocked beyond belief. When have gangsters become so classy? Have I entered the wrong house? However, according to Jude’s intel, Sarah is definitely in Villa No.4!

It was at that moment when Sarah approached them with a smile on her face. In her red evening gown, she spoke, “Hello, Dad, brother, Judy. You guys are here. Come on in! When Ethan learned that you guys are here, he prepared a feast for everyone.”

A table full of delicious food had already been prepared in the dining hall—they even cooked two salamanders and roasted an entire lamb.

She was dressed in an elegant and classy way, which was completely different from how she was when she was at home—messy and unkempt.

Not only was Mr. West stunned, but the West Family was also shocked as well.

With a dark-suited blond man in tow, Sarah approached her family and blushed. “Guys, this is my boyfriend, Ethan. You guys probably know him since he’s an actor.”

Harry held out his hand to shake Mr. West’s hand and flaunted his acting skills, allowing his handsome looks to shine under the light. “Mr. West, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Sarah’s boyfriend, Ethan.”

Mr. West’s eyes widened as he shook hands with Harry in a daze.

Is this Sarah’s gangster boyfriend?Didn’t he say that he was from the underworld?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 658

Harry warmly welcomed everyone into his house. “Welcome in, everyone.”

The West Family was stunned as they could not believe that the alleged gangster was actually the famous actor, Ethan Winston. No, how is this even possible? Could it be that Sarah has asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend? He’s an actor, isn’t he? However, it costs a lot to hire him…

The group of people were in a daze as they were invited into the house in a daze. Then, Ethan spoke again, “Since we are all a family, just make yourselves at home.”

It was only after the group sat down did they return to their senses. So, Sarah’s boyfriend is really Ethan.

Taylor Murray and his wife were among the few guests in the hall. They are really celebrities! Sarah has found a famous celebrity as her boyfriend!

The group of middle-aged women were excited to hear his words. She’s definitely capable indeed. It’s a story worth flaunting for a long time.

However, both Judy and Victoria had their own thoughts. Based on Sarah’s prerequisites, how is she able to hook up with Ethan?

Sarah was rather nervous because she feared about ruining the entire situation and merely followed Sophia’s advice. Just let Harry take control and nod at the right times.

Then, Harry started to blow his own trumpet. “Mr. West, I heard that you recently had an argument with Sarah. Actually, it’s not her fault. She just had to deal with many matters in the company, so she’s more irritated. You guys merely had a communication breakdown, so why don’t you two shake hands and bury the hatchet here? After all, you guys are still a family. On top of her business, she is also busy with school work and hasn’t been returning home due to her busy schedule. It’s also more convenient for her to stay at my place to work.”

As soon as Sarah’s relatives heard that, they couldn’t believe their ears. Didn’t she recently squander a few million? She actually founded a company and earned tens of millions a month? We’ve received the wrong information!

Mr. West also felt incredulous, but since it was Ethan speaking, the only option was to believe him. Hence, he quickly asked Sarah, “Sarah, is this true?”

A blushing Sarah was so nervous that her forehead was coated with a film of perspiration. Since she was a little girl, she never fancied talking much and did not properly speak to him ever since her father remarried. Whenever both of them met up, they would eventually be at loggerheads with each other. It was years ago that they were last able to sit down and have a peaceful chat.

Upon thinking about Sophia’s advice, Sarah replied, “Yes, it’s true. Even though I want to learn to manage the family business from you, I really have no interest in that field. So, I started an online gaming company with a few classmates and we’re developing games now.” She gritted her teeth before continuing. “Dad, I was immature in the past and I’ve caused a lot of trouble. You’ve worried a lot about me as well. Now that I’m an adult, I’m more mature and able to have an independent life. So, you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”

It took everything that she had to say those words. Her face was now flushed and she was profusely perspiring.

Mr. West looked at Harry before turning to Sarah. After glancing at them both, he suddenly patted her shoulder and responded in relief, “That’s good. As long as you are now mature, it’s all good.”

With that, both father and daughter finally buried the hatchet. In the past, Sarah was merely too young and thought that Mr. West had disappointed her mother, becoming disinterested in her because he became wealthy. However, she later understood that her father was not to be entirely blamed for the divorce.

If someone had to take the blame, it would be the couple themselves—they sold breakfast together in their trolley from street to street and started their business, but once it took off, they couldn’t enjoy their success together.

Mr. West had blamed his first wife for not understanding him while she condemned him for being an old-fashioned man, which resulted in them splitting up. Even though they worked in the same corporation, they both had a new family.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 659

Victoria, who stood next to Judy, looked at Harry with sparks in her eyes.

Upon learning that he was Sarah’s boyfriend, Victoria felt that she herself was better for him. Look at Sarah—how is it possible that she’s good enough for him? I’m more suited to be Ethan’s girlfriend!

After all, she was already in her late twenties at around 27 to 28 yet she did not have her own career. She loitered around in a carefree manner without even heading to work and only looked forward to meeting her Prince Charming, who owned submarines and a cellar of gold, to marry her. However, it was close to impossible to look for such men.

Even though she was anxious, she could not find someone who was suitable for her. So, to her, Ethan was the best choice, considering that he was handsome, wealthy, and famous. After all, not anyone could afford to live in The Imperial.

Both sisters soon arrived at a consensus—they would not let Sarah live peacefully with a boyfriend like him.

After quickly thinking about it, Judly smiled. “Sarah, you must be busy with your university assignments as well as your business. Back then, you were only a few marks away from being accepted by the university. Your father has used many of his connections to get you enrolled—it’s not as easy as you think! No matter how busy you are with your business, don’t forget about your university grades. You have to quickly retake those subjects that you failed last semester. It would be bad if you can’t even graduate with a degree in the end.”

The reason how Sarah met Ethan is because she attends Bayside University, isn’t it? If Ethan knows that she earned her acceptance letter by using the backdoor, I wonder whether he’ll still like her!

Even though Mr. West did not feel comfortable listening to what was being said, sooner or later, Ethan would have to know about it.

Sure enough, as soon as the topic was touched upon, Sarah’s expression immediately changed—she lowered her head and bit on her lips, almost at the brink of crying. Her cheeks flushed and paled at certain times.

She did not fancy chatting with Judy because the stepmother had always scared her. If she was slightly unaware, she would have fallen into Judy’s trap.

However, Harry merely gave a mock smile before he made a few cups for everyone. Then, he explained slowly, “Mrs. West, it seems that you don’t know Sarah well enough. Yes, it’s true that her college entrance exam was a few marks shy of being accepted, but she has participated in international drawing competitions a few times and even won in some of them. This will add more points to the entrance exam, so it was enough to cover the few marks that she missed. Sarah did not cheat her way into being accepted by the university and no one had to arrange anything for her. Mr. West, Mrs. West, it seems that you guys have been scammed. You must have spent a lot of money on this.”

Both Mr. West and Judy were speechless upon hearing that.

Sarah often played truant to have fun outside the classroom, so she couldn’t pass her college entrance exam and enroll in Bayside University. Because of that, Judy had asked Mr. West to lecture Sarah, which he did. After that, she disappeared without a trace and earned herself the enrolment letter from Bayside University.

Judy thought it was because Mr. West relied on his connections to make it happen. However, it was unexpectedly due to a competition that covered the shortage of Sarah’s marks.

Harry added, “The reason why she failed was because of her health. During the exam period, she fell critically ill and couldn’t even stand up straight. Hence, she applied for sick leave to recover at her mother’s place. After that, she passed all the exams that she retook.”

Upon hearing that, Mr. West’s eyes widened in shock. “Sarah, when did you fall ill? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Sarah merely lowered her head without saying anything. She initially planned to tell him. However, as soon as she arrived home, she only saw her stepmother’s wicked face as he was away on a business trip. Hence, she turned to head to her mother’s place.

Because of that episode, she received a zero for a few of the subjects in her finals. Upon hearing that, he scolded her right after she recovered from her illness. Hence, she turned and left without giving any explanation.

While patting Mr. West’s shoulders, Harry imitated Judy’s tone as he launched his next verbal attack. “Mr. West, that’s why I said you guys need to sit down and communicate well.”

Judy wanted to speak, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Harry interrupted her.

“Before the entrance exam, Sarah went abroad alone—not to fool around, but to attend an international illustration competition in Europe as the youngest among all contestants. Even though she only earned second place, it wasn’t an easy feat. After all, it was her first time heading abroad and she didn’t speak the language well. Despite all that, she still managed to score a second place, which is already a great achievement.”

At that moment, Mr. West finally looked at his daughter in a different light.

Again, Judy wanted to say something, but after seeing how much closer the father and daughter now became, she knew that nothing she said would be of influence. It’s alright. There will be plenty of chances in the future!

Sophia was monitoring the situation from a distance and saw Judy’s expression, which showed how much the latter wanted Sarah and Mr. West to be sworn enemies. Sarah had always shared about Judy to her, but with fear and resentment. It seems like this stepmother is quite smart as well.

On top of that, the sisters from the Edwards Family were considered as her ‘relatives’—Judy and Victoria’s father was also Joe’s cousin brother.

They seemed to have appeared at Sophia’s banquet to acknowledge her as a relative, but she did not have many memories of them.

No matter what, Sarah doesn’t have to worry about being bullied with Harry now protecting her.

Even though Sophia detested people from the Edwards Family and did not plan on calling them out, Victoria saw her and quickly asked in a loud tone, “Isn’t that Sophia?”

Sophia could only walk to her and greeted the sisters with a smile. “Oh, it’s Judy and Victoria.”

While she spoke, both the sisters secretly appraised her outfit.

In order to boost Sarah and Harry’s morale, Sophia deliberately wore bright clothes with jewelry all over her body. Any single piece of it would be sufficient for one to spend for their entire lives.

The sisters were jealous to the point where their eyes reddened. It’s infuriating to compare with others! Look at her—she married well! Her husband is rich and handsome, definitely one in a million. Look at ourselves—one of us chose an old-fashioned wealthy man and became a stepmom. The other is so choosy that all eligible men are either married or already in a relationship. Even until now, I’m still single.

Everyone in the Edwards Family knew that Sophia was Joe’s daughter as he often flaunted about her, making them jealous of him.

However, Sophia’s outfit today was slightly over the top—she had a few rings on her fingers, looking as if she couldn’t wait for others to see that she was wealthy.

She’s from the countryside and raised by the bumpkins after all. How classless!

Even though she acknowledges her father’s family, things like class and elegance are trained since young. People like her are not born with elegance.

They had to admit that Sophia’s attire was indeed flamboyant—she was initially wearing pajamas for dinner, but she had to return and change into more decent clothes, so she merely wore a few accessories without having the time to match them with her attire.

Victoria deliberately sat next to Sophia and affectionately held her arm. “Sophia, I didn’t get a chance to speak to you during your reunion banquet last time. I fretted about it for a long time!”

While trying to maintain her appearance as Mrs. Murray, Sophia replied, “I was simply too busy during that event. Please forgive me if we need to improve in certain aspects.”

As there had been simply too many people at the banquet that day, she had no impression of the sisters except that her buttocks were whacked until it was swollen.

However, both Judy and Victoria were absolutely keen to her and tried to engage in small talks with her.

Finally, Victoria said in a sinister manner, “By the way, I heard that you grew up at your uncle’s place, Sophia!”

As soon as she asked that question, the temperature in the living room seemed to have decreased a few degrees.

Everyone knew that it was a forbidden topic for Sophia hence everyone avoided it in front of her. Yet, Victoria unexpectedly raised the subject today.

Michael, who had been listening to Stanley’s report of his company, frowned and looked at them with a dark expression.

He put his wine glass down and walked toward her. However, he was still a step late because she intentionally and loudly asked, “Where’s your uncle then? Why isn’t he here?”

Then, she looked at Sophia expectedly, as if waiting for her to embarrass herself. Her embarrassing history is now being brought up. Oh, that thing with her uncle and cousin is such a discomfiture!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 660

It was after Victoria’s reminder that everyone from West Family suddenly remembered Sophia’s fast, so they attentively looked at her. Only a fool wouldn’t want to see this!

With a dark look on his face, Michael was about to berate her when he heard Sophia replying with a nonchalant expression on her face. “What? My uncle… I’ve already sent him abroad.” Glancing at Victoria with a cold expression, she clearly enunciated everything. “They are living a great life there now, doing an unprofitable business while serving the upper-class society… in a state of misery. Why, do you want to visit them?”

Of course Victoria was the only one who heard the few sentences at the end. She was so shocked that her entire body jumped as it broke out in cold sweat.

However, Sophia never planned to let them off the hook. After quenching her thirst with a cup of tea, she looked at her red nails while saying, “In university, I heard that we have a pair of famous sisters from the Edwards Family. The elder sister became a mistress to a man old enough to be her father. Rumor has it that she tried to seduce him when his wife was pregnant. Young Lady Edwards became someone’s mistress, tsk… On top of that, I also heard that the younger sister is jobless and good-for-nothing. After being unable to sustain in the entertainment industry, she returned to work in her family business, but misused the money to buy luxurious items. When she tried to start a business, it failed and she’s still spending her parents’ money until now. She even became engaged thrice, but it was called off twice because of her messy private life when her fiance caught her cheating with other men. My, oh, my, I can’t believe such incidents would happen in the Edwards Family, causing the family’s reputation to be affected. It’s fine if they merely humiliate themselves, but they ended up dragging their parents, siblings, and relatives down with them. These b*tches deserve to die!”

Sophia seemed oblivious to the sisters’ sudden change in expression as well as the West Family who were stunned into silence while muttering, “Luckily they are not from the main branch of the family. No matter what, they just can’t present themselves decently anywhere. If they want to humiliate themselves, we’ll just let them continue doing so.” As she did so, she admired her beautiful fingernails.

Others would not have believed it, but after Nicholas was updated in the factory, it could make wool jackets and even perform manicures.

Silence suddenly hung in the air. Michael, who was not far from her, stopped and secretly smiled. My chica never allows herself to be bullied! Each sentence is worse than the last.

Of course everyone knew who she referred to—the two sisters, Judy and Victoria. As the women from West Family were usually housewives, they worked hard with their husbands to start their businesses, but did not have the knowledge or the capabilities to manage a company. So, they merely played cards and gossiped at home. By that point, they already knew everything about the sisters.

However, they had secretly talked about it because no one dared to do so in front of them.

All the wives in the West Family led a hard life with their husbands because they were currently able to enjoy a luxurious life. However, Judy was different from them—as she was from a wealthy family, everyone was afraid of her. On top of that, she was used to being the person in charge of the West Family, so the women were not her match. However, they never expected that she still wanted to call the shots outside the household.

Judy is courageous indeed to have breached Sophia’s most taboo topic in front of her husband. Serves her right for being humiliated!

Judy and Victoria finally knew that they met someone who was not easy to be bullied and being careless since they were dealing with those naive women from the countryside in the West Family.

A smiling Victoria changed the topic. “A shocking story, indeed. Well, you know our situation the best, Sophia. The few branches from the Edwards Family who have been in contact with us are always the same folks. The rest of them don’t even keep in touch with us. How would we know?”

Then, she suddenly recalled another topic and asked tentatively, “The Edwards Family’s Annual Meeting is around the corner. Have you received the invitation, Sophia?”

Edwards Family’s Annual Meeting? Sophia frowned. As Joe and his brother were acknowledged by the Edwards Family, it meant that they could participate in the annual dinner. It should be that annual dinner she’s referring to.

Upon seeing Sophia’s frown, Victoria found the perfect opportunity to flaunt herself. She described the annual dinner last year with excitement, trying to show off with every single sentence she spoke—the helicopter pad was full of private jets and many luxurious yachts were also docked at the pier. She also mentioned the opulence, the luxurious scale of the event as well as the red flags and the number of invited guests…

Victoria then deliberately added, “The invitation was sent to me two days ago with my parents’ name on it. In addition, the names of Uncle Joe, his wife, and Faye are also printed on the invitation. Even the name of my sister, who’s already married, is also written on it. It’s a pity that I can’t search for your name anywhere on it. Perhaps it’s because you were reunited with the family a little late, so your name is not on the list yet. I’m afraid you can’t make it to the annual dinner anymore…”

Huh, it’s just an annual dinner—yet she flaunts about it as if she’s a country lady who has just arrived in the city. About the Edwards Family’s Annual Meeting… Even if I’m invited, I won’t go. In fact, I don’t even feel like going! After all, my husband’s ex, who looks like his mother, will also be there. Sophia responded, “That’s probably the case and I haven’t changed my name. A daughter who has married is like water that has been poured out. I’m also too lazy to go.”

However, Victoria felt that she had won the round. It’s the annual dinner, after all. Who doesn’t want to go?

By that time, everyone in the Edwards Family—including those who were married—will be there. All of them had to gather at the family head’s private island. With the pier full of docked yachts and a helipad full of private jets, it would indeed be a huge event and worth living to attend it once.

Sophia must be dying to go, so she’s playing dumb! Victoria pretended to console her. “Sophia, don’t worry. I’ll send tons of photos to you after the event so that you’ll feel like you were in attendance.”

Sophia smiled as she could no longer stand seeing Victoria’s proud expression. “I heard that you say the annual dinner is held on a small island every year. If it’s on an island, I’m afraid we can’t make it anyway.”

Victoria quickly asked, “Why?”

Sophia replied, “My airplane is gigantic—it’s a private Boeing jet. There won’t be enough space for us to land the place on the helipad.”

Victoria was stunned upon hearing that. She has a private airplane?

Sophia added, “As for the boats we own… It’s a mini-sized military ship from an auction in Russia. We usually use it to go and fish. I’m afraid that there won’t be any space for the rest after we dock our ship.”

Both Victoria and the West Family were shocked beyond belief upon hearing it.

Then, Sophia continued, “I guess it’s alright after all. We have an even bigger island near the island that belongs to the Edwards Family. We can dock our ship there and use a smaller airplane to fly to that island.”

The West Family were dumbfounded upon hearing that. Poverty has definitely limited our imaginations.

She no longer wanted to talk nonsense with Victoria anymore and waved at Nicholas. “Give Mommy a glass of milk, Nicholas.”

In no time, the robot respectfully came over with a glass of milk and passed it to her. “Mom, here’s your milk.”

They had already noticed the smart robot, Nicholas. After all, everyone who knew Taylor Murray was aware that he had a unique smart robot, who was famous online.

Victoria quickly said, “What a sweet robot. Let me touch it.”

Sophia replied, “Be careful. He costs a few hundred millions.”

Victoria retracted her hands in shock.

Nicholas joked, “My accessories are made from state-of-the-art technology. The maintenance fees are rather expensive; even if we sold you off, it won’t be enough.”

Victoria gave a dry laugh upon hearing that.

With that, Sophia bade farewell with all of them before leaving with Nicholas.

On the other hand, Michael had overheard their earlier conversation. Sophia isn’t included in the invitation card that the Edwards Family passed to Joe?

When he returned home, he took the time to flip through the mails that Villa No. 8 received. As they had not been home for the past few days, the invitations they received were as high as a small hill. After pursuing the list of envelopes, he eventually found the invitation by the Edwards Family. The first line bore Sophia and Taylor’s name. So, the Edwards Family had privately sent the invitation to Sophia!

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