My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 641-650

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 641

Back then when Sophia and Michael went to play at the snow mountain, she met Snowball there, a ball of white fur which was frolicking in the snow covered ground. Since she wasn’t strong, she couldn’t become a service dog, so she could only be sold as a pet.

When Sophia first met her, she had run out from the puppy mill and rolled in the snow. She almost blended into the snow so she accidentally stepped on her tail, causing her to yap in pain like a weak little girl.

She had decided to buy Snowball then and there and brought her home. Since then, she grew from the size of a kitten to a size larger than Nathan.

Ring, ring!

A simple classic ringtone rang and it was from an unknown number.

Wiping away her tears, Sophia answered the call and at once, an arrogant voice travelled into her ears.

“Sophia, do you like the present that I gave?”


Everything made sense now.

Natasha truly wanted to finish her off and would go to extreme lengths to do so. It was indeed a ‘present’ that Sophia would remember forever!

Without replying to Natasha, Sophia listened to her as she swaggered about it.

“So, how do you feel? You must be exploding in anger but what can you do about it? Hahaha!”

Sophia smacked the button to end the call. Since Natasha called just to flaunt, she wouldn’t listen to whatever she said.

Putting the phone aside, Sophia wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes before she stood up and carefully removed Snowball’s collar. Then, she covered her remains and instructed the staff to return Snowball’s ashes to her after they cremated her. After that, she walked out of the mortuary with the blood-stained collar tightly clenched in her hand.

Michael had also been admitted to the same hospital and he was currently being treated.

When Sophia went to his ward to accompany him, she copied the video that had been sent by Nicholas to the computer and started to watch it seriously.

The video showed that when the truck drove toward them, Nicholas had detected someone shooting at the window, and that person was aiming at Nathan.

Right at that moment, Snowball seemed to have sensed something so she looked outside the window by popping her huge head out, blocking the entire window. Then, she never came back in, and it was probably then that she was shot dead by the bullet.

After that, the truck that had lost control drove toward them.

Calmly, Sophia analysed everything that Nicholas had captured and sent the video to Hale for a deeper analysis. Soon, they found the origin of the killer and his employer.

After half a day of torment and a night of rest, the drug in Michael’s body finally subsided but he only woke up the next morning.

When he was awake, he felt that every part of his body was sore and he couldn’t even move an inch without feeling pain. Lying on the bed, his mind was blank for a long time knowing that his reputation was truly ruined this time.

He had never imagined that this would happen to him, where he was drugged and kidnapped to a hotel room under Natasha’s order.

He felt that he must be acting like a beast at that time.

He remembered that when he sensed the drug kicking in, he had hit Natasha, who had tried to offer her body to him, unconscious before he locked himself in the bathroom.

Then, he started to hallucinate and felt that everyone he saw was Sophia. After that, he saw Sophia walking toward him and when that familiar fragrance travelled into his nose, all his forbearance broke down. At that moment, all he wanted to do was comply with the drug and unleash his lust. He wanted very badly to be one with her.

Later on, everything went wild…

After lying on the bed for some time, only did he recall what had happened. His arm was still connected with an intravenous line and looking to the side, he saw Sophia sleeping on the bed beside him.

Sophia seemed to be deeply asleep. With her eyes closed, she looked as quiet and beautiful as an angel in a painting.

He gazed at her and extended his hand, but he couldn’t reach her.

Sophia woke up at 6 a.m. She would have seven hours of sleep every day and would wake up at 6 a.m. sharp. When she noticed that Michael was awake, she asked him how he felt in a concerned tone.

Michael felt so sorry for Sophia for being outrageously careless, causing him to fall into someone’s trap. However, Sophia didn’t complain and just said, “Rest well and don’t overthink. I’ll settle everything.”

She said that in a wise and experienced manner as if she was a professional that had done it for years. That utterly surprised Michael and he felt that she had grown wiser than the last time they met.

After accompanying Michael for breakfast, Sophia immediately went to discuss Michael’s situation with the doctor.

Fortunately, it wasn’t serious and wouldn’t affect his fertility other than some scratches and muscle strain, which might stop him from having an erection for a month.

Meanwhile, Gemma awoke as well. Her injuries were more severe but she had passed the critical period. As long as she rested well for some time, she would be fine.

After leaving the hospital, Sophia headed toward the company. On the way there, she called the agency and the film crew to inform them about Michael’s situation as he would need to rest for some time. She also requested them to announce to the public that Taylor had an accident and was severely injured when he was filming an action scene without the help of a stuntman, so he had to rest and recuperate for some time.

Not only could she sustain her husband’s reputation, but she could also take the opportunity to publicise the new movie.

Then, she called Maria to send Nicholas to be repaired at Michel Group. On the way back, she even bought a Samoyed that looked exactly like Snowball from the pet shop and sent it back home to accompany Nathan. After that, she went to the company.

Everything was arranged and in order.

As soon as she stepped into the company, everyone gathered around her. The news had been announced on the internet saying that Taylor was injured while filming and was recuperating in the hospital, whereas Nathan almost died in the car accident.

“Miss Edwards!”



Sophia walked in calmly as if nothing had happened while saying, “Everything’s fine. You may go back to your post.”

She seemed completely composed like a shrewd elite of the urban workplace while walking into the office, and she started to work as usual. It seemed like nothing had happened, or it might just be the calm before the storm.

If a man’s wife was coveted by someone and was even attempted rape on several times, he wouldn’t be able to swallow his anger either.

Therefore, Sophia and Natasha’s battle was far from ending.

For the whole morning, Sophia worked. There was still a lot to be done since a few soul-stirring incidents had happened consecutively in the past 20 hours.

At 3 p.m., Sophia arranged tea for everyone and even gave them a one-hour leave so they could watch the Universal Games.

The 100-meter female freestyle swimming finals would commence this afternoon and the famous beautiful swimmer, Sandra Oak, had a huge chance of winning her second gold medal today and breaking the world record at the same time!

This competition attracted worldwide attention and the entire Cethos was paying attention to it.

Everyone looked at their own computer nervously as if they were the ones participating in the competition.

The internet media was providing life coverage for the finals and on the screen, the girl looked beautiful and lively. At that moment, the whole world was paying attention to her.

If she could win this competition today, she would break several world records and make Cethos proud!

Finally, the commentator exclaimed excitedly, “She won! Sandra won! She defeated her enemy as well as herself and won her second gold medal at the Universal Games. This meaningful gold medal not only represents a great victory in sports for Cethos, but it’s also an important milestone. Today will definitely be recorded in history!”

At that moment, the entire country cheered and rejoiced!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 642

This was a glory for the entire Cethos!

Her name, Sandra Oak, would certainly go down in history.

Watching the live video, where Sandra was wailing emotionally while holding the gold medal, Sean felt a shiver down his spine but he didn’t know why.

“Sean, come to my office.”

Suddenly, Sophia called him through the internal line. After taking a sip of this coffee, he rushed to Sophia’s office.

In the office, Sophia was also watching the live broadcast of the games, where Sandra wept while being interviewed.

“I would like to thank my parents because I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.”

For some time, both of them quietly watched Sandra’s live interview.

Suddenly, Sophia paused the video and it stopped at Sandra’s teary face.

That was a face that looked like Natasha’s. Sandra was Alex’s daughter and she was Natasha’s sister. Not only was their age similar, but they looked alike as well.

Staring at that face, Sean felt another shiver down his spine.

Without wasting time, Sophia showed him a series of evidence.

“I’ve investigated Nathan’s car accident and Natasha is the one who hired the killer. I haven’t told anyone about it. If it’s known by others, Old Master definitely won’t let it slide.”

Upon hearing that, Sean felt goosebumps all over his body. As expected, Natasha was the culprit!

It seemed like Natasha had completely lost her mind. How dare she try to hurt Nathan? Doesn’t she know that Mark loves Nathan the most?

If this news was leaked out, the Mitchell Family and the Fletcher Family would come to an open break of their relationship. When they snatched someone in the past, it was just a dispute, but now that they had attempted murder, it was a grudge!

Sean analysed the situation solemnly. “The Mitchell Family is now dividing their family so Alex will surely protect Natasha with all means because she is his only child. Sophia, if you want to take revenge on Natasha, it’s better to hire a killer.”

“No,” Sophia rejected firmly. “Death would be too kind and brief. My aim is to let her live in hell.”

Sean furrowed his eyebrows. Judging from the current situation, the only way to make Natasha live in hell would be to destroy the Mitchell Family.

Once Natasha wasn’t the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, she would naturally suffer.

However, destroying the Mitchell Family seemed impossible with Sophia and Michael’s current power . After all, that was a huge family that had existed for a few hundred years so they wouldn’t be able to do it unless they collaborated with Linus. Yet, Linus seemed…

In just a split second, myriads of thoughts appeared in Sean’s mind.

Maintaining a poker face, Sophia said to Sean, “Come here. I want to tell you my plan.”

After listening to her plan, Sean felt yet another shiver down his sine and he almost froze in fear. “I-I’m afraid I can’t persuade Alex. Besides, will he listen to me?”

Sophia remained expressionless. “Don’t worry. In the Mitchells’ eyes, you’re just a nonentity and they won’t make things difficult for a nonentity. All you have to do is show Alex these evidences and he’ll know what to do since he’s clever.”


The Universal Games had ended in a grand and spectacular manner. The expedition team won over 40 gold medals for Cethos and they steadily ranked first on the gold medal list.

Successively, the expedition team returned to the country and the national team had an outstanding achievement this time, which in turn made many sports stars famous. Undoubtedly, Sandra was one of the most famous stars.

She alone broke three world records and won two individual gold medals and one silver medal, which shook the entire Cethos as well as the whole world. With her beauty as a bonus point, she became a celebrity athlete overnight that was known by everyone in the country.

Sandra appeared in the headlines almost every day. One reported that she was accepted to Bayside University as an exception and that she attended the party organised by the President for foreign diplomats as a distinguished guest. Another reported her to become the ambassador of a famous fashion brand and was invited to the New Year’s Gala. The media also revealed that she was pursued by famous handsome dandies.

In just one night, she rose to a well-known star from a nobody in the past.

Meanwhile, Bayside University had started its classes.

On the first day of school, Sophia came to the university to attend the flag-raising ceremony. In the afternoon, she had lunch in the university’s cafeteria since she still had money in her meal card and had decided to use it as often as she could.

Sophia and her three friends chose a perfect spot to sit down, where they could watch the television once they raised their heads.

The television was replaying the highlights of the games.

In this year’s Universal Games, Cethos’s team had performed well in many competitions, including the female volleyball event where the team had a shocking win, diving events where the Dream Diving Team won gold medal yet again, and the freestyle swim events where Sandra won two gold medals.

While eating, Sophia looked at her phone and saw Natasha on the news. It was a scandal about her and a handsome dandy from the Edwards Family that had a net worth over ten billion. They even wore matching couple rings and were rumored to have been engaged.

Judging from the latest news about Natasha, she was living leisurely and comfortably like a beautiful Young Lady from a wealthy family, where she attended shows, read books, shopped and went on dates. Occasionally, she would even donate to charities to boost her reputation.

Because of her young age, all her wrongdoings could be excused and glossed over by saying that she was insensible since she was young. In addition, since she was wealthy and was willing to spend her money in donating to charities, her reputation and image gradually became positive.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten all the stupid things she had done.

As long as she was the Young Lady Mitchell, she could enjoy the privilege, where all her disgusting sins could be forgiven.

The title of Young Lady Mitchell was her greatest shield!

Without that title, she would be nobody, but as long as she had that title, she could do as she pleased because she had the entire Mitchell Family as her backing!

Watching the news, Sophia sneered and put down her phone. Then, she checked the time and realized that it was almost time, so she decided to ask Stanley to change the channel. It was at that moment that an arrogant voice came from behind.

“Sophia, here you are! No wonder I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Hearing that voice, everyone was stunned. They turned back to look only to see Natasha.

Natasha had changed her hairstyle during summer to burgundy big curls. It made her look distinguished and bejewelled as if she was a shining diamond.

Everyone seemed to be unaware of what had happened lately but when they saw Natasha, they instinctively felt disgusted and everyone seemed annoyed.

In graceful steps, Natasha walked to them and sat on the empty seat beside Sophia while asking her in concern, “I heard that your son got into a car accident not long ago. Is he okay?”

Sophia remained expressionless while holding her spoon but her eyes were full of coldness and ruthlessness.

Seeing that Sophia was unmoved, Natasha smiled innocently while continuing, “The traffic in Bayside hasn’t been good lately and car accidents are common. You should watch over your son. Otherwise, he might be—”

“What are you talking about?!” Stanley was the first to smack the table and stood up.

Glancing at Stanley, Natasha didn’t respond to him and just twirled her curly hair with her manicured fingers while saying coquettishly, “I think Taylor is hospitalised lately and I heard that his ward is 302 at the third floor of XX Hospital. When will he be free? I want to visit him…”

She deliberately said that in a seductive and breathless manner and only Sophia understood what she meant.

It seemed like she wasn’t planning to give up on Michael and had even asked for his ward room. She must find an opportunity to take action.

Experiencing a misfortune was not as scary as knowing a misfortune was awaiting them. As long as Natasha held onto that thought, she would succeed sooner or later.

Sadly, there was nothing Sophia could do to stop Natasha coveting Michael!

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Although Stanley had no idea what had happened, he still felt sick at Natasha’s tone so he glared at her and cursed, “You shameless b*tch! Let me tell you, if you dare to bully Sophia, I won’t let you get away with it!”

His loud voice attracted everyone’s attention in the cafeteria. Turning to look at them, they saw that Stanley was about to start a fight.

Indeed, Stanley had rolled his sleeves up and was about to hit Natasha. Even if she had two bodyguards with her, he would hit her to vent his anger.

Right at that moment, Sophia finally spoke. “Stanley, change it to the finance channel. I want to watch financial news.”

Stanley smacked the table. “Why would you want to watch the financial news in a situation like this?”

On the contrary, Sean found the remote control and quickly changed it to the financial channel. After that, he looked back and forth between Sophia and Natasha while persuading Stanley to sit down.

Turning a blind eye to Natasha, Sophia looked at her phone and realised that it was already 12.30 p.m., so she said, “It’s time.”

Natasha knew that Sophia was dying to rip her apart but she couldn’t.

As long as she was alive, she wouldn’t let Sophia live in peace!

Meanwhile, Sophia started to watch the television with great interest.

Currently, the finance channel was broadcasting financial news and the headline for today was ‘The real-life story of swapping daughters: Sandra Oak is actually the daughter of the Mitchell Family!’

“Today, the Chairman of Mitchell Group, Alex Mitchell, held a press conference at 12.30 p.m. and revealed a shocking incident to the public, where his daughters were swapped. Alex said that Natasha isn’t his real daughter and his real daughter is actually the famous sports star, Sandra Oak, who had won two gold medals in the Universal Games! Kindly watch the following live coverage of Alex clarifying this incident to the public.…”

At once, Natasha’s expression changed drastically and her fingers that were twirling her hair froze.

Everyone’s attention was attracted to the news so they immediately gathered in front of the television.

The scene was switched to Alex’s press conference, showing Alex in a neat suit with the famous sports star, Sandra, as well as his first wife, who was also Natasha’s mother, beside him.

Choking up, Alex said to the reporters on the scene and the camera, “I’m standing here today to clarify an incident that happened 20 years ago. 20 years ago, my wife, Mrs. Wright, gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital, which is our daughter. Unexpectedly, the nanny that we hired with a high price for our daughter took the opportunity to swap her daughter with our daughter when my wife was weak and frail from the labor. All these years, we have been kept in the dark and cherished the nanny’s daughter like she was the apple of our eyes, while our real daughter struggled to live. By chance, we found our real daughter and she is Sandra Oak! Now, the truth is revealed and the three of us have finally united as a family!”

Speaking of the sad part, the family of three hugged each other and wailed as if they were genuinely families that hadn’t met for years.

As soon as the news broke out, the students in the cafeteria burst into an uproar and the discussion was turbulent.

Sandra was the real daughter of the Mitchell Family? What about Natasha, who was right in front of them? Was she the nanny’s daughter?

Oh my! That nanny was truly heartless to swap other people’s daughter with her own daughter, letting her own daughter to live a luxury life while the real daughter of the wealthy family lived in a life of poverty with her.

It was said that Sandra grew up in a poor family when she was young.

Simultaneously, everyone looked at Natasha, only to see her completely stupefied while staring at the news on the television in disbelief.

She was the nanny’s daughter and the real Natasha was actually Sandra?

What about her?!

Natasha sprung up at once and dashed out while calling someone.

After she left, the discussion became even more heated.

No one had imagined that such a bizarre incident would happen in real life.

Then, everyone went online and shared the news they had just heard.

Bayside University and the entire Bayside were shook!

While the others were busy discussing, Stanley remained stunned for a long time.

Wasn’t Sandra Derek’s sister, Alex’s illegitimate daughter?

How did she become Alex’s real daughter who was maliciously swapped by someone 20 years ago?

Suddenly, he turned stiffly toward Sophia, only to see her bowing her head to eat her food calmly. While eating slowly, she would occasionally look at her phone.

At that moment, it dawned on him.

Good gracious, what a ruthless trick!

From the beginning when she found Sandra’s existence, she had started to plan everything calmly just for today.

Now, Natasha no longer had the title of Young Lady Mitchell.

Without saying a word, Stanley sat down to eat while all his hair stood on end. He swore that from now on, Sophia would be his respected elder, his God and he would obey her regardless of anything she said.

He wouldn’t oppose her anymore!

When Natasha rushed back to Mitchell Residence, she was beaten and thrown out of the house mercilessly by the Mitchells.

At the same time, all her assets were frozen, including her credit cards and bank accounts. Everything that the Mitchell Family had given her was taken back.

In a short amount of time, she had gone from a wealthy young lady to a penniless person.

“No! Mom, Dad, I’m your daughter. I’m Natasha!”

Natasha screamed shrilly outside Mitchell Residence but no one answered her. Only a group of women from the upstart West Family that stayed next door watched her with amusement as she made a scene.

Natasha could strangle her own brother to death just to prevent him from taking what was hers. Similarly, Alex could tolerate his own daughter, who strangled his son, and conceal the truth for his own benefit.

It was all about benefits and Alex needed an offspring!

Nothing would be placed above benefits, not even his family.

Therefore, it wasn’t strange that Alex abandoned her today.

Sean had showm the evidence of Natasha attempting to murder Nathan to Alex and told him that he had an outstanding illegitimate daughter. He had also told Alex a perfect plan where he could swap Sandra and Natasha’s identity.

After hearing that, Alex would know what to do. Between a b*tch that always got herself into troubles and a sports star that brought glory to the country, he knew well which daughter would bring him the greatest benefit.

Therefore, he wasted no time in bringing Sandra into the family and changed her name to Sandra Mitchell. Not only that, after she was registered in the Mitchell’s family genealogy record book, he even organized a grand banquet to celebrate his union with Sandra.

Sandra was indeed Alex’s daughter so she looked like Alex. In addition, she was a sports star that was cherished nationally, who brought glory to the country. The only shortcoming was her origin and an illegitimate daughter would never be allowed in the Mitchell Family’s ancestral hall. Yet, it wouldn’t be the same case if she was a legitimate child that was swapped 20 years ago.

Although Alex had carried out the plan flawlessly, some of the Mitchells still sensed something fishy, but what could they do?

After Sandra was reunited with the family, Mitchell Group’s shares shot up so no one would be so stupid to cause trouble.

Natasha guarded outside Mitchell Residence for a day but no one responded to her. Then, she thought of her uncle so she hopped into a taxi and headed to her uncle’s house.

Unexpectedly, when she arrived at her uncle’s house, she bumped into Mrs. Mitchell and Sandra, who were visiting her uncle.

Seeing that everything she had was being handed to another woman, Natasha flew into rage. So, as soon as Sandra got down from the car that had just stopped, Natasha charged toward her angrily and slapped her hard. “You b*tch! I’ll strangle you to death!”

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Sandra was not only a sports star that was cherished by the whole nation but also the Young Lady Mitchell, so she had numerous bodyguards around her, who seized Natasha right away and threw her to the side. Mrs. Mitchell embraced Sandra, who cried out of fear, and comforted her. Right now, they looked like an affectionate pair of mother and daughter.

Natasha couldn’t believe her eyes while she wailed and shouted, “Mom, I’m Nat! I’m your real daughter and this woman is a liar!” She believed that her mother wouldn’t be deceived even if her father was because she had given birth to her!

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Mitchell looked at her with a stern face which Natasha had never seen before and scolded, “No, Sandra is my daughter!”

“No, no!” Natasha shrieked. “It’s me! I’m your real daughter, mom!”

Mrs. Mitchell refused to talk to her anymore and left with Sandra, leaving behind Natasha to wail in despair by the road. How did this happen? She was the real Young Lady Mitchell! That woman was a liar who had deceived everyone!

Unfortunately, no one cared about her even after she wailed for a long time outside. Now, she was just the nanny’s daughter, not Young Lady Mitchell.

Standing at the roadside with her body covered in dirt and stinking, she cried until she felt hungry. It was only then that she realized she should eat something so she walked into a nearby western restaurant. As soon as she sat down, she heard the whispers from the people around her.

“Isn’t that Natasha?”

“If you look closely, she looks similar to Sandra.”

“How pitiful. It seems like she’s chased out of the house after the family reunited with their real daughter.”

“As expected, a peasant will always be a peasant and she can never be on par with Sandra, who is the real princess. I’ve said since the beginning that Natasha doesn’t have the nobility of a lady at all. and she acts like she has never seen a man by going after Taylor desperately. It’s true that a daughter of a poor man will never be elegant even if she’s brought up in a rich family.”

Natasha trembled in anger while tears trickled down her cheeks. However, all she wished now was to fill up her stomach. After the food was served, she gobbled everything up without taking care of her deportment. After the meal, the waiter came to settle her bill but when Natasha reached into her pocket, she realized that she was penniless. She didn’t have the habit of carrying her purse with her so it was with her assistant now, and her phone battery had died. She searched every pocket on her but still failed to find a penny.

Before this, she still had some valuable items with her but they were all taken by the bodyguards of the Mitchells during the chaos just now. Now, she was left with nothing.

Noticing the embarrassment on Natasha’s face, the waiter knew that she had no money and his expression darkened at once. Right at that moment, a cheerful voice rang.

“Isn’t this Natasha, the Young Lady Mitchell?”

That title was extremely ear-piercing for Natasha. She turned around to find a stranger in office attire, so she sniffed and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

That woman seemed shrewd and she smiled when she looked at Natasha while crossing her arms. “You might have forgotten me. I’m the president of this chain restaurant and I started this restaurant from scratch.”

The woman’s voice was full of mockery. “Three years ago, my restaurant only started its business and the staff weren’t familiar with the operations yet. Unfortunately, they accidentally offended you but you called your men to smash my restaurant. You even forced me to kneel down and apologize to you.”

The atmosphere was getting intense when the staff started to gather around fiercely and stood behind their boss. Drenched in sweat out of fear Natasha tried to speak in a composed manner, “What do you want? Everybody’s watching. I don’t think you would dare to—”

The female boss smiled before she coldly said, “Your bill for this meal is 5,899. You can pay it by card, cash, Paypal, Venmo or online bank transfer.”

Natasha’s face turned extremely sour. In the past, 5,899 was the price for just breakfast. But now, she didn’t even have a penny. Biting the bullet, she said, “I don’t have my purse now but I’ll call my friend here.”

The female boss burst out laughing. “Do you even have a friend? Hahaha!”

More laughter followed, as if everyone had just heard a hilarious joke and could not stop themselves from guffawing. The crowd grew larger and they pointed at Natasha while laughing. Right at that moment, Natasha spotted quite a few of her ‘friends’ among the crowd.

Overjoyed, she said to a girl in branded clothes, who was obviously from a distinguished family, “Evonne, you’re here just at the right time. Lend me some money!”

However, all she received was a merciless slap from Evonne, which sent her spinning. Evonne, who was an ingratiating follower of hers in the past, had suddenly changed into a different person. With a fierce look, she slapped Natasha again as if one wasn’t enough to vent her anger and lashed out all her resentment that she had bottled up for the past few years.

“Btch, I’ve had enough of you! Do you remember the incident that happened five years ago? You liked the necklace that my mother gave me and forced me to give it to you. Do you know how reluctant I was? That was the only thing that my late mother left me! You knew how important it was to me but you insisted on having it! In the end, I had no choice but to give it to you because you’re Young Lady Mitchell, whom my entire family can’t afford to offend. But what did you do to my necklace after you got it? You gave it to your nanny after wearing it for just two days! Do you know how much I hate you? Btch!”

Filled with resentment, Evonne used both her hands to slap Natasha, causing Natasha’s face to swell.

Before Natasha regained her senses, another slap landed on her face and this time, it was an even harder slap. Next, another noble woman cried while complaining, “Do you remember how you humiliated me in public back then? Just because I was better at playing piano than you, you deliberately burned my hand! I could never play piano from that day onward! B*tch, I hope you die right now!”

When Natasha was still Young Lady Mitchell, she indeed had many friends but she knew that they were not sincere to her. If she wasn’t Young Lady Mitchell, she would just be a stupid, useless person!

This high-class restaurant was visited by many wealthy people so there were quite a few familiar faces today. The haughty Young Lady Mitchell was used to being the center of the world. Acting rudely and domineeringly were common for her so she often offended people, but they didn’t dare to oppose her. Now that she had fallen into a dire strait and the Mitchell Family had abandoned her, those people that she bullied in the past besieged her. In the blink of an eye, her face was swollen from all those slaps.

Yet, Natasha didn’t dare to resist and just glared at the people who hit her. She firmly believed that she would rise back up someday. By that time, she would get even with everyone here today.

Seeing that Natasha didn’t even dare to make a sound even though she was getting hit, the female boss felt delighted so she said, “Young Lady Mitchell, since you’ve finished your food, shouldn’t you pay for it?”

Bowing her head, Natasha didn’t dare to speak. The noble ladies behind her laughed and one of them said, “Forget it. Since we already hit her, we’ll just gather our money and buy her a meal.”

At once, money fluttered in the air and stacks of money were tossed at Natasha. Everyone was laughing and their laughter was ear-piercing yet hearty.

Natasha bent her dignified knees and picked up every note from the ground. In her heart, she swore that she must rise again because she was Natasha! The noblest Young Lady Mitchell, Natasha!

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With a swollen face, Natasha left the western restaurant with 200 in her pocket, which was the last bit of money she had while the rest were taken by the female boss to pay for her meal.

She then decided to go to Bayside University.

Even if she had lost the title of Young Lady Mitchell, she was still a genius so she decided to stay in Bayside University to get her degree! In the future, she would be successful enough for the Mitchell Family to take her back in.

Alex must still be angry at her because she attempted to murder Nathan. As long as she acquitted herself well, she would sooner or later regain the title of Young Lady Mitchell.

When Natasha arrived at Bayside University, she went straight to meet the vice chancellor.

She displayed the last pride of being Young Lady Mitchell and said to him, “I want to resume my studies here. I hope that the university can arrange a private dorm for me along with a personal assistant and a driver. On top of that, I need a subsidy of at least 10 thousand every month for my living expenses.”

In the past, she was Young Lady Mitchell who never had to do chores or run errands but now, she had to handle these trivial things just so she could eat. Even so, she had to do it in order to rise again as soon as possible.

Hearing her requests, the vice chancellor thought that she was joking.

But judging from her serious face, she didn’t seem to be joking. Out of kindness, the vice chancellor didn’t want to hit her when she was already down and gently said, “I’m afraid we can’t do that. Our subsidy for needy students is 6 per day and the money will be deposited directly to the meal card so it can only be spent at the university’s cafeteria.”

Needy student?

Natasha thought that she had misheard him.

She? A needy student? How was she a needy student?

The vice chancellor started to explain seriously, “For the dorm, we only have rooms for four and the private dorm is all occupied at the moment. Our subsidy is only sufficient for three basic meals a day. For needy students, our university provides part time jobs to earn some pocket money such as cleaning the toilet, transporting barrels of water, cleaning the library’s floor—”

Natasha couldn’t listen to it anymore and smacked the table fiercely while shouting, “I’ve represented the university in countless international competitions and won countless awards. How can you do this to me?”

Since she was no longer Young Lady Mitchell, the vice chancellor finally decided to tell her the truth.

“Well, all the awards that you won from those competitions were actually paid for by the Mitchell Family. After all, you’re Young Lady Mitchell and if you fail to get the first in the competition, it would be a disgrace…”

Looking at how dejected Natasha was, the vice chancellor quickly cheered her up with sweet words. “It isn’t for all cases. At least you’re good at playing piano and those awards from playing piano are genuine. All the Mitchell Family did was break the top three’s hands to let you win.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Natasha had stormed off.

She felt that she was only wasting her time talking to the vice chancellor.

These people were hitting her when she was down and deliberately making things difficult for her!

How dare he asked her to live in a dorm with three other peasants and even asked her to clean the toilet? Would that ever happen? That was totally a humiliation to her dignity!

But he had a point because she indeed was good at playing piano!

That was the only thing she was confident of herself because her piano skills were taught by the world’s famous pianist.

She stormed into the multipurpose building and as soon as she saw the piano, she immediately dashed toward it and couldn’t wait a second longer to start playing it. But this time, her fingers were so stiff and weak on the piano keys.

It was only then did she recall that she had never practiced in a long time. Besides, when she was trapped in the mountain, she was continuously rped by those men for days. She was not only rped by them in turns at night, but she also had to work during the day in chains. If she disobeyed them, she would be beaten up. Due to that, her hands were severely injured and she could no longer play the piano.

Unpleasant and discordant notes echoed in the hall of the multipurpose building, attracting everyone to the scene. Seeing that it was Natasha, they pointed at her and started mocking her.

“Who’s that? How does she have the courage to play the piano with such lousy piano skills? That’s absolutely shameless!”

“She’s Natasha. Can’t you recognize her?”

“Oh my god! It is Natasha! The news said that she isn’t Young Lady Mitchell.”

“Let me tell you something which I didn’t dare to say in the past. Two years ago, there was a knowledge competition and Natasha won the first. To be honest, the second and the third scored a lot higher than her but the student who should’ve won first was forced to drop out of school after his leg was broken by someone…”

Finally, Natasha couldn’t stand those discussions anymore and dashed out in tears.

Wherever she went, she was showered with unbearable taunts.

It was only then did she understand how cruel the world was and how heartless people were. At the same time, she thoroughly understood how it felt to be hit when she was down.

If she could, she’d rather die!

What else did she have now after everything was stripped off from her including her dignity?

At night, Bayside was glowing with neon lights. Natasha spent her remaining money on alcohol and walked tipsily on the street.

No wonder everyone loved alcohol. It turned out that after getting drunk, she could forget about all her worries.

Sitting at the roadside, Natasha chugged the alcohol while giggling foolishly, imagining that she had regained her title of Young Lady Mitchell.

Suddenly, she saw someone sitting on the steps across the streets, who was also drinking.

That person was as skinny as a skeleton and extremely pale, looking abjected with dark circles around his eyes. Similar to Natasha, he was drinking alcohol in large gulps and looked down and out. Even worse, he seemed to be even more dejected than her and his arms were full of needle wounds from abusing drugs.

“Richard! It’s you!”

Natasha recognized him at once and dashed toward him like a mad woman. Then, she grabbed him and punched him weakly. “Give me back my money! Give it back to me!”

In the past, she gave Richard money to kill Sophia but that money was wasted and she hadn’t settled accounts with him on this matter.

If she could get back that money, she could bob up like a cork immediately.

Richard recognized Natasha as well. Sneering coldly, he sprung up, grabbed her and hit her repeatedly.

Two drunk people got into a fight and no one had the upper hand.

Looking at Natasha, Richard felt like he was looking at himself so he laughed. “My distinguished Young Lady Mitchell, you must have never imagined that this would happen to you! Look at you. You’re even worse than a dog. At least I’m still the Young Master of Harper Family, but what about you? ”

Natasha erupted in rage and tried to pinch his lips to shut him up. “Stop talking! Stop speaking!”

Absorbed in the fight, both of them were unaware that a figure was standing a few steps away from them and glaring coldly at them.

After they were worn out from fighting and lay down on the pavement to rest, the figure finally walked up to them.

The black pencil skirt accentuated that person’s sleek figure and on her delicate feet were wedged heels, exposing her tender toes. She looked aloof yet shrewd, and it felt like she was cast with a layer of halo.

Slowly, Sophia walked toward them while looking amusingly at the two of them who just had a fight. Her large black-framed glasses concealed the delight in her eyes.

“Everyone’s here, I see,” she chuckled.

Looking at Sophia, Richard seemed to be hit by a wave of chills. She was the culprit who schemed against him and threw him into this abyss from the highs of being the dignified Young Master Harper. He had tried to defend himself but failed each time, and now, he no longer dared to fight back.

Fate was cruel to him and all he could do was resign himself to adversity.

Richard didn’t even have the courage to hate her now. Hopelessly, he took a large gulp of bitter alcohol and plopped himself back on the ground.

However, Natasha couldn’t suppress her anger and charged at Sophia, as ferocious as a beast.

“It’s all because of you! You’re the one who caused me to be in dire straits! I’m going to kill you!”

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But before she could rush to Sophia, she was stopped by her bodyguard. She could only watch Sophia standing a few meters away from her, scoffing at her as she made a fool of herself.

“I’ll kill you, b*tch! I’ll kill you!” Natasha was like a crazy beast.

Sophia sneered at Natasha, and then said to Richard from a distance, “Richard, your wife has AIDS, and she has infected your whole family! Your father, uncle, aunt and nanny… Half of your family has been confirmed to be infected, and the other half are being examined.”

“What’s more, 3 over 5 of the board of directors have slept with your wife. Tsk tsk, how miserable. Now the hospital is full to bursting with people from your family and company. You’re finished! Your family is ruined, and your family members will all die! You should also go and get checked quickly. If you’re diagnosed early, you may be able to preserve your life and leave a remaining bloodline for your family.”

Richard smiled like a fool and took a swig of alcohol. When he raised his arm to drink, he revealed his skinny arm and the shocking number of needle marks on it.

After drinking, he wiped his mouth and smiled insanely.

“There is no need for me to be checked. The first person in our family to get AIDS was me.”

Richard said this as if it didn’t concern himself. He had been sick for a long time, and the first thing he did after getting sick was to go home and sleep with Xyla.

He originally just wanted to take revenge on Xyla and the men who hooked up with her, and he didn’t expect that Xyla would hook up with his dad. Not only did she hook up with his dad, but she also hooked up with some of his uncles.

Hah, they all deserve it!

He took another swig of wine to drown his sorrows. He looked as if he would come apart at any time, but then he heard Sophia’s quiet voice in his ear.

“To tell you the truth, I had someone deliberately infect you with AIDS. Several of the clubs that you often went to all had my people in them, and half of the women you usually picked were women who I had arranged for and were infected with AIDS. The lady who tempted you to take drugs was also deliberately arranged by me! So how is it? Are you surprised?”

Richard’s eyes widened instantly. His pupils shrank slightly, and his mind went blank. Turning his head away, he covered his face and cried like never before.

He remembered how Sophia came to the Harper’s Mansion several years ago begging for help. She had lost everything and he was her final hope.

But instead of help, her pleas got her a beating from the Harpers instead.

Richard avoided seeing her because he was in the bedroom going at it with Xyla.

He heard Sophia’s desperate cry and screams lingering near the Harper’s Mansion for a long time after that…

She had fallen into despair because of him, but he had turned a blind eye. Now, she had paid back the despair he had given her ten times over.

And now, he was in anguish.

When she learned that Richard had that disease, Natasha was so frightened that she became as white as a sheet. During the fight with Richard just now, she had scratches from him all over her body and he had even deliberately bit her!

He had done it deliberately!

Natasha was so scared that she screamed, crying miserably.

“The hospital! Take me to the hospital! I need medication!”

But no one listened to her. The two bodyguards came prepared, wearing thick gloves and protective gear.

After ridiculing Richard, Sophia had the bodyguards send him to a nearby hospital.

Today, it broke out that the Young Master of the Harper Family and his wife were suffering from AIDS. People from the Harper Family and the entertainment industry filled the hospital to the brim.

Many on the Board of the Harper Group were confirmed to have the disease as well. The Harper Group was completely finished and their stocks plummeted, and even if the business was not finished, it would need to go through a complete change in name.

Richard was dragged away like a defeated dog.

Natasha was still crying and howling, scared and terrified. She was knocked unconscious and taken away in a car.

When she woke up, Natasha found herself lying in a room without any windows.

The furnishings of the room were very simple. There was a single bed, a bathtub, a toilet, a TV and nothing else. The door was locked tight, and no matter how hard she pounded on the door, it was useless.

But when it was mealtime, food would be delivered through a small window.

Natasha didn’t know how long she had been in there, and she broke down in despair. She had to go to the hospital because if she was too late, she might get AIDS. She kept yelling and smashing things, but the things here were extremely sturdy and could not be broken, and no one appeared.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the TV suddenly turned on, and Sophia appeared on the screen. She greeted Natasha in comfortable pajamas, “Hi, Honorable Young Lady Mitchell.”

Natasha angrily threw the pillow in her hand at the TV screen, but Sophia’s appearance and voice were still pervasive.

“What’s wrong? It’s only been a day since we last saw each other and you have become like this, Young Lady Mitchell?”

Natasha frantically tried to smash the TV, but she found that the TV was protected by a layer of tempered glass. She couldn’t smash the TV or turn it off and no matter where she went, she could hear Sophia’s voice in her ears.

“It’s all because of you! You did this to me! You will get retribution!”

On the screen, Sophia pushed her wide clear lens glasses up her nose. She smiled. “Yes, it’s all because of me.”

She then imitated the threatening tone Natasha used on her in the cafeteria that day. “But… What can you do to me?”

Under Natasha’s red, hatred-filled eyes, Sophia talked about her plan, as if she was telling an interesting story.

“You stole my husband, tried to kill my son, and killed my dog… You have seen my dog before. It was that white dog, and was very cute!” Sophia said. “Her life was worth a lot more than yours! That was why I wanted to kill you, but you are the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. So, how could I kill you?”

Sophia held her cheek and frowned, as if she wasn’t part of it. She was even speaking with a lilt.

“And so I thought, if you weren’t the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family anymore, then it would be very easy for me to kill you!”

Natasha was trembling all over. Tears kept falling from her eyes and she felt cold, but she couldn’t say anything and her lips trembled.

“By chance, I discovered Sandra Oak, the illegitimate daughter of your father Alex Mitchell,” Sophia continued. “You have seen her, haven’t you? She looks very similar to you, and she is also a student athlete. She has been swimming since elementary school, and her grades are very good. Sandra almost joined the national team to participate in the Universal Games.”

“I spent money to get her into the national team, bought her equipment and cleared all obstacles for her, allowing her to perform at her best,” Sophia revealed. “Then I told your dad that Sandra is his true daughter, and that you were mistakenly switched with her 20 years ago! Hahaha! Your dad really believed it. You are an useless idiot who only knows how to embarrass your dad, and he couldn’t wait to kick you out of the house. Now, he has finally received his wish!”

So this is how it is!

She was not switched by mistake, but abandoned by the Mitchell Family!

Natasha cried in despair.

“Not only did your dad believe it,” Sophia said, “but your mum believed it too, as did everyone else in the Mitchell Family. They couldn’t help it even if they didn’t believe it!”

“You, an idiot who only knows how to cause trouble, and Sandra, a girl who has attracted the attention of the world; who do you think they would choose?” Sophia taunted Natasha. “In truth your father, mother and even the whole of the Mitchell Family know that you are the true born daughter of the family, and that Sandra is just an illegitimate child who is not worth mentioning! But it’s funny how the way fate works; they would rather have an illegitimate child enter their household than accept you. Aren’t you pitiful? You are even less than a bastard!”

“Your parents, uncle and whole household would rather let an illegitimate child replace you and let her take all the things that belonged to you—your property, your money, your status and even your fiancé! Don’t you think you are pitiful? If I was you, I would have killed myself long ago!”

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Natasha held her head, frantic, and said hoarsely, “Stop talking! Stop talking!”

“Oh, I don’t want to talk to you,” Sophia said.

Natasha desperately covered her ears, but then she suddenly remembered something that she could taunt Sophia with.

“Even if I’m down and out, I’m still the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. But what about you? You’re just Joe Edwards’ bastard!” Natasha jeered. “You are an illegitimate daughter that can’t be brought to light! You are a bastard who came to this world because your mother was r*ped!”

“Even if you were acknowledged by Joe and he welcomed you home, you would still be a bastard! Your family wouldn’t be able to raise their heads in the Edwards Family!”

Sophia didn’t get angry when she heard what Natasha said. Instead, she chewed on her apples with relish before speaking, “Who told you that I was Joe Edwards’ daughter?”

She quietly said to the screen, “I will tell you this quietly; my father is not Joe Edwards. My father is the former family head of the Mitchell Family, Cooper Mitchell.”

Natasha was shocked. Cooper Mitchell’s daughter… Didn’t Cooper only have a son?

“You know him, right?” Sophia blinked and said. “He’s my father. I’m actually the true Young Lady of the Mitchell Family.”

“My father isn’t dead. Very soon, he will return to the Mitchell Family, and when he comes back, your father will have to step down as the family head!”

“That’s enough talk. I need to get busy with my work.”

She hung up the video call, and Natasha stared at the TV screen in a daze.

Sophia is actually Cooper Mitchell’s daughter?

The 60-inch big TV screen which overshadowed her gloomy face flickered to life again and started to broadcast news all related to Sandra Oak. To be more accurate, it was the news of Sandra Mitchell, the daughter of the Mitchell Family.

“Sandra Mitchell, The Young Mistress Of The Mitchell Family, Appears At The Mitchell Family’s Annual Family Meeting, Wearing A Diamond Ring Worth Tens Of Millions In Her Hand. She Has An Elegant Temperament.”

“Sandra Mitchell Admits That She Loves The Young Master Of The Edwards Family. A Match Between A Capable Young Man And A Beautiful Woman, Truly An Enviable Pair.”

“Chairman Of The Mitchell Group, Alex Mitchell, Travels With His Wife And Daughter. Sandra Mitchell’s Beautiful Swimsuit Photos Are Exposed.”

“Not Only Does She Know How To Swim. But She Also Knows How To Play The Piano: The Young Mistress Of The Mitchell Family Gains Recognition From A Master Pianist For Her Skill At Playing The Piano. Praised For Being Adept At Both The Sword And Pen.”

“Alex Mitchell Gave Superstar Sandra Mitchell An Extravagant Banquet To Welcome Her Home. Many Famous Stars Gathered In The Unprecedented Grand Occasion.”

News about Sandra Mitchell continued to appear one after the other. The proud and contented face that appeared from time to time kept tearing at Natasha’s heart.

That illegitimate child that wasn’t worth mentioning had stolen everything that belonged to her, and she was even strutting around acting all triumphant! But the sad thing was, her parents would rather acknowledge an illegitimate daughter for the sake of appearances!

And she, the true born daughter of the Mitchell Family, could only wait here and die!

She knew she couldn’t live anymore. Sophia was torturing herself deliberately, and she wanted her to suffer in hell and beg for death!

Death itself was not terrifying. What was terrifying was waiting for death to come.

When she was in the mountains, it was like she was in hell, but she still harbored hope in her heart. She knew that the Mitchell Family was powerful and they would find her soon, and she would be able to get out sooner or later. But now, she knew that no one would be coming to save her. She was deliberately scratched by Richard Harper, so there was a high chance that she was infected with AIDS as well.

Everything was already late. All she could do now was to lie down and wait for death every day, slowly dying in torment.

The Mitchell Family’s affairs had attracted much attention, and both Natasha and Sandra received worldwide attention. Before, the Mitchell Family suppressed all negative news for her, but now, they wanted nothing more than for her stupid stunts to be well known by everyone.

After all, the worse Natasha’s reputation got, the more perfect Sandra would look in contrast.

The negative news about Natasha justified Alex Mitchell’s treatment of her, where he ignored her and took everything back from her.

Every day, besides watching the various glamorous news about Sandra, she would watch how the media reported the stupid things she had done—how she had falsified competition scores, threatened her opponents and faked her grades, and how her scholarly persona was a facade… Everything was fake! Even her identity as the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family was fake!

She had also publicly seduced Taylor Murray in the film studio but failed repeatedly, and her private life was chaotic where she was pregnant with a child, whose father was unknown. Then, she had asked Taylor to accept this child, and after being rejected, she angrily kidnapped Taylor’s twin sister and spent the night with Taylor. After tricking Taylor’s partner to where they were, she pretended she had slept with him but was exposed on the spot…

Natasha had lost even the last shreds of her dignity.

Natasha’s soul was being tortured, and to her, life was no better than death…

At Villa No. 8 in The Imperial., Sophia was munching on an apple in her study room as she studied. She was listening to an online lecture from a teacher using earbuds and taking notes. Occasionally, she would raise her eyes to watch Natasha in the surveillance video.

Tormenting Natasha truly was fun.

Next to the computer, there was a photo of Sophia and Nathan together. Between the two was a dog, who didn’t like to be left out, rubbing her head against them and smiling goofily.

That was the first photo they took together when Snowball came. Snowball was only a few months old then and was very small. Nathan was holding her and looked very happy.

Sophia took the photo and looked at it carefully for several minutes before placing the picture frame back carefully.

The new Snowball was lying next to Sophia’s feet, who also smiled goofily, but Nathan seemed to be unable to accept it.

He had seen with his own eyes how the original Snowball was being run over by a car. For a child, this was a dark shadow that would linger for a lifetime.

When she saw no end to her torment, Natasha finally couldn’t handle it. On the day she received news that she was infected with AIDS, she ran into the wall head first and committed suicide.

Sophia saw the whole process of Natasha’s suicide from the surveillance video. “Throw out the body and return it to the Mitchell Family,” Sophia said in disgust.

On the third day, a tabloid broke the news that Natasha Mitchell, the former Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, had contracted AIDS because of her chaotic private life, and finally committed suicide in despair.

When Alex Mitchell heard the news, he shed two drops of tears of sentimentality, saying that it was his fault for not teaching her well and that although she was not his trueborn, he had raised her with his own hands. Alex then chose a good cemetery for Natasha and buried her in a high profile.

News of Natasha’s death was soon overshadowed by news about Sandra, such as ‘Sandra Mitchell accepting a commercial endorsement that pays millions’, or ‘Sandra Mitchell guest-starring in a TV series’. No one cared about the death of a trivial person like Natasha and the public would always be more interested in explosive news, such as the destruction of Harper Group.

The once prosperous Harper Group had finally collapsed and declared bankrupt. Richard Harper’s father, the former chairman of Harper Group, was diagnosed with AIDS, and news of him being in an incestuous relationship with his daughter-in-law, who was pregnant with his child, finally broke out. Overnight, he was drowned in huge debt and had to face immense pressure that came from public opinion. In despair, he jumped off a building and committed suicide. Even after his death, he was criticized for having sexual relations with his daughter-in-law and couldn’t rest in peace.

The whole of the Harper Family was infected with AIDS all because of one person, and even half of the members of the company as well as a few people from the entertainment industry were infected. Many people were appalled when they heard the news, and they panicked.

Hospitals were overcrowded, causing the supply of medicines to fall short. As more information about the incident was leaked, everyone started to see the rancid and unpleasant things hidden under the brilliance of the rich.

Everyone suddenly felt sorry for Richard Harper. He had been cuckolded by his uncles, brothers, father and collaborators. All of them had slept with his wife, and not only did he have to raise a child that was not his, but he was also infected with AIDS. He was pitiful, very pitiful…

There was a lot of gossip these days. Gossip about the Mitchell Family had just only died down when gossip about the Harper Family began, and more and more news was coming every day. Not long after, Xyla Huff, who was suffering from AIDS and in despair, suddenly posted on the Internet everything that the Harper Family had done to her. Even if she died, she would make sure the Harper Family’s reputation was ruined!

Everybody was talking about it!

The plot was so cliché that it could be made into a TV drama!

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“That slut Xyla is so despicable! What a slut to have an incestuous relationship with her father-in-law. They say that she will be sentenced to jail for maliciously spreading AIDS!”

“Oh my God, she’s really crazy! But she’s also very pitiful. She was ruined, her parents were killed, and almost all of her family’s assets were taken by others through illicit means. And the one who did all that was her husband! She really must have been in the deepest pits of despair!”

“But the people who slept with her are not innocent at all! I heard that they were the ones who stole their family’s assets and caused her family to be ruined!”

“Looking at it now, she is innocent. She was caught, stripped, r*ped and beaten by others. No wonder her temperament changed a lot after coming back!”


The Harper Family was completely finished, and Xyla had been sentenced to jail as well. If she was not sentenced, she would probably not have survived to see the next day. Many gangsters were maliciously infected by her, and they wanted nothing more than to kill her right now. The day she was released from jail would be the day she died.

As for Richard Harper, evidence of how he killed Xyla’s father and mother came into the hands of the police through unknown means, and he was also investigated.

The wrongdoers were all miserable and regretting their life choices, whereas Sophia’s company was booming. Several games made by the company had become popular, and the income was quite considerable. Several rounds of financing had also been completed in a short period of time.

Michael was resting at home, and he would throw parties when he had nothing to do.

The reasons for the party ranged from Sophia getting a new dog, the dog learning how to use the doggie toilet, Natasha’s death, the fall of the Harper Family to Richard Harper and Xyla Huff going to jail…

And today, the reason for celebrating was even more unbelievable: to celebrate him being able to get hard again.

Sophia was speechless when she received Micheal’s text message.

…Are we really celebrating this?

Although this was indeed something to be happy about, it was rather embarrassing to announce it to everyone!

The last time he was drugged by Natasha with a strong aphrodisiac, they had so much sex that even the skin of his pe*is was peeled off!

When Micheal was sent to the hospital, he was completely shriveled up, his p*nis with traces of blood due to Sophia’s vaginal bleeding. After he was treated and went home, he was bedridden for several days before he recovered. He had been sore all over and his limbs felt cold for a long time, so he had to take medicine every day.

He really failed miserably this time. He never expected that something like this would happen, and it was extremely embarrassing. He didn’t dare to leave the house and just stayed at home to recover.

After a month or two, Michael could finally stand at attention!

As for his film… Celine could take his place! He would get her to do some work! Just a few days after Celine went on vacation, news about the Cethosian superstar Taylor Murray picking up foreign girls was reported by the local news and causing a stir. To everyone, this was Taylor’s doing!

As Michael’s stunt double, Celine could stand in for him first. After he got better, they could take the front shots and it wouldn’t matter because they were identical twins. She could put on some platform shoes, the Adam’s apple could be added later, and after Michael shot the scenes that required close ups of his facial expression, they would be done.

If Celine didn’t agree… Hmph, then her son could pay his mother’s debt! He would ask his son to continue cleaning the toilets!

Celine had already started working with the crew, and Michael hoped that she wouldn’t do something stupid like training Stanley’s dog to eat feces this time!

With his parents gone, Nathan went to Bayside University for classes every day. When school was over or he didn’t have any classes, he would go to the company to play video games.

Nicholas suffered some scratches in the previous car accident and was sent to the Michel Group for repairs, but they found that Nicholas had suffered damages to his core part. So, the domestic branch of the Michel Group was unable to repair it, and Nicholas had to be sent back to the European headquarters for repairs.

He was finally sent back after a few days.

As soon as he was switched on, Nicholas said happily, “Mom! Mom! I have been upgraded again! I have a new feature!”

Sophia was also curious about Nicholas’s new skill, and she found that Nicholas had been upgraded with a great skill this time—he could knit sweaters!

Not only sweaters, but also scarves, gloves and hats!

If you gave Nicholas a tuft of wool, you would get a brand new wool scarf in four hours, and you could choose from dozens of styles!

It was almost November, and Bayside City was getting very cold. Nicholas was knitting sweaters while sweeping the floor with his nimble and dexterous robotic fingers. The sweater he made for Sophia had a base layer and outer layer, and he also knitted a scarf for Michael and a pair of gloves for Nathan. It kept him very busy.

Soon, the banquet to celebrate Michael being able to become erect finally began. He had made salamander stew, cooked some eels and brought out the smoked bacon that he hadn’t finished eating from last year.

Meanwhile, Harry was almost done with his film. When he learned that Michael’s banquet was today and that there was going to be a salamander for dinner, he quickly came over for a free meal and even brought his kitten with him. And when there was something delicious to be had, Stanley would definitely be there.

Although Sophia didn’t tell Stanley they were having a banquet for fear that he would eat them out of their homes, Stanley had already learned from experience. Normally, Sophia would work overtime until nine or ten o’clock before returning home. If she left work on time, then that must mean that Michael had prepared delicious food, so she would hurry home to eat dinner. So, everytime Sophia got off work on time, he would follow her because he was sure that there would be a scrumptious meal!

Sophia had bought some new woolen yarn for Nicholas today. As soon as she opened the door, Stanley, who was following behind her, rushed into the door and found that Sophia’s kitchen was filled with delicious food beyond imagination again!

“Oh, damn! You corrupt capitalists! What an extravagant and dissolute life you all lead, eating so well! I wanna eat too! And you’re having salamander?! You shameless rich people!”

Stanley’s family were practically never at home. His brother was in the army and his parents were busy with research 365 days a year, so they seldom came home. What he ate at home depended on his old nanny, and he never got to choose.

But at Sophia’s house, the meals were never repetitive and each meal would be better than the last!

If Stanley came, Sean would definitely come as well. The two of them had rented a two-bedroom apartment together near the company, and they didn’t turn their heater on and had instant noodles for meals, which was just plain pitiful. Hence, they were always waiting for Sophia to make something delicious so that they could come and have a taste or two.

Michael was a little unhappy. He was afraid the delicious food would all be divided up by their guests, and his family and him wouldn’t have enough to eat.

But today was a celebration for his recovery, which held a deep significance. Oh, forget it… I’ll let them join in!

During the meal, Michael turned on the TV in the dining room and saw that the financial news was talking about the Mitchells again.

Just then, the news announced that the Mitchell Family had officially split into 3 different branches! Even if the family had acknowledged Sandra Mitchell, it couldn’t change their fate of splitting into branches.

One branch was led by Alex Mitchell. As the family head of the Mitchell Family who had led them for many years, he had power. Plus, his daughter Sandra had many eyes on her and had many supporters, so his branch was the main branch.

The second branch was made up of Cooper Mitchell’s subordinates. After dividing up one-third of the family assets, they planned to wait for Cooper and his son to return and lead the Mitchell Family back to its former glory.

The last branch was led by Anthony Mitchell, Justin Mitchell’s father. He didn’t want to submit to Alex, and he didn’t want to wait for Cooper to come back either. He just wanted to take as much as he could and stand by his own two feet.

The separation this time round was more dignified. Even if the Mitchell Family was squabbling behind the scenes, it still looked peaceful on the outside. They told the public that the company was being reorganized for detailed planning because of the business split, but everyone was still a part of the Mitchell Family.

Stanley was biting his chopsticks and said excitedly the next second, “Sean, your family has separated!”

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Sean did not react in any way to the news of his family’s separation. In the Mitchell Family’s eyes, he was a useless person. He hardly returned to the Mitchell Residence now, and he would rather go abroad to look for his mother during the New Year.

After Sean’s father had died, his mother was widowed for a few years, and then she got into a relationship with a foreign photographer. She then got engaged to him and wanted Sean to go with her.

Unfortunately, the Mitchell Family didn’t allow it. His mother and stepfather had no ability to fight against the family, so they could only leave in powerless anger. After she remarried, she was not even allowed to see Sean.

A while ago, Sean went abroad and finally met his mother whom he hadn’t seen for many years. His mother already had a brand new home and he had gained a cute new sister. His stepfather was a very good person, and Sean would rather go abroad to look for his mother than go back to the Mitchell Family.

After he learned that the Mitchell Family had separated into three branches, he only let out a smile.

Everyone drank a lot of wine, and Sophia was the one who drank the most. Stanley ate all the salamander stew and almost licked his plate clean.

He then wiped his mouth, satisfied after getting his fill of food and drink. “Uncle, I’m going back to work now.”

“Ok, if you don’t cook at home in the future, you can come to my house for dinner!” Michael said gently to him.

Stanley was overjoyed. “Really?!” he squealed.

Michael’s face sank. “Of course not.”

He wished this stupid boy wouldn’t come to his house ever again!

He seduces my wife and eats so much food! He even finished my smoked bacon! We’ll be driven to the poorhouse if he continues to come over for food!

“You Scrooge!” Stanley tsked.

He had recently moved out of the Fletcher Residence to become independent and rented an apartment, and he had also brought Judge with him. Usually, there was no one to take care of Judge, so he kept it in the company as a mascot-cum-watchdog. Unexpectedly, Celine had taken it out and taught it how to eat feces when he wasn’t paying attention, so he reluctantly kept Judge at Sophia’s house. He went to work during the day and went home with Sophia at night, and he would scrounged Snowball’s food for Judge.

After eating, Stanley left the dog with Michael and spent some time instructing him how to take care of Judge, and, especially, not to let it eat feces!

When he saw Sophia go into the bathroom to wash her hands, he hurriedly walked up to Michael and whispered, “Uncle, I think something is wrong with Aunt Sophia recently.”

Michael seemed to know what he was talking about and responded in a low voice, “Hmm?”

Stanley was embarrassed. “I can’t tell what’s wrong, but she has talked less recently, and something feels wrong with her. I tried to get her to rest but she wouldn’t… Oh, just pay attention to her! Maybe it’s because she is under a lot of pressure. Since you will be at home for a while, you can take her out for a walk!”

Michael did not reply to him. Then, he and Sean left together, and Harry also took his kitten home with him.

In the middle of the night, Michael was eating fried chicken from Golden Arch as a snack in the living room. He was going to resume filming soon, and in this film, he was going to play three characters: an old warlord, an old Imperial Guard and himself, Taylor Murray. Because the old warlord’s character was a middle-aged man with a beer gut, he needed to have a belly.

In order to fit the role more perfectly, Michael needed to stuff himself with food and get fat.

After eating a lot of junk food at home recently, his beer belly finally started forming.

Being an actor really was a chore. In order to keep in shape, he normally had to watch what he ate. Recently, Michael was finally able to eat whatever he fancied.

Whenever he ate something, Snowball and Judge would look at him with puppy eyes, hoping for scraps to eat.

Michael tore a chicken leg and gave it to Judge, who bit the chicken leg with a yelp and started to eat. It devoured the meat ravenously and looked vicious as it ate. Michael was disgusted with its table manners.

He then picked up another chicken thigh, tore it into small pieces and fed it to Snowball. The treatment Snowball received was naturally better than Judge. For example, Snowball had three kennels that it could take turns to sleep in, and Judge could only sleep on the carpet.

Snowball was a gentle girl, so she ate the chicken in small bites. Good girl!

After Sophia dealt with some things in her study, she joined Michael in eating junk food. As she ate, she tore some chicken meat and fed them to the orange cat.

If Michael was going to get fat, then the whole family along with the dogs and cat could get fat together!

Sophia was under a lot of pressure recently so she ate to relieve her stress. After polishing off a whole chicken thigh, she burped and took two big gulps of Cola. Then, she lay beside Michael and played on her mobile phone, where she checked on the snails she was raising. Halfway through, she took a short break.

After playing with her phone for a while, she started to eat again. She put on some gloves and started eating shrimps in delight.

It really felt nice stuffing her belly full of food!

Michael switched to the entertainment channel on the TV. Watching the evening entertainment news, he saw that they were still going on about the Harpers or the Mitchells.

The news was about Richard Harper and Xyla Huff being sentenced for deliberately spreading AIDS. It was said that there were more than 20 people who were infected by the two of them.

A reporter had visited Natasha’s grave, but the grave was deserted and no one had come to pay their respect.

Looking at the news, Sophia suddenly asked Michael, “Do you think I will face retribution after doing so many bad things?”

Michael didn’t know why she would ask such a strange question.

He freed up a hand to stroke her head. “Seems like your mind is wandering after you have had your fill!” Michael said.


Heh, that kind of thing probably only exists in legends.

It seems that my little chick is still too soft. She’s already so afraid after killing only a few pests! Looks like I’ll have to come up with a plan for you.

The whole serving of takeaway shrimps was practically devoured by Sophia, with Michael peeling off the shells of the shrimps for her.

The red and tender meat of the shrimps were piled in Sophia’s bowl like a small hill. Michael finally wiped his hands clean and pulled Sophia into his arms before pressing his forehead against her.

“Stop thinking about it,” he whispered to her. “Hurry up and finish your food. If there really is retribution in this world, I will bear it for you, ok?”

Sophia really was still too soft. She was still not very professional at killing, and there were a lot of things she couldn’t do by herself. Naturally, Michael had given her a lot of help when she needed it.

If they really were going to hell for murder, he would definitely be the first.

Sophia looked at him. Two lines of tears suddenly trickled down her face and made it wet.

She felt like she was a fool, crying while she ate.

She never wanted to harm others, but there was always someone who wanted to harm her.

If she didn’t retaliate, then she wouldn’t be able to protect the people and things she loved!

Michael fed her a shrimp and she sobbed while she ate.

At that moment, he realized that she was still the same innocent and poor little girl she was back then.

Michael remembered the day Sophia arrived. He had taken her out to dinner, and she had been starving. As she ate, she kept wiping away her tears. She seemed afraid that Michael would get angry at her, so she didn’t dare to make any noise as she cried and quietly shed tears. While eating gluttonously, the tears in her eyes trickled down like two clear streams.

Back then, Sophia was powerless, in despair and terrified, while her thin face was withered and decadent.

Some people were loved and spoiled the moment they were born, and some people would be very happy just to have a bite to eat. Sophia was the latter.

When he stroked her messy hair to show that he liked her very much, she was frightened so badly that her whole body shook. She had looked at him from the corner of her eyes, which were full of fear and vigilance.

Michael had read Sophia’s information. She was a strong woman struggling to live in a desperate situation, just like a grass seed under a boulder. Although she had been crushed by the unbearable weight of fate again and again, she never stopped struggling and did her best to emerge from under the boulder and reach for the sun.

Even if she encountered failure again and again, she would keep on trying.

Fate had drained her of all of her spirit, and every time she saw hope, it was extinguished ruthlessly. Yet, she was not willing to surrender and resisted again and again. Even if she bled, she would fight against her destiny to the bitter end.

Life was hard, and everyone was fighting a battle others knew nothing about.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 650

Now, Sophia was looking at him with teary eyes exactly like that time from before. She used to live a miserable life, but now, she was a dominating lady boss. However, she was still the same person.

She was heartless and cruel, and she had blood on her hands, but Michael knew that she would often wake up in the middle of the night in shock. He didn’t know what she saw in her dreams, but she always looked fearful.

She used to fear her future—of getting married to a stranger who she would call her husband.

Now, she was afraid of herself. She was afraid that she would become a cold-blooded monster and that one day, even her family wouldn’t recognize who she was.

She feared that she would become the kind of person she once hated, the type that would do whatever it took to achieve their goals.

She found that ruthlessly retaliating against those who had once hurt her couldn’t satisfy her anymore!

She was afraid that one day, she would lose herself to the point that she didn’t even care about Michael and Nate anymore.

Michael tried to calm her down. “It’s alright. We’ll visit the temple this weekend to burn some incense sticks. It’s all over now. Even if we really will be going to hell in the future, I’ll be with you.”

Sophia wiped her tears away and continued eating her shrimps.

Michael suddenly spoke up. “I know of a very spiritual temple not far away from here. Why don’t we go take a look tomorrow? The scenery on the mountain is great.” Sophia nodded and finished the shrimp she was having, then fed the leftovers to the dogs and cat. After all, she couldn’t be the only one getting fat!

After washing her hands, she went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Michael put the sleeping Chrysanthemum into its bed and said to Nicholas,“Nicholas, come and clean up the cat fur.”

The house was quickly turning into a shelter for dogs and cats. There was fur everywhere.

Nicholas came over with a vacuum nozzle sticking out of him to suck away the cat fur on Michael’s thigh.

The cat fur was indeed gone, but there was still plenty of dog fur left, so Michael clicked his tongue. “What about the dog fur?”

Michael had only asked Nicholas to clean up the cat fur so he vacuumed the cat fur only and ignored the dog fur.

Only when Michael mentioned the dog fur did Nicholas start to clean them up.

Michael shook his head. As expected of a robot, it sure is dumb.

After Nicholas finished cleaning the fur on Michael, it took the initiative to clean the fur on the sofa. It asked Michael a question as it cleaned. “Dad?”

“Yes?” Michael replied.

“Mom behaved like that just now because she feels guilty deep inside,” Nicholas said. “Recently, she’s been suffering from insomnia, anxiety and overeating, and she has a strong sense of guilt. These are all symptoms of depression. I suggest you bring her to a psychiatrist tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Michael agreed.

He answered Nicholas while drinking the last bit of Cola, and he stared into the night sky while frowning.

It was already late, and Michael held Sophia in his arms while he slept.

Sophia’s back was pressed against Michael’s chest. Feeling his heartbeat, hers was in sync with him after a while, signifying the closeness of their hearts.

Her eyes were wide open in the darkness.

It had felt great when she was killing her enemies, but now that her enemies were all dead, she suddenly felt upset, hollow inside and scared.

She didn’t dare to close her eyes. Sometimes when she closed her eyes, she could see the ghosts of her enemies coming after her for revenge.

They were covered in blood, waving their sharp claws and gnashing their teeth, and their visages were terrifying. They wanted to eat her flesh and drink her blood…

The sky seemed forever dark to her, even though it was actually bright and clear. Sometimes when she was eating tasty food, she wouldn’t have the appetite, unless the food was really stimulating.

Recently, she ate a lot of stimulating junk food. She had grown fatter and her face was breaking out.

Nicholas emitted a special calming incense in the room, and Sophia seemed to find a feeling of security from that and fell asleep after a while.

Seeing her fall asleep, Michael asked Nicholas solemnly, “Nicholas, who upgraded you?”

Sophia said that Nicholas had been damaged because of the accident, so it had to be sent back to the factory in Europe for repairs.

He was curious. Who fixed and upgraded Nicholas?

Nicholas hesitated for a bit but still ended up answering Michael. “It was Uncle Linus who fixed me.”


When Michael learned that Nicholas had to be sent back for repairs, he had been concerned.

Once bitten, twice shy. Who knew if Linus would do anything using this chance? Last time, he had almost hurt Sophia and Mark.

He didn’t have a single shred of trust in Linus!

Seeing that Michael’s gaze was getting more and more unfriendly, Nicholas said hurriedly. “Dad, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you and mom.”

It could read people’s expressions and through that, analyse their emotions and feelings. Right at that moment, it had read that Michael didn’t trust it. He poked his fingers together and said, “Uncle Linus said the weather is getting colder, so he asked me to knit a sweater for mom.”

“Uncle Linus also said that mom is very ill, so I have to take care of her.”

Michael snorted. Who knew if it was being sincere or putting up a show?

Nicholas knew that Michael didn’t trust it anymore, so it didn’t continue to speak. It shot out a beam from one eye onto a white wall, presenting a view.

“Dad, Uncle Linus has been tracking Phantom Wolf for a while. There is an 80% chance that Phantom Wolf is not dead.”

When he heard what Nicholas said, Michael instantly sat upright and looked at the information Nicholas had projected onto the wall.

Looks like it has really been upgraded. It can even be used as a projector now.

He was used to expecting the worst and had a feeling that Phantom Wolf was not dead yet. Until he saw his dead body, he didn’t dare to confirm.

He had been searching for Phantom Wolf’s dead body all this while, but there was no news up till now. Joel hadn’t gotten anything too, so he had reason to believe that Phantom Ghost was still alive, but he needed evidence to prove it.

Right now, Linus had already found the evidence that he needed. There were traces of him all over the world, and all these pictures had been collected and sorted out by Linus.

Nicholas gave his analysis. “Uncle Linus also found out that Phantom Wolf has a very secretive patron in Cethos. After the incident, that patron had provided him with protection.”

“Uncle Linus has sent all the related information to me. He also invites dad to investigate together with him.”

Michael hurriedly sat in front of his desk, looking at the information Linus sent over carefully.

Linus really did put in a lot of effort during this period of time as he had found a lot of information regarding Phantom Wolf’s appearances.

Europe, Africa, the Far East; all of them had what seemed to be traces of Phantom Wolf. Linus and his people had been tracking Phantom Wolf’s whereabouts, but they had failed every time.

Phantom Wolf was just a dog that anyone could own if they had the money. If Linus could employ him, others naturally could as well.

According to the information that Linus had provided, the patron of Phantom Wolf in Cethos was a person that was well connected.

Michael could think of a few people who were well connected in Cethos.

He also learned that the groups behind Phantom Wolf were very complicated. Other than consortiums, there were even a few small countries that had employed Phantom Wolf to do some dangerous missions…

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