My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 631-640

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 631

Everyone hastily rescued the receptionists and shut the door to the office area. The office was separated from the reception area with a glass wall, so everyone could currently see the landlord furiously trashing everything and splashing paint outside. The receptionists’ sobs kept echoing in everyone’s heads.

The two receptionists were very upset and scared as they wept, having been splashed with paint. Everyone grew even more frightened as they watched what unfurled in the office. Sophia would probably have yet another stack of resignation letters on her desk tomorrow; who would want to work in a place where their safety couldn’t be guaranteed?

Soon, the landlord began to smash the glass wall ferociously; everyone could see every bit of dementedness in his face. They huddled in a group as their fear reached a fever peak, afraid that the landlord would smash the glass door at any moment and charge in to kill them.

Sophia had a cold gaze as she glanced at the terrifying landlord and his bunch of goons. A cold smile revealed itself on her face.

The landlord had only been smashing away for a few minutes when a huge group of people in black suddenly charged into the space. They were all dressed in black suits and sunglasses as they came surging in like a flood, forming line after line by the door. Dozens of blank faces stared at the landlord and men as they smashed their surroundings.

The landlord and his goons were dumbstruck by this. They had no idea where all these men in black popped up from, but they could tell with a glance that they weren’t any ordinary people.

The sudden arrival of protection made everyone’s eyes lit up. They wiped their tears and looked at these cold men in black.

The landlord and the goons he brought certainly didn’t dare to continue their destruction with this many imposing people around. The landlord forced himself to pretend to be calm and recalled the words that the person had said to him; if he was going to smash things up, he should go all in. In fact, he shouldn’t be afraid if he brought others to help. Sophia and her employees wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on him. If they did, someone would naturally sue them on his behalf and bankrupt Stanley’s company.

Remembering that he had a strong backer, the landlord puffed himself up and questioned the people in black. “Who are you?” he yelled in a shrill voice.

The leader of those men took a step forward and brandished the pistol by his hip. “We’re part of the underworld,” he said coldly.

As this went on, the landlord looked out the window and saw many cars parked at the foot of the building. He hastily pulled out his phone to call the police. “Hello, police? Save me! I’m being surrounded by some underworld guys. They have guns! Please hurry over, and here’s the address… Please come soon!”

After putting down the phone, the landlord was ecstatic as he pointed at Sophia before pointing at the group of men in black. “Hahaha, you lot are finished! Hiring some mafia guys? You’re done for! That’s certain!”

This was good news to him; even if Sophia did suffer a lot, there was no escaping the fact that she was guilty of hiring men from the underworld!

Now, her company was simply awaiting its closure.

When everyone heard the two words ‘underworld’ and ‘done for’, they felt their vision go dark. The company was definitely finished this time!

While some of her employees wept quietly, Sophia’s face was blank as she observed the situation on the other side of the glass wall. Everyone here had been working hard for so long, but their work had been stolen just as they were about to see the fruits of their labor. To top it off, their company was in danger of closing. How could they not be upset?

The landlord stood there basking in his jubilation. As long as he destroyed this company, he would be able to receive a sizable reward!

The three parties were at a standstill; the employees peered out through the glass wall, while the men from the underworld blocked off the door. Meanwhile, the landlord and his goons stood there in a puddle of paint. The entire lobby was in disarray, and everything that could be broken was already smashed on the ground. The landlord waited for the men in black to run with their tails between their legs, and he would be able to continue shattering everything by then. To his surprise, the men remained there, unmoving and silent. They continued to block the door, not allowing anyone to escape.

The landlord was a little terrified with those dozens of eyes on him. His heart kept racing in his chest, and he instinctively tightened his grip on his stick. Those without bats or sticks of their own tightened their holds on their paint buckets so that they could be used as weapons in a pinch. Everyone shrank back into a corner, creating some distance between them and the men in black.

The police came quickly when they heard that there were mobsters around, and they soon squeezed their way past the horde of men to enter the premises. “Who called us just now?”

The landlord hurriedly said, “I’m the one who made that report, officer! This company hired some mobsters! They’re all involved with the underworld! Those guys have guns too!”

The police took in the paint splattered on the ground before glancing at the landlord and his goons, who all had sticks or paint buckets in hand. They immediately frowned at this.

“Officer!” The door to the office area finally swung open after being shut tight for a while. Sophia stepped out and approached the police calmly. “This man here brought some underlings to vandalize our company, and he has constantly terrorized our employees. Every time we made a report, he would flee. I had no choice but to hire a group of actors to pretend to be mobsters and try to scare them off. They’re not part of the mob—they’re just a bunch of TV actors. I hired them for 200 bucks a day each.”

The leader of the ‘mob’ took out his gun and pulled the trigger. A jet of water blasted out of it, hitting the landlord square in the face.

The landlord was stunned, but he soon leaped back onto his feet. “Officer, they were the ones who hit me! They beat me up badly too! They’re all mobsters, the lot of them!”

The landlord’s goons played along.

The police looked at the goons with their sticks and paint buckets before looking at the mess on the ground. They frowned again as they took in all the debris.

Sophia maintained her outward look of composure as she continued, “Officer, my husband is an actor. These are background actors that I’ve hired through his connections, and they still have to return to their set for filming later; the production team can prove this. This man brought these people over and defaced our company for no reason. He even beat some of the employees up. We’ll hand over the CCTV footage of the lobby to you later. Please, you must punish them severely.”

The first thing the landlord did when he entered the premises was to break the camera. He was utterly fearless as he insisted that he had been beaten up as well. No one would be able to say otherwise, but much to his surprise, the CCTV footage was immediately replayed before everyone’s eyes. In the video, the landlord was clearly going to town as he smashed everything and splashed paint everywhere, his expression twisted while he screamed absurdities.

Meanwhile, the group of terrifying ‘mobsters’ never once lifted a finger ever since they entered. They simply blocked off the door and stayed there until the police arrived. The footage showed it all clearly.

The landlord was spluttering all sorts of excuses as the police led him away in handcuffs. The police, of course, still had to look into the group of ‘mobsters’, only to realize that there really was a filming team nearby. They had sealed off a road during night for the filming, and the show was indeed about mobsters. These people were actually called over from the film set. After exchanging some words with the production team, the police left.

Sophia let her employees off work before she got ready to head to the police station, asking the reporter to come along as well. The reporter naturally wanted a huge scoop, so she followed Sophia hastily with her eyes lit up; she could tell at one glance that this incident would make a stir. Just the sneakily recorded footage of the landlord breaking company property would be enough for her to craft an article that would have readers on the edge of their seats!

Meanwhile, Stanley consoled everyone. The employees were already gathering their things in fright, wondering whether they should come in to work tomorrow in case they ended up dying for no reason. However, they saw Stanley patting the two terrified receptionists on the shoulder. “It’s okay, don’t cry. I’ll let you two have the day off tomorrow. I’ve got two three-bedroom apartments at Ring Avenue, and you can come take a look at them tomorrow. If you like them, I can give them to you and try to make up for all the fright you went through.”

Did he just say that… he will hand over two apartments… to make up for the ordeal they just experienced?!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 632

Everyone was absolutely gobsmacked.

The two receptionists were startled as well. That was the Ring Avenue in Bayside City; one wouldn’t be able to buy even a square meter of property there without spending at least 40,000 or 50,000 on it. Right now, Stanley was planning to give the apartments to them to… quease their fears?!

The next day, everyone showed up to work at an abnormally punctual time; the incident last night hadn’t scared any of the employees away. As they worked, they kept an eye out for news about last night’s ‘compensation’ for the receptionists’ fear.

When noon camed, they could see that the two receptionists had posted stories of themselves signing the contracts for those apartments.

Everyone was stunned at this. Why was their boss so rich? Why weren’t they the ones who got paint splashed on them last night?

Sophia came to work at noon. It was only then did she find out that Stanley had kept his employees’ loyalty by gifting them apartments. Although they had lost a few million, they still managed to keep their employees. Although the landlord had been arrested, the man stubbornly refused to speak. He wouldn’t admit who sent him to sabotage the company, getting his lawyer to do everything instead. Sophia knew who was the mastermind behind all of this, but she couldn’t scrape up any proof.

When she returned to her office, her lawyer—Mr. Fields—was already waiting for her. The two of them talked about last night’s incident for a while before Sophia sent him off. She then returned to her office, but then a thought suddenly struck her. She proceeded to make a phone call.

“It looks like Harper is being really active. I see that he’s got a lot of savings on hand!” Her voice was abnormally chilly and filled with contempt when she spoke.

Xyla was in the middle of a manicure when Sophia called. She gave a cold chuckle and said, “Didn’t you want to use me in order to take Richard on, Sophia? I told you—there’s no chance!”

Xyla was now a winner in life, for she was already in control of the Harper Group’s board of directors. She had kicked all the Harpers out from the board. That was why Richard had recently invested into other professions, such as the online gaming industry. In addition to that, he had also received a large investment with no clear origins.

Xyla knew why this happened, and she also knew about the crisis that Sophia was currently facing. She couldn’t stop herself from mocking the latter as she said, “Hehe! I’m sure you didn’t expect this, did you? You tried to use me as a weapon against Richard, only to have me turn back and bite you. Just sit back and watch your company go bankrupt! I will definitely not help you.” She seemed to be very smug as she added one last bit. “By the way, don’t even think about getting your stocks back,” she said.

Sophia already knew that things would end up like this, but everything was still within her control. “It’s okay. My company’s woes are not something for you to worry yourself over. I just wanted to remind you—don’t forget where dear old Harper’s money is coming from.” With that, she hung up the call and silently cursed her.

Dumb b*tch.

Xyla was now in charge of the Harper Group after having gained control of the board of directors. She had elected her own supporters into key positions, but she never seemed to have thought about the little things. The Harper Group was a sprawling corporation; would some hack with no experience like her be able to manage it? She wasn’t cut out for it at all. With the Harper Group in her hands, it would become a crumbling titan sooner or later.

Xyla also knew that Richard had received an overly large investment. Seeing how Richard was about to use that money to stop Sophia’s rise, she decided that she absolutely couldn’t allow that!

Xyla finished her manicure and delicately blew on her nails before phoning Richard. She immediately cut straight to business the moment the call went through. “I heard that you’ve received a sizable amount of investment money. Is that so?”

Richard’s heart leaped into his throat as he denied this. “No, where did you hear this from?”

Xyla seized on this and said, “Let’s split it 50-50. I want to see you transfer half of it to my account tomorrow. Or else—well, you know.”

“You b*tch, don’t you dare!”

Richard hung up the phone viciously. Xyla scoffed on the inside and waited for Richard to transfer the money. This was what the Harpers and Richard owed her! If Richard decided that he wouldn’t split that money with her, she would spread the news about the Harper Family. They would see who would get the last laugh then!

Meanwhile, Richard flung his phone away.

“Damn b*tch! Damn!”

He stomped on his phone like mad and tried to break it, looking as though he was stomping on Xyla herself.

The former scion and favored son of the Harper Family had already become a normal man with an easily triggered temper. This explosive temper of his made the woman lying next to him jump in fright. Richard had now left all restraint behind; Xyla had taken control of the Harper Residence, and his parents were so angry that they moved out. He truly didn’t want that house anymore, nor did he want to set eyes upon that repulsive woman ever again. He’d rather treat clubs as his new home, bouncing between different ones every night.

After stomping on the phone for a while, he calmed down at last. He couldn’t stay like this forever; he must rise up again. As the saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ went, he had to work with Natasha right now. She was the only one who could trip Sophia up.

Natasha was attempting to topple Sophia with any means she could. He was very much willing to act as Natasha’s weapon, borrowing her might to kick Sophia down. As long as Sophia fell, Xyla wouldn’t be able to exert her power for a few days. By then, Richard could rise up again.

He had taken Natasha’s money to cripple Sophia’s company. If his attempt succeeded, not only would he be able to receive more funds from Natasha, he would be able to rebuild himself through the online gaming industry and build his own business. Everything would be perfect!

His opportunity would come soon. Sophia’s company would not be able to weather anything for more than a few days. Perhaps, he would even hear news about her company folding the next day. Soul of Sniper would only be forever remembered as a story of the ages, but his game—Medal of Sniper—would be an eternal classic!

He had pulled out everything in his arsenal from his amassed glory and Harper Family connections, garnering the funds to intentionally drag Soul of Sniper’s name down. Once Soul of Sniper’s name was ruined, it wouldn’t be as easy for them to rebuild it.

He was looking forward to seeing Sophia’s company fold and watch their game being taken down. Attacking her company was just the first step for Natasha; she still had many tricks up her sleeve waiting for Sophia! Of all the people that she could have ticked off, Sophia had to step on Natasha’s toes. She really did have it coming!

Unfortunately, he still hadn’t heard any news of Sophia’s company closing down even after a few days had passed. Not only were they still up and running, they were going strong.

The paint on the floor still hadn’t dried even after a few days since the landlord had gone on his rampage at the company, but Sophia couldn’t be bothered to get someone to clean it up. After doing a cursory cleanup job, she continued her work. They were going to move once they had this matter settled anyway; she couldn’t be bothered to cough up the money for the cleaning fees. Let the landlord figure it out himself!

For the next few days, everyone kept talking about the two apartments. Sophia was still as busy as ever, rushing between departments and scurrying around to meet with reporters, police, and lawyers. She was in a tizzy from how busy she was. But at long last, the tampered game data was restored. The rest was up to the PR crisis team.

Everyone could finally relax a little. They began tidying up their things to prepare for their move to the new workplace. The company had expanded quickly in half a year, having grown their team by several dozen members. The moving company transported their belongings, and everyone soon arrived at the new office.

This new office was even more posh than their previous workplace. It was in a better location with a nicer vicinity; transportation was even more convenient here. This time, they weren’t renting this place—the company had bought the office instead. They had acquired a whole floor that spanned over 2000 square meters.

Everyone picked their work cubicles and arranged their items. As they tidied up their new space, the employees gossiped.

“I told you that Miss Edwards is married! Not only that, her husband is the famous celebrity named Taylor!”

“No way! Miss Edwards still looks very young to me! She’s still a student! How can she be married?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 633

Even though the cat was out of the bag when it came to Sophia and Michael’s marriage, it wasn’t like everyone knew about it yet; some of the workers still didn’t know, and everyone gossiped discreetly as they worked at their computers.

“Why isn’t Taylor here even though the company’s going through such an upheaval?”

“I’ve been here a few months already, and I’ve never seen him swing by before.”

“A mere rumor, I guess. How old is Miss Edwards anyway? 22? How could she be married this young?”

“There’s Miss West too. It’s rumored that she’s Ethan’s girlfriend!”

Much to their surprise, a surprised cry rang out just after they spoke.

“We’ve got a celebrity here! Come on, they’re at reception!”

Everyone hastily rushed over to the reception area and caught sight of Sophia walking in. She was talking to a gorgeous woman.

“It’s Nicole!”

As the leading actress of ‘War Dragon’, Nicole had climbed up to the top in the local industry with her first major role. Despite being a female protagonist in a movie centered around men, she wasn’t overshadowed by her two co-actors and had opened up a new stage in her career. Ever since ‘War Dragon’, multiple film offers kept coming in for her. As her managing company, Imperial Entertainment did their best to grow her career, accepting many high-quality projects for Nicole. Now, many eyes were on Nicole during her promotions for her second movie as a female protagonist.

When Nicole got to know about Sophia’s troubles with her company, she deliberately canceled some of her promotional activities to visit her. The two women laughed as they stepped into the workplace.

“Yeah, it’s alright now. It’s inevitable that we’ll face some challenges, but it’s all in the past,” Sophia said as they walked. She was rather positive and upbeat about this.

It was Nicole’s first time visiting Sophia’s company. She exclaimed in surprise when she saw the employees. “Everyone here is so young—”

The company’s employees were young and fresh-faced; some of them were only in their early twenties. Young people were filled with determination and were unafraid of anything.

Sophia puffed herself up. “Yep, they’re all young. That’s because young people are filled to the brim with ideas!”

Nicole’s arrival had caused a huge stir. Now that she was a popular actress, she naturally had tons of fans. She stayed at the company for a while, and Sophia got someone to give each employee a photobook of Nicole so that they could get an autograph from the actress.

Everyone was beside themselves with excitement after receiving Nicole’s autograph, and they trotted off back to work happily. It was Sophia’s gift to them.

The employees could not stop talking about this the entire day, for they never thought that they would get to see a film star during their time here; it was definitely worth working for this company! Unexpectedly, there was another surprise the day after Nicole’s visit while everyone was busy with work.

“Taylor and Ethan are here!”

At the sound of that, everyone threw down their work and sneaked over to the reception area to take a look. They could see that the company doors were open; two rows of bodyguards in black lined the sides as the dazzling stars came walking in with big strides. The pair were dressed in the same shirt and the same type of black slacks. One was blond, while the other had black hair. One was the princely type, while the other was wilder and louder. The two of them had completely contrasting styles.

Sophia had already known about Michael’s visit as she came to welcome him in delight. She took a look at him; it seemed that he had come rushing here the moment he stepped off the plane.

“You’re here at last, Uncle! I’ve missed you so much!” Stanley charged over to hug Michael, his emotions running high.

Michael allowed himself to be hugged for a few seconds before smacking Stanley in the face. “Stop your fake worshipping. I’m here to see your aunt!”

He approached Sophia and lowered his head to look at the young girl before him. She was dressed in a professional-looking business dress, and her hair was coiled up on her head. She had the beginnings of a powerful CEO in her. But no matter what, she was still his adorable girl.

“Why are you back?” Sophia asked him the moment she stepped closer.

“I came back because it’s the weekend.”

Sophia still had many things she wanted to say after going through such a huge ordeal, but now wasn’t the time. She lowered her head, a light flush on her face as she took Michael’s hand in hers. “Let’s talk about this in my office.”


Sophia’s office was within the company’s office area. The two of them held hands as they headed to her office, and everyone’s eyes nearly popped out of their heads at this sight.

“Whoa, it really is Taylor!”

“Come to think of it, isn’t he filming something overseas?”

“Wait, the news even said that he ended up pummeling someone after he got drunk at a club last night!”

While Sophia showed some restraint, Sarah didn’t. She immediately leaped at Harry with a loud sob the moment she saw that he was back.

“You Old Wolf, you’re back at last!”

Harry felt rather embarrassed having dozens of eyes on him. He hugged Sarah and said in a low voice, “Okay, you’re a big boss now. Have some restraint!”

Sarah brought Harry back to her own office.

Meanwhile, Sophia took Michael to take a look around the entire office area. They had bought the entire floor; a few thousand square meters of space was more than enough for their team of a hundred people or so. They still had plenty of empty space with room to remodel further, and it looked like Sophia had great ambitions.

“The new office looks good. The remodeling went well.” Michael remembered to compliment the place.

Sophia had a look of pride on her face. All of the remodeling was done with her vision in mind; of course the place would be extraordinary.

As she brought Michael into her office, Sophia remembered to shut the door and locked it.

The employees’ eyes were still as wide as dinner plates after they watched the pair enter Sophia’s office.

That was Taylor in the flesh!

Stanley had been like a perfectly-behaved puppy when he first saw Michael. Now that Michael had left, however, he immediately transformed into a tyrannical boss as he said harshly, “What are you looking at? Never thought that your boss’s partner would be this handsome? Why aren’t you all back at work yet?”

The crowd didn’t answer him.

Since Sophia was their boss, they supposed that Taylor was actually their boss’s… ‘wife’.

Everyone was filled with vigor, having seen two ‘handsome wives’ here at work today. They threw themselves even harder into their work.

Meanwhile, Michael immediately pressed Sophia against the wall of her office after the door closed. He cupped the back of her head with one of his huge hands and lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Ever since he went abroad, he constantly thought of her. However, she had been busy all this while. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even pick up his calls, nor did she have the time to have video calls with him. He missed her greatly. He missed her voice, her scent, her everything. He greedily took in her sweetness and her warmth. It felt as though he was being caught under a spell…

Sophia managed to extricate her lips from his onslaught with much difficulty. “I have my own… private resting space next door,” she said huskily.

Michael could feel the lust burning through him. He picked her up and kicked the door to the room next door; it was indeed a private break room. Other than the bed there, he didn’t notice the other furniture inside the room.

Michael retreated after a dance of passion, knowing that she still had work to do. She then put her clothes back on and called Stanley and the others into her office to discuss their next course of action.

Michael was very concerned about this, knowing her company’s current struggle. “Celie doesn’t have anything planned for the next few days, so I’ll get her to guard this place temporarily. At the very least, no one will dare to lay a hand on this place,” he said.

If Celine was here, no shady person would dare to come here again. Furthermore, she would have something to do as well. It would save her from having no outlet for her energy born from her youth and make her go stir-crazy.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 634

At that moment, Sophia took the opportunity to share her ideas. This was life or death for the company. Every decision they made would make a huge impact on their entire operations and the future of the company. As such, they had to be very cautious and consider every single aspect before making any decisions. Hence, she was eager to listen to Michael’s opinion.

At the present time, their concept had been stolen. Even though the culprit had been apprehended, it would be impossible for them to take back what was theirs. After all, their competitor was more successful than them and were a veteran in the industry. It would be difficult to win against them even though the culprit had admitted that he sold the game to the other party because he already got the money and fled.

Additionally, there were a lot of hateful messages, accusations, and slander on the internet that were constantly coming for the small startup company. Not only was the company just a startup, but their team also consisted mostly of university students. If they failed to overcome this, then that would be the end of their company.

Solemnly, Sophia glanced at everyone before sharing her strategy. “The plan for the new version remains unchanged. We should stick to the original plan and release the game on the scheduled date!”

As soon as she shared her plan, everyone grimaced. Apologetically, Sarah disagreed. “I don’t think that’s a good idea… If the other party sues us, we would be fighting a losing battle. After all, they released the game first.”

Upon hearing this, everyone else agreed that it was a risky move. Although the idea was theirs and they had developed the game first, the other party did release it before them. Many of the main highlights of their design were copied, so if they released the game, there would not be any originality and it would be predictable to the users. This would greatly impact its impression on the users.

However, Sophia said confidently, “Even though they released the game first, our game didn’t come out of thin air. There are traces of our work in the development stages on the internet, including what inspired us. So, we don’t have to be afraid of going to court. Their game was copied from ours, and the plagiarism is too obvious. So, the situation is actually in our favor.”

“Since they have used a malicious tactic, we don’t have to be kind to them. We’ll do everything we can to beat them!”

“I have already contacted my friends from overseas, and I still have a few more calls to make.”

The person behind the company who developed ‘Medal of Sniper’ had been found—it was none other than Richard Harper. There was no need for Sophia to investigate as she could easily identify the crook through the ghostwriters’ cover ups. It was the same blueprint and idea but to invest in online games, you’d need money. A large sum of money.

In fact, Harps was flat broke. So, someone must have given him money. It was obvious he had no intentions of producing online games, and he was just using this as an excuse to sabotage Sophia. This was a cunning strategy. If it were any other startup company, they would’ve crumbled a long time ago. However, Sophia and Stanley had surprisingly managed to hold out. What surprised them even more was Sophia’s extensive network. Since the competitor had no shame, she would not hold back. Let’s see who has the last laugh!

Once the plan had been finalized, the whole company began to work overtime to prepare a new version of the game. On a related note, Michael’s schedule was packed. He stayed a night in Bayside City and left the next morning, and even then, he slept in the company in order to spend time with Sophia as she was working over time.

Before he left, everyone reluctantly bade goodbye to Michael and Ethan. Someone came up to Stanley and asked, “Mr. Fletcher, why don’t you let the lady boss be the spokesperson for our game?” If the two lady bosses could be the spokesperson, then the game would surely be a hit.

Glancing at the ignorant programmer, Stanley snapped, “What do you know? Who do you think the lady boss is?”

At once, the programmer did not make another sound. Right after Michael’s departure, came another ‘Taylor’ unexpectedly who looked exactly like the one who had just left. She was working there as a security guard. Holding Stanley’s dog with a leash, she patrolled while everyone else worked.

Recently, Celine had been getting herself in trouble at nightclubs, but she had finally found a decent job as a security guard. Immediately, Justin followed her and became a security guard as well. Both of them patrolled the office while walking Sophia’s Samoyed and Stanley’s husky at the same time.

Celine was hoping for someone to come and cause trouble, and little did she know that her wish would be granted as someone came over by noon on her first day. It seemed like the landlord had been released by the public security bureau and had gathered some people to cause trouble at the office. They would not stop until this little startup company was destroyed.

The gangsters came in and saw Celine chatting with the receptionist, and there were only a few people at the reception. So, they thought this was their chance and immediately came in with bats and started smashing everything. It startled Stanley’s husky so much that it yelped in fear. Seeing the colorfully-dressed gangsters, Celine rolled up her sleeves as her eyes lit up before charging at the gangsters.

As the receptionist shrieked while the husky barked, Celine fought and ended the battle within a few minutes. The gangsters were scattered all over the floor while the landlord suffered a broken nose and a swollen face. Clutching his bruised face, he pointed at Celine and yelled, “You’re going to regret this. I’m calling 911 now!”

Fearlessly, Celine challenged him. “What are you going to do? I’m Taylor Murray, a superstar who has tens of millions of fans! Do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

Everything had happened so fast that the landlord didn’t even see the person who had beat him up. Just then, he saw the person in front of him clearly. This person looked exactly the same as the actor in the movie! Taylor Murray had hit someone! Who would believe this?

Before the landlord could say anything, Justin had immediately brought him to the public security bureau before the police took over. With Celine’s protection, the company was no longer bothered by gangsters. Anyone who came to cause trouble would face the wrath of Celine Fletcher. As a matter of fact, Celine was afraid no one would come and cause trouble as she was starting to feel bored.

The gangsters in town knew that the infamous Cece was here to stay, and they never came to bother them anymore. Since Celine was here, Justin would naturally be here too. Even Nathan who was on his summer break would tag along with his parents to the office. He would do his homework and play games on the office computer. Not only that, he had also gotten a job there for the summer, and he would go home with his parents after work.

Meanwhile, the new version of ‘Soul of Sniper’ was ready to be released officially. Before releasing the new version, Sophia had gotten in touch with Calvin, and formally submitted the lawyer’s letter to Richard’s game development company.

Due to the fact that ‘Medal of Sniper’ was modified based on the new version of ‘Soul of Sniper’, there was plenty of proof of their plagiarism. There was a high chance of them being able to successfully sue the other party for infringement. The lawyer’s letter was sent out, and it was completely ignored as expected.

Moreover, they had been copying from other gaming companies in the past few years. Therefore, the lawyer’s letter was just another addition to the pile of letters they have received over the years. Since they were a big and successful company and had a strong legal department, they were not afraid. It was only normal that they disregarded the lawyer’s letter from a small startup company, not to mention a company started by a team of college students.

To put it bluntly, they were blatantly bullying newcomers. They were treating them the way an old generation would treat the younger, inexperienced generation. After all, they had been established for ten years while the other was only established for one.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 635

Although the letter was disregarded, their PR team still had to write an article to broadcast this incident to keep users in the loop.

Even though they could be silenced by their competitor’s powerful ghostwriters, the new version of the game was released after a day or two of warming up since the news broke.

This version was extremely similar to ‘Medal of Sniper’ by Richard’s game development company. Since its release, it instantly attracted attention and a wave of negative news followed.

When the other party became aware, they officially sent out a lawyer’s letter while buying a large number of internet ghostwriters to attack Sophia’s company. It was the typical move of a hypocrite.

Since then, the company had become hectic. The pressure on every department was particularly high, especially for the Public Relations department.

“Aunt, what should we do next? They’re suing us!” Stanley panicked.

At that moment, Sophia felt indifferent. “Stan, do you know what media hype is?”

Now that the two companies were suing each other for plagiarism, this incident had immediately attracted a lot of attention. Even those who were not players were driven by curiosity to download both games to compare as they wanted to find out who was the true plagiarist.

As such, the number of downloads for both games had shot up significantly.

One of these games was developed by a newcomer company with many aspects still in the experimental stage, and the user experience was not as good as others. Yet, they had many ideas and the gameplay was unique.

On the other hand, the other game was from an established company with many years of experience and a strong and aggressive team.

They each had their own strengths. In terms of the number of downloads for each game, it was a tie between the two.

Still, ‘Medal of Sniper’ obviously had the upper hand with their strong team from behind the scenes. Otherwise, they would not be standing now with all the lawsuits filed against them over the years.

At this point, this situation was unfavorable for Sophia.

Before the lawsuit was concluded, both parties may be the plagiarist. Meanwhile, fans of both games were losing their heads.

Sean was a nervous wreck. He had been working overtime every day, as he was constantly reporting any updates to Sophia.

“Aunt, there are complaints against our game and company. The relevant authorities have asked to meet Stan.”

Sophia was calm. “Don’t worry, Stan will be back in a while. We’re undergraduate entrepreneurs, so concessions will be made. No one will trouble us for no reason.”

The problems didn’t stop coming. “Miss Edwards, several of our games received over ten thousand zero-star reviews overnight. The average score has gone down to 2 out of 10.”

“Miss Edwards, the business administration and firefighting department stopped by earlier and said that our relevant procedures were unqualified.”

“The Travelling Snail has been temporarily removed from the app store due to complaints, and there is a new game called The Butterfly’s Outing. The gameplay is exactly the same as our game!”

“Miss Edwards…”

In fact, it seems like Sophia had already anticipated all kinds of emergencies.

If they couldn’t get rid of them through illegal means, then they would use ‘lawful’ methods. The other party was frantic and would not stop until Sophia’s company was destroyed!

Standing by the floor-to-ceiling window, Sophia looked out to the view of Bayside City. “It’s time…” Her lips curled up.

Bad publicity was still publicity. Though they were slandered, their exposure had ultimately skyrocketed.

Once the time was right, they would get the chance to turn the page. This was a trick she’d learn from Harps.

As the two companies were tearing each other down because of the plagiarism issue, a sudden news came that shocked the entire online game industry!

Currently, Richard was investing in one of Cethos’s top online game companies called Raytheon Tech that had developed a number of popular online games, some of which were used in the Esports World Championship. However, those in the industry knew that many of their games were plagiarized from well-known classic online games from overseas. For various reasons, the other parties had given up their rights protections, but now, several foreign online game companies had sent a lawyer’s letter to Raytheon Tech. They were publicly defending their rights and suing Raytheon Tech for infringement, demanding high compensations.

Now, several companies were suing at the same time, which involved more than a dozen games! This never-before-seen multinational lawsuit was shocking to the industry and various related parties.

Due to the bad press, the games under Raytheon Tech that were used in the Esports World Championship were invalidated.

It was as if Raytheon Tech had just messed with a hornet’s nest!

The people in the industry were speculating that Raytheon Tech might have provoked some powerful figure this time.

As soon as this news broke, Sophia’s team was relieved.

A company like Raytheon Tech should have been shut down a long time ago!

For the past couple of days, Stanley had been busy with meetings with several different authorities. He still had the protection of the Fletcher Family status, hence no one dared to give him a hard time.

Fortunately, the company’s procedures were in compliance with regulations, and they were on time with tax payments. On top of that, the company was run by university students, so they were able to get subsidies. Also, they strictly abided by the laws and regulations, so there were no loopholes. For the sake of Stanley, they would not cause any major trouble with them.

Just then, Stanley returned from the tax department, looking exhausted. “Every department has been taken care of, including internet cafes and e-sports associations.”

“By the way, the cooperation between ‘The Traveling Snail’ and several scenic spots has also been negotiated. We will plant landmarks in the postcards sent back by the snails to promote their scenic spots and I’ll be signing the contract in the next two days.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia patted him on the shoulder. “You’ve worked hard.”

Then, Sean asked, “What should we do next?”

For some reason, it had become a habit for everyone to wait for Sophia to make a decision. It was probably because she was older, and also an aunt.

Mysteriously, Sophia smirked. “An eye for an eye.”

That very night, ‘Medal of Sniper’ was cyber attacked by hackers. A large number of accounts was stolen and placed on a trading platform, which caused an outburst of complaints from players. Not only that, the server was also destroyed and the game was shut down for more than twelve hours.

As the major shareholder of Raytheon Tech and the company’s decision-maker, Richard was directly responsible for ‘Medal of Sniper’. On that day itself, all kinds of crises emerged one after another.

“President Harper, the game is currently down!”

“Our servers were destroyed and the IT staff have collectively resigned today!”

“We’ve received over twenty resignation letters!”

At once, Richard’s expression darkened. Suddenly, there was a sharp cry from the reception desk. A group of gangsters had barged in and started to smash everything, and even splashing feces!

A few more buckets of feces were pulled into the office. The gangsters were not afraid of getting dirty and immediately, they started to splash.

Just then, the security who rushed up to stop them were splashed with feces and he instantly retreated in disgust.

Soon, the office was filled with a pungent odor and the computers and desks were all soiled. The employees were so disgusted that they had fled the moment the gangsters started doing their deed. When the police were called, the gangsters escaped without a trace, but the office was already completely ruined.

Richard had been hiding in his office all this while. Still, feces was splashed onto his lower body. He looked down and was so disgusted that he vomited. When he saw his own vomit, he vomited again.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Once he answered, Mr. Harper’s voice rang from the other end. “How dare you embezzle the company’s funds in my name? Fantastic, just fantastic!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 636

Although Richard had received a sum of money from Natasha, it was not enough to develop games. So, he had embezzled a sum of money from Harper Group using Mr. Harper’s name, planning to make money from the game and reimburse the money he took, but…

Who let the cat out of the bag?

Before this, Mr. Harper still had some prestige among the Harper Group. If word got out, then the Harper Family was done for!

Richard immediately rushed to Harper Group, only to find Mr. Harper had been driven out of the company and was currently packing up his belongings.

Dumbfounded, Richard realized that Mr. Harper had been fired!

Generally speaking, it would not be any problem if the money was reimbursed. So, why was Mr. Harper being driven out of Harper Group?

“Father, what’s going on?” Richard hurriedly asked.

Glaring at Richard, Mr. Harper was furious and he was reluctant to speak to Richard. He took his belongings and got into the car before the driver sped off quickly.

Watching the car speeding off, Richard felt ashamed. Suddenly, a honeyed voice came from behind. “Father was just fired, so he’s not in a good mood. Let him go.”

Upon hearing that voice, Richard instantly felt his stomach twist. Turning around, he saw Xyla walking down the steps.

Today, Xyla was dressed as enchanting and sexy as ever. She wore a dress with a plunging neckline, exposing her pale skin. Walking by her sides were her beautiful male assistant and secretary.

As she approached him, she wrinkled her nose and furrowed her eyebrows. “I heard your company was splashed with feces. How disgusting!” she covered her nose and said pitifully, but her eyes were full of mockery.

Although Richard had changed, the smell still lingered on him. Coldly, he stared at her as he gritted his teeth. “You b*tch! You’re the one who drove my father away!”

Unsatisfied, Xyla snapped, “How could you say that? Your father embezzled public funds. They were going to turn him over to the court, and I was the one that changed their minds. I saved your family! How could you blame me?”

Upon hearing that, Richard remained silent while he trembled with rage. His handsome face turned pale, but he did not say anything in the end. He felt pitiful that he was being suppressed by a woman!

In her stilettos, Xyla walked away with her handsome young assistant and secretary. They even deliberately avoided walking past Richard as they left.

Turning around abruptly, Richard coldly uttered, “Sophia told you.”

It was a statement rather than a question.

There was no possibility that so many things could happen in one day. The only possibility was that Sophia had found out about the embezzlement and told Xyla. Then, Xyla had taken the opportunity to cause trouble and drive Mr. Harper out of Harper Group so she could dominate the company!

Without saying anything, Xyla turned around and mysteriously chuckled. “That’s because you didn’t want to share!”

So, it was Sophia! It was the both of them! He thought.

At that moment, the assistant respectfully opened the car door for Xyla. With one hand on the car door, she turned around abruptly and enchantingly before speaking in a relaxed and ordinary tone, “You should go home. Mother and Father are having a divorce. Mother is trying to claim half the shares Father owns, as well as the house and property.”


How did this happen? Richard was confused.

Recently, Richard had been busy working at the office, so he rarely went home. Naturally, he was not aware of this!

Upon hearing the news, he immediately called Mrs. Harper. As soon as the call was connected, Mrs. Harper could be heard crying awfully as she yelled like a mad woman, “Your father had an affair with that btch Xyla! Now, she’s pregnant with your father’s child, and he plans to keep it! Your father… That animal wants to give all his shares to that btch! I want a divorce! If he doesn’t give me half the shares, I will expose the nasty things they did! I don’t care about the Harper Family anymore! Don’t come looking for me in the future because you’re not my son anymore! You Harpers are all trash!”


Mrs. Harper hung up the phone, and she could not be reached again.

At once, Richard burst into tears. Watching the car Xyla left in, he was filled with hatred!

At that moment, Raytheon Tech was calling him again and again, but he was afraid to pick up. Squatting by the side of the road, he cried like a helpless child.

How could it be?

In a day’s time, both Mr. and Mrs. Harper did not want anything to do with him. Once again, he had messed everything up and seemed to be abandoned by the whole world!

On the other hand, Sophia had been receiving good news. Raytheon Tech had been attacked by big shots to the point that they could neither advance nor retreat, and many of them had joined forces to try and block Raytheon’s plagiarized games.

Also, there was news that they had lost a large number of employees and were unable to operate smoothly. Not only that, Raytheon was also being investigated for tax evasion and bribery. They were being pressured by so much negative news that they did not have the capability to cause any more trouble.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s PR team began to work hard to turn the page for their game.

The incident of confidentiality breach was already filed for investigation, and the authorities had come forward and said that although it would be a lot of trouble to get back the copyright, it would at least prove who was the real developer of the game. Getting back the copyright was only a matter of time.

Raytheon had been involved in infringement for many years and now that they were in hot water, they had no time to come for Sophia.

Even if they managed to relaunch their games after this incident died down, everyone would have already stopped supporting them.

In the end, Sophia and her team had won the battle. Not only were they victorious, but their game had also achieved unprecedented results. On top of that, they also got a group of experienced online game specialists to join their team. Their company had grown stronger, while their team had become more professional.

Of course, Sophia knew who had caused all these troubles, and she knew that person would never let them go. As such, she could not be waiting for the other party to take action. Soon.

Sophia took her phone out and keyed in a phone number, but she hesitated to press the dial button. She stared at her phone for a moment more before putting it down.

She then changed her mind again and picked her phone up to log into Messenger. She clicked into the conversation with ‘Imported Young Man’ and began typing, but she deleted it. She did this for a few more times and in the end, thousands of words turned into only two words—‘thank you’.

If it weren’t for Linus, things would not have gone so smoothly. Linus was the one who had caught the culprit who escaped overseas and persuaded the big bosses to initiate rights protection against Raytheon Tech. Sophia was grateful to him as he could have refused to help her.

Linus responded within seconds as if he had been waiting for her text.

‘No worries. It was nothing.’

After the short conversation, Sophia put her phone away.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 637

After going through that incident, ‘Soul of Sniper’ had gained more players, leaving ‘Medal of Sniper’ behind. While Raytheon was caught in lawsuits, their peers had taken advantage of the situation and poached their employees. As a result, the company was in a slump.

According to rumors, Richard had been removed from his management position due to his miscalculations. He had a lot on his plate so naturally, he didn’t have time to bother about Sophia.

And so, this battle was concluded with Richard’s defeat. His father was having an affair with Xyla, who was pregnant with an illegitimate child, and waiting for him to pick up the scraps.

Was he willing to?

Of course, he was not, but if he didn’t, Xyla would not let him go.

Mr. Harper would not let him off the hook either.

Before this, he had taken Natasha’s money and swore to destroy Sophia. But now, instead of destroying Sophia, he was the one who fell first and lost everything.

Natasha would not let him go too.

It was late, and Richard was wandering around Bayside City like a lost puppy as he did not want to go home. His shirt was dirty and greasy and it shined under the streetlights, and he was holding a bottle of beer. On top of that, his face was unshaven, which made him look like a shabby homeless man.

He stopped walking and sat down on some steps which were dirty. Chugging a mouthful of watered-down beer, he looked around and saw that the hotpot restaurant across the street had an outdoor theatre. It was packed with people.

The movie that was playing was ‘War Dragon’. Currently, the movie was so popular that it was being played everywhere. Taylor Murray could be seen everywhere.

Taylor Murray, huh…

Drunk, Richard slept on the street while another homeless man took the opportunity to steal his shirt, mobile phone and wallet.

Unable to stop him, he had flashbacks of when he was still the proud son of the Harper Family before he turned out this way…

Meanwhile, Stanley had learned about Richard’s current situation.

Tsk tsk, how pitiful! Stanley thought.

Not only was his wife pregnant with his brother and he had to take responsibility, but he also had no career anymore. He was completely under the grips of his father and Xyla. If it weren’t for his shares in Harper Group, he would not even be able to feed himself.

For the average person, having shares in Harper Group meant that he would not have to worry about money for the rest of his life and might even be considered rich, but for the once proud and arrogant Richard, this was more miserable than death itself!

He was once a billionaire, but he was scammed and was only left with a million now. Even though he might still be a millionaire, he would rather die. Most people would not be able to accept the huge difference.

Some people could learn from the pain and start from the bottom, while others just fell apart and accepted their fate. Once, Richard used to belong to the former group, but now, after failing many times, he belonged to the latter group.

“Aunt, I heard your ex is now taking drugs, drinking, relying on his family to provide for him and a father to a child that’s not his. How pitiful!” Stanley sighed.

When they met Richard for the first time, he was so high-spirited. After all, he was Harper Group’s young shareholder who was worth billions and the future owner of the company!

With his superiority and extravagance, he looked down on everyone.

What a pity as he had brought this upon himself by provoking Sophia!

Now, he was as good as nothing!

Upon hearing this, Sophie chuckled coldly.

She had wanted him in utter misery, just like this.

She would be coming for those who had hurt her back then one after another.

For now, she would leave Xyla alone. As long as the Harper Group was still standing, she would not move on.

Currently, her company had hired over two hundred employees. As the vacant positions were taken up, the company had added new departments. They had also successfully raised funds and received venture capital from one investor after another, which was how they acquired a smaller but experienced game development company. Thus, a brand new company was formed.

First, they had to rename the company.

At that moment, everyone was caught up in a dispute over renaming the company.

Sarah believed that since the company’s initial mission was to get more women to play games, the company’s new name should be cute, such as Meow Tech.

Meanwhile, Sean thought that since the company would be focusing on large-scale 3D male-oriented online games from now, the name should be manlier, such as War Dragon Technology. With this name, they could also lift their reputation, not to mention that this name was still available for them to register with.

On the other hand, Stanley felt that since the players up till the programmers were young men & women, their name should sound young. For example, since Judge was the mascot of the company, they should name it Judge Co.

However, Sophia thought the company’s new name should be more down-to-earth and catchy, such as Plum Technology.

For the sake of the naming rights, the four of them almost broke out in a fight with their own reasons.

Finally, Stanley sneakily suggested, “How about we listen to whoever wins a physical fight?”

Upon hearing this, Sarah stared at Stanley huffily while Sean shook his head helplessly. Among them, Stanley was the strongest. Of course he would win in a fight!

Glancing at Sean and Sarah who had surrendered, Sophia then turned to face Stanley and nodded. “Okay, no problem.”

Stanley giggled before rolling up his sleeves. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle!”

Sophia calmly chuckled before stepping aside and Michael, who had been standing by the door, entered.

“I heard you guys were fighting over the company’s new name?”

Seeing Michael, Stanley was instantly stunned. “N-No, there is no such thing…”

F*ck, no one can beat Michael! Stanley thought.

Michael approached Stanley with a dangerous smile on his face. “I think I heard you want to name the company—”

“Plum! Plum Technology!”

Every time Michael took a step closer to him, Stanley would take a step back. His smile was forced, and he looked like he had seen a ghost.

He couldn’t possibly beat Michael. If they were to be in a fight, Michael wouldn’t go soft on him!

Still, Michael closely followed him. Scared, Stanley screamed and ran away.

Everyone couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

And so, the company’s new name was decided—Plum Technology.

The day after the name was decided, the advertising company sent over a designer to design a logo for them. Meanwhile, there was an unexpected guest at the reception.

“Our company has another celebrity guest!” someone shouted loudly, causing everyone who was working to go to the reception desk one after another to spy on the celebrity who had come today.

A lot of celebrity guests had been visiting the company recently. Who could it be this time?

At the reception area sat a beautiful and classy woman. She was sitting up straight and gracefully, and one could tell immediately that she was different from other celebrities.

Instantly, everyone recognized her. “It’s Irene Weber!”

Naturally, everyone knew Irene. Every New Year Dinner Gala, she would always perform solo. As the most well-known military singer, she was undoubtedly the most eye-catching star.

However, why was she here?

Immediately, an employee who gossiped a lot said, “Hey, don’t you know? Irene is Taylor’s ex-fiancée!”

Everyone was stunned. So, she was their boss’s ex?

What was the boss’s ex doing here?

Curiously, everyone carefully watched every movement at the reception.

“Our boss’s ex is here!”

This news had also reached Sophia.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 638

As soon as the secretary came into the office, she timidly informed Sophia, who was busy with work at her desk.

At once, Sophia pushed her large-framed glasses with blue light filter lenses up her nose.

Irene Weber? What’s she doing here? Michael isn’t here, so did she come to see me? When an ex wants to meet, it is definitely not a good thing!

“Tell her I’m away,” Sophia instructed coldly.

Then, the secretary left.

As expected, Irene was not here to see Sophia. Instead— “Cece, someone wants to see you!”

Celine was patrolling the office with the dog when she heard this.

Who was looking for her?

She glanced at Justin, who was holding the Samoyed’s leash.

Only a handful of people from the Fletcher Family knew of her return.

Was it the Mitchell Family?

Hurriedly, she asked the secretary, “Who wants to see me?”

The secretary said mysteriously, “Boss’s ex.”

Instantly, Celine knew who it was. Her face turned dark, and she looked nauseated and disgusted.

Not long after, Irene spotted Celine. She had unintentionally learned from her father that Celine was still alive, so she came to see her immediately.

Back then, they grew up together, and they used to be closer than best friends!

As long as Celine was around, Irene’s relationship with Michael would ease a lot.

At the sight of Celine, Irene was ecstatic. She stood up and happily rushed to her while calling her nickname, “Celie, you’re really back!”

However, before she could go near Celine, she saw the large black and white dog she was holding, which looked as fierce as a wolf. As someone who had always been afraid of dogs, Irene was frightened and backed away as she screamed, “Ah!”

From a young age, Irene had been terrified of dogs. Back at the military compound, everyone had accommodated her fear of dogs. In fact, not even Old Master Fletcher and Michael had dogs. Meanwhile, Stanley had Judge, but he had always avoided Irene.

Irene turned pale at the sight of such a large and vicious dog. “Celie, take it away! I’m afraid!”

Grimacing at Irene, Celine had deliberately extended Judge’s leash. Judge became excited and curious when it saw a stranger, and it kept trying to jump on Irene.

Judge was a pure-bred Husky with a black and white coat combination on the top of its head, and it had vicious and wolf-like features which was terrifying. Meanwhile, it kept raising its paws to touch Irene, who screamed in fear.

Loudly, Irene deliberately asked Justin, “Dear, do you know her?”

Glancing at Irene, Justin knew who she was but he was not close to her. He said sincerely, “Not really.”

Celine pretended to be weak and leaned into Justin. At that moment, she held the dog leash with one hand and her forehead with the other. She then said with a frown, “Oh, I feel like I’ve lost my memory since I returned. I can’t seem to remember anyone…”

While she sighed, Irene who was frightened by the dog was dumbfounded. “Celie, it’s me, Renie! Irene Weber!”

Celine continued to pretend. “Oh, Renie? I don’t recall knowing a Renie?”

Irene said in disbelief while being wary of the dog, “I’m Mikey’s girlfriend, Irene!”

Celine acted like she was confused. “Mikey’s girlfriend? Mikey is married. What girlfriend are you talking about? Are you a crook?”

Loosening the dog leash, she commanded, “Judge, bite!”

Freed, Judge barked as it charged toward Irene who quickly ran away in her stilettos.

Once Irene had run away, Celine stepped on the leash and pulled Judge back with some effort.

Irene Weber.

Now, Celine was making up for the past.

After her accident, Michael had faced the news of his sister’s death and brother-in-law’s disability alone. Nathan was still a baby then, and Michael had been forlorn and in despair. His then-girlfriend—who was supposed to be by his side—fell and when she woke up, she had remembered everyone except Michael.

Did she understand how cruel this was to Michael?

Just then, Judge walked up to Celine as it wagged its tail. Celine patted its head.

In reality, this dog was stupid. It was no wonder the military and police did not want it.

Recently, Celine had been giving Judge military dog training with little success, and it was a miracle that this dog understood the ‘Bite’ command just now.

Ultimately, it was Stanley who had spoiled Judge rotten. He fed Judge imported dog food and high-end mineral water, and bought a dog kennel that cost thousands. Even its leash and collar were high-end brands. Stanley had practically been treating Judge as his own son!

Was it still a dog if it was raised like this?

Therefore, Celine had taught Judge to eat his own feces on her first day!

Only a dog that ate feces was a true dog!

Eating feces was the first step of becoming a true dog!

While Celine was secretly feeling proud that she had raised Judge to be a real dog, she noticed Stanley returning from his business meeting. As soon as he saw Judge, he dropped his briefcase and went up to kiss Judge on the mouth.

“Good boy! Did you miss me?”

Stanley patted Judge on its head before kissing it again, while Judge affectionately licked his face.

As he wiped off the saliva, Stanley grabbed his briefcase and approached Celine, who looked dumbfounded.

“Aunt Celine, are you okay?” he asked while still wiping the saliva.

Still stunned, Celine answered, “I-I was walking your dog!”

“Don’t overwork yourself, Aunt Celine. Go out more as there are many fun places to go nearby.”

Celine nodded dazedly.

In fact, she had been taking Judge to eat feces everyday and she already knew her way around.

With a horrified expression, she watched as Stanley entered the office with his briefcase. Touching the cold sweat on her forehead, she felt apologetic.

The following days, Stanley noticed Celine being very kind to him. She would always go into his office to check up on him and on top of that, she spoke to him warmly, which flattered him.

Probably because of the attention that Celine was suddenly showering on him, he was totally indulging and basking in it and boasted about it to Sophia.

“Sophia, look! Aunt Celine went shopping and got me a pair of new pants!”

“Aunt Celine went out today and got me some snacks! No one else got it, just me! Not even Justin got it!”


Every time Stanley gloated about how good Celine was treating him, Sophia wanted very badly to laugh, but she held it in.

Stanley was like a neglected child who was suddenly being spoilt. He was so happy that he constantly bragged about the way Celine was treating him.

One day, he brought a piggy bank that Celine had won at a night market and showed it off to Nathan.

“Nate, your mother won this piggy back yesterday and she gifted it to me! You don’t have it, right? Don’t be jealous!”

On behalf of everyone else, Nathan who was doing his homework decided to spill the cold hard truth. “Stan, my mom has been taking Judge to eat faeces for the past few days.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 639

That day, everyone in the company heard Stanley’s loud cry of despair from his office.

He had locked himself and Judge in the room and cried while he hugged his dog. No one was allowed to enter, and he would not listen to anyone.

He never expected that while he was busy working, Judge would be fed with feces!


His fur kid that he had worked so hard to raise!

The descendent of a pure-bred king! A true Husky with a pedigree certificate! A Husky who grew up eating high-end dog food!

His fur kid that he would kiss and hug to sleep, and even take a bath with!

He could not even bring himself to hit it, but it was taught to eat feces by Celine!


“I’ve let you down!”

Hugging Judge, Stanley cried noisily. As the dog’s fur was soaked, Stanley sobbed. “I was going to make you the company mascot, and then bring you to Uncle Michael’s production crew to give you a role or something, so you could be a dog actor…”

Not understanding a single thing, Judge barked, went into the bathroom and drank from the toilet before returning to watch Stanley howl in despair.

Seeing how familiar Judge was with the practice, he cried again.

Everyone could hear him bawling in his office and they looked in his direction and started to whisper to one another.

Celine and Justin were long gone, while Nathan was forced to stay and clean the toilets as punishment.

At that moment, Sophia knocked on the door and tried to calm Stanley down. “There there, Stan. Stop crying. My Snowball has eaten feces too. There’s nothing to be sad about.”

“No! You’re all b*stards!” Stanley roared.

“Your cats rped my Sunset, you bullied my Judge while I was away! You’re all bstards!”

“Yes, I’m a bstard. We’re all bstards,” Sophia said.

“How about I return Sunset’s kitten back to you?” she said albeit feeling reluctant.

Stanley paused, and his cries seemed to have stopped. “Then I will come and pick up the cats tonight! Don’t you dare go back on your words!”

At once, Sophia nodded. “I won’t. When my Persian cat gives birth, I’ll give a kitten to you.”

She rolled her eyes as she said this.

How exhausting.

How did she get a nephew who never grew up?

It was only then did Stanley stop crying completely.

Sulking, Nathan was washing the toilets at the office. He had no choice because his parents had run away and left him here to suffer Stanley’s wrath by himself.

In the morning, he would do his homework. By the afternoon, he would be cleaning the bathroom. Life was hard.

He was very upset and would lock Judge in the bathroom whenever he felt that way. Confused, Judge would mistake the bathroom as a dining hall and when Stanley found out, he fired Nathan without a second thought.

Nathan’s desk was in Sophia’s office, along with his books. Although he was a university student, he still had homework to do during summer break. Plus, he had to complete an internship, which was why he was working here.

Nathan packed up his belongings in a huff.

Why did he have such unreliable parents?

Celine always had to cause trouble everywhere she went. Now that she finally found a decent job, she messed it up by teaching the boss’s fur kid to eat feces.

As for his father, his plastic surgeries were more important than his own son, and he never stood up for him!

How unreliable!

Because of their incompetence, he had to start working at a young age to provide for the family, and not to mention being punished for the trouble his mother caused.

He was doing so well at his job…

“Don’t worry, Nate. Go home and rest for a couple of days. Once Stan calms down, you can come back to work then.”

Silently, Nathan nodded. He then carried his backpack and held Snowball with a leash.

His unreliable parents had fled to another country overnight to escape from Stanley. At the moment, they were ice skating on the other side of the planet, leaving their poor son alone here. Fortunately, he had a dependable aunt.

Snowball was the name of the Samoyed Sophia brought back from the snow mountain last year. It was a silly female dog with white fur that was now a year old, and it would smile goofily at everyone.

A couple days ago, Snowball had also been tricked into eating feces by Celine. Unaware of what happened, it continued smiling goofily at people.

It was a large dog, probably because of the good food it had been fed. Once, Snowball fought Judge and won. Sitting next to Nathan with its front legs up now, it was taller than him.

“Bye, Mom.”

Nicholas waved at Sophia before going home with Nathan.

Watching them leave, Sophia smiled. After cleaning up Snowball’s kennel and Nathan’s desk, she continued to work.

There was a lot going on at the office, and she was afraid she could not arrive at school on time.

The Universal Games finally kicked off, and Cethos’s team had brought good news. While having their lunch, everyone was watching the event on live TV at the company.

“Sandra Oak is amazing! She has already won a gold medal in the women’s 400-meter freestyle swimming event. Tomorrow, she’ll be competing in the 100-meter event!”

At the mention of Sandra, everyone got excited and started chiming in. “Before Sandra, no Cethosian has ever won in these two competitions!”

“Did you know that she gained a million followers just after a day she signed up for Twitter? Her first tweet even broke the server due to the huge amount of retweets!”

“Sandra’s popularity is comparable to that of an A-list celebrity! Heck, she’s even better than an A-list celebrity!”

“Wow, she’s so pretty. I’m going to become a fan!”

Stanley was watching the event as well. Today’s match was a 100-meter relay swimming event and as expected, Sandra won gold again. As the nineteen-year-old emerged from the pool, Cethos and the entire world was stunned.

“Sandra Oak? That sounds familiar… Where have I heard it before?” Stanley muttered as he ate, keeping his eyes glued to the screen.

While Stanley was wondering, Sean had already recognized her. Sandra Oak was Derek Oak’s older sister and Alex Mitchell’s illegitimate daughter.

Subconsciously, he glanced at Sophia who had on a cold expression. It seemed like she was thinking about something bad.

At once, Sean shuddered.

Just then, Nathan came into the office with Snowball. It was still lunchtime and everyone was watching the live broadcast of the sports event.

Ever since he was fired by Stanley, he had been coming to the company to hang out every day and bring Sophia lunch at the same time.

Seeing Nathan, Stanley snorted at him.

Disregarding him, Nathan handed over Sophia’s lunch. “Aunt Sophia, I’ve brought you lunch.”

At that moment, Sophia was playing with Snowball when she realized Nathan had brought her lunch. Happily, she rubbed his cheek before petting Snowball’s head.

“You’re the best, Nathan!”

Glancing at Sophia’s food, Stanley huffed. When he realized that her food was better than his, he became angrier.

After lunch, Nathan put away his lunchbox and left with Snowball. “I’ll be back tomorrow, Aunt Sophia.”

Every day, Nathan would bring lunch for Sophia, and each meal was better than before. It was as if this was done intentionally to anger Stanley.

Once Nathan left, Sophia got a call from Danny.

Danny, who usually talked a lot, said in a concise and serious manner, “Boss is in trouble.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 640

“Michael was given a strong aphrodisiac by Natasha. The drug was activated, but we managed to rescue him from Natasha’s room before she did anything. However, the drug will last for quite a while and since the hospital is further away than the airport, we brought him to the airport and we’ll be departing immediately. Our estimated time of arrival in Bayside City is two hours from now. Please freshen up and come over. We’ll be there soon.”


Danny had hung up.

Bewildered, Sophia took a while before understanding what happened.

F*ck! Natasha went to the film studio again? She even gave Michael aphrodisiac and locked him in her room! Danny successfully rescued him and they’re on the way to the airport, ready to take off.

As everyone else watched the live broadcast of the Universal Games, Sophia abruptly stood up without a word before rushing into her office.

“Aunt, where are you going?” Stanley hurriedly asked.

“None of your business.”

Seeing that Sophia did not touch her food, Stanley said, “Then I’ll eat your food!”

When he didn’t get a response, Stanley took the opportunity to finish her food.

Closing her office door, Sophia rushed into the bathroom and cleaned herself up. Then, she went downstairs and bought a bottle of lubricant, and Hale was already waiting for her with the car.

Traffic was slow along the way, and they only reached the private airport after two hours. The moment she got out of the car, she could see their private plane landing.

Just then, Danny approached her. Before Sophia could ask him anything, he solemnly said, “There’s no time to explain. Hurry, or Ben would be in trouble.”

F*ck! Is it that serious?

Hurriedly, Sophia took her bag and got onto the plane. Once she entered, she saw Michael being tied to the chair by Ben.

Ben was one of Michael’s bodyguards, who had a baby face and rosy lips…

Covered in sweat, Ben looked terrified. As Sophia approached, he quickly said, “We’ll leave it to you then.”

After he said that, he got off the plane at once.

How frightening! If she had been late, Ben would have lost his innocence!

Once Sophia entered, everyone else got off immediately, and the last one even helped her close the doors.

At that moment, Sophia glanced at the sweaty Michael, whose face was flushed red and whose eyes were bloodshot.

Frightened, she swallowed hard. “A-Are you alright?”

“I’m still alive,” he said albeit in a restrained manner.

He was staring at her like she was something to eat. Tied to the chair, his veins had visibly popped up, and the bruise from the sedative injection could be seen on the back of his hand.

The drug that was given to him was too powerful and after it took effect, he would even do it with a male dog, let alone Natasha.

Fortunately, Danny, Harry, and the others had successfully rescued him after a fierce battle. Otherwise, he would be in bigger trouble. Unfortunately, Natasha managed to escape.

Indeed, the drugs were too strong. Even after giving him a sedative, it was no use. Sending him to the hospital would take too long, and it would be too much of a hassle. Most importantly, he was the Best Actor. If anyone found out that he was given an aphrodisiac, it would be humiliating!

So, their best bet was to send him back to Bayside City, where his personal “antidote” was.

As soon as she released Michael from the chair, he tackled Sophia without another word.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as soon as they watched the antidote in human form get on the plane.

Then the doctors arrived, and the rest of them played card games while they waited in the airport lounge.

Michael was aggressive under the influence of the drug and he was extremely aroused.

He finally stopped just after dusk, falling asleep on top of Sophia.

At that moment, Sophia was covered in sweat and her face was flustered. Pushing Michael off of her, she let him continue sleeping.

Meanwhile, Michael was also covered in sweat, and strands of hair stuck to his face. Even in his sleep, he was furrowing his eyebrows as if he was still suffering.

Covering him with a thin quilt, she wiped away his sweat and cleaned him up with a towel before putting a pair of pants on him.

Sophia was aching all over as she dressed herself before getting off the plane.

She felt a sharp pain with every step she took, but she gritted her teeth and endured it.

Earlier, she had been saving her energy because she knew she had more important things to do.

As soon as she got off the plane, Danny and the doctors brought Michael out of the plane and sent him to the hospital for treatment.

Not long after, before she could catch her breath, Hale came over with a darkened expression. “Madam, something happened to Little Master.”

Sophia was stunned and her mind became hazy.

It was late at night, while a private hospital was still brightly lit. Nathan and Nicholas were sitting in the hospital corridor.

It seemed like Nicholas had been hit by a great force as its paint had been chipped off. Also, it couldn’t speak smoothly, so something must be broken inside.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s forehead was bruised badly, but the hospital staff already treated it.

Lowering his head, Nathan was mournful but he managed to hold back his tears. His adorable and delicate features were wrinkled, and he looked pitiful.

Rushing to the hospital, Sophia saw this scene.

Her heart immediately sank.

As soon as he saw Sophia, Nathan instantly fell apart and sobbed.

Distressed, Sophia hugged Nathan as she soothed him.

“There, there. Everything’s fine now.”

After Nathan brought lunch to the office, Gemma had driven him back. However, a large truck had lost control and crashed into them, nearly crushing them to death.

Although Gemma had managed to save them from being crushed with her superb driving skills, their car was still hit and it had crashed into a pole.

Fortunately, Nicholas had released the airbag in time. With the child seat, Nathan did not suffer any major injuries except a bruised forehead.

On the other hand, Gemma was severely injured and he was still in the emergency room. The paint on Nicholas was only chipped off, and he would be fine after some reparations.


After Sophia calmed Nathan down, Hale sent him and Nicholas home. Meanwhile, Sophia went into the morgue alone.

Snowball was lying quietly in the morgue, covered with a blanket. When the blanket was removed, her snow-white fur was soaked in blood.

When the car was hit, the humans were wearing seatbelts so they were all okay. Meanwhile, Snowball was thrown out of the car through the window. Half of her body was crushed, and she had died on the spot.

Snowball—who always had a silly smile on her face—finally stopped smiling. Her eyes were shut, and she was nothing more than a pile of flesh and fur.

This was no ordinary car accident because a bullet had been found in Snowball’s body.

When the accident happened, Snowball was sitting next to the window, and she was shot before the car flipped over.

It was obvious that the bullet had been aimed at Nathan. However, because of Snowball’s large head, she had saved Nathan.

Staring at Snowball, Sophia sat there for a long time.

Earlier at noon, Snowball was still smiling goofily at her. Just hours later, she had become a pile of crushed flesh.

Sophia could not accept this,

Just then, she choked up and lifted her head. The mist in her eyes turned into tears and they rolled down her cheeks.

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