My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 611-620

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 611

Michael hurriedly logged in to his Twitter account that he hadn’t used in a long while. He immediately posted a tweet with a photo of his own Adam’s apple with the caption, ‘I’m a man. Thank you.’ Meanwhile, Harry, who sat beside him, laughed so hard that he could barely straighten himself.

“Hahahaha… dude, you…. hahahaha…” Michael placed a hand against his face ashamedly. He was glad that he stood his ground and refused to get out of the car and catch the adulterers, for he would’ve been even more embarrassed than ever if he had done so!

Soon enough, Sophia and Celine made their way back into the car. Celine had been staying in the mental hospital for a while now; her condition was much better than before, but she would still lose her sanity every now and then, which explained why she had to stay in the hospital. Fortunately, she was well enough to function on a day-to-day basis. Previously, she had shaved her head clean to treat her wounds, but her hair had now grown and was at the length of a crew cut.

She was only one inch shorter than her brother; she was flat-chested, and she generally preferred to dress in a more gender-neutral manner—she was literally wearing the same pair of pants as Justin right then. No one could tell the difference between her and a man, and she looked like a carbon copy of Michael when they stood next to each other.

That day, Michael had gone over to the hospital to visit both her and Justin. She stepped out to send Michael off before she went for a jog to train her stamina, but she hadn’t expected Natasha’s men to kidnap her by throwing a burlap sack over her head. The twins’ souls must’ve entered the wrong body, for Michael had always been a cry-baby while his sister acted like a tomboy since they were children.

Celine was practically a male; even Sophia found it hard to distinguish between the two of them, let alone Natasha. That probably explained why Natasha hadn’t recognized that Celine was a female throughout the whole night.

All of them got into Michael’s SUV, with Sophia sitting between Michael and Celine. She felt like she had two husbands right then. Michael then felt a tiny hand creeping toward his crotch area before pressing against it… Sophia heaved a sigh of relief once she made sure that Michael’s private part was still in his pants. I’ll have to touch their crotches the next time I get confused between the two of them, then.

After the whole incident that morning, ‘Taylor’s a woman’ became the hot topic that was discussed by all the citizens of the city. Everyone, from the wealthiest families to the middle-aged women that strolled by the side of the roads, were gathered to discuss this topic. The first discussion that came up in each conversation, online or offline, would be the issue of Taylor’s gender. Some of the people who saw Taylor in person were certain that she was female.

Although her height and facial features resembled a man’s, she didn’t have an Adam’s apple and a rod between her legs, so she had to be a female. But there were also people who argued that he was a male; especially since he had filmed a lot of movies that revealed his upper body in the past ten years. That was something that he couldn’t hide or lie about. He was a man, and he had even posted a picture of his Adam’s Apple on his Twitter account.

The two parties with opposing views were close to getting into a fight over their beliefs, but everyone shared a common understanding—the baby in Natasha’s belly didn’t belong to Taylor. The child had another father, but Natasha forcefully framed Taylor to shoulder this burden after she slept around and got herself pregnant by some stranger.

Therefore, after everyone discussed Taylor’s gender, they were sure to end their sentences with a curse directed at Natasha. “Pfft, that b*tch, Natasha!” The Mitchell Family felt extremely embarrassed after the whole incident with the adulterers, so they no longer dared to boldly ask for Taylor to take responsibility for anything.

“Sophia, did you know that Alex gave Old Master Fletcher a call yesterday? Haha!” Stanley bumped into Sophia the minute he stepped into Villa No. 8, and he comically began to tell her about what he witnessed yesterday. He lifted a hand to his ear and acted as Alex, who was giving Old Master Fletcher a call.

“Hey, Old Master Fletcher. When did your grandson, Michael, turn into a woman?” Stanley then pretended to be Old Master Fletcher as he mimicked the old man’s voice. “My granddaughter, Celine, has always been a woman! Did you just find out about this? Hahahaha!”

At the sight of this, Sophia doubled over as she burst into a fit of laughter. Celine felt rather helpless in this situation—she just wanted to go for a jog, but Natasha somehow chose to kidnap her. Although she could have easily strangled Natasha to death with her extraordinary combat skills, she also wanted to see what Natasha was up to.

However, she hadn’t expected for Natasha to bring her to a hotel and force her to get married to her. She remained silent the whole night and pretended to be compliant to Natasha’s wishes, but she had actually been texting Michael the entire time. Michael initially thought of going over to save her from the hotel, but it suddenly struck him that he could actually make a fool out of Natasha, so that things would be especially dramatic when Sophia went over to catch the adulterers.

All of them gathered at the No. 8 Villa that day, with the occasion being to celebrate a milestone achieved by the game created by Stanley’s company. It had just hit its first ever 1 million online gamers. The shooting game that they had created, Soul of Sniper, had a crazy amount of downloads the minute they uploaded the public beta version of the game. The morning that Sophia had headed over to the hotel to catch the adulterers, she intentionally wore a t-shirt that was used for the company’s promotion—‘Soul of Sniper’ was printed in huge fonts right at the front of the shirt.

While everyone had gathered to watch the incident, they were also staring at an advertisement. Perhaps the advertising was done especially well this time, or perhaps the game itself was addictive; either way, the downloads for the game saw a drastic increase after the incident at the hotel, and it finally surpassed a total of 1 million users playing the game at a single time.

All four of the company’s elders were present that day, along with Michael, Celine, and Harry, the old wolf who tagged along behind his little kitten, Sarah. The atmosphere was cheery as Sophia quickly set the dining table up before bringing the bacon that she had prepared out.

Stanley continued to tell her all about what went on during the call between Alex and Old Master Fletcher. When she placed the bacon down on the table, she lifted her head up to see that the Fletcher twins had arrived downstairs. The two of them were dressed in the exact same clothes, and they had the exact same face and hairstyle, but one of them was just a little taller than the other. Sophia widened her eyes as she couldn’t tell which of them was Michael.

The taller one stepped over and grabbed onto Sophia’s fair hand before placing it over his own crotch. He then edged his face toward hers as he beamed with his eyes narrowed.

Sophia turned as red as a tomato as she hurriedly pulled her hand away. “Gross!” a few of them shouted.

Michael couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he watched Sophia scurrying away from him with her face red. It looks like I can use this trick to tease her for days! Celine realized how much her brother loved Sophia when she saw the way he laughed so happily with her. She liked Sophia too.

Soon, all of the dishes were placed on the dining table, and everyone apart from Justin—who was still in the midst of recovering from his plastic surgery—was present. Celine pulled Nathan into her arms and planted a huge kiss on his face. Only during such times did she ever show the slightest hint of her feminine side.

During dinner, Sean began to talk about the Mitchell Family’s situation. “Natasha was in shock after going home that day; she ended up giving birth prematurely, and I’m not sure how her condition is right now. I heard that the child hadn’t been healthy from the start, so it’s hard to tell if it will survive.

Now, the Mitchells are a mess as their whole family is utterly embarrassed by what Natasha did.” Michael listened to him speak without giving any comments. The messier, the better. It’d be easier for me to target them, then.

Out of nowhere, Stanley started a new topic of conversation, with his question directed toward Celine. “What are your plans for the future, Aunt Celine? I think you can consider entering the filming industry with Uncle Michael.”

With a face that was already so well-known in the industry, they’d only be even more famous if they appeared as twins! Furthermore, Celine was a lot more handsome than Michael; if she really decided to enter this field, she’d probably outshine Michael.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 612

Instantly, Celine put her hands up. “I can’t do it! You know how I am; I couldn’t even sing a word when my mom tried to teach me.”

The two siblings were exactly like their parents—Michael was like his mother, and Celine was like her dad.

Elizabeth had tried to teach them to sing when they were young. Michael caught on quickly with his natural talent, good body posture, and a gifted voice. It was obvious that he was meant to be in the showbiz industry, while Celine had stiff limbs and couldn’t get the song out right.

But when Theo taught them how to use water guns, Celine was a natural sharp shooter, and Michael could never compare with her.

Now that Celine was back, she also wanted to live a normal life and provide Nathan with a warm, loving family. But she still had dreams to fulfill—she planned on returning to the army as soon as she recovered.

Sophia peeked at the siblings and suddenly realized how sometimes Michael acted gayish while his sister seemed to be the real man! At least, she behaved more manly than Michael did.

No wonder Natasha mistook her as a man when she held Celine captive. It was difficult to identify Celine as a woman if one did not pay attention to the Adam’s apple.

Tsk! She definitely has the handsome looks to attract women!

Even Michael started to get jealous when he realized Sophia was stealing glances at Celine.

Michael was quite used to his sister’s ability to attract women’s attention. Back then, when Celine and Jusin got together, all the men and women in the army sighed in relief.

The women sighed because the only rose among the thorns was picked, and everybody else would have a chance to stand out now; meanwhile, the men sighed in relief because there were already so few women in the army, and most of them had changed their sexual preference because of Celine, so things could go very badly for them if it had gone on any longer!

Michael was a little concerned as he widened his eyes and stared at Sophia and Celine, worried that the former might get attracted to the latter.

After dinner, Celine stayed over at Villa No. 8. She wanted to spend some time with Nathan, but right after she had called Justin about not coming back tonight, he rushed over to the villa in 20 minutes.

They had already been separated for a night, so Justin would go insane if they were to be apart again.

Justin was just done with his plastic surgery and was still in recovery. His whole face was covered in gauze, which had not been removed yet, so only his eyes, mouth, and nostrils were spared.

Without Celine in the hospital with him, he would get someone to carry him wherever she was if he had to.

After their meal, Michael called Sean to his office and listened to him explain the current situation of the Mitchell Family. After the recent big scandal from Alex and his daughter, Natasha, the divided Mitchell Family were in a bigger risk of being separated into factions.

Sean paused for a while before speaking, “Now, the family has been divided into 3 factions—one faction is under Alex; while another faction consists of my uncles, grandfather, and Cooper’s old allies; whereas the other faction has been wanting to split from the family for a while now. That last faction is the one that’s causing the most trouble now.”

The Mitchell Family had always been restless. Furthermore, Alex had been excessively using all of the Mitchell Family’s resources to crush Michael. The bigger the pressure, the louder the voice of opposition would be; the internal conflict within the family was bound to happen.

Michael snickered. “I have a big, juicy piece of information for you to bring back to the Mitchells! It would be like adding fuel to fire.”

Sean asked anxiously, “What would that be?”

Michael chuckled heartily. “Cooper has a son.”


When Sean learned this news, he was dumbfounded.

The Mitchell Family had always valued their bloodline, and they were already stunned to learn that Cooper was still alive. The fact that Cooper had a descendent—particularly a son—was important news! If it were just Cooper, then he would probably just get a Chief position and wouldn’t be a threat to the family. But if he had a son as his descendant, then the whole Mitchell Family’s bloodline would be threatened!

That was why Michael reserved his information about Copper’s descendant, because that would drive the Mitchell Family crazy enough to act recklessly.

However, this information would act as the best catalyst to completely divide the Mitchell Family.

Sean was quite calm now, but he was also taken aback by the information and took a while to fully digest the news.

Michael added, “You should also tell them that Cooper’s son had inherited all of his father’s merits and has even exceeded his father.”

Upon that, someone popped up in Sean’s mind for some reason—Linus Michel.

If Cooper had a son, then he would definitely be someone like Linus!

Sean had always suspected that Fass was Cooper. Moreover, Linus was single-handedly brought up by Fass, ans he fit all the criteria of how Sean thought Cooper’s child would be.

Although Sophia had also inherited Cooper’s powerful genes, the environment she was born in had greatly restricted her talents and caused her to become a dust-covered pearl. It wasn’t until Michael met her and gently wiped off all the stains that her dazzling glow shone through.

Her foundation was still quite shallow as she only started school at 9 and was still quite inexperienced in many aspects.

If she had been born in the Mitchell Family under Copper’s personal care with all the top resources provided, Sean was sure that her achievements would have surpassed Linus’ and Lucy’s.

Suddenly, he remembered that Sophia and Linus shared the same birthday… and a bold idea came to mind as he hesitated. “Uncle Michael, it can’t be that Linus is…”

Sean was drenched in cold sweat as he mulled over the possibility of that idea.

Michael replied calmly, “Yes, I lied to you the last time. Linus and Sophia are related.”

The last time when Sean got hold of Linus’ hair, he gave it to Michael to test his DNA. Now that Michael had revealed the information, he must have had the data to support his statement.

Sean was speechless.

He smiled sadly as a wave of sadness washed over him.

After he bid farewell to Michael, he went back to the Mitchell Residence and informed them of the information he was told.

That night, the Mitchell Family elders found out that, not only was Cooper still alive, he also had a son, whose talent was not inferior to his!

Chaos erupted among the Mitchells. Cooper’s old allies were overjoyed, while the other factions started to panic.

One Cooper Mitchell could only threaten them for a few decades, and sooner or later, he would have to step down like Woody and retire. But if he had a son, then their family could threaten them for centuries, and their faction would no longer have a place in the Mitchell Family!

As soon as the news was released, it was a matter of time before the split of the Mitchell Family would happen. Michael was just waiting for the Mitchells to fall apart and then swallow them whole.

It was difficult to take down a united Mitchell Family, but if it was divided and falling apart, then things would be much simpler.

The affair scandal had gradually died down as everybody found out that Taylor was indeed a man, and the person that Natasha had captured to spend the night with was indeed a woman.

It was said to be Taylor’s martial arts double, who looked 90% similar to him. Natasha tried to use her to create an illusion that she and Taylor were having an affair, but she was unexpectedly exposed by Eddie.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 613

After all, news was just news, and it would die down after a few days. By then, everyone was distracted by other news, and the gender controversy about Taylor was slowly forgotten. Everyone began to focus on his upcoming movie.

When he had offended the Mitchells previously, they banned his movie and delayed its screening in the theater, but now that the Mitchells were busy handling their inner family problems, Michael’s new movie was finally screened as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Justin’s face had finally recovered, and he was cleared to remove the stitches.

The day the stitches were removed, Sophia rushed over hurriedly with Nathan to witness the miraculous moment.

Sophia had only seen pictures of Justin from 7 years ago, and the explosion that was planned by Phantom Wolf had completely destroyed his face. She wasn’t sure whether the hospital could manage to restore his face.

This hospital was known as the top plastic surgery hospital in the world, and there was none other like it.

Everyone held their breath as circles of gauze were slowly removed from Justin’s face.

As a sharp angular face appeared in front of Sophia, who widened her eyes in surprise. On his face was a pair of gleaming eyes, a tall nose bridge, and thin red lips; his features had a tinge of Western features mixed with Oriental charm.

This is… Justin?

He was not much different from what Sophia saw in the photo.

His skin was destroyed in the explosion, but his features were still well preserved. After the skin implant surgery, the results turned out so good that it was impossible to imagine how hideous his face was before.

Nathan stared in amazement at his father with wide eyes.

Justin was very satisfied with his new face as he happily rushed over to hug his family, looking very happy.

Now the family of 3 was finally reunited. Since Justin and Celine were still in the process of recovering, they continued living in the hospital with Nathan visiting them on both sides.

Just then, Justin faced a new problem, which was to give his wife and child a normal life.

Returning to the Mitchell Family was impossible as he had just escaped that fire pit and had finally cut off all ties with them. Hence, he would not easily go back to the Mitchells, and even until now, the news of Celine and Justin’s return were still hidden from the Mitchell Family.

But they would need to be prepared for when the Mitchells found out about it.

Since he was back, he wanted his family to live proudly and would not allow them to live in hiding. At the moment, Justin was working under Michael and was receiving a generous salary that was enough to sustain his small little family. Even though the money from Michael was more than enough to provide for his family, Justin thought that, as a man, supporting his family was his sole duty, and he shouldn’t rely on his wife’s family for support; he must contribute to it too.

While Justin was busy trying to provide for his family, he realized with utter despair that Celine was back to her flirtatious, suave ways again.

The two siblings were born as walking aphrodisiacs. When the younger brother went into the entertainment industry, he had charmed all the girls in Cethos. But his sister was even worse—for the last 30 years, her specialty was turning girls gay for her! She was already behaving immodestly during her time serving in the army, and that woman was more skilled than most men at picking up girls.

The most skilled person to pick up a girl had to be a girl as well, and if this girl had a face that was more handsome than a guy, then they would possess insurmountable power.

During these last few days, Sophia had been frequently visiting Celine to ask her guidance in sharpening her fighting skills. If the unbeatable fighter, Celine, was willing to teach her a few moves, she would be able to use it for the rest of her life.

Since Celine seemed quite free, Harry also urged Sarah to follow Sophia and learn a few fighting tips from Celine. Sarah had a timid nature, so she was often bullied by her stepmother. He wanted her to be more strong and fierce, so that sooner or later, this little kitten of his would become a big tiger.

As Sophia and Sarah went to see Celine everyday, after a while, the three of them had become quite close to each other.

They were often spotted with their arms around each other, whispering and giggling, with Celine hugging them both in her arms.

It was only then that Michael and Harry smacked their heads—Oh, no! We have just the sheeps straight into the tiger’s mouth!

Celine had been ‘dead’ for 7 years, and 7 years was such a long period that they had almost forgotten her true nature.

She was actually a playboy without the necessary tools!

Michael had thought his flirting skills were quite good; that was why Sophia had fallen head over heels for him. But he was still inexperienced compared to Celine!

Back then, Old Master Fletcher knew that ordinary men wouldn’t be able to control Celine, so he sent out his beloved godson, Cooper, to step in. Firstly, he wanted to steal the Mitchell Family’s powerful genes, and secondly, he knew that, apart from a man as powerful as Cooper, there was no other man that could restrain his unbelievable granddaughter!

Unexpectedly, Cooper had already fallen in love with someone else and had sworn he would never marry Celine. He pretended to agree but had secretly pushed Justin out to fulfil that duty.

Justin used to be a legend in the army as well; he had a very feminine face and soft, tender skin, but his combat power was so strong that he won a couple of martial competitions, and so the title, ‘King of Soldiers’, was given to him.

As soon as they met, Celine flirted with Justin, and that was how their story began.

The day Old Master Fletcher learned that his granddaughter wanted to get married, he jumped in joy and wanted to immediately marry her off. He was afraid that when Justin realized Celine’s true nature, he would turn back on his promise to marry her. Therefore, he put in the request for marriage to the upper management, and by the second day, it was approved. They immediately registered and had a military wedding!

It was a military wedding! Justin couldn’t back out even if he wanted to!

When Celine got married, all the girls in the army were seen crying—half of them were crying tears of joy while the others were heartbroken.

As they looked at the two young girls that were teased by Celine, the two old male idols regretted the reckless mistake they had made.

Back then, Sophia used to respectfully call Celine ‘sister’, but now, it was just ‘Cece’.

It is all over; they’ve gone over to the other side.

Probably because of her near-death experience, after she had recovered, Celine had really started to let go of herself. She used to grow out her long hair, but now, she couldn’t be bothered about it and shaved her head. She would dress up like a young rascal and go around picking up girls of all ages.

Celine was definitely the black sheep of the Fletcher Family.

Almost overnight, gossips about Michael piled up as the entertainment weekly magazines were all digging the dirt on him.

‘Taylor Murray was seen at well-known Bayside night club, arms around different girls! His scumbag nature has been exposed!’

‘Taylor Murray chatting closely with two women at a bar—trouble in paradise?’

‘Taylor Murray suspected to be having an affair with a well-known influencer.’

Michael scowled as he read the news while drinking ginseng soup at home to prepare for pregnancy.

He was just at home relaxing, and unexpected disasters were falling from the skies.

Stanley hesitated before he spoke, “Aunt Celine, would you quickly teach me the skills of picking up girls? I beg you, please!” Like a pitiful little dog, Stanley held onto Celine’s thighs and looked at her with glittering eyes.

Celine organized a swimsuit party and invited over a group of swimsuit beauties. She sat in Michael’s sports car and looked at the young and beautiful beauties from afar, letting her down and having fun without restrictions.

This is how life is supposed to be!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 614

After 7 years of imprisonment under the hands of Phantom Wolf, Celine had missed out on too many wonders in her life, and she was planning on making up for it all!

She took a sip of hard liquor before reaching out and pinching Stanley’s cheeks. “You are a waste of such a handsome-looking face!” she said frustratingly.

Stanley’s face was obviously attractive to young girls, yet he still remained single.

This height, this physique, this temperament, this face… He fulfilled the complete standards of a perfect man!

Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to appreciate it himself.

The other day when Celine went to pick her son up from school, she saw a pretty girl sitting next to Stanley, blushing while trying hard to find a topic to chat with him.

Stanley glanced up at her, the class president, and chased her away.

The girl wasn’t studying their major—she had run into their classroom and just sat there the whole afternoon. She wasn’t even listening in class; she was just giggling the whole time. She must have had an ulterior motive!

Maybe she’s here to steal something!

Stanley gripped his wallet and cell phone tightly.

Or maybe… she is crazy! Mentally ill patients are not sentenced for murder!

I’ll chase her away; I’ll call the police if she doesn’t leave!

Finally, the girl ran out in tears.

It was at that moment that Celine felt the need to rush over and kick Stanley out of the third floor window.

She couldn’t blame him—picking up girls was just not in the Fletcher Family’s genes. Nevertheless, Stanley’s standards were considered to be above average. It only improved when it came down to Michael and his sister.

Stanley looked up to Celine in awe and said bleakly, “Aunt Celine, teach me please…”

Celine waved her hands. “You’re hopeless. Go, go! Leave me alone.”

Although Celine was clearly a woman, her mannerism was more charming than any man’s. As Stanley watched the beautiful women surround Celine while giggling, he felt an itch in his heart that made him anxious.

Meanwhile, Justin was barbecuing under the tree, while Michael and Nathan were sitting on the side, waiting for food. Nathan was playing with the two dogs as he looked at his mother hugging girls from both sides, his little face in a daze.

“Don’t take after your mother.”

Michael rushed over to grab him to Nicholas and told the latter to watch over him.

Maybe Justin couldn’t stop Celine because he couldn’t use a knife lately, or maybe it was because she was too hard to get a hold of. Nevertheless, Celine had been behaving more excessively—every day, she would invite Sophia out to play while driving Michael’s car, and she wore his clothes everywhere to flirt with girls.

And she acted so high profile about it that she was often photographed by the media. Because they were born with the same face, Michael had to take the blame everytime she was photographed.

He only realized Celine was having a pool party behind his back when he saw Sophia packing up her swimsuit. Gee, a pool party?!

Michael had nimbly trailed behind to personally keep an eye on his wife.

Even Harry rushed over to spy on his little kitten, for he didn’t want her to take down the wrong path with the big bad wolf.

After Justin was done barbecuing, he carefully loaded the food on a plate. He then lifted the plate high and avoided Michael as the latter reached over for it. Then, he walked toward the busy Celine.

Michael was speechless.

When he arrived in front of Celine, he asked gently, “Celie, the barbecue food is here. I grilled your favorite scallops.”

Celine seemed busy as she had Sophia on her left and Sarah on her right. All the girls were laughing loudly at a joke she just made. “Just put it there,” Celine said.

Justin put down the food and asked obediently, “What else would you like to eat?”

“Lobsters, oysters, and some pork belly,” Celine replied.

Justin took the empty plate and continued to barbecue the food without saying a word.

Michael was speechless as he turned to educate Nathan. “Don’t ever learn from your dad, and especially not from your mom. You should learn from me—at least I still have some kind of achievements.”

Nathan rolled his eyes.

I would be better off learning myself than from you.

As the night fell, Celine sent all the young models, who nobody knew where they came from, back home and walked over to join the barbeque session.

The early summer night breeze was so warm and comfortable. While everyone was eating barbecue and talking at the same time, Sean took the opportunity to talk about the Mitchell Family’s current situation.

“The Mitchell Family has almost fallen apart completely now, and they can’t even pull themselves together to maintain their appearance in public.” Sean’s tone was particularly gloomy whenever he talked about the Mitchells.

After Michael had released that information, it accelerated the interval division of the Mitchells, and their division was just a matter of time. Alex’s authority within the Mitchell Family was slowly weakened because of Natasha, and while the threat from the Michel Family hadn’t been solved yet, he had used all the Mitchell’s resources to suppress Michael. Then, the internal conflicts within the family erupted, and Alex was now busy cleaning up after his own mess.

But then, Sean also revealed a very crucial piece of information. “Alex’s biggest disadvantage now is that he lacks a successor.”

The Mitchells placed great importance on their bloodlines. Although Alex had raised an illegitimate child outside, illegitimate children were not considered as a member of the Mitchell Family. Therefore, Natasha was the only offspring of his that was recognized as his descendant.

And now that Natasha had gone and done so many stupid things, she no longer bore the responsibility of a potential clan leader. So Alex’s line of offspring was not qualified anymore, and it was equivalent to having no descendant at all.

“All these years, Alex only had Natasha, and he had put in all his energy and resources into her, trying to sculpt her into an accomplishment, but she turned out to be a good-for-nothing. Just some time ago, when Natasha disappeared, Alex did an IVF, and is now expecting a son. His second son should be born in the near future.”

If Alex had a son, then the situation in the Mitchell Family would change again.

Sophia listened to Sean’s analysis of the Mitchell Family’s situation, like listening to a story.

She couldn’t sense any affection from his tone.

Natasha was not Alex’s daughter; she was just a glamorous tool that he used to stabilize his position as the clan leader. Likewise, that son of his didn’t seem to be his son and was just a backup tool after the first one was ruined. But she understood that if Alex’s son was born, then his reign as the clan leader would continue! Alex had kicked Cooper out, so she would never sit back and watch Alex continue to sit on his throne comfortably. That seat belonged to her father, Cooper Mitchell!

A dark, sinister thought grew in her mind as her long, slender fingers fiercely dug into her hands…

Nathan sat next to Celine and alternated between leaning in her and Justin’s arms.

Justin, who just got plastic surgery, had always had an indifferent expression. But after the explosion, he probably injured the nerves on his face, so his face was constantly expressionless now.

“Daddy,” Nathan called out suddenly.

Justin reached out his hand and scuffled Nathan’s hair before putting some effort into forming a grin.

Michael was displeased with him calling Justin ‘daddy’.

Ungrateful brat!

I’d raised that little brat for 7 years! Even so, asking him to call me Dad was as hard as asking him to eat turd. It’s really different when they’re not your own!

He subconsciously touched Sophia’s flat tummy, poking his fingers into her stomach.

I wonder if there’s a child of mine inside.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 615

Sophia had had a rough time growing up. When she had her first period, she was still forced to do heavy work by her uncle’s family.

As she gritted her teeth and did a whole day’s work without resting, blood started dripping down her pants and wet the inside of her shoes… Ever since then, her body had always been fragile and weak.

Her menstruation cycle had always been unstable; sometimes, it would last for about 15 days, and sometimes, she wouldn’t have her period for several months. She had never had the resources to nurse her body back to health, and after she met Michael, he had helped to take care of her body. Sophia was still young, so everything was still fixable.

Nathan soon fell asleep in Justin’s arms as he carried him back to the tent to rest.

As Sean looked at Nathan, he turned to Celine and said grimly, “Celine, you must keep an eye on Nate. The Mitchells might try to make a move on him soon.”

There were many reasons for the Mitchells to make a move on Nathan.

Now, at the time of the Mitchell Family’s turmoil, all the forces within the family would want to split out and divide. If they wanted to possess more power and profits in the division of the family, then they would need to control more power and influence.

Where would the influence come from?

If any faction had a 5-year-old child genius that was attending Bayside University, and if this child was of the Fletcher bloodline and was Old Master Fletcher’s favorite—if they could use this child to build a connection with the Fletcher Family, then this faction would be stronger and more influential than the others.

There were many benefits of getting Nathan. They could nurture him into a child prodigy, and claiming the purpose of surpassing Cooper’s abilities would easily win over the others.

He was the descendant of Justin, the son of the martyrs, born with the glory of his father’s name.

For the Mitchell Family, since both of Nathan’s parents had died, he, just like the vast amount of possessions of Cooper after he died, had become the communal asset of the Mitchell Family that anyone could come and grab…

The pool party had turned into a camping trip, and everyone camped overnight before returning back to Bayside City. Sophia started to prepare for her finals and went to class diligently every day.

Their lecturer for their major subject was replaced by an old professor with glasses. His lectures were not as lively and interesting as Quinton’s, nor was he as good looking as the latter.

Whenever she was attending the class for her major subject, she would go into a daze.


Sophia was tapped gently on her shoulders by her classmate, and it pulled her out of her daze state. She turned around and asked in a low voice, “What’s up?”

Her classmate seemed outraged as she pointed to the latest news on her phone. “When are you going to get a divorce? Look at this! That scumbag, Taylor Murray, went out clubbing again and was fooling around with those young models!”

Sophia was speechless.

Celine was bound to get into trouble by going out and fooling around with Michael’s face.

But… she’s so handsome! Even more handsome than her brother!

Sophia started daydreaming as she stared at Celine’s photo on the news.

Meanwhile, her classmate was chastising Taylor for being a scumbag, and the spineless Sophia for putting her husband on a pedestal.

Suddenly, as Sophia was still dreaming away, she received an urgent call from Stanley.

“Sophia, you’d better hurry over! Natasha is here to capture Nate! Sean and I are rushing over there now!”

In the small alley in front of the school, the car that Gary was driving to pick up Nathan was forced to stop in a corner and was knocked into a bad shape. The headlights of the car were damaged, and its path was blocked by 4 or 5 cars.

Gary and Hale were each guarding two car doors, protecting Nathan, who was in the car. Stanley and Sean immediately rushed over and stood in front of the car to stop the Mitchell Family from grabbing Nathan.

Like vultures, the dozen men from the Mitchell Family were eyeing and surrounding Nathan’s car.

“I’m warning you—don’t come any closer! Whoever dares to come closer would be the enemy to the Fletcher Family!” Faced with the vicious Mitchell Family, Stanley turned serious and took out the brave stance he had when he shot off Phantom Wolf’s crotch. With every word he spoke, he had the aura of an army general and was actually quite intimidating.

The Mitchells grew weary and didn’t dare to move forward.

Suddenly, a low, hoarse female voice came out from one of the Mitchell Family’s cars. “Don’t bother him! He’s just an insignificant character from the Fletcher Family’s side faction! Bring me that kid, Nathan!”

To the Mitchells, the Fletcher Family was a military family, and their influence was only in the army. Those who did not join the military in the Fletcher Family were considered abandoned wastes, just like Stanley, who was standing in front of them.

Stanley instantly recognized that voice. “Natasha, it’s you! Do you want to start a war between the Mitchells and Fletchers?” he bellowed.

Natasha spoke once more from the car, “Oh? A war between the Fletchers and the Mitchells? What does it have to do with the Fletchers if we, the Mitchells, are just retrieving our own bloodline?”

Naturally, she was talking about Nathan.

Stanley scoffed loudly, “Ha! Nate belongs to the Fletcher Family, and his name is registered under the Fletchers! You must be dreaming if you think you could just take him away!”

Natasha sneered, “You can’t change the fact that he is a Mitchell. His whole life can only be planned out by the Mitchell Family!”

“Oh, is that right? But I seemed to remember that his last name is Fletcher!”

Suddenly, a cold, demanding voice came from the street corner. Everyone turned to look and realized that Sophia had arrived.

She was still in class when she learned of the news and rushed over in her flats while still carrying her bag. She had a simple ponytail and looked no different than a normal university student.

She walked over with confidence. The Mitchells were wary of her and didn’t dare to lay their hands on her openly, so they stood on both sides and gave her a path to walk through.

Sophia Edwards!

Natasha, who was sitting in the car, shivered in anger as she watched Sophia walk toward her.

If it weren’t for her… Natasha would have been Michael’s wife and would have successfully married into the Fletcher Family!

It was all because of Sophia that she had gotten herself into this situation!

Sophia walked over under the watchful eyes of more than a dozen people of the Mitchells. When she reached the car, the tightly closed window wound down a little, and Nathan stared at her with his big round eyes, looking quite scared.

Nicholas, which was sitting next to him, exclaimed happily when it saw her face, “Mommy! You’re finally here!”

Sophia reached her hand in and rubbed Nathan’s face and Nicholas’ head. “You guys stay and wait in the car. I’ll be back after I fight off the bad guys,” she said.

Nathan nodded as he put up the window.

Nathan’s car was modified with military manufacturing, and the car window was bulletproof. They must have experienced a fierce car chase for the car to be in such a bad shape; no wonder the usually stoic Nathan looked scared and aggrieved now.

After she had finished talking to Nathan, Sophia walked toward the front of the car and stood next to Stanley and Sean. She tilted her head and folded her arms as she stared at the opposite car with its car door half opened.

“I was wondering who it was—turns out it’s you, Young Lady Mitchell!”

She deliberately raised her voice and used a very bright tone to say those words. When it came to Natasha’s ears, it was harsh, and every word was filled with mockery as it was viciously stabbing at her high self-esteem.

Natasha still wore her sunglasses and hat in the car to cover up her face. Her hands trembled uncontrollably as she grabbed the fringe on the hem of her blouse.

“Since you know that I am Young Lady Mitchell, then you should know where your rightful place is! The Mitchell Family’s affairs is not something that the likes of you could meddle in! Get lost!”

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Sophia refused to budge. Seeming as though she had not heard Natasha’s snide remarks, she looked at the car with great interest before yelling loudly, “Hey, are you ashamed of letting other people see you? Why are you hiding inside the car? Come on out!”

Natasha snapped. “Get out of the way. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you pay for this!”

When she spoke, her hands started to tremble again as she could not help but touch her face; the slap mark was still fresh and warm, causing half of her face to swell up.

As Sophia sat right in front of the car, she calmly put a lollipop in her mouth and spoke to Natasha in a casual manner. “I heard that you were beaten up?” she asked.

There was no movement from the car and dead silence filled the air.

Sophia continued, “I also heard that you were beaten up by several ladies from the faction families—is that true?”

Seeming as though she was unaware about Natasha’s current state of mind, Sophia lifted her chin up slightly and sighed heavily. She said, “Tsk, tsk tsk… All those sl*ts from the other factions’ families… How dare they come and beat you up! You’re the Young Lady Mitchell—the most valuable young lady of the Mitchell Family. Your father, Alex, is the leader of the clan! Even if your father doesn’t care about you, your mother should worry about you! Your uncle is our nation’s most valuable painter! Not only that, your mother’s family is also a prestigious one in Cethos! Your existence has even surpassed the legendary Cooper! Where did they get the courage to beat you?! You must’ve fallen by accident and hurt yourself!”

Those words were like a sharp blade, piercing through all of Natasha’s weakest points.

She couldn’t help but tremble in anger; even the sunglasses couldn’t hide her murderous gaze.

In the end, she couldn’t hold down the burst of anger within her and save whatever little pride she had left. Natasha allowed her self control to slip away as she got out of the car and dashed toward Sophia. “Sophia! No matter what you say today, I will definitely take Nathan away!” she roared out hysterically.

She was so emotional that the sunglasses on her face fell off and revealed her swollen face. Her face was so swollen that she couldn’t even open one of her eyes.

The Mitchell Family was in turmoil because Cooper had a genius son. It was rumored that Cooper’s son was even more outstanding than his father, for he had already started building his own empire in his younger years.

In order to gain a foothold in the Mitchell Family, not only did one have to be excellent, but their offspring had to be equally outstanding as well. That way, the legacy of the Mitchell Family could carry forward.

Compared to Cooper, who was a golden child, Natasha was simply a loser. As the search for Cooper and his son grew, Natasha had been long forgotten by the side.

In just a few days, the winds of the Mitchell Family had changed.

The girls from the other faction families—who once scurried away like mice when they saw Natasha—visited her at the hospital one day. She had been hospitalized due to her miscarriage.

They taunted her, humiliated her and even hit her.

Since Natasha was still in confinement, she was no match for them and received a few hard slaps.

She called Alex and asked for help, but he was so anxious about his own situation that he told her to get lost when he received her call.

She tried calling her mother, but no one answered since Mrs. Mitchell was due to give birth to her next son. At that moment, Natasha knew that she had lost all her capital. Having given up on her, Alex had already started making preparations for his son to completely replace Natasha.

That son would inevitably take away everything that belonged to her; her status, her market shares and her parents.

She would be nothing when that son grows older!

No! No way!

Natasha would never allow anything like that to happen. She was the pearl of her parents—she was the only Young Lady of the Mitchell Family and the future clan leader of the Mitchells!

She would do anything to make sure that things stayed the same!

Capturing Nathan was the only solution to her problem. Once she captured Nathan, she would be able to please Alex; she would nurture Nathan into one of her own and surpass that brother who will soon replace her!

That way, she could continue to be the glorious Young Lady Mitchell!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

As Sophia looked at Natasha’s swollen face, she put on a sympathetic look and said snarkily, “It appears that the rumors are true—you were beaten up terribly! I heard that your dad didn’t want anything to do with you, and your mother was going to have a brother to replace you; that’s really pitiful to hear. Now that you’re the disgrace of the Mitchell Family, I’m sure your parents are ashamed to even talk about you to outsiders! They’re probably going to give your shares of the company to your brother as a gift! I even heard that your parents want to change your name and send you abroad to marry a Middle Eastern oil tycoon as his third wife! That tycoon should be well in his sixties by now, and his grandchildren are probably older than you. You’re completely finished, Natasha!”

As Natasha listened to Sophia’s words filled with mockery, her eyes misted over and tears came falling down her beaten, swelled up face.

She had been completely abandoned by the Mitchell Family, and the news about her being sold off to the mountains could no longer be concealed. Now, the whole family knew that she had been raped by a bunch of savage villagers for 6 months.

By the time Alex found her, she had gone completely insane. Locking those men up in a room, she had poured gasoline everywhere before burning these men along with the place where she had been humiliated to the ground.

Previously, several policemen had tried to rescue the women in the village, but the villagers chased them away with their racks. The villagers believed that the police were shaking the core of their lives and ruining their beliefs by taking these women away, so they brought together a bunch of strong, young men in their village to fight against the police.

The police wanted to save the women, but it could only happen if they slaughtered the entire village. Since it was impossible for them to do so, they could only turn a blind eye and save as much as they could. Eventually, they stopped trying altogether—that was not the case with the Mitchell Family, though.

It was a barbaric place where even the law was ignored; killing a few people wouldn’t attract the attention of the authorities anyway, so Natasha went on a mad killing spree in the village.

She killed the only family in the village that had a phone because they refused to let her call home for help. She killed the whole family who lived at the entrance of the gate; when she had escaped in the middle of the night, the three men in that household caught her and raped her before sending her back to that rascal. She also killed the chief of the village and his family. Half of the families in the village bought their wives through illegal means, and the human trafficker would sell these ‘wives’ openly in a stall. When the police came into the village to investigate, he tricked them with his clever words and sent them away. She was almost rescued once, but the village chief had intercepted!

She burned half of the village when she left, resulting in the cries and wails of the villagers. However, the tragic and cruel reality wouldn’t turn into dust and was destined to follow her for the rest of her life.

She had no choice but to conceal the truth and told the Mitchells that she had taken some time off to recharge after her heartbreak; she was also determined to let Taylor take the fall.

However, everything soon fell apart and she disgraced Alex along with the entire Mitchell Family. All of them wanted her to be killed!

In a matter of time, she would be completely banished from the Mitchell Family’s core power circle and her only role in the future would be to marry fat, old men and use them to gain greater benefits for the Mitchell Family.

Unless they were standing at the top with absolute power, all the ladies who were born in the Mitchell Family had no say when it came to arranged marriages.

The powerless ladies who were married out were considered sold goods, and those who were capable would get their future husband to join the family instead.

She was once entitled to that right; she had all the resources of the Mitchell Family to get Taylor to join the Mitchell Family as her husband, but now, she had become a useless piece of trash whose fate was to spend the rest of her life as a legitimate mistress to an old man!

If she could turn back time, she wished that she had died in those mountains.

Feeling depressed and hurt, Natasha’s tears covered her whole face as she retreated several steps and suddenly pointed at Sophia. She screamed desolately, “Kill this woman!”

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The Mitchells hesitated.

They were a little apprehensive. Nathan was a descendant of the Mitchell Family, so snatching him was the Mitchell Family’s own business; the Fletchers would be in the wrong even if they stepped in. Even so, it was a reckless move for them to abduct Nathan.

However, they’d be stirring up a hornet’s nest if they killed Sophia, who was both Taylor’s wife and the daughter belonging to a distant branch of the Edwards Family. Even though the Fletchers hadn’t acknowledged Taylor’s identity yet, everyone in Cethos knew that Mark was very fond of him…

“Wait a minute, please, brothers of the Mitchells. All of you should realize the consequences of killing her,” said Shawn hastily. He then advised, “The Mitchells are going through a turbulent period. Do you guys want to bring the Mitchell Family to its doom by offending the Fletchers openly?”

The Mitchell Family members hesitated. They were very loyal and obedient to their superiors; those who couldn’t reach the zenith of their power and be masters in the Mitchell Family were reduced to the lowest rung of the family as hatchet men and cannon fodders.

They had to snatch Nathan today. Even if they didn’t do so, members of other factions in the family would do the same. They had to take Nathan back to the Mitchell Family since he was the darling that the Mitchells were scrambling for.

Some factions were attempting to have Nathan back by asking for Mark’s consent, so Natasha wanted to get her hands on him before other people did.

However, the situation right now placed them in a tight spot…

Sean continued to talk them out of killing Sophia and said, “All of you will subject the Mitchells into living hell sooner or later by doing so. Why don’t you guys step back while the Fletchers aren’t here yet…”

Seeing that her men did not take any action for a long time, Natasha suddenly lunged at Sophia like a little beast. “I’ll kill you!”

Sophia spat out the lollipop in her mouth, rolled up her sleeves, and dashed forward.

She had been waiting for this day for ages.

Since Natasha had become crazy long ago, she looked incredibly insane. She had lost all her marbles during the six hellish months she spent in the mountainous area.

All she wanted right now was to kill someone—she wanted to see blood and strangle Sophia to death!

If it hadn’t been for Sophia, she wouldn’t have lost face in the campus belle contest; if Sophia hadn’t stood in her way repeatedly, she would’ve been married to Taylor by now instead of stinking to high heaven like this!

Sophia should have been the one suffering in humiliation after being sold to the mountainous area. However, she tricked herself out of it by making Natasha unconscious and stuffing her into the suitcase as a substitute for herself.

To Natasha, all the misfortunes she had suffered till this day were Sophia’s fault. She wished she could eat Sophia alive!

It looked as though Sophia’s face had overlapped with that of the several men who raped her. Consumed by hatred, she charged toward Sophia fiercely and let out an inhuman scream like a wild beast.

At the moment, she was not a human but a vengeful spirit wandering between life and death. She wanted to take Sophia’s life; even if she died, she wanted to die together with Sophia!

“I want to kill you…”


Natasha’s anger and growls were cut short by a punch to her face that made her vision blurry, causing her to fall backward.

Then, a pair of arms swiftly caught her and pinned her to the floor. Immediately after that, a shower of slaps and punches rained on her.

Finally unleashing her wrath, Sophia—Michael’s legally-wedded wife—held Natasha down and beat the hell out of her. “Fck you! Does it feel great to try and break someone else’s marriage up? Who the hell let you come between my husband and me? How dare you fancy my husband?! Who gave you the nerve to do that?! Stick your face out and let me have a look! Who the fck do you think you are with those looks of yours without the Mitchells?”

How could Sophia not be angry with a woman who repeatedly tried to seduce her husband and refused to mend her ways after getting multiple slaps in the face?

She was mad as hell!

Since she was Taylor’s wife, she couldn’t beat anyone in public. Moreover, Natasha was the most precious Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, making it even more impossible for her to beat her.

She could only tolerate and watch as Natasha repeatedly seduced her husband in her presence and forced him to marry her, though she spoiled Natasha’s plans again and again.

Even a weakling would be furious at this! Furthermore, she wasn’t a weakling at all!

She scolded Natasha while slapping the latter rhythmically as a form of accompaniment.

Ever since last year’s campus belle contest, she kept in mind every instance where Natasha tried to seduce her husband. There wasn’t a moment during the last hundred days and nights where she wanted to give Natasha a good beating to vent the resentment and hatred within her.

Once she burst into rage, she instantly turned into a shrew!

She was so wealthy that she could have easily killed Natasha without anyone noticing by hiring a random assassin to shoot her dead. However, she didn’t want to do so, for Natasha would die a little too easily this way.

Instead, she wanted Natasha to stay alive so that she could pin the latter down and slap her fiercely in public—just like what she was doing right now. She wanted Natasha to be completely unable to fight back while she held her down and beat the hell out of her; she wanted Natasha to watch helplessly as everyone pointed fingers at her while the Mitchell Family that she was so proud of left her in the lurch!

She wanted Natasha to be up the creek without a paddle!

Sophia considered herself more generous than other wives who beat up women that tried to seduce their husbands. At the very least, she didn’t strip Natasha of her clothes!

Natasha was beaten so badly that she saw stars and was totally unable to fight back. She cried while calling for help, “What are you waiting for? Help…”


Her call for help was cut short by Sophia, who slapped her so hard that her mouth burned. “Do you think that they’ll save you? Don’t you have any f*cking idea who you are right now? You have been abandoned by the Mitchell Family! Do you know what it means to be abandoned? Your father wishes that you’d die outside—it’d be even better if you die courageously! You’re a disgrace to your father and the Mitchells now! You’d just waste resources by staying alive. Why don’t you die instead? I would have died long ago if I were you! Who cares if you are Young Lady Mitchell and was once a genius? Now, you’re nothing but a worm; the only purpose of your existence is to disgust your entire family!”

Natasha cried while calling for help, but to her despair, she found that the Mitchell Family’s servants—who used to act upon whatever she said—stood aside and watched her being humiliated like that; none of them dared to move.

She growled, “I’m going to kill all of you! I’m going to kill all of you!”

Her words made the Mitchell Family members even more afraid of taking action. Sophia was right; the only purpose of Natasha’s existence right now was to make Alex lose face, for he wished that she would die immediately right now. Although she was a victim after being sold to a poverty-stricken mountainous area and had gotten raped, what happened to her was nonetheless an intolerable disgrace to the Mitchell Family.

Her best bet was to die immediately before people found out about this incident. That way, they’d pity her a little bit more when they talked about her in the future, for it would be unkind to talk about the foolish acts she had committed after her death.

Since there was quite a lot of noise here, more and more people gathered around to look on.

“W-What’s going on here! She’s being beaten so badly! Hurry up and call the police! These people have no regard for the law!”

“I heard that it’s the case of a wife bringing her family’s men with her to confront the woman who tried to seduce her husband. The lady who’s hitting the other lady is the wife, whereas the one being beaten is the mistress!”

“Oh, I see! She deserves it then!”

“I heard that this mistress repeatedly seduced the wife’s husband, but he rebuffed her advances strongly. Even so, she eagerly offered to sleep with him and brazenly continued to seduce him despite being warned multiple times by his wife! What a shameless woman who has brought disgrace to her ancestors!”

“She isn’t a mistress. Other men cheat on their spouses voluntarily, but the husband isn’t interested in her at all! This little b*tch has repeatedly tried to seduce him but failed, which is why his wife eventually got pissed off and took action!”

“Hey, why hasn’t she been stripped of her clothes yet? Isn’t it common practice for the wives to strip the mistresses of their clothes first before beating them up?”

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Natasha’s cries of despair quietened down as Sophia slapped her again and again.

It wasn’t until more and more people gathered to look on that Sophia stood up and took out a face mask to cover her face. She gave Natasha one final kick and felt deeply pleased.

She used to despise wives that beat up women who broke up their marriages; a mistress wouldn’t have succeeded at seducing a husband into having an affair without the latter’s consent. Therefore, Sophia believed that men should be the ones getting beaten up for cheating on their spouses!

However, what Natasha did was way too over the top. Michael had no feelings for her, yet she tried to seduce him repeatedly. It would be difficult for Sophia to vent the resentment within her if she didn’t beat Natasha up.

Natasha lay face down on the floor with both her nose and mouth bleeding; two teeth fell out the instant she opened her mouth. Her face was swollen from the beating, and her body ached all over. She could only cry while lying face down on the floor. Her head buzzed, but she could hear distinctly what the others were saying about her.

“What a little whre and a btch!”

“She deserves that beating! She seduced someone’s husband at such a young age, but the man has no feelings for her at all!”

“Strip her of her clothes! Bare her hips!”

“If I were her father, I would have banished her from my family long ago!”

Natasha could only sob helplessly, for she couldn’t curse the onlookers even if she wanted to.

The Mitchells waited until Sophia finished beating Natasha before picking the latter up and throwing her into the car like they were picking up a piece of trash. They then closed the door, muffling her sobbing voice inside the car.

Thinking that Sophia would be open to persuasion after beating the sh*t out of Natasha, the Mitchell Family’s representative said to her calmly, “Mrs. Fletcher, Young Master Nathan is still a member of the Mitchell Family. Since he has lost both his parents as a child, he should be taken in and brought up by the Mitchell Family. Mrs. Fletcher, the Mitchells hope that you can hand Young Master Nathan over to us so that we can bring him back to the Mitchell Family—after all, we are his father’s family.”

Fearing that Sophia would object, he quickly continued, “Mrs. Fletcher, there have been some unpleasant instances between you and the Mitchell Family; now that we’ve let you teach the culprit a lesson, I think it’s time to clear up the misunderstandings.”

Although Sophia had taken pleasure in beating Natasha up, she didn’t agree to the Mitchell Family’s proposal easily. Pretending to be in a dilemma, she said, “I don’t think I should decide on this since I’m not Nate’s parent. I’m just his aunt, so I’m afraid I can’t decide whether he’d get to go with you or not.”

The representative opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by a stern and commanding voice. “How dare you! What makes you think you can touch my grandson?”

Upon hearing the voice, the representative knew that he could no longer accomplish the task Alex had assigned to him that day.

Several cars had stopped outside the crowd before anyone realized it. Then, about a dozen people stepped out of the cars and chased the onlookers away.

Following that, a middle-aged man with a commanding look strode up to Sophia and the Mitchell Family members under the escort of several young men.

Sophia had seen this man’s information on the document previously; he was Anthony Mitchell, Justin’s father.

Anthony also had a tremendous influence within the Mitchell Family. He had three sons, one of whom was a businessman and enjoyed high prestige in the Mitchell Group; one entered politics with high political standing; and one joined the army and died a glorious death as a martyr with his remains placed in a flag-draped casket and interred at the Memorial Garden.

He was also the third most powerful member of the Mitchell Family besides Alex and Cooper’s former subordinates; even the representative Alex had sent forth had to lower his head in front of Anthony. “Master Anthony…”

Anthony ordered, “I’m here to pick up my grandson, so you may leave now.”

The representative looked reluctant. “But the family head said that this kid should be raised by the family since he lost both his parents. This is…”

Anthony glared at him with an incomparably stern and commanding look in his eyes. “Do you want me to repeat what I said?!”

The representative looked at the people Anthony brought with him and the cars with tinted windows that belonged to the Fletchers. After gritting his teeth, he led his men to retreat; it took only half a minute before all of his men were gone.

Although a group of the Mitchells had left, Sophia fixed her eyes on Anthony as she continued to keep her guard up.

This man was much harder to deal with than Natasha, for it was him who had single-handedly brought about Justin’s ‘death’ back then.

Back when Justin was hanging between life and death, Anthony and other members of the Mitchell Family talked right in front of his sickbed, discussing the right time to take him off his oxygen and kill him. That way, they could submit an application for him to be named a martyr, bringing glory to his ancestors and solidifying his line of descent’s prestige within the family.

Sophia clenched her fists tightly.

She watched as Anthony walked up to her expressionlessly. Glancing at the cars, he ordered his men to surround the vehicles while managing an affable smile. He then said to Sophia, “Mrs. Fletcher, thank you for taking care of Nate throughout the years. I’m Nate’s grandfather, and I’m here to take him back to the Mitchell Family.”

Back then, Anthony had wanted to adopt Nathan after Justin’s death. However, when he had somebody pick up Nathan, he learned that Celine’s younger brother had adopted Nathan ahead of him and registered Nathan as a Fletcher.

Anthony was furious. To him, each of his descendants was an important resource, so he would never allow any outsiders to adopt Nathan. However, he didn’t expect that Celine’s younger brother was very determined not to hand over Nathan to him no matter what.

After considering his options between getting Nathan back versus offending the Fletcher Family openly, he decided to give up on adopting Nathan.

Now, he learned that Taylor was the younger brother of Celine who had adopted the little boy. Upon discovering that Nathan had demonstrated amazing talent, he was tempted to have him back as well. The Mitchell Family was in a state of inner turmoil, so it would be advantageous for him to have a child prodigy in his camp.

Much to his surprise, Sophia politely turned him down with a smile. “It’s really not up to me to decide if Nathan can go back with you since I’m not his parent. Why don’t you visit the Fletchers and ask Old Master Fletcher about it? It was the Old Master who personally had Nate registered as a Fletcher.”

Anthony knew that she was playing for time. Nathan had lost both his parents, so it was perfectly reasonable for him as Nathan’s grandfather to adopt him. Therefore, he made a gesture for his men to quickly surround the cars.

However, Sophia quickly blocked the car handle before looking at Anthony with a half-smile. She said, “It’s wrong of you to do this. Nate is registered as a Fletcher; whether he stays or leaves should be decided by the Fletcher Family…”

“What do the Mitchell Family’s affairs have to do with an outsider like you?” Anthony’s expression changed as he forcibly interrupted Sophia’s speech. His deep and commanding voice resounded throughout the entire scene as he thundered, “Are you a Mitchell?”

Sophia glared at Anthony while swearing inwardly, I’m not a Mitchell, but my father is!

While she was doing so, she calculated Anthony’s position in the Mitchell Family’s hierarchy and realized that he was her junior by two generations!

Realizing that she was speaking to someone her junior, she affirmed confidently with a note of righteous forcefulness and said, “I’m not a Mitchell, but I am Nate’s aunt. Nate is registered as a member of my family, and I’m his current guardian. Legally speaking, I have the right to decide on whether he stays or leaves!”

Seeing that the young lady dared to talk back, Anthony looked as black as thunder. He coldly waved his hand, ordering his men to come forward and snatch Nathan by force.

Sophia still had a few people with her, and they protected the car from all angles.

Seeing that the Mitchell Family members were gradually approaching them, Stanley warned again, “Don’t come near us! Do you believe that I can call a company of soldiers over and land all of you in serious trouble with just a phone call?”

The instant he finished his sentence, a military vehicle arrived. As soon as it came to a complete stop, a crowd of soldiers clad in olive-drab uniforms stepped out of the car; one could judge by the naked eye that there was a company of them.

Heading the crowd of soldiers, Joel instantly led them to surround the dozen people from the Mitchell Family.

Stanley laughed, but Anthony’s face darkened instead.

“Who wants to snatch one of us Fletchers?!”

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Joel strode up to them and instantly took hold of the situation with a deep, frosty, and thunder-like voice, scaring the Mitchell Family’s men out of acting rashly.

Seeing the crowd of threatening-looking soldiers, Anthony broke out in a cold sweat. He had never expected the Fletcher Family to care about Nathan so much as to send Joel out to snatch Nathan himself!

No—this is more like a display of the Fletchers’ power!

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Joel. She quietly moved back to avoid meeting him.

As soon as Joel arrived, he glared at Anthony with a ferocious look on his face.

Stanley immediately approached Joel and complained, “It’s him, Uncle Joel! He’s the one who wants to snatch Nate away!”

Joel smirked icily. “Oh? Who are you?”

Thinking that he was Nathan’s grandfather and was entirely in the right no matter what, Anthony braced himself and said, “It’s me, Anthony. I’m Nate’s grandfather, so I have the right to take him back!”

“Hmph!” Joel stiffly curved up the corners of his lips, looking as though he was smiling. “I’m here today to speak on behalf of the Fletcher Family. Nathan is one of us Fletchers; whoever dares to snatch him from us will be an enemy of the Fletcher Family!”

Upon hearing Joel’s tone, Anthony’s back broke out in another cold sweat. Did Mark instruct Joel to say this?

Anthony’s eyes flickered as he decided to word his demand differently. “Since this is Old Master Fletcher’s wish, I shan’t insist on having Nathan back. It’s just that my youngest son has passed away for many years. I’ve missed Nate every single day throughout these years, but I only came to know his whereabouts today. Can I take Nate back to the Mitchell Residence for a while? I don’t mean anything else; I just want to take a look at him…”

Like a grandfather who missed his grandson, he sounded extremely pitiful. Unfortunately, Joel didn’t buy his story at all.

“No,” he flatly interrupted Anthony’s imploring speech.

Anthony clenched his teeth silently without saying a word. Just then, a middle-aged woman came up to them from behind; she was Justin’s mother.

Mrs. Mitchell sobbed tearfully the instant she walked up to them. “Oh, my poor Justin! It’s my fault for failing to keep your son! I have let you down! If it hadn’t been for our incompetence, your son wouldn’t have been surnamed after somebody else! Justin, oh, Justin! Why did you leave us so soon? Oh, my dear Justin…”

Sobbing miserably and pitifully, she spoke with unbearable bitterness in every word as though the Fletcher Family had killed her son and snatched her grandson away from her.

Unable to stand the sight of her playacting, someone scoffed right away and said, “Huh! Why did it never occur to you two that Justin was your son when you guys wanted to let him die by taking him off his oxygen?”

Upon hearing the cold and scornful voice, Mrs. Mitchell stopped wiping her crocodile tears. Then, she watched as a person stepped out of the car that had its lights smashed, revealing a handsome face that looked at them with a sneer.

She recognized that face. It belonged to Taylor; he was the younger brother of Celine, her daughter-in-law whom she had never met.

She had never met Celine before. Back when Justin came home and told them that he wanted to marry Celine, the granddaughter whom Mark loved most dearly, the first thing that came to Anthony and Mrs. Mitchell’s mind was ‘no’!

They persuaded Justin to break up with Celine and give up the opportunity of marrying her to his eldest brother, who was unmarried back then. His eldest brother’s political career was on the rise at the time, so he could garner the support of the Fletcher Family by marrying her. That way, he would advance smoothly in his career and have a meteoric rise, thus maximizing the benefits of marrying her.

As the most ‘useless’ youngest son, Justin was not as wealthy as his second eldest brother—a businessman—and not as influential as his eldest brother, who was in politics. Holding a small post in the army, he wasn’t even a field officer; how could he be worthy of marrying the granddaughter whom Mark loved the most? It would be a shame to let Justin marry Celine, an enormously precious resource!

After hearing their words, Justin turned his head and left without saying a word. Thinking that Justin had left to persuade Celine, Anthony and Mrs. Mitchell made preparations for their eldest son to get into contact with Celine.

However, things took an unexpected turn on the third day after Justin had left. Cooper, the head of the Mitchell Family, came and told them that Justin and Celine had already registered their marriage in the army. Moreover, the couple’s marriage was a military marriage approved by Mark and witnessed by Cooper himself, so it would be against the law for them to interfere with it.

Anthony went ballistic when he heard that. However, since Justin and Celine’s marriage was a military marriage witnessed by Cooper and approved by Mark, they could only acknowledge it patiently and silently.

However, they began to hold a grudge against Justin since then, thinking that Justin had gone against his family’s wishes and deliberately robbed his eldest brother of the marriage that should have belonged to the latter!

In their opinion, Justin married Celine despite the Mitchell Family’s wishes because he wanted to have the enormous benefits of playing up to the powerful Fletcher Family to himself. He didn’t want his eldest brother to become acquainted with the Fletchers because he didn’t want the latter’s power and influence to surpass his!

They judged Justin’s behavior using the worst logical reasoning. As a result, Justin never once took Celine back to the Mitchell Residence until her accident, nor did he have any plans of doing so. The couple merely picked a few members of the Mitchell Family as representatives and invited them to their wedding.

Because of that, Mrs. Mitchell never met her youngest daughter-in-law. Seeing the face at this moment, she thought that it was Michael. Mrs. Mitchell started to sob and wipe her tears again as she said, “My Justin died at such a young age. Not only have you taken his son away from us, you’re falsely accusing us as well! How can all of you be so heartless…”

The person she thought was Michael stepped out of the car and walked step by step toward Mrs. Mitchell while staring coldly at her. She wiped her tears while sneaking glances at the person, but she soon noticed that the person didn’t have an Adam’s apple!

She was quite shocked upon realizing that. It turns out that Taylor is actually a woman disguised as a man and has been deceiving the public the whole time!

Associating what she saw with the latest tabloid reports, she was emboldened at once. Pointing at the person before her, she cried out self-righteously, “You really are a woman! What a licentious and shameless liar you are! It really is a disgrace to Mark that someone like you was born in the Fletcher Family. My grandson is still young, so I can’t let him follow a bad example like you!”

Also emboldened by his wife’s words, Anthony demanded with a sanctimonious look on his face and said, “I have no objection to the Fletchers adopting Nate, but I can’t stand my grandson being adopted by someone who is so indecent in private! For the sake of Nate’s upbringing, I must take him away! I don’t want my grandson to be the second Taylor! We’ll see you in court if you all insist on taking Nate away from us! It’ll be difficult to get custody of Nate with Taylor’s notoriety!”

Taylor had become a widely hated sc*m since he went clubbing, flirted with ladies everywhere, and was photographed with different women in his arms every day! Such a person couldn’t quite possibly get custody of a child!

The person thought to be Michael across them couldn’t help but laugh. Walking up to them, she introduced herself to the couple for the first time and said, “Hi. I’m Celine Fletcher, Justin’s wife.”

Anthony and Mrs. Mitchell stared at her in shock.

However, Celine didn’t want to give them any time to swallow the news at all. “That’s right—I’m alive and back now. Nate is my son. Legally speaking, you two can’t have custody of him since his biological mother is still alive.”

“Also…” She directed her gaze to the car door. Seeing that a young man had stepped out of the car while holding a little kid’s hand, she then continued, “Justin, of whose oxygen you two had taken off, is alive too. I’m so sorry, but since both Nate’s parents are still alive, you two can’t have custody of him.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 620

Justin and Celine had come to pick Nathan up from school themselves, but they didn’t expect to run into members of the Mitchell Family midway. They weren’t planning to meet them so soon, but Anthony and Mrs. Mitchell’s words were simply too disgusting!

If Justin hadn’t heard them talking about removing his oxygen with his own ears back when he was lying on his sickbed, Celine wouldn’t have dared to believe that there were parents who would do that to their biological children!

While Anthony and Mrs. Mitchell were still completely dumbstruck, Justin came over as he held Nathan’s hand. He gave his parents a very apologetic nod and said, “I’m sorry, Dad and Mom. I’m actually still alive.”

Anthony stuttered, “J-Justin, y-you…”

Justin was expressionless. “I hope you guys won’t go around telling people that I’m still alive. Otherwise, your son will no longer be a martyr.” Justin had lost all hope for his parents; he had given up his hope for good back when he returned home excitedly to tell them that he wanted to get married. Instead, he was met with their stern objection and threats. He then continued, “I’m sorry for being useless. I didn’t die gloriously as you two wished; instead, I have been living life all these years just for the sake of remaining alive. Also, I married into the Fletcher Family as a live-in son-in-law; my son is surnamed after his mother. Since I’m no longer related to the Mitchell Family, just consider me dead.”

Anthony trembled all over with rage upon hearing these words. As he felt his blood rushing to his head, he pointed at Justin and Celine angrily with a trembling hand. “Y-You two…”

Celine spoke aggressively, “That’s the way things are—you two can’t take our kid away because he’s one of the Fletchers! Both your son and your grandson are now Fletchers; they’re also protected by the Fletcher Family! You two should keep your mouths shut. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I won’t tell anyone about your attempt to kill your biological son by taking him off his oxygen!”

Celine hated Phantom Wolf the most. After all, he had forced her family of three to be separated for seven years. The next thing she hated the most were the Mitchells—they had nearly killed Justin by taking him off his oxygen! If Justin hadn’t been lucky enough to hang on until Michael arrived, her currently sober self would only have gotten the news of Justin’s death!

Having finished what they had said, the family of three got back into their car as they didn’t want to get entangled with the Mitchells. This was already the last bit of mercy Justin could show the Mitchell Family. Joel started to chase the Mitchell Family’s men away while Anthony was still in shock over the fact that Justin was still alive. Seeing that he could no longer seek undue advantages on this day, Anthony had no choice but to leave.

After chasing the Mitchell Family’s men away, Joel glanced at Sophia without speaking to her. He turned around, got into the military vehicle, and left with his troops. His main purpose of coming here on this day was to tell the Mitchells that Nathan was one of the Fletchers. The Fletcher Family would not turn a blind eye if the Mitchells ever attempted to snatch Nathan away again!

Having watched the entire drama unfold, Sophia finally came to her senses a little; it was only then did she feel some soreness in her hands.

Celine winked at her from inside the car before driving off first. Michael—who had arrived long ago—stepped out of his car and walked up to Sophia concernedly. His heart ached a lot when he saw her reddened hands, so he quickly put her hands in his and massaged them. He glared at Stanley while he said, “You stupid dog—why didn’t you give Natasha a few slaps on your aunt’s behalf when you saw her beating Natasha up? Look at how her hands have become after the beating…”

Sophia had already finished beating Natasha up when he arrived. Otherwise, he would have given Natasha a few slaps to ease Sophia’s burden. Feeling hurt, Stanley pouted his lips and said, “Alright, just blame me for it!” He was stupefied when Sophia beat Natasha up without hesitation just now. He never wanted to see such a scene again in his life!

After that, Michael carefully led Sophia into the car before driving off. Meanwhile, Stanley curled his lips when he saw Sean picking up something that Natasha had dropped earlier. It was a bracelet.

Patting Sean’s shoulder worriedly, Stanley then asked, “Will you be alright with going back to the Mitchell Residence by yourself? Are they going to give you trouble after seeing that you’re on such good terms with Uncle Michael?”

Sean smiled with perfect composure. “It’s alright. I’m nothing but a useless person in their eyes, so they can’t be bothered to give me trouble.” He was right. In the Mitchell Family, those who weren’t part of Mitchell Group’s core management team or hadn’t made a name for themselves in politics were all useless. For instance, Sean had long been excluded from the Mitchell Family’s core leadership. He was pretty much nonexistent in the Mitchell Family; one would probably learn that he was a member of the Mitchell Family only by noticing the extra tableware set at every meal.

It wasn’t until he had recently brought back news of Cooper being alive bit by bit and pretended to uncover news about Cooper by accident did his family gradually notice his presence.

The Mitchells didn’t care if he was on good terms with Stanley. After all, Stanley was also a useless member of the Fletchers in their eyes. A Fletcher who didn’t join the army was a useless piece of trash, and two good-for-nothings who got together were even more worthless. To the Mitchells, it was a waste of time to take one more glance at them—they didn’t pose a threat at all.

Two days later, Michael had a feast at home to celebrate the fact that Sophia had finally vented her resentment by beating up the woman who had seduced her husband in public. Having learned about this, Stanley immediately told Sean to visit Michael’s place to scrounge a free meal together.

Ever since Sophia married Michael, he would often spread feasts to celebrate all kinds of things. He would spread celebratory feasts during instances when Sophia had done well in her end-of-semester exams, when she beat up the woman who tried to seduce her husband, or when her company performed well. He even had all the reason to spread a feast when she finally menstruated normally this month without experiencing any menstrual pain. Sometimes, he would even have a feast merely to celebrate her new hairstyles. Therefore, he had feasts at home almost every day. Whenever Stanley learned that Michael would be having a feast, he would immediately rush to his home and scrounge a free meal.

On this day, Stanley was eager to share a piece of gossip he had recently heard once he arrived. “Aunt, I’d like to tell you an earth-shattering piece of gossip. I’ll tell you if you open up a bottle of French Cheval-Blanc for me!”

“I’m not interested in listening to gossip,” answered Sophia.

Acting like a spoiled child, Stanley pleaded, “Aunt, just open a bottle of French Cheval-Blanc for me, please. The gossip is about Natasha, and it’s even more bizarre than novels. Don’t you want to listen to it? Would you like to listen to it?”

Sophia pricked up her ears, but she pretended to be unconcerned. “I’m not interested.”

With a cheerful smile on his face, Sean came over and said, “It’s about Natasha. She…”

“Let me say it! Let me say it!” Stanley couldn’t hold it in anymore and interrupted Sean. “Aunt, Natasha was admitted into the hospital after you beat the sh*t out of her. The next day, Alex’s son was born! Since his son was born in poor health, he was kept in an incubator in the ward next to Natasha’s. Guess what happened next—Natasha sneaked into the ward at night and strangled her younger brother to death! What’s more, she refused to admit it when his death was discovered the next day. Luckily, the surveillance camera caught her red-handed!”

Sophia didn’t feel anything strange about the news after learning about that, for the baby would rob Natasha of everything she had once he was born. Natasha quietly strangled him to death because she had no other choice, but this was a good move on her side.

Natasha’s mother was almost 50 years old and had exhausted herself by giving birth to this son, so she probably could no longer give birth to another child. Now that the baby was dead, Natasha would be Alex’s only descendant. If he lost Natasha as well, he would really die childless and completely lose the upper hand in the power struggle within the Mitchell Family.

One would have no future without a descendant since long-term development wouldn’t be possible. That was also why the ancient officials and emperors preferred princes who had more descendants. Sophia couldn’t help but ask, “What happened after that?”

Sean answered, “What else do you think happened? Now that she is Alex’s only descendant, he cannot do anything to her. He covered up the news, and no one dares to speak about it anymore.”

As expected, what happened was in line with Sophia’s expectations. Even though such a course of action was ridiculous and didn’t conform to common logic, one mustn’t think about the Mitchell Family in the way he or she thought about ordinary people.

Anthony could take his son off the latter’s oxygen himself just to have Justin named a martyr, whereas Cooper left the Mitchell Family because he resented the Mitchells for killing Annabel; his father had become so furious that he fell ill with Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, Natasha even killed her younger brother to maintain her position within the family. Therefore, what else could Alex do right now?

Now that Natasha had become his only descendant just when the Mitchell Family was in a state of turmoil, he had to keep her safe and sound. At the very least, this was the only thing he could do before his next descendant was born.

All Natasha needed to do during this period was to behave herself as the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. As long as she redeemed her position within the family as soon as possible, she would still be acknowledged as Young Lady Mitchell sooner or later.

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