My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 61-70

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 61

In an instant, there was an uproar in the training field; all eyes were focused on the Second Battalion.

The battalion commander from the Second Battalion, along with several company commanders and boys, came in with boxes of watermelon. In those boxes were huge ice cubes, and buried in the ice cubes were huge watermelons that seemed to be still emanating the coldness of when they were recently taken out of the fridge.

Every student thought they were seeing things, as someone could actually bring watermelon in here!

Anyone who brought extra bottles of sunscreen all had their bottles confiscated, but how did Sophia’s watermelon come in?

Could it be that she had an extraordinary background?

Several company commanders got hands on and helped with cutting the watermelon. The watermelon skin was thin, and the flesh was thick and bright red in color. They could tell it would taste good at first glance.

Sophia called everyone over. “Come everyone, come and eat the watermelon. Everyone in the Second Battalion gets a share!”

After a moment of shock, students from the Second Battalion, regardless of their background, cheered in excitement and ran to grab their share of watermelon.

When Richard looked at Sophia from a distance, who was surrounded and worshipped by the students, his expression turned sour as he turned around and walked away sullenly without speaking a word.

The entire training field was in an uproar. Those who didn’t get a watermelon were staring at those in the Second Battalion as they munched away, envy and desire oozing from their gaze.

They only had their luck to blame for not being in the Second Battalion.

There were also some people who were not from the Second Battalion, but had some sort of relationship with Sophia; they had put down their ego and went forward to ask if they could have some watermelon.

“Miss Edwards, do you remember me? In our first year in Riverdale High School, we were sitting next to each other for two years!”

“Hey hey over here! I’m from South Bayside Highschool. We have been at school together for a year, and I had even borrowed an eraser from you!”

When faced with those who used their relationship in exchange for the watermelon, Sophia welcomed everyone as if she was already very comfortable doing this. “Oh? Wayne, long time no see. You are in Bayside University too? Come have some watermelon! Say no more. Come have some watermelon!”

The Second Battalion was in full swing as the officers and the students were having fun together; even the battalion commander, who was solemn, had surprisingly smiled a little, distributing the watermelon to the students and the commanders from other troops.

When they were eating happily, the Commanding General, Joel Fletcher showed up.

The man seemed to have emerged from the ice, as wherever he went, there was a sense of suffocation, instantly dissipating all the excitement that was happening, and it made the students who were munching their watermelon to quiet down. They hid their watermelon behind them, and the appearance of Joel ignited the fear in them that was shown through their eyes.

Other than their fear toward Joel himself, they were also fearful of the power of his family, which was one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City—the Fletcher Family.

Nathan hid behind Sophia without saying a word.

Joel glanced around the training field and started speaking. Everyone thought he was going to scold someone, but they didn’t expect him to say, “Finish it in ten minutes and resume training!”

With that, he went and asked for a piece of watermelon himself.

There was a moment of silence in the field, but another wave of uproar came through. “Yes, Commanding General!”

So it turned out that the Commanding General was also here for the watermelon. His presence was so scary that they thought they were losing the chance to eat the watermelons.

When Joel walked away, someone boldly asked the battalion commander, “Commander, where did Sophia’s watermelon come from?”

This was exactly what everyone wanted to ask, as by the looks of it, Sophia didn’t appear to be an ordinary student. Maybe she was hiding it; otherwise, how could she be able to humiliate the Harper Family? Bayside University was always filled with people of hidden backgrounds. The students wanted to ask and decide properly on whether they should get close to Sophia or to stay away from her.

The battalion commander didn’t know where the watermelons came from either. Someone sent it to the Second Battalion from the main barrack tent. It was definitely breaking the rules, for normally, it was impossible for them to have a watermelon, but somehow, this was approved by their superiors.

The battalion commander glanced at Sophia and Nathan who were surrounded by the students, and wondered what kind of background they came from, especially the kid, whom the Commanding General had given orders to take special care of him. The Commanding General didn’t mention the identity of the two of them, but the battalion commander could guess that the kid was most probably from some influential family…

A real magnate would normally keep a low-profile; they wouldn’t want to expose their identity.

The battalion commander certainly wouldn’t reveal things he shouldn’t say, so he replied casually, “Sophia’s family has a watermelon farm nearby.”

The news quickly spread across the Second Battalion and the entire training ground.

Everyone was in awe of the level of power Sophia had as she was able to bring in those watermelons, and her background must have been extremely powerful. However, when the news broke out, everyone understood suddenly; so it turned out that she was simply from a family that farmed watermelons!

There were indeed many vegetable farmers in the mountains near the barracks, and they sold vegetables to the barracks. It could be that Sophia’s family had a good relationship with the personnel in the barracks, so they took advantage of it and sent in the watermelons.

It was merely a small gesture, but it was able to make Sophia’s status in Bayside University skyrocket suddenly.

After the small episode, everyone continued to train. Sophia’s position in the company rose significantly as expected. On top of that, she was being extra diligent in her training even though she was injured, and the company commander was giving her special care. Hence, she was dismissed a while after and proceeded with eating her watermelon at the side.

In the afternoon, everyone was training, but Sophia had to go to the infirmary to replace her wound dressing, so she took a half day off.

The injury on her leg was fake. Michael Fletcher’s people in the infirmary gave her a bag of blood plasma and faked a false impression of her being injured by nails, then they gave her a fake certificate to prove her injury. She was quick-witted to leave a good impression of herself in front of the drill instructors.

Nathan didn’t go to the training as well. He took Sophia and they walked around in the barracks, and they found the computer room. There were computers in the barracks, but they were for the soldiers who served there. On normal days, they were not used, for they were only for the soldiers to use on their off days.

At the moment, there was no one in the computer room, for not everyone was allowed to go in. But of course, none of the rules work for Nathan.

Nathan swaggered into the computer room and started playing on one of the computers. Sophia sighed in silence, thinking the kid was indeed impressive. The Four Great Families in Bayside City was undeniably different, for even though he was a kid this young, he was already able to outsmart the adults, so one could only imagine much smarter he would get when he grew up. It was no wonder that Joel was able to become Cethos’s youngest Senior Colonel.

When Nathan grew up, he might even outdo Joel.

Nathan sat down at a corner and switched on the computer, then he said coldly, “No peeking.”

Sophia had no intention to see what he was playing. She found herself a computer and switched it on, ready to play some games, but she was afraid the specifications of the computers weren’t enough to keep up, and the game was in a total mess, since her son was being held hostage by Scary Phoenix, so she didn’t feel quite dignified to log in; it was not a good time to join the game now either.

Thus, she browsed through the stock market, the housing market and bitcoin status, then she logged on to her Facebook account. However, she didn’t expect that the moment she logged in to Messenger, a person named ‘Pervert’ sent over a video call invitation.

Sophia was startled. Motherf*cker, why is this Pervert online?! And he was ready to catch me?

Luckily, the computers in the barracks had no microphones nor web cameras, so she clicked ‘accept’, and immediately, that handsome face of Michael appeared on the screen.

Huh? He’s only wearing underwear as he runs around naked? How much more perverted can this guy get?!

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Sophia looked disgusted, but she still pretended to act in a talk way as she typed, ‘Oh hey, Hubby! You’re here too!’

Pervert then replied, ‘Mmm, yes. Wifey, are you getting used to being in the barracks?’

‘Yes, pretty much. The drill instructors here are all very friendly. And we get to eat watermelons!’

‘What about our son?’

‘He is asleep!’

Sophia was disgusted by her own words. It seemed like it was getting dark over at Michael’s side. ‘Hubby, where are you?’


That’s so far away! Sophia suddenly felt extremely safe.

After chatting for awhile, she quickly typed, ‘Hubby, I need to go for training now. Bye!’

With that, she immediately turned off the video and Messenger. She breathed a sigh of relief when the handsome perverted face of Michael disappeared from the screen.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Michael turned off the computer and watched the surveillance from his phone.

On the screen was the barracks’ computer room. Nathan, who was ‘sleeping’ and Sophia, who was ‘going for her training’ were playing on the computer.

She’s so adorable even when she’s lying!

While he was watching the surveillance, Harry rushed over frantically with a computer. Although it was a seven-star hotel, the door was useless to Harry; he could come and go as he wished, since it was his hotel and he was the boss, so he had the final say.

“Daddy, Sirius is back! And he wants to challenge you! Quick! Torture him!”

Michael looked at Harry’s game screen, and the arrogant Sirius really did appear again. Two days ago, he killed the ‘No. 1 Beast of the Server’, and now he was directly looking for trouble with Scary Phoenix, for he had invited the entire server to fight with Scary Phoenix.

Michael didn’t plan to fight him. “Don’t worry about him. He is using a plug-in.”

Harry was extremely unhappy. “Motherf*cker, who the hell is this Sirius? He used a plug-in, but there’s no use even if I report him. It says there was no evidence of him using a plug-in.” Then, he continued, “Isn’t this your game? Someone used a plug-in in your game and you’re not going to do anything?”

Michael replied, “We were unable to track any traces of the plug-in in our system. This person is an expert.”

Harry was excited as he said, “In that case, quickly track his identity through his IP address!”

Michael refused again by saying, “A game is a game, and the reality is the reality. I don’t want to interfere. Furthermore, he is so powerful, so do you think he would let me track his IP address?”

Harry murmured something and he didn’t speak again as he closed the game silently, lest Sirius returned to attack him again.

After turning off the computer, Harry got down to business. “So you’re okay with Nathan going to the barracks? But that is Joel’s territory—”

Michael chuckled lightly. There was an inexplicable cunningness and confidence on his face, as if he was always on the cusp of victory. “It is exactly because it is his territory that he wouldn’t dare to do anything. It is a critical moment now, so if something happens to Nathan on his territory, he will have to take responsibility.”

Harry thought it made sense; the Fletcher Family was incredibly rich and powerful, but the Fletchers had one rule, which was that they wouldn’t involve the children!

Old Master Fletcher was definitely not an easy one to deal with. The fact that Nathan entered the camp meant that he would be Joel’s responsibility. If he was not taken good care of, the Fletcher Family would definitely put the blame on him. So, he wouldn’t dare to hurt the child.

In other words, the most dangerous place was the safest place.

On the other end, in the barracks deep in the woods, Sophia had been surfing the Internet for a while, and when she saw that Nathan had finished playing his game on the computer and was about to leave, she immediately followed.

“Good boy, wait for me!”

“Shut up!”

The two went back to the training ground and noticed a sense of lifelessness; everyone looked dead as if it was the end of the world.

She asked Quinton, “Why is everyone looking so down?”

Quinton knitted his eyebrows. “The commander announced the dinner rules in the barracks earlier.”

Sophia was confused. She already had an idea of what the food was like in the barracks, and it was terrible; it was worse than the food in highschool cafeteria, and everything was made in a huge pot. The meat in the afternoon was so little that it was pitiful. As she looked at the students’ grim expressions, she wondered, Is the cafeteria serving sh*t for dinner tonight?

Quinton said, “Dinner is to be held at Cafeteria No. 2. To get to Cafeteria No. 2 from the barracks, you need to climb over two hills. The distance is about three kilometres and every student must arrive within the time limit. The first third who arrives will get a high-end buffet dinner; the second third will get a normal meal, and the last third will only get two steamed buns. And he said that this will be the rule in the future as well.”

What the hell? Sophia was completely shocked as she didn’t expect the military training to be this insane. The school has so many kids from wealthy families. Do the camp administrators want to offend every aristocrat in Bayside City?

However, from another perspective, this military training was managed by the Fletcher Family, and the eldest son, Joel, was personally responsible to manage it, so nobody would be brave enough to disobey him.

Even so, this is indeed too insane!

“The boys and girls should be divided though,” said Sophia. Boys had better stamina than the girls, and they could run faster. If there was no separation between the boys and girls, the girls would probably all starve.

Quinton shrugged. “There will be no such thing.” His reaction was quiet calm, which meant the previous years were probably the same.

It was no wonder the sophomore year and third year students were all gloating when they saw them hopping on the bus to the barracks.

They’re not going to even seperate the boys and girls? In that case, most of the girls in the camp will definitely starve. The training difficulty is intense, and if they were to starve, all of these delicate wealthy ladies would definitely starve to death!

Quinton added, “There were already a few of them who came to apply for a withdrawal from the military training.”

Withdrawing from the military training would cost a whole lot of credits, and they even risked not getting a graduation diploma. But even if those wealthy kids did not study in Bayside University, they would have other paths to venture into. However, dropping out from Bayside University would definitely be an embarrassing thing, unless the case was that they were forced to a point where they couldn’t take it anymore.

But fortunately, Sophia was considered a ‘patient’ and Nathan was a boy scout, so they didn’t need to go through that. They were allowed to go directly to Cafeteria No. 2 and enjoy the watermelon as they waited for the rest to arrive and fight for the food.

Sophia felt excited suddenly, as she couldn’t imagine the kids who usually looked elegant and posh to fight for food as if they were starving dogs. What an amazing sight it would probably turn out to be!

If the person who put the nails in her shoes knew that not only did she not quit the military training, she was even exempted from the process, that person would definitely be furious and envious!

However, in the next instant, she immediately had a wicked thought.

She took the initiative to tell Commander Ford, “Commander, I want to rejoin the team and train with everyone!”

Everyone looked at her coming back to the training as if she was dumb, and they were annoyed and envious at the same time.

Isn’t it good to just lie down and have food delivered to her? Why must she come and fight for food with us? We don’t have enough already!

Commander Ford rejected her request directly. “Sophia, the fact that you continued to train while having the injuries was already good enough. I will not assign you any high intensity training these two days!”

Sophia was determined. “No! Commander, my injuries were my own fault. I can’t use this reason to escape from my training!”

With that, she ‘limped’ her way back to her seat and insisted to train. Commander Ford didn’t say a word, but his eyes were filled with commendation.

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They practiced the formation in the afternoon till it was twenty past five, then everyone gathered and lined up, standing as straight as possible while Commander Ford glanced at his watch.

“I have already told you the rules. At half past five, you will start the last training of the day, and Cafeteria No. 2 opens at six o’clock sharp. Remember, the rice and meat are for the wolves, and as for dogs, they will only get to eat dirt!”

All drill instructors, commanders, and seniors were evacuated, and Nathan was led away as well. The remaining students stood still and neatly in the green field, and under the surveillance of numerous surveillance cameras, nobody dared to move.

In front of the training ground, there was a clock tower that showed the standard time of Bayside City. Everyone was counting down, breathing heavily and ready to charge.

Sophia looked at the time and counted down in silence.

Three, two, one—

When it was precisely half past five, the thousands of students headed toward Cafeteria No. 2. Clearly, the boys were ahead, especially those who were from the School of Athletics, for they went fast and furious.

It only took a minute when a group of girls who were all graceful and delicate were left behind, and one after another, they started crying. Some of them lost control and they started to cry like babies.

Sophia’s body was well-built, blending among the boys as she ran quickly. She ate a lot at lunch, so she was all energized. Furthermore, she worked out everyday, so the distance was nothing to her.

The students rushed out of the training ground and ran according to the road signs. Suddenly, there was a hill in front of them that was covered in a dense primary forest. Everyone was dumbfounded as they thought it was only an ordinary hill, but they didn’t expect it to be a forest!

So it turned out that three kilometres was not the actual running distance, but the displacement between the two points!

Also, there were two of the same hills like this ahead, and they needed to climb those two hills. So in total, that definitely exceeded three kilometres already.

A tempting smell wafted from afar, and it seemed to be the smell of sauteed green pepper pork shreds. Everyone immediately judged the direction of Cafeteria No. 2 based on where the smell came from, and a group of students rushed up the hill hurriedly.

The vegetation in the forest was not exactly that dense, and there was a clear path ahead while the altitude was not particularly high. The snakes and bugs were probably removed already, which made the running fairly easy. It was not dangerous at all, but it required a lot of physical exertion.

Sophia and a group of men took the lead, and they were brimming with energy as they ran. Looking over her shoulder, she saw a sea of cadets in olive-drab and felt a sense of accomplishment.

Not far away, an asphalt road stretched into the mountains that meandered away from the highlands; a long line of cars were slowly moving on the road. The commanders and drill instructors were all in the cars, while Nathan sat next to Quinton and Commander Ford, drinking his soda.

Joel, the Commanding General, was looking through his binoculars to check the situation. Sophia felt slightly guilty when she saw Commander Ford as he might notice she was pretending to be injured immediately if she were to run that so fast.

Her main goal was to highlight her determination to train despite her injuries so she would get a high score. The result was not important, and it was the journey that mattered. After all, she had someone to cover for her, so she needn’t worry about starving herself.

Therefore, she lowered her speed, and in a blink of an eye, she was swarmed over by the army of cadets and fell behind the group as she kept running at a constant speed.

A group of girls were crying while they ran.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure.

Richard was pulling Kayla with his left hand and Xyla with his right while running up hill. It looked exceptionally difficult, and halfway through the run, Xyla staggered and fell.

“Xyla!” Richard and Kayla were forced to stop and help her.

Kayla looked at the everyone who ran past them. As they paused for a moment, they were already falling behind by a lot, and Xyla was whining and refusing to walk, almost stomping her feet in anger.

Sophia was running behind Kayla, and subconsciously, she kicked her on the back. “F*ck you!”

The din of the tumultuous footsteps had drowned her voice.

Kayla rolled down the hill, and she was covered in mud when she got up, looking like a poor tabby kitten.

“Ahh!” She let out an earth-shattering scream, and when she glanced back, she could only see a sea of army green, and the culprit was long gone.

After entering the camp, Kayla had been constantly feeling wound up. She had been spoiled all her life, and she had never suffered such grievances. The final shred of endurance in her finally snapped, and she burst into tears on the spot.

“I don’t want to train in the military anymore! I want to quit! I want to quit school!”

She sat there, crying and kicking like a baby, but her cries did not receive any sympathy in exchange. Along the way, there were too many girls who sat down and started crying.

Richard picked up Kayla. He knew the consequences of losing the military credit score, so he demanded angrily, “What are you saying? Come on!”

He held on to them both and kept on running.

He used to train in the military, and he knew the rules. As long as they continued to run, they would get to eat; only those who gave up would be given steamed buns.

Military training was not as scary as it seemed.

After kicking Kayla, Sophia was extremely happy as she ran merrilly, but she tripped over something and fell down.


Sophia got and was about to continue running, but suddenly she realized that Commander Ford seemed to have noticed her, so she pretended to be wounded. She held her leg and acted as if she was ‘struggling’ for a while, appearing to be in pain.

There were too many people who fell down, so no one would actually be bothered with her. Everyone was hungry, and there was only a little food. They couldn’t even take care of themselves, let alone someone else.

Sophia rolled around and she was preparing to get up when suddenly, a tall boy and a short girl came over and picked her up in each hand.

The short girl was panting. “Girl, what are you doing? Hurry up and fight for the food!”

The tall boy looked exceptionally delicate. His lips were cherry red and his teeth were white, while his skin was fair and smooth. Furthermore, he stood at an impressive height of at least 180 centimetres. “Stop being in a daze. Come on!”

Sophia was almost dragged along by the two.

Sophia said, “Guys… I can still run. I can still run! Let go of me!”

The three of them ran up the hill while panting heavily and in a blink of an eye, they arrived at the peak of the hill, then they started running downward. There was a ten-metre wide river in front of them, and there were two bridges, one each on the left and right hand side, but there was quite a distance. If they went through the bridge, it would add another one kilometre to the journey.

Sophia started cursing. “F*ck!”

Some looked at the deep emerald-green river as they stepped back and took a detour to cross the bridge over the river; some dived directly into the river and swam across. The drill instructors were patrolling along the river, just in case if anyone was drowning, so someone would be able to save them.

Sophia exchanged a look with the girl. They then both asked simultaneously, “Can you swim?”

After they asked the question, there was a three second pause. The two of them who were covered in dirt jumped into the river, leaving the boy alone by the shore as he shouted and jumped. “How could you do this? I am not going to jump! The water is so dirty. Hey! Wait for me—”

In the end, he still had to jump into the river and swam as fast as he could. He soon caught up with the two girls in front of him. Although he was a sissy, he was still a man at the end of the day.

When they trained in the afternoon, they were only wearing an army-green T-shirt that was very thin. So, there was no burden at all as they swam. As the three of them swam really quickly, they reached the opposite bank of the river in less than a minute. They took a breather by the river and prepared to hike the next hill.

The river water had washed their faces, and the short girl recognized Sophia on the spot. “You are the Watermelon Queen, Sophia!”

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Watermelon Queen? Sophia did not know she had such a nickname, but she simply nodded. “Yes.”

The shorter girl tilted her head and smiled. “I’m Sarah West from the second class of the Marketing Department.”

The boy introduced himself in a feminine tone. “Hello. I’m from the first class of the Classical Literature Department. I’m Sean Mitchell.”

The moment Sophia heard Sean’s last name, she shivered all over. The Mitchell Family was one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City, so anyone would stand up straight out of respect when they heard the other person’s surname was Mitchell in Bayside University.

However, the boy standing in front of them did not seem like he was a Mitchell. The influence that the Mitchell Family had over the political world was overwhelming. The Mitchells were supposed to be arrogant and elegant people, not a feminine guy like him.

After the trio had finished introducing themselves, they gasped for air for a few moments before continuing their hike. Sarah looked like she had great stamina. She was still chatting away while climbing the mountain. “Let me tell you something.

When I was five, my father borrowed some money to open a small factory. He had nobody to help him transport the goods and no money to hire any workers. Hence, our whole family went to help him out, including my mother, my sister and my brother.

I was already carrying loads as heavy as 25 kilograms by myself when I was ten. Now, my father has become rich and he has factories all over the country. I don’t need to work anymore either. Luckily, my father let me work when I was young. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it until now!”

So she’s a daughter of a rich family. There were rich kids like Sarah in Bayside University, where most of them paid for the school building fund. They were a tier higher than the ordinary students, but they still could not assimilate themselves into the truly wealthy circle; they belonged in an intermediate zone.

“My father has spent so much money, hiring dozens of home tutors who held a cane in their hands, forcing me to study hard so that I can be admitted into Bayside University. They did all these to make sure I can have a brighter future and enable my family to become an actual noble family sooner!

Don’t worry, we are friends from now on. I will look after you guys from now on!” Sarah was a talkative person who wasn’t particularly reserved in her speech. She was born to a father who had built a wealthy family out of nothing, so she naturally wouldn’t be a person that was easy to deal with, considering the environment she grew up in.

Sean had yet to utter a word, but Sarah had spoken his mind. “Sean is like me too. Since you can’t play with those rich kids, let’s play together from now on!”

So it turns out that he’s also one. They seem to have their own circle. Wait what? He’s blushing? That’s creepy!

The trio went on with their chattering, and they finally succeeded in reaching the cafeteria in time to get their dinner. The cafeteria was extremely spacious and was separated into a few sections of different classes.

The first section was a high-end buffet. There were traditional dishes, delicatessen food, Western menus, pastries, desserts, fruits and seafood; anyone who was there could eat to their hearts’ content. The middle class section would supply typical lunch sets.

It contained the necessary meats and vegetables; it wasn’t quite filling, but it was enough to fulfill the training requirements. The lower class section only served two steamed buns or a bowl of soup noodles. The difference in class of the three sections could very well be compared to the difference between heaven, earth and hell.

The cafeteria was located in a circular building, and each section occupied a third of the building, with a tempered glass door separating each section.

Those who were nibbling on the steamed buns could clearly see those who were having buffets next door. While those people could enjoy themselves with the high quality food, they could only nibble on their miserable steamed buns. This was outright mental abusement!

Sophia and her friends had arrived late, so they could only have the middle-tier lunch sets. Their eyes were on the verge of popping out as they stared at the people in the adjacent room enjoying their high-end buffet.

Everyone was busy eating their fill, and the sounds of utensils clanging were mixed with the sounds of wailing as a group of girls started to cry as they bit on their steamed buns.

At this moment, Sarah finally kept quiet. After finishing her meal, she wiped her mouth and began chattering away again. “The cafeteria’s portion is quite reasonable.

Those who were in front were normally boys or those who had good stamina. Those people have a bigger appetite, so they need to have a bigger portion. Those who run in the middle only have decent stamina and thus, a moderate appetite. Hence, the cafeteria provided them with a smaller portion.

It’s normally the weaker girls who run last. This group of people have the smallest appetite, so two steamed buns should be enough for them.”

Sophia, who was still eating, agreed with her. The meat is for the wolves!

Sean was a boy, but he had quite the delicate look. He sounded naïve and adorable when he spoke, “The military camp won’t starve us to death.”

Sarah and Sophia nodded, agreeing to what he said. Nevertheless, this was only the first day, but the officers had already been doing this to them; they didn’t dare to imagine what else they would do in the coming month. Sarah seemed to be very well-informed as she said, “30% of the students in Bayside University fail yearly and have to retake the course. Most of them lost their marks in the training camp.”

While she was talking, Nathan appeared quietly. He was holding a plate of delicatessen food and prawns out from the buffet hall. After placing it in front of Sophia, he simply stared at her silently, telling her without words that those were for her.

Sophia then smilingly pinched his face. “Hello there, my son.”

The other two hands were swifter than his, hugging Nathan while pinching him here and there.

“Wow! What an adorable kid!” This was Sean. His face, which was even better-looking than a girl’s, looked elated.

“Quick, my turn to hug him!” Sarah was already queuing behind him.

Nathan brutally slapped their hands away and with an expressionless face, he said, “I’ll go and take a rest first. We still have housekeeping training tonight. Don’t be late.”

Nathan then left in arrogant strides. Looking at his silhouette, Sophia still thought that he was rather cute. Sarah then seized the opportunity to ask Sophia, “This is your son?”

Sophia replied, “A son whom I met in a game!”

Sarah then came to her senses. So this is the reason. Sophia is a new student as well, so she shouldn’t be more than twenty. And there I was, wondering how come she has a son this big.

The trio then gladly split the food which Nathan had brought for them amongst themselves. While eating her watermelon, Sarah suddenly felt the urge to take Sophia under her wing. “From now on, call me if your family’s watermelons don’t sell well. I will buy all of them.”

Sophia felt awkward. Her family didn’t sell watermelons, nor was she the Watermelon Queen. Who was the one who spread this false rumor?

Nevertheless, this was good anyway. She could just assume the identity of the daughter of a watermelon farmer who had worked hard to pay for her studies and enrolled into Bayside University as a normal student.

After finishing her food, Sean took out a small mirror from his bag, looking at himself in the mirror with his pinky lifted. In a feminine tone, he sighed and said, “My skin is tanned.” He then quickly took out a spray bottle from his bag and sprayed some sunscreen on his face before massaging it, even though he had just climbed out from the water not long ago, so his body was still drenched.

The corners of Sophia’s lips were twitching as she silently distanced herself from him. There were really all kinds of people in Bayside University.

After finishing their meals, the trio parted ways and gave their respective phone numbers to each other so that they could stay in contact. Then, they returned to their camps and to their own rooms. After returning to her dorm, Sophia changed her clothes and blew dry her hair before taking her blanket and rug to the training ground.

The training at night was not that heavy, but it was rather important too, for it was housekeeping training. They would learn how to fold their blankets and tidy up their daily essentials in this so-called housekeeping training. The most important part of the training was the blanket folding.

Sophia rubbed her hands together as blanket folding was her strong suit.

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Commander Ford opened up a rug before placing the blanket on it, showing the crowd how to stack the blankets.

“After placing the blanket evenly, pick a spot one third away from the edge of the blanket and fold it three times. The corners of the blanket must be folded properly. After that, fold it this way, this way, and lastly, this way…”

Everyone watched in awe as Commander Ford folded the blanket into a neat square in the blink of an eye. They were all impressed when they saw that there was not even a single crease on the folded blanket.

Commander Ford asked, “Are you guys clear with it now? You may start folding it if you have remembered the steps.”

The students looked stunned, for most of them couldn’t follow at all. However, they couldn’t stand there and do nothing, so they could only try folding the blankets themselves.

Commander Ford then walked around to inspect how the students were doing while scolding them at the same time. “What is this? A pile of crap?”

“Did you not eat anything earlier? Why are you trembling while folding a blanket?”

“You, come over here! I asked you to fold a blanket, but what are you doing? Such a crybaby. Stop crying!”

Finally, he came across a student whom he was rather pleased with. He then praised her in front of everyone. “Everyone, come over and have a look. This blanket that Sophia had folded has passed the test.”

Everyone turned to Sophia. The blanket in front of her was a standard square with its edges well-defined; even the blanket which Nathan had folded looked decent.

Sophia then replied bashfully, “Since I couldn’t catch up with the earlier training because my leg is injured, I can only work harder on the housekeeping training.”

After Michael got back home, the house was handled in a military style. She was not allowed to laze in bed and she had to finish her breakfast within ten minutes; even her blanket had to fold into a square, military-style. Thus, this was the result of Michael’s training.

She was a step closer to getting full marks in military training.

Feeling very pleased with her, Commander Ford showered her with praises. He had been the officer for a few terms now, but this was his first time seeing such a diligent and motivated student. Everyone then learned from Sophia, who did not hold anything back and taught everyone the techniques of folding the blanket.

Sophia’s status in the class had steadily risen.

After the housekeeping training, everyone returned to their barracks. They had ended a tough day of training, and it was finally time for them to rest.

The moment they returned to their dorms, the girls embraced each other and started bawling their eyes out. They wanted to withdraw from the military training, but they did not have the courage to do so. The thought of having to wake up at 7:30 the next morning to start training on time and to get their housekeeping checked devastated the girls.

This was only their first day, and they still had twenty-nine more days to go.

After washing her face, Sophia sympathized with the group of girls who were crying when she entered the barracks, even though one of them had probably placed a nail in her shoe before.

She advised everyone, “Stop crying, everyone. You have to think positively. The General is the eldest son of the Fletcher Family. He’s a rich bachelor. If one of you can get his attention, that’ll be amazing!”

Any woman from prominent families in Bayside City would want to marry into one of the Four Great Families, but even though they were famous in the city, the chances of them meeting a member of the Four Great Families were disproportionately small. Now that this opportunity of seeing Joel Fletcher daily had presented itself, it was something that many could only wish for.

Catching the attention of Joel was the only motivation that made the girls continue with their military training. If they could perform well and attract Joel’s attention, that would be great.

Sophia then added, “All our facial masks and makeup have been confiscated. If you guys continue crying, your eyes will be swollen tomorrow. Then, the General wont even lay his eyes on you guys.”

Her words seemed to be quite persuasive, for the barracks instantly turned quiet. Sophia then carried an iced watermelon over. “Go to sleep when you’ve finished eating.”

Everyone cheered before snatching their portions of the watermelon. Their moods had improved greatly. The barracks were packed with beds and even the fan was barely working, let alone the refrigerator and air conditioner. Hence, it was a huge deal that they could get some watermelon to eat.

Sophia’s watermelon had become a hard currency in training camp. With the absence of a refrigerator and air conditioner, her iced watermelon was like an oasis. Everyone started cottoning up to her just so that they could get themselves a piece of iced watermelon.

Military life was simple yet robotic in nature. The lights would be switched on at seven in the morning daily and they were given half an hour to freshen up and have their breakfast. After starting their run for one kilometer at 7:30 sharp, their training for the day would then commence at eight. Their lunch was okay, while those who wanted to have a heartier dinner would have to run faster.

Every electronic device had been confiscated in the military camp. The only leisure activity after a day’s training was sleep. The most interesting thing that would happen was if they had a bedtime chat before bed. They would talk about their dream men, gossip about who was good-looking in a certain company, and who was the most muscular.

The difference in everyone’s status seemed to be getting less obvious, for they were now all equals in hardship. Unknowingly, they had forged a military friendship among themselves.

Sophia had become the co-leader of Company 49, second to Commander Ford; even Nathan was basking in her limelight.

If this persisted, she felt like getting full marks in her military training would not be a dream anymore.

During the second afternoon of the military training, Sophia used the excuse that she needed to get her bandage changed so that she could sneak into the computer room to use the computers with Nathan again.

She took a look at the stocks, checked the futures and housing market, but in the end, she logged on to her Messenger account and looked for Michael on her own accord.

Michael, who was in front of the computer screen, had just come back from a late filming session. The moment he returned to the hotel, he immediately noticed that Sophia had taken the initiative to come and look for him, which was a first.

Chica asked, ‘Are you there, Honey?’

Micheael’s reply came. ‘My dear chica, you finally talked to your hubby first!’

Eww. Sophia was so annoyed that she wanted to turn off the screen. She then cut to the chase. ‘Honey, I’m secretly surfing the Internet, so my time is limited. I want to ask you something. What should I do to get full marks in military training?’

Sophia had asked this question before. Ever since Bayside University had started the military training system, only a handful of people managed to obtain full marks. Furthermore, most of them were the Fletchers.

If she could obtain full marks in military training, she would get significantly more credit hours as well. Then, it would be easy for her to get a scholarship. She thought to herself that since she was already here and had put in so much effort, she needed to obtain full marks so that she wouldn’t let herself down.

Michael, who was sitting in front of the computer, rubbed his chin while looking at Sophia’s question, his eyebrows raised.

He did not expect Sophia to have such ambition, for it was almost impossible to get full marks in military training.

He replied, ‘The full marks for military training is 100, but you already pass the test if you get 60. Chica, don’t be greedy. It isn’t easy to get marks in military training. It’s already good enough if you can pass it.’

Sophia quickly answered, ‘I’m just curious. Honey, quick, tell me. Tell me!’

Michael must be thinking that Sophia was acting coquettishly as she typed out those words. It was a pity that he could not hear her voice. He then replied, ‘There are too many rules and I’m too lazy to type them out. Look for the personnel in charge of the computer room and ask for an earphone. I will say them out for you.’

Sophia swiftly looked for the personnel and asked for an earphone. After plugging it in, her audio was connected and they began chatting.

Michael went straight to the point when the call was connected. He immediately started explaining the rules of training camp. “Bayside University’s training camp is very strict. It may seem like they let you have your freedom, but the instructors whom they have assigned to you guys are from the special forces.

Every one of them has been specially chosen. There are less than forty people in one company, so the instructor can clearly see everyone’s actions. The training grounds and every corner of the place have been installed with surveillance cameras. Besides, there are more than 100 people watching your every move in the surveillance room.”

Sophia was drenched in cold sweat after listening to him. It turned out that there were so many secrets in training camp. Would that mean that she had been exposed for pretending to be injured?

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Michael’s voice suddenly turned serious. “Bayside University’s students are specially selected from hundreds of thousands of candidates in Cethos yearly. Training camp will allow the instructors to see a person’s qualities. Bayside University wants to ensure that their graduates are true elites, so naturally, they have to eliminate a certain group of people.”

He then dove into his point. “The marks allocation for training camp is very strict. There are marks for teamwork, individual achievement, housekeeping, discipline, formation, and there are even marks to be given for normal days and during weekends. Your marks can be deducted from anywhere. Only a handful of people can obtain full marks.

If a person performs excellently in every aspect, the other students will naturally be jealous of him. The day before training camp ends, there will be another session whereby all the training mates will score each other anonymously. In this session, those who usually perform too excellently will lose some marks.

Thus, the handful of people who scored full marks are mostly the Fletchers, because everyone knows that the Fletchers have people inside the military. They could check who was the person who gave them low marks.”

D*mn, this is simply insane!

If they did not perform well, they would not score full marks. If they performed too well, the other students would deduct their marks out of jealousy. Thus, only the Fletchers had the ability to get full marks.

Since someone had even placed a nail in Sophia’s shoes, that person would surely give her a bad score.

Hence, only a person with an astonishing family background and superb personal qualities could score full marks.

Sophia then suddenly asked, “Honey, then how much did you score in your military training back then?” Michael graduated from Bayside University too, so he surely had been through military training as well.

Michael let out a sigh. “95.5. I was too good-looking and I performed too well, so I ended up stealing the spotlight. My teammates were too incompetent, and in the final session, I was even given a bad score by a few losers.”

Sophia nearly asked Michael why he didn’t use the connections the Fletcher family had to find out who the culprits were. However, Michael seemed to be keeping his connection with the Fletcher Family a secret, so she decided against asking him that question. She would settle with her knowledge of him being a Fletcher.

She then continued pursuing the topic. “What about the teamwork marks and individual marks? What should I do to score in these sections?”

Michael replied, “For the teamwork marks, it all depends on your overall performance in the team during this one month. If the team doesn’t do well, it’ll also be useless even if your individual performance is good.”

“What about the marks for housekeeping and discipline?”

“Housekeeping includes the arrangement of your barracks, rinsing cup, shoes and personal belongings. It’ll also take into account the tidiness of your attire, coat, belt and hair. Three best students will be selected yearly and three groups with outstanding performances will receive special prizes.”

Michael seemed like he was very familiar with the rules of training camp. He could explain almost every point and even let her in on some of the tips which the instructors had kept from them. Sophia listened attentively, and even borrowed a small notebook to jot them down. With that, the couple talked for the entire afternoon.

They talked until five o’clock and it was about time for her to return to her company to compete for dinner. Sophia suddenly remembered that Michael was still overseas, so there was surely some time difference. She asked timidly, “What time is it at your place?”

Michael replied, “It’s already 2 o’clock in the morning.”

It’s already two o’clock in the morning!

He was giving up on his sleep to chat with her.

Sophia was shocked. “Honey, then you better go and rest first. I have to compete for dinner soon. If I’m late, I can only have steamed buns for dinner. I’ll hang up first.”

Michael answered, “Steamed buns are not bad. During my batch, the slow ones could only go through the rest of the night with an empty stomach.”

Sophia swiftly shut down the computer. She suddenly realized that her face was getting hot and a weird thought popped up in her head. Michael is actually not as cheeky as I had imagined.

She then rushed back to rejoin her group with Nathan. Commander Ford did not say anything about her absence. He said that he understood Sophia’s situation, but Sophia felt like he had noted her name down in his small notebook.

After coming back, Sophia rejoined the training. It was already 5:30 and all of the instructors had left; even Commander Ford had brought Nathan to the car. Then, the clock at the training ground began counting down for them to race for dinner.

Sophia had kept Michael’s words in mind.

There were tricks to this competition for dinner as well. It might look like a test for individual behavior among the students, for everyone would get to eat whatever they managed to obtain, but in actuality, it was a test of teamwork.

Those who ran the last would have less food. Although they wouldn’t starve to death, their energy would surely be insufficient and consequently, it would affect the performance of their overall training. It would then directly affect the entire team’s marks.

As the countdown entered the final stage, Sophia finally voiced out, “Everyone, listen to me. I have something to say!”

Everyone turned their gaze toward her, wanting to hear what she had to say.

“I heard from a senior that teamwork marks are important too. Those who run the last can only eat two steamed buns and they will be at a great disadvantage as they don’t have enough energy. Thus, it will affect the entire company’s marks. This could cause the whole team to fail.”

The few girls who were at the end of the race did not have the stamina to catch up with the others. They were on the verge of tears as they did not want to be the last ones too, but they really did not have the stamina. Since they ran rather slowly, their portion of food was smaller and they had less food to eat. Hence, they ran even slower.

Sophia then offered her idea. “I have an idea. Let’s not run on our own later. Instead, we’ll run as a single company. As we run together, let’s help each other out. I’m not wishing that everyone can get the buffet, but at the very least, we can’t let the students who run the last starve.”

Everyone exchanged glances; they seemed doubtful of Sophia’s words, but then, they heard her speak again. “Let’s conduct an experiment today. If we do it well, I’ll give everyone watermelons. Come, let’s hold hands first.”

Although nobody knew what Sophia was up to, they immediately listened to her orders and joined hands when they heard they could have watermelons later on.

Sophia instructed, “When it’s time later on, we’ll start running in a group. Don’t spread out.”

Less than a few seconds later, it was time. When the clock struck 5:30, the thousands of students began the race to head to the cafeteria.

Company 49 was the only company that was still in a group, holding onto each other’s hands. Forming into a line, they charged forward with all their might. The slower ones were then dragged along by the faster ones, just barely catching up to the group. When they reached the base of the first hill, a few people had left the group. After doing a headcount, there were only roughly 30 people left; all the boys had gone ahead.

“Everyone, listen to me. From now on, we mustn’t let go of our hands again! Those who let go of their hands will not have their portion of watermelons tonight.”

There were many delicate girls in Company 49. Almost half of them could only run fast enough to eat the two steamed buns, but that would be the worst-case scenario. After hearing Sophia say that they could have an extra meal after dinner, they immediately held their hands together.

Seeing that everyone had held each other’s hands, she ordered, “Let’s start hiking!”

Everyone dashed toward the hill with their hands tightly held together. If someone slipped or fell behind, the person beside could immediately pull the person up. Although they were slightly slower, at least nobody was left behind.

Soon, they arrived at the riverside. At this moment, the group started having different opinions; a group of them wanted to cross the bridge, while the other wanted to swim across the river.

Sophia was the big boss in the company, so she decisively ordered, “We’ll swim. We can save a lot of time!”

A girl said shakily, “I don’t want to. I don’t know how to swim!”

Sophia took a look at the group. “Those who can swim, step forward.”

A group of girls stepped forward. More than half of them knew how to swim, so Sophia said, “Let’s give each other a hand. Those who don’t know how to swim, please pair up with a student who knows how to swim. Let’s help each other out.”

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Everyone nodded before leaping into the river. A student who knew how to swim led another student who did not know how to swim across the river. Soon, when they reached the opposite shore, Sophia took note of the headcount and made sure that everyone was there.

She had been dragging Juliette—who did not know how to swim—alongside her, and she ended up swallowing several mouthfuls of water by accident, so she choked while said, “See? Everyone has made it. Let’s find some time tonight to get everyone to learn how to swim!”

Almost everyone had swallowed mouthfuls of water by accident, but fortunately, they still managed to reach the shore safely. Then, they grabbed each other’s hands and dashed toward the second hill with persistence.

At this moment, Michael was looking at the surveillance. On the screen, Sophia and thirty other girls were holding onto each other’s hands as they charged up the hill. He put on a rare smile. “Chica is rather smart.”

Like what Sophia had said, there were surveillance cameras everywhere in the training camp, even in the forests. While the situation in the forest was being broadcasted in the surveillance room, countless eyes were observing the group of girls who were holding hands among the dispersed students.

Sitting in the military vehicle, Joel was speeding forward. He was observing the situation here though his binoculars and soon, he caught sight of Sophia and the group of girls. His gaze was fixed on them for quite some time.

This group of thirty girls made it to Cafeteria No. 2 in the end and fortunately, they still managed to grab their dinner. Although they were a step slower and didn’t manage to take any meat, they still had a meal that was filling. At least they didn’t have to resort to eating steamed buns.

A few of the girls who had been nibbling the steamed buns for the whole night were on the verge of tears.

These thirty people did not go their own ways after that. They sat together and had their dinner. Sophia then encouraged everyone by saying loudly, “See, isn’t this easy? If it weren’t because of the few students who did not know how to swim and cost us some time, we may even have the chance to have some meat!”

A few of those girls who did not know how to swim were so embarrassed that they wished they could dig a hole for themselves to hide in, but then, Sophia added, “After we finish our dinner, let’s go and have a swim together. We need to seize this opportunity to teach those who don’t know how to swim. That way, we can have meat sooner!”

The girls answered in unison, “Alright!”

After gobbling down their meal, they returned to their original path and passed by the river again. After everyone had jumped into the river, those who knew how to swim started teaching those who didn’t know how to swim. Although it was impossible to learn how to swim in one day, at least they could move forward now.

That night, Sophia gave everyone iced watermelon as promised. The atmosphere in the barracks was great that night. Everyone was laughing and talking, chatting about their training during the day while eating their watermelon.

Sophia was eating her watermelon while taking out her notebook to explain to everyone where the marks were deducted in housekeeping. Everyone listened to her in a very serious manner. After finishing their watermelons, the initial bedtime chat turned into a housekeeping drill; everyone wanted to score in housekeeping.

Sophia wanted to get high marks, or even full marks, but it wasn’t going to cut it if she relied only on her own efforts. Before the lights were out, she sneaked to the hill to take a look at the condition of the path. Standing at the top, she gazed at the foot of the hill.

The two hills were not especially steep, but they had been overgrown by grass. Thus, it was quite slippery. During the past couple of days, people had slipped when they stepped here and rolled down the hill. They then withdrew from military training due to their injuries. Hence, nobody would descend the hill from the grass field.

As Sophia stood on top of the hill and gazed downward, she paced up and down before rushing back to her barracks before lights out.

The next day, she joined everyone for training like usual. Commander Ford seemed to be unaware of what she had done last night. However, Sophia knew that Commander Ford had surely seen what had happened and already had a preliminary score for her.

That afternoon, Sophia disappeared for a while again, using changing her bandage as an excuse. A few moments later, she asked for Quinton and a few of the seniors.

Sophia then brought Quinton and the seniors to the military camp. After taking a few turns here and there, they arrived at a corner that had been piled with planks.

Quinton was puzzled. “You want us to help you carry all these?”

Sophia nodded. “Yes. Don’t ask why, Sir. I have some use for it. Don’t worry. These are not going to be used. I’ve asked for permission for them.”

There were a lot of similar planks like this in the camp. They must have been thrown away after being used for target practice and so on.

Although he was clueless as to what Sophia wanted to use them for, he still helped to move those planks since they are of use to her.

These planks were not especially heavy since they were thin and relatively narrow. However, Sophia wanted more than thirty pieces of them, so it still required some manpower.

The few of them then brought the planks back and piled them up. After that, Sophia returned to her group for training. The moment there was a gap for rest, she gathered the whole company, as if they were plotting on something which should not be heard by Commander Ford.

Soon, it was 5:30 again. This time, the students from Company 49 were not running. After gathering together, each of them grabbed a piece of plank and used the belt that was used in military training to fasten the plank behind their backs. Then, they started marching forward, hand in hand, like what they had done on the previous day.

Everyone looked at Company 49 like they were looking at a monster.

There were thirty-five people altogether in the company. When they ran toward the foot of the hill this time, nobody was left behind anymore; all of them stuck together. Carrying the planks on their back, they climbed the hill. When they reached the peak of the hill, Sophia placed her plank down first.

Looking at the grass field that extended to the foot of the hill, everyone started swallowing their saliva.

For the past two days, so many people had slipped and rolled down when they stepped on the grass field, so they did not even dare to walk on this path.

“Everyone, look at my demonstration. I’ve tried this a few times and it’s extremely easy. It won’t be dangerous!” After sitting on the plank, Sophia spread her legs outward, and with a slight push, she slid down the hill while sitting on the plank, reaching the foot of the hill in no time. She then waved at everyone from the bottom of the hill and urged everyone, “Come, it’s fun!”

Everyone exchanged glances. In the end, a few of the boys sat on their planks first before sliding downward. The rest of the girls then followed suit and sat on their planks, sliding to the foot of the hill. They had indeed saved a lot of time.

When they arrived at the riverside, Sophia ordered again, “Remember to bring along your planks. You mustn’t lose them!”

Everyone placed their planks on the water and like what they did on the previous day, they crossed the river in pairs. The moment they reached the opposite shore, they pulled each other’s hands as they climbed the second hill without uttering a word. They then slid down the hill again before dashing toward the cafeteria to redeem their high-end buffet.

Furthermore, none of the thirty-five people were left behind.

Everyone from Company 49 gathered together as they feasted on the meat while chatting away merrily. The food in training camp could never compare with the food their housekeepers would normally prepare, but when they stuffed these food into their mouths now, the food tasted divine.

Meanwhile, Michael was keeping a close eye on Sophia’s military results from overseas. Naturally, he had the means to obtain the related data.

The performance of any students in military camp could be reflected on the data. For example, the race for dinner was an important section. When the students enrolled into camp, they had been given a card; they had to scan the cards when they claimed their meals. The moment they scanned the card, the related data would be transferred to the database. Everything would present itself, including how long it took them to reach the cafeteria from the training ground and what type of meal they had for dinner.

The race for dinner wasn’t a test of stamina; it was a test of persistence and teamwork. Toward the end, those who ate meat would surely score higher than those who ate steamed buns.

“Wow, my chica is getting more and more amazing!”

Michael let out a sigh when he saw the data. The data showed that besides a few companies from the School of Athletics, everyone from Company 49 managed to have the high-end buffet. Their teamwork on this day was ranked number one.

Everyone from Company 49 was still drenched when they finished their meals. Luckily, the weather on this day wasn’t considered too cold, so everyone could still bear with it. After finishing their meals, they carried their planks and went to practice swimming again. They were putting in effort so that they could have meat again.

Since it was the first time Company 49 managed to get themselves the buffet, they were willing to strive even further so that they could continue eating meat. Michael wasn’t the only one observing them, for Joel had been doing the same thing.

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The fact that Sophia had managed to lead Company 49 to a meal with meat in it quickly spread across the entire barrack. Most of the companies started following in their footsteps as they grouped together and took action. They started using skateboards to buy themselves time and started swimming—just like what Sophia had done.

In order to land themselves a meaty meal, they had to strive for it. These noble children did not think that they would have to get themselves covered in mud just to have some meat in their meals. All the drill instructors seemed to have ignored the students’ behavior.

No one knew if they were being supportive or against their actions as they had not made any comments about it. Nevertheless, they did not stop them. Thus, Sophia assumed that they had agreed to it.

Without a doubt, she had a spy by her side who easily went undercover inside the enemies’ base. Whenever she was unclear about the instructor’s orders, she would let her spy go undercover.

Since Nathan was a legend who had his own ways of coming and going around the barracks, Sophia used him like a plug-in cheat as he could easily acquire insider news in a brief amount of time.

“The commanders from the other companies will certainly admire Commander Ford for having a batch of intellectual students. Unlike the others, they are all self-righteous idiots!”

After Nathan had gone out to acquire more inside news, he came back and announced this in front of the 30 other girls who were in the dorm.

The crowd was stunned. They did not expect the other commanders to have such good remarks for them. Everyone was exhilarated before they gave Nathan hugs one after another. It was great having Nathan!

Nonetheless, they were completely unaware of Nathan’s background. Most of them thought that none of the commanders had noticed him when they were chattering because Nathan was just a little boy. Much to their surprise, Nathan was a really intelligent boy whenever he came back with all the secret information.

While most of the girls were still going on in excitement, Nathan dropped another piece of groundbreaking news. “The commanding general has been paying close attention to Company 49. He’s said that your performance is outstanding, but he’s worried that it wouldn’t persist for long.”

“Oh my God. Even the commanding general is following us closely!” the girls exclaimed in utter disbelief.

“Are you telling the truth, Nate? Even the eldest Young Master of the Fletcher Family is paying close attention to us?”

“I feel very blessed. Even the commanding general has been looking at me the whole day!”

Nathan nodded with a straight face. “The commanding general even mentioned that the barracks would select the three best companies each year where everyone would receive a prize.

This time, if the 49th Company is awarded with the award, he will have dinner together with all the students from the company.”

Dinner together! Immediately, everyone started cheering joyfully. It would definitely be a great blessing if they could have dinner together with the commanding general!

The bunch of girls were on cloud nine. At that moment, they were charged with boundless motivation. Nathan looked at most of the girls who were very excited, and he thought to himself in his mind, They sure are easy to fool! Nathan was not excited at all. In fact, he wanted to laugh at them.

Just then, Sophia called for everyone. “Alright, guys. That’s enough cheering about. Among the several hundreds of companies, only three companies will be awarded the prize; it won’t necessarily be us.

If we really want to have dinner together with the commanding general, we shall all do our best! The internal affairs should be checked thoroughly. Since we had several points deducted from us a few days ago, we shouldn’t make any more mistakes.

Therefore, we ought to unite and we will be stronger together as one! If we don’t work hard enough, how are we supposed to defeat the other companies and win the chance of having dinner together with the commanding general?”

Joel did pay more attention toward the 49th Company. Nonetheless, the remaining words were just nonsense that Sophia had told Nathan to say. However, the effects of the bluff proved to be extraordinary; those words had amped up the girls’ motivation.

That night, they learned how to fold their quilts voluntarily. Soon enough, they’d be able to fold up their quilts into perfect cubes in order to score the highest for internal affairs. They wanted the commanding general to notice them!

Sophia twitched her lips after seeing the enthusiasm of those girls. Joel is indeed famous among the girls—he’s simply more sought-after than meat.

Was it because he was the youngest Senior Colonel across the entire Cethos; his identity as the Young Master of the Fletcher Family; or the fact that he was exceptionally tall and handsome?

What was so great about him? Sophia’s husband—the pervert—had a villa situated just outside the Forbidden City; he had a height of 1.9 meters; and the amount of money he had was comparable to the number of fleas on a beggar.

If they were put side to side, Michael still looked better than Joel. Well, at least he was her husband. Moreover, Sophia did not like Joel that much for some unknown reason. To her, he seemed to be insidious and dark.

True enough, there was an insider among the 49th Company. News about the commanding general awarding the best company with a dinner had spread across the entire barrack not long after Nathan’s bluff!

Moreover, some had even added to that saying—whoever scored the top three highest points would stand the chance to have dinner with Joel, male or female regardless!

Sophia was completely clueless. In just one day, everyone was aware of the nonsense that she had made up. Whether it was the girls or the boys, they were all extremely excited all of a sudden.

Almost none of the girls in the barracks disliked Joel; they had nearly gone mad just by thinking about the chance of dining with him. Unfortunately, they were not able to pull a few strings. Now that they all had an opportunity before them, they wanted to fight for it.

As for the boys, they would first have dinner with Joel before cozying up to him in order to expand their social network. After all, Joel Fletcher might even be gay!

Joel was over 30 years old, but he was still an unmarried man; he had never opened up about dating somebody as well. Even though he had his fair share of love affairs, he never once admitted to any one of them either. Perhaps he was really gay!

This piece of gossip initially floated between the students; well-informed students kept it a secret, but it quickly became an open secret to the public later on.

In the end, an insensitive student had asked a company commander about it. The company commander had then reported it to the battalion commanders, and it was reported to the regimental commanders before it reached Joel’s ears.

Soon enough, the regimental commanders passed back down the news to its descending commanders, and the respective commanders finally responded to countless students who had been long waiting for the news.

“The commanding general said that only the best team can have dinner with him. The best individual among the entire barrack can dine with him alone, and even add him as a friend on Instagram.”

Apart from having dinner with him, they could even add him on Instagram?! The entire training field was covered in cheers. On the other hand, Sophia was dumbfounded.

She had only wanted to help those damsels in distress, but how did it actually come true?! What if she was the one who scored full marks? Would she have to have dinner alone with Joel? That wouldn’t be great at all! He was Michael’s brother! It all seemed too weird.

The students started working harder than they used to just because of what Joel had said. There were less indolent students, and the 49th Company became even more diligent than they used to be as well.

Nonetheless, students did not necessarily score high marks for their diligence. Most of the students were hardworking, but they did not have impressive scores—that was because there were hidden demerit points in military training which company commanders deliberately hid from the students.

Once a student entered the barracks to join military training, they ought to act like a real soldier. Whoever failed to do so would get their marks deducted.

Sophia had been taking advantage of the opportunity she had while redressing her wound to sneak into the computer room. She had video calls with Michael in order to know more about the hidden demerit points in military training.

“Chica, remember to wake up at seven o’clock sharp in the morning. You have to clock in at the cafeteria before seven thirty to get your breakfast. Whoever doesn’t get their breakfast on time will get their points deducted for sleeping in. You must take your nap in the afternoon.

If you’re found wandering around during nap time, you’ll get your points deducted every time the commanders see you. Also, you have to obey all the rules and regulations in the barracks—don’t question me why.

All of you are soldiers now, so it’s your duty to obey all the orders. Even if the company commanders have ordered you to eat sh*t, you have to finish it up before you even ask why.”

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Sophia listened to Michael’s every word; she woke everyone up at six forty every morning. Two days ago, there were a number of girls who had skipped breakfast just to have a few more minutes’ of sleep. Otherwise, they would find someone else to claim their meals, but little did they know that there was a deduction in points for their behaviors.

Under Sophia’s lead, everyone got up on time at six forty in the morning. They then tidied up the dormitory before washing up and getting ready. At ten past seven, they would have already gotten their food at the cafeteria.

At the same time, they had sent Nathan to break into the drill instructor’s office and get the latest news. Without fail, Nathan continued to bring plausible news back each time.

“The company commanders said that we are just this close to having dinner with the commanding general if we continue to persist.”

“Perseverance is the most important virtue. It wouldn’t mean much if we only put on a good show right now.”

“The commanding general said that the 49th Company has accumulated a high score for the entire team. It would be even greater if we can keep it up.”

Sophia was probably the only one who knew whether the information from Nathan was truthful or not. However, it was motivational to everyone in the room. As long as Sophia asked them to make a move, they would not even dare to stop; the girls stayed energized every time they were reminded about the commanding general.

The other companies were heavily influenced by the 49th Company as well and had started coming up with ideas to carry out their daily training. If the 49th Company could come up with the idea of sliding downhill with a board, the other companies would probably have their own plan as well.

One of the students from another battalion had voluntarily carried a hoe all the way up the hill by the cafeteria during midnight. The student had dug out a wider pathway in order to save them more time.

“In military training, there will always be a deduction of points whenever there’s poor performance. The same goes to having outstanding performances where it encourages the team’s training performance, merit marks would be added. There are a lot of bonuses in the main barrack. Hand me a pen and I’ll explain them to you one by one.”

Sophia quickly grabbed her notebook to jot down as she had always been strict on herself; she was only afraid of messing up at some point. Thus, it would be great to have those bonuses.

Recently, she had been thinking about how to score the highest points without causing any inconvenience to anyone. Nonetheless, trouble had come knocking on her door.

On the ninth day of military training, Sophia had just finished dinner. She hastily went back to her room, not forgetting to bring Nathan along with her.

Everyone was tanned after entering the barracks for nine days. However, Nathan remained fair-skinned as he used to be. Nathan would usually doze off at the side while the others carried out their training. Otherwise, he would be playing games in the computer room. Sometimes, Sophia would not even know where Nathan had gone—most of the time, he would’ve gone off to see the watermelons.

He always had an unlimited supply of iced watermelon and could always come and go in the barracks as he pleased. There would always be dozens of eyes on him at places where Sophia could not lay her sight on him, as he was the Little Master of the Fletcher Family, making him more precious than anyone else on the training grounds. Thus, his safety was not for Sophia to worry about.

The atmosphere in the room was quite unusual today. Sophia encountered countless strangers the moment she entered the room. Commander Ford and another drill instructor, whom she did not know, were present as well.

There were also some people who she was familiar with, including Kayla and Xyla. Richard, who was inseparable with them, was also at the scene.

Upon seeing those people, Sophia knew that she had run into trouble.

Kayla’s eyes were red from weeping while Xyla held onto her. Richard gave Sophia a confused look when he saw her walking in, and the other students who were in the room were all pointing fingers at her at this moment.

Before Sophia could even utter a word, Xyla stood up outrageously. “Sophia, I know that you hate me. Make it between us two and not anyone else. Why did you bully Kayla?”

Sophia had not even said a word yet, but Xyla was already rolling up her sleeves and looking as though she was about to get into a fight with Sophia. Richard quickly held Xyla in his arms and said, “Calm down, Xyla. It’s worthless to fight over something like this.”

He then pleaded Sophia in an impatient manner. “Sophia, just come at me. I’m the one who has upset you—it’s all my fault. Just leave Kayla alone!”

It seemed more like a threat coming from a superior rather than begging.

Kayla’s eyes reddened as she sobbed, “Richard, you’re still unable to forget about her. What’s so good about her anyway? She doesn’t deserve you at all! You’ve never said any embarrassing remarks to her even though she has been trying to make me look bad!”

Richard felt extremely helpless as he dared not look at Xyla, let alone at Sophia. As his voice deepened, he turned to Kayla and said, “Stop talking nonsense, Kayla. This matter has not come to an end yet!”

Kayla felt wronged and was filled with hatred. She then stared at Sophia with her reddened eyes, as if she was anxious to swallow her up.

It was all because of this b*tch’s fault!

How dare she even think of getting married into the Harper Family with that disgusting look of hers?

Was it not her intention to attract Kayla’s brother after everything she’s done? Kayla deliberately did not want it to happen for her. As long as she was alive, she would not let Sophia marry into her family.

Sophia still had not said a single word after standing there for a few minutes. She was just enjoying the show that was being put on by them.

She only spoke up after the three of them were done with their drama and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Commander Ford then said, “Someone saw Nate going into the girls’ room of the 23rd Company. Afterward, Kayla from the 23rd Company lost her necklace worth one million.”

Meanwhile, Commander Ford subconsciously glanced toward Nathan as the little boy put on a stern look while holding on to Sophia’s arms. He just stood there beside her as he raised his head and looked at all of them. He had a poker face that was definitely not an expression a six-year-old kid should have.

Were they suspecting Nathan of stealing Kayla’s necklace?

Were the drilling instructor and the few students from the 23rd Company here and ready to search the room to look for the necklace?

Kayla then spoke in a loud voice. “My necklace is worth one million, and it was a gift from my uncle from my mother’s side on my 18th birthday. It’s one of a kind, designed by the well-known jewelry designer, David!”

Afterward, most of the students from the 49th Company had returned. They exclaimed one after another after hearing that Kayla’s necklace was worth a million. “She’s indeed the daughter of a real estate agent!”

“A necklace worth one million? She really is wealthy!”

Sophia let out a snort before she asked, “What does it have to do with Nate when you’ve lost your own necklace?”

“I’ve always placed the necklace under my pillow. When I returned to my room today, I noticed that someone had touched my pillow. Some students told me that there was a child playing on my bed,” yelled Kayla in an arrogant manner.

She clearly pointed toward Nathan. “I have my reasons to believe that he is the thief who has stolen my necklace!”

At the same time, a few female students from the 23rd Company stood up to point at Nathan as well. “We were all doing our laundry in the laundry room just now, and no one was in the room for quite some time. However, we did see him entering our room.”

“It’s him—he’s the only child in the entire barrack. There’s no way we would have mistaken him. It was him who had entered our room.”

“He would always wander around outside our room when he isn’t at training. We’ve seen it a couple of times now.”

Sophia lowered down her head to look at Nathan. Meanwhile, it was as if Nathan had put on an impatient look on his face.

Sophia thought that it was overly outrageous for Kayla to frame Nathan for stealing the necklace. Why would Nathan want to steal her necklace?

He was not a girl after all!

The few girls who had pointed Nathan out were clearly ordinary civilians; they must have been told to do so.

Sophia sheltered Nathan behind her back before she let out a casual smile. “So, you firmly believe that Nathan is the one who has stolen your necklace, am I right?”67

Kayla then snorted. “Just let us search the room. Then, we’ll be able to find out whether he is the one who has stolen it.”

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Sophia knew that they must have set things up before coming over to cause trouble.

Sophia then stood up straight before she spoke up in a strong-willed manner. “Since you believe that Nate is the one who has stolen your necklace, go on and search the room then! A straight foot has no fear of a crooked shoe. I believe Nate would never steal your necklace!”

Kayla grinned as if her wicked plan had prevailed; she had been waiting for her to say so.

Since Sophia had addressed the matter, Kayla immediately gave orders to the crowd on the scene. “Everyone, listen up. Since Sophia has said it, then I shall feel free to do so!”

Even though it was against the rules to search the personal belongings of others, the necklace Kayla had lost was worth over one million. Thus, they were able to make an exception this time; even Commander Ford and the other drilling instructor had agreed to it.

Kayla quickly walked over to grab Nathan’s belongings.

He had only brought a few things when he entered the barracks; the only things he had with him was a little backpack which had two sets of apparels in it. He did not bring a lot of toys except for a little frog plushie that he had won at the funfair.

Kayla was being ignorant as she shook everything out of Nathan’s backpack. However, she did not find her necklace. She then searched all over his bed, but her necklace that was said to be worth one million was still nowhere to be seen.

Kayla then said, “He must’ve hidden it on him!”

She sure was courageous when she immediately took a step forward to search all over Nathan’s body. She directly reached her hands into Nathan’s pockets that were situated by the sides of his pants.

Nathan had a sullen look on his face, and he was feeling immensely displeased. Nonetheless, he allowed her to search him.

After searching for quite some time, Kayla was only able to find a little frog.

Kayla ragingly tossed the little frog away as it made a squeaking sound when it hit the floor. “I don’t believe it. My necklace must be here somewhere!”

Sophia put on a smirk before she said, “You’ve thought too much. Nate is just a child—a mere boy. He doesn’t like things that sparkle, so why would he ever take your necklace?” Meanwhile, Sophia bent over to pick up Nathan’s little frog toy. She then patted off the dust before returning it to him.

Nathan seemed really unhappy about it when he held his little frog toy in his hands.

Xyla, who was silent at first, came out of nowhere to stop Kayla. “Sophia is right. Maybe we’ve really mistaken him for stealing your necklace. Why would a child steal it anyway? He doesn’t even know what a necklace is.”

Xyla seemed to have reminded Kayla of something with her words. Kayla instantly shifted her gaze toward Sophia and said, “A child doesn’t know how to steal, but what about an adult who knows all about the goods?”

Sophia looked at Kayla while keeping her cool. She was fearless as she said, “Are you saying that I’ve instructed Nate to steal your necklace? I’m sorry—no matter how poor I am, I will never yearn for anything that doesn’t belong to me!”

It was as if Kayla was absolutely sure that Sophia was the thief who had stolen her necklace. She then said confidently, “You never know for sure. What if someone had really overestimated themselves and yearned for something that they didn’t deserve?”

Sophia had nothing on her conscience as she took a step aside to reveal her bed. “Since you think that I’ve stolen your necklace, I’ll let you search my bed!”

Kayla really did start searching around her bed.

Sophia added a sentence deliberately. “I shall warn you beforehand—if you’re unable to find your necklace here, you must give Nate and I an explanation!”

She seemed really confident and was pretty sure that she did not have any of Kayla’s belongings with her.

Kayla snorted before she turned around and began searching through Sophia’s belongings. At a corner where no one was able to notice her, Kayla had a mysterious grin on her face.

She then grabbed Sophia’s backpack and gave it a shake, shaking out all of the contents in her bag. There were not many things inside of it, for Sophia only had two sets of apparels and a comb that she normally used. Everything was scattered all over the place.

All of a sudden, a glistening light showed up in sight. A diamond necklace dropped out from one of Sophia’s shirts, and everyone in the room immediately caught sight of it.

Most of the girls exclaimed, “It really is here!”

“This means that Nate has really stolen it!”

“How would Nate know anything about stealing? It must’ve been Sophia…”

Kayla let out a sly grin while the girls silently gossiped at one side. She grabbed the necklace in her hand to show everyone in the room before placing it in front of Sophia and the two instructors. “My necklace was indeed in Sophia’s backpack! How dare you say that you did not instruct Nate to steal it!”

Sophia was caught red-handed, but she remained calm. With easy grace and pride, she stood up straight with a poker face; she was not in any distress and did not feel any sense of guilt at all even though she was caught red-handed. “I don’t know why the necklace is here. I’ve never taken your necklace, and have never instructed anyone to do so as well!”

She then looked at Nathan and said, “I believe that Nate will never take your necklace as well. This is a slander, an outright slander!”

Kayla deliberately swayed her necklace that was worth one million right in front of Sophia. “You’ve been caught red-handed, yet you’re saying that this is slander? Are you trying to say that my necklace grew its own legs and made its way into your backpack?”

Sophia looked away in a proud manner. “I don’t know. I did not take any of your belongings, so Nate and I will not plead guilty!”

She then held Nathan in her arms, looking as though she was worried that Kayla and the others would bully him instead.

Kayla stopped talking nonsense with Sophia as she brought her necklace over to the drilling instructor of the 23rd Company. Kayla, who had been fierce-looking moments ago, instantly put on a puppy face. She immediately turned into an edelweiss before she started whining and was nearly in tears. “Instructor, look at her. She is still denying it although she stole my necklace!”

The drilling instructor of the 23rd Company looked sullen, and he did not show much emotion on his face. Kayla initially thought that he was going to serve her justice, but little did she expect her instructor to say coldly, “Since you’ve found your necklace, let us leave. We still have training tonight.”

The instructor turned around and left as soon as he finished his sentence.

Kayla was left looking at the instructor in utter disbelief.

That’s all?

She had stolen a necklace worth a million! It was sufficient to file a case for an investigation to take place; not only that, Sophia could even end up in jail! Besides, this was military training, and Bayside University was known to be unprecedentedly strict. Sophia should be driven out of here no matter what!

Everything was over when the instructor simply said, “There’s training tonight!”

She did not want to let Sophia get away with it. Kayla furiously stomped on the ground and said, “She has committed a theft in the barracks. Why are you just letting her be?”

The instructor suddenly halted in his tracks before he turned around. It was as if an iceberg had suddenly exploded in his eyes as he stared at Kayla with a terrifying look. “Should we delay the training sessions of both companies just because of your matter?”

The look he had on his face was the cold look of a true soldier that had gone through life and death on the battlefield; he immediately quelled all the girls on the scene.

The drilling instructor of the 23rd Company swept a glance at everyone coldly. “Let’s go, everyone. Whoever is late for tonight’s training will have to run 3000 meters as your punishment. Don’t expect to have a goodnight’s sleep if you’re unable to finish running!”

Most of the students from the 23rd Company scurried off in fear after hearing the instructor’s words.

Soon, the drilling instructor of the 23rd Company left. Sophia quickly spoke to Commander Ford. “Commander Ford, I did not steal any of her belongings. If it really was me, I will be more than willing to accept my punishment. This matter is between Kayla and I—it has nothing to do with Nate. No matter what happens, please don’t involve Nate in it.”

Commander Ford gave Sophia a confused look before he repeated what the drill instructor of the 23rd Company had said. “Training starts at seven o’clock sharp tonight. Anyone who is late will run a drill of 3000 meters with an addition of 200 sit-ups. Don’t expect to sleep until the drill is completed.”

All the girls in the room spread out after being terrified by his words.

Commander Ford left the room as well.

Displeased, Kayla was reluctant to leave the room. She really could not figure it out. Why was Sophia not punished although she was already caught red-handed?!

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