My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 601-610

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 601

Ever since Quinton’s death and Linus’ departure, Sophia’s depression had become worse. There were often sleepless nights and splitting headaches.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she could see a blood-covered Quinton standing in front of her with a contorted face while choking her to death.

“Sophia, you are mine! I was the one who saved your life, so you are mine! Do you hear me? Mine!”

She startled awake before realizing that it was not dawn yet, and the space next to her was empty.

Michael had been very busy recently, but he would still find time to accompany Sophia every day. He would stay with her until she fell asleep then go back to work and secretly come home around midnight.

Sophia woke up alone and sat in front of the window. She looked out at the early morning scenery of Bayside City; it was unusually quiet.

She didn’t switch on the lights and allowed the darkness to engulf her whole being.

She was always dreaming about that cold, frosty night on Salvador Island. Her bones were frozen stiff, and she thought she was dead, but vaguely, there was a voice that was calling her over and over again.

He did CPR for her repetitively; his cold fingers skillfully reached into her mouth and nose, clearing out the mud and sand that were blocking her airway.

She took big gulps of fresh air as he held her in his arms. He blocked off most of the cold wind, giving her the little bit of warmth he had.

She remembered all of it…

During this time, Michael was spending more time with her since the incident had caused her too much pain, and she needed time to heal herself.

By the time it was spring season, Sophia was already a sophomore in college. She was still working on her double degree while working at Stanley’s company.

The company had recently created a new mobile game called ‘The Traveling Snail’. It was about raising an electronic pet by feeding the snail in the game everyday and preparing dry food, tents, and amulets for it. When the snail went out traveling, it would mail back postcards and special souvenirs from wherever it was.

Ever since the game was introduced, the response had been so great that it was the talk of town.

“The game has a simple way of playing, so it might get boring very quickly. Don’t get too excited about it just yet,” Stanley slurred out. The game was such a success that the number of downloads were unprecedented, and so the four main members of the company held a celebration party at Sophia’s house.

The table cups and plates were in disarray, and after Stanley had devoured every last drop of the cellar wine, he pestered Sophia for another bottle.

“This is a calm, soothing game, so the number of people topping up in the game is very few, and the recharge revenue is not much. We could rely on marketing and word of mouth to temporarily harvest the sales, but it would not be a long term solution,” Sean commented.

As the four of them were discussing the future of the company, Sophia peeled a boiled peanut and spoke, “Our main objective now would be to attract the attention to the other products of our company to traffic monetization.”

Sarah chipped in, “Maybe put in more top-up functions, like paid movies or paid novels, to ensure a speedy monetization.”

“The snail’s gameplay has to be constantly updated too.”

“And we could take in some ads to maintain the operation of the company, and it would look better on our financial statements.”

As they were discussing their work and the company, the topic eventually led to Michael.

“What has my uncle been doing lately? Hurry up and get him to advertise our game!” Stanley huffed loudly.

Sophia replied, “Your uncle is busy!”

“Then what about that little brat, Nate?”

Although Celine was back, her mental state still required time to recover. Justin was accompanying her at the hospital, and Nathan would stay over for 2 days, then occasionally come to Sophia’s for 2 days; he never stayed in a fixed place.

On the other hand, Justin seemed to be busy as well. The Mitchell Family had yet to be informed of his existence, and he wanted to choose an auspicious day to announce his return so that his wife and child would be recognized by the family. He also wanted things like, planning for another child, returning back to the army, and even traveling around the world with Celine. Justin just wanted to complete his unfulfilled dreams.

But first, he had to undergo plastic surgery.

6 years ago, his face was completely disfigured, hence his nickname, ‘Goblin’. Back then, when he was living in resentment, he didn’t bother about his appearance—he just wanted to look more ugly so that he could look more intimidating to others in hopes that one day he could use his ugly face to scare Phantom Wolf to death. But now that his wife was back, and his son had also recognized him, he began to care about the way he looked.

After all, Justin used to be known as the handsome young man of the Mitchell Family! How else could Celine have fallen for him at first sight?

In the future, when he would go traveling with Celine, attend Nathan’s parent-teacher conference, or try for a second child, it would not be possible with the face he had now.

Sophia strongly recommended him to go to the plastic surgery hospital that she frequently went to. That hospital had a very good scar recovery rate and was at the forefront of the world in its field. Besides, she had a VIP membership card, and so a complimentary double-eyelids procedure would come together with the plastic surgery.

When Michael found out that Justin wanted plastic surgery, he was very concerned, and he found him the best doctor with the most expensive package available. The surgery lasted for about two months intermittently, and now, Justin was still in the process of recovery.

Nowadays, Nathan could be seen running between two different places. Today, he went over to visit his mother at the military hospital.

While they were talking about Nathan, the lights in the house suddenly turned dark, and a few colored spotlights shone on the living room. The whole living room became mysterious as soft, light music rang out. “There were three little bears living together. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear…”

A sour-faced Nathan popped out, wearing a baby bear onesie, as he wiggled his little butt and danced to the cheerful children’s music.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They had only come to their senses by the time Nathan was done with his dance and realized that Michael had been standing at the revolving staircase while leaning against the wall, watching Nathan’s whole performance.

After he finished dancing, Nathan felt so embarrassed that he leaped into Sophia’s embrace and rubbed his face against her arms.

Stanley fell onto the sofa as he laughed uncontrollably. “Hahaha! The little brat can actually dance!’

They couldn’t help but laugh at Nathan. In order to cheer Sophia up, Nathan had sacrificed that little pride of his.

As Sophia hugged Nathan, who was rubbing against her in her arms, she wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

Nathan, the well-known little iceberg, had performed a dance for her; how could she not be happy?

She had never felt so elated!

Ever since the recent incidents, it was rare to catch a smile from Sophia.

Michael walked over in casual pajamas and sat down next to Sophia. He glanced at the state of the cups and plates on the coffee table; Sprite, fruit juice, and wine were laid out on the table with a pile of peanuts and pistachios.

Garfield, which was given by Linus, had turned from a cutie to a fatty. As soon as Michael came, it went straight into his arms; it was the only gift from Linus that wasn’t sent away.

Michael hugged the cat while he ate a peanut and asked, “How’s the company doing lately?”

Stanley drank a mouthful of wine and shoved some peanuts into his mouth. “Uncle, the latest popular game now was made by our company. We’re just waiting for you to endorse us!”

Michael took a look at his phone. “The Traveling Snail?”

He had been quite busy lately, but he had always been following his beloved wife’s career. He knew she had gotten thinner from all those nights of staying up late to write game programs. He didn’t understand what was so fun about the game, but everyone was playing it. Perhaps the idea of raising a virtual pet became more popular because it was time-consuming to keep a pet in reality.

Michael had just recently had a virtual snail named ‘Chica’. He bought a flirty red flower for it to wear on its head and topped up a lot of money in the game to build a luxurious nest for Chica while feeding it expensive food for every meal.

Naturally, as one of the developers of the game, Sophia would join in as well. Both her laptop and phone had downloaded the game, and she had a total of 3 snails, all of them named ‘Mikey’…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 602

As the conversation gradually died down, everyone took out their phones to check on their snails; it could have gone out to explore or was eating or reading a book at home.

There wasn’t anything special about the game, but everyone just liked to play it.

The party went on till about 10.00PM. Sophia walked them out as she had had too much peanuts earlier, and she wanted to take a small walk to help digest the food before going back home.

After a spring rain, the air in Bayside City felt refreshing as she walked around the neighborhood. She enjoyed the cold breeze so much that she was reluctant to part with it, and she accidentally walked toward Villa No. 2.

It brought back a vivid memory of her first meeting with Linus. But now, they were worlds apart. Isn’t it saddening…

Sophia couldn’t help but walk toward Villa No. 2; it was as though something was calling out to her.

Ever since Linus left, Villa No. 2 had been empty. Although Linus still owned the property, he left the keys to Sophia and cut off all ties, so the house was considered Sophia’s for the time being.

She walked back home to take the keys then headed back to Villa No. 2 and swiped the door open in the dark.

The key was actually a card that could be swiped to open the door of the villa.

When Sophia walked into the courtyard, the automatic light switch sensed that someone had walked in, and so the living room lights were automatically turned on and brightly lit up the whole villa.

As she walked into the quiet living room, she realized that Linus had left in such a hurry that he didn’t manage to move out all his stuff; there were cat nests neatly placed together and even some cat hair left on the cat post.

Dazed, Sophia sat on the sofa and stared at the vacant living room, allowing her mind to go blank.

Suddenly, a voice came from a corner. “Mommy—”

Startled, Sophia looked toward the source of the sound. There were a pair of round black eyes staring back at her from the dark.

Nicholas walked out from the dark and stared at Sophia with his bright, sparkling eyes.


Sophia cried out with surprise and glee as she bent down and hugged Nicholas.

It had been 2 months since Linus had left, and no one had come here. She couldn’t believe that he would leave Nicholas behind.

Nicholas was still wearing Nathan’s tiger head cap with its two antennae poking out two holes; it made it look like a little tiger boy.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you leave with Linus?” Sophia asked.

“Uncle Linus gave me a new mission; he told me to guard the house and keep it clean.”

Although Nicholas was not human, Sophia still felt heartbroken for it when she learned that it had been staying alone in the house for the last 2 months without anyone noticing.

Dust flew everywhere when she tapped his tiger-head hoodie. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

Nicholas reached out its mechanical hand and held Sophia’s. “Alright,” it replied.

Sophia happily brought Nicholas back home.

Meanwhile, in the living room of Villa No. 8, Michael and Nathan were watching TV after the nanny had cleaned up the mess. They were boringly watching television and having boring conversations.

“Call me Daddy,” Michael said.

“You’re not my Daddy,” Nathan retorted.

“Then call me Uncle.” Michael tried again.

“You wish,” Nathan scoffed.

“If you don’t want to call me Daddy, someday, someone will!” Michael huffed.

Nathan shrugged him off.

Upon his cold shrug, a chirpy voice suddenly rang out from the door. “Daddy!”

The two people flinched when they heard the voice and turned around to see Sophia entering with Nicholas.

Nicholas was covered in dust, but it still greeted Nathan and Michael with enthusiasm when it saw them as the two wheels under its feet rolled fast. “Daddy! Nate!”

It was a robot, so it didn’t possess any human emotions. In its memory, Michael had turned it off, and when it was turned on again, Linus had given it a new command—to stay patiently at Villa No. 2 and wait for Sophia to pick it up one day.

Its mission hadn’t changed; it was still the same—to protect Sophia’s family.

Now that Sophia had come and picked it up, it acted like nothing had happened.

Nathan was very happy to see Nicholas as he rushed over and hugged it.

Nicholas arrived in front of Michael and looked up at him. “Daddy, I want a head rub.”

Michael’s eyes flickered for a moment, an unsettled look shadowing over his face. Ever since he found out that Linus was using Nicholas to steal Fletcher Family’s secrets, he had been bearing a grudge against it.

Nicholas wasn’t at fault here, but…

After a while, when Nicholas saw that Michael wasn’t responding to it, it repeated, “Daddy, I want a head rub.”

Michael remained motionless. Then, Nicholas reached out its mechanical hand, grabbed Michael’s hand, and placed it on its head. Hence, Michael sighed and rubbed its dusty head.

Michael was speechless. I might as well keep it around.

It’s just a robot, anyway.

Probably due the comfort of knowing Nicholas was back, Sophia didn’t have nightmares at night anymore and slept soundly. Michael lay down next to her and looked at Nicholas, which was sitting at the bedside.

It had entered standby mode and was secreting a calming, antidepressant incense to help Sophia sleep.

Michael, however, couldn’t sleep and got up abruptly. When Nicholas saw him get up, it chased after him hurriedly.

After Nicholas followed Michael into the study room, Michael closed the door and sat down at his desk. He stared at Nicholas and said, “Say what you need to say.”

He could never put the blame on a tiny robot; it was, after all, just a robot. That was why it would betray Michael and Sophia but save them during dangerous times.

“Daddy, Uncle Linus left some things for you to see.”

Nicholas seemed to have been upgraded some time ago as its flat face was turned into a screen that could display images. Michael looked at its screen as it showed a scene that seemed to be in the basement of Linus’ house. A man was seen upgrading Nicholas through the surveillance camera.

He was carefully observing every detail of Nicholas’ system, testing and upgrading it over and over again. He put on Nicholas a kind of invincible material that would change color according to the environment before testing its performance system as well as its reaction to the surroundings. Nicholas was able to change colors at any time—it would turn pink, then blue afterward; it was extremely magical.

The original intention of using this material was so that Nicholas could please more people with its color-changing ability. After all, people would inevitably get bored with a plain, black robot. If the robot could change its color from time to time, Nathan would enjoy it very much.

This material was certainly not developed for a household robot; it was a strong and powerful military-grade material!

But it was because of the use of overqualified material on Nicholas that unexpectedly saved Sophia’s life.

The man was wearing protective goggles as he held a welding gun and personally welded all the internal parts for Nicholas with detailed perfection.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 603

After Michael and Sophia watched the northern lights for a while, Sophia changed the mode into the deep sea, where the sea was pitch black and there were glittering deep sea animals swimming around.

Suddenly, a vicious shark rushed out. Sophia jumped in fright and subconsciously scampered into Michael’s arms.

He chuckled heartily as he held her tight.

Tomorrow would be a big day for Sophia. She was so nervous about it that she couldn’t sleep, so she picked different modes: the deep sea, rainforest, dessert…

It was already 1.00AM, and she still couldn’t sleep. Sophia’s eyes were bulging as she rubbed against Michael. “Hubby, I’m so nervous,” she said coyly.

“What kind of nervous are we talking about here?” Michael replied.

“My whole body feels tight,” Sophia answered.

“I don’t believe you. Let me check.”

A perverted Michael reached out his hand toward her nightgown…

The next day, Michael’s styling team arrived early in the morning. After they styled and dressed Sophia, she headed out.

As Sophia was getting down at the entrance of Bayside University, Michael, who was in the car, asked her again, “Do you want me to go and support your event?”

“I don’t want to use your popularity to boost my event,” Sophia scoffed.

Michael shook his head and sighed as he watched her run toward the entrance.

He saw the posters at the entrance of the university… Hmm, Sophia’s going to give a speech at the auditorium in Bayside University and attend her book signing event.

The poster showed, ‘Book Signing of Sophia, Bayside City’s Outstanding Student, at the auditorium today’, with small prints, ‘Taylor Murray will not be attending.’

She did say she wasn’t going to use his popularity to boost her event.

Michael felt like he had been abandoned as he walked away sulking. When he got into the car, he flipped Sophia’s book and started to read it.

Title: Mighty Me

Author: Sophia Edwards

Today’s Bayside University gymnasium was bustling with people. Hale had just moved Sophia’s books into the gymnasium. Initially, book signing events were not allowed in Bayside University, but Sophia was an exception since she was the university’s student, so they made an exception for her.

Even though the poster stated that Taylor Murray wouldn’t be attending the book signing, there were still many Taylor’s fans, Sophia’s fans, as well as the fans that were rooting for their relationship.

The auditorium was filled with people, and even though this was not the first time she had faced this kind of scene, Sophia was still quite nervous. She took a deep breath as she got on stage and began her speech.

Her speech was simple and straightforward. She talked about her past and poured out her encounters of pain and suffering during her youth. She explained that because she faced her trauma bravely, she became stronger, and all the pain and suffering she had to endure were just the sharpener for her to be stronger.

The speech was going well, and the crowd applauded intermittently, but halfway through the speech, there was a loud commotion outside the auditorium, as if something was happening.

“The speech has already started, so you’re not allowed in. Get out, get out.”

Sophia’s personal bodyguards and the security team of Bayside University were working together to maintain order at today’s event. It seemed as though they were trying to stop the people who were trying to force their way in.

There were about a dozen black clad bodyguards trying to break through as they caused quite a ruckus at the entrance. The students inside the auditorium turned around and tried to see what was happening.

Sophia was also forced to stop halfway through her speech as she rushed backstage and asked Hale through a walkie-talkie, “What’s going on?”

Hale quickly responded from his side.

After hearing Hale’s response, Sophia’s expression turned dark.

A grim look flashed through Sophia’s delicate face. A few seconds later, she spoke into the walkie-talkie, “Let her in, and give her the best seat.”

Sophia scoffed coldly as she put down the walkie-talkie. She re-adjusted her clothes and touched up her makeup. Then, she drank some water to moisten her throat and calmly re-applied some lipstick.

Meanwhile, the commotion outside the auditorium had finally ended.

Sophia’s friends and family were sitting in the first row, and Stanley had even given the whole company a day off to come and support Sophia’s event.

Earlier, Stanley had already noticed the commotion outside and kept trying to peek outside. Just when things started to quiet down, a dozen over bodyguards suddenly rushed into the auditorium and stood on both sides of the aisle.

Judging by the stance, it seemed like some big shot was on the way!

That stirred up quite a commotion among the crowd as some people started to take out their phones to record. It must be Taylor coming!

Although the poster stated that Taylor wouldn’t be coming, it was his wife’s new book signing after all, so how could he not be here? Perhaps this was his surprise for Sophia!

In the midst of everyone’s expectant gaze, a person walked slowly into the auditorium…

The busy chattering sounds in the auditorium quiet down as they caught sight of the person.

The one who was heavily protected by the bodyguards was wearing a long, loose dress with a pair of flat shoes. Her petite body looked plump with her bulging stomach; she had one hand on her stomach, as though she was protecting a valuable treasure.

She smiled warmly with rosy cheeks on her face, just like an ordinary pregnant woman who was enjoying the pride of experiencing motherhood. She walked slowly toward the stage and looked up at Sophia, who was about to continue her speech, with a victorious twinkle in her eyes.

Stanley was stunned when he saw the pregnant woman’s face. He subconsciously tugged on Sean’s arm. “Sean! Isn’t that Mrs. Fletcher?! Why did she pop up?”

Mrs. Fletcher was the ‘fond’ nickname they came up with for Natasha.

While looking at the pregnant Natasha, Sean was completely taken aback. Recently, he hadn’t been back to the Mitchell Family due to his busy schedule, so he moved to live near the company. Occasionally, he would visit home, but he couldn’t be bothered to care about the Mitchell Family anymore.

But who would have thought that Natasha would be back?

And pregnant with a child, no less!

Most of the students knew of the ridiculous things Natasha was responsible for back then, and they knew that she was always trying hard to court Taylor. There were rumors that ever since she tried to harm Sophia, she was sent out of the country to seek refuge. Could it be that since some time had passed, it was okay for her to be back?

And with a child?!

There were numerous scandals of her with Taylor, and she deliberately chose to appear today at Sophia’s book signing event. Could it be the father of her child was…

Everyone stared at the pregnant Natasha, who was walking slowly, and then at the emotionless Sophia, and back at Natasha, with a chill on their backs.

This scene, this atmosphere, this situation… It looked exactly like a pregnant mistress trying to claim her rights! At that moment, the whole auditorium was quiet.

Then, Natasha sat down at the front row seat that was the closest to Sophia. The smug smile on her face was that of an expecting mother who seemed to have won something.

Stanley, who was sitting next to Natasha, was staring at her bulging belly as he felt a headache throbbing in his head.

No way. Is that Michael’s child? That would be a big problem!

Filled with concern, he looked up and saw Sophia quietly staring at Natasha’s stomach; the look in her eyes was unreadable.

The strange atmosphere lasted for only a few seconds, then Sophia continued her speech with the calm demeanor she had before and performed steadily.

But the atmosphere was very different from how it was earlier.

People had the feeling that there would be a fierce battle between the wife and the mistress today.

When Sophia was doing her speech, Natasha sat quietly below the stage and would occasionally rub her stomach with a content yet triumphed look on her face.

After the speech was finished, it was the question-and-answer session with the audience. Sophia would pick two enthusiastic readers and answer their questions.

As soon as the session started, the readers raised their hands enthusiastically to ask their questions. Natasha, on the other hand, finally removed her hand from her stomach and raised her hand, which looked plump due to her pregnancy. A provoking smile creeped onto her face as she raised her hand.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 604

In the video, the man replaced the external shell with the latest materials and added all the updated features so that Nicholas was able to release all the air cushions in it within a few seconds before filling them up with air. He chose the materials for the cushions, tested its strength, and ran all the other tests personally, as if he was taking care of his own child.

With the use of his god-like skills, he upgraded all of Nicholas’ systems and improved all its abilities within a single day. However, the man in the video never revealed his appearance even until the very end. He either wore goggles or a face mask used for his work while he buried his head in work without ever looking up.

Nicholas said, “Daddy, I’m a really amazing smart-robot. Uncle Linus said that his brother was the one who upgraded me, so you can’t throw me out, alright?”

Michael stroked the robot’s head as he zoned out while looking at the video… Who is Linus’ brother? Could it be Fass? Why would Linus pass this camera footage to Nicholas? What was he trying to say?

Although he didn’t understand what Linus was trying to do, Nicholas indeed proved itself useful the other day. Both the Fletchers and the military were extremely interested in it. The materials used to provide it the ability to duplicate its own surroundings before camouflaging and disappearing within it left them speechless. Caleb even phoned over a few times in an attempt to get some information; his words made it sound like he wanted to borrow Nicholas for his own research.

Michael used all sorts of excuses to decline his requests. The special materials belonged to the military department under the Michel Group, and it hadn’t been released to the public, so it had to be kept private for the time being. Yet, Linus was generous enough to use it on Nicholas; he even kept Nicholas after everything…

Nicholas’ screen returned to an image of its two, round pupils once the video finished playing. It then reached its metallic hand out and smacked its own tummy before pulling a box out of it. “Daddy, Uncle Linus asked me to pass this to you.” Michael took the box over and opened it to see the camouflage material used on Nicholas’ outer layer, and a USB drive with the design files for the materials.

Michael seemed to understand it then—Linus was trying to provide him with the camouflage materials in exchange for his forgiveness. Or perhaps he was trying to use the materials as a peace offering toward the Fletchers or Cethos to ensure the continuous development of Michel Group’s branch in Cethos…

After taking the items, Michael patted Nicholas on the head before he ordered, “Go get some rest.”

“Alright. Daddy, Uncle Linus said that you can send me to get fixed at the after-sales service department in Michel Group’s Bayside City branch in Cethos if there’s anything wrong with me,” Nicholas replied.

Michael nodded. Nicholas then left and shut the door behind it. After it left, Michael continued staring at the files in the USB drive. He got more and more surprised with every file he went through. Michel Group is impressive indeed! With the use of electronic technologies and weapons throughout the years, they invented something that would definitely steal the first place in the whole of Northern Europe.

Their presence in this field is shocking! A while later, Michael phoned Stanley and told him to drop by to pick something up. Stanley knocked on the front door about ten minutes later. Judging by how anxious he was to go over, it was clear that the Fletcher Family was extremely keen about this!

Michael heaved a sigh of relief after he handed Linus’ information over. I hope everything is over now. I hope Linus and Phantom Wolf will disappear from Sophia’s life from now onward. As for Fass… if they are fated to meet as father and daughter, they’d definitely encounter one another sometime in the future. They still have a lot of opportunities to meet, after all; there’s no need to rush into it as she’s still a child and doesn’t deserve to carry such great burdens at her age.

Once it had been confirmed that Fass and Cooper were the same person, all of the secrets seemed to unravel itself gradually.

The mixed-blood girl that Woody brought home in the past was Beyoncé, the daughter of the ex-family head of Michel Group. Hence, Sophia—like her father—had both the blood of the Michel and Mitchell Families running in her veins. The Michels were truly akin to a large and dark dragon that had been hiding on the lands of Northern Europe for the past 900 years.

They placed excessive amounts of emphasis on the bloodline of their family, and they utterly rejected the idea of having their blood mixing with that of others. Back then, Beyoncé made the immediate decision to cut all ties with the Michels once she decided that she wanted to get married to Woody.

She had to do it as the family’s bloodline was too powerful; if Sophia and Cooper got to know one another, she’d have to deal with the Michels… which would be messy. Michael, on the other hand, didn’t have any mother-in-law to bother him, so the only person he was afraid of was Cooper. That crazy old man. I’d be extremely stressed out if I ever get to meet him.

The month of May came in the blink of an eye, and the weather was getting warmer. Sophia’s career was improving along with the rise in the company’s business; they had developed a few trendy handphone games and even released a beta testing version of a first-person shooter game that they had been preparing for a long while. The first-person shooter game was undoubtedly different from the regular ones made by other companies—it was easier to get the hang of this game, and it was very addictive. The game shot right up to the top of the charts once its beta version was released as it generated huge responses from the audience.

Stanley had invested a great deal into marketing and promoting the game, and its effects were evident and immediate. Sophia’s book was released about the same time as the game found success. In current times, it wasn’t rare to see a celebrity’s wife coming out to write a book about her romantic relationship with some world famous popstar, but Sophia’s book differed in that Taylor barely appeared within the pages.

She had quite a number of chapters in the book, each talking about a different topic. Some were about her teen years, how she started primary school at the age of 9, everything she went through when living under Liam’s roof, the mother she had never met, the grandmother who said that she loved her, as well as efficient methods of preparing smoked bacon and a self-reflection on how she progressed from a bad student into one of the top students in school.

Sophia wrote the book while Sarah designed the front cover. Michael stayed up the whole night to finish the book, and he even counted the number of times he appeared in it—he scarcely saw his own name there. The whole book had a few hundred thousand words, yet he was only mentioned in less than one-tenth of it. Even a piece of smoked bacon took up more space in the book than he did.

However, he didn’t mind it as long as it made her happy. Vague descriptions of several people appeared in some parts of the book, most of them being people that Sophia found to be unforgettable in the past 20 years of her life. Some of these included her beloved grandmother and the principal of Riverdale High School, whose door she had knocked on when she was bleeding badly, and also her godbrother, who shared the exact same birthdate as her—he was the one who was the first to have found her when she got injured and ran out of the school.

Her godbrother’s name was Brooke. It took Michael a while before he finally realized what that name meant to him—it was the same name that Master Levine had given to Linus when the latter came to Cethos.

At the end of the book, Brooke’s family called for him to return to his own country, and Sophia’s reluctance in sending her godbrother off was evident through the passages she wrote. Her godbrother appeared even more than the smoked bacon did! Michael felt a sour feeling in his chest after he shut the book. He looked up to see Sophia humming a tune as she fixed the 3D bedroom projector that had previously been sent back after Linus sent it over. Ever since the incident that occurred with Linus, Michael had sent all his gifts—except Garfield—back to him.

However, Sophia later found out that Linus had left all these things in the basement of Villa No. 2, so she happily brought all of them back before openly installing all of them into her own place. After the projector was installed, she switched it into Arctic mode, and the two of them lay on the bed as they stared up at the northern lights.

To better fit the mood, she lowered the temperature in the room and covered herself with a thick blanket. While she lay in her spot, she wondered, What could Linus be doing right now? Could he be staring at northern lights from his own bed as well?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 605

Sophia noted the provocative look on Natasha’s face, but she kept her cool and proceeded as if she was having a usual conversation with just any individual. While standing on the speech podium, she offered, “The pregnant reader seated in the first row—do you have anything you’d like to ask me?” There wasn’t any other pregnant reader apart from Natasha in the crowd.

The assistant quickly brought the mic over and passed it over to Natasha while the crowd alternated their gazes between the pregnant lady and the speaker. Most of them had a feeling that Natasha was about to reveal something shocking—this was clearly a case of a mistress getting herself pregnant before coming to ruin the event and cause trouble. No one understood why Sophia provided Natasha with the mic, for any regular person would’ve just kicked Natasha out of the hall.

Right then, Natasha took the mic over and said in a sweet voice, “I’m 8-months pregnant, and it’s a little hard for me to speak while standing up. Can I speak while sitting down?” Her words were meant to sound humble, but something in her voice exposed her clear intentions of showing off and flaunting her power. Eight months… Everyone frantically calculated the dates only to realize that Taylor was filming ‘War Dragon’ in the film studio during that period of time.

That was the same period when Natasha went over to visit him every day, sparking numerous rumors, and she was later caught leaving his room early in the morning one day. The news spread like wildfire until her lie was exposed by his livestream later. However, he never clarified if he was sharing the same room as Natasha that night even until the very end. So the child’s father…

“Of course,” Sophia replied in an equally sweet voice, interrupting all the ongoing hushed whispers that went on in the hall. Everyone turned their nervous gazes on Natasha as they were all curious to see what she would say.

A sweet, charming smile crept across Natasha’s lips as she then said her simple yet shocking sentence, “I’d like to ask… when are you and Taylor going to get a divorce?” The entire hall erupted with discussion and exclamation. She is really here to demonstrate her dominance! Just her first sentence itself is already so shocking! Satisfied by the crowd’s reaction, Natasha looked around with a pause before she then shifted her gaze to her bulging belly and said, “Taylor and I are prepared to welcome our baby into the world really soon.”

Everyone’s jaws hung loosely as they gaped at how intense and exciting this entire plot unfolded. She really started in the most dramatic way possible! The crowd first glanced at Natasha, the triumphing mistress, and then at Sophia, the calm and collected wife.

A sweet and elegant grin spread across Sophia’s face, showing her straight row of teeth and hiding any signs of panic or other emotions. With a smile, she replied, “I’m sorry, Miss. Your question isn’t fitting to my topic for today’s speech, and I am unable to answer any private questions. Next, please…”

Natasha didn’t attempt to disrupt her anymore as she obediently handed the mic over. After throwing a glance at Sophia, who was still on stage, she simply left the hall wearing a look of satisfaction on her face. She only had a single goal that day—to tell everyone that she, Natasha, was back! All the evil b*stards who have hurt me will soon die a painful death!

The second she turned around to leave, the sweet smile on her face completely disappeared and was instead replaced by a face filled with hatred and anger. The past 6 months of her life had been torturous; she spent every living moment thinking and hoping for her own death, yet failing to actually die. Fortunately, God was looking out for me, and He brought me back! Everything that I went through was all Sophia’s fault; I have to make her pay for what she did!

Even though Natasha showed up and disappeared after throwing her an odd question, none of it seemed to have affected Sophia’s speech and book signing event at all. Although there were slight changes in the atmosphere of the crowd, the whole event ended on a positive note. After it was over, Sophia left the hall with a calm, emotionless look and headed straight for the car. Michael was already there when she got in.

“I’ve heard about it,” he said in a stern voice. Natasha’s sudden appearance had come as a surprise to everyone. Michael partially blamed himself for his own carelessness—although Linus was the main reason Natasha got sold off into the mountains, Michael had also secretly stopped the Mitchell Family from looking for her. But ever since Linus left the country after that incident, Michel Group hadn’t been as radical and progressive as it had been when he was still around, although the company had successfully found itself a place in Bayside City.

Their suppression of other companies in their fields were slowing down, and the Mitchell Family soon began to conduct a thorough search for Natasha once they found the chance to do so. Furthermore, with Michael being occupied with the Phantom Wolf issue and Sophia’s illness, he neglected the whole issue with Natasha. No one could’ve expected the Mitchells to have secretly found Natasha during this period—she had already been back for a month!

Linus was the main contributor to Natasha’s unfortunate outcome. Michael was in the know but wasn’t part of the action, and Sophia was completely clueless, yet Natasha chose to place all the blame on her. The baby in her belly…

“That baby definitely isn’t mine!” Michael clarified repeatedly. He only wanted to plant his seeds into Sophia and no one else. She, too, understood that he wasn’t someone who would simply sleep around with others. But if Natasha could make such bold claims about her child belonging to Michael, then she must have some trick hidden up her sleeve. Judging by how certain and confident she was in her acts of calling the man out, she either had a 100% certainty that it was his child, or she had good enough reason to believe that the man would eventually admit to it.

Michael hadn’t expected someone as careful as Linus to leave such a huge loophole—he probably thought that Natasha, like the Johnson Family, would never return for the rest of his life. Soon enough, news of a mistress carrying her baby and forcing her way in between a legal marriage spread across the Internet. It was the digital era, and news went around extremely quickly; by night time, Taylor and Natasha were on the front cover of the papers. Michael received an endless stream of calls from all over, and the house itself was swarmed with people.

Sean and Stanley dropped by to pay a visit. “Uncle Michael! Uncle Michael! Bad news! Natasha went to the military compound and met up with Old Master Fletcher today. Judging by what he said, he… he…” Stanley paused mid-sentence and looked all around his surroundings to make sure that Sophia wasn’t around before he edged closer to Michael’s face.

“Old Master Fletcher thinks that Natasha should give birth to the baby. It’s already 8 months old, and it’s too late for her to get an abortion… Old Master Fletcher is troubled by this incident as well; he’s throwing a tantrum in the garden! That child belongs to the next generation in the family, and he feels extremely bad to have his own flesh and blood living out of the family. At the same time, he adores Aunt Sophia and would never get anyone to replace her even for the sake of his own grandchild.”

Sean was just as anxious as he added, “Uncle Michael, the Mitchells are really losing it right now. They are placing all of their family’s pride and ego on the line just to get you to marry her! If you refuse to do so, Mitchell Family’s next step would be to cut all ties with the Fletcher Family before engaging in a deadly fight with you.”

The Mitchells had huge influence in both business and politics; if they were forced to, they might actually stand out and launch a massive attack against Michael.

As of right then, the Mitchells were already losing patience with everything that was going on. They thought that it was about time they gathered their resources as an entire family to ensure that Michael would be willing to take full responsibility for the child in Natasha’s belly.

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Michael wore a grim expression on his face. He now understood that the main question wasn’t who the kid’s father was, but whether he was willing to get married to Natasha. If he refused to do it, the Mitchells might really send their entire family after him!

On the other hand, the Fletchers were well-aware of their own capabilities, so they would probably stay out of this. Michael didn’t want them to be a part of this either—they represented the military, and he didn’t want his own issues to tarnish the reputation of his family name.

Sean and Stanley’s gaze were fixed on Michael’s grim face as they anxiously waited for him to come up with a plan. Right then, Old Master Fletcher gave them a call, his voice concerned as he immediately cried, “What’s going on, Mikey? Everyone on the Internet is talking bad about you!”

“It’s no big deal, Grandpa. Let us youngsters handle these issues ourselves. You don’t have to worry about it,” Michael uttered.

“Is that child really your…” Old Master Fletcher was clearly still concerned about the incident.


Old Master Fletcher didn’t seem to be comforted by Michael’s answer as he continued, “It sounds like they’re all extremely certain that you’re the father. Do you need me to help you out with this?”

“It’s fine.” After talking to Old Master Fletcher for a while longer, Michael glumly ended the call. Before he could say anything, he received another call from the security guard who was in charge of their residential area’s entrance. Apparently, there were 10 members of the Mitchell Family who were already waiting outside the entrance—they were demanding to meet him in order to discuss the child’s matters. Apart from a few older members of the family, the family head, Alex, and Natasha herself were also present in the group. Stanley was extremely shocked to hear this. “Sht, sht! It looks like the Mitchells aren’t going to let you off the hook since Alex came over personally. What should we do now, Uncle Michael?”

With a nonchalant, breezy voice, Michael addressed the security guard on the other end of the call, “Tell them to f*ck off.” The security guard passed the exact message to Alex, whose face darkened the minute he heard what Michael had said. He rolled his sleeves up in anger—this simple sentence meant that Michael had just declared war against the Mitchell Family, one of the four greatest families in the whole of Bayside City! Things were about to change in Bayside City.

Both Stanley and Sean were shocked to hear how straightforward and heartless Michael was with his words—he could’ve spoken to them face to face at the very least! It isn’t a surprise that the Mitchells got furious after receiving such a cold, heartless rejection.

At the same time, Sophia was on a call in the study room. Linus was the first person to phone her the minute he found out about the incident. He kept quiet for a moment before speaking, “I’m sorry. I was careless, and it resulted in so much trouble for you. I’m going to clear things up.” The guilt in his voice could be heard through their international phone call. This was the first time Sophia had spoken to him since he left a few months ago.

“There’s nothing to apologize for. This entire incident stemmed from the long-lasting grudges Natasha and I have been holding against each other. You’ve already done enough for me. Thank you, but I think I’ll have to be the one to deal with the upcoming issues.” The line then fell silent for a while. After a few seconds, Linus offered, “You can still look for me if you need me to help out with anything.”

Sophia giggled before she replied, “Thank you, but please let me handle this. I can do it myself.” The line fell silent yet again. Sophia actually had tons of questions to ask Linus, but she didn’t know where to start. He seemed to feel the same way toward her.

“Well, I guess that’s it, then. It should be late where you’re staying. I’ll end the call now; don’t stay up too late.” Linus ended the call only to realize that he had only gone through about one-tenth of all the things he had planned to talk about in his head. He wanted to ask if she was fine, if Nathan was fine, whether Nicholas was doing its job… Yet he couldn’t seem to ask any of those questions.

After ending the call, he picked up the book he was reading, ‘Mighty Me’, and continued flipping through the pages. He was one of the first batches to have pre-ordered the book, and he finally got his hands on it. He glanced through the book, his eyes scanning across each page, as if the gentle, delicate words on the page could allow him to interact with her inner world. There was even her own signature scribbled on the title page of the book. He chuckled when he came to the part about ‘Brooke Edwards’. I can’t believe she still remembers everything so clearly…

Meanwhile, in Villa No. 8 at The Imperial, Sophia couldn’t help but giggle while she shook her head after ending the call and zoning out for a while. She finally understood Linus’ intentions. The most cruel thing he did wasn’t selling Natasha off to a poor mountain area; it was to have her rescued and faced with the Mitchells and the public after she was sold off.

To Sophia, the scariest and toughest memory wasn’t the traumatic incident where she was violated at a young age, but the experience of her traumatic incident being exposed to the public such that everyone was aware of how she had been violated as a young girl. It made her feel like she had nowhere to escape to back then… If a respectable and blue-blooded young lady had to go through what she had encountered, what would it feel like for her? It must be worse than death itself!

This time, the Mitchell Family really discarded their pride to start a fight with Michael. Judging by the situation, they seemed to have really given up on all their honor and dignity for the sake of starting a full-fledged, tumultuous fight with Michael, where either party would lose terribly. The Mitchells made their stance clear—they’d never let him go if he refused to marry Natasha.

Most of the partnering businesses who had worked with Michael were forced to cut ties with him after being coerced by Mitchell Family. Even directors and producers in the film industry began to make public statements, criticizing Michael’s irresponsible behaviors before stating that they’d never work with him again in the future. The netizens who started off feeling doubtful about the whole situation gradually shifted their beliefs as Michael refused to make any public statements or replies—they took his silence as a sign that he was ashamedly admitting to his faults.

All of a sudden, everyone agreed that Taylor’s entertainment career had indeed come to an end. Everything before this had merely been groundless accusations against him, but things actually got real this time. Michael had two movies that were scheduled to be screened—one of it being ‘War Dragon’, and the other being a tribute film—but both, as expected, reported delays in their screening dates.

Taylor’s scandal wasn’t just covered in local news reports; it even spread across countries and was turned into an international highlight. The issue of Taylor impregnating Natasha turned into the headlines of entertainment news across the globe. He was a well-known actor, and nasty incidents like these spread quicker than any other types of news.

Despite this, Taylor didn’t seem interested in giving any comments about it. He remained calm as ever, and he didn’t even post anything on his Twitter—only Eddie’s Twitter remained active every now and then. Her Twitter content mostly included games, posts fangirling over other celebrities, and the occasional sharing of adorable puppies, kittens and robots. It was almost as if she was saying, ‘Life is good, and everything else is none of my business’, even though she received more than ten thousand hate tweets every day.

Although she didn’t seem to be concerned, the public definitely expressed their great worries to her.

“Damn it, you have to say something about this, Sophia! Look at these news articles; they’re all calling Uncle Michael a d*ckhead! They even said that you’re heartless! Uncle Michael’s entertainment career is over! It’s over!”

Stanley moved around like an active monkey every day, and he rushed over to look for Sophia one day. He hadn’t seen Sophia giving any form of reaction ever since the news of Natasha’s pregnancy surfaced; she went to work like usual each day and even went out for meals and shopped, as if she wasn’t affected by any of it. Stanley thought that he would’ve been sobbing in fear if he were in her position—imagine being cursed by ten thousand people each day! Who could remain calm in such a situation?!

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Sophia was in the midst of practicing yoga, her face expressionless as she had a face mask on. She pursed her lips slightly as she uttered, “What is there to be afraid of? I’m not the one who’s pregnant. The pregnant woman who’s trying to force a married man to get married to her isn’t worried at all, so what reason do I have to be worried about this?”

Stanley felt like he had nowhere else to release the anger he felt in him. “Where’s my uncle?” He looked around to see that Michael wasn’t home even though the pregnancy incident was now a huge matter.

“He’s busy!” Sophia shifted into a different yoga pose.

Michael had been acting rather mysteriously since the incident occurred. The Mitchells were simply too wild; they utilized the powers and strength of their entire family just to go against him. But this was both a disaster and an opportunity to him—he should grasp this chance to benefit from the Mitchell Family’s acts! Apart from his business, he also had to care for Celine every now and then.

Meanwhile, Justin’s plastic surgery was nearly completed, and his recovery was going well, so the couple threw Nathan aside and went on a romantic getaway. Hence, Nathan had no choice but to frustratedly play his games every day.

Stanley thought that it was over for Michael—although acting in movies wasn’t his main source of income, it was his passion and career. Who would ask him to star in their movie now that this scandal had surfaced?! If he got canceled from the industry, no one would be able to see him in any movies in the future!

Throughout this period, Sophia was indeed calm. Natasha was the one who should be worried. One day, Natasha was just pacing around in the Mitchell Residence, looking through all the news articles and updates about Taylor’s whereabouts. She then realized that he hadn’t responded to anything at all… Things are starting to look bad for me! The baby in me isn’t even 8 months old! And it isn’t even Michael’s child!

She didn’t know whose child it was. She was too afraid to recall the most torturous period of her life and how she had been violated, ravaged, and torn apart by those people. She was tied onto a bed frame as the people took turns with her. Every once in a while, she would be punched and kicked, and her meals were leftovers served with dirty water. She had no knowledge of the day, time, and season in the outside world, and she had considered killing herself multiple times, but she managed to endure and get through all of it in the end.

She was waiting for the Mitchells to save her—she knew the sort of power and influence they had, and she knew that they’d be able to find her soon. By the time they saved her, she had already been pregnant for a few months. She thought that she had finally escaped from her problems, but she then realized that she had another issue once she returned to Bayside City—she had no explanation for the baby in her belly!

However, if others found out that Young Lady Mitchell had been sold off into the mountains to be gang raped by a few men, what would they say? How could her blue blood tolerate such judgements under public scrutiny? Only a few people in the Mitchell Family knew where she actually was when she disappeared.

They only had to know that the baby in her stomach was Michael’s—that was enough! She wanted to use this opportunity with her child to get married into the Fletcher Family, but the fact that the child’s father wasn’t Michael would soon be exposed. She therefore had to get Michael to agree to marry her quickly before she could find a way to give herself a miscarriage! Then, no one would be able to prove if the child was actually his!

Now, she just had to wait for Michael to give in to her wishes. The Fletchers didn’t recognize Michael as a part of them and knew better than to get involved in this, so Michael was alone in this. Under the pressure and coercion of the Mitchell Family, it was likely that Michael would soon give in and get a divorce with Sophia to marry Natasha.

But after long periods of waiting for that to happen, Natasha’s belly grew bigger each day. Yet Michael didn’t seem to respond in any manner—he continued acting as if he wasn’t part of any of this at all. She couldn’t wait for much longer; she was risking the whole Mitchell Family’s pride for this! Michael must get married to me soon! She paced around her room anxiously before she finally came to a stop as her face twisted into an evil expression. She decided to make another dangerous move. “Kidnap Taylor and bring him to me!”

In the middle of the night in Villa No. 8, Stanley, who was still wearing his pajamas, rushed over on a bike and banged the door open. “Why didn’t you pick up my call, Sophia? Hurry up! Something has happened! Something bad!” Stanley charged into the living room to find Sophia half-asleep in her pajamas. She had just woken up, and her eyes were half-shut as she yawned. “What’s wrong you, Stanley?! You called so many times; you called even after I ended your call! So I had no choice but to turn my phone off!” She had an especially bad temper since her beauty sleep had been disrupted.

With beads of sweat coating his forehead, Stanley tugged on her arm and pulled her out. “You have to take a look at this, Sophia! Uncle Michael, that heartless jerk, shared a room with Natasha and was caught by the media. It’s all over the news. Look!” Stanley handed his phone over and flashed the latest news in front of her face. It was a video released by some netizen’s personal account, showing Natasha and Taylor entering the same hotel in the middle of the night.

Oddly enough, neither one of the two people in the video seemed to be acting secretive about this; they generously revealed their faces and boldly strode into the hotel while holding hands. All the passionate netizens didn’t seem to need any sleep in the middle of the night, for a great number of them crowded in front of the hotel to wait for Taylor and Natasha. Soon enough, many high-definition versions of the video were uploaded online, all from different angles.

The video showed Natasha, with her huge belly, wearing a joyous expression on her face, while Michael looked cool and emotionless as ever. It was definitely Michael in the video; his short-trimmed hair and distinct facial features were highlighted in a high-definition video filmed from the front. Sophia could clearly see the face that she was so familiar with.

But Michael had been in the Special Operations Squadron and had so many bodyguards by his side; he couldn’t have been forced by Natasha to do this. This meant that he most likely did it voluntarily! He voluntarily went into a hotel with Natasha!

Stanley looked like he was about to cry as he said, “That’s my uncle; I’m sure of it! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the video myself! He hid it too well! He probably went off with Natasha because she got a child while you kept delaying your pregnancy! Sophia, my uncle is a jerk indeed. He’s probably had something going on with Natasha for a long while; he’s been cheating on you for so long! You should divorce him and be with me instead!”

The more he spoke, the more it sounded like he was trying to benefit from this disaster. He continued to convince her by saying, “It explains why he has been so mysterious recently. It’s because he’s been meeting Natasha secretly! Let’s go catch them red-handed! We have to confront this indecent couple! The hotel that they’re messing around in has been surrounded by all the media sites, so they probably can’t get out right now! Let’s go and catch them now! Just get a divorce with him already; you can’t live like this!”

Sophia was shocked when she first saw the video as well. Oh, dear. It really is Michael! He really went to get a room with Natasha! How could that be?! “That’s impossible…” she mumbled.

Stanley hurriedly attempted to comfort her as he said, “Don’t you worry, Sophia. You still have me as your support; I’ll always be right behind you. If that jerk dares to do anything to you, I will fight him with all my might! You really can’t judge a book by its cover.

I hadn’t expected someone as respectful and proper as my uncle to be capable of doing such a thing. He even got his mistress pregnant! You should leave as soon as possible and just get him to share some of his wealth with you!”

Suddenly, a cold voice rang from behind Stanley. “Hey, you’re here, Stan?”

Stanley jumped in fright the minute he heard the voice. He turned his head around in disbelief, only to see that Michael had been standing behind him. Stanley hadn’t realized when the man had arrived and what he had heard. Michael was dressed in a couple’s pajamas that matched the one on Sophia, and his gaze was cold as he stared directly at Stanley.

With his jaw hung loose and his eyes wide and bulging, Stanley trembled in shock as he muttered, “Uncle… how are you back here?! Weren’t you… with…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 608

Michael rested an arm on Sophia’s shoulder before he glanced downward to stare at the phone that she was holding in her hand. A look of satisfaction crept across his face when he saw himself appearing in the video and holding hands with Natasha as they walked into the hotel.

He even ran his fingers across his own face as he watched the video. Stanley first looked at Michael, who stood right before his eyes, then at the video of Michael; this shift in his gaze went on multiple times as he felt cold sweat forming on his skin.

Michael threw the phone over to Stanley once he finished watching the video. “I’ll go get changed, and we can go catch that indecent couple together. We should practice some of our fighting skills, Stan,” he said while throwing him a cold glare. Stanley was so shocked that he fell onto his knees immediately.

The next morning, Bayside Grand Hotel was swarming with a mixture of news reporters and passionate netizens. The large crowds blocked all the entrances to the hotel; even the pet door that led into the hotel was occupied by a number of phones with the cameras pointed toward the building. Natasha and Taylor shared a room in this hotel yesterday!

There’s video evidence, and even the receptionist confirmed our suspicions! Now, this unfaithful couple is stuck in this hotel, and they have yet to step out of the building! Rumors have it that Eddie and Taylor have already called it off, and that they have already got their divorce certificate! Taylor has also been rumored to have gotten a flash marriage with Natasha just so that their child would be legitimate! It was also rumored that Taylor gave Eddie a hefty alimony of 100 million! Rumors have it…

It only took a single night for the whole of Bayside City to hear about the fact that Natasha had booked a hotel room with Taylor. The traffic around the hotel was really bad; Sophia, who had left at 4.00AM to catch the adulterer, only arrived at the location 3 hours later. She was caught in a terrible jam! As her car was still stuck in a standstill on the road, she walked over to the hotel. A 3-mile radius surrounding the Bayside Grand Hotel was filled with passionate netizens from the Maple District who came forward to catch a glimpse of the adulterers.

It was indeed a rare occasion to be able to witness the live situation of a famous actor going into a hotel with his mistress, so there were many individuals who stayed around all night, their eyes red from the sleep that they had sacrificed.

It was a never-before-seen sight—the crowd was larger than the huge mobs seen around malls on Black Friday! People began to get impatient as they saw that it was 7.30AM. The sun was out, yet the adulterers hadn’t walked out of the building. Why aren’t they out yet? It’s nearly time for us to head to work; we’re all waiting to catch them cheating before we go to our offices!

The Bayside Grand Hotel was surrounded by huge clumps of people—some of them netizens who were excited to catch the adulterers, and others fans of Taylor. Some fans had been supporting him for ten years, and they hadn’t expected to stop supporting him because he cheated on his wife, so they had to see it for themselves in order to get proper closure.

The group, made up of news reporters, passersby, and fans prepared to catch the adulterers, was waiting around; countless phones were prepared to start their livestreams the minute the cheating couple appeared. Apart from those who were at the location itself, there were hundreds of millions of fans who were waiting for something to happen on the livestreams! They were all ready to witness a historical moment that day—they wanted to catch the adulterers red-handed!

As they continued waiting for the couple, they then noticed that the legal wife had arrived. “Eddie’s here; please give her some space!” The crowd went wild once they heard that Taylor’s legal wife had arrived, and they quickly shifted around to form a narrow, empty pathway so that Sophia and the rest could easily enter the hotel. With Sophia leading the way, there were more than ten individuals who followed behind her, including Stanley, Sean, Hale, Gary, and a bunch of other men.

They gave off a strong aura as they strode toward the building—the legal wife had clearly brought her own men over to catch her cheating husband! Sophia stood beneath the flagpole outside the hotel as she glanced up to see the glamourous, exclusive Bayside Grand Hotel. She then rested her hands on her hips, making it seem as if she was a wife prepared to catch the indecent couple once they came down.

Michael, on the other hand… decided to wait in the car as he was too ashamed to go out. It wasn’t exactly convenient for him to show his face during such a situation, after all.

The large crowd who came to catch the adulterers had been waiting for hours, yet signs of them surfaced in the hotel only ten minutes after Sophia arrived. Soon enough, the Mitchell Family’s car stopped at the entrance of the hotel, their arrival grand and loud. More than 10 bodyguards dressed in black marched out of the hotel and stood by the two sides of the road to separate the happening crowd. The indecent couple is about to come down!

Media and entertainment sites had all deemed this a huge, problematic scandal; there was no chance of it being salvaged at this point. Everyone was prepared to watch how the fight would go down. Taylor, the Oscar winning actor and the nation’s greatest treasure in the entertainment field, being caught cheating while his wife and his mistress went against one another… The mere thought of it was exciting. Everyone rubbed their palms together eagerly as they fished their phones out and prepared their cameras.

Sophia’s every act was caught on camera, and the crowd even took videos of what she wore that day. Sophia was clearly there just to catch the adulterers, as she was dressed in flats and a t-shirt while her hair was all combed into a bun. That way, the other woman wouldn’t be able to tug on Sophia’s hair if they got into a fight. Her group of men were all dressed in identical clothes, which made their aura stronger than ever.

Sophia stood by the entrance of the hotel, her hands still rested on her hips as she watched the indecent couple walking out of the hotel. The woman was—as expected—Natasha, dressed in an expensive-looking outfit that made her look like a rich lady.

With her huge belly and her curvy figure, she didn’t look anything like a 19-year-old at all. She wore heavy makeup and a proud expression on her face; her chin was lifted high as she walked out hand-in-hand with Taylor, her other hand placed on her own belly, as if what she was touching wasn’t a ball of meat but a rare piece of treasure.

In comparison to her, Sophia was dressed in a much simpler manner—a t-shirt, some concealer, and flats, without any other accessories. When the two of them were put together, they were a typical combination of an unkempt wife and a flirty mistress. The whole situation was really embarrassing for Sophia, who really didn’t want to be there but knew she had no choice.

After all, who would wish for such nasty, personal incidents to be revealed to the whole nation? She had done a great job of being a dutiful and loving wife, yet someone had the audacity to step forward and ruin her life. Since Natasha wants to play this game with me, I’ll make sure to fulfil all her desires!

‘Taylor’, whose hands were intertwined with Natasha’s, had remained silent the whole way through. He had a neat crew cut and an ice-cold demeanor. Although he didn’t speak, his lips curved into what looked like a sneer, and there seemed to be some sort of hidden meaning behind the look in his gaze. He appeared hand-in-hand with Natasha.

It’s really Taylor! It’s solid proof of him cheating! He’s caught red-handed! Everyone began to snap images of the scene excitedly. Countless pairs of eyes glared right at them for fear that they might miss out on something if they looked away. Under the scrutiny of all the camera lenses, Natasha intentionally led ‘Taylor’ over to Sophia; she walked right up to Sophia and tightened her grip around the man’s arm as she flashed Sophia a malicious grin. Natasha’s bodyguards and Sophia’s own men stood facing one another, their stares burning into each other’s skulls as both groups looked prepared to start a fight! The crowd fell silent as everyone widened their eyes to witness the show that was about to happen. They’re about to get into a fight! The wife is going to beat the mistress up!

Natasha herself was waiting for Sophia to hit her as well. Once Sophia started a fight, it’d give her the chance to get rid of the b*stard in her own tummy! Then, there’d no longer be any proof of who the child belonged to, and Michael wouldn’t be able to escape this any longer. Sophia would also be convicted for causing intentional harm; Natasha could pull a few strings in prison to make sure that she would stay in there forever. Two birds with one stone!

The two of them continued to stand facing each other silently. With a gap of 80 inches between them, one woman was gloating with pride as she lifted her chin high, while the other was calm and collected with her gaze cold.

The fight seemed like it was on the verge of occurring, and the thousands of people who stood around quietly thought to themselves, Start the fight! Hurry and start the fight! I want to see action; I want them tugging on each other’s clothes; I want them stripping each other naked! Everyone was waiting for Sophia to give her orders so that someone would charge forward to tear Natasha’s clothes off her. It’d be even better if they beat that jerk, Taylor, up as well!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 609

To the crowd’s disappointment, Sophia refused to make any moves. She stood in front of the hotel’s entrance along with her group of men and blocked Natasha from leaving, but she didn’t start a fight. Her cold gaze was fixed on the woman as she stood in the way of the adulterers.

The public’s hopeful and excited gazes nearly burned a hole through Sophia’s t-shirt, yet she refused to do anything even after a few minutes of standing still and staring at Natasha.

Why isn’t she doing anything? Natasha felt a little anxious. She tried her best to infuriate the other woman by clinging onto Michael’s arm and leaning into his embrace, like a timid little girl seeking attention. “Taylor, look at what Sophia is doing… How dare she stand in our way! She’s even glaring at us so fiercely. I’m scared…” Her pretentious and whiny voice gave everyone in the crowd goosebumps the moment they heard it.

What an annoying mistress! She is clearly showing off in an attempt to provoke Taylor’s legal wife! Any other regular person would’ve probably lost control of themselves and charged forward to beat Natasha up. But Sophia didn’t; she simply glared at the woman with her hands on her hips, and her stance firm and solid. She only blocked the woman’s way without starting a fight.

Everyone gazed at Natasha, then Sophia, then Taylor, who had remained silent this whole time. They watched as Taylor reached for his phone and scrolled through it arrogantly, as if all of this was none of his business. How dare he do that! Beat him up! Hurry and beat the jerk up! Beat the mistress up too! Everyone felt impatient on behalf of Sophia, his actual wife!

Natasha kidnapped and brought Michael over to be locked up in the hotel for the whole of last night. He probably got a good grasp of how powerful the Mitchells were in relation to himself, which explained why he was so silent the entire night. He would never dare to speak up for Sophia in the present situation. Natasha felt like she was in charge of the entire situation, so she spat in an extremely haughty and exaggerated tone, “Since you’ve found out about it, I’ll just be straightforward with you—Taylor and I made love in the hotel yesterday night.

He loves me so much; he caressed me the entire night and was especially gentle with me as he was afraid that he’d harm the baby in my belly! The baby is ours, after all; it’s due really soon! Taylor also told me yesterday that he was going to tell you—a hen that doesn’t lay eggs—about getting a divorce today! He’ll get married to me right after getting a divorce with you, so that my child will be a legitimate child! Don’t worry; even though you were the one that came between Taylor and I before we got together previously, we will still provide you with an alimony that’ll be banked into your account each month.

You can treat it as a compensation fee for all that you’ve done for Taylor in the past two years. Don’t you even dare to ask for any other property. You have to at least have some self-awareness—you should just pack your things and leave since you’ve failed to give Taylor a child! You useless, infertile hen!”

Natasha highlighted Sophia’s infertility and her failure to get pregnant in her two years of marriage while rubbing her round, bulging tummy every now and then—any regular woman would have definitely been triggered and charged forward by then!

Her words sparked anger in the crowd, and people began to protest. The audience was extremely triggered, and many of them desperately wanted to murder the adulterers on behalf of Sophia. None of them had expected Taylor to be this kind of person! It’s over; it’s all over. His career is utterly destroyed, and he’ll only be known as the World’s Greatest Jerk from now on!

Natasha’s even worse! We all feel so bad for Sophia; she came over early in the morning to catch her spouse cheating, but she probably didn’t expect to hear such hurtful words! Taylor, that jerk, is still scrolling through his phone! They should beat them up! Tear their clothes off! Destroy the btch and bstard!

Natasha was waiting for Sophia to lose control and launch an attack against her as well. If Sophia refused to make a move, Natasha wouldn’t be able to free herself from her responsibilities regardless of whether she got injured. Sophia was a lot calmer than Natasha had expected her to be—she remained calm even after Natasha had said a series of hurtful words that should’ve targeted her sensitive spots.

Yet Sophia simply placed both her hands on her hips and stood still before walking around her area and changing the positioning of her arms every now and then. Seeing this, Natasha continued to act pretentiously as she leaned her head against Michael’s shoulder while beaming happily. She then tugged Michael’s arm over and placed it on her pregnant belly, as if they were one happy family.

With Michael’s hand still pressed against her belly, Natasha provocatively glared at Sophia. “Sophia, you’re going to give Taylor and I your best wishes, aren’t you? You have no idea how elated he was when he first heard that I was pregnant. Well, it’s a shame that you didn’t manage to get pregnant even after two years of being with him, isn’t it? Perhaps you have some sort of illness. I’ll give you a sum of money after your divorce; you can use it to treat your infertility issues!”

The crowd lost it then. Fck her best wishes! Bunch of scmbags! We hope that, if it’s a daughter, she’d be born with no *sshole, and if it’s a son, he’d be born with two! Beat them up, Eddie!

Sophia finally spoke up after looking at the disgustingly happy and proud face in front of her. “What else do you have to say for yourself, Michael?” Her voice was strong, and its impact huge; it was filled with the fury and anger that any other woman should have when she was questioning her cheater of a husband.

Everyone began to get excited as the atmosphere was finally building up! It’s starting. Finally! His wife is finally going to speak up!

But Michael remained silent in response to Sophia’s question. He continued to scroll through his phone with his head lowered. Natasha tugged against his arm then. “Say something, Taylor!” She knew that Michael was afraid to speak up after he saw how determined the Mitchells were, but she was waiting for Michael and Sophia to get into a terrible fight so that they’d end things between them once and for all! From then on, she’d be the one and only Mrs. Murray!

Finally, Michael kept his phone into his shirt pocket and looked up. He was dressed in a loose-fitting, casual shirt, which made it look like he was prepared to go for a run; it didn’t match the glamorous look Natasha had at all. His gaze was deep as he lifted his head, and it was equally mesmerizing regardless of how he looked at others.

A single casual and boyish glance was enough to send electric currents down any young girl’s spine while melting her heart. This celebrity was a national treasure indeed; a single look was enough for anyone to turn crimson red, experience heart palpitations, and form sexual thoughts, all at the same time! If it weren’t for his good looks, charisma and charm, he wouldn’t have been able to have two girls fighting over him in such a manner.

He glanced at Sophia and Natasha before shifting his gaze to the public, whose eyes were all bulging as they waited for him to make a statement. “What can I say? I’m a woman, and I can’t possibly impregnate Natasha. Please don’t blame me for this,” he finally said.

His voice sounds manly and handsome, but… he’s a woman! Everyone’s gazes unconsciously shifted to his throat before they realized—he didn’t have an Adam’s apple!

No Adam’s apple? Natasha’s gaze shot up to glare at the man as he spoke, and she then realized that the ‘Taylor’ who stood before her didn’t have an Adam’s apple! ‘Taylor’ continued, “I was kidnapped and brought over to the Bayside Grand Hotel halfway through my jog yesterday. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything at all!”

Everyone in the crowd seemed to have turned into stone after they heard what he had to say. All of them glared at ‘Taylor’ with their huge eyes. Their focus was no longer on questioning if Taylor and Natasha actually had a thing with one another. Instead, it was… Is Taylor Murray actually a woman?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 610

His handsome face, his icy aura, and his sharp features that often appear on the big screen—anyone would be able to recognize Taylor Murray even if he had been burned to ashes! Yes, it was Taylor indeed. But Taylor was actually a woman… The rumors are true! Taylor’s a woman! She had been pretending to be a man in the entertainment industry, and she succeeded in fooling all of us for more than 10 years!

It’s no wonder there’ve been so many rumors of Taylor being gay and interested in men; it’s because ‘he’ is actually a woman! Of course she is interested in men! Does that mean that her marriage with Eddie… is actually a same-sex marriage? What about the baby in Natasha’s belly, then?! Could a woman get another woman pregnant?! Gosh, this storyline, this plot twist, and the current direction of the story has long surpassed what any of us could’ve expected… The entertainment industry in Cethos embraced its greatest news of all time: Best Actor, Taylor Murray, was actually a woman!

He had perfect facial features, a 6-foot tall figure, and the charisma of a sexy man, yet ‘he’ was actually a woman! Shocked, Natasha pulled her hand away in the speed of lightning before she staggered backward. With her hand pressed against her belly, she glared at ‘Taylor’ as if she had just seen a ghost. “Who are you? Y-You’re not Taylor! Who are you?!” How could Taylor be a woman?!

The person in front of her looked exactly like the one she had seen on screens; if anything, she was even more charismatic than she appeared to be in her movies. The side of her thin lips curled into an enigmatic smile, and a thin layer of darkness covered her gaze. All that was missing was an Adam’s apple.

While Natasha remained quiet, it was now Sophia’s turn to sneer at her. “Didn’t you say that you made love with Taylor yesterday night? That he had been gentle to you because he was trying to be careful with the baby in your belly? What, now? Couldn’t you tell that ‘he’ was actually a female when the two of you spent the night making love to one another? How did you even have sex with her? Did you use a cucumber?”

Did they use a cucumber? Everyone was curious to learn if Natasha and this woman had used a cucumber to make love to one another last night. Was it the cucumber that impregnated Natasha with the baby in her belly? Everyone turned their gazes toward Natasha. All they saw was a ghastly pale face; with her cheeks blushing, she turned pale and then blushed again as she continued to step backward. She only had one single thought in her mind—Taylor’s actually a woman? A woman?!

But Sophia didn’t want to let her off the hook just yet. She intimidatingly stepped forward, her tone of voice unforgiving as she spoke, “What about the baby in your belly? Where did that come from? Isn’t it time for you to provide us with an explanation?

Do you want Taylor to be seen as a cheater for the rest of her life? Or did you, the high and mighty Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, forget the actual identity of the father and mistook Taylor as the one who made you pregnant? Perhaps Taylor used a cucumber to make you pregnant. Does that mean that you’ll be giving birth to a cucumber?”

Natasha was dumbfounded while her mind went completely blank. Taylor’s a woman? A woman? How could that be?! If he is a woman, who did I sleep with in the film studio that night?! That’s impossible! But this ‘man’ in front of my eyes is definitely Taylor; I’m sure of it!

All of a sudden, Natasha charged forward and reached her hand over to feel Taylor’s crotch area. Her face darkened the moment she felt it, and beads of sweat began to drip off her forehead as she stepped backward in disbelief. There’s nothing there… She’s really a woman! If the bodyguards hadn’t caught her in time, she would’ve collapsed onto the ground right there and then.

The crowd finally accepted what they saw to be true. The baby in Natasha’s belly must be some b*stard with an unidentified father! No wonder Taylor and Eddie were so calm as they watched the Mitchells overdramatize everything; it’s because Taylor is actually a female! How could a female impregnate another woman?! No wonder Taylor hadn’t been in a relationship for years until she finally got married to Eddie. How embarrassing it must be for the Mitchells right now; Natasha fooled around and got herself pregnant, and she then attempted to place the blame onto Taylor, but this only forced the latter to reveal that she is actually a female! This storyline is even crazier than an actual TV show…

Sophia wasn’t about to let Natasha off so easily, so she intentionally repeated her question she asked earlier. “My respectable Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, you haven’t answered my question yet. How exactly did you make love to Taylor last night? Tell me about it! I’m so curious to find out! Also, you kept saying that the baby in your belly belonged to Taylor, but don’t you have another explanation for it? Do you want Taylor’s reputation to be ruined forever? If you can’t find the child’s father, I can help you do it! The Mitchell Family is so rich; I’m sure you can afford to bring the child up yourself, right? Why must you insist on framing Taylor with such a deed?”

Natasha was trembling as her bodyguards supported her weight. Her chest heaved up and down as her bloodshot eyes glared at Sophia. She felt a huge ball of fire building up in her chest; it felt like the fire was about to shoot out of her eyes. All of a sudden, she shoved her guards away. “It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault that I’m pregnant with this b*stard!

It’s all because of you! You!” she screamed at the top of her lungs like a madwoman. Right after that, she reached her arms out and began to charge toward Sophia. Sophia should’ve been the one who was sent to the mountains; she’s the one who should’ve been pregnant with this b*stard! It’s all her fault!

Seeing that things were about to get out of control, Natasha’s bodyguards quickly grabbed onto her arms before dragging her into the car. The Mitchell Family might just lose their last bit of dignity if things went on like this. But Natasha persistently howled as she was dragged away.

“The baby in my belly isn’t Taylor’s, and it’s not 8-months old, but he still has to get married to me! Otherwise, it’d mean that he’s going against the whole Mitchell Family! Do you guys dare to form enemies with the Mitchells?! I, Natasha Mitchell, can get any man that I want! The fact that I am interested in a lowly actor like you, Taylor, is actually a blessing to you!”

“Hehe… Taylor is an actress, not an actor, so I’m afraid she can’t get married to you!” Sophia chuckled.

At that thought, Natasha felt a metallic-tasting liquid gushing up her throat. She furiously tried to swallow it down as her head pounded as if there was a bomb about to explode in it, but to no avail. She just realized that she had been fooled this entire time; she had been fooled from the start until the end.

She must’ve been blind to have never realized that Taylor was actually a female! The man that she had loved for so long was actually a woman! The greatest joke here was that she had been so proud with her idea that getting herself pregnant with ‘his’ baby would make everything work out for her. It’s all a joke; what a joke…

Natasha broke into a crazy fit of laughter as the guards dragged her up into the car, leaving a pool of blood on the ground. Sophia walked over and gave ‘Taylor’ a high five before they both walked off with ‘Taylor’s’ arm on her shoulder. The crowd was left frozen as they gazed at the pool of blood on the ground. They had expected to catch a bunch of adulterers, but they hadn’t expected things to turn out more dramatic than in the movies! Who would’ve expected for Taylor to actually be a female?!

The entertainment news in Cethos was going to be juicy today! Taylor’s fans would be in shock… The man that they had admired for years turned out to be a woman!

Meanwhile, Michael sat in the car as he scrolled through his phone to see all the diehard fans who had posted links of the livestream. He then felt a sudden pang of uneasiness in him.

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