My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 591-600

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 591

Linus beckoned Michael to remain silent. While he was talking to Phantom Wolf’s leader, Linus tapped the robot’s screen lightly and said, “Why are you leaving all of a sudden? Didn’t you say that you’d wait until the wounds on your face recover? The wounds on your face are not suitable for flying at such a high altitude.”

That tone of voice seemed so natural, and it looked as though they did have a good relationship; Linus was indeed the Phantom Wolf’s sponsor!

Hot, burning anger burned from inside out as Michael balled his fingers into a fist and grinded his teeth. He could even taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated. He looked down and saw that Linus had sent him coordinates that were constantly moving.

While Linus was talking to Phantom Wolf, he gave Michael a pointed look.

That was Phantom Wolf’s current coordinates!

Michael looked at Linus with a complex expression, but he had no time to spare for him. After sending the coordinates to everyone, he rushed into the car and led the rest of his men toward Phantom Wolf’s location.

The coordinates showed that Phantom Wolf was going on the highway at full speed. Since it was late at night and there was not much traffic, they managed to speed through without any obstacles.

Their destination was clear; they were heading to Linus’s private airport at the outskirts, and Linus’s private jet was waiting for them.

If the Phantom Wolf managed to take Sophia on that plane, he would never be able to find her ever again!

In the car, Michael’s phone never stopped ringing.

Stanley called and said, “My brother and Uncle Joel have been dispatched, Uncle Michael. The special forces are in position; once they complete the road blockade within the next 3 minutes, the combat helicopter should be able to catch up with them in 10 minutes.”

Michael nodded and replied, “Make sure to protect the hostages.”

Although he didn’t want to alert the Fletcher Family and its troops, there was no other force with troops that could arrive at the scene as quickly as them.

Then, Gary called back, “We have captured Madam Curtis and have confirmed her as Tanya.”

“Lock her up.” Michael replied coldly.

A minute later, Harry called, “That robot of yours seemed quite curious about what was going on, so I took it along with me. Its needle seems quite useful right now.”

At Villa No. 2, everyone was still gossiping about the conflict between Michael and Linus after the storm had passed over. They were speculating about what had happened between them.

Meanwhile, Linus had retreated back to his study. He was distracting Phantom Wolf as he tried to hack the surveillance cameras in the car. It was his own car after all, and Linus knew the car had surveillance cameras in it.

“The wounds on my face have recovered, and that batch of super medicines have sped up my recovery process compared to a regular person.”

“I see.”

Phantom Wolf hung up and cut off the conversation, but Linus had managed to hack into the surveillance cameras on the car. On his screen, Phantom Wolf was holding his phone with one hand while tightly covering the lips of a woman using his other, blocking off her voice.

Phantom Wolf released his hand on her lips as he hung up.

Sophia was lying down on the backseat of the car, still wearing the same evening gown she wore to the party. Her face was covered with panic and her make up was smeared by tears; she was defenseless. Her hands were spread out on the leather seat as her body trembled all over, but she couldn’t even lift a finger.

She parted her lips feebly, but only soft whimpers were heard.

That gunshot from Stanley had caused Phantom Wolf to lose his family heirloom, and he could no longer have any form of physical intimacy. However, it didn’t matter if he needed the help of tools—he still wanted Sophia for himself!

He sat on Sophia’s lap, leaned down, and gently brushed his fingertips against her delicate, fear-stricken face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you—you just can’t move right now. However, you’ll definitely experience how I’m about to violate you.”

Sophia’s lips parted silently as tears poured down her face. Her chest rose and fell violently from her labored breathing. Her tongue was so numb that she could only make helpless sobbing sounds.

She was going to be violated by Phantom Wolf in such a perverted way, yet she didn’t even have the strength to fight back!

Her fear and powerlessness turned into tears as they spilled from the corner of her eyes…

The medicine that Phantom Wolf had injected into Sophia rendered her powerless, but her mind was lucid and clear; every inch of her skin became unusually sensitive and every touch was amplified. Even when Phantom Wolf came close to her and breathed gently on her skin, it was enough to give Sophia goosebumps all over.

Never did she expect Quinton to be Phantom Wolf. Along with a few other classmates, she had gone to Quinton’s house to give him their farewell gifts. However, everyone fainted and lost consciousness as soon as they stepped foot into the house.

By the time she came to her senses, she was already here.

Sophia knew that she was in a car from the occasional bumps, but she had no idea where they were going or if Michael would come in time to rescue her.

She was desperate and helpless, feeling like a leaf that could be crushed at any time by a passing boat…

He was actually Phantom Wolf! He had always been lurking around Sophia and observing her every move; he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike!

Linus turned off the screen as he could no longer bear to watch that scene. A gush of warm heat gushed out and condensed into tears. As he turned around, the tears splashed out from his eyes.

“I want Phantom Wolf dead, Butler!”

One second later, the robot butler replied, “The other party has gone beyond your range of control, Linus. Unable to execute the relevant commands.”

The bomb placed on Phantom Wolf was Linus’s protection amulet; it was also a kill switch for him. He could take Phantom Wolf’s life as long as he wanted to, but they were too far apart and Linus could no longer control him right now.

The news of Phantom Wolf’s appearance in Bayside City spreaded like a wildfire, alarming all forces in the city.

Michael’s men, the Winston Family, the military and Linus’s men all followed the coordinates. Meanwhile, Sean also brought men from the Mitchell Family. Phantom Wolf had killed 10 men from the Mitchell Family last time, so Sean wanted to avenge their deaths.

While these vehicles drove toward the private airport outside the city, Sophia’s gown had already been taken off in the car, leaving her only with a thin layer of base clothing; she was completely useless against Phantom Wolf. She looked like a dumpling wrapped in a thin layer, utterly defenseless and powerless.

Phantom Wolf was not in a hurry to devour her. Having left in a hurry earlier, he did not bring along any lubricant. If he were to go overboard this time round, it would probably be his only time having her.

He wanted to slowly enjoy the process of swallowing his prey and watching her cry helplessly beneath him; it filled him with a sense of accomplishment.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 592

Phantom Wolf’s hands wandered over her silky skin as he took a whiff of the faint fragrance between her neck greedily. His tongue swirled gently around her pale, snowy shoulder as he tasted all of her sweetness.

He crouched over her and exhaled his hot breath in her ear. “You’re mine. I was the one who saved you on Salvador Island. You are mine, do you hear me?” he remarked.

Then, he left teeth marks on her shoulder and imprinted his own symbol like a wild beast. As he tasted her warmth and sweetness, there was a tinge of warmth that shot straight to his heart when his cold hands ran over her silky, smooth skin.

That night, the sea was cold as ice. He had escaped Abel’s assination by jumping into the sea and was washed up on Salvador Island.

He lay down on the beach and looked at the scattered stars. When he realized that there were no assassins coming after him, he knew he had barely escaped death once again.

Quinton didn’t know what he was doing with his life. He obviously didn’t like killing, yet he couldn’t stop killing.

Later on, it dawned upon him that it was because he was born from hatred. His biological father was Theo, the honorary combat martyr who had eliminated a Southwest drug lord. Meanwhile, his biological mother was the daughter of that drug lord; his life was destined to be extraordinary!

If he could turn back time, he wished that Theo had killed Tanya along with her father back then.

Just then, the murky water washed Sophia up shore. When she begged for her life like a dog on the beach, he felt as if he saw another version of himself.

Weren’t they all the same?

Weren’t they living so hard just to fight for a chance of survival? Some people were born destined to be loved by all without having to strive for anything; there would always be someone who’d eventually offer the best things in this world to them.

On the other hand, some people were born with the sole purpose of surviving with all means.

Quinton—no, Hope—was one of these people.

Ever since he had been born, he was always on the run with his mother, Tanya. When she gave birth to him, she was filled with such a deep resentment that he was drenched in a sea of hatred from the moment he was born.

By the time he was three years old, Tanya had already sent him to the Phantom Wolf. His mother was known as Miss Poison, and she was a brave and skilled fighter. Meanwhile, his father was Theo, the God of War. As their son, Hope had perfectly inherited all of the merits of his parents; he had his mother’s determination and his father’s bravery.

If he had been born in the Fletcher Family, he would have become more outstanding than Michael or even as powerful as his biological father. Wouldn’t it have been great if he entered the army, became a God of War, and fought in the name of justice?

Unfortunately, he was born in the midst of Tanya’s endless hatred toward the Fletcher Family. Phantom Wolf was intrigued by the possibility of the powerful bloodline in him and wanted to raise him as the next generation of Phantom Wolf, while Tanya only wanted to use him for revenge.

Along with dozens of other gifted children, he was sent to Phantom Wolf’s base. Majority of the childrens’ parents were from the army and had fallen into the hands of Phantom Wolf for various reasons. There were boys and girls with different skin colors; some had been kidnapped, some had been stolen, and some were even sold by their own parents. They were from different parts of the world and spoke different languages, but the only thing they had in common was that they no longer had a home.

To simply survive and stay alive was already proven to be a difficult task.

Initially, there were about 100 of them. They were provided with three meals and a bed to sleep in every day, but there was only enough for 50 people. In order to have a meal and a bed to sleep comfortably, these children had to defeat different opponents every single day.

There was nowhere to run; it was to kill or to be killed.

As the years went by, countless bodies of children were sent out, and the numbers started to dwindle down. Those who survived became more skilled in the art of killing, and their innocent faces gradually became cold and cruel; they were no longer fearful of death.

The conditions in their living space became increasingly strict and harsh as the food and beds were gradually decreasing. They had to maintain high alert at all times to survive, and in the end, only one was left alive out of the hundred children that were in the base.

That child would become the heir of Phantom Wolf.

After the 14-year-old Hope had killed all of his comrades and eventually became the heir of the Phantom Wolf, he was the perfect killing machine to be used against the Fletcher Family.

He had thought about quitting this game of death at first, but he soon realized that there was no quitting in the rules of this game—it was only death or kill…

He wanted to visit the Fletcher Family and look for his father, but he realized that it was too late. His hands were already stained with blood, and the Fletcher Family would never have a place for him!

He remembered that fateful day; the way Sophia looked when she begged for mercy in front of him really made her seem like a washed-up dog… He saw a glimpse of his shadow in her.

He was probably in a good mood and chose to save her.

As she was begging for his help, she collapsed at his feet and slowly lost her breath.

She should have died that day, but he happened to have studied medicine. Despite outsiders only knowing him as a killer, he was also a proper medical doctor.

He held her and gave her cardiac resuscitation and CPR over and over again.

After a while, she eventually regained her breath and was shivering uncontrollably. He took her small frame in his arms; it was like hugging a skeleton wrapped in a thin layer of skin. The breeze from the sea was bone-chilling and they had nowhere to run to. He blocked the wind with his back and gave her the little warmth he had left with his embrace.

That night as they hugged each other, they kept each other warm by clinging onto one another…

Back then, he brushed away her hair and swore to remember her face. She was a good-looking but withered little girl.

In fact, he had already recognized her at the start of the new semester in Bayside University. She was no longer the withered little girl—she had blossomed into a beautiful white rose who was vibrant and confident.

Right now, the girl beneath him was crying in such despair that he felt a tinge of compassion and pity for her. But he was a bad man through and through, and this little compassion was worth nothing to him; all he wanted was to have her for himself.

Even though he knew that he had been castrated, she could only belong to him! This white rose could only blossom in his own palm!

Her unique fragrance fascinated him. The elegant and womanly scent mixed with a hint of perfume and the smell of wine was enough to intoxicate him in her beauty.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s tears had not stopped from before and her makeup was soaked through.

As he gently removed the last piece of fabric from her body, he leaned down next to her ear and said gently, “I’ll take you to a place where Michael’s dirty hands would never touch you. You’ll only belong to me. My injuries will heal, and we will have children in the future.”

Suddenly, he was a little tired as he fantasized about having a child—he was even looking forward to it!

Quinton’s hot breath blew against Sophia’s earlobe as she heard his words clearly and closed her eyes in utter despair.

Although the Phantom Wolf had saved her back then, did her whole life belong to him as well?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 593

Just as they were about to get to the main point, the chauffeur suddenly spoke up. “Boss, the route up ahead has been blocked off due to the heavy fog, so all outbound vehicles have to change course.”

Quinton’s hand was on Sophia’s safety shorts; he was about to pull them down, but he stiffened upon hearing the chauffeur’s words. Quinton got up a few moments later to put on his combat uniform and picked up his weapon—a large caliber submachine gun. He strapped on a variety of other weapons before he pulled a gas mask over his face.

Right then, Quinton dropped a coat on top of Sophia. He picked her up and helped her into it. “Get out of here through the nearest exit, and keep your guard up.”

She was completely limp like a doll as he held her. Fully dressed for battle with that weighty gas mask on his face, he was armed to the teeth as well. Quinton gazed at Sophia, the latter being near him. She had dressed up nicely, but her pretty face was a mess right now with visible tear streaks on it. He pulled his gas mask off and kissed her deeply. He wanted to hug her, but there was a cold submachine gun between them. Quinton couldn’t put down his gun, but he wanted to hug her as well.

As long as we survive the night, she’ll be mine forever!

Quinton gently placed Sophia onto the backseat and buckled her seatbelt. The whirring of helicopter blades could be heard above the car as he did so.

Quinton’s expression took an ugly turn, while Sophia’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline. Did someone come to rescue her?

A cold and emotionless male voice then blared from some speakers. “You have been surrounded, Quinton; resistance is futile. We’d advise you to put down your weapons, stop the car, and surrender.”

The voice seemed to come from above them; it was from the helicopter hovering up in the sky. Sophia was delighted since someone had actually come to save her. But then, she thought of something important—the Phantom Wolf had a bomb on him. If he detonated it, everyone in the vicinity would die for certain.

She could feel her own body shaking involuntarily, but she had no way of controlling it. It felt as though her body could not stop doing it.

It was evident that the people surrounding them also knew about the situation of the bomb, for they still hadn’t opened fire yet.

The Phantom Wolf’s car forged ahead. They got out of the nearest exit and made it to the highway, continuing to a village under the cover of the night.

They had already made their way out of Bayside City proper. All that surrounded them now were a few farming settlements and some fields. From what Sophia could see through the rearview mirror, the Phantom Wolf had many of his men and cars here.

They had captured many hostages from the village before leaving the settlement and heading to an open field outside of the city. A private airfield could be seen in the distance, while a private plane approached them.

Linus’s helicopter was a medium-sized passenger plane. It was a rare make, and its interior had been remodeled. Not only did it have a pool, but it also had a meeting room and other amenities as befitting of his status.

The car stopped at last. Quinton carried Sophia out of the car, tying the sex toys he had brought along to experiment with around Sophia’s waist. When they boarded the plane, he would finish what he had started.

It was freezing. Although Sophia was wrapped in a coat, her bare feet were on the verge of being frozen. She leaned herself against the Phantom Wolf’s shoulder, her arms dangling weakly downward. Occasionally, a hand would brush against the cold and firm surface of his bullet vest.

When they got out of the car, she could hear the sound of countless people crying. It was probably the hostages. Mixed among the weeping was an elderly man, but his robust voice hurled insults.

“You whippersnapper, you’d let me go if you have the guts to! If we were to face each other in a fight, this old man here will let you have 10 free wins out of 80 rounds!”

It was Old Master Fletcher—he had been captured by the Phantom Wolf as well. No wonder the soldiers hadn’t made a move; Mark had been taken as a hostage by the Phantom Wolf!

Wait a minute—Mark is typically under heavy protection at the military compound. How did he get kidnapped?

Mark was tied to a wheelchair, and a huge bomb was strapped to his chest. He kept kicking as he hurled his abuse. When he noticed that the woman in Phantom Wolf’s arms looked familiar, he took a closer look and recognized her. In an instant, his anger flared.

“It’s you, Sophia! You craven sc*m, why do you have her with you? If there’s something you want to prove, just come at me!”

As the Phantom Wolf passed Sophia over to another person, the door to the plane’s cargo hold slowly lowered. Now, the cars and the people could be loaded onto the plane.

Quinton had a cruel smile on his face as he peeled his mask off and approached Mark. He crouched down and patted the old man on the shoulder. “I have to thank her for making it possible to capture you, old man. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have known about your whereabouts!”

Mark was enraged. “What nonsense are you spouting? Sophia’s not that kind of person!”

Mark rarely left the military compound; he had only followed Woody out of the compound because Woody was very insistent about seeing the ocean. That was how he ended up being captured by the Phantom Wolf by the ocean and taken hostage.

“Of course she’s not. Even so… times have changed. Speaking of modern technology, I just needed to find an opportunity to implant a listening device under her skin without her knowledge, and I was able to find out whatever information I needed.”

Sophia felt her entire being go cold that instant; it was as though she had been doused with cold water.

When did he implant that listening device under her own skin? Was it during that jog at night?

No, the Phantom Wolf wouldn’t have had the chance to that day—it had to be some other time.

Suddenly, a thought struck her. She recalled the exact day; Sophia had brought Nicholas with her to visit Linus back then. Both Linus and Nicholas had gone into the workshop while she nodded off in the living room. The Phantom Wolf had suddenly charged in, and she knew nothing after that. When she woke up, she found Michael by her side while she was on the couch in Linus’s home.

She thought it was an extremely realistic dream, but now, it turned out that it wasn’t a dream at all… It was something that actually happened in real life!

Linus had mentioned before that those implanted with those micro devices would die if they didn’t get medical attention in time, but the Phantom Wolf still lived. That was because he wasn’t saved by just anyone; Linus was the one who had saved him.

The Phantom Wolf had been in Linus’s home that day, and the cutting edge listening device was something that only Linus had!

Linus was the financial backer behind the Phantom Wolf!

Everything had been a lie. Linus had deliberately approached Sophia and Michael in effort to become closer to the pair, and the information he obtained from the listening device was so that he and the Phantom Wolf could take down the Fletchers.

Sophia closed her eyes, leaving only tears of regret and anger behind. She understood at last that everything had been a lie; all the niceness and goodness was an elaborate illusion. Her ignorance and naivete had brought suffering to everyone, and she had hurt Old Master Fletcher too.

The door to the cargo hold was now fully lowered, and Phantom Wolf members bundled all the hostages into the plane. Meanwhile, Sophia was placed with Mark. They were the biggest draws here, which made everyone else quiet down.

Soon after that, cars burst past the forest surrounding the airfield. In the blink of an eye, the airfield was completely surrounded by cars and people. Both members of the underworld and men of the law were here; there were even foreign troops present. Countless gunmen already had their guns locked onto the Phantom Wolf members.

The flight systems on Linus’s plane had been jammed from a distance, making it unavailable for takeoff. The entire group seemed to have their wings clipped, but the Phantom Wolf still was as fearless as ever.

He placed Sophia on a wheelchair and tied a bomb to her. Then, he fastened the detonator to her ankle. If it touched the ground, everyone would die.

Mark was still furious as he yelled, “You son of a b*tch! If you’ve got a problem, come at me! I’m telling you to come at me! Just you wait—my children and grandchildren will never let you see the end of it!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 594

Quinton took a look at Mark and tilted his head. A mocking smile came onto his face as he said, “Old man—no, I should be calling you Grandfather instead.”

“Pfft, who’s your grandfather?” Mark glared at him.

“Whether you admit it or not, you are my grandfather. My biological father is your son, Theo,” Quinton said patiently.

With his eyes focused on Quinton, the old man went rigid. He wasn’t able to return to his senses for a long time.

Quinton continued with a sneer. “How do you think your son managed to take down that major drug trafficking family within a few months back then? In case you didn’t know, they had been reigning in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle for close to a hundred years. He married into that family, intending to take down the entire clan from the inside!”


It was Mark’s first time hearing about this. His eyes were widened with rage, but unfortunately, he couldn’t move.

Quinton continued to say, “However, your son made a terrible mistake back then. He shouldn’t have let that poor woman whom he lied to walk free, even if he felt a sense of duty! He thought the poor lady was different from her father, thinking that she would turn over a new leaf and lead the life of a regular civilian. He never knew that the woman would birth his child and turn that same child into a killing machine while she happily watched his descendants kill each other…”


Mark was shaking in fury right now, his wizened face having turned ruddy. He recalled the Fletchers who had died at the Phantom Wolf’s hands; Celine, Justin, and even the murderous Phantom Wolf himself were all his own descendants!


Mark coughed up a glob of blood. In an instant, he seemed to have aged several years.

Mark and Sophia had bombs bound to them. With the detonators strapped to their ankles, the explosives would go off as soon as they touched the ground. Not a single blade of grass grew here; the Phantom Wolf’s men held onto Sophia’s ankle, making sure that the detonator was a few meters above the ground. It was as though she could fall any moment and cause the whole place to go up in smoke.

Sophia noticed that the bombs had the Michel Group’s logo on them.

The Michels don’t just make electronics, they make military weapons too…

People streamed out of the cars surrounding the airfield. Joel stepped out of his vehicle, the expression on his face sharp and harsh. When he saw Mark all tied up, he gritted his teeth. The cannons were already primed and ready. Whether the plane would be able to take flight all depended on Mark, but Mark had ended up being taken hostage.

Michael got out of his black Porsche Cayenne. The black jacket on him made it look as though he had the actual night sky draped over his shoulders. From a distance, he could see Sophia and Mark with the bombs strapped to them. Fury took over him, nearly destroying all his sense of reason.

Still, he took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down.

The foreign guards protecting Linus walked over, and the Mitchells were here as well.

The airfield was well and completely surrounded.

With this kind of manpower, it would be difficult for the Phantom Wolf members to escape.

However, Quinton was as unfazed as ever, for he had sufficient trump cards at his disposal!

The Phantom Wolf took off his mask and called out loudly to the crowd. “I know you’re here, Linus. You’re the one who jammed the plane’s systems.”

Linus didn’t dare to make a false move. He could make the Phantom Wolf drop dead with the press of a button, but he didn’t dare to gamble on Sophia’s life. He moved toward Michael.

Michael was already standing next to Joel, ready to fight side by side. It felt as though they had returned to those times when they were in the Special Operations Squadron. Even though they had always been competitive and tried to outrank one another, they miraculously fell into step with each other when they had to fight against a mutual enemy.

“Do you have any plans?” Joel’s voice was even, but he was panicking on the inside.

“Let’s negotiate first,” Michael replied coldly.

They couldn’t kill the Phantom Wolf. Everyone here would be done for the minute he died, never mind the hostages. Despite that, they couldn’t let the Phantom Wolf go either, because it would be difficult to capture him if he escaped.

Sean rushed over. “They took our patriarch as well!” he said anxiously.

The Phantom Wolf probably thought that Woody wasn’t enough incentive for them, for he simply instructed his members to bundle Woody and the other hostages into the plane. The moment Linus unjammed the plane’s systems, they would be able to escape without a trace along with the hostages.

Linus walked over. An unfriendly light gleamed in Joel and Michael’s eyes when they caught sight of him. Obviously, they hadn’t forgotten the reason why the Phantom Wolf was able to capture Mark and Sophia in the first place.

“I’ve already neutralized the bomb in his body permanently. It won’t pose a threat to you anymore.”

The moment Linus said that, everyone understood instantly that he was the one who had planted the bomb inside the Phantom Wolf’s body. Now that they had come to this critical point, they didn’t care that much about that. They had to find a way to rescue the hostages!

Everyone put their heads together and began to discuss different strategies. Quinton paced on the spot like he was a patient but ferocious beast. He said once again, “Do you hear me, Linus? Get the plane started!”

Right then, there was a sound of a gunshot; one of the hostages had been shot in the leg. He cried out loud as he cradled his leg from where he was on the plane.

After that gunshot, the previously silent airfield was filled with that person’s horrific screams. The air was even more tense now as sweat beaded Joel and Michael’s foreheads.

They had no time left; all they could do now was to secure Quinton.

“My plane has its own automatic anti-theft system. If your men attempt to start the engines without my say-so and trigger the anti-theft system, the rest of the plane’s systems will automatically lock down. I will have to lift it manually,” Linus called out.

Quinton had a pistol in his hand as he pointed toward the plane. “In that case, go up there and do it.”

Linus didn’t speak. He took a glance at Michael before he lifted his arms high into the air and slowly walked toward Quinton. He had no weapons on him.

Sophia watched as Linus made his way over alone. She slumped weakly against her wheelchair, tears flowing from her eyes.

Linus didn’t dare to look at her. Quinton’s men had a gun to his waist as they shoved him toward the plane. Linus stepped closer and closer to the plane’s cargo hold. With his back to the others, and he finally entered the hold.

The cargo hold was filled with vehicles belonging to the Phantom Wolf. There were over a dozen men here guarding eight hostages. There was a mix of elderly and young, male and female among the hostages. From the looks of it, they were villagers from the settlements nearby. They were all still wearing their pajamas, and a silly old man smiled stupidly at him.

“Coop—come here, boy. Come to me.”

Linus never stopped once. He walked to the passenger cabin from the cargo hold before making his way to the cockpit. He saw two pilots already sitting there, but they were unable to do anything about the locked systems.

Linus was pressed into the pilot’s seat. Soon, he began to lift the anti-theft system.

Everyone watched as Linus stepped into the plane, feeling a myriad of emotions that instant. Regardless of Linus’s motives, he had walked into danger on his own accord.

As this went on, the Phantom Wolf members got on the plane and drove their cars into the hold.

Michael and Joel approached Quinton while he stood there and welcomed them. The three of them stood where they were. It was the first time these three Fletchers, all with different backgrounds, faced each other head-on.

Their fathers were all part of the Fletcher Family. One had been born directly into the family and was a proper Fletcher through and through; one of them yearned to be accepted by the Fletchers but was constantly rejected by them; and another never even got the chance to be accepted by the Fletcher Family.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 595

Joel stared at the Phantom Wolf coldly. It was also his first time hearing that the Phantom Wolf was Theo’s descendant, but Joel was still as calm as ever. “Release the hostages, and I will guarantee that you’ll have a safe passage out of the country.”

Quinton tilted his head as he gazed back at Joel. A cold light emanated from his dark eyes, seeming as though he was a venomous snake. “My apologies, dear brothers; it’s a pity that we have to meet under such circumstances.” The Phantom Wolf gave a polite bow to them. “My birth father is Theo, while my biological mother is Tanya. I was initially born as Hope, but I changed my name to Quinton after my mother remarried.”

Michael pointed somewhere, and Hale brought Tanya over with a gun held to her head.

“Your mother is with me. I want to exchange her for one of the hostages.”

Even though Michael would love nothing better than to kill Tanya with his own hands to avenge his mother, Tanya was the only hostage he had.

Quinton took a look at the woman in Hale’s hold and waved at her from a distance.

Tanya’s face was blank. One had to wonder if it was because her facial nerves had been damaged from all the excessive plastic surgery, or if she simply didn’t care. After greeting her, Quinton said to the two men, “Do as you wish with her. I have no love for her anyway.”

He was just three years old when Tanya sent him to the Phantom Wolf’s organization. At the age of 14, he crawled out of there to see her for the first time in years, but she sent him for plastic surgery because he looked too much like Theo.

It was well within Michael’s expectations that Quinton had very little connection to his biological mother. He took a few steps forward and said, “Since you don’t want your birth mother, I’ll offer myself up in exchange for two hostages. I am a celebrity, and I am known all over the world. You’ll have more sway if you have me instead, don’t you think so?”

Sophia’s heart was lurching, her tears continuing to fall as she screamed internally.

No, don’t do this! Please don’t!

She would rather stay in the Phantom Wolf’s clutches if it meant that Michael would not offer himself in exchange.

Negotiations had hit a critical turn, but both parties knew that they were just buying time; the Phantom Wolf was waiting for Linus to fix the plane, while Joel and Michael were waiting for a chance to strike.

Apart from Mark and Sophia, all the other hostages had been moved onto the plane. Most of the Phantom Wolf members had boarded the plane as well, leaving only a few people out on the airfield itself. Everyone had their eyes on the two Fletchers and the Phantom Wolf. The gunmen remained at their positions outside, but no one noticed that some strange thing had slithered in.

Michael was still negotiating with the Phantom Wolf as he said, “You took my sister in hopes of molding her into the perfect killing machine. It’s a pity that she isn’t able to match your expectations. You can take me to see for yourself.”

Mark was so frustrated that he yelled. “Don’t do anything rash, Mikey! I’ve already lived a fulfilling life at a hundred, but you still have many years ahead of you!”

Sophia wanted to call out to Michael and advise him as well, but her tongue was numb. She couldn’t make a sound.

All of a sudden, she felt something jab into her arms dangling weakly by her sides.

That jab had a massive effect on her. In just a few seconds, her body felt as though a fire had just blazed through it; Sophia’s mind soon let her know about her control over her limbs. She wiggled them discreetly, and a sense of joy surged up in her.

She could move again!

She didn’t alert the Phantom Wolf of this. Sophia sneakily moved her eyes to survey her surroundings; she was figuring out a way to stay alive and rescue Mark while saving herself in the process. However, her survey yielded nothing. She had no idea why she was able to move either.

The Phantom Wolf currently had his back to her. Some of his subordinates had formed a circle, keeping an eye on the hostages warily. Two of them had their eyes on Sophia and Mark, keeping their hands on the detonator. If these two died and the detonators fell to the ground, no one else would be getting out alive.

The light here was weak, and the member with Sophia’s detonator had his back to her as he gripped her foot. His large, hulking frame blocked off the dim yellow of the evening sun. Sophia was engulfed with darkness while everyone’s attention was on the Phantom Wolf and the two Fletchers. No one else was looking at her, nor did anyone notice the cold vapor that was spreading from the bomb strapped to Sophia. Sophia fell into extreme nervousness; she watched as the cold vapor soon enveloped the bomb and felt her chest go cold. Despite the thick coat separating her bare skin from her vapor, the chill still got to her.

A barely audible voice suddenly spoke up from inside the bomb.

“The low temperature is destroying the bomb’s internals…”

As this went on, a tiny mechanical arm silently reached out and gently snipped the wires on the bomb under the cover of the night.

The soft sound of those wires snapping sounded horribly loud in Sophia’s mind. She felt her scalp crawl at that, and she didn’t dare to breathe as her eyes widened. At last, she could see what it was——it was a robot!

Linus had mentioned before that the Michels were researching some type of material for military use that could be truly invisible. He never mentioned the specifics, but the material could confuse human eyes and radars by repeatedly reflecting the environment around it, thus achieving true invisibility. However, that material hadn’t been fully developed yet and was still under testing.

There was no mistake about it; the robot in front of her eyes was made with that material. It silently neared her, mimicking its surroundings and confusing her eyes by reflecting the actual environment back.

Since no one was actually watching Sophia, no one caught sight of this. To top it off, the light here was dim.

Her arm suddenly brushed against something. She seized this opportunity to grab it and picked up a cold, sharp object.

Linus finally lifted the locks on the plane’s systems and walked out of the cargo hold. A Phantom Wolf member followed from behind with a gun pressed to Linus’s lower back. As the plane revved up successfully, the roar of its engines could be heard even from a distance.

“It’s running now. You can leave whenever you want,” said Linus.

Quinton smiled and said to Michael, “Your offer is very enticing, but I have no interest in you.” He took another look at Michael’s unsightly expression and laughed sinisterly. “Your wife’s the only one I’m interested in.”

Michael gritted his teeth as he watched Quinton approach Sophia with a gun in his hand. They were about to watch Sophia and Mark be taken away with no means of stopping it.

Linus suddenly said, “I forgot to mention this, but you’ve got too much cargo. My plane is only a medium-sized one; there’s no way it can carry that many personnel and cars.”

Quinton took a look. Linus was right; the plane’s cargo limit had been exceeded. There was no way for it to fly.

The food and weapons couldn’t be disposed of, so he removed some of the cars instead. Nonetheless, it was still too heavy to fly. He then ordered for all the other hostages to be booted out, and those hostages immediately scrambled away. After all, none of them were as useful as Sophia or Mark.

Woody followed the rest of the hostages, but he laughed when he saw Linus. “Coop… Oh, there are two Coops…”

Now that the Phantom Wolf had removed much of the original cargo, the plane could finally take off. He gave another warning to Michael and Joel as he made his retreat. As the airplane roared, it could take to the skies at any time. Michael and Joel could only watch as Sophia and Mark were about to be taken away on the plane.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 596

Mark kept ranting and raving while Sophia slumped in her wheelchair, motionless and silent.

Michael abruptly chased after them. While the Phantom Wolf members were all looking at him, Sophia suddenly whipped up from her slumped position in the wheelchair and flung a shiny item at one of the Phantom Wolf members. It quickly flew past his neck, leaving a long, red gash on it. By the time the pain hit him, he had already fallen to his knees weakly, his neck having been sliced open by Sophia.

That member had been holding Sophia’s detonator when she suddenly leaped up nimbly and killed him despite being paralyzed. Now that he was dead, the detonator fell to the ground.

Everyone instinctively braced their heads for cover. They had only one thought in mind——that they were all about to die!

However, the explosion they were expecting never came. Sophia struggled and hurled the dagger that she had somehow managed to conjure out of thin air at the member that was guarding Mark.

The blade sunk into the man’s chest. He reflexively reached up to touch it. Having lost his grip on the detonator, it began to fall to the ground.

Sophia charged over to grab the detonator and shoved it into Mark’s hands. She then kicked Mark’s wheelchair, sending it careening into the distance.

Everything was over in a blink of an eye. By the time everyone realized that the bomb hadn’t blown up, two Phantom Wolf members were already down, and Mark had been sent far away from his initial position. Sophia still had her leg raised from when she kicked the wheelchair.

Joel rushed over and immediately caught hold of Mark’s wheelchair, and the bomb experts nearby quickly swarmed over to defuse the bomb. Meanwhile, Michael hurried over to Sophia.

Sophia’s head was empty. Her mind kept buzzing as she stared at Mark, who seemed to be yelling about something after she had kicked him away. Michael was shouting as well as he charged over. She reached out for Michael, but right that moment, a suffocating force pressed itself into her neck. Her legs suddenly left the ground; Quinton had her in his clutches.

Quinton didn’t waste his breath as he dragged her back into the cargo hold, to which the door was already closing. The plane was ready for takeoff and was already taxiing while slowly gaining speed.

Michael immediately chased after them, but the door to the cargo hold was gradually being pulled up as he neared the plane. Linus didn’t manage to chase after them. Instead, he turned his head to watch the bomb experts defuse the bomb strapped to Mark. He then looked at the plane that he couldn’t possibly catch up to before turning around to help defuse the bomb.

His company was the one that manufactured that bomb, so he knew how to safely defuse it.

The plane had already sped up and would be leaving the ground anytime soon. Miraculously, Michael had caught up to the Phantom Wolf in the cargo hold, having managed to get in before the door could close. The Phantom Wolf shoved Sophia away and whipped out his pistol, but Michael quickly grabbed at his wrist and the two ended up wrestling each other.

The plane suddenly shook, causing everyone to fall. The members sent as backup toppled over as one before they reflexively looked for a place to steady themselves and aimed at Michael in an attempt to help the Phantom Wolf. However, both of them were balled up together like a meatball, so the others didn’t dare to shoot recklessly.

As they battled, Michael whipped the helmet off the Phantom Wolf’s head. Sophia came rushing over from behind, brandishing a long, thick weapon in hand and smashed it hard onto the Phantom Wolf’s skull.

A loud smack rang out. Although the Phantom Wolf had his strength and reflexes boosted by various serums, his head was just like any other ordinary person’s no matter how much extra help he got from being altered. After he was struck brutally on the head, his body stiffened. He turned back to see Sophia with a 20-centimeter metal dildo in hand.

She then leaped up and struck him in the head again with the dildo, stunning him completely. Michael took this opportunity to kick the Phantom Wolf from behind, sending him deeper into the plane. With that, Michael quickly grabbed Sophia and rolled out of it. As soon as they escaped the plane, the door to the cargo hold closed completely. The plane soon reached the speed needed for takeoff and left the ground, slowly taking to the skies.

Michael still held onto Sophia as they rolled out into the air. Considering the speed of the plane, he knew that they might not live through this. He tightened his hold on Sophia, hoping that his body would act as a meat shield for her.

If only one of us can live…

In that short moment of time, Sophia forgot about everything. She couldn’t recall anything—not the Phantom Wolf, not Linus, not anyone. All she could think about was Michael. She held onto him tightly; even if they were going to die, she wanted to die together with him!

There was only a single moment left now. Michael fell to the ground with Sophia still in his embrace, but it didn’t hurt like he thought it would. He was the first one to land; even if he died, she must live.

The ground seemed to be soft and as fluffy as cotton. He crashed onto the surface, sinking into the ground before springing away from the rebound. The two of them whirled through the air before falling to the ground again.

This time, it hurt…

Michael opened his eyes and realized that he was lying on the grassy lawn of the airfield. His limbs were intact, and Sophia was still clinging tightly to him, shrinking into his hold from fear.

The plane was already up in the sky when Joel, Linus, and the rest of the troops on the ground came rushing over.

In the distance, Michael caught sight of the jumping cushion which had been set up. They had fallen onto that cushion earlier and bounced off of it before falling to the ground a second time. Miraculously, they managed to spare their lives.

He lifted his head to see the jumping cushion being deflated, and it took some time before it could be put away. A figure then approached them from the darkness. As the figure neared them, its silhouette became clearer; by the time the figure came to a stop, they could see that it was Nicholas.

“I want a pat on the head, Dad.”

It finally hit Sophia—the invisible robot earlier was actually Nicholas!

Nicholas had been altered that day and was capable of turning into any color. Sophia simply thought that Nicholas looked good, but she didn’t realize that this was the high-tech invisibility material Linus was talking about. In fact, it was the kind that could automatically change to any color.

She ended up crying in happiness. Wrapping her arms around Michael, she was unable to stop herself from bursting into loud sobs.

There had been several times earlier when she thought she was about to die.

Michael pulled Sophia in close; he never thought that it would feel so sweet to be alive.

Being alive was better than anything else.

Linus had already defused the bomb as quickly as he could. Mark had now recovered somewhat from that moment of anger when he coughed up some blood. As he lowered his head, he saw this strange man.

Blond hair and blue eyes…

Still, Mark found this man quite familiar. He felt this inexplicable sense of familiarity with him.

“Coop, Coop!”

Woody suddenly came hurtling over, grabbing onto Linus while asking him, “Are you cold, Coop? Why didn’t you come back to visit your dad?”

Linus lifted his head to look at the old man before him. “You’ve got the wrong guy. I’m not your Coop,” he said softly.

Woody had thought that he was Cooper. As soon as Linus denied it, Woody’s face fell. Sean quickly led him away to see Sophia.

“Hey, you’ve got the wrong man. That’s not Uncle Cooper; he’s over there.”

Woody kept turning his head back to look at Linus while mumbling, “Coop… Coop…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 597

Hale and Abel had already rushed over to lift Sophia and Michael onto some stretchers. While they managed to live through their ordeal, they had sustained multiple fractures of differing severity.

Woody saw Sophia on the stretcher and reached out to grab her hand. “How are you, Coop?” he asked in concern.

It was only then did Sophia notice her throbbing aches and pain. She didn’t know which bones were fractured, so she merely chuckled in pain and answered, “I’m okay, Dad. I simply had a fall.”

Joel glanced at Michael as the latter was being carried away. The two of them met each other’s gazes, but they didn’t speak; they didn’t have anything to talk about either.

Meanwhile, Sean followed after the both of them while helping Woody to keep up. Nicholas trotted by their side obediently.

Now that the bomb on Mark’s body had been taken down, Stanley helped the old man to stand up. When he saw Sophia and Michael being carried over, Mark was shocked yet ecstatic; he thought that he was about to bury a child.


Sophia couldn’t help but choke when she saw Old Master Fletcher. Mark gazed at her before shifting his eyes over to Michael. “As long as you’re alive,” he said.

He couldn’t help but tear up when he looked at Michael. He thought about Michael’s father Theo, the son who’d lost his life at a young age. Who would have thought that the Phantom Wolf was actually Theo’s son…

Linus took a few steps back. As he watched everyone bonding with each other, he became hyper-aware of his status as an outsider. Since all of this started because of him, he felt that he should take his leave now that everything was settled.

“Mr. Michel,” said Joel as he called out to Linus in a chilly voice. Linus stopped in his tracks and looked at him.

Joel looked at the plane that was about to vanish into the horizon. “Once the plane is away from high-density areas, detonate the bomb in his body.”

Linus shook his head and gave a helpless smile. “I’ve already neutralized that bomb earlier in order to prevent accidents from happening. It’s just a lump of useless metal now.”

He was being truthful. When Joel heard this, he merely chuckled. Linus wondered whether he believed him or not.

“In that case, it seems like we won’t be able to salvage your plane.”

Having said that, Joel turned sharply and walked away. His subordinates began to clean up the place.

The darkness of night had come to an end, and light began to break out from the edge of the sky. Joel’s men cleaned up the airfield, carting away the Phantom Wolf members’ corpses as well as a broken dildo.

Although it was awkward and rather inappropriate, that thing still had the Phantom Wolf’s blood splattered all over from when it hit his skull, so it was classified as important evidence and stowed away carefully.

Joel gave his orders through a walkie talkie.

“The missiles are ready to fire; the target has been locked on. Do we fire the missiles?”

Joel looked at the vanishing plane and answered, “Fire.”

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the sky. A stream of light that resembled a comet streak appeared in the sky, heading toward the plane that was disappearing into the horizon. A moment later, the missile hit its target, and a blinding light lit up the entire nation; the plane had exploded.

With a loud bang, the notorious head of the infamous international terrorist organization, Phantom Wolf, died after his body was blown apart.

Everyone had a strange expression as they watched that blinding light.

Sophia laid on her stretcher as she looked at the light in the sky. Perhaps it was because of how blindingly bright it was, but tears rolled down her face when she shut her eyes, slowly disappearing into her hair. She and Michael were then carried into a vehicle and sent to a military hospital along with Mark, who had angrily spat out a mouthful of blood earlier.

After Linus’s plane was blown up, the wreckage fell into a mountainous forest that hardly anyone frequented. The recovery efforts were a huge undertaking, and the explosion had caused a huge stir among the citizens as the recovery went on. The next day, a plethora of videos and lies were spread all over the Internet.

The military quickly held a press conference to explain the situation. According to their official statement, the notorious terrorist organization Phantom Wolf had barged into Quinton’s home, who was a Bayside University lecturer. They made off with the man himself and a student before capturing several villagers. While they were escaping via plane, the plane was struck down by a missile. All members of Phantom Wolf died on the spot, while the hostages were freed. Quinton had died from being shot by the Phantom Wolf members while he was protecting his student.

Meanwhile, Joel was accorded medals of honor.

Three days after the fiasco, Sophia still remained in the military hospital. She was currently watching the news; Joel’s ceremony was currently being aired.

She and Michael were warded in the same room. He had cracked his ribs, while she had several leg fractures.

Michael was in the middle of a phone call with Maria.

“Mr. Michel’s belongings have been returned, Nicholas included. The Young Master cried very hard at that.”

Michael didn’t even need Maria to tell him that; he could clearly hear the earth-shattering sobs in the background of the call.

Nicholas was a godsend. If it hadn’t been for the robot, he and Sophia probably wouldn’t have made it.

Still, Nicholas had no ability to directly aid or harm people; he was just a mere robot. However, once trust had been lost, it wouldn’t be easy to gain it back.

Linus had admitted it himself; even though he did not intend to harm Sophia, he had implanted microscopic listening devices in Sophia and Nathan’s bodies. That was the reason why the Phantom Wolf had been able to track down Old Master Fletcher. Despite cooperating with Michael to save Sophia and Mark in the end, he didn’t dare to leave those things alone.

“Send him over,” instructed Michael to Maria. After ending the call, he got up and headed outside. He wanted to be discharged, but Old Master Fletcher forbade him from leaving; he had to stay there for a few more days.

Old Master Fletcher had sustained some minor injuries too, so he was resting in a room next to them. Michael would visit him every day.

Nathan was sent over that afternoon. He was still sniffling and sobbing when he came into the ward. Without even greeting Michael when he saw him, Nathan rushed over to Sophia’s bed and leaped into her arms.

Sophia cooed at him. “Alright, good boy. Nicholas belongs to Uncle Linus. He will have to go with him. Relax, I’ll definitely make you a new robot in the future.”

Nathan still sobbed hard. He recalled the day when that strange man upgraded Nicholas again. Linus said, “I’ve given Nicholas an upgrade, Nate. He’ll protect you and your parents from now on. You’ll have to take care of him like he’s your family. You can’t lose him, alright?”

What was the reason? Nicholas had been such a good robot; he even protected his parents. Why was Nicholas being sent away?

Nathan had been so upset that he didn’t speak to Michael for days, nor did Michael speak to him.

Two surprise guests came to visit Mark on that same day. Filled with disbelief, Mark stared at Celine as she stood before him. “Celie! Haha! My dear Celie’s back at last!”

“Grandpa!” Celine’s eyes were teary as she rushed over to hug him. Both grandfather and granddaughter never thought that they would see each other again, crying their hearts out as they held each other.

Mark took a look at Justin, who was standing off to the side. The old man was so emotional that he could barely speak.

“You’re back… You’re all back… This is great! Nathan has his parents again…” Mark held Celine and Justin’s hands as he shifted his gaze between them. His emotions made him tear up again.

The other Fletchers present couldn’t help but shed a tear at this. Nathan shyly ducked behind Sophia, his eyes wide as he curiously took in the woman who resembled Michael, as well as the man with the mask.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 598

Abel had his mask on the entire time—his appearance was extremely shocking and he didn’t want to scare his son off. Meanwhile, Celine’s mental state showed great improvement throughout her recovery and Abel was finally able to let go of the burden that had weighed upon his shoulders for years now that Phantom Wolf’s leader was dead.

Their family could finally reunite. When Celine finally got to see her son, she waved toward Nathan happily as she cried, “Nathan, my darling…” Nathan looked around before his gaze landed on her. He seemed a little confused at first, but once a sense of realization struck him, he clumsily scurried over to the woman and shouted, “Mommy!”

Everyone felt tears welling up in their eyes when they heard Nathan’s single cry for ‘Mommy’. Celine was practically drowning in her own tears as she hugged her son tightly. It felt like she just fell asleep and had a long nightmare.

However, her son was a mere tiny creature that she swaddled and fed milk to before she fell asleep; once the nightmare ended and everything got better, she woke up to see that her own son had grown a lot older. Nathan looked up with his glistening eyes fixated on Justin, who stood quietly beside him. The young boy finally said, “Daddy!”

Celine could tell from the way the child called out for his father—this step dad had done everything he could for his son. Justin’s arms were filled with cuts and bruises as he reached out to pat the young boy’s head. He eventually fell onto his knees as he pulled his wife into an embrace. I’ve been waiting for this day for so, so long…

Nathan beamed happily as he watched this. Turning around to see Sophia and Michael’s rather dejected faces, he quickly shouted, “Uncle! Aunt!” Sophia turned away from the child as she felt tears rolling down her cheeks, while Michael reached out to ruffle the young boy’s hair. This was the first time the both of them had spoken to each other since he sent Nicholas away.

Mark looked around at his houseful of children and grandchildren—Joel, Stanley, Caleb, Claude, Michael, Nathan, Justin, Sophia and the rest. Regardless if they were his biological descendants or simply people who got married into the family, all of them were like his own children to him. His heart was filled with pride and satisfaction!

Michael rushed off after staying for a few days. He had a lot of matters to deal with—one of them being to meet up with Tanya. He hadn’t been able to recognize her when he first saw her; from the color of her skin tone to the features on her face, she had completely changed her appearance. By then, Tanya had been locked up in the basement of his house for days. Michael sat himself down and glared at her, the two of them separated by a layer of bullet-proof glass.

His eyes were filled with pure hatred as he stared at the woman who had forced his mother to her death. Having undergone excessive plastic surgery, Tanya had to take medications every day to ensure that her face did not turn red or swollen. However, her face was completely bloated at the moment, making her look like a monster more than ever. When she saw Michael, she gave him a sneer as she raised her eyebrows and grinned smugly. “Are you trying to get revenge for that dumb woman, Elizabeth?

Hah. Let me tell you this—I’m the winner here! I’m the last person standing! The one that Theo actually loves is me! I heard it with my own ears back then; he said that his love for Elizabeth wasn’t real as he found it impossible to love someone who had shot pornographic flicks. However, he had no choice because that evil woman tried her best to get him in bed and became pregnant with the two of you so that she could force him to take responsibility for her life.

He had no choice! Theo was the one who set me free previously; we even agreed that he’d help to change my identity. That way, I could go back to him once everything had calmed down a little. We were even supposed to get married; that just shows how worthless you and your sister are to him! You guys don’t understand how much Theo loves me!

I am the final winner! Hah! How could a b*tch like Elizabeth ever win a fight against me?! In fact, she actually listened to me and ended her life; how dumb is that? Theo’s a smart man, so how could he possibly be in love with someone as dumb as her?”

Michael gazed at her emotionlessly as she went on and on with her speech like a madwoman. Poisonous gas was gradually being released into the single, glass-covered room that she was in—Tanya was going to die in less than 20 minutes. Being caught up in her own delusion, the woman continued to ramble on crazily. Michael gave her a cold glare; he insisted on remaining silent as he attempted to use his disdainful gaze to tear down her very last bit of stubborn pride. His calm and cool expression was the greatest way to taunt her. In reality, Tanya was the only one who knew how pitiful of a person she was.

After all, how could she lie to anyone else if she couldn’t even lie to herself? Theo never loved her. Never! Back then, Theo had adopted the identity of a merchant selling tobacco; he was visiting the Golden Triangle to purchase his goods when she first met him. Immediately falling in love with his charismatic looks, Tanya brought him home and forced him to get married to her. However, he told her that he had a wife and children.

He was very much in love with his wife and was only there for business, so he’d never love her. However, the innocent and young Tanya thought that her beauty and power would be able to change his mind; in just a matter of time, he would abandon the wife he had at home. Wanting to make them seem like a married couple, she locked him in her castle and tried various methods to get him in bed with her. However, no one expected that the frail, gentle looking man was actually Theo!

He was Theo, the bloody warrior that left all of the other drug dealers trembling in fear whenever they heard his name! Tanya watched him murder her entire family in cold blood. Furthermore, he could still gaze at her heartlessly—without a hint of pity or concern in his eyes—after annihilating her entire household.

That was when she knew that he’d never fall in love with her! Never! It had been her own one-sided desires all along; he didn’t even bother to fake his interest for her as he simply stayed around to gather intelligence from her family!

After getting badly injured, she had to crawl out from under a pile of dead bodies before she was finally saved by her father and her partner, Phantom Wolf. It was only then did she find out about her own pregnancy while getting her injuries treated. She didn’t hesitate to give birth to Theo’s son; she wanted to see their future generations waging war against one another. In fact, she wanted Theo to be troubled both in life and after death! “Haha! I’m the winner!

I’m the winner!” Tanya took in huge gasps of poisonous air as she laughed. After a while, she leaned against the glass wall before gradually slumping down onto the ground. She began to cry as she hugged her legs to her chest. Bits and parts of her plastic face were sticking out in odd angles beneath her twisted skin as she sobbed and wailed helplessly.

She had met Elizabeth once; the woman was extremely pretty and Tanya knew that she was no match for her. Throughout the years, she had been doing plastic surgery just to make herself look like someone that Theo would like, but what use was it?

“I’ve said this before—I’d clean all the blood off my hands and become a regular couple with you once we get married, but why… You’re so cruel, Theo. I named our son Hope Fletcher in hopes that you’d glance at me for just a little longer someday…” Tanya’s voice was gradually trailing off as she eventually crossed to the other side with all the resentment and helplessness within her. She knew that Theo wouldn’t be interested in her even on the other side…

Michael simply stared at Tanya’s dead body as he zoned out after watching her die a gradual death. Elizabeth didn’t end her life because she was dumb; how could she have died just because Tanya told her to? She was only willing to leave because she no longer had any reason to stay alive. Theo was dead, and she knew that the best arrangement for Michael and his sister would be for them to live with the Fletcher Family.

Once the siblings settled down with the Fletchers, she knew that there was nothing else she needed to do in her life. Theo had killed a lot of people, so Elizabeth thought that her own death might be able to better the lives of her own children. After all, she was a Buddhist who believed in karma.

She wanted to take in all of the bad karma of her family, and she hoped that her own death would be able to relieve the hatred Tanya felt toward them; it’d allow for her children to grow up safely. Clearly, things didn’t work out the way she wanted it to…

After a long while, Michael stood up and turned toward Gemma. “Burn the body and send the ashes to the Clarks.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 599

Michael had done his research beforehand—Tanya remarried to the head of the Clark Family and assumed the identity of an expat who had just returned to the country. Quinton had been 16 years old when that happened.

The Clarks didn’t know about the relationship between the two of them, and Hope changed his name to Quinton, turning himself into a son of the Clark Family after Tanya married the family head. Until today, the Clarks were still unaware of Tanya and Quinton’s actual identities. When the two of them disappeared together, the Clarks assumed that they had been kidnapped by Phantom Wolf. Yet, they received only a single urn of ashes when two people had gone missing.

Quinton’s funeral was hosted on a warm, sunny day in the middle of spring. A good number of students and lecturers from Bayside University attended the funeral. In their eyes, Quinton was nothing more than a typical man and an outstanding teacher; he was a noble soldier who had sacrificed himself for the sake of his own students. The last status he had posted on his social media was: ‘The world is huge; I just want to step out and take a look.’ He wanted to travel the world, yet he decided to settle as a supporting teacher in the mountains.

He once said, “Humans are the highest form of animals; we often seek for greater pleasures once our stomachs are full. Some of us crave for physical pleasures while others seek for spiritual awakenings; to each its own dream.” For the sake of saving his own student, Quinton volunteered to be held hostage and eventually sacrificed his own life. Naturally, Jackson mourned the death of his stepson whom he had treated like his own child.

“Although Quinton isn’t my own child, I’ve always treated him as mine. He once told me to make sure that his funeral was done on a sunny day if he passed away. He said that those who attended the funeral were all people who cared about him, and he wanted these people to feel a little better with the sun shining on them.”

Standing in the middle of a weeping crowd, Sophia was oddly calm as she found herself zoning out while glancing at a photo of Quinton. When the funeral had ended and everyone was leaving, she came back to her senses and realized that her entire face was soaked with tears. Perhaps this man, the one who insisted on having his funeral on a sunny day, was the actual Quinton Clark. Perhaps there was a hint of beauty hidden within his dark, evil spirit.

He wasn’t born with much of a choice but to taint his soul with darkness for the sake of keeping himself alive, but deep down, there seemed to be a part of him who hadn’t given up on the tiny ray of light that he had tried his best to protect. After the funeral ended, only Quinton’s clothes were buried at the tombstone. His young face, as seen on the tombstone at the newly dug grave in the cemetery, carried a mix of desolation and helplessness. Jackson gave it a long, thoughtful stare before he left quietly.

Right then, Sophia turned around to see Linus. Standing by a nearby tree, he was dressed in a full black suit. She hadn’t seen him ever since the incident. He stood there for a long time, looking as though he had been waiting for her intentionally. Sophia subconsciously threw a glance toward a car that was parked nearby to see Michael seated inside.

He had been at the funeral the whole time; he just didn’t get out of the car. It was hard to see the expression on Michael’s face as the sunglasses he wore were big enough to cover half of his face, but since he didn’t seem to show any objections to it, Sophia began walking toward Linus.

As the two of them took a walk in the chilly, spring breeze, several cars tagged along some distance behind them. ‘I’m leaving’ was the first thing that Linus said. Sophia didn’t seem too surprised by this and merely grunted. She hadn’t expected Linus to stay in the country for long after all that had happened.

Although he had a large team of lawyers and other connections that could help him sever all ties with Phantom Wolf, it didn’t change the fact that he had been someone who colluded with them. The Fletcher Family was kind enough not to launch an attack against him, but he simply couldn’t stay in Bayside City for much longer.

“I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.” Linus didn’t try to defend himself. Sophia understood that each individual had their own struggles, but regardless of what his reason was, it was a known fact that he had been an accomplice to Phantom Wolf’s deeds and had nearly caused a huge tragedy. It was tough for an adopted son like Linus to survive in a family as powerful, cruel and preoccupied by the importance of blood relations as the Michel Family; he needed something more than just Fass’s support and his own hard work.

He needed to use more bloody and vicious methods in order to maintain his own position in the Michel Family, to make sure that he had a stable base in the family, and to improve his own quality of life. It made sense that he’d pay a group of lunatics to risk their lives for him. After all, to live was to suffer; everyone understood their own sufferings more than anyone else.

Sophia finally decided to say something. “You should come back for a holiday someday,” she suggested.

“Yeah,” he said quietly. Then, he handed Sophia the keys to Villa No. 2 as he continued, “I’m taking the next flight out after the funeral is over. These are the keys to my house; you can clean it up whenever you’re free, and you can be the substitute landlord if anyone wishes to rent the place. Just deduct whatever is needed and transfer the remaining balance over to my account.”

She took the keys from him as she uttered, “We should keep in touch. I’ll contact you if I ever get myself into trouble.” However, both of them could tell that this was probably the last time they’d be saying goodbye to one another before embarking on two separate journeys.

Understanding this, Linus chuckled as he replied, “Yeah. You can always call me if you need money. After all, that’s the one thing I don’t lack.” Sophia giggled at his words, and the two of them laughed for a bit longer before a wave of loneliness drowned their voices. Linus then took a look at his watch before he said, “It’s getting late. I need to catch my flight.”

“Your plane got bombed, didn’t it? I can lend you one of mine!” she quickly offered. Linus had already walked toward the car that his driver parked next to him, and his bodyguard had already opened the car door for him. Half of his body was already in the car when he turned around and gave Sophia a casual wave as he rejected her offer.

“It’s fine—I got a new plane. I have always wanted to get rid of the old one, but I never found the right time to do it.” He turned to face his back toward Sophia and paused before muttering, “Help me bid goodbye to Stanley and the rest.” He got into the car with his face still turned away from her, looking as if he was afraid that she would see how desolated and lonely he felt.

By the time Linus’s car left, Michael’s car had already come to a halt beside Sophia. She got in feeling more dejected and alone than ever. She knew that she shouldn’t be putting on such a dispirited look in front of her own husband when she had just bid goodbye to another man, but she couldn’t bring herself to put a smile on her own face.

She couldn’t forget the man who had climbed walls to find her in hiding when Sophia was at her lowest; he was also the man who had taken his shirt off and placed it over her while he shivered in the cold. She felt a deep connection to Linus, but she loved him like a brother rather than a romantic partner.

Soon enough, Linus arrived at his own private airport. He didn’t receive any compensation after his private plane had been bombed previously. Of course, he wasn’t expecting to receive any; Phantom Wolf wouldn’t have managed to capture Mark so easily if it hadn’t been for the intel and devices Linus provided them with.

Although Mark himself said that he wouldn’t hold this against Linus, Linus thought that he’d just leave as he knew that things didn’t look good for him here. The Michel Group would proceed with their plans of opening more branches in Cethos, and they had already transferred other workers to handle the place. Linus’s purpose of visitation had been completed, and it was about time he left.

The plane made a move soon after he got in. His pet cats and dogs drifted off to sleep beside him while he pulled his laptop out to do some work. Every now and then, he would look up to see the endless clouds spreading before his eyes. He gazed at the blue skies for a while before he seemed to realize something.

He then unlocked his luggage and pulled two photo frames out of it. One of the frames held a group picture of all the friends he had met at Cethos. This included him, Sophia, Stanley, Sean and Sarah; the five of them often went loitering after class, and they’d usually hang out at a cafe, mall or park.

It was a shame that the rest of them—apart from Sophia—had blocked him on all social media platforms after they discovered that he had ties with Phantom Wolf. They no longer contacted him at all. They used to be a tight-knit group of five friends who shared the same interests; even with such differences in their identities, they still wasted their youth together.

They looked forward to the future while lying on the grass outside Bayside University, glancing up at the starry skies as they exchanged their ambitions and hobbies. Right now, Linus was only left with some photos and a bunch of good memories. The other frame was a shot of just him and Sophia.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 600

He had noticed her earlier at the film studio as she took a selfie stick and stood by the street in her costume and took pictures with anyone. He, too, wanted a picture with her, so he moved closer and finally got to be in the same frame with her. Back then, everything seemed so wonderful. Unfortunately, all those magical moments were just popped bubbles. Linus put down the picture carefully and went back into work.

Phantom Wolf had stayed on the that exploded plane, and after the plane exploded, the wreckage crashed into a deserted forest in the mountains. In theory, it was impossible for Phantom Wolf to have survived the crash. But Linus was still uneasy; he knew how cunning and cruel Phantom Wolf was, and that was why he had to predict the worst outcome of everything.

Only when he killed Phantom Wolf with his bare hands and dismembered him into pieces would he then believe that the latter was really dead. If he didn’t see the corpse, he would never believe that Phantom Wolf was actually dead!

Even if Phantom Wolf didn’t die, he wouldn’t dare to cause any more troubles in Cethos. If he had managed to escape, he would have left the country by now. Linus’ foundation in Cethos was not stable enough, so he couldn’t take any actions against Phantom Wolf, but once the latter was out of the country, the matter would be easier to handle.

Phantom Wolf would never die, and the terrorist organization he was leading would not disperse as well. Phantom Wolf wasn’t the only dog that Linus was feeding; likewise, Linus wasn’t the only sponsor Phantom Wolf had.

Since the beginning of time, the lawful and unlawful had always been codependent. Every time some big shot encountered a problem that the police couldn’t solve, they would then turn to the dark underground forces of the criminal world, such as Phantom Wolf.

Phantom Wolf was a notorious name that everyone hated, but his sponsors were scattered all over the world, from the rich businessmen in Cethos to foreign officials, and even some royal family members. As long as the world was filled with greedy, atrocious people, then there was still a place for Phantom Wolf. But this time, Linus swore that he would never allow Phantom Wolf to harm Sophia and Nathan.

While the black Cayenne car was parked in the cemetery, Sophia was sitting in a daze and hadn’t spoken since she got into the car. Michael was silent too, but he had caught sight of the overwhelming grief and conflict in her eyes. There were times where he wanted to tell her the truth, but he stopped himself before he did.

Now, he was almost certain that Fass Michel was actually Cooper Mitchell. When Fass inadvertently met the gifted and intelligent Linus and adopted him, he wouldn’t have expected the latter to be his biological son. Furthermore, he wouldn’t have known that Annabel gave birth to twins back then. People would change, and nobody knew whether Fass was still the same Cooper from a decade ago.

This brief contact with Linus had almost cost the lives of the Fletcher Family and Sophia, so Michael would definitely not allow Sophia to contact Fass and his son without precautions. Michael could sense the feelings Linus had for Sophia. Although they hadn’t reconnected as siblings, the strong family bond that was in their blood involuntarily caused him to treat Sophia well.

Despite knowing this, Linus did not hesitate and used Sophia to gather information about the Fletcher Family, and he even lured the Phantom Wolf to her side. In Linus’ eyes, family bond was nothing, and he was indifferent toward that notion. Michael swore he wouldn’t let her suffer this kind of pain anymore!

As the car slowly started, Sophia leaned against the window. Her heart felt hollow and depressed, as if the air was running out of her lungs, making it hard to breathe. I just want to cry out loud… All of a sudden, she turned her head toward Michael and asked, “Can I cry?”

The recent events were all good news—Phantom Wolf finally died; Celine managed to stay alive; and Linus, who was concealing the evil plans, had also left. But Sophia still felt very depressed, and she just wanted to cry as hard as she could.

Michael froze, then he smiled gently and rubbed her head as he gently pushed her head into his arms and whispered in her ear, “You should cry if you want to. I know you’re feeling sad; it’s okay to let it all out.”

His gentle words pierced right through Sophia as she lay in his arms and sobbed her heart out. She didn’t know who she was crying for; all she wanted to do was cry. All the tears that were piled up in her were so heavy that it left her gasping for air. She felt that if she cried them out, it would make her feel better…

That afternoon, Michael brought Sophia to Theo’s grave at the Memorial Garden. There were flowers at Theo’s grave, which could be from Celine and Justin’s visit. Celine and Justin’s extra joint tombstone was already removed, and there was an empty spot next to Theo, so Michael decided to keep it for Elizabeth. One day, Elizabeth had to be moved here.

In front of Theo’s grave, Michael put down the wine, flowers, and some fruits he brought. He poured out a bowl of wine for himself and another one for Theo. As the wine burned down his throat, he stared at Theo’s grave in a daze. There were many things he wanted to say to Theo, but he didn’t know where to begin. He had little recollection of his father. When he was very young, Theo would come back occasionally to see them. After all, he was a soldier, so he didn’t have much time to take care of his family. Besides, he and Elizabeth had never been able to get married.

Due to Theo’s special identity, the photos and information he left behind were scarce, so they didn’t have much in common. Suddenly, he smelled a pungent burning smell and looked to his side; it was Sophia burning offerings for Theo. She had brought a big bag of things to burn. She burned a few recent photos and entertainment magazines of Michael, and finally, she burned a USB drive that had plenty of Michael’s movies…

While she was burning, she murmured, “Dad, this is a photo of Mikey from yesterday. Look, I’m also burning some photos of Celine and Justin for you. And about the imperial seal, Mikey had finally managed to retrieve the imperial seal. All the magazines covered that story, and I’m burning one whole publication for you. Mikey’s story is on page 29—the whole page is just about him. I’m also burning a USB drive for you that contains several movies that Mikey acted in. I would recommend ‘Doctor Invisible’; that’s a good movie. It’s about… You would need a laptop to watch the movie, but don’t worry, because I’m going to burn a laptop for you and some speakers. When ‘War Dragon’ comes out, I’ll burn that for you to watch too.” As she was talking, she burned the paper laptop, speakers, and the actual USB drive. Then, Sophia scrunched her face from the stinky smell from the burnt USB drive.

“Well… you could have burned a paper-made USB drive,” Michael commented.

Sophia used a wooden stick to carefully pick up the laptop in the fire to ensure that every component was burned to ashes. She didn’t want Theo to have difficulties in turning on the computer from wherever he was. “But the shop didn’t have a paper-made USB drive!” she retorted.

“Then you should’ve told them to make one there and then.”

Sophia shook her head. “Even if there were a paper-made USB drive, how could you guarantee that your movies, and not someone else’s, would be inside?”

Michael thought about it and realized her logic was quite impeccable.

After giving their respects at Theo’s grave, Michael went over to Elizabeth’s grave. The statue of Elizabeth stood in front of her grave with the same posture—facing toward the direction of the Memorial Garden, looking at her husband’s grave from afar.

Michael looked up at the beautiful sculpture and felt tears stinging his eyes. Meanwhile, Sophia was burning offerings for Elizabeth. She burned some of Michael’s photos, another USB drive, a few SKII luxury skincare sets, and some Saint Laurent lipsticks which she was sure that Elizabeth would like…

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