My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 581-590

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 581

Going cold all over, everyone silently wiped their cold sweat away as the tense atmosphere made their hair stand on end. However, they were reluctant to leave, so they watched the drama before them with great interest, and their eyes were focused especially on Michael, whom Irene had called out.

Michael was terror-stricken, for he knew that Sophia would resent him for whatever he said right now. He’d rather play dead all night, but he didn’t expect Irene to drag him into the conversation.

He had indeed seen Irene backstage that day, but it was her who came backstage with Joel to meet him. He swore that he never had any private contact with Irene; all he did was say a few greetings to her in front of Joel and ask her to take a photo of him and Joel using his cell phone!

At this moment, he could only brace himself to speak. “It’s been so many years since then. I have put everything out of my mind—”

Soon after he began his sentence, Sophia suddenly got up. When everyone thought that she was finally about to unleash her killer move, she stuck out her tongue playfully and said with an adorable expression, “Hubby, excuse me for going to the restroom.”

Everyone was astounded. How could Sophia leave at this critical moment? Was she making a full-scale retreat because she knew that her enemy was more than her match? But this was so unlike her!

Michael nodded foolishly as he also didn’t know what Sophia was up to.

Sophia then said, “You two haven’t seen each other for so many years, so you two must have a lot to say to each other. Chat to your hearts’ content, then.”

After that, she actually lifted the hem of her dress and left.

What move is she making? Not only is she in full-scale retreat, she’s even surrendering her position to her enemy!

Michael broke out in a cold sweat as he watched Sophia leaving like that. Sh*t, I can’t tell what she’s up to! All I know is that I’ll be done for!

He and Irene were left sitting on the same sofa right now. Those around them stayed away from them as far as possible, and nobody came to bail him out of the situation.

Since he was a Best Actor award winner, he gave nothing away on his face despite the emotional roller-coaster inside him. He spoke flatly, “That’s how naughty my wife is. I spoiled her rotten, so she can’t rein back her willful disposition. Please don’t take it to heart since you’re her sister-in-law.”

At this moment, Irene was in no mood to correct Michael as she merely stared blankly at Sophia’s receding figure.

Did she make a full-scale retreat? No! She is trying to win against me by retreating!

If she cozied up to Michael on her own initiative right now, not only would she demean herself, she’d no longer hold such a profound and special place in his heart.

She’s pretending to be open-minded right now to put pressure on Michael by making him feel guilty. Besides, he must be overwhelmed with guilt right now, so he can no longer reminisce with me about the old days even if he wants to.

What a brilliant move this is!

Still, Irene chatted with Michael for a little while. She started by correcting him with a wry laugh. “You know that I have broken up with Joel, so I’m no longer your sister-in-law. Just call me Renie.”

With just a word, she instantly evoked Michael’s memory, reminding him of his carefree childhood days, when everyone was running around in the military compound, calling each other Mikey, Celie, Renie, and Joe, respectively. What a memorable and wonderful time it was…

Sh*t, now that our chief commander is in full-scale retreat, the enemy has launched her attack by reminding Michael of the past! We’re going to lose!

Stanley was so jumpy that he nearly called Sophia to summon her back.

Why did she run away at this critical moment? Michael is about to start reminiscing with his ex about the past at any moment; it’d be awful if he loses himself in his wonderful memories of the past!

Is she going to surrender her position to her enemy?

Everyone was seized with a deep concern for Sophia when they suddenly heard Michael speaking. “Whether or not a relationship can last depends on whether the two people really are well-suited to each other. Take my wife and me, for instance; we get along unusually well despite our huge age difference. If you and your partner are on the same wavelength as my wife and I are, you should never let him go. On the contrary, if you and your partner aren’t well-suited, breaking up is better for each other.”

There was a faint but strangely animated glint in Michael’s eyes when he spoke of Sophia. Anyone could tell that he was extremely fond of the person he was talking about; it was as if he had begun to miss her less than a minute after she left.

Irene was startled; she didn’t expect Michael to steer away from the conversation.

She quickly assumed a forlorn look by wearing a charming little frown. “Joel and I had been together for six years, but I always felt like something was missing inside me whenever I was with him, which was why I summoned up the courage to suggest to him that we break up. I think that he and I weren’t meant to be together forever after because my feelings for him seemed to lack something.” She stared at Michael with tears glistening in her eyes. “It seemed that I’d lost my heart to someone else and couldn’t let go of the person, so I couldn’t hold Joel back for the rest of his life. Leaving was the best outcome for both him and I.”

Everyone was worried for Sophia again as they looked on.

It was already very obvious what Irene was hinting at—Michael was the one she had lost her heart to! She was hinting to Michael that she hadn’t gotten over him!

Stanley took out his cell phone and was about to call Sophia. Just then, however, he saw Michael responding casually, “Since you two weren’t suited for each other, breaking up was the best solution for you two. One’s feelings for their lover must come from the bottom of their heart. If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you’ll find that they always stand out the most among the crowd. Take Sophia, for instance. She seems to glow with an uncommon radiance that makes me unable to avert my eyes. All I can see and think about is her…”

As he spoke, his eyes glinted again.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the sight of the scene, for the story was progressing in a direction that they couldn’t figure out.

Her heart filled with resentment, Irene raised the topic again. “Some of my lost memories seem to have returned these days. I felt like I saw both of us walking along the bank of a stream outside the city. You were fishing the stream while I sang songs to you by the stream…”

Michael picked up on the topic steadily. “I remember that stream, of course; I even took my wife there this summer. The stream was still so clear, but I was the one singing by the stream this time while she fished in the stream. She was very clumsy, so she accidentally fell into the stream. I was so scared that I hurried down to the water to lift her up, yet she giggled at me…”

Irene pinched her palm hard as a trace of sinister hatred flickered in the depths of her eyes. Still, she continued to unobtrusively reminisce about the rainy and blossom-filled old days with a pleasant and sweet voice. “I think I have recalled the rain that time. I seemed to be sheltering under a tree with someone. I was shivering with cold, so the person took off his clothes to shelter me from the rain, but he caught a cold instead.”

The person she was talking about was Michael, of course.

Michael remained unperturbed. “When you fall in love with someone, you’ll naturally be willing to sacrifice everything for them. When Sophia and I went to feed pandas last time, she was worried that I would be scratched by the adorable pandas since it would hurt a lot when they scratch people. Whenever she saw the pandas reaching their paws out toward me, she would help me ward them off. Her arm bled all over from being scratched, yet she still gave me a silly smile. She said that I was an actor that earned a living with my face, so I mustn’t get my face disfigured from being scratched by the pandas’ paws…”

After that, Michael shook his head and smiled like a foolish man in love.

Everyone was astonished. What a divine move he pulled!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 582

Wasn’t this a battle between Sophia and Irene? Why did Michael become the one who’s exchanging words with Irene instead?

Irene tried as hard as she could to evoke Michael’s memories of the past, but all he wanted was to unobtrusively heap praise on his pretty young wife.

In his own words, she was adorable every time she smiled and in one of her mood swings, and even when she yawned; he loved her so much that even her fart smelled pleasant to him…

Only then did everyone realize that Sophia was the true master.

Since Michael was the reason behind her catfight with Irene, she simply decided to let Michael come forward and confront Irene!

If Michael sided with Irene from the beginning, she would stand no chance to continue the catfight anyway. In that case, she had better save some energy and find a divorce attorney to claim a larger share of his wealth.

Just as one couldn’t stop leaves from falling off trees, a man who wanted to leave his spouse could never be made to stay.

If Michael sided with Sophia, it would prove that Irene had lost the battle from the outset—Sophia wouldn’t need to keep on fighting with Irene because Michael had chosen her.

Overwhelmed with regret at this moment, Irene was already sweating all over.

She was clearly aware of Sophia’s intention, but she still wanted to take a shot at gauging what Michael was thinking. She tried to make him look back on his past with every word she said, yet he kept steering the conversation away stealthily.

Not only did she lose this time, she also suffered a humiliating defeat!

Meanwhile, Sophia had really gone to the restroom. While staying in the restroom, she had some fun with the smart massager toilet and reapplied her lipstick before coming out.

She was also very nervous right now, for she didn’t know how things were going on out there.

She didn’t know if Michael and Irene were happily reminiscing about their past together or something like that.

If they were really looking back on their lost time together, it would prove that Sophia didn’t have a place in Michael’s heart at all, and he would get back together with Irene sooner or later as long as the latter was present. After reminiscing about their lost time together this time, they might pick an auspicious date to get back together and get married the next time they met.

If that was indeed the case, Sophia thought she wouldn’t need to compete with Irene at all; she’d better save some strength to claim as much from him as possible when they got divorced.

In short, everything depended solely on Michael.

She had experienced a lot of this kind of thing. Back when Richard wanted to be together with Xyla, she couldn’t bring him round no matter how hard she tried. She would no longer be the person he trusted no matter what happened.


After leaving the restroom, she went to the spot where she had seated herself just now. At this moment, the banquet hall was already filled with numerous guests, so she was spotted the instant she showed up.

Large crowds of people immediately surrounded her to strike up conversations with her.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Murray. I’m Jack, the New Women magazine’s editor-in-chief. May I ask if you have time for an interview with us lately, Mrs. Murray?”

“Mrs. Murray, rumor has it that you’re planning to publish an autobiography. Can you tell us a little about what will be in the autobiography?”

“Mrs. Murray, since your husband is a very outstanding actor, are you currently interested in following in his footsteps by entering show business? You’ll definitely have more opportunities than other people with your looks and physique.”

As the attention-drawing Mrs. Murray, Sophia seemed to be the most dazzling person among the crowd. The instant she showed up, she was surrounded by many, and tons of questions were thrown at her.

Maintaining a graceful standing posture, Sophia gave a gracious and demure smile while preserving her impeccable bearing. Her exceptional qualities made her look like a sparkling, exquisitely-cut diamond in the flashing lights, and she attracted a lot of attention with the wedding ring on her finger.

She smiled while answering everyone’s questions in an affable voice, “I have no plans to agree to interviews for now. My autobiography has been scheduled to be published. It will touch lightly on my husband and me, but it’ll mostly be about using my life experience to alert the public to the necessity of stepping up the protection of minors. Our country is still lacking in this regard, so I hope that my experience can raise public awareness and draw more attention to this issue. As for entering show business, I have no plans for that yet. I’m currently majoring in economic law at university, but I’m also taking computer programming courses. If everything goes well, I’ll graduate with a double degree in two years and then pursue my studies. I’ll probably work in the field of electronic technology in the future. For now, I have partnered up with my friends to start a company that produces mobile games and browser games…”

Speaking with confidence and composure, she carried herself with the elegance and wisdom of a noble lady who excelled at her studies. Her outstanding personality shone through even from a distance, like the most dazzling and elegant jewel on the tip of a crown.

Upon hearing what she had said, everyone sighed with amazement from the bottom of their hearts. As expected, she was Taylor Murray’s wife, for her temperament and conversational style set her apart.

After Sophia’s identity was exposed, the media dug up her past and discovered that she had had a rough life. When she was a child, she earned a living by collecting garbage with the adults and didn’t attend primary school until she was eight or nine years old. She had almost dropped out of school for lack of money; furthermore, she was once forced to live in Duckburgs as a homeless person after being falsely accused of being pregnant out of wedlock. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her traumatic experience of being molested in childhood was recently exposed.

Despite the miserable first half of her life, she commanded widespread admiration. After being admitted to the best high school with her remarkable academic achievements, she remained top of her class and was currently awarded a national scholarship from Bayside University. As Bayside University’s campus belle, she studied two majors and even took up courses on minority languages.

Moreover, she was eventually found by her biological father. After her transformation from a wretched Cinderella to a noble lady, she was now the wife of a Best Actor winner.

All the tribulations she had suffered had toughened her up and made her stronger instead of bringing her down. She was only 21 years old this year, but her life experience was truly well beyond even one’s wildest imaginations!

One couldn’t help but gasp in admiration for her charming brilliance.

Joe quickly rode the wave of Sophia’s popularity by praising her to the skies. “I’m really sorry to have done a great disservice to her. It was all my fault as her father that she was homeless since young. She had lived a miserable life and was living homeless alone in Duckburgs. Had I not found her in time… She’s a good daughter, and Mr. Murray is a good son-in-law. I’m content with having such a good daughter and a good son-in-law in my life…”

Faye also seized this opportunity to ride the wave of Sophia’s popularity by lavishing praises on her as much as she could.

Meanwhile, Richard had been here for a long time and was staying in a corner.

He and Xyla appeared together on this day and held hands before the media to put on a show of affection. Richard felt that even his soul was insulted; he washed his hands with liquid soap in the washroom for a long time, but he could still smell the stinking stench lingering on them, as if he had put his hands in the cesspit.

Xyla had gone to mingle with her circle of friends when he came out of the restroom. Seeing that she was having a good time with a bunch of repulsive producers and directors, he went to a corner and drank wine in disgust. When he sat down, he couldn’t help feeling that his whole body was flaming with shame; some people were spying on him and gossiping about him in secret.

He could tell what they were talking about without having to look at them. Of course, they were gossiping about his wife’s adulteries.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 583

Now, everyone knew that his wife’s naked body had been seen by other people. Moreover, she would be performing in an R-rated film; the released cast posters of the film showed her being almost nude.

He took a mouthful of wine in bitterness as his wife’s promiscuity made him restless and uneasy. When he put down his wine glass and looked up, he saw Sophia standing dazzlingly among the crowd like a goddess.

The high-tech home renovation inside Linus’ house was nothing short of amazing; what particularly evoked words of amazement were the glass windows that could be remotely connected to the entire world, and the 3D holographic projection that looked so lifelike to the point of making one’s skin crawl. Gasps of admiration could be heard among the crowd every time the fairies flew out of their palace.

At this moment, another special effect flashed across the screen. The face of the devastatingly beautiful fairy that flashed across the screen looked strikingly similar to Sophia.

She and Xyla—who nauseously coquetted with the repulsive men and was itching to sell her body to them then and there—were simply poles apart.

Both of them had been stripped naked before, yet nobody dared to laugh at Sophia, who commanded admiration by gritting her teeth and pulling through. On the contrary, Xyla chose to abandon herself to vice and be a cheap sl*t!

Why did I betray Sophia for the sake of Xyla-the-wh*re back then?

She was clearly so good and excellent; with her promising future, she would achieve what she had achieved this day sooner or later. Had he stood firm by her side and believed her unconditionally back when she was set up by somebody else, would he have become the fabulous man who inspired envy by standing next to her?

With that thought in mind, he took another mouthful of wine bitterly.

It was all Xyla’s fault. He had always loved Sophia unwaveringly, but that b*tch deliberately and ceaselessly seduced him out of her lust for power and wealth. Hell-bent on becoming the Young Mistress of the Harper Family, she revealed her true colors now that she had the power and social standing she had wanted.

She’s such a whre and a filthy btch! thought Richard to himself.

Mrs. Harper was also here on this day. Wanting to approach Sophia, she kept circling around her, but she couldn’t get close to Sophia since there were too many people around her.

She looked Sophia up and down with great satisfaction.

Only such a woman was qualified to marry into the Harper Family and be her son’s wife. Compared to Xyla-the-sl*t, Sophia was really a perfect candidate for a daughter-in-law.

Hastily seizing the opportunity, she said to Richard, “You must hurry up and find a way to banish that sl*t from our family and marry Sophia instead!”

Richard shook his head with a bitter laugh. “That isn’t possible anymore, Mom. She must hate me to the bones.”

Unwilling to believe her son’s words, Mrs. Harper spoke, “You silly kid, what did I tell you before? The deeper one’s love for somebody is, the deeper their hatred will be when the love turns sour. She hates you right now exactly because she loves you!”

Richard no longer wanted to find out whether Sophia loved or hated him, though. “She’s Taylor Murray’s woman now…”

Looking shrewd, as if she had deep insight into human nature, Mrs. Harper reminded him, “You don’t understand—Taylor Murray must be inwardly unable to get over the fact that she was molested when she was a child, so he’ll divorce her sooner or later. Moreover, isn’t it completely normal for celebrities to get married and divorced? The way I see it, they’ll get divorced within two years, so you must seize the opportunity! Rest assured, for I surely won’t frown on her, and she will certainly be willing to make it up with you. You should let her know this and tell her to divorce Taylor as soon as possible to marry you.”

This time, however, Mrs. Harper’s baloney didn’t work on Richard anymore.

He had thought that he would always have a place in Sophia’s heart no matter how contemptibly foolish he was. Even though she married someone else and had often set herself against him, he had still believed that she must still have feelings for him.

Only now did he realize that the only feeling she had for him was hatred.

She spared his life just because she wanted to see him putting up a last-ditch struggle.

Xyla now possessed 15 percent of the Harper Group’s shares. Moreover, she kept increasing her shares in the Harper Group by buying individual shares and sleeping with several directors and major shareholders. After joining the board of directors, she took control of shareholder meetings and was encroaching on the Harper Family’s business.

Furthermore, the stupid stuff Richard and Kayla had done weakened the Harper Family’s influence over the board of directors even further. The Harper Family’s men in the board of directors were now being removed one after another.

Not only that, he even had to put on a show of affection with a disgusting dirty sl*t every day despite being labeled as a cuckold!

He had had enough of the life he was leading now!

Richard felt that he was suffering a fate worse than death. He’d rather die, but he was unwilling to do so. However, he didn’t dare to fight Xyla to the death. Being on his last legs day after day, he felt like he was going to die, for his whole body reeked of a repulsive putrid smell.

Being incapable of resisting, he had neither the courage to live on nor the resoluteness to die. Merely a few months had passed, yet his life seemed to have been disproved; he being a specially privileged person was but a joke.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. After glancing at it, he looked up at Faye, who was standing nearby. Seeing that she was walking toward the restroom, he put his cell phone away and walked toward the restroom as well.

The two of them then entered the same toilet cubicle.

“Are you saying that Xyla has begun to take control over the board of directors?” asked Faye. The two of them stood in the same cubicle. Thanks to the restroom’s excellent soundproofing, they no longer had to worry about being spied or eavesdropped on.

Upon hearing Faye’s question, Richard answered with a bitter smile, “Several of the directors who stood by the Harpers have been fired by the board of directors. The current situation is very unfavorable to us since Xyla has bought off most of the board of directors’ members.”

A sinister look flashed across Faye’s exquisitely beautiful face when she heard Richard’s words.

Originally, Xyla was sure to die; she was already more dead than alive when she was thrown out of the Edwards Residence that day, so it would have taken less than an hour before she’d freeze to death, not to mention that the street was empty when she was thrown out. Since she had made such an unsightly scene, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would save her. Much to their surprise, however, she miraculously freed herself of her predicament.

According to their plan, once Xyla got involved in that kind of scandal, Richard would be able to divorce her justifiably and then marry Faye smoothly.

Once the Edwards and Harpers joined forces, the Edwards Family would gain a foothold in its clan with the Harper Family’s support. The Harpers could also take the opportunity to strike up a relationship with the Edwards, thereby promoting a mutually beneficial alliance between the two powerful families.

However, they didn’t expect Sophia to show up at the last minute and sabotage all their plans. As a result, Xyla managed to crush them by taking hold of their families’ lifelines, rendering them totally unable to fight back.

Still, men could always think up all kinds of reckless, risky, and conscienceless things when tempted by the huge interests before them.

Sophia and Xyla were working together to drive the two families to their doom. Besides holding shares in the Edwards Family’s business, Sophia was now secretly buying individual shares. Xyla, on the other hand, was gradually taking control of the Harper Family.

They would only meet their doom if they didn’t fight back.

Analyzing their situation, Faye said in a deep voice, “The first thing we need to do right now is to get our hands on the incriminating evidence that fell into Xyla and Sophia’s hands.”

Richard laughed helplessly. “How are we going to get our hands on that kind of stuff? Most of them are electronic documents. Who knows how many backups of these documents there are?”

Upon hearing Richard’s words, Faye swelled with confidence and combed her blonde hair flirtatiously. “We both know who is at Xyla and Sophia’s backs. They dare to be so cocky because Taylor Murray is backing them up. What else can they both depend on once I succeed in seducing Taylor?”

Faye was very confident of herself when it came to seducing men. There was no man in this world whom she couldn’t seduce—not even Taylor Murray!

A trace of disgust flickered in the depths of Richard’s eyes as he looked at Faye’s flirtatious expression. As expected, women are all b*tches!

Thinking that they weren’t discovered, the two then hatched up what they thought was a flawless scheme. However, they forgot that they were now on Linus’ turf…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 584

Linus chatted with the guests while listening to the conversation in the restroom via his Bluetooth earpiece.

The corners of his lips curved up into a charming smile which, coupled with his blonde hair and blue eyes that constituted his handsome looks and made him look as warm as the scorching sun, often drew sideways glances from the female guests. It could be said that the unmarried socialites of Bayside City were scrambling for him, for he was surrounded by many female guests just a short while after he showed up.

However, Linus looked at Sophia from time to time.

Looking beautiful and self-confident, she stood among the crowd like a fairy.

Seeming to have sensed Linus’ gaze, she turned to look at him and gave him a radiant smile. Linus raised his wine glass and gave her a nod across the crowd.

Sophia nodded to him as well. The two of them raised their respective wine glasses toward each other in a toast before taking a sip of their drinks. With that, all they wanted to say to each other had been conveyed in silence.

Having finished drinking her wine, Sophia put down her wine glass and was about to go back to find Michael when she unexpectedly heard a familiar voice from behind. “You’re here too, Sophie.”

Upon hearing this voice, Sophia froze all over; she then looked back to see Claude standing near her.

Linus had invited some members of the military to the banquet, so it wasn’t surprising that Claude was among them. Back when Michael spotted Claude among the list of guests Linus had invited, he was so annoyed that he nearly crossed out Claude’s name.

Sophia really felt a little embarrassed. The last time they met, Nathan said that Michael was her father, but now, he had become her husband.

After a brief awkward silence, Claude spoke, “I have learned everything…”

He had learned about Michael, Nathan, and Sophia’s identities from Mark.

He was completely at ease when he met Sophia this time. He was generous and open-minded in the first place, so it gratified him a lot to see Sophia being so happy right now.

He gave her a smile that was as warm as the spring sun. “The Fletcher Family’s men are all dependable!”

Sophia couldn’t help but lower her head and smile. She didn’t dare to be certain whether the Fletcher Family’s men were dependable, but Michael and Claude were definitely the dependable ones.

She chatted with Claude for a while before her classmate, Molly, suddenly approached her. “Oh, my! Sophia, so you really are Taylor Murray’s wife! Oh, my god! Hurry up and give me an autographed album of your husband’s!”

The new semester had started by now, but Sophia hadn’t reported to the university since what had happened with Phantom Wolf made her afraid of leaving home. Therefore, it wasn’t until this day that she finally met her classmates, from whom she parted with during the winter vacation.

Everyone seemed to have become prettier after the winter vacation. Upon seeing Sophia, they hurried over and surrounded her.

The saying was especially true that one would never know what his or her classmates had done during their vacation.

Sophia could hardly recognize her classmates after not seeing them during the winter vacation. Some of them had slimmed down; some of them had gained some weight; some had dyed their hair; and some had even undergone cosmetic microsurgeries… Of course, she was the one who had undergone the most drastic change, for she quietly became her idol’s secretly-wedded young wife.

Ladies of the same age could never run out of things to talk about when they were together, so Sophia chatted with them for a while.

What everyone asked the most about was, of course, her relationship with Michael.

“Wow, I really couldn’t tell that you were actually our idol’s wife! By the way, how long have you two been married?”

Sophia was still a little shy when she spoke of this. She answered, “We registered our marriage back when I was in my senior year.”

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in admiration upon hearing her answer.

It wasn’t until this moment that they finally realized what had happened.

“So the person who came to the classroom during the cash-counting competition was Miss Taylor himself? Oh, my god! He looked so young; I didn’t realize it was him despite him sitting right in front of me!”

“The person who showed up during the sports carnival’s basketball match was also Miss Taylor himself, right? Oh, my god! Oh, my god…”

Only then did everyone learn that Taylor Murray had shown up in front of them several times.

Feeling a little shy, Sophia nodded repeatedly.

The relatively calm Molly admired Sophia a lot. “You can really keep your composure. I’m so fed up with Richard and Xyla’s complacency as this adulterous couple put on a show of affection every day. If I were you, I would have brought Miss Taylor out with me to display our affection right before them.”

As they spoke of this topic, everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at the adulterous couple who were also present this day.

The husband, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, was speaking with ease and fluency while standing among the distinguished personages and the rich. The wife, dressed in a flesh-colored low-cut dress, was flirtatiously drinking with a group of sickening producers and directors.

The couple’s harmonious facade could only fool ordinary people who were ignorant of the inside story. Who else in upper-class society didn’t know that Xyla had slept with countless men?

The couple was now playing around on their own. The husband slept with young models and female celebrities, whereas the wife slept with producers, directors, male models, and young idols. The tabloid reports about them were roughly the same.

What a stinky adulterous couple!

Sophia twisted her lips into a smile before saying to everyone, “He is my husband, not a tool for me to display our affection and strike back at a jerk.”

Everyone was startled. Then, feeling awkward, they immediately changed the topic of conversation, or else they’d be reduced to tears by the open display of affection.

When it came to displaying affection, nobody could be a match for this married couple. Publicly displaying their affection toward each other all the time, Sophia and Michael were widely acknowledged as a lovey-dovey star couple.

Molly hastily switched to a new topic. “Sophia, do you know that Professor Clark is leaving?”

“Huh?” Sophia pricked up her ears. “Professor Clark? Why is he leaving? Where is he going?”

The young ladies were gloomy when they spoke of this topic.

Molly explained dejectedly, “He has handed in his resignation letter. Didn’t you see the IG Stories that he posted two days ago? He wanted to resign and go out to travel.”

Sophia had been so busy these few days that she barely had time to look at her social media. She immediately opened Quinton’s IG Stories to see the two lines that he had posted most recently. The lines read, ‘The world is so huge, so I’d like to go out and take a look at it.’

Quinton is leaving… Bayside City’s teaching staff’s overall physical attractiveness will plummet!

Looking at Quinton’s IG Stories, Sophia also felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Quinton really is a great teacher!

“I think I heard someone saying behind my back that I’m handsome…”

Suddenly hearing Quinton’s voice, the ladies looked back to see Quinton standing not far behind them.

Dressed in a wine-colored suit that showed off his elegant and mysterious qualities, he looked indescribably handsome as he stood elegantly in the light while holding a glass of red wine.

Pleasantly surprised, the ladies immediately dragged Quinton over and surrounded him.

“Professor Clark, didn’t you say that you couldn’t attend the banquet because you were ill and bedridden?”

“Professor Clark, let’s take a picture together!”

Being handsome was indeed a privilege, for everyone caught Quinton and took selfies with him right after he showed up. After they finished taking pictures together, everyone surrounded him and spoke enthusiastically to him.

“I didn’t want to come at first, but Linus invited me after all. Moreover, I’ll go overseas in a few days, so I must come to have a look at everybody.”

Quinton’s voice was especially attractive and pleasant to the ear, so everyone couldn’t help feeling regret for his departure upon hearing his reply.

“When will you come back, Professor Clark? Where can we find you in the future?”

Quinton took a sip of the red liquid in his wine glass before answering, “I don’t know that as well. I think I may volunteer to teach in rural areas after traveling around the world. It has always been my dream to be a volunteer teacher in rural areas.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 585

Everyone felt so down that they almost cried.

Sophia secretly fixed her eyes on the tip of Quinton’s nose. He just had his previously crooked nose straightened, so he was probably still in the recovery period. Thinking that it wouldn’t be good for him to drink alcohol, she couldn’t help but remind him, “Professor Clark, didn’t you just undergo surgery? It isn’t a good idea to drink alcohol now, right?”

Quinton looked at Sophia and secretly winked at her, saying, “It’s alright; what I’m drinking is actually fruit juice.”

Sophia also winked at him mischievously as they both understood what he was talking about.

Still, Sophia couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, “Professor Clark, why would you want to be a volunteer teacher in rural areas?”

Having gotten his Bachelor’s degree from Bayside University, Quinton returned to teach at Bayside University after getting his Ph.D. degree overseas from a prestigious university. With such great academic qualifications, it would really be a waste for him to be a volunteer teacher in rural areas.

Instead of answering Sophia’s question immediately, Quinton took a small sip of his fruit juice. Then, he answered slowly, “Humans are higher animals, so they want to seek more things after having their fill. Different people have different dreams of their own; some seek to liberate their bodies, whereas some seek enlightenment of their souls.”

Startled, Sophia found herself at a loss for how to respond to Quinton’s reply.

What was she seeking?

What she wanted seemed to be very simple, for she just wanted to live well. Compared to what she was chasing after, what Quinton sought after was much more advanced.

She couldn’t help but hold out her wine glass to clink glasses with him, saying, “Here’s a toast to you.”

Quinton raised his glass and said to Sophia and everyone else, “Here’s a toast to everyone. I’ll come back often to visit you all in the future.”

Everyone then clinked glasses with each other before taking a sip of their own drinks. After that, Quinton reminded Sophia, “Don’t forget to tell Commander that I’m leaving. I won’t be telling him that in person lest everyone gets upset when it’s time to say goodbye.”

Sophia nodded. “Alright.”

After having small talks with different people, she returned to where she had been just now and found Michael, who seemed to be in animated conversation with everyone.

There were already a few more people sitting on the sofa. Besides Michael and Irene, Stanley and Harry were here; it seemed that they were here to support Sophia.

“Sophia was very much like me back then, for she worked very hard when she was in high school. She studied alone till well past midnight every night without taking a rest.”

Irene had been trying hard to remind Michael of their lost years together, but he seemed totally uninterested, for all he talked about was Sophia. Irene was so pissed that her stomach churned, yet she couldn’t do anything. She could only put on a friendly and understanding smile while being forced to listen to Michael talking about his pretty young wife.

Stanley had taken out his game props to get ready to play games again at Michael’s suggestion.

Michael would soon run out of things to talk about if he kept on chatting.

When Sophia showed up, Stanley was setting up his game props. He called her over, saying, “Sophia, come on over and play Truth or Dare!”

The few people then sat around the table and received their respective numbers before starting the game.

After all, it was better to play games than to watch the awkward chat between Irene and Michael.

Sophia still seated herself next to Michael as they started to play the game. While Stanley was setting up the props, she said to Michael, “Professor Clark is leaving.”

Michael was a little astounded. “Leaving? Where is he going?”

“He quit his job to travel the world and is planning to be a volunteer teacher in rural areas after that. He’ll board the plane tomorrow night.”

Quinton is going to be a volunteer teacher? Everyone was shocked, but whatever choice Quinton made was his own business, so everyone did nothing after learning about that.

Quinton had a bright future, so it would really be a waste for him to be a volunteer teacher in rural areas.

Everyone began to play Truth or Dare.

The tablet started to choose questions by drawing lots. Soon after that, the application announced the first question in a sweet female voice, “No. 6, please reveal the name of your first love.”

The corner of everyone’s mouth twitched at once as they looked at No. 6 together.

Michael—who was No. 6—instantly looked as black as thunder.

The atmosphere that had been livened up with great difficulty suddenly became awkward once again.

A deadly awkward silence engulfed everyone. Irene asked with a smile, as if she knew nothing, “Huh? Mikey, aren’t you No. 6?”

Michael fixed Stanley with a murderous look before speaking with a sudden laugh, “About my first love… A famous person once said that one’s current partner is his or her first love forever.” As he spoke, he held Sophia’s hand earnestly. “The name of my first love is Sophia Edwards.”

Sophia’s previously sullen face finally cracked into a bright smile.

Well, that’s a good answer! The famous person who said that must be Michael himself since ‘Taylor Murray’ is considered a well-known figure too.

Everyone was startled for a moment before they laughed the episode off.

Stanley wished he could punch himself. What a lousy question that was!

He immediately let out an awkward chuckle. “Let’s continue the game, everyone. Hehe…”

Irene seemed to be laughing with everyone else, but there was a hint of dissatisfaction in the depths of her eyes.

The second round soon began.

The application announced the question, “No. 6 and No. 7, please hold hands together with your fingers interlaced until the end of the game.”

Michael’s face darkened again.

Irene, who was No. 7, was dumbfounded for a moment before a look of pleasant surprise crept over her face.

Sophia, who was No. 5, gave Stanley—who was No. 4—a murderous look.

Stanley felt like he was about to die very soon, but he braced himself and glared back at Sophia, for she was the person who had thought up the question and input it into the application.

Everyone was speechless.

An unspeakable silence engulfed everyone again as a murderous aura filled the air.

Everyone didn’t dare to speak as they looked at the three people.

Sophia glared at Michael, who was panic-stricken since he was at a loss for what to do. Luckily, being an actor, he had experienced situations that were more intimidating than this one.

After calming down, he hit on an idea in desperation and shot Harry a glance.

Harry raised his brow in confusion.

Michael shot him another glance before shifting his gaze to the cell phone that he had placed on the glass coffee table in front of him.

Harry narrowed his eyes and nodded. Then, he quietly took back his cell phone and dialed Michael’s phone number.

Two seconds later, Michael’s cell phone rang. Seizing the opportunity, he stood up with a broad smile. “I’m going to answer a phone call. Have fun playing the game, everyone.”

After that, he picked up his cell phone and fled.

A trace of resentment flashed across the depths of Irene’s eyes as she watched Michael disappearing from her sight.

The game couldn’t be played anymore!

Stanley, who had proposed playing the game, was at a loss for how to wind things up. Just then, the sound of music playing was heard from the stage, letting everyone know that the main story of this banquet was about to begin.

Seizing the opportunity, Stanley suggested, “The show has begun! Let’s go and watch it!”

The show had begun at last!

Everyone immediately stood up and headed toward the main hall where the banquet was held.

Irene gave Sophia a vicious glare as she stood up.

Sophia also looked back and, seeing the displeased look in Irene’s eyes, gave Irene a hostile look.

They had almost fallen out publicly anyway. For the sake of saving face, they wouldn’t raise such an unsightly ruckus in somebody else’s presence, but they couldn’t be bothered to put on an act anymore when there were just the two of them.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 586

The two ladies exchanged glances like that before they immediately went to watch the show with everyone else.

The banquet this day was not only Linus’ housewarming banquet, but also the first banquet he held since coming to Bayside City. Therefore, the launching of his products was an important part of the banquet.

Everyone took their seats in proper order, including Sophia, who naturally sat next to Michael as his wife. The two of them simultaneously looked toward the stage to see Linus going up on the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very honored to be able to invite you all to my housewarming banquet.”

Linus impressed everyone with his clear voice and fluent Cethosian language.

Gasps of amazement could be heard from the crowd, for everyone was surprised that Linus could speak such fluent Cethosian language with no trace of an accent.

Linus then began to introduce his products.

All the electronic products shown at the banquet were new products that hadn’t been announced by the Michel Family yet, including the eye-catching robot and others.

All the guests gasped with wonder as they expressed their amazement. The Michel Group was indeed different, so it wasn’t unjust that an electronic company like Huffs Technology lost to them!

The Mitchell Family had received an invitation to this day’s banquet, so several members of the family attended the banquet to fish for information. Seeing the products the Michel Family displayed, they were envious, but they could do nothing.

The Mitchell Family couldn’t find a talent as powerful as Linus!

They felt as if they had seen the end of the Mitchell Family. Was the distinguished family that lasted a century really going to retire from the stage completely? Would the family withdraw completely from the high-tech electronic industry?

Or would the family be forced into the second place and have to survive at the mercy of others?

At this very moment, they thought of Cooper Mitchell—the genius—once again. If Cooper could return to the Mitchell Family, the Mitchells would have no problem returning to its peak!

The product display on this day was an eye-opener for the guests, for they never thought that high technology could be utilized in such a way. We must hurry up and place orders!

Linus’ product display ended with a dance by a robot.

The robot, dressed like a human, began to dance on the stage very much like a human with flexible joints and extremely standard movements.

The dance drew bursts of applause and cheers among the guests from time to time.

Several popular celebrities had also been invited to perform at this day’s banquet. Those who could be guest performers at Linus’ banquet were definitely big names in show business, including Irene.

As a military singer, Irene rarely performed in commercial events, yet she attended Linus’ housewarming banquet as a guest performer, which was enough proof of Linus’ social standing.

Compared to inviting any superstars, it was a greater honor to be able to invite Irene to perform at the banquet.

All the guests below the stage applauded and cheered when Irene came up on stage.

She began singing a song in a loud and clear voice. Being an all-around singer, Irene could sing bel canto, pop songs, and folk songs; she easily outclassed everyone the instant she sang. Her wonderful singing voice put some pop singers who were present at the banquet to shame.

It was no wonder that even the President would invite her to perform during dinners with foreign political heavyweights. Her wonderful singing voice really made her worthy of her status!

Sophia felt a tingle in her heart again. Sh*t, I’m gloomy deep down inside.8

She couldn’t help feeling that Irene kept making eyes at Michael and that he and Irene were exchanging amorous glances. Also, she couldn’t help feeling that there was something between the two of them and that they would rekindle their relationship and make up with each other.

However, she had to wear a smile of wonder and pretend to be blown away by Irene’s singing.

Irene was already dripping with sweat when she finished singing a song. Holding the microphone, she then announced to the guests below the stage, “I’m very honored to be able to attend Mr. Michel’s banquet as a guest performer. I’m so happy to see many friends that I haven’t seen for years today.”

Sophia’s heart shuddered at the sight of the scene. Having a bad feeling, she quickly grabbed her husband sitting next to her, as though she was afraid that Michael would grow a pair of wings and fly away.

As she had expected, Irene immediately began to direct the topic to Michael. “I wonder if everyone still remembers that there’s a song titled ‘The Love of My Life’ in my first album. The song was written for me ten years ago by a colleague in the song and dance troupe. Ten years had passed since then, and we went our separate ways, but I’d always think about him whenever I sing this song…”

Who is ‘he’? Everyone was very curious.

Judging from Irene’s longing expression, her relationship with the colleague must have been very special; they mustn’t be ordinary colleagues.

Having joined the song and dance troupe since young, Irene seldom got herself involved in love rumors over the nearly 20 years since her debut. Moreover, she never publicly acknowledged being in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Upon hearing her words, everyone turned to look at Taylor. Rumor had it that Taylor and Irene had been engaged, but they called off their engagement for all kinds of reasons. Also, Taylor was rumored to have enlisted in special forces and joined the song and dance troupe. Therefore, could he be the colleague that Irene was referring to?

Sophia was so piqued that her eyes popped out. F*ck! So Michael could write songs and have written a song for Irene? Why have I never heard him mention this before? Why didn’t he write a song for me?

The gloom within her grew due to jealousy.

Michael didn’t seem to have any response. Seeing that the crowd applauded and called upon Irene’s colleague to come up on stage, he clapped his hands and giggled with everyone else.

Having finished clapping his hands, he put down his hands and immediately grabbed Sophia’s little hand. However, the little hand seemed to be angry; it ran away nimbly, not allowing him to catch it.

Michael was bent on grabbing the little hand, though. He opened his large hand and held it out to catch a thumb, but the little hand got angry and slapped his hand.


The slap was loud and clear. Luckily, nobody noticed it since everyone was clapping.

The little hand was totally furious, for the fine hair on its back seemed to stand on end. It kept running away to prevent the large hand from getting close to it.

However, not only was the large hand determined to get close to it, it also wanted to embrace it and cling to it. After a few struggles, the reddened large hand finally caught the reluctant and sulky little hand; it clasped the little hand with all its might to prevent it from running away.

Sophia finally quieted down as well. Refusing to let Michael go, she grabbed his hand as hard as he could.

Irene was still looking everywhere, as if searching for the colleague in the song and dance troupe who had written a song for her ten years ago. Everyone also frequently glanced at Michael as they guessed that he was likely the colleague Irene was referring to.

Regrettably, Michael didn’t move at all, and he even whispered in Sophia’s ear from time to time, as if there were nobody around them.

Irene directed her gaze toward Michael from time to time as well, for she believed that he certainly wouldn’t make her feel embarrassed when she was onstage alone.

This was Linus’ banquet, so how embarrassing would it be for her if he didn’t come onstage at her invitation? Linus would also be embarrassed, so there was no reason for Michael not to come onstage.

Irene ran her eyes back and forth over the audience. She glanced at Michael every now and then, but she didn’t see him coming on stage for a long time.

The atmosphere grew increasingly awkward as the audience below the stage started to feel anxious.

Feeling a little worried, Irene glanced at Michael once again, only to see that he was also looking at her. As their eyes met, Irene saw a guilt-free expression on his face.

If Michael had averted her eyes, it would prove that he still had feelings for her. However, there was no trace of guilt in his eyes; he looked open and poised with a clear conscience.

Irene smiled wryly, but she didn’t believe that she had no place in Michael’s heart.

She had been his girlfriend for ten years after all!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 587

Irene sneered inwardly as she glanced at Sophia, who was sulking next to Michael.

As it turns out, Sophia is having a fit of the sulks, so it’s no wonder that Michael doesn’t dare to come onstage. Otherwise, he would have difficulty defusing the situation if the little girl begins weeping later!

Having collected her thoughts, she held the microphone and said to everyone below the stage, “It seems that the colleague is absent today. In that case, I shall sing ‘The Love of My Life’ for everyone alone.”

A round of applause came from the audience.

With that, Irene began to sing to the accompaniment of the clear sound of a guitar. With the music’s similarly clear and simple melody and tone, the audience felt like they were instantly brought back to the summer vacation when they were 17 years old.

The cicada’s chirps kept ringing in her ear, and the air was unbearably sultry. She pushed the window open to let the cool breeze into the room, but she didn’t expect to see the young man she had been waiting for a long time hiding in the shade of the tree downstairs the instant she pushed the window open. His white shirt was soaked in sweat, but when he looked up and saw that the long-awaited window was finally opened, his suntanned face cracked into a delightful smile…

“Your shirt was pure white in color, and the sky was slightly blue. You were carrying a bamboo basket, and I saw the smile on your face with a thin sheen of sweat…”

Irene began singing the song in a clear voice. The sincere emotions in her pure singing voice made the song extremely appealing, and the audience was entranced while listening to the song, as if it reminded them of their first loves.

Michael seemed to be listening to the song as well. Moreover, he closed his eyes slightly, as if he was enthralled by the song’s mood.

It was as if he was lost in his memories and was unable to snap out of them.

As Sophia listened to this song, she couldn’t help recalling the person who was by her side in the days of her youth. She and he were young and thus ignorant of the harsh reality of the world. The love between them was so young, pure, beautiful, and foolish; looking back at the old days, she found that the happiness she had back then was genuine.

Richard was listening to this song as well. As he closed his eyes slightly, his mind was preoccupied with Sophia.

His love for her was faint and innocent; it was the purest and most beautiful without any impurities.

Since when did his love for her begin to change?

Perhaps it started when he brought her back to the Harper Residence for the first time. She was so silly, foolish, and embarrassing back then that he couldn’t hold his head high in front of his family. At that moment, he realized that they couldn’t possibly be together. No matter how much he loved her, the love between them would die out as they returned to reality.

Even so, his love for Sophia was genuine, and she was aware of this too.

The love between them was sincere, but it was built upon their young age and ignorance, so it couldn’t withstand even the slightest blow and temptation by reality. It was beautiful and fragile; only at this very moment would it occasionally glisten with a trace of the past

Their love back then was already gone. He could have ended their relationship in the most amicable way, and she definitely wouldn’t pester him.

However, Richard ruined her in the cruelest way!

Michael also recalled his old days. Many people had appeared in the wonderful years of his life, and Irene was only one of them.

When he heard this song, what flashed across in his mind was the scene where he ran on the sports ground when he was young.

They were so innocent and happy back then. Celine hadn’t ended up in the state she was in right now; Joel was still a brother of the same age as his; and Irene was still a naive little girl who could sing as beautifully as a lark. As for Michael, he was just an adolescent boy with a dream of his own.

They studied in a school attached to the military, so they would have a drill with the troops every morning before going to school. The good thing about the military compound was that there were many children of the same age, so everyone always went out and had fun in large groups.

They were so naive, honest, and happy at that time.

They would go camping outside the town together, during which the older kids had to look after the younger ones. Michael remembered that he and Joel were the eldest among the kids, so they had to bring many things with them and look after Stanley, Caleb, and other little brats whenever they went camping…

The song ended, and everyone returned to reality as the memories of their youth gradually disappeared. They seemed to find it hard to accept that the reality and their memories were struggling plainly against each other like that. In the end, however, reality gained the upper hand and occupied their minds.

The scene was silent for a few seconds before the audience burst into applause. Sophia clapped her hands for a moment along with the crowd, but she immediately grabbed Michael’s hand after that, as if she feared that he would vanish when she didn’t notice.

Having finished singing two songs, Irene came off the stage to leave the stage to the next guest performer.

Sophia refused to speak to Michael since she was still angry.

After going off the stage, Irene found a seat and sat down under everyone’s gaze of wonder. The song she had sung just now was really too appealing, so many people wanted to take pictures together with her.

After taking pictures together with everyone else, she subconsciously glanced in Michael and Sophia’s direction. It seemed to her that Sophia was still sulking, whereas Michael had a helpless expression on his face.

Irene believed that Michael still had feelings for herself. Otherwise, Sophia wouldn’t be at odds with him.

She had plenty of opportunities.

There was a dance after the banquet. The key part of Cethosian banquets was the food, but the dance was the focus of Western banquets. Since this day’s banquet was a fusion of Cethosian and Western styles, both the food and the dance were the main parts of the banquet.

Being sulky the whole time, Sophia refused to speak to Michael during dinner, but she still ate the food he placed on her plate.

They ate just a little for dinner since there would be a dance afterward.

There was a larger ballroom next door that was prepared specially for the banquet. The dance floor there was magnificently decorated; the stage decor there was more splendid than that of this room, and the stereo system there was nice too.

“Let’s go and dance together.” Michael tugged at Sophia as she was reapplying her lipstick.

Sophia was still angry right now, though. She said coldly, “I’m not going. Go and dance yourself if you want to.”

Michael watched her reapplying her lipstick with a straight face. “In that case, I’ll dance with somebody else.”

“I won’t stop you if you do so,” responded Sophia after letting out a deep breath.

Michael stared at her sulky expression with a look of admiration.

What a cute lady she is; she’s so adorable even she’s in a sulk. How I wish I could gobble her up right now!

Sophia finished applying her lipstick, only to feel shy when she saw that he was still staring at her. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? How could you ogle me? It’ll be bad if somebody else sees you doing this!”

Michael still stared at her without blinking his eyes. “Do you want me to ogle somebody else instead of you?”

Sophia glanced at him coyly. “You’re annoying.”

Somehow, the anger within her dissipated a lot after she had a tiff with him.

The couple then walked to the room next door hand in hand to dance together.

They had barely walked a few steps when Michael suddenly paused. He pulled at Sophia’s hand, saying, “You go there first. I saw a friend, so I’ll be going to say hello to her.”

He then let go of her hand and walked in a certain direction before she could respond.

Sophia’s hand fell naturally the instant Michael let go of it. Instantly feeling a void in her heart, she looked at Michael, only to see that he had picked up a glass of wine and was walking in a certain direction.

There was a beautiful lady surrounded by many male guests in that direction. The lady was also a so-called old friend whom Michael said he wanted to say hello to…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 588

The lady was talking to Linus in a whisper when Michael walked up to her with a wine glass in his hand and clinked glasses with her cordially. The lady turned to face him, and they started to talk and joke.

The lady was young, and the golden-yellow evening dress she was wearing made her stand out a lot among the female guests dressed in different colors, like a poinciana that bloomed proudly among the colorful flower bed. Her gorgeous beauty was so aggressive that nobody dared to look her in the eye.

Her eyes still shone with the pride of a queen even when she was talking to Michael. Sophia didn’t know if it was because of a comparison she drew or if it was because of Michael himself, but she couldn’t help feeling that he lowered himself to an obsequious degree while talking to her.

Michael was undoubtedly proud, but he humbled himself in front of this lady, for she was the one whom he had once chased after but couldn’t marry in the end.

“She’s Lucy Edwards, the eldest daughter of the Edwards Family,” Irene suddenly spoke behind Sophia with a note of chilling jealousy in her voice.

Irene despised Sophia. She had always thought that Michael’s relationship with Sophia wouldn’t last long, for she believed that what he loved about the latter was merely her youthful body and appearance.

As for Lucy, Irene was absolutely jealous of her; she could only be jealous of Lucy since she knew that she was inferior to the latter.

Sophia merely gave a bitter laugh without responding to Irene.

Sophia had seen Lucy’s name on the list of the invited guests long ago.

Lucy Edwards was the eldest daughter of the Edwards Family, but she didn’t belong to Faye and Joe’s branch of the family. Instead, she was the eldest daughter of the main branch of the Edwards Family, which was famous in Bayside City for being one of the world’s richest families. Being 26 years old this year, she held a Ph.D. degree in management science and was the Vice President of the Edwards Group. Besides being a highly intelligent top achiever, she was a well-known iron lady. Being the daughter of the head of the Edwards Family’s clan and the Chairman of the Edwards Group, she was also her father’s indispensable assistant. Being a female businesswoman whose presence was as imposing as a queen’s, she got herself inducted to Bayside University’s Wall of Alumni with her capabilities.

She was a million times more competent than Natasha, the idiot. After joining the Edwards Group at 15 years old to learn to manage a business, she carved out a niche of her own at 26 years old and was among the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest women.

She was also Michael’s ex. It was said that she was Michael’s second fiancée, but her engagement to him had been nullified for all kinds of reasons. Rumor had it that the Edwards Family called off their engagement after she was involved in a car crash, but there were also rumors that the Edwards Family considered Michael unworthy of marrying her. In other words, Lucy dumped him!

Out of the four most prominent families of Bayside City, the Fletchers was a military family; the Winstons ruled the underworld; the Mitchells were influential worldwide; and the Edwards Family was among the richest families of the world. Lucy wasn’t as famous as Natasha simply because the former kept a low profile.

Michael and Lucy began dating not long after Irene ‘lost her memory’ back then. The pair soon got engaged before breaking up shortly after that, ending their relationship with lightning speed.

Meanwhile, Lucy seemed to be amused by Michael’s jokes. She pressed her lips into a smile, revealing a beautiful face, thus enabling Sophia to see her face clearly and discover that she bore a striking resemblance to Elizabeth.

Michael stared at Lucy with a trace of sadness and hope in his eyes, as if he saw somebody else in her.

It was as if he wished that Lucy could speak to him a little longer.

Sadly, Lucy and Elizabeth had different destinies despite having the same looks.

How could Michael not humble himself in front of the person who was the very image of Elizabeth, his mother?

“What is it? You are jealous of her, but you feel that you can do nothing, don’t you?”

Irene’s frosty voice could be heard. She could still capitalize on the memories of her and Michael’s tender youth, but what did Sophia have?

Sophia was young and beautiful, but so was Lucy.

Moreover, Lucy had a prominent family background and business management capabilities that would put most women to shame, both of which Sophia didn’t have.

Sophia didn’t answer Irene’s words. She lowered her head and gently took a sip of the red wine in her glass, only to find that it tasted bitter.

Irene stood behind her as they jealously watched Michael talking happily to Lucy.

Even so, Irene thought that she herself was better than Sophia. Lucy was the substitute he found for himself after losing her, whereas Sophia was another substitute he found after his engagement with Lucy fell through.

As the legitimate eldest daughter of the Edwards Family’s direct line of descent, Lucy’s personal wealth was estimated at hundreds of billions. On the other hand, Sophia was but an illegitimate child of a bastard son who belonged to a distant branch of the Edwards Family. Therefore, she had no comparability with Lucy.

Lowering her eyelashes in dejection, Sophia couldn’t hear distinctly what Irene said. She knew that Irene and Lucy would be present on this day, yet she humiliated herself by insisting on attending the banquet.

Suddenly, her shoulder was gently pushed by someone, and Michael’s voice snapped her out of her imagination. “What’s wrong, chica? Are you unhappy?”

Only then did she come to her senses and notice Michael standing in front of her without her realizing it. Irene had left before she realized it, while Lucy was still talking to Linus, and Michael was standing right in front of her.

“Huh?” Only then did she snap out of her daze. “Nothing! Have you finished greeting your friend?”

Michael whispered, “Yeah. Let’s dance together.”

Sophia stupidly let Michael lead her into the dance floor.

Lucy had noticed Sophia long ago when the latter sat on Michael’s lap in a sulk.

She wasn’t very interested in gossip about stars and celebrities, but she knew that the young lady was Michael’s wife.

What an irony that he spent money and bought a young bride for himself after being unable to marry me!

Lucy felt that she was insulted, for Michael substituted her with such a woman.

The dance party began, and Michael held Sophia’s hand and led her into the dance floor. A slow and soothing music happened to be playing, and the ladies and gentlemen on the dance floor slowed down their movements.

Sophia was upset the whole time while she was dancing with Michael. Without saying a word, she rested her chin on Michael’s shoulder while slowly taking her steps along with the music.

Michael seemed to know the reason for her silence, for he placed his hand on her back and gently patted her twice. “I just went to say hello to her.”

Lucy looked very much like Elizabeth, so he really couldn’t ignore her when she stood in front of him.

Michael used to resent Elizabeth for abandoning him and his sister. To him, she could live well even without Theo.

Now that he had learned the truth, he was ashamed of the thoughts he once had, and the feelings in his heart became stronger when he saw Lucy’s face.

He knew that Lucy wasn’t Elizabeth. All he wanted was to speak to Lucy so that he could imagine what it was like to speak to Elizabeth…

Of course, Sophia wasn’t angry just because Michael had spoken to Lucy.

She was just feeling inferior, for she knew that she was inferior to Lucy. Some heights were destined to be insurmountable no matter how hard one tried. So many people worked hard to earn money, yet there would always be only one person who was the richest in the world.

Sophia hooked her arms around Michael’s shoulders by passing her hands under his armpits and clasping them on his back. Not wanting to speak for the moment, she buried her face in his embrace.

Michael knew that she had been dealt a blow on this day, and the fact that her husband’s ex was more outstanding than her definitely made her feel even more upset.

He gently appeased her by comforting her, “You insisted to come…”

“Uh-huh,” Sophia responded without saying anything else.

The two then danced in silence.

Suddenly, Michael left to answer a phone call. When he returned, he said to Sophia, “Abel has something to talk to me about, so I’ll be going back first. Have fun while you’re here.”

The furrow in his brow and the anxious tone of his voice indicated that the matter seemed to be very urgent.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 589

As Michael left in a hurry, Sophia felt perplexed and sat next to the dance floor, staring blankly ahead.

A drunk Stanley staggered over. “Sophia, what happened? Where’s Michael? Did he run away with some wild woman?”

She sat there in silence.

“Let’s go, let’s go! Want to dance?” Stanley pulled her hand.

Sophia continued to ignore him. Then, Stanley pulled her again. “Come on! Let’s go and grab a bite, then!”

Sophia shoved him roughly. “You’re so annoying! Go away!”

Stanley huffed angrily, “Hmph! I was just trying to comfort you because Michael’s ex-girlfriend had insulted you, but it seems like my efforts are not being appreciated! I’m angry now, and I’m not going to forgive you easily!”

Sulking, they turned their backs against each other and ignored one another.

Sean rushed over to smooth things over. “Stan, Sophia must be feeling frustrated. Why don’t you leave her alone while we go and have some drinks over there?”

Sean patted Sophia’s shoulder lightly as he put his arm around Stanley and walked away.

Sophia ordered a hot drink and drank slowly as she watched the crowd dance on the dance floor.

As the crowd danced away happily, she began to calm down. She knew that being jealous was pointless; the fact was that Lucy was better than her in every way.

She would continue to feel frustrated by constantly comparing herself to Lucy, and she refused to allow herself to live in jealousy forever.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Linus were having such a great time talking; it almost felt like they had known each other for centuries. Lucy’s first impression of Linus was so good that she thought of him as the type of man that was worthy of her. Besides, she liked men that were younger than her, for they helped to fulfil her need to dominate.

While they were heading toward the dance floor, Linus was about to ask Lucy for a dance when he glanced over at the lonely silhouette at a corner. He changed his mind and said apologetically, “The dance floor looks quite lively tonight. You should go and enjoy yourself, Miss Edwards. I’m afraid I have to go and greet the other guests now. Please forgive me for my poor hospitality.”

Even though Lucy was disappointed, she nodded her head and watched Linus walk away.

Lucy looked around the dance floor as she was curious about the identity of the guest that had Linus left her for. To her surprise, he walked toward the lonely silhouette at the corner of the dance floor.

Although there were dance invitations from the other male guests, she declined them all without hesitant.

Isn’t that Taylor’s wife?

Lucy knew that Taylor had left earlier.

Looks like they had an argument.

The argument between Taylor and Sophia was no surprise to Lucy; it was as if she had expected it to happen.

As Linus walked toward Sophia, he could sense that she was upset.


Sophia looked up at Linus as he walked toward her and murmured, her voice filled with chagrin.

This was all so confusing for Sophia. Earlier, when Stanley was trying to comfort her, she used anger to hide her frustration, but when it came to Linus, she was unable to do so.

All of the resentment and hurt that she was feeling was compiled into that soft, choked up word—Linus.

Conflicted emotions were all over her face as Linus sat down next to her and asked worryingly, “What happened?”

Sophia stared at him as if she was going to say something, but she remained silent.

Linus was born on the same day and year as she did, but he was able to speak to Lucy as an equal, and even had his own business empire. Sophia, on the other hand, had absolutely nothing.

She was still studying and establishing her own business while still relying on her father’s savings.

An unexplainable bitterness crept into her heart as she dwelled in her own thoughts.

Suddenly, Linus put out his hand and muttered, “Come, let’s go and dance.”

As Sophia looked at Linus’ extended hand and his sincere gaze, she felt a tug in her heart. Even though she wanted to decline, she involuntarily placed her hand onto his.

Linus held her hands as they walked onto the dance floor and danced to the music.

Normally, Sophia would step on whoever was dancing with her, but Linus seemed to be able to predict her moves and follow her beat as they danced. While they were dancing, Linus made jokes and managed to tease a laugh out of her. It made Sophia feel better as time went by.

At the same time in Villa No. 8, Irene had been wandering around the gate for a while. She knew that Michael had gone in, but she was hesitant about pressing the doorbell and eventually left.

Michael went down to the basement and found Abel.

“Regarding the last two prisoners we caught, when I was dissecting one of them alive, the other one immediately confessed. From what we know, Phantom Wolf is still in Bayside City and will leave Cethos within the next two days. He doesn’t know where Phantom Wolf’s hideout is, nor does he know about Phantom Wolf‘s true identity. That man is so cautious that he never even revealed his true face to his subordinates,” Abel reported.

If Phantom Wolf manages to escape, it would be harder to catch him again.

Abel continued, “Phantom Wolf’s sponsor has prepared a private jet and an exclusive route. I shall go and check all the private airports nearby immediately.”

Phantom Wolf’s sponsor!

Michael always knew that for Phantom Wolf to be so brazen, he would need a steady supply of money to support him. His sponsor could be anyone, such as Linus…

After he left the basement, Michael sat in his study room and started to process the continuous amount of paperwork.

Tonight was bound to be a sleepless night.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the study room door, and Nicholas’ voice rang. “Daddy, can I come in?”

It was then that Michael remembered Nicholas. He wanted Nathan to have some company at home, so he didn’t bring it to Linus’ party tonight.

But why would it suddenly come over at this time of the night?

Furthermore, it was a robot, and its program didn’t allow it to go into the study room, basement and other file storage places.

I’ve always suspected it’s a spy, and even though we’ve checked its system countless times, who knows whether there’s a loophole in its system?

After clearing and putting away his classified files, he replied, “Come on in.”

Nicholas only came in after receiving Michael’s voice of command.

Michael caught sight of the box of kids’ milk in its mechanical hand.

“Daddy, Nate wanted me to sneak this in for you and to not tell you that it belonged to him.”


That little brat, Nate, finally realized that he needs to care about his cheapskate father now?

Michael tore open the box of milk and took a few sips. It tasted sweeter than any other milk he had drunk before.

At the same time, Nicholas had already scanned the whole setting of the study room. Its initial setting was to not go into restricted areas, such as the study room, but since Michael had allowed it to come in, the study room had now been eliminated from the restricted list.

Whenever Nicholas entered a new environment, it would first scan its surroundings for any threats to its master, and after a few seconds, Nicholas was finished with the scan.

Michael’s bookshelf was filled with pictures; besides his own, there were pictures of Nathan and Sophia, even pictures of Theo, Elizabeth, and Mark.

Nicholas scanned them one by one while it looked for matching clues in its memory bank to determine the identity of the people in the photos.

If there was a conflict with a file within its memory bank, it would ask Michael for an accurate answer before saving the information into its database.

Nicholas’ program was operating so fast that within ten seconds, Nicholas had already processed a large amount of information. It reached out its mechanical hand, pointed at a photo on the bookshelf, and asked, “Who is that, Daddy?”

Michael turned toward the bookshelf and took down the photo that Nicholas was pointing to. He looked down at it; the man in the frame was about 13 or 14 years old, and even the yellowing photo couldn’t conceal his youthful good looks.

He flashed the photo to Nicholas’ camera and replied, “His name is Theo Fetcher, and he’s my father. This is a picture of him when he was 13 years old.”

Nicholas rescanned the photo, processed the information of the picture, and compared it against the data from its memory bank. Then, two seconds later, it asked, “Daddy, why does a 14-year-old Professor Clark look similar to the 13-year-old Grandpa? The resemblance rate is more than 95%; are they relatives?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 590

“Hmm?” Michael murmured, warning alarms ringing in his head. “Nicholas, what did you just say?”

Without answering, Nicholas walked in front of the computer and turned toward Michael. “Daddy, can I use your computer?”

“Of course.” Michael nodded in response.

Then, Nicholas’ mechanical hand turned into a plug and connected to the computer’s USB port. Shortly after that, a video file popped up on Michael’s computer screen and began to play automatically.

The video was shown from Nicholas’ perspective—a masked Quinton was seen talking to Sophia at some plastic surgery hospital.

“Well, I had already started plastic surgery on my face since the age of 14. My nose and chin was padded; my eyelids were cut; and I filled my forehead. Essentially, my whole face has been changed. Here; this is a picture of how I looked before I had plastic surgery.” Just then, Quinton took out his phone, flipped to his gallery, and showed the photo to Sophia. Nicholas took the opportunity; it stretched its camera wider, peeked over to his side, and caught the image of Quinton before he had plastic surgery.

Nicholas captured the image and zoomed in. After it adjusted the clarity, it showed the image onto Michael’s computer screen. When he saw that young dashing face, Michael felt like the blood in his body was frozen in his veins.

While Nicholas was comparing the photo of a young Theo against Quinton, he asked in disbelief, “Daddy, why does Professor Clark look exactly like Grandpa?”

Feeling like they were running out of time, Michael stood up abruptly and gathered the people from all over the mansion and basement. Gemma and Hale were still protecting Sophia at the party, and Abel had gone out, leaving only Gary, Ben, and the rest of the lot with him.

“Inform everyone that Quinton Clark is Phantom Wolf!”

Michael had never thought that Quinton would be the Phantom Wolf. He was so deviously cunning that Michael had unknowingly mixed with him. Sophia had mentioned that he had undergone plastic surgery at the age of 14, and she even wondered the reasons for it since he was already handsome. The answer was clear to Michael now—Quinton was Phantom Wolf, and he looked exactly the same as his father, Theo! That was the reason why he had to undergo the continuous plastic surgery!

At that moment, Michael shivered violently, as though a frosty cold was lingering around his veins, suffocating him from inside out. Gary tried contacting Hale, but no one was answering the calls, so Michael decisively rushed toward Linus’ party. The ball was still going on as the people were singing and dancing happily.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s phone was still unanswered as she was nowhere to be found. And Quinton was at the party earlier! Michael had never been this flustered. Regardless, when he rushed in and found Harry flirting with Sarah, he grabbed him roughly and asked, “Where’s chica? Did you see her?”

Confused and dazed, Harry asked, “What’s wrong? I just saw her dancing with Linus!”

Michael let go of Harry and walked toward Linus, who was talking to Stanley. He charged forward, grabbed Stanley’s collar, and snarled, “Where’s Sophia? Where did Sophia go!?”

Stanley shrunk back in fear and pointed at the door. “She and a few other classmates had gone over to Professor Clark’s house…” he replied, shivering.

They went to Quinton’s house! At that moment, Michael felt as if his sanity was breaking apart as he stood there dumbfoundedly, and his mind went blank while he stared at Stanley. Upon hearing that, Gary made a phone call as he ran out.

“Uncle Michael? What happened…” Stanley asked tensely. He had never seen Michael like this before. But Michael was glaring at Linus with bloodshot eyes, and at that moment, he looked like a vicious beast, ready to lurch forward and attack Linus.

Linus calmly met Michael’s gaze, but he was suspicious of the latter’s intentions. Michael remained motionless as he asked coldly, “Where is she?”

Harry and Daniel rushed over as they were concerned about the situation. “Bro, what’s wrong? What happened?”

However, Michael was still glaring at Linus. “Where is Phantom Wolf?” he spat with gritted teeth.

Linus’ face was calm with a slight tinge of anger as he replied, “Mr. Fletcher, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Who is this Phantom Wolf?”

Everyone was confused. What is going on?

Once again, Michael glowered at Linus and grinded his teeth in anger. “You’re the sponsor of Phantom Wolf, also known as Quinton Clark! Didn’t I guess it right?” he sneered.

Shock rippled through the crowd. Quinton Clark is Phantom Wolf!? And Linus is actually the one who has been continuously providing financial support to Phantom Wolf behind the scenes!? The world had fallen into the pits of madness!

Linus shrugged and nonchalantly replied, “I still have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Fletcher.”

Suddenly, Gary came over with a solemn expression as he glanced at the crowd and murmured, “We have found the students from Bayside University, as well as Gemma and Hale—all of whom were drugged by ether. They are not in danger, but Madam and Phantom Wolf…”

Gary did not dare to continue speaking. Upon hearing the information, Michael felt like the whole world had gone dark. He gritted his teeth as he resisted the urge to roar. “Continue tracking them,” he ordered.

At this point, everyone had realized what was happening, and the atmosphere dropped to a freezing point. Sophia had fallen into the hands of Phantom Wolf! And Quinton was Phantom Wolf, whose accomplice was Linus!

Stanley turned around and ran out hurriedly to make a call. “Joel, Phantom Wolf’s identity has been confirmed—it’s Professor Quinton Clark from Bayside University! You have to report this immediately; he’s planning to flee Bayside City, and he has Sophia as a hostage. The traffic in the city is still quite congested, so he wouldn’t be able to go very far; pay attention to unidentified flying aircrafts.”

After Harry had sent Sarah back to West Family, he quickly dispatched his men to help locate Phantom Wolf. Ever since Phantom Wolf appeared, everyone had been walking on a razor’s edge.

Michael unclenched his tight fists as his pale fingers trembled uncontrollably. He stared at Linus and growled, “Linus, she’ll be dead if you waste more time.”

Linus’ face was expressionless. After two seconds of silence, he turned around and called out, “Butler.”

The robot butler moved in response and came over toward Linus as the latter commanded, “Call Phantom Wolf.”

Instantly, the call was picked up, and Quinton’s voice came through. It was no longer the warm, chirpy voice from before; instead, it was replaced by complete evil madness. “What do you want from me?”

In a deep, serious tone, Linus asked, “Where are you?” As he spoke, his eyes were filled with gloom.

When Michael heard Quinton’s voice, all he wanted to do was rush over and cut him up into pieces. Quinton chuckled dryly. “Things were getting out of hand, so I’ve decided to leave tonight.” As he spoke, a woman’s whimper was heard from the other side.

Michael exploded with rage when he heard that voice. That’s Sophia’s voice!

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