My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 571-580

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 571

Intentionally, Michael teased, “Yeah. I’ll go extend mine to 20 centimeters next month. Are you scared?”

Instantly, Sophia’s complexion went pale. A 20 centimeter-long penis!

How strong would he be?

She didn’t think she would be able to fit him in!

Watching Sophia who was dumbfounded, Michael arched his brows and gave her a wink.

Sophia suddenly realized that she had been teased; covering her face, she ran away.

In the meantime, Nathan, who was watching, was rendered speechless.

They’re setting a bad example for children again.

After Sophia ran away out of shyness, Michael continued with his work at hand. He was suddenly very interested in the gossip she had told him earlier.

Sophia told him that Quinton was pretty handsome back then, but why did he go for plastic surgery?

Besides, he was highly educated and was the second son of the Clark Family—one of the most influential families in Bayside City. There was absolutely no need for the surgery.

However, one wouldn’t know what the others were thinking. Perhaps he was someone who really cared about his appearance!

Sophia did not come back after a long while; instead, it was Abel, the one who had been out for some days, that had returned.

This time, he suffered a slight injury, but he brought major news back for Michael.

“Thanks to Nicholas for taking that video of Phantom Wolf. Although it caught Phantom Wolf on camera, he was wearing a face mask, so I couldn’t recognize his face. But his subordinate was in the video.”

Filled with excitement, Abel played the video clip that he had copied out from Nicholas’ system. Other than Phantom Wolf, there was one of his subordinates that was helping him keep a lookout.

When Nicholas later made its move, Sophia took the opportunity to escape. That subordinate glanced over, and that was why Nicholas managed to catch his face on camera.

Due to Nicholas’ high-definition camera quality, Abel was able to recognize Phantom Wolf’s subordinate’s facial features. He found this man and observed him for a few days. Following him, Abel was led straight into the Phantom Wolf’s branch and had wiped them out in one fell swoop.

“There were eighteen people in total. All of them were the elites of the Phantom Wolf. I kept two of them alive and the rest are here now.”

Glancing at Abel who was ordering someone to move the sixteen mutilated corpses into his basement, Michael found all of them were still warm. Blood was still dripping, painting the floor scarlet.

He looked at Abel, who was happy with the results, but he said nothing.

Abel had collected a lot of corpses in there. Some of them were not easy to destroy, and some were worthy for research purposes, so he kept them in the freezer.

For example, the corpse he dug from Cooper’s grave and also Kayla’s body.

He wondered if Sophia could still run around happily if she knew that there were hundreds of dead bodies hidden in her basement.

This time, they had received sixteen more bodies. Although Phantom Wolf’s body wasn’t one of them, Abel was still very satisfied.

After all, this could be considered progress!

Even the corpses of Phantom Wolf’s subordinates were valuable for research purposes.

While the corpses were still warm, Abel dissected them. However, the other two that were still alive and had their mouths gagged were imprisoned in the next room, so they could watch through the transparent bulletproof glass as he dissected their friends.

It was torture!

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get something out from them, Abel didn’t bother to interrogate them. He decided to trap them just so that he could observe them whenever he wanted.

Soon, Abel made a major discovery. Instantly, he called Michael down. Even Sophia was excited to come too.

In the past, Michael was reluctant to expose her to bloody things like that. He didn’t want her to visit the basement, but he couldn’t bear to reject her.

After notifying Abel to make the workspace cozier, Michael brought Sophia downstairs. He didn’t want Sophia to see the scene where dozens of corpses were piled up all over the place.

However, when they were down in the basement, the corpses were still piled up together. All Abel had done to make the ambiance warmer was to put a flower next to the dead bodies.

Inside his fully transparent dissection room, he was busy dissecting the bodies; there were internal organs all over the workspace.

Abel’s studio was huge. It was connected to tunnels in all directions; they were made as escape tunnels, not by Michael but the Emperor of the ancient Imperial Palace. They were hidden from people’s sight, and Michael had borrowed a few of them.

Michael originally thought that Sophia would be frightened. However, it seemed like Sophia was not affected at all. With a calm expression, she walked over and started talking to Abel.

Abel’s voice rose from the inside of the bulletproof glasses. “Thirty years ago, Theo led soldiers to destroy the century-old family of drug traffickers hidden in the Southwest border. I found some top-secret information when I browsed through some files when I was in the army. The drug traffickers were studying a special super stimulant that could maximize the human body’s performance with minimal side effects.”

Super stimulant?

Sophia was shocked when she heard that.

She recollected the time when Kayla was under the influence of a stimulant. She was extremely strong—as if she was a killing machine that would never go tired. She was frantic, aggressive, and cruel. It was a memory Sophia didn’t want to look back to in her lifetime!

Abel went on, “Unfortunately, due to the limited technology in the past, their super stimulant wasn’t completed. The studio was blown up by Theo and all of the information and equipment was destroyed. This time, I discovered that Phantom Wolf’s subordinates were powerful and different from regular people. There was a strange type of stimulant found in their blood and it was transforming their bodies constantly. The preliminary test showed that this stimulant is the same series from the batch thirty years ago. However, what’s different is that the batch used by the Phantom Wolf is way more advanced than the previous batch. And, it’s almost perfect.”

When Michael and Sophia heard him, their complexions worsened.

In other words, Abel was saying that Phantom Wolf had obtained the information about the stimulant that was still in development by the drug traffickers thirty years ago at the Southwest border, and they had been studying and improving it.

These modified super stimulants could transform the human body without any side effects?

Remembering that day when she had a brief scuffle with Phantom Wolf, Sophia was unable to resist him at all. He was like a powerful machine with limitless strength. All of her resistance was futile…

There was also another time when she fought Phantom Wolf’s subordinate, Quill, and he wasn’t even afraid of electric shocks!

No wonder they had been out there for years and no one could find them. Many countries had worked together to stop them, but they always failed. And she didn’t expect it was because they had been transformed by the super stimulant!

Aren’t they similar to super villains one usually saw in movies?

Unfortunately, there were no superheroes in reality.

The more Sophia was exposed to those things, the more she could feel the darkness of reality. All of a sudden, she broke out into a cold sweat.

If Phantom Wolf were to study the stimulant thoroughly, wouldn’t it be…

Completing his job, Abel removed his gloves, face mask, and his white lab coat. He walked out of the room after disinfecting himself.

“Come on. I have something important to show you.”

He found the information and cast it on the floating display.

“In order to find out the relationship between Phantom Wolf and the drug traffickers at the Southwest border, I went to investigate at the old site in Southwest last year. And, I found something you might not want to know.”

When he said that, he looked toward Michael.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 572

“According to my research, the reason Theo was able to wipe out the base that the drug traffickers had built for more than a hundred years in such a short period, was because he had obtained top-secret insider information in advance. After knowing his and the drug trafficker’s own strengths and weaknesses, it only took one shot for him to take them out with the fastest speed and the lowest cost.”

Abel only described the situation in a few words, but Sophia could imagine the scene back in the days. It must have been tough and more thrilling than the spy films one could watch now.

It was a pity that Theo ended up dying due to serious injury.

When it came to the topic of his father, Michael’s expression turned gloomy.

Holding onto his hand, Sophia found it extremely cold.

With a glance at Michael, Abel let out a sigh and said, “You might not be able to accept the thing I’m about to say in a moment.”

Sophia was nervous. She was afraid that Abel would say something that would shake her entire worldview. In a hurry, she said, “Then, let’s not talk about it first…”

“Speak,” Michael demanded solemnly as if he was giving out an order.

Giving Michael a serious look, Abel said in a very solemn voice, “The head of the drug traffickers had a daughter. Months before that incident happened, his daughter brought a handsome young man home and got married to him. On the day of the wedding, the man led his troops to break through all the defenses of the drug traffickers’ base. They broke into the base and took them at once. Half of the family members were dead in that battle, and the rest were captured and sentenced.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was stunned. An extremely terrible thought came to her mind. Could it be that the live-in son-in-law was…

A young and handsome commander endured the humiliation and used his beauty to break into the enemy’s base. He became the live-in son-in-law of the drug lord. Seizing the opportunity, he constantly sent out insider information to his people. Finally, on the wedding day of the drug lord’s precious daughter, he invaded the base when the enemy wasn’t attentive with their defenses and took them down in one fell swoop…

“That’s impossible!”

Michael’s handsome features were distorted. Furiously, he punched the working table that was made of glass.

Although being an undercover agent wasn’t disgraceful, Theo was a hero and a good father in Michael’s heart. If what Abel told him was true, then it proved that Theo had once betrayed Elizabeth.

Even if he didn’t do it willingly.

But still, Elizabeth was dead because of him!

In a hurry, Sophia quickly comforted Michael. Softly, she said, “That’s all Abel’s speculation. Theo was a commander; why would he have gone undercover personally…”

But Abel’s next sentence shattered any remaining hope. “Phantom Wolf is your half-brother from another mother!”

As soon as that sentence came out, Sophia was dumbstruck. The information within those words was shocking.

So, it’s true that the live-in son-in-law back then was Theo?

And the daughter did not die but escaped?

And she even gave birth to Theo’s son?

That child was the second generation of Phantom Wolf?

Is he taking revenge on his biological father by attacking the Fletchers?

Even TV series couldn’t make up something like that!

There weren’t a lot of people inside the studio. When Abel finished talking, almost everyone in the room looked in Michael’s direction. So, he’s Phantom Wolf’s biological brother.

Staring at Abel in a daze, Michael’s expression was extremely complicated.

Mercilessly, Abel continued, “The previous story was just my speculation. Back then, the drug lord was caught in such a short period because of the betrayal of his live-in son-in-law, but the DNA comparison between you and Phantom Wolf proves that you’re indeed brothers.”

Michael continued to stare at Abel blankly. He couldn’t accept the cruel reality.

After a long moment, he suddenly inquired, “Do you have the photo of the drug trafficker’s daughter?”

Patting on Michael’s shoulder, Abel knew he wouldn’t be able to accept reality. After a few words of comfort, he showed him the photo he found from the investigation.

Soon, a photo of a young woman was shown.

Raising her head, Sophia’s eyes met with a wild beauty. The woman in the photo had healthy, tanned skin. Her hair was slightly curled and she had a toned body. At first glance, she didn’t look simple. She looked like an alluring devil’s bloom.

“Tanya Slovia was only 21 years old when the incident happened. Despite her age, she was her father’s right-hand woman. She’s cruel and ruthless, and has murdered a lot of people. People called her Miss Poison…”

Before he could finish talking, Michael ran out suddenly.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. Before Sophia could even take in what was happening, Michael was nowhere to be seen. Immediately, she followed suit and saw him go into the gym and lock the door up.

“Hubby!” Sophia yelled as she pounded on the door with all her might. However, Michael showed no reaction. There was a burst of loud music that was mixed with screaming and drums. The volume was turned to its maximum and the punching bag was hit with loud noises.

Sophia was worried. She kept on screaming for Michael.

Suddenly, Abel came forward and patted her shoulder. He said, “You should let him calm himself down…”

Looking at the tightly closed door, Sophia was heartbroken.

It must have been hard for him to accept that…

At this moment, Michael was smashing the punching bag with his fists amid the loud music. His fists were wounded and blood was dripping, but he didn’t realize it.

He remembered it…

The woman’s face brought back memories of his childhood.

The news of his father’s death came to them; his mother was crying alone in front of his father’s picture while she mourned for him. Michael was hiding outside with his sister, not knowing what was happening.

At night, the wind was howling. His mother was crying softly, afraid that she would wake her children.

All of a sudden, a pregnant lady broke into his house. He and his sister were crying in fright as a cold knife was placed against his neck.

His mother cried and begged the lady to let him and his sister go.

“Theo’s children must die,” the lady said.

But, his mother kneeled and begged, “I can die for them.”

With a cruel grin, the lady said, “I’ll give you some days to prepare yourself.”

Then she supported her tummy as she left.

Holding both him and his sister in her embrace, his mother cried all night. She sent them off to Mark the next day.

From that day onward, she never showed up again.

That pregnant lady was Tanya! She must be Tanya!

Elizabeth didn’t commit suicide because she missed her husband!

She was forced to death by Tanya!

Tanya used his and his sister’s life to force Elizabeth to death!

And the baby Tanya was pregnant with was Phantom Wolf!

Theo had lied to Tanya and killed her whole family. She hated Theo to her core and wasn’t satisfied even after his death. She killed Theo’s wife and gave birth to Phantom Wolf, wishing for him to kill all of Theo’s children one after another.

After killing Elizabeth, she wanted to see Theo’s children fight each other too!

Now that Celine was dead, the next would be Michael and Nathan. Even his wife, Sophia, was included in the plan. What an evil woman!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 573

Amid the loud music, Michael continued to throw his fists out without noticing the pain. His wounds were so deep that one could see his bones, but he didn’t realize it…

The next day, when the sun was up, the door to the gym finally opened. Michael looked cold and seemed to have changed into someone else. When he stepped out of the gym, he accidentally stepped onto something soft.

Looking down, Sophia had made a makeshift bed by the door and was sleeping on it. Originally, she was still asleep. However, when Michael stepped onto her hand, the pain woke her up suddenly. She opened her eyes in confusion and leaped up suddenly, pulling him into her arms.

She hugged him in front of the gym. None of them spoke. All Michael could hear was Sophia’s sobbing in his ear.

Reaching his wounded hands out, he hugged the woman in front of him.

When he closed his eyes, tears flowed down his cheeks. They were for his father, his mother, and his sister, as well as Sophia, who had been hurt so many times because of him.

“I’m sorry…”

Phantom Wolf’s target had never been her. She was only hurt because she was his wife!

“What’s the use of apologizing now? You need to pull yourself together. Do you understand?” choked Sophia.

“Brace up, Michael Fletcher! You still need to protect me and Nathan! What are we supposed to do if something happens to you?”

Holding her tightly, Michael choked with sobs…

After what happened thirty years ago, Tanya disappeared. It was like she had vanished from the world and no one could find her anymore.

In order to find some clues, Michael decided to visit the place where he had lived. Tanya had been there before. And back then, Elizabeth was already a superstar. She installed a surveillance system in the house, so he might be able to find something by chance.

Sophia set off along with him. The weather was still freezing outside. She simply grabbed onto the coat that she brought back from the military compound and put it on.

Inside the car, Michael remained silent for the entire journey. He seemed to be very anxious. Both his hands that were rested on his knees were trembling; the wounds on his joints had been treated with medicine.

Cautiously, Sophia put her hand into his palm. She did it carefully as she was afraid of touching his wounds. Michael gently held her hand. Looking at the woman who had been with him for such a long time, he found the toughness in her eyes that was once familiar to him.

The both of them used to think that they had reached the end of their lives. However, they managed to move on by relying on their survival instincts.

Weren’t they supposed to survive no matter how hard the future was?

Michael gave Sophia a peck on her cheek before he looked out the window. A familiar building came into sight.

The car came to a stop in front of an old, discolored villa. The villa looked aged after being washed by years of rain and wind; the plants in the garden seemed to be managed regularly by someone. Although it looked like someone came over regularly to tidy the place up, the loneliness and desolation from the absence of occupants for thirty years could not be hidden.

This was an elegant and dashing two-story villa. From afar, it looked like a beautiful lady, but it was a pity that her outfit was worn out and torn.

Taking out the key, Michael opened the lock and pushed open the door. A familiar place unfolded before his eyes.

It wasn’t inhabited for more than thirty years, but everything remained as it was thirty years ago. All the furniture was covered by dust-proof cloth.

As Michael observed the place that he once lived, he was overwhelmed with emotions.

“Whenever my sister and I were mistreated by the Fletchers, we would always run back here.”

“After Mother passed away, the both of us were sent away as well. The Fletchers had been taking care of this place since then. When I turned eighteen, Grandpa gave it back to me and my sister to manage.”

However, after the both of them grew up, they never came back again.

When Abel took Gary, Hale, and Gemma to check out on the surveillance footage, Michael suddenly recalled his childhood.

In the past, he and his sister would always come back in secret. They would climb into the house through the dog hole that was only known by them. While they cuddled one another, they would stare at the photos of their parents in the living room in a daze while they waited for them to come back, despite knowing they never would.

When Michael brought Sophia to look at the bed he once slept in as a child, he noticed that Celine’s room was full of garbage. Her bed was covered in mud. A string of dirty footprints traced the floor from the room to the kitchen and disappeared.

His expression darkened.

It seemed like a street bum had sneaked in to spend the winter in his sister’s bed.

It looked like they didn’t spend a lot of time there since someone would come to clean the place every month.

Ordering someone to keep a lookout on the outside, Michael called up some people to come repair the rusty window that could be simply destroyed with just a punch. He then continued to look for clues that were left behind by Tanya.

Back then, Michael was only three to four years old. It wasn’t bad that he could still remember that Tanya had come by before. However, he had no memory of the specific date she had been here, and to find it from the surveillance records was a laborious process.

Besides, he wasn’t sure if the equipment from thirty years ago could still function.

Entering the room Elizabeth used to sleep in, Michael opened up the safe and found her account book.

The money that passed her hands every day was quite a significant amount and all of it was recorded in this account book.

Flipping open the discolored book, Michael checked the transactions in order. He then flipped it to the transactions that happened in the last few days of Elizabeth’s life.

In the last few days, she had invited her lawyer and photographer into this room. She did a video recording of her will, and together with a handwritten will, she locked them in the safe. Two keys were each given to Mark and the lawyer she trusted the most.

Michael noticed from the account book that his mother’s handwriting was messy and she seemed to have written in haste.

She did not have the habit of keeping a diary, as everything was recorded in her planner and account book.

His eyes fixed on the last sentence written on the account book: ‘I hope, in exchange for my life, my kids can grow up healthily.”

Seeing the sentence, he couldn’t help clenching his fists. His scabbed wound broke open again, and blood flowed out unknowingly.


When Michael felt a chill on the back of his hand, he looked down and saw Nicholas spraying something from its mechanical hand carefully.

What a sweet little thing!

Michael was touched even though he knew that it was only led by its program. It detected that he was bleeding and its system made it respond accordingly.

“When was the spray installed? Has it expired?” he asked.

“Uncle Linus changed it when Mommy went back the other day. It hasn’t expired yet.”

Closing up the account book, Michael suddenly realized something.

The day when Sophia and Nathan came back from the Fletchers was the day when Nathan sent the broken Nicholas to Linus’ house for reparation. But, Linus was not home that day!

He went out the first night and didn’t come back until late at night the next day!

However, Nathan went there in the morning and he only came back before dinner. He had his lunch over there and Nicholas was repaired. Who was it? Who upgraded Nicholas and installed the defensive system that saved Sophia’s life at that very moment?

Could it be that the robot at Linus’ house had repaired it automatically?

No way. Someone was in his house. It was just that the surveillance system couldn’t capture his face. But that person had gone into Villa No. 2 and did not appear for a few days.

Could it be…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 574

Michael pretended to be nonchalant as he asked Nicholas, “Nicholas, who fixed you?”

Nicholas responded, feeling overjoyed, “It was Uncle Linus who did it!”

Then, Michael sternly stared at him and responded, “Linus wasn’t even home that day!”

Nicholas replied obstinately, “Hmph. You’re lying to me! Uncle Linus was home the whole time. If you don’t believe me, go and check with Nate! It was Uncle Linus who fixed me, and he even added new features to my functionality so that I could help Mom fight the bad guys!”

Staring at Nicholas, Michael decided to stop probing into this matter.

“Nicholas, go and spend time with your Mom.”

Nicholas said happily, “Alright. I’ll go now.”

Sitting on the chair where Elizabeth used to sit, Michael attempted to analyze everything that took place that day.

Since Nicholas was a robot, his memory could be compromised and altered.

Reckoning that Linus was definitely not home that day, Michael supposed that it had to be someone else who fixed Nicholas.

Right at this moment, Michael recalled hearing from Sophia that on that same day, Linus drove home one of his hometown friends who was visiting him, and he remembered her saying that she even gave him two red packets before he left.

Word had it that that friend of Linus was better with technology than Linus. Besides, for Linus to let someone into his workstation, that person must have had a close relationship with him.

If that person was the person Michael thought of, he reckoned that life would be too cruel to Sophia.

At the same time, Sophia was supervising the workers who were installing grills on the kitchen windows. At the same time, she tried cleaning the room that was messed up by the street bum.

Sophia had no idea how the street bum got in, but judging from how dirty the room was, that person must have lived there for at least a couple of days.

Fortunately, nothing went missing; just that the room itself required some cleaning.

After cleaning Celine’s room, it was almost mealtime. Since everyone looked busy, Sophia volunteered to go out to get some food.

Bringing Nicholas along, Sophia went out with Hale to get some food, but because the garage was full, upon getting some food, they had to park somewhere nearby and walk home from there. In an olive-colored coat, she carried a few long bread loaves while Hale carried a few bags with him as he followed her; he carried enough food to feed ten people.

After walking just a couple of steps, Nicholas asked Sophia, “Mom, there’s someone in front of us.”

Sophia looked up and saw a woman curled up next to the fence. She was so dirty that one could hardly tell the color of her clothes, and there was also a layer of brown smudge covering her face. Given how disheveled her hair was, Sophia almost could not tell if she was male or female.

The temperature was almost freezing, so the bum was shivering. Right at this point, she was staring at the patch in front of her with her glazed eyes while she mumbled something. It appeared that she was not mentally stable.

Seeing this, Sophia had the realization that she was the street bum that barged into Celine’s place!

She looked pitiful and was probably so desperate that she decided to barge into the house.

As such, Sophia instructed Nicholas to bring one of the long bread loaves to her. Upon receiving it, she quickly and firmly grabbed the loaf with her dirty hands and started stuffing it into her mouth.

While walking past the woman, Sophia subconsciously threw her a glance. She looks rather young, and it must be because of some mental disability that she ended up like that. It’s dangerous for a young woman to be wandering outside by herself. Seeing her reminded Sophia of her time when she wandered off and lived inside the bridge hole. She dared not fall asleep as she was afraid that the other bums might come and steal her belongings. That aside, she might even have been…

Sophia recalled that after one of the bums stole her blanket, that night, she also curled up in the bridge hole next to the river as she shivered. There was also a retarded bum that tried to rape her. If it were not because of the rocks that she managed to pick up by the river and used to injure him in the head, that person would not have run off.

However, her blanket could never be found. Since she could not afford to get a new blanket, she ended up guarding the trash pile in that neighborhood every day, hoping she would be lucky enough to pick up someone’s old garments.

When Sophia passed that woman, she kept staring at the coat that Sophia was wearing to the extent that she stopped eating.

Seeing this, Sophia sighed. She proceeded to take off her overcoat and passed it to her. Even though the woman might have been mentally disabled, she was nonetheless a human being who could feel cold. The woman draped the olive-colored coat over herself and continued munching away at the bread. Sophia reckoned that the woman must have felt bitterly cold.

Upon entering the house, Sophia said to Hale, “Please call the orphanage owned by Nicole’s younger sister; I believe they need some extra help. You can tell them to make some living arrangements for that woman and let her help them with cleaning or some odd jobs.”

Hale agreed apathetically.

After entering the house, Sophia found herself a new coat. Right at this moment, she heard a loud noise coming from outside. She then opened the door and saw two other bums who came out of nowhere and tried to grab the bread and the coat from the woman.

In a fit of rage, Sophia grabbed the broom that she used to clean the room earlier and stormed out of the house. When she got there, she saw that the two men were touching and grabbing the woman with their filthy hands.

Meanwhile, the woman clenched the bread between her teeth to prevent it from dropping. While her mouth was tightly closed, she was sobbing angrily.

“What are you doing?” Sophia growled and ran toward them with a broom in her hand. However, a black figure appeared and flexibly yet powerfully landed a kick on one of the men’s heads. That kick sent the man flying toward the pillar at the entrance of the Murray Residence.

Following that, there was a loud bang as his head hit the pillar, and specks of blood splashed out of his head, spattering all over the pillar. At that moment, he stopped moving.

At the same time, for reasons unbeknownst to Sophia, the other man’s head appeared underneath the woman’s underarm. The woman immediately landed a blow on his head, causing him to fall to the ground. That man screamed hysterically before she used her elbow to strike his head, and that instantly silenced his scream.

Everything seemed to have taken place within a few seconds before the man died. Eventually, Sophia came back to her senses when his blood reached her feet and she quickly retracted her feet.

All of a sudden, the smell of a stench moved past Sophia and before she realized it, that woman had already run into the Murray Residence. At this very moment, Hale had just come out of the house. Seeing that woman, he yelled. Just like that, still having the bread loaf in her mouth, she ran toward Hale…

When Sophia finally made it back, she saw that Hale, Gary, and Maria were all lying flat in the front yard. Fortunately, they were in a better condition than the two street bums outside the house—at least the three of them were still breathing.

The three of them could not fight that woman, who could easily defeat them with a blow.

She was incredibly strong…

Nicholas then started chasing after that woman while shooting her with silver needles. However, none of those silver needles managed to hit her.

That woman was incredibly flexible and fast in avoiding all the flying needles. She could run on the walls as if she had hanging wires attached to her body. After shooting seven or eight needles, each of them missed the target.

Just like that, that woman landed at the tree next to the house. She then stepped on the tree to use that as a springboard for her to jump to the second floor. Right then, she broke the windows with a punch and leaped into the room. This whole time, that bread loaf was in her mouth.

These scenes that seemed straight out of an action movie startled Sophia so much that she even dropped the broom in her hands.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 575

Apart from the three people lying in the front yard, seven others were lying on the floor in the room. At this moment, Nicholas showed up and stood in front of Sophia. “Mom, please don’t go in yet.”

As such, Sophia decided to help move those three people in the front yard aside, which took up a lot of energy. Since Hale’s head was bleeding, he was leaning on the wall for Nicholas to help him stop the bleeding while he commented, “She’s a super killer. I can’t fight her. It seems like only Abel or Boss can take her down.”

All of a sudden, a loud noise came from inside the house. Around ten minutes later, they heard the woman’s beastly growl. Right after that, Michael rushed out of the house to see if Sophia was safe. Upon seeing Sophia, he let out a sigh of relief.

Then, when Hale and Sophia walked into the living room, they saw that the army overcoat had already been stripped off the woman, who was tied to a pillar and growling as she looked at them.

With one hand covering his wound, Hale used his other hand to make some phone calls to ask for more help while Michael and Abel were covered in sweat. After much effort, they had finally taken that powerful woman down.

At this moment, that woman was still growling like an animal; she lacked any semblance of a human being. Where did she come from?

Turning to Michael’s bloody hand, Sophia realized that he was badly injured. Right now, both of his fists were bleeding profusely. The sight of this saddened her heart. Just as Sophia was about to approach Michael, that woman suddenly growled again. As she growled, she struggled vigorously and snapped the rope right away.

Upon seeing this, everyone there was terrified. They found that rope somewhere in the Murray Residence, and even though it had been around for a while, it still should not have snapped that easily. This homeless woman… was truly scary!

After snapping the rope, the woman jumped down from the pillar and stormed out like wind as she ran toward Sophia, who was standing at the door. Seeing that, Sophia retreated, subconsciously heading toward Michael for help.

“Michael Fletcher—”

The woman was moving at inhumane speeds. Even though Michael’s response was also quick, that woman was already standing in front of Sophia in a split second and she extended her hands that were like claws toward Sophia’s neck…

“Stop!” Michael howled subconsciously. Since those seven people could not take her down, what more could Sophia do. The woman was truly a super killer. How on earth could Sophia’s tender neck withstand her attack?

At that particular moment, Sophia was so frightened that she closed her eyes. Right after that, a breeze of bitterly cold wind wrapped around her neck. She expected to be dead meat in the next second, but she was surprised that the suffocating force did not choke her.

With her eyes closed, Sophia seemingly heard a hoarse voice that was calling a name. “Michael… Fletcher.”

She opened her eyes and noticed that the woman was still in an offensive gesture—her hands had already reached her neck. However, she did not go on to grab Sophia’s neck, and in a confused state, she actually started speaking.

Due to her proximity with that woman, Sophia was able to listen attentively and clearly in that highly intense moment. “Michael Fletcher… Michael Fletcher…”

At the same time, Michael jumped into the scene and came pouncing on that woman before they both rolled on the floor several times. After much struggling, he finally pinned her down. Just as he was about to deal her a blow, he saw the human look on that woman’s face. All of a sudden, she had turned from a beast into a human as she looked him in the eye, and the ferocious look on her face had disappeared. Conversely, she let out a rather thoughtless smile as she reached out her dirty, trembling hand as if she was trying to touch his face.

Her hoarse voice sounded out in Michael’s ears. “Michael Fletcher… M-Michael F-Fletcher… Mikey…”

She then smiled idly while tears ran down her cheeks.

Seeing that look on her face, he began to loosen his tightly clenched fists. At this moment, he quiveringly reached out toward her face and tucked away her disheveled hair, using her tears and sweat to wipe off the dirt on her face. At that moment, he saw… a face that looked exactly like his.

Widening his eyes, his quivering hands gently touched her face as he saw a reflection of his own face in that woman’s eyes.

In the next second, Michael held that woman in his arms and began crying in his hoarse voice while seemingly mumbling something.

“You’re alive… You’re alive… Celie!”

Sophia was stunned.


Is that woman Michael’s elder sister, Celine Fletcher?

It was late at night, and Michael and Abel were at the hospital, pacing back and forth in the hallway, feeling conflicted.

At this moment, Michael’s eyes were red while Abel had been sobbing silently.

Abel’s wife, who passed away six years ago, had come back!

She’s still alive!

Back in the days, they should have seen that explosion coming since Justin had sensed that something was amiss. But no matter how hard he tried to push his wife away, it was already too late.

Abel should have figured that since he survived, Celine should have too.

But where did she go all these years? Did she go through a lot of suffering? Why had she never returned to the Fletcher Residence? Why had she never looked for him? Why was she living as a street bum?

Hundreds of possibilities crossed his mind.

However, the fact that she was alive was all that really mattered…

After going home, Sophia brought Nicholas with her back to the hospital so that she could bring some food for Michael since Michael and Abel had not eaten anything since the afternoon. Upon hearing about what happened, Harry and Daniel came over too.

After watching the video replay in Nicholas’ video memory, they were both startled.

What the f*ck! Celine Fletcher is back?!

That unbeatable woman came back!

When they were young, every time Michael was bullied by someone, it was Celine who fought back on his behalf. None of her peers in the Fletchers Family could beat her.

In front of the tough and bold Celine, Michael was just a weak crybaby.

Now that she had come back alive, she was stronger than before. Her fighting skills were truly spectacular like they were special effects on a computer.

While Michael was restlessly sitting in the hallway waiting to hear from the doctor, he lifted his head and noticed that Sophia had arrived.

“Why are you here?” Michael stood up and held her warm, tiny hands.

Then, Sophia took out a hot lunchbox from Nicholas’ storage compartment. “I brought you some food.”

When she opened the lunchbox that was still piping hot, Michael immediately saw a few slices of cured meat, and the sight of this warmed his heart. After glancing at Sophia, he started to dig in.

While he was eating, he asked, “Where’s Nate?”

Sophia replied, “He’s already asleep.”

Sophia felt conflicted as she was afraid that since Nathan’s birth mother had come back, she would become Nathan’s aunt in the future.

It was somewhat disappointing to think about that.

Knowing that he had to take care of his body, Michael tried to finish the food as quickly as possible. While sitting next to him and clenching her tablet, it seemed like Sophia wanted to say something to him. Alas, she thought she should wait for Michael to finish his meal before letting him watch the video. Otherwise, he might get too upset to finish his food…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 576

While Michael was eating, Stanley rushed to the hospital. Since Celine’s actual situation was still unknown, Sophia figured that the news on Celine should temporarily be kept away from the Fletcher Family. She only told Stanley, whom she trusted and, thus, asked to come over.

After Michael had finished the last bit of rice and drank the last bit of soup, biting her lower lips, Sophia opened her tablet and showed a video recording to Michael.

“This is what Nicholas recorded on his camera.”

Seeing the conflicted look on her face, Nicholas quietly played the video recording. He saw two street bums trying to snatch Celine’s food and clothes, and when one of their dirty hands lifted her shirt underneath the coat, he could see Celine’s waist and belly. Besides that, there was an unforgettable symbol on her waist!

It was the symbol of Phantom Wolf—the one that Michael abhorred!

It finally dawned on him that they could not find Celine back in the days because she was abducted by Phantom Wolf!

He could not even begin to imagine how much she had suffered in the past six years whilst in the hands of Phantom Wolf. He managed to turn a valiant person like her into what she was now.

Everyone spent the entire night waiting at the hospital. Since this was the hospital that Michael had a share in, he managed to have the entire floor vacated for Celine to undergo the operation.

Finally, around midday the next day, Celine woke up.

Experts from various departments such as the psychiatric and surgical departments showed up to check on her. The hospital waited for another day before informing Abel, Michael, and the others of her situation.

The psychiatrist commented, “The patient has been subjected to tremendous mental trauma, so her mental condition is not particularly good. It would require long-term treatment to stabilize her condition. Right now, her situation is very unstable. Please be prepared for the worst.”

Upon arriving at the hospital, Michael and Abel rushed to the intensive care unit right away and saw Celine in bed.

Right now, she looked clean as someone at the hospital had already cleaned her hair and face. At this point, a face similar to Michael’s loomed in front of Sophia.

On Michael, this face was handsome and gorgeous-looking. While on Celine, this face was heroic and courageous. Celine was the perfect feminine version of Michael.

Much of her hair had been shaved off while there were many patches on her head that were connected to different kinds of devices that were used to monitor her mental condition.

Her physical body was perfectly fine, but not her mental condition.

The devices showed that as was mentally stable as of now, but no one knew when that would change as her mental condition was completely out of her control. This was the result of the long-term abuse that led to her mental breakdown. As such, she would need an even longer period of treatment for there to be a possibility of returning to normalcy.

Looking at the bedridden Celine, Abel did not dare to move closer. He hated himself now, so what could he expect Celine to think of him? While he silently stood in the corner, he began to quiver as he could no longer hold in his emotions.

“Celie,” sitting by the bed, Michael gently whispered her nickname.

All of a sudden, Celine opened her eyes and looked across everybody in the room with a clear and sharp gaze. Standing next to Michael, Sophia was shaken when she and Celine locked eyes.

What a sharp gaze!

It was a powerful gaze that Sophia had never seen on a woman before.

Eventually, Celine’s gaze fell on Michael as she calmly uttered his nickname, “Mikey.”

At this juncture, Michael’s eyes uncontrollably turned red. He nodded and grunted while he started to choke up.

Celine looked excited yet calm as she commented calmly, without any redundant words, “I survived that explosion because the Phantom Wolf abducted me.”

Right at this point, there was pin-drop silence in the room. Holding their breath, everyone tentatively listened to Celine as she recounted her misfortune.

She then continued in an unemotional voice, “The Phantom Wolf wanted to shape me into their best killer, so they brain-washed me. Even though I was mentally strong—”

“Please stop it! Just stop it!” Michael quickly stopped her from continuing.

Celine was one of the most outstanding children of the Fletcher Family and had a will of steel. The fact that such a strong-willed person could be turned into what she was now showed how bad the torture was. The thought of this was truly blood-boiling.

Looking at Michael, an agonized look washed over Celine’s unemotional face as streaks of sparkling tears ran down her cheeks.

She knew her situation well, so while she was awake, she wanted to try her best to tell everyone everything that happened. Then, she continued, “Phantom Wolf injected a kind of super stimulant that they invented to strengthen my physical fitness. I pretended to give in and endured the humiliation. Then, they transported me to their base in Cethos and wanted me to attack the Fletcher Family. I took the opportunity at night to kill everyone in the vicinity and managed to escape.”

Abel was startled as he recalled the night when they found out where the meeting point of the Phantom Wolf was. Their original plan was to observe for the next couple of days and only kill all of them when they appeared. However, much to their surprise, at midnight that day, chaos broke out at that meeting point, so they had to launch their attack right away.

Perhaps that chaos was caused by Celine when she tried to escape.

If he was slightly more observant, he could have traced her! In that case, he could have spared her a couple of days of torture.

After escaping from the base, she must have lost her sanity and was unable to recall what happened before. She ended up subconsciously returning to where she used to live as a child. After that, she must have sneaked in through the dog hole that was only known to her and Michael, and later slept in the room she used to sleep in. In the end, when Michael came back to look for clues, they had found her.

At this point, Michael held her cold hands and quietly begged her in a choking voice, “Celine, please stop saying anything anymore. Please…”

All these years, what sort of torture did she go through that had turned her into this?

Ignoring his begging, Celine continued to recount things about the Phantom Wolf based on what she knew.

“The leader of Phantom Wolf would never disclose his face in the presence of his subordinates. I know that he has a steady stream of financial support and he is under the protection of many politicians and financial groups. He collects payment from politicians and many financial group leaders to carry out tasks that can’t be achieved by normal means. Besides, they have a powerful brainwashing method that can completely destroy one’s mental will. They repeatedly brainwashed me until I could no longer differentiate between dreams and reality. They…”

As she continued, the somewhat normal look on her face became distorted as she wrinkled her face in pain.

After a while, she finally calmed down. To prevent her from sinking back into the memories of the past, Michael quickly brought a tablet over and played the video clip, saying, “Celine, look! This is Nate. Look at how big your son is!”

The moment the video clip started playing, a crisp sound of a voice saying ‘mom’ sounded out as Celine watched Nathan in that video clip.

It was a video clip of Sophia bringing Nathan to walk the dog two days ago. Even though Nathan was a sneaky little devil in front of Michael, he would occasionally act cute whenever he was with Sophia. In that video, he was seen running around while walking the puppy as he innocently addressed Sophia as his ‘mom’.

Meanwhile, Celine began sobbing as she watched Nathan in the video. No matter how strong a woman was, she would definitely soften up when she was faced with her own son.

Sophia quivered as she listened to everything. It was beyond her what she would do if one day she also fell into the hands of Phantom Wolf…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 577

“My son… My dear Nate. Look at how big my dear Nate is…” Celine began sobbing.

Seeing this, Michael quickly piped in, “Also, grandpa! Look at grandpa. He’s already a hundred years old!”

He then switched to the video clip of Mark, who looked as strong and healthy as a young man. Upon seeing this, Celine began to sob again as she switched between the two video clips.

At the same time, everyone in the ward could not help but tear up.

At this point, Michael introduced Sophia to Celine.

Feeling slightly nervous now that she had to face Michael’s difficult sister, Sophia stammered, “Nice to meet you, Celine. My name is Sophia Edwards, Nathan’s aunty. All this while, I’ve been taking care of him.”

Celine then reached out and held Sophia by her hand, instantly becoming very gentle.

“I remember you. You’re a good person.”

Indeed, Celine remembered Sophia. When she was shivering in the cold earlier, she saw a familiar olive green. Then, she saw a young woman drape a coat that still contained her warmth over her shoulders.

That familiar olive green color evoked some memories in her head; all of a sudden, she recalled something…

At this point, Sophia chuckled nervously, and after which, Celine proceeded to greet everyone else standing behind her.

Stanley, Daniel, and Harry—she remembered all of them.

Alas, she turned to the quiet man with hideous scars all over his face that was standing behind Michael.

Her emotions that had just calmed down not too long ago began to fluctuate again. Suddenly, she started crying, then she laughed, and finally, she uttered the person’s name while shuddering. “Justin Mitchell…”

How could she ever forget him? Even though his face was disfigured, she would nonetheless remember the look in his eyes.

That’s Justin!

After calling his name twice, Abel still did not move an inch. After giving Celine and Abel a look, Michael stood up and said to the others, “Let’s wait outside.”

After that, they all left, leaving Celine and Justin alone in the ward.

“Justin,” once again, Celine uttered this name.

Finally, Abel moved his legs and began walking toward Celine. He then sat down next to her and looked at her face that was marred with misery and pain.


Staring at his completely disfigured face, Celine felt peeved yet happy at the same time.

In all her nightmares that were induced by Phantom Wolf, the scene of Justin dying kept on replaying in her head day and night; she could not close her eyes and sleep without that scene playing in her head. This was the cruelest way Phantom Wolf used to torture her soul. At this point, she did not believe that Justin was still alive…

Eventually, Celine was discharged from the hospital, and everyone was overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Stanley could not contain his excitement that he wanted to give Old Master a call. “I’m going to inform Old Master now. He would definitely be on cloud nine!”

Old Master Fletcher had suffered the loss of many wives and sons. This had rendered him somewhat indifferent toward the lives of his children and grandchildren. Even so, when they all thought that Celine died, he fell into such deep agony that he ended up being hospitalized. As such, Stanley reckoned that breaking this news to him right now would definitely cause him to be ecstatic.

Right at this point, Michael stopped him. “Let’s wait until Celine’s condition is more stable before informing him.”

Just like that, Celine reappeared in their lives. Now, Michael had made arrangements for her to recuperate and recover at an extremely secure location since her injuries were not physical but psychological.

Michael would show up to visit her almost every day while Justin was there the whole time. Since her condition fluctuated considerably, she had to be handcuffed as no one would be able to restrain her whenever she lost control.

As a result of Phantom Wolf injecting the super stimulant into her body, she had become incredibly strong. Justin had previously captured a few members of the Phantom Wolf, and comparing the effects of the super stimulant in them, he found that they did not measure up to its effect on Celine.

Every time Michael visited Celine, he would bring along Sophia, who would trick Nathan into going with them. While Michael stayed in Celine’s ward, Sophia took Nathan to the garden of the hospital for him to play with Nicholas.

Looking at her son from afar through the glass window, Celine had a satisfied smile on her face; she was satisfied even though she could only see him from afar.

Given her current condition, now was not the right time for her to be reunited with Nathan as she could lose control of herself anytime. If that happened, she might end up hurting Nathan.

Whilst in the garden, Nathan thought that Michael could not see him, so he would occasionally be the nice and adorable boy as he smiled happily with his chubby face.

Judging from the contented smile on Nathan’s face, Celine was certain that he had been well taken care of all these years while she was absent. At this point, she held Michael’s hand and sternly said to him, “Please protect Sophia and never let her fall into the hands of Phantom Wolf; that person is wicked.”

Reminiscing the times throughout all these years that she was in their custody, Celine continued, “He had ways of putting nightmares in my head to torture me. I saw you, Justin, Nathan, and Grandpa die in front of me every single day. I could not differentiate reality from illusions. I…”

As she continued, she began to sob. At the same time, she began to experience excruciating pain in her head.

This was a vulnerability that Michael had never witnessed before.

“Phantom Wolf will never give up on Sophia. You have to protect her!”

While her hands were still on his arms, her grip tightened and she uttered her words in an increasingly forceful manner. All of a sudden, she lost her mind and began scratching his arms so hard that they started to bleed. Seeing this, Justin quickly pinned her down and cuffed her to the bed.

At this moment, Celine began to howl. Her howl sounded inhuman, and it became increasingly agonizing.

Michael stood up, retreated, turned around, and hurried out of the room.

Ever since Celine returned, Sophia had rarely stepped out of the house. Apart from occasionally visiting Celine with Michael or eating out, she spent most of her days living within the four steel walls of Villa No. 8. As such, she was able to help out around the house.

She was cooperative enough to stay home. Aside from taking walks in the community, she would be home for the rest of the time.

Now that school had opened, she applied for sick leave to stay home and self-study. At the same time, she was also able to take care of her business since it was an online business. As such, she would be on different work-related video calls each day.

For the past couple of days, Michael had been extremely busy. He would either be spending time with Celine or trying to catch Phantom Wolf; he even promised Mark he would shoot the film about finding the Imperial seal.

Even though the script of that film was still being worked on, Michael was tasked with playing several different characters. He was an imperial guard, who was also an ancestor of the Fletcher Family, that would sacrifice himself in the battle at the palace to protect the national treasury; he was also the warlord of the Fletcher Family who bravely fought the Westerners in saving the national treasury. Eventually, he was also the character who found the Imperial seal.

Since Michael was not home and Nathan was at school, Sophia was all by herself at home all the time. As such, she had gradually turned into a slob. It had been days since she last showered, and she could sit in front of her computer all day long. Before Michael came home, she would briefly and quickly clean herself.

As Stanley looked at Sophia who was drinking Coke and eating spicy chicken strips in the video call, he commented with disdain, “Eddie Fletcher, please pull yourself together. Linus’ banquet is in a couple of days. Your ex, your ex’s wife, your husband’s ex, and your husband’s ex-ex-girlfriend will all be there. Are you scared now? Are you?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 578

Having eaten another spicy chicken strip, Sophia burped. “Apart from Phantom Wolf, what else was I ever afraid of?” She had already seen the entire guest list for Linus’ banquet. Apart from Michael’s ex, Irene Weber, another one of Michael’s exes would also be there.

Before Michael wedded Sophia, he was in two relationships. The first person was Irene, and the second person… was someone whom Sophia had never seen in person before, but she was certain that she would meet her at the banquet. Speaking of that, Sophia was slightly excited. After eating another spicy strip, she quickly went to wash her face and put on a facial mask. The day before the banquet, knowing that Michael was coming home, Sophia took a shower in advance so that Michael would see her best side.

After Michael came home, Stanley and Sean also showed up saying that since they were attending Linus’ banquet tomorrow, they decided to come and visit them today. Even though Michael had been busy and was rarely home, he would nonetheless check the surveillance system installed in the house. Seeing how Sophia stayed home the entire time playing video games, working, studying, and working out, he felt bad for her. As soon as I catch Phantom Wolf, Sophia will be able to go out and get some fresh air!

The moment Stanley came through the door, he began to roast Sophia, “Uncle Michael, look at Eddie—she’s turning into a slob!”

Of course, Michael could not be bothered by that comment. Holding Sophia’s hand, Michael and Sophia went into their room and did not come out for a long, long time.

After placing his bag on the floor, Stanley sneaked into the wine cellar to drink some wine while Sean went to Villa No. 2 to check on Linus and the banquet preparations. After school, Nathan came home with Nicholas just in time for dinner. Meanwhile, Michael came out of his room after having sex and showering.

After dinner, Michael secretively asked Nathan to go into his study. Upon entering, Michael locked the door. Now that it was just the two of them, Nathan immediately turned from an adorable boy into an unfriendly and rebellious teenager—even his pure and naïve voice turned deep and nonchalant.

At this point, he gave Michael a cold glance and said, “Is there anything? Get on with it; I have some school work to finish tonight.”

Michael proceeded to take out a picture of a gorgeous man of mixed race; that person looked exceptionally fine and had a unique temperament. “Do you recognize him? Have you seen him before?”

Giving him another nonchalant glance before looking away, Nathan responded, “I don’t; never saw him before.”

Watching Nathan lie through his teeth, Michael held in his urge to slap him. Before this, the poor Nathan did not have a mother, so Michael could not get himself to hit him. Now that Nathan had both Celine and Sophia, Michael reckoned that he would not feel as bad for hitting him.

That picture was a picture of Cooper, whose house Nathan had often visited during holidays. Nathan would stay at his place and sleep on his bed, and the room where Nathan slept had Cooper’s pictures everywhere. How could Nathan say that he did not recognize that person? Something was wrong—terribly wrong.

Once again, Michael asked patiently, “Is this person the person who helped you fix Nicholas?”

Nathan responded, “No.”

“Did he say anything to you?”


“Do you know where he is now?”


“Do you have his contact details?”


Feeling annoyed, Michael stared at Nathan for a good while before giving in. In the end, he patted his head and said, “I know you made him a promise. Since he doesn’t want you to say anything, I won’t force you. You can go now.”

Hearing that, Nathan fled right away. Sitting at his desk, Michael was in a daze as he stared at Cooper’s picture. The secret had been revealed—Fass and Cooper were the same person!

That day, it was Cooper who fixed Nicholas, installed a defensive system, and upgraded his functionality. Perhaps he never imagined that doing that saved the life of his daughter. It seemed that this was all fated…

If Michael found out about this back in the days, he might have excitedly broken the news to Sophia for her to be reunited with her father. However, at this point, he felt somewhat hesitant.

According to Celine, Phantom Wolf had a steady stream of financial support from many politicians and financial groups. Having said that, the Michel Family ran the biggest financial group in Northern Europe. If Sophia learned about the many connections between the Phantom Wolf and the Michel Family, she might be disheartened. Then, Michael cautiously put the picture away in his drawer before he leaned back. Let me find a proper time to let Sophia know about this…

Soon enough, the banquet hosted by Linus took place. On that day, Sophia went over extremely early. Since she could not really go anywhere else, now that Linus had hosted a party in her neighborhood, she would have to be the first one to be there.

After getting changed, Michael decided to go with Sophia. Among all the invitees today, there were many familiar faces, including exes, their ex’s new partners, and admirers. As such, Michael reckoned that he had to be on the alert today.

When the two got there, they were among the first to arrive. As such, they proceeded to find a spot to play cards to kill time. As this was the first banquet Linus had ever hosted, he decided to put together an incredibly grand event to show everyone the wealth and generosity of the Michel Family.

At that banquet, there were many robot servers. These robots were intelligent and could automatically avoid knocking into anyone while they were swiftly moving around. There was a 3D projector installed on the ceiling of the living room, so when one looked up, one could see a colorful sky as well as some palaces in between the clouds. Occasionally, there would be fairies flying across the sky sprinkling colorful petals.

As Michael watched the petals fall, he could not help reaching out to catch them, but the moment he touched the petals, they dismantled into a pile of red ashes, disappearing immediately. What a special effect that Linus has here…

When Michael looked up, he saw another fairy as she flew across the sky and circled the room several times. The sight of this impressed everyone there. Not just that, but the fairy looked exactly like Sophia. This was an extremely advanced special effect technology that could vividly portray human faces.

Since Sophia helped with the planning of this banquet, she came up with this theme on fairies and palaces and included herself as the fairies. Linus was able to scan her face to create the faces of the fairies.

Michael proceeded to find a couch to sit on. After reading the menu on the floating screen, he ordered a Martini, which was delivered to him by a robot in just a few minutes. He was stunned to have taken the glass of Martini from the robot; technology did have the power to change the way humans lived, and since automation might be the way to go in the future, Linus’ line of profession would be very lucrative.

At this moment, Linus was busy attending to his guests, so Sophia and Stanley decided to play blackjack. A while later, Harry showed up with Sarah. “Please scoot over; I need a spot.” Harry nudged Stanley.

Having cards in his hand and a lollipop in his mouth, Stanley felt annoyed and responded, “There’s only room for four on this couch. Go and sit somewhere else!” Insisting on sitting there, Harry tried his best to squeeze himself in before Sophia stood up and sat on Michae’s lap, creating a spot for Harry. After Harry sat down, he asked Sarah to sit on his lap. Just like that, six of them sat on that couch.

Being surrounded by two lovey-dovey couples, Stanley felt annoyed. “All of you are public figures, so can you please behave properly?” Much to his dismay, none of them heard his protests.

Now that more and more guests had arrived, occasional glances were being thrown at them, making Sophia, who was sitting on Michael’s lap, feel uneasy. This was their first public appearance as husband and wife, so perhaps it was not too presentable if people saw her sitting on his lap.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 579

“Are we giving a bad impression to others?”

Hugging her lean waist, Michael chuckled and said, “How so?”

Sophia grunted before throwing a glance at Sarah, who was sitting on Harry’s lap. Seeing that, Sophia felt better. As such, she continued to sit on Michael’s lap and play cards in peace.

At this juncture, she took a quick look at her outfit. They were both wearing a matching customized outfit from LK. Then she said, “We’re wearing a matching outfit. Is this a bit too high-profile?”

Michael responded, “No. Not at all.”

Truth be told, I can’t wait to let the entire world see it!

I want to announce to the whole world that I have a wife now, and she’s a stunning woman.

While Sophia was up against Stanley in this round, Michael sneaked glances at Stanley’s deck and said to Sophia, “He has one king and two sets of bombs. Be careful.”

Hearing that, Stanley responded, “Uncle Michael, that’s not very fair of you.”

As more guests arrived, the number of people in the living room increased. Meanwhile, the band that Linus hired started performing. The band had a lead singer who was currently singing a Nordic song, rendering the atmosphere polished and relaxed. After all, banquets were just a vanity fair for people to meet each other and mingle around.

In this vanity fair, many pretentious people were trying to approach people they wanted to befriend in order to further their goals. Right now, there were several smaller groups of three to five people chatting with each other while holding wine glasses in their hands. They were either chatting or enjoying the extravagant special effects that Linus specially put up for this banquet. Every time a fairy appeared, everyone present would be in awe.

All of a sudden, Sophia, who was still in the middle of the game, shuddered. Looking up, hatred instantly filled her almond-shaped eyes.

In a split second, the atmosphere tensed up.

At this moment, everyone subconsciously looked toward the entrance; it was Irene Weber.

In the past, Irene was always seen in her military uniform. Today, she was dressed in a tailor-made dress that outlined her voluptuous body; she looked truly seductive. In her thirties, this was the best time of her life—she was mature and elegant. Upon showing up, she began to look around the room with her beautiful eyes. Her lean neck looked like that of a swan—it was extremely inviting. Furthermore, her outstanding aura as a female soldier plus her towering 170-centimeter figure in a pair of high heels made her stand out in a sea of rich and famous ladies.

The moment she appeared, a group of people went up and surrounded her.

As a famous army singer who was the third generation of a well-known family, she had a good background, social status, and looks. Not just that, but she was also single. Who would not want to impress her?

However, she had actually been seeing Joel for the past six years, but apart from the Fletcher Family, no one knew about it. As such, the general public perceived her as single.

Despite being together for six years, this relationship had always been kept a secret.

She was calm and collected as she stood amid the crowd while engaging in conversations. However, her gaze was all over the place, seemingly looking for traces of somebody.

Upon seeing Irene, Stanley thought of going up to her to greet her. Before he could make a move, something dawned on him. As he looked up, he saw the cold look on Sophia’s face while she sat on Michael’s lap. Knowing that this was not the right time for him to make a move, he turned to the cards in his hands before looking at Sophia again. After that, he nervously played a card.


Sophia slammed a king and said, “I beat you!”

“What the f*ck!” Stanley jumped. “Aunt, I only played a five. You didn’t have to play a king, right?”

Sophia clenched the card tightly and said, “I just want you to lose in the worst possible way!”

Hearing that, Michael jumped in to help her out. “If your Aunt wants you to lose in the worst possible way, do as she says.”

Looking at Irene before turning to Sophia, Stanley was afraid of uttering a single word.

Since Sophia wants me to lose in the worst possible way, I should just do as she says!

As such, he lowered his head and continued with the game. Even though he dared not greet Irene, Irene spotted him right away. Then, she began to walk toward him with a big smile on her face.


Her voice was like music to one’s ears and sounded as beautiful as a lark. Conversely, this beautiful voice sent chills down Stanley’s spine.

If I don’t respond, it’ll make things awkward between us. Since we all live in the same neighborhood and run into each other all the time, this may not be a good idea.

But, if I respond, I’ll offend Sophia. Given the closed-minded person that she is, I have no idea what she will do to me.

After mulling over it, he eventually decided to force himself into coming up with an impeccable response. “Irene, you made it! Where’s Uncle Joel? Why didn’t he come with you?”

As he finished, he looked around for Joel.

Hearing Stanley’s response, Sophia was delighted. After that, she threw a menacing glance at Irene, seemingly warning her to stay away from Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael pretended to be ignorant of everything that took place in front of his eyes and remained silent while everyone else, including Sean and Harry, were enjoying the show.

Irene was aware of the look on all of their faces. She then smiled and responded, “Didn’t Joel tell you? We broke up already. Don’t call me ‘aunt’ anymore!”

Those words startled Stanley, who responded, “When was that?”

Irene replied rather nonchalantly, “Let’s not talk about that anymore. We broke up, and I’m now single!”

As she said those words, she subconsciously peeked at Michael; it was as if she was sending him a message.

At this point, Sophia could feel that Michael’s grip on her waist had tightened. Following that, she could almost feel his increased breathing and heartbeat. She reckoned that he must have been leaping with joy in his heart.

Back in the days, Joel was the reason Michael was dumped by Irene. Now that Irene and Joel have broken up, doesn’t this mean that there’s a good chance Irene and Michael will get back together? Bloody hell. Not a chance! That won’t ever happen under my watch!

Sophia held Michael’s hand that was around her waist as she callously looked at Irene. However, she did not make any moves.

So long as Irene stays put, I’ll do the same.

On this battlefield without gunpowder, both of their faces looked tensed. Right now, those two women were plotting when to launch their attacks amid the grim situation.

After Irene and Stanley exchanged pleasantries, Irene pretended to have just noticed Sophia and Michael as she joyfully greeted them, “Isn’t that Sophia and Michael? So good to see you guys again!”

Hearing that, Sophia responded stolidly, “Irene, what a surprise to see you here. I’m happy to see you.”

Sophia’s innocent and harmless smile rendered Irene incredibly nervous.

It seems like this young girl is a lot more complicated than I thought.

Irene then subconsciously turned to Sophia’s hand that was clutching Michael’s hand. Upon seeing that, she scoffed silently.

Look at how nervous she is.

She must be really scared now that she knows about what happened between me and Michael in the past. With just a move, I can easily snatch Michael away from her.

She must be terrified, jealous, anxious, and fearful of my presence. I bet she’ll definitely find ways to cut me out of the picture.

My God. Look at that innocent look on her face. In her heart, she must be dying to chase me away!

But the more she feels nervous about me, the more it shows how much Michael cares about me.

Since that’s the case, we’ll see who Michael picks!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 580

Feeling confident at once, Irene greeted Sophia, “Your chess skills really were an eye-opener for me when we played chess last time. Let’s play another round of chess when we have time.”

“That’s for sure. We must play another round of chess together when we’re free, but it’s too bad that today’s occasion isn’t quite suitable for playing chess.” Sophia still smiled with innocence. Then, she instructed, “Give up your seat, Stan.”

Stanley was confused as he listened to the two ladies’ conversation when he suddenly heard Sophia calling his name. Startled, he opened his mouth and wanted to ask why, but upon thinking of the situation right now, he immediately stood up with his tail between his legs. He said to Irene, “Please come and have a seat, Aunt Irene.”

Irene came over and sat down while teasing, “Didn’t I tell you many times to call me Irene?”

Stanley gave her a foolish chuckle before seating himself on the sofa beside her. As soon as he left, the rest of those sitting on the sofa walked away immediately as well. Gosh, this is so scary! We must go away quickly lest we get splattered all over with blood if they come to blows later.

With that thought in mind, everyone moved to the sofa opposite the trio and watched as they sat together in a strange atmosphere.

Sophia finally got down from Michael’s lap and sat between him and Irene. Unexpectedly, she started to chat with Irene, saying, “I loved the song you sang at the New Year Dinner Gala so much, Irene. I even sat in front of the TV all night to wait for you that day!” However, what she said sounded fake and unconvincing, for her face darkened right away back when Irene appeared at the New Year Dinner Gala that day…

Irene smiled shyly. “That was the second time I performed at the New Year Dinner Gala ever since my debut, so I was still a little nervous. Luckily, Michael was there, and he soothed my nerves by talking to me for a little while.”

What?! Michael… spoke to Irene that night? Sophia’s adorable makeup seemed to have cracked a little. She was obviously angry; even the corners of her mouth were twitching.

Seizing the opportunity, Irene sipped at her drink to conceal the trace of a self-confident smirk that curved her lips.

Afraid of showing his face, Michael hid behind Sophia’s hair; he trembled all over upon hearing what Irene had said. That matter is exposed at last… Alright, I indeed met and spoke to Irene backstage at the New Year Dinner Gala that day. It was a pure coincidence that he ran into his ex in private. Even though the encounter was not of his free will, he found it embarrassing to tell Sophia about this kind of thing. However, he never expected the matter to be let out on this day.

He could feel Sophia’s grip on his hand tightening. Her freshly manicured fingernails were sunk into the back of his hand, hurting his flesh. Sophia was exploding with rage. Is she provoking me? Hmph! Come on!

When Irene finished having her drink, Sophia had resumed her previous countenance. Flashing a charming and lovely smile, she aroused envy with the youthfulness of her face.

Irene’s heart was filled with jealousy. As expected, women were beautiful when they were young. She also made men unable to take their eyes off her back when she was Sophia’s age. No—she still had the ability right now. She wasn’t bothered about such a callow little girl. To her, a little provocation was all that was needed to make Sophia expose her uncivilized and ignorant nature. Men liked charming and flirtatious women like her, not an unruly and capricious little girl who often threw unreasonable tantrums. She would wait for Sophia to raise hell with Michael. The bigger the fuss she kicked up, the better! However, her anticipation came to nothing…

“Oh, I see. I saw that you really held the stage with your tremendous presence, Irene. I even voted for you for the Best Performance!” Sophia didn’t get to the bottom of the topic Irene had brought up, as if it didn’t matter. Not only that, she even changed the topic of conversation immediately and gave Irene a look of worship like a fangirl, dumbfounding the latter a little.

Is she really unbothered, or is she faking it? Doesn’t she care about something like her husband meeting his ex in secret? Suddenly unable to make out what was on Sophia’s mind, Irene could only respond, “Thank you.”

Upon hearing what they had said, those around them started to complain inwardly again, Vote for her? Who the hell would dare to vote for Irene at the New Year Dinner Gala? We didn’t even dare to take a glance at her when she appeared!

Sophia was so petty-minded that she held a grudge against Chrysanthemum just because it took a glance at Irene on TV. Because of that, she took Chrysanthemum to the military compound every day to have the ginger cats there beat it up. The ginger cats in the military compound were big and brawny. Not only did they exhibit soldierly qualities, they even goose-stepped. Therefore, Chrysanthemum was beaten up so hard every day in the military compound that it couldn’t help howling with pain. All of us could only vote for Michael’s Broadway performance. Who has the nerve not to vote for him? Women are all liars!

As the battle of words between the two ladies went on, Irene artlessly brought the conversation round to Michael again when she heard Sophia speaking of the New Year Dinner Gala. “Actually, my singing is mediocre. Mikey is the one who’s good at singing; I had never won against him whenever we had singing contests as kids. He received the highest vote out of all performances.”

Damn! She called him Mikey! The nickname sounded so flaunty both in itself and the tone in which it was spoken… It was an ostentatious assertion of how close and intimate Irene’s relationship with Michael was. Mikey was Michael’s pet name; only those who were closest to him dared to call him that.

Irene called him Mikey with such genuine affection and sincere concern, as if the pet name was a nod to the romantic past they shared in their salad days. It was as if the pet name reminded Sophia and Michael of the huge gap named ‘Irene’ between them. The atmosphere turned harsh and oppressive. Finally, both parties began to arm themselves with heavy weapons, and the battle heated up.

Shivering with fear, Michael wanted to kneel down before Irene. Please shut the f*ck up! The back of my hand is scratched so hard that it’s almost bleeding!

“Hehe…” Sophia suddenly gave an icy chuckle. Her voice sounded chilling, but she still wore a sweet smile as she tilted her head to one side and said in pleasant surprise, “Irene, I heard that you lost some of your memory after a past brain injury. Have you recovered now?”

Irene was startled; only then did she remember that she was supposed to still be ‘amnesiac.’ Hmph, is this her counterattack? Is she trying to mock me for pretending to have lost my memory? Irene raised her brow before giving a bitter laugh. “I have always been looking for ways to regain my past memory all these years, so I never stopped taking medicine. But for now, I can only recall some fragments of memories. It wasn’t until I saw Mikey singing onstage at the New Year Dinner Gala that night that I suddenly remembered something…”

She deliberately left her speech unfinished to make Sophia guess blindly. Once she made too many wild guesses, she would start letting her imagination run wild, which, in turn, would make her lose her composure.

Sophia’s heart was filled with hatred, but she didn’t give it away on her face. Instead, she looked genuinely sincere as she said, “Please get better as soon as possible, Irene!”

Irene nodded. Then, as if recalling something, she directly ignored Sophia and spoke to Michael next to her, “I’m sorry, Mikey. It’s true that I lost most of my memories, but I’ll definitely make it up to you if I’d ever hurt you.”

Everyone gasped in horror. Oh, no. She has brandished a weapon of mass destruction! The battle could be decided at any minute!

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