My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 561-570

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 561

Men will always like girls between the ages of eighteen to nineteen because that is usually the age at which they meet the love of their lives. Anyone who came after her were mere resemblances of her. The person Michael loved when he was eighteen was her, Irene Weber. And I, Sophia, am no more than a vessel for him to reminisce about the happiness he had with her all those years ago.

Old Master Fletcher and Irene were currently playing chess together. Just then, Stanley walked over with his dog. He had been working overtime at the company over the past two days and had not been aware of Sophia’s arrival. The moment he saw Irene and Sophia, he teased, “Oh! My two aunts are here!”

Irene scolded, “Excuse me? I’m still eighteen at heart!”

“Yes, yes. You’ll always be eighteen!”

Seeing their amicable interaction made Sophia feel gloomy again.

It feels like I’m going to lose my eldest nephew to her too. Once she takes him away, she will come for my husband.

Even when Stanley saw Sophia, he did not come up to her to greet her. Instead, he went to stand behind Irene to watch the chess game. “You have to defend, Old Master!”

“Old Master, you’re about to lose!”

“Stop resisting. With the level you’re at, you may be able to beat Sophia, but you’re no match for Aunt Irene.”

Sophia glared at him.

That brat. I let him off for not coming to greet me, but how dare he ridicule me for being less skilled than Irene?

Actually, Stanley had found Sophia’s sloppy appearance funny—she was wrapped in two layers of cotton-padded coats with the buttons on the outermost layer unfastened. He was worried that he would burst out laughing if he went up to her, so he decided to stay back to stop himself from making a slip of the tongue. He did not think that that mindless action of his would strike a nerve with her.

Meanwhile, Sophia had already harbored a grudge against him and put him on her February blacklist.

In this chess game, Mark was unable to beat Irene’s skills and got defeated once again.

“I’m done!” Mark waved his hands and left.

A group of old men was pushing the burden onto each other. No one dared to challenge Irene in a game of chess. After all, she was the strongest player in this compound.

Old Master Fletcher pointed at Stanley and said, “Come over here, Stan. Play a game with her to show us how it’s done.”

Stanley waved his hands frantically. “I’m not playing. I can’t even beat Sophia, much less Aunt Irene.”

To Sophia, that remark was rubbing salt in her wound.

She was placed second after Irene again and was unhappy about it.

Just then, Mark looked over at Sophia who was sitting by the fire amongst the old men while stroking a cat. “Come, Sophie. Play a round with Irene.”

Irene’s eyes lit up and her red lips curled into a smirk. “Great! I’ve never gotten a chance to play with Eddie before.”

Without saying a word, Sophia placed the cat down and wobbled over with her two coats. The moment she sat down, Stanley started to tease her.

“Sophia, you’re no match for Aunt Irene. You should just throw in the towel!”

Ever since Sophia went from being a goddess to an aunt to Stanley, he would tease her every now and then. Normally, she did not think much of it and even felt like it could make the atmosphere more lively sometimes. Today, however, his teasing sounded especially hurtful.

In the past, it would have just been banter among the people. People mocked each other and it was seen as a form of affection and camaraderie between the proletariats. But today, in this setting, it was a hostile attack against her. It had gone too far!

As she was drinking some wolfberry water, she looked at the wolfberries in the cup and buried the unhappiness she felt in them. Once she was done, she had a pure and bright smile on her face. “I’ve wanted to play with you too, Irene!”

Irene smiled. With every move she made, she had the reserved and charming nature of a mature woman. It was not something Sophia, a girl in her early twenties, had.

“I’ll give you a handicap of three moves.”

Sophia replied, “Okay. Please go easy on me, Irene!”

After they arranged their chess pieces, the game began.

Mark was nervous as he observed them from the side. He was worried that Sophia would be unhappy if she lost the game. Irene had impeccable skills while Sophia was on par with himself. Irene was two whole levels ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Stanley could not hold back his tongue. “Aunt Irene, be kind. I’m telling you. If Sophia loses, she will cry to my uncle when she gets home later.”

The old men burst into laughter.

Irene also laughed and took in every word he said.

If she loses, she’s going to go home and cry? Irene scoffed. Did Michael marry a wife or a daughter? Women like her only rely on their youthful appeal. After a few more years, she won’t be young anymore, then she’ll be a nobody.

While Irene played, she thought about the best way to lead Sophia to a miserable defeat. I hope she’ll run home immediately after this and weep to Michael!

She knew Michael; he did not like pretentious girls. He was simply taking into account her young age. He might put up with her whining once or twice, but not when the frequency of it started to add up.

“Aha! Checkmate! Thanks for going easy on me, Irene!”

Feeling delighted, Sophia started to clap. That was when Irene pulled herself out of her thoughts and realized that she had already lost.

While she was unaware, Sophia had already led her to a dead end.

They did not move more than ten times yet!

No one had anticipated that Irene would lose that quickly. With an air of confidence, she also let Sophia make three moves first, but she ended up losing in less than ten moves.

What is this?

Irene and everyone present were all dumbfounded.

Stanley sighed, breaking the silence. “Irene, you should’ve paid more attention. Don’t go easy on her just because she looks cute! She was the champion of our school’s chess competition. She’s quite good! One more round!”

At that moment, Irene had a realization—she had been too careless.

In the second round, she focused all her attention on the game and made every move with caution, planning ten steps with every move. Her brows were furrowed together tightly. But Sophia, who was sitting across from her, was very relaxed. “Irene, I see you’ve realized that you need to take this more seriously now and not be as careless as last time.”

Irene was confident this time. She had placed all her attention and focus in the game. I can’t let Sophia win no matter what!

Nonetheless, she could not make it too obvious nor be too cruel with her tactics. Old Master Fletcher adored Sophia. If I lead Sophia to a miserable defeat, it might make him unhappy.

Just then, Sophia cried, “Checkmate again!”

Sophia’s presumptuous smile broke Irene’s train of thought. Irene realized that she had only made a few moves when she somehow fell into Sophia’s trap and was completely defeated. In a blink of an eye, she had lost after just ten moves!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 562

Irene looked at the chessboard in disbelief. She could not accept that she had lost.

Sitting across from her, Sophia was acting like a spoiled and pampered child. “No, this isn’t right. You can’t keep letting me off easy, Irene. It’s so obvious that you’re letting me win. Who loses before even making ten moves? Let’s go again!”

Stanley also came to a realization. Irene is letting Sophia win! No wonder she lost two times in a row when she’s usually an ace player!

He knocked on his head. “Oh, me and my blabbermouth. Did I scare you, Irene?” He quickly explained, “Irene, I was only joking. Sophia is not that weak! Even if she loses, she won’t run home and weep to my uncle. Just relax and play! You don’t have to go easy on her. Just beat her! Let’s do this again. You can’t lose on purpose this time!”

Stanley and Sophia started to put the chess pieces back in place as they were in a rush to get the game started again. At that moment, Irene came back to her senses.

Did I lose on purpose?

She felt like there was something distracting and confusing her in the background, bringing her to defeat when she was still confident and unaware.

But everything happened so quickly that she did not have a chance to react. She almost believed that she did, in fact, lose on purpose.

Forcing a smile, she continued with the game. This time, she was on high alert and was not going to show any mercy. Right from the start, she was very swift in her attacks. Her moves were extremely aggressive, and she used the most brutal and unrelenting way to end the battle without considering Old Master Fletcher’s feelings.

This young girl isn’t easy, but neither am I!

Just like last time, however, she was led to another dead end when she was still full of confidence. She had made exactly ten moves when she heard Sophia squeal, “Checkmate!”

Did I lose again?

Putting down the chess piece, Sophia started to whine, “Irene, I won’t come anymore. You keep letting me win. It’s not fun anymore!”

Irene was dumbfounded. I keep letting her win? I had clearly put in my best effort, but it looked like I was letting her win? If this girl is not naïve, then she is way too smart!

Now, Irene knew that Sophia was not as easy as she might have seemed.

Going along with her, she said, “I’m older than you. It’s only right that I let you win!”

Then, she stood up and excused herself. “I still have things left to do at the troupe. I’m going to head off first. Have fun playing, you guys!”

Sophia waved goodbye to her. “See you, Irene. I’ll visit you often to play chess!”

Irene’s eyes glazed over, but she quickly recovered her expression. “Sounds good. I won’t let you win next time!”

Between the both of them, an intense glare was exchanged. Irene shuddered when she felt the extraordinary aggression from the twenty-year-old girl.

No, I must be mistaken. She’s still in her early twenties! I’ve lived a few years more than she has. What have I not witnessed before? How can I shudder in the presence of a girl who has not experienced real life yet?

The crowd watched Irene leave.

At that moment, the foolish Stanley finally sensed something—he had witnessed an intense battle between two women!

To him, Irene and Michael’s fling happened ages ago and had almost become something that happened in their past lives. Moreover, Irene and Joel were together now.

But to Sophia, regardless of how many years had passed or even if it had happened in their past lives, Irene was still the person who came before her.

Women had a sense of hostility toward the ex-lovers of their partners and current lovers of their ex-partners.

Earlier, while they were arranging the chess pieces, Sophia had already begun fighting a silent battle with Irene and had succeeded in tearing her to pieces.

Lowering his head, Stanley looked at Sophia who was putting away the chess pieces on the board. It was as though a giant black dragon was sitting there, slowly retracting her talons that still had the remains—blood, flesh, and internal organs—of her prey left on them. While she was retracting them, she let out a soft sigh—a breath that could suffocate those in the room. Her whole body exuded a chilling presence.

When he felt his body go numb, he quickly made his way home with the dog. The more he thought about it, the more it did not seem right. At the same time, however, he did not know what the problem was. He only felt chills all over his body as if the menacing dragon was staring at him and making him feel like he was in imminent danger. Hence, he made a quick phone call to Sean to tell him about what happened and to ask for advice.

Sean was also baffled by the end of it. Stanley has always been foolish, but how did he get even more foolish to let something like this happen?

He evaluated, “If I’m not wrong, you sided with Irene today and ridiculed Sophia. You…” He hesitated then gave him a final sentence of advice, “Stan, you should prepare yourself for the consequences.”

Because now, he had made it onto Sophia’s blacklist.

Stanley realized that the situation was looking bleak for him and grew more afraid the more he thought about it. Being scared senseless, he ran to Sophia’s room and hugged her leg as he pleaded, “I’m sorry, Aunt! I was wrong!”

The expression on her face remained unmoved. It was a side of her that Stanley had never seen before. She was giving off an apathetic presence that felt even scarier than Michael.

She may look like a pretty young lady on the outside, but she is truly frightening!

Staring at him, Sophia asked, “What did you do wrong?”

Stanley shuddered. “I shouldn’t have mocked you in front of Aunt Irene.”

“Hmph! Since you know what you did wrong, do you know how to save yourself?”

Clenching his jaw, he decided to give in. “I’ll let you raise Sunset’s kittens.”

She was appeased now. “Okay, you can leave now. Give them to me tomorrow.”

The next day, Stanley reluctantly gave Sunset’s two kittens to Sophia. Initially, he had planned to raise them himself. But in exchange for his own life, he chose to give them to her with a heavy heart.

In a stoic manner, Sophia took the kittens with her and sat in the car that Hale drove over with. Then, the car sped off, leaving a devastated Stanley in its dust.

He wanted to slap himself in the face. Me and my big mouth!

As he watched Sophia leave, he called Michael and told him about the chess game yesterday.

Michael gasped in admiration.

From listening to Stanley, he could already visualize how intense the match was yesterday. Sophia was like a vixen disguised as an edelweiss flower—she had on an innocent face but she easily beat the chess expert. Without showing any mercy, she ended Irene in just ten moves and even ridiculed her. Irene had no choice but to feign ignorance and go along with it.

That was how women had their silent wars with each other. As long as there was resentment, it was a battlefield anywhere.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 563

Tsk, tsk. She is truly Cooper’s daughter. It’s an inherited darkness.

Her gloominess was extreme, but at the same time, it was adorable.

Stanley finished recounting the incident to Michael and lamented, “Uncle Michael, does Aunt have a grudge against me now?”

Michael snorted and said, “Seeing as how she didn’t use 502 Super Glue to seal your mouth, she still sees you as her beloved nephew. Relax.”

That put Stanley in even more despair. “What should I do, Uncle?”

“You have to be warier when you come to eat at my place in the future. She might put poison in the dishes and alcohol.”

Stanley was bewildered.

He only came back to his senses after a long while and realized, He’s practically telling me not to eat at their place anymore!

After Michael satisfied himself by scaring Stanley out of his wits, he hung up the phone. Looking at the time, he saw that she was going to be home soon and quickly left the office to greet the victor of that silent battle. Back at home, he prepared a festive dinner to welcome her with.

Watching the both of them intertwine and gush at each other as they went into the master bedroom and did not come back out, Nathan put down his bag and stormed off to look for Nicholas.

“Nicholas!” he yelled. When Nicholas did not show up, he started to grow frantic.

When Maria informed him that he found a broken Nicholas in the storage room. He glared at the door of the master bedroom once again. Without saying a word, he brought Nicholas out to let Linus have a look at him.

When he got to Linus’ front door, he kept knocking but no one answered. He lingered outside with his broken robot for a while, looking very miserable. Just as he was about to leave, however, the door opened.

Nathan was elated and started to push Nicholas into Linus’ house.

But the person who greeted him was not Linus; it was the stranger he met the other day.

It was the man he had seen in photos at the entrance of the military compound and on the photo wall in Mark’s home.

At first glance, Fass could tell that something was wrong with Nicholas, but he still asked, “Is Nicholas broken?”

Nathan nodded his head silently. His pitiful demeanor made Fass feel sorry for him.

Fass bent down and took a look at Nicholas. He looked fine on the outside, so something must have been damaged on the inside.

With a flick of his finger, a larger and more advanced robot walked out. “What can I do for you, Master?”

“Bring Nicholas into the workroom.”

The robot brought Nicholas to the basement which was also where Linus’ workroom was located.

The previous owner of this house was an artist. The spacious basement was where he used to come up with his artistic creations, but now, it had been transformed into Linus’ workroom.

The workroom was fully equipped with various tools and materials that he could practically make several smaller robots on his own with what was available. Following Fass into the basement, Nathan saw several robotic arms lift Nicholas onto the work table. After Fass changed into his workwear, he turned on all the lights that illuminated Nicholas and made every detail on his body as clear as day.

When Fass saw the tiger hat on Nicholas’ head, he had a feeling it looked rather familiar. Taking it down to look at it, he was taken aback, then a smile grew on his face. It was the same one he used to wear as a child.

From the stories that he was told, the year that he was born, he had fallen gravely ill. Woody had asked for an amulet for him and went to look for Mark, his godfather, to save him. Woody took his advice and found Fass the tiger hat.

He had gotten the hat from somewhere else, but it was said to have belonged to a child who had been free from illnesses or pain ever since he was little, and had grown up healthily. If Fass wore it, he would not be sick anymore.

Sure enough, he miraculously recovered when he wore the hat.

Later, when he grew up, he was unable to wear the hat anymore. Mark took it and passed it down to his grandchildren until eventually, it reached Nathan.

Indeed, it was destiny.

Fass took the tiger hat down and put it on Nathan’s head.

Nathan lifted his head to look at him; his round eyes were filled with surprise.

Fass could not resist caressing his little head, then he gently nudged him away. “Stand back, kid. I’m going to start working on Nicholas now.”

Nathan stepped away obediently and found somewhere far away to watch Fass fix Nicholas.

Fass skillfully disassembled Nicholas and looked over the internal parts carefully. The system automatically analyzed Nicholas’ damaged condition and projected it on a floating screen.

Several robotic hands divided the work with Fass and quickly made Nicholas into a pile of disassembled pieces. Finally, he could see Nicholas’ motherboard.

“Can this be repaired automatically?”

The system replied, “It can’t be done with the current set-up.”

“We’ll have to do it manually, then.”

Fass put on safety glasses and retrieved the tools the robotic arm passed to him. After backing up Nicholas’ data, they replaced his motherboard along with the other internal core parts.

Not long after, the robotic hands reconstructed Nicholas to his original state and downloaded the data back into him. A new feature was even created and they added a few colors that children would like.

After recharging, Nicholas’s system connected to the main system. Fass was testing out Nicholas’ capabilities when he accidentally discovered something hidden in his program. It could fool an expert, but it could not fool Fass.

Throughout the whole maintenance process, Nathan kept his big eyes fixed on them. The amazement in his eyes did not fade and only continued to intensify.

Fass was incredibly focused while he worked. He had lost track of time until the cook came downstairs with lunch, and only then did he remember that it was time to eat. At the same time, he beckoned Nathan over.

“Come and eat, boy.”

The moment Fass called for him, Nathan ran over at the speed of light and sat down at the modest dining table in the workroom. The cook placed a simple lunch on the table—a plate of cured meat, a plate of vegetables, a bowl of soup, and a plate of pickled vegetables.

“I have simple taste. If you’re hungry, you can have some to eat,” Fass said.

However, Nathan had already picked up his utensils and started to dig in.

Halfway through, the doorbell rang. Fass looked over at the surveillance monitor and saw a lady, who looked to be a housekeeper, standing outside with a lunch box in her hands.

“Mr. Michel, it’s Maria. I’ve brought some food for Young Master Nathan.”

When Nathan was not home by lunchtime, Sophia knew right away that he was eating at Linus’ place and quickly sent Maria over with some food.

Fass looked at Nathan and said, “Go ahead.”

Nathan ran up excitedly and brought a lunch box back down with him. Opening it, there were several side dishes—spiced beef, braised meat, and brown rice congee. It was a solid meal.

Fass was in a daze as he looked at the home-cooked food. The smell seemed to almost come from his memories.

Nathan had laid the dishes out, but after seeing Fass stare at them, he silently pulled them in toward himself. His round eyes looked at Fass warily as he was worried that he would eat all his food.

He did fix Nicholas, though, Nathan thought. It would not be polite if he did not offer him even a piece of meat.

Hence, he hurriedly pushed the dishes to Fass.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 564

Fass had a taste of the braised meat. It was the same as the one he ate the other day.

The two ate in silence. When they were done, Fass continued to fix Nicholas. Nathan sat at the side and watched for a bit before going off to look for a place to nap.

Fass adjusted the temperature and humidity in the room then had the robot bring a blanket over to cover Nathan with.

Much later, Fass had a newly-constructed Nicholas in front of him. He rebooted Nicholas and set him in motion.

Nicholas used to be less complicated since Linus had built him in the earlier stages. He always wanted to reconstruct him but never planned for it. Today, Fass had changed every part of Nicholas from the inside out. His outer appearance was designed better too.

Now, he had a pair of big and bright eyes that allowed him to make simple and realistic facial expressions. It was no longer just the two black circles from before. It could even change colors according to his surroundings.

After learning that Nicholas had broken down due to the cold temperature, Fass changed his original motherboard, processors, and other internal parts to materials that were frost-hardy. He also put in some additional features and updated the system.

Nicholas’ processors were now more advanced and he had a faster response time. No matter what Fass did, he had to be precise to the dot.

A series of tests were conducted, and it was now time to see the final result.

He looked at Nicholas and asked, “What is your name? What is your model?”

Nicholas answered accurately, “Nicholas Fletcher. B-1 Educational Robot.”

“Who is your user?”

“User settings. My mother is Sophia Edwards. My brother is Nathan Fletcher. My father is Michael Fletcher.”

Fass pulled his brows together. Your first master is a woman?

“What is your mission?”

“Protect Mom and Nate.”

Fass thought, I’ll take him apart again and make some changes, then restart him and test him again.

He glanced over at Nathan who was sound asleep, then back at Nicholas. He disassembled him once more, put on safety glasses, and welded in a new part inside of Nicholas.

Finally, Fass took the tiger hat that Nathan was wearing and put it back on Nicholas. The system was done restarting. Nicholas’ eyes lit up and he was functioning normally again. He moved his robotic arm and it was more reactive. Lifting his head, he looked at Fass and said, “Thank you, Fass.”

Fass had programmed an automatic deletion of his memories here once he stepped outside, including the videos, documents, and maintenance log.

When Nicholas went to wake Nathan up, Nathan was thrilled to see an alert and active Nicholas in front of him and immediately hugged him.

Nicholas, who was now back in perfect condition, stretched out his robotic arm to take Nathan’s hand so they could go home together. He turned around to wave at Fass, “Thank you, Fass. We have to go home for dinner now.”

Fass nodded and smiled. “Go on home now, Nate. Don’t forget our promise. Don’t tell anyone about what you saw today.”

Nathan nodded and started to head out. After taking two steps, though, he stopped abruptly and turned around. “Thank you, Fass.”

After that, Nathan went home happily with Nicholas. Nicholas was even more intelligent and incredible than before. He can change colors too! This is amazing!

Later that night, Linus came home from work and saw Fass sitting in the living room. While he was taking off his overcoat, he said, “Cooper, my housewarming is in two days. Do you want to stay for it?”

Fass did not answer him. His gaze shifted to the small object on the coffee table in front of him. Linus also looked down—it was a tiny memory card.

Linus felt a tug in his chest, but he still looked indifferent on the outside. “What is that?”

Fass looked at Linus’ expression but did not see any changes. “An internal analysis chart from a military compound.”

A hint of uneasiness spread across Linus’ face momentarily. He pried, “What’s that doing here?”

Fass did not beat around the bush and said, “The kid from the Fletchers came over today because his robot had broken down. When I was fixing it, I noticed a backdoor in the robot’s program. Someone had been spying on them with that robot.”

A layer of sweat had covered Linus’ back.

Nonchalantly, Fass continued, “It looks like someone tried to use that robot and kid to try to steal confidential military information in Cethos and go against the Fletchers.” He emphasized the words at the end of his sentence.

Linus did not respond, but Fass could see the look on his face turn sullen. His introverted appearance was harboring a heinous crime that no one knew about.

The air in the room grew heavy. In this room, except for the cats who were threading along the floor lightly, there was not a single sound or movement.

Both Linus and Fass remained silent.

Linus lowered his face. His eyes were clouded over. Like a murderer waiting in a corner in the dark to ambush his target and hit them with the first shot.

Meanwhile, Fass was like a sculpture. He sat up straight and looked at Linus with a pair of sharp eyes.

He seemed normal. He did not have a terrifying imposing manner like Linus did, but still, no one dared to overlook him.

At that moment, Linus noticed that the security system placed in the middle of the living room had been activated. As the second-in-command of the Michel Group, he did not have any bodyguards there but his house was the hardest house to break into in the world. It was filled with laser weapons—able to kill off anyone who broke in without leaving a trace behind.

However, the laser weapon that he had made was now pointed at him. Even his housekeeping robots were standing with Fass and were being hostile toward him.

He wrote the program and assumed that no one could break in. Except for Fass…

His life was now in Fass’ hands!

After a while, Fass suddenly stood up and walked toward him. His tone had become gentler.

“Linus, I won’t let anyone harm the Fletchers.” He brushed his shoulder as he walked past him and went up the spiral staircase. Just then, a thought struck him. “Oh, and…” He looked over at Linus who was still standing in the middle of the living room. “Keep Phantom Wolf’s leader in check. The revenge he took on the Fletcher Family should be more than enough to appease his resentment toward Theo.”

Linus remained quiet. Seeing the laser weapon move away slowly, the threatening atmosphere in the living room quickly dissipated and it was peaceful once more. Then, he fell into a prolonged silence.

It had been a week since New Year’s and Sophia was carrying a basket of red packets to give out to people. She gave them to the helpers and cooks at home, to the conscientious security guards on duty, and to the other property owners in her neighborhood. Quite frankly, she gave red packets to whomever she met in the neighborhood.

She was wearing a red cotton-padded top, a white fur scarf, a red hat, and a pair of red snow boots. The basket in her hand was filled to the brim with red packets.

Nathan was also forced to wear a red outfit and to walk in embarrassment behind her. Nicholas was also wearing a red hat and following along behind her. To accommodate Sophia’s festive attire today, he turned himself red. They looked fit for the occasion.

When Sophia was giving out red packets in the neighborhood, she saw Linus drive out in his car.


He stopped the car and wound down his windows.

Sophia was just on her way to his house to give him a red packet and thank him for fixing Nicholas.

“Nate says you helped to fix Nicholas. Thank you so much! Here, take this. Have a prosperous year!”

Sophia gave him two red packets which Linus accepted. “Thank you. If there is a problem with Nicholas again in the future, you can come look for me. It’s not a problem at all.”

Nathan leaned against the car window and looked at the man sitting in the backseat of Linus’ car.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 565

The man in the backseat was wearing an all-black coat. The hat on his head was almost covering his whole face, and with a mask on, his face was not visible at all.

Sophia spotted him at first glance and asked out of curiosity, “Hey, Linus. Is that your friend?”

“A friend from back home came to visit me. The haze in Bayside City is too severe. He can’t bear with it, so he’s leaving today.”

“Oh.” Sophia took out two red packets from her basket and weaved her hand through the gap of the passenger seat to give them to him.

“Happy New Year! Have a prosperous year!”

The man lifted his hat slightly and revealed his blue and deep-set eyes. It was obvious that he was from overseas.

The man reached forward to retrieve the red packets. “Thank you.”

He enunciated those two words clearly in a robust voice. There wasn’t a hint of an accent and he did not sound very old either.

He must be Linus’ relative!

Linus interjected, “We have to get going now. My friend’s flight is in the afternoon.”

With that, the car drove off. Sophia stared aimlessly as his car vanished into the distance.

Inside the car, Fass opened the red packets he had just received. There were eight one-hundred notes in each one along with a name card.

Printed on the front of the card were a name and the picture of the girl from before.

The girl had a beautiful smile and looked full of youthful energy.

Her name was Sophia Edwards.

Her position was the deputy general manager of some IT company.

On the back of the card, there was a QR code to download their newly launched game as well as a QR code to add her on Messenger.

Fass flipped the card back over and stared at her studio portrait shot.

He pondered, This girl looks like…

Linus drove Fass to the airport. As Fass was about to enter the gate, he turned around to look at Linus. Patting him on the shoulder, he said in earnest, “Linus, don’t make trouble for yourself. The Michel Group is yours.”

Linus looked down but did not say anything.

He knew that any explanation or argument made in front of Fass would be in vain.

After he sent Fass off, Linus went back home and turned on his computer only to find that he had lost connection with Nicholas. Fass had modified the durability of the backdoor, and Linus was unable to fix it even if he wanted to.

Linus put a surveillance robot next to Nathan, but just as expected, he had lost connection with it. The information he secretly gathered on the Fletchers was also gone. He had also lost all connection with the devices in Michael’s home.

After dinner, Sophia brought Nicholas for a night run, intentionally going past the Harper Residence to eavesdrop.

She loved seeing the bustling activity there.

Just as expected, they were in another big fight today. She pricked up her ears and listened in. Mrs. Harper was sobbing in anguish while Mr. Harper and Xyla were arguing. Richard, the coward, was trying to mediate between them.

He seems to be doing well. A very exciting life, indeed.

“Let’s go, Nicholas.”

“Okay, Mom!”

The both of them ran one behind the other. After improvements were made on Nicholas, his intellectual abilities had also become more advanced. He walked with his two robotic legs, and when he needed to run, he would release his wheels and speed off. If she increased her speed, he also increased his speed. If she slowed down, he also slowed down. He matched her pace the whole time.

The sun was out today and the haze was not that severe. After running for a bit, she pulled down her mask and took in a breath of fresh air. She rested on the side of the road to catch her breath and drink some water.

As the sky grew darker, the streetlamps turned on. The warm lights illuminated the once snow-covered streets which Sophia was running on now.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind came from the side and the inconceivable amount of strength had flung her into an isolated corner in a second.

Before she had time to realize anything, she was shoved against the wall by that force. The back of her head hit the wall, leaving her in a daze as her head started to spin.

Both of her hands were being pressed down by a pair of iron arms. The man’s icy cold body pinned her in the corner. A passionate and dangerous kiss landed on her face. When she avoided his lips, the kiss landed on her neck instead, and she could feel his threatening breaths against her skin.


However, her cries were muffled by his kisses. He had a deathly grip on her neck and she couldn’t breathe or call for help. Her vision was growing dark. At that moment, she felt like an ant being stepped on mercilessly with no way to defend herself.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, she waved her hands haphazardly in front of her, but it was all to no avail. She could already feel a cold hand in her pants, trying to lift her leg.

Then, she realized that the icy breath felt familiar as if she had felt it before.

It’s Phantom Wolf! I thought he disappeared. I wasn’t expecting him to show up again!

When she felt like all hope was lost, his large body suddenly quivered and he let out a stifled grunt.

He turned his head back to look behind him, and not too far away was a robot standing there with a gun-like weapon in its outstretched robotic arm.

The gun barrel was aimed right at him and was letting out a continuous stream of an unknown substance. When it penetrated through his body, he suddenly felt the back of his hand go cold. When he lifted it, the small needles did not go through his skin, but a visible black substance was dispersing under his skin.

His hand suddenly went numb.

Seizing the chance, Sophia quickly tried to escape. After pushing him aside, she started to sprint off.

Nicholas took one last look at Phantom Wolf before following after Sophia. While he was running with her, all four cameras on his body were still constantly observing their surroundings so he could act immediately if he had to.

Sophia was running on the side of the street. Even with someone by her side, she could not feel at ease. Feelings of despair overwhelmed her and she started to cry as she ran. After running just a few hundred meters, Michael suddenly appeared, still in his pajamas, at the corner of the street ahead.

When she saw him, she finally felt safe. She ran into his arms and started to sob.

Michael looked very distraught. He hugged her tightly in his arms and comforted, “It’s okay. You’re okay now.”

She was trembling all over. There were injuries all over her face and neck, and scratch marks all over her stomach and chest.

When he received Nicholas’ report, he immediately ran out of the house to save her. It had only been a few minutes.

He did not dare to imagine what could have happened if he had just been a bit late.

More so, he did not want to think about the horror the woman he loved had to go through during those few minutes.

The people that Hale brought over rushed to that prior location like a tidal wave. But aside from a bunch of messy footprints, there was nothing else in that cramped corner.

Michael had lost the slippers he was wearing as he was running out of the house earlier. He was now standing bare feet in front of the wall where the incident occurred. It seemed like there were still traces that Sophia left behind. The fear she felt was evident in the flurry of scratch marks there. How much desperation and fear must she have felt earlier?

Phantom Wolf!

Michael had underestimated him. He did not think that he would make an attack right at their doorstep!

Moreover, it happened right under his nose!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 566

After Sophia was taken home, she did not speak for a long time as she was traumatized. She also felt like she was still trembling all over.

Taking some people with him to look for Phantom Wolf, Michael still did not return when it had gotten dark outside.

Nathan did not hear about the incident that night and had gone to bed early. Back in her own room, Sophia was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. She was worried about Michael and wondered if they had caught Phantom Wolf yet.

Nicholas stayed by her side.

“Don’t be scared anymore, Mom. I’ve chased that bad guy away! I’ll protect you from now on!”

He stood by the head of the bed. His glimmering eyes made him seem like a clever child.

The expression on her face did not look good. While she was looking at him though, she felt gratified. If it were not for Nicholas today, she might not have made it back alive.

“You’re the bravest, Nicholas. I love you!” She caressed his robotic head.

His eyes crinkled as if he was smiling. “Dad also complimented me for being brave today!”

Sophia gazed curiously at his hand. There was a black object in his hand earlier that he used to shoot something. It hit Phantom Wolf and made him falter.

“Nicholas, can I see what’s in your hand?”

He answered, “It’s a new feature Uncle Linus gave me. If we ever meet a bad guy in the future, I can protect you, Mom.”

Linus upgraded Nicholas just yesterday. Who knew he had added such a profound feature?

The timing of this upgrade couldn’t have been better!

Sophia looked for some tools to open his exterior. She found that all his internal parts were replaced with more advanced materials. After connecting Nicholas to the computer, she also noticed that his system had been upgraded. It had an additional defense feature that allowed him to lock on and attack a target with a weapon in the shortest amount of time.

She looked at his new system curiously. Even though she was only a novice, she still had an idea of how things worked.

Nicholas had gotten a thorough upgrade. From the inside out, his materials and motherboard were all replaced. It was a bigger upgrade than the last time.

His internal system was as vast as the night sky—incredibly exquisite.

She was in awe. The Michel Family did live up to their name as the world leader in electronics. They could make such an incredible robot like it was nothing!

Just then, she noticed that Nicholas had lost half of the needles in the gun he launched earlier hurriedly fixed him up. “Let’s go see Linus.”

He should have some left in his inventory. She wanted to buy a few back to study it and install more of it in Nicholas next time.

At the same time, in the basement of Villa No. 2, Linus was staring blankly at the man who had invaded his workroom and was using the robotic arm to operate on himself.

Phantom Wolf had taken off his wig, revealing a youthful face that looked both handsome and insolent.

He lay fully naked on the work table while the robot scanned him. The veins on his sweat-covered body looked like dragons popping out of his skin.

Biting down, he used the robot to cut through his own skin and tear further into the tissue to pick out the small silver needles.

Those silver needles almost cost him his life!

Because he was doing the operation himself, he did not dare to use anesthesia. Every time it cut through his skin, the blue veins on his face became visible, sweat started to pour down, and his body quivered from the pain.

Alas, he got all the needles out of his body and was able to let out a breath of relief. While he lay on the work table, fresh blood also trickled down the sides of it and was promptly cleaned off by the robot vacuum.

The medical robot automatically gave him anesthesia, cleaned off his wounds, stopped the bleeding, and stitched him back up.

Through gritted teeth, he said, “Why did you implant something like that in a robot?”

Those silver needles were not just any regular silver needles. They were deadly microbots that released poison as it moved through the whole body in the veins once it entered through the skin. If he had not run fast enough to get help from Linus, he would be a corpse by now.

While the operation was taking place earlier, Linus simply stood and watched at the side without much of a reaction as though he was used to the sight.

He kept feeling unsettled today for some reason. After listening to Phantom Wolf, he finally put down the coffee mug in his hand and slowly made his way over to the work table. “You should consider yourself lucky that you’re still alive.” Tossing some clothes at his now treated body, Linus said, “Find a way to get out yourself!”

Phantom Wolf remained lying on the work table. He looked pale from the blood loss. Because his wounds were still healing, the medical robot could help him recover faster.

To avoid attracting suspicion, he had to stay there for a while before he was able to leave.

Linus got up and glanced over at Phantom Wolf’s vitals on the floating screen. His wounds were still healing and all the microbots had been removed from inside his body.

Linus looked at the microbots under the magnifying glass.

These were what Fass had brought over to use on military robots. It was highly lethal and crude. The most sought-after feature was that it caused instant death. Death was especially horrible and there was no way to be saved. Linus did not think that he would find it on Nicholas or that Phantom Wolf could have fallen victim to it.

When Nate went over to get Nicholas fixed yesterday, Linus was not home and Fass had done the repairs himself. After he closed the backdoor, he also upgraded Nicholas.

Fass is never that kind. No, he isn’t that kind to most people except for the Fletcher Family.

As Linus studied those unusual needles, he said, “Fass noticed. He gave me a warning before he left.”

Phantom Wolf, who was still lying down and waiting for his wounds to heal, scorned, “Why? Are you scared? Do you want to back out?”

Everyone knew that the Phantom Wolf was a killer organization. They took in cash for lives. No one knew, however, that their biggest customer was none other than Linus—the second-in-command of the Michel Group.

Without his steady income and support, he would not dare to be that reckless either.

Phantom Wolf was savage with human lives, but who could beat the person in front of him?

At twelve years old, Linus started working with Phantom Wolf to exchange money with lives. By helping him get rid of a competitor, he was able to make Linus who he was today.

On the surface, Linus lived a life of luxury and glamor. But underneath all of that, he had enough blood on his hands to fill a river. To be where he was today, he had to step on countless corpses and take away numerous lives.

Linus did not bother with his snide remarks.

“I’ve been exposed. I can’t help you gather information on the Fletchers anymore. You should know his tactics too. It’s probably best for you to lay low for the time being.”

Phantom Wolf snorted at him, but he also knew that Fass was just as frightening as Linus.

Is he trying to interfere with my grudge against the Fletchers?

Linus noticed his dissatisfaction and said with a blank expression, “I’ll send you back to Africa for a while.”

Phantom Wolf did not respond.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The both of them looked up at the surveillance monitor simultaneously and saw a girl standing outside. She had an army coat draped over her shoulders and a robot by her side.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 567

Sophia pressed the doorbell a few times before the door swung open automatically. Pushing through the main gate, she entered Linus’ front yard. The French windows were dark and bleak as if no one was home. But after taking a couple of steps, the house lit up and Linus came out of his workroom.

He opened the door to let her in.

“Sophia, what brings you here?”

She looked at him still dressed in his work attire and guessed, “You’re still working at this hour?”


When he saw the injuries on her lips and neck, he inquired, “What happened to you?”

Without hesitating, she answered, “I went out for a night run and slipped because the ground was too slippery.”

Linus casted a quizzical glance at her but did not press further. He did not know about the bad blood between her and Phantom Wolf. He assumed that Phantom Wolf had gotten attacked by Nicholas’ silver needles when he was trying to harm the Fletchers.

Sophia stated her purpose for coming, “I noticed that Nicholas has an additional defense feature now that comes with a gun. The silver needles inside of it seem quite good. Can you give me the link from where you purchased them from? I want to stock up for Nicholas.”

He took a look at Nicholas and figured that Sophia had already found out about the properties of the silver needles. “That item can’t be listed on the market legally, but I still have a lot left. I’ll give you a dozen.”

She quickly interjected, “No, no. How much are they? I’ll buy them from you.”

She felt bad enough to ask him for things. Those were all valuable and high-tech products!

Linus did not refuse either. “Okay, I will issue an invoice to you in a bit.”

This time, Sophia felt at ease leaving Nicholas with Linus to get the ammunition replenished.

Before he brought Nicholas down to his workroom, Linus said to Sophia, “Have a seat. I will go and get the items from my workroom.”

Because his workroom could contain some undisclosed and confidential things, she knew better than to follow him downstairs. Instead, she sat in the living room and waited.

The pets in his house came running out to see her. When she was leaning against the soft sofa, a Dragon Li cat came over and cozied up in her arms. The purring sound of the cat was slowly making her sleepy.

When Linus brought Nicholas down to the basement, Phantom Wolf had already disappeared. He probably went to rest, he thought.

Linus proceeded to disassemble Nicholas’ exterior and check his defense system. As it turned out, Fass had personally upgraded him and gave him an incredibly fast response time.

Additionally, the backdoor Linus hid in the system had been closed permanently. If he wanted to open the back door, his only option was to reinstall a new system. At this point, however, there was nothing more he wanted to gain out of it.

This was a warning from Fass. Linus was not going to be reckless and defy him.

Fass knew about all the deals he made in the dark but did not ever stand in his way. Since he was stopping him now, he was not going to step out of line either.

He still did not have a way to duplicate the silver needles that Fass installed in Nicholas, so he put in another set of silver needles with the same specifications and similar results.

After finding more silver needles in his inventory, he packed them all up and gave them to Nicholas to take home so Sophia could replenish them for him.

Suddenly, he remembered the injuries on her face and neck. He took out some fast-working paste medicine for treating wounds from his first-aid kit and put everything into the little compartment in Nicholas’ stomach. There was some space in there to store a few small items.

Once everything was settled, Linus rebooted Nicholas and connected him into the system. Entering the video management center, Linus wanted to watch the clip of Nicholas carrying out the defense function to see if Phantom Wolf was exposed.

When the video started, it showed Nicholas going on a night run with Sophia. She looked back at him several times and always had a happy look on her face.

All of a sudden, a shadow came in from the side and pulled her into a corner. Nicholas quickly followed after them and recorded everything in high definition.

In the video, the man had Sophia pressed against the wall and was kissing her in a frenzied manner. Her small body was close to being forced into the wall itself. Her small arms flailed around helplessly and her nails left desperate marks on the wall.

Tearing off her clothes, he reached a hand under it and started fondling her like a mad person to which she could only let out cries of despair.

At this point, Nicholas had identified the situation before him and set his defense feature in motion. He fixed the man as his target and, in a short time, shot a continuous stream of silver needles at him. After he hit all the vital points, the man’s body shook and he turned around to look at Nicholas. Linus was able to see his face now—it was Phantom Wolf.

Linus’ mind went blank at that moment, and he felt all the blood in his body rush to his head. He looked over at the surveillance footage of the living room and noticed that Sophia, who was sleeping on the sofa just before, had disappeared. All that was left behind was her army coat on the ground.

The person Phantom Wolf attacked was Sophia! Not Nate!

Yet, he put them together in the same space!

An overwhelming fear washed over him.

He immediately went to check on the surveillance footage and saw two dogs barking uncontrollably as they ran up to a guest room on the second floor. Linus dropped his tools and rushed up to the second floor. When he got there, he saw the two local breed dogs scratching at the door.

How could he have left her in the living room by herself?

Fortunately, the room doors here were not heavy and he was able to burst into the room with one kick. Rushing in, he saw Sophia lying unconscious on the bed while Phantom Wolf was pressing her down from on top as he tried to peel her clothes off.

The veins on Linus’ clenched fists popped up.

How dare he hurt her here? How dare he hurt her right under my nose?

Before Linus could do anything, however, the robot came from behind him with an aloof expression and shot two silver needles into Phantom Wolf’s bareback which penetrated deep into his skin. Immediately, he went weak and limp while still on top of Sophia.

Linus took two steps to reach them. He pushed a half-naked Phantom Wolf away and found Sophia in deep sleep under him. The lower hem of her sweater had been lifted, revealing her fair stomach and pink bra.

She was breathing slowly as if she had fallen asleep. Her stomach was rising and falling while there were a few more fresh scratch marks on her skin.

Seeing as how she did not wake up even after he kicked the door down and made all that noise, there was definitely something wrong.

Linus gripped Phantom Wolf by the throat. “What did you do to her? Tell me what you did to her!”

But Phantom Wolf was completely paralyzed now and he could only speak. When he saw the worried look in Linus’ eyes and felt like he had hit a nerve with him, he scoffed. “I just took some anesthesia needles from your toolbox. She’s sleeping.”

Linus glared at him. When he remembered what he saw in that video—her cries of despair and helpless struggles—he felt like his heart was being ripped to pieces. It was as though he could feel her fear and desperation. In the heat of the moment, he clenched his fists tightly and sent a punch across Phantom Wolf’s face. Once he was done hitting him, Phantom Wolf had lost two teeth.

“I won’t let you hurt her! I won’t let you!”

Linus punched and kicked him continuously in a rage, but Phantom Wolf did not make a sound.

A bizarre thought then rushed into his consciousness, and he suddenly became mad. He now had an urge to kill Phantom Wolf.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 568

Seeing that the situation was off, the robot by the side quickly sprayed a mist. When Linus breathed in the mist, he calmed down in an instant. The boiling blood inside of him finally cooled down. Linus stared at his hands that were still shivering from the excessive agitation; his eyes were filled with dismay. What happened? Why is this happening? Why did I suddenly lose control of my emotions? Linus had never lost his cool like that before.

“Hahaha…” Phantom Wolf, who was lying on the ground with a bruised and swollen face, laughed with his mouth wide open; blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth.

“I didn’t expect you to make such gaffes for a woman. I thought you’re only interested in men.”

For a while, Linus continued to stare at his trembling hands; his mind went blank. It was only after he suddenly thought of Sophia, who was sleeping still on the bed, that he quickly straightened himself. Instantly, he pulled her sweater down to cover her torso and carried her out in a hurry.

Phantom Wolf found the entire situation interesting when he noticed the extremely nervous expression on Linus’ face. The cold-blooded Linus Michel can actually be so anxious! Haha! How interesting!

Unfortunately, Sophia did not belong to him nor Linus! Once Linus carried Sophia back to the living room, he wrapped her in a coat and placed the cat in her arms to keep her in her earlier sleeping posture. Observing Sophia who was still asleep, a strange emotion rose in Linus’ heart. It was something he had never felt before.

It seemed like Sophia had a dreadful dream. Two lines of tears trickled down the edges of her eyes. Her hands that were placed against the sofa kept on moving, and her fingers seemed to be struggling subconsciously. Her fingers were covered with band-aids; all of her nails were scratched and broken. It was apparent how frightful and defenseless she had been earlier in those few minutes.

What is she dreaming about? Did she dream of what happened during the day again? Something inside Linus tore apart when he looked at her painful and anxious expression. The robot had brought the antidote over and he injected it in her neck. The eye of the needle was so small that it was invisible to the human eye. After the shot, Sophia seemed to have quietened down a little. Wiping away the tears at the corner of her eyes, Linus let her sleep in peace…

In the middle of the night, Michael rushed home in a hurry. When he was told that Sophia had not been back after visiting Linus, he darted toward Villa No. 2. After pressing the doorbell, he entered without obstacles.

Coming out from the basement in his gloves and work clothes, Linus saw Michael. In amazement, he said, “Michael, you’re finally here to pick up Sophia!”

As Michael’s gaze swept across the space, he immediately found Sophia who was sleeping on the living room sofa. The heating system was fully turned on. She slept soundly under a blanket with a cat in her arms; her cheeks were pink. Nicholas shrank into a cylinder while he stood aside for charging. When he heard Michael’s voice, his limbs sprang out, activating itself automatically. “Dad, you’re back!”

The rock in Michael’s heart finally fell. When he talked to Linus, he subconsciously lowered down his volume. “I’m sorry, Mr. Michel. I’m here to take Sophia home.”

With an embarrassing smile, Linus said, “I was upgrading Nicholas’ system earlier, and later found Sophia asleep in the living room. I couldn’t make myself wake her up.” He then asked the robot to hand a box to Hale who was standing next to Michael.

“Sophia came to me today for this defensive microbot. This is all I have in stock now. The invoice is inside the box.”

Speaking of that, Michael was very grateful. Perhaps this is fate. Linus had only upgraded Nicholas with the silver needle the day before and it comes in handy today! What a coincidence! Immediately, he thanked him, “Thank you. I’ll transfer the money to you later.” He then inquired, “What happens to people who have been injected with this kind of needle?”

“The needle will enter the blood and cause great harm to the body. It must be taken out promptly,” answered Linus.

It seemed like Michael wanted to ask something more, but his eyes found Sophia who was sleeping on the sofa. She sat up suddenly and glanced at her surroundings in a daze. Was that a dream?

Earlier, she saw Phantom Wolf approach her then she fainted. The living room was still the same; the cat in her arms was still the same cat from earlier and she was still lying on the sofa. However, Phantom Wolf was nowhere to be seen. She sat there for two seconds and saw Michael walking toward her.

“What’s wrong, chica?” Holding Sophia’s face in his palms, he noticed her facial features were tensed. Fear had filled her eyes. Sophia was lost for a while before she realized that that was just a nightmare. She suddenly felt like she was a survivor of a disaster, feeling grateful when she saw Michael who was in front of her. Unable to control herself, she buried her face in Michael’s chest. “I dreamed of him just now. I saw him. He’s coming…” She yelled and whimpered incoherently.

Feeling like his heart was stabbed by needles, Michael whispered, “It’s okay. It’s just a nightmare. It’s only a nightmare…” He helped Sophia up as she held him tightly and kept crying.

Holding her hand, Michael turned toward Linus and apologized, “My wife was frightened today. I’m sorry you had to see this.”

Linus’ expression was similarly heavy as he said, “Just tell me if you need any help.”

Michael then took Sophia away. Sitting on the sofa alone, Linus stared at the place where Sophia lay earlier. His mind was occupied with the helpless look of her sobbing and wiping her tears away. He didn’t expect that she was involved in the battle between Michael and Phantom Wolf. He knew what kind of person Phantom Wolf was. He couldn’t imagine the pain he had caused Sophia in the past! Every time he thought about that, his heart couldn’t calm down. It was like something violent was hiding beneath his veins.

After sitting for a long time, Linus stood up and went down to the basement. Phantom Wolf was tied to the working table and the medical robot was treating his injuries. When Phantom Wolf saw Linus walking in with a gloomy expression, he was only amused. “What? Are you angry that I hurt your little darling?”

Without saying a word, Linus held up a remote control that appeared out of nowhere. With a light press, Phantom Wolf noticed a hot wave in his abdomen. Looking down, he saw the place where the bomb was installed suddenly give off a burst of light and a warm current flowed along his blood vessels throughout his entire body. The current rushed into his nerves and an unbearable pain filled his body in an instant.

“Argh—” After a sudden scream of pain, Phantom Wolf couldn’t help but start trembling. He curled himself up as he shivered until the pain subsided after half a minute.

Sitting by the working table, Linus looked at him emotionlessly. He stared at Phantom Wolf as he howled, spasmed, and trembled in pain. “You… You set me up!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 569

After half a minute, Phantom Wolf finally found the strength to speak. His body was sore and sweaty. He gritted his teeth as he looked at Linus.

The bomb in his body was the one that would explode when he died. It was his last amulet, and it was Linus who had invented and implanted it in him.

He didn’t know the bomb had a function like that too!

Staring at him, Linus grinned coldly and he pressed the remote control again.


Phantom Wolf’s figure twisted on the working table, his veins becoming visible.

He even felt like his soul was being torn apart.

Linus listened to Phantom Wolf growling in pain and was very satisfied to see him suffer.

“Do you think that I can’t do anything with your lowly life?”

“Don’t forget that you’re just a dog I raised!”

“I’ll repeat it again. I don’t care about the grudge between you and Michael. But, if you ever touch her again…”

Linus’ words were harsh as he went on. He looked at Phantom Wolf mercilessly. Phantom Wolf was also glaring back at him; there was nothing humane in his scarlet eyes.

He then heard Linus’ words.

“I’ll torture you so terribly that you’ll hope to die.”

As Linus pressed onto the remote control again, Phantom Wolf once again let out a desperate groan. He yelled until his voice turned hoarse, but the soundproof basement cut off all his cries…

In Villa No. 8, after Michael had put Sophia back to sleep, he went down to the basement. Abel had just come back after a whole day. He moved Nicholas down to the basement and about a dozen people surrounded it as they studied it.

Yesterday, Michael discovered some breaking news. He found out the relationship between Phantom Wolf and the Michel Family.

Linus might be one of the members of the Phantom Wolf!

Michael had originally wanted to destroy Nicholas, but its performance today changed his mind. So, he only gave it an overall repair.

Stanley and Sean were called over to connect to Nicholas’ system.

It was the first time Sean had seen Nicholas’ programming and he was astonished. A universe is installed inside it!

No wonder Nicholas is so smart!

The one who wrote this system is simply a genius!

After two to three days of checking and testing Nicholas’ program, everyone finally came out with a conclusion.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Michael. Nicholas’ system is absolutely safe. There are no loopholes in it and its program is flawless. It’s more powerful than any supercomputer we’ve ever seen!” Stanley patted his chest as he said.

Even Sophia had checked it for herself. The program written by Linus was extremely marvelous. No wonder Nicholas was so smart!

In the end, they decided to keep Nicholas because Sophia and Nathan were very fond of it!

Since last year, Linus had been delaying the housewarming party. It was only this year that he finally sent out the invitation letters and the date was set in the second half of the year.

Last year, Bayside City underwent a subtle change. The Michel Group broke in with a full fury, catching the Mitchell Family, who was the boss in the city, off guard. The Mitchells deteriorated a lot. Most of the electronics technology enterprises in Bayside City had collapsed, and one of them was the Huffs.

The Mitchells were probably going to be the next Huffs

The Michel Group was like a nightmare for everyone in the industry in Bayside City. However, for those in other industries, this was their opportunity. Now that Linus was holding a banquet, most of the prominent families in Bayside City were looking forward to receiving his invitation letter.

They didn’t know who could receive it, but those who were invited by Linus must have been the richest people in the city.

All residents of The Imperial would definitely have gotten invitation letters. Sophia and Michael were the first to receive invitations as the letter was labeled as No. 1.

Influential figures from the business, military, art and political fields had also received invitations.

Even people in the entertainment and fashion industries received invitations too.

Furthermore, lecturers and students from the campus, as well as some of the prominent families, also received them.

The banquet was held in Linus’ private residence and the preparation had begun several days in advance.

In order to repay Linus for upgrading Nicholas, who had saved her life, Sophia was very enthusiastic to help him out every day. After all, he was her sworn brother. So, she should be contributing some effort too.

Instead of stopping her, Michael did nothing. After that incident with Liam, Sophia had been depressed for a while now. She didn’t go out nor played games. And she even stopped eating. The trauma she suffered during her childhood left an unconquerable shadow in her. Her depression had become even more severe than ever.

Fortunately, she was a strong girl and she managed to survive it. So, Michael would always support her in the things she liked to do.

This time, Sophia would also attend the banquet. She had been preparing her outfit in advance and Michael was happy to see her making positive changes.

Stanley’s ‘son’, Kenny, had been visiting Villa No. 8 almost every day. Sophia was his old customer. Every time I/K released a new series, they would send the merchandise over to Sophia. Now that Sophia was preparing for the banquet, of course, Kenny would be the first she would think of.

Today, Kenny was here again, and he came with three cars of models.

A few days ago, Kenny sent over a brochure of LK’s new products. They were all products that had yet to be released. Sophia had her eyes on a few sets and Kenny was here today to let Sophia pick some as the models showcased them.

For the first banquet, her sworn brother would be holding in Bayside City, Sophia had made enough preparations. Now that the models were here, she took it very seriously and the living room was about to turn into a fashion show.

Linus’ housewarming party’s name list fell into Michael’s hand because of Sophia’s connection with Linus. At this moment, he was studying the name list.

Linus had indeed invited all of the influential figures in Bayside City and some of them were people he hated a lot, like Claude, Joel, Joe, and Faye.

Because Joe and Faye lived just right next to the Imperial, they were sort of like a neighbor. Furthermore, Joe was Sophia’s father. So, Linus had to send them the invitation letter.

Glancing at the name list, Michael was trying to figure out what Linus was thinking about. As he was doing that, he looked up to check on Sophia from time to time.

Sophia had already agreed on the outfit with Kenny. Swiping Michael’s bank card, they agreed on the delivery time and Kenny left with his models.

Before he left, Sophia even gifted him a piece of her specially-made cured meat and tipped each of the models.

On the other side, Nathan went to Linus’ house along with the braised pork he saved from the meal.

Recently, there were many people at Linus’ house. Most of them were there to prepare for the banquet. However, Nathan couldn’t find the man who had upgraded Nicholas for him the other day. He was slightly disappointed and went back home with his head held low…

He wanted to ask Linus, but he promised the man not to reveal him to the others.

Initially, he wanted to thank him for upgrading Nicholas; otherwise, his mom would have been caught by the bad man. And that was why he deliberately brought his favorite food over…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 570

After watching Sophia pick her outfit, Michael took Nicholas, Hale, and Gemma out.

Sophia was scratched by Phantom Wolf and she was left with a scar on her face. To make sure that she could be in her best condition and appearance during Linus’ banquet, Sophia had to deal with it quickly. After all, Michael’s ex-girlfriend and her own ex-boyfriend would be attending too. Besides, this was going to be her first time appearing in public as Taylor’s wife. She made an appointment at a plastic surgery hospital, hoping that her wound could be healed quickly without leaving a scar.

That plastic surgery hospital was said to have the best scar healing and cosmetic repair procedure. Even the normal treatments that they offered were well-known. Instead of the usual plastic surgery look one saw on the streets, the faces they created were all beautiful in their own way. Many celebrities had visited Bayside City from overseas just to get a facelift.

Even if Sophia was Michael’s wife and a VIP, she could only make an appointment for a few days later.

In the past, she underwent many operations in this hospital and the mark left by Phantom Wolf was removed here too. The effect was amazing and there was no scar left at all. She once got herself a tattoo here, but later removed it and there was still no scar left behind.

Those who could make an appointment here were usually rich and influential. When Sophia got her number and went to the VIP waiting area, there were already more than a dozen people there. Among them were many familiar faces often seen in movies and TV series.

When they saw Taylor’s wife ‘Eddie’, something in their eyes showed that they knew who she was.

However, when Sophia sat down, the man that was wearing a face mask suddenly called out, “You’re here too, Sophia?”


Sophia was shocked. She looked at the man who was sitting beside her, but she couldn’t see his face because the big face mask had covered it up. However, his voice was very familiar. “Professor Clark?”

Nodding, Quinton’s eyes seemed to be smiling.

Sophia’s eyes widened in bewilderment. Looking at his face mask and the surroundings, like a thief, she whispered, “You’re here for plastic surgery too?”

In a similar tone, Quinton answered, “I fell a few days ago and my nose went crooked. So, I made an appointment to fix it several days ago and finally got an appointment for today.”


Sophia stared at him blankly.

His pretty face is actually a product of plastic surgery?

Gulping, she said, “It looked quite natural though.”

“Of course, I started getting surgery at fourteen years old,” said Quinton.

“I’ve gotten rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. I’ve also gotten chin and temple implants. Most of my face has undergone surgery before.”

Sophia felt like her worldview was overthrown.

Quinton has done plastic surgery before? And for his whole face?

But, who said that a man couldn’t be obsessed with his appearance?

In the meantime, Quinton took the opportunity to gossip with Sophia. Turning on his phone, he started to comment on the faces of some of the celebrities. “Look at Nicholas’ face. It’s the typical Korean face and I’m sure he did it in Korea. Look at this; there’s a wound on his chin, but his fans insist that it’s just a wrinkle. Bethany’s face is pretty natural and her fans say that it was because of her braces. But, she actually got a jaw surgery done in this hospital too. And the singer, Irene. Her face is almost completely filled with silicone so that she looks more friendly. This one who claims to be a mixed-race celebrity has gone even more overbroad. In my opinion, he is definitely a pure Cethos. He’s had a brow lift and his European double eyelids are from surgery! Look at his blue eyes; they’re fake too.”

In disbelief, Sophia inquired, “There’s even a surgery for the eyeballs?”

Nodding, Quinton continued, “One can even change their gender now. Changing the color of the eyeballs is not that difficult.”

As Sophia observed the pictures, she touched her face, wondering whether she should make an appointment to try one of the procedures.

Perhaps, she should try something like the mysterious sky-blue eyeballs and get herself European double eyelids like her father. She could also try to reconstruct her face into an oval shape. Her father was mixed-race, but she didn’t inherit any of his characteristics. So, she could only do it manually.

However, when she saw Quinton’s crooked nose that slipped out accidentally when he was drinking water, she decided to give up on the idea.

She might not be able to go around as she pleased after undergoing the surgery!

If she wasn’t careful enough, she might end up having a crooked nose like Quinton.

Suddenly, something came to her mind. Taking out Michael’s photo, she was eager to find out where her husband operated on his face. He was so good-looking; there was no way he didn’t do something to it!

Just when she took the photo out, Quinton immediately said, “The company commander and Lord Winston didn’t undergo any surgery. Don’t worry. They are 100% natural. They might have injected some sort of skin whitening serum or sheep placenta extract, but that’s all.”

He then went on, “He filmed all of his action movies personally. Usually, celebrities wouldn’t dare to do it because they’re afraid of hurting their face.”

Because the two of them arrived early and it would take some time before their numbers were called, they started chatting to pass time.

Switching to the photo album on his phone, Quinton found the photo of his face before he underwent plastic surgery.

The little boy in the photo was adorable. He was only a teenager, but the difference between his appearance and what Quinton looked like now was extremely huge.

However, the boy in the photo was very handsome and he would have grown into a stunning young man. Why did he do plastic surgery?

And why has he done it since he was fourteen?

All of a sudden, the woman, who was sitting on the other side of Quinton, stood up. She seemed like she wanted to go to the washroom. Quinton called out, “Mom, I will cover for you when the doctor calls you.”

Once again, Sophia was shocked.


As soon as she came in, she had noticed the woman that was sitting beside Quinton. She had big-framed sunglasses on; her skin was as white as snow and her black, wavy long hair was extremely gorgeous. Her figure was captivating and she looked at most in her thirties.

That’s Quinton’s mother?

Noticing Sophia’s stunned expression, Quinton said, “That’s my mom. She got lip fillers a few days ago and her lips went numb. She couldn’t talk and so she came here to check if there’s a problem.”

Sophia was only feeling shocked.

His mother is way too young…

Unfortunately, the doctor called Sophia’s number and so she had to leave.

When Sophia went home, she couldn’t wait to share Quinton’s secret with Michael!

“Professor Clark has done plastic surgery on his whole face before! His nose, eyes, and chin are fake! He started operating at fourteen years old! How scary! His mother should’ve been fifty or sixty years old, but she looks only thirty! Oh, dear. She’s so young! Her hair, her figure, her chest, and her face. Oh my goodness…”

However, Michael responded without emotions. “Oh.”

Having been in the entertainment industry for ten years, it no longer amazed him whenever he came across someone obsessed with plastic surgery.

Sophia continued to gossip, “You know that mixed-race celebrity you worked with before in movies? He’s not mixed! His blue eyes are also from plastic surgery. That’s so amazing!”

However, Michael was not surprised at all. “They can even make their members longer and thicker now. There’s nothing impossible nowadays.”

“You can even perform surgery on your penis now?” Sophia was amused.

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